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New 250gb Hdd Shows as 40gb

Question: New 250gb Hdd Shows as 40gb

Bought a new Western Digital Sata HDD which I got today.
New in anti static bag and labelled WD2500AABS, says on it 250gb.
When I put it in my PC it shows as 40gb.
Thinking this may be an error I booted from Win XP CD to load OS and
it said 38.xx gb.
I have contacted the seller by Email but thought I may get faster and more reliable info from here.
I can of course return it but do not want to if it is me doing something wrong.

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Preferred Solution: New 250gb Hdd Shows as 40gb

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: New 250gb Hdd Shows as 40gb

That model definitely shows as a 250GB see here
What version of XP? if you do not have SP3 you may not have support for large drives.
In Windows, click on Start->Run, enter "regedit".
Navigate to the HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Parameters registry subkey.
From the Edit menu, select New, DWORD Value.
Enter the name EnableBigLba, then press Enter.
Double-click the new value, set it to 1, then click OK.
Close the registry editor.
Restart the machine for the change to take effect.

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Been given the ladptop to clean out as it's passing from teenager to mum. Ran all the usual. When I looked at My Computer, saw that the C drive plus the D recovery totalled in the order of 40Gb. The HDD is a 250 Gb one. Any thoughts, please?

Answer:HP Compaq Laptop - 250Gb HDD shows as 40Gb

Try windirstat
It will show what is on the drive. Be careful if you use the program to delete anything as it will also delete Windows files!

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I've previously added two home made external disks, a 120Gb IBM and a 300Gb Maxtor, to my Medion PC (Pentium 3Ghz, 18 months old) without any problem. I'm trying to add a 250Gb Hitachi Deskstar but nothing happens - even the fact that a USB device has been plugged in is not recognised. As soon as I replace the disk with a 40Gb Maxtor, it all works fine, so the case and connections don't appear to be a problem. I've replaced the Deskstar, thinking it was faulty, but exactly the same happens with the new disk and Add New Hardware doesn't find anything. I'm on XP Home. Has anybody got any suggestions, please?

Answer:External Drive - 40Gb disk works but not 250Gb

I have experienced similar problems in the past and found that the drive had to be jumpered 'master' for the USB to see it.

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I use hdclone to move all my data from a 40 to a new 250gb but it is not the size my new 250 is reading 37gb and 7gb left

Answer:I use hdclone to move all my data from a 40gb to a new 250gb but it is not the size

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Issue: My 40GB Maxtor hard drive only shows 8GB in my computer C Drive properties. I'm moving this Disk to a "newer" PIII computer.

Request: I'm looking for direction to make it see it all. Note I am aware of some issues with BIOS's not recognizing the disk, although I don't know how to go about correcting this issue.
Any help direction appreciated.

Singel Partition - contains WinSE, MSOffice, loads of software.
BIOS was originally set to auto have since changed it to "User"

Bios details
LBA Mode=on
BLK Mode=on
PIO Mode=4
32Bit Mode=on

BIOS Type: American Megatrends VER: 1.21.04
BIOS Date: 05/11/01
Memory: 119 Mb

Description: intel Pentium III
Vendor: GenuineIntel
Speed: 666.57 MHz
Type: Primary
Count: 1 CPUs found

Description: Windows 98 SE
Platform: Windows 95
Version: 4.10 (Build: 2222)

Answer:Hard Drive (40GB) shows only 8GB

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Both of the hard drives in my computer are 40GB, but one of them only has about 32GB accessible. it used to be in a 95 computer.
Does anyone know how to access the other 8GB?

Answer:40GB hard drive only shows 32GB

Are you using it as the OS drive in a computer now? If not the easiest way is to copy the data you need off of it and on to another drive. Then to format it as FAT32 or NTFS, perhaps deleting the partition and recreating if a simple format doesn't fix it.

This table: seems show that maybe the reason you only see 32 gigs is because the drive was probably set up and formatted in the 95 computer, which would have had it limited to 32 gigs even with FAT32.

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I have recently fitted a Hitachi Deskstar 250gb Hard drive(model:HDS722525VLAT80) to my computer.

After Re-instaling windows (xp) the drive was showing as 125gb.

I have been told this is because windows xp will only support 125gb without service pack 2.

I have now downloaded SP2. but it still shows as 125gb.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this????????????

Answer:250gb Hard drive shows as 125gb

When you partitioned and formatted the drive, it didn't have any service packs, so it limited the format to what you see. If you go into Disk Management, you'll find that you now have about half the drive listed as "Unallocated". You can create a partition on this section and format it, then it will be available for use as a new drive letter.

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Hi all,

A friend of mine is having problems with a 250GB Seagate Hard drive.

It was bought from a computer shop and they fitted it for him. When he took it home the computer didn’t recognise it. It then recognised it as 250gb, but his Windows OS wouldn’t work properly (it would some times work and other times wouldn’t).

He had the drive refreshed, re-formatted and had the partitions removed and rebuilt. Its then that 130GB disappeared.

Does anyone know what may have caused this (sorry I haven’t given much info, but this is all I know) and if so, whether it’s fixable. I have suggested that the drive be taken back to the shop that it was bought from, under warranty.

If you need any more info, please ask, and I will try and find out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:250GB Hard drive only shows 120GB.

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Im wondering why i can only access 1/2 of my drive where has the remainder 125gb gone.



P4 Core 2 E6300
1gb Ram (generic)
GA-965P S3 Award bios
Win XP Pro sp2
Radeon x550

Answer:Solved: 250gb Sata HDD shows as 125gb

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I bought a Seagate hybrid hard drive listed at 250GB. when I look at the disk using Acronis disk Director it show the disk size as 110GB. I know the actual size is usually smaller than the listed size but more than 50% smaller? Seems bogus to me.

Answer:250GB hard drive only shows 110GB

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Ok so on my western digital terabyte external HDD it shows I only have 80gb free, all I have on it is about 250gb worth of movies/music. Could this be because I have my windows image backup on it? MY computer backs up to my external every once in a while, but that folder shows 0mb of usage. Thanks for the help in advance!

Answer:Terabyte External HDD shows only 80gb free, only 250gb worth of stuff on it.. help?

hidden files?

are you checking it through windows explorer or disk management?

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is it possible to install windows 7 on 1 of the 2 40gb Hdd with RAM of total 640MB(512MB & 128MB), Processor of 2ghz

and if so then will it provide better performance.

pls reply with best suitable answers to above problem.

Answer:single boot on 1 40gb ide hdd of 2 40gb hdd's

Welcome to the forum.

and if so then will it provide better performance.

Better performance than what?

A 40 GB hard drive is small for Windows 7 and is going to be confining. 640 MB RAM does not meet the minimum specified requirements for Windows 7. It would run but not well.

But even that assumes that drivers are available for the computer in question. With the limited information provided this is impossible to verify.

Windows 7 is not a good choice for such a computer.

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Hi, I want to buy a new hard drive for my desktop PC, and I was wondering if the western digital black 250GB hard drive or western digital enterprise 250GB hard drive would work better for such a PC. Both of the HDDs I mentioned are SATA, in case you're wondering.

Answer:Solved: western digital black 250GB vs. western digital enterprise 250GB

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Question: 40gb

i have mercury ZX motherboard, P3 550mhz processor,
64mb SD ram, 8.4GB,
i changed to 40 GB,adding another 128mb ram,now 192mb ram,
now i tried many a times to install XP pro but couldnt,returning remove new hard drive.......
is that bcoz i hav old BIOS ver, anybody kindly help!


Likely. XP is notorious for not liking older BIOS versions.

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Question: lost 40gb

Hello everybody ,I recently had to change my C drive ,I used paragon backup and recovery software to transfer my C drive information over ,this worked fine, and made a new C drive .but I have lost approx 40gb capacity from my new C drive,ie old C drive 120gb new C drive 120gb but new C drive capacity was 160gb,so any clever person know how to get my 40gb back as I would like to use it,is it possible to recover my lost 40 gb
many thanks

Answer:lost 40gb

Hi Wizzards,

It sounds to me like your new "c" drive is a 120gb partition and your "lost" 40gb is just unallocated space. I bet that paragon created the 120gb partition and dropped all the data into it and ignored the other 40gb. You'll want to expand your 'C' partition. Regardless, your 40gb are not "lost" :-)

Let me know if you need any help with this.


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Hi all

I have a pc which I have just installed a 40gb hdd into and Windows XP. All is working well but my 40gb hdd says it is only 2gb when in Windows. On the BIOS setup at boot it says the following:

Pri Master = Type:User Size:41111MB Cyln:19680 Head:16 WPcom:0 Sec:255 LBA Mode:On Blk Mode:On PIO Mode:4 32Bit Mode:On

Now all of those entries are in white but the hdd size is greyed out. I assume that this is an out of date bios issue on the motherboard or something. What do I do guys?


Answer:40gb hdd recognised as 2gb

Download and run:

Everest Home Edition:

I'd like to know what the BIOS date is, that will help us in the quest. It's also curious that it's running the drive in PIO mode, must be as slow as a snail!

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Question: NTFS for 40gb hd??

what is better, NTFS or FAT32 for a 40gb on xp??

Answer:NTFS for 40gb hd??

Why having xp if you don't use the NTFS ?

I think it's better in NTFS it's more secure

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Question: Intel 320 40GB SSD

Hi all I am planing to go for a intel 320 40GB SSD with very attractive price point. However I am worry about the performance ( eq: random read 30000iops vs 80GB 38000iops). Is there any difference in real word ? I am going for a boot drive to boost general performance and multitasking. Any advice ?

Answer:Intel 320 40GB SSD

I wouldn't worry about the performance... there are YouTube videos of the 320 40GB booting up Windows and it looks pretty snappy.

In fact, going from a standard mechanical HD to an SSD you'll notice a big difference, no matter what the SSD, even the most value oriented ones.

So I say go for it... although while performance isn't a worry, the size is perhaps a little tight, you won't be able to put much on 40GB after the OS, obviously.

You could maybe consider something like that Corsair Force range which gets a good review there as excellent value for money considering the performance, of course that's the 120GB model but you could go for the 60GB one.

Either that or I've heard good things about the Crucial M4 64GB which might not be the best rated in terms of tech specs, but it has very good real world performance, and again isn't going to break the bank.

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Hello, I'm running low on space on my SSD (20gb left apparently), so I decided to tally up what I have and see what I can drop. I quickly noticed that it wasn't adding up - with hidden folders, I'm using using about 42gb of my 110 gb ssd (103 gb in actuality). Looking into it some more, I checked things like shadowstorage, but only 1Gb is allocated to that. So there's still ~35 GB missing. Anything I can do to fix this? I found this System Protection - Change Disk Space Usage already and that didn't help.


Answer:Missing 30-40Gb from SSD?

Run Treesize Free. It will show you where the disk space if being used. Make sure Folder Options, View, Show hidden files, folders and drives is selected.

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Hi, I have a 40GB corsair SSD. I used it once for a few days but I upgraded to a 240GB. I put the 40GB away and now I want to use it for something else.

I had my OS on the 240 but I did an update and drivers weren't available (I was using windows technical preview) (Windows 10) So I used in an old 120 gig Sata hard drive and put windows 8 on it to do my testing until I get things working.

When I plug the 40 in my computer via sata cable nothing would show up, even though it always used to. So I put my motherboard in ACHI mode. Now it shows up (sometimes). Sometimes after going into properties in disk management, it will disappear and I have to restart my PC. It doesn't always show up too. I'm using windows disk manager to manage it by the way.

It says the file system is RAW. I've read about this a bit and I know this isn't good. All I want to do is format the ssd and be able to use it again. I don't have any data on it so I don't care what happens to it I just want to use it again.

I've also tried diskpart in an elevated command prompt. Still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated I hope I gave enough info, thanks.

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i have 3gb left of space. i was thinking of partitioning it with partition magic 8.02, i have alot of stuff on my hd, games,software,ebooks,movies,music, etc.

what r the advantages and disadvantges?

Answer:should i partition my 40GB HD?

3 gigs isnt a lot. Advantages and disavantages? Depends on what you want to do. If you want to partition off a section for backup or to install a different operating system, then go ahead. I cant think of too many other uses for additional partitions. Let us know if theres more to it then this.

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I have a SATA 120gb drive installed, and want to put my 40gb back in for extra storage. Here's the problem. I install the 40gb, and it's seen in the BIOS, but nowhere else i.e. DOS boot floppy, or win xp. Both drives are formatted for NTFS. Any pointers?

BIOS is setup for HDD-0 first boot (should be recognized as Sata drive 0, right?). I've read on a couple of other forums that the SATA drive can be set up in bios as SCSI. Think that might help?

I even tried the manufacturer's drive setup software. Been headache after headache with this system.

Here's the funny thing. I installed win xp on the IDE drive, then transferred everything over to the Sata drive with no problem with the Data Lifeguard, (which i then had to go through the headache of re-authenticating windows xp...). But after unplugging the 40gb, and getting the Sata drive to be the main boot drive, and plugging in the 40gb ide drive again, DOS or Windows won't see it, even though it's in the BIOS.

Answer:40gb HDD on IDE 1 not seen except in BIOS

Have you right clicked my computer and then pick manage. Now pick disk management. Is your 40 gig listed in the right window pane. If it is then right click on the drive bar and follow instructions.

From my limited knowledge, yes the sata hard drive should be configured through the SCSI option in the bios. So you would then pick boot from SCSI as the first boot device.

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i have bought a satellite pro l20 which is supposed to have a 40gb hard drive, but it only has a 37.5gb hard drive. is there any reason its slightly smaller than its supposed to be?

Answer:Satellite Pro L20: 37,5GB on HDD instead of 40GB?

Hi Matt,

The capacity of your hard drive is usually quoted as 40Gb because the actual capacity is measured in Bytes. For 37.5Gb this would equate to 37.5 X 1024 X 1024 which gives a figure of 39,321,600 (usually quoted as 40Gb).

I use an 80Gb hard drive in my SA30 and this gives an overall capacity of 76.29Gb.

This is just the way in which the hard drive industry quote the capacity of their drives. :-)


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My system don't detect 40GB harddisk because of old bios, but when i restrict the harddisk to 32GB by setting jumper then it detects 32GB. Please tell me any method to detect full 40Gb without updating the BIOS. I tried the Seagate DiskWizard Starter Edition but it doesn't work.

Answer:Support 40GB harddisk

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Hello there!
My friend owes this model 4200series-celeron 500 (manufactured in germany but we can't call them coz our german sux a little ;)
He'd like to change Hard Drive to 40gb 9.5mm hd -anybody knows if this will work I mean if the bios will recognize it correctly (full size, after update if needed)

Answer:SP 4270 hd upgrade to 40GB


Did you already try to contact Service Partner in your country?

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When I installed the new Western Digital HD, (an 80GB), I click on the properties and it says the HD is a 33GB!!!

Answer:My 80GB HD turned into less than 40GB! do you have it partitioned and have you D/l all the M/S patches and updates ? ( I believe there is a patch to remedy the HD size )dl65  

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I have an old A10-501 with an 30GB hard disk drive that just broke. I have bought an new one (Hitachi, 40GB, 5400rpm, ATA/IDE) but it is not recognised. I went into the BIOS, but nothing.

I have reformated my old drive, and it works quite fine (but very noisy) on a partition limited to half of the capacity. I could find that the problem is on the second half. This is just to say that I don't believe the motherboard is damaged.

So I would like to know if there is any limitation on changing the HDD. Or any specific strick.

Thank you


Answer:New 40GB HDD on Satellite A10-501 not recognized

Yes. There are some limitations!
If the HDD size is too large the BIOS will not recognize the connected HDD!
But to be honest I don?t think the 40GB HDD is too large. The notebook was equipped with a 30GB 4200rpm HDD, so in my opinion the 40GB HDD should works too.

Furthermore the notebook supports an enhanced IDE (ATA-5) interface.
ATA-5 means Ultra DMA 4 and you can expect the data transfer performance of max 66,6 MB/s.

My recommendation is to test an 30GB HDD which supports 4200rpm and the max 66,6 MB/s.
If you want you could try to set the BIOS to the default settings firstly before you will insert the new 40GB HDD. Sometimes this helps!

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My 40GB PS3 got the dreaded YLOD, about 8 months ago. I got this repaired and it was working fine up until a few weeks ago!

I bought a second hand 40GB PS3 which is working fine, except there was no blu ray drive. I took the blu ray drive from my YLOD ps3 and put it in the blurayless PS3!

It is connected correctly as i can eject and put in discs as normal, but no games dvds or blu rays will load on the new ps3.

Is there anything else i should do or is this a problem with the second hand ps3 that i bought.

any help/advice will be appreciated

Answer:Replace blu ray on PS3 40GB, but will not load!

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Hi. I have a T42-2373-F1G and if I understand the T42 hardware manual correctly, it can only accept a 40GB drive (and that is what is currently installed, the original). Is this correct? Is it possible that it will anyway accept another higher capacity? Thanks! 

Answer:Max HDD size on T42-2373-F1G ? Can it take more than 40GB?

any PATA 2.5 inch format HDD will be fine as long as its 9.5 mm in thickness.
The largest capacity drive in the PATA format is 250 gig. 

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I just installed Windows 7 on a machine and I guess I've never noticed this until now. But anyway, why is the Windows 7 installation taking up nearly half the space 120GB SSD? All the Windows 7 virtual machines I've installed only take up around 10GB...

When I highlight everything in drive C (including hidden folders) I only get about 18-19GB in the folder properties. So where is all this extra space? I've also set the shadow copy to 4GB maximum size, so it shouldn't be that. I've run disk cleanup and removed system files, but that didn't do much. If anyone has any ideas of where this extra 30GB is, please let me know! Thanks.

Answer:Win7 Install... 40gb+

System Restore points, Hibernation File and Updates?
My fully updated Win 7 installation is only 14.5GB

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I'm trying to run Vista and Windows 7 on my computer..I want to partition my hard drive so I can do a dual boot..What I need to know is, I heard W7 would run smooth on 40gb..My hard drives main drive, (C:) drive has much should I shrink that in mb's..and I format the new volume before putting in Windows right?? I'm new to this as you can tell, but I'm trying to learn all I can..Hope the questions not too stupid..and my computer is everything in product box except I have 3GB RAM and a 250gb (?) hard driveedited by moderator: Post moved from Windows Vista Forum

Answer:how much is 40gb in MB for Win7 installation

The hard drive manufacturer always uses the decimal way of expressing the size of a drive.e.g. 1kb = 1,000 bytes, 1 mb = 1,000,000 bytes, 1gb = 1,000,000,000 bytesYour computer bios and Windows (or any operating system) always uses the binary way of expressing the size of a drive.e.g. 1kb = 1,024 bytes, 1mb = 1,024kb = 1,048,576 bytes, 1gb = 1,024mb = 1,073,741,824 bytes1 tb = 1,024gb = 1,099, 511,627,776 bytesWhichever way the size of the hard drive is expressed, the total number of bytes is the same, or extremely close to the same. ~250gb drive manufacturer's size X 1,000,000,000 bytes per decimal gb divided by 1,073,741,824 bytes per binary gb = ~232.83gb binary size. That's the "raw" size, the size the mboard's bios sees, and Windows Setup or Disk Management sees when the drive has no data on it - Windows uses up a small percentage of that when the drive is software partitioned and formatted that can't be used for the user's data, so, e.g. for a drive with only one partition (NOT recommended if you have only one hard drive), the total size of the partition seen once the drive is formatted in Windows in My Computer or Computer or Windows Explorer is a bit smaller. ......The ram size is always expressed the binary way.e.g. 3gb = 3,096mb

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I took it out.

Suddenly WinXPsp2home gave blue screen and said no operating system together with simultaneous sudden onset of beeping noise from the drive itself (drive removed and connected externally). Noise attached here as .wma file zipped to conform with site rules.

I purchased an external dongle for the drive (2 wires, one is usb cable and other is power supply). The drive spins and the noise occurs with only the power cable connected alone.

I have installed a new HDD and reinstalled Windows. I wish to try to get some data off the drive if possible. Is there any advice you can give me? Does the noise tell you anything? What about the freezer trick?

Answer:WD 40GB EIDE Beeping

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I have added a 40GB external hard drive to my Dell P4/2.0GHz, 512 RAM stand alone PC.

The new drive is preformatted in FAT32. All my other drives are NTFS. I want to convert the new HD to NTFS also. I've been informed that direct conversion can create problems and that the FAT32 formatting should be totally removed before the NTFS formatting is applied. I have Partition Magic 7.

I would appreciate some advice since I don't know any more about this problem and it's solution than what is above!

Thank you,


Answer:FAT32 to NTFS in 40GB HD?

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Hi all,I am formatting a friends hard drive, after a lot of Problems...i.e setup files corrupted and WPF(Windows protection files etc...)Now it has taken 15mins to do 10%...I think this is not right and possibly a hard drive error..What do you all think. The Hdd LED is just stuck.Sys: P4 1.7ghz256MB DDR RAM40GB Hdd Maxtor 5400rpmMSI MoboAny thought...onboard sound and VGA.

Answer:How long to Format Hdd 40GB??

Assuming you're working on a pre-XP system and that you're formatting from a boot floppy, have f-disked prior to formatting?I'm a bit vague on W9X systems now but I recall having all sorts of difficulties formatting, all cured by doing an f-disk first.Brian

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If this post is inappropriate to post here, Administrators please feel free to move where it is more appropriate.

Just a quick question about installing the Anniversary Update.

My (C drive is 120Gb in which 110Gb was used. The install prep said I need to have at least 20Gb free so I looked to move data temporarily to free up space. I noticed AeroGlass 10240 folder was nearly 40Gb alone so I moved that data to another drive. I have not moved it back to (C yet.

I know AeroGlass is a theme that adds transparency to windows but 40Gb? Does that sound right? I don't like AeroGlass that much but maybe a reinstall would be less data.

Is 40Gb normal for AeroGlass?

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I have a 13gb hard drive as my main windows drive. I have just aquired a 40gb hd. I would like to copy the entire 13bg drive to the new 40 gb drive and make it my primary. I have tried to use HDClone or HDCopy, but when they complete, I am left with a 40bg hard drive that only shows 13gb. What utility can I use that will do this correctly?


Answer:Copy 13GB hd to 40GB hd

Once you have the 13 GB drive cloned over to the 40GB one, use partition resizer to extend it to the whole drive.

Studio T

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ok this is what's happened:
I booted up Windows, went to log on and it froze before loading explorer.exe
tried it againa few times, still froze
so I did a repair-install, and then when I booted up it blue-screened me before getting to the logon screen
I went into the backup installation and it booted fine (?) and so I restarted to go into the main installation and it gave me a different error, something to do with the revision number not being correct, and I remember lsass.exe being mentioned
I restarted again and went into the backup installation and it told me a .dll was corrupt - so I was like WTF it booted fine before
so I put in the XP CD and went into the recovery console, replaced the corrupt .dll file of the backup installation from the main one, and replaced lsass.exe of the main installation from the backup and restarted
then it said services was corrupt

so I rebooted into the backup installation, moved some of my files onto my 160GB drive and reformatted

I installed Windows and everything went fine, and I put in the user names and reinstalled the programs, but after a day or 2 it stopped working again

I installed Windows onto my 160GB drive, installed Norman and Antivir, scanned with both on both HDD's and didn't find anything

so now I don't know what to do

Answer:Windows won't work on my 40GB HDD

remember the stop error number?



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Just a quick question about installing the Anniversary Update.

My C drive is 120Gb in which 110Gb was used. The install prep said I need to have at least 20Gb free so I looked to move data temporarily to free up space. I noticed AeroGlass 10240 folder was nearly 40Gb alone so I moved that data to another drive. I have not moved it back to C drive yet.

I know AeroGlass is a theme that adds transparency to windows but 40Gb? Does that sound right? I don't like AeroGlass that much but maybe a reinstall would be less data.

Is 40Gb normal for AeroGlass?

Answer:Is 40Gb normal for AeroGlass?

Mmm.. Aeroglass is a small (commercial/free) program that adds transparency.

40Gb is massive.
Its program folder can fill with minidump files - e.g. repeated crashes 'cos the current version isn't compatible with the anniversary edition. But you'd need a LOT to make the folder that big.

You probably won't be able to log in normally with Aeroglass installed and the anniversary edition upgrade applied. You can uninstall it in safe mode.

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I am on a budget and looking for a SSD for a boot drive only. Currently my motherboard only has SATA II 3Gbps ports. So I am looking forward to OCZ Vertex 40gb,Corsair F40 40gb,Intel 520 & Crucial M4 40gb. Which one is the best in terms of reliability,warranty & read,write speed? and anyone having a SSD please share your experience.

Answer:Need a budget SSD(40gb-60gb)

Pay attention to the 4k access times. That's the most important statistic. Most are down around .1 ms. Read and write speed doesn't have much affect on day to day usage.

I'd go with Intel or the Crucial M4 for greater reliability and fewer issues, but I have no idea of pricing in India.

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What is the best way to clone a 40gb SSD over to 64gb SSD?

Was succesful with easeus and it cloned fine but it messed upp the 1024 alignment so the 64gb SSD only had 4.5mb/s write speed.

I tried GHOST 15 and the harddrive gives BSOD when booting to Windows 7...

I tried Clonezilla and USB boot method and it did not boot clonezilla from BIOS.

I do not have DVD-Drive so it has to be in windows or USB boot.
So the only one that works is easeus...

I tried windows 7 builtin backup of image, boot of USB stick with windows 7 disk click repair and load image from harddrive and it gives error:

The system image restore failed.

Error details: The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)

There is a app called paramount alignment tool that can fix alignment on OS drives but it seems to cost money maybe this is my last shot, a clean install of windows 7 with all the modifications is going to take me 40+ hours so is time is money then I guess here you come paramount alignment tool

Answer:Cloning 40gb SSD to 64gb SSD

Just what a quick search turned up, not sure if it helps.

Error details: The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)Click to expand...

File Backup fails with the following error:
The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)

This error is caused by a bug in File Backup where if you don't back up at least one file during the full backup, every backup after that fails. The workaround is to go through the Backup wizard again and choose a new full file backup at the very end.

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recently i have been getting low memory messages on my pc and have been diligently trying to free up space. in doing so i have come to realize that approximately 10 gigs of memory on my hard drive are unaccounted for. tried a few programs that were supposed to clean up unused files. to no avail. after donig the math for the folders within my hd and what windows is reading it as in the my computer screen i dsicovered the dicrepancy. please help me!

Answer:10gb+ unaccounted for in 40gb HD!

When you say 10 gig is unaccounted for do you mean the pc says the hard drive size is only about 30gig or that the free space is showing incorrectly?That aside the low memory message is probably caused by too many programs runnung in the background. Try going Start then Run type in msconfigand click OK, go to the startup tab and using the search click here untick any not nrequired.

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Hi All,
Been running windows 8 for a few months on a fresh install on an ssd.. recently I keep running out of disk space with cbs.log and it's archived files taking up to 60gb of my hdd over a day or two..

Is there a way to get rid of the generation of these logs or find out why they're blowing out so huge?


Answer:cbs.log file taking up over 40gb

Hi Tomautom,
If you are sure your system is running fine, you can delete this file. Please follow these steps to delete the csb.log and it will create a new one.
1. Disable the trusted installer service (Windows Modules Installer)
2. Delete/move all of the current CBS log files from the \Windows\CBS\Logs directory
3. Restart the Windows Modules Installer service
4. Wait for log size to be large enough to compress properly into cabinet files
Refer to:
CBS.log file HUGE
If there is anything else regarding this issue, please feel free to post back.
Best Regards,
Anna Wang

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Hi Guy's
I have purchased a formatted ex lease Dell Optiplex GX270 P4 desktop 2.8ghz PC with XP Pro coa & a 40gb hard drive for my wife to use on the internet & wanted to know if I should partition it & what size partition should I use ? It will only be running XP & I was wondering if I should partition it at all ?

Cheers Ozi

Answer:Should I partition a 40Gb H/drive ?

I am not a fan of having two partitions on one disk but many people are. I have heard all the reasons people think it is good to do it but I still do not see the point. Whether or not you do it is all a matter of personal preference.

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I just bought PS3 game console and it doesn't play the ps2 or regular ps games. Does anyone know how to set it or whatever it is that it will play the ps2 games? Thanks!

Answer:PS3 Games Console 40gb

aire9999 said:

I just bought PS3 game console and it doesn't play the ps2 or regular ps games. Does anyone know how to set it or whatever it is that it will play the ps2 games? Thanks!Click to expand...

no the the 40 gig ps3 will not play ps2 or ps1 games, the 80 gig ps3 will play ps2 or ps1 games, sorry.

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Hi Guys,

My problem is huge, I hope someone here can help me please...

Is there any possible way to get my files in my hard disk.. my computer crashed and i think my hard disk affected it.. i can't boot my pc now since i have another hard disk that i used as slave, i used it to boot my pc but now my pc can't detect my other hard disk... what am i gonna do? all my important files is in that hard disk... please someone help me...

Answer:maxtor 3.2 series 40GB

It sounds like the hard drive is broken, jammed, gone bad. Whatever. Do you hear the hard drive spinning? Try this with only that connected. If it is not spinning, it is possible that you won't be able to get your files out of it.

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A friend of mine built a PC from scratch 2 yrs ago and it has been giving him troubles, freezing, slow operation, etc. He brought it to me to fiddle with, figured I could use the practice implementing the things I'm learning from the A+ studying I'm doing.

I ran scandisk and defrag...the defrag took FOREVER...I suspect that was 50% of his problems. Also ran Ad-Aware and found 107 spyware files and removed them.

I wanted to run some additional diagnostics but didn't know what model his HDD was, so I powered down, unplugged and then removed the HDD. Got the model number, etc. off the drive an reinstalled. Since that moment it has been totally dead.

I checked the connections and even tried a different molex connector and a different IDE connector and still nothing...

I felt bad so I have ordered another Maxtor 40GB as a replacement and he used the occasion to purchase XP which I will install for him (was running 98 SE still).

I'm going to try to get a warranty replacement out of Maxtor and then sell to recoup my costs. And the silver lining is he had absolutely no important files or personal data on the machine at all.

I even ran the Maxtor utility but it can't detect the drive. CMOS is set to auto detect but the HDD is literally dead as a doornail. Is there anything else I could try I haven't thought of?

Answer:Maxtor 40gb hdd dead...

a drive that old probably reached the end of it's lifespan. I have owned those drives and they run quite hot. Heat kills HDs.

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So I'm a tad confused after the completion of my Windows 8 installation. I have a nice 120 GB SSD, and after my installation, there is a 350 MB reserved partition.

That being said, Disk Management states that a 118 GB SS has only 78 GB of free space.

Where the heck did 40 GB disappear off too? I ran a properties check on my C: drive and the installation was only 12.6 GB.

I need some enlightenment from the wise.

Answer:40GB Windows 8 Installation?

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I want to replace the hard-disk, since it is becoming unreliable but cannot fnd the specs.
Can anyone help with the exact specs please?
Is the drive IDE or SATA?
Size = 2.5 inch?

I believe the original size is 40gb, can I replace with any size?

Is the removal and replacement easy? Are there any instructions please?
I have a horrid feeling that there may be recovery data for the operating system on a hidden partition in the drive.

Is that correct? Can that be transferred to a new hard-disk?
Many thanks,

Answer:I want to replace the 40GB HDD on Satellite M50-130

The Satellite M50-130 was delivered with the 2.5" 60GB HDD.
This HDD supports a rotation speed of 5400rpm and it supports an enhanced IDE (ATA 6) interface.

So you need an IDE HDD, and not SATA

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Hi I have a friends HD which may be damaged, but I am using Win 2K server on an old machine to play with it. But it is refusing to see it, I think it's because it's over 32Gb. If I set the jumpers to limit it to a 32Gb drive will this have any effect upon the data on the drive? Only a small % of the drive has data on it.

Any help much appreciated.

Answer:32 Gb Limit on 40Gb disk

Win2k doesnt have a limitation seeing drives over 32gb. It has problems formatting drives as fat32 over 32gb. The bios might, however.

It might not be seeing it cause the drive is toast.

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after upgrading my graphic card to gefore fx5500 128mb from evga when i open my pc the first time it said found new hardware which is a hard drive, then my maxtor 40gb 7200 rpm drive was disappear from my computer, and noticed this(see pic) change from disk management. then after i updated the drive for the graphic card, restarted. it becomes normal size, the it was unallocated(btw what's that mean?) and everything inside was gone, i formated it locally, it works again. i thought it was over, but now it happends again without any sigh like the first time( new hardware found) what can i do??

Answer:my maxtor 40gb became 980gb. why?

Unallocated means it's not partitioned, and I've never seen anything like that before.

So U format it then without warning it deletes itself and read as 980gb?

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There was a huge amout of files (movies) i wanted to copy from my mates computer, so i took the hard drive out of my comp and put it into a ide to usb case, i copyed all the stuff from my mates computer, but it all froze off and i had to do a hard restart on his comp :O. It wasnt working so i put it back in my computer. Now windows wasnt booting up.. great, i chucked in my windows cd and run the recovery console, i did a ChkDsk and it worked fine. Now the computer works. But when i go to were the files were saved, they are not there, but when i view My C drive from My Computer the files are CERTIANLY there because i am using 99% of my 50Gb hard drive. So i have hidden files usin up 80% of my hard drive and i just want to get rid of them. They can not be found in windows explorer and i trued a defrag that didnt do anything.

Is there some way to delete this crap? Caz my computer is almost unuserable with 19Mb of storage left, even though i am only using like 9Gb.


Answer:I have 40Gb of files on my HD i cant read...

An interesting problem.
Have you run a search for the missing files, make sure you can view hidden files and see system folders.

If you just want the space back you can re-install windows.

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I am in the of moving from o2 to BT Infinity. I dont down load films, but do use BBC iPlayer sometimes on my TV. My other main uses are family history research and browsing the internet.
The package I have been offered has a download limit of 40 Gb a month. Can anyone tell me if this will be sufficient. If you have any questions about my usage please feel free to ask.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Answer:BT Infinity 40Gb usage - Is it enough?

I would suggest that a 40GB limit per month is more than sufficient for your requirements. My use is very similar to yours, and although I have no download limit on my current ISP package I have only used just under 3GB in November to date.

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I have a Quantum Fireball lct 20 40GB hdd that i took from our old hp pavilion 7850 and put it in my computer and used it for a while. a couple days ago I reset the computer and noticed the hdd was not booting and the BIOS didn't recognize it. The disk does not spin up and i don't think the motor is bad. The LED flashes once for .5 sec when the power is plugged in. I have tried the drive in different PCs and it does the same thing. Also all of the fans except the cpu fan stopped working at the same time. Can anyone help?

Answer:Quantum Fireball lct 40GB not spinning

Well the drive is dead for long term use

However if you pop it in the freezer (in a plastic bag) and try it, it will spin for a while and you can get data off of it.

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I've got a Packard Bell system here that has an ECS P5SS-Me Mainboard. Its current HDD has developed bad sectors and is being replaced. We have gotten a Western Digital Caviar 40GB (model WD400BB), but the system appears to be too old to pick it up.

Is there any suggestions on what I can try to get the machine to pick up the drive? - I've looked for BIOS updates, there aren't any that would help.

I have tried entering the cylnders/heads/sectors in the BIOS but that just causes the BIOS to report that the Primary Hard Drive has failed. If I have the BIOS set to Auto then it just comes up as 'none'

Mainly what I want to know is this:
-Is there any free software or methods which will make this machine pick the hard drive up?
-Can anyone tell me what the maximum capacity hard drive is that this mainboard will take?

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:ECS P5SS-Me Rev. 1.2 Mainboard / WD Caviar 40GB HDD

I did a search on the web for that motherboard. It has an ATA 66 HDD interface. It should recognize the drive.

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I have tried to connect a extrenal Super Slim 2.5"40 gig Usb H/D.But my O/S won't pick it up,I am running Windows 2000 Pro so i shouldn't need a driver,A driver's disk was included in the pack so i tried any-way but still won't work.the H/D is off a working System.I have a 64Mb usb key which works fine in the pc.

Answer:Not Recognising 40gb Usb Hard Drive

i dropped my hd today at work, and it stopped working. Giving it a squeeze (!) around the outside of the case has brought it back to life, as has propping it up at an angle - long enough to back up my work anyway.By the way, the problem i had at first was not enough power to my usb drive - it runs off a laptop, and for it to run, I need to plug the usb lead into the usb drive - AND - another end into the monitor port on my laptop - i presume it is a a power problem. This is the only reason I can think of...However on other laptops and all PCs I don't need to worry about plugging the monitor port in - there is obviously enough power to run the drive by itself.Hope that helps

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Hi,Is it possible to replace a 6.4 gig hdd with a 40gb Hard-Drive on a Compaq Armada 7400? Without any problems? Currently have Xp on the laptop.40Gb is formated NTFS.Thanks...

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hey every body as you may know i'm new here, i was recomended here by a friend cos you guys know your stuf!

anyway heres the deal i have had this problum for a wile now and finaly now trying to get it sorted
but i don't what to do.

basicly i want to format a HDD thats 160GB in size to FAT32 so i can use in on my PS3 .ect with out limiting the drive down to 32GB or 40GB or what ever, its a Maxtor usb Drive, but the HDD itself inside is a little SATA Seagate Momentus 5400.3.

The drive has been used for a RAID utility (that i no longer need) so its been formated to a filesystem that windows can't seem but i'm sure i can sort that by pluging it into my desktop via SATA lead and going to "Disc Management" and i can delete the Partition. so guys what do toy think, open to any surgestions

Answer:Solved: Format HDD over 40gb to FAT32

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I was recently downloading something when I noticed that I had no memory left, this has been an issue for me for quite a while and I was curious what is taking up all my memory. I then went through the Windows folder which turned out to be 59Gb! My computer only has 70GB so that is a huge chunk. So I went through it and found the "config" folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32\config) and noticed it was GB but then I was confused. I went inside it and found the folder "systemprofile" (C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile) which was GB and inside this folder was about 300kb worth of folders .. . I'm very confused and help would be very appreciated.

Answer:Microsoft XP - Config folder 40Gb?!

TFC download TFC - Temporary File Cleaner by Old Timer, saving it to your desktop.* Open the file and close any other windows.* It will close all programs itself when run, make sure to let it run uninterrupted.* Click the Start button to begin the process. The program should not take long to finish it's job* Once its finished it should reboot your machine, if not, do this yourself to ensure a complete clean.

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Answer:MY Maxtor 120GB now reads 40GB?

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Here are my laptop specs.

Tecra A2-104: Intel? Celeron? ...
Part Number : PTA20E-07701QEN
Key Features
Intel? Celeron? M 330 (1.40 GHz) processor
Windows XP Professional
40GB Hard Disk Drive. Rotation speed - 4200 RPM. Certification - S.M.A.R.T

Could anybody advise me as to which type of HDD would best suit as current one just isn't big enough. I don't want to go and buy one and realize that it doesn't work.


Answer:Tecra A2 - Upgrade HDD from 40GB to something bigger

Hi duff321,

Usually HDD upgrade is no problem because it?s no tricky procedure and if you buy a HDD with more rpm (rounds per minute) and something bigger (120GB for example) your computer should work a little bit faster due higher data density.

Anyway, mainboards with IDE controller have 28bit LBA limitation that means you can use HDDs up to 128GB or with other words 120GB would be the maximum HDD capacity and this should be ok because it three times as much as on old HDD.
I can recommend HDDs from Western Digital for example but all other brands should work properly.

Just have a look on some online shops or ask your authorized service provider.

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I have a DELL computer with a SATA 40GB WD Hard drive that was having problems... So I used my WipeDrive Pro program and wiped the drive clean...
Now Im trying to install Windows XP Pro onto it again but when XP finishes the initial (first part) install with loading the drivers I get a message stating that it doesnt detect the hard drive. check to see if the hard drive has power and the cable is connected... you may need to install software from the manufacturer, etc. cant continue...

I dont remember the exact message I get but can anyone help me out???

I know the hard drive has power and it is connected... I went into the BIOS and it detects it... I used and did FDISK and FORMAT....


Answer:SATA 40GB WD Hard drive

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I had originally planned on dual booting Ubuntu and Windows XP on this machine. On a 160GB HDD, I partitioned 100GB for Windows, and left the rest (42gigs or so) unpartitioned. I changed my mind earlier today to wanting only Windows on this machine. I booted up a linux live CD to resize the NTFS partition. Using gparted, I resized the NTFS partition to be the size of the current partition + the unpartitioned space. Unfortunately, it spit out an error, but it continued to try to resize it. After booting back into Windows, I saw that the size of the partition hadn't changed.

This is a screenshot of the disk management tool:

The space is really filling up fast.

Is there a way to reclaim this space without a format?

Thanks for any and all help.

Answer:Tried to resize partition. 40GB missing.

Try another partitioner. GParted works OK on NTFS partitions so long as certain steps are taken ahead of time. Did you defragment the drive first? Did you run disk checks to be sure that there were no errors? Did you read the directions related to NTFS partitions?

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Hi folks,my brother asked me to look at his computer as it was running VERY slow.His hardrive was full so I uninstalled what programs he doesn't use but this freed up hardly anything.What is really strange is his hardrive is showing as total capacity 9.55g with 477mb free space.His drive is a 40gb yet it's only showing 9.55g?Any ideas what's causing this?It's showing as his D drive with his floppy being A and cd drive E.Any help much appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:40GB drive showing as 9.55GB

For some reason there's no "C" drive showing.His local disc is "D" and is only 9.55gb,Yet I definetely remember seeing that it was a 40gb drive.Thanks.

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I have a remote user running WinXPSP2 who has recently managed to consume all available space on a 40Gb hard drive with only about 100Mb free. We have begun the process of removing applications and data files in an attempt to free up space. After deleting close to 10Gb of files and emptying the recycle bin, the drive still shows only 100 - 200 Mb free.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be happening and how to actually free up the now unused space?

Answer:40Gb Hard Drive Full

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how i upgrade PC p3/128RAM/40GB HDD TO 160GB

Answer:how i upgrade PC p3/128RAM/40GB HDD TO 160GB

You cannot. Being a P3 it will no have 48 bit LBA support so the maximum size hard disk you can use is 137 Mbs.A drive of 137 Mbs or less is no different than any other drive. Just make sure you get the jumpers right and it is easy.Stuart

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I recently plugged a 9v adapter into my firelite, without realizing that you had to use a 5v adapter. Dont ask me why I was that stupid, I usually am not, but it was new years day, so please give me a break. Anyway, I fried the unit, and am looking for another board to replace the one inside. The drive is fine, it appears that I have burnt out something on the board that operates the drive and usb port. I have been searching the net but have come up empty and do not want to pay top dollar for another unit. Oh, and the fact that its a buddies does not help me Any help will be appriciated.

Thanks in advance

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I have a Satellite L15-s104 Laptop i want to upgrade the stock 40 Gig Drive to a 120 Gig 5400 RPM 8 Meg Cache HardDrive my question is how do i remove the old harddrive. I need step by step instructions. Also is my laptop drive a ATA-6 or ATA-100

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Answer:Satellite L15-S104: HDD upgrade to 40GB


I can just tell you that your drive has an ATA-6 interface.


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Every now and again my drive gets to the point it is full and I have become pretty adept at removing unnecessary stuff but always tread carefully! I use CCleaner, Wise Care & Windows Disc Cleanup. I've also recently cleared out old NVidia setups etc which saved a lot of space. Just downloaded WinDirStat to try to see what else might be clogging up the sustem and found a Windows CBS log file takes up 360Mb, Windows Installer Files takes up 2Gb and Nvdia Backend in the App data folder in my users area takes up 1.3Gb. I know I should get a bigger disk and will eventually but it would be good to keep using this one a while longer.
I'm considering updating to Win 10 but needing 3Gb of spare space is an issue and I am also a bit worried that some of my music production software may not work with it. Will have to decide soon!
Thanks in anticipation of advice

Answer:Clearing space from 40Gb SSD running Win 7

Any advice of anything else I can remove would be welcome too of course!

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I have just done a system check & have found out that I have an 80 GB hard drive.The PC only shows C drive with 40GB.Any ideas how I can get/use this other 40GB.

Answer:80GB hard drive but only 40GB is being used.

You don`t say what OS ! But if you fdisk with win98 startup disc, you will find your disc information and the missing 40gb... take it from there...

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I have got a IBM Lenovo Thinkcentre S51 series 8172-form factor small Desktop. Atpresent the hard drive is 40gb but I would like to upgrade to 160gb. Is it possible to do it.? I read somewhere that this model comes with 40gb/80gb and 160 gb hard drive..I have recently upgraded the memory  to 2gb which is the maximum on this machine.Hope to hear from somebody. I have just joined the forum today. Sorry for any inconvience caused in this matter.

Answer:Upgrading harddrive from 40gb to 160gb.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Not at all, you aren't bothering anyone

You can install bigger drive than that in your S51, per lenovo 250GB is also fine but I believe the system would be able to support 500GB without any issues. Just verify that your BIOS is current.

You can find installation instructions in the HMM or watch the video.

Hope this helps. 

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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I'm transcoding a video on my hard drive (it's about 1 1/2 hours long, 900 megs or so) and during transcoding, it takes up a whopping 41.1gb of space (all temp files). Is this normal, or is something wrong? I know DVD's take up LOTS of space, but this sounds a bit high. My only solution is to get a new hard drive or backup, reformat and re-do the partitions on my drive so I have like 90gb free (rigth now its split like: 20 / 45 / 45).

Any ideas? Or am I hosed?

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I have bought a new ACER Desktop it has 120GB of storage split into 2 x 60GB (C & D drive). The C drive is already nearly full as it already had about 40GB of stuff, which i guess is mainly preloaded rubbisg and games etc. It also has an ACER Empowering Technology and security thingy, which i dont think it needs. I run Vista Home Premium and have upgraded to 4GB of RAM. I have Norton 360 and SUPERAntispyware and Malwarebytes. Can anyone give me some guidance as to what is safe to get rid of. thanks

Answer:New computer with 40GB+ already on hard drive

40Gb seems a lot even with the OS and a few bits of rubbish. Perhaps a short list of what is on the drive would help us. I am not sure about the Acer program but I am sure other Acer users will be able to help.

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Recently I ran chkdsk and when it was all over with I logged on to windows and noticed it was taking longer than usual to load my account, after that i went to my computer to check how much disk space I had and it was lower than it was the day before, it went from 40GB to now only 2.48GB. Where did all my free space go ?

Answer:Lost almost 40GB Of space after using chkdsk

Hmm...never heard of this happening. But let's have a look-see at what's taking up the space on your hard drive. Download and run Disk Space Reporter

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I just installed windows 8 in my brand new laptop.
There are no other issue except this one!

what is this thing called FD_BETA9SR2 ?
I can do nothing to it (shrink it, delete it, etc, I also have tried using AOMEI Partition Assistant but no helps)

And why there is no system recovery shown in my computer management? I have another windows 8 laptop, and it has system recovery.

Please help me,
Thanks in advance

Answer:Please help, my laptop only recognise 40GB of my 500GB HDD

Be careful. This FD Beta... partition is your active partition that contains the bootmgr. If you delete it, the system won't boot.

No idea how it got to that. But before you delete that partition, make sure the bootmgr is saved - e.g. moved to C. You can try to do that following ihis tutorial, but I am not 100% sure whether that works in /8.
Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD - Windows 7 Help Forums

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My laptop was telling me that the disk space was low (C), so I started looking for any bloated files and saw that my Windows folder was at a whopping 40 GBs. The main culprit is a lone file, talking up nearly all of the 40GBS. It's called:


I'm assuming this is a virus of some kind. What is going on here? What is this? Do I delete???

Answer:Windows Folder is Huge-40GB

I Googled, and agree looks like a virus
Run a full updated virus scan
Download and run a full updated malwarebytes scan. Report back with results.

Dont delete. Follow instuctions from the Forum.

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hopefully someone can help
ive had my laptop (wireless) for 6 months and dont do an awful lot on it
today i checked the space taken up on the drive and was horrified to see it only has 10gb out of 120 left
on futher investigation on the c drive i found that under programe data there was a folder called aoldiag w hich is using 40gb does anybody know what it is there are further files in it like aolservice host and win1.5.6.1
ive tried sending it to the recycle bin but it just freezes the laptop
i use aol on both laptop and pc
any ideas?????

Answer:program taking up 40gb on my laptop

Please do not double-post.

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Did a fresh install onto the new SSD of Win7 Ultimate x64. Using the SSD as the boot drive, and plan on installing my games on my WD Velicoraptor 300 GB drive. TRIM support is on, and I made sure i turned off any defragging on the SSD.

When I ran Left 4 Dead 2 (Which normally runs flawlessly at highest quality), i noticed stuttering at random intervals. I restarted and tweaked some settings, seems to be a bit better, but i am not sure that sounds normal.

Anyone have any tips or setting tweaks for the SSD that would help me out?


Answer:Intel X25-V 40GB Gaming Question

Quote: Originally Posted by Kinematic9

Did a fresh install onto the new SSD of Win7 Ultimate x64. Using the SSD as the boot drive, and plan on installing my games on my WD Velicoraptor 300 GB drive. TRIM support is on, and I made sure i turned off any defragging on the SSD.

When I ran Left 4 Dead 2 (Which normally runs flawlessly at highest quality), i noticed stuttering at random intervals. I restarted and tweaked some settings, seems to be a bit better, but i am not sure that sounds normal.

Anyone have any tips or setting tweaks for the SSD that would help me out?


Did you try the Event Viewer ? Check that for possible error description.
Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer

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I have the following error message. Error reading sector #0 or Boot sector is invalid.

I have done the following: Filled with all 0's.
During XP installation, selected repair window option and tried FIXMBR and FIXBOOT.

Loaded Seagate Seatools for dos and it did not see any problem with the disk.

Can anyone help?

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Hello again guys.
It seems that I have many questions all at once. I have run into a problem with a smart-disk fire-lite portable drive.

The error I receive is:

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

I have disable the COM port, the LPT port, the wireless network card, the usb Digital Video Camera.

System Information report written at: 07/13/2004 11:41:00 AM
[System Summary]

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Version: 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4 Build 2195

OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

System Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation

System Model: OptiPlex GX270

System Type: X86-based PC

Processor: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 Genuine Intel ~2660 MHz

BIOS Version: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A03

Windows Directory: C:\WINNT

System Directory: C:\WINNT\system32

Boot Device: \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1

Locale: United States

Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time

Total Physical Memory: 2,096,116 KB

Available Physical Memory: 1,701,748 KB

Total Virtual Memory: 6,130,568 KB

Available Virtual Memory: 5,383,812 KB

Page File Space: 4,034,452 KB

Page File: C:\pagefile.sys

Answer:[SOLVED] Smartdisk firelite 40GB

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My Satellite A30 2.5G Cel. 1gb mem recognizes an 80GB HDD as a 40GB.
The HDD that I am trying to us is a Samsung MP0804H.

Anyone know how to set the LBA for this notebook?

Answer:Satellite A30: 80GB HDD is recognized as 40GB


I presume that you will upgrade the HDD because A30 is originally delivered with 40GB HDD. I don?t know if problem is BIOS that do not recognize new HDD properly but you can try to make complete format with partition magic tool and install OS using recovery media.

If you use expert mode installation you will see which HDD capacity will be recognized by ghost image and try to create two partitions.

It is also possible to check how the HDD will be recognized as external one.

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Hi guys I have a OCZ 40 gig SSD Drive as my OS drive and a 500gb WD SATA reg Drive as my storage drive. How can I install a fully updated Win Vista 64 on my SSD drive without filling it up?

I'm trying right now but I can't I can't even patch i have about 300mb leftover and I don't have enought to patch. I know it's possible. What am I doing wrong.

Answer:40GB SSD Drive and Windows Vista 64

Vista X64 will be significantly less spage than 40GB

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I just finished a new build and I installed a 40GB SSD thinking it would be enough for just the Windows 7 OS and some drivers. Well, it so happens that the 40GB's rapidly decreased to roughly 2GB's of space... To be honest, I'm not sure how those 40 GB's were used up so fast. I have a couple of programs installed on it such as:

-AVG Anti Virus
-NVIDIA Drivers
-Motherboard Drivers
-Google Chrome

I'm not sure what can bee deleted but I want to delete some of the Windows Service Files such as Windows Mail and etc. but every time i go to delete the folders, it says can't delete because i need permission from TrustedInstaller?

I don't know if it was a good idea to buy the 40GB SSD or if I should have gotten something like 80GB. I still have time to return it but I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do because this problem can be fixed or if I should just go bigger.

Answer:Windows 7 and 40GB SSD filling up fast

Disable hibernation and have pagefile.sys on your secondary drive (assuming you have one). Otherwise, you could just reduce the size of your virtual memory. That will save you quite a bit of space.

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I am using OS Windows XP on IBM Laptop T42. Until recently had no issues recognition by my system of the external hard drive or accessing the information stored on my hard drive.  At this point the system recognizes the hard drive however freezes at that point the stem freezes and I am not able to access the hard drive. I have done the following:Using different laptop same results.Start and run, to ope the hard drive same results.My computer, double clicking on the hard drive.Thank you in advance for advice,Laura

Answer:Portable 40GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Sorry to say, but the external seems to be dead. The laptop is trying to acces the failed drive and locking up.Does the external drive still spin and or make any noises?

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hi,i have missing space drive in my computer, my drive capacity is 160 GB separate in 2,which is local disk c with windows xp is 80GB and local disk D with save data is 80GB, basicly  my space drive in local c is 38GB and suddenly last night my space drive only 2,5GB, i have checked using lenovo system toolbox and this program scanned my drive c,and it is shown that unaccess 38 GB inside is zero file and the remark is unaccess file due to access restriction.please help me and what should i do to fix this problem

Answer:Space drive missing 40GB

you try compress drive to save disk right click c drive----> goto properties--> mark compress drive to save disk space--> and apply .

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Why do i only have 40 GB (i 5gb and one 35GB partition) that are regonized my windows 2000 pro on my 120 GB Maxtor HD?

I have Pheonix BiOs on a Asus P4S8X-X MainBoard, i put primary IDE to "Auto Detection" should i have put "User Type HDD" instead and then configured all the weird parameters?

Answer:Windows 2000 Pro only recognizes 40GB on a 120GB HD

You should not have had too.. but you should try to install the HDD manually now.

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My 40GB iPod has a problem - the bottom half of the click wheel is completely unresponsive. It's been like for a couple of weeks and re-setting etc. has no effect. Any ideas?

I'm already resigned to having to send it away for repair - does this generally take a few days, or am I likely to be without it for a month?!

Any help would be much appreciated


Answer:iPod 40GB click wheel problems

Hey buddy, about the repairing period, apple usually holds your device (ipod) like for 2 weeks, and also depending of how bad is the problem with your device, i would recommend you to take it to the closest APPLE STORE in your Area if there's one around, they usually check your ipod, open it and if they cannot reapir it there, they might give you a new one depending of the ipod version,
I used to work in the Apple Store here in Charlotte NC, and i ve seen many customers getting newipods in exchange for their old ones, so it wouldnt be worth the try... if not.. your only choice is sending your ipod to Apple.

good luck guy!


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