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Linux - RE-configure Evolution.

Question: Linux - RE-configure Evolution.

I've set it up and cannot receive mail because I've entered wrong information in the configurimng.How do I open the pages to correct this ?Please help. Best wishes. Derek Miles.

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Preferred Solution: Linux - RE-configure Evolution.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Linux - RE-configure Evolution.

I don't use evolution myself - but usually (like most email clients) with Linux there will be a tab at the top with settings or options as the heading and one of these will take you to the page to change/add/amend your email account details

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Question: linux X configure

hey, all.

before i ask this question, i'd like to thank all of you in this community for answering my questions. it is helpful, especially when the HOWTOS don't work for me or i screwed something up.

it's also fun to read posts and replies and learn, and to answer other people's questions.

okay... group hug that we have that out of the way.

i am beginning to use linux on a more regular basis, now. i found versions of my chat clients and such. and you'll be proud to know that i am in CLI more often than X ...well... that is until my chat clients worked. now i am constantly in X, only i use CLI to get around and do stuff.

2 questions that i haven't found an answer for because i either don't know the terminology of what i am trying to do, or it just isn't out there in my sight on the net.

1)how do i set X up so that everything is displayed sharply and such? right now, my X display looks like windows loaded in safe mode with no video no it isn't that bad, but it's not so great. maybe the video driver is configured incorrectly?

2)i downloaded netscape, and will probably download mozilla as well to replace netscape. anyway, netscape installed fine and runs well.... but i have to launch it from CLI. i don't feel like navigating through CLI to get on the web when i know i could just place an icon or something on the desktop or in the "Start" menu. how do i do this?

3)ok... Read more

Answer:linux X configure

1) Either means you have a font problem or you're running at a too low resolution. Try pressing CTRL+ALT+NUM_PLUS/NUM_MINUS to change the resolution and/or check your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file. As for fonts, well there's many How-To's on that, too.

2) Depends on what window-manager/desktop you're running. Just Icewm.. well, I guess there's a menu-file you can edit. 'man icewm'?

3) You'd have to add the path to the binary to your PATH environment-variable, or create a link from a pathed directory to the binary.

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I just installed Gentoo distro of linux onto my laptop. Kernel I installed with is 2.4.28.
When I try to configure Xorg I'm able to "emerge xorg-x11" fine but when I try "Xorg -configure" it just goes blank for a second then comes back with "Fatal server error: Caught signal 11. Server aborting" messagee. What is going on here?

Laptop specs:
15.4" (1280x800) LCD
ACER 2012WLMI model
mobility 9700
512MB pc2700 ram
Pentium-M 1.5GHZ

and I don't think rest specs are important. If anyone can help me here it would be appreciated.

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Hi, I'm new to Linux so bare with me, here we go.

Since I have win 7 64bit installed, I thought that it would be correct to
use Linux 64bit too, wrong!!!

The DOS works only with 32bit(BIOS f.34), so I downloaded the
Linux Mint 12 KDE 32bit, and this one works like a charm.

The problem is, and here is my question,

How do I configure wi-fi in Linux?

It asks for some information like a MAC address and some other stuff, of which I have little or no clue.

But this MAC address really confuses me because it seems like there are many kinds:



Router MAC ID



Answer:How to configure wi-fi in Linux mint, 32bit?

Go to the Terminal, try command MintWifi

You may or may not need NDISWRAPPER.

This method worked for me:

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Hi, I recently downloaded the Wubi Installer for Linux Ubuntu 9.04 and it has been working fine with Windows XP (SP3), I installed it onto a new partition. Shortly after I decided to do a full restore using Samsung Recovery Solution III on my Samsung NC10 netbook, which must have removed something that was used to dual boot Linux. This was my first experience with dual booting so I don't know what the Wubi installer changed to make dual booting possible originally.

Could someone tell me what I have to change or download to get it dual booting correctly again please?

Thanks in advance =)

Answer:Re-configure dual boot with Linux after XP full restore

Download SuperGrub. It will fix most probs.
To avoid your prob , in future load Xp onto the first partition of the first hard drive then install Linux.

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Hello EightForums administrators and other members

Today, I installed Linux Mint 13 to try some appliactions, programs and other good things.
I downloaded it normally , followed guide from this forum and after installing it I don't have network connection.

I tried with all type of network switches and activated Legacy Network Adapter but it don't work (I configured in network adapter for ex. External Network 1 , I want to say it's not say : Not Connected in VM Settings).

When I turn it Linux Mint says : Disconnected - you are now offline.

How to configure network and the Internet to work with Linux Mint VM ?

Thanks in advance and please answer soon.

Answer:Windows 8 Hyper-V-How to configure network to work in Linux Mint Guest

I'm new to Hyper-V myself but I think there are 2 guides you should follow:
Hyper-V ? Create Linux Virtual Machine in Windows 8

How to use (vista example):
Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8

And there is someone that manages to add network to Vista so maybe you can apply that to LMDE.

Good luck

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Question: pro evolution 5

have been playing pes 5 for weeks no roblems

last couple of days game loads but when game starts a match it shuts down to my desk top

have tried uninstalling and reinstalling scanning for virus,system restore everything but still the same

can anybody help please

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I have THE FOREMENTIONED MP3 PLAYER. It is a usb link one. It worked on Win98, but it didnt work on XP or 2000 PRO. I called them twice, but the first guy thought there was a Windows 97, but the second guy was ok. Ok forget all of that nonsense, lets get to the point. My computer is a sony vaio brand new, and it had windowsXP home but i took that out and put in Windows 2000 Pro. (It is much better if you didn't know that) The 2 drives appeared on my 98 computer when i hooked it up to my mp3 player and my mp3 player siad USB Idle, it says that in my new computer too but the drives wont that means i can't get to put songs on my mp3 player. I made sure it was conencted via USB and I drived lots of drivers. Please help me!!

Thank you


Answer:Now Evolution MTV 64 MB Mp3 Player

closing duplicate, view this thread

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click here

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athlon 2000+
geforcefx 5200 128meg
120 gig hd drive
720meg ram

game is running so slow its silly

it takes forever for the players to run tackle etc etc u get the point

have scanned hd, defragged, scanned for viruses

plz help want game to run at full speed


Answer:pro evolution 3 slow

Make sure you set everything to the lowest detail settings in the game, and close all unnecessary background applications.

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Just a little over a week ago I purchased Pro Evolution Soccer 5 for my PC. I had downloaded the demo and played it many times and decided the game would make a good purchase. However I ran into problems immediately. I was able to install the program, no problem there. But when I double-clicked on the icon to start the game my computer would make alot of noise and the CPU would be working hard, but the game wouldnt start. Then a couple of hours later, the game just randomly started and opened and I was able to play. But then the next time I tried it wouldn't start again. Any ideas why this is happeneing? The demo worked just beautifully.

p.s. I thought it might have been my drivers so I tried installing the newest ones but Im not too sure if it worked/did anything.
my current driver is the 6.14.0010.6587(english) version if that helps.

Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHZ
1024MB RAM
Radeon X800 XT

much appreciated.

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 5

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Every time I try to install the game I get this error. Anyone know how to fix it?

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 6

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I recently purchased Pro Evol 3 on PC, all install perfect and can adjust setings, but when I attempt to start up game nothing happens. Upon shut down or log off I need to wait for PES3 to shutdown even though I didn't see it or was able to use it.

I have realised that my Hercules 7500 GPX card is not supportted but being 128MB I assume that it may not be the cause. The closest card is the Radeon 8500, so If it is I'll purchase another card, just wanted to check if other had problems before shelling out on a new card.


Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 3 on PC

Yeah I have exactly the same problem and my video card is supported! (GeForce3 Ti200). Stranger still the demo worked absolutely fine on my PC. Its not a problem with the disc as I've played it using the same disc on a mate's comp. Its also definately not the power of my comp, it easily passes the minimum requirements. Oh, and its not the drivers, I've updated them all. Please help someone - I'm getting pretty fed up with this bloody problem!

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i've been searching for ages to find Pro Evolution Soccer(the latest edition) installer so i can play it on my very own i need your help.
if you guys out there have one...can you share it wit me?really appreciate your helps...plzz

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer on PC

i know this thread are not related to any kind of software problems...but this is the only way that i can think right now...

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having trouble installing drivers & software in XP

Answer:Evolution MTV 64 MP3 player


I won the MTV 64 Evolution MP3 Player but it did not come with installation cd's. Do you happen to have something that you can send me.

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Hi anybody point me to where i can download the evox dashboard software etc.regards hol pol

Answer:Evolution x download

Not sure about the valid id on this softwarclick here e but: and you can download......make sure that your antivirus and ant spyware software is up to date and working...would not advise using this myself. click here

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Hello folksI would like to find an article, or post, that describes the implementation of capabilities in each successive version of MS Windows technology.Rephrased: what will win 98se do that win 95 just couldn't, (we can skip ME), what will win 2000 pro do that win 98se just couldn't, and what will winXP do that win 2000 pro just couldn't handle, etc. ?   Vista or Win 7 interest me too I think.At present I have win 3.1fwg, win 95, win 98se, win 2000 pro, and win XP pro available, and a number of 486's, and Pentium I's to III's to fit operating systems to. yoursdouglas

Answer:Evolution of Win capabilities

Hi folksWell, I have found one that starts to fill the bill.

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A good, simple read on basic understanding and evolution of Ransomware. Just sharing =)

Part 1
The Evolution of Ransomware: Part 1 | SecurityWeek.Com

Part 2
The Evolution of Ransomware: Part 2 | SecurityWeek.Com

Answer:The Evolution of Ransomware

Thank you, very interesting reading

The attackers work with large numbers, the huge spread of the ransomware through many channels, always causes many victims.
It is crucial the awareness of thinking that social engineering attacks are becoming more sophisticated, now the malicious email are perfectly written in your native language, without grammatical errors, in my experience.
Absolutely need a serious backup policy.

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HII FRIENDS M TOTALY NEW TO WINDOW7 i want to know that what is wondow evoltuion copy..bcoz i had that version of 7100..and more than that i also want to k9 how to change start up sound in window7.although i have changed other sounds but startup sound is still wanting an access to change it what should i do?

and also tell me why i dont have dock bar in window7


Quote: Originally Posted by udraaksh

HII FRIENDS M TOTALY NEW TO WINDOW7 i want to know that what is wondow evoltuion copy..bcoz i had that version of 7100..and more than that i also want to k9 how to change start up sound in window7.although i have changed other sounds but startup sound is still wanting an access to change it what should i do?

and also tell me why i dont have dock bar in window7

Hi and welcome

We can only support win 7 that is obtioned legally. "evotion copy" is not a recognized version

FYI be careful of what you ask for. You might wan to read the rules in the general section
Ken J+

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A Guy

Answer:Evolution of the browser

People were still using netscape in 2007?

...I find that hard to believe...

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Evaluation Copy 6002 is referring to the Beta release of Windows Vista Service Pack 2. You must uninstall Windows Vista Service Pack 2 that you currently have installed and install the "Release" Version of Service pack 2 for this message to disappear. Have a look here for more information.Hope this helps,

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Firefox 4.0, the next major release of Mozilla?s open source browser, will bring to the table a major overhaul of its graphical user interface, one that would put the UI in line the Windows 7 Ribbon/Fluent style. Mozilla has already made public details on the revamping of the Firefox User interface for version 4.0, and various concepts and sketches have been already published. However, Firefox 4.0 developer Stephen Horlander has now offered two video demonstrations featuring Firefox 4.0?s new GUI available here and here. For the best viewing experience possible users should run Firefox 3.6 (download links available at the bottom of this article).

Full read here: Firefox 4.0 GUI Evolution ? Get a Taste - Video demonstrations are available - Softpedia

Answer:Firefox 4.0 GUI Evolution Get a Taste

Trying to keep track of Firefox's latest release is one reason I refuse to quit drinking.
Then you have no-script updating about once a week.
The pics of the 4.0 gui do look kinda cool though.

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I'm having problems playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 ONLINE.

I keep losing connection at various stages online. The problem is my side as the
other users have completed many games, unlike myself, I have managed zero.

The manufacturers Konami aren't helping.

They keep asking me to forward ports to my router, when i dont have a router.

I still have the previous version installed, and have no problems. I tried the game on my
friends pc, and he had no problems online.

My ISP is Virgin Media 10Mbit
Modem is DPX100 Webstar (Scientific Atlanta) connected using USB.

PC is AMD AThlon XP
Dual Core 3800
2.0 ghtz speed
1gb memory
Nvidia 7300gt 512mb

Could someone advise please...

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Hello, Ive Installed the game with no problems.But i have now hit a problem. When i try and open the .exe file to run the game nothing loads up on my screen, but when i open the task manager and look at the processes it shows that the game is running.Will this be a problem with my laptop?? I don't think this is a problem with my spec as my spec is greater than the minimum requirements.Thanks in advanced.Rich

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i could not find any answers on pes6 sites so i had to come here, hopefully you guys know more

i've been struggling with this for a few weeks now and i can't find a solution anywhere. After working flawlessly for months, out of the blue i can't get out of the first season because the game crashes "pes6.exe has encountered a probelm" error. I tried uninstalling, re-installing, removing kitserver, dat files, replacing exe file, i even installed Winning Eleven 2007 and it still has the same problem. Yes i am on Vista and my laptop has plenty of memory to handle the game. What am i missing here?

also here is the error report

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: we2007.dat
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 00000000
Fault Module Name: we2007.dat
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00288aa0
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: acf2
Additional Information 2: a9662101d8cd3823ec0c818a276b8e96
Additional Information 3: faf2
Additional Information 4: b0d1db0e1c1be4695fe3786866fa282e

any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 6/ WE 2007 Please Help!!!


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So recently I started up PES2008 to continue with my league campaign, however upon the match starting, I discovered that suddenly the game was practically unplayable. I don't know if "lag" is the correct term seeing as it was offline, but basically I was experiencing slow gameplay in the sense that all movement was jittery and un-smooth.

Now I have a pretty good setup, and never experienced problems with the game until this ill-fated day. Frustrated, I fired up Pro Evolution 6 (PES2008's predecessor), only to discover that I was experiencing the same kind of "slowdown" gameplay, perhaps to a slightly lesser extent. Now, I checked video card driver updates, and I'm fairly certain that there isn't a new version I'm missing or anything.

Before I completely wipe off my hard drive (I'm about due for one anyways as soon as exams are over) can anyone suggest what might be the problem? Oh, I didn't mention that I did re-install PES6 twice and that it didn't help at all.

-much appreciated

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 6/PES2008

You should probably check your processes and make sure that nothing is hogging up your CPU. Spyware Doctor 5 tends to use a large percentage of your CPU, so if you have that installed I would recommend either downgrading to version 4 or uninstalling it. If you're unsure about what some processes are, post them here and we'll try to help you out.

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Anyone successful at getting Evolution email client [similar to Outlook] to run under 64-bit Ultimate? The install appeared to go swell, but on firstrun it failed during the initial mail account setup.

Answer:Evolution fails under 64-bit Win7

I didn't know they had ported this to Windows but from what I am reading, many folks who tried it on XP and Win7 have had a lot of problems, many similar to yours. And sadly, they don't list system requirement only saying,

We've really only tested on XP and Windows 7, which it runs very well on. Your mileage may vary on other versions.

And sadly too, there is no help or forums on the DIP Consultants Website and the Contact Us links on both the top and bottom don't work. Makes you wonder if support for Evolution for Windows is being taken seriously. You might consider another product.

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when i was taken to the licence agreement screen while reinstalling windows xp SP2, it was written that it is a 180 day evolution copy of XP SP2. Does that means that after 180 day, my copy of WIN XP SP2 will get expired???!!!

Operating System Properties :----
OS Name Microsoft - Windows XP Professional
OS Code Name - Whistler
OS Language - English (United States)
OS Kernel Type - Uniprocessor Free
OS Version - 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
OS Service Pack - Service Pack 2, v.2162
OS Installation Date - 10/20/2005

License Information
Registered Owner *********(I'm feeling uneasy to say my real name)
Registered Organization
Licensed Processors 2
Product ID *****-***-*******-*****(cant say! top secret)
Product Key *****-*****-*****-*****-*****(cant say! top secret)
Product Activation (WPA) Not Required


Answer:180days evolution period - XP SP2

Do you mean EVALUATION ?

I have never heard a 180 day evaluation copy of xp before ?

where do you see this ?

some more info please

how long have you had your pc ?
did it come with xp ?
did you just install xp ?
did some one else install xp ?
did you just install a program, say another Microsoft product , such as office ?
did someone previously install office for you for free or at a great discount ?

I think this error is from anothe MS product on your pc that was "cracked "
and for some reason has reverted back to it's 180 day status

will not know for sure to you provide more answers

not much of a daredevil if you feel uneasy about putting your name ..hehehehe


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what is an evolution x slayer disk as i have one it was given to me from a friend for my xbox and i dont have a clue what it does anbd i dont want to use it incase it screws my xbox i know its for a modded one which mine is but i want to know what the disk does and how to usse it

Answer:evolution x slayer disk

If you have "modded your xbox" try it as you have "nothing" to loose.

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hey everyone..i,ve installed pes2013 on my asus computer but when i open it it sais: pes has stopped working suddenly..ANY ADVICE???

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer Experts..please help (:

Read this:

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Using Unbuntu 6.10 & Evolution 2.8.2When composing a new message the colour code is shown on the right side of the toolbar and the instructions to change the font colour is to select the down arrow next to the colour shown.The arrow shown on my PC is not "active" and it appears that black is my only option.How do I add colours to the selection.Thanks

Answer:Font Colour In Evolution

Go to "Format" menu and select "HTML" and then you should be able to use coloured fonts and various other options.

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Answer:30 Years of Windows Evolution

I think it was lucky only just to have jumped on board for Windows 7 and now W10 by the looks of it. Although not sure what i missed along the way.

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hi, I was looking into purchasing one of these after viewing it on the asus website, however, I can't seem to find it anywhere that sells it. I've tried shopping on google search and ebay with no luck.

Does anybody have any knowledge as to if it has been released yet? or will be in the near future? It's definetly my number 1 choice for a Mobo.

Answer:Asus P5e64 WS Evolution

This is the board?

It should be available

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HI, I am a SAP developer ( ABAP / BSP ) and i need two very critical evolutions on the adaptive keyboard or i ll be forced to return the laptop because i cant work in these conditions... I am sad because except these two points i really love it... First, when i am in debug mode my vital functions are F5 F6 F7 F8, the problem is when i finish my debug the result is a web page so the Adaptive keyboard changes to web mode but when i return to my editor the adaptive keyboard stays in web mode because its doesn't recognize SAP as program where FN are needed so i am obliged to press FN after every debug to make FN keys back.. The kind of thing that makes you crazy.. And to avoid to become crazy i desactivated the dynamic adaptive keyboard to make it stays always on FN mode. I totaly lost the attractive side of the adaptive keyboard... Second, always on debug mode when i let my finger on F6 it press on it continuously so the debug goes on and i dont it want to so i am in the obligation to let my finger above the touch, i cant let my finger rest up on the keyboard.. Very Very tiring situation... So my questions are : Are you going to let the possibility to configure these two points ? Tell to the adaptive keyboard i want these touchs under this application and do not press continuously on the touch when i let my finger on it ? Thank you for your respsons.

Answer:Adaptive keyboard evolution

For the first problem you can add your SAP EXE as an application that the adaptive keyboard recognizes.  It requires a small change to registry.  The deployment guide at below link tells you how to do it (see bottom of page 10).  Or just tell me the full path to the SAP EXE (e.g. C:\Program Files\someFolder\someProgram.exe) and I will give you a sample .reg file you can import to get the behavior you want.
As for the second issue, I know exactly the situation you are describing, as I am also a software developer and spend a lot of time in Visual Studio hovering over F10/F11.  As long as your finger is touching the adaptive panel, then the keyboard will pick that up and trigger the button you are touching.  Let me raise this issue with the keyboard team and see if they have any ideas about a solution.  (But let me just be honest with you, I am not hopeful that the behavior can be changed).

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Aero Evolution 1.0 by sergiogarcia9

This is a theme for Windows 7

This is my first release of this theme, i will be releasing updated versions of this theme.


Just run the installers

Enjoy the theme, and please comment!

Download: Aero Evolution 1.0 by ~sergiogarcia9 on deviantART

Answer:Aero Evolution 1.0 by sergiogarcia9

nice work

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From what I understand, and I may have been out of the loop for a while now, but the north bridge video/memory controller and the south bridge I/O controller vary in there locations on the motherboard. Traditionally the north bridge was closer to the CPU (hence its name), memory and Expansion slots while the south bridge was below it further way because it handled less demanding instructions. From what I understand though, on some motherboards they have incorporated the north and south chip into one single chip that handles all of the surplus instruction from the CPU. Also some motherboards don't have a chipset at all because it was integrated onto the processor itself for even faster access to memory and video resources. How exactly is it an improvement to integrate both chips into one?

What are your opinions on the best locations and integration's of the Chipsets on a motherboard? Lets say hypothetically you wanted to build a gaming machine, what type of setup would you choose?

Answer:The Evolution of the Motherboard Chipset.

Traditional PC's still have them seperate that I've seen. Typically when they start combining things into a single chip, it's typically a space saving effort for a specific function (ie: such as cell phones).

In any cast, assuming you are referring to a standard PC (as you referenced a gaming machine), you don't have as many options as you think. As has always been the case, you will select the cpu that fits your needs/budget, then you will select from the available motherboards/chipsets that support that cpu. So while there may have been a great many changes, they are for specific uses. For PC use, especially with performance parts for a gaming PC, not much has changed.

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Players blast almost every shot wide or over even when inches from the goal. I can't find a sensitivity gauge for shots and the most I can do is press the shoot button as lightly an briefly as possible. Any way to rectify this and lower the shooting power or sensitivity?

Answer:Shooting in Pro Evolution Soccer 6

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Hi everyone

I'll preface this question with a simple disclaimer: every Microsoft product I've ever used is legit, paid for, updated in a timely manner, etc. I've also been using the same homebuilt PC all this time, so nothing has changed, physically. With that out of the way...

Pre-ordered Windows 8 (Pro) directly from Microsoft for $39.99 back in the day and that came with a Product Activation Key. When Windows 8.1 was first released, I downloaded it through the Windows app store, and could not activate it with my 8 Pro key. The advice was to use a particular generic activation code (See Post #1 in THIS thread for an example. )

Fast forward to today, where I've wiped my computer numerous times and am currently running Windows 10 (10162) with a generic activation number.

Any ideas what I can do, or may have to do, in order to fully update and activate Windows 10 when it's released? To the best of my knowledge I don't have a unique 8.1 code, and my old Windows 8 isn't currently in use.

The reinstall/upgrade path was tricky during some of the transitions these last few years. Worried about what sort of hoops I may have to jump through at the end of this month.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much,


Answer:8 -> 8.1 -> 10: The Evolution of Activation Keys

That's not a generic activation code. That's a generic *INSTALLATION* code, then you have to use your Windows 8 code to activate.

The problem is that the installation program doesn't recognize Windows 8 codes, but the Activate dialog does. Your copy of Windows is still using your Windows 8 key.

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Current computer graphics are fairly well known and understood. But how did we get here? The evolution of computer graphics is intertwined with textual display, and it is difficult to consider the two separately.

An old saying has it that a picture is worth a thousand words. The exact quantification of the value of imagery versus text appears to vary somewhat with subject matter, and is probably better left to psychologists and social scientists. But there is little question of the kernel of truth in the saying, and it has been a driver of computer architecture for many years.

Computer graphics are taken for granted today. But it has been a long and painful struggle, with hardware rarely keeping up with the demand for better images. In English, there are a relatively small number of characters which comprise text. The same is not true of images: graphics are computationally intensive. They always seem to take as much speed and memory as there are available. But the demand was high enough that early computer graphics could be fairly crude and still be in demand.

The evolution of computer displays

Answer:The evolution of computer displays

That's some pretty cool stuff, Jan! Thanks!

I always love trips down technology memory lane.

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there the video:

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I'm quite frustrated with the shooting in PES 6, so I wanted to know of any patches, mods that could or websites with info on how to correct this.

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I have many X-61s, 2 X-201s and a X230. Am thinking of either buying another X201 ortrying to put 8 GB RAM into a X-61Those 4 GB RAM So-DIMM are surprisningly expensive. Would a regular X201 with 4 GB run rings around a X-61 with 8 GB ram? (All are running on SSDs) Thanks for your thoughts. Chris

Answer:Performance evolution of the X-series / RAM upgrades

hs0zfe wrote: Would a regular X201 with 4 GB run rings around a X-61 with 8 GB ram? (All are running on SSDs) Depending on what you're doing,, thanks to the much faster CPU and GPU, the answer is "yes".

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Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011 topic here ..

Must have brillant read for you:

Bootkit Threat Evolution in 2011: by David Harley, on ESET Threat Blog:

'The year 2011 could be referred to as a year of growth in complex threats. Over the course of this year we witnessed an increase in the number of threats targeting the Microsoft Windows 64-bit platform, and bootkits in particular.'
After 'a self-explanatory diagram depicting the evolution of bootkit threats over time', 'go into more detail on specific malware types':

TDL4 bootkit
Olmasco bootkit
ZeroAccess rootkit
Rovnix bootkit

Then is described the Rootkit Hidden Storage:

TDL4 hidden storage
Win32/Olmasco hidden storage
ZeroAccess hidden storage

Thank you, David Harley!

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The Evolution of Malware and the Threat Landscape ? a 10-Year review

Microsoft Trustworthy Computing team publishes the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) to provide information about the changing global threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware. This special edition of the SIR provides summarized information about how malware (and other forms of potentially unwanted software) has evolved over the last 10 years:
Personal Computing and Origins of Malware
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing History
Vulnerabilities, A Decade of Maturation
Exploit trends and Security Bulletins
Malware and Potentially Unwanted Software trends
Threat Categories by Location

Download PDF!10year

Answer:Evolution of Malware - A 10 Year Review

'?Malware and Potentially Unwanted Software trends' you say?

Always actual and true response here:

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Hello!I have a Lenovo Y570 with i3. I tried to play PES 2012 but it stuttered a lot.i tried a bunch of WHQL and beta drivers, D3D overrider, nvidia inspector etc... It's still not OK. Does anybody have solution for this problem? Sorry for my bad English. 

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on y570

Hi ktommy91
Try change to High Performance power plan under Control Panel, Power Options.
When you are playing PES2012, when does it stuttered? Beginning of the game, or after minutes? After minutes or hours of playing, does your machine heats up badly? (left side, near fan vent)
Have a nice day! 
W520 (4284-A99)
Does someone?s post help you? Give them kudos as a reward, as they will do better to improve | Mark it as solved if the solution works for you, so it could be reference for others in the future
Sound Enthusiast and Enhancement (Post comments, share mixes, etc.)

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tried installing turok evolution on my computer but an error message came up saying that direct3d acceleration isnt enabled.I have checked and it is and working properly and i have been through the microsoft knowledge base and its solutions.i have a pen4 2.53, 512ddr ram, 64mb geforce4 mmx 420 graphics card. I have also checked some websites and while this is a common problem with this game i have found no solution.the game says geforce 3 and above are supported.what gives, any help will be appreciated

Answer:turok evolution and graphics card

no ideas so far huh?do you think i need a new graphics card

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installing evolution copy of windows10

Answer:How do I install the Windows 10 evolution copy?

Details are here
Be aware that it's not fully functioning and there are bugs.

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Exploit kits are such an important topic in cyber security right now, that even users with zero interest in cyber security have started to read about them.

So I think this analysis of their recent evolution is very helpful to understand why certain types of malware and certain attacks are "trending".

Read more: The Threatening Evolution of Exploit Kits - InfoSec Resources

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HiI need to buy a new computer and have narrowed it down to either an Evesham Evolution Blue Lightning or a Dell Dimension.Does anyone have any views on either of these systems ?One major criteria is that I don't want it to be noisy as it's going to be in a living room.Magazine reviews never seem to mention how noisy a PC is.I think Dell have a way of routing the air straight out of the back of the case, negating the need for an extra fan which should make it quieter.Would the Dell be less upgradable with them using proprietory motherboards ?I'm a bit concerned about the Dell "Clam" design case which means that cables have to stretch from one side to the other when it is opened on its hinge.I want to use the system primarily for programming with Visual Studio .Net and would be looking for a P4 2.8 Ghz, 1Gb RAM and a decent graphics card.I'm not interested in gaming so something like aRadeon ATI 9800 (non pro) graphics card would suffice.I'd like to source the monitor elsewhere as the brand new 17" LG Flatron with 16ms response time looks quite cool and seem better than the Philips (Evesham) and Dell flat panel monitors.Does anyone know how long it will take for the considerable price reductions on Pentium 4 processors that Intel made over the weekend to filter down to PC prices ?Any advice would be most welcomed.

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PES5 always ran fine without a problem but suddenly it started to freeze and crash. i didnt make any hardware or software changes either. usually it freezes when its loading or the menu right before you enter the game. and it randomly crashes to the desktop with an error message.

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 5 crash and freeze

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please help my cos i can't install the game.

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Hey Guys,

I've been slowly working towards replacing my Windows production box with a Linux system and have successfully found replacements/workarounds for nearly every function I need. Thank you to everyone who has helped with that mission!

At this point, I beleive I have a working "proto-type production box" for my commercial real estate appraisal business, except making PDF files from my MS Outlook contact manager. On occassion, I need to convert an e-mail or task into a PDF, with hyperlinks intact, for insertion into the addenda of a PDF appraisal report.

I'm currently using Evolution as a MS Outlook replacement, as it seems to be an adequate substitute in form as well as function. I have located several PDF creation programs, and even virtual PDF printers, but they do not have hyperlink functionality; they just convert hyperlinks to a blue underlined font, without the link.

As a workaround, I've been copying & pasting into OpenOfficeWriter and converting to PDF from within OO; this works beautifully, except I lose any graphics formatting in the process. After some research, I've learned that OpenOffice PDF creation is done by ExtendedPDF, which is a macro script, and available for download as a plug-in module for prior OO versions from 2 to the present 3.x. This got me to thinking, is there a way to install or "HACK" this macro to work as a virtual printer within Evolution?

The installation guide I downloaded wit... Read more

Answer:Hacking ExtendedPDF for Evolution/Kontact?

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

CUPS-PDF provides a PDF Writer backend to CUPS. This can be used as a
virtual printer in a paperless network or to perform testing on CUPS.

Documents are written to a configurable directory (by default to ~/PDF)
or can be further manipulated by a post-processing command.Click to expand...

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Opinions please on which will be the best for gaming. Driving games with a wheel, although that probably makes no difference.(Using CRT monitor)click here click here

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I am thinking of getting a PC from here, but what I need to know is: what kind of motherboards do they use for their top end Evolution models? click here for the model in question, along with the ?spec? (can?t see the MOBO!) Reason I ask this, is because if I ordered a Evolution 2800GF48 Etc, COULD I, at a later date, put a 3.06 gig chip in if I wanted the benefits of HT (hyperthreading)?. I know these chips are still expensive, but computers being computers...they will come down, eventually. My main point is: should I wait for prices to drop on the Intel 3.06 gig - so that I will be getting HT technology anyway?. I would like to hear from anyone here who has an Evesham evolution (high-end model) and tell me what Motherboards they entail.The following boards are required for HT:Intel chipsets that support 533 MHz FSB:* 845PE* 845GE * 845GV * 845E, 850E* 845G "B-1 Stepping"; ("A-1 Stepping" does not support Hyper-Threading) 4. A MB that has BIOS that allows for enabling or disabling the use of Hyper-Threading.Do Evesham use any of these boards on there "sub" 3.06 machines? (IE:, a ?non? HT chip) and if not, that would, effectively mean a new Mobo replacement in the future should I require this HT technology. I have a Packard Bell Pentium II 400 (100 MHz Fsb), and can?t go higher that a 550 processor (if you could get hold of the chip in the first place). I don?t want to make the same mistake again by paying 1600+ for a PC that will require a new Mobo if I wish... Read more

Answer:What MOBO's do Evesham "Evolution" series use?

The definitive answer to this would be obtained by asking Evesham themselves. They are normally very helpful, especially if there is a prospective sale involved.Brian

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when I install the game, it get the massage at the end of installing. Any one know what happen of it? My computer is winXP SP2 chinese version. it is not only this game, please!!!!

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i install a pc game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013on my hp laptop Model #: E5G48PA.when i try to run this game error message appear like this.looking in settingi install and play Call of duty it run normally. wat is the problem?please help. *sorry for my bad english :-) 

Answer:Can't play Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Hi, VRAM on your machine only has 96MB and the game needs 128MB, that is the problem Regards.

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Intel, AMD six-core chips mark an evolution for the desktop.

Desktop processor technology took a significant step forward this month with the unveiling of six-core processors by both Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corp., analysts say.

Intel on Wednesday took the wraps off its first six-core desktop chip, the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, which it said can run at speeds of up to 3.33GHz. The chip is capable of running 12 threads - two per core -- simultaneously to boost performance, according to Intel.

Intel didn't disclose a release date for the chip, code-named Gulftown.

Intel rival AMD, which ships six-, eight- and 12-core server chips, is slated to ship its first six-core desktop processor, the Phenom II X6, later this year.

Source -
Intel, AMD six-core chips mark an evolution for the desktop

Answer:Intel, AMD six-core chips mark an evolution.

Hi there.

Running many cores isn't always a great idea since the overhead of managing them becomes extremely large once the number of cores gets beyond a certain number -- you will get the overhead of the processor itself in having to manage the separate cores and of course the OS itself in software having to control the multi threading / processing bits and pieces.

On some older gear they were experimenting with a 32 core machine -- this actually ran SLOWER than an equivalent 8 core machine -- the reason was whilst internal calculations DID perform and execute faster around 35% of the OS was doing nothing except managing task interfaces and dispatch processing between the 32 cores.

You have to be very careful in stating a that a multi core CPU will be a lot faster than a single core one -- it can be but the gain is definitely NOT linear -- a 16 core CPU won't be 16 X faster than a single core one.


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Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I purchased Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (my laptop's specs aren't amazing), and everything was working perfectly up until a few days ago. I can access the main menu, and play a little bit of a game in exhibition mode, but at certain stages the game becomes unresponsive and I have to manually shut it down using the task manager. I've looked around for a few solutions, but none have worked so far. This is the most common error message:

A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: PES5.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4316e9e1
Hang Signature: 74d0
Hang Type: 0
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 5129
Additional Hang Signature 1: b9df32dbde7896f81e0a38de455fd4df
Additional Hang Signature 2: 208d
Additional Hang Signature 3: 633ac63d838f71ae441f2975c38fd94e
Additional Hang Signature 4: 74d0
Additional Hang Signature 5: b9df32dbde7896f81e0a38de455fd4df
Additional Hang Signature 6: 208d
Additional Hang Signature 7: 633ac63d838f71ae441f2975c38fd94e

I'm using Vista, and I'd be happy to provide any more information if needed. I was really enjoying this game until it crashed. If anyone could help, I'd be extremely grateful!

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Am having problem launching my pro evolution soccer 16 after upgrading my system to windows 10 but it wasn't giving me the problem when i was using windows 7. First, it was requesting for MSVCR100.dll and MSVCP100.dll but when i got the files and placed them in the right folders, it displayed " The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."

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In early 90?s it was Marc Andreessen who programmed the first full featured web browser for the internet. From there, the evolutions of browsers were incredible. It may be sound interesting to see the history of current web browsers (1990 ? 2011).Click to expand...

Check out the image.

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whats the difference between windows 10 enterprise evolution activated for 90 days and windows 10 home downloaded from media creation.

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hi guys please help me, my computer cant run my pes 2017 after i install the game. always have pop up say no d3d.dll

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I am currently in France. I have a Samsung 510 laptop running Vista. We have a WiFi connection and have been connecting to the internet via an 'SFR Neufbox' for a number of years. We have just upgraded to a 'Neufbox Evolution that gives us internet, telephone & TV. The telephone & tv are working and my partner (with an older laptop) has been able to connect to the box with the CD provided. My pc refuses to connect although when I go to the 'connect to' link the icon for the Neufbox is there. I have tried un-installing & re-installing & also connecting manually. I get a message saying 'unable to connect to Neufbox.' I can connect ok using an ethernet cable. I have checked all of the settings, and they are identical to my those on my partner's laptop. security is WPA-personal. I can't get an option to change it to WEP.
Could the problem be with the Atheros AR5007EG wireless network adaptor? It's the only thing that's different from my partner's pc.
SFR haven't as yet been any help.
would be grateful for any suggestions or advice.
thank you

Answer:Solved: Can't connect to Wifi with Neufbox Evolution

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Hi, I have been given the task of creating a brand new web site for my RC Helicopter club. Our existing site is old and basic. click here and the webmaster for that site is no longer interested in maintaining it. The club owns the domain name which i will use for my site. The software i will be using is WebSiteX5 Evolution. I have the trial version while i am waiting for the CD to arrive, but wondering what opinions others have on the software and do i have to choose a hosting company that will be compatible with it or will any hosting company do. If so, what hosting company do you recommend? I know there are a few techie webie people out there who will say it`s rubbish and i should learn some html and css and all the rest of it.. but i`ve got what i got and only after advice for the above mentioned. Anyone published a site using WebSiteX5 Evolution? Let me know how you got on please.

Answer:Hosting web site created by WebSiteX5 Evolution

You can use any host as you see fit, but I strongly recommend that you avoid like the plague any that do not offer important and common features such as PHP (you will need that to operate any forms, obviously). I use Heart and Web Mania.As for software, if you want to use it, it is always wise to go with something that actually makes it easier to produce good results from both a technical and creative standpoint. Whether it is for an amateur website or commercial effort, that still applies. Try Expression Web or maybe DW (old, not quite as easy to use, but still good). Or NOF as a third choice.

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Is there an update for the game Hungry shark evolution for Windows 8 or we are still waiting?

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I never experience EDGE (2.75G)..but may I know if we can choose which GSM to use. Such as gprs rather than edge (for mobile phone that support gprs and edge). Or who ever experience this edge? Can tell me...I have to present about edge tomorrow but still in blur...:confused

Answer:EDGE(Enhance Data rates for GSM evolution)

Just finish the presentation..oh thanks God, no body ask that question...

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its not really a problem, but if you download the pro evolution soccer 2010 demo, you can play with an xbox 360 controller (im on a labtop) and i was wondering how to do this

reply would be most grateful

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Despite the potential costs, legal consequences and other negative outcomesof data breaches, they continue to happen. A new SANS Institute survey looks at the preventive aspect of breaches ? and what security and IT practitioners actually are, or are not, implementing for prevention.

The survey looked at how practitioners might overcome barriers to implementing effective prevention, including developing clear requirements and defining specific preventive measures, such as the role of automation, threat intelligence and others.

The findings illustrates an apparent disconnect between what is considered preventive by the majority of respondents and the measures that have been implemented for prevention:
85 percent of respondents consider blocking known malware as a preventive measure, yet less than half (40 percent) have implemented these methods
63 percent consider robust testing is preventive, while only 39 percent have implemented robust testing
Nearly 60 percent consider metrics-based evaluation and reporting preventive but only 40 percent are using evaluation and reporting.
?Many data breaches can be avoided or the impact mitigated, but preventing them continues to be a challenge in the real world. The survey illustrates the disconnect between what respondents consider preventive controls versus what they have implemented as preventive measures,? said Barbara Filkins, senior analyst at the SANS Institute.

Full Article. The evolution of data breach prevention p... Read more

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Quote : " We showed how modern mobile malware can evade detection by malware scanners that rely on signatures, static and dynamic analysis approaches. Then, we uncovered a working Android malware PoC that can persistently monitor all of a victim?s activity, and allow attackers to read and possibly compose corporate emails and documents via the victim?s device, as well as elevate their permissions to remotely encrypt or wipe the device.

One of the most interesting traits of this kind of malware is its low footprint: it does not require rooting the device and asks for limited permissions upon installation. Yet, this malware is able to circumvent many of the protections that most users assume are reliably protecting their Android devices and compromise corporate resources used via the device. "

Source : ?Accessibility Clickjacking? - The Next Evolution in Android Malware that Impacts More Than 500 Million Devices Skycure

That's a reson why you should think twice about turn on Accessibility even if it's a long process as shown here :

Getting malicious apps available on Google app store is a totaly different question/topic...

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I have an odd problem I can't set the res to 1280x1024 and max settings in Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.
It will let me set it to that res on medium but on high it forces me down to 1280x720 and so everything looks high.
I have the latest drivers and I know I have above the rec specs.

I can't find an ini file or anything to modify that I can open in notepad

Cheers guys.

Answer:Solved: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 res problem

I got lead to a fix here:

It works great now

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I have a Palicomp Kaveri Evolution that is standard spec, except that I have added an additional 2TB SATA Hard Drive. Sometimes on startup, the PC hangs on a black screen with a symbol of white dots rotating at the bottom of the screen, and stays that way, as though the PC is awating the Windows drive to boot, other times it boots up without issue. My original PC Hard Drive is a 2TB SSD Hybrid and The mother board is an ASUS A88XM-PLUS, Could it be possible that I have connected the new storage drive onto the wrong SATA port, and that the PC is looking at the new storage drive for the Windows program rather than the dedicated Windows SSD drive.......or could it be simply that the SSD drive may have issues itself. Many thanks for any advice.

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I can't join any games online once I have logged into the lobby and can't join games I'm invited to either.It says "Error occured cannot connect" or something like that and it happens everytime I log in!Whats wrong?

Answer:Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 online problem

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I have just bought a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (KONAMI Classics version) for the PC.

It has installed fine with no errors. But whenever i try and play it I simply get the Wrong Disc Inserted message.

I have tried putting the disc in both of my DVD-Rom drives but still get the same message.

The weird thing is, when the disc is inserted the autoplay menu comes on and when i click on Play i still get the message.

I've tried restarting and re-installing but still get the same error.

So any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Answer:Solved: Pro Evolution Soccer 5: Wrong Disc Inserted

I have found out the problem. It was Sonic DLA that was causing the error. So I just installed it (as It's a crud piece of software anyway) and the game works fine now.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008/2009 Registry Problem

It seems that i will suffer with 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate

i run the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008/2009 reg file and it's added ok to registry but when trying to run the game it's said that it's not installed

this error happens if i didn't run the reg file but i already run it and it's already added to registry

the reg file of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008/2009 was from an 32-bit version so do i need to install the game again at 64-bit system and get the reg files from it or what ??

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I have recently installed Windows 7 Nvidia Evolution based on W7 Build 7600 Ultimate RTM. Before this I have tried many builds of W7 and I found following problems in all the builds:Every now and then I got this error message "Internet Explorer has stopped working"
Everynow and then I got error message "Windows can't register Class"
No Internet Explorer icon on Desktop, I tried to bring it by Tuneup Utilities but failed.
"Recent Places" option is not working during downloading or uploading the files.

I wish to know how many of w7 users are experiencing these problem and also request from tech guys to suggest me some solution.

Answer:Few Problems with Windows 7 build 7600 Nvidia Evolution

What in the world is "Windows 7 Nvidia Evolution based on W7 Build 7600 Ultimate RTM"

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Thanks to @Solarquest


Why this sample ?

Evolution of obfuscated script family that I analyzed here (the one I deobfuscated in less than 30 s) :
Important to see it before, to easily understand this current post.

1) What it looks like now :

Spoiler: code
var odsocitigl = 6.0892;
var owurci = "d";

function elyfyjet() {
var cxorci = false;
return cxorci;​}
var yrvydugupc = undefined;
byhlyhix = "5176";
var qaqaljo = "wgogity";
var ivpahgyzn = "orogsy";
var rakuketc = 0;
var axnav = undefined;
var oxfahzu = typeof document1 == 'undefined';
var ywwenxaw = "bco6e7";
var qcusicm = "ugq4b5";
var omlico = "ogre";

function odluxju() {
var imeppi = undefined;
return imeppi;​}
var ajvucpyc = '^';
var xvafdyv = 0;
var osumv = "u3x5";
var doqjaze = "zm5fh4";
var hoslatd = 'y6gh7';
var myrace = "o5k9";

function evihen() {
var fzaqyzl = '29331';
return fzaqyzl;​}
function fehla() {
var ulopboce = 6.2;
return ulopboce;​}
var wkathak = "c";

function yvfimse() {
var yryxvohrawv = null;
return yryxvohrawv;​}
var cimy = 'run';
var thiczaxbo = 'm';
var emopa = '89879';
var maqosm = ')'... Read more

Answer:Easy to deobfustate - evolution of a js/downloader family - Oct,19 - Nov,2 and 8 - updated


Thanks to Der.Reisende,

Why this sample ?
Just to show how easy it is to deobfuscate it, and that the whole part don't obfuscate...
(See the spoiler)

1) What it looks like :

Spoiler: details
function puqadtamt() {
var feqo = undefined;
return feqo;
abqugcugurm = "39696";
var ybytorw = "gi";
var emdih = "return typeof WScript.StdIn.AtEndOf";
var ebyzxinf = 'atewbejgi';

function hawlikmovja() {
return null;
var wtivurl = undefined;

function zenco() {
return "86834";
function ihborarn() {
return "74599";
function emupdycev() {
return false;
var oqrobosum = typeof document2;
var oseqnor = 1;
xjojep = "ucxuvuhma";
var oryry = 'btenbofaq';

function psedohfo() {
var tfaxgixsam = 15.85;
return tfaxgixsam;
var tojkyfx = "12365";
var wvyjopbuxc = '10531';
var hsymohi = 0;
var mqunnad = undefined;
var ocodruty = 'replace';
var locyrdob = 'atesarv';
var fubyqeqy = 34.6706;

function zgyvsexkixfa() {
return 41.4614;
var emylbyrw = '94278';

function acihe() {
var etmazyjxu = "=13792=31697=57385=78152-63277x-63277-5920743238=13792-59207P=1407134660o80560-63277R=1407134660=88554=1407134660-38729-63277=1407134660L=1407134660l=78152-63277x-63277=1407134660-59207-59207-59207=14071-63277X-63277=13792=1407134660U=43385ioN=1407134660POL=1407134660i=13792=1407... Read more

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Hi, i installed Windows evolution 8 32bits and i'm having problems with HD Graphic drives; when i select screen resolution options, i only see Generic Non-pnp Monitor and 1024x768Generic (and i can not change);

[i do not know what is HD series cards],

if i do the Windows update it recognizes the problem, download several updates, including HD Graphic drives, and after it restarts, the display keeps flashing and the system does not open.

I'm on it all day, i had to reinstall Win, all this for the system to recognize my projector and also open 'Multiple Monitors' option and others; furthermore, i can not update the Win 8 cause it stops! I saw there are many people with this problem:

Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

Display keeps flashing - Microsoft CommunityMonitor not listed in Device manager/Windows 8 automatically updates driver

Monitor not listed in Device manager/Windows 8 automatically updates driver

Now, i downloaded the HD Graphic drives and for Win 7, and it worked fine, i just can not update the Win 8 then it stops; now, even with Win 7's drive installed and no longer showing the 'HD Graphics drive' between updates, if i install the remaining updates it also crashes; i do not quite know what to test because if it fails Win no longer opens.

Is it the 32bit thing, that Windows 8 had no hopes with old machines?
Samsung RV411 (Notebook)
Intel Core i3
Intel(R) HD Graphics

Answer:Windows Evolution 8 32bits problems with HD Graphic/Update

I3 is not that old machine but laptops are known to be finicky with drivers, do not use general drivers but only from the manufacturer,

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From :
Thanks to @Der.Reisende

EDITED : added at the end some changes on new samples :
- 04/11/2016 (dd/mm/yy)
- 08/11/2016 (dd/mm/yy)
- 29/11/2016 (dd/mm/yy)​
From :
Thanks to @silversurfer

Why this samples ?

I already analyzed similar script-based donwloader, (several months ago), and will show you how they have improved (or not) the way they hide important data.
This 4 samples used exactly the same obfuscation, only deobfuscated data may change (urls and payload names)

WARNING : See my previous analysis to understand this one, I will only show the "evolution" (or not) from last versions
As examples :

I just remember you how work a nemucod downloader :

- download an obfuscated payload, that is then deobfuscated using several functions :

2 x decipher, deobfuscation with XOR part, etc​​1 ) 5190512.wsf : What it looks like :

Some part has been modified just to avoid copy-past => save => run => infection

Spoiler: script
var Maze = {

* @returns {Array} a copy of a random direction ordering
d... Read more

Answer:8 x JS/Nemucod - evolution of same family - Locky .thor downloaders - Oct,27 to Nov,29 - updated

Great job, this time a trio! Well done @DardiM, makes a good read, as always!
P.S. Someone seems to have a passion for sneakers and for a German manufacturer of cars with a star emblem...

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i m pro evolution soccer fan
pls suggest me a good graphic card to play PES
i have 18.5 " monitor i3 processor, 2gb ram
will play game at 1360 x 768 resolution

Answer:suggest me a good graphic card to play pro evolution soccer,2697.html

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Sorry i have googled this and cant find an answer any insight would be appreciated.

Answer:Will Corsair H70 work in Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E) case?

I wouldn't see a problem.
What you will need to do is (obviously) orientate the fans to exhaust out the top of the case rather than the Corsair preferred method of using the fans as intake (for a conventionally orientated mobo)- you can't fight convection and the natural chassis airflow. One point you may need to take into account is the heat coming off the back of the graphics card being drawn into the radiator airflow stream -not a big deal with the HD 4850 you have listed in your specs, but if you decide on a more "thermally challenged" card it might necessitate higher flow fans.
Unless you're planning on locating the second fan on the outside (top) of the chassis- which may need some quick measurements to make sure you have adequate space for cable routing from the boards I/O panel- I really wouldn't see a problem.

Here's a H70 + RV02 setup at [H].The Evolution is basically the same chassis- the only real design differences are one fewer PCI expansion slot and the redesigned hdd cages

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?Antivirus is dead!? has been the marketing cry of vendors wishing to displace antivirus (AV) technology with their ?superior? comprehensive products. It?s true, purely signature-based AV scanners are extinct; however, AV is constantly evolving. The future can be predicted through knowledge of the past. This first brief in a two-part series on AV studies its evolution from the Brain virus to the Flame worm, from single threat remediation to modern day suites of technologies that contain industry-developed technology and protection mechanisms adopted from other security sectors. Download this brief for a look at AV from its roots to present day.

Answer:From Brain to Flame, Myths, Facts, and the Future -Antivirus Evolution and Technology Adopt

We are just new here ! _ @Tiranium Anti-Virus
Antiviruses will never dead.
1 virus = 2 method to remove and detect.
All antiviruses getting behavioral technologies and one day, all malwares will been detected.
Like now with Tiranium #Ad

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I have a T42 coming my way. For my plans with this system, I can eliminate needing a spare hdd if I can simply run the linux VMWare w/ a Windows XP or Server 2003 image.

Right now, my plans were to be running XP Pro w/ VMWare XP/2003 image, and doing most of my work in the VMWare image(running FTP tasks, etc.) on the 40gb it comes with, and use a 20 for Ubuntu.
But, if I can run Ubuntu on the 40, and re-use the images I already have set up, I can save myself a lot of time and effort.
Does anyone know if a pre-existing image made on a Windows machine will transfer and operate properly if used in Linux's VMWare?

Answer:Want to move to Ubuntu Linux; do VMWare machines made in Windows work in Linux?

Yes. VM machines created in Windows will work fine in Linux vmware enivronment. And the vice versa is true as well.

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Devices powered by Linux are increasing day by day, and most of these devices are positioned at the entry or key points of any organization?s network. Misconfigurations and easy to exploit vulnerabilities are commonly leveraged by bad actors. Many of these attacks can be studied by configuring low-interactive Honeypots.

Low-interactive Honeypots can capture the malware scripts and binaries, however analyzing these malware samples are also important. Further, keeping such analysis openly available helps independent researchers to search information of their interest and make useful conclusions.

Detux aims at automating the analysis of Linux samples, by supporting multiple CPU architectures (ARM, MIPS, MIPSEL, x86 and x86-64), and making its result openly available for researchers.

detux - The Linux Sandbox


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Goal: Dual boot Windows 7 and Linux and have an NTFS partition for both OS.

Problem: When creating Logical Partitions with any Linux partition tool(Gparted, cfdisk) the Linux swap and ext 4 partitions shows up on Windows 7 as primary partitions outside of the Extended partition while the NTFS partition shows up inside the Extended partition as logical drive. Disk management shows 5 primary partitions and 1 logical drive inside an extended partition.(As seen in Disk1.jpg attachment) I'm using MBR.(not UEFI)

I can create the partitions in Windows 7 disk management and choose not to format the two logical partitions used for Linux. I can then use the mkswap and mkfs.ext4 command to format the partitions.(See Disk2.jpg attachment)

Why is Windows 7 disk management not showing my partitions correctly when I use a Linux tool to partition the disk? Will this cause any problems with Windows 7? I'm afraid of making Windows 7 unbootable.(although it booted just fine I do plan on using EasyBCD to add an entry to load the grub bootloader for Linux)

If I partition my disk with Windows 7 disk management(as seen in Disk2.jpg) will that cause any problems for Linux?

What is the recommended way to handle this? What are the downsides to each way?

Note: I'm a bit of a linux noob.

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My config is HP G6 1075 SA with W7 Home Premium 64 bit pre-installed. It was working well until last week when I decided to install Debian Linux. I am no N00B to Linux and have installed it probably 100s of times. Debian installed and booted well but Windows BSODed with an error 0x0000225 cannot access drive. I formatted C and attempted to reinstall Windows 7 but it is unable to detect the HDD. I accept terms of license and move on to the point of choosing disks but nothing shows up. (There is an option to choose drivers. Where do I locate them? The HP website isn't helpful and I can't even find my product let aside the drivers)

I have already tried :
1. Partitioning an NTFS file system in Debian. Doesnt show.
2. Deleting a partition in Debian and attempt to see the free space in W7 Installer. Didn't work.
3. Try to do the BIOS setting thing (Change SATA option from AHCI to compatible or something). I could find no such setting in BIOS. The BIOS was severely limited with only option of switching on fan.

What do I do ?
The chipset is Intel HM55 if that helps and harddrive is SATA 5400 rpm 500GB.

Answer:W7 installer doesn't detect SATA after Linux, Linux works smoothly

All Linux code must be deleted using the CLEAN ALL command.As you have had linux on the HD you need do a Clean all & full format.

Do a full clean & full format in command prompt.
1) Boot DVD & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
DISKPART : At PC Startup
2) Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup
(for command prompt)

Type in command line

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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i have almost zero linux knowledge. i used it a little for wardriving, and now I wanted to get rid of it, i didn't use it anymore.

Under winXP, i deleted the linux partitions. on my next reboot, i'm stuck on a black screen with a grub> prompt

what do i do from here? later on i'm gonna try booting off winxp cd and doing a format /mbr or fixboot to see if that works

thanks for any suggestions

Answer:laptop dual booting winxp and linux. deleted linux partitions, stuck in grub...

boot off the windows xp disk and do the recovery console option then do

as described here

or you can download and configure another boot loader if you want to have a choice between some other os

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I haven't even installed linux yet, or tried it on live CD. Currently I have a system running windows xp, ultimately I would like a system with dual OS (linux + windows). I plan to gradually become less dependant on windows, until I only need it for gaming purposes, if that. I have little idea as to how possible or impossible this dream of dual OS is, as I have searched google and the site for information yielding no definitive answer.

Ideally I would buy another hard drive, and install my chosen distro of linux on this, so that I have XP on one and linux on the other HDD. Can this actually be done? Would this form the basis of a workable dual OS setup? Ubuntu, Kubuntu and madriva are distros that look promising, having been recommended by and gotten good press from I can try before I commit and wish to, using live CD. Is this a no risk way of trying them?

Do all distros of linux require compiling of their kernels in order to achieve greatest effectiveness?

I run a PC I have personally built with an MSI K8 Neo4 motherboard(integrated AC97 sound), AMD 64 3000+ CPU, Belkin wireless network card(is used a lot for internet connection via router), GeForce 6600 graphics card, 450 watt PSU.

I appreciate help on this issue, its fairly urgent, would like to be able to know for certain how to go about switching to linux ASAP.

Answer:LINUX Question: want to install linux on windows xp system + few other questions

Yes, it can be done that way. You can either put it all on one hard drive, which can result in two broken operating systems for beginners, or on two seperate ones. Linux requires 2 partitions, so keep that in mind when setting things up. I've installed Linux both ways; I had to get creative for the 2 OS on 1 setup.

If you install on 2 hard drives, make sure Windows is installed first, then install Linux. If you use the linux boot loader, things should be easier in the end. Be sure to make a boot disk/recovery/emergency disk when prompted in the Linux install.

I had a friend who had a RAID 0 or 1 setup and tried to use a live CD on his computer and it broke his array for some reason. He ended up reinstalling Windows because of it.

It depends on what you plan to do with the OS, in respect to compiling the kernel. If there is a driver you want to add or a modification you wish to make, you may need to recompile.

On the topic of drivers, some distros don't come with wireless drivers for all cards. You might want to look into a wireless driver for your Internet connection before deciding on a distro. Either from Belkin (they might have) or native to the distro. Sound might also require a driver search.

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iM GONNA RUN Gentoo and i need to know a good LINUX COMPATIBLE MOBO and linux compatible lan and linux commmpatible MODEM

thanks in advance, anythiong u may know may be useful
thanks again

Answer:What Is A Good Linux Compatible Socket A Mobo W/ Lan Support In Linux?

I'm not sure myself. There are a few boards that claim to be good with linux that i've seen. I can't recall them at this time. I'm going to be building 2 linux machines soon. I've been wondering the same question but to no avail. I recently purchased a network card for a windows machine i just alterred. The brand is Belkin. In the manual it mentions that it's compatible with LINUX/UNIX.

I haven't tested out the card yet, but if the card seems good/decent in windows, then i'll perhaps try it out in one of the linux machines i build soon. You might want to look into it yourself. Dont know if it really is compatible... but its worth a try... and it only sells for 15 bucks.

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Scientific Linux 6.7 Officially Released, Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7
Based on the freely distributed source code of the recently announced Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.7 operating system from Red Hat Inc., Scientific Linux 6.7 is here to update its base to the upstream OS, add some tweaks, update many of its core components, and address some of the most annoying bugs.

Prominent features of Scientific Linux 6.7 include the addition of the IceWM window manager, updated the OpenAFS package to version 1.6.14, updated the epel-release package to version 6.8, built the glusterfs-server package from the TUV sources provided for the GlusterFS client.

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I am on Linux Mint 17.2 (Cinnamon as DE) (with kernel installed and loaded) and I'm getting this message when trying to add a PPA via the terminal: Cannot add ppa: 'no json object could be decoded'. What is the cause and what is the fix?

Secondly, I think I installe GzDoom correctly) but I get: Something went wrong!
If you haven't installed any Doom IWAD files yet or if GZDoom is unable to locate them, put the files or symlinks to them in '/home/dlf/.config/gzdoom' or start the game with the command 'DOOMWADDIR=/path/to/iwadfiledir gzdoom'. . . . So where do I put the files (IWAD? pk3?) I'd presume something like: /home/dlf/.config/gzdoom. And how could I get Wolfenstein 3d/SOD/Quake working with (G)zdoom. I'm on Linux Mint 17.2 with cinnamon (as the desktop environment) if it matters.

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