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HardDrive formating problem for win98

Question: HardDrive formating problem for win98

Hey there,

I own a IBM PC, which is pretty old, I bought it in 1997, and yeah, I mean it still works great, so anyways, the OS it came with was 95, and I changed it a long time ago to a windows XP PRO with sp2, and the reason why I did that was because, I didnít own any windows 98 CD. So now I got one! And I wanted to install it on my IBM, so I booted with the win 98 CD in order to install it that way. Unfortunately, when the formatting part came, it said that there was a bad partition table, or such, in conclusion, they the installation said that there was a problem with the drive. So, I only have a 6GB hard drive install in it.

Now the weird part is when I install win XP pro with SP2 over my previous corrupted win 98 installation, it works, the formatting and all works.

So can someone help me install windows 98. Thanks

PS. The win XP with SP2 is currently formatting my hard drive.

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Preferred Solution: HardDrive formating problem for win98

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HardDrive formating problem for win98

Windows 98 does not recognize your XP partition because 98 is an old OS, and it doesn't know what NTFS is. 98 uses Fat32.

Delete all the partitions with Windows XP install disk, create a new partition, but don't format it.

Then use your 98 startup disk to format it to FAT32, then Windows 98 setup will recognize the partition.

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What are the following steps in formating a harddrive. I have accidently deleted the wrong files on my other computer. I want to reformat the harddrive and start fresh. How is this done.

Answer:Formating your harddrive

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I am selling my computer (with XP Home on) to a friend and wish to wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows xp home.Can someone advise me the best way and easiest way to do this please. I have alll the relevant drivers etc and my xp home uppgrade disk.

Answer:Formating my harddrive

Put the cd in and set pc to boot from it,the xp cd will "find" your present install,and tell you its not possible to install two versions on one hdd.The install will offer to "delete" the previous install by pressing either D or L (I cannot recall which)Then it will continue on to install XP.(Do not use "Recovery Console" keep going until it offers to "Repair")

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Over the past few weeks, I have found my computer running slower, and slower.  I wasn't too sure why, until about a week ago - when I download some free removal software, and virus scanners.  A lot of spyware/trojans and such had attached themselves to my OS.  I have removed almost all of them, but I am afraid that I will never get rid of them all.  So, I have decided to just start over clean and fresh, by reformatting.  But....I don't have the current version of windows disk, that I am running (I have an older MSXPPRO disk, with me), and no bootdisk.  I have tried restarting my computer with the older MS XP PRO disk in the drive, and rebooting via disk drive (Not sure if i did it write or not.)  And I can't simply just right-click on the haddrive, and format for more obvious reasons.. ..  I seem to be stuck! Any suggestions?  All the tutorials/guides that i've read, either end with me needing a Windows install disk (Which, mine is different version? older? bah) or, with a boot disk.   Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Answer:Formating my harddrive. Help!

Do you have a 3.5 floppy drive?

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Although I am not a computer wiz, I did manage to format the harddrive on my old computer by writing format C:, after restarting in MS-DOS while running Windows 98.

With Windows XP I don't find that option. I can get to the Command prompt C:, but it won't let me format the harddrive.

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated, I am trying to re-format and re-partition.

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Formating harddrive in Windows XP

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I had a 80 gig harddrive I took out of my son's PC and I put it in mine and fdisked it.I was going to save it to install in a new PC. Well I want to use it as a slave now, in one of my PC,I installed it as slave and it's seen in BIOS as pri.slave.when I go to device manager it showes up there.I'm sure I need to format this harddrive but not sure how at this point. I running P4 2.6 120 seagate hd. Win. XPHome sp.2. The harddrive I want to use as slave is a WD 80 gig. Thanks in advance for any help. If more info. is needed let me know Thanks again Chuck

Answer:Formating Slave harddrive

Control panel,admin management,storage,disk management,right click drive and format

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I just got a computer, it is celeron 466MHZ, 64MB ram, and it has a 6.4GB hard drive. It works like a charm, but I just recently encountered a problem. The guy who set it up partitioned the hard drive into 1GB C, 2.5GB D, and 2.5GB E. IF he had did them all 2GB it would of saved me a lot of time, but he made the C drive only 1 GB, and no matter what I install on the comp., even if I choose a different drive, it still requires some space on C. I'm completely out of space on C as of now.

So what I want to do is to unpartition the drives, to make them all one again. I have no idea how this can be accomplished without formating the hard drive, and I can't afford to lose the information on the hard drive. So can someone please tell me how this can be done? PLEASE!!!! I'm desperate!!!!

Answer:how do you unpartition your harddrive without formating? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Well, with multiple partitions you are gaining more space because you use smaller clusters, but I imagine at 6.4 GB it isn't making terrible of a difference. To partition a formatted drive you need Partition Magic. Current version I think is PM7... runs at about $35 methinks... or maybe it's 50, I'm not sure.

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I want to replace the old 40 gb harddrive in my desktop pc with a larger one. I am hoping there is a way I can format and partition a new PATA harddrive in my external harddrive case and set up the replacement hardrive with my original restore disk. Is this possible? I have windows xp pro operating system. My computer system is an HP DC5000. I know when I buy a new hardrive some formating is required to begin using it, but can all this be done via an external drive case? If so are there step by step instructions? Im a newbie but anxious to learn. Thanks for any help or advice. Oh I forgot to mention my computer only holds one hard drive.

Answer:Formating harddrive from external case

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I bought a new Seagate 250GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-100 and would like to replace my old drive with it in my Dell? Dimension? 4400 (Pent 4 1.80GHz, 768mb Ram, running Windows XP Home). I need some advice on how I should format this new drive and then clone and replace my old drive with the new Seagate drive using Norton Ghost 2003.

What is best way to format the harddrive to get it ready to clone - using (Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > Disk Management) or formating it via Windows XP CD or is there a better way/easier??? Thanks.

Answer:Formating and cloning to a new Seagate 250gb harddrive

You can use Seagates Disk Wizzard ( IMO the easiest & free)\
How to use Disk Wizzard

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I suppose I should have researched a little more before installing this. But anyway I purchased a new HDD, and slapped XP on it, planning to read my old HDD (win98), and move all my data over as need be. But I don't know if ntfs can read fat32 or what but it just states the drive is not formatted. But if disconnect the new HDD win98 still boots fine so the data is still there, any way I can get XP to read my old 98 install?

Answer:XP reading second harddrive that's win98?

XP should just read the FAT32 drive without any problems.
I assume you can see the drive in "my computer" and that's where it's giving you the error?

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Can anyone recommend some software for cloning my c: drive in Windows 98, please?My harddrive is on its way out (occasionally fails to boot) and I cannot find my MS Windows 98SE registration key - the one given in Control Panel -> System, System Properties doesn't work! Is it hidden in the registruy somewhere?I've got an old HP Pavillion PC with a recovery CD which asks for the registration code during installation... I've moved four times since I last used it!Therefore, I'm looking to effectively clone the hard-disk to a new one and the new drive be bootable - any help would be most appreciated. The cheaper the software, the better, as I intend to replace my PC in a couple of months.Thanks,ACB

Answer:To Clone a harddrive in Win98?

Try click here for the product key.

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Okay, just got and installed a new Western Digital 30G Harddrive. Attempted a clean install of Windows 2000, and got an error saying it couldn't install bootloader and setup could not continue. Tried Windows98SE and at the beginning of install, where it should have run scandisk, it said something like "This version of scandisk is compatible with msdos version blahblahblah, then something about a disk compression utility that was installed on my harddrive. To my knowledge, there's NOTHING installed on my harddrive. I've lowlevel formatted, fdisked, formatted, etc.etc. and nothing changes. I'm pretty sure whatever disk compression utility it's talking about is the same thing causing the error with Win2K. Any ideas what this is and how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

P.S., The harddrive is ultraATA100, the bios found and detected it by itself. (By that I mean I didn't have to use the EZBIOS that came with it.)

Answer:Harddrive Error During Win98 / Win2K Install

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I have WIN XP Home Edition on hard disk one. It is formatted NTFS.
I have a 2nd hard disk formatted FAT32 partitioned for 30 G.bytes.
I have WIN 98 on CR-ROM. I cannot figure a way to install WIN 98 on 2nd hard disk. I cannot get the compatibility routine on WIN XP to work with some old software. If I could get to the 2nd hard disk, load WIN 98 and run the old software on the 2nd hard disk it would be a big help.

My other option is to get another computer and load it with WIN 98 and the old software. It seems such a waste not to use the 2nd hard disk.

Thank you, HMSchmitter [email protected]

Answer:Install Win98 on 2nd harddrive after winXP installed of 1st drive???

Win98 can only be installed on the first partition of the first disk. I suspect that you'll be unable to install winXP on this second hard disk, unless you use the second hdd as a stand alone master to do so, and swap disks when you want to swap versions of windows. It's usually pretty highly recommended also that when dual booting the two, win98 is installed first to prevent problems.

If your winXP drive is formatted with the FAT32 filesystem, you may be able to install 98 alongside it on the same drive. If it's formmatted with the NTFS filesystem though, you won't be able to install 98 on the same drive.

Merry Xmas to you also, and welcome to techspot.

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At the mo my Win XP 120 GB drive has about 26 GB left but i have a second hard drive in my PC ( which i only connect when i wanna do some thing in Win98) which is a 70 GB drive so im thinking of using that as a second drive for my PC , i have alwas been used to formatting W98 drives etc , ie using FDISK etc but im new to doing hard drive replacments / Hard Drive add ons in XP , so my question is whats the best way to add a second hard drive to XP ? i have been told i can format the drive etc while Win XP is booted up ?? is this true ? .


Answer:Formating a win98 drive to use a a second hard drive in XP

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step 1 - deleted partitions
step 2 - selected unlocated space and choosed for windows to install (windows asked me to have system reserved partition)
step 3 - I formated system reserved partition and primary partition
step 4 i choose primary partition and click install

step 3 is what i ask for, i formatted SYSTEM RESERVED PARTITION and PRIMARY PARTITION after windows created them.

After I formatted them System reserved partition renamed to unlocated space 85mb partition.

My question is ... is this unlocated space 85mb acts as an system reserved partition?

Asked on many places but ppl are so f.... stupid, asking me like if u delete them they cant be there,... bla bla, just retarded humanity and question is simple,

deleted all, clicked on all hdd all unlocated space, windows asked to make 2 partitions, yes, and than formated reserved, and primary, clicked primary, installed on it, is my unlocated space 85 acting like an reserved partition?

Answer:Formating HDD, and formating partitions, after windows made them?

Post a screenshot of Disk Management Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Why did you format partitions that Windows created?

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hey everyone, my mom's computer isnt working correctly. it turns on but it doesnt boot up. nothing shows up on the monitor. she has very important files and links that are saved to her computer that she needs asap.

my first thought was maybe i could access her computer through the router that we share but other websites told me its impossible without remote connection. and we cannot setup connects or access her computer at the moment.

i would like to know if it would be a good idea to take her harddrive out and put it into another computer. id rather not put it into my computer (just in case something goes wrong) but my brother has a laptop and could we put her harddrive in his? just temporarily so we can get to those files.

is that the best idea? to transfer her harddrive? if so is it okay that its going into a laptop and not a desktop computer....

Answer:transfering harddrive (harddrive problem)

You're best bet it to get a 2.5 Adapter for laptop HDDs then you would take that adapter and connect it to a desktop CD-ROM IDE 2 channel 3.5 Ribbon cable goes into the adapter. There you could transfer files off that drive. That's how it's done in IT repair shop. Below cost $6.99.

can get it off here or try newegg or wherever you want go to a local store to get..

It also looks like this various version of the adapter

They all work..

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I was developing an application using USB in MASS STORAGE MODE(BULK ONLY TRANSFER MODE).pc host identify the device as a mass storage one but i cant format it with windows xp .Please help me.

Answer:USB formating problem

"cant" is a really helpfule symptop. I can't wait until this thread is filled with answers!

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Question: formating problem

Have a pc that needs c drive formating it has a hidden partition but i do not have the recovery disc drive is infected with a virus i have a windows xp disc and have loaded that thus deleting all but the hidden partition but i cannot access i keep getting the message that i am not allowed access to many of the bits such as control panel or screen saver and that a nother program is trying to copy my hard drivecan someone give me a simple step by step way to wipe the whole drive cleanmany thanksLindamay

Answer:formating problem

When you restart the pc with the xp disc in the drive, and boot from cd, the setup program should show you all the partitions. You should just be able to delete the partition you dont want and then format the drive.To summarize:Make sure in your BIOS that its set to boot from cd first.Restart your pc with xp in the drive.Boot from cd when prompted.This will open windows setup, it will ask a few questions then ask you where you want to install windows to and it will list all partitions. If you want a totally clean format just delete all partitions on there. It will then format and you should be good to go

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Question: Formating Problem

not abe to chane the paragraph format

Answer:Formating Problem

More information please. What application is this in? How are you not able to change the format? How is it now? How would you like it to be?

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I am a noob when it comes to computers so please help me.I have a XP (on a dell latitude C810) that I decided to format. So I put in the CD and went through the instructions and it didn't work. I decided to retry formatting. When it was only ~10% done, my brother unplugged the power cord and the laptop shut off. (My laptops battery it broken - when you unplug the AC power it turns off). I restarted the laptop and it loaded the dell image, then went to a screen that read: "Primary hard disk drive not foundFixed optical drive not foundNo bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"I hit F1 and it says "No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility"PLEASE HELP ME

Answer:HELP!! Re-formating problem

First off do you have the original recovery disc that came with the computer?Second, the hard drive is not formated anymore and so is not being recognized. This shouldn't matter since you still need to boot from the recovery dics and continue what you started.You may have tried this but you say you are noob so I would try this first.Put your recovery disk in your default cd-rom then start your computer.Right from the start it loads the bios. Look for an option to set the boot order or select that the computer boots from the cd-rom. Usualy F2 will get you into the bios options. Some bios' automaticaly give you choices what to boot from everytime you boot up.If you cannot boot from the cd-rom for some reason then you may have to go another rout but it seems this is where your problem is. You need to boot from cd-rom and reinstall windows. The errors are from trying to boot the hard drive which is not usable in its current state.

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Question: Formating problem

during formatting my pc stuck on 27% for more than 15-20 minutes .i don't know why it stuck ,after that it proceed formatting automatically.after all hurdles pc works correctly but i m confused why it stuck on 27%.


Answer:Formating problem

Just because you didn't see the percentage move doesn't mean it wasn't loading the Operating System

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Question: Formating problem

I am trying to format a hard drive . When I put the command c: format it says " Checking existing disk format", and then "Invalid device parameters from device driver"Anyone help me with what this means. I am trying to insatll ME on a second hand machine I just bought.

Answer:Formating problem

The command is- format c:\s - This will give you a system disk. Do you have a boot-up floppy to install ME from?

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Pc type: Compaq presario c300
Os: xp sp2
Ok well im using another pc atm but my pc is completely wrecked. One day it just wouldnt turn on anymore. So i decided to format the disk with the xp installation, however it said it could not find a hard disk to format. I had a look on the internet and i found out that i needed to disable sata by going into bios and doing so, and then my xp setup would recognise the disk and it worked i think, however when going into the xp setup i go onto the welcome screen where u can press enter to proceed in the setup or r to repair disk. I have tried both options, and in both cases all it does is go to a screen where down the bottom it says examining disk, it does this and just sits there on that screen for hours. I left it on for 24 hours and it was still the same. So i had no idea to do i thought my disk mite be destroyed or something so i got a copy of unix slax which works fine an i can read off my hard drive except it wont let me delete anything and when i go to change permissions for the disk it does not let me change it so i can delete. I just want to format my disk and start over again can someone please help!! it would be very much apreciated!!

Answer:need help please, formating problem

Download Dban and create a bootable floppy. It will erase your drive but it's a slow process.

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friends i m using a lenevo laptop, in which a problem occur and not starting in safe mode also, so i plan to format it, but after configuring for some time, it is showing this error-----------------------------A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.If this is the first time your've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer, If this screen appears againg, follow these steps:Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives on hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.Tecnical Information:***stop:0x0000007B (0xF7C64524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000; 0X00000000)

Answer:Problem during Formating PC-plz plz plz help

Hi typ1185, and welcome to BleepingComputer.

Could you please explain what you mean by configuring?

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hey, i recently got an asus g71x-rx05 laptop. it had windows vista when i got it, so i was trying to put windows 7 on it. after it was done installing, it wouldnt start up, there was just a big red error on the screen. i read around here and it says that its the recovery partition thats ****ing shit up, but theres no way for me to delete it now, because when i try to get back into the win7 installation it says that im missing a required driver. i cant even launch it normal now because it says the bootmgr is missing or something. any thoughts?

Answer:Re formating problem

Maybe this will help
Bootmgr is missing - Fix

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Question: formating problem

hi i have a sony laptop,model PCG-C1XN  how can i format it?but i dont have any origenal cardes for the window or floppy disk or hard *censored*.what shall i do?from where ill bring them?

Answer:formating problem

What are cardes?

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I bought a recovery CD-ROM from Toshiba with Xp Pro to format my desktop which is not from Toshiba.

I put this in my pc, pressed F12, and then a screen with "unpack ..." appeared. Everything was ok and unpacked and the CD rejected after having unpacked.

Here is my problem, when I start my desktop a screen with apologises, "Windows didn't start succesfully" appears. "Start Windows Normally" doesn't work. I can't go further because nothing works.

I reinstalled the recovery CD-ROM, but the same problem occurs.

Does anyone know what I have to do?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Problem when formating

does 'safe mode' work?

to get into safe mode keep tapping f8 on boot up.

Also, your thread states that you are trying to format. If this is the case then you don't need a recovery disc. All you need is your XP disc, if you haven't got an XP disc you can borrow one off somebody and it will still work (as long as it is the same OS as your running and you have your serial key).

Just pop the disc in and reboot, you'll then be prompted to boot from disc, say yes and follow instructions for formatting.

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hi to all!!
i would like to ask help to anyone who can help

what happen is my OS g0t corrupted, so i try to format the HDisk.. BUT I CANT.. "Invalid drive Specification appears" and then when I try to partition the said hard drive it only partition 8K bytes but my hard disk is 20GB maxtor. how come that thing happen.

AND one thing making me nuts is that I see C: drive in partition process (only 8K) but when I format C: "Invalid drive Specification" appears..

I appreciate the time you spent reading my prob..


have you tried placing your windows disc in before the OS loads up, you can delete the partition all together and it should be just as the factory intended it to be. Then you can create a new partition, and install windows off the disc, its fairly simple and you are guided through it.

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Question: Formating problem

I am trying to reformat a WinME machine. I have put in a boot disk, Format C: s/ but that doesn't work. I have tried several different combinations of that, thinking, I had it in the wrong order, but nothing works. Any idea on how to format. I even tried to do it on a Win98 and that didn't work.


Answer:Formating problem

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Hello Dear!
I have a Dell optiplex 260 desktop computer and i want to format it with window xp pack3 But the problem is that it says the 'file kbdhid.sys is corrupted' so how can I solve the problem?

Answer:Solved: Formating problem

I'm going to assume that you actually have a Dell OptiPlex GX260 desktop.

What's the "service tag" and/or "express service code" number on it?

What exactly are you using to format the hard drive and install Windows XP SP3?


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Hello, I have a new Dell XPS M1210 with Windows Vista but I would like to change to Windows XP because I didnt like Vista Operating System, so I tried to format the disk for then install the XP, so I restar my pc, then I boot on the Windows XP cd, but then comes the problem: on the bottom just after "Windows Setup is starting" the system crashes and a blue screen appears with the following messafe:

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF748E0BF, 0xF78DA208, 0xF78D9F08)

pci.sys - Address F748E0BF base at F7487000, DateStamp 3b7d855c

And I dont know what I can do to fix this proble, so can somebody please help me with this issue

I will apreciate a lot

Thank You


Answer:Problem with formating my disk

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When I tried to format a CD-RW disc I get the error message "illegal request. (0x8053005). You will not be ableto read and write to the disc through drive letter access."
What does this mean? how come it doesn't work? I thiught CD-RW discs were factory formated and all you do is slip them in and send info to them. this is on my WinME computer which use Adaptec software.
Used to work few months ago befor the big infection.
Greg & grimm

Answer:Problem formating CD-RW disc

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I have a acer aspire 5002WLMi laptop and the built in cd/dvdrw drive wants to fomat everything i put into it. My OS is vista home premium and I can't seem to get this thing to work. The light comes on it recognizes the labeled cd or dvd but when I go to explore the cd or dvd it asks me to format the blank??? Any suggestions anyone can give me would be very helpful. Thanks for your time.

Answer:cd/dvdrw formating problem

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hi.i have a brand new wd black carviar 500 gb .
now about a month ago i did create 2 partition on it .
i should never done this to begain with because i dont know nothing about it .
so yesterday i deleted one partition so now all i have is about 220 gb left on my new drive .
i figure by doing so i was going to get back to my 500 gbs .
so is there a way to get it back to the 500 gbs or what ever you have lsft when they new .
i hate trowing it away
then i try to install wnidow 7 on it .
i did but i quit .
on the same pc i have one other drive .a valocity raptor 250 gb .10000 rpm .

Answer:formating my new drive problem ????

Maybe try using the "fdisk" utility in command prompt, it manages partitions on hard drives, or with Windows 7, there is a disk partitions manager (I've heard of it a bit, but never used it, since I use Vista). There is an article about using "Fdisk" on microsoft's support website here:

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need urgent help...plss

iam using xp service pack 2 i cant rename or formate my disk drives....wen iam ritcliking on drives and givin formate nothing is happening....
wen iam renaming...a message comming lik this "the volume label is not valid pls enter a valid volume label" pls hlp...

Answer:formating and renaming problem

If you're trying to format from within XP, you can't format the system drive or rename it. That is usually (but not always) drive C:

Also, a drive/volume name cannot contain a space.

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i have just tried to format my other laptop all went well but when i restarted the pc i noticed it still had the original installation of xp still on the c drive i thought when you done a full format it got rid of everything how can i get rid of this its on the c drive so its not created a new partition whats going on?

Answer:formating 2nd laptop problem.

If you formatted the drive using the windows CD you most likely reinstalled xp. How did you go about formatting the drive?

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I have a maxtor (40GB) external hard drive and am using xp home.

When I hooked up the drive to my ibm compat computer, it worked fine.

I wanted to use it on my Imack as an external drive. I followed all directions and formatedd it as a mac drive and it worked once and would not work again.

I tried to reformat it again i9n windows xp home and drive could not be recognized.

Did I ruin the drive, or is there someway I can fix it?


please email me the help if you can at [email protected]

Answer:Hard Drive Formating Problem

Assuming you're using OS X, connect the drive to your iMac.

Go applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility

Find the device in the column on the left, and then erase it.

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I am trying to install Windows 98 on an old computer and I ran into a problem that I hope you guys can help me with. I reformatted the hard drive, it got to 100% and looks like it did the 20 or 30 times I have done this before so I put in the install disk and restarted. It booted off the cd and as I went to install it said there is already an OS installed do you want to install over it. I thought it was odd since I had just reformatted but I clicked yes only to get to the next screen that said it can't install over it press F3 to quit. I restarted and tried again and got the same effect so I took the cd out. It starts up like normal and it shows a Windows 98 splash screen for half a second. If you blink you would miss the splash and it goes to the dos prompt. I tried to format it again and it says command not found. Which I have never seen happen before.

So, I can't format it again and I can't install it. What is wrong with this thing and how can I fix it?

Answer:Formating and Windows 98 installation problem

run fdisk /mbr on it ... at least I think that is the right command ...

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I'm using Excel 2007, and can't format the thousands separator corectly!! I have checked the "use thousands separator" in the numbers format section, but i'm getting only the separator on the first set of numbers, ex. 3245,345.56 or 125987,365.50. anybody had that happen, how can I solve this proble ???

Answer:problem Formating Thousands separator

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i'm having a problem while trying to format my pc.

i boot from the windows xp cd and the blue screen (windows set up <setup is loading files>) starts and before asking to format, it gives me this blue screen problem

"a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

technical information
stop 0x0000007B (0xF9AA3524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

any one has any idea what this is? and how to fix it?!


Answer:having a problem while formating (stop 0x0000007B)

SATA hard drive? If yes you need the XP-compatible SATA drivers installed before XP will properly recognize and utilize the controller interface. Either install them at the F6 step of setup or integrate them into the XP install CD with something like nLite.

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Mate of mine has a Sony Viao he tried to format using an original version of winodws 7 what he didn't know was that he could have pressed F10 and restored his system with the built in recovery tools, anyway basically it failed to install windows I now have the disk tried the F10 solution that failed as well, tried taking the harddrive out and putting it in a external case backed up recovery partition then tried formating the drive with every tool I could find now here is where it gets freaky I deleted all partition using diskpart so I was pretty much left with a naked harddrive which showed only as 1 drive in my computer (originally it had 3 partition system reserved volume - Recovery Volume - then the primary windows volume) I tried to format it at which point it recreated all 3 partition and now I have no access to the primary it just say access denied. Now at the stage I am thinking of turning the harddrvie into a rugby ball and see if I can convert it :-/ just seems it needs to be completely stripped out and all partition tables rebuilding but some how it's having none of it HELP PLEASE :-)

Answer:Problem Formating a hard drive

Why don't you just start all over again? - once you have scored the winning conversion at Twickenham!! I would download Gparted, burn it to a CD, reformat to to a single NTFS partition and then reinstall a brand new copy of Win7. If you don't have an installation disk ,go to MS's site at Digital River, download your version, burn it to a DVD and install with your own CoA - Windows 7 Download

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does anyone know how i can format this laptop with a USB cd drive? win xp pro wil be installed. i know how to format laptops and clean instal however, this particular laptop doesn;t have a built in cd drive.... cheers.

Answer:medion mim2080 formating problem

First, wrong terminology. You don't "format" a USB CD-ROM drive. You want to install new hardware device, in this case your USB CD-ROM drive.

It should be automatic if your laptop supports USB.

IMPORTANT: Most USB drives (hard drives or CD/DVD) require USB2. Check to ensure your laptop has USB2 support. Check your system's specs.

BEFORE connecting your USB drive, look in Device Manager, under Universal Serial Bus controllers to ensure that USB2 drivers are listed. Sometimes, a PC (laptop or desktop) that has USB2 support do not automatically load USB2 drivers. IF your laptop supports USB2 and does NOT have the USB2 drivers loaded, go to your laptop's support for help to get them loaded.

Now, if both the above are verified, with your laptop off, connect the USB CD drive then power on. You should get the New Hardware Wizard but it should recognize your USB CD drive.

WARNING: If your laptop is on, you MUST use the Safely Remove Hardware icon that will be in your Taskbar Tray BEFORE actually unplugging the USB drive.

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hiya folks!

ive been trying to help my brother install a fresh xp on his hp pavilion t3000. in the earlier configuration it had a so called recovery disk partition.

i started up the computer with the xp disk and made new partitions and formatted them. all was well and xp started to copy its files to the hard drive. but when it restarted to start installing xp, it halted very early with a blue screen saying that the computer might be infected with a virus or that if i had installed a new hard drive i should check the cables or run chkdsk...

ive tried the same procedure many times but with exactly the same result, and with other xp disks too and still the same result.

could it be that xp doesnt manage to wipe the mbr clean so there is still some info about the old recovery partition that the computer "expects"?

ive been given advice to try and format with a win98 start disk so im gonna try that today, but i would appreciate some more advice from you guys!


Answer:problem formating hp pavilion t3000

hi you could try installing a linux distro then reinstall xp provided your xp disc is not damaged this is a method i have used in the past and has been a sucess

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Hello and please help,
My hard drive crashed so I bought another one... (old size =WD160) (new size WD320). Upon installing the XP pro OS on the new HD it was installed it on the j: drive and not on the c: drive as I expected. I believe (from reading other posts) that I can install it again and make it go to the c: drive. My question is how to I get the first install (on j:drive) removed or deleted before trying the reinstall on the c:. Please accept my apologies should this be a stupid question as I am a Senior citizen with limited comp. experience..

Answer:Problem with formating new hard drive?

If the installation was a success, just not the drive letter you want, you can easily change the drive letter in disk management(right click "My Computer"---drop down pick manage--new screen --find disk management---double click---find the J drive and right click for a new drop down that has "change drive letter" as a choice...
First select the drive letter in the box---remove it---then click add letter and pick "C" or disk (0). Hit ok and your done.

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My recent posting regarding RAM upgrade with 133MHz module worked fine but I know have another problem with formating the HD. The PC currently has an early Win98 OS which I want to upgrade to Win98SE. I booted up with a Win98 startup floppy and tried to reformat the HD. The programme started but after 3% stopped with the message "insufficient memory to proceed". There is 256M RAM on the PC. I tried using the floppy on another PC running 98SE and 128M RAM to reformat an unused partion and it worked fine. Any advice would be welcome

Answer:Problem formating Hard Drive

click hereMay be of help to you,look further down the page for your error description

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I've been trying to low-level format a western digital 20.5 GB harddrive, using the DLG Diagnostic program and also trying the WD_DIAG program suggested by another person. None have worked, because when I boot from the disk, I am getting an error that says:

NTLDR is missing
Press any key to restart

Please help! Thanx!

Answer:Low-Level Formating a Western Digital - Problem

i'm an idiot. i figured it out. thanx!

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when I create new word doc I prepare print margins ... then export data from excel, everything is ok,but when I try to


With ActiveDocument.PageSetup.TextColumns
.SetCount NumColumns:=2
.EvenlySpaced = True
.LineBetween = False
.Width = InchesToPoints(3.73)
.Spacing = InchesToPoints(0.2)
End With
procesor time was 100% (WINWORD.EXE), and when stops, noting happened.
Can someone helps, please ?

p.s. I works correctly until I export more than 500 rows (form excel)

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Hello.I need your help.Two days ago I format my computer.But I did not touch disk D.I had videos in disk D.But I can't open my videos after formating.But his capacity have 160 mb.What I must do?

Answer:Video open problem after hard formating

you probably have to reinstall some software to play the videos.
what did you use before?
VLC player is free and will play almost anything.

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Win7 says usb hard drive needs formatting but XP has no problem with drive. 7 says RAW file format. XP says it is NTFS and can read and write to drive. What is the problem?

Answer:Win7 says usb hard drive needs formating. XP has no problem.

Format the drive with XP then Windows 7 should be okay with it as well.

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first time post here, i hope you guys could help me out as no one else seems to care on the other forums

i had a w7-v dual boot, yesterday i decided to format my vista partition since i wanted to use the whole disk for w7, after which when i restarted my laptop all i saw was a blank black screen, i tried to use my installation CD to repair w7, however when ever i get to the repair screen the laptop freezes and then after a few seconds completely switches off.

couple of times i got the BSOD too while trying to use the instalation cd for repairs

all your help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:w7 boot problem after formating vista partition

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I can't format my 6 month old Tosihba 2 gb memory stick. I've tried it on both my tower and laptop and it fails on both. Is it trash?

Answer:Solved: Problem formating memory stick

Try HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.

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Hello, i'm french newbees... I've format all the disk on my Thinkpad Edge only one partition or... I've install my Seven ultimate (box, in x64) with the dvd, and the computer can not make connexions ( ethernet or wifi) I've download and install all new drivers on Lenovo support,,,, @+  

Answer:Problem connexion after install seven ultimate, with all formating...

hey Joker1394,did you make a recovery disc before you formatted your unit ? If you did, kindly use it to restore your system.if you did not, then you will need to contact the service team to get a recovery disc for your unit.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I Have a WinFast 3D S900 video card, and I can't get it to work properly since I upgraded my OS from Win98 to Win98 SE.
I already tried to update the BIOS and the drivers from the internet and nothing worked.
Now the resolution of my screen is only 600X800 and it shows only 16 colors.
Whenever I try to change the resolution or the colors, it tells me that the addapter is incorrect or my hardware does not support my settings.
What can I do?

Answer:My video card is not working properly since I upgraded my OS from win98 to win98 SE

Have you tried removing the adapter from the control panel, restarting and allowing windows to find it again?

Also, take a look at what is showing up under monitor.

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I recently tried to format my laptop...when it started formatting, it reached around 23% and directly turned off by itslelf!!I thought it was a problem with the battery, but I checked that the power was plugged...I tried several did not reach the formating hard disk phase!!It turned off while it was preparing to start setup...

I sent it to the company where I bought it...they said it needed a bios upgrade...they charged 30$ (although it is still under warranty, but they said the warranty does not support software problems...only hardware...) They upgraded the bios, as they said, and they installed windows...

I tried to format again...but the same problem occured!!! I went to the fujitsu-siemens website and downloaded the latest bios version...copied it to a CD...followed said Bios upgraded successfuly or something...but when I said CMOS Checksum Bad, Press F2 to run SETUP...

Anyone can help me with this???


Answer:Need help!!Laptop directly shuting down when formating,maybe bios problem...

may have fried it dude, can u get into the bios or does it just sit there now, could've actually been a hard drive problem.

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hi guys

my firstime posting here so if this is in the wrong section of the forum then sorry for that

a while a go i installed w764 on my gx700 extreme msi as a dual boot along side vista. i had no problem with the booting it allways gave me an option to choose the os i wanted to boot, however i formated the vista partition so i could merge it with w7 using acronis. know when ever i start the laptop i dont see any boot options but just a blank blac screen with a blinking white line

any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated

the sooner i fix this the sooner i could finish my assignments

thank you

Answer:w7 and vista dual boot problem after formating partition

First you need the Win. 7 installation CD...

and then follow these instructions:

then Windows 7 should be able to boot, also do you have any other OS's at the moment or just 7?

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I recently I bought a 1TB HP SimpleSave External Hard drive and its default file format is NTFS, like most new external hardrives on the market are. However I need this hard drive to work on my PS3 which only supports FAT32 file format so I need to be able to reformat the hard drive.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium operating system which does not allow re-formatting of hard drives in FAT32. I also read you can use Command Prompt to reformat the drive but because it is 1 TB it will be too big to do this. This led me to use a program called SwissKnife.

I got this information from this link:
And the SwissKnife site is found here:

Now doing this screwed up my external hard drive. When using the program to format the hard drive I got a pop-up what looked like a caution symbol (a yellow triangle) with no error message. Then at the bottom of the screen main program screen it said my hard drive would show changes once it was unplugged then plugged back in (it did this in a matter of seconds I doubt the actual reformatting process would be this short).

So upon re-plugging in the hard drive it doesn't work anymore. Every time I click it in the "Computer Window" it freezes up. Also it does not show up in the "Disk Management" window and when selecting it in the SwissKnife program it crashes.

So now I ... Read more

Answer:Problem Formating an External Hard Drive to FAT32

I didn't see that SwissKnife supported Vista

You can try DIsk Director by Acronis

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Hi there

i have just formated my old windows 7 home premium and got windows 7 ultimate x32 , i downloaded the game i usually play online (C&C Renegade) when i nearly finish inputing all the information in the installation of the game , it said that something is missing in windows , i believe my windows lost some resources , the game cannot detect the folder that shortcuts gets created in for the startmenu , i believe the folder name is startmenu/programs , although i have that already , but is there anything else required to install shortcuts in windows 7 ultimate ? im unable to finish installation

P.S the Error says " The folder name is not valid , please ensure that the syntax is correct.

Answer:Problem installing shortcuts to start menu after formating

Are you running installation as Administrator?

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i have a split hard drive. XP on one drive, and all my files on another

for some reason the drive with all of my files (not xp) says it needs to be formated and i cant open it or get into the files or anything. Is there any way of formating the drive without deleting all my files?

this is really important... i have important assignments etc on that drive.
ur help would be greatly appreciated
my computer still works. and all the programs run. its just all my saved files are now gone.

Answer:Split Hardrive Problem - Formating Driver without deleting files

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I am wondering if anyone has an opinion about the best way to remove windows 98 from my C drive and convert to windows 2000.

Here's the details.
I originally had win98 installed in my C drive and then installed win 2000 on my D drive. I now run in win2k solely and am running out of space on my C drive. I have also run into a few problems that look like they might be related to the dual boot configuration.

Anyway since I don't want, need, or use 98 I want to remove it and run solely with win 2k.

The options I am considering are:
- Remove win 2k from D drive, and then reinstall win 2k over 98 and reformat the C drive to be NTFS for better security etc. This looks messy and prone to error.
- Install win 2k over win 98 and reformat C drive without removing the D win 2k installation. Then reformat the D Drive to get rid of win2k. I would do this using the win2k 4 3.5 floppy installation disks and the win2k CD.

I realize I will need to reinstall all my current applications and drivers but I believe that is a fact of life when doing this type of thing.

Any suggestions as to which is better or what the best procedure is?

Answer:Removing win98 from dual boot win98/2k

Howdy Todman and welcome

Don't know to much about it's what MS has to say


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I have 2 Win98SE and an XP Pro machines connected to a Linksys dsl router. All successfully share the dsl
connection.The 98 machines can see and share files on each other and the XP machine. BUT the XP
machine can see the files on only ONE of the 98 machines. All computers have the same workgroup.
Because of the partial connectivity I have workarounds but I find the situation to be very frustrating. I have
no idea of how to proceed, having gone through the XP networking wizard countless times.

Thanks for any forthcoming help.


Answer:Win98-XP LAN problem

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I have an older computer running WIN98 (not SE). The BIOS recognizes the CDROM drive but it does not show up in My Computer or in the Device Manager. I just got this computer from a family member and they say it was working before but I don't really have any way of knowing how long this problem has existed for.

Does anyone have an idea - I've seen lots of help regarding CD-ROM drives that don't show up in My Computer but are recognized in the Device Manager but unfortunately my problem seems a little tougher.

Thanks, all.

Answer:CD-ROM / Win98 Problem

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hi, i have 2 80gb Hdd's in a PC with win98SE installed on it.
when i installed the OS i formated one Hdd to Fat32, now i can't access the other cause it's NTFS.

any ideas how i can access the NTFS Hdd so i can convert it?

any help is appreciated

Answer:Win98 - HDD Problem

Since win98 doesnt have native NTFS support, thats not going to work from your WIN98 machine... unless you use a 3rd party application.

i've found some freeware you might try, like
however this only enables 'Read Only' access to the drive, so I doubt you'll be able to change the file system through windows.

however, if you dont have data that needs to be saved on the ntfs drive, you can always just reformat it through Fdisk or a newer standalone program.

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Question: Win98 Problem

Good day

I have an Amilo 1818 laptop, 3g Ram,1.86mhz running Vista. I am sick to death of Vista and have wiped it off. I decided I would like to put on a copy of W98SE
which I did. However when I boot up after the initial start I get "Insufficient memory to initialise windows" which there is not. It goes on to say clean the
Config. sys and Autexec.bat of the problem. There is no Autobat on the hard drive as I have opened the system on dos prompt and only setver.exe in config.sys.
This I removed .
Will W98 run on faster pcs or is there a way to fix this problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Win98 Problem

The issue here is the amount of physical ram in question. You have 3gb. 98SE can work up to and above that level but with certain riders.

The other limitation that you could have with 98SE is the HDD that can be detected and which might be limited to 137gb. So your HD is 300gb but 98SE would only show 137GiB.

In the first instance, 98SE can run very easily with up to 1gb of ram with perhaps a requirement to tweak the sysedit file.

2. 98SE can be made to run with greater amounts of ram but require a number of more advanced tweaks to include downloading some other third party progs.

3. R Lowe wrote a fee paying patch years ago enabling 98SE to overcome the HD ceiling. A couple of years ago he also wrote a ram patch so that 98SE could address large amounts of ram. I think he has systems that run >3gb of ram. This patch is considered the best all-in-one solution by many (I have not tried it - yet).

I triple boot a system with 98SE and would remind you that memory management is not very good. I can see what you are saying but would suggest that you would be disappointed in part at least with 98SE.

If you want to change from Vista which was never considered much good then go to XP which will work a dream.

Alternatively, you could always install a Virtual Machine (VM) on you Vista laptop and install XP on the VM. I use VirtualBox but there is also amongst others VMWare (which I have never tried).

FYG, I run 98SE with 1GB ram and 250GB HD with a AMD SanDi... Read more

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Running win98se.
Had to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP and NetBeui etc then managed to get onto newtwork(single domain). I can print etc across the network even.
Now I can't access websites...can't ping any and can't ping ip's either...even on the network.
I can see everything and browse network neighbourhood but get dns error pages in the browser.

We assign ip's manually and I have set the DNS search order to be the same as every other win98 client here ie to the router first then teh suffix order using our isp dns servers.

However when reinstalling tcp etc i had to use a win98 cd as someone has nicked the win98se cd we had. Does this sound like it could be a problem with that?

Answer:win98 se dns problem....

can you ping the DNS server? What other protocols do you have installed? Seems like there is a communications error between your machine and the DNS server.

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Question: win98 problem

im hoping someone can help on sisters pc runs windows 98.her pc runs extremely slowly and when i clicked on my computer i recieved the following jibberish: Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module INEB.DLL at 0167:02ee7eed.Registers:(listed a lot of numbers)Bytes at CS:EIP :(lists them)Stack dump:(lists them)Is this a major problem? ? ? ? ?

Answer:win98 problem

Parasite click hereI would suggest trying Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here to remove.

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Question: win98 problem

a friend of mine is having troble with win 98, when she starts it up she gets a black screen with the option of normal,safe mode,and other options, when she selects an option nothing happens, any idea's please.

Answer:win98 problem

Is this any use? click here

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I posted this in the general helproom click hereCould be it's more of a network setup problem than a software/hardware problem.If anyone could take a peek and advise IBG...

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Relevance 41.82%

I recently upgraded my kids computer i.e. new mobo, cpu, and ram. I reformatted the hdd and reinstalled win98. Now when I shut down or restart from windows, the win98 logo comes up with the "windows is shutting down" under it and the computer hangs at that point. I have to manually push the power or restart button get it to do eather. Any suggestions?

System specs are:
Intel D865GBF mobo
Intel 2.26 cpu w/ stock HS and Fan
3.0 gig 5400rpm WD HDD
256MB pc3200 ram (running at 333mHz)
gforce 4200 Ti 64 MB video card
Onboard sound
4x cd rom (very old)
standard 3.5 disk drive
420 watt PSU
Chieftec Apollo case

Answer:Win98 shutdown problem

search, there is a file to fix this problem

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Yooperlady suggested I try and update graphics card to solve the problem of screen appearing to be in safe mode--but it isn't (no safe mode in corners--marked as normal boot-up)--when I tried to respond tp the original post, I keep getting an exception window saying that IE must shut down.
I finally got the ActiveX controls right to get a scan from DriverAgent--now get screen saying that web page can't be displayed. Went to PCDrivers and scanned; reported all was well.
Should I uninstall (please explain how) the sis530 driver and attempt to download another copy? Or could there be another cause?
Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

Answer:Win98 Graphics Problem

It sounds like it's your display settings causing the problem. Right click on the desktop and select properties, then select the settings tab. I'm guessing here, you might have to experiment a little, set color to highest and then resolution for win98 600x800.


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When I booted up this morning, the screen appeared as it does when you select safe mode--except that safe mode wasn't selected and safe mode didn't appear in corners.
Tried re-booting three times, selected normal mode twice, but still get a screen with blurry graphics and off colors--just like when in safe mode.
Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Win98 Boot Up Problem

Sounds like it's a graphics card issue. Try updating your graphic cards driver and see if that does the job.

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Ok, the deal is:

I'm trying to put a maxtor 30gb hardrive and a cd-rom drive on the second IDE controller in an old HP Pavilion running windows98. The devices will register in BIOS, but they will not show up in win98. There is an exclamation point accompanying the second IDE controller in device manager, telling me that i need to update the drivers.

Any ideas on this?
I've already tried putting in a different ribbon, as well as tried the cd-rom and hard drive each seperately as master by themselves.

This may be a software problem. If so, move it.

Answer:HD&CD-ROM IDE2 problem win98

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An old chesnut, no doubt.I have just installed win98se on a celeron desktop pc. On shutdown, I get the message 'It is now safe, etc..', but I cannot switch the machine off - it reboots if I press the power button.I've searched the archive for a solution, but I don't think i've come across the right one yet.Any ideas, and thanx in advance.Bamf

Answer:win98 shutdown problem

click here click here click here

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when i try to defrag win 98 hard drive it gets stuck @ 10% goes into aloop- says drive has changed restarting and never completes task. Also recently got memorypartition problem-blue screen. When tried to use trouble shooter from help menue the screen goes white and nothin g happens any thoughtswould be appreciated

Answer:problem defrag win98

Either run defrag in safemode or use ctrl+alt+del to close everything except systray and explorer

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I have just re-formatted a friends computer as he had major corruption issues. All has gone well except that the computer cannot now find the modem that is definatley attached to the PC. I have ran Belarc Advisor and that does not detect it either. Any help to sort this one out would be appreciated.One other quick but not so important point is that the display will not allow me to go higher than 640x480 and my firend assures me that it used go higher. Again cannot find a reason for this? Display drivers are working correctly according to PC.

Answer:Win98 Modem problem

if it a amr or cnr it will not see it. it's in a small slot on motherboard, the drivers for the port as to be loaded from motherboard cd before windows will see it

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My set up is Laptop running XP Home and Desktop running Win 98.Desktop is attached to internet (hard wired) via a modem/wireless router.XP laptop connects to router for internet access.I need to network the 2 machines to share files and printers.Is this possible with the hardware I already have or do I need to purchase something else?Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this set up? I have tried the Network Setup Wizard on the XP machine but I don?t have a floppy drive and I get a message stating that the wizard cannot find a removable storage device to save the file to. I do have a DVD/CD writer but this doesn?t seem to register.Any help would be very much appreciated as I have been trying to sort this problem out for some time.

Answer:Networking XP and Win98 Problem

click here and download the netsetup.exe that is used by windows xp save it on the 98 pc and run it there. Or do a search on your windows xp cd for this exe and run it on the 98 pc.

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I installed my network cards to my 2 gateway 450 mhz, with win 98 os pcs, i put the tcp/ip, netbeui, isx programs into the network settings, and i have a cable modem, i put the settings for the cable modem from my computer to the hub to my other computer. I got two computers A and B. A is my computer, B is my dad's. A is the main computer that has the cable modem, hub connected to it. I used the same settings from A to B. One thing is that the cable modem works on B but the network doesnt. I get error message saying "\\(name of comp) is not accessible
No Error information is available"

What's weird is that i can find A from computer B on the find computer menu. But i cant open A from B. i can open B from A. Can someone help me solve this solution please, thanks.

Answer:win98 networking problem

Moving to networking

See this site for a guide, may help you out

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I'm struggling with networking an XP machine and a Win98 machine. I bought a new XP machine last week as well as a D-link DI624 wireless router and two D-link G520 wireless PCI adapters. I installed everything and all seemed to go well except...

I can see and access the XP machine perfectly from the Win98 PC, but not vice-versa. That is, from the Win98 machine, I can access files in the shared fles folder of the XP machine seemlessly. But while the XP machine sees the Win98 machine in the "network neighborhood", it won't let me access files on it. I've turned "sharing" on completely on the Win98 PC.

My guess is there is a simple switch I haven't set right, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'd really appreciate a little help.

Answer:XP - Win98 network problem

What happen if you go to start/run , type \\ComputerName where computer name is the name of the windows98 machine

also try \\win98ipaddress

Please post results.

Also what protocols and services are installed on XP and 98. Do you have a firewall installed on any of the machines?

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I am having problems with boot up on my PC.I get a message that windows is unable to complete loading as file is missing.Tried unsuccessfully to boot up in safe mode and also using start up disc. Can you help please

Answer:Boot up problem with Win98

If you E-Mail me from the little icon by my nickname I can send the file, it is only 25kb you can then copy the file to the Win98 startup floppy if you have one and install from a DOS prompt. If you need instructions on how to do this just ask

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Relevance 41.82%

i have this old computer i'm fixing for my fiance's dad....apparently he was messing around with it and changed some of the IDE i got everything working right again...the hard drive as primary master and the cd drive as secondary master..

everything in the bios is fine and both drives are read how they should be, but in windows the cd drive doesn't show up under my computer...what can i do?

Answer:weird win98 problem

Assuming all else is ok, try uninstalling the IDE controller that drive is attached to in Device Manager. After reboot, it should be detected, and when working, hopefully the CDROM will be as well.

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I'm stumped on this one. My mom installed Win98 update on her old (233 or there abouts) compaq. It had 95 on it, but she needed 98 for some accounting software or something. Anyways, it didn't carry any drivers over, which I thought the Update version would. I can't get the cd drive to show up for shit. How do I go about installing the driver from the A: drive ? I've tried to copy the windows cd drivers to the floppy and install that way, but to no avail. Its been so long since I really messed with that sort of thing I've exhausted my options. The compaq restore cd is a pos aswell, and that will only format and reinstall all of the compaq b.s software with 95... Thanks for the advice, I need to get the pos running ASAP.

Thanks again

Answer:Win98 CD problem... please advise

This will work in the short run However, I suggest getting the drivers for the CDROM installed afterward.

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I recently did a full install of Win98 SE on a 100 MHZ Pentium with64 MB of RAM. Yes, I know it's a dinosaur but the problem is I can't get Windows to recognize the modem. The computer is old (1996) but the modem is brand new. I received a stange error message (missing MMX file required) but I don't know what the problem is. I am able to see the com ports on the system information on the control panel. I removed the modem and reinstalled the software twice but to no avail. I also made sure the modem card was correctly installed in the slot.

I've done this before and it should be a simple procedure. I don't know what to do next and would appreciate any help from the fellas........

Answer:Modem Problem with Win98

It's probably not an MMX processor and the software for the modem isn't finding MMX cababilities. What is the make and model of the modem in question.

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I have reinstalled win98, and everything is fine except that it will not shutdown. It comes up with the menu at the end but when i click on shutdown, windows 98 screen comes up and nothing happens. Any suggestions.

Answer:win98 shutdown problem

Plenty of ideas click here

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ive networked three computers with a linksys switch, file shareing works fine but when i tried connecting the dsl only one comp at a time can connect and only by using the dsl software on each comp. used the wizard and troubleshooting to no avail, i know its something simple, but its driving me nuts!!!

Answer:ics problem between win xp pro, home and win98

Is the Linksys a router as well or are you using ICS on one of your computers that is connected to your DSL modem.

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I have formatted my HDD and reinstalled Win98 SE but after restarting I find that I can only get a 640x480 screen setting and 2 or 16 colours. I have reinstalled the drivers for the monitor and the motherboard. Where can I go next?

Answer:Win98 resolution problem

Graphics Card Drivers installed?

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Hi All,I've just read on another thread that you cannot FDISK and FORMAT a hard drive that has 'NTFS' on it with the win98 startup disk because it is not fat32.If this is the case how do you clean the hard drive of any partitions so that you can install windows 98se onto it?Thanks,Mike

Answer:Problem installing win98 on HD help please Thanks

Try restarting to dos and then type format c: don't forget to put the space in betwwen format and c:

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About a month ago, someone posted that they wanted to remove IE6.0 from their Windows98 computer. For what I could tell, - she wasn't having any problems with IE6. But there wasn't a way to un-install it.

On my Win98se computer, my IE6.0 started acting up - after using it without any problems for about a month.

IE6.0 became crash city. Particular with POP-UPSTOPPER 2.6 (, but it would also crash without pop-up stopper. The problem seems to deal with opening and sometimes using webpages with JAVA and or Flash. A good example of this is to go to , go to local listing and try to read about a TV program from a schedule. (A small window pop-up). The result would be IE crashing, a little window stating that IE is dead and if I want to send M$ a report (Not recommended as it includes way to much info than M$ needs).

Thus, when having 3~8 web browsers open - they all close down. Very un-productive.

I tried REPAIRING it , re-installing it. Since IE 6 can't be removed because M$ says its "Part of the Operating system" - I downloaded the free program called IEradicator. It's supposed to remove 99% of IE from your system (Except WindowsXP & W2000sr2).

I did a clean re-install of IE6 and the problem was still there. My thinking is that in an upgrade/fix patch from M$ has a bug. Maybe on purpose or accident as one of my friends said "get WindowsXP, then IE won't have problems" - Exchanging 1 small probl... Read more

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My second PC (used largely by my grandchildren) has suddenly gone belly-up, refusing to boot beyond a brief Windows 98 start-up screen, then eventually presenting a black screen with the message: "WHILE INITIALISING DEVICE VKD, WINDOWS PROTECTION ERROR. you need to restart your computer". Tried several times but with the same result, just can't get past this step. Having never come across anything like this I'm in desperate need of advice, so can someone please HELP!

Answer:Win98 start-up problem

click here

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HiThanks for lookingwhen i boot my pc i get the Win98 logo Screen with the scrolling bar underneath then the bar stops and in a command prompt it saysc:\> REM [MOUSE]c:\>c:\>REM [ MISCELLANEOUS ]c:\>c:\>c:\> mode con codepage prepare = (850) c:\windows\command\ega.cpiprogram to big to fit in memorymemory allocation errorcannot load command, sysmtem haltedAnyone any ideasthanksdanny

Answer:WIN98 Startup problem please look

Try starting up in safe mode

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