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GFI Mail Essentials (Server Anti Spam Software)

Question: GFI Mail Essentials (Server Anti Spam Software)

I just have to say that GFI Mail Essentials is the best damn anti spam program for servers. The Bayesian Analysis works great. The DNS Blacklist works great. I work for this company and before I came they were getting 500 spam e mails in their in-box a day (and GFI was installed) then I set it to learn off the outbound e mails for a while (bayesian filter) and as soon as I got enough HAM e mails I activated it and BAM. 90% of spam stopped. Take note people who work for companies with programs like this : If you have auto whitelist on and you have trend scanmail for MS Exchange it will add all the senders of the virri to your WHITELIST!
The thing to do is :
1. Turn off Auto Whitelist
2. Weed through the whitelist created.
3. Goto the GFI Mail Essential Reporter.
4. Set it to print out domain statistics on the screen, set it to base it on # of e mails and set it to outbound only and BAM you got all the major players that the company e mails.
5. Goto NOTEPAD (old school) and based on how many e mails that people in your company/network send to particular domain addresses add them to the whitelist as *, well first put em in notepad and then transfer em. It really does not take that long but weeding out the bad e mail addys takes a long *** time. Even if you add the bad domains to the blacklist, if they are on the whitelist it bypasses it (which sucks). However, if you are a lazy systems admin and don't have jack **** to do because you did it all it is a great way to kill time. Go hide in the server room and spend all day tweaking the configs, printing reports to show the boss, sleeping, whatever man its all good (except sleeping).

I give GFI mail essentials 10/10.

Since I fixed that auto-whitelist error and activated the bayesian anaylisis filter spam is now down to 3 or 4 a day from 500 -1000 a day. We only have like 20 e mail mailboxes in the company yet we get over 10,000 spam e mails a month. Its insane.10,000 no joke. I got the reports in front of me. Ridiculous.

For all of you that are like WTF is this dude writing about "Bayesian what the hell". A bayesian anaylisis basically learns from outbound e mail (Its Artificial Intelligence in a way) and based on the percentages of words that are in Legit e mail or HAM and SPAM it decides if something is spam. Don't understand check it : Lets say Jimmy works for a sporting goods company... People say the word DEAL a lot in legit e mails to him, most spam software would be like : oh snap the word deal is in there it HAS to be spam. The Bayesian filter (after allowing it to read 3000 or so outgoing e mails before starting it for real) actually learns the words that Jimmy uses so it knows that when someone e mails him : "Yo Jimmy I got a great deal on some basketballs" it knows it is spam BUT if a spam e mail is like "We got the biggest deals on viagra and percocets" it will know it is spam... I bet your wondering "How in the hell?". Well because the words percocets and viagra were in the e mail even though the word deal was in the e mail (which usually would make it HAM to any other crap spam program) because viagra and percocets were in there (two known spam terms) it overrides the one word of DEAL and decides it is spam.
Its a lot more complicated than that but thats the gist of it.
There is one flaw with the bayesian filter tho, spammers know about it so they put in words that normally wouldn't be in spam to throw it off and it works sometimes, but out of every other filter and setting out there today the bayesian anaylisis filter is the best.

If you don't own a company or network and you use Outlook to read e mail and you get a lot of spam you can use the RULES WIZARD to detect the spam when it arrives and send it back to hell (or to the spam folder under your inbox). Its under the tools menu and it is in most outlooks(defnatly in express, for 97 it is somewhere else and called something else, I think in properties or whatever). If you want some pointers reply and I will be more than happy to give yall my advice. I am also happy to take any advice you would have to give me.

WHITELIST : Trusted E mail address List
BLACKLIST : Spam E mail address List
HAM : Legit e mail
SPAM : Duh.

Anyone know what HAM actually stands for I forgot.

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Preferred Solution: GFI Mail Essentials (Server Anti Spam Software)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i've had it with spam. i'm using SuSE Linux OpenExchange Server at work and SuSE is such a pain in the rear with the way they configure everything that i don't even want to bother attempting to set up spam blocking on the server itself. also, since that server runs more than just email, i'd prefer to keep the processor load due to spam to a minimum. thus, i'm resorting to building an anti-spam gateway from an old PC at the office.

i'm looking for the most straightforward thing here that will filter all incoming traffic via SMTP from the outside world to my mail server, stripping spam in the process. i'd imagine something involving spamassassin will be the most obvious approach, but i have no idea how to set this up and make it all appear transparent.

has anyone here had any experience with this personally, or know of any guides that can get me going?

thanks a ton!


Answer:anti-spam mail server gateway

How are they on spending money? I'd recommend a Barracuda spam firewall, in lieu of building your own.

It's pretty easy to setup and maintain (plus spam def. updates, virus scanning, and firmware)

But it basically does the same as SpamAssassin + a virus scanner.
They run about $2000 for mid-range models.

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Anyone know any good anti-spam software to run on 2003 Server and Exchange? It would be for around 400 users. We are currently running Symantec Mail Security for MS Exchange but its not working the way we want it. Specifically we'd want a program that would allow us to add terms to a whitelist (not just domains like SMSME does).

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Anti-spam software for server expsensive, but so well worth it.

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Anybody have any anti-spam server software reccomendations? Windows or appliance-based preferred...

Answer:anti-spam server software (or appliance)


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Hey Guys
I just wanted to know if there was any virus/spam software out there for ubuntu 9.04 using postfix and dovecot? if so how do I configure it into my email server.

Answer:open source virus/spam software for ubuntu 9.04 mail server?

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We are running Exchange 2k3 and GFI Mail Essentials. We are getting slammed with fake bounce back spam... How do I stop this?

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hey guys,

i was wondering what you use for viruses and spyware removal. i myself use the following

ms anti-spyware
is there anything else i should be using. I know norton and mcafee are way to intrusive and suck.

Answer:anti-virus and anti-spam software tools

add SpywareBlaster to your list.

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Hi folks I just installed win 8.1 and I'm wondering if I really really need antivirus and anti spam software. With win 7 I had eset smart security 5 and it worked well but I'm wondering if win 8.1's firewall and defender software is enough to keep me as well protected as eset's smart security 5 software.

I'm a regular guy who checks email, goes on various forums, surfs porn and downloads movies and games.

Would windows defender and firewall be enough to protect me?

Answer:Anti virus and anti spam software necessary

Anti-Virus is always a good idea. Windows Defender is not very effective at detecting/removing malware.

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I have to build a mail server for my company. I want to do it correctly and do everything to stay off the blacklists and my mail being marked as spam at the recipient side...

So far what I have in mind:
- new server(probably a ESX all-in-one box)
- Linux as OS(probably debian, since I'm used to it. Can go with CentOS if it's better or it has faster updates)
- postfix as MTA
- dovecot as POP/IMAP client
- MySQL user database
- might go with IRedMail bundle and set up all in one(SMTP, POP/IMAP, client AUTH, spamassassin, ClamAV,...)

As far as incoming spam prevention goes I plan to use:
- spamassassin(would you suggest using dspam instead?)
- ClamAV antivirus
- Checking of SPF records
- Greylisting

As far as preventing our mail to be marked as spam:
- all out users will have to auth before sending, so potential viruses or bots wont be able to send mail
- block access from local lan to external WAN on port 25(only possible to send via our mail server)
- add a SPF record for our domain
- add a DKIM record for out domain(is it worth it?)
- reverse DNS to our domain
- HELO with our domain

There will be 5-6 users on the system with lots of big incoming mail. We don't send that many mails out, somewhere around 50/day and no newsletters, so we shouldn't be tagged as spammers because of high mail count...

We have a 10/10 FTTH link with static IP from our ISP, but we don't have a personal whois entry for the IP. Is that going to be a problem, since ... Read more

Answer:Building a proper mail server(and not get our mail tagged as spam)

People seem to miss out a few other little things, one is the helo reply, it needs to be the same as the external DNS name of your mail server also the rDNS needs to be correct as well.

Sometimes a smarthost may be the best way to get around the Spam issues.

levak said:

As fart as preventing our mail to be marked as spam:Click to expand...

made me laugh

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My exchange sever seems to be genarating out mails from user who are not listed in it !! I assume some sort of spaming is going on. Can anyone help on how to stop this ?? I have installed the latest service pack ie sp2 for exchange

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Hi guys

I'm searching for an anti-spam software for Microsoft Server Exchange (to use with Microsoft Outlook 2003). A free and efficient will do the job or if it needs to be paid for, we have a very small budget (like 200-300$ CAD for 25 or so computers).

Thanks for you help

P.S : 22 WinXP and 3 WinVista.
P.S2 : NOT POP3!

Answer:Anti-spam for Microsoft Server Exchange

The only effective exchange antispam solution I ever found was GFI but it's a premium product

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I really like the features of ChoiceMail. It sends email back to the sender to tell them they need to ask for permission to send stuff to an inbox if they aren't already approved, HOWEVER, it will still show the SPAM in a tab of the program. I hate that. I don't want to see any of it!

So I am wondering your opinions of programs that are supposed to block SPAM. I've seen those that you "train"...but have never tried them.


Answer:The best anti-spam software?

I use Mailwasher Pro. It does a good job of filtering out spam using the FirstAlert database, SpamCop and it's own learning process. You can set it up to show all incoming mail, or automatically filter out, hide or bounce any recognized spam.

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Question: anti-spam software

Can anyone recommend any anti-spam software? I want it for just my personal PC and I use AOL 8.0. Freeware's best but I'll actually buy it if I have to.

Answer:anti-spam software

click hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick hereAlso helps if you have these. If you have just ignore here click hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick hereTest file click hereclick hereclick hereTester click hereclick hereclick hereAlso click here for click hereclick here last but not least click here I'm done that was fun.

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Question: Anti-Spam Software

I have been getting a lot of spam lately and was wondering if anyone could recommend a simple but effective anti-spam program that I could install to get rid of the d*** stuff. I should add that I do have MS Office Pro so should I change to Outlook or some other e-mail program. Thanks for any help offered. J.B.

Answer:Anti-Spam Software

Look here click here and also look at Google as there are many others

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My outlook express is always filled with scams like lottery winnings, business proposals, love letters, and my avg free email scanner scans only for virus, it does not have any anti-spam protection

Answer:any anti-spam software available

You could try Mailwasher from down to line 30B for a multi- email address version Of interest, do you bounce any emails or do you reply to any telling them to unsubscribe you?If you do so you are guaranteed to get bucket-loads more of the stuff; With Mailwasher in your protection package all you do is run it and delete , via Mailwasher, any emails you get you do NOT want; it does not stop folks emailing you but you CAN control what emails you actually download to your computer ; it also has the facility to allow you to preview the emails too; however, it does NOT check your junk or spam folder on server; due to this I for one have deliberately disabled my spam protection so I see ALL e- mails that come to me; I can then decide what is and what is NOT spam; please do NOT be tempted to use the bounce facility as it merely confirms to the sender that you are real Try Mailwasher and see how you get on?

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If you're like me then you HATE spam. I hate it when I open up Outlook 2003 (don't judge me) and there is some spam email in there. Granted, most of it gets deleted by my ISP and by Outlook itself, but there are still a few stragglers that get in.

How can I kill them? I want that spam to feel pain. Preferably, I would like a programme that works IN Outlook, so that I don't have to check my emails through another piece of software. I already use the spam filters provided in Outlook, but for some of the persistant fellas it won't work.

What do you recommend?

Answer:What is the best Anti-Spam software?

the only real way to do it is to make a new email address, and never give it out publically. only to your main contacts

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Question: Anti-spam software

Can anyone recommend any good (and prefereably free or very cheap!) anti-spam software that I could download from somewhere?

Answer:Anti-spam software

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Question: Anti-Spam software

I am looking for suggestions for free anti-spam software.


Answer:Anti-Spam software

Quote: Originally Posted by jackdash

I am looking for suggestions for free anti-spam software.


Here is a list. I like the first one listed. But, depending on your system, you may find that it takes a bit of resources, if you have a lot of spam.

Top 14 Free Spam Filters for Windows - About Email

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Question: Anti Spam software

Can anyone recommend a good free Anti Spam software package?

Answer:Anti Spam software

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If youíre looking for spam solutions, try Mailwasher Pro. Itís one of the most effective anti-spam solutions out there.

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Question: Anti Spam Software

What is some Anti Spam Software that I can recommend to people?

I am about to purchase some copies of McAffee Spamm Killer.

Answer:Anti Spam Software

Been using Mailwasher Pro for quite a while and it's been great in keeping my mail spam-free. It's also one of the most effective anti-spam solutions out there.

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Question: Anti-spam Software

I keep getting spam in my YM (Yahoo Messenger) another Instant Messaging application from my contacts
It is usually a chain letter about this and that and comes with several statements that if you don't send this message (copy paste it) to all of your contacts within the specified time limit,you're gonna suffer consequences,curses,etc.

Nothing did happened except that in one incident,when i ignored the most unbelievable,irritating message
"If you don't send this message to all of your contacts sooner,your username will be deleted" after several
minutes YM stopped running and then signed out so i was unable to connect and waited for like 3 hours and so I contacted YM support so after they sent me a reply,I was able to sign in again

Is there any way to stop this? Or any Anti-Spam software that can be monitoring IM applications?
(wether free or not free)
Or did i missed something in YM that there was this called "SPAM filter" function in it.

Answer:Anti-spam Software

If you are using the latest version you can click on a link to report as spam from within YM. If you don't see links to report, look under your preferences & add them to the Ignore List. There's also an option to ignore anyone who is not on your list. How do I report spam ?Report Spam Version 7 Other Versions

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I am plagued with there a really great anti-spam program that someone can recommend? I have Windows XP pro, and I use Avast anti-virus. The spam I get is typical, I would imagine; infinite different spellings of cIAlISS or MoRgtage (sic), lots of text sent as jpeg's so that they slip through a text filter....etc, etc, etc. Any ideas?

Answer:the best anti-spam software?

Have you looked at #16 and#17 at Tech Support Alert?


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Emails to me at my Juno address have suddenly begun to be bounced back to the senders who are attempting to email from a particular business address. If I am emailed at my Hotmail address though, the messages come thru just fine. I forwarded Juno an error/bounce message which was received by one of the senders, and this is what they tell me:

"Mail from the IP [number] was blocked because it triggered our anti-spam limits. Please be assured that we have contacted the domain authorities and are working with them to resolve this problem as soon as possible."

Could someone please 'splain this to me?

Answer:"mail Blocked Due To Triggering Anti-spam Limits"

Hi Kat
Only Juno can really answer that.
Something in their spam filtering system\software may have gone haywire and is identifying the particular senders IP address as a known source of spam thus kicking it back.
Sometimes a particular hyperlink (known spam source) inserted in an e-mail message will cause the same thing. It appears from that message they are aware of the problem and are working on it.

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wondered if there is one? I need something to filter spam out of my outlook express. Thanks

Answer:Looking for a good free e-mail anti-spam prog.

I use this little program to manually check and delete any unwanted emails from the server.You are the spam filter.Only works for OE at the moment.
Palmail link

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Microsoft Security Essentials Finds New Malware, Avoids False Positives, Still the Best Free Option!
While Microsoft Security Essentials wasn't the absolute winner in finding new malware without a definition available, it was the highest ranking free option, and it did perform best among those apps that had "Very few false alarms"?perfect for software that's free and light on resources.
Download PDF Report:
Via Microsoft Security Essentials Finds New Malware But Avoids False Positives, Still the Best Free Option

Answer:Microsoft Security Essentials is still the Best Free Anti Virus Software

yes, that testreport was interesting reading.
i?m testing MSE & a2 together with Online Armor-premium (firewall) now, no problems detected so far.
and i really don?t expect any, OA & a2 works very well together, which is no surprise since OA++ is actually a2 & OA-firewall combined, and MSE doesn?t seem to have any problem with OA.
another thing i noticed was that Avast only detected 5% of the worms, which was much lower than most of the others, fx. MSE detected 79%.

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hiwork has approx 25 pcs connected via network/server. many of us are getting a small amount of spam emails each day - 1 staff gets dozens each day. can you recommend a free software anti-spam download that i could put on ( and run updates from) server? if you can recommend any would i need a licence?many thanks as alwaysP

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Some months ago one of yourselves mentioned an Anti-Spam programme called Choice Mail or Mail Choice. I no longer have the link and I cannot locate it on the net. Can anyone give me the correct link? Allan

Answer:Solved: Anti-spam software

Hi don't know of the program you mention.

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I'm getting huge amounts of spam each day. I have set e-mail filters in outlook but have had little success in cutting out the amount of spam I get - I could be more strict with the rules but I'm worried about losing legitimate messages.Included in this spam is marketing material from many different Anti-Spam software vendors. I'm use win 98 and use outlook express.Are any of these Anti-Spam products effective and if so which ones?

Answer:Anti Spam Software Advice

Anyone who Spams you anti Spam solutions is part of the problem.Try a free product like POPCORN click here which can be used to filter and delete SPAM on the mail server rather than waiting for it to download and then be farmed off to a SPAM folder.Mailwasher click here is a good pay for solution too...

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Can someone suggest a good free anti-spam programs?

Answer:Anti-Spam software programs

here is a free one to look at.

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No need for ineffectual third-party Anti-Spam software. The third-party software vendors won't tell you that Outlook Express already blocks spam as good as their software does. I never get Spam in my OE Inbox. This setup may apply to other e-mail clients as well.

Several scenarios:

If you have one (1) e-mail account through your ISP. I have 5, and only 1 account gets spam so I just put the other 4 account's e-mail address, in the following filter, and virtually all Spam is dumped in the folder of my choice. You simply need to create a 'white list'. Outlook Express gives you all the tools necessary to block Spam this way. You simply set up a Message Rule:

With Outlook Express open click the Tools menu; Message Rules; Mail; Click the New button; Under the number (1) 'Conditions' window, tick the box next to, 'Where the To or CC line contains people'; In the number (2) Actions window, tick the box next to, 'Move it to the specfied folder'; In box number (3) 'Rules description' click on the blue 'contains people' entry; Enter your first Approved Sender for example, [email protected] and click the Add button; In the lower right New Mail Rule box now click the Options button; choose the option, 'Message does not contain the following people'; Click the OK button; Click the next OK button; Click the blue 'specified folder entry and then use the wizard to choose the folder you want to send un... Read more

Answer:RE: Free Anti-Spam Software

Different strokes for different situations.
The thing I like about my ineffectual third party anti-spam software is that it allows me to check and see what e-mail is on the server for all of my five e-mail accounts at once. And if the mail is spam, which in most cases it is, then all spam can be deleted from the server for all of the e-mail accounts at once. No having to sign in to each account in Outlook Express individually just to see what is there.
If it weren't for the above then yes I could just set up a friends list (White list) in OE and have a separate folder for e-mail not filtered through the friends list and I would probably be content with that set up.

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What would be a good anti virus and spam software to install on my windows XP laptop?
Moderator Edit: Moved from Introductions to a More Appropriate forum.

Answer:Anti virus - spam software

Creo que dentro de los programas gratis el avira cumple con las mayoría de especificaciones como también el antivirus de microsoft el security essentials.
Dentro de los pagados el ESET NOD32 AntiVirus es un antivirus de calidad y eficacia realmente impresionantes

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I have Windows 2000 on my computer and my internet service is provided by CompuServe. I have purchased a "SPAM BLOCKER" , but do not know how to install it "SPECIFICALLY" into my CompuServe account. Can you please provide precise, written instructions? Thanks in advance. "Banjo9775"

Answer:Installation of Anti-Spam Software


Is that what it is called Spam Block or does it have a trade name?

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what's a good anti virus/hack software?

Zone Alarm Pro 4
Norton Int. Sec.
McAfee Int. Sec.

I went to Zone's website and they have a free download of the Pro 4. Is this comparable to the retail version?

Answer:Anti virus/spam/hack software?

I hate Zone Alarm, had nothing but trouble with it. I recommend Symantec products, in and out. I use all Symantec, and it works so well. Antivirus is great, as is the firewall and the such. If it is an option, use a Symantec product. Stay away from McAfee, it is bad news bears.

Symantec = Norton

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My Dad runs his own business and has a POP3 Email account. About 5 Months ago our Norton Internet Security subscription ran out so we had loads of spam.
He downloaded a Free copy of SpamFighter. It has lasted fine until someone sent an email saying that his business shouldn't be using software for Personal Use.

He doesn't want to pay for any Anti-Spam Software and has asked me to try and find some Free Anti-Spam Software available for business use.

We use Office Outlook 2007


Answer:Free Anti-spam Software For Business

I have never used it nor do I endorse it, but I googled using your phrase and came up with Standard is a free tool for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail that automatically and efficiently filters spam and phishing fraud.If you need a spam filter for your home/office PC or server, you have come to the right place.Let us know if it works for you

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Outlook Express gives you all the tools necessary to block Spam and most virus.

You simply set up a white-list Message Rule:

1. With Outlook Express open click the Tools menu
2. Point to Message Rules
3. Click Mail
4. Click the New button
5. Under the number (1) 'Conditions' window tick the box next to, 'Where the From line contains people'
6. In the number (2) Actions window, tick the box next to, 'Move it to the specfied folder' or, Delete it from server
7. In box number (3) 'Rules description' click on the blue 'contains people' entry
8. Enter your first Approved Sender for example, [email protected] and click the Add button (you can click the Address Book button at right to add e-mail addresses from senders in your Address Book to your approved senders White List to save some typing)
9. In the lower right New Mail Rule box now click the Options button
10. Choose the option, 'Message does not contain the following people'
11. Click the OK button
12. Click the next OK button
13. Click the blue 'specified folder entry and then use the wizard to choose the folder you want to send unapproved messages to like, 'Deleted Items' (or a folder called Spam you've created prior to starting to set up this rule) (please see adding folders or sub-folders in the Outlook Express Help files)
14. Click the Add button
15. Enter the next approved sender or, you can go back in this same area later by entering... Read more

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Consumer Reports tested numerous Anti-Virus software packages and their top 3 recommendations are (1) BitDefender, (2) Zone Labs, and (3) Kaspersky Labs. I didn't check on Kaspersky Labs, but I did research the other two. BitDefender and Zone Labs each provide a free version for personal use. I currently use Symantec's Norton System Works which has many additional and useful features in it. I have no complaints with Norton other than cost. When my current Norton subscription dies, I am going to download and install the free versions of BitDefender's AV and Firewall. I use the free Microsoft Anti-Spyware software and have no complaints.Here are the websites for each. If you are inclined to buy one, check places like PriceGrabber before you buy.(1) (Click "Home" and then "ZoneAlarm")

Answer:Anti- (virus, Spam, Spyware) Software

I have been using Kaspersky for 4 years now and I can tell you that I have never had any problems with malware since switching to Kaspersky. Kaspersky does offer a 30 day trial of their AV/Firewall which can be found here..

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Hey guys, I would have used the search but it looks to be turned off again . . . *sigh*

ANYWAY I am looking for a solid anti spam solution for my outlook based client.

I thought I was looking for spaminator or spam assan but I cant seem to find it or I was mistaken with the names.


Answer:What is a good ANTI spam software / system

Spam Bayes. Takes a bit to train it but its gold when its going all the way

Its free as well

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My server is infected with Anti-Child Porn Spam Protection - 2.0 version from 22.03.2013
Please How can I get my data back

Answer:windows server 2003 Anti-Child Porn Spam Protection

That would be a question for the Am I infected forum

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I receive my email via tiscali and every day get loads in my Spam box which I normally just delete. In view of my possibly being away from home for an extended period of time is there any way I can set it up so that spam is removed at the server and doesn`t reach me so that I dont come home to a spam box bursting at the seams. My OS is XPhome sp2.

Answer:Removing spam mail at the server.

I used AVG antispyware program to do this in real time. It is freeware and works well on my computer. Try it yourself.

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Hi everyone, what is in your opinion the best anti-spam anti-phishing mail program?

As I got my new computer from Dell I got their McAfee security center and McAfee anti-spam. Well, I believe McAfee effects Internet Explorer performance, and I also believe is a cause of some mail not delivering to the people. I would like to get something different to replace McAfee (only mail program).

I used to have MailFrontier. It's pretty good , easy to customize. MailFrontier is not cheap - $30 per year. I am contemplating should I purchase it again, or there is another mail program as good, and could be one time purchase, instead of doing yearly membership.

What do you know guys?

Thanks a lot everyone!!!

Answer:Solved: Need advice on anti-spam mail program for Outlook Express

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Anti spam tool DEAG distorted GIF e-mail address generator .. online anti spam service for you all! This utility allows you to represent your e-mail address as a GIF image. Works on Windows, MAC and Linux.
DEAG - distorted GIF e-mail address generator: on (RBL -Real-time Blocking Lists. JP - Japan! Japan's own black list database system, the "RBL.JP Project".)

'What's DEAG?
One of the common tools spammers use these days are spambots which roam the internet searching any webpages they come across for e-mail addresses. This allows them to harvest huge numbers of e-mail addresses to send their spam to.

There are various techniques to obscure an e-mail address on a webpage. This utility allows you to represent your e-mail address as a GIF image. All it takes is some text input and using the GD library functions in PHP it will produce an image with that text in the picture. All you have to do is place the GIF image in your HTML code where you want your e-mail address displayed. Users will have to manually type the address into their e-mail client, but this is the purpose of DEAG -- to avoid using the mailto:[email protected] HTML tag which spambots can recognize and extract the e-mail address from.

Some of the more advanced spambots may even try using certain methods (like OCR) to try and extract text information out of images. To combat this, DEAG distorts the image with some distortion lines and randomly alter... Read more

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A few weeks back I was browsing a random website, I forget where, and I saw a command prompt-type box open and some program (it was a fairly random combination of letters.exe) started running. I figured it was some sort of virus and when I couldn't CTRL-ALT-DEL and close it out, I restarted my machine manually, but it still got me and good. The first problem I noticed was that I kept getting little popup Windows from Symantec Antivirus, saying that email messages couldn't be spent. These usually pop up anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes after I start my computer up, but it usually only happens once. I've also noticed that copies of iexplore.exe keep opening up no matter how many times I kill them. I've also got a lot of copies of svchost.exe (12 at the time of this writing) running, which occasionally start being a drain on my CPU.I've run MalwareBytes, Spybot S&D, and Super Anti-Spyware, but I can't seem to scan with Symantec anymore, as it gives me an error. The different programs have all turned up various levels of infection with different malware, but none have actually fixed the problem. I've attached a DDS log and HJT log below. I should probably note that I grabbed a program called Process Blocker which I set to kill iexplore.exe whenever it launches, so it won't appear in the logs. If need be I'll run them again while the iexplore.exe's are running.Thanks for any assistance!DDS (Ver_09-03-16.01) - NTFSx86 Run by User at 17:12:04.40 on Thu 05/14/2009Internet Explo... Read more

Answer:Multiple copies of iexplore.exe, Symantec Anti-spam E-mail Warnings

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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Outlook Express gives you all the tools necessary to block Spam and most virus
You simply set up a white-list Message Rule:

1. With Outlook Express open click the Tools menu
2. Point to Message Rules
3. Click Mail
4. Click the New button
5. Under the number (1) 'Conditions' window tick the box next to, 'Where the From line contains people'
6. In the number (2) Actions window, tick the box next to, 'Move it to the specfied folder' or, Delete it from server
7. In box number (3) 'Rules description' click on the blue 'contains people' entry
8. Enter your first Approved Sender for example, [email protected] and click the Add button (you can click the Address Book button at right to add e-mail addresses from senders in your Address Book to your approved senders White List to save some typing)
9. In the lower right New Mail Rule box now click the Options button
10. Choose the option, 'Message does not contain the following people'
11. Click the OK button
12. Click the next OK button
13. Click the blue 'specified folder entry and then use the wizard to choose the folder you want to send unapproved messages to like, 'Deleted Items' (or a folder called Spam you've created prior to starting to set up this rule) (please see adding folders or sub-folders in the Outlook Express Help files)
14. Click the Add button
15. Enter the next approved sender or, you can go back in this same area later by entering ... Read more

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Our company has a Windows 2000 server that needs an e-mail spam blocker/filter. I've heard about free stuff like ASSP and HMailserver, but haven't had a chance to check out the details on these. We are not interested in 3rd party or ISP mail hosting right now, but just want something installed on the server that block/filters spam mail. What would you guys recommend? Here is the information about the server I know so far:

- Exchange server (Server A)

- 2 servers, let's call them Server A (main server) and Server B (citrix server). This second server can probably be turned off now, but we're using it as a backup just in case the 4 of us that moved to the main office can no longer access the server directly.

- Server A uses Win2000 Server v5.0(2195), SP4
- Server B uses WinNT v4.0
- The various workstations use Win98SE, XP or XP Pro

- Server A runs Exchange and I'm not sure about Server B (I still have to check that screen on the monitor).
- Server A does not run a proxy.

Also, NNTPSVC and DHCPServer appear in the Event Viewer/System as Sources as well as IMA Service from yesterday if this helps any. I also have printer out all the runnings processes from System Information/Services if this helps any.

Thank you.

Answer:e-mail spam blocker filter for server?

The GFI product I had some issues with in the past. Cloudmark's software worked like a charm. The GFI product, if you have a lot of time, seems good. But if you just want to protect from spam and let it do it's thing, I'd go Cloudmark.


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Hi Guys
can anybody recommend me a best open source anti spam/virus software/gateway? I have used untangle and it really didnt suit me what I was looking for and I am currently using mailcleaner the open source one and its really not working because its really slow on delivering mail or it blocks yahoo,hotmail,gmail and there forum is really slow and it takes forever to get any help to fix there issues on it.

As for my mail server I am using iredmail/postfix with ubuntu 10.04.3 Lts.

This setup is for my own WISP (wireless internet service provider)

Answer:Best open source anti spam/virus software/gateway out there?

Well, naturally "Best" will be different for many depends what your specific needs are.

Untangle really is one of the more full featured ones out there...considering the free "Lite" version.

Astaro is very good.

Endian is also good. I have those listed in my *nix router distro stickied thread.

What did Untangle fail to do for you?

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Hi,Can anyone please recommend any good anti spam software that i can use with Outlook Express? I need it to be able to deal with mutiple Pop3 accounts. If Hotmail too all the better.Cheers.

Answer:Good Free Anti Spam Software For Multiple Accounts

click herejohny.

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Does anyone know of any good, free anti-spam software? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Good, free anti-spam software outthere?

referee07 said:

Does anyone know of any good, free anti-spam software? Thanks.Click to expand...

Do you mean client side or server side? I use Spamassassin server side and it works very well.

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I am running a Windows Server 2008 R2 on a cloud provider. I am the server administrator but I have no control over the cloud infrastructure.
Recently, the SMTP server started sending out xxx spam mail. The SMTP service has been disabled and subsequently uninstalled, but the problem persist. Inbound port 25 has also been blocked by Windows Firewall at the moment.
I am running Avast for Business and mail shield continue to detect outgoing spam mail sent by some unknown malicious software.
I ran Malwarebyte, Windows SE, Avast and ESET scans. Each detected a couple of trojan horses and worms but did not resolve the problem. Subsequent scans did not find any more viruses.

Answer:xxx outgoing spam mail on Windows Server 2008 R2

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
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*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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HiDoes anyone know if there's good reliable free anti virus software out there for MS Windows Server 2003? We currently use free AVG but obviously its gonna run out on 15th Jan and wont update as theyve stopped letting servers use it :(On our network of 4 computers we are using free Norton anti virus via BT Yahoo Broadband protection, I was unsure if this could also be used on the server? or if Norton will also refuse to be put on a server (havent tried as id have to remove AVG first, if it didnt work wed have no anti virus at all on server!).

Answer:Free Anti Virus Software for a Server?

i believe the 7.5 version will remain to be free, i have tried to search for a thread i read about this, but cant find it, im sure someone will tell you, but im 99% sure you will still be able to use that version

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I'm currently using Clam Anti-Virus for my home server but was wondering if there is anything better since AVG doesn't offer free server version of their product.

Answer:Best free Anti-Virus software for W2k3 Server?

Ca Scm Av.

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Hi guys,

After installing Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 and activating the anti-spam feature I have no spam folder in Thunderbird. The users guide for Bitdefender says that a spam folder should be created during install. It wasn't installed. I even tried to uninstall Bitdefender and install it again. This did not work either. Does anyone know what I could try to get this working? I am getting a lot of junk mail that I would like to have taken care of.


Answer:Bitdefender Anti-Spam Thunderbird No Spam Folder.

Not sure about this, but it might be worth looking here.

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I just received an e-mail from a friend letting me know that his AOL e-mail account has been hijacked and alerting me to a particular e-mail that looks like it might have come from him. (As far as I know, my computer has not been infected.) I have ESET NOD32 anti-virus protection, COMODO firewall protection and Malware Bytes but I am wondering if any of these programs protect me from e-mail account hijackings. Or, is there a good, specific program available to do the job? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Answer:Good Anti-E-Mail Account Hijacking Software?

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I'm fairly computer literate with most things but when it comes to ports, and routers, and firewalls i'm pretty much a noob.

My friends and I have been using Ventrilo for a few weeks with me running the server from my computer. A few days ago i had to put norton antivirus on my computer to get ride of a virus. Ever since then i can't connect to my Ventrilo server and neither can anyone else. I uninstalled it and everything but it must have changed one of my windows network settings. The windows firewall isn't up but something is blocking stuff. Anyone have any idea how to make stuff like that work again? Thanks.

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Which brand of Anti-Virus solution would you use on a Small Business Server 2003 Domain running Exchange and file-sharing? All of the client computers have Anti-Virus installed locally already. I'm mainly looking for server cleansing.

Answer:Anti-Virus Software for Small Business Server 2003

For starters, ditch the client install software.

Then get a server based antivirus software like Symantec EE AV for Small Business. With the appropriate CAL's of course.
Now you can distribute the client software through your login scripts, manage all the clients from a central location, update all the clients automatically, schedule scans automatically, save on bandwidth by only having to update the server definitions, and the clients get their def's from the server, and more!

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Okay ComputerHope Guru's;  I've tried 20 or so Advertized "Anti-Spam Software Programs, and my ISP (TimeWarnerCable) states they have Anti-Spam Software Installed on thier Server.  Remember I just Reformatted my HD & reinstalled IE & Outlook Express, this last weekend.  I did'nt get Web access until 6:15AM CST 27 Mar 05 - I now have recieved 600+ msgs, of which 20 were valid.  I've established a "SPAM" folder within OE (with the plan of forwarding the whole dang thing to both my Senators, and Congressman, and tell them to FIX THE PROBLEM!!).Now will someone here please give me a name of a good (not perfect) software package to install.My System:Win98SEHP Pavilion 663564MB RamMain HD C-4.9GB D-4.9GBExt HD G-148GBInt CD ReaderExt CD WriterExt 3 1/2 FloppyInt 3 1/2 Floppy (Dead as Roadkill)HP psc 750 5in1 PrinterToshiba Cable ModemExternal Lasko Breeze Machine (for cooling this old system, since the old fan system does'nt work to well)Please don't tell me to purchase  a new system, unless you're paying for it.  I'm just a Disabled Vet on a small pension, and Congress believe's NEW Post Offices & Roads come first.

Answer:Is There Any "Real" Anti-Spam Software

To reparaphrase "One man's spam is another man's treasure".600 is a lot but I have 2 filters in the way, so there really is not telling how much tries to get to me.  I am down to about 10 a day that make it through the filters.Norton has a decent one that I believe will plug into OE, but nothing is perfect and I don't know if it works on Windows 98.A couple of things that you could do are.....1. Get a free email account from yahoo, etc. and use that one when a website must have an email address.  Don't use your real one.  Check it every now and then.2. Have Time Warner give you a new account and only let the people you want email from know that address and cancel the old accountI really hate spam, almost as much as telemarketing (sorry if someone here is a telemarketer I don't hate you).  I find it quite amazing what lengths we all must go through to keep our inboxes clean.Unfortunately, Congress can't do much, I don't think.  Most of the big spamming outfits moved off shore and the US doesn't own the Internet.

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whjats a good free mail server software for a beginner? like a nice little email server i can also use with a domain so i have a domain name and can make my own email. also i need it to be for windows not linux.

Answer:mail server software

Anybody else shudder, physically, when they read that post?

Mail server software is not something you should be "starting slow" on. If it's on windows, it's insecure due to the OS, and a haven for spammers.

Find someone to host your email, or take the time and energy to learn how to do it right ( *nix/*bsd, sendmail/qmail/postfix ).

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Ok, well i have tried a new like ability mail server and all, but i just don't know how to get them to work. What i want s to have my own email server on my pc, as i already have my own http server using apache. I use to redirect my ip to a sucdomain on and use the dns update service, as my ip is dynamic. all this owrks fine.
If any of you could help me out here, tell me how to set up a server on a subdomain, any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Answer:mail server software?

you could use any mail server software as long as your clients point to your subdomain name. If you just want to send mail though i think newer Windows has its own smtp engine.

or use: ArGoSoft Mail Server

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What's some good e-mail server software?

Answer:Mail Server Software?

I run MDaemon for SOHO businesses. Seems to work relatively good and i've had very little problems.

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What do you guys use? We currently have IceWarp's Merak Mail Server 8.9 and looking to either upgrade it or migrate it to something else. Any recommendations? We host websites and sometimes the email for realestate companies (or regions of a company).

All we want is the mail server, nothing extra (such as VoIP, SMS, or IM) that would increase the cost.
200 clients or so, our company is expanding so we will need that can grow as well.
Volume isn't overwhelming, I can't give you an exact number as I just started in this company.

Answer:Mail Server software

A bit more details on your requirements might help. How do your clients access their mail? What is the volume of message traffic you anticipate?

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US anti-spam laws 'will legalise spam'
By John Leyden
Posted: 01/07/2003 at 15:20 GMT

Proposed US legislation designed to clamp down on the spam is only likely to make the problem far worse, according to a leading anti-spam activist.


Answer:US anti-spam laws 'will legalise spam'


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Does anyone have any good mail server software suggestions?

I am planning on running a small server on a home machine.

I have 4 domains, 3 of which are forwarded (dyndns) to another. So I would only be hosting mail for one domain name.

I would like something easy on the machine, easy on the wallet, and has good security.

It would be a XP box.


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Does anyone have experience with the freeware from PostCast Server. I am trying to get around my webhosting sites email that does not have smtp. they claim to do it, but i'm not sure about the freeware. i did not see it listed on so i'm cautious here.

this is the site

Also, I would appreciate any recommendations for other freeware to address this problem, or a workaround. My domain's webmail is very slow an unfriendly


Answer:PostCast Server Mail Software

Found this infomative site on the PostCast Server

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I work for a company with several locations in multiples states. We currently use a mail server provided by our web host with about 200 active email accounts. We are running into issues with valid mail being marked as spam and not being delivered. This is starting to impact our business. We have tried all of the suggestions provided by our mail host to resolve the issue with little success. We are considering setting up our own mail server so that we have control over the configuration.

I have been trying to research our options some success but a lot of confusion. We would like to use one of our existing Windows bases servers for the mail server. It will also be used for data storage. We would like our mail server to offer web based access for people who are traveling as well as access by various mail software.

What mail server software should we consider or exclude from our list and why? Are there any special considerations we should be aware of when setting up our mail server? What are good options for spam filtering and virus protection? What other features should we be considering?


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I have had Avast Free anti-virus for a long time. At some point, after an automatic upgrade, all my messages in Outlook 2003 got an added anti-spam toolbar from Avast. I don't want it.

I did not find any way to make it go away from inside Outlook. It does not appear as an add-on in the relevant places. At some point, there was a register-based solution that was floating around on the Web. It worked with a previous version of Avast, but not with the current one.

I uninstalled Avast (with the proprietary uninstall tool, in safe mode) and reinstalled it twice. At some point, the anti-spam appeared as a separate module, so naturally I refused installation / deactivated it / uninstalled it (don't remember which). Yet it's impossible to make the toolbar go away.

If I de-activate or uninstall the mail shield module, the anti-spam toolbar goes away, but I don't want that. I want Avast to scan my mail, of course.

Now that I have nixed it somehow, the anti-spam component does not show anymore in the Settings / Components panel, not even in order to be re-activated. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature. It happens with other Avast components that I have refused, or uninstalled, and which do not appear anymore in the options panel as an option available for re-activation.

The anti-spam, illogically, is not part of the mail shield component, and no relevant settings appear in the mail shield settings.

A request in the Avast forum did not bring any helpful answers.

Thanks... Read more

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I am using Windows Live Mail, and using Windows 7.

I have turned the Spam filters off for the accounts on Windows Live Mail.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I found that messages were going into the Spam filters anyway. These are not spam messages ? they are messages I should be receiving.

Has anyone seen this before, and does anyone has a solution?

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Greetings All,

I am interested in opening a discussion on the following scenario:

A good friend of mine and me both have Yahoo E-Mail Accounts. Several months ago, evidence showed that his account was getting hacked because about 40 people in his address book were getting spam sent from him that he obviously did not send. This was happening about once every two weeks.

I said the first thing to do would be change your e-mail password. I think he must of done this, because for about two months, everything was fine, until today, when his contacts, including me, got spammed again.

The thing is, I don't want to just click the Spam button, because he is a friend and trusted sender. Than, it is going to block good e-mail, legitimately sent by him from getting to me. If you are familiar with Yahoo Mail, there is the default option, where you can read e-mail from your contacts first. Good e-mail comes in with his name from my address book. Every couple of months, the spam comes in, and when it is the spam, it is shown as being from his e-mail address domain name:

For example: Let's say that this his name was "Joe Blow." If it's legit from him, it shows his name with the Subject that he tells me the e-mail is about. If it is from the Spammer, it just gives his e-mail address often with no subject in the subject line, so at least I can tell between the two.

I used the Yahoo Mail Spam Report Form, which asked for Full Headers and the Content of the E-Mail ... Read more

Answer:An E-Mail Spam Question? Dealing With Spam From Trusted Senders

For your friend, I would suggest doing as many antivirus scans, spyware scans and malware scans as possible. There are numerous online scanners, like Housecall, ESET, Panda, BitDefender and Kaspersky.

Ask him to take a look at this:

He may also have fallen victim to this over the holiday season:

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Hi All -

Quick question. The college I work for is working on moving towards Google Apps for EDU for our mail. Our last mail server had a built-in listserv feature. Google has the groups feature -- but we may want something a little more advanced -- such as ability to have an administer OK or not OK e-mails to everyone in the domain.

Any suggestions on listserv software?

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This morning when I sat in front of my computer, I noticed that my firewall and anti-spam programs were not running. Some other programs that normally run in the system tray were also not running. The weird thing was that my internet connection was still up.
My WinTasks program wouldn't run when I clicked on the desktop icon, so I disconnected my internet and ran the anti-virus program. Nothing. So I ran the anti-spam program.Nothing. I even ran Spybot. Nothing. I ran Registry Mechanic and there were a few things that it fixed. To be safe I ran Restore, and everything seems to be fine now. Malware???

Answer:Anti-virus and Anti-spam apps gone

Possibly even a hacker. are you using a hardware/software firewall? if not, consider at least a hardware firewall and check out some of the free firewalls. this is better then nothing

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Just got rid of McAfee since they have doubled on their prices from last year.
Any other suggestion on what to buy or get for free?

Answer:anti virus+ anti spam

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Hi, I am a complete newbie to PC's.

I found that my browser automatically opens every now and then. I have downloaded HijackThis and this is the report i got.... please advise which is the problem!!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 09:23:03 AM, on 2011/08/03
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InterVideo\RegMgr\iviRegMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LS... Read more

Answer:Anti spyware / anti spam

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resouce! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the low... Read more

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My friend is having a problem where she is using Windows Live Mail to send e-mails, but they are always received in the recipients' inboxes as "spam". How does she fix this problem? Thanks in advance,

Answer:Windows Mail Sent Mail Received as Spam in Recipient's Inbox

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Subject: Yahoo E-mail Sends Spam Mail without me knowing it.

I have an Yahoo Account that a friend told me that it was sending spam mail to him and it was a suprise to me because I did not send spam mail to that person. What is going on and how do I cure this problem? I use a couple of computers. One had Advast free on it and the other has AVG free on it. The other day AVG expired and it took it off of one computer. I try to put Advast on it and it would not allow me to do that.
What should I do to fix this problem.

What I have done so far.
1. Ran Malware bytes & found 2 infections on quick scan.
I have not done a full scan.
2. Change password and made a second e mail address to the account
and set it to primary.
3. I still need more advice on this subject.
Thank you,

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My emails look like spam to some spam detection software. They are not spam. The problem appears to be coming from this line in the email header:

Received: from jbx241yz (failure[])
by (rwcrmhc12) with SMTP

jbx241yz is the name of my computer. I am using a Comcast cable modem to a NETGEAR wireless router to my desktop Gateway computer. NETGEAR says it is not caused by them. Comcast says it is not caused by them. My email ISP server had whitelisted me so my email can get delivered within their system. I am part-time university faculty and one of my students is getting a spam flag on my emails.

The NETGEAR guy said there must be client-server software running on my computer. I can't see what it might be. I was using McAfee virus and firewall. Gave it up for AVG. That changed the header to what you see now. With McAfee, after jbx241yz it said "Server unknown"

Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Emails look like spam to some spam software

what anti-spam software are you using?

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Windows 7. Having used the likes of security systems Kapersky, McAfee and others over the years, I have been recommended to try the free Microsoft Essentials anti virus software. Has anyone experience of this and what is it like, for example its impact on the system start up time,and its general effect on system running speed. I posted this elsewhere and was advised it is more appropriate to the Helproom. Thank you.

Answer:Microsoft Essentials Anti Virus

I also recently upgraded to Win7 and am using MSE, have done so since MSE first appeared. In my humble opinion it it excellent.
I would also recommend MalwareBytes Pro, worth every penny.

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Can anyone help please.I am running Windows 7 and installed Microsoft Security Essentials. The Virus Scan is set for a scheduled daily scan. (as recommended) I was suprised today,at being told that I had not done a scan recently. I checked tonight at the scheduled time and true enough, the scan did not run. I have changed the time etc. to see if I could kick start it, but no luck. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. J

Answer:Anti Virus Protection in M/S Security Essentials.

just to make sure it isn't working follow these instructions and schedule a scan for 5 minutes from now click here

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Does Microsoft Security Essentials have anti-hacker capabilities? I mean can it stop hackers from entering my computer? I read its description and it does not seem to mention anti-hacking but I was told that it does have anti-hacker capabilities. Thank you.

Answer:Microsoft Security Essentials and Anti-hackers?

Quote: Originally Posted by hazel m

Does Microsoft Security Essentials have anti-hacker capabilities? I mean can it stop hackers from entering my computer? I read its description and it does not seem to mention anti-hacking but I was told that it does have anti-hacker capabilities. Thank you.

That's what a firewall is for.

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I have Microsoft Security Essentials. Should I also download a free anti-spyware package, or would that confilict with MSE?I have used Spybot in the past. Is this the best?I also have installed the free download of Malwarebytes anti-malware. Pleae tell me if this does more harm (i.e. it intereferes with MSE) than good. (My understanding is that malware is different from spyware.)Thanks very much indeed.

Answer:Microsoft Security Essentials plus anti-spyware?

malware/spyware is different to viruses, so, no problem running MSE with anti malware/spyware. I have MSE, Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. No conflicts.

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Is there any way to reject an e-mail in outlook, so that it sends the sends a reject e-mail back to the sender, making it appear to them that the address that they sent to is invalid?
I would rather do this like you can in "mail" in OS X then simply try to block spam from Outlook 2003.

Answer:Reject Spam mail in outlook, as in OS X Mail

There are many such applications to do this, such as MailWasher.

However, please think carefully about it.
Spammers send out spam that depends on clicking a link or on an embedded HTML code requesting an image download that registers the "hit" with an entirely different website that the one the spam originated from in 99% of cases.

They never check the original outgoing mailbox, in fact most are probably shut down by the ISP shortly after the payload was sent.

"Bouncing" the message back therefore has no effect, its not seen or noted.
All it does is chew up yet more bandwidth, for which we all indirectly pay for in ISP fees.

Mailwasher is good to allow you to view the email header and delete it from the ISP server, so it's never downloaded at all. Just don't bounce it, for everyones sake.

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I use Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. For the last year or so, I've used Avast Anti-virus and Malwarebytes. However, today I had a nasty case of the Metropolitan Police virus and now am considering using Security Essentials instead.

Should I uninstall Avast, or does anybody have any other suggestions re which tools to use to protect against virus, malware, ransomware?

Thank you.

Answer:Avast anti-virus or Microsoft Security Essentials?

NoScript on Firefox

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Can someone please tell me if MSE is as good as Avast in catching viruses? While going through my list of installed programs on Revo Uninstaller, I noticed how much of a "space hog" Avast is: over 1 GB! No wonder it runs like molasses in January! I also use Malwarebytes anti-malware so I'm covered there. I haven't heard much about Windows Defender since I haven't USED it so I can't say whether that is worth using.

I checked out a few other anti-virus programs (went down the list and read the comments) and am considering a few to try and see which works the best. I've tried AVG, Avira, and Comodo in the past and wasn't that thrilled with any of those. Have never heard of Clam, except for chowder (yeah I know bad joke). 360 Total Security/Essentials and Panda (free version) look interesting. Thoughts/comments/recommendations?

Answer:Avast/microsoft Security Essentials/anti-virus

What is your Operating System and any Service Pack? I assume it is Vista or 7 as MSE is not supported on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 - Windows Defender does the job on those OSs.
If you are on Vista or 7, you definitely do not need both MSE and Avast, and given MSE is now old hat, Avast is more up to date as far as its engine is concerned.

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I know this is probabaly a super common question around these parts but I want a completely unbiased approach as to what the best anti virus is for detection rates, removal, and all that jazz. At the moment I'm with AVG and so far it has done me well but I hear that it isn't very good when it comes to detecting malware. I've heard Avast! is good but I've also heard Microsoft Security Essentials is really good and at the moment I'm torn between the two and am not quite sure what to go with.So can anyone here please suggest what is commonly believed to be the best FREE anti-virus? Please don't give me any hyped up marketing jazz, I just want an unbiased opinion. Thanks so much!

Answer:Best free anti virus? Microsoft Security Essentials?

The new AVG is very good and if it ain't broke then don't fix it. If your PC is working ok and nothing untoward seems to be wrong then it is doing its job of protecting your PC. I sometimes get the feeling that if a company released an AV that everytime it scanned told the user it had found a virus/malware even though it really hadn't then it would probably be the most popular AV on the market. But practise safe surfing, be security aware and therefore our AV's never find anything so we immediately think they aren't working. Funny but very true. All the major AV's will protect your PC more or less equally if you observe simple safety rules so if AVG is working ok on your PC and not conflicting with any other programs or slowing down your PC then you should just leave it. However if you visit dodgy sites and surf where you are at high risk then the law of averages says that no amount of protection will keep you safe and sooner or later you will become infected.
I myself use Comodo Firewall Proactive Security with the latest AVG as AV. I have used the Comodo AV as well but for some reason it keeps finding a bug and shuts down the cmdagent.exe which never happens when I just use the Firewall and Def+. I then used Avira but had constant problems with the updater. I then tried Avast5 and again had update problems and now I am using the new AVG AV which I have found very impressive actually and no update problems so far. All of the above mentioned are the free versions.

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Hi, I was wondering if Microsoft Security Essentials is a good anti virus program. I would appreciate suggestions for an alternative program. Lastly, does it run on Linux? Thanks.

Answer:Is Microsoft Security Essentials Anti Virus good?

As per my opinion, MSE works ok but I prefer avast! free.MSE does not run on Linux. Why would Microsoft release something that runs on Linux ? LOLOn Linux you normally do not need any antivirus. But if you want, you can use the ClamAntivirus, avast! or BitDefender for Unices on Linux.

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Question: Anti spam

We're getting slammed with spam with attachments that contain variants of the Cryptolocker. Somebody somewhere must have clicked something in an email and now its a constant onslaught. Users have been briefed not to open these attachments, but at this point we need it to stop. Cant have someone accidentally clicking one of these things and additionally its annoying as shit to have your phone constantly going off.

I run pfsense here and the postfix/mailscanner just isn't cutting it. I have pfblocker installed blocking the top spamming countries as well as 12 or so customer lists of known spam IP's.

mailscanner isn't catching it because it runs off clamav. Clam AV is not detecting these as viruses while all other major AV's are flagging it.

I haven't looked at Untangle in a long time and they seem to have changed their packaging scheme. What I do remember though is that their "free" system back then also used ClamAV. So I'm not so sure that anything that uses ClamAV as the AV engine is going to work.

I even uploaded one of the viruses to my webserver at home and downloaded it through the HTTP virus scanner on pfsense and it passes right though. Workstation AV catches it, but it goes right though the AV scanner.

What are you guys using? What can you suggest?


Answer:Anti spam

Are you allowing executables as attachments? There shouldn't be a way to 'accidentally' click on cryptolocker, strip it out in mailscanner.

I had a client suffer kind of the same thing a couple months ago, basically a spam DOS attack. I had to take out his fortigate firewall and drop in a pfsense box so I could do use pfblocker. Basically walled off the rest of the world was the only way to get his DSL connection usable again.

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Question: Best Anti-spam?

Can I get some opinions on good anti-spam programs that I can download from for free that can be used in Outlook? I've been using SpamAware and it seems to be slowing down my two computers tremendously. When I remove it for a few hours, the computers work normally. When I reinstall, they are sluggish and can't open programs, etc.

I'd like to try something else that others have found to work well for them. Both computers are running Windows XP and using Outlook for E-mail.


Answer:Best Anti-spam?

I'd like to make sure that the program works in Outlook, especially where it creates a toolbar where the user can identify messages as Spam, etc.

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Question: Anti Spam Boy

Was submitted, just wanted to offer a heads up when I spot freeware people might want to be aware of. It installs 3 seperate items of spyware adding toolbars, registry entries, etc. They can be uninstalled and still have the program run. There are spyware free alternatives that are free like SpamFighter.

Answer:Anti Spam Boy

Bas*ards. Thanks for the heads up, MA. Bazza

Another "DO NOT USE" in bold blue ink, in my Excel database, so I can remember in future. Baz


Major Attitude said:

Was submitted, just wanted to offer a heads up when I spot freeware people might want to be aware of. It installs 3 seperate items of spyware adding toolbars, registry entries, etc. They can be uninstalled and still have the program run. There are spyware free alternatives that are free like SpamFighter.Click to expand...


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Question: Anti-spam

I am getting a lot of spam. Is there a free anti-spam program that anyone can recommend


click here

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Question: anti spam

Can anyone please give me a link where I can download free anti spam.
norton is preferable. Thanks

Answer:anti spam

What is your OS? The norton is not free and the antivirus is good, but the antispam is not that well thought of. If you are referring to antispam tools for email, then you could go with a free email app like Mozilla Thunderbird that has a very good filter that you have to train. Then theres yahoo email which also has an antispam feature. I use both of these and highly recommend them to you...doc

The following is a list of tools and utilities that I like to suggest to people. This list is full of great tools and utilities to help you understand how you got infected and how to keep from getting infected again.
Spybot Search & Destroy - Uber powerful tool which can search and annhilate nasties that make it onto your system. Now with an Immunize section that will help prevent future infections.

AdAware - Another very powerful tool which searches and kills nasties that infect your system. AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy compliment each other very well.

SpywareBlaster - Great prevention tool to keep nasties from installing on your system.

SpywareGuard - Works as a Spyware "Shield" to protect your computer from getting malware in the first place.

IE-SpyAd - puts over 5000 sites in your restricted zone so you'll be protected when you visit innocent-looking sites that aren't actually innocent at all.

CleanUP! - Cleans temporary files from IE and Windows, empties the recycle bin and more. Great tool to help speed up your computer and knock out thos... Read more

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Question: AVG Anti Spam

I use Office 2010 with Outlook. I also have AVG AntiSpam installed which used to show two anti spam boxes on the tool bar. "Mark as Spam" and "Retain". For some inexplicable reason these two boxes have disapeared and no matter what, cannot be reinstalled. I have been asked by the M'Soft Outlook 2010 start up programme from time to time if I wished to remove these 'add on's' and told they were conflicting with the Outlook programme. I have always said no and everything has worked fine, up tilll now! Has anyone had any smilar problems with AVG 2011 Internet Security Anti Virus programme please? Any advice will be gratefully received.

I contacted AVG, they took control of my computer and found a Trojan Vundo Variant/F and have removed it (so they say!) I have carried out a full MallwareBytes scan and there is now no sign of it on my computer. Needless to say I am still rather worried as to whether my machine is clean. If anyone can tell me of another good free anti malware prgroamme I could use for a double check I would be very appreciative.


RonB79 and getting older!!!

Answer:AVG Anti Spam

* Download SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition, update it immediately, run a FULL scan. | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!

* Did you do a FULL scan with Malwarebytes?

* Can you please advise where you obtained "AVG AntiSpam."

* AVG took control of your computer? Tell me more about this.....AVG where? Link please.

I run AVG Anti Virus Pro 2011{paid} plus Outlook 2010.
I have no "AVG AntiSpam" installed & had not heard of it until now.

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Question: Anti Spam

Hello all,
My Company has issued me the task of finding a new Anti Spam filter. We use Microsoft Exchange and currently are using the Trend Micro security suite SMB.
We have found the Anti Virus engines to be great and all most infallible, but the antispam and content filtering aspects are crapy and inconsistent.
Various Emails are quarantined for unknown reasons and it causes us a great deal of grief.
So we are hoping to disable it and install another one on top if it.
I found this antispam engine online and I was hoping to discuss it with you
Has anyone used this system?
It sound great but then again I donít know much about the matter
It claims the have the following properties
- Directory Harvesting Attack Protection
Which I think our system have never been subjected to
-Open Relay Protection
I have a little trouble understanding what this is but I believe it means that domains and url's can be flagged using wild cards, which I think is good because I have noticed that in some cases the spammer will use the same names for subdirectories on different domains to host images (which otherwise I think is impossible to filter unless you use text recognition programs which I donít think are even on the market atm, are they?)
Mail Flooding Protection
Which I once again I donít think or server has been subjected to
And finally Delay Filter Concept
This creates a delay in the mail server, and is believe... Read more

Answer:Anti Spam

well its been nearly a week now, and i am sure that if anyone had anything intresting to say on the matter they would have said it already.
thanks anyway

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