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wats good about window xp media center?

Question: wats good about window xp media center?

wat difference with xp pro?

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Preferred Solution: wats good about window xp media center?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: wats good about window xp media center?

Enhanced Media...... Your computer must meet certian hardware requirements for it to even work and you can view media files on your TV and not your moniter. I know it can do that but I'm not knowledgable on this version of XP. But I also know it has all the cababilities of the origanal XP pro plus the media aspect of it.

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As you may notice i Have Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

I tried to play a DVD because i thought Media Center Edition would have its on DVD decoder but no anyways i installed Asus DVD Player that i got with my DVD Drive which is basically Cyberlinks Power DVD with different loook and Windows Media Player plays DVD's now but Media Centre doesn't

Is there a reason for this or do i need a different DVD player software if so which one would be best.

Thanks for any help givin

Answer:DVD Plays in Window Media Player but not Media Center ?

you will need nvidia dvd decoder for mce. zoom player, power dvd regular or windvd for mce to play dvds. the nvidia one (package with a NVTV capture card) is the best as it make the video look almost as good as a standalone hardware dvd decoder card

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Hi, I have this computer with Vista premium, which is a windows Media center PC. Recently with in the past few days, everytime I open windows media center and then go to picture gallery, when I open it the picture folders show 0 files or empty. When I go to these folders through "My Pictures" the files are there, they just don't show in Windows media center. Also every time that I open windows media Center there are more folders that show that they are empty. So.. to sum it up. Windows media center is not recognizing that there are files in these folders.

This is a Dell E521 computer

windows Vista Premium home
4 Gigs of Ram
120 gig hard drive,
intel 64x2 processors
it is a very fast machine, and so far this is the only issue that I have come across that has not been addressed. I have contacted Dell and posted questions with in the vista forums, and others are having this issue, but no one seems to have an answer to fix the issue. I am curious if anyone else has had this issue or if someone knows a fix for it other than reinstalling the operating system as indicated by Dell and Windows vista moderators, since this does not fix the issue.
Is there a way to fix windows media center or reset it?
might there be a way to figure out what is going on with this, a test or diagnostic that I can run?
any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you very much


Answer:Window Media Center

in media center, cant you go into the settings and set the source folder for your pictures, make sure it is set the the folder where your pictures actually are.

im not sure exactly if it is possible, as nothing on my vista is working, but you should be able to

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Win XP Media Center on an HP Pavillion M7250

It used to be possible to run Media Centre in a window placed anywhere on the screen. It will now only run in a maximised window or minimised on the task bar. There is no way I can find that it will run in a window smaller than maximised.

Been unable to find any info on this problem, unless I'm putting the wrong phrase in the search engines.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?



Answer:Media Center will not run in a Window

You need to clarify, are you running the Media Centre edition of XP or are you talking about Windows Media Player.

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as my capture card to record my gameplay from my xbox 360

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I have been surfing the forum looking for info on how to upgrade my pc to a windows media center edition. I got a recent gateway pc, w/ pentium 4, and 200 gb hd, and 3.2 or 3.4 ghz processor I guess, and 1 gig of ram..... is it possible to do that

Answer:Window Media Center

your PC is good enough to run media center, thats for sure, but whats your video card?

if you have xp home installed, just put in the media center cd, and install!

i dont know if you can upgrade from win xp pro to media center, though.

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I have been happily watching TV on a relatively small window in Vista 32 SP2 while working on other operations on the rest of the screen - until a couple of days ago when my graphics display crashed (probably due to overloading!).
Since then, I can open Media Center as usual in full screen, but when I try to reduce the window size, it disappears completely (although the sound remains). If I hover over the task bar icon, the picture appears in thumbnail form; if I then try to restore, I get a black screen for a lengthy period - often only cured by Task Manager and End Process - and/or rebooting.
I can't see how to repair the Media Center program - but I note that there is an appropriately dated file called 'ehshell.crash' - shown below:

Unhandled Exception - 04/14/2010 02:01:44
Message: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
at Microsoft.MediaCenter.Interop.Win32Api.DispatchMessage(MSG& msg)
at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.DispatchNextWin32Message(Boolean& fQuit)
at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.MainLoopBody(Feeder feeder)
at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.MainLoop(LoopCondition condition, LoopBody body)
at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Dispatcher.MainLoop(LoopCondition loopCondition)
at Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.Application.Run... Read more

Answer:Media Center window has disappeared

In the absence of suggestions, I have done a System Restore which has resolved the issue.

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Suddenly midway through today, I can see TV on Media Center only in full screen. If I press the 'reduce' button (top right), it minimises to the taskbar - and by hovering the cursor, I can see a thumbnail version; the sound continues as normal.
What could have caused this behaviour? It's most inconvenient as I normally use the PC while watching TV on it!

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windows media center has take over os 7, internet explorer not working. try to open most programs cause WMC to open or just opens on it own. HELP

Answer:can close window media center

You need to fix file associations.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Lately when I start up my computer I get this error message Windows media Center Store Update Manager Has stopped working. Its happens after about 10 or 20 Minutes. At first I didn't think much of it but now I've noticed that Window Media Center is no longer recording the programs I've scheduled. The strange thing is when I go into Windows Media Center view scheduled it says it recording but its not. The error message also appears when I try to update the guide it gets to about 80% then the message appears.

Here are the error message details

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: mcupdate.EXE
Application Version: 6.1.1000.18307
Application Timestamp: 4b15b191
Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18449
Fault Module Timestamp: 4da47967
Exception Code: e0434f4d
Exception Offset: 0003fc56
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Read our privacy statement:

Can someone tell me what this?

Answer:Window Media Center Won't Record

Possible fix here:

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I know I'm supposed to be able to watch tv in a smaller inset window when surfing the net or doing something else. My problem is that I suceed in resizing the window onto my other task, but as soon as I click or do anything on the net window, the tv inset window minimizes & disappears. In effect I cannot watch tv and do anything else. What's the solution, please? How do I remedy this?

Answer:media center inset window

Please help

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The TV on my Windows Media Center stopped working a while back. The guide comes in fine and everything else works, I just can't get a picture or sound from the TV tuner. I can see the channels and advance, but nothing. Help! I have WindowsXP and most of the information from Microsoft is related to Media Center 2005 and Vista. Thanks in advance.

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it looks like missing some files properly i accidently deleted it, when i try to watch live tv and use WMC it pops up "VIDEO ERROR, Files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctly, please restart media center or restart the computer."
"COMPONENT REGISTRATION FAILURE, Some of the files needed to play radio or video are missing or corrupt media center component registration may have fail." please help on the issue, thanks

Answer:window media center problem?

Hi there,
Has it ever worked for you?
When did it stop working?
I'm asking this because as far as I know Windows Media Center video needs a minimum Video Card memory of 64 MB, so if it's less than 64 MB, you should get the "VIDEO ERROR, Files needed to display video are not installed" error.

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Has anyone compared WMC with other players for downloaded movies, if so what were you findings.


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Up until this week I was able to watch various episodes and clips from both network and cable TV in Windows Media Center. Now all of the sudden, when I click on the show title in the guide I get nothing at all. I have tried System Restore to go back to an earlier date when it was working, but so far no success in remedying the problem. Any suggestions?

Answer:Window Media Center Malfunction

Have there meen any updates done to your System that could have impacted Windows Media Center?

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I have my sons computer with windows xp media center installed. The computer boots to the safe mode screen and you can select any safe mode option but it won't complete the boot it just restarts to the safe mode screen. I have tried last know good configuration and boot windows normally in either of these options the windows xp boot screen comes up for a few seconds and then restarts. He can't find the windows xp media center disks for his machine. I have windows xp professional disks and have tried to go to recovery console, but that doesn't work either because of the administrator password that he doesn't remember putting on the pc. He was also having problems previously with worm.win32.netsky.virus and thought he had it fixed. Not sure where to start on this one, looking for any help or options. As a last resort I have another harddrive I can insall windows xp professional on and use his other drive as a slave and see if I can pull off his pictures and data. Thanks for any help

Answer:window xp media center won't boot

When attempting to use the recovery console have you tried to just leave the password prompt blank and just press "enter"? If this works you may type chkdsk /r Notice the space between k and /r...this may find and repair any bad sectors on the hard drive and is a good starting point...The boot.ini may have gotten corrupt somehow (happens from time to time)....

Taking that drive out and putting in in as a slave in another system is a viable option for retrieving data and relatively quick to do.

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I got a key for Media pack, but I find I really don't need it.

Is there a way to remove it without reinstalling my system? thanks.

Answer:Remove Window Media Center?

You can remove it from Windows Features.

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OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 Service Pack 2

I use the Media Center program included with WinXP MCE to watch and record television on my PC. The problem is that I cannot resize the viewing window.

This just happened a couple of days ago. Until then, I haven't had a problem. I have not installed any updates or patches that would obviously impact media center. (Of course, not all these things are always obvious.)

I've searched the MS Knowledge Base, done numerous internet searches, and can't find anything that comes close to addressing the problem.

Here's what happens:
I can only maximize or minimize the window. (Restore is either not available or has the same result as minimize.)

I cannot drag the corner of the maximized window, because it is not viewable in maximized mode.

My screen resolution is already set to maximum (I have a widescreen monitor), so that is not an option.

As a last resort, I was willing to re-install Media Center (using control panel-->add or remove programs), but it was not listed. Then I realized it might be part of the operating system. So I tried control panel-->add or remove programs-->add/remove windows components. Media Center does not appear as a separate component.

I have a feeling it might be something very simple, but I give up. I don't mind if I come across as a dummy, as long as I can resize the window!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Cannot Resize Media Center Window

I have a similar problem. I am running dual monitors and, as of a couple of days ago, can only view MC in full screen mode (spread across both monitors). I used to be able to see an non-full-screen mode and move it to either monitor, but when I minimize, i can still hear the sound, but cannot see any monitor.

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i need help i made a big boo boo.I accidently did a full install of windows vista instead of just doing upgrade.Does anyone know how i can get my windows xp  media center OS back?I rang up hp and they said i cant  get it back unless i had a recovery or back up disk of the other windows - and they wouldnt even tell me how to format my computer.i have noticed when i did the full install of windows vista it put a foulder called windows.oldso can anyone help

Answer:I Want My Windows Media Center OS Back - Is It Gone For Good? :(

Some versions of Vista will only do a full install. In any case, it is so buggered up now, probably a reinstall of the appropriate OS will be required. Your old Windows install MAY be in that folder (what is inside) but the booting instructions, etc. will be for Vista.Are you the original purchaser of that machine? If so, HP may be willing to send you a restore CD. You didn't make backup discs when the machine was new?

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I recently found out there is new hard drive enclosure technology in the form of "media center" HDD enclosures that you can hook up to television in order to watch/listen to whatever you put on the hard drive. I think that would be a great idea for me because I have a lot of videos on my pc that I would like to watch as fast as possible instead of burning countless dvds that take hours to convert from different pc video formats to dvd disc format.

Not only that but I also have an enormous musical mp3/wav library and would like to have access all of that on the television in my living room. I don't know much about these "media center" enclosures, but I hear that all you have to do is buy one of them, stick in a hard drive of your preferred size, connect the enclosure to your pc via usb to pass over anything you'd like [video/audio], than simply connect the enclosure to your tv and go through the menu to watch/listen to whatever you want. I've read that you can also record shows from live cable tv like tivo systems straight to the internal hard disc drive.

I'd like to know what the best brand of "media center" hdd enclosures are, what to stay away from, and possibly a few you may recommend.

I want it to be fully capable of doing the following:

- passing video and audio from my pc to the media center via usb
- record live shows on my tv to the media center
- be able to hook up the media center to my standard rca input tv/vcr
... Read more

Answer:Can You Recommend A Good Media Center HDD Enclosure?

I have the Mediagate MG-35. It is an older model that has USB & wired network. You have to buy a 'key' in order to use the ethernet to upload & download from it. Otherwise you have to connect via usb to move content. The ethernet is used for reading media stored in other locations. So you can share media on your PC and play it through the Mediagate. I found it very useful until I made an XboxMediaCenter which has a little more functionality (built in DVD player, etc)
But if you not inclined to 'modding' an Xbox visit:
It says the are no longer made & selling for $100.
They have more models:
Most of these do not record.

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My Media Center on Vista Premium will not stay as the top window. I have it
set up under the general settings to remain on top, but it always goes behind
the other windows when I am using it. This worked ok before though, but now
it is not working right.

What can I do to fix this since the box is already checked for the window to
stay on top? I am trying to watch TV/movie on the computer while doing other
things, but the screen keeps disappearing behind the other windows I am
working on for some reason.


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Hello guys!
this is my first post here

please guys help me with my problem

all my programs open in windows media center
why this thing happen?
Windows7 32bit
3gig of Ram
2gigs of GeForce 9500GT


Answer:All programs open in Window Media Center

Welcome to Seven Forums
Now, I don't get it, how can programs be opened IN WMC?
if file associations are in question, Default File Type Associations - Restore
this should solve your problem

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Video error files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctly

Answer:Window media center edition xp 2005

Not sure I understand what you mean... Is there an error coming up? If so, what does it say exactly?

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When trying to open MSconfig, Windows Media Center opens and MSconfig does not. Also happens when trying to open other windows programs and some office programs.

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-Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center
-All updates applied
-Verizon FioS
About six months ago I started having problems with Netflix operating within Windows Media Center. I could launch Netflix with no problems, movie titles are displayed as expected at the main screen. Now here are the problems.
Problem #1 (the search function): Started about six months ago. If I try to do a search, the following error would pop up,
?NO INTERNET CONNECTION, The Internet connection has been lost. Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet, then try again.? Everything else within the application seems to work ok. I can run Netflix in a browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) with no problems.
Problem #2 (movie title selection): This is a new problem which started about two days ago. With any title selected at the main screen, a Script Error is generated with the following information;
?An error has occurred in the script on this page?
Line: 0
Char: 0
Error: Script error
Code: 0
URL: Netflix.....
Do you want to run this scrip anyway ?yes/no?
Also behind this error is a message ?Adjusting for better playback for slower connections...? Once again I can play Netflix through my browser(s) with no problems. Any ideas as to how to fix the problems ???

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Somehow, I accidently got the window for Windows media center above the top of my monitor, so I can't figure out how to move it, or make it full screen. I can rezise it left and right, and up and down, but cant get the top part into view.

The only way to close it is control + alt + delete.

You can see windows media center opened on my monitor, and the top of what you see is the top of my monitor.

EDIT: I fixed it. I changed my dual montior setup so monitor 2 was on top, so I could lower it.

Assuiming I didn't have a dual monitor setup, how would I have fixed this?

Answer:Cant move the window for Windows media center

tel0004 said:

Assuiming I didn't have a dual monitor setup, how would I have fixed this?Click to expand...

Right-click on the button for the program in the taskbar and select move. That should move your cursor to the title bar for the window and allow you to drag it.

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MY computer is being messed up right now i was going to turn of my computer and it said it was gonna install updates while turning it off so when i turned back on later a screen came up saying some of my stuff were plugged in and everything plugged in the screen looked black you could barely see the screen it said press f1 for setup f2 to continue so after i tryied pressing that f2 to continue my computer was going bad it missbaved it said i had 19Gb when i have 200gb also cant connect to other thing drivers arent working cant watch any videos any more also please help with this question also my computer is a window xp media center edition 2005

MY computer is being messed up right now i was going to turn of my computer and it said it was gonna install updates while turning it off so when i turned back on later a screen came up saying some of my stuff were plugged in and everything plugged in the screen looked black you could barely see the screen it said press f1 for setup f2 to continue so after i tryied pressing that f2 to continue my computer was going bad it missbaved it said i had 19Gb when i have 200gb also cant connect to other thing drivers arent working cant watch any videos any more also please help with this question also my computer is a window xp media center edition 2005

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I'm thinking about buying this unit to get TV: Hauppauge Computer Works : WinTV-HVR-2250

I don't need to get the remote do I? The remote that came with my Dell (Vista) works when plugged into the new machine... I'm going to set the TV up through Media Center anyway, right?

Thanks. Novice with computers.

Answer:Is the Microsoft Media Center remote still good for Win7x64?

ok if i understand you correctly ,you are saying you have installed the driver for the remote that you had for vista and the remote works for you in windows seven ( thats exactly what i did) if so it will work fine when you install your tv tuner card.

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Um, stupid question, but how to I reset the default window size and position of Vista Media Center? I somehow managed to either re-size it or move it off of the reachable portion of the desktop. If I go non-maximized the window shrinks off up towards the top and disappears. If I try and select move or size it takes me to the top of the screen and shows the arrows to move and size, but I cannot find or move / size the window. Is there a way to reset the default window position?

Answer:Lost non-maximized Vista Media Center window

Hi El Kabong,
I'm sure there is a way but not sure how to. I was thinking if your bump up your resolution that you might be able to see enough of the window to resize it manually then set your resolution back to what you had.


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You cannot find this trick on MS Help and support but may like it.

You can toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio (normal and wide screen)
in Windows Media Center the following way:

Keep the Ctrl key pressed on your keyboard.
Drag any edge (side and not the corner!) of the Media center window and move the
mouse until the aspect ratio changes.

Answer:How to chnange the aspect ratio of the Media Center window - Useful tip!!!

It's these little things that make it worthwhile - and enable you to reduce your slightly-less-clued-up friends to a state of humbled stupefaction :0

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What is the required spec for Window XP Media Center edition 2005?Thank you

Answer:Window XP Media Center edition 2005 spec?

Not sure what you need. My Evesham PC bought just over 3 years ago had XP MCE installed and it came with back up Cd's amd a built in Happuage TV Tuner. I think, then, you had to buy a pre - installed MCE - it was not sold separately as it is with W7. I have switched to W7, Ultimate, on same PC and use the MCE that is part of some versions of W7. I still have a ATI image of my old XP MCE system but am happy with W7 (still using original tv tuner)

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I am about give up. I have read every website and tried many idea but nothing can fix this.

Using media center I get a very loud static. I have fixed it many times but then it comes back. I have reloaded the system and used only defaults and it works for awhile but then it comes back.

I have tried both the windows drivers and Reltek Vista driver. Every other sound works great (CD, MP3, DVD and Pandora). I use this system mostly for recording off DIRECTV.

I have tried change many setting as other treads have suggested.

Any idea would be great.

-Mother Board - GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD4P
HD Audio Codec Driver
-CPU - Intel Core i7 Processor i7-920 2.66GHz 8MB
-Memory - Super Talent - STT D3-1333 6GB (3x 2GB) CL8 DDR3
-Drive Seagate ST31500341AS 1.5TB SATA2 7200rpm
-DVD Lite-On IHAS422-08 LightScribe 22X SATA DVD+/-RW Dual Layer
-Case Thermaltake Spedo VI90001N2Z
-Power Supply OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W ATX12V
-Tuner card KWORLD PlusTV Analog PCIExpress Pro PVRTV-PE360
-Video - SAPPHIRE 100225L Radeon HD 3870 512MB 256-bit GDDR4

Answer:Window 7 Realtek HD driver - Static with Media Center

Hi packersrule and welcome to the forum!

Exactly where does the static begin to happen?

For the interim, would you please give Windows 7 Codec Pack a try?

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Hi everyone I am running Windows 8 and I had signed up for the free Windows Media Center key when Microsoft was offering it at the end of last year. I am having problems with my computer and I want to reinstall Windows but my question is...will the code that I got for Windows Media Center still work or was it a 1 time only activation? I would hate to have to pay for the Pro Upgrade to get Windows Media Center when I had it for free...thanks for everyone's help!!

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I've been searching the net for days on how to solve this problem and I can't find anything that helps. This site seems to have some smart people, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I installed XP Media Center addition a few months ago and never really tried out the media center until a few weeks ago. Every time I started it up, I got a blank black screen with a few moving horizontal lines in the top 10% of the screen. It looks kind of like a compressed view, but with about 10 lines of pixels with each line separated by a row of black space. The Media Center startup sound is played and that's about as far as I can go. I have to open up task manager to kill the task/process and I'm back to my windows desktop.

Now the real strange part follows. I have that system setup so that I can remote desktop into it and view files, change settings, etc. When I use RD and try to run Media Center it works completely fine. Then, I close my Remote desktop connection, but I do not log off as Administrator, so Media Center is still running on the system. When I go directly to my system and log back in, Media Center is still running and the video is perfect (just as it was when I was connected via remote desktop).

Some other things that might help: I installed the rollup for Media Center and have installed .Net 2.0. My computer has an S3 Savage Pro video card and is connected to a TV monitor and projector for video output.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank... Read more

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icons of my desktop changed in window media center what ido

Answer:icon of desktop changed to window media center not responde?

all my desk top icons changed into window media center and not respond tel me solution to solve the problem

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I have a problem with my computer. When i want to change the background it appear like this (hopeful you can see the attach file of it). This all happen because of a virus attack which i was able to get out of it but after that i couldn't change the background so please help me?! The other background was frozen like i can't click on them or slide it down.

Answer:Window Xp Media Center Edition 2004's Desktop Wallpaper

Read these, they apply to your situation

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Quick question! What would happen if I repair my friends current installation with a Windows XP Home disc when she has Windows Media Center edition installed on her computer?


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When I start Window's Media Center and try to play FM stations, WMC comes back and say I do not have a FM card installed.  This worked for quite a while, and just recently quit.I installed Hauppauge's WinTV V6 and was able to access the FM radio.The TV works fine in WMC....just can't get the radio to work. Any ideas on how to have WMC rescan the devices? 

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I needed to reinstall 8.1 Pro over my OS to fix a damaged Windows file system. The performed procedure fixed my system but removed my Media Center, which was payed for years ago when i upgraded to Win 8.1 Pro w/ Media Center from Win 8.0 Pro w/ Media Center.
I had to purchase it then, even though i already had it prior to the upgrade, and so i do not feel i should have to pay for it once again, especially since i saved the Product Key the second time!

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Hello everyone. So I just got the Xbox 360 COD special edition. I'm checking out all my features on the Xbox. There's an option to somehow connect your computer to your Xbox. The requirement is to go through the Media Center. Well, first time starting up the Media Center on my computer, and I'm not able to get the Media Center to open. I receive an error right on startup of the program. It ends up generating a crash report, and closes. I've take 2 screenshots of the error. The first screenshot is of the first error that comes up upon opening the Media Center. The second screenshot is of another error I get when I choose to cancel instead of clicking ok on the first error. I thought getting the most information to you guys would be the best.

I run Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2005 Service Pack 3.

Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks a lot

Answer:Windows Media Center Edition Error - Attempting to open Media Center

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I know its media center as if you go to properties of my computer it says media center, and it is from my buddy who has an MSDN sub, I watched him DL it for me from the MSDN site.
Its legit and updates and everything, its not a pirated copy or anything shady. I want to use media center for TV/video/music, but its just NOT THERE I have re-installed and everything.

SO... Any thoughts?

Is it because the PC doesnt have a TV card?
Is it the 512megs ram? (I will be upgrading, in a month or so)
Here are the specs on the machine just in case that matters (I dont think it does, does it?)

Sempron 3100+ (sock 754)
ECS mobo (crap but only 754 pci x mobo at the time)
2 sticks of 256 megs pc3200
Dell OEM sbi live (the SB0200 POS, Ill be replacing that as well)
Maxtor 250 IDE
Dell OEM DVD drive (not burner)
Netgear PCI 802.11G card (meh but works)

Answer:Installed Media center 05. Media center isnt showing up in programs list...

I've never seen it do that, but it has nothing to do with the hardware configuration. On a side note, this thread will probably be locked, because you are in fact using pirated software. You don't own a TechNet subscription, so you aren't authorized to use it. Your friend is also an idiot for giving out his TechNet software, as he could risk haven't his subscription cancelled.

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The Media Center Solitaire PowerToy for Windows XP Media Center Edition enables you to play Solitaire on your Media Center PC from anywhere in the room using the remote control.

Note: We've taken great care to ensure that PowerToys operate as they should, but they are not part of Windows XP Media Center Edition and are not supported by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys. These PowerToys are for Windows XP Media Center Edition only.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows XP Media Center Edition



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Still trying to figure out what it is that keeps waking up my computer from sleep.

I looked in the event logs and found this:
The system has returned from a low power state.
Sleep Time: ‎2015‎-‎08‎-‎30T03:12:34.409741300Z
Wake Time: ‎2015‎-‎08‎-‎30T03:30:51.010471500Z
Wake Source: Timer - Windows will execute 'NT TASK\Microsoft\Windows\Media Center\mcupdate_scheduled' scheduled task that requested waking the computer.

What I don't understand is why is mcupdate waking the computer if Media Center was removed from Windows 10.

But more importantly how do I stop this from happening?


Answer:Why is media center waking my computer if media center was removed?

Check your task scheduler to ensure there is no task under media center. If there is, delete it.

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Compared with some I've read, my issue may seem trivial, but, whenever I use Windows Media Center to play music, and click to activate the Visualizations, a gray box attaches itself to the bottom of the screen, with the album title inside.

There is no visualization playing. I can see the albums when looking at the library, and everything else seems to work ok, but this is annoying.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:media center visualizations don't play in Media Center

Hi GraphicsGuy, An annoying issue is still an annoying issue. Have you tried turning the visualizations on in:Tasks>Settings>Music>Visualizations ?

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Hello, I bought a new HP TouchSmart IQ506 today and have been trying to get windows media player to play ogg files. I tried the ogg for both 32 and 64 bit and neither of them worked. I also tried the latest ffdshow tryouts and the normal ffdshow package. WIndows media player will not import them into the library and it won't play them if I try to open them individually. Also, the TouchSmart software won't recognize them either and has no manual way to add music files as far as I know. You can either choose the "TouchSmart library" option or the "iTunes library" option. I installed all of those filters by being under an admin account, right clicking on the installer and choosing the "run as adminastrator" option. What is going on, has Microsoft blocked use of the codecs with the latest updates or something or is this all an issue with 64 bit? Thank you.

Answer:Media playback in Vista 64 bit media center editon; I am using an HP TouchSmart IQ506

Are you sure that ffdshow contains a decoder for Vorbis .ogg files. WMP by default only contains codecs for windows media files.

I would try K-lite codecs or Vobis codecs from here:

You might also try vlc media player from here: It has bult-in codecs for just about everything unlike WMP.

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Finally, XBMC Media Move 3.0 has been released!

XBMC Media Move is a real-time tool designed to complete a Media Center setup by filling the gap between softwares like uTorrent and XBMC Media Center by dispatching media files (video/music/photo/etc...) automatically upon arrival.

Some of the features:
- Advanced file recognition
- Real time file monitoring
- IMDB information extraction (via NFO File)
- Backup Bin
- Advanced archive extraction support
- Copy file / Move file / Command (DOS & Softwares) support
- Setup Assistant
- Advanced file auto renaming
- Tasks concept and ordering
- Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Swedish and Italian

It can also be used with softwares/sources like:
- Download Managers: GetRight, eMule, Napster, jDownloader, etc?
- Media Center: MediaPortal, Windows Media Center, MCE, PLEX, JRiver Media Center, etc?
- Sources: Flash drives, network drives, CD, DVD, share services, etc...

Try it out, it's light and free!

Here?s a screenshot of what you media center is missing.

More information on Xbmc Media Move Website

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OKAY. I have a Surface Pro with 128 GB storage so I want to conserve space by using my 64 GB micro SDXC card which is seen as a removeable drive. It is so small and sticks into the pro to where you can't see it. It does not stick out so I just leave it in there all the time. How would I get Media Center to see that as part of my Media Library?

Answer:Media Center to see micro SDXC as part of Media Library?

Originally Posted by Papa47

OKAY. I have a Surface Pro with 128 GB storage so I want to conserve space by using my 64 GB micro SDXC card which is seen as a removeable drive. It is so small and sticks into the pro to where you can't see it. It does not stick out so I just leave it in there all the time. How would I get Media Center to see that as part of my Media Library?

You can add Video folders on the micro SDXC to your Video's Library in Windows 8.

Then when you set up Media Center browse to the Library where the video files reside and you will then be able to play all of the video files which reside in your Video's Library from Media Center.

Shawn's tutorial on adding folders or drives to the Library's should be helpful.

Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

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Using Shark007 codecs, SPDIF with passthrough. Windows 7 Media Center's speaker configuration has been set to 5.1 but I only get 2 channel PCM and no DTS and no Dolby 5.1.
When using Windows Media Player the surround sound works just fine.
Any clues?

Answer:No surround in media center but works in media player

I unistalled the version of Shark007 and installed a previous release and now the surround sound works again

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I have a couple of problems that I've been beating my head against the past week or so and while at least on the Media Center problem it seems I've gained a tiny bit of headway, I haven't found anything on the embedded video problem. I'm very proficient with computers and fixing issues, I do so for a living and have for years, so I'm no dummy but these 2 issues are being incredibly difficult, and I'm sure with it being a new OS isn't helping matters much either. Lets start with my setup:

Core2Duo e6600
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB
Vista Ultimate 64 bit
All the latest and greatest patches and drivers

Problem #1 - Media Center - Used to be when I fired up Media Center, and went to Library Setup, it would crash the Media Center program saying "Media Center has quit working and will close now" or something similar and that was it. I was also having an issue with Windows Media Player 11 also crashing but right upon firing it up, and also H264 video files in Media Player Classic running too fast. However, after messing around with different ways and versions of K-Lite Codec Pack and FFDShow I finally got it to where all my videos now work great in Media Player Classic, and Windows Media Player 11 now doesn't crash, and Media Center no longer dies with an error, but now instead when I go to Add Library or try to play a sample video, it comes up with some error about my video software not being installed correctly and to try reinstalling Media Center if possibl... Read more

Answer:Media Center & Embedded Media Player Broke

I have the some problem! I've been googling for a long time and...nothing!

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I have Vista Home Premium and am trying to run "TVersity Media Server" to share videos to my XBOX 360. From the help screens for the application, I noticed that Windows Media Sharing must be disabled, or the 360 will not see TVersity server at all. I have Windows Media Center (included with Vista Premium). I believe I have found the option to disable sharing in "Network and Sharing Center". However, the "CHANGE" button doesn't do anything! I can click it, but it doesn't do anything! Any ideas? This is pretty much a clean install of Vista. Thanks!

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I installed Windows 8, and now avi files look like poo when played through Windows Media Center on my PC or X-box. The same .avi file looks great when Windows Media Player is used though.... I was using Windows 7 before the "upgrade" and Media Center worked just fine on my PC and X-box.
Example of what I'm talking about:

What the video looks like with Media Center:
Same file using Media Player:
Does anyone have a clue why the same damned file looks so different between two Windows programs.....and how I can fix this? We preferred using Media Center on the X-box before this "upgrade"...

Answer:Windows Media Player vs Media Center avi issues

I use media player classic home cinema x64. I never experience crap like that.

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I've been trying to track down why this happens for a awhile now...

I have my "main" Vista x64 PC that has all my media. I then have a Vista x32 PC that's hooked up to my TV and I use Vista Media Center on that one to access all my shared media on from the x64 PC. This is all done over my wireless "G" network. The router and x32 Vista MCE are only about 20ft away from each other and signal strength is maxed out all the time.

When I'm watching videos, VistaMCE with pause randomly.... the picture will freeze and the sound will stop. This lasts from one second to 15 seconds or more... when it kicks back in... the sound will pick up where it left off, but the video will "fast forward" until it reaches the point it should have been at had it not paused... the video then goes slow-motion until the audio catches up again. This is very annoying.

VistaMCE menus also do this.... the menus will pause and if I keep pressing buttons when the menus start working again all the button presses will be used in fast forward.

I can fix this by reformatting my VistaMCE x32 PC and reinstalling... but the fix only lasts for about a week before it starts up again. I've tried reformatting my main X64 PC before and this doesn't fix the problem at all... and I've also tried changing wireless channels and done other network troubleshooting and everything points to the VistaMCE PC having the issues.

It almost seems like a cache issue, as if the PC caches a small am... Read more

Answer:Vista Media Center, Media pauses randomly...

it sounds like the usual graphics driver bug - I get random slow downs where the frame rate drops and the sound stutters so it sounds like a similar problem. I would try updating your drivers.

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Ever since WMP11 came out I have been searching the web to see if there is any way whatsoever to get Windows Media Player 11 to run on XP MC2002. I heard from a friend that I can do a registry change. Any ideas on that, or any ideas on getting WMP11 to work on XPMC2002? All help appreciated.

Answer:Windows Media Player 11 on XP Media Center 2002?

I found this click here not sure how much help it is

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Window Media Player is a strangely behaving when I try to play either audio CD or Video DVD.
Some times I could play audio CD and sometimes I can record CD and save it in my personal computer. 
May I doing something wrong?

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i want to update window media pc is window 7 ultimate 32 can update wmp.
pls official link me wmp.OR pls link me the best pc store for my win 7.

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Help. I have a HP media center computer. I have never used Media player and rarely use the Media Center software. Until yesterday when I tried to set up media player for my preshcooler to watch some video that I have on my HDD. Media Center view is very confusing for a kid so I thought I would use the Media Player and set up a library. Well nothing works. The darn thing will play a dvd in the dvd drive, but it won't play any video thats on the hdd including downloaded itunes video. Life in my house is becoming more unpleasent by the moment, because mommy can't fix Jake Long the American Dragon. AHHHH, I want to be able to configure Media Center or Media Player to show info on a video, ie rating, genre, thumbnail of cover, that type of thing. I would like to set it up to be as easy as possible to use, point and clink. So my little girl can get to her stuff visually. I spent hours on the phone with HP and they said I needed a file converter. Well I tried that and I'm only making a mess of things. There has got to be a way. I have to be doing something simple wrong. I did the search and it seemed to find the files but didn't add any of them. This is really driving me nuts. I can't believe that I would have to convert itunes files to play in the media center. Not to mention every other file type I have. Which I have no idea. It seems most are *.VOB but this thing won't add any of my video files, not home recorded dvd stuff, not itunes, not backup dvds. Please tell me what I'm do... Read more

Answer:windows media center and media player

I am a mature adult, have been messing with computers for about 10 years and I find Windows Media Player to be a complex pile of dookie. So it's no surprise that the preschooler is perplexed.

The freeware alternative I use Media Player Classic, which is much simpler and does a fine job of doing both video and audio.

Download here

Also, download & install the Klite Video Codec Pack, which will allow you to run DivX, Xvid and any other video format you might want.

Please update this thread on how well/if this works for you.

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Hey all,

I'm new to vista and i'm just wondering...just media center require media player to work? If not is it possible to remove wmp11? On that note, is it also possible to remove IE7? As I am a devoted Firefox user

Answer:Does Media Center need Media Player to work?

You do not need media player to use media centre as they are two slightly different applications, you do not have to use either and can in fact download any other player or only use media centre. You can remove wmp11 but once again you can just disable it.

You do not have to remove IE7, set Firefox as your default browser and forget about it.

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how do i add more channels?
i've only 7 in my media center showcase
(i do not use tv tuner card )
adding content to the Online Media media center online media vista?

Answer:add content to Online Media media center?

are you referring to internet tv? if so, i believe those channels are updated by microsoft.

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I have Windows Vista Premium 64bit. I was using Windows Media Player which comes on it. Then I clicked on Windows Media Center one day to check it out, it also came with it. When I went to use my media player to play my music I was informed that it has stopped working, it says a problem has caused it to stop correctly, windows will check for a solution and get back to me. WHAT?! Anyway could the Media Center have turned off the media player? I tried to turn it back on manually but nothing happened.:confused

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I just downloaded WMP 11 in order to be able to stream media to my new XBox, and when I go to Library -> Media Sharing, it says I do not have sufficient privileges in order to share media.

Any ideas? I'm sole admin on this computer, an avid ITunes user. My comp still had WMP9 on it when I got the XBox, I don't know much about the upgraded version.


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I upgraded my cpu recently to a Q9400 Quad core cpu on a EVGA i680 SLI motherboard. I have Vista Ultimate x64 running on it with 2 TV tuners from ATI the ATI TV Wonder 600 and an internal digital card. Everything worked fine prior to the cpu upgrade. After the cpu upgrade (and firmware update to the motherboard). The Media Center crashes and does not recognize the TV tuners (although they apparently installed with no issues) and the Media Player also crashes if I try to do or play anything in it once opened. I have provided the following problem reports for the different crashes that i have seen. (FYI - I also have been running iTunes prior and after the crashes with no issues):

Windows Media Player
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmplayer.exe
Application Version: 11.0.6002.18111
Application Timestamp: 4aa91411
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Fault Module Timestamp: 49e038c0
Exception Code: 0000046b
Exception Offset: 0001e124
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 1530035997
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmpnetwk.exe
... Read more

Answer:New CPU and Media Center and Media Player not working

Did you upgrade directly from a dual or single core?

Here's what it sounds like to me... I have experienced the same issue upgrading my dual core 5000+ to a Phenom 9650 recently. The main thing that is happening is that since you have upgraded from a dual core to a quad core, you've effectively added another processor to the system. Windows Media Center and Media Player both use certain codecs to de-code the video stream. By DEFAULT the codecs are designed to run basically very efficiently with 50% of the activity on each core, assuming you had a dual-core CPU. Now, swapping this to a Quad-Core confuses the application because it is still trying to allocate 50% of the activity to each core of the processor, but it cannot do so as there are now FOUR cores instead of TWO. So generally, I recommend you reinstall all of your codecs ( This solved the problem for me ) and download the latest Windows Updates. Now, since you also have more power going to your new Quad-Core, you may also want to do a capacitor reset. ( Unplug power-cable and press/hold power button down for 1 minute and 30 seconds ) and then reboot the system and let it power back up as normal. If this doesn't resolve your issue, unfortunatley the only thing left to do is to backup your data and do a Full Format/Reinstallation of Windows

-Good luck..

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I have a Qosmio F20 laptop running Windows XP Media Center 2005 edition, when I try and record my recorded tv program onto a DVR+RW I get the following error message,

Media in the CD/DVD drive is not writeable by Media Center

I have update rollup 2 installed.


Answer:Media in CD / DVD drive not writeable by Media Center


Did you try to use a different DVD medias?
Check if it?s possible to burn the movies on a DVD-R or DVD+R.
Be sure that the internal CD/DVD drive supports the DVD+RW.

I have searched a little bit on the Microsoft sites and found this nice article:

Please post a feedback if you were successful.

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First question here is - is XP Media Center any use whatsoever? What was the programming brief? 'We want you to create an amazing new package that can only do all the things standard freeware media programs can do anyway, only with seriously, seriously ugly graphics...' ??

And the real question - is there any way to get windows media player embedded into Firefox, if the operating system is XP mc? The usual trick of copying over the relevant .dll to the firefox plugins folder doesn't work for some reason...

Answer:win media player in firefox - XP media center

See this article:

Note section 3.12 in the contents.

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I have a Targus Notebook Wireless Rechargeable Optical Mouse ( ) and i been trying to plug it into my Microsoft Window XP media edition and it doesn't work; i place the battery in and plugged the wireless in and also turn the mouse on but the bottom of the mouse won't lit on and i tried everything so if anyone has any idea please tell me also the mouse is Window Vista.

Answer:A Window Vista mouse to a Microsoft Window Xp media

Did you install the drivers for the Targus mouse?
Try plugging a wired USB mouse into the laptop. If it works, then the issue is likely with the Targus mouse.

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When I use WMP 11, I tend to drop folders of files onto the RH side Now Playing window. These are usually audio books with multiple small files. Anyway, I used to be able to make WMP open with the Now Playing window, but more recent versions (10, 11) seem only to open on Library. I know it's no big deal to click the tab, but can I set WMP to always open on the Now Playing window?



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Ok, I've been watching a lot of DVDs in my computer lately, and I when it pops up and says what program I want to use to run the disc, I always uncheck "always use this" and then select the program. Well, I accidentally hit enter right when the message popped up, so now it always runs my movies with the Windows Media Center. How do I cancel that, or at least change it? I run my movies in Windows Media Player instead of Center. How do I fix this?


Answer:Uses Media Center Instead of Media Player

hi go to start control panel auto play and change it there on vista

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I really like my Media Center program that I use in my entertainment center in the family room. I want to enable another computer in my network running XP to be able to record shows. I could always buy a MCE upgrade, but I don't know if it is worth the price. I have been researching other multi-media managers and came across Media Portal. It seems to have similar capabilities. It is also an open source software and it is free. Does anyone have opinions on this program. I have downloaded the program just to test-drive it a bit. I would still need to install a tv tuner card to accomplish what I want regardless of the software I choose. One interesting point with Media Portal is that they are close to releasing an update that would allow you to handle two tv signals with a single tuner. Very interesting I think.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place, feel free to move it to the right board....A couple of months ago I had some problems with my computer and I went and restored it to factory settings.  It fixed the problem that I was having, however, now I cannot use my Media Center any more.  Now whenever I open it, I get this message:COMPONENT REGISTRATION FAILURESome of the files needed to play radio or video are missing or corrupt.  Media Center component registration may have failed.I then push OK and get this:CRITICAL PROCESS FAILUREA critical Media Center process has unexpectedly failed.  If problems persist, please restart your machine and try again, or contact technical support.  Code: 3Also, I cannot get it to close unless I restart my computer.I was just wondering if, when I reset my computer if it messed up the files for it.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  Should I reset it back to factory settings again?Thanks!

Answer:Windows Media XP... Media Center Help

The problem probably lies in the restore process itself...since no updates or addons are retained all you may have to do is DLoad and install the .net framework version1.1.Info Here

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Question: wats up

actually in my boyfriend cell.there is one number which is always flash whenever we open the wats up.we know that contact,but save nahi kiya,but still always vo number aa jata hai,,jab bhi hum wats up on karte dere any technical problemmm

Answer:wats up

No offense but could you please retype your question in English and not using short forms.

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What is the different between a 512mb kingston ddr 400 CL 3 with a 512mb kingston ddr400 CL 2.5?

I am confused. i have a Gigabyte GA-8IPE775 Pro Intel 865PE chipset. izzit able to take both rame or there is a specific ram dat i cannot use..?

Answer:Wats the different?

the latency is less on the 2nd one so it should be quicker. You should use ram sticks that have the same CS value.

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During my recent upgrade of Windows 10 from one build to another, the above two programs landed on my desktop. I am, as can be seen, in the UK, and I very much regret that I do not understand and cannot read Korean, so how can I get rid of them?
I do not seem to be able to delete them using my uninstaller or Windows uninstaller - they are not listed in either. Neither are the listed in the turn Windows features on or off.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Korea Media Player Center and Korea Messenger Center

Did you install language packs?

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whats the differnece bettween a wired router and wired switch . ethernet?

Answer:wats the difference

A router is a device that forwards data packets along networks. In home networks the router is given the IP addy assigned by your ISP and then distributes IP addy's to the terminals connected to network -- most commonly with DHCP.

A switch works much the same way, without the IP address control.

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Whats up w task mgr? Win 7 does not appear to be the same, only [systems] report. I wont shut off, and you must hit escape?

Answer:wats up w task mgr?

Rod Gouin TECH said:

Whats up w task mgr? Win 7 does not appear to be the same, only [systems] report. I wont shut off, and you must hit escape?

Sorry, i don't understand what you're talking about.

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Whats up w task mgr? Win 7 does not appear to be the same, only [systems] report. I wont shut off, and you must hit escape?

Answer:wats up w task mgr?

Originally Posted by Rod Gouin TECH

Whats up w task mgr? Win 7 does not appear to be the same, only [systems] report. I wont shut off, and you must hit escape?

Sorry, i don't understand what you're talking about.

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hello...i hav ideapad y550 so my problem is that when i am listening music or doing any work and if i turn off the AC power suddenly my lappi speed lowers down n abot  music it sounds like someone lowred down pitch of d can anybody tellme wat d problem with my laptop???

Answer:please tell me wats d problem

Most likely your power management policy is what is affecting the speed. As for sound... no idea.

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I use vlc!

can anyone suggest if theres better? and it shud be free!haha

Answer:wats the best dvd player?

I don't know the best, but I have an HP USB drive that works great Not light and portable if you are looking to carrying in your briefcase, but I am happy with it.

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i have a DSL connection n recently my PC is getting infected daily by trojans and internet explorer keeps giving errors n closing.
i use grisoft's avg free antivirus and i update it daily. i also use a process guard v3 free edition and also a start page protector. i have been using these for lalmost a year now and they work well.

i am posting HJT log

please help!!!!!!!!!!!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:44:32 AM, on 2/14/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
D:\Program Files\ProcessGuard\dcsuserprot.exe
D:\Program Files\Airtel\NetXpert\bin\sprtsvc.exe
D:\Program Files\ProcessGuard\pgaccount.exe
D:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
D:\Program Files\Airtel\NetXpert\bin\sprtcmd.exe
D:\Program Files\ProcessGuard\procguard.exe
D:\Program Files\palmOne\HOTSYNC.EXE
D:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
D:\Program Files\Internet Ex... Read more

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ok, this is probably in the wrong section but o well, anyway, when i finally get a job as a computer tech, if i recieve an order for a format and reinstall, but i have a suspicion about the issue or with the person, something having to do with being a stolen computer or an illegal serial/license, do i go on with the order or do I call the manufacturer asking for information or call MS asking who the license belongs to?

Answer:wats the right thing to do?


Simple's entirely up to you!!!

Do as you please... .

But if I were you, I'd just do the format anyways! Saves hassle, and probably prevents me from possibly being attacked by suspected computer stealing guy .

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I've got rid of all the display messages from the action centre options and still the window is in the bottom right corner of my screen all the time saying that i can use it to view recent messages about my computers status etc. How do i get rid of it completely?

Answer:Get rid of action center window

Go to taskbar properties, then down to "Notification area" click on "Customize. . ." on the next window go to "Action Center" and click on "Hide Icon and Notifications". Now click "Ok", the "Apply" and your done.

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I'm looking for a positioning tool with an option to center any window horizontally only (i.e. without changing the vertical position).

Sizer (Sizer Software by Brian Apps) is good, but doesn't have that option.

Thank you.

Answer:Center a window horizontally only

MoveIt has a command to center either horizontally or vertically. But it's hotkey, not automatic. You may download from here:
Miles Ahead Software

Please read the included Readme.txt rather than asking questions here.

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I recently removed VX2 from my computer, well I guess in all of the pop up ads which had been occuring it threw my Internet Explorers Maximized location off, Now it is located at the very bottom of my screen, Nothing I do changes its location, The only way I have to look at a page full screen is by reducing the window size, I figure that this is either a scripting problem or a registry problem, Can anyone help me with the solution? Thanks in advance.

Answer:IE Maximized Window off Center

Try right clicking the IE tab on the start bar, slect MOVE and see if you can use the arrows to put the location where you want it.. If that sdesnt work - 9 times out of 10 running the IE repair from add/remove programs will.

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what would cause a window to open way off center? it is the window with in a window.

Answer:window opens off center

just left click in the blue bar at the top of the window...and while still pressing the left button dag the window to where you want it...when you close the window there the next time you open another window it will be where you left it

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I'm looking for a positioning tool with an option to center any window horizontally only (i.e. without changing the vertical position).

Sizer (Sizer Software by Brian Apps) is good, but doesn't have that option.

Thank you.

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My friends and I are thinking of opening our own contact center. But we'd like to get an idea on how much we'd need for start up. We already have an estimate for computer specs, internet fees, etc. Only thing that's left is to find reliable contact center software. Above average price is okay as long as it's efficient and reliable. Any ideas?

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Hi there, I'm working on my friends computer and she has the Mcafee Security center installed. I believe it came installed on her computer. I told her that my computer uses the best freeware out there and is very effective based on my experience and the experience of others on this board. Although I've installed spybot, spywareblaster, and adaware on her computer, I'd like to install AVG free AV, but am concerned about this mcafee security center. This is since I've read that you shouldn't have more than one AV product on one computer.

Should I keep this Mcaffee product and install AVG? or uninstall Mcafee. On my computer had Norton and had to use a special program to uninstall Norton. Is this the same with Mcafee Security suite? Thanks

Answer:Is The Mcafee Security Center Any Good?

Whether you want McAfee's or AVG that is a personal matter and totally up to you or at least your friend. But yes, you cannot have more than one antivirus program installed. McAfee's Security Suite comes with more programs than just antivirus. If you decide to uninstall McAfee's then you could do it through "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows "Control Panel". If you tun into any difficulties then use the uninstal tools posted at the McAfee Support Forum

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i was wondering wats the difference between the windows xp x64 version is between the old one

Answer:wats the difference between the new windows xp?

Read this page for a start

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i want to buy my self a computer with a fast proseser, is relyalbe, so i found these two, plz could someone tell me which 1 is better, the dell xps 700 or the alienware for 899 pounds

Answer:wats better dell xps or alienware

wats better writing messages in gibberish or posting them in the wrong places

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comp specs 1: 1.63 Ghz Athlon XP 1800+, 512 MB RAM DDR, 64MB Winfast Geforce 3 ti 200, Windows XP Pro Build 2600 w/ SP1
comp specs 2: 500 Mhz, 128 MB SDRAM, 16MB Integrated Motherboard Video Card, Windows XP Pro Build 2600 w/ SP1

router: Linksys BEFSR41 firmware 1.44.2z

i cant believe im having problems with this (ive taken the cisco CCNA course), but after reformatting the older comp (comp 2), i cant get the newer comp (comp 1) onto the network. ive done the normal xp network wizard, but the newer comp will error out no matter what setting i put it on. so i did everything manually, setting the ip addresses, resetting and reconfiguring the router, but all i can get is that each computer can see the other, and i can access files on the newer computer using the older computer. however, the newer computer cannot access the older computers files. thanks for any help.

Answer:dunno wats wrong...

I'll recommend the easy way, even though some forum members can't seem to understand why it works. Install the NETBEUI protocol on both machines, and I suspect you'll be browsing after that. It's on the XP CD in the VALUEADD directory.

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Hey everyone i m new to all the overclockign and i was wondering wats the most juice(optimal Perfomance) i can get out of my system
Following are the specs (none is overclocked or modded in anyway)

1.6GHz P4
256MB pc133
40GIG Seagate Baracuda

ATI Radeon 9200SE video Card(<--how can i overclock this)
Hercules MUSE 5.1DVD sound card

If you guys can tell me how to get the most outta this system that wud b gr8 thanks alot :giddy:

Answer:Wats the most juice i can get out of my system


Hey man, looking at your specs im guesing you would not get much out of ur RAM seeing as it is 133MHz and prob unbranded, the cpu however has got potential, i have never owned a P4 so i dunno much bout them but i have seen people get an increase o about 400/500Mhz with 1.4ghz P4's so there is hope! I had a 9200 once an i couldn't get much out of it, got bout 30mhz core increase and 40 mhz ram increase before i started getting artifacts all over the screen!

Tips - If overclocking the CPU invest in a high quality cooler to let you get the most out of it.

To be honest you could do with a complete upgrade but if thats all you got then happy overclocking! let us know how u get on!

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recently i just upgraded my macromedia flash player to the new version 9. then after that i cannot load a single webpage with flash needed properly. for e.g where there are flash ads and stuff and the whole internet webpage takes ages to load as compared to the past ( 10 times slower). whereas can be loaded within seconds as it does not requires flash. i tried uninstalling and installing the adobe flash 9 again but to no avail. the same problem persists. this problem is very irritating as i cant load any webpage properly pls!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 9:46:03 PM, on 9/28/2007Platform: Windows 2000 SP3 (WinNT 5.00.2195)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:WINNTSystem32smss.exeC:WINNTsystem32winlogon.exeC:WINNTsystem32services.exeC:WINNTsystem32lsass.exeC:WINNTsystem32svchost.exeC:WINNTsystem32spoolsv.exeC:Program FilesNavNTdefwatch.exeC:WINNTSystem32svchost.exeC:Program FilesNavNTrtvscan.exeC:WINNTSystem32r_server.exeC:WINNTsystem32regsvc.exeC:WINNTsystem32MSTask.exeC:Program FilesAnalog DevicesSoundMAXSMAgent.exeC:WINNTSystem32WBEMWinMgmt.exeC:WINNTSystem32mspmspsv.exeC:WINNTsystem32svchost.exeC:WINNTsystem32MsgSys.EXEC:WINNTExplorer.EXEC:Program FilesAnalog DevicesSoundMAXSmtray.exeC:WINNTanvshell.exeC:Program FilesNavNTvptray.exeC:WINNTSystem32spooldriversw32x863hpztsb04.exeC:Program FilesD-LinkAirPlus GAirGCFG.exeC:Program FilesANIANIWZCS2 ServiceWZCSLDR2... Read more

Answer:Wats Happening To My Computer? Help!

Your system is terribly infected. Problem with these infections nowadays is, it causes a lot of damage. Even if we clean the malware off your system, I can't guarantee that your system will be clean afterwards, because these infections/bundles leave a lot of leftovers behind that most scanners won't even recognise and logs won't show.Also, I can't promise you we can repair all the damage it caused... Even after cleaning the malware, you can still get errors afterwards because of the damage. Solving these is not always possible since it will be searching for a needle in a haystack to find the right cause and solution.So, we can try to clean this up and do what we can, but keep in mind that we can't solve ALL problems this malware already caused.In light of this it would be wise for you to back up any files and folders that you don't want to lose before we start. Reason I am telling this is because when a system is so terribly infected and we try to clean this up manually, the damage that is already present may interfere with our removal attempts.One or more of the identified infections is a backdoor trojan.This allows hackers to remotely control your computer, steal critical system information and Download and Execute filesI would counsel you to disconnect this PC from the Internet immediately. If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords wh... Read more

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I want to buy a mobo with a Intel i875P chipset. would a i865P chipset be much the way, is the i915P chipset good? can u OC ur chipset??? [enough Chipset rite!] lol

Answer:Wats the best Intel chipset??????????

I've heard that i875P is good from some people and that it isn't so great from I'm guessing that it doesn't really matter which of the 2 you pick. I have no clue as to if the i915P chipset is any good. I imagine that it is really good, only 'cause the # is higher...I don't really know if you can o.c. the chipset or not.

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