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Move Program files to 2nd hard drive?

Question: Move Program files to 2nd hard drive?

I recently got a Solid State Drive to replace my other HDD & kept the HDD as a secondary storage drive.
Can I move the program files folders (Program files, Program files x86 & Prgram data)to the secondary drive to free up some space on the smaller SDD which has my windows installation on & Warcraft.
If I can, can I just drag & drop them?
I'm assuming I'll need to replace my desktop shortcuts as they won't follow the programs.

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Preferred Solution: Move Program files to 2nd hard drive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Move Program files to 2nd hard drive?

You will need to uninstall the programs you wish to remove from the SSD and then reinstall from the setup files to your secondary drive. Make sure you use custom install selecting the secondary drive path as your target for installation.
The reason you cannot just move the folders is that the program installations involve registry entries and by moving the folders these will be corrupted and the programs will not work.

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I have a Dell XP that must be old because I am. Anyway I ordered it with two hard drives, both 30Gig. Both are full. Who knew back six or seven years ago that 30-gigs was (were?) not enough?

I have tried to keep C:/ for programs and D:/ for files. I would like to get an external HDD and move programs onto it in order to free up space on C:/

What kinds of problems will I run into? Will the registry be able to keep up or tag along or edit itself or...? Is it even doable? Will it give me nightmares?


Answer:Move program files to new hard drive

There is no real simple way to do that. the only way I know of is to uninstall the programs one by one and reinstall them point at the external drive instead of the C:\ Drive. the best way to do it, in all honsty is to just buy a larger hdd (500gb are around 50.00 these days) and just do a direct drive to drive clone from your old HDD to the New one. A Program like Symmantec Ghost (it's not free but there are others out there that are) will clone everything at a bit level and automatically resize the partition to encompass all the free space.

Just Moving the Program Files directory will only serve to make the programs non-usable. Registry entries will not follow the move.

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I have windows 8.1 and c-drive is system drive.
Programs are mainly installed to C: but I have also some programs installed to E: Program Files, Program Files (68), Program Data etc .
Now I want to to move E-drive contents to another hard drive (all files stored on e-drive).

I think the safest way is to reinstall all programs, but I don't want to do this. Also it is possible to move files to new partition which has another drive letter than e: and create link, but this I don't want to do either.

Can I do it like this:
1) Change e-drive letter to x
2) Create new e-drive to another hard drive
3) Copy e-drive contents to new e-dive
4) that is it?

Can I use normal copy - paste to copy all files?
I think register references are the same after these steps because drive letter and content of the e-drive are still the same.

Does my method work? It sound so easy to do. Is it "too easy"? Does it have any risks?

Best regards

Answer:Move program files to another hard drive

Yes, it should as long as the drive letter is the same and also I would move instead of copy to retain the ownership of the files.

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Basically I bought an SSD to put Windows 7 on along with some of my most used applications.
However, I want to some how put my users folder and program files folder onto my 500GB HD. I?ve tried multiple times to mess with the registry settings but it doesnt seem to work..? I?ve also tried an application but that just meant when I restarted my PC it diddn?t recognise my user account meaning I couldnt log in at all forcing me to reinstall again?
Any ideas? I basically want only OS & a coupel of aps on SSD while having my desktop/users/prorgam files on my 500gb.

Answer:How can I move my user&program files to a different hard drive?

Well this trick may help
User Folders - Change Default Location
Once you've moved the location you should be able to just copy the contents in question.

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I have a Winbook tw700, Win 8.1 32bit, 16gb Kingston mmc boot drive, 1gb memory. As you see it barely has room for the OS so I added a 64gb micro sd card.
Then I changed the Location of the User folders to the sd card. It will not let me relocate the Page File to the sd card. Then I installed a program on the sd card. But the OS doesn't see the sd card as I expected. The installed program is fully functional except it doesn't show uo in Programs and Features. Anything deleted from the the sd card (including User folders) does not go to the Recycle Bin.
When making a disk image with Clonezilla the sd card is not accessible. Some programs will not install to the sd card, ie: Google Chrome. With Chrome installed on the boot drive it is fatally space deprived ie: there's hardly room for the Page File.
So what to do? I read a little about "make link" and ask, is it possible to use "make link" to move the Program Files folder, the User folder, and the ProgramData folder from the boot drive C: to the sd card and then will everything work like I had a bigger boot drive?
Where can I find a step by step instruction to use "make link" as the directions I've found require more knowledge than I have.

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I have a file that is still under F: drive which was a external hard drive which no longer works. The program that is on it is for my walkman (sony) how can I transfer that whole folder or program to the c: drive

Answer:how do i move program files from one drive to c: drive

Past the MS-DOS era, most programs have to be re-installed, not moved. Errors in the registry could happen if you just try to move the program folder (and the program wouldn't function properly). Find the installation media, uninstall the current program and reinstall to a folder on the "C" drive...."Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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I installed a second internal hard drive that worked fine at first, but recently I was not able to move files onto it. I can play movies and move things from it, but when I try to put something on it, the message box telling the progress seems to freeze, and after a long time, I just close it. My computer is normally fast enough to do this in a couple seconds.

Answer:can't move files onto hard drive

We're gonna need way more info...

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i have recently installed two hard drives one running xp and one running linux. I have dvd files on my xp hard drive that i would like to move to the other. Is there any way of doing this?

Answer:move files to another hard drive

????? The "linux drive" is the slave? Why?...the slave isn't bootable. Format the thing with windows. This is a confusing thread to say the least!

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Hey, I'm running XP. I was wondering how I move files from a cd onto the hard drive. When I enter a cd into my disk drive how do I transfer it so that it is now on my hard drive even when you remove the CD.


Please respond

Answer:Move CD files onto hard drive

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Mine is a desktop running Vista ultimate I have been working with a 40 gig drive. I have added another 500 gig drive. There are two SATA ports on the Intel main board. So far so good.It occurred to me that if I did a clean install of Windows on the new 500 drive I could avoid swapping any malware to the new drive. So:I did a clean install of Windows on the 500 drive with the 40 drive unplugged. Then:I reconnected the 40 drive and copied the files I wanted (documents) to CD drive. Looking good so far as I check the files on the CD.I booted from the 500 drive and, alas: I can't see anything on the CD...I unplug the 500 drive and boot from the 40...The files are there where I left them on the CD.I know that there is a flaw in my understanding, but it seems this should work.Any Ideas?Ivan Copas

Answer:How to move files to a new hard drive.

Easiest solution if they are both SATA drives would be to DLoad and use the Free utilities from the 500G manuf site and "clone" the 40G to the 600.Then you completely remove the 40G and setup the 500 as the boot drive and walla ! !'re good to go.The 40 can then be hooked up as a slave...formatted and used for storage.PS: This will work even if the 40 is an back if you need more info.

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Hi guys, computer's running a lil bit slow and wont allow me to install my new mobile phone software as c drive memory is full, i've tried my best to move things to the d drive hard disk but its still really full...

is there any safe way of transferring most of the programs and files over to the second hard drive?

many thanks,

Answer:Solved: how do i move files from c drive to d drive (both hard drives)

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Hi, Im new to the forums.

Im having problems with my external harddrive i backed up all my data so i could sort out my virus problem which i used the removal of viruses guide on this site. After, my computer was "cleaned" i plugged in my harddrive and and it was recongnized by Vista but when i try to move all my data back to where it belongs it wont move back. Could this be a virus problem or is my system in need off a proper virus "hunt" and a good virus "clean". i can access the files they just wont go on my computer



Could it be my hard drive infected with a virus is so tell me how to remove it

Answer:WD 250GB hard drive wont move my files

What happens when you try to transfer files? Do you get an error message? You'll need to be more specific than 'it doesn't work'

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I have a Western Digital USB 160GB External Hard drive attached to my system for storing music albums on. I copy them over using Media Player 10 and scan the sleeve and use this as the thumbnail. I store these ablums in folders A through Z. However, quite often I find that when accessing this drive that some of the files have moved back to the root folder of this "J" drive (where they were originally copied to before sorting them)for no reason. Also, very often, the thumbnail associated to some albums has been replaced by the windows default picture. Anyone point to what is causing this. The file attributes to each folder (Read Only and Hidden) are not checked.Thanks in advanceM Wilding

Answer:External Hard Drive files move for no reason!!!!!

Dunno, something to do with file association?

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I currently have a computer that will not properly boot, so I was wondering if there was a way to move all the files from my current hard drive to an external hard drive, then format the hard drive on the computer and reload the files I know are "clean" or would my only option be to buy a new hard drive, install windows xp on it, and then move the files from the old hard drive to the new one?



PS I have a 160gb maxtor external hard drive and a 160gb hard drive in my Dell Dimension 8400. I can also boot to the recovery console, but safe mode is quite difficult to access and I'm not 100% if I can even access it anymore. If you have any other questions just ask.

Answer:Move Files to external Hard drive to format

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I have an Acer Aspire One netbook that I was running Linux on (Ubuntu 12.4) I had gotten a virus on my netbook and installed Ubuntu so I had a working computer again. Just today, I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop, 15R, running Windows 7. I put all the files from my netbook onto a seagate external portable hard drive and when I plugged it into my new computer it will not open without reformatting. I need these files off of this, and I know there is a way, I just do not know it. help! Thanks in advance

Answer:Move files from hard drive on Windows 7 without reformatting.

What file system is the external HD? Did you format it on Linux or did you use the filesystem it came with?

One thought it if you still have the CD you installed Ubuntu from, you could boot the new laptop from that--you don't want to install but use the Try It option to run Ubuntu live off the CD. Then see if Ubuntu can read your external on the new laptop. Create a new folder on the laptop's C: drive probably sda1 or sda2 (It will have both a Windows and Users folder to help you identify the correct drive) and copy your files over to the new folder.

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Ok hopefully someone smarter than me can help me out:

Problem: I have a game image file I want to transfer to my external hard drive. When I try to transfer it it says my external drive is full. I have about 70 gigs of free space on the drive and the image file is 5 gigs.

I've tried to transfer them to 2 different external drives and both say the same thing, "Drive is full... blah blah blah." My friend has the same image file on his comp so I tried to transfer it to my external drive from HIS computer and same problem.

This leads me to believe the problem lies in the image file. .MDS files and .ISO files won't transfer for some reason. I've tried transferring other files of the same size (about 6 gigs) and they transfer fine.

All drives have been defragmented and error checked. Any ideas??

Thanks for your help!! If you solve my problem I'll take you out for a big steak dinner if you come to Canada. Thanks!!!!


Answer:Can't move my image files to external hard drive!!!

I'm going to guess the hard disk is formatted FAT32 and not NTFS. This limits file sizes to 4gigs, anything larger will result in such an error. You need to convert the drive to NTFS for this to work.

Start, Run, CMD


where x: is the drive letter of the external drive.

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Hi everyone. I am trying to move three JPEG pictures from a floppy to my hard drive. Unfortunately I keep getting an error that says:

Cannot copy "filename": Cannot read from the source file or disk.

What do I do?

Answer:Can't move JPEG files from floppy to hard drive!

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I have been moving some DVD's (iso and avi files) from my hard drive (C) to an external hard drive (I). At this point I have 45.8 GB of free space on my Hard Drive (C) and I have 62.1 GB of free space on my external hard drive (I).

Every time I try to cut a file from (C) and paste it to (I), I get a message: "cannot copy_____: there is not enough free disc space. Delete one or more files to free disk space and then try again." Generally each of these files I want to move is about 4.4GB. There would appear to be ample space on both the sending and receiving drive to handle 4.4 GB. But what do I know.

I have done disk cleanup, and even used Revo Uninstaller to clean out all temporary files, cookies, Remnants, and my recycle bin.

What do I need to do to cut and paste (or otherwise transfer) the files from (C) to (I)?

Thank you in advance. TSF people have always been able to help me on a timely basis.

Answer:can't move files from hard disc to external drive

Hi Ron!

Try a smaller file - just to see if that works. Try a text document.

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Hello. I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 notebook. I take a lot of pictures and noticed they are taking too much space on the C: drive. Yesterday I purchased an external hard drive (Western Digital 120GB). How do I move the photos? I currently sort the photos with Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0.
Can I later on download photos directly to the hard drive?

Answer:Solved: Move notebook files to new external hard drive

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ADMIN: Please don't move this topic. This is NOT related to my previous post regarding indexing. Please leave this topic here.Hi allGlad I found this forum. Hoping one of you uber smart people can help me figure out wtf is going on in my computer. Long story short: I have a Seagate external drive hooked up. I back all my data up to it. The other day I accessed it and to my shock ALL FILES were gone. Poof. We're talking thousands of files. Weird though, the folder structure/tree was still completely in tact!! Every folder is there, it's just the files that are gone. I used Recuva This and got about 60% of it back. The other 40% is gone forever I guess. Very sad as there were about 500 family images that we lost.Anyway, I add more files to this drive about three days ago to test. Sure enough they TOO are gone now but their folders are still there! Ugh! Important to note these files are NOT going to the recycle bin for some reason. They are just being zapped from the drive somehow.SOMETHING/SOMEONE is making my files disappear. This drive is NOT being shared on the network. I ran scan disk and no errors were found. Here is my HT log:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 2:56:07 PM, on 1/31/2010Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.01.3504)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16385)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\LivePerson&#... Read more

Answer:PLEASE DONT MOVE THIS TOPIC! Files disappearing from hard drive -- please help

Was Nod42 and Nod143.exe virus. Eradicated. So far so good. Thanks for all the help guys. ;)

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I had only 1 hard drive c with only 12 % free space . I had a new hard disk added on hard drive d. I used the following software programs clean disk which did clean temporary files etc., search & destroy to get rid of spyware & diskeeper lite to defrag hard disk. i also removed unwanted programs from add/remove programs. The most free space I could get for free space is 14 %. I have windows xp pro os .I don't have the cds because when i had the pc built all the software was installed but the vendor never gave me the cds for any of the hardware. I would like to increase the free space on hard drive c by moving what ever files or programs i can to new added on volume d. What ever programs files etc I can "automatically " move to hard drive D if possible.Any other advice about this problem is appreciated. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Also, does any one know that offers A + certification courses "online" with hands on experience? The reason i ask about hands on experince becuase i beleive that is the best way to learn about just about any topic. Being a radiological yechnologist & nuclear medicne technologisy i think it' very important to correlate what one learns fron class to apply that to hands on experince. I am presently unable to work because of a lumbar spine injury & am very interested in learning about building computers & trouble shooting problems (A + certification) with hands on experience. Any advice is much a... Read more

Answer:how to move files & programs from drive c to added on new volume hard disk d?

You can just drag and drop data files from C: to D:, but any programs you want to move will have to be uninstalled from C: and reinstalled on D:

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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.

As the title says my external hard drive wont allow me to move/copy my files back to my laptop. its a Seagate 500GB external hard drive which I have owed for a few years now with not as much use as id like. I can view photos and other files play videos and music off it but when I go to move a file over to the desktop it pops up with a windows explorer tab showing it has stopped working. which is weird as it has nothing to do with windows explorer then it seems to reload the main screen. I've attached a video showing the problem in the hope someone can diagnose the issue. I did just manage to send a photo and a music file using email back to my computer from the hard drive so its not impossible to get them all back but that would take forever haha. Any help I really would appreciate it and promise once fixed IL use a online cloud service as I know hard drives don't last forever.

it seems I cant upload the video which is annoying as it would make it easier for people to work out the problem.


sorry I thought this was down to just the hard drive but I've just tried copying a file on the desktop screen and then pasting the copied file onto the desktop screen and it seems the issue is happening with the laptop same problem with the windows explorer tab popping up with the message windows explorer has stopped working followed with another message saying windows explorer is restartin... Read more

Answer:external hard drive wont move/copy files back to laptop

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Hi! I do not know when and why did this happen but whoever invented this paranoid (hidemysecretsfrommywife) control system of sharing and permissions should be declared as the Enemy of Mankind, or the Antichrist!
I can understand that one wants to protect C: from malwares. But have you seen a malware attacking an external drive???

I have Windows7, I have an external drive where I store all my pictures taken and my music files. I already tried everything advanced sharing and so on. Still: I can only create a new folder with a right click in the drive or inside existing folders but I can not do anything else. The disk is write protected, check write permissions.
In fact, the disk isn't write protected.

If I create a new folder, I can put in it and do whatever I want inside the new folder. But I have no permission to do anything outside a new folder, i.e. with my original media files!

Why? Who does benefit from this? What is this craziness???

Answer:[SOLVED] No permission to create/ move, copy, delete files in external hard drive

Hi akofalvi.

Try this:

1. Start > Run "cmd" (this opens a command prompt window)
2. type--> diskpart (this will open another command window in a few seconds)
3. type--> list volume (this will list all of the volumes currently recognized in your system)
4. type--> select volume # (this number is going to be your external drive)
5. type--> attributes disk clear readonly

I will say this: this procedure has been met with mixed results and your problem may return. Some have even had this issue and it turned out to be a setting in Windows Media Player of all things (whoda thunk?) One responder in a forum had this to say about this very problem: what i found to fix this was to remove the settings in media player allowing it to re-organize and rename files, after which i went to the tools/advanced/restore media library and allowed it to dump my current library and reset it. That's just an FYI.

I hope that'll help. Let me know.

Good day!


PS: As an afterthought, you may need to log in to the REAL administrator account (which needs to be activated manually) and set your permissions there for your regular user name. We'll go down that path if the above procedure doesn't net you anything positive.

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I need a program to find duplicate files on my hard drive and then give me the option to either manually or automatically delete the copy that I don't want. I have a lot of .DOC, .PDF, .MP3, .XLS, and .TXT files that are duplicates. I used to copy from one hard drive to another and now I have these files spread over a lot of different directories.

I know that Symantec had a Norton Utilities package that used to be great for this!! I think this was back in the days of Win98/2000. But, I can't seem to find anything good now. Any ideas??? I tried going START > SEARCH > find all .MP3 files on hard drive, then arrange them according to size from largest to smallest and then just go through them manually. This was good for the large files (which are most important; since they're the ones taking the most space), but I can't go through thousands of .DOC and .TXT files.

I'm running WinXP Pro, BTW.


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I want to change my set up so that I can run 2 windows os's 32bit & 64bit on seperate hard drives whilst using a third hdd for program files. note: I have never run a 64bit setup so I am not to sure

hdd0 - 32bit
hdd1 - 64bit
hdd2 - Music, Videos & Games and other Programs

The intention is to install the game/program on to hdd2 and be able to run it from both hdd0 and hdd1 (if the program is compatible with both that is).

Can anyone give me advice on whether this is possible and the potential complications/pitfalls that I might encounter?

Answer:Program files on third hard drive + 2 os's

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my program files folder is totally missing... i dont know what happened if it deleted it self or what....

Answer:2nd hard drive program files missing...

Quote: Originally Posted by sotorious

my program files folder is totally missing... i dont know what happened if it deleted it self or what....

No one, here, can answer what happened. But, whether you did it manually or it was by default, once a week. You should have everything on "backup and restore". Set it to a date prior to your problem and eveything will be restored.

Does not work? Use system restore. Back up and restore will restore your personal data. System resore returns the OS to the restore point date.

I am not sure as to what you actually lost, but I have given you the answer for either situation.

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Windows 10 did an update on my wife's desktop that was incompatible with the Nvidia graphic drivers on it. As a result, the dual monitors no longer display. We took the computer to the local Microsoft store and they were fully aware of the problem and are working on it. But, after two weeks, the problem has not been solved. Meanwhile we bought a new desktop and had Microsoft empty the entire contents of the C: drive onto an external hard drive. They did and showed me that the external drive contained the root directory and program data that contains years of work using Lightroom.

I brought the external hard drive home and connected it. Luckily I can see the User Libraries but not the Program Data.

Is there some way that I can make everything visible in the external hard drive so that I can copy the contents to the new desktop?

Answer:Need to see program files on external hard drive.

If, by program data, you mean applications, then sorry, you're not going to be able to "migrate" the applications from the external drive to your new desktop simply by copying folders. Applications have components installed in many different places, including the registry, and it involves a lot more than copying folder from Program Data to migrate them.

LapLink sells a product (PC Mover) that IS able to migrate apps from one PC to another, but you either have to (1) install it on the first PC and migrate to the second, or (2) have a backup image of the first PC and mount that on the second to do the migration. However, it MIGHT work if you have a copy of the first. I would check with LapLink to see if their product will do app migration in your situation. IF it does, then you will be able to install it on the new desktop and do the migration.

However, there is a second problem alluded to by your last question. Win10 enables FastStartup by default. With this turned on, all partitions that are open when Win10 shuts down are put into a hibernated state -- which prevents them from being accessed until the original machine comes out of hibernation. I ran into this problem when I was dual-booting Win8.1 and Win10TP and using a shared NTFS partition. I had to disable FastStartup on both Win8.1 and Win10 to be able to safely used a shared partition. I don't know if there is a way to access the partitions in the external drive, if FastStartup was enabled in Win10... Read more

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I have a computer that quit working and I need to put the hard drive in another one as a secondary drive and take files off of it. Is their a program to find the files or can I browse it like a regular drive? The files were saved on the desktop.

Answer:Is their a program for Vista that lets you get files from a hard drive

You should be able to install the HD in an other computer as a secondary drive and then transfer the files. Assuming that the HD is in good working order. What caused the computer to quit working? Mother board, PSU, Memory, HD ?????

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Can you copy program files over to an external hard drive? And copy them back onto your hard drive after installing Windows 10 pro? Or do you have to install all the programs again? If so is there any software that would do it for you?

Answer:Can you copy program files over to an external hard drive?

hollyoaks777 said:

Can you copy program files over to an external hard drive? And copy them back onto your hard drive after installing Windows 10 pro? Or do you have to install all the programs again? If so is there any software that would do it for you?

If they are "installed" you need to reinstall them, because of the registry.
If they are portable's, you can copy & paste(might want to get any .ini files belonging to them, as they contain any specific settings)

See here: installation - What's the difference between portable and install versions? - Super User.

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I'm running low on hard drive space and I know I've got a gazillion files I could delete, but most are so small it wouldn't make much of a difference... so I'm wondering, is there a program that will do something like list all files in a certain folder including subfolders in order from largest to smallest file size?

Answer:Program to locate largest files on hard drive?

The file search that comes with Windows should be able to do that. It could take a while though.

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I have Tools/Options set to download files to Program Files. I believe I understand the difference between general Program Files and Program Files (x86); some programs can only be run in 32, not 64 bit. But there are many duplicate .exe programs in x86 and PFiles (Acronis, Belarc, Carbonite, Firetrust, Foxit, HP, Firefox, etc.). I've tried to delete than from x86 or cut/paste them but get this message: "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program. Close the folder or a file and try again." I don't understand why a program that can run in PF 64 bit is also in (x86). This is not an earth-shaking question but would like a clarification from this great forum. Thanks. ellenc

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After a virus messing up my computer, the only solution to fixing it is to reinstall windows, however i have many files that i would like to copy to a CD so i don't lose them, the problem is that since the virus i can't copy or paste, i can't drag files, so i can't move them, and i can't use windows explorer or nero to burn files to a cd, as none of these work anymore. (reinstalling nero also didn't work)

Could anyone suggest a program or something that i could download so that i can burn my files to cd?

Answer:program to burn files to cd? unable to move or copy files

Give this a try. It's a freebee.

Good luck.

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I dropped my laptop and the screen broke (at least that is the obvious damage). I was quoted about $800 to repair and replace it.

I don't want to buy a new different one right now for several reasons. Is it possible to just buy an identical used computer and switch hard drives (assuming the used one is in working order)?

I have a Gateway Solo 5300 with Win98SE, Office XP, and several other registered programs.


Answer:If I move my hard drive to a different laptop will it move everything I need?

Yeah, that will probably work! You might have to DL a driver or two but Win98 moves pretty good from computer to computer...

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i have recently bought a 500mb maxtor basics external desktop hard drive (model ref stm305003ehd301-rk). the unit was immediately recognised by my pc and designated 'h' drive. however when i attempted to copy the contents of my program file drive (ie containing my operating system files (winxp))the file copying process halted after a few minutes and the following message was displayed - 'cannot copy pagefile: it is being used by another person or program. close any program that might be using the file and try again'.grateful for advice on how i should go about copying operating system files to this external hard disk, after all the basic operating system has to be running for the thing to work at all!The hard drive did not come with any associated software for backing up files.i am running window xp service pack 2grateful for any advicethanksdave

Answer:maxtor external hard drive - copying program files

Best to get yourself Acronis True Image and make a Full Backup to your shiny new external drive. There is no better way IMHO.

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I was online and got a popup saying I had a critical error and I cancelled it out. Then i got one saying I had a hard drive failure. Then I get a program running in the task bar (Windows Restore??? and it said i had 13 infected files and i should click repair? I closed it out without clicking since I could not see anything Microsoft related on it? When i restarted a lot of my icons are gone...., i click start and no program files are there...i tried to restore from the run menu and file was not found (rstrui.exe)?

Is there anything I can try at home or should I just go to a computer shop?

ok so i clicked view hidden files and the icons are there, but hidden for some reason?

Still cant restore and no files when i click on start - programs....something is not right.....avast did not find anything??

also found something called Microsoft Restore ?(the logo was just a little different from the real microsoft) and I deleted the file, but still have problems.

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Greetings Again,

My file and storage system is set up like this:

C:\ Drive - 120 GB SSD This is my Win 7 64-Bit Ultimate Boot drive. It has my most important Microsoft programs on it. Out of the 111GB available, I've used 42GB, leaving me 69GB free space. I want to keep this area open.

My next drive is a 1TB WD Caviar Black segmented into 3 partitions.

E:\ Drive = Program FIles This has the majority and rest of my programs. It also includes USERs Files. I've use 96GB out of 150GB. Out of that 96GB, 64GB are in USERS files.

F:\ Drive = Data Files. This stores all of my data except for media. I've used 91GB out of 350. I want to leave this be.

G:| Drive = Medsia FIles This stores all Media = Vids, Music, Graphics, Pictures. I've used 80 GB out of 500GB

I also have a 64GB ~ 55GB actual storage SSD drive that is partitioned but has no data on it or assigned drive letter.

Here is what I want to accomplish.

I want to move my actual Program FIles to the 64GB SSD, assign it a drive letter, and keep the USERS files where they now reside on the F:\ dirve

My main concern is that in moving all these files around and splitting the USERS files from the Program Files that I'll mees up my Registry. Will someone please suggest some links I might read that will best help me acheive these moves.



Answer:Move Program FIles to SSD - Leave Users files Behind

that sounds a bit messy - I'm a bit wary of the users folders..
all those links might be broken - or at least, be put at risk..

are you sure you want to go this route, might there not be a better solution..??

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Hi. My computer's picked up a trojan virus. I had one about a year ago and people were very helpful about it on here. But this one seems to be a lot more disruptive and i'm not sure how many helpful details i'm going to be able to give you. At the moment, i can't even run a scan on the system or provide any error logs as the whole hard drive seems to have been wiped out by something claiming to be 'windows xp recovery', who want to charge me a premium for them to 'fix' the problem. Except i'm pretty sure everything's still there really as when i tried to run a scan - which eventually got disrupted - it was still going through all my normal files. I can only guess this virus has essentially hidden my real hard drive and want money to bring it back, under the guise of 'fixing' a problem it has in fact created? It reminds me of the mob asking for protection money! Anyway, like i say, the information i can give you is scant, but the error messages are telling me- there's a problem with the 'ide/sata hard disks', that there's a 'bad sector on the hard drive which may cause data corruption and loss, hard drive inaccessability, system errors and failures' and that 'windows was unable to save the file \\system32\\496a8300'. I have combofix installed from the last time this happened, but it looks empty! I'm not sure i can get onto the web to download anything. And i can boot up windows recovery mode, but not sure what best to do with it. Does anyone have any advice, or is it time to i... Read more

Answer:trojan virus 'appears' to have deleted whole hard drive, docs and program files

Hello mrbaggins.

No need to format, and you will be able to download and run the necessary tools.

Do not jump straight to running ComboFix. I need to see a preliminary set of logs in order to determine whether or not to deploy ComboFix. As explained in Post 2 of our pre-posting topic...


Why we don't ask you to run ComboFix from the onset

As stated by the author of ComboFix:

ComboFix is a very powerful tool which when improperly used may render your machine to a doorstop.

We first need to verify if there's any rootkits present and how they could affect our tools. DDS & GMER are preliminary scans. We use their logs to map our strategy for attack.

With these logs we can determine the infections present & decide whether to deploy ComboFix.

Please do not run it until I advise you. First, I need more information. Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here and post the requested logs.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

Those 2 tools (dds.scr and gmer.exe) can be downloaded and run from a flash drive if necessary. If you cannot see flash drive via My Computer or Windows Explorer, open Task Manager (press Ctrl Alt Del keys) Click File>New Task (Run...) and use the Browse button to locate the flash drive.

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I have numerous word documents that are emailed to me and saved in a download folder. I would like to automatically move the entire contents of the folder to individual folders. The files have specific names so it could be done on a rules type basis.Does anyone have any idea how this can be achieved.

Answer:Program to Move Files and Oranise them

You haven't said how many individual documents.For < 100 or so I would do it the plodders way i.e.Open two copies of My ComputerIn one of them - Find the folder with all the Word.doc(s) and open it.I the other:Open the place where you want the individual folders. It could be the same place if your new folders are going to be sub-folders.Make a new folder(for a single batch of docs), name it and open it.Now select with the mouse while holding down Control - all the relevant files of a first group. Drag them to their new folder.Repeat with another new folder and a suitable clutch of files, and so on. It wont take long.If you have several hundred different documents then this rather amateurish way is perhaps not for you.

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I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to place the Program Files folder on a different drive from the one the Windows directory was installed on.

Answer:Is it possible to move Program Files folder?

Yes it is. The \Common Files subfolder can be moved as well. Here's how you do it, on XP.

Create the new home for Program Files, wherever you want to put it. Copy everything in the old C:\Program Files to the new one. Open up regedit. Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. You will see Reg_SZ values for ProgramFilesDir and CommonFilesDir, change them to reflect their new locations. This has worked flawlessly for me - new program setups even default to the new location when they check this key, as most well written install routines do. It is probably even possible to make a custom XP install routine that uses an alternate location from the beginning, but it's not that big of a deal to me.

However, I have not exhaustively tested this. There are likely situations where this causes problems. Proceed at your own risk.

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I have a question, please. I have a brand new computer, with an SSD and and HDD. I have already redirected all of the folders (Desktop, Documents, etc.,) to my HDD. My question is this: I want to install programs to both HDD and SSD, depending on the program. Do I need to also create folders labeled Program Files and Program Files (x86) on the HDD to be able install to the HDD? Or is it as simple as changing the drive letter in the manual install (e.g. change C:\Program Files (x86)\<program name> to D:\Program Files (x86)\<program name?) and it will automatically install to the HDD without my having to create the Program Files folders? Thank you in advance for the help.

Answer:How to move Program Files folders?

jdc1078 said:

I have a question, please. I have a brand new computer, with an SSD and and HDD. I have already redirected all of the folders (Desktop, Documents, etc.,) to my HDD. My question is this: I want to install programs to both HDD and SSD, depending on the program. Do I need to also create folders labeled Program Files and Program Files (x86) on the HDD to be able install to the HDD? Or is it as simple as changing the drive letter in the manual install (e.g. change C:\Program Files (x86)\<program name> to D:\Program Files (x86)\<program name?) and it will automatically install to the HDD without my having to create the Program Files folders? Thank you in advance for the help.


This thread is about 90 days old, but may help. Give it a look. Post #7. TC

How To Change Program Files Location In Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well today.
I think I've got an easy one for you today. I want to keep my OS drive as lean as possible, so I want to move some programs over to my new applications drive. How do I do this in Vista Ultimate 64 and then fix the start menu so that the shortcuts are pointing to the correct location?

I have my C: drive, and I'm moving to the H: drive.

So I've moved 'Program Files' and 'Program Files x86' over to H: so far, but if someone could point me to a tutorial or give me one, that would be supurb.


Answer:Solved: Want to move program files to new HD

I don't think it is going to be that easy. You may need to uninstall the programs and then run the installers to re-install the programs on the new drive. A typical Windows based software installation adds configuration data to the Windows registry that links to the file locations needed to run the software. The installer may also add files to other Windows directories besides the two you mention.

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I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I recently installed a dual-boot Ubuntu partition.

I'm impressed with the way that Ubuntu keeps all user data files and program files on a separate partition. This makes it easier to restore the system partition in case of corruption. (Although it seems to me that Ubuntu is self-repairing, so it never actually becomes corrupted. )

My Vista personal folders are all on D. I searched through Brink's excellent tutorial list to see if there's any way I can also move my Program Files to D. I couldn't find the tutorial.

If Brink has no tutorial, does anyone know if the following advice is reliable. The post is by nickster_uk, half-way down the page:

Moving the 'Program Files' folder. - Tech Support Forum

Answer:How to move Program Files to new partition?

Well.I have moved both whole "Program Files" and "Program Files (x64)" (because I have x64 system) and I even moved "Users" and "Program Data" folders


I did both on Vista and Windows 7.
Back to only "Program Files" folders -the best way use Vista DVD or any LiveCD,you need also better registry editor which serves massive keys changing.You have to correct all paths not only for CommonFilesDir and ProgramFilesDir otherwise many system functions and applications will stop work - I used RegAlyzer to do that,although manulaly correct path in build-in system regedit is also necessary because I don't know why automatons can't detect all incorrect paths in registry.Please also note to correct paths for some keys changing permissions is required as well.For Windows 7 if you don't fix all paths in registry then you crash UAC and practically you loose a part of admin rights even in safe mode,neglect other errors.So this procedure is only for experts.Moving Users and ProgramData is more dangerous.Very much to say and I have no time for the moment -later I'll say more if you interested

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Hey Everyone,

I just got a Maxtor 120GB Hard drive, and I currently have a 30GB Maxtor in my computer at the moment. I know a lot about computers, but hard drive images are one of the few things I have little experience with.

I would like to keep my operating system, XP Home, and all of its programs, files, settings, etc all together. Basically, the currect exact state it is right now as if I'm on my 30GB. I've seen my school use images to put the same image on like 20 computers.

Trust me, I'v had to re-load program after program on my dads computer and I'm already sick of doing it, so I want to avoid that lol.

I'm pretty sure there is a way do to this, and if so, can you tell me how, or give me a link to something I can read so I can pull this off. Don't want to put a fresh install of XP and reload everything and re install programs and all that stuff.

David Waters

Answer:Move 30GB Hard Drive Data To New 120GB Hard Drive

Can I do this without CD's, because 15GB of data wont fit on a Cd...I wonder if there is a way I can like just move it over to the other drive or something. pls help.


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I am using a 2 year old Desktop with Windows 10 and I recently installed a 250GB Samsung SSD.
I then cloned all the important files in my 1TB HDD to my SSD before wiping that old Hard Drive.

Now my SSD is my main hardrive (C ) and my empty HDD is my secondary hardrive (F )
After transferring my Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc... back to my old HDD (F ),
my SSD (C ) is using 125GB /232GB

I only want my OS to be in my SSD and now I wish to further increase free space in my SSD by transferring Program Files, Program Files x86 and Users folder back to my 1TB HDD. All three adds up to approximately 90GB, which is wasted space in my new SSD.

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Hi everyone how do I move a file (not a shortcut) from my desktop back to program files.

Answer:Move file from desktop to program files

Try to cut and paste it. If its just a folder it should work.

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Any good programs that can do this?

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Hey guys, I plan to record PC gameplay using Fraps, which creates very large files. In order for me to do so whilst still maintaining high FPS in game, I have to record to my SSD. However, this fills up very quickly.

My idea is to make a program that automatically moves the recordings over to the HDD as they are created. Fraps has an option to split the recording up into 4GB segments, so what the program will need to do is detect when the second section has been created, then move the first across, then detect when the third has been created and move the second across etc.

Is this possible in an automated fashion? And if so, how would I go about doing it?

Thanks for any replies

Answer:Program to automatically move files as created by Fraps

Ok, so I just had a quick play around with a .bat file and found that this works:

if exist "C:\Users\Max\Videos\Fraps\part2.avi" move /-y "C:\Users\Max\Videos\Fraps\part1.avi" "F:\Fraps\"
But I will need to implement it into a loop so that 'part2' and 'part1' change to 'part3' and 'part2' and so on within the code.

Also it will need to automatically check at a set frequency

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I have installed win XP pro a couple of days ago, and I thought that it would be a good idea to put windows in a separate partition. Since then I have installed a few applications on a different partition, but it is not uncommon for applications to put something in the program files folder anyway.

Is there a safe and easy way of having "my documents" and or "program files" on a bigger partition? Or would that defeat the whole point of a system partition?

Would be glad of some advice.

Tell me if it's a bad idea!


P.S. Is there a way of telling if the system partition is on the outer or inner edge of the HD?

Answer:Can you move My Documents/program files to bigger partition?

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Can anyone offer a suggestion? When I select a photo in My Photos and try to copy or move it to another file, the program stops responding. This just started along with another problem. I can no longer just type the short version of a site into the address bar and travel there. I have to precede the site name with "http://" to get the link to work.
I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with a P4 and 1 GB of ram. The 160 GB hard drive has 49 GB free. I use Norton Internet Security 2006 and Microsoft Antispyware as well as regularly running Spybot and AdAware. I also have and use CCleaner which I update regularly.
Very frustrating and any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I recently bought a new PC with a 120gb SSD. I didn't realise that it was my default drive for installations ... I now only have five gb left - haw do I move the progams I have installed onto it onto my 2tb hard drive (Short of uninstalling and re-installing)???

Answer:120GB SSD is full, how do I move installed program files?

"Short of uninstalling and re-installing"That's the best and, depending upon the program, may be the only way to do it.

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Go with a 128GB SSD and keep everything on it or move just the Users directory to one of the HDDs. You will get much better performance if all executables are on the SSD.

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I have a problem.
I need to copy a program (bcp.exe for sql server) to my C drive, since it currently resides in my program files.
How would I move bcp.exe to the C drive? Usually copy and paste works for many things but I guess this isn't one of them.

someone suggested using the cd, but with sql server if I use the cd, other components might get installed.
So I'd greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you

Answer:How Do You Move A Program To The C Drive?

RIGHT click on the name of the program.
Then on the left side of the page, under File and Folder Tasks,
choose Copy or Move.
A menu box will open, navigate through it to find where you want to send it.
Click copy or move.

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 I just put new hard drives in my laptop and installed windows xp pro. If I get an enclosure for the old drive, so it can be used externally, can I move programs such as AutoCad to the new drives?  Jim

Answer:Is it possible to move a program from one drive to another?

You can find programs out there that will move your applications settings/preferences over to the new hard drive, but you will have to manually install each application using the disks/downloads they came from.I could be wrong but I'm not aware of any applications that will move your applications over from one pc to another, due to legal reasons.Your other option, though, would be to use the old hard drive as an external, like you said, and just run those applications off of that drive.  The applications will load slower, but it would work.

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How can I move a program fron C drive to D drive partition on my hard drive. I have a Dell SX computer running Windows XP Pro - Thanks

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A friend brought me her computer. It is a Sony Vasio Laptop model: PCG-5K1L. It has a Hitachi 250GB 5400RPM SATA HDD that has failed do to physical damage (she dropped it). Is it possible to move all the data, including the Vista Home Premium OS from the old HDD to a new HDD so she doesn't have to buy a new OS?

She's had the computer for awhile and doesn't have any restore or repair disks. I happen to have a Vista repair disk (from an old laptop). Am I able to install the repair disk on the new HDD and then use the product key on the underside of her computer to install Vista?

Thanks for your help. If this topic has been covered successfully in this forum in the past, just link me to it. I tried looking but am not exactly sure how to phrase the search question. I've looked, but not satisfied with what I have been finding.


Answer:How do I take Vista off my old failing hard drive and move it to a new hard drive?

In spite of the physical damage you can still read the hard drive? Try cloning the drive or imaging the needed partitions. I use Macrium Reflect Free. Easeus Todo Backup is another free one, and there are lots more.

Am I able to install the repair disk on the new HDD and then use the product key on the underside of her computer to install Vista?Click to expand...

Only if the "repair disk" is a Vista installation DVD. Repair disks just include the Recovery Console programs (I probably don't have the correct term there) to fix issues with booting and startup, etc.

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Is there any software that will allow me to do this using a CD Image ... I just can't boot my computer into Windows to get the files by using installed software. Any suggestions?

Answer:Hard Drive Dead ... Need to move folder over to new hard drive!

Please explain more fully what you want to do. If your hard drive is dead, any folders on it have gone to computer heaven. Perhaps you need a bootable CD-ROM?

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my C drive is only an 80G and right now 60G of it is full of apps. I rather like these apps and I don't want to uninstall them. Is it possible to actually move the whole folder to my terabyte and just fix the shortcut paths as needed, or is it more complicated than that?

Answer:Is it possible to move your entire program files folder to a seperate volume?

Hi BlackScarlet

Yes, it is possible to do that. It's called ghosting. Acronis and Norton Ghost are two of the best programs on the market for doing this. Good luck!


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When I try to copy, move with copy and paste a file, folder or more from the Explorer (it works from Explorer to Explorer) to another program (e.g. file managers) it does not work, this sign is shown:

How could I make it work?

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my C drive is only an 80G and right now 60G of it is full of apps. I rather like these apps and I don't want to uninstall them. Is it possible to actually move the whole folder to my terabyte and just fix the shortcut paths as needed, or is it more complicated than that?

Answer:Is it possible to move your entire program files folder to a seperate volume?

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Good afternoon All,Yes I did fill the partition......and I knew from the forum what was happening..I did redirect to the D drive for the future.I was having a multide of problems with vista Sp1 and Tmproxey, trend micro crap and others etc........ I now want to use the one key recovery because of my recent issues. I saw the COA2 program but it looks like it won't work with vista  Is there a way to move Programs easily to the D Drive???I do not have CDs for some of the programs so i don't think i can uninstall and reinstall to the other drive...Any ideas ?Thanks in advanceTBIMessage Edited by TheBigIndian on 07-28-2008 12:14 PM

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I recently bought an old used PC (Dell XPS Gen. 2 ? Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM), installed my 1 TB SATA hard drive and a new install of Windows XP SP3. I?ve also got an IDE hard drive in there with lots of media files on it. I?ve been trying to copy or move files from an external USB hard drive to the IDE drive, but nearly every time I try to do so, Windows Explorer (or Q-Dir) will lock up, with the progress bar showing very little progress. I have been able to copy a few small files successfully, but anything else seems to crash it. I?ve checked for DMA/PIO status and have found that it has reverted to PIO several times, and I?ve deleted the primary IDE channel in device manager so that it would reinstall with DMA mode. The problem persists. My device manager shows two primary IDE channels and one secondary IDE channel. I have the 1 SATA hard drive, 1 IDE hard drive, and 1 SATA DVD burner installed.
Any ideas?


Answer:Windows XP locks up when I try to copy or move files from external drive to IDE drive

can you write a file to the drive?
any files you can open on the drive? Or do you get access denied when you try to open a file?

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How can I move files from hard disk C to disk D?

Answer:how move files between hard disk drives

and welcome to the Forum

Open each drive with Windows Explorer . . highlight the files you want ot move, right click on one and hold . . drag to the target drive and release . . choose Move.

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i removed a hard disk from my old pc,as the processor had blown,and i have windows xp pro installed,the user account i used was passworded,so when i try to access my files on the slave h/d is doesnt allow me to open the folder or access these files.....i need i must get to these files,i tried using the hard drive as my master it dosent allow me to use it as the master h/d is anyway to remove this protection as i need these files!

any help appreciated


Answer:Can't Move Files From Slave Hard Disk

Well, you have this option, on the system you are using right now, after shut down, disconnect the hard drive (from the working system, just unplug power and data cables) change your old hard drive jumpers to Master and connect the cables you disconnected to your old drive (you can just sit the drive on something instead of installing it in the bay) and follow:

How to: Repair Windows XP/2000 if you are unable to boot into Windows .

After you do the recovery, back up your data, disconnect the old hard drive; re connect the other drive back up.

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My computer is telling my that i have very low disk space, because my "C:" drive is entirely full, but my "D:" drive is empty. My computer is acting strangely (like freezing and making everything turn huge and differently-colored) due to this memory space problem. How can I move some of the files that are filling my full drive into the empty one? Pleeaasse help, this has been a problem for a while and I can't take it anymore. Thanks a lot.

Answer:How can I move files between hard disk drives?

I recommend that you move your My Documents folder and your Desktop to your D: drive, as well as any other files (pictures, videos etc) that you might consider irreplaceable.

You can use Tweak UI:

Download > Install > Open it > expand My Computer > click on Special Folders > select Desktop > click on Change Location and select a place on your D: drive.

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I have a 160gb hard drive on my laptop which i want to upgrade to a 750gb. I have no windows disc and no restore disc. is there any way to clone the entire contents of the 160gb (including windows vista) to the new drive.....

Answer:upgrading hard drive, how do i move windows to new drive

Almost every company offers the user some way to create disks. Make the disks now for protection or consider ordering them if you need to.Generally companies that sell laptop hard drives also offer some way to clone the old one over. You may have received a usb to sata adapter or you may need to get one. You also may need to download the software from the hard drive makers site if it didn't come in box. A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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Is it possible to move the hard drive from the Z400 and move it to the DVD drive bay? I would like to replace the hard drive with an SSD. If so, which drive bay adapter has the best fit? If it is hard to remove the hard drive, can i install the SSD in the drive bay and boot from there and use the hard drive as a data disc? Any step by step instructions on removing hard drive? 

Answer:Move Hard Drive or install SSD to the DVD drive bay on Z400??


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How do I reverse this problem? I moved my downloads, documents, desktop and music before realizing that these files were merging instead of doing what I intended.By which I mean the desktop, documents, downloads and music files have now all been named D:\ and the contents of each file are now the same. Meaning my desktop for instance is cluttered with everything from my downloads file. I cannot delete them from my desktop as it says they will be permanently deleted nor can I move them into the original download file because it to consists of the same files! Is there a way I can restore them to the original state? I can't move them back using the same process which is frustrating.
I was following instructions as I wanted to move my basic files from my SSD to my Hard Drive. The process of which was searching "C:\Users\MyName" > Right click on a folder (i.e Downloads) > Click "Properties" > Click "Location" Tab > Click "Move" > Select your secondary hard-drive and so on for each document. But in doing so they have now become merged (all displaying the same files) How do I fix this?
Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Tried to move basic files from (C) drive to (D) drive and now they have merged!

First thing to do is to make a back up of all your user folders contents on to an external drive preferably. Then if anything (will?) goes belly up you will still have your data. Have a read here , especially option two.
You should then be able to delete the folders on the D drive and start again.
My setup I don't use a redirect switch. I simply create folders on the D drive. Download2 for instance and use my browser to change the destination of downloads to Download2 on the D drive. If I've downloaded a music file I can then check the file is ok and copy and paste to my music2 folder on the D drive. Photos, etc. you can save the same way.
If I've downloaded a program installation file, say, Ccleaner for instance, I'll create a ccleaner folder (D) and install to it. The shortcut on your desktop still works. It's all manual but easily done and takes no time.
That leaves Windows in a default state with no redirecting switches so if I need to reinstall or upgrade Windows both drives are independent.
That's my theory and it works for me.
Good luck.

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HiI would like to move all files from drive D to drive C on a B50-70. Can I safely do that?Do I need to close all programs running to do that transfer?  There are only 2 folders in drive D:Drivers and Applications D drive size is 26GBC is the larger drive D drive is named Lenovo; seems it was shipped this way.    

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I am new to this site and I am not sure if my question needs to be in the hardware or software post.
I recently had my primary hard drive quite in my xp pc. It would not boot. It was running fine, and then I turned it off for a thunder storm. The pc did not want to boot again. I was getting a boot.ini error. After trying to get it to boot with no luck I decided to buy a new pc. I bought an e machine. I have a friend that has had good luck with his.
I took the slave hard drive (160g seagate) out of my old pc and put in an external case that is usb to the new pc. The new pc is a T6524 with xp media center edition. The pc sees the hard drive but it will not let me access it. The pc asks if I want to format it. Then I slaved it like in the old pc on the same IDE cable as the primary and have not changed the jumper setting.
When I look in the computer manager it shows the hard drive but it is not the correct capacity and it has no file system.
Is this a compatiblity problem or a xp problem? I would like to get the data off of this drive. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Answer:Help! Hard drive move

does it show as D drive E drive if so try right click and click on explore
also while right clicked go to security and take ownership/possession of do not need format to change file system to or from ntfs or fat32
while usb the usb software may have changed it to ext2

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Hello All,

I would appreciate for any help on the following:
I have two computers one with PATA drive and the other with SATA.
And I would like to add the older one to my new one and also take advantage of using some software which were installed on PATA drive.
I know my new computer can take one more hard drive.

Would that be possible and what I need to do?

Thanks again!

Answer:Move a hard drive from one PC to another

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I need to move EVERYTHING on this hard drive to a new one. Operating System, programs, everything. I need to do this real soon because my hard drive is almost dead. I keep getting all sorts of CHKDSK errors at start-up and files icons being changed and file names being changed to funky looking symbols and characters. This hard drive is from 2001 so it should have been about dead by now. I've done research already and these are the symptoms. I have rid my computer of malware, adware, viruses etc. etc. so now I only have one option left (if its even an option at all.) Can this be done?

Answer:Need to move EVERYTHING to a new hard drive!!!

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i was using a 20 gig hard drive as my sole hard drive. when it got full, i purchased an 80 gig hard drive and set it up as a new volume. initially i had planned to move everything to the new HD and use the 20 gig one as a scratch disk for photoshop. a friend told me that he had also had two hard drives but uses the small one only to store/run the operating system. thus speeding up the OS and giving photoshop more space to use. (we both spend the majority of our computer time in photoshop, so it's a priority)
i figured at first that i should just copy and paste all my files and settings to new HD "E:" and reinstall OS on original "c" drive. but i don't really know how i would redirect OS to look for everything on the other drive. (settings, music files etc.) actually the first thing i tried was the XP "files and settings transfer wizard," designating the new drive as middleman/removable storage device. it prepared everything to transfer but when it finished that step it did not go on to the actual transfer. as you have certainly surmised, i don't know what i'm doing. so here i am. any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:How do i move everything but xp to a new hard drive?

you would still have to reinstall all programs on the new drive. you could 'slave' the old drive to the new, the copy/paste files over.

or 'clone the original drive.

free clone is clonemaxx. google for it.

i've used it, and its easy and great!!

the new drive will be an exact copy of the old.

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When ever I try and move anything to my hard drive, I keep getting this message,

Can anyone please help me out. I'm using a WD My Book Essentials

Answer:Can't move anything to my hard drive!

A little more info might be helpful: operating system/service pack #, USB compatibility between your computer and the external drive, file attributes for the ext. drive (is the My Book 'read-only'?), etc...

Did the file transfer process work before and quit, or is this the first time you've tried to transfer?

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Question: Move hard drive

I want to move my old is win 8.1 to a newer computer. I want to move the whole hard drive with the OS and the software included. The problem that I find is that when I start the computer it shows me the BIOS and after that a black screen with a cursor. I cannot access to the safe mode in order to check what happens. And I've tried F8, an external recovery drive and a software to tell the OS that it should start in safe mode. It always show me black screen with cursor.The newer computer is good enough to to run win 8.1. Any clue??

Answer:Move hard drive

Your Windows 8.1 license is tied to the PC it was delivered in.  That was part of the license agreement.  You will need to purchase a license key and perform a clean install to the hard disk on the new PC. What is the brand and model of newer computer?

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Hi all i am running a dual boot setup i have XP on one HD and 7 on the other, it seems that the MBR is installed on the HD which has XP installed on it as i found out when i unplugged it 7 would not boot up!! I am looking to remove the HD with XP as I dont use it, can i move the MBR to the HD with 7 on?

hope you can help


Answer:Can I move MBR to different hard drive?

Yes, first mark Win7 active in XP Disk Management, or using free Partition Wizard bootable CD.

Next unplug XP HD, boot into Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots to write the MBR to Win7.

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after a discussion on defraggler and how it runs so slowly scanning all my image files, someone suggested i move some files onto another drive and see if that takes care of the problem..where do i temporarily move said files and move them back? -pertaining to local disk C and D

Answer:How to move files to another drive?

You have a few options.
1. Use an external hard drive
2. Create a partition on your hard drive
3. Burn them to a DVD

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I have a pc, and I'm running Windows 98. My "C" drive was full so I just recently installed an extra drive in my computer. Now I'd like to move some or all of the files from my "C" drive to my new "D" drive and free up the space in the "C" drive. How do I do this?

Answer:How do I move files from one drive to another?

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I recently upgraded my daughter laptop from Win8.1 to Win.10 and realized that comp. has 2 partitions(C & D). Everything is for some reason on C drive(OS,programs,photos,videos,music) and it's almost full while D drive(data) is completely empty. Both drives are 256 GB big. Is there a way to move personal files to D and leave C just for OS and programs? After that I will change destination path.

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I have a PC with Vista pre-installed on it. I made the backup disc when i first started the PC.I want to upgrade the original Hdd to a larger one, but i dont know how to because i only have backup disc for Vista, and it requires files from a hidden "X" drive on the original HDD to complete the OS installation.any ideas?

Answer:update Hard drive, Move OS

You need to do a clone of your drive to the new drive.Use a program like Aconis True Image or XXcopy.Don't have any links to hand at mo' but there were some other threads on here with links in. Put clone in the search at top of page and the other threads will be listed.

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I have Vista Ultimate 64 on my hard drive. However, since my drive has bad sectors, HP has sent me a new drive under warranty. I'm cloning my existing drive's NTFS and Linux partitions to the new drive. I booted up Vista again (from the first drive) and it successfully sees C: (old) and D: (new), both with all the files. This means that the NTFS clone was successful. What I want to know is, since Vista and XP register your HDD serial number and such, will I have to do anything to enable Vista to run from the new drive (on the same laptop, just new hard drive)? If so, what must I do? I have the Vista Recovery CD, but not a full reinstall disk (I don't want to reinstall anyways).

Answer:Move Vista to another hard drive

If anything you might be prompted for a reactivation. But that should be it. It should work fine otherwise.

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how could i move a game to another hard drive so i dont have to download it again?

the game im on about is called Aion takes hours to download.. i already have it on my laptop so was wondering if i could just move it via portable hard drive onto my computer?

i googled it and it mentions cloning it or something.. its not as simple as just moving the game folder onto hard drive

help appreciated

Answer:Move a game to another hard drive?

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Ive got a 6gig laptop hard-drive with XP PRO on it.. if I stick the drive into another laptop will XP appear as the operating system? If it don't,is there a way to make it? I know there was a problem doing it on a desktop computer,but I seem to remember reading of a way it can be done... but the old-timer disease is kicking in and it is lost in the mist.. :-)

Answer:XP on a hard drive.can it move to another computer

The thing with doing this is that when windows is installed it customises itself to the hardware in the computer and installs the nessecary drivers etc for that hardware. Therefore when you try to transfer the drive to another comp you can have drivers missing for the chipset etc. It is best to do a clean installation really

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Hi Everyone
This may be a stuipd question, but can I take my old hard drive with Win XP on it and build a new computer (new mobo, new CPU) and insert the same hard drive with all my data, turn it on and have everything still there?

That would be quite a timesaver...

Answer:Move hard drive over with OS to new system?

Please visit this thread for guidance:

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX270 (Slimline) computer. When I bought the computer originally, it only had a 40 GB hard drive installed. I now have a 120 GB hard drive ready to install into it. The thing is, some of the programs I have on the 40 GB can't just be moved over to the other drive (ie Office 2010). So what I want to do is install the 40 GB into another computer I have which boots off of another hard disk, and copy all of the files (OS and all) to the 120 GB, and put the 120 GB into the Optiplex. Will the OS still work if every single one of it's files if copied over to the other hard drive(Including the installed programs)? My plan is basically mapped out below:Old Hard Drive: 40 GB IDENew Hard Drive: 120 GB IDEWhen I move the 40 GB into the other computer, the other computer boots off of a SATA drive and has a cable for 2 IDE hard drive to be connected to it, so I can transfer the files.Ask and Answer. The way of learning.

Answer:Move entire XP onto other Hard Drive?

Get a ribbon cable with 3 connectors. 1 for the board and 2 for the hard drivesSet the new hd as slave.Use the hd manufactures setup utility to setup your new hd. They are free.Need power to 2nd hd? Unplug molex to cdrom or get a splitter.The new hd can just be sitting on a non conductive surface for nowSetup new hd. Reset jumpers to master. Remove old hd. Replace ribbon and molex to cd rom

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So my original PC was an HP Compaq dx2250 with an AMD Athlon chipset running Win7 Ultimate x64. Unfortunately, a few days ago, the motherboard fried. Because I have a large amount of important programs on the PC's hard drive, I was wondering about the possibility of moving the existing hard drive into a new PC. I was able to locate a seemingly identical build, a Dell Dimension E521 with an Athlon X2 chipset running Win7 Ultimate x64. When I hooked up the hard drive from my old PC, the boot process gets to the point of "Starting Windows" with the Windows logo starting to appear. Then, blank. The computer reboots and it sends me to startup repair, which cannot repair any "errors" automatically. Is there something I'm missing?

Answer:Move Existing Hard Drive to New PC

Yes you need to perform clean install of Windows.

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Hi,  I just got my p50 in the mail and am all set to go. I'd like to just pop out my ssd from my w530 and put it into my p50 without reinstalling windows. Anyone else done this? Success or Failure?  Thanks,Paul 

Answer:Move hard drive from w530 to new p50?

Depends on your objective. If you are using this drive for data, and booting from the OEM drive (presumably an M.2), there should be no problem, except that your apps will need to be reinstalled. If your plan is to boot directly from the older drive, I'd be very surprised if you can make this work at all, or without a ton of unnecessary and potentially problematic work.  You will encounter at least two to three classes of issues (if running on an MS-Platform.  Linux, I can't really speak to but I'm sure some variation on these themes might apply): 1) Windows (whatever modern version) will recognize that the OS is not running on the machine upon which it was generated--at minimum, it will give you that "counterfeit OS" series of messages and associated problems. 2) The device drivers will likely also not work correctly -- especially if you are on an SSD.  Microns do not behave exactly the same as Intel or Samsung devices; I have encountered bizarre interactions with Intel storage drivers even on clean installs. 3)  While not likely, you might possibly trash all the registry settings and "hidden" locations which contain critical (and often obscure) data necessary for running your apps. So, be careful, make several full and image backups and have fun, if you really want to experiment.  Don't say you weren't warned, though! 

______________________________________________P70, Xeon 1505 C... Read more

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Hi All I have a T41 which has a 30GB hard drive, over the time I have installed quite a few programs which I don't have the cd's for to reinstall. Now that I am almost out of space I need to swap my present Hard Drive with another one. I already bought a 60GB HD for the laptop but I don't want to just swap it, what I want to do is make an image of the existing HD and past it in the new HD and then swap the HD so that I have everything from my previous HD. Can I do this with Ghost 2003 or maybe with anyother ghost app. Also what if I just make a backup of the registry and system state through windows backup tools then install windows XP in the new HD and then restore the restore the system state and registry from the backup. In this wall I will loose the hidden partition. Please advice whether I can image of the current HD and then move it to the new HD. Thanks in advance 

Answer:How to move image from one hard drive to another - T41

There is a way using the "ThinkPad 2nd HDD Adapter for Ultrabay Slim" .You can place your new hard drive in it... then use the Rescue and Recovery to save a copy of existing HD onto an external USB HD.Then "Recover" that data back to the new disk in the adaptor.Then swap the HD in your T42

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I may be moving country soon and I don't want to bring my whole computer ( Predator G03-605) however I do not want to lose all the data on my hard drive. I wanted to know that if I were to take the hard drive out of my current Acer computer and put it into another computer would it work properly. My friend who is getting a custom built for Christmas told me that the guy needed to extract the windows key, I've look on these forums and found some pretty good stuff but nothing seems to help me understand what would happen in my situation. Any help to get the Product key, someone to confirm what would happen or how i could get the data/operating system from hard drive and use it would be greatly appreciated.  Extra Information:-My system came pre-installed with windows 8.1, i then upgraded for free to windows 10-My model has the GTX 745 and Intel i5 4660  

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Detailed specs of my pc are at the bottom of the post.
There is also a link to the url where my PC's specs were published

My computer
2 separate hard disc drives installed in the tower
A 2TB Toshiba, factory installed
A 250GB Seagate from an old pc​OEM Windows 8.1

I also have my own retail installation discs for XP and the Win 7 upgrade
What I want to do, step by step.

Can this be done?

Part 1
Clone the OEM 8.1
Copy it to the Seagate hdd
Take the free upgrade to Win 10
Clone Win 10
Copy the Win 10 clone to the Seagate hdd.
Remove old Seagate with Win 8 and 10 safely jailed away
Hide it somewhere.
If I should ever happen to need Win 8 or 10, I can let one out of jail if I need to.​
Part 2
Wipe the Toshiba drive (I've wiped drives before)
Install a fresh copy of XP and the Win 7 upgrade (I've also done this before)

Live happily ever after. ​
Thank you!
Operating System
Windows 8.1 64-bit

Brand American Megatrends Inc.
Version 0507
Date 4/2/2014​

Answer:Move Oem Win 8.1 To A Different Hard Drive In The Same Tower

There are a couple of issues that may prevent what you want to do from being successful ? the way the two disks are initialized ? the 2TB Toshiba will be initialized GPT and the old 250GB Seagate is more than likely initialized MBR.

If you did re-initialize the Seagate to GPT, and did a disk clone, you still couldn't install XP afterward on the Toshiba because XP doesn't support GPT. Windows 7 64-bit and later (64-bit) do.

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I would just like a guide on how to do this. I have been trying dozens of options and none of them have worked for me so far. So if anybody has successfully accomplished this, please do share.

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