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Dell Latitude E6520 won't power up (no lights at all)

Question: Dell Latitude E6520 won't power up (no lights at all)


My laptop wont power on at all.
No charge light.
No light when power is pressed.

Was working fine yesterday.
Have tried battery and charger from identical working laptop to no avail.

Any ideas? I can usually fix laptops etc but if it wont power on at all I'm lost.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Latitude E6520 won't power up (no lights at all)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Latitude E6520 won't power up (no lights at all)

Did you try removing the battery and AC adapter and holding down the power button for 30 seconds. Then re-installing the battery and try booting again?

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I have a Latitude e5540 that doesn't turn on (at least not easily). But when it does turn on, it can stay on for weeks/months as long as it stays in sleep mode. This has happened three times now. If I shut down or reboot the computer, it doesn't turn on again -- or at least it's very difficult to get it on and it seems to randomly correct itself and turn back on.
Here are the symptoms when it doesn't boot up:

Screen is blank.
The Power light on the power button and edge of laptop are both solid white, no other lights on. Power light remains on as long as it's getting power from the battery or power cable. If I press the power button to turn it off, it sounds like it's going through a shutdown process of some sort -- not like windows shutting down, but it doesn't immediately turn off. The fans will spin up for a few seconds, then it will power off after another few seconds.
When power button is pressed, the fans turn on momentarily then spin down after a second. But they will randomly turn back on for a few seconds here and there as long as the power remains on.
HDD sounds like it's on. HDD light on the edge of the laptop is off.

Troubleshooting so far with no noticeable difference:

Removed the battery and power cable, held power button to drain residual power and tried to connect just the power cable and turn it on. Didn't work.
Connected to an external monitor via HDMI to TV -- once the laptop powers on, the TV detects a new source, but... Read more

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Salve, il pc in questione ha la scheda di rete guasta. Essendo integrata credo sia da cambiare la scheda madre.
Riuscite a mandarmi una quotazione?
Service Tag : <Removed per privacy policy>


Thank you for writing to us!
We would request you remove details such as service tag etc from public forum. Also we would request you let us know via direct message the details with the issue we would be able to help you as per the warranty on the system.

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can anybody tell me if my e6520 would downgrade and run 2x4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SODIMM RAM on 1333 MHz?
Best regards,

Answer:Dell Latitude e6520 RAM upgrade

Below are the system memory specs for the Latitude E6520.

Memory Module Connector
2 DIMM slots
Memory Module Capacity
1GB, 2GB, 4GB
Memory Type
DDR3 133 MHz
Min to Max Memory
2GB to 8GB*

NOTE: The computer supports a maximum of 8GB* of memory when installed with two 4GB DIMMs; however, a 32-bit operating systems, such as the 32-bit version of Microsoft® Windows® XP, can only use a maximum of 4GB of address space. Moreover, certain components within the computer require address space in the 4GB range. Any address space reserved for these components cannot be used by computer memory; therefore, the amount of memory available to a 32-bit operating system is less than 4GB. Greater than 4GB memory requires 64-bit operating systems.

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Hi,  a friend gave me a Dell Latitude E6520 laptop and i have noticed that when i plug it into the charging port it does some weird things.  i am not sure if this is normal but when i plug it into the port it starts charging then stops then starts again.  when i put the laptop into sleep mode it stops charging then starts again and the same when i wake it up.  i have a feeling it has something to do with the software in windows that allows it to charge faster but i am not sure.  can someone please confirm if this is normal?  the laptop charges perfectly fine but it is just different from other dell laptops.

Answer:Dell Latitude E6520 Strange Charging

Restart the system and press f2 on startup to enter BIOS - under Power Management - enable the ExpressCharge and check if the charging is normal. If not, read below:
Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point.
Update the BIOS and check -
If the adapter is not detected in BIOS or fits in loose, then test another adapter. If the other adapter also exhibits the same behavior, then replace the dc port - this is the part you need - 
You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - 
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hello there,
I just did a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit on my Latitude E6520. After trying to install the correct drivers, I seem to have triggered an infinite loop of Startup Repair, and Windows won't even start up. I think I may have installed some wrong drivers, because the problem started after I finished installing the drivers. Ran the hardware diagnostic and no problems were found. 
Can anyone point me to which drivers I need upon a clean install? Below is the link to Dell's drivers for my laptops, but I just want to confirm which exact ones I need for my laptop, since there are so many versions:

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Anyone have a general sense of life expectancy for Dell Latitude E6520? I use the laptop for business - I do not travel often so the laptop is usually docked. I purchased the laptop in December 2011 - it is now 4 years and 3 months old.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Life Expectancy Dell Latitude E6520

Are you on it daily? Do you use it constantly? I don't think there's an exact rule of thumb, but I don't keep computers for more than 4 years. I always replace them after 4 years. But that's just me, I know some people keep them 6 or 7 years with no issues. I just like new tech. If it works for what you do, then keep it. If it no longer does what you need, or if it's slowed down a bit, maybe time to upgrade it(add and SSD and possibly memory if you can), or get rid of it.

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hey all, just looking for some help with my aunts laptop.

After her hard drive was unfixable i put in another one and reinstalled windows 7, I done the auto detect thing on the dell support website and got all the drivers except one.
Universal serial Bus (USB) Controller
Manufacturer is Unknown
Location is PCI bus 3, device 0, function 0
hardware id'sPCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015&SUBSYS_00151912&REV_02PCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015&SUBSYS_00151912PCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015&CC_0C0330PCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015&CC_0C03compatible id'sPCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015&REV_02PCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015PCI\VEN_1912&CC_0C0330PCI\VEN_1912&CC_0C03PCI\VEN_1912PCI\CC_0C0330PCI\CC_0C03physical device object name\Device\NTPNP_PCI0016bus type guid{c8ebdfb0-b510-11d0-80e5-00a0c92542e3}base container id{a89b2d2a-a614-11e7-80ad-5c260a7588fd}device instance pathPCI\VEN_1912&DEV_0015&SUBSYS_00151912&REV_02\4&2B07ABD1&0&00E2parentPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C14&SUBSYS_04941028&REV_B4\3&11583659&0&E2

thats all the info i can find on the properties page of the item, can anyone tell me the appropriate driver to download, or where to get it, i have tried most of the drivers from the drivers download section of dell support and also tried win 7 cab download for the E6520. no luck in any of those. I also downloaded some drivers that just extract to a given folder and have no installer, i have tried to scan these places using the find driver opt... Read more

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I'm able to get to a command line from a Win 7-64 retail install disk - and have tried sfc /scannow but it hasn't fixed it - 'Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations'
If this is in the wrong forum please advise
- not sure if that's because it's started from outside the original OS - awaiting delivery of recovery media shipped from Dell -
- farbar recovery scan tool log below
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 15-04-2015 04
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-MM3RG1V on 16-04-2015 13:57:09
Running from F:\
Platform: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 9
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001
ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST must be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the registry item will be restored to default or removed. The file will not be moved.)
HKLM\...\Run: [Apoint] => C:\Program Files\DellTPad\Apoint.exe [611192 2011-07-20] (Alps Electric Co., Ltd.)
HKLM\...\Run: [SysTrayApp] => C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\sttray64.exe [525312 2011-01-25] (IDT, Inc.)
HKLM\...\Run: [Broadcom Wireless Manager UI] => C:\Program Fil... Read more

Answer:Black screen of death on Win7 64 dell latitude e6520 laptop

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I have a Latitude E6520/Core i7/8Gb RAM with standard Intel HD(r) Graphics - would I be able to use the Dell U3415W Monitor externally, connected to the Latitude's built-in display port, and drive the monitor at it's native resolution - WQHD (3440x1440), simultaneously with the built in LCD panel at 1920x1080? How about without the built-in panel?
Incidentally, I'd love to know how to figure this sort of stuff out myself, if anyone has any pointers to doing so.

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As mentioned in the title I have both pieces of hardware.  I also just purchased a third Dell U2414H LCD monitor.  I am trying to connect all 3 via display port.  However it seems that all I can do is 2 monitors?  When I try to daisychain them I got 2 monitors mirroring each other and one through HDMI off the laptop.

Is this a physical limitation of the replicator?  Is there a firmware update somewhere?

Answer:Dell Latitude E6520 & E-Port Plus 2 - Display port issue

The E6520 comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000.  The specs for that GPU are buried in the specs for the CPU itself, but if you go to and look up your CPU, then scroll down to the graphics section and verify that it shows Intel HD Graphics 3000, you'll find that that GPU only supports 2 independent displays, which is why you see mirroring.  More recent Intel GPUs do indeed support 3 displays, but no Intel GPUs to my knowledge yet support 4.
If your E6520 has the NVIDIA discrete GPU, I can't find any information on NVIDIA's site about maximum number of supported displays, but based on your experience I would assume it's 2 unless indicated otherwise.

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I have a Dell Latitude e6520 and installed have upgraded to Win10 recently. After that I did a clean install and everything was running fine up until three days ago when I got the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD.
I have analyzed the minidump files using BlueScreenView and found the same cause of bsod in every dump file:
Bug check code: 0x00000050
Parameter 1: fffff6fb`400037a8
Parameter 2: 00000000`00000000
Parameter 3: 00000000`00000000
Parameter 4: 00000000`00000006
Caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe
Caused by address: ntoskrnl.exe+142780
I ran sfc /scannow and found no problem there, I ran the system software utility tools and no disk errors turned up, as well as no memory errors using memtest. 
If anyone could offer any advice toward a solution, I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

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Lately i have noticed when I press the power button to turn on my dell Latitude D600 laptop computer the lights just flash on and off a couple of times then stop. this will happen about two to four times then eventually i press the power and the machine will come on normally.Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon?Below is some information about my laptop computer: Version:                                  5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600OS Manufacturer:                    Microsoft CorporationSystem Name                             HOME-25RUMGR23PSystem Manufacturer                 Dell Computer CorporationSystem Model                              Latitude D600System Type                              X86-based PCProcessor                                x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5 Genuine Intel ~599 MhzBIOS Version/Date                   Dell Computer Corporation A16, 6/29/2005S... Read more

Answer:flashing lights on my Dell Latitude D600

Does this happen when ur computer is pluged in or running on battery, or both

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my dell latitude D630 ran fine yesterday. I hit the power button today and the power light is on steady and there are 3 padlocks on the face of the keyboard that are all showing locked position. the center lock shows a #5 on it and it is blinking for about a minute and then everything shuts off.

Answer:Dell Latitude won't boot, blinking lights

Pick the blink code that best describes what you see, and you'll know what failed: To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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Hello everyone, I bought a dell laptop from Ebay a few weeks ago as I really wanted one but during the first week I replaced the thermal compound as their was almost none left. When I put the computer back together I got a processor error code, I checked to make sure everything was in place and indeed it was but after a few restarts the computer actually booted to my os with no issues, the computer ran perfectly fine till I shut it down and attempted to power the system on again, the same error was occurring so when I pressed the power button to shut the computer down it restarted ad booted to the os just fine. It still functions fine as I'm typing on it right now but the problem still on occasion persists.
Any help would be appreciated as I need this laptop in good working order for image processing.

Answer:Dell Latitude E6420 processor error lights

There are two possibilities:  the less probable is that the CPU is bad.  More likely it's the system board that's bad.  Did you get any kind of warranty on the system?

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DELL LATITUDE D820 won't boot, lights, no sound or display. Battery charged, adaptor plugged in, but when power button is pushed, power light, and other startup lights come on , after about 3 seconds they all go out. No sound, no screen display at all. Not sure how it was shut down last time used, it is not mine. tried replacing cmos battery, no change. took out and replaced memory card, still no change. any suggestions

Answer:dell latitude D820 won't boot up, lights stay on for 3 sec,

When's the last time you blew the dust out of the cooling vents?

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Need the aforementioned drivers.  I have installed virtually every driver available in the Driver download page inc Control Vault and cannot get the two driver mentioned.

Any help would be appriciated 

Answer:Need drivers for Dell Latitude E6520 "Broadcom USH" & "Mass Storage Controller" Windows 7 64 Bit

Check under Security for the Broadcom Unified Security Hub (USH - probably a print/biometric reader) for the device that best matches your hardware:
The other "mass storage controller" ... go to Device Manager, right-click the device in question, Properties, Details tab, change dropdown to Hardware Ids and give me the the VEN and DEV ID's (do the same for the above USH device if the driver linked does not work).  

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New to this forum, sadly my laptop won't boot....I'm hoping I can get some insight here.
I get the black screen with the following messages:
"PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
No boot device found. Press any key to reboot the machine."

I can get into BIOS and run diagnostics followed by the prompt: "Success, all tests pass.".....but system won't boot.
I searched and searched the internet and tried various things but no change.
I removed and reinstalled the hard drive twice, no change.
I made sure the HDD is first to boot order in change.
If anyone can point me in the right direction I would certainly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

see pix:

Answer:Dell Latitude E6520 won't boot.....PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable and PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent. No boot device found. Press any key to reboot the machine.

Press F12 at powerup - boot to the Dell diagnostics and run an extended test on the hard drive - this will take a couple of hours (not just the 10 min or so the quick test did).  It'll likely show a bad drive.

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(I'm sorry for double postings) Case of NumbSkull syndrom. I hope I am posting in the right place. I recently bought a used Dell Latitude XT. The biggest issue is the service tag sticker was removed before I purchased it ( I didnt know this). When I try to boot up I get flashing lights at F4,F5, and the Cap Lock buttons. This will stay flashing with the fan shutting off after about 2 minutes. After the fan is off and I leave the unit plugged in and with the battery installed the lights will turn to solidly lit after about 2o-25 minutes. I can not access the Bios F2 or any other of the F buttons. This unit was orgianly sold with the Vista OS system. The seller installed Windows 7 Professional on it. I have tried unsuccessfully to get help from Dell. With out Service Tag Number they give me a line of *stuffing* that they cant help me without that number. I also asked if I had to replace the MOBO what would be the best to swap out. Again no Service Tag number no help.. Please I need a Computer Brainiacs help here. I am out $300.00 and really need to get this unit up and running. Thank you. Stuart

Answer:Dell Latitude XT2 wont Boot up Flashing [email protected],F5, and Caplock buttons

For your PC the CAPS F4, F5 problem is memory related. Try removing and reseating the memory:

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Hello Guys,

Pliz help me i have a Dell Laptop latitude CPx that doesn't seem to be giving power to the other components.

The machine starts & registers power the Keyboard lights Flash 9 times and then the machine switches off.

Help what can be the problem.


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Does the Latitude E6520 Notebook have a 3.0 USB port? Several reviews state that is has only USB 2.0. Almost unbelievable for a 2011 model!

Answer:Latitude E6520 Notebook and USB 3.0

You can BUY additional piece of hardware with USB 3.0 ports and mount it on dvd-rom bay.
Great work, DELL. Excellent move to get more money from users.

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Hi all,
I have an E6520 that I have had connected through the HDMI cable to my flat screen for years. All of a sudden I can no longer get the picture on my TV. It seems I have an Intel HD 3000 video card that I have updated to the latest drivers but when I open the graphics options it seems it does not support a TV. After hours of searching I find many posts that say the HDMI output is actually from a Nvidia graphics card. I have gone into device manager and it only shows the Intel card and there is no mention of it in the Dell original configuration of this laptop using the service tag.
Can anyone help me here before I go nuts! It was working fine before. I must be doing something wrong.

Answer:No HDMI on Latitude E6520

Hi Jerm781
Thanks for writing to us. 
Please PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message. 
Weill see the system configuration and check if the machine has Nvidia graphics and as per that will provide you the driver llnk. 
Have you tried doing a system restore. 

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where can I get the driver(s) for the built in camera?
OS is Win 7 Pro 64 (installed from Dell recovery image). All Updates installed.
BIOS is A20, the checkbox "Camera" is checked.
There ist no camera driver/software in the support section (after entering the service tag, it shows all the other software, drivers and firmwares).
My Dell Downloads offers Roxio and WinDVD, but not Webcam Central.
I did a complete recovery, hoping that the recovery image had the drivers, but nope.
Device manager shows one unknown device:
USB-Controller - Unknown Device
All other devices are o.k. (ST free fall, mobile radio etc.)


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Hi, I have a problem with my Latitude E6520 apparently there is a horizontal line when I play games and watch some videos in HD. My video card is a Nvidia NVS 4200M and I have the latest drivers from Nvidia's driver installation page. Please message me a solution to this problem.

Answer:Screen Tearing on Latitude E6520

Can you post a photo of the issue?
Is the line visible on an external display?
If you hold down the "D" key whilst powering the system on, is the line visible when the screen cycles through different colors?

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HI, bought dell wireless hsdpa 5540 card and i can't install it on my dell latitude E6520.
There is not drivers for this laptop.
Other drivers (from latitude E6510) gives message "Authentication failed. The Dell Wireless 5540 HSPA Mobile Mini Card cannot be installed on this computer".
Does anyone know how to install those or maybe others drivers on this laptop?
Does anyone know which-one dial up manager i should be used ?
I use win7pro/x64

Answer:WWAN 5540 and Latitude E6520

Have you tried installing the drivers for the 5550 card they are available on the drivers and download page. If the two cards are similar the drivers may work. e.g. I installed the Dell 355 bluetooth module using a Dell bluetooth 370 driver for windows 7. 
Driver: R298998
Application: R298995

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I would like to upgrade the processor, WiFi Card, and Graphics Card if I can in my Latitude E6520. 

Current configurations (up to date if you check S/T):
Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed as per privacy policy>
BIOS Version

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz


Page File Size
16,143.6MB (8GB)

Samsung 840Pro 256GB SSD

DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card

Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

Can anyone tell me what processors I can buy to upgrade also is there anything else needed for a processor upgrade IE: Heat tube/sink, Fan, housing, etc..

What WiFi Cards  can I upgrade to for faster connectivity?

There is not a Graphics card installed what can be installed? 

Also will the cooling system support such upgrades? I have a extended battery and not worried about life there. 

Any help will do. 


Answer:Latitude E6520 Upgrade parts?

The processor is removeable, so that can be upgraded - you'll need a Sandy Bridge generation CPU (not the later Ivy Bridge or Haswell).  The wireless card is your choice - you can use anything that will fit in the system and take the standard antenna connections (probably two).
The video chip cannot be upgraded, nor can you add a video card.  If you wish to upgrade the video, the mainboard must be replaced with one that has a discrete video chip.
If you do this upgrade, you will also need a new heatsink assembly.
Heatsink assembly

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Hi, i was given a Dell Latitude E6520 laptop and i see that it has a smart card slot where i can insert a smart card and login into the laptop.  i want to know what card are compatible or what cards can i use because i want to be able to login to the laptop by inserting a card and that is about all i want to be able to do with it.  i am planning on purchasing the palmrest with the finger print reader which will also have the contact less reader but i don't plan to use that.  what cards can i get to use for this purpose.

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I've searched for the past week without finding any true fixes:
My sound has crackling, popping and some static that randomly occurs.  While playing music, at any given volume, the it sounds distorted a little.
I'm running Win7 64 bit from Dell directly.  Just got the laptop a week ago, using original configuration out of the box.
IDT Audio Codec and NVIDIA HD Audio Drivers.  I've disabled, re-enabled, uninstalled, re-installed, looked for updates, etc.  Nothing is helping.
I ran the latency tool i've seen people recommend, didn't help.  I was also advised from a promising google search to disable power management from the IDT control panel.  Didn't help.
I tried a couple BIOS tweeks, didn't help.  Restored BIOS back to original config, and still have this issue.
This is quite annoying, and I can't figure out why this is so difficult to fix.  I'd appreciate any help out there.

Answer:Latitude E6520 Audio Issues

I had the same problem. Looks like there is broken audio driver from IDT. I found out a solution, at least it helped me.
1. Uninstall Audio Device driver and software in Device Manager (check box in uninstall windows)
2. Reboot Windows
3. Windows will install its own good driver.
before -        High Definition Audio Device CODEC
after -            High Definition Audio DeviceHopefully it will help.

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just setting up my new Dell Latitude. Previously used MS Security Essentials...any reason to change to a different product for the new computer?

Answer:MS Security Essentials ok for my New Latitude E6520?

No ... stay with it
Just be sure to completely uninstall any anti-virus programs that came bundled with the new computer.
Here's a list:

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Hello there,
I dont really belive that anyone is abble to help me fix this problem but ill give it a shot coz this is reallt weaird and annoying.
So i am using an docking station to my dell, it has 5 USB ports (3 on the left and 2 on the back).
Now i am using a logitech wireless mouse. Whenever i plug the usb mouse receiver to any of the left ports, it works just fine. If I use any of the 2 on the back, it lags as hell and it seem to get stuck in every procces action, like moving files over explorer etc.
But thats not the most anyoing thing im expiriencing...
I wanted to make my life esier, so i bought a mini-pcie usb adapter, this one: 

And i plugged my mouse receiver to it- it works great! BUT WAIT, only if laptop is not connected to the docking station! If it is, im getting the exact same problem as i would connect the mouse receiver to the back of the docking station...
I tried reinstalling the root usb hubs but it havent changed anything. This is weird as hell.
I would really aprichiate if someone could help me with this problem. rly.

Answer:Latitude E6520 Docking station USB problem

I fixed the problem, im not sure if this was the cause, but lemme show what i did:
So at the start, please look at this picture:

The way those 2 slots are populated is not natural- what i mean is that at the beggining i only had the wan card and one slot was free. But, before installing the usb dongle with its card i had to move the wan card from wan slot to sataflash slot and insert the usb dongle into wan slot. Why? See the place i circles (squared?) with red color. This metal border was to close and the dongle was to long so it wouldnt fit.
This way it was buggish and when i turned the switch my mouse wasnt working instead of wireless...
What i did to fix this problem:
I ripped off some of the metal borded using sharp pliers and replaced the cards to the proper slots (wan card in wan slot, usbdongle in sataflash slot).
Everything seems to be working so far.

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Hi there guys I have the following:
- when booting my notebook using Legacy Bios mode the sound card is visible
- when booting the notebook under UEFI Bios, the sound card "disappears"
As a result I have tried DOUBLE Windows 7 Ultimate (64) installation: in Legacy mode all works fine - In UEFI mode, no sound (sound card is not visible in the device manager and there's no "unknown device" in the list).
This could be a firmware bug. I'd like to use UEFI Bios and have the soundcard visible!
Please don't suggest to run diags, as I have said, in Legacy mode the sound card is visible and fully funcrional. BTW I can't run DELL Pre-Boot utilities because I have wiped out disk partitions before installing
My notebook:
DELL Latitude E6520 with BIOS A01

Answer:Latitude E6520 + UEFI Bios = No sound card

The notebook has passed the ePSA diagnostics. No problems detected.
My 2 cents:
- A) Some UEFI settings in the BIOS may conflict, technical support should tell how to configure properly
- B) Faulty firmware (A01) - Hope in a quick fix
Whatever, two words from a DELL Technician would help a lot

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The pointing stick on my E6520 keyboard  just stopped working, doesn't respond to any pressure and the option for Pointing stick under: control panel/dell touchpad is gone...? Is the hardware at fault? Any ideas please?

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I have a number of Latitude E6520 computers that are all exhibiting the same performance problems.
While using the computer normally, users complain of very slow performance and applications reporting that they are not responding. On visiting a computer which has the problem, the following very specific symptoms are found:

The computer works normally for a short time, then suddenly stops responding to user input.
During this lagging behavior, the computer does not respond to user input, but some screen updates do continue. More specifically...

Mouse cursor can be moved around the screen
Hourglass cursor may or may not appear
Clicking the mouse on an on-screen button has no effect, not even visually (The animation of the button being depressed does not occur.)
Typing or pressing keys pressed on the keyboard have no effect
Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del does bring up the lock menu, however it does so much more slowly than normal
If the freeze lasts long enough, an "Application is not responding" message may appear for the active application
After a few seconds, the computer resumes working normally again. At that time, typed characters may suddenly appear in a document, or mouse clicks made during the lag might suddenly take effect.
Once the problem begins happening, it grows worse. The delays tend to grow longer, and the time between them grows shorter, until it becomes impossible to get any productive work done.
Rebooting the computer always resolves the problem, but o... Read more

Answer:Latitude E6520 Win7-64 lagging/freezing/slow performance issue

     Only because sometimes problems of this nature arise from the simplest little things I ask:

What does your Windows Update scheme look like
Have you downloaded ALL available updates 
are you scheduled to receive recommended updates the same way you receive critical updates
Have you made the jump to Microsoft Update (the option on the windows update page below the progress bar)

Once you install Microsoft Update it behaves the same way as Windows Update except that it's more thorough and covers some important hardware issues.  Frequently this  step will iron out some of the most obscure and difficult problems.
If this information was helpful please remember to hit the YES button and if you need further assistance don't hesitate to contact

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I have a dell latitude E6520, the specs say it has only usb 2.0 ports.
Will docking station PR03x with USB 3.0 ports work at USB 3.0 speeds in my dell ?

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I recently remodeled my home office.  The computer was moved into another room until the work was done.  Once completed, it was placed back into the office and reconnected.  I powered up and began working on a project.  I loaded a picture cd and after a few seconds the screen flashed.  It flashed again an the computer has not powered up since. It is about 6 years old now and has had moderate use.  I had been keeping in on long hours before the move.  Is there any hope for my computer?  I forgot, and don't know if it matters, but it's a Dell.Keeping my fingers crossed!Be Blessed!

Answer:My Dell is Dead: MS XP, No Power, No Lights, Nothing

 Check the power connections> replace the power cable>Replace the power supply if still dont work. When replacing the power supply use a supply of equal wattage or greater. Keep in mind that since the pc is a dell you might have to use that model.

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Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a friend's Dell Inspiron 17R-5720 running Windows 8. The LEDs on the front (Status, Loading, Battery, WiFi) are all off, even when battery is installed, and AC adapter is plugged in.

I've checked his AC Adapter with a multimeter, and it shows it's giving off the correct amount of power. I've also tried a working charger from another computer, and it's still not being recognized. I did a bit of troubleshooting before taking it apart, thinking it would be the laptop's DC Jack, so I went and replaced that, only to find it still is acting up. I even tried to take the battery out, and plug it in just with the AC Adapter, but no luck.

Now I did get it to power up once (with the battery installed) for a few seconds, with the message, "this battery is temporarily disabled" as shown in this thread. I powered it down, but it refuses to power back up again. I don't want to say it's a bad motherboard, but that's what I'm starting to believe it is. Has anyone else experienced this before?


Answer:Dell Inspiron 17R-5720: No Power - No Lights

Did you try with AC adapter only (battery back removed), I have run into few laptops that would not start with bad battery. ?

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Hi can you help me .

My laptop went off while I was playing a game on it.
There is no power light or any other lights coming on. I tried replacing power jack but this has not 
helped. I think it could be the motherboard, can you tell me what compatible motherboards i could use.

Answer:dell inspiron 15r se Service tag D6X0FW1. No power no led lights.

It's an Inspiron 7520 with discrete video - any board for that model with that video will work.  That said, putting $250-300 into a board (plus labor) into a 4-year old system makes for a questionable economic choice -- you are probably better off putting that money toward a new system.

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I have one of the newer model Dell Inspirion laptops. How do I turn off the light that accompanies the power button and the charge light on the front. I'm able to turn off my backlit keyboard, but these two other lights are quite bright and annoying when I'm trying to play movies in a dark room. 

Answer:Laptop lights (power/charging) - Dell Inspiron

What is the exact system model?
The power led and the leds on front are also used as diagnostic indicators. If there is any hardware issue on the machine, these leds help isolate the source of the issue. Hence, there is no way to disable the leds from turning on, as they would be connected to a cable soldered to the motherboard.
Download the service manual / specifications for a better understanding of the machine - - enter the service tag and download it from the Manual section.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Basically, I bought a new Thermaltake case and the front panel wires (5) are labeled power sw, reset sw, HDD led, power led +, and power led -. On many motherboards the connectors on the mobo are conveniently labeled to make attaching them a breeze. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the mobo that came with my Dell inspiron i purchased last year. It is labeled LEDH1 and has no hints in the Dell manual as to what is what.  This is driving me crazy.
The mobo DPN is 088DT1 but I can't find its manual.
Here's a picture of closeups of my mobo connectors, and my case connection cables.

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Can anyone please tell me where I can obtain a plug to fit the DC input socket (3 pin) on a Dell Latitude laptop ( The cable is open circuit inside the existing hard wired plug and I am reluctant to buy a new power supply ). I suspect this may be unique to Dell, but fingers crossed !!!!


click hereis it one of these. If so it is a clover leaf connector and they are pretty common. Are you located in the UK before we start posting where to get them.

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I am having a boot issue with my Dell i7559 laptop. I was using it normally this morning and suddenly get an IRQL type error. The computer resets itself and is doing some kind of diagnostic test and it freezes in the middle of that. So I reboot the computer and it won't boot up after that.
The current situation is that I can power it on. The power light will turn on, and the keyboard lights will turn on, but nothing else happens. I don't hear the fan at all (usually it turns on when I boot up the computer) and the screen is completely blank. The screen is working though because when I hit D+power on, I get the flashing lights. When I plug the computer into an external monitor, there is no response. But other than the power light and keyboard light being on, there is no response whatsoever from the computer. I think this is considered a No-post error but I couldn't find any more info to diagnose the issue (there is a tech support page on that lets you diagnose no-post errors via the LCD lights on the laptop but i7559 isn't listed on that page).
This is similar to an issue I had a few months ago. I was getting lots of weird blue screen of death errors, and the computer wouldn't boot past the bios and eventually got bricked. That time the solution was that I opened it up, cleaned out the dust, swapped the RAM into the other slot, and then when I rebooted it, it worked fine and has worked fine until this issue today. I tried doing that again but it di... Read more

Answer:Dell i7559 won't boot up. Power light/keyboard lights turn on, nothing else

I am as well having problems with my laptop :/ any feedbacks on this please? Thank you guys in advance.

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Hi I have a dell Latitude 2120 which is not getting power, power adpter dose work I have an other dell and used its power adpter still no power I removed the hard drive removed the battery held the power button for 30 seconds, no power with or with out battery its only two yrs old never droped
may be power jack ?

Answer:No power Dell Latitude 2120

... or failed motherboard

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Problem: Everytime a battery is inserted the Laptop ac adaptor cuts out.

Solutions tried: New adaptors (2), new battery., issue still remains.

Question: Is it likely to be a recharge circuit in the laptop that is shorting out, or could there be other causes. The laptop boots up fine with ac power and no batteries installed. No memory issue - tested in another machine and is fine.

This is not a software issue, no viruses etc.

Machine spec.

Dell Latitude C840, win XP, P4 mobile 1.6, 256 ram (2x128)

Thanks for your help

Answer:Dell Latitude power cutting out

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I just got a dell c600 latitude. Yes it's old but it was free and I only need it for internet. It had no battery and no cd drive. Not worried about the drive but I did buy a new battery. It wouldn't power on with just the adapter or the battery. I did some research and I removed and reseated the harddrive and the memory but still nothing. I'd really like to use this as a second web browsing computer. Can someone help??

Answer:Dell c600 Latitude won't power on

Is the adapter okay? Test the adapter, does it output a voltage, at all?

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WI press the power on button it almost immediately shuts itself down without booting up. It does seem to work briefly at the start of the day but after only a couple of minutes it freezes and I have to switch it off. If I then try to power it up again it does as before i.e just switches off automatically.Any clues anybody?thanks

Answer:Dell latitude D510 won't power up

maybe the charger is duff and the battery is flat??

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Laptop won't switch on. Power lead when just plugged into mains the light comes on at end of power lead. When I plug it into laptop the light goes out? Should this happen? I have tried taking the battery out and holding down power button for 30 seconds but still nothing.

Answer:My dell latitude E7240 won't power on

Rab220875a, welcome to the forum. This is a HP help Forum.  Here is the Dell Latitude E7240-Owner's Manual.  On Page 45 is the Diagnostics section.  Read it carefully to see if it helps.  Also, on Page 46 is a Device Status Light guide.  It should tell what the lights that you are seeing mean.  Please let me know if you need further help. If I can make a suggestion, you may want to consider a HP Laptop the next time that you buy one.   Most of us here are not HP employees, but volunteer to help HP owners who are having problems.

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I have a Dell Latitude laptop and now whenever i try to turn it on before it gets to the desktop screen it beeps and turns off... I have tried removing the battery and trying to boot it on just ac but same thing happpens, any ideas?

It was working fine up until a couple of days ago.. this started happening very Suddenly.

Answer:Dell Latitude Power up problem

Would anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? ... Please... Thank you.

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Recently my laptop went into sleep mode due to low battery and would not come back on again! I ended up having to pull the batteries out. I left it to charge up but it still wouldn't come on! The lights power up, such as the Number Lock light and Scroll Lock light. I have connected the laptop up to an external monitor and there was still no sign of life!I stripped the laptop down to find that the fan was not functioning at all! The laptop was working spot on before it broke.Can anyone help?

Answer:dell latitude d620 will not power up!

Depress power button until it turns on or turns off.  If there is no response, it's dead.

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I have a Dell Latitude CPx 650. Replaced the HD. The battery is charged but the laptop is flashing the power warning light when on A/C adaptor. Without A/C, the laptop goes dead although the battery is fully charged.

Any ideas?

Answer:Dell Latitude Power Problems

How do you know the battery is charged?

Just because it's been plugged in for a while wouldn't necessarily mean the battery is charged. There is a power module inside the laptop that controls all of the power. When plugged in, it splits the power to charge the battery and run the machine at the same time. When not plugged in it switches the computer to battery power. It's not uncommon for these modules to fail.

The other possibility is that your battery is toast.

Either problem could cause the symptoms you described.

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Someone has asked me to find out why their Dell Latitude D510 will not recharge. They bought a new battery (from Dell) which ran for two hours, they pluged up the charger. It did not recharge, so they bought a new charger (from Dell) and it still does not recharge. I am new to repairing laptops and am not sure where to start.
I don't know much abot laptops, and I can't seem to find out about the power or recharging process of laptops. Do they have power suppies like PC's, is there something that need to be replaced (power supply ect.). Can anyone suggest a good sorce of information
wherte I can read up on these issues, thanks.

Answer:Dell Latitude D510 won't power on

It could be that your motherboard doesn't work anymore. Not that I'm a computer expert, but I have had 3 laptops not power on because of motherboard failures (and am currently trying to get data off of one of the hard disks).

Another possibility I have read about is if one or more fans broke. Some computers won't turn on due to a safety mechanism to prevent possible overheating. But I do believe it is your motherboard, you should try looking into that.


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I recently purchased a dell latitude for a co-worker and it only turns on when connected to a power supply. I can unplug the power supply and the laptop will remain on but still will not turn on. Any suggestions?

Answer:Dell Latitude Power Problem

Did you buy this laptop used or new? If used what is the condition of the battery (how long does it last un-plugged)?

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Hello! I have a Dell Latitude D620 that runs Windows 7 and is 8 years old. Through the years I have replaced various parts on the laptop including the memory, the motherboard, and some other stuff (I'm no techie). Over the past two years or so, my laptop screen has went black when I've jiggled the cord somehow. Also, the three lights would go out, (one is power, one is the brain, one is battery, last is wifi) and every light EXCEPT the power light would go out. I would turn it off, then back on and things would be fine.

I have run a couple of tests which suggested my computer was going bad. It can't pass the short (can't think of the name) test. Still, it's been working just fine for more than 2 years. I back up every Friday, so I'm prepared if it is toast.

Recently I jiggled the cord and all was lost. I assumed my problem was with the adapter b/c I could still power on with the battery. I purchased 3 new cords (two knockoffs from Amazon, one expensive one from Dell directly) and none will work. The adapter light comes on when it is plugged up and stays on when my laptop is connected. However, none will power on my laptop or charge the battery. When I try to power on with or w/o the power cord, the battery light blinks red and nothing else happens.

I would like to know what I can do. I tried the GeekSquad, but those folks were pushing me to get another computer instead. I have other laptops. A Dell Inspiron and a Macbook. ... Read more

Answer:Dell Latitude D620 won't power on

violet said:

Hello! I have a Dell Latitude D620. I have run a couple of tests which suggested my computer was going bad. It can't pass the short (can't think of the name) test.Click to expand...

One short test is the short S.M.A.R.T. test of the hard drive. Another is the short test of the RAM. Failing either of these short tests indicates problems with either the hard drive or the RAM. Do you get "beep codes" when the system fails and what are they (ie. 3 short, 1 long and 2 short)? The codes will direct someone to the source(s) of the problem(s).

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Hello... I'm hoping someone can help me out on this...

I replaced the LCD for the dell laptop since it was stepped on an broken. The computer worked perfectly before installing the new screen, except for the fact that you could only see on half the screen and the other half was shattered.

I bought the screen off of ebay using a part number and installed it. Now the united doesn't even power up. Nothing, completely dead. It was suggested that the motherboard fried and perhaps it was the wrong part... however it never turned on at all since. Not for a second or anything. Took it to another guy and he said the keyboard isn't hitting the power button and there should be a way to turn it on without the keyboard. Perhaps under the wifi? I can't find the switch, though it looks to me like its just on the keyboard. If so, is it possible that it's just the keyboard that was busted? I did remove it because I thought it was necessary though it turned out not to be.

Any help would be really great, as it appears as though I broke my bosses relatively new laptop. Thanks in advance.


Answer:Dell Latitude d630 No Power

Let's try the simplest thing first - are you sure you reconnected the keyboard when you reassembled the laptop? There is a small connector with a cable.

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I am working on a Dell Latitude D610. The owner is complaining of power supply issues. When the AC adapter is plugged in, it shorts out. The green light on the adapter is illuminated when it is plugged in to the wall only, but goes out when connecting it to the laptop.

I have two power supplies from the owner, both behave the same way. I also have another Latitude Laptop which would use the same power supply and have the same issue.

Where do I go with this? What's the next step?

TIA. -Paul.

Answer:Dell Latitude D610 Power Problem

What happens when you take the batteries out of the laptop and plug in the power cord ?

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I had 3 Dell Latitude c400 range laptops all approx P3, 450 Mhz, 128 RAM, 6GB this week which I've upgraded to XP with a Nlited minamistic XP all just fine. One however will not use power from the battery, even though the battery works in the other Dell's just fine, so its not the battery itself.

With this machine it says the battery is fully charged when put in, but as soon as you take out AC power it turns off. There's no errors in the device manager, I've tried updating all drivers but there's nothing there. I've sorted through the Dell websites and installed all drivers and software I could find, though there's so much there its likely I've missed things not knowing specifically what the problem is or what I might need. Any further info I can give, steps to re-produce, troubleshooting if needs be I'll do it, but I basically want to establish why this model wont accept the battery power and how to resolve the issues, thanks!

Answer:Dell Latitude c400 not using battery power

I would suspect a harware fault in the power section in the laptop, in the interface between the battery and the converter circuitry, as the battery works in the other laptops.

I doubt it's a software issue.

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I am using Dell Latitude E6400 from previous 3 Years, Yesterday I get problem there. I am not able to on it. Power Button is not working, if we connect the adopter then light of adopter turn off suddenly. I also have tried to on it by direct at adopter with removing of battery but result is same...Can you help me??

Answer:Dell Latitude E6400 Power is not turning on

Remove the battery and the AC adapter. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Connect the AC adapter only and see if the laptop powers up. If it does, re-install the battery. if it again won't start, the battery will need to be replaced

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There is a well-known flaw of the Dell Latitude D510 motherboard. The power jack (part number DL111500) will break if you happen to trip over the cable or if you remove it in some other way without extreme caution. Very bad design. Dell should be ashamed!

This is what you need to get your machine up and running again:

- A Dell PR01X docking station (the battery will be charged from the underside of the machine regardless of the broken DL111500 power jack)
- An AC adapter PA10

There are in fact three versions of the Dell AC Adapter:
PA12: 65W (19.5V x 3.34A)
PA10: 90W (19.5V x 4.62A) Ö no itís not a misprint; PA10 is more powerful than PA12. Only Dell knows why.
PA13: 130W (19.5V x 6.67A)

The PR01X docking station needs a PA10 or a PA13 to work when the laptop is turned on. However, if you only have the standard PA12, the battery will be charged provided the laptop is turned off. If you turn it on, the Bios will tell you that the AC adapter cannot provide enough power and the laptop will not start up. In some way, the AC adapter identifies itself trough the docking station to the Bios of the machine.
You can probably by a PR01X at about 35 dollars and a PA10 at about 40 dollars. Thatís what I had to pay (February 2011). But in the US perhaps you might get it cheaper (bigger market).
Dell Latitude D510 is a piece of crap, but for 75 dollars I can now use it for yet another year in parallel with a much more powerful computer that Iíve built lately.
Best regards with a ... Read more

Answer:Dell Latitude D510 power problem

Probably a wise move. The DC jack has 9 solder points and can be very difficult to replace. Even worse are the ones that have come loose at the solder joints for a long time and start to overheat the printed circuitry.

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I have got a Dell Latitude 3540 laptop and it wont power up, nothing happens when you press the power button. I have tried changing the battery, using another AC adapter and even tried the removing all power and pressing the power button for 30 seconds before trying again and still it wont power up. Are there any ideas of what I can try next before I go down the route of taking it to a specialist, my daughter has got loads of pictures on it so I could do with getting it running even if its just to take a backup.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Dell Latitude 3540 wont power on

When powering on the system, do you see any lights? Do you hear a series of beeps ?

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Okay guys at school we have Dell Latitudes. They are the newer ones will the intel core I5 and windows 7 professional. I can't remember the series. If i find out I'll let you know. Anyway the power SOCKETS in the laptops themselves appear to be screwed. I think it's because of the lack of care. I am not sure. Will be back with more later.

Answer:Dell Latitude won't charge. It's not the power cable.

That really does not help us at all. Does it run off the AC? If it does, it is nothing to do with the plug. If not, you may have to resoder the connector to the board.

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OK so I have a 3 year old Dell latitude d530 running windows xp pro, and recently my ac adapter seemed to die. It seemed to work when i would wiggle the plug around, but then it stopped charging completely. So I figured I would buy a new charger since the old one wouldn't even light up anymore, and for a while everything worked fine. Then the same problem starts up again! ac adapter is still on, led light is still activated, but the laptop screen darkens and says I am now running on battery power. My battery itself seems to be ok as it still holds a charge for well over 4 hours, but I'm really just not sure whats wrong here. The laptop itself works just fine, no errors, not even the 'unknown adapter, use a dell adapter' error message. I was thinking maybe my ac jack was loose? Any help would be very useful to me.



Answer:Dell Latitude d530 power issues...

I'm slightly confused as to what the issue is if the charger works fine, and the laptop can hold the charge for at least 4 hours. Please be a bit specific and I can help you out.

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all right here is the story.

I just bought a 2gb stick of memory, and went to install it. all I got was a blue screen saying .......failed or whatever.

so I decide to try it in the primary memory slot, (located in different spot) so i take the keyboard out, and try it in there. still no go. replaced the old memory and booted it up (in the original state it was in)

no lights, no fan, nothing happens. I plugged the power cord in and I get 1 light telling me that it is getting power on my keyboard, but the power button still does not work.

so question is, do i need a new keyboard (maybe the wires got messed up for the keyboard) or is it my motherboard?

any tips would be GREAT!


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I bought this a couple of years ago from a local computer store. It's been very reliable and I run Ubuntu 16.04 Linux on it. This afternoon I had a power drop of a second or so and since then when trying to boot the issue in the subject happens. I can get to boot as usual by pressing the power supply test button which gives me a green light on the power supply and then pressing the power button will let it boot normally. I don't have any version of Windows installed so it's not possible to run any diagnostic unless there are some Linux based ones.
Thanks for any help

Answer:Dell Optiplex 780 MiniTower, power light flashes amber diagnostic lights 1 & 3 flash

Blinking Amber power: Initial state of light at power up. Indicates system has power, but the POWER_GOOD signal is not yet active. If the Hard Drive light is off, it is probable that the power supply needs to be replaced. If the Hard Drive light on, it is probable that an onboard regulator or VRM has failed. Look at the diagnostic lights for further information.
1+3:  Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error has occurred.
You could try resetting BIOS to see if you can clear the error.

Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup
Copy down all current BIOS settings
Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reseat RAM modules in their slots
Reinstall battery- good time for new CR2032 coin cell, if this one is old
Close case and reboot

If that helps, go back into BIOS setup, and confirm that all settings match what you wrote down. Be sure to save any changes before exiting setup.

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dell latitude d600 the power goes on briefly then shuts off. does anyone have an idea why?....i tried changing the ram

Answer:Dell latitude d600 the power goes on briefly then shuts off


not limited to

faulty motherboard
faulty PSU

without the correct tools its impossible to diagnose, my suggestion is to take it to a repair centre.

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Hi!I have the following problem:After 3 years, the battery of my Dell Latitude E6510 given up the ghost and I've bought a new (not a replica but the original model purchased from ).The battery can be used easily and is also recognized by the system.Only problem: He can not be charged.When you first insert the battery was at 33%. In network mode, it remains at 33%. However, it is shown: left 33% (network operation is not recharged).Have already taken out the battery again and blown onto the contacts and everything wiped cloth with NEM (thought it might be a bit dusty). But nothing helps.Can someone help me? Were so thankful for every tip.

Answer:Dell Latitude E6510 new battery not charging on AC power

When the new battery is installed and also the adapter/charger is plugged into a wall outlet what is the status icon down by the time indicating? How long have you left it in the computer charging for? Ultimately it is always possible that the battery you received may be defective. So retain your receipts for the purchase as it may be necessary to return it. truenorth P.S. In case you have never done the process before here is a good link to describe what is involved.

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Hi all,

Over in notebook review ( we have been exhaustively trying to determine if the "FLASH SATA" port marked on the E6520 motherboard can use an mSATA drive, PCIE SATA drive, etc....

So far, nothing.  So, I am turning to the Dell community in the hopes we can find someone who knows about this slot and its functionality.

The question is simple - as stated above - what types of drives can be plugged into this slot?  Is the interface wired for mSATA, PCIE, or what?

It would be great to have a ~32GB boot drive in this slot, with the primary HD slot reserved for a large mechanical "storage" drive.

I eagerly await any useful information on this topic...



Answer:Latitude E6520 "FLASH SATA" port - **what* can be used in this slot???

It is for an m-SATA SSD card.  For example,

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I currently have a Dell E6520 laptop with an i5 2540M, 2.60GHz, 3MB Cache.
I would like to upgrade my processor to something which will work with Solidworks 2016. If this is possible, can someone suggest a processor that would be compatible with what I have?
Thank you in advance.

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My computer was working fine until the other day when the computer power button flashes and then the number 1 and 3 lights flash thereafter simultaneously. Although I've researched the diagnostic code error message on the Dell support documentation, I cannot determine what may be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may the problem be and how to correct it? 
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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My Dell Latitude E5440 won't boot. Just black screen with power light on. If i pres the power button, the fan running and turns off
I have tried the following:
- Pulled the battery out, connect the charger and turn on
- Removed BIOS battery, connect the charger and turn on
- Swapped RAM
- Removed both RAM, and try 1 RAM 
None of these helps. I have tried to remove all RAM and turn on, fan running and turns off. It is out of warranty and I'm lazy to fully disassemble my laptop

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Hi All,
I am brand new at your forum, and I would lie to share with you with my poor experience. Now I am having 2 Dell notebook, having the same problem, I took to all technician around and no luck to solve the issue.
The problem is when you switch on the power it does`t work, it just give red flash and then dead.
The model as stated on the topic above is Dell Latitude D610 and Dell Vostro 1400. Any one can help me out to solve the issue.

Pls Help to solve it!!!

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Hi folks,
Having a problem with my Dell Inp 15 7559 I bought this a month ago and it was working fine last night. Went to boot it up this morning and noticed a pattern of LED flashes, 2 Amber first then a pause, then 4 White flashes. 
Nothing comes up on screen can hear the laptop trying to boot at start but nothing..... Seems strange to happen out of the blue? This is happening on both powered and battery.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Dell Latitude 3450
Windows pro 7
Brand new HDD Solid state
A little over a year old (HDD died 9 days out of warranty....of course!)
Began acting strange again (maybe tied to prior to the HDD crash - not sure) a few days ago - it would reboot out of the blue or upon boot-up would get the login screen and then it would go black instead of loading the desktop.  Got error messages of corrupt file and disk read error yesterday.  Went through ePSA and was able to get it up and running - but something is seriously going on with this!  This is my husband's but I can remote into it - did last night and wandered around in the event viewer - but not knowing what I was doing in there - just saw many "critical" errors listed with Kernel 41....
Any suggestions on how to figure out what's going on?  

Answer:Dell Latitude 3450 Kernal-power 41 - random shut downs

Event ID 41 errors are simply Windows way of saying it doesn't know why it shut down.  Here's a link with more info: As this is an SSD, there's not much in the way of tests.  There is a suggested tool for SSD's a bit down this page:, I'd suggest that the first thing to do is to backup all the critical data.  If this is a failing drive, you may not have much time to recover the data before it completely dies. Then, try another hard drive and see how that works.  They're fairly cheap these days - and you can even find stores that will let you return them if they're not needed (for your money back).If the new hard drive works well, then you can presume it's the SSD that's failing.If it doesn't work well, then you'll have to start checking cables and connections. We can help a bit if you can generate these 2 sets of reports:1)  Please run this report collecting tool (even though you may not be reporting BSOD's) so we can provide a complete analysis: done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location.By default it'll be a .zip file located on your DesktopSimply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.If it doesn't work for you, then please try this: Read more

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Is it possible to boot system on Dell E6520 (windows7) from second hdd in ultrabay (in CROM place)?
I want to run windows from two independent disks (without any boot manager)

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My hard drive died last week on my Dell E6520.
I got my hands on a new hard drive and after connecting it I reinstalled Windows 7 (64 bit).
All went fine. When windows rebooted the screen's resolution needed to be fixed and the computer could not detect any wifi signals nor could it go online via an ethernet wire, etc.
I tried reinstalling all the drivers from the 4 dell CD I had. However, nothing changed.
I went online with a different computer to dell's site and put in my service tag  It only listed two BIOS files.
I am at a loss as what to do.

Answer:Can't Go Online after reinstalling Windows 7 64 bit on my Dell E6520

Check if you could update the BIOS.
Restart the system and press f2 on startup to enter BIOS - load BIOS defaults - save and exit - restart and check in device manager if the hardware is detected under network adapters or if there are any unknown devices.
Download and install the required drivers here -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi everyone!
Yesterday I have reinstalled a E6520 laptop with Windows 10 64bit.
Tried everything, but I can't get working the fingerprint reader.
The best I could achive is that ControlVault Device and Biometric Tools are visible in Computer Management, but under Biometrics Tools, the device is marked with exclamation mark.
The driver which I have installed: Security_Driver_P62GJ_WN64_4.5.17.305_A07
Any other driver seems to be worse, generally no biometrics device found with other drivers.
Anyone can help with a soluton?


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I've recently started working at a new company and I've been provided with a brand new Latitude E5570. After 3 days use the laptop has started to shut down when the power cord is unplugged, it was working fine yesterday but having returned to work this morning I've found that I can't use the laptop unless it is plugged in (it wont turn on if the cord is unplugged). I've tried using a different power cable from a colleagues laptop, but the situation did not change. I've also tried changing and resetting the power plans to default, but to no avail.
I ran a battery check through command prompt and it showed that the battery is working fine with 100% charge, so I cannot understand why it refuses to work without the power cable. Here's a link to the report (must be opened in a browser): 

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I just inherited a Dell E6520 laptop that has had a fresh install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit put on it. All of the available updates through Microsoft Update have been done to date, and the drivers available for my service tag have been downloaded and installed from the Dell support site.

The only remaining problem I am having is with the on board SDHC card reader. I have a SanDisk 16GB SDHC card that the on board reader completely ignores. The reader works perfectly with a 4GB SDHC card. Both cards are formatted with a FAT32 file system.

The 16GB card works fine in an external USB reader, and it works fine in the on-board reader in my HP 6730B running Win 7 Pro 32 bit OS.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.


Answer:Dell E6520 SDHC reader can see 4GB card but not a 16GB

Dell has a memory card reader driver, listed with the various chipset drivers. Suggest you install the chipset drivers and the memory card reader and see if that helps.

However, some card readers on Dell's will not read high capacity memory cards, although this is new enough that it should.

Product Support | Dell US

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I've recently bought a refurbiished Dell Latiture E6430, which came with win7 pro x64. As I don't have full trust to the vendor, I've decided to reinstall OS, from the Dell's DVD (win7 pro x64 glb polish). Of course drivers detected for my tag are installed (and updated through "Dell Control | Update".
However, with reinstall I've lost ability to control how the battery is maintained. As I understand, this shall be provided by "Dell Control | Power Manager". Prior to reinstall it worked. But this app is not detected for my service tag. I've tried to install various versions that were available for this model, including recent
(w32 but both theoretically are "32bit executables for 64bit architecture")
They won't install returning error 25025 (unsupported system). Any ideas how to tackle this?
I suspect this is not a hardware issue, as battery management worked prior to system reinstall.

Answer:Latitude E6430 - Dell Control | Power Manager won't install in Win7Pr6 arch - err 25025

Once you reinstall Windows there is an order to install drivers in the system in order for the hardware to work properly. Below is information to help you get your computer up and running . You cannot install 32 bit drivers in the system unless the specific drivers states that it will work with both versions. You can install the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack to control the battery options as will as other options.
Windows 7 Support Options
DEP-Listed under utilities on the drivers page for your computer
Latitude e6430 Drivers,Downloads and Manuals
Driver InstallationAfter a fresh copy of windows installed, always install the Intel chipset driver utility first. After that, you can install the rest of the devices' drivers in any sequence. The below driver list is based from driver installation from the Resource DVD.
Categories Driver Name Chipset Drivers Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility Video Drivers Intel GMA HD Graphics 4000 Nvidia NVS 5200M Audio Drivers IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio Dell Data Protection Applications Dell Data Protection|Access -- Installer Package Network Drivers Intel 825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network Device Network Drivers Intel WiFi Link 6xxx Series WLAN Half-Mini Card Network Applications Dell Wireless 380 Bluetooth Module Communication Drivers Conexant D330, HDA, MDC, v.92 Modem Chipset Drivers Intel Unified AMT 8 Management Interface Driver Chipset Drivers Intel USB 3.0 xHCI Driver Chipset Drivers O2Micro OZ600xxx Memory Card Chip... Read more

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hello i have both these laptops well i have bought a e6420 for my girlfriend as the other one she has is crap.well i have read that these e6420 get warm and well i found out they come with one pipe heatsink well i heard u can upgrade the heatsink to a 2 pipe one.(DUAL HEATPIPE heatsink DELL P/N - TYP01) i was wondering what else do i need to do this as when i get this laptop its second hand i7 pro in it 2.8ghz im going to clean it out and put new paste on it put i hear people are on about this copper shim to put on it.can this be done and well can i upgrade my dell latitude e6430 i5 pro 2.6ghz heatsink with the double heatsink as i know that one only comes with one you guys info if you guys can help me would be class thanks

i got this info here GPU Temperature 103C on Latitude E6420 - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community

Answer:Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420

Joseph mate best leave as is after all it was made to function as it came. Now for the compound and copper shim personally I would not bother with the copper shim I can see no good reason for it the dual pipe again if it was made to work with one pipe then leave alone.

It is better if you renew the compound using a decent cleaner and compound and I can recommend these for that job

Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean for thorough cleaning and preparation and Arctic Silver Incorporated - Arctic Silver 5 for the compound.

Now it depends on who you listen to but I always use these products and after the old compound is thoroughly cleaned off and the surfaces prepped I spread the compound very thinly and across the both entire surface of the CPU and the heatsink with my finger inside a vinyl or latex glove and then place a rice grain sized piece of compound on the CPU and replace the heatsink. If you touch the surfaces after clean and prep then redo it.

While you are in there do make sure the fan and the radiator are really spotless and I sometimes relube the fan bearings to make sure the fan is running at full tilt when needed.

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We have during the last autumn bought 3 Dell Latitude 7275 2in1  which comes with the "Dell Latitude 12 Premier Keyboard"
On all of these we experience a very annoying issue.
When connected to the keyboard it behaves very unstable and frequently looses contact with the 7275 just by a light touch and does not work at all, the users have to be very picky in which angle they have the 7275 connected and use it for the keyboard to work at all.
We have spoken to Dell support last week and they say the are not aware of this at all.
We can´t believe this is "by design" and thus we wonder if anyone else have the same issues here ?
And if so have managed to solve it somehow and can share the solution.

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Please help me I have this unit and for what ever reason the service tag number has been removed and I can not get this laptop to load up. The start button lights and the fan runs then after 2 minutes the F4,F5, Caps Lock tab flashes a Blue Light. I have tried all day today to get help from Dell but they wont help me because I can not produce the sercive tag #.. I have tried the internet fix of pushing and holding the F12 button the F2 button and the control alt delete button ect. Nothing works. If anyone knows what I can do to reboot my laptop I realy would appreciate the help.

Answer:Latitude XT2 flashes blue lights at F4 and F5 and also the Caps lock tab

Hi stewyscrewy,
Welcome to the Community,
If the system is not able to complete POST then keyboard status LEDs (Num Lock,Caps Lock,Scroll Lock) can be used as diagnostic indicator.
If the power LED stays lit when you turn on the system check and confirm the keyboard status LEDs.Do you notice any pattern.Example if the Num lock and Scroll lock is off but the Caps lock keeps flashing it indicates Memory(RAM) compatibility issue.
To resolve the memory compatibility issue you may try removing and reseating the memory module.If two modules are installed remove one and test. Try the other module in the same slot and test. Test the other slot with both modules.
Let me know your finding.
Thank You

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This started a few day ago and so far as per now i charge it almost every after 2hours but with 45% still remaining on battery.

Answer:My dell latitude battery shuts down at 45% of battery power remaining and on plugging it into ac, it starts from that same % so am not sure of what is happening to it.

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly boot the system into BIOS and check the battery health and Ac Adapter.
Also private message the service tag and email address.

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Every time I power on my laptop it shows black screen.but fan is running and power lights are on. After detaching and reattaching battery several times onece screen turns on and laptop then works smoothly.but after shutting it down again on next day same problem persists. I have already tried power drain out method.but on the next go same problems arises.what to do.

Answer:My lenovo g510 shows black screen every time I power it on but the power lights are on .

Hi Anish1,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with black screen in your Lenovo G510 laptop.
As you have mentioned that black screen when turned on, can you hear the windows login sound?
Remove the battery and connect only adapter and check for the issue also connect only battery and check for the issue.
Connect an external monitor and check if the display appears in the external monitor then its a issue with the LCD, if there is no display in the external monitor then it might be issue with the motherboard, hence suggest you to visit the nearest authorised service centre.
Click here for the service centre and select your region.
Best regards,                                                                                                                              
... Read more

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I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard

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I signed up for the free Windows 10 upgrade on my Dell latitude e6220 but any time I attempt the upgrade, it always fail with error code 80240020. There is also another message that Dell Data Protection Access is not compatible. how do I remove the Dell Protection Access application?

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I would like to ask for your assistance because I'm already out of ideas how to resolve this issue. Right after I powered up the laptop, it will get past the DELL logo screen, then it will be completely just black screen. I wouldn't even hear any activity from the CPU fan, HDD and pressing the Caps Lock doesn't lit up the LED. The LED indicators on the side are only displaying the power indicator, but none for HDD, Battery and Wireless.
Here are the steps that I have done so far:
1) Removed the HDD and Battery, then press & hold the power button for at least 45-60 seconds to disperse the internal voltage. Then attach the Battery, but not the HDD.
2) Press and hold Fn and then the Power button, hoping to boot me up to the ePSA Diagnostic Utility
3) Press F2 or F12 while booting up
4) Re-seat the memory and also clean with a dry tissue
These are the procedures that I have done but nothing has changed. It still displays blank screen right after the DELL logo.
I do hope that you could assist me on this. Thank you so much!

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Hey guys.
Pretty much what the title says - Dell's new, recently-released ControlVault driver (version A19) does not successfully install on a Dell Latitude E6330.  I followed the driver installation order from the "Dell Business Client Re-Image 'How-To' Guide" and installed the Dell ControlVault driver last.  It did not work.
Attached is a screenshot of what I got, and the Windows Installer log.


Answer:Dell ControlVault A19 installation fails on Dell Latitude E6330 with a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit


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Hi Guys
How can I connect DELL LATITUDE 3540 laptop to the DELL U2413 monitor ?
Somehow , it does not work.

thanks for your kind advise.

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hi Guys
I am trying to connect my DELL LATITUDE 3540 laptop to the DELL U2413 monitor, with a USB connection from the laptop to the monitor. It does not work. 
I am not an expert and kindly seeking your advise how-to. ?

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I am sure there is other way of doing it? it may be a minor problem but it takes to think big either it may caused by some chip to be loose from the motherboard can anyone else did work on it, please give us a results

Answer:dell Latitude stuck on Logo to bios revision

You would need to find someone very good at soldering to permanently fix it. Motherboards are often multi-layer and it is easy to solder things together that you shouldn't. In manufacture they are fitted by flow soldering (bath) techniques. Thanks for the feedback.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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