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Dell Laptop Screen Horizontal lines at boot or wake up

Question: Dell Laptop Screen Horizontal lines at boot or wake up

Recently my Dell XPS laptop on boot up or waking from hibernation has a few horizontal lines scrolling upwards; sometimes it has a gray screen with lots of horizontal lines on it. If I move the laptop lid back and forth the screen is fine.
I have run Dell diagnostics and all is reported as OK. I have taken the back off and all seems OK. I assume there is a connector between screen and computer but I cannot locate that. I assume that if a display setting has changed, the screen would be constantly poor?
Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Dell Laptop Screen Horizontal lines at boot or wake up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Laptop Screen Horizontal lines at boot or wake up

I assume there is a connector between screen and computer
If I move the laptop lid back and forth the screen is fine.
definitely points to the ribbon cable connecting motherboard to screen. will look something like this, and how to replace click here

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My daughter's hp pavilion dv6-6163cl entertainment notebook has begun to show a gray screen with horizontal lines at start up and after sleep (opening the laptop cover). This lasts for a few moments, then her log in screen appears. There is no sound when the screen appears and no mouse visible. It does not happen every time the computer starts or wakes from sleep.

No new software installed; nothing downloaded. Microsoft Windows is updated.

What I have done already:

updated to latest Intel graphics driver
hp diagnostics test on hard drive and memory (via BIOS screen): both passed
Windows Defender Offline scan
Microsoft Security Essentials virus scan
sfc /scannow
chkdsk /r
safe mode and restart
"windows repair" after pressing f8
selective start up
malwarebytes scan
Spybot Search & Destroy scan
uninstalled McAfee and installed Microsoft Security Essentials
System restore to earlier time
BIOS driver updated

Haven't been able to tell if the problem happens in safe mode because it happens so intermittently.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Answer:gray screen with horizontal lines at start up or wake from sleep

I think it is a connection problem between the laptop monitor and the base--my daughter just showed me the display flickers when she moves the monitor. I've read about faulty or loose wiring between the monitor and the keyboard/base of the laptop.

I'll try to see if we can get this fixed.

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My laptop model is dell inspiron 15 7559 i7 4k touchscreen, i am facing a screen issue on my dell 4k UHD touch display, when i play any game the screen starts to show these horizontal lines (video link at the bottom) 
i have tried following solutions with NO success:-updated nvidia and intel drivers-Changed PC resolution-Changed game refresh rate, V-sync, resolution-turned On/Off v-sync & tripple buffering from nvidia Control panel-tried to play game in window mode doesnt help too
Now following details may help u understand the issue:-when i start game from intel gpu it doesnt show lines in game-when i connect external monitor with hdmi and play game with nvida or intel it doesnt show these lines-The lines only show during gaming with nvida not while browsing watching movies etc.. but dont show up on external monitor even with nvida
My display is 4k UHD touch screen, laptop is in warranty i dont want to send it back for repairs unless necessary.. any help would be appreciated Sir, hope for a good response THANKS..VIDEO LINK: LINK: gaming flicker.avi

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I have a Dell E6410 and of late I have noticed that my system locks up with horizontal lines on my screen. No keys work and I have to hit the power button to shut down and restart.

It's a Core i5 with Intel Graphics running Windows 7 64bit.

It's under Dell cover and they already replaced the screen and motherboard but the problem continues.

I have ran Dell Diagnostics as well which ran without any problems.

I have a screenshot here. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
imgur: the simple image sharer

Answer:Lockup & Horizontal Lines on Dell E6410 Screen

Almost every entry in your event log seems to be this:

Log Name: System
Source: SMSvcHost
Date: 2012-11-17T17:46:49.000
Event ID: 8
Task: Sharing Service
Level: Error
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: S-1-5-19
Computer: Arun-Dell
An error occurred while dispatching a duplicated socket: this handle is now leaked in the process.
ID: 2168
Source: System.ServiceModel.Activation.TcpWorkerProcess/56716384
Exception: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: The client was unable to process the callback request due to an internal error. For more information about the error, either turn on IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (either from CallbackBehaviorAttribute or from the <clientDebug> configuration behavior) on the client in order to send the exception information back to the server, or turn on tracing as per the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SDK documentation and inspect the client trace logs.

Server stack trace:
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.ThrowIfFaultUnderstood(Message reply, MessageFault fault, String action, MessageVersion version, FaultConverter faultConverter)
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.HandleReply(ProxyOperationRuntime operation, ProxyRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.EndCall(String action, Object[] outs, IAsyncResult result)
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannelP... Read more

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I recently noticed that my 2 month old M3800 laptop has 2 horizontal lines / bands running across the laptop display.  I have 2 dell monitors setup with no issues, the lines / bands only appear on the laptop screen.
Anyone else encounter this same issue? 
I am ready to contact Dell for a replacement / fix...

Answer:Dell M3800 Display with horizontal bands/lines across screen

This seems to be an issues with many M3800's I've had 5 different machines displaying this issue. The horizontal lines come at 1/3, 2/3, and at the bottom of the screen (the one at the bottom is easy to miss.) If you run the built in display test, the lines don't seem to appear but they show up quite readily if you use 3rd party screen testing programs (I use PassMark MonitorTest), specifically on Grey and Green colors and screens with horizontal gradients where the color changes along the lines.
Definitely get it replaced, but don't be surprised if the replacement ends up doing the same thing. (I've had two different 'fixed' units have recurrences of this issue.)

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I'm new here and I have a problem with my screen, every so often I get random lines going through it and it can happen at any time and sometimes not at all example:
They happen randomly in short bursts like it will last 5 seconds then stop or if not I close my laptop and open again and its back to normal. I'm not sure if its a driver problem or hardware since my laptop is still fairly new and this issue only started not too long ago.
Its an MSI laptop using windows 10

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I am getting horizontal lines across the laptop screen and the screen jumps in Windows 8 install hp laptop m4-1003tx.How to solve this problems? Sometime i get many lines sometimes a few sometimes not.

Answer:I am getting horizontal lines across the laptop screen and t...

Welcome to the HP Support Community! I saw your post regarding the problem with horizontal lines across the laptop screen and screen jumps. I will be happy to help you with that. The horizontal lines across the laptop screen and screen jumps could be related to your graphics drivers. This HP Pavilion m4-1003tx Notebook PC support at will let you download the latest graphics driver. Please check to see if you have the latest drivers, else download them from the link and this should solve your problem. Thank you, aim_to_help I work on behalf of HP

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I have a notebook 15-ac083tx.While using my laptop a horizontal line is appeared in the down portion of my laptop and starts to jump and shows the small upper portion in that portion below the horizontal line. When I take screenshot the screenshot seems OK. I am using Windows 10.What will I do? Please help.

Answer:I am getting horizontal lines across the laptop screen and t...

Hi,Can you try attaching the PC to external monitor or TV through the HDMI port and see if the same problem occurs also on the external monitor.You can also try reinstalling the switchable graphics driver and see if there is a change: Let me know,David

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horizontal lines on screen laptop HP pavilion entertainment what steps have to be taken to restore original status to screen.

Answer:horizontal lines on screen of laptop

What is the make/model of the laptop?

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Hi there, I turned my laptop on and all I got was these horizontal lines white/gray ones throughout the screen. I can hear everything loading correctly in the background, and I can even get the screen to display a nice correct image if I bend it at the top in and out a little bit.
So what do you guys think it could be? I was thinking maybe a bad inverter, or ribbon cable? I'm not sure and would appreciate any info so that I can order a whole new screen, or a specific part, thank you.

Answer:Horizontal lines across laptop screen

Also if it helps I plugged it into a monitor through VGA and it worked fine. I also reseated the cable from the board to the screen and that did nothing.

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Hi BC,
A (relatively new) Windows 8 (x64) Toshiba laptop has recently started to get horizontal lines across the screen making it illegible. This happens nearly every time the laptop wakes from sleep/hibernation mode or after being idle for a while.
The screen reverts to normal upon system reboot, so I assume it's software related... Any help/advise solving this problem would be most appreciated!

Answer:Horizontal lines across laptop screen :(

to the Bleeping Computer forum. 
Please post the exact model number of your laptop in next reply. Also enter BIOS setup and inspect whether the lines can be seen from there. Usually you can enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2 during powering on.
If you can post a screen shot of the issue, that will also be helpful .

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? OS - Windows 7
? x64
? Windows Vista originally installed
? Purchased OS from online retailer
? Approximate age of system - 2.5 years
? Approximate age of OS installation - about 4 months
? Have you re-installed the OS? - yes, reinstalled the OS when I bought a new HDD

? CPU - Intel i5-2300 @2.8GHz
? Video Card - Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (manufactured by Zotac)
? MotherBoard - MSI Z68A-G43
? Power Supply - Corsair 600W

Hello, all,

Today, three times while I was playing games on my PC, the computer began behaving strangely (red dot artifacts appeared on the screen) and restarted. This was after I enabled automatic overclocking through my motherboard's BIOS. However, even after resetting the MB settings, I am suffering from system crashes. I can no longer boot into Normal mode - the computer restarts shortly after the Microsoft logo pops up. In addition, there are colored (mostly red) horizontal lines populating my screen, even in Safe mode.

I have tried uninstalling the display drivers and doing a system restore, but to no avail. I opened up the PC case and cleaned the dust from the graphics card fan, but I didn't notice anything in particular out of the ordinary with the unit. I strongly suspect that is a display issue, but before I resign myself to buying another GPU, I'd like to know if the cause lies with the drivers/software or more likely with the physical hardware itself.

I tried running perfmon /report, but it gave me the error "The system can ... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't Boot Normally, Horizontal Lines on Screen

A quick update: I tried moving the GPU to a secondary PCI-E slot on the motherboard. I was able to successfully boot into Normal mode the first time with no issue; however, after Windows began automatically downloading certain drivers, I noticed the red horizontal lines had returned. I downloaded and installed the latest set of Nvidia drivers, but upon restarting to complete the installation, the computer crashed once again. Thankfully, I was able to run perfmon /report before restarting.

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I have a Toshiba Equium P200D-139 laptop and the screen stopped working. It lights up but the display consists of vertical lines, which slowly fade into a black screen.
I tried it on an external monitor and it worked fine, (so presumably cannot be a faulty graphics card/motherboard). So, I thought it was likely to be either be the inverter or the screen itself.
After trying a new inverter with no success, I bought another second hand screen. However, the new screen has the exact same problem with the ‘horizonal lines’ display. Just occassionally, I catch a glimpse of a partial Vista screensaver for a split second but then its back to black. I’m not a technophobe, so any info would be very much appreciated.
Please help, as it is driving me up the wall!

Answer:Solved: Laptop screen with horizontal lines

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I don't know if this is the place to ask this sort of question but does anyone else have a toshiba laptop and if you do have any of you had horizontal lines suddenly appear on your monitor? I started with two blue lines to the left and now I have three blue lines to the left and a yellow line close to the center of the screen. Any ideas on what this is or if there is a fix for this?

Answer:Horizontal Lines on Toshiba Laptop Screen


No as that is a place to say hi, the software, hardware forum areas are where to ask questions on technical matters, but I have moved your post to the Hardware forum as its closest to your issue at present.

What Windows version do you have installed?
What model Toshiba is it?
Did you install any new software before this happened?
If you boot in to safe mode (F8 at boot) do you get the same lines?

At worst it could be the LCD panel on its way out, has the laptop been dropped at all?

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My roommate turned his laptop on the other day and half the screen is messed up. It is horizontal lines in a rainbow of colors. You can still kind of see what should be there but it is pixelated and difficult. When i took a print screen image to post on here, the picture that it took was normal, without the ilnes. Can anyone help?

Answer:Half laptop screen has horizontal rainbow lines

That's pretty much common in laptops/notebooks, it's a hardware issue. Try to connect the laptop to an external monitor; if everything is displayed correctly on the external screen, then your room-mate's laptop has a faulty LCD screen and/or inventer.

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my laptop just expired waranty , and recently the laptop is giving problem . there is a black colour line across the screen of the laptop horizontally.  I just want to know how do I clear the line or how should I do.My waranty just passed, November 17th 2016 , so I would be appreciated if HP can offer a special price or half price for a new unit. it's so unworthy when then laptop face problem just after the warranty period. I believe may user is having problems immediately after warranty. wonder is it the way sould be , immediately after warranty the problem will arise? I need some one to help me out here the problem of the black line immediately. i have already chat support from miss Arintha and miss surenthi, My case No is 3035156651, need respond immediatly  

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HI i am using HP Notebook - 15-af024au for the past 1 and 1/2 year .Suddenly i am facing this black line issue at the bottom of the screen .can you please help me  how to fix this? processor is AMD 64 bit, screen shot attached. thankskaja 

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I've a Dell inspiron 15r se laptop which is 1.1years old( model - 7520). It was working fine until last couple of days. Last week it started giving a horizontal white dot line on the very top of screen( like this ............. in white) for the entire width of the screen. From yesterday or so a similar line started appearing at the bottom too. Both of these line will come and go every 2 or 3 sec. And screen will jump a bit (like say 5 pixel or so roughly) and it will also shake sometimes which makes letters difficult to read.
The problem exists everywhere, even in boot screen. In short when I press power button and screen start displaying something problem also starts.
Today I connected an external lcd monitor via vga cable and it works fine. No line and no flickering. So I guess GPU is ok?? What could be the problem?? Could it be just loose contact or something in laptop screen cable?
Another question: I had warranty including accidental damage protection and stuff for a year. But since I'm outside this period now, what should I do?
And since I'm outside the warranty period anyway is it okay if I open my laptop and try something?
Please help!!

Answer:Laptop screen flickering & horizontal lines in Inspiron 15r SE 7520

If u found the solution please share with me.

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As the title says.

On my new laptop, i use the M.2 drive slot with my Samsung 950 Pro, UEFI boot mode

Yesterday, i tried to connecto my old drive (Win10). After i replugged my M.2 drive and disconnected the Win10 HDD, i got the following screen at boot :

Since then, the machine cannot proceed to desktop unless i press Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Safe mode hangs at ClassPnp.sys

Safe mode boot with boot log enabled does not produce ntbootlog.txt in C:/Windows

Thank you in advance for your help.
PS : If the hang issue is not relative to BSOD sub-forum, please inform me to move thread.

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Does anybody know of a fix for flickering coloured horizontal lines on a Dell monitor?

I have replaced the 470 capacitors but it did not make any difference.

Any help would really be appreciated, or is it time to replace the monitor!

Thank you.

Answer:Horizontal coloured lines on Dell monitor

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I have a Dell Monitor model # 1908fwpt and we have used it as an external for a few laptops now, and on the last two hook-ups it has constant, non-flickering white horizontal lines across the screen. The only resolution that doesn't is 1280x1024 for some reason. I have changed the cables, used both VGA and DVI, and run the self-diagnostics and updated all drivers. I have chased this issue up and down and not been able to come up with a way to fix it. The monitor is not old, it hasn't been used very much, and I really don't want to replace it...

Any thoughts? Since its done it on a few different computers I tend to think its not a driver issue, or a cable issue... And the one resolution it works on is all stretched out and flat.


Answer:Dell LCD Monitor Has Horizontal Lines on all Resolutions but 1280x1024

Have you tried posting on the Dell Video forum? That would be a good place to start.
Monitors Forum - Monitors Forum - Peripherals - Dell Community

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I wasn't able to read what it says before the computer restarted.
Little back story, the computer had started running loudly which escalated to making a noise that almost sounded like grinding(or a piece of cardboard stuck in the fan). Couldn't figure it out so I gave up, last time I used it was January, but between last August and then it was only sporadic usage. A few weeks ago I turned it on again and there has been no abnormal noises, and out of no where I get the BSOD, computer still seems to be running fine.
Going to bed now, but will be on tomorrow afternoon to run any scans or give and needed info.
Thanks in advanced!

Answer:horizontal squiggly lines then BSOD-dell inspiron all in one desktop

Let's try looking at these reports:
1)  Please provide this information (even though you may not be reporting BSOD's) so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
2)  Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).
FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:
While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility:

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Hi everyone.
I have joined a new company and they provide 4K monitors to designers. So we had 4 items in the office, each being DELL P2415Q. I have hooked one up and it looked great. Then I got another one and I noticed the second one has faint grey static horizontal lines across the screen. The were visible closer to the center, but almost throughout the whole screen. More noticable when looking at it from top down. When I move my head from top to bottom I see they move comparing to the items on screen as if they were lifted a tiny little bit from the screen surface. I tried different cables, both DisplayPort and HDMI, I tried different PCs, even Mac. Turned out 3 out of 4 monitors had those gray lines and I was just lucky to get fine one as the first one. We ordered 3 more as a replacement and all 3 of them came with same grey lines. It's hard to believe 6 out of 7 items are defective. Did anyone have this before? Is there anything I can do about it? It's very annoying to have a super sharp monitor just to see grey lines all across eveything I look at. Mosty visible on white background.

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Hello all.

I have a Dell Latitude D600 and at random times the display will flicker with horizontal lines. I can sometimes agitate it by gently twisting the LCD and it will flicker. I've done some research before and thought the problem would be the flex video cable, which I ordered and installed, but it still flickers. The LCD looks cosmetically perfect, as well as the inverter. The display backlight isn't flickering, rather there are white lines that flicker randomly, so I don't think it's the inverter.

I hooked it up via VGA to an external machine and only the laptop suffered the flicking so I believe that the graphics card is fine.

Here's a video on what I'm talking about.
Dell Latitude D600 Display Flickering - YouTube


Answer:Dell Latitude D600 Display Flickering (random horizontal lines)

Bump. I checked the flex cable connections to both the LCD and motherboard, and they're both fine.

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I have a Dell Vostro 3450 running Windows 10 and I have a issue with my laptop screen (please see the attached photo)  .

This issue comes only when I use my laptop screen sometimes and it goes away after some time but when I connect it to a external monitor the screen display works perfectly. I tried taking a screenshot of the laptop screen when this issue happens but the screenshot doesn't show this issue. What may be the problem and can this issue be fixed ?

Answer:Display problem in Dell Vostro 3450 (Horizontal colored lines)

Based on the troubleshooting performed if the display is good on external screen then the systemboard works fine. Now that the issue is seen only with the laptop screen I would ask you to initiate the LCD BIST( Built in Self Test) on the system.
To initiate LCD BIST restart the system along with the FN key pressed or restart the system and keep tapping the D-Key. During the test solid colours will be displayed on the screen if the distortion is displayed during the test its confirmed that the screen is faulty.

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I am using windows 2000 and my screen has somehow recently got horizontal lines across the screen about 10mm wide. There are lots of them from top to bottom.I have tried doing a virus check with the system scan check and with Norton Anti-virus but cannot resolve the problem.Can anyone advise.??

Answer:horizontal lines on screen

Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display and check that all your setting are correct. If they are then it may be either your graphics card or your monitor. To find which one is at fault test your system with another monitor.

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Sometimes when I leave the computer for a couple of hours unused, when I come back the monitor is covered in fine, horizontal lines about an eighth of an inch apart. I have to restart to get rid of them. Anyone know what is causing this?

Answer:Horizontal lines on LCD screen

I haven't got a solution but I typed "horizontal lines" into the "Search Forum" box (above)and one possible thread was this: click hereProblem/solution will probably depend on age of the PC, whether CRT or TFT monitor; whether laptop or desktop. Suggest you post back including that info and someone else will have an answer, I'm fairly certain.

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Everyday when I start my PC horizontal lines appears on screen and reboots automatically but after 15 to 20 mins it works properly and works whole day well.

Answer:Horizontal lines on screen

It could be the monitor or the video card. Do you have integrated video or a discrete video card?Windows 7 News!

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hi there!

i got a Benq E220HD monitor and Sapphire 4870 1Gb video card.

in some games that i play, especially when there are darker colors, i see some broad horizontal lines running up and the screen (kind of like those you see if you take a video camera and shoot the screen).

i had the same problem with one of the games (Bioshock) and then i changed the video setting so that there will be V-sync, and everything wa ok, but with other games, nothing that i can think of fixes it.

what should i do?

Answer:horizontal lines on screen?

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pls i can confirm the problem with my system is hardware issue as i have connected with an external monitor and the lines does not appear there. Now how do I go from here.? Product Number is G6R79UAR#ABA.PRODUCT NAME IS Hp envy m6 notebook PC. Please if am going to buy the replacement,how much is it? better still the link to check the parts store I can get it in Nigeria.

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I don't know where to post this question, so started here.

Horizontal lines have started appearing on our Toshiba laptop (about four (4) years old). They start by shading (screen can still be seen through the lines, but very faintly) about one-quarter of the bottom of the screen and move slowly up until the screen is nearly covered.

Have tried everything including a complete hard drive erase and rewrite - nothing has worked.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Horizontal lines on screen

Hi I am not sure right now but I would see if any drivers need to be updated.

1. Clcik start...
2. Type: device manager...
3. update drivers.
4. view
5. show hidden devices

Now look for any yellow warning signs next to any drivers...

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Hello - I am currently using a T61 thinkpad. I noticed that across the entire screen, there is are thin horizontal lines all over the place sort of like a photoshop scanline-effect; is there a way to fix this? If it is dark black or all white, the lines are not visible, but in all other cases (shades, other colors), I can see it. If I move it really close to the screen, they disappear, but looking at it from a normal viewing distance I can see them. Thanks,- Eli

Answer:horizontal lines on lcd screen (T61)

Perhaps this thread would be of some help. Don

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I bought Lenovo Y50 960m version 2 weeks ago...Now when I shutdown/sleep/hibernate my laptop. if I turn it on again while the charger is plugged in, I get random horizontal lines like this video: If I unplug the charger, the lines are gone! I've the latest drivers of everything (Bios, Nvidia driver, intel HD 4600 driver)... 

Go to Solution.

Answer:Y50 Screen horizontal lines!!

Hi Ahmadlight, 
Welcome to the Forums        
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with horizontal lines in your Lenovo Y50 laptop.
Check with different adapter,check with different socket if any other power cable available please try to swap and check for the issue.
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!                                                   
Best regards,                                                          
Ashwin. S

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Hi I recently bought a lenovo y50 and have been noticing a lot of screen problems and was wondering how I could fix it.  I have the Lenovo y50-70 and here are the specs - Intel Core i7-4720HQ [email protected] GHz- NVidia GTX 960M with 512 SSD The screen problems I've been having are some subtle white flashing along with the occasional thin horizontal black bars. Also the monitor sleeps for no reason when I didn't press any buttons and I even set the power options never to sleep.  Thankfully it doesn't happen when I'm gaming, but when web browsing or using other applications it flickers.  I just tried cleaning the power cable with a duster and hopefully that will work. If there are any other solutions to this problem please let me know.   

Answer:Y50 Screen horizontal lines!!

I have this problem too. There are many horizontal lines but when i restart the laptop, problem is gone for maybe 2 days. I recorded a video to show you:

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I'm running XP, I started having horizontal "shadow" lines across my screen. Especially when using Word, or something with a light background and dark text lines. There is just a shadow all the way across the screen where the text(or dark object) is.

I bought a new Samsung 190s monitor. It still does it. Any clues?

Answer:horizontal lines across screen

If you already replaced the monitor, then your video adapter drivers are the next most likely suspect.

Locate the driver for your video adapter, whether on your motherboard cd, from the website or just let XP do it. Go into Device Manager, click on Video Adapter then remove. Reboot. XP will see your video adapter and more than likely install drivers. If you would rather use a different driver go back to your Video Adapter in Device Manager, highlight it and click on Properties>Update Driver and install the better driver from there.

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My Dell 27" monitor have horizontal and vertical lines above image. The image ok is but lines is contrast and sharp. Please help me to solve this problem?

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My Laptop is 13 months old Dell I7 5558, i was facing this screen flicker issue previously ,where i got my Laptop Screen replaced by you ,but now I'm facing the same issue . 
Previously before replacing i used to have just few flicker,now flicker rate got increased even more & Screen Goes black which is really annoying.
Even at the logo Screen I 'm seeing Green & pink lines
Sometimes nothing appears on the screen just  flicker of Green & pink lines & black Screen After that.Where i should  to remove my battery  & place it ,to turn on my laptop in this case.
Problem is not related to software, if that was the case flicker should not be at dell logo screen.
But FYI my Graphic Card Drivers are already up to date.
I Guess the problem is at the hinges or with the monitor or maybe related to mother board itself.
when my laptop screen is less than 90 degree i can see few flicker,when it 90 degrees or more than that ,continuous flicker & black screen later as like monitor looses power nothing .

Any Other Information Required let me know.

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I have a Laptop of 4 years old.Windows 7 is not opened so so that i went to a technical person he told me Hard Disk Problem.So i purchase the new hard disk.
that also when i try to install BIOS will open good and i am trying to install the Windows software its showing the HORIZONTAL LINES appear on the whole screen.

before hard disk it has WINDOWS 7 OS even its not opening at all.

What is the Problem?


Answer:Laptop Problem with horizontal lines

Please post the specs of the Laptop, that way we can help you.

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Hi, I've been trying to fix my computer.  I have horizontal lines on the display/monitor in various colors.  I have already updated my drivers 'ati" and also updated my media card reader driver.  I have tried the various adjustments to my display with no results.  I believe I received a virus from a email.  I still have the email one was photo's the other part of it was a snip of music.  Any information would be highly appreciated.

Answer:Laptop Display has horizontal lines

With abuse, laptop monitors can do that. It pretty much means the connectors between the monitor and the laptop's motherboard.If you see these lines on the screen before windows loads, it's not a virus.How old is this laptop?

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Hello! A week ago I bought the Dell 7567 and since the first day I've had it, the display shows a couple of horizontal lines across the top of the display. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the internal hardware because I have an external monitor connected to the laptop which does not show the lines but maybe I'm mistaken. Is this an issue with the laptop's panel itself or drivers? How do I resolve this issue?
I would love to hear a response, thank you
I have an image to show the horizontal lines: 

Answer:Horizontal Lines Across Laptop Display

Hi AimeeFritz,Thanks for posting.It's possible the problem lies in the LCD itself but here are some troubleshooting steps that may help.- First, connect an external monitor to the laptop then press the Windows key + P at the same time then select Duplicate display and see if the same problem will persist on the external display.- If you'll still see the horizontal lines on the external display that could mean the the problem is the GPU itself.- Do a clean install of the graphics card driver that may solve the issue.- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics card driver.- Next, open Programs and Features then uninstall anything related to the graphics card.-Once that's done, download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer's site of the GPU.- Reboot the laptop once the latest driver has been installed.- After the reboot and if the same problem persists, then I would suggest contacting Dell Tech support in your country for a repair if it's still under the factory warranty.- Also, if the line does not appear on the external display, try to open the laptop and check the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard. If it's still not working after reseating the ribbon cable, the last option would be to replace the LCD completely.

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For the past day random lines have been appearing on my desktop. The following picture is not my laptop but I found this image and its the same thing that happens on my computer.

The lines appear in different spots each time and will stay for a short amount of time. If somebody could help me find out whats wrong with my laptop it'd be much appreciated, cheers!

Laptop INFO:

-Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
-System Model: HP 2000 Notebook PC
-BIOS: InsydeH2O Version CCB.03.61.11F.34
-Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Raedon(tm) Graphics (2 CPUs), ~1.6Hz
-Memory: 4096MB RAM
-Driver Model: WDDM 1.1
-Current Display Mode: 1336 x 768 (32 bit) (60 Hz)
-Chip Type: ATI display adapter (0x9806)
-DAC Type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
-Name: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics
-Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard 3577
-HDD: InsydeH2O Version CCB.03.61.11F.34
-Driver Version: 8.861.1.2000
-Driver Date: 7/5/2011

If you need any additional info to help me with this problem just say so, cheers!

Answer:Random Horizontal Lines On Laptop

It sounds like a bad LCD panel, video cable or the connection. Power on the computer and keep tapping the F8 key then select Safe Mode with Networking. See if the problem appears on screen. You can also choose Low Resolution VGA mode (or something like that) from the F8 menu. That will help determine whether it's hardware or software related.

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I got Y50 about 1 month ago When I start a windows it will have a horizontal lines flicker random in my screenevery 5 minutes and when I open game that use integrated graphic card (GTX 860M)it's disappear but when I'm alter-tab to my internet browser it will happen agianso I have no idea ,what happen with my notebook !?it's like that I had seen other post about this problem on other notebookThey can fix it by upgrade BOIS or driverMy driver version is and my integrated card driver version is 344.75What should I do ? I don't want to change my screen mainbaord thank you for helpingps. I'm Thai and sorry for my English skill

Answer:Y50 screen horizontal lines flicker

Can I asking for something moreMy notebook have a gap between back voer and body like this  other people have same problem ?I'm concern that a dust will into mainboard

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Would appreciate any feedback i could get on this. recently computers been freezing with horizontal lines. I thought this was just happening when trying to load an Internet page, but now it seems to be happening regardless of that.
When running in safe mode, there's no crash at all. I've tried running with low pixel / color definition in regular startup... Still crashes.
- Cleaned out dust / grime on board etc
- reapplied thermal grease
- updated all drivers
- system restore
- memcheck
It's an ms-7309 mobo, win xp home, 2g ram, plenty of memory, Athlon 64 x2 dualcore processor.
I'm thinking there's an issue with the onboard graphics card... Is that a safe assumption?

Answer:Xp freezing with horizontal lines on screen

One assumption is as good as another...the trick is to test whatever can be tested and see if it corrects or identifies the problem .
I would start with uninstalling the current video drivers, via device Manager, then rebooting and reinstalling the video drivers from the motherboard CD.

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running windows vista on hp pavillion dv6000 laptop nnvidia ge force go 6150 video card
1gb ram amd turion tm64x processor tl-52 1.0ghz screen keeps crashing grey horizontal lines

Answer:screen goes grey with horizontal lines

You've tried...uninstalling, then reinstalling your video drivers?

Does this screen also occur in safe mode?


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monitor screen gets horizontal black lines across screen. I have to X out of what I am doing to clear. Then it may or may not return right away, but it keeps happening very frequently as I use computer.

Answer:Horizontal lines on monitor screen

You haven't told us what sort of monitor.To isolate the problem, try/borrow another monitor.If a laptop, you may need one with an USB connection.

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Can someone explain to me why I get white horizontal lines towards the top part of my screen? When I boots up they're not there, but after a while, I think more so after I opens up a browser, one sometimes more white horizontal lines appear. I tried to change the resolution but nothing happens. There is only one refresh rate of 60Hz and can't select any other. I've had the computer for about 18 months now - it's a Lenovo C320 all-in-one touch screen using Windows 7 Home Premium.

Answer:White Horizontal lines the top of my screen

Tried updating the graphics driver?
60Hz is default for a Flat Panel Display.

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Horizontal lines keep appearing on my P50 display like this:

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So i bought this laptop a month ago . I had a problem in the first week where the screen would flicker whenever i moved the lid so i gave it to the service center . They told they had to change the les screen as well as the led strip connecting the display to the motherboard. They repaired & returned me the laptop after a week & and now this is what's happening. The has horizontal lines of flickering at random basis mostly the green color. It's fine when i play games . I reinstalled the Intel graphics and nvidia graphics from the Lenovo website & still it's there . This is going to be my last time I ever buy a Lenovo laptop . If anyone could suggest what do to it would really help . The laptop is still under warranty. I have a video link to show the problem as well . 

Answer:Screen Flickering with horizontal lines.

hi awais96,
Welcome to the Forums.
I looked at the video and your problem might be similar to this and this thread.
Since you've already tried the Intel graphics driver from the lenovo site but didn't work, can you consider uninstalling that and installing the driver directly from the Intel's site and observe.
Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8.1* [15.36]
If that doesn't fix it, consider updating the BIOS (9ECN43WW(V3.03)) and observe.
Let me know how it goes.

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Hi,since I use Windows 7 X64 on my T500 2241, I have problems with many horizontal small lines on the display. The same I have on an external monitor. With Win XP 32 bit I never had such problems on this computer.May this problem is related to the video driver. I'm using: Intel Mobile 4 Series express chipset driver version I have made the latest bios update for my computer.Nothing helps. Is there an better idea? Many thanks Michael 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Screen Problems horizontal lines

Are you using 1 + 2 gigs ram configuration.

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An hour ago I was on my computer and everything was hunky-dory. Get back on and, voila, screwed up screen!


Swapped video cards, still red lines. Swapped cables, still red lines. So it seems like a problem with the LCD itself. But, then pressed the menu button on the lcd and it's option menu is clear as day.


I am confused. Could the motherboard be the cause? Has anyone had a mobo mess up there video feed? Any other ideas?

PS: no other comps to test on

Answer:Horizontal Red Lines on LCD: Screen or Mobo?

Have you tried reinstalling drivers? Tried a different monitor? Looked to see if any pins are bent on the video cable?

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Got new T470s just four days ago and today I see two black horizontal lines across the screen. The lines appear as soon as the laptop is booted (the two lines are there even on the Lenovo start-up screen), and are present in BIOS as well. I suppose it's panel problem?

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have a computer with xp...yes, I know.

clean install of windows 7...about 35% installing files, I get lightning-bolt looking horizontal lines across my screen. has happened 3 or 4 times at same point in install. any ideas?

Answer:horizontal lines on screen during install

Hiyya 7up mate first up


Can we have some systemspecs please as what you have posted gives us not that much (or anythingat all with some folks) to work with and given there are so many manufacturersof components and configurations that do influence what goes on within anygiven machine and OS.
System Info - See YourSystem Specs

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Hey everyone... again I just wanted to ask about something I've been noticing with my LCD monitor. I see these faint, horizontal lines that run across the screen... they're really barely noticeable, but I know on my Windows log on screen with the blue background, I can see them pretty clearly.I just put in a new video card a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if the lines have been there since putting in the new video card or if they started some time after putting it in, but I know they weren't there with my old video card.Something that I thought might be contributing to this, though - my video card doesn't have a VGA port. I had to get a DVI-VGA adapter for it so I could plug my monitor in. Do you think this could be causing the faint lines? I've checked and reseated the cable running both to the monitor and to the card, but the lines still appear.It's really not a big deal for me - like I said, the lines are barely noticeable, but I just want to make sure that something more serious isn't going on as my luck with computers is pretty awful lol I've searched around online and can't really find anything related to this issue, so I wanted to check with you guys and see if you had any ideas, suggestions, etc Thanks in advance for any help!Monitor: ViewSonic Optiquest Q19wbVideo Card: ATI Radeon HD 5670Oh, and my temps are and have been fine. Right now, and while just working or surfing the Internet, CPU temps are at 28/32C. GPU at ... Read more

Answer:Faint horizontal lines on screen...

Have you tried changing the resolution and the refresh rate?QuoteATI Radeon HD 5670I was planning on getting one of those, hopefully that is not the problem.

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Hello,I just bought a new Pavilion dv6 (LW272UA#ABC) ten days ago and I've noticed that after the screen turns off due to inactivity, or because I close the lid to let the notebook sleep, two to three horizontal white lines flicker on and off  at the top of the screen every few seconds until I restart the computer. Should I be worried ? Should I ask for a replacement from the store tomorrow or should I wait to see if the problem becomes worse or until HP/NVIDIA release a driver update ?

Answer:Horizontal flickering lines on dv6 screen

I have had this same problem, I bought a pavilion dv6-6140us on Aug 4, 2011, it had the horizontal line issue. I exchanged that one on aug 17, 2011 to my local best buy for the same exact laptop. yesterday this new system starting doing the same thing. glad to know im not the only one, any help would be great. I dont believe the issue is with the graphics card because I have a raedon and constantin has a nvidia. however I have noticed that the problem is more severe when I have something in fullscreen. so maybe it is in the programming, but I feel like its a hardware issue. Thanks in advance ?

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At the top and the bottom of the screen horizontal lines are flickering and intermittantly moves the screen in a vertical direction. I tried to resolve using hard reset method but no luck. it would be really helpful if someone can assist with their valuable solution. Thank you! 

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I keep getting what seems like static line horizontally across my screen I just bought this laptop a couple months ago any help?? <br />
<br />
Hp 2000-369wm notebook PC

Answer:Horizontal lines a cross screen!!!


You might have a bad power inverter board. This is the board that powers back light to the lcd.


This is what it sounds like.. Check your RAM. You might need to reset it or it could be bad. If you have two sticks of ram in your machine you might want to try booting your machine with just one of the sticks and then swap it with the other if the problem persists. Remember that you can only touch the RAM when the machine is off... Otherwise you could damage you machine by shorting it.

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Can anyone help me with this problem. I have upgraded a Gateway 450MHz Pentium 2 desktop pc by replacing the original 8MB graphics card with an ATI 128 32MB card with WinXP driver. I have also increased the RAM memory from 64MB to 256MB. I finally upgraded Window 98 OS with WinXP Home edition.I then re-installed all the software and everything were worked fine for a while. Sometimes it will run ok for a couple of days and then other times all of a sudden these rows of horizontal dotted lines appear across the whole screen. Re-booting gets rid of the problem until it does it again. I have tried altering the colour settings in display, either 16 medium or 32 high but neither adjustments seem to solve the problem.Thanks guys and gals in advance for your much needed help. gearjammer07.

Answer:Horizontal dotted lines across the screen???

Graphics card driver update? click here

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Hey my monitor has started displaying multiple short white lines all over my computer monitor and a few restarts used to fix it but that no longer seems to be working. My pc resolution also seems to be affected. Making most of my icons unreachable. Any suggestions on how to fix or just what's wrong with it would be greatly appreciated.

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i was just sitting watching a film on my laptop when a black line appeared right across the middle of the screen, i havent banged it or dropped it so am confused and a bit annoyed as to why it has come up 
i have a lenovo yoga 213 laptop which i have had for just over a year
any help would be appreciated as i have not done anything to cause this line it just came up
Mod Comment: Moved post into proper forum. Edited subject to include model.

Answer:Yoga 2 13 Screen horizontal lines!!

Seems like a defective display. It happens, but Lenovo can fix it! Contact Lenovo support by visiting 

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Today I was using my Yoga 910 on Netflix 4K. After some moments some black line started appearing below the screen.Is it possible to fix this by a software update?I had a lot of problems with my Yoga, starting in the hinge caps coming off, then the left fan started buzzing and now the screen. For me it's very difficult to send this laptop to repair because most of my time I am traveling. Can anyone help? Thanks 

20180110_194853.jpg ?498 KB

Answer:Yoga 910 Screen Horizontal Lines

Hi GameForcePT,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You can connect the laptop to an external display to check if the same line appears.
I would also encourage you to do a back up plan as early as today while the warranty of your machine is up.
With all other issues happening, it would be better to call in technical support and have this reported.
Update us how it goes.

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Hi people, I have a problem with my Lenovo T60 laptop screen where horizontal lines appear on the screen at random times as I sometimes have long stretches without this problem. Turning the laptop off and back on seems to fix the problem short term.
Any idea what is causing this?. I have read online that it might be a loose ribbon cable. Some real help from experienced techs would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Horizontal lines on lcd screen

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Hi, apologies if i am posting in the wrong section, it is my first post.

I start up my computer, the bios runs as normal detecting drives etc. then it gets to "loading operating system..", from here it either stays that way or changes to a screen with horizontal blue lines and if you wait a little longer still, other colored lines appear aside these blue lines. This all happens at the top of the monitor.
I have tried to restart my PC several times and the same thing happens with these lines. I have also tried changing monitors, unplugging all inputs. Nothing.

IF there is any extra details you want, just ask.

What is the problem here, and what is the easiest way to fix it?

Answer:On boot, horizontal blue lines. No startup.

Hello guppyfish and welcome to Seven Forums.

When a computer fails to start it can be software related (perhaps a damaged or corrupt operating system) or hardware related (a failing hard drive, video card, etc.) Another posibility is the computer became infected with some kind of malware that has damaged or corrupted the boot files. It can be very time consuming to try to isolate the problem.

Can you boot your computer into Safe Mode by using Advanced Boot Options? If yes, you may be able to roll back your computer to a date/time before the problem began with a restore point.

Safe Mode

System Restore

If there are damaged or corrupt system files you may be able to repair them by running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot your computer after each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If the problem continues, one of the Forum experts prepared this troubleshooting guide. Many people have been able to fix their computer issues by following the steps exactly.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hardware: HP Compaq Presario 2170US
Platform: Windows XP Pro (clean install)
Video Adapter: Radeon IGP 340M
Driver (5/15/2004)
Chip RS200M AGP (0x4337) Integrated
64 MB, Internal DAC(400MHz)
Monitor: Digital Flat Panel
60 Hz Refresh Rate (only setting possible)
1024 x 768 resolution, 32 bit color depth, 96 dpi
Video Driver & Control Panel: ATI
Display Driver 8.003.3-040515a-016016C
Control Panel

Issue: Flickering horizontal lines across the monitor.
The flickering is intermittent, it can be gone for weeks or longer without a flicker. Then it will develop and worsen over time until I can’t even see the screen to shut down the computer. It doesn’t seem to matter to the flickering if the computer has been on for a minute or a day.

When I plug in an external monitor, it has perfect display, even when the laptop monitor is unreadable.

While playing a DVD on ‘Intervideo WinDVD 4’, it displayed perfectly if I didn’t open the player window to full-screen. Once I enlarged the player window past a certain point it would go from clear to (not just lines) huge blocks of rapidly scrolling graphical chunks. Totally scrambled. Before this last use of the player, I could maximize the player window without problems.

Right now I have lines (more prominently off the left edge of the screen) across the screen, but I can still see to work on it. If I place my mouse cursor in the lower-left corner, ... Read more

Answer:Monitor Horizontal Lines -- Laptop Flatpanel

If it's a hardware issue then I don't know, but I suggest lowering your refresh rate or the resolution

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I have a hp dv6000 running vista that has recently put a lot of horizontal lines in the monitor. They are lines that are discolored and make it very hard to read, like it's every other line of resolution. I have raised my font to get through a project, but need to get this fixed or get a new laptop. A local repair shop said it was probably the monitor ribbon cable, that's where they would start. They wanted around one hundred dollars for the cable and time, and it may not solve the problem. My thought, is that the cable would be an intermittent problem, power would be black screen, and vid card would be black screen. The laptop runs as usual, its just missing half the info on the monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? The laptop is disassembled because I was going to order a new LCD for it, but came here before clicking on buy.

Answer:Solved: Laptop monitor has horizontal lines

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Any repair place worth its salt should have a look at the machine and do some tests (which may cost an hour of time) before suggesting a replacement part, which may not even be the faulty component.

If you can get the laptop back together and do a simple test (below) it can help to narrow down where the fault lies. It could be the LCD, the Graphics Card, RAM or a cable / connector, drivers or something else, hard to say at this point.

Plug the laptop into an external screen and see if the problem occurs there. If it doesn't then it could be the LCD itself or a cable / connector between the GPU and LCD. If the problem occurs on the external monitor it is more likely to be a problem with the GPU itself which would likely require the entire motherboard being replaced.

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My system:
DELL XPS 15 Laptop 9530
Windows 8.1
About three weeks after I purchased this machine, flickering horizontal lines began appearing across the screen.  They are transparent, a little less than 1cm in height and traverse the whole width of the screen.  Each line is separated from the next by about a quarter of the screen height.  There are three of them currently and they always appear at the same height on the screen.  They are barely noticeable on a white background but can be prominent and annoying on dark backgrounds or photos etc. 
Have run all the diagnostic protocols on the DELL website – everything working perfectly. 
Not sure whether this is a hardware or software problem.
Any help appreciated. 

Answer:Flickering horizontal lines always on screen (XPS 15 9530)

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum .
In this case do confirm if you have performed these steps and advise ,
*Have you checked the system's performance in safe mode ,because safe mode uses very minimal drivers and graphics if the issue is seen in safe mode then its a hardware issue.
*What happens when an external monitor is connected to the system ?If the lines are not seen on the external screen then the system board works fine  .
*Have you tried to initiate LCD BIST ( by restarting the system and pressing the D-Key on startup ,solid colours should be visible clearly if the test passes )
*May I know how were the diagnostics initiated on the system.
Hoping to hear from you soon with the service tag of the system (send it via private message only ) so that I can check the specifications of the system .
Kindest Regards ,

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I have a Y510P IdeaPad. Recently I've been getting random but rather frequent flickering on the screen (horizontal lines moving up, static-like, not extremely severe but very annoying). The flickering lines almost always appear either if I leave laptop running for long time, or shortly after I launch a graphic-intensive program like a game. It might or might not have to do with heat buildup instead of GPU, no ideaIf I random move the laptop around, or gently press on the edges of the screen, the flickering lines MAY weaken, but after a while comes back againScreenshots taken do not show flickering linesAlready tried:Restart laptopNo errors in device managerGPU driver at latest, both the Intel HD and the Nvidia OptimusReset 3D settings to default in Nvidia Control PanelChecking monitor refresh rate (60Hz, can't be changed)Anyone know how to fix this problem?

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HI guys,

I don't have the model on me now, but recently I worked on a Compaq Desktop computer. At random times (could be any program open), it would go to a grey screen with weird horizontal lines. I upgraded the video drivers, ran a video stress test and it went over 2 hours with no problems.

The customer just reported to me that it happened again so I am thinking that maybe it is a faulty motherboard (video built onto motherboard). What do you guys think? I didn't wanna give the customer the run around saying "Let's try 1) putting in a new video card then 2) lets try reformatting and lastly 3) lets replace the motherboard)"


Answer:Compaq going to a grey screen with horizontal lines

Sounds like a possible bad connection at the monitor
or video card.
Might try disconnecting and reconnecting the video cable
or just try a replacement.

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My laptop screen has black horizontal lines that block display all the time. The colour of the lines is a different black than the screen and can be visible even when the laptop is switched off. How can I send it for repair?

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I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate a week ago and in the past two days, when I have started my laptop up, after 10 minutes or so, I suddenly get horizontal coloured lines in blocks on my screen (screen goes blue or black with coloured lines flickering all over it), or it flickers and goes white.

I have no choice but to force it to shut down and then it usually takes 3 to 4 forced shutdowns before it works normally with no problems. It was a clean install and I have updated the display driver, but still have the same problem. The guy who installed Windows 7 won't get back to me, so I can't talk with him to see if he knows what happened.

It?s a satellite A350 laptop, and is only 7 months old. I had no problem with Vista, so it seems to me as if it's something to do with Windows 7. Can I still keep Windows 7 and stop this problem or do I have to revert back to Vista and if so how?

My computer didn't come with any recovery disks etc. If anyone has the same problem or knows how to fix it please let me know, I need my laptop for exams so the sooner I get this fixed the better.

Answer:Windows 7 causes screen problems - horizontal lines

My guess would be some corrupt display drivers. What model do you have? Make sure you install the latest drivers for you OS.

It's either that, or you graphics card is overheating.

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I have also the problem in my Lenovo Y70-70 touch laptop.There are two main reasons and fixes proposed:1. Driver & BIOS update2. Loose screen cable After reading all the suggestions and trying everything(using Lenovo's drivers, BIOS update etc) I concluded there is a problem between graphics and CPU usage. So I followed the solution 1. Download Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility2. Change the values as shown in attached image. ?    Problem solved      

Screenshot_1.jpg ?294 KB

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Hello All

I have a dual screen setup, with my desktop extended to a second monitor. A week or so after updating windows 10 with the creators update my dual screen set up is experiencing a large horizontal line traveling up one of my displays with shaking below. I have attached an image.
This first happened on my primary display (29" Asus connect with display port). After rebooting the tearing then moved over to my secondary display where it has remained for the last week intermittently. (Samsung 22" connected with a VGA to DVI adapter). Both Monitors are connected to my ATI R9 270.

I have ruled out the display hardware as this issue goes away in safe mode. If I set my computer to only use one display either the 22" or 29", the issue is gone. I have also connected to another computer (mac book pro) and the tearing does not persist.

Other things I have tried:

RebootShut downPulled power cords from monitors and pc for 30 minutesUpdate graphics card driverReinstall graphic card driverTry different connectorsUninstall display device in hardware manager

Any and all help is appreciated as this one is really driving my nuts!

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Hi there. I have been searching for a solution to this intermittent problem and most posts don't seem to actually address the problem I have. Mostly people with limited knowledge suggest the obvious or don't really read hat the issue is. So here is the problem: I am trying to fix a friends laptop which is an ASUS X44L. Upon starting the laptop a white screen appears with horizontal lines (NOT VERTICAL). This seems to freeze on this screen unless I move the screen back and forwards or press the bezel on either side at the bottom. So I have done all the obvious things including updating all drivers, cleaning out any accumulated debris, pulling the screen apart to check the cables are OK and all appears to be good. Now this doesn't happen every time and the LCD seems to work perfectly with no other problems that are obvious so don't think the screen is cactus. About to see if I can check the GPU is seated properly. Any suggestions are much appreciated but please don't suggest things like malware as this has all been checked out and the laptop runs smoothly in every other respect. I am wondering if it is something to do with the bios not properly initiating the GPU but its just a guess?

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After some warnning about corruption of opera setup.exe, I have defegramented my C drive.   After a few minutes, alot of horizontal grey lines appreared across my screen.Now, I can hardly see desktop and standby option is inactive. reinstallation of video driver and system restore did not resolve problem. thanks  


Go to Solution.

Answer:alot of horizontal grey lines on screen

What system and OS are you running?

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Hello All

I have a dual screen setup, with my desktop extended to a second monitor. A week or so after updating windows 10 with the creators update my dual screen set up is experiencing a large horizontal line traveling up one of my displays with shaking below. I have attached an image.
This first happened on my primary display (29" Asus connect with display port). After rebooting the tearing then moved over to my secondary display where it has remained for the last week intermittently. (Samsung 22" connected with a VGA to DVI adapter). Both Monitors are connected to my ATI R9 270.

I have ruled out the display hardware as this issue goes away in safe mode. If I set my computer to only use one display either the 22" or 29", the issue is gone. I have also connected to another computer (mac book pro) and the tearing does not persist.

Other things I have tried:

RebootShut downPulled power cords from monitors and pc for 30 minutesUpdate graphics card driverReinstall graphic card driverTry different connectorsUninstall display device in hardware manager

Any and all help is appreciated as this one is really driving my nuts!

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What i have to do please me 

IMG_20160903_210138.jpg ?4525 KB

Answer:g50 thin horizontal lines flicker across screen

I believe you need a new screen.  It looks like bad connections on the contact tape. 

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HIMy LAPTOP is new, from MAY 2015And it appears honzital lines flicker all the times 3 lines each 1 mn. I m very surprise because i have bought a new PC high premium. What happens ? Please help me ! Thanks Phil

Answer:Y70 thin horizontal lines flicker across screen

Philio wrote:HIMy LAPTOP is new, from MAY 2015And it appears honzital lines flicker all the times 3 lines each 1 mn. I m very surprise because i have bought a new PC high premium. What happens ? Please help me ! Thanks PhilOne possibility is loose connection or dirty contact connections. To resolve this, you need access to the inside of your unit and reset/clean the contacts of the connectors from and to your display panel.

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For the past few weeks my laptop (Fujitsu) screen has been flashing black with white horizontal lines from time to time. This lasted 2-3 seconds until I hit any key or the mouse and it stopped. Today however , as I was online it flashed black with the lines and stayed that way for hours despite my trying to re-start , unplugging etc... Then I turn it on twenty minutes ago and it's back to normal.Anyone know what could be wrong?

Answer:Black screen with white horizontal lines

See, if same thing happens in Safe Mode.

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Hi, I have a HP Pavilion 24-B015A 24" Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop PC, which I have only had for about a month. I noticed a few days ago this perfectly straight horizontal line at the top of the screen that looks like little X's/crosses. I can also see them very faintly when the screen is on but also when the screen is turned off - which means it mustn't be a graphics problem. I just wanted to know what the exact issue/cause of this is as I couldn't find any information about it online. Please see attached image: 

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Hey Guys, I would like to share my problem hoping to find a useful advice.mainly i have 2 problems with my laptop first is the Flickering Horizontal Lines which appears suddenly on the screen and secondly my screen sometimes turn to black but all my work and programs is still running;  but i can?t see anything as the screen turned black completely.both problems can be solved by powering off and on again my laptop , but i want to know if i should go to complain about these as my laptop is still in warranty noting that the 2 mentioned issues appears suddenly so i cant proof that i have these problems. Hoping for assistance and support

Answer:y50-70 Flickering Horizontal Lines & Black Screen

Hi Amrradwan , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Since the issue would be intermittent , next time that it would happen to best take a picture of the image and likewise try to connect it with an external monitor to check if the same issue would appear. 
I would stilll recommend that you call in this issue for documentation purpose and further reference in the future , You may consult tech support for an action plan for this event . 
Update us how things go.

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So recently my computer has been experiencing some issues. Black horizontal lines have been showing up all over the screen. At first they were intermittent but now they seems to be happening more often and it's getting worse. Could this be an issue with the graphics card or the graphics driver? The lines do not show up in a screenshot if that says anything. I have a Lenovo yoga 11s with windows 10 and have only had it for 2 years. I would really like not to have to replace my computer because of this.

Answer:Flickering Black Horizontal Lines Across Screen?

if you ve just upgraded to win10 visit the Lenovo support site to check whether driver updates are available. same also for the graphics card.

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Purchased an open box Y70 Touch from Best Buy last week. I'm getting occassional thin horizontal lines flickering across the screen. It's only intermittent and so far I'm not able to figure out what triggers it. Until this morning, I had only see it happen when plugged in, but it happened for about 30 seconds on battery a little while ago too.  I can return the computer to Best Buy for another week, but I really don't want to because I love this computer and got a great deal on it because it was an open box. Is there any possibility this is a software or driver issue that I can resolve myself?  The problem looks very similar to this:

Answer:Y70 thin horizontal lines flicker across screen

This is an issue with the connection, I must re-set my connection once every month because it slowly becomes off a bit.. here is a video you guys here can check out.. it has nothing to do with software, updates cannot fix this. can thank me later lenovo for shining light on this topic, but when you do find the reason (which I am giving a fix for) I want you to tell them yourselves that we must re-seat the connection.This is a great example to back up my fix, Have you ever sent in your laptop for repair with this issue? did it come back "fixed" and then a few weeks later same symptoms appeared?Lenovo techs opened up your laptop and saw the connection was off a bit and so they re-seat it, but yet the connection never holds. Lenvovo needs to find a new clip to keep it in secure.. so thats what you should do lenovo hint [email protected] please follow the video provided and please report back here when its fixed , if you have any quesions just post here

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I bought my XPS 15 9550 two weeks ago, suddenly the screen started to flicker and it's showing horizontal white/black horizontal lines , I tried to update my drivers, tried to reset my laptop to initial settings, it didn't work.

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Horizontal lines appear at the top of my A100 after using the picture preview slideshow or any photoshop programme. They can be removed when the desktop picture is changed.

The laptop was purchased in April this year. Geoff

Answer:Horizontal lines at top of screen - Satellite A100

From your post the only plausible explaination is that you don't have large VRAM wich means that the refreash rate is relatively low. Althow there coul be other problems, but these is the only conclusion I can draw from your topic.

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Hi,Dell Dimension 4100Windows MePentium III128 MB RAM80 GB hard driveOpitiquest Q9 flat panel displayATI Rage 128 Pro display adapterAbout one week ago, I noticed that short horizontal lines started appearing on my Dell M990 monitor screen. When I moved the cursor around, little white lines appeared as well. I bought a new Optiquest Q9 flat panel display to replace my old monitor, but the problem persists. When I reboot the computer the problem goes away for a while but then reoccurs. Half the time the problem does not occur at all after a reboot. I think there may be a problem with the ATI Rage 128 Pro display adapter but I'm not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Answer:Short horizontal lines on monitor screen

Display adapter problem for sure.  Start by trying the latest drivers from the manufacturer's web site.  If this does not cure your problem, you may need to replace the card.

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I have a Toshiba Equium P200D-139 laptop and the screen stopped working.
It lights up but the display consists of vertical lines, which slowly fade into a black screen.

I tried it on an external monitor and it worked fine, (so presumably cannot be a faulty graphics card/motherboard). So, I thought it was likely to be either be the inverter or the screen itself.
After trying a new inverter with no success, I bought another second hand screen.

However, the new screen has the exact same problem with the ?horizonal lines? display.
Just occassionally, I catch a glimpse of a partial Vista screensaver for a split second but then its back to black. I?m not a technophobe, so any info would be very much appreciated.

Please help, as it is driving me up the wall!

Answer:Equium P200D-139 screen with horizontal lines

>I tried it on an external monitor and it worked fine, (so presumably cannot be a faulty graphics card/motherboard). So, I thought it was likely to be either be the inverter or the screen itself.

Right. I think the issue is related to the display

>However, the new screen has the exact same problem with the ?horizonal lines? display.
Well, it could be possible that the second screen is faulty too? if you bought this as second hand part then it could be possible that you bought a screen which does not work properly.

What to say; it?s difficult to say what you should do as next. Buying a new screen and to check this again? Well, I think I would visit the next computer repair store and would ask for checking the display.
I think this is the best solution in your case?

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Lately my screen has been getting strange it because of my graphic card? here is a picture of what it sometimes looks like....
but it has recently gotten worse i think...please help!

Answer:I keep getting weird horizontal and vertical lines on my screen

Hello Jinx23,
If this card has been in your system for a while, not a new install, then your GPU is going bad.  You might try updating drivers for the GPU and testing the memory, but it looks like a bad GPU chip.
No changes to your monitor? No chance the monitor cable from the unit is loose, checked the connections on both ends?
Run the Dell Diagnostics for hardware, on F12 Boot Sequence, drop down to Diagnostics, you can check the memtest, prepost, etc, but you need to drop down and do a hardware test or a system tree test.
Darrell WV

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When the system is turned on the screen is normal for about 10-15 seconds then the horazontal colored lines slowly take over the screen until it is just a blur after about 60-90 seconds.   I can use the HDMI output to view on my tv with no issues it is only on the laptop screen itself. I am capable of canging a screen if this is the issue but how can I detrmine that is the exact issue and ther is not something else wrong? This is my girl friends computer and I was informed that a can of soda punctured in the same bag as the computer so it did get a small amount of mosture on it.   I do not know how much and everything else is working just fine on it. Thanks in advance for any assistance. John 

Answer:HP 15-1233wm has horizontal colored lines on screen but not...

If it puts out good image to an external monitor and the laptop screen is garbled it has to be the screen. Let us know if you need a Manual, video and a place to buy the screen

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We're having a problem with our HP Pavilion laptop running Windows Vista where it crashes and all you see are horizontal lines on the screen. Below is a list of things we've tried to troubleshoot what the problem is, can anyone interpret from this list what the problem might be or have anything else we can try to narrow the problem down?

- crashes on battery and AC adapter
- updated bios, drivers, ran antivirus, downloaded windows updates, did system restore, still crashes
- when it crashes, music freezes as well, so it's not just video card
- didn't crash when it booted and ran from norton antivirus CD
- rebooted and ran linux from CD, crashed on linux
- removed/replaced battery and RAM, still crashes
- hard disk check completed without problems

Answer:Computer crashes, screen gets horizontal lines

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I see horizontal green lines whenever i try to open my NVIDIA control panel. it goes away after i close the control panel or overlap it while opening a different dialog box. I tried updating my driver, but it just wont work. I have a screenshot of how the lines look like. (NOTE:the lines are only the problem, the words appear so because i have reduced the size of the picture) I use windows XP with built in NVIDIA geforce7100/nforce630! graphics.


Answer:Solved: horizontal green lines on screen

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After traveling, I took out laptop, powered it up and HP logo screen did not come up but white and colored static horizontal lines were floating/fluctuating across entire screen. I searched for an answer on another laptop and did a hard reset which happened to work. But after shutting it down, traveling back home and trying to power up again, it happened again but hard reset will not work now.

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