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Buffalo external hard drive and Vista Hibernation

Question: Buffalo external hard drive and Vista Hibernation

Hi,I usually have my buffalo external hdd connected to my dell studio 15. I tried shutting down once but accidentally put it into hibernation. So after it hibernated I switched it back on, the hdd would spin up a couple of times, but as it got to the desktop it would spin down. I try to access the hdd and I can see the folders etc, when I try entering a folder such as "music" for example, the hdd would spin up, but then a message would say the folder music is unavailable. So I refresh the window, and the music folder disappears! just like that, now after the spin up, i can access the rest of the folders, but the "music" is just gone forever. Does anyone know what's going on or how I can get that folder back. It was actually the "documents" folder in my case, but music was an example.Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Buffalo external hard drive and Vista Hibernation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Buffalo external hard drive and Vista Hibernation

hi again, Problem has been fixed and the files are still there! Basically used vista scan disk to fix errors option and it recovered my files. Phew....thought I'd lost it all.

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Hi, does anyone know of "Buffalo"s reliability? It seems my current external drive is about to give up. Its a Western Digital 'My Book' 320gb and its making odd "clicking noises".Yesterday it disappeared from 'my computer' and i eventually got it working after pulling out all the plugs and re-booting pc. The "Buffalo DriveStation" 500gb looks a good buy from for £50. Any thoughts please - Tony

Answer:Buffalo External Hard Drive

To save me typing twice click here

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Hi can someone help please? I have a buffalo external hard drive that is recognised in system and say's drivers are working. But I can not access any files from it either through the computer or software. anyone got any ideas as to why. It was working fine up until yesterday.

Answer:Buffalo External Hard Drive

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Hi all,

New to this site, so hope this is in the right place and hope you can help!

I have just purchased a 500G Buffalo external hard drive, HD-PC500U2/BK-EU. Plug it in and it is recognised by my P.C (running XP) but I cannot go any further and cannot run the DriveNavi.exe file which is on the external HD. All I get are the following error messages

The application failed to inialize properly (0xc0000006). Click OK to terminate the application.


Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed


F:\DriveNavi.exe is not a valid Win32 application

I have trawled the net to try to find a solution and Buffalo support are no use at all...and extremely frustrated and would appreciate any help, please


Answer:Buffalo External Hard drive problem-Help please!

That sounds like an autorun request for the bundled DriveNavi.exe program. And "trawled the net"? . I think you've gotta format the HDD. That might just do the trick.

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Hi Everyone,

I am using a Buffalo LinkStation (LS-QVL), it is configured for RAID 10 and has 4 Terabytes of capacity. I am not using anywhere near the full capacity (instead I am only using about 6%!). It has occurred to me that I should make an off-site backup of the content on the LinkStation. Toward this end I would like to backup the contents of the LinkStation to an external USB hard drive.

Can anybody tell me if it is possible to backup files from this NAS to an external hard drive? If it is possible any advice on how to set this up will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Answer:Backing up Buffalo NAS to an external hard drive

Unless your NAS has a provision to mount the external hard drive via USB and supports file transfers between the volumes, you're going to have to do this over the network with the external hard drive connected to a PC that is connected to the NAS.

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Can anyone tell me if the above Exteral HDD will be compatable with windows 8. It works fine with Windows 7 Premium. Thanks.


Answer:Buffalo MiniStation Lite 320 Gb Portable USB 2.0 External Hard Drive..

Unlikely anyone has your specific drive. But in general, i've never seen a USB device that didn't work in Windows 8 that worked in Windows 7.

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I have subject device running from Win7 64 bit.
It's decided to show capacity as 49.5Gb instead of 1Tb.
Any ideas welcomed.

Answer:Buffalo Ministation 1TB USB 2.0 Slimline Portable External Hard Drive

On the search window type Disk manage. From the options, open "Create and format hard disk partitions"
Expand the Status column so it can be readable.
Take a snapshot of the screen and upload the image.

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My Buffalo external drive shows empty on window 7 pro, no previous signs of malfunction just a little slow before this incident.
when i trying to right click and check properties, after a while windows shows a message saying " data error (Cyclic redundancy check)"
It contains all my family photos for the last years, please if anyone can help me with this issue I will appreciate

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I have a buffalo 500gb external HD which I use mainly as a back up for photos/docs/vids etc., I have been deleting alot of uneccessary things on it and it now contains only 47gb of material, however when I click on the properties it is still showing 270gb free of 465gb, this means that there is still 195gb of material when in fact there is only 47gb of material on it in total - how can this be?? I have unplugged the buffalo drive, left it a while and replugged it in but its still showing (in the properties of the drive) that it has 270gb free of 465gb, very odd, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

Answer:buffalo external hard drive showing wrong amount in properties???

Show hidden and system files click here
If there is a Recycle Bin Folder on the drive, go into it and Empty or manually delete contents.

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Hi I am running Vista Home Premium and I have got a Buffalo Ext,H/Drive.They have a support site but I sent them a strong complaint and they no longer talk to me.There is a download on the site for making the drive compatible with Vista.Has anyone any knowledge about the proceedure for the order of download? When to plug in the drive and what to actualy load etc It is running but its pure basics.I want formatting,convert to NTFS etc,and to load the free backup program.Regards,Sam Gee.

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ive recently bought a cx500u2 buffalo external hard drive but when i connect it to my pc running vista it goes non responding when i go into my computer or into disk management. i tried it on my laptop running xp and it works fine im at the end of my tether with this plz help

Answer:vista wont show my buffalo ext hard drive

Just in case it is a discontinued product, follow the link in this thread
to find a driver, if needed.

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Good day everyone.

I have 500gb Buffalo HD and the problem is that when I plug it in my laptop it makes a clicking noise then after a while the noise stop. And also it does not appear in Computer,it was only appearing in the control panel. I tried disk management and other software to retrieve and solve this but it doesnt work. Can I still recover my file without going to retrieval company? can I still save my hard disk and use it again? thanks

Answer:Buffalo external hard disk problem

Doesn't sound like it. Sounds like you are hosed. Suppose you could try the freezer trick, although I've never seen it work.

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Hi,I have an external USB Buffalo hard disk attached to my Lenovo E73 W7 Pro PC.If i boot with it connected then the PC won't boot through to Windows until i disconnect the Buffalo.I have been into the Bios and set the boot order to not only styart with the HD but also ignore USB and CD ROM.Interestingly before i changed the Bios it would stop the boot and when i disconnected the Buffalo i would get the option to go the bios; now that i have changed the bios although it still doesn't boot through to Windows, when i disconnect the Buffalo the Windows spalsh screen appears immediately. So..My thoughts are that the bios change has been a good thing and now there is a Windows option that needs to be changed to make it boot to Windows ignoring the Buffalo until it has started. Has anyone any advice please? Cheers,Simon  

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I have a Buffalo 120 GB external Hard Disk that i connect to my HP Compaq Pressario M2000. It has been with me since 2 yrs. It was always fine, except for not being recognised a few months came back all by itself. So i was fine. I have a lot of data in it which is very important. So please give me any option other than formatting it.

When i rightclick on my My Computer and go to Manage > Disk Management and it shows me my Drive as F: 111.78 GB Healthy (Active).
But it does not display the name that i have given it (Rockin Ram) and when i try opening it, it says " F: is not acessible " The file drive is corrupted and unreadable ".

I have an internet connection with unlimited download, so please let me know if i need to download some software or install anything to repair it. I will do it, but please help me with this issue.
I believe you coz my previous problem was solved by you people !

Answer:My Buffalo 120 GB External Hard Disk recognised, but not responding!

The drive could have failed. Try to plug it into another pc if you have another one.

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I've got a 1TB Buffalo USB external drive. It worked great until about 2 days ago. It was pre-formatted to FAT32, needing to put a 10 gig file on it, I reformatted it to NTFS. No problem.

Except my Xbox, my laptop, and my PS3 didn't recognise it anymore. Only the desktop did. I checked online, it wasn't a problem, cause PS3 and Xbox only read FAT 32 hard drives... so i knew i just needed to format back, and it would all be fine.

So I tried to format it back, but FAT32 was not an option. only exFAT. After reading about for a bit i found out i could format in FAT32 from the CMD dos Prompt.

So I tried that. It stayed at 0% for what seemed like forever, and then the system shut down.

I rebooted and now my drive isn't there. It shows in device manager as "hard drive" with no extra details, but says it's working.

It shows in Drive Manager, but is listed as "Unallocated" and "not initalised"

I know i need to initialise it to get it show again, however anytime i try I get this error:
Data Error (Cyclic redundacy check)

Can someone please help? I dont care if i lose all the data on it, I just want it reformatted and reinitalised so i can start using it again.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps in any way.

Answer:Cant initalise my external 1TB Buffalo drive.

The 1st part of this tutorial describes how to initialize a hard drive.

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Hi, I am looking for a driver for a Buffalo HD-CE500U2-EU. Any thoughts please?

Answer:Solved: External Buffalo Drive

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I have just got a Buffalo 500gb external hard drive, it has installed perfectly on my windows XP laptop, however when I try and install it on my other laptop with Windows vista, it starts that "device driver install" icon in the system tray but when I click on "my computer" from the start menu I cant find the drive!! - the funny thing is that it DOES appear when I go into the "start" menu and then "control panel" and "system" and then in the "device manager" I can find the Buffalo USB drive called "HD-PVU2" BUT it wont show in the drives on "my computer" and its not possible to transfer data to the drive, any suggestions anyone??? thanks PCDIMWIT

Answer:+++ Buffalo 500gb external USB drive ++

Go to 'My Computer' and select Manage, then click on 'Disk Management' - right click the drive then choose Format. It should then show ok.

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can anyone help a novice by using simple language how to move music library and photos to an external buffalo drive station, thereafter once the laptop has been restored to factory settings how do I reinstall

Many thanks

JimThe Pilot

Answer:transferring from laptop to external drive buffalo drive station

do you know how to 'drag n drop' from one folder to another??
Thats about as simple a way of moving the files as you can get

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I have a desktop PC that does not come with any USB 3 ports on its mainboard. Yesterday I bought a PCI-E to USB 3.0 expansion card with two ports.

I installed the card, connected the floppy power cable, and windows 10 installed its driver with no issues. There is no yellow mark in the device manager.

First I connected my USB 3.0, 2.5" Seagate drive and windows properly recognized it and set its speed at USB 3.0. I copied a lot of files at a constant max speed of about 95 MB/s. So far everything is good.

Then I tried my 3.5" Buffalo USB 3.0 drive. No matter what I did, it simply would not connect at USB 3 speed, only USB 2. I tried both ports. The drive's external power adapter is connected.

Windows does know that it's a USB 3 device, since it shows the message "This device can perform faster if connected to USB 3.0".

The drive does come with a cable with blue USB 3 connectors.

Anyone ever experienced such an issue before?

Answer:External 3.5" Buffalo USB 3.0 drive only connects at USB 2.0 mode

In general, the first thing to try with any USB device that doesn't behave correctly (or at all) is to open Device Manager, find the device and uninstall it. If you don't currently have the device connected you may need to select 'show hidden devices' in Device Manager's 'View' menu.

If an inappropriate driver had been loaded the first time it was connected it will continue to be used on all subsequent times. Uninstalling it will make windows 'forget' and choose the driver from scratch.

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Hi! So i bought a buffalo DVSM-PN58U2V DVD MULTI DRIVE. The package says that it installs automatically when connected into the computer, but when i plug it in, instead my computer recognises it as Optiarc DVD RW AD-7560S USB DEVICE, tries to install its drivers, and fails. I have a 32bit vista home premium.

Answer:Problem with Buffalo DVSM-PN58U2V external dvd-drive

Leave it connected and reboot. What happens?

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Question: Buffalo Hard Drive

I recently bought a 250gb Buffalo external hard drivebut my computer will not recognise it. I installed it as instructed but it doesn't show up in my computer. I use XP. My old computer recognises it and everything works ok (also XP) Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation

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Hi can someone help please? I have a buffalo external hard drive that is recognised in system and say's drivers are working. but every time i go to access it windows freezes up,

i unplug it and windows returns to normal,

anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Buffalo Externad Hard Drive

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I have a Buffalo ministation HD-PF500U2 500gb portable hard drive, and an ASUS laptop running Vista.

The problem is this: Whenever I plug my hard drive in, its light begins green, but turns yellow, and the computer makes absolutely no indication that it has recognised it. I went to device manager and saw a USB Mass Storage Device apparently recognised, but nothing in My Computer, and no way to access it. So I chose to 'uninstall' this Mass Storage Device on Device Manager (since Device Manager told me it was still plugged in, even when it wasn't) and then plugged my hard drive back in. I got the 'installing device driver software' message, and was told it was all fine, but the light went yellow again, and still no way to access the files.

I've tried microsofts MATS program for devices, and that tells me that some hardware changes have not been recognised, but that it has fixed the problem. It tells me this every time I run it.

Any advice?

Thanks all,


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I have just bought an Buffalo external mini station 500 gb hard drive with the intention of installing Ubantu on to it.Any way, to cut a long story short I have made a mess off it, I need to merge the three seperate partitions which I have created into one, then format the whole disc.
In other words a factory reset.

Thank you for any help

Answer:Problems with Buffalo hard drive

No problem, just delete all the partitions and make one large new one. If you are not sure how to do that, just ask.

Regards....Mike Connor

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Hi Techguys

I get the BSOD with the Bad_Pool_Header error message when I connect a newly purchased external Buffalo 750GB Hard Drive to my PC. I have a HP Pavilion 3.4Mhz Pentium D Dual Core with 2048Mb RAM running Windows XP Home Edition SP3. The Drive worked fine until a couple of weeks in and still works fine in Windows Professional on the same machine and with a backup machine running Windows XP Home with SP3. The drive is a Buffalo 750GB USB 2.0 Drivestation. I have no problem running other Buffalo drives on the PC. The BSOD happens no matter whether the USB is attached at startup or plugged in after.
I have a copy of the BSOD details if that would help. I have about 200GB of multi media files on the drive and I need to solve this problem and get access to it again.
Any help would be really appreciated

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I have a very straightforward question: I am running WinXP Pro on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA.

My internal hard drive is NTFS file system, and the external drive is FAT32. My data backed-up perfectly.

However, I understand that VISTA is NTFS only (for the drive that it's installed on, which in my case will be the internal drive). I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive, and using the external drive solely for backing up data.

I don't want to back up my data externally, upgrade my PC to VISTA, and then discover that I can't access the data on the external drive.

Here's my only question: will VISTA work with a FAT32 external drive, or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS *before* I attempt to connect it to VISTA?

awaiting your replies - I'll appreciate all the help I can get!

Answer:will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

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Is it possible to have pre-installed vista on your internal drive then buy a new external drive, install XP on it and then boot that drive to use XP?

Answer:Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Yes this is possible as long as your BIOS supports booting from USB.

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My brother sent me an external hard drive full of music and what not for my b-day. The problem is when I plug the usb in it recognizes that hardware is in but I dont know how to open up the hard drive. I think its cuz it might be formatted for a MAC can anyone tell me how to re-format it.

thanks in advance.

Answer:External Hard Drive on Vista

Well, when you reformat it, the music will be gone, you do realize that, right?

Start, Run, diskmgmt.msc

You can format the drive there.

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I have just upgraded from XP to vista,the only thing i have a problem with is vista does not show my external drive,when trying to use it. The drive shows on the device mngr, and states it is working correctly. I have checked for the correct driver,ok. Has anybody got any ideas, willing to try your suggestions

Answer:vista and external hard drive

Is this a mains powered or usb external drive ?Is the drive listed in Computer management ?Righ click Computer/manage/disk management

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I have a desktop which has Vista installed on it. It is giving me alot of problems with certain programs and hardware. I have tried to install XP on a drive partition as per several instructions on the web but it will not work. What I would like to know is, if I were to purchase an external Hard Drive, can I install XP on it and boot to my desktop? Can I use the program on my desktop, that gives me the choice as to what OS I want to use?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section as it is hardware related but linked to the OS BEING USED (Vista).

I am trying to use my portable external hard drive. It has been working fine since I bought it up until now. When I plug it into my laptop sometimes it will run fine until I try to copy something from my laptop over to my external hard drive or vice versa. At this point I always hear a little power down noise coming from the external hard drive (although the power light always remains on. This disconnects the external hard drive from the laptop making it inaccessible unless I unplug and plug back in. Other times it will not even show up and just sporadically does the power down noise (lasts for about half a second with the power light remaining on).

The reason that makes me believe this may be a software problem is that I have tried this with another laptop and a normal computer and the external hard drive works perfectly fine. If it is avoidable I would prefer a solution without involving formatting the drive as I have important information on there.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Vista & External Hard Drive

You could try uninstalling your USB controllers (not devices, not hubs) via Device Manager...then rebooting the system.

The controllers will reinstall automatically upon the reboot.


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I want to get an external hard drive for back up. So far I have not found anything compatable with the Vista 64 bit OS. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:external hard drive for 64 bit Vista

For Microsoft's Vista compatibility listings for external harddrives click below:

(When you click on one, there is a "64 bit" tab at the top, click on it. if you get a green checkmark, then its compatible.)

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Hi Guys,

I recently installed Vista after having my machine running XP.

I have 2 WD 500gb drives that I have both put into external enclosures (both with 1 500gb partition each).

BOTH drives worked fine in XP. I stress this!

Now, here is the issue. One of the drives works fine. The other drive is showing up in Computer as "Local Disk" but does not recognise any partitions. In hard disk managment it says that the disk is in raw format. I took the drive into my friends computer (who is running XP) and the drive is still fine. Every file there and completely writable.

I read an article the following:

"The solution to this annoying problem (I had it on one PC), seems to be to locate and delete the file INFCACHE.1, which may be corrupted and causing the problem. To delete this file, you will first have to modify its permissions so the users group can access it (right-click on the
file->Properties->Security). INFCACHE.1 file. It's located at C:\Windows\inf (scroll down to the file). (Note: to see INFCACHE.1, you must set Windows Explorer to display hidden and system files) "

So i tried that, and it did nothing. I have installed all updates, nothing.

To make matters worse! I thought a reinstall of the generic driver would be enough to kick start the new driver cache. NOW when i plug the drive in, i get "Windows needs a driver to install this hardware" FOR AN EXTERNAL HDD, MAN WHATS WRONG!!! Vista looks online for the driver but does... Read more

Answer:External Hard Drive and Vista (this will test you)

Ok , i got the drive installed properly again. So I am back to where I started.

Here is a interesting update, I installed [email protected] Partition Recovery to take a look at the drive. The program doesn't find anything wrong with the drive. In fact, it shows that the drive does have the partition and that there is nothing wrong with it. So I can't even "restore" the partition because the recovery software doesn't see the drive the same way that Vista does (and the drive letters are the same, so active partition reports, "I:\ (Data Backup)" and Windows reports "I:\ Local Disk RAW Format".

Any thoughts from anybody this time....

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I have an external hard drive, (networked-Not USB), which wors fine with XP, and one of my computers which is on XP is still OK,

BUT, the Vista computer will not display my files on the external drive. It finds it ok, and when clicked, it takes over 20 minutes for the 'green bar' to finish and then nothing. I can leave it there all night and nothing!

If I connect it via USB it works fine but then my other PCs can not access it.

I have tried:
Removing the index to this drive - No change,
Removing security for this drive - No change,
Turning off every security under Vista - No change,

I am not asking for some brilliant minded person to help me out.

Thanks in advance....

Answer:External Hard Drive Problem ONLY with Vista not XP..

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I would like to use an external hard drive to install windows 7 or vista on. Then, I could use this to plug into my dad's computer, boot my own OS, and run all my software/games/etc. If I used a usb 2.0 port, would this noticeable affect performance, especially when I am running games? If usb 2.0 is a bad option, would a SATA port work better.

Answer:Vista/Windows 7 on External Hard Drive


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I would like some advice on which external hard drive to buy for Vista Ultimate x64. I am not a techy and have read some posts which have left me more than a bit confused!

The external hard drive needs to be easy to set up and use. I just want to be able to (very) easily back up my files on a daily basis and save photos, spreadsheets to the external hard drive.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer:External Hard Drive for Vista Ultimate x64 - Western Digital My Book Essential 2.0 WDH1U5000N 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - External Hard Drives

Theres your HD

Acronis True Image Home

Theres the best backup software you can possibly imagin.

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I have a Seagate Free Agent Desk ITB and there is some issue with it on my new dell, anyone have any suggestions. A search of the web found numerous similiar issues. I need an external storage solution of 1 to 2 TB with 2 drives. Suggestions? I have given up on the Seagate I guess.

Answer:External Hard Drive Issues with Vista 64 bit

What is the "some issue"?

You forgot to describe the actual problem.

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Hi, i'm new here so if the topic is in wrong subforum or anything else, please let me know :)

Anyway, I have Windows Vista and I have bought new WD elements external hard drive. When i plug it into my computer nothing happens, except that external hard drive starts to shine. I have 2 WD elements external hard drives and the same thing happend to the both of them. It recognized it about month or two ago, but now it won't. They works on other computers except mine. And I have scaned computer for the viruses and I have no viruses.
I have little space on my HDD in computer so I need this fast ;)

Oh, and sorry for some misspelled words. I hope you will get it :)

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I have an HP pavillion laptop with vista as the OS.

Since a couple of months I have been having a problem with external USB hard drives. Whenever I plug them in, windows tries to install the driver but fails everytime and just says that the device wont work.
I used to think probably thats coz of vista compatibility issues.
But a couple of days ago I bought a Western Digital 120GB USB HDD and the same problem repeated.
The problem is that the same Hard drive got installed seamlessly on a friends laptop with vista....thus ruling out Vista compatibility issues.

I am Guessing there is a problem with the drivers.

Another problem, which I think may or may not be related is that since a couple of months my Auto play has not been working for any device i.e. DVD/CD/USB pen drive etc....

Tried a lot of ways to solve the issues but nothing seems to work.... tried registry entry tweaks but to no avail....

Really frustrated with this problem....

Can you please suggest a way out.


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I have a 300 GB main PC and I want to install xp on a 16ogb external usb hard drive. Is it possible.

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Am I right in thinking that installing Vista Beta 2 on an external hard drive would not be possible because the BIOS would not recognise the USB/Firewire hard drive before the OS has loaded? Thanks...

Answer:Vista Beta 2 & External Hard Drive

Sometimes you can set your computer to boot from a USB device. It depends how up to date your computer/BIOS is. I wouldn't recommend it though

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I have a western digital passport essential external hard drive. When I plug it in to my computer, nothing happens. I am unable to open this drive. I have tried alternative routes such as going through My Computer it just isn't there.

Answer:vista won't recognize external hard drive

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Recently I restored my computer to the factory default, because of software hangups, and not being able to remove games that I had bought, loaded, etc. Vista would not allow some games to be removed. So, I decided to reload the computer as it came from the factory. PRIOR to, I did a backup of all my pictures on a WD 1200 bb external hard drive. The drive worked great and the pictures were there. Then I deleted them from my computer hard drive along with a lot of other old files. Now, restored, the computer recognizes the external drive in CMOS and in the device manager and shows it to be working properly and has the latest driver. But when going into Computer, the drive is not shown. It shows my hard drive, C & D, (1 hard drive but shown as C & D and the card reader drives (removable)and the DVD drive, but no external drive. In disk Management, the drive is shown as Disk 1, basic, and online but when right clicking on it the little window does not give me the right to change drive letter or path. No matter what I do, I cannot access this external drive. The disk shows power is on and it seems to be spinning. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:external hard drive not recognized in Vista

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I just brought home a new HP laptop yesterday with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit installed on it.

I'm having no luck getting Vista to recognize my Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus. When I plugged it in, it automatically installed the drivers and said that the drive was working, but the lettered drive does not show up under my computer.

It does, however, show up in device manager but says that is unallocated. It works just fine on XP systems, but for some reason will not work on my new Vista machine. I fooled around with the BIOs settings and installed an update as HP's direction, but that still did not fix the problem. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Vista will not recognize my external hard drive

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i am helping a friend partition an external WD 500GB drive...i've never partitioned an external, usb drive i need some help..

the drive is FAT32 formatted..he'd like to make it 2 - 250GB NTFS, if he goes into Computer Mgt does he first Delete Volume, then set up the partitions in the unallocated space, creating 2 partitions?

any guidance is appreciated....

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I have a WD 3,5 Hard drive and I bought I case so I could make it external.

However, when I connect it to my laptop, running on Vista Home Premium x64 SP2 it does not work.

The drive is seen by Vista (it shows up in the Disk Management section in Computer Management) but it does not show up in
My Computer. In Disk Management it appears Disk 1, Dynamic, Invalid, with a red downwards arrow .
As I have all my info there a soluyion that requires a format is not an option.

What can I do to make the drive accesible on my laptop?


Answer:External Hard Drive not working on Vista

Try the following. In Disk Managment, right click on where it says Disk1 and Initialize. Then right click on the right side (next to where it says Disk1) and say Format (best in NTFS) and assign a drive letter. See whether that works.

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right guys and girls here it goes! a little while ago i chucked my old laptop out and brought a new one, i kept my hard drive from the laptop because i have now turned it into a external one.
its been running perfict but i decided to format it because i just wanted to wipe everything, i done this through using vista.
when i have gone to use this external hard drive again its now showing the icon on my computer but when i click on it to open its coming up as i need to format it... i click ok this opens up another little window but this other little window is to tell me windows cant format it..... ive checked the properties and its saying that i have 0 bites in my hard drive, ya know the little pie sorta diagram down the bottom.... i have a program to try and format it but the program can not find the hard drive it only detects the one ive got in my laptop.
please pleas HELP! i have not got a clue what to do.

Answer:vista format external hard drive

It may be that the HD is test try it on another PC and see if it sees it and you can format it

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Just bought an hard drive to watch cam corder recording via my extrernal hard drive via my ps3 I've read on the Internet that I need to change the hard drive by formatting it to FAT32 for the ps3 to recognise it my laptop will only let me choose between NTFS or exFAT

Answer:External Hard Drive Issue With Vista

Hi Cheers for ur reply is this downloadable to a pen drive as I have no Internet connection at home

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So My new computer build is having trouble using a certain program I like to download stuff with but my laptop can use the program no problem. My external was always hooked up to my laptop which is running vista but when I try and view the files on my desktop (running 7) it cannot look into the hard drive and see the files. I was curious if I just bit the bullet and formatted the hard drive on windows seven would it still be compatible with my vista laptop so I could download files on my laptop and move them over to my desktop with the external? Or is there a way I can have the hard drive work for both without deleting all the files?

Answer:Can I have an external hard drive work on both vista and 7?

The external should work in both the computers.

If you plug it in to the desktop, nothing shows up there in the explorer ?

Does it show up in the disk management window ?

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I have seen quite a few questions and answers regarding this topic but none that actually point out how to fix the problem.

I have a seagate freeagent and recently purchased a WD external drive. Both of them were readable and usable in vista and they now have 1.5 Tb of data between them. When i booted into ubuntu and accessed the drives they became "corrupted or unreadable" in vista.

They both work in Ubuntu and in XP and on a digital media player, just not vista. There isnt a problem with the drives except in Vista.

Is there any thing that can be done to repair the drives so they work in Vista and no data is lost as ideally I would be able to use both OS's. What is different about Vista using these drives that does not happen in any other OS?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:external hard drive unreadable in vista only

CD/DVD Drive has disappeared

Try this

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I did see that someone had posted a similar query but I didn't really understand the reply and the forum had closed so I couldn't ask for more info. Sorry.

I have an external harddrive with 10GB memory but it says it's very nearly full and I can't back-up. When I look there seems to be nowhere near that amount of stuff on it that it claims. I think my back-up settings may be wrong and I need to sort out the harddrive so I can save the stuff that matters! or maybe I've saved some stuff that it not necessary to save?

Can someone talk me through a risk-free solution please- [it's probably best you assume I have a fairly low level of knowledge!]...



Answer:External Hard drive says it's full but I don't think it is..? Vista

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I just got a 1TB My Book Edition 2 WD external hard drive and when I plug it into my computer vista won't recognize it. I know the hard drive works as I tried it on another computer running XP. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

BTW. I have a 250GB Lacie hooked up and it works fine.

Answer:Vista not recognizing external WD Hard Drive.


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My employer has no problem letting me load Itunes onto the computers that I use in each state (Vista) but I am not permitted to load the cd's I have onto the computers. Can I load Itunes, then load the cd's on an external hard drive and use it as a traveling library in the places I go, and how do I go about using that. My Toshiba has 64bit Vista installed. I don't wan't to damage or lock up anything since Boss trusts me not to.

All help is greatly appreciated, and on by the way, suggest a dependable external hard drive please. You may reply safely to my work email, xxxxxx and put Vista / Itunes solution into the subject line.

Thank you everyone. Geoge

newby George

Answer:Vista - Itunes - external hard drive

Welcome to the Forum George
I have removed your email address from your post. It is not wise to post in a public place like this, for several reasons. If any member has a solution to your problem they will post, here, and in addition to helping you will be potentially helping others.

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Hi Friends

I have two toshiba laptops. The newer of the laptop(Vista installed) the power supply died and I decided to take off the hard drive from it and use it as an external hard drive of my second toshiba laptop.(XP installed)

I was able to use it as an external USB hard drive on my second laptop(XP Installed), however I noticed that though I can see most of my files and folders, I can't see my document and settings folder, my fruityloops files I can't see them too, though I can see the program file and settings. This is strange. I suspect it has to do with administrative rights?Is it possible to boot from this external drive Any help friends I would appreciate it. Thanks


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Vista External USB hard drive not recognized But no problem in XP???
I have a 2TB Hitachi USB device that has no problem on my XP Laptop but I can not see the device in Vista Ultimate (32bit)
Just installed external usb manager on both machines.
On the vista machine it tells me "Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 USB Device" but status says the drive without media".
I unplug from Vista and plug to XP and have No problem seeing and using????

Here is what zentimo tells me on the Vista side.
Internal_UserDeviceNameWithDriveLetters: Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 USB Device
Sys_DevicePnPName: USB\VID_4971&PID_CE17\D20101104F63
Sys_FriendlyName: Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 USB Device
Sys_DeviceDescription: USB Mass Storage Device
Sys_DeviceInstance: 7808
Sys_ulProblemNumber: 0
Sys_DeviceClassGuid: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}
Sys_BusType: BusTypeUsb
Internal_DontShowThisDevice: False
Internal_IgnoreStopAllCommand: False
Internal_ImageName: Flash drive (blue)
Internal_UserDeviceName: Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 USB Device
Internal_IsCardReader: False
Internal_IsProbablyFixedDrive: False
Internal_DeviceIsDisabled: False
Internal_DeviceIsSafelyRemoved: False
Internal_DeviceWasDisabledByProgram: False
#UniqueVolume number 1
VolumeName: \\?\Volume{2b6c8de9-c3f2-11df-a60f-0019213fa37d}\
VolumeInformation: VolumeLabel =
VolumeSerialNo =
MaxComponen... Read more

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So I want to partition my 1.5 tera hard drive so I can get it to work on both my PC and PS3. What I want to do is to partition 50 gigs of it so I can format that with FAT32 so i can install programs onto it. The rest I want to be normal so can you tell me what to do I can get to disk managment fine its that i don't know what to do after that. any help is apreciated and thank you very much.

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I have a Western Digital Extreme Lighted 320GB External Hard Drive that I plugged into my new laptop computer. When I plug it in, it gives me a pop-up saying that it doesn't recognize the USB devise and so I cannot see its contents. It has power and it's plugged into an available USB port and not a hub.

It picks up my 500GB Western Digital hard drive just fine when it's hooked up to a hub, but not this one.

Answer:Vista won't recognize my external hard drive

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Is there anyway of installing vista to a USB hard Drive? I own a laptop so space is the issue (plus no SATA). XP booting direct from USB - The CD Forum
This website says it can be done, but it's a little too vague for me. Can You Help?
Thank You

Answer:Installing Vista on a external Hard Drive (USB)

I think that may be the only way as i have read Vista wont recognise external HDD's by default.
Also do understand that USB is pretty slow and even if you manage to install vista on the HDD the performance will be pretty slow (relative to installing it on an Internal HDD).

If you want to install Vista without Disturbing the current partitions in your HDD then use VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC

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Hello people, I've checked around first and found some other threads reagarding this but since they have been with different specifications I thought I may try posting my issue see if anyone could help.
I have an HP Personal Media Drive 1600s that came with my computer. It was working fine at first but suddenly it stopped recognizing, it will detect a new USB device and try to install it but say it won't find the drivers. I go to device manager and it shows under Other Devices with the exclamation point, but it also shows on Disk units but under a different name that it should and it says is working fine. When i go to Disk Management i s there but only with it's capacity 149.0 Gb no more information and if I right click and select to activate unit it does it but then nothing happens, if I right click and format it or properties it gives an error that the list is not refreshed that i need to refresh the disk management utility and restart, had tried and didn't do it. I have a Mac and it recognizes fine and I even used the Disk Utility to format it under a Fat32 partition which allowed me to and still it didn't work, I tried 8 diff USB ports and still nothing. HP website only shows one download for that product and is not related to this, specially since it never neded any drivers before hand so I don't know what to do.

Answer:vista won't recognize drivers for external hard drive

Thank you for your help! I actually figured it out by myself and I'm posting solution for future reference. I realized the problem started after installing an update from windows so I had to uninstall one by one and then reboot and see which one was the issue and found out that update KB943899 was the problem, after uninstalling that I was able to see all my USB drives including my external HD so for anyone with this kind of problem, try to uninstall that one and then configure windows update to not update automatically.

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I have brought a new seagate External Hard drive ( 500 GB) Free Agent Go . But i am unable to install with in vista ( Business, 34 Bit). Every time when i try to install the message comes " new drive not installed and fatal error".

Can any body help me so that i can install in vista.



Answer:unable to installSeagate External Hard Drive in Vista

Here is a little blurb from Microsoft about External hard drives
I may just add, try another port and see if it works.
Install or remove a hard disk drive

From our Seven Forums a similar problem
External Hard drive doesn't show up! - Windows 7 Forums

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Well I took my 250GB external Hard Drive hooked up via USB from my XP machine and hooked it up temporarily to my Vista laptop to install some programs stored on the drive.

Now the I get this error when I hook it back up to my XP machine.
x:\ is not accessible. the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

I ran a check disk and it fixed an error under xp. The drive letter shows up but the drive size shows 0kb.

When I hook the drive back up to Vista it is perfectly normal.

Answer:Solved: External Hard Drive not accessible under XP OK in Vista

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I recently bought an external hard drive (WD Elements 1TB). The drive itself is fully functional, I've tested it with my XP desktop and it all works perfectly. When I connect it up to Vista Home Premium though, thing's start going wrong.

1) Everytime in Vista that I disconnect the drive then re-connect it it will not be recognized in Computer, despite being in the 'Safely remove...' tool in the task bar. I have to restart my laptop just to get the hard drive recognized again. How can I plug and play the hard drive on Vista like I can on my XP computer?

2) The transfer rate is relatively slow in Vista (12 mb/s), whereas earlier in Vista safe mode I easily achieved upwards of 40mb/s. How can I reach this speed all the time?

Please, someone help me...

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i am looking to buy a external hard drive i am looking at the my book home edition 1 TB (can get it at cosco for $135.00) for my vista gateway machine does anyone have experience with this? or can recommend something.

Answer:external hard drive for vista home premium

If you stay with name brands, Western Digital, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba and few more, it should be fine. Put the full name and model into google with the word 'reviews' and you will get hits for sales, but maybe some user reviews also.

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First of all Im not big on technical hardware issues but today I bought a Samsung 160gb external hard drive (in an enclosure) for my Toshiba M200 laptop which is running Windows Vista basic. Although Vista detects and installs drivers for the hard drive..the drive does not appear in 'Computer'. I go to 'Disk Management' and I am unable to intialise or format the drive (screen is attached). The drive appears as unreadable and unallocated. Can you help me fix this problem?

Answer:External hard drive (new) enclosure and Vista problem

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I'm not looking for help at this point, just wondered if anyone happens to know if it's possible. If not, it's for my upcoming recycling trip (if I can't give it away).
It's a Western Digital Essential External USB hard drive, model no. (WD?)4305A (160GB). The system requirements say 98SE/ME/2000/XP. I bought it 6-7 years ago for my 99SE computer, but soon had to give in and replace the computer (by which time the only choice was Vista). The drive's still in its box (I'm trying to find out the lazy way, before embarking on the usual hours of fiddling about!).
It's in the 'legacy drive' section of Western Digital's website, but no relevant downloads. After lots of searching, I'm still confused about whether to look for a driver written by WD for Vista or the other way round, or if it's just plug-and-play and needs no additional driver, or if it's an expensive paperweight. (I have no experience of adding drives to go on).

Answer:Is my 'legacy' external hard drive able work with Vista?

I wonder why the site thinks this is spam?

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I have a 320GB external hard drive from WD which I was using to back up my personal laptop running XP Pro. My laptop has since crashed and I need to access the files on my external while the laptop is being repaired. I have a laptop from work running Vista and the external does not show up in My Computer when I plug it in. I suspect this is because the work laptop's cd drive and my external both have the E drive letter.

My question is this: is there a way to access my files on the work computer without formatting the external and losing all my backed up documents? I am under the impression that giving my hard drive a new letter will require it to be partitioned/formatted?

Answer:Vista WD External hard drive not showing up, don't want to format

The hd letter shouldn't have anything to do with it normally. But your work computer may be locked down in such a way that it is. But no, you do not have to reformat to get a new drive letter. See if you can get into disk management from the administrative tools control panel, in there you can change drive letters (ie - make the cd drive drive X or something temporarly).

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Hi,I have a Western Digital Passport Essential 500gb hard drive that i have formatted to FAT32 (from NTFS) and partitioned.I now want to format one of the partitions to EXT3.I'm running Vista.How do i go about doing this? I know that EXT3 is a Linux format and that i'm likely to need some programme or other. What's the most straight forward way of formatting?Cheers

Answer:How to format external hard drive to EXT3 in Vista

I'm not that familiar with running Linux but |I would imagine that if you ran a live disk version you would have the oportunity to format from thaere.

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My laptop fried yesterday so I've bought a new one today which has Vista Home Premium pre-loaded on it. I have saved all of my university work onto a Pluscom 2.5 USB 2.0 external hard drive caddy which up until now has worked fine on XP. It worked on another xp pc earlier on, temporarily worked on a friends laptop running vista home basic, but it will not work on my new laptop. I've just tried it onto a totally clean pc that's running xp home and although it finds it as a mass storage device, it does not appear in My Computer and when I try to safely remove hardware it hangs the whole thing. I'm at my wits end, I desperately need the information on this drive so cannot risk anything that may format it and destroy my work. The other weird thing is when I go into safely remove hardware, underneath the mass storage device it says disk drive then a y with 2 dots above it. I don't know if that's relevant to anything? Can somebody please, please help me, I have deadlines to make and no way of accessing anything.

Answer:External hard drive and Vista - help desperately needed

A virus can do that, or an error with your external drive's hardware. Or your partitions somehow got corrupted. There are a number of recoverey programs available that can be used if the hardware is still ok. First determine if the harddrive is being detected properly:
Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management. See if your harddrive's correct size is being detected. (you'll have to try all this on the laptop which detects the drive). Right click on the drive, go to properties, and see if the manufacturer's name show up in the window. If not, you'll have to seek out an expert to disassemble your harddrive, take out the actual disk and use it in another case and see if that works. I've not know the disks to go bad; usually the hardware error if any happens to the USB controller within the case but external to the actual harddrive.
If the drive is being recognized correctly, then the problem is with the partitions. A friend of mine ran into a similar problem when his partitions weren't being read. He used [email protected] partition recovery, that worked for him. Try that, if it doesn't work don't lose hope, there are other programs to and one of them could work for you.

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This is a bit weird this one.

I have had my external for a few years and worked like a gem with XP. When I got my new laptop with vista it recognised it and installed the drivers. No problem there. The one attempt to connect it showed an error, couldn't connect. Trying later, vista didn't even recognise it (not in the computer section but was under device manager but only stated 'unknown device'). Sometimes if left for a bit Vista will pick it up but only shows the empty folders (as is partitioned). When I check the properties, states both have 0bytes in memory and both full.
I have tried all USB ports to no avail.
I checked the error checking through the computer properties.
I don't know if a manual install is necessary but I'm sure I chucked the cd driver away when I got it so thats not an option.

Any ideas? Anything like this happened before to anyone?


Answer:Vista issues with external hard drive recognition

You should not need to load any drivers as they native to vista.
Can you try the drive on another machine to work out whether it is the external drive or the pc at fault?

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I dissembled a hard drive from an old laptop and uses it as an external hard drive for my new laptop. Here is my question: how do I boot (Windows Vista is installed in the old drive) from this external hard drive from my new laptop (Windows 8 is installed in the new laptop) ? I have not done anything to the old hard drive, so the old system drive is still there.I have tried to change the boot priority in CMOS but it said the external drive has no system drive. So, I don't know what seem to be the problem. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue ?Thanks in advance.message edited by skyduck

Answer:Boot Windows Vista from an external hard drive

By 'dissembled' I hope you mean you only removed it from the old laptop and didn't actually take it apart.Unless the laptops are identical you won't be able to successfully boot the vista drive on the new one because its installation is matched to the old laptop.But that said, it should still partially boot up before you get the blue screen error. If the drive was previously internal I guess you put it in an external case. Are you sure you did that correctly? The only other thing I can think of is the bios configuration or actual damage to the drive.

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I've been searching for ages looking for a solution to this problem but with no luck.

I have four external hard drives, all Seagate, which are no longer detected by my Vista computer. They don't show up in Computer, or in the Disk Management section. The drives aren't the problem though, because an XP computer reads the drives just fine. The drives are okay, as are the cords, so I'm pretty sure my Vista box is the problem. It takes a while but I can transfer files from XP to the Vista so I have a workaround to use.

The problem is that there is one of these Seagate drives that was formatted for Mac *and* PC, and the XP box can't read it. It can recognize that there is an external hard drive attached but just shows 0 bytes on everything in Properties, and there's no way to get files off of it.

So what I need is some help trying to get that Seagate drive to show up on my Vista PC. As mentioned, it plugs in and runs fine as far as I can tell. It's getting power and isn't making any loud noises. But if I go out to Computer or look in the Disk Management section, it doesn't show an external drive attached at all.

Any suggestions? I've run TSG SysInfo, and here are the results:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1660, x64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card:... Read more

Answer:Vista Won't Recognize Seagate External Hard Drive

If it was initialised as a GPT drive rather than an MBR drive XP 32 bit can't understand GPT and that's the problem with the XP PC.

Vista should work with a GPT drive though.

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Just tried using itunes with all my songs on an external hard drive and it's pretty obvious that my hard drive is only running at 1.1 instead of 2.0. It's running at normal speed in XP so it's not an issue with the hard drive.

I know it's probably an issue with the drivers but I have tried updating them in device manager but it says the driver is up to date.

I'm also pretty sure it was running normal speed up until quite recently on vista but I can't remember what I did that has caused it to run slow.

Any ideas? This is driving me mad as it's sooo slow. Thanks!

Answer:Slow External Hard Drive Issues with Vista

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My WD Elements 1.5 TB USB 2.0 external hard drive is no longer being recognized by Vista. It will not appear in either the system tray or when I click Start>Computer.

Below are the specs for my desktop computer:

Dell Studio XPS 435 MTIntel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz8.0 GB RAMVista Home Premium 64-bit1 TB hard driveDual Dell 2408WFP Digital monitorsATI Radeon HD4670 video card 512 MB (one card only)All my drivers are updated (using Microsoft Device Manager)
When I plug the WD hard drive into my computer nothing happens, even if I give it 5 or more minutes to try to find it. When I plug this same external hard drive into my Windows 7 laptop, it is recognized quickly, leading me to believe the hard drive itself is fine.

I unsuccessfully tried to access this drive on my desktop computer though ?Computer Management? by: Start>R-click Computer>Manage>Disk Management. There I see ?Disk 0,? which includes my C and D drives, but nothing else.

When I plug the external hard drive into the computer?s USB port, I hear my computer make the normal ?ding? that accompanies the plugging of an external device. Also, the external hard drive begins to hum.
I recently ran CCcleaner and don?t know if that was the source of my problem. I would try a System Restore, but that function has not worked on my computer for a long time.

Any advice is appreciated.

Answer:Vista no longer recognizes external hard drive

Try this, see if it makes a difference: USB DEVICES - How to delete all (resolves some USB problems)

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I have an 80 GB external hard drive I have been using for a long time now with vista. Now just suddenly it will read the hard drive but if i try to copy anything to or from it the hard drive crashes. I have tried it on another computer with XP on it and it works. So the problem is my vista. Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: external hard drive won't work with vista

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I have read that it is possible to use an external hard drive as extra memory with vista.How do i do this and is it possible to install games on the external drive and run them from there?

Answer:Using external hard drive as extra memory in vista

Hi, it is not actual memory, as in Memory Sticks inside the PC, but an external drive could improve your Virtual Memory.You can certainly install and run games and/or any other programs from external drives - when installing the games etc just browse to the external drive, i.e. Change the Destination drive from C: which it normally is, to E: or whatever letter your external drive herethen scroll down to ...Manually manage computer memory.

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I have a Dell Inspiron with the the new Windows Visa OS. I'm attempting to use my LaCie d2 Hard Drive Extreme (160gb). When i plug it in the computer only partially recognizes it. If I go to "manage" my computer and then storage, the device appears there. it doesn't, however, appear under the My Computer main page (the one with the main internal drive, and the cd/dvd drive...etc.)

Any ideas why the computer isn't allowing me to access the drive? If so, what do i do?

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Hi all

I have a samsung 500 Gbyte external hard drive. Today i couldnt acces it. the message is the following.
"The volume does not contain a recognized file system. please make sure that all the required file system drivers and that the volume is not corrupted. (1005)

Anytime i go to my computer and click on wants me to format the hard drive. It also says local disc G instead of samsung G.

I ve seen recommendation with ,,incahce,, or something that should work. But i have no idea how to do that. i would need a step by step description how to do that.

Thank you so much in advance

Answer:samsung external hard drive failure with vista

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Is there anything on the Hard Drive? Have you already formated it to NTFS? Is it connected using a USB?

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I have formatted and partitioned Maxtor 30 GB HD and want to use it as an external extended backup storage device.
The HD works perfectly with my old PC (Win XP) as an external drive through USB. But when I attach it with my new PC (Vista Home Premium), the HD is shown in 'Device Manager' only and no where in 'My Computer' or in 'Disk Management'. I have tried different USB ports on my new PC but I couldn't be able to get it recognized by Vista yet. I have searched the internet and most of the solutions say about changing of drive letters and reformatting but my problem is that external hard drive does not appear in 'Disk Management' section at all in any form. Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

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I have bought the above drive to use on my Vista Operating System. When the Seagate is connected and the PC is powered up, 'eventually' (about 10 minutes)Windows Explorer appears. In the list of drives the Seagate is listed but inaccessable.If I power up the Seagate after booting the PC it does not recognise the drive at all. As it is a USB connection I assume that no drivers are required, and none listed on the Seagate web site.Any help would be appreciated. Dave

Answer:Seagate 320GB External Hard Drive on Vista

Go to My Computer and right click it, then choose Manage then Manage Hard Drives. It should be listed there

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Ok so I was using my external hard drive on my ps3 and all the sudden the ps3 froze and so i turned it off then on and the external hard drive option wasn't on the ps3. I switched outlets, cables, everything. I plugged it into my computer and now it won't recognize the external hard drive. I don't know what to do. The Hard Drive is always like 'G' drive.

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I just bought a Ximeta RJ/45 NetDisk external hard drive and Windows Vista won't recognize it. The readme in the NDAS software that came with it said if I wanted to connect via USB, which was what I tried, I didn't need to install any software as Windows Vista would automatically go out and find the right driver once I installed the drive and powered it up. Vista didn't do anything, however. The drive does not show up on my computer though it's properly connected and turned on. I tried installing twice, once with the PC on and then, when I was told that wasn't the right way, with the PC off. Same result both times. The Ximeta site is unhelpful to say the least.

I have now installed the NDAS software even though that's supposedly not required when all you want is a USB connection. I thought I might find a USB option on the disk but no such luck. I suppose I could try the Ethernet connection but that looks more involved and I'd really prefer not to.

Here's the specs:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3060 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 320 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 333038 MB, Free - 140595 MB; D: Total - 10358 MB, Free - 1399 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, Boston
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated and Enabled

Any help appreciated!

Answer:NetDisk external hard drive not recognized by Vista

Check the following;

Start -> Right click "computer" -> Manage

Go to devices and see if you can see and red or yellow marks for the device.

If no devices are showing errors or warnings there, go to disk management and see if it shows the drive there (It might be uninitialized).

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Hi there,

I've recently just bought a USB2.0 HDD External Enclosure for a notebook hard drive. I think I installed the drive correctly - the pins fit well and I placed it in the actual case. However, when I plug the USB into my Windows 7 Acer Aspire 5741 laptop, it just makes a funny noise for around thirty seconds and the computer does not bat an eyelid. The laptop just seems to act as a power source and doesn't recognise any drive being inserted. I tried it on a second, Windows Vista laptop and same result.

Is it likely the enclosure/drive is the problem or have I not set it up correctly?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:External Hard-drive not recognised on Windows 7 or Vista

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I don't know where to put this, sorry if it's in the wrong forum.

After I just recently updated vista (wish I never did!) my external hard drive hasn't shown up since. I updated about the weekend I guess. The updates caused so many problems. I was lucky enough to get my sound back!

Answer:my external hard drive is not showing up after i updated vista

Hey Vistasucks,

Welcome to the forum,
Check that the usb drivers are properly installed,
Also when I have had this problem before I have found that it helps if the drive is left connected and switched on while doing a new start

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Mother board in old computer crashed but the hard drive with all the family pics on it is OK. Removed hard drive and put it in an external HD case with the aim of transfering files to the new computer, Old computer was running XP. New one has Vista. Vista recognizes the old hard drive but will not allow access to files stored there. Vista says that I do not have permission to access the files. I have tryed "Changing ownership" of the files but still no luck. I also tryed the file transfer utility that comes with Vista, installing it on the old drive and going through the whole transfer process. All it did was copy the files on to the new computers HD and still will not allow me to access them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have vista ultimate with 2 Internal hard drives and 2 external drives

my internal drives
a 250GB OS Drive
a 500GB Storage Drive

my system is running fine, with no issues..

if i plug in my external 400Gb USB Drive Vista recognizes it fine, i am able to use the drive no problem..

if i try to reboot the machine, vista will start to boot up but then freezes in the middle, i've tried ot let it sit for as long as 15 minutes and it never finishes booting up..

but i turn off the USB drive and restart Vista boots up fine.. and then turn the driv eon after booting up and everything works great..
any ideas?

Answer:Vista won't fully boot after installing external USB Hard drive

It is actually a common issue, in Xp as well.. Sometimes it can be fixed by changing your boot options in bios.. Set CD to first boot device and HD to second and disable booting from USB or "removable devices"..

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I have an old external hard disk (2005) and when ever I try connecting that to my Vista laptop thru USB, I get the dreaded blue screen. I am running Vista Home Premium 64bit on the laptop. On connecting, it says, installing device driver in the system tray and then the blue screen comes up.
I am able to connect to my netbook which has XP Home, with out any problems.
I have wiped put the drive using Media Wiper, then formatted it and still the error would not go away on my Vista PC.

This is the Problem Report I found -->

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFFA600092307D
BCP3: FFFFFA60021D27E8
BCP4: FFFFFA60021D21C0
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:
Microsoft Online Crash Analysis


I have attached the dump files that were generated by the system.

I would appreciate any help from you guys.


Answer:Vista Blue Screen on connecting External Hard Drive

While doing some searching I found this post in another forum from which it looks like this is a problem thats been happening with Vista SP1.


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I had a Toshiba laptop which experienced adapter/power supply problems. Versus purchasing a new power supply and adapter, I simply bought a new system.

The hard drive which was in the Toshiba is a Hitachi 85 gig SATA. The OS is Windows XP. The hard drive is password protected and I of course have the password.

I purchased a hard drive case and USB cables. My new HP laptop chimes when the hard drive is plugged in and unplugged and the hardware icon appears in the systray.

The hard drive does not show up in My Computer but does appear in Disk Manager as an unknown drive. While in Disk Manager I am given an option to initialize the drive, which I do not want to do as all of my old data and pictures are on that drive.

How can I access the drive or boot from the drive and maintain the integrity of the data. While I am familiar with windows Vista and XP I don't have a lot of experience with screwing around with the BIOS.

Is there any software which is user friendly which will help me interface with my old drive? What are my options for resolving this dilemma?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Answer:Can't Access External Hard Drive (from Old System - XP) on new laptop (Vista)

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Hey guys i had a working 80gb sata drive in my pc along with a 200gb stata drive so i took out th 80gb one and put it in an external caddie, so i pugeed it in and the pc recognises it and vista finds the drivers and says ready. when i click on the drive it says 0gb and wont let me acces it, how do i fix this

Answer:vista wont recognise external sata hard drive??

Try.... right click 'My Computer' - Manage, then Disk Management.. Select the drive and R Click and set as active partition.

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I'm trying to install XP on a new hard drive I bought, it's hooked up to an external hard drive docking station to my laptop that already has Vista installed on it.

Is this even possible, I've allready fomatted the drive and it's ready to be written to. I tried changing the boot order of the external drive to the first in the list, hoping I could just have my XP cd in when it tries to boot off the blank drive but it doesn't do anything.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Help installing XP on an external hard drive hooked up to my Vista laptop

Hi this say's it is possible please note I have not tried this

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Hi everyone I have another problem A couple of months back I bought a External IDE hard drive caddy which is called Hi Point smart mobile storage. This afternoon it started giving me a problem, I went to switch it on and the computer would not recognize it but it will find it and display the hard drive as unallocated when I know the hard drive is in perfect condition and I have a lot of songs on it. But about 4-6 hours later I tried again and then it says it cannot load the driver software. IF this is any help as well there is a blue and red light on the caddy blue for power and red for hard disk activity the red light is always on it will not go off. I have tried lots of hard drives seagate, Maxtor, western digital and it still does the same. Please can you help. I hope it is not a hard drive problem.Also my punctuation is not very good I am sorry about that.David.

Answer:Windows vista can't recognize external hard drive caddy

I'd say, you need a new enclosure.Similar thing happened to me and it was just dead/malfunctioning enclosure.

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i have a seagate 7200.8 250 Gbyte internal harddrive pluged into a RocketFish USB 2.0 Hard Drive enclosure. I'm Running Windows Vista Home Premium on my toshiba notebook and when ihook up the enclosure into my laptop it makes the noise that it finds the enclosure but nothing comes up in My Computer to get into the te hard drive. the hard drive was bought new and first put into a desktop with Windows XP, but itook the hard drive to BestBuy and when they pluged it into there computer there running Vista it worked fine. it wont work on mine can anybody tell me what might be the problem???

Answer:External, internal hard drive wont work on Vista

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