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Bulk reduction of jpg image file size

Question: Bulk reduction of jpg image file size

Does anyone know of an app in which you can automatically reduce the file size of, say, 30 images all in one go rather than having to reduce each one separately?I've quite a few images which I want to put into a photo gallery. The first one I looked at was over 1 MB which I'm sure is too big for a web page!

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Preferred Solution: Bulk reduction of jpg image file size

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Bulk reduction of jpg image file size

Ifanview click here

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ALL MY PICS ARE BIGGER THAN 640 X 480 SO WHEN i REDUCE TO 640 X480 HOW DO i GET THE IMAGE INTO AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT isn't there be a one step button to resize automatically for suitable as email attachment?

Answer:Irfan View Image Size Reduction For Email

are you trying to email straight from Irfanview? If so do you have the correct plugin?

If not... reduce the image then "save as" to your pictures or documents then attach to an email that way


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I am currently tearing my hair out trying to get the size of .bmp images down.My problem is that I have to place these images on to a touch screen for home control (Elan Systems) the only format I can use for these images is .bmp.The properties of each file are as follows:width 39pxheight 33pxcolours 256file size 1.6KBUncompressed size 1.3KB (no mistake)Compression ratio 0.8I have tried everything I know using Fireworks and photoshop CS and have not been able to get below 2.4 KB which Elan will not let me load on to the panel.Any help or advice would be greatly appreciatedThanks in anticipation

Answer:.bmp file size reduction

You'll be restricted by whatever degree of compression your image editing software can create. I'm not familiar with Fireworks or Adobe.

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I have a 16 mg image, 4500x3000. I resized all the way down to 100x100 and the file size won't change from 12.4 or so. This is true for all photos in a certain file I downloaded from online. They are appliance products. I tried downloading a random, even larger image from google, 26mg, 12000x8000 or something like that and changed it to 2000x1500 or so and the file size went to a respectable 1.5mg. I am resizing with windows photo gallery and my coworker tried photoshop with the same results, though I don't know what settings.

I redownloaded the files I am having trouble with and that didn't work. I'm not sure what to try. Can't find much online. Any ideas?

Here's one of the images
WF45K6200_-_BLUE_8.jpg - Google Drive


Answer:File size not reducing when changing image size

joshman108 said:

I have a 16 mg image, 4500x3000. I resized all the way down to 100x100 and the file size won't change from 12.4 or so. This is true for all photos in a certain file I downloaded from online. They are appliance products. I tried downloading a random, even larger image from google, 26mg, 12000x8000 or something like that and changed it to 2000x1500 or so and the file size went to a respectable 1.5mg. I am resizing with windows photo gallery and my coworker tried photoshop with the same results, though I don't know what settings.

I redownloaded the files I am having trouble with and that didn't work. I'm not sure what to try. Can't find much online. Any ideas?

Here's one of the images
WF45K6200_-_BLUE_8.jpg - Google Drive


It seems to be an embedded image on a Web page/.html. I pressed the PrintScrn key then opened Paint/MSPaint and Pasted then used Select tool and Cropped it, got a file size of 361KB and image size of 807 pixels by 541 pixels.

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I am re-installing Windows XP Pro on an e-Machines T-6412 that I accidently hosed with Linux. The monitor is a HANNS-G 19 inch wide screen. Everything goes fine until I install the drivers for my video card. I installed an aftermarket Sapphire X1550 PCI-x16 card with 512 megs of Video RAM. Once the drivers are installed I lose 20% of the screen on the left-hand side. The display is still the full size but there is a black bar on the left side which is about 3 inches wide. This is after installing all the other drivers, before all the other drivers, or as all the other drivers are installed. I would really like to keep my big memory video card. Hellp is appreciated. Thanks, Dennis

Answer:Screen Size Reduction

many of the monitors have suggested settings for their particular screen. Might check the mfgs. specifications.

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I want to reduce the size of digital pictures from >1mb to around about 30kb using photoshop or another package.Anyone know if there a quick, simple way to do this?

Answer:photo size reduction using photoshop

i use photoshop 5, select image>image size from the menu at the top then resize them usually 800 x 640 will bring them down but experiment

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I just downloaded the ATI radeon driver for my graphics card and its made my screen size smaller. Instead of the 23" I was getting I'm now only getting 21".
I've checked screen resolution and its set at the maximum of 1920 x 1080.
I've also un-installed the ATI driver and rolled back to the previous driver.
ive double checked that the monitor driver is up to date.
Also the touch screen part of it is way off at the edges of the screen. Its like its still thinks the picture is filling the monitor.
any ideas on how to fix this?

Answer:HP 23tm monitor screen size reduction!!

When installing the drivers you may/would have installed AMD Catalyst Control Centre. Open AMD Catalyst Control Centre, select my Digital flat screen panels/scaling options and move it towards the 0% should work.

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For a while now my Windows folder has been taking up more space on my 60GB SSD than I think it should. The size breakdown goes like this:

C:/Windows - 28 GB

- winsxs - 11.65 GB
- System32 - 8.45 GB
- Assembly - 1.63 GB
- SysWOW64 - 1.30 GB
- Installer - 1.17 GB
- Microsoft.NET - 1.03 GB
- SoftwareDistribution - 0.85 GB

I do regular registry fixes and temp file cleans, and I do regular inspections on my drives to remove unnecessary files and programs. However, the large increase in my Windows folder which happened about 6 months ago is really bothering me.

Is there any way get rid of some excess files? Or is this just a case of Windows inaccurately showing the actual amount of free space due to hard links?

Help is appreciated, thanks

Answer:Abnormally large Windows folder, size reduction possible?

Have you run disk cleanup?

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Hi all
I have a logo for my hubby's biz. I can only assume it was created on a Mac because it took me forever to get an app to open it (jpeg). I got it open in Microsoft Photo Editor and resaved to a readable jpg for the other apps.
Opened, it is fantastic ... but huge.
Original is about 1414 x 886 pixels wide. I am trying to resize it ... one image at 450 wide (came out ok/great) and one image at 150 high - this is were I run ito probems ... the result is very blurry.
I have tried to resize/save in jpg, gif & tif ... but the detail is lost

I have tried Image Composer, Photo Shop, ULead, LView & a couple of other trials from tucows (can't remember apps)

Hoping you can help
(should I post the image here?)

many thanks

Answer:best image app for clear reduction

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Running Photo-Elements 9 and very happy with it.
I am not able to downsize many images together, I must do each individually.
Do you know of an image editor that's able to reduce resolution on multiple images at a time ?

Answer:Solved: Image reduction enmasse

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Question: Image File Size.

Kindly help me out...

The file size of an image is determined by the size, resolution, bit depth, and complexity of the image.
I have a jpeg image that's 220 x 220 pixels, 72 dpi, 24 bit, and it's not complex at all. It's not a multi-layer/frame/page image. And VirusTotal gives it the all clear.

How is it possible that the file size is 3.2 MB?

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This is really weird. For most sites, in Firefox and IE, if you enter the url of an image in the address bar, it loads the image into the browser window.

However, I'm finding that the images in a folder on one of my sites are not showing in IE7. They show fine in Firefox!

Looking at the size of the images, it seems that files smaller than 1Mb are loading in IE7 but those above it aren't.

Is there a file-size limit? Is there a way around it?


Answer:IE7 image file-size limit?

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I've got a PDF file that I need to re-size by 200% before I print it. When I re-size it in the PDF window it prints the smaller version.

I thought that if I opened it using Irfanview it might let me change it that way but a message showed that I need to download the latest plug-ins so I did but then another message showed that I need to download Ghostwriter. I didn't download that yet.

If I download that, will that let me adjust the picture? Or will I keep getting message after message that I need something else and even then will I ever be able to adjust the size and print it that way?

Or is there an easier way that I'm missing?


Edited to add what if I scan the smaller printed image?

Answer:Using Irfanview to re-size a PDF File that is an image

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I have recently had to replace my old Agfa scanner due to compatability issues with Vista. Agfa no longer provide support. Using the Agfa scanner i could obtain excellent results and the file size was about 214Kb for an A4 copy of printed text in colour. I have purchased 2 scanners to date a Canon Lide 25 and a HP 2400 both produce scanned images that are 2.14Mb. The Agfa scanner scanned at 150 DPI and bit depth of 24 The HP scanner when reduced to 150 DPI and a bit depth of 24produces these massive files.
Is this a problem with Vista? is there a scanner that will provide good results like the Agfa machine with small file sizes.

Answer:Scanned image file size

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Image Properties - Attribtes V's File Size

Was uploading a image over at and there is a max. 2 MByte per file on .jpg files.
I had images that I know are under 2 MB but then get a error telling me the file is too big. I look in my ACDsee image viewer and look at the file size in window and I was way below 2MB so did not understand what was going on.
This was on a image I did Bygum posted. So I changed things by making it grayscale 16 bit but it was saved grayscale 8 bit and it got the size down below 2 MB.
But the I open the 3 images up again in PhotoImpact and clicked on Image Properties and your see that there are two sizes for each image. The file size is what your see in windows, image viewer etc.
So my guess is that the limit of 2 MB is not the file size but the Attribtes size.

What is all this on having the two sizes because I sure don't understand it.
Look at how many time bigger the Attribtes size is.

So anyone know what this means?

See screen shots

Answer:Image Properties - Attribtes V's File Size

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I have some images in my pc whose size are approx 500kb max but today suddenly all images size increase upto 41mb. please help is there any virus in my pc which increasing its size???????????

Answer:All Image file size increases upto 41 mb

I suspect it is a variation on a .ink file virus. My guess would be that the files that you see are fakes, and the real images are hidden.Before you go to the next step, can you opposite click on one of the files in question select properties and post back the name of the image, and also the directory it is found in.(for example c:\myimages\) also the size it claims to be if it is different then the 41 Mb. First step may be a roll back through system restore. If that fails to work a quick Malwarebytes scan may reviel your trouble maker, feel free to post the log back. Thanks for you reply.:: mike

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HiI want to add an avatar on a forum i use but it keeps saying its too big, i reduce the size using photoshop to less than the 75 x 75 pixels they say it should be but when i go to properties of the photo, the file size is still big and it wont upload - however small I make the picture it makes no difference.I have photoshop, ADC or MGI photosuite I could use but i dont know how to change the file size.It cant be over 10kb to be accepted. Help! please can someone give me an 'idiot's guide of what to do?!'thanks everyone

Answer:Reducing file size of jpeg image

Have you tried doing a Save As (presumably in this case a .jpeg)?Your original file will remain intact.

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This is not a question about zoom.
Is there a plugin for either IE 8 or Chrome 15.0.874.121 m, that would allow me to view on-line photos at a lower resolution (in other words, a smaller file size)? I do not, however, want to turn off images, just have them open faster in my browser, on a slow dial-up connection.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 3 Build 2600
Dell Computer Corporation
OptiPlex GX260
X86-based PC
x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~2391 Mhz
Total Physical Memory
1,024.00 MB

Answer:Reducing Image File Size In Browser

With IE 8 or Chrome I don't know. I believe with the Opera browser you can by enabling Turbo mode but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe someone else here will know. Opera Turbo explanation -

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Why does my document size become so big when I insert a .tif image onto it. The .tif image is 14KB but when I insert it onto the document, the document becomes 680KB. The original document was only 5KB to start. I want the document to be as small as possible because I am actually saving it as .rtf so that multiple people can access it thru a custom program that was written. When the document becomes 600KB or larger the image does not print when the letter is selected from the custom program. I cannot insert a .gif the resolution is too low.

Thank you

Answer:Word: Insert TIF Image Bloats File Size


Aren't you copy and pasting the image?
Try Insert/Picture from the menu. That'll make the file size smaller in .rtf.

I don't know the difference of two actions. Maybe someone can explain why.


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what to know if anything can be done about the file size of wordperfect 9 after inserting a jpeg image. i inserted one jpeg image of about 200k and saved the file. it comes out to be over 6 times the size of the image. is this normal or is there something i'm not doing. i've created the jpeg from a bmp using adobephotoshop at difference quality but doesn't seem to work. tried different converting programs and still no major reduction in file size. running windows xp and install all the service paks for xp and wordperfect 9. any help would be great!!! thanks...

Answer:wordperfect 9 file size too large with image files

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I'm having some problems with a PPt presentation containing image-processed very high resolution pictures. They look as though they are very LOW res when projected via a digital projector, as though the slide was very transparent and the projector lamp too bright. The combined file sizes of the 70 or so pictures is 500Mb but when saved as PPt on CD the total PPt file is only about half of this. Does PPt have very lossy file compression built in? Using Photoshop to prepare the BMP and JPeg images, is there an optimum image size and dpi recommended for images to be digitally projected via Powerpoint? My images are currently a mix of 8x10 at 72dpi down to 2x3 at 2400dpi, plus many variations in between. Other presentations containing smaller image files have come out OK.

Answer:Powerpoint pictures and optimum image file size

If your presentation is designed for a projector that works at 800 x 600 all images should be resized to suit that, or 1024 x 768, as appropriate.DPI is irrelevant here - its pixels you want to know about. 2"x3" at 2400 dpi means 4,800 pixels x 7,200 - six times more detail than can physically be displayed by many projectors.Irfan View click here will batch resize images to common screen resolutions like XGA or SVGA.

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Why are the disk image files created by Macrium Reflect so small?
Mine is 11.7G and the hard disk size is 23.4G and when I made the disk image Reflect was set to medium compression.

Answer:Macrium Reflect'sdisk image file size

Quote: Originally Posted by mohab

Why are the disk image files created by Macrium Reflect so small?
Mine is 11.7G and the hard disk size is 23.4G and when I made the disk image Reflect was set to medium compression.

11.7G for 23.4G occupied space is normal for medium compression.

You would prefer images were larger?

OK, then go to the "other tasks" menu and choose "edit defaults" and select no compression.

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I have bulk of pictures in 2448 X 2448 dimension and size > 1Mb. I want to reduce the dimension of all pictures to reduce the size within 200kb. Normally to get this, i open the image in paint and reduce the dimension but here the pictures are in bulk quantity. is there any way to reduce the dimension of all pictures in one go? Or any other suggestion?

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Firstly this is using work systems (XP with office 2003 - upgrading not an option).

I have to produce a powerpoint containing maps daily, unfortunately I have a strict limit of 1mb for 5 maps (yes it seems we are stuck in the dark ages).

Maps are produced using my own site utilising google maps api and external data to produce heatmaps. I have also used html2canvas to produce a jpg of the map generated by the API.

If I use html2canvas to produce a jpg and save it is ~100kb (use mid compression) however as soon as I insert into powerpoint and save the resulting file is 2mb+ (single slide nothing but the one map).

However if I screenshot the result, paste into paint, crop and save as jpg then insert this is fine (5 maps ~600kb). It is just a pain in the a$$ method compared to clicking a button to save pre-cropped image.

(Using powerpoint compress image options also makes no difference and resulting file is still over 2mb for one image).

Any ideas why this may be?

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Hey guys, I recently wrote a bulk image downloader that scans pages and lets you save images.
are supported.

Unzip and run Floader.exe!rloUWZqS!hcYevvLwSSlSbWbHNsfs0DmjupNUXZoNnTceNEg qtRA

Answer:Bulk Image Downloader

To all interested in this application -
Be warned that you download and use this application at your own risk.
BC does not support or endorse this software.
Chris Cosgrove

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I've got a little problem.....i have a folder with a LOT of images (.jpgs).

I need to resize them ALL. The only way I can figure out doing this is opening them one by one in my image editor, resizing, saving, going to the next one.

With several hundred images, I would love to be able to do this in bulk. They all will be the same size when I am done with them.

Can this be done?

Answer:Image Resize (in bulk)

Check out the Image Resizer, it has a batch mode that is pretty awesome, yay for freeware.

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I'm working on a project right now but I've run into a problem. I have a CSV list of URLs for around 700 images and I need to download, resize, and rename them all. Manually this will take way too long for the project to be practical in any way by downloading each URL one at a time.

Is there a program out there that can take a list of image URLs and auto download them all? Would be a huge help if anyone knows of one. I've tried searching for one but all the one's I've found only work one URL at a time.

I'm new to these forums so if this is in the wrong forum let me know.

Answer:Solved: Bulk Image Downloader?

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I am looking for a FREE bulk image downloader program or chrome extension that will not crash my browser.

I want to use the program/extension to quickly download the pics I've shared on Facebook and Tumblr. Because it would take HOURS to go through and download each one by one.

I've tried a few extensions already, but each of them crashed chrome because they tried to save them by opening a "save as" window for each. So I need a program that allows you to save them into a folder or into compressed file/folder so that it doesn't crash my browser or my computer.

Any ideas??

Answer:Looking for a free Bulk Image Downloader

Most of these sites have protected the images from be downloaded in the manner you wish.

Have tried contacting "Support" of these sites and see what they have to say?

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I've found quite a few programs that will resize images in bulk, but none of them will quite do what I'm looking for.

I need to convert a number of images with various sizes (175x25, 140x100, 110x50, etc.) into 250x250. However, I don't want to stretch the original image, just add white trim around the outside of the image to make it 250x250. Any software I've found will only stretch the image. I can't do each image individually, because I have over 30,000 of them to go through. Does anyone know software that would do that in bulk?

Answer:Bulk Image Resizing Software

How about this Microsoft power toy?

Just select the images you want then right click resize.

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I'm looking for a program that can add a watermark to images in bulk. This isn't the standard watermark where it is overlayed onto the existing image. I want to be able to add, say, 50px to the bottom of the image canvas and write the watermark there on the new white space.Freeware would be nice but anything will do.

Answer:Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I haven't used this or any watermark programs, but this one surely warrants a look:

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I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.

Answer:Mass/Bulk Image Converter Program

Blown Cap said:

I have a ton of BMP's I want to change to JPEG's.

I searched and found a few different programs but I thought I would check here for some suggestions. I don't really need anything with a lot of bells and whistles, just something that's good quality, easy to use, and free.Click to expand...

ImageMagick makes it very easy from command line, and being command line there are no bells and whistles.

When installed and the DLL is registered you have all the commands available from command line, no need to start any programs to do graphics manipulations, tons of options if you read up on it on

What you want would be as simple as opening a command prompt, go to the Dir with your pics, and type...
mogrify -format jpg *.bmp
...and that's all.

But as said, it can do MANY other things, if you read up on it.

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Apologies - the Urgent in this is only because I'm unsure whether any action may need to be done before I close down in about 6 hours or so.

Basically my problem began in Picasa 3 where I watched a short vid then decided to change the filename. That done I closed the preview & went back to the main program where I discovered that Picasa had somehow decided I wanted the entire folder of images renamed so it has worked through the 500+ images and renamed each one as Filename001, Filename002, Filename003 and so on which as you can appreciate is now causing somewhat of a major headache for me. It would take me a good few hours I would rarely have to go through and rename each one manually, so my question basically is - is there any method or program that can undo the action as I can't find any means of doing so from within Picasa. All other options I've found in my searches are mainly to achieve pretty much the same i.e. bulk rename as Name1, Name2 etc so are of little help.

Anyone any suggestions what else I could try?

Answer:Urgent help needed - how to revert a bulk image name process?

I assume you don't have a Backup to fall back on. I use these two bulk renaming tools. You can see if they help. This is drop dead simple to use -
This one has a more complicated interface but a couple other options -

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Hello Friends,
                      We have DELL R730 servers running windows 2012 R2 and we are using microsoft windows backup option to backup our servers everyday. I used to check backup of our servers everyday and I've noticed that the wbadmin shows backup successful and data transferred 502 GB whereas the actual file location has 700 gb of data with 4 hard disk image file. I am having this issue for long time and whenever I see this, I delete my backup files, run backup manually and reconfigure backup schedule. This function is wokrking fine for next 3 or 4 days (means wbadmin and backup files are as same size) and again I am getting the same issue. Backup files are huge compared to the one showing in wbadmin (More 200gb).
What cause this to be happened all the time ? How can I stop windows occupying huge space ? Actually if the space in wbadmin and original location are same, I dont have any issue. I suspect the backup functionality on my servers. Please advise   

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After installing a cd-rom game, the size of images and text (including icons and ...EVERYTHING) have magnified.  How can I correct this back to the original size.  I figured out how to decrease the size of the icons, but nothing else and it's very annoying...this is the first of many problems...I tried to restore to a previous date to correct but did something very stupid - I accidentally went into system recovery and part way through the recovery process my husband knew it was the wrong thing to do and turned the computer off.  Now everything is very messed up.  The recovery hard disk space is too full to even perform disk defragmentation safely.  It says that it requires 15% of free space but only has 5% of free space.  Does anyone know if I should perform defrag. anyway??  (Windows XP, HP Pavillion)

Answer:image and text size magnified how can i correct back to normal size?

What version of Windows is this?Your husband turned it off during a recovery process? Now that was the wrong thing to do.Now you're computer is in some undefined state between the restore point and what it was before the restore.My advice would be to reinstall Windows since interrupting a recovery operation can have messed up Windows pretty severely.But before you do that, tell us what version of Windows it is and maybe someone comes along with an easier solution than reinstalling windows.

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There is a case, where i have bulk of user names and bulk of flat files(.txt files). I have to search each and every user name in all the flat files and if the user found it should picked up. I have to repeat this for all the user names. Is there any possibility of doing this in an easier way.. Please help..

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Not sure which sub-forum to post this; apologies.

I want to print this image, 1:1 precisely:

In Europe we use the A4 image size; and I guess the original was formatted to US paper size (different). I am not a printing expert; do I need any sizing or adjustments?

To add insult to injury I even do not own a printer; I have to bring this thing to a print shop and possibly instruct them accordingly. By the law of large numbers, the print shop will likely use Windows; the 7th.

Answer:How to print image from US paper size to A4 size 1:1, precisely?

The print shop should have no problem adjusting the print size on there equipment.
The adjustment are not made with Windows 7 they are made with the printer program that came with the printers they use.

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I have 860 .pdf files. The file names are "Map1234", "Map1235", etc. There are gaps in the number sequence that might complicate things.
I need to remove the word "Map" from each file name. Can it be done?
(Of course, I can do it one by one, but I probably won't live that long.)

Answer:Bulk File Name Change

Have a looky over here pal Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility (freeware) ... hope this helps

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I finally got around to copying my digital camera shots onto my laptop. It was fairly painless. Just remove the card from the camera and plug it into the laptop. No cables needed. Now I want to rename the shots from the idiotical number series to something I can understand and find. Also any software to remove the dates on the photos? Will probably leave the dates on, anyhow.

What renamer do you use? What pros and cons? Any help appreciated. Bazza

Answer:Need bulk file renamer

Hi Bazza!
I've never tried using this function in IrfanView, but it may be what you're looking for.

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I am looking for program or an easy way to copy a filename from one file to a different file. (They are different files).

I need a bulk-batch utility as I have a lot of files that I want to do this to.

I see a lot of bulk rename software but I don't see a way to tell it to do what I need it to do.

Any sugestions?


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Sorry to bother you with what is probably a simple job but I can't find a way to do it. I have some folders of saved pix that are asp files and I want to change them to jpg files without having to do them one at a time using Paint. Is there a simple method?
Thanks in advance,

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I need a simple batch script to remove spaces in file names and replace with a dash (-) eg:

This File Name.file


Not sure how to program this, any help appreciated.

I can?t install a program to do this, it needs to be a script.


Answer:Bulk file rename script

Try This

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Does anyone know of a good program (ideally inexpensive or free) or way to rename a small or large group of files in Windows Vista & 7 according to various criteria, of course without renaming each file one at a time? Thanks.

Answer:Bulk File Rename Software

Thanks for the fast response. Both of these look promising. I will check them out more later & pick one.

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I'd like to disable many services in bulk. Can this be done via a batch file?

For example in service_manual.bat - I'd like to Stop and set to Manual these services.

Adaptive Brightness
Application Experience
BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
Bluetooth Support Service
Certificate Propagation

For example in service_disable.bat - I'd like to Stop and set to Disable these services.

Diagnostic Policy Service
Diagnostic System Host
Disk Defragmenter
Distributed Link Tracking Client

Going through many services to disable and or set to manual is very tedious.


Answer:Disable Services in bulk via batch file.

Frankly, you could have manually disabled all of those in the time it took you to frame the question, not to mention the time you will waste dealing with replies.

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I have a file of hundreds of image files. Many are named like this:



However, many are INCORRECTLY named like this:


You can see, the 'ABC' part has been lowercased.

Is there any way to BULK find/replace 'abc' with 'ABC' in the file name?

Answer:Bulk FIND & REPLACE with UPPERCASE of file names...

There are batch renamers, but I'm very unfamiliar with them. I use xnview, which is a freeware image browser, and it has the capability of changing only the case of files.
Say all the files are in a folder. You can right-click the folder and pick browse with xnview. Then click ctrl-A to select all the files in it. Then right-click and pick batch rename.Then make sure all the boxes are unchecked except "case". And in the drop-down menu pick "name uppercase" or "name and extension uppercase". If you need to set all names to uppercase and all extensions to lowercase (and it happens to be a mix of both), do it in two passes.

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When I recently reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP2 I backed up data onto another HDD. Now due to the motherboard only has one connector for PATA, and that HDD and the DVD-RW are on different sides of the case (DVD-RW at the top the HDD at the bottom) I unplugged the HDD to plug in the DVD-RW. So the HDD wasn't connected when Windows XP Pro SP2 was being installed. After install I reconnected the HDD to find all the ownerships still set to some SUID ( Owner: S-1-5-21-602162358-152049171-839522115-1003 ) along with all the permissions with out Administrator or my user name included. Meaning I could read the files but I can't delete or move them. I set the Owner of the Root to Administrators group and the permissions to Administrator with Full Control but it didn't propagate on down to all the subfolders or files. So I need a way to propagate a mass owner change which hopefully will let the permissions to propagate too. Someone said to try the perms.exe file in the Windows 2003 Resource Tool Kit but it's broke. I get the following error when I run perms.exe ...

"perms.exe - Entry Point Not Found"
"The procedure entry point RtReleaseRelativeName could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll"

Couldn't find jack about it on the 'net. Just stuff for 2k Pro , but this is XP Pro Sp2 and it's fully up to date including MSIE 7. So I am at a loss. I need a tool to set every single folder/subfolder/file to Owner: Administrators ... Read more

Answer:Windows Xp Pro Sp2 And Bulk File Permission /ownership Changing.

Hey there, L Lloyd, welcome to BC! Try this:1. Click the Start button then click on Run...2. Type cmd and press enter. This will launch the NT command shell (looks like DOS)3. Now type the following into the command shell and press enter:cacls X:\ /t /e /g Administrators:fNote: replace X: with the appropriate drive letter

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I've a fair number of ebooks on my PC and, to help keep track of series, I have a folder containing sub-folders, one for each series, which contain the shortcuts for the series. The ebook files themselves are contained in folders elsewhere.

For various reasons I've had to rename the folders containing the ebooks. This means, of course, that all my shortcuts have stopped working. Redoing all the shortcuts individually would be a real hassle, so, is there any way of doing a bulk correction of the shortcuts.

By the way, I'm aware of using Calibre for listing series; in fact I do so. The problem with this is that, after a certain number of series, they are sorted into alphabetical groups so that it's not possible to simply scroll through the names of all the series.

Answer:Bulk repair of file shortcuts in Windows Explorer

I can't think of anything, since it's not a rename you are looking for. You need to open the properties for each link and change the target.

Google yields some possibilities though: windows shortcut checker

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Located here:
C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Custom Dictionary.txt

All I can find online is information about adding language dictionaries, but I have 38kb of personal, motorsport, business, etc. terms that I've collected over the decades and centralize in a LibreOffice Writer custom dictionary, and can easily copy and paste that into my Firefox custom dictionary ? but Chrome includes a checksum at the very bottom, and also uses linefeeds instead of carriage returns (or vise versa). Looks fine in Wordpad, but with Notepad the text is all wadded up into one block of text.

So when I copy/paste my extra words (with the wrong linefeeds) into the Chrome custom dictionary file, boot up Chrome, it fails and auto-generates a new empty custom dictionary file. Not good.

The unduly burdensome workaround would be to copy/paste my custom words into some online forum page (like where I'm typing now) and right-click on each and manually add every word. Not good.

Surely I'm missing something really simple.

Thank you in advance for you assistance.

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Hi Everyone,

i have been looking for weeks for a way to do this and i have tried so many applications but i just cant seem to get it right, i was hoping that you guys my be able to help me out here with this one..

i have two folders, at the moment with identical file names in the ( they are images names are the same but one is a before and one an after ) and i need to move them into a third folder but create a file based on the image name and then a sub file for them image from folder one called ALT_1 and for the after shot subfolder but separate folder ALT_2

so the two inputs would be for each image

output folder would be
\Desktop\DNA-FINAL\a01052\ALT_1\a01052.jpg (raw shot)
\Desktop\DNA-FINAL\a01052\ALT_2\a01052.jpg (after shot)

ive never done any programing before and im really stuck on how to sort these two out .. any help anyone can give would be really appreciated, or even if you can point me in the direction of an application that i can use for this one that would be awesome

oh yeah BTW i am running win 7 64 bit..

thanks so much in advance

JP !

Answer:BULK creating of folders based on file names, and then moving files in

Hi JP and welcome to SevenForums!

I'm sure I or someone else here can create a batch file for you for this. Some questions:

We basically only need to loop through all files in the DNA-RAW folder, assuming that DNA-AFTER holds the same file names?
Is it all files or only jpg?
And the files should be moved, not copied.

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I used to see file editors back in the early days and never was able to handle them due to arcane
help files, TMI and other problems associated with pedantry in lingo.

Soon I will need to edit my HD of duplicates and no longer- needed items.

Please don't mention the "ability" to hold down the control key and make a box and delete what's inside.

No, what I need is something along the line of a wildcard delete such as delete myfile*.*

Is there anything like that in Win7 freeware? Something with a bit more control than
a screen full of highlighted things or the opposite: clicking each and every item, delete and confirm?

Answer:A file editing routine in Win7 or a program to deal with bulk files

Your title says "file editing". Your text refers to deleting.

Are you talking about identifying duplicate files and deleting the duplicates, so that you have only 1 version?

Are you referring only to files that have the same exact name, regardless of content? Or do you mean files with the same content, regardless of name?

Text files? Pictures? What file extensions generally?

You can do a lot from the command line using switches and wild cards.

There are good duplicate file finder applications. And the "Everything" search engine is great for finding files with identical names.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my query.
I just restored a bkf file and the restored folder is smaller than the original bkf file. I need to delete the bkf file which is 12 GB but don't want to until I am sure all the files were restored.
I would like to figure out which files were not restored.
Is there any way to figure out which files are missing. After I restored the files, the report says that hardlinks could not be transferred but does not the size of them. The bkf file size is 33,754,314 bytes larger than the restored file,but the bkf file "size on disk"is 19, 099,648 bytes smaller than the restored folder!!!
When I left click on the bkf file and select properties it does not tell me how many files are in the bkf file only the bytes.

Is there any freeware/program that will tell me the number of files in the bkf properties dialogue box? Or even better let me look at the size and number of files in the three main folders I backed up.? I can not access/explore the bkf file only restore it. That would solve my problem. My backup tree is C:sharedhardlinkdata>beth>documents and settings>beth> and then 3 folders underneath
Thank you

Answer:bkf files:restored folder's size differs from size of bkf file

Try this



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What is meant by "size" and "size on disk" in windows?

Answer:In File Properties, What is Size and Size on Disk in Windows

I bit more context might help a bit but I suspect you are referring to file size.A file of a particular size might uses more space than it A file that is 6kBs might uses 8 kBs of disk spaceSo the size is 6kBs and the size on disk is 8kBsThe difference is down to something called slack space. Slack space comes about due the the blocks that the hard dsik is divided up in known as clusters. With the NTFS file system the cluster size is 4kBs. So a file will always use multiples of 4 kBs on the disk. The bit left over at the end is slack space.The biger the cluster size the more slack space which is essentially wasted space. With the Fat32 file system the cluster size can be as large a 64 kBs.. So a 4kBs file will use 64kbs of disk space. a 65kB file will use 128 kBs of disk space..Stuart

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After doing a lot of file management (backups, deletion of unnecessary files, defrag, etc) I was able to recover a substantial amount of space. When opening up Computer, I noticed that the size was only registering about 70GB free (out of 500). Knowing this couldn't be the case (I had found the directory my screen recorder saves to, apparently it records lossless avi at 1gb/minute) I did the usual right click on all the folders in root:\ and the size count was only 162GB, with hidden and system folders viewable. I found TweakNow PowerPack 10, which I had used for its Disk Usage Analyzer. That came up with only 94GB used.

After those installs, the disk size jumped to 94GB free.

Attached is the Systweak file structure (only root:\*, so nothing personally identifiable), the [email protected] Hard Disk diagnostic (can't make much sense of it, I'm a computer guy but not that far into the really specific components), and the main Computer window and properties.

If you can make any sense of it, please let me know. Also, if you might need any other readings, just ask.




Having problems with these photos. If you need them, let me know.

Answer:HDD size arrors, bad file size being reported

To post photos use the following:[img]yourphotolinkhere[/img]Host them at or your favorite photohosting place.

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I’ve downloaded a bunch of themes for XP and am having a problem loading some of them. Windows says that the file is over sized!

Is there an entry in the registry that will reset the size limitation? Or is it hard coded?

Answer:.msstyles file size? How to get over the size limitation

You are aware that you won't be able to use any themes that are not Microsoft on a normal machine, right? This is probably not really a size problem.

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Hi thereplease could you give me guys some advice on my two questions....?win2000pro1.what is the best practise of setting up 'paging file size' ?2.Current registry size: 20 MB and Maximum registry size: 31 MB.I am getting'the message', that I should adjust maximum registry size.... .What the amount of the maximum registry file can I set it up....?Any advice will be greatly appreciated.trek

Answer:paging file size and registry size

Pagefile Optimizationclick hereRegistrySizeLimitclick hereMy Max registry size is set at 55 with an Athlon 1333mhz processor and 512mb RAM. That has never caused any problem.

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I have MS Access 2010 & have a database that has been about 45 MB in size for 2 years. About a month ago I noticed it now is 67 MB. I compact & repair every time I save it which is twice a month. I've gone back & did a compact & repair on the 67 MB file but it does not change.

I must have looked at & changed something without realizing it. The actual number of records appears to be correct. How can examine and/or compare tables or other internals between the two sizes? I've seen a program called AccdbMerge come up on a few Google hits & was wondering if anyone ever used it?

And & all suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:Access file size increased in size by 50%

The only reason I've seen for a database to get very large is when there is a picture (JPG file) used in a form. Apparently Access does not do a very good job with storing this type of data. Perhaps your database has an image stored as a data item in a table (or some other place.) Other than idea why you should see such a large size.

Alternately, you can create a new empty database and then copy each object from your current database to the new one, one at a time, and check the size of the new database after each copy. That will at least identify which object is causing the problem.

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As per instruction on the link below, I have modified registry to increase page file size.

I have put each 5,000 MB so page file size should be around 15 GB according to me. But when I look at "performance" tab, it shows limit only 3765392 so around 3766 MB.

I checked under settings >> Performance Options of Advance computer properties, there it shows Total Paging Size 2046 MB. But when I click change, there it contains custom size of 5,000 MB.

So finally I just want to know if my paging file size have really increased to 15 GB or it's just 2046 MB as it shown there.

- How to overcome the 4,095 MB paging file size limit in Windows

Answer:want to know my page file size after increasing page file size in registry

I sorted this out myself. After I restarted computer, I could see the new page files created but the total was only 9000 MB though I put each (total 3 page files) 5,000 MB in registry.

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Question: Image size

Hi Guys

This question might have been asked before but i carnt find it in the search.

My probles is i have a Ipod touch and i have downloaded some songs from itunes and the album art work that comes with the sond is 600 * 600 = width 600 pixels
height 600 pixels. this displays on the screen a a full screen.

I want to inport some of my own cds onto the ipod including the albumart work.

The images from itunes are all 600*600 Bitmap images and myaown artwork is in jpeg format 965*950 200 dpi and some are777*768 and some are 300*184 Bitmap.

All the images are in the same folder i just need advice on how to change all the images in this folder to 600*600 pleaseand convert jpeg to bitmapor bitmap to jpeg.


Regards to youall

Answer:Image size

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Working on some photo restorations for a niece, I wanted to send her some low res .jpg copies, so she could tell me what she wanted done with the photos. I had originally scanned the photos as 300 ppi .TIFF's; & I opened them in Photoshop & created the .jpg copies at 72 ppi. I attached the .jpg's to an e-mail (OE); & opened them, just to make sure they were in real-size for her to have a point of reference. Of course, they open in IE...but they're smaller than real-size.

My question is:

How do I set the res in IE so that the photos will display (& print) in real-size, or set the res in OE, so that I can insert the photos directly into the body of the e-mail?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:IE 6.0 / Image Size?

Why not just mail the photos as attached files, then you can have them any size you like?

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Question: Image Size

I had always noticed when I bluetoothed images back and forth
mine took quite awhile and my son's didnt. I checked the size and his were in the KB range and mine where i the MB range.

Here is what I reset the settings to on my S5. What would be an optimal setting? It was set at the top one.

Answer:Image Size

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Question: Image size

Hi, I have recently bought a Nikon D200 slr, could you please tell me what the best image sizes are for large, medium, and small to place into a frame? thank you.

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Question: Image Size Over

Having Problems With Sony Dscp150 Everything Seems Ok For A While Then Image Size Over Comes Up On Lcd And Picture Goes Very Small .looked In Manual And It Says Image Too Large For Camera But Its A 7.2 Mp Camera .also File Error Appears.its A New 128mb Memory Card But Manual Says Not Amemory Card Problem .please Help

Answer:Image Size Over

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Question: Image size

After installing a new monitor (ViewSonic 191s), the image on screen is only about 1/3 of its full size. Can someone advise please on how to regain the image to its full size again. The OP is AOL.Thanks in advance

Answer:Image size

one post will generally get you an answer.johnny

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Question: image size

I don't know if I'm in the right area for my problem. My previous HP (with XP) when I wanted to run a slide show on images I downloaded to the computer I was able to view the total image without regard to the number of pixels. With this new Hp, with Windows 7, when I download from my camera and try to view the images, the images come through extremely large and I only get a small portion of the image. When going through past folders that I cropped to a 4x6 if the number of pixels are large again I get only a small portion of the image. If I convert the image to 600x900 pixels then I can view the image. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem???
Thanks, mthumjdo

Answer:image size

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Question: Image size in IE6

I have just downloaded and image (JPG)that extended way beyond the limits of my screen. As soon as the download was complete the image shrank to the width of the the screen. The same thing happened when I subsequently opened it from \Temp. Inter. Files. Right clicking on it and selecting Properties gave me a little compass at the top right of the pictur which, when clicked, expanded the image.I assume somehow I have got IE6 to fit images to screen size - how do I persuade it not to but to leave what it finds alone???????And incidentally, is there any way I can list \temporary Internet Files in the order in which they arrived?? 'Last Accessed' does not do this.PeterC

Answer:Image size in IE6

Open IE6. Goto Tools / Internet Options, then click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the "Multimedia" section and untick "Enable Autmoatic Image Resizing"

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Question: Image size

After installing a new monitor (ViewSonic 191s), the image on screen is only about 1/3 of its full size. Can someone advise please on how to regain the image to its full size again. The OP is AOL. Thanks in advance

Answer:Image size

might the problem be actual settings on the monitor as opposed to pc settings?johnny.

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I'm transferring files, from external hard disk to an another external hard disk...
from a non-external powered to an external powered one...

I'm using cut & paste...

Suddenly, blackout happens...

There'll be data writing failure...

So I checked some of my files(mostly in .iso)... Some of them have very big difference between Files Size & Size on Disk (around 4 GB)...

So, I tried to open it... Nothing happen...

Does this big difference can make anything goes wrong?

Answer:Different in File Size & Size on Disk

Are you talking about this?

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When I right click a file to view it's properties there are two different values shown: one for file "size" and the other for "size on disk". The second value is always larger. Could someone please explain what the difference is because I'm in the process of allocating space for backed up user data on a network share and I need to multiply the average file size by the number of users to get an estimate of how much space to allocate to that share. Thanks in advance!

Answer:file size vs size on disk

Disks are laid out at a base level in sectors, and then in clusters which are groups of sectors.
For example, on a 32GB partition (Fat32) the cluster size is 32000 bytes. On a NTFS system, the standard size is 4K.

Files can only be on a cluster boundary. Therefore, in this example, a file that is 16,000 bytes (file size) will be 32,768 bytes (on disk). And a 40,000 byte file (file size) will be 65,536 bytes (on disk).
Or, on a NTFS system, a 5,000 byte file will take 2 clusters, or 8,192 bytes (on disk)

Do Start > Run > Command and at the prompt enter

After it runs, the "xxxx bytes in each allocation unit" is the cluster size.

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I recently had a hard drive failure that cost me fifteen years worth of files and data. I am recovering the files currently using Puran file recovery, which seems to be working. However, all the MS Word files (for instance) I recover are simply named "0000001.docx" and the associated file creation date (listed in Details View) is the time Puran recovered the file. I now have a pile of 10,000 .docx files and I need to find the most recent version of ONE document.
If I r-click each one, it tells me when the file was actually created by the user, e.g. 9/1/2015 instead of toady's date 30 minutes ago. Is there anyway to bulk rename all these files be extracting their actual "last saved on" dates in their "properties" information and using that as the file name?

Answer:How to Bulk Rename files with information from file "properties"?

Hi, I think this is possible with this free utility- you'd have to try and check. It's a bit fiddly to use.

Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility
We do strongly recommend the use of disk imaging- for the OS, and all disks/partitions. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium + external backup storage. Means you can recover your PC & data even after a disk failure.

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hi, when i download a image, in the bottom right hand corner is a thing that looks like a beefburger with 4 arrows, when clicked it opens the image to it's proper size, is there a way to keep the image the right size? each time..thanks

Answer:Image size with irfanview ?

You mentioned Irfanview in your title, but the 4-way arrow beefburger looks like what you get when you use Internet Explorer to view a photo. Are you using IE for viewing photo?

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I have Irfanview to primarily open jpg images sent by E Mail. If I double click on a jpg image that I have saved in My Documents it opens it the size of a bill board. How can I cofigure it to open the jpg pictures normal size?

Answer:Irfanview image size

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Scanned document or list of numbers, etc., produces a 'Paint' image which is smaller than the original. Is there a way to increase the size to its original or larger size?. Using MS Office Pro with Win 98.Any help would be appreciated.geedad

Answer:Image size in Paint

If you go to Paint>Help>key in Pictures in the index and then display Resizing, all the information you require is detailed.That's why very comprehensive Help sections are always provided by Microsoft whatever the program or application...:-)

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I'm using screen.availWidth and screen.availHeight to calculate the size I want my images to have. That way the images fit in the browser's window regardless of the screen resolution the user has.

For instance, I use


where setHeight is a calculated number based on the ratio of the jpg's width to height.

This works fine in IE; however, in Netscape 4.7 (which is the version we use where I work), I get tiny little images. Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work right in Netscape and how to fix it?

This works fine in

Answer:Image size (IE vs. Netscape)

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hi, When i open an image it is not the full size, instead there is a thing down in the lower right corner which looks like a beefburger and when clicked the image goes to it's proper size, i was told that was to do with IE, but i have clicked all the box in irfanview and it is still the same....anyone know how i can correct it..thanks

Answer:Image not full size ??

Hi Magik ой. I think we need more information. What is the origin of the image, and what application are you viewing it in? What should the image size be, and what size is it before you click the "beefburger"?

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help, when i try to re-size an image weather from camera or scan it does not come out the size i set. i have gone to image size changed the settings to inches and enter 4in by 6ins the image changes size on screen but when i print it comes out at approx 3.7 by 5 6 - i have also tried the crop tool and set 4in by 6in and cropped the image that way checked the size in image size command all looks fine to print a image of 6x4 but when i print the image is slightly smaller again!! please help it driving me mad

Answer:image size adjustment

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Working on some photo restorations for a niece, I wanted to send her some low res .jpg copies, so she could tell me what she wanted done with the photos. I had originally scanned the photos as 300 ppi .TIFF's; & I opened them in Photoshop & created the .jpg copies at 72 ppi. I attached the .jpg's to an e-mail (OE); & opened them, just to make sure they were in real-size for her to have a point of reference. Of course, they open in IE...but they're smaller than real-size.

My question is:

How do I set the res in IE so that the photos will display (& print) in real-size, or set the res in OE, so that I can insert the photos directly into the body of the e-mail?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:(Solved) OE 6.0 / Image Size?

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Question: Ghost Image Size

I have 33.3 gb of stuff on my hard drive. If I make a ghost image of this, can someone tell me how big the image file will be?

Answer:Ghost Image Size

First of all I am assuming that by "ghost image" you are referring to the Symantec product of the same name.Here is a quote from the web that may enlighten you.I have contacted Symantec support and got a reply that clears up myproblem:"XXXX, please be aware that when Ghost is running a backup task itrequires more space to store the backup image. The destination drivespace should be higher than the source drive."Note: The "problem" mentioned within the quote was "why didn't a 42 GB image fit in 42 GB of available drive space."Be (11 Gallons in a 10 Gallon Hat) SafeDa Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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Relevance 47.15%

How can I get an image on the top of my webpage to shrink or enlarge as needed depending on the resolution used by each individual computer? I know it can be done, but I just can't remember how. Thanks.

Answer:size spanning image

By chance will this do what you're looking for in the window resize?

Or maybe this one?....


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Hey does anyone know the size i should use for a background for the defualt what im dumb lol

Answer:Background Image Size

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Is there any software or anything of the sort, that i can use to increase image size without decreasing quality...?Thanx for the help

Answer:Increasing image size!

unfortunately it is impossible to increase the size of an image without loosing quality but depending on the quality of the original you will get reasonable results with photoshop although for most of us with pocket sized pay packets Irfanview does a very good job if you choose to Re-sample the image and use the Lazcos filter. at the end of the day the results will depend on the resolution of the original and just how much larger you want to make the image.

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Well I am looking for either a site or a freeware tool that can compress the size of images so they can be used in my signature on this site, and others.

Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.


Answer:Image Size Compressor

Try these links: found on the first page of Google... I hope those help...Otherwise, if you have photoshop, SAVE FOR WEB under the file menu will help you A LOT more than just saving it from the normal FILE > SAVE AS command.

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I have been using Photoshop for two or three years but recently have a problem not experienced before. A downloaded photograph is shown in the 'image size' dialog box as 14.44 x 10.0 inches. When I crop the picture by removing less than an inch it is then shown in the 'image size' dialog box as being about 2.4 x 1.8 inches, when the extent of cropping should have only reduced the size by about 2 inches (width and height). 'Constant Proportions' and 'Resample Image' are both checked. The resolution increses very significantly on the cropped picture. Any suggestions as to why the size reduces out of proportion to the cropping would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Photoshop - image size

I have solved the problem. The width after cropping had been pre set at 6cm. Having cleared that cropping works ok.

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Just yesterday installed Win7 Backup&Restore on my Lenovo M72e desktop with 1TB hard drive -- and proceeded to back up and create a system image on a 1TB external drive. It's not my first time backing up a computer, but it is my first use of the Win7 utility and I've not previously made use of system image.

I was initially confused to find that while my internal hard drive had roughly 325gb used (i.e., about 650gb of free space left) the external (backup) drive was using nearly 600gb for the backup. Was it backing up everything twice? Digging just a little bit deeper, I learned that the backed up data matched the C:-drive data in size, but that the system image was about 300gb.

Why so fat? Is this normal? Does the system image contain all of the documents and data all over again? If so, it appears that if/when I add substantial data to the hard drive (well, OK, that'll probably take a little while), I'll need a 2TB external to back up a 1TB internal. Is that so?

I searched this forum before posting, but didn't find much in the way of queries or explanation about system image size. So I'm just looking for confirmation that this is the way it is, and perhaps a bit of basic education and advice (in layman's language, please) about this. (e.g., Will subsequent backups create additional versions of the system image -- as well as the data backup -- and will I therefore have to be careful about monitoring and managing the backup disc?) Thanks for any hints and help in this ... Read more

Answer:System Image Size - why so fat?

I may be wrong, but I think the w7 backup includes restore points, page file, hibernation file if used, temp files, and the empty space.

I and many others don't trust it much, one never knows what it's doing. A superior way is using the free version of Macrium reflect. It only copies the system files and your data to an image. As example I imaged my system yesterday, which is 33.7GB but the image size is about 18GB.

Imaging with free Macrium

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I have just got a new computer, with win7pro. When using xp, and using windows photo viewer to look at my images, I could click on slideshow, and my image would appear in it's correct size, eg, my web sized image would be smaller on the screen as opposed to my full sized images. However, now when I try to view my web sized images using the slideshow, it stretches my image to fit the screen, and so my image doesn't look so good. I have searched everywhere for an answer, but no luck. Hope you can help me.
Sorry, new to this forum, not sure what section this should go under.

Answer:image size in slideshow

If you have MS Office on your system then you've got a great solution already in your computer. Instead of Windows Photo Viewer, use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and your problems will be over. Picture Manager has several different ways to view photos --- you can just use the slider at the lower right corner of the screen to display the photo in any size you want, or you can actually change the size permanently, to any size you want. It's very user friendly and a great photo app for editing and viewing images - and can be used in conjunction with virtually all slide show viewers.

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I have hooked my laptop up to a large screen TV. When I fire up the computer, the image doesn't fill the TV, there is space on both sides and the full laptop image is cut off at the sides. The strange part is that it was doing this yesterday, then for some reason it filled the screen and everything was tiny (which was fine); then I turned it off for the night and when I turned it on this morning, it was cut off again. I need it back to tiny and filling the screen!! Please help!

Answer:Image size on second screen

Please right click a balnk area of the desktop and choose resolution.
What information does it contain for your second display?

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Question: Disk Image Size

I have just created a disk image using Windows 7 built in imaging feature and stored it to an external hard drive. When I right click and pick properties, I am told the image size is 0 MB. Is this normal? The entire process went as it should with no error messages.

Answer:Disk Image Size

Hello NHboomer, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, this is normal. You would have to open the Backup folder in the "WindowsImageBackup" folder and click on "Continue" to approve opening it first. Afterwards you should see the size in properties.

Hope this helps,

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...I have endlessly searched on google for an answer to this question. I have two computers that I built from scratch that both use Windows 7 professional 64-bit LEGIT software. My main computer, luckily, has a Lock screen image that is large. The other computer has a lock screen that is small. Many other individuals have asked this and I just flat out think that people are not understanding the question. I understand you cannot change the "size" and it requires 128x128. I get that. Now...moving past that, there is a NOTICIBLE difference in the "frame" of the pictures size. Both have ONE user registered on the computer (admin) but I cannot for the life of me figure out why one is bigger than the other. I set them up the same way. Please PLEASE help me. This will just drive me nuts and I am sure others on the internet have noticed this issue and couldn't find a fix worth speaking. I have attached photos so there is NO way a "helper" could not understand.
Thank you for your time in advance and I'm sure this is an easy fix...but it is straining me.

Answer:Windows 7 Log On Image Size

Lets try to attach once more...

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I cannot understand the image size figures. Please can somebody explain if and how the size of the document in pixels relates to the Pixel Dimensions figure (expressed in millions). Multiplying the width and height pixel figures does not produce a figure anywhere near the stated Pixel Dimensions figure. Thanks

Answer:Photoshop - image size

This tells it far more eloquently than I can:click here

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I have an ISO image which it says is 2.51Gb. I have tried using Roxio Media Creator and Sonic Record Now without success.The disk is a 4.7Gb blank DVD+R. In Roxio if I go into copy data it says there is 4.7Gb. When I go into Copy, Burn Image is then says 2.2Gb which is obviously not enough space to record the ISO. How can I do this. Why is the size of the DVD+R reduced?Does anyone have an idea.

Answer:iso image problems re size?

Have you by any chance copied the ISO image to the DVD+R?The image size is 2.5Gb, subtract that from the 4.7Gb DVD+R which leaves 2.2Gb free space.It is not enough to just copy an ISO image to a DVD, you have to use the appropriate image burning software such as the free software from click hereRoxio and Sonic Record may have the same facilities built in, it will be a matter of choosing the correct burning option.

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