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Windows End Of Life from Microsoft.

Question: Windows End Of Life from Microsoft.

I had been doing some reading online and I thought I'd post this for anyone who wasn't sure or knew were to Look. So I thought I'd post hear in the Microsoft Forums.

Windows XP April 8 2014

Windows Vista April 11 2017

Windows 7 April 14 2020

Windows 8.1 January 10 2023

The Dates above are for Windows Versions Extended Support.

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Preferred Solution: Windows End Of Life from Microsoft.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello everybody,
last Christmas I bought me a Lumia 550 with Windows 10 mobile preinstalled. I have used it till now. But there are so many flaws, that I don't know where to start. Does Microsoft know that it is offending their last hardcore fans? And I'm using more or less the standard apps.
Calender: My calender is completed nuts. Some birthdays are not showing. I'm German, but some birthdays are shown as i.e. "John's birthday" and the next one in German spelling "Johns Geburtstag".
Calender: After the last update other apps weren't able to save dates into the calender. I had to change the data privacy protection to "off", then to "on" again to get back on the track.
Contacts: After the last update all photos were gone. If I get a texto from my husband there are now two threads. Why? I don't know.
Contacts: Some birthdays are changing without my influence! Some birthdays have completely disappeared.
Location/tracking: Nevertheless I have disable "location" the location symbol is being shown from time to time.
Store: It's so so lame.
Photos: My Photo app is linked to Onedrive. Sometimes I delete pictures on the phone. They seem to be deleted, but after some hours they show up again.
At the moment I wouldn't buy a Windows phone again. Why does Microsoft do such a bad job? Why?
Greetings from Germany

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Hello I have a Microsoft Life-Cam VX-3000 which worked fine in XP but will not work at all on my new HP m8400f media centre computer. The new computer came pre loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I have downloaded the appropriate drivers for the camera to get it to work in Vista but everytime i try sending video in Windows live it just locks up solid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Microsoft Life Cam VX-3000 locking up in Windows Live Messenger

Have you updated the video card drivers on your machine? Also, might help to state which version of WLM you're using....

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On Thursday, an Intel spokesman confirmed that the company is working to patch a minor bug that will reduce the battery life of some Windows 10 machines by less than 10 percent. 
The good news is that, once fixed, Intel expects the battery life of a Windows 10 PC to be on par with a Windows 8 system, the Intel spokesman said.
With the Windows 10 launch just days away on July 29, Intel, Microsoft, app developers, and hardware makers are working to finalize drivers and fix bugs. Microsoft, for example, issued an update for Intel’s HD Graphics integrated GPU on Thursday for its Surface line—along with a firmware update that failed to update for many people.
In some sense, both Intel and Microsoft are on an intercept course, with Microsoft’s Windows 10 scheduled to hit the market shortly before Intel is expected to begin shipping its next-generation Skylake chips. The combination of new drivers, new software, and new hardware usually means a fertile ground for bugs, which all parties are busy patching, Intel among them.

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Question: Microsoft Life cam

I use one of theses and always had to use the old 3.6 Win 7 version to have it work in W8 or W10. Today I did updates and there was on for W10. It works!

Answer:Microsoft Life cam

Dude said:

I use one of theses and always had to use the old 3.6 Win 7 version to have it work in W8 or W10. Today I did updates and there was on for W10. It works!

I am glad.

An important point though: While there is an updated (Windows 10) driver for LifeCam Cinema, there is still only one software version and one driver available for the LifeCam HD-3000 (LifeCam Software Version 3.60 and Driver Version, regardless of which Windows OS one has.

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I am having sound problems with this webcam.
I have background noise i.e. motorboating and thought best ti reload the software.
However the software asks me to delete the original program before reinstalling it.
However, the program does not appear when going via control panel, add or remove programs, I used to but does not now.
Any ideas as to how to remove this program

Answer:microsoft life cam 3000

Try updating the driver via Device Manager or obtain your driver direct from Microsoft Hardware enter link description here

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I've been working on this problem now for a couple of days and getting tired of this topic. I have had this camera working before now not . It works in my scanners and camera it works in Windows Live. But I just get a black screen when I try and use it. Or Coloured lines in it.
I have all the up to date drivers, bios ,anti-virus free ,machine runs well.
I have been to many forums to do research and have tried some of them but still no effect.
I did find one website forum that explains my problem pretty close except for my computer doesn't say it can't detect camera.
This is a big problem and I'm not the only one.
I was hoping to find a registry fix but it does not apply to this problem.
Is there anyone out there knowledgable about this fix....
I think the problem has something to do with the usb supports and the lifecam software is getting duplicated or something a
I know nothing about usb support driver ect. ect.

Answer:Microsoft Life Cam VX-6000

Also there are no problems in device manager but there is a suspicious items in there
eg.Microsoft Lifecam#2 ???
There is also duplicates ofsis 7001 pci to usb and one ....., One Unknown device under systems

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I had a virus that I had repaired professionaly and now I can not install my web cam, Microsoft Life Cam VX 6000. Each time I try I am told the install can not continue and refers me to the Microsoft web site I did everything on the site and I still can not install it.
I am running a HP Pavilion a1510n
AMD Athalon Processor 3800+
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 Gaphics Card
149 GB Free Space
26.1 Used Space
My tech said I would have to reinstall some programs, they all installed except the web cam.


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Ok i have Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.1.2600)
And i installed the Software off the Disk.
After then it tells me to plug in the camera.
I do so and Bubbles pop up at the bottom right
of the screen. Saying New Hardware Found,
Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Found, and USB camera found.

Then an error comes up saying this :
"Cannot Install USB camera"
And error occured during the installation of the device
The I/O Operation has been aborted because of either a
Thread exit or Application Request.

So then every time i restart it prompts me to plug the cam in. And just does the same thing. Can anyone help?

Answer:Microsoft Life Cam VX-3000 Need Help!

Damn, no one?

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I have purchased the above which doesnt come with drivers, I have plugged it into a USB port and can see it in My Computer. When I connect to Windows Live I cannot get the web cam to work, basically what do I need to do to make the thing work. My P.C. is running on XP Home edition. Any thoughts

Answer:Microsoft Life Cam Problem

Have you tried checking the Microsoft website for the software you need?"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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I purchased a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 about 9 months ago. The batteries initially lasted about 6 months. I replaced them with newly purchased batterries and they lasted about a week. It now seems that I have to replace the batteries weekly and the mouse then works fine for about another week. I even went as far as buying new and fairly expensive Energizer Lithium batteries (non-rechargable) thinking that maybe they would last longer and, again, they lasted one week. Any idea why the life of the batteries went from 6 months to one week?

Answer:Microsoft Mouse Battery Life

Some wireless mice use a lot more juice when sitting on dark or reflective surfaces. Make sure your using a standard style mouse pad that doesn't have a lot of dark colors in it. Otherwise you may have an issue with the mouse itself. The battery should last about 6 months. I have the 3000 series mouse and my battery last about 4 months but I am a heavy PC user.

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As this is no longer supported by Microsoft and I have no intention of upgrading to Windows 10, can I delete this from my computer? I'm not even sure what this does or if I need it. Secunia reports that hackers are already exploiting this.

Any help at all will be sincerely appreciated.

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Ok. Heres the problem. My webcam is recognized in the computer. However when I go into the lifecam software and try to record video, a dialogue pops up that says "Lifecam Could not record your photo, audio clip, or video clip. see troubleshooting and product support in lifecam help for more information" When I went to see that all it said was to set the permissions to full allowance. When I checked they were already set to full permission.

Also Skype wont show my video. In the options it shows the video, but when I start a video call, my friends can't see my video.

XION Solaris Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case


G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory

COOLMAX CUG-700B 700W ATX12V v2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Modular Active PFC Power Supply

EVGA 256-P2-N751-TR GeForce 8600 GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card

SAMSUNG 22X DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S223F

WIndows 7 SP1

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Life Cam Cinema

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Learn more: Important information about end of service - Office Support

Microsoft?s service to be discontinued
Microsoft is retiring the service on Friday, December 15, 2017 and we are hereby advising all users to move their existing content to other file storage and sharing platforms as soon as possible, as will no longer be available after this date.

Following Microsoft?s acquisition of LinkedIn, SlideShare has joined the Microsoft family, and represents the ideal platform for publishing your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF content with its audience of 70 million professionals, and vast content library. For custom sharing, OneDrive offers additional tools, permission settings, and security to help share and protect your data and content. With the retirement of the service, we hope to streamline our offerings in this space and provide you with a more cohesive experience.

We appreciate your patronage of our service and apologize for any inconvenience resulting from this transition. We are happy to provide automatic backup of compatible files to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Please carefully read the information in this article to learn more about your options for transferring or deleting your existing content and account.

Visit here for more information (FAQs).

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New lease of life for Microsoft support for Java

Hello again. As part of a broad technology collaboration arrangement, Sun and Microsoft have agreed to extend Microsoft's licence to use Sun's Java source code and compatibility test suites until 31 December 2007. This extension allows Microsoft to support the MSJVM until 31 December 2007, so providing customers with the ability to move from the MSJVM on a schedule and plan that is most effective for them. The two companies have also agreed to work together to improve technical collaboration between their Java and .NET technologies. Read more.

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Having eventually got the full and final version of SP3 up and running I checked out the MS Update site which told me that I should download IE7.But I already had I didn't ... it had disappeared and I was back at IE6!!The download of IE7 from the update site then failed during installation and I had to download and install manually ... which succeeded.Back to the update site and I was now told to download Cumulative Security Update for IE7 (KB947864)... which also failed to install.Tried to install that one manually and was told that it was not compatible with my system!A little investigation revealed that there were two versions of KB947864 ... one for IE6 and one for IE7 and the MS site had downloaded the one for IE6 even though it said that it was for IE7.Once again seeking out and manually installing the right version succeeded.Is this all a deliberate ploy to get us so pi**ed off with XP that we actually see Vista as a desirable alternative?

Answer:Are Microsoft deliberately making life difficult?

I am of the opinion it is just incompetence!

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I am not familiar with fitness bands with LCD screens. Is two days on a battery charge, lower if you use GPS, good? MS Band says "Life: 48 hours of normal use (Functionality like GPS will impact battery performance)"... The closest thing I can find is the Samsung Gear Fit which advertises "approximately 3-4 days of battery life with typical usage and up to 5 days of battery life with low usage."

Answer:Is the Microsoft Band Battery Life any good?

The Band will split the difference between a fitness band and a smart watch. As far as battery life goes, it appears that it will have less time between charges than devices like the Fitbit Flex, which need charged once a week or less; but it will last longer on battery life than most smart watches, like the pending apple watch or the various Android powered watches like the Moto 360 or the Galaxy watches.

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I saw this question on another web and thought it interesting for WPCentral. Mine is hovering near 90 percent

Answer:In precentages, how much of your computing life is Microsoft products?

I'd say based on how much I use my Microsoft products as opposed to others... About 95%. I go to my android tablet for things that my Surface Pro 2 doesn't have and use google when Bing doesn't give me the right search.

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How do is show the battery % on the start page of my luminar?

Answer:how do i show battwey life % on the startvpage of my microsoft luminar?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question How do is show the battery % on the start page of my luminar? Start page? You mean the start screen? Battery is shown in the top right section of your screen. If you want to check the % pull down the notification center just a bit and you'll see the percentage.
Or you can download a battery saving app. Most of them display battery status on the live tile :)
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hello, my Microsoft headphone/microphone set is not working properly. I tried deleting if from my computer and hard drive to re-install it, but I still see it in my devices in computer. For some reason I can still hear my self through the mic but, when i try to watch a video ro anything like that, the sound comes through my laptop speakers. My headphones used to work before but, I think something got removed causing this problem. However even before,I could not use my mic to communicate with anyone but I could record sound and hear my self through the mic and my headphones worked fine. Now everything is messed up and I don't know what is the problems.

Please help.

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How do is show the battery % on the start page of my luminar?

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When will Microsoft legal define the life cycle of a device & Windows as a service?

I already know people opinions on these subjects. This will tell me if I even buy a new computer several years later using windows 10 or windows 10.99999

It will also tell me if I will upgrade to windows 10 (Maybe) or Keep windows 7.

Answer:When will Microsoft legal define the life cycle of a device & Win...

What does Microsoft have to do with the life cycle of a device ?

Nobody tells you to upgrade to 10 or keep 7, that is your decision and no one elses.

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The software maker originally planned to end support for version 1.2 of the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer on Friday. However, following user feedback, the company has now extended support until an undetermined date..."The decision was based on a lot of customer feedback we received that said removing support at this time would create a gap in security update detection for Microsoft

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Read here for instructions.

What it fixes:

Period of time before the computer goes to sleep is set too long

Screen saver is used instead of setting the computer to enter sleep mode

Display brightness is set too high

Power plan is not set to the most efficient power plan

Wireless adaptor in not optimized for power saving

Minimum processor state is set too high


Answer:Laptop/Notebook Users - Battery Life And Power Consumption Fix From Microsoft

flavallee said:

Read here for instructions.

What it fixes:

Period of time before the computer goes to sleep is set too long

Screen saver is used instead of setting the computer to enter sleep mode

Display brightness is set too high

Power plan is not set to the most efficient power plan

Wireless adaptor in not optimized for power saving

Minimum processor state is set too high

-----------------------------------------------------------------Click to expand...

My laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501) runs XP Home SP3 and this is what I got at the link provided.

We're sorry, but your operating system is not supported by Microsoft Fix it at this time.Click to expand...

Any idea what that is about? Perhaps my Firewall (Comodo)? No popup from it.

Not a biggie for me as I'm somewhat skeptical of anything automatic MS comes out with. But I am curious as to why my system is not supported by MS Fix.

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....found an artcle with battery life life benchmarks:

Chrome Beats Edge in Independent Battery Life Test Despite Microsoft's Claims

A YouTuber has taken it into his hands to resolve the silent war over battery life benchmarks currently raging between Microsoft, Google, and Opera.

This war has been going on since last year when Microsoft started publishing claims that Edge was far better at preserving a laptop's battery life than other browsers.

Both Google and Opera contested these claims, but Microsoft stood firm on its position, even creating and open-sourcing a benchmark for carrying out such tests, and re-affirming Edge's superiority after the release of the Creators Update in April this year.Click to expand...

YouTuber disproves Microsoft claims
In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Canadian YouTube star Linus Sebastian, known online as Linus Tech Tips, decided to create his own benchmark and put all four major browsers ? Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera ? through an independent test to assess their true capabilities.

His test involved buying four identical Dell Inspiron laptops, disabling all their bloatware ? including Windows telemetry ? and leaving the laptops running overnight, browsing the web via automated scripts.

His results showed that Chrome, and not Edge, takes the smallest toll on laptop batteries, and it does so on a more consistent basis, unlike Edge, who's battery life drainage varied wildly between different iter... Read more

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Hi, I have had my T430 since August of 2012 at the start of college. I am currently running windows 8.1 pro and I recently just noticed my battery life issues and after installing lenovo settings I discovered that my battery's capacity is at 27% of the original capacity. The battery life is really bad, e.g. it says 15 minutes remaining at 25% on POWER SAVER mode.  I have google this and it said to "reset my battery" but unfortunately 8.1 Lenovo power manager doesn't have that feature.  I am just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what to do?  Will I just have to get a new battery?

Answer:Lenovo T430 Battery Life 1+ hour on life saver

you would have to have a pre-Windows 8 OS to gain that crucial battery reset function. This is one reason why i dislike running Win 8 on ThinkPad.

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To all owners of X1 Carbon 2017 (5th gen).I read all of those reviews where people are impressed by 10+ hours of battery life (15,5h advertised), but I can't really figure out how....!? First time I tested was a normal working day - Firefox (a lot of Flash it must be said), Outlook, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat. Nothing really heavy, no peripherals except Bluetooth mouse. Brightness dimmed 1 level below the ideal. It lasted for about 4 hours! I windows's list of apps affecting battery life, Firefox was on 1st place with 32-35% Second attempt - same set of tasks, however less Firefox (no flash) - 7 hours. Now in the middle of a 3rd attempt (using Opera this time) - battery time remaining indication goes over 10h only when I completely stop using the laptop Not many apps running in the background either (Dropbox, Skype...) So my question - do you guys get more than 10h of battery life and HOW? Do you enable "Battery Stretch"? How actively do you use it and for what?

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I am wondering if end-of-life Vista is more dangerous than end-of-life XP. My reasoning is that Vista more closely resembles Win 10 than XP. So as MS was saying, attackers may reverse engineer patches meant for recent OS's into exploits that work on the end-of-life one. So it seems to me that Vista looks more dangerous than XP.

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sorry to intrude..but look like my life tile doesn't life again.....
is there a solution for this. to be specific store is dead now, calendar, mail, ..
already restarting, from clean 'till normal, sfc , dism , cleanup storecomponent, ..

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Question: Life of Windows 7

Wonder how long Windows 7 is going to be around before I am
going to be forced to buy the coming Windows 10 disaster?

Answer:Life of Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by phenix

Wonder how long Windows 7 is going to be around before I am
going to be forced to buy the coming Windows 10 disaster?

You won't be forced to buy Windows 10; you can continue to use Windows 7 after MS decides to end their support.

What influenced you to predetermine that Windows 10 is a disaster? It hasn't even been fully developed at this time.

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Question: Windows XP Life

Evening All,

I'm just wanting to know when Windows XP Pro is going end of life? it says the following on the Microsoft site

Direct OEM and Retail License Availability (end date)

June 30, 2008

System Builder License Availability (end date)

January 31, 2009

I dont quite understand the above, we build systems for a customer and use the OEM version of Windows XP Pro so from the above I gather I can only buy the OEM or Retail until June 30th 2008?

Am I correct in thinking this?

Paul Wike

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1.Prolonging battery life-cycle by the "do not charge when battery charge is above nn% which by default is 96%. How about setting it manually to much smaller value. 50%-60%. Would that prolong batterly life-cycle? (When I dont want to charge the battery)2. All parameters set to small values for using as little energy as possible for extending the time when nly battery power is available: The temperature is still (far too) high underneath where (center-center) the ventilation gaps are. How come? The only process take CPU-power is logmon.exe from IBM/Lenovo...3. Logmon.exe is alway running at about 15% CPU... How can I change that?4 Is the screen background light gas-filled? If so, will the life-cycle shorten if it turns on/off to frequently? (Light timeout value to low)Thank you IBM/Lenovo for this site.Regards,

-Tom Hummel, Norway ThinkPad Z60m 2529-FJGP M 760(2GHz), 1GB RAM, 100GB 5400rpm HD, 15.4in 1680x1050 LCD, 128MB ATI Radeon X600, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, IEEE 1394, Fingerprint reader, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Home

Answer:Battery life and charge-cycle. Background light life-cycle.

1)  See and follow the hints and tips of the Battery University2) Look at the Z60m part list or into the HMM in order to detect which parts/components are sitting there, this will give you some hint what parts might get heated up a lot near the thermal device.3) AFAIK logmon.exe is part of or belongs to ThinkVantage rescues & recovery. - If it runs as a service on your OS, then you can disable that service or maybe you can just change the scheduling times for that monitor service inside r & r. A look into the r & r manual, which can be found on Lenovo's website, might can tell you more about this.4) Look for yourself here, CCFL backlights for notebooks have usually a life time of 15.000 till 30.000 hours. Yes in practise the life-time will shorten, but this is common for all electronic devices over time.

ThinkPad T60/X32/600/770 · IBM IntelliStation · 3x IBM SpaceSaver II

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I know this is an advertised benefit of Windows 7, but now I can testify first-hand to the better battery life. I bought a laptop with Vista on it, and upgraded it to 7 today. I charged the battery before installing, and unplugged it soon after it started installing.

I haven't plugged it in yet. I have been using it for about 2.5 hours now, and the battery is at 73%.

Granted, it is a very good battery, but if this had been Vista, it would be at about 20% by now.

Windows 7 is a great OS, isn't it?

Answer:Windows 7 and battery life

Hi Jonathan,

I think most Members would agree that Windows 7 wins hands down over Vista. I think that it is true that Vista should have never been marketed, in so many ways it was not ready. Windows 7, is basically Vista under the hood with additional features and benefits that should have been claimed by Vista. Your battery experience, for one, security, aero, driver availablity to mention just a few. Enjoy your new computer, Jonathan, and keep busy on the keyboard, helping us at the Forum.

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I think Microsoft took down there ISO(s) for Windows 7 because when I go here it says "Page Not Found."

Anyone else having this issue?

EDIT: I'm able to get the ISO(s) when I go here.

Answer:My Digital Life Windows 7 ISO

It appears the page has been removed. Happens all the time on the Internet. I suspect that the download wasn't legal.

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Best Windows version you've ever used in your life.

Answer:Best Windows version you've ever used in your life.

windows 8 undoubtedly.

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Preface... (and yes, this is one of my infamous "Megaposts" and this one might be in several parts, so, bear with me and get edjumicated...

I found that link about this "new" power configuration diagnostic in Windows 7 and posted it in the other thread, but as it'll get buried in the muck soon enough, and considering just how vital this specific tool could turn out to be in terms of maximizing the potential battery life/run-time of laptops and notebooks (and Tablet PCs too) that will use Windows, I figured this specific topic is very deserving of its own thread, so here it is.

What I'm hoping this thread will be about is related to a diagnostic tool that, until recently, has been relatively unknown (and I admit I just discovered info about it last week myself, so I'm cobbling together a bunch of information from a variety of sources, several being Microsoft and blogs from MSDN folk, and some Windows 7 developers also, and putting it in this one post/thread.

Hopefully there will be some intelligent discussion as time goes by as the more I do research on this the more I realize it could very well be one of the coolest things - and gain one of the most vital aspects - about Windows 7.

So let's get this thing started... who knows, maybe this'll get stickied like some other stuff I've written about... if people deem it valuable, by all means, tell the Admins/Mods and point people to it as needed.


Windows 7, th... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 and Battery Life... What You Should Know...


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Initially battery life increased for my laptop ASUS S400CA from 2:35 to 3:35. Now it has come down to 2:30. In between I changed battery saver from 100 to 60. Now again I changed to 100. Still battery life is going down.
I would like to know about other users exp.

Any solution to increase it.

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I use Windows XP Pro, SP2.

I have a machine that has an AMD 62 bit dual core, #4200 processor. 3 GB of memory, a 200 GB hard drive and a Phoenix BIOS. Version PG 6.00, date 3/30/06.

I have installed Second Life and set up an account. It seems like the install is successful but after a while, (I mean I am able to move around and explore and do things), it crashes. I start it back up and it goes to the last place and position I was in but immediately crashes. (It doesn't seem to effect Windows or any of my other apps.)

I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it must adjust some registry component because it comes right back to the same position and then crashes. I have even reinstalled Windows. The account is already set up so I don't need to do that. The install seems successful but after moving around and doing things it crashes, (at a different spot).

Is there something I should do differently? Is there anything I could try?



Answer:Second Life crashes in Windows

Did you check the system requirements for the Second Life before installing it? Base on Secong Life website the System Recommendations are:

Internet Connection*: Cable or DSL
Computer Processor: 1.6GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon 2000+ or better
Computer Memory: 512MB or better
Video/Graphics Card**:
nVidia GeForce FX 5600, GeForce 6600, or better
OR ATI Radeon 9600, X600, or better

Second Life is not compatible with dial-up internet, satellite internet, and some wireless internet services.

Second Life may not run on graphics/video cards other than the ones listed above. Unfortunately, if your graphics card includes any of the following words, it's NOT compatible with Second Life:
nVidia cards that report as a RIVA TNT or TNT2
ATI cards that report as RAGE or RAGE PRO
ATI cards that report as RADEON 320M, 340M, 345M, or similar model numbers
Intel Extreme
most cards by MATROX
The following cards have not been tested with Second Life, and compatibility is not certain:
nVidia cards that report as Quadro
ATI cards that report as RADEON IGP or RADEON XPRESS
ATI cards that report as FireGL
ATI cards that report as FireMV

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First of all, I am new to the forum so hi to everyone! This forum so far looks fantastic and so do the members!

Getting to the issue: I currently have Vista and want to not have Vista ASAP!
I need to know if Windows 7 improves on battery life, and if so, by how much? Please provide your knowledge and links(if any) to outside websites that has looked at 7 battery life.

I have a Dell M1530 laptop which has about 5 hours battery life on balance settings. But I really need about 6-8 hours for my work. Many thanks in advance.


Answer:Windows 7 Battery Life??

Quote: Originally Posted by Mani


First of all, I am new to the forum so hi to everyone! This forum so far looks fantastic and so do the members!

Getting to the issue: I currently have Vista and want to not have Vista ASAP!
I need to know if Windows 7 improves on battery life, and if so, by how much? Please provide your knowledge and links(if any) to outside websites that has looked at 7 battery life.

I have a Dell M1530 laptop which has about 5 hours battery life on balance settings. But I really need about 6-8 hours for my work. Many thanks in advance.


It better on my dell by abt 15%. Dont think 7 hrs is do'able wo a larger battery.


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I have a Acer Aspire V5 laptop. When I was running Win 8.1, the battery life wasn't great, but lasted about 2 1/2 - 3 hours.
Now that I upgraded to Windows 10, the last time I turned it on the battery meter said 52 %. Two minutes later, it was dead.
I just turned it on after charging it, and the meter read 98%, 1 hr 50 min remaining. I haven't touched it yet, and five minutes later the battery's down to 90 %, although it says that there's 3 hr 5 min remaining. When I do any work on it, the battery goes down drastically. Does this have anything to do with Windows 10?

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Hi there
I'm surprised at all the Windows XP end of life hysteria -- probably done by the same bovine set of bozos who thought Cars would stop running and most computer applications would fail on Jan 1 2000 (the so called Y2K problem - probably the biggest non event in the entire history of computing).

On Apr 9 your Windows XP machine will still run just fine (and on apr 10 too etc).

Simply VIRTUALIZE it and only use Internet from say a W7 desktop. Modern hardware will run Virtual machines at almost Native speed and unless you are into heavy gaming / graphics then VM machines will certainly work for you --they've come a HUGE way in the last few years.

With Unity features common XP corporate applications can easily be placed on a W7 desktop so the user just has to "point and click".

I can't understand what all the corporate brouha is about - unless it's just a few consultants trying to cash in on a few bucks while the going is good.

I said the same in 2000 about the Y2K stuff -- all those expensive consultants at 1000 - 2000 USD a day BACK THEN were all sitting around doing not much except drinking in Local Taverns and laughing all the way to the Bank. !!

While I.T wages have slumped in the last 15 years (seems the only profession I know where that's happened) the same scenario in principle although slightly less booze being consumed in the taverns is being enacted by the "Consultancy Firms" who advise on how to migrate off XP.

Reminds you ... Read more

Answer:Windows XP - End of Life - a bit like W2K bug that never happened

MS itself is playing up the XP end of life hysteria in attempt to move people off of XP. Not all the credit can be given to the "sky is falling" individuals.

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every time i start up half life it says: Half-Life has a known compatibility issue with this version of Windows. For an update that is compatible with this version of Windows, contact Sierra.
does anyone know how i can fix that. thanks

Answer:half life on windows xp

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How long is the life cycle for Windows 8 and 8.1? If I recall correctly, I remember it not being very long.

Answer:Life Cycle for Windows 8 and 8.1?

Windows 8.x support ends in January of 2016. Windows 8.1 is supported until January of 2023.

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Hey I had a question about Windows end of life support. I'm running Windows 7, which isn't supposed to expire for a while to come (no date set yet). Now, like many of us here, I like Windows 7. Why does Microsoft expire support for it's products? It's not because they want us to rush out and buy a copy of their new OS is it? Especially when Windows 7 works fine. So would it be possible to keep using Windows 7 in say 2030?

Answer:Windows End of Life Support

Quote: Originally Posted by magnetite

Hey I had a question about Windows end of life support. I'm running Windows 7, which isn't supposed to expire for a while to come (no date set yet). Now, like many of us here, I like Windows 7. Why does Microsoft expire support for it's products? It's not because they want us to rush out and buy a copy of their new OS is it? Especially when Windows 7 works fine. So would it be possible to keep using Windows 7 in say 2030?

Its more than just economics. At some point things change and with new devices coming out, it doesnt make sense to try and continue to develop drivers, and fixes for an OS that is being used by less and less users.

While possible, chances are you wont. Will you even still be using a traditional computer in 18 years?

If you like win 7, you will love win 8. Right now it is about to go beta and will be free until it is released to marketing in a year or so.

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Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP/Configuration
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP
Date:          1/16/2016 6:00:17 AM
Event ID:      411
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
User:          SYSTEM
Computer:      DESKTOP-7C1QOQ8
Device IDE\CdRomHL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GH24NSB0________________LN01____\5&3682c44a&0&1.1.0 had a problem starting.

Driver Name: cdrom.inf
Class Guid: {4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Service: cdrom
Lower Filters: 
Upper Filters: 
Problem: 0x13
Problem Status: 0xC0000034
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP" Guid="{9C205A39-1250-487D-ABD7-E831C6290539}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2016-01-16T14:00:17.169630500Z" />
    <Correlation />
   ... Read more

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Despite being cabapble of 8+ hours on the 6 cell battery, I can only seems to get an estimation of a little over 4+ hours. Has anyone running Windows 8 been able to get the manufacturer's longevity? Could you share with me the setting you are using to reach it. My stats are:i5 323016gb RAM500 Gb 7200 RPM (msata ssd on the way)fingerprint reader Thanks for any and all help.  

-If this post was helpful maybe consider giving me a kudos for it.Thinkpad x230 -i5, 16gb RAM, 240gb SSD, 500gb 7.2k hdd, win 8.1 proThinkpad x220t - multi-touch, i7, 16gb RAM, 80gb SSD, 320gb 7.2k hdd, win 7 pro 64


Go to Solution.

Answer:X230 and battery life in Windows 8

Disregard. I realized that my timing samples had been taken shortly after start up and not after doing work for a while. Seems things are as per advertised here. Just need to get the msata drive in and clone it. Did that in the x220t and it was a nice boost to startup and shutdown, and overall system responsivness.  

-If this post was helpful maybe consider giving me a kudos for it.Thinkpad x230 -i5, 16gb RAM, 240gb SSD, 500gb 7.2k hdd, win 8.1 proThinkpad x220t - multi-touch, i7, 16gb RAM, 80gb SSD, 320gb 7.2k hdd, win 7 pro 64

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Hi folks, Had a quick search but can't find discussion of this. How are people finding the battery life since the upgrade? I'm finding that it's even worse than it was before - and it's always been pretty terrible. I reckon i'm getting about 3 hours on average.  Does anyone have any tips as to how I can monitor what's using up the battery? Ideally a bit like battery monitor apps on Android. I've also noticed a general performance degredation - Chrome becomes all choppy and slow. Not sure what's going on there but I'm guessing the two things are linked if the CPU is under a heavy load. Cheers Alex

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro battery life under Windows 10

My battery life is about the same as 8.1 (6 to 6.5 hrs). I use a program called BatteryBar that will monitor your usage and gives pretty accurate predictions of when you battery will run down. It doesn't track specific programs however. Also, keep an eye on tasks running in the background using task manager while you think it should be idle. You can minimize the task manager to the icon tray to help with this. I also run the displlay at 2048x1152 resolution (@150% scaling)  which makes apps like chrome scroll a little smoother (perhaps due to less data being displayed). Not sure if that helps battery life or not. There a lots of sites you can google to track down specific issues with battery life. 

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hi people, I updated my x230 to windows 8 yesterday since the power management tool had been updated too but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get my power consumption to 6-7 watts like I could with windows 7, it won't go below 14-15 watts... so basically I have 5-6 hours of autonomy instead of my beloved 12-13 hours I think it may be because of the metro interface that require constant updates to display fresh content what can I do? did any of you encounter this problem? any idea of solution?

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i really need some help here. i am completely unable to install or repair windows xp pro. i have tried everything. i can get to the point in the install where it says 'setup will now load windows' after all drivers are loaded and i get 'unmountable boot image' blue scree.
before you suggest anything look here at the list of things i have tried.

I have 2 windows xp pro cds, i have tried both
I have 2 hard drives, i have tried both, with every combination of one or the other, master/slave, different ide cables or connectors, etc.
i have two motherboards, this happens with both of them.
I have tried fail safe bios settings, disabling caches, lowering dma values for ide channels, etc.
i have tried removing sticks of ram and placing them in different slots or only leaving one in.

what the hell?

i am completely baffled.
please help.

my specs
foxconn 915-p7ac
p4 ht 3.2 gig
1 gig 3200u ram
40 gig seagate master hd, 100 gig maxtor slave
geforce pci-e 256meg 7600gt
lite-on-it dvd-rw cd-rw

Answer:cant install windows xp to save my life

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Hello, I have new Lenovo laptop, type T430s (2353-2QV). I was realized to try Windows 8 and reinstalled it using lenovo w8 drivers. But something is wrong with battery life. It is very weak. I was hope that I can use my laptop on battery more than 4 hours, but depens on usage, I can use it maximum for about 3 hours. And that is not right, from my point of view. I do not have informatiom how much time is battery life on W7, but I think it is much better. Please, can anybody  tell me if it is right or not and what I can do with it? I welcome the response not only from users with same type of laptop. Thank you in advance.Peter

Answer:T430s Windows 8 battery life

Which battery do you have?I have the six cell and get about four hours of normal usage, more with a dim backlight

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I am using a lenovo z580 and on windows 7 it was giving me about 4 to 4 and a half hours of battery life. However after updating to windows 8 and windows 8.1, the battery life has reduced to 2 hours of usage. All my drivers have been updated. I am using a samsung 840EVO 120gb ssd, if that makes any difference. Please help.

Answer:Battery Life after Windows 8.1 Upgrade

No help from anyone?! 

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When are you idiots going to fix 8.1 and make it where it is like windows 7 start button etc.?

I have talked to no one that is a business person professional that likes windows 8 or 8.1. What happened to Microsoft that it is so blind to role out 8.1 without the real fix?

Need to switch it to where I can run metro on a customizable window on my desktop with start button just like windows 7. For metro users they should have an icon to go to windows 7 start button business world.

Good god what is up with you guys, what happened to microsoft, wow how freaking sad?

Answer:Windows 8.1 confusion destroying my life

Just install a 3rd party start menu, classic shell is free, start8 costs $5. After doing that, nobody in my organization has had any complaints with being moved to Windows 8 or 8.1. The biggest recurring complaint I get stems from websites not working properly with IE11.

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My computer froze and when i restarted came to the screen where it says "You did not shut down properly" and then it scans the harddrive.

Then it pops up that there are some currupted files so I saved them to a disk.

Problem of those files are needed to start Windows 95. I need help either getting that file from the disk to the c: drive. (where i think that file must be in the System folder) or reinstalling Windows 95 from Dos.

Right now all I can do is go in Dos Prompt.

I called a place and they said something about making a boot disk which then will help me extract the files from the other disk onto the C drive.

The file that the computer needs and that is on the disk is VMM32.VDX .

Two quesitons
1. If you help me reinstall windows 95, will it earase everything that was on it? Like Word files, downloaded stuff. ????

Answer:Matter of Life AND Death!!!!! (Windows 95)

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Am losing Battery Life after installing Windows 10 TP. It doesn't even last 1hr.Why is this so? And the Store hasn't been opening since yesterday. It constantly says "The server has stumbled". Anyone facing similar problems??

Answer:Why is my battery life so poor on Windows 10?

What device are you using?

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Okay, here's the deal; This is an EXTREMELY fresh install of Windows 7 RC1.

I do not have any firewalls on, not even the Windows firewall.

I've ran two virus scanners, I am not infected.

I go to Windows Live Messengers website. (Essentials - Windows Live) and click download, it takes me to the page, and about two seconds later, my browser times out. I have attempted this in internet explorer, firefox, and opera.

Okay, fine, whatever. I used the installer on my flash drive, about 5 seconds in, it tells me that I am not connected to the internet. Fantastic.

Now, this worked absolutely flawlessly with the previous builds (I'm using RC1 now) so I don't understand why it isn't now.

All other devices using this internet connection can access and download Windows Live Messenger just fine, not an issue.

What on earth is going on?

Each problem;
Tried in Firefox.
Installer error
Installer error even with compatibility mode.

Answer:For the life of me, I cannot get Windows Live Messenger

is it possibly your flash install

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Everytime i try to run Half life 2 or any other steam program i get this message:


Could not load libary client

Please Help!

Answer:Half Life 2 on Windows Vista 32 Bit

I did that and I still get the Error message

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I would like to get a Windows 10 tablet (keyboard optional) with battery life being the highest priority. I currently have a Lenovo ThinkPad 8 on Windows 10. It's a terrific device, but it can only run for about 2-3 hours before a very long charging period.
The iPad is my gold standard tablet, being able to last for weeks on standby. Is there anything in the Windows category that's comparable?

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I upgraded my Nokia Lumia Icon from 8.1 to the most current slow ring build of Win 10 Mobile. Since upgrading to Win 10 my Icon's battery life is horrible. Within a couple hours my phone will drop 30-40% with little to no use.
I am curious, is this a problem experienced by others? I am wondering if a clean install of Win 10 Mobile will solve/help the problem (I did not do a clean upgrade to Win 10), or if this is just "the nature of the beast?"
Thank you in advance for your replies!

Answer:Windows Phone 10 Battery Life

Same here on lumia 925...with w10m i lost at least 20% of battery life.

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How's the battery life on ur asus vivobook after updating to windows 10? Is it the same as 8.1?

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These are my results for this thread:

But since entirely new problems have arisen I thought I should make an entirely new thread.

I just re-installed Windows XP. To my surprise, all of my old documents and files seem to be in place. This is great! Looks like Windows tucked all of my files away after all.

The only big problem so far is that when I start the computer, it keeps looking for a floppy drive and makes me press f1. How do I get that to go away?

The screen says:

"Dell System Dimension 4700 Series
BIOS version A06

Floppy diskette seek failure
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility"

In the setup menu I tried switching the boot order so my non-existant floppy drive boots last, but it still insists that it wants to boot from a floppy before Windows starts. I tried the "restore options to defaults" option, too, and this message still pops up.

Any suggestions?

Answer:bringing windows back to life

This may be due to your Antivirus software. Check that you disable the option to scan a floppy diskette at startup and at shutdown.

And I wish you would have posted in your original thread that you did in fact manage to do a repair reinstall of XP. You left that thread suggesting that it could not be done.


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My brother tried installing the original Half-Life [yes the ancient one back from 1998] on our new computer which runs Windows XP without success. After putting in the CD [a store bought copy from EB] & clicking install, nothing else comes up so there's not much we can do in terms of troubleshooting since it won't even attempt to install.

The game installed without a problem on our other computer that runs Windows 98. To make sure that it wasn't a defective CD, I reinstalled it on our old computer today with no problems once again.

We've gone to a bunch of Half-Life/Sierra related web sites/forums & couldn't find a definitive solution. Some people said it runs on XP, others have the same problem we do. The company said there wasn't really much we could do about it. Anyone know if there is a way to get the game to work properly on XP or is it a lost cause? Thanks in advance.
My computer specs:
Dell Dimension 8200
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.53GHz
Processor Speed: 2.46 GHz
Memory (RAM) 512 MB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600
Sound Card: Creative SB Live!

Answer:Half-Life won't install on Windows XP

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I run the Life Cam software on my PC (Dell540S) with 8GB RAM, 640GB HDD, and I see the green lite come on the camera, and I can test the mike and it works but I see nothing if I want to capture a picture. Life Cam 3.0 software is loaded, latest drivers are loaded, don't know what to do to get video????? Can someone help???

Answer:Windows 7 Ultimate and Life Cam VX-6000

Is the software the larest W7 version?

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So I have a quick question. Does windows 7 really improve the battery life on a laptop? Anyone noticed much of a difference?

Answer:Does windows 7 really improve battery life?!

Quote: Originally Posted by hp7Windows

So I have a quick question. Does windows 7 really improve the battery life on a laptop? Anyone noticed much of a difference?

Yes by about 10%. Thats on performance power plan. 32 bit

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Has the fix for this problem been released yet?

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A Day in the Life: Windows Vista Security
Found this little Video on Technet that may be of interest to people interested in Vista security.
A Day in the Life: Windows Vista Security

Answer:A Day in the Life: Windows Vista Security

Thanks Nigel, I'll have a good look later but it's much appreciated.

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Windows Restore came out of nowhere one night. Luckily, a simple system restore then running Malwarebytes and a system scan, things seem back to normal. However, when I open my picture folders, the picture thumbnails are kinda gray and fuzzy. When I open them in the picture viewer, nothing wrong with the files themselves. I went to the properties of one of the folders and it said the files were hidden. I had to select all the files and unhide them. Anyone know a faster way? And I've already tried going to the view tab on My Computer and unchecking the radio buttons.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Answer:Life after the Windows Restore Virus....

Hi JCS72,

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Got another X230T and I want to upgrade to Windows 8,however, has all the issues been ironed out like battery life, rotating screen etc?.

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This is my first time posting here. I have been having problems with my netbook (bought July 2010) using Windows 7 Starter for several months. This is my first non desktop and I've never experienced "crashing" problems before. It started when I chose to download "all" images from an email on gmail. The email was from a friend so there should not have been an issue. Immediately I had major problems with repeated crashing, realtek errors, and general slowness in how the computer is running. This is an almost daily thing, although sometimes it will happen 10x a day and sometimes once. Sometimes I can fiddle with it and get back on right away, sometimes, not for a day. Yesterday I started to wonder if the Starter version had a self life? Like maybe its called Starter for a reason, and it just doesn't last that long, forcing you to buy the premium edition?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:Windows 7 Starter shelf life?

Quote: Originally Posted by leo811sf


It started when I chose to download "all" images from an email on gmail. The email was from a friend so there should not have been an issue.

The keywords being 'should not have'.

Immediately I had major problems with repeated crashing, realtek errors, and general slowness in how the computer is running. This is an almost daily thing, although sometimes it will happen 10x a day and sometimes once. Sometimes I can fiddle with it and get back on right away, sometimes, not for a day.

What sort of fiddling?

Since these issues started after downloading from gmail, it would be advisable to do a virus scan as well as scan with Mbam.

Yesterday I started to wonder if the Starter version had a self life? Like maybe its called Starter for a reason, and it just doesn't last that long, forcing you to buy the premium edition?

No, one of the limitations of the Starter version is not a shelf life

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I, like many others, had Windows 10 installed automatically when I wasn't home. I'm not necessarily opposed to this except that it has OBLITERATED my battery life. As an ultrabook user, I primarily own my Lenovo T431s because it can last me days at a time, or at least one day of heavy usage (8+ hours). However, I noticed that since Windows 10 was introduced my usage time is not nearly the same. Just listening to music will result in 1-2 hours at best, even with dim settings. I have to count the minutes every time I take my laptop off the charger.
I've read that MS is working on optimizing performance, but this is beyond optimization -- something must be actively draining the machine. Any thoughts?

Answer:Windows 10 Destroyed my Battery Life

Hello oobio

Welcome to tenForums!

To investigate your battery usage please have a look at the following tutorial and work through the steps:

Then you should also run the power efficiency report:

Looking through these reports will help you identify at what times in the day the battery was drained the most, hopefully you can relate it to what you were doing. You may also find there are a number of settings you can tweak to improve battery performance based on the analysis.

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I remember when windows 7 first came out the reports of battery life being less than when running vista. I am wondering with newer drivers being released if the battery life of windows 7 is less than/equal/ or greater than running vista. I've been wanting to upgrade but have found few reasons to upgrade but battery life might make me want to reconsider

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Hi Guy's,

I heard that news Microsoft is going to stop the support(End of Life) for Windows XP & Windows 2003. is this true?.

Answer:End Of Life XP & Windows 2003 server

Support for XP ends in April 2014. What that means is that there will be no more updates, fixes or technical support after that date. Rest assured, Windows XP will continue working.

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Are there any metrics on this? people swear by Windows 8 but googling 'windows 7 vs windows 8 battery life' almost always has Windows 7 come out on top.

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Ok, so im geting my radeon 9800 Pro this christmas (BEST FRIGGIN CARD FOR RUNNING HL2 on!!! next to the XT of course....but that card is only 10% faster at 200 bucks

anyways, im excited about what i've seen for the past 4 months in regards to half life looks SOOOO HOT!!!! i mean if game engines were a woman, it would be like the super-babe! lol....i feel the same way about the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, OH lol


storywise, should i play through Half Life (original) before i play though half life 2? or does it not really matter...

It's an old game..and the new one is coming feel like the guy who just found out about a book series (the latest one, volume 9 is the best), but there were 8 books before the latest one...

is half life 1 fun? (or is that like asking "is bil gates FILTHY RICH")

i jsut wanna know

Answer:Do you suggest that i play through Half Life before buying Half Life 2???

......i just downloaded the demo of half life

and it scared the bejesus out of me........the first aleain that jumps on you...and it made me jump like through the mom is mad at me now cuz i yelpped so loud!!!

im don't usually care when games are scary like that....but this is rediculous......

maybe i don't wanna buy it.............

does everything jump at you and you have to go into dark coridors?......ike

i might need to psych myself out that it's jsut in my computer before i go back and try the demo again.........


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hi all,im one of the eager guys who updated to win 10 straight away on my S7-392after suffering constant minor glitchesi restarted windows 10 on my device which is a semi clean sweephowever since ive done that ive noticed that my comp batter life is not the sameit is not as long as it used to bethe only software that i dont have from my original setup are the acer management appsi was wondering if the acer power management helped make the battery last longer?any solutions to this guysany help is always appreciatedPS i upgraded the SSD myself to a 500GB and it works a treat  

Answer:extend battery life after windows 10 upgrade

Bring up the old Power Options and check to see if anything is set to use more power than you'd expect, especially the processor. For best battery life it should be set to slow down when not in use.

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Hello all...

The last couple of days when I've been playing Half Life 2 and Quake 4 sometimes the game will just quit on me out of the blue and give me an error screen that says "Half-Life2/Quake4 has encountered a problem and needs to close" and I don't send the information to Microsoft so I just click on "Don't Send"

Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this and how I could fix it? Thank you for your time.

Answer:Quake 4 and Half Life 2 error windows

Most games all quit like that under the same conditions:

1) Update video card drivers and sound card drivers.

2) Make sure that your video chipset and sound card chipset are compatible and supported by the game.

3) Check the game publisher's website for a patch.

That covers about 99% of game problems of this nature, barring hardware failures such as bad RAM.

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Right when Longhorn is first released, how much life do you think Windows XP will have left in it? Do you still think it will live a long time and widely supported for the latest motherboard chipsets and video cards even over 3 years after Longhorn is released?? Or do you think XP will be phased out fast after Longhorn is released.

Here is my take on the issue. I think Windows XP should be kept around a long time after Longhorn is released. When Windows XP was first released, I think there should have been a serious rush to get rid of and completely phase out POS Windows 98/ME. But Windows XP is still a good OS, so it better be supported at least as long as POS Windows 98/ME were after Windows XP was released.

I can't believe to this day that Windows 98/ME are still alive and living when it comes to support for most games and applications. As such, it would be so sad to see XP have support dropped in a hurry for the latest hardware chipsets, video cards, and games when Longhorn is released, where as, support for POS Windows 98/ME should have ceased for the most part within a year after Windows XP was released.

Let me know your take on this.

Answer:How much life do you see left in Windows XP just after Longhorn is released?

Well your right XP is a good OS but people said that about 98 and ME before XP came out. When Longhorn comes out I for see XP quickly being phased out and Longhorn becoming the standard.

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I installed Windows 8 on my Dell XPS M1530 (It's pretty old; about 5 years) and ever since the battery life on this thing has plummeted. It was never amazing, but I have the extended battery and would get at least an hour to two hours of light web usage before it died. Now, it lasts 20 minutes, tops. Why has Windows 8 killed my battery performance?

Answer:Windows 8 KILLED laptop battery life

What did you have installed on the laptop before Windows 8.

Sounds like it may be a driver issue with the battery.

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Hi everyone, I've been doing some "googling" in regards to the battery life when updating to Windows 8.1.  I find that that battery life after updating to Windows 8.1 has been gimped.  However, after restoring back to Windows 8, my battery does just fine. However, after several windows updates in early January, my battery life has declined again and I finally gave up and installed Windows 8.1 again a few days ago.  Again, I get the same result.  60% battery with hardrive saver mode and power saving mode on and I can barely last an hour. Before that (In December) when I ran Windows 8, 60% battery can last me 2.5 hours no problem WITHOUT having to turn on hardrive saver (but I did turn on my performance settings to "Balanced").  I'm just wondering if anyone else having this issue?  I see no one else posting this.As for drivers, as soon as I updated to windows 8.1, I downloaded all the available drivers that were on the Lenovo website and I did my Windows Updates. 

Answer:Lenovo y410p Windows 8.1 Battery Life


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so hi there. There is this thing in windows 10 called life at glance mode which basically looks like windows 8 i want to have a normal desktop where i can put shortcuts to apps that i want and i cant go out of it need help.I wish i could show pics

Answer:How do I turn off the life at glance mode for Windows 10?

?Life at a glance? is the header name of the first group of Windows 10 tiles. If your Start screen menu is in full screen mode, simply click Windows Home button and it'll hide. To make Start screen menu smaller, go to Settings app, Personalization, Start and turn off ?Use Start full screen?. Click Windows Home button, right click on tiles you want to remove and click Unpin from Start. Repeat the process till all Tiles are removed, select right border of the Start Screen and drag it to the left. Here you go, your Start Screen Menu isn't in full screen mode, tiles are removed, and Start Menu looks similar to Windows 7 menu. Hope it helps.

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I have a windows 8.1 pro on my PC. It says windows license will expire on 24th November 2015. Now if i upgrade my PC to windows 10 on July 29th, will the Windows 10 be activated for life or will i be needing to buy a new license?

Answer:After I get the free upgrade to Windows 10, will it be activated for life?

Activated for the life of the device.

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Somebody please help me! I just upgraded my laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10 last tuesday. My laptop is Asus X555LB-XX198H(i75500U,8GB RAM,2GM VRAM, 1TB HDD). When my battery life is 10% my pc slow down dramatically & when I checked the computer frequency in the task manager it is in 0.48GHz it's not going up or down either. I don't know if it is the battery saver of the win10 problem or not. I already tried changing my battery power from balanced to high performance but it doesn't help. In the 10% battery life of my laptop my mouse cursor hardly move and the files and this laptop seems to move at slow motion. Please help me solve this problem.

Here pic of evidence.
Thank You In Advance,

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...Support and Availability Policies for Consumers click here...Support and Availability Policies for Businesses click hereProduct Life-Cycle Wizard click hereNow you know ;-)

Answer:Windows Desktop Product Life Cycle

About the 'same time' you can still get parts for your 'old' washing machine - before you gottareplace it!...figures.

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i just got windows 7, and i love everthing about it, exept one little thing...
i cannot install my microsoft lifecam vx-3000 driver software on it....

i have tried to download it of the microsoft website. but it would not download for me. i do not have the disk that came with the cam, because i got the cam with a monitor that i won used on ebay... so i am either asking for an alternitive download for the driver software, or for an alternitive way to install the software....

the windows 7 machine is not currently hooked up to the internet, but it will be by the end of the week for sure... so, any suggestions?

Answer:LIFE CAM vx-3000 driver problems with windows 7

Its hard to suggest possible solutions with out knowing more about your system... Click on the link in my sig and fill out your system specs ... completely..

Welcome to the Forums!!

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Ever since I installed windows 10 on my surface pro 3 the batter life dropped from 5-6 hrs 1 - 2 hrs I did a clean install 3 times but this doesn't help. The tackpad has an issue too. I turned off the allow right click but it doesn't work.t I tried going back to windows 8.1, but they some how block user to download apps from store I always get an error "this app wasn't installed" I tried all possible solutions but no luck. The onenote app for windows 10 sucks too I hate windows 10 :(
Note: I always put on battery saver even on 100% charge.
And the Cortana is disabled too

Answer:Windows 10 sucks my battery life, how can I stop this?

Try taking it to a Microsoft store, fully charged. Turn it on and show them the battery drop. If it's only lasting 1-2 hours, let's use 2 hours as a conservative number, then it's dropping 0.83% per minute. Just run something normal for the tech guy for 5 mins, and show him it's dropping nearly 5%. If they want you to hard reset it - then offer to perform the reset right there in the store (plug into their bar with your adapter). It only takes 30-60 mins to do so. Then show how that does NOT solve the problem.
Then ask for a replacement SP3 (they now come preloaded with Windows 10). Hopefully you have Microsoft Complete. :-)
BTW - my SP3 upgraded to 10 and has been great so far. I can run it nearly all day on battery. I usually have about 40% left after 6 hours.

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Wondering if anyone out there is getting better battery life (overall) with the Creators Update? You notice your system running better? Smoother, less resources needed?

Answer:Better battery life in Windows 10 Creators Update?

Slightly better perhaps on my Idol4s.
Sent from mTalk on my SP4

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Hi guys! New happy owner of lenovo hardware. Just wondering if other community members have noticed significant battery life loss after an upgrade to windows 8? I've tried updating drivers, some were unnecessary, and reducing to pwer saver mode. Also, as I am new to nvidia switching graphics, should i keep my unit plugged to enjoy full graphics power during game play or will an nvidia setting switch do? Forgive my ignorance and thanks a lot!

Answer:y580 shortened battery life windows 8

I've got the same problem.  did you ever find a solution?

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Hello everybody,
i just wanted to see if anyone else had similar results to this. it seems crazy, i know but my dell mini 10v gets better battery life on full back light.

I even timed it.

Back light full- 6 hrs 27 mins
Back light minimum- 4 hrs 32 mins
i don't know what to think of this, its kinda weird, like my post about how the full blast eye candy win 7 aero theme makes my net book run faster than any other theme.

All input is appreciated!

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Hi all, A few months ago I installed Windows 8.1 on my T400 (Type 6475) and ever since have experienced abysmal battery life. I have a 9 cell battery in good condition that gave me at least 5 hours of moderate usage when I was running Windows 7 on this machine. Now I'm lucky to get an hour running Windows 8.1 which just isn't really viable. I've checked the battery on my backup T61 running Windows 7 and still achive perfectly acceptable lifespan with that  - so the battery's not the problem. This is my second clean reinstall of Windows 8.1. I've checked all of my drivers are up to date and are Windows 8.1 versions where they exist. My T400 doesn't have switchable graphics so I don't think it's that causing the issue. Bluetooth is off. I've got Power Manager 6.32 installed and working flawlessly. All settings are as they were when I was running Windows 7 (optimised for battery life when off of AC). Before I give up on Windows 8.1 and return to Windows 7 is there anything else I've missed?Is there any way I can check what's using the battery? I'm not a massive tech-head so be gentle if possible... Thanks in advance!

Answer:Sub 1 hour battery life (9 cell) on Windows 8.1

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that you are getting a poor battery backup in your Lenovo ThinkPad T400 after upgrading to Windows 8.1.
May I know which power plan you are using in your system?
What Lenovo software dependency package is installed?
Have you updated all the Lenovo resources (firmware, BIOS, drivers, software)?
Refer this document and see if it helps!
Best regards,

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Hi, Lenovo U310 - i5 - Windows 8 A week ago I upgraded from W7 to W8.In its W7 period batterylife was quite according to expectations - 5 hours with connected external drive, USB printer/scanner, second 22" screen - but since I switched to W8 batterylife barely reached 3 hours. Can anybody explain this and can I expect another firmware update where these W8 issues will be solved? Thanks in advance Grtz,Jim

Answer:U310: Very poor battery life under Windows 8

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
Before upgrading to windows 8 it is recommended to update the bios
 Please update the bios to fix the issue
BIOS Update
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps

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Yesterday, I manually triggered the windows 10 update on my laptop which was running Windows 8.1 While I'm loving the Windows10 but the battery life has become terrible. The laptop hardly lasts for 1:30 hrs, earlier it used to last atleast 4-5 hours. What could be the problem? Is anyone else facing the same problem?

Answer:Why do I have such terrible battery life after updating to Windows 10?

Could be drivers. Could be almost-baked OS

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Somebody please help me! I just upgraded my laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10 last tuesday. My laptop is Asus X555LB-XX198H(i75500U,8GB RAM,2GM VRAM, 1TB HDD). When my battery life is 10% my pc slow down dramatically & when I checked the computer frequency in the task manager it is in 0.48GHz it's not going up or down either. I don't know if it is the battery saver of the win10 problem or not. I already tried changing my battery power from balanced to high performance but it doesn't help. In the 10% battery life of my laptop my mouse cursor hardly move and the files and this laptop seems to move at slow motion. Please help me solve this problem.

Here pic of evidence.
Thank You In Advance,

Answer:Windows 10 10% battery life slowing down my laptop


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