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Best free or paid for Firewall ?

Question: Best free or paid for Firewall ?

Looking for a new firewall to use with Windows XP - discovered that the Windowns version is very bad ! - any suggetions for which is best ?I'm running Avast Home if that helps. Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Best free or paid for Firewall ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Best free or paid for Firewall ?

click here ZoneAlarm or Kerio.

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I have been using Windows Firewall, XP Pro SP2, along with NOD32, Prevx 2, Sandboxie and SpywareBlaster.
I Want to know if there is a firewall compatible with this security array and will complement it. It must have a small RAMprint. I am behind a Linksys router.

Answer:Looking for firewall, free or paid

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Hi,Are those that use free firewalls such as sygate and zonelalarm less protected than those that have the paid-for equivalents? Is it worth the money to go for paid-versions?Same question for anti-virus programs; Are updates for norton (paid-for) relased quicker and more thorough than the AVG updates?This is just a question that has been on my mind.ThanksJohn T

Answer:Firewall/Anitvirus: Free Vs Paid-for

ive been using zonealarm for ooooooh ages now and (touch wood) have never had any problems yet.

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i have a dual core, win 7, 64 bit machine. i understand windows firewall is a good firewall but, if i were to get a stand along firewall to go with avast free AV, malwarebytes and iobit malware, what is suggested? the windows platform on here is in spanish, and altho i do read a bit of spanish i cant get the firewall to show event logs, so want a stand alone FW that i can read the logs.

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I have been happily using the free firewall software from zonealarm, which I like because it doesn't have a lot of pop ups - i find those things annoying. My friend said I should upgrade to the firewall pro - but I don't know if it's worth the money. The pro version from zonealarm is only $30 and it comes with antispywear and identity theft protection - but I'm still not sure why upgrading is necessary. Can someone please tell me if any of the features on the pro software are worth the upgrade:

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010: Web Security with Spyware Removal and Internet Firewall Protection Software

Answer:free firewall software vs. paid version?

Frankly, I find Windows Firewall completely and perfectly adequate and see no reason to use any 3rd party program (especially one you have to pay to get). Windows Firewall used with the proper security software - and there are excellent options that are all free if you want recommendations there - (as opposed to 3rd party commercial (paid) firewall software with features otherwise available), you can be very well (just as well) protected.

Although I didn't answer your question directly, I think you understand the meaning of the reply.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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Right now I have the full CIS suite installed, before I had avast! paired up with the firewall but then went back to the full CIS suite. I liked how avast! had a web blocker. I do use COMODO DNS servers. I am looking to go back to avast! once version 8 comes out. That's if it is compatible. I sure hope it is

So please vote for which AV (free or paid) you would use with COMODO firewall. My opinion it's avast! but I would like to hear what other people think

If it is not in the list, please specify which one and say why

Answer:What free or paid AV to run along side of COMODO firewall?

A web filter isn't necessary. In order to infect your machine, malware must be executed. Any decent on-access scanner should be able to intercept this.

Filtering web access is only a drain on resources, for dubious gain.

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For several days now, I've seen the words 'IPB image' in posts here instead of the picture in several places including Scarlet's signature. Other pictures show up just fine.

I right clicked on the words and was given the option to view the image. A new tab popped up, and then I saw "ad blocked by KPF." So now I knew that the firewall was blocking those images from appearing and identifying them as ads.

Unlike ZoneAlarm's ad-blocking settings which can be set for each site, Ad-blocking in the Kerio Firewall cannot be adjusted on a site by site basis; it's either on or off. Clicking on the 'set' button in the Kerio Firewall adblocking tab, a window pops up with a list of all the blocked ad types. Does anyone know which of these to allow in order to view the IPB images on Bleeping computer? The only option that I have discovered that works thus far is to stop the ad-blocking completely, but since I navigate to other sites when reading posts or articles on this site, I'm leery of doing that even though my default settings block all scripts.

Orange Blossom

Answer:Kerio Firewall Paid Version

I managed to solve the problem by clicking on the Set button on the Ad-blocking tab and removing the check marks in front of these two entries:.*/banners.*.*/banners/.*Orange Blossom

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Question: Avg paid vs. Free

I currently use the AVG antivirus paid program and it is due to expire soon.
Does the free AVG antivirus program work as well?
Thanks for any advice.

Answer:Avg paid vs. Free

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Question: Free/Paid

Hi,I just wanted to ask the bleeping experts out their a few questions time and again people including me ask the question regarding paid vs free and well which is better Antivirus/suite and stuffand the response shows us the things to be kept in mind when an Antivirus is chosen and the pages are really excellent!!!!!I understand that the bleeping janitor and other Senior member have years of experience with security and other related stuff...but what I don`t understand Is Free Antivirus now I am newbie so do forgive me for a Dumb question.... Microsoft Security essential has been consistently been ranked low when it comes to detection and prevention....But its highly recommended What is the reason?Is it some kind of propaganda against free Antivirus??OrIs MSE good for literate computer users....I read that a system that has Windows Firewall(Win7/vista) Have plenty of open ports when compared to a firewall from a Security Vendor like is this again just making a mountain of nothing are they exaggerating things or these security loop holes.....Most Paid Antivirus like Norton,Kaspersky have layers of Protection still they seems to miss a few so how its possible for a feebie like MSE to raise a red flag when some nasties pop out....Is free Antivirus Good enough when a User uses the online account(no email client) for checking mails does not install too much crapware,and updates all the software frequently?????????? Question 2:A recent post s... Read more


Hi, in regards to MSE. It is decent enough to be used by the average user and is engineered to stop the most common threats. This means, however, that it may not stop some little-known threat that some of the bigger companies may catch. It is by no means a bad program. Know that most infections come from running infected files. MSE does a decent job recognizing and stopping most well known infections.

There are many free alternatives that personally I feel are much better than MSE. Avast and Avira are the 2 biggest. An AV is enough protection for most. As long as you are running the built in Windows firewall in Windows Vista, 7 or 8 you should be fine. For XP, you may want to include a second party firewall instead of the Windows one. One highly recommended one is Comodo.
Question 2:

Malwarebytes and AV programs detect different things so as far as I know the chance of them both detecting the same file is slim.
MSE is great for novice computer users. It is very "set it and forget it", but for more advanced users, it leaves a bit to be desired

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the only thing I have not done is go without it.And what is IT? It's protection. Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Spyware, malware and even underware...Have I been attacked? No. The worst thing I ever found on my PC has been tracking cookies and we all know that cookies are not always bad.So, PCA, if you have not done so before (and because I am to chicken) would you be so kind as to run a PC for a month and let us all know what happens to it?Hanx!K.

Answer:I've Paid for it and I've used it when it's free

That's a very interesting idea. I doubt that any sensible person runs an internet-connected computer without at least one defensive software package...... but what would happen if you did? And how quickly?Sounds like good copy, PCA!

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Is free software can be better than a paid product? Is this possible?
For tested three anti-virus applications: 2 Paid (McAfee and Norton Internet Security) and ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall. Which one is the best?
Have a look here: test.

On-demand Scan:

3 programs vs. Live security click.
AV vs. Ransom click.

According to you whether it is worth paying for anti-virus software?

Answer:Free better than paid?

I used both free and paid products, both category has very good solutions, in fact all depend on personal taste (GUI, speed, lightness, etc...)

I used to use Comodo IS (free) then i switched to ESET NOD 32 + Emsisoft AM + Online Armor Premium (all of them paid, but i gained them via giveaways).

It doesn't mean that paid are better, just that my taste at the moment goes to paid products.


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Hi everyone.

1. I am wondering, everyone should have at least 1 AV and 1 AntiMalware, and a firewall right?

I am thinking that if I but a paid version of an antivirus, will I still need an antimalware and firewall? Or will that "paid" version be strong enough?

2. I have done some research, and I think the best free AV is Avast, whereas the best paid AV is BitDefender. What do you guys think?

So if I decide to buy paid version of BitDefender, will I still need MBAM, SuperSAS, etc.?

Answer:Best free and paid AV?

We have a pinned topic which should answer most of your questions.Choosing an Anti-Virus ProgramChoosing a FirewallSupplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools

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Question: AV: Paid vs Free

I'm currently running free versions of:Avira/MBAM/SAS/SpywareBlasterI haven't had any major problems to date but would like to know if it would give me greater peace of mind to upgrade to (any) paid versions.

Answer:AV: Paid vs Free

It's strictly personal choice. I've always been of the belief that you get what you pay for. I use Kaspersky. Having said that, there are millions of folks out there who use free versions of AV's and are happy.

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Hi all!
I have MS Win XP Pro SP3.
For computer security I already have AV/AM: EAM, WinPatrol PLUS, HMP.A and Unchecky;
And my browser is Mozilla Firefox with WebOfTrust, AdBlockPlus and Ghostery.
For the past six years I used to have ESET Smart Security as my Anti-Virus and Firewall, but unfortunately it has eventually become a bit "faded" and now often at system start-up displays an error message: "Error communicating with Kernel". I have of course tried a repair installation, a manual uninstallation and a reinstallation in order to alleviate the problem, but sadly it keeps returning. As such, I have unwillingly stopped using it altogether.
I understand that I therefore need a paid stand-alone firewall, as any free such is not enough for my OS, hence my question is: Which paid stand-alone firewall would you recommend for Windows XP?
Thank you very much in advance!

Answer:Which paid stand-alone firewall would you recommend for Windows XP?

Or you can upgrade Emsisoft Anti-Malware to Emsisoft Internet Security which includes a firewall in addition to EAM's AV and AM capabilities. Just post on the Emsisoft Support Forum and someone will take care of it - no hassles at all.Regarding the error... did you do a repair install for ESET Smart Security? Or for your OS?

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Hi all!
I have MS Win XP Pro SP3.
For computer security I already have AV/AM: EAM, WinPatrol PLUS, HMP.A and Unchecky;
And my browser is Mozilla Firefox with WebOfTrust, AdBlockPlus and Ghostery.
For the past six years I used to have ESET Smart Security as my Anti-Virus and Firewall, but unfortunately it has eventually become a bit "faded" and now often at system start-up displays an error message: "Error communicating with Kernel". I have of course tried a repair installation, a manual uninstallation and a reinstallation in order to alleviate the problem, but sadly it keeps returning. As such, I have unwillingly stopped using it altogether.
I understand that I therefore need a paid stand-alone firewall, as any free such is not enough for my OS, hence my question is: Which paid stand-alone firewall would you recommend for Windows XP?
Thank you very much in advance!

Answer:Which paid stand-alone firewall would you recommend for Windows XP?

Or you can upgrade Emsisoft Anti-Malware to Emsisoft Internet Security which includes a firewall in addition to EAM's AV and AM capabilities. Just post on the Emsisoft Support Forum and someone will take care of it - no hassles at all.Regarding the error... did you do a repair install for ESET Smart Security? Or for your OS?

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Many of you have probably heard of this, but for those who havn't here is a website that gives away a free paid software everyday. The software that they are giving away is changed everyday, So book mark the site and check it everyday. You never know when you'll come across something you're looking for!! Stories:QuoteMr. Google's:I had been looking for a good free DVD ripper for about 2 months, when all of a sudden, I went to my favourite bookmarked site, and there it was-Xilisoft Platinum DVD ripper!! I downloaded it and have ben using it ever since!! Now we need some more sucess stories ......

Answer:Free Paid Software.

Yeah, I visit that site every day but I only have about one or two things.

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Hi my Norton security runs out soon do I just buy again which by the way is not cheap or do I go for a free version,my OS is windows xp home got superanitspywear and malwarebytes anti malwear and spywearbleaster and what do you recommend? thanks

Answer:what security is best paid or free?

I don't recommend buying AV products, as most free version perform just as well.Some free AV's I recommend areAvira AntiViravast! 4. avast! also has a beta out for avast 5. I'm currently using it and it is very good. It can be downloaded here

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I am still using AVG free.Has anyone upgraded to the pay version and what are th advantages?

Answer:AVG free or paid version

The only advantage as far as I am aware is that the paid for version has support whilst the freebie version does not.

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What antivirus are you using? is it the Free or Paid version? (this option is not on the poll so if you can, reply with the answer )

Answer:What antivirus are you using? Free or Paid?

Usually I just use good old defender but I did a minor upgrade yesterday and now I'm using Avira. Nice strong AV tool but not over board like some can be.

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Hi,As most of us know that the avg free has been given a lot of hassle over the past few months,Just wondering are the people that have the paid version got the same probs or are they clear of all problems that the free one got.??.thanks daiol.

Answer:AVG Free verses AVG Paid for

DaiolI have AVG Internet Security (i.e. the paid for version) and have had no problems with updates that have been reported by many people in this forum over recent weeks.

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Is there a way to download paid apps for free in Windows phone? Coz some apps are so damn costly!

Answer:Paid apps for free??

Piracy and talk of other illegal things are not permitted here.
You're not the only one to have asked in the past, so if you want to read more you can use search.
But the bottom line is "No." Sorry about that.
Thread closed.

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What antivirus are you using? is it the Free or Paid version? (this option is not on the poll so if you can, reply with the answer )

Answer:What antivirus are you using? Free or Paid?

Usually I just use good old defender but I did a minor upgrade yesterday and now I'm using Avira. Nice strong AV tool but not over board like some can be.

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I've been wondering for a while what program to use when some stubborn programs just do NOT want to be uninstalled (i.e Antivirus programs...)

So, according to your own experience, which uninstaller would you use to get rid off a program?

Answer:What is the BEST uninstaller (free and/or paid)?

Many of us use the free version of Revo

Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily

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im using avast Antivirus at the moment, is there any way to actually tell which is the most effective antivirus?

Answer:What's the most effective AV paid or free?

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This site has teamed up with software makers to offer a paid version of their product for one day only commencing at 8am GMT.If you take advantage of an offer, find and use the activate.exe before installing and you will have a fully functioning version.Appears to be safe and genuine and I have seen products retailing at up to $140 there, so could be worth a look.http://www.giveawayoftheday.comEnjoy

Answer:Paid Software For Free Each Day

I would be leery. Screensavers are notorious for installing "extras".

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Hey Guys, I'd like to try out ZAM. AtM, I employ Qihoo 360 TS as main AV (which works well), but I'd like to replace EEK with ZAM, as HMP seems to be not good against worms (Online banking laptop you know...)
Also, I've read that ZAM is just a rebranded HMP? Don't know whether that's true.

Video Review - Zemana AM, Malwarebytes and HitmanPro vs Worms

I wish to stay with HMP.A, however (the license is running for some time still, too.) Also, Qihoo does have an BD engine, and detection by EEK's own engine seems to be pretty weak as the detection is not only PUP etc.

Is there any (noticeable) difference between the paid and the free version of Zemana AM?

I've already read trough this one:

Zemana AntiMalware Free - Limitless Scan and Malware Removal!

The 3 points which I'm not quite sure about are:
-the Pandora Sandbox Tech
-the File Rep Service
-the need for emergency updates

Qihoo 360 TS as main AV does a great job for me.

What would you say?

Answer:Zemana AM Paid vs Free

ZAM WAS a HitmanPro re-branded now it uses three more engines than HitmanPro and is its own thing, it is amazing - I have uploaded screenshots. 360 and ZAM work well together that's what I use:

If you are interested in which engines it uses, check this: Zemana AntiMalware Premium: Which Engines?

P.S: The uploaded image below is the engines that ZAM used versions ago!

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hello all. i just deleted my paid computer protection/anti virus etc. i had iolo. my puter is an older dell lappy inspiron 1000 xp home. i have malware [free],mcafee [free from optonline] and cc cleaner on it now do i need a paid service or a different one. my main use is visiting some forums,playing some short news movies,e mail. i do not do my banking with this computer or have any games.i know i am on borrowed time with this operating system and i will have to get a new computer soon.thank you

Answer:use paid or free protection ?

No one NEEDS to pay for an AV/Firewall product...some members prefer to do so, for reasons that I don't understand.
Back in the days when there were no free AV/Firewall apps...everyone paid for one.  Since that time, things have changed and I see no reason to pay for products that do the job adequately.  Note that I said "adequately"...the best products are only "adequate" since there are no products which protect against everything to a degree that it can be considered "better" than the rest.
Just like installing programs...installing system-defense programs is just another one of those "user choices" that have personal bases, rather that the fact that one product is "superior" over all others.
Moved topic to appropriate forum.

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OK lets do this forum some justice and discuss the thing that we all use to keep out the prying eyes and hands. It does not matter if the firewall is for linux or Windows just make sure that you state which it is protecting. If you happen to not like what another person posts please don't light them up over how you hate that certain firewall since I know we all have one we love.

I'll start with some I have used
Windows based.
1. Zone Alarm (anymore it is crap)
2. Seagate
3. Blackice
4. Symantec Internet Security ( have had issues with it slowing up the systems)
5. TINY firewall

Come on lets make this a worthy thread.


Answer:BEST Free or Paid Firewalls

Damm if just posted almost exactly the same thread, i'll take out the firewall bit and focus on AV. cheers

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I was wondering what is the best available protection for my pc that runs windows 7. I have avast free and malwarebytes free installed so far. Is there a better all in one antivirus , antimalware, antispyware program that is free or a better combination of software?
I would also like to know if it is worth paying for an antivirus software and if it protects better than a free version?If so, which paid antivirus program protects good and is worth paying for?
By the way, I used to have McAfee Internet protection but found it slowed my computer and made my cpu fan run constantly louder, so I removed McAfee since I got it for free anyways from my Internet provider.
Please let me know.


Answer:Best free protection vs paid

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Hello, I am looking for some input on what the best paid for firewall/antivirus is available right now for windows vista? I am looking at Eset smart security 4 and trying the free trial atm but I want to get more opinions before I purchase. I have heard the eset nod 32 is good too but when I looked at it it doesn't seem to include a firewall is this correct? Any input, help or advice would be very welcome and appreciated.
Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Advice on best paid for firewall/anitvirus for vista please?

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I have been a fan of Kaspersky for like 5 years now, have their products installed on 4 different devices currently and they have never failed me to date. But, even traditional AV' s cannot detect everything with their behavior-based technology, I was looking for 2 freeware programs to complement my KIS[Kaspersky internet security] on my windows 10 pc. After a lot of poking and snooping around the IOT's , I finally came upon a nice malware remover tool known as SuperAntiSpyware :- and Zonealarm's free firewall solution :- .I just wanted to know whether using these applications with my traditional AV would bog down my system resources considerably or not, as I currently have 8 gigs of ram, will it be a problem? . I hope I do not sound paranoid, but traditional AV's with their signature-based detection were long touted to be dead against 0 day exploits and what not, I guess practicing safe browsing and tightening your security with multiple applications and browser extensions such as ublock origin,disconnect,noscript,etc is the only way to go

Answer:Companion anti-malware+firewall to complement paid AV

Windows 10 can have issues with updates/upgrades when a third-party antivirus app is installed, so I stick with its built-in Windows Defender Antivirus app.

I also use Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and SUPERAntiSpyware (both free) every 7 - 14 days to scan for and remove any threats they may find.

I've never used Kaspersky, so I can't comment on it.


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my anti virus is due to run out in a week,am with kas 7 at the mo,do i buy another year of kaspersky or go for a free one like avg,do u have to have a seperate firewall prog with AVG? also ,do i have to use a removal tool for kaspersky or just delete from add/remove programmes ?

Answer:paid anti virus or free one?

There is absolutely no reason to pay for any AV program with the likes of Avast and AVG being available for free.Yes, you do need a separate firewall with both Avast and AVG.

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I keep hearing all kinds of great things about AVG so I thought I would give it a try. Ever since I installed it my Adobe Premiere will not work properly, it shuts down in the middle of use and freazes the computer up. If I remove AVG and put Live one care or Norton back on I do not have the problem. I seem at a loss as to a solution other than staying away from AVG, as although it is free, it seems I am getting what I paid for.

I have a Intel core 2 duo and 3 GB of ram with plenty of video memory and free HD space. AVG is fully upto date.

Any ideas on what is causing my issues.


Answer:AVG Free Edition - getting what I paid for I guess

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Hi today i'm gonna show you guys free alternative for paid software(s). So here's the list:

1.Antivirus: e.g. ESET NOD32 Antivirus - Avast! Free
2.Internet Security Suite: Kaspersky Internet Security - Comodo Internet Security 7
3.Total Protection Suite: BitDefender Total Protection - 360 Total Security
4.Endpoint Protection: Symantec Endpoint Protection - FortiClient Lite/Standard
5.Maintenace Software: Wise Care 365 Pro - CCleaner
6.Uninstaller: Your Uninstaller - Revo Uninstaller
7.Defrag software: Diskeeper - Auslogics Disk Defrag
8.Download Manager: Internet Download Manager - Download Ninja
9.Burning software: Nero - Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE
10.Backup Software: O&O DiskImage Pro - AOMEI Backupper Standard
11.Image editor(s): Adobe Photoshop - GIMP
Adobe Lightroom - RawTherapee
12.Virtualization software: VMware Workstation - Oracle VM VirtualBox
13.Screen recording software: Camtasia Studio - CamStudio
14.Video editing: Sony Vegas - Ashampoo Movie Studio 2013
15.CAD (Computer Aided Design): AutoCAD - LibreCAD
16.Office Suite: Microsoft Office - Libre Office
17.Operating System: Windows - Ubuntu
18.Driver updating tool: DriverMax - SlimDrivers
19.Malware scanner: Hitman Pro - Emsisoft Emergency Kit
20.Video downloader:YTD Video Downloader - Ashampoo ClipFinder HD
21.3D Graphics Software: Cinema 4D - Blender
22.Vector graphics software: Adobe Illustrator - Inskscape
23.Password manager: LastPass Premium - Keepass Classic
24.E-Mail Client: Microsoft Outl... Read more

Answer:Paid programs and their free alternatives

Why don't you use black ? It would be white in the dark theme.

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What's your favorite free and paid cloud antivirus? and Why?
Mine are:
free: panda cloud (kingsoft is a very strong av but it doesn't have any support)
paid: webroot

Are there any others? along with baidu, qihoo, and immunet?

Thanks (I'm not sure if this is the proper part of the forum to post this, sorry guys)

Answer:What's the best cloud antivirus? (free and paid)

Trend Micro is very good!

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Ok 1 im disabled so need easy to use software that can protect me (hopefully ill get better 1 day and learn about sandbox and all stuff)
anyway for ages when ever i get a pc or laptop etc ive always installed the following security stuff
firewall (juts left it alone as heard win7 firewall is ok,plus i like not having to mess with firewalls)
avast free antivirus
malwarebytes free (so just a demand scanner)
superantispyware free (again just a demand scanner)
spywareblaster (does somethhing to browsers lol)
ccleaner (i just delete whatever pops up )
firefox addons
ABP (addblockplus, again i just install it and leave it be)
ghostly (again i dnt understand it so just install and leave it be)
now my question is, is this enough protection as im guessing theirs no active protection here? just on demand?
also is it better to just buy a complete security suite (like bit defender etc) ???
im very out of techy stuff
but paranoid about privatcy and protection (which is horrable when you have brain issues DISABILITY)
i wish i could understand sanbox (whatever its called) as was told best protection or something called a vpn
also is the following true?
i Remember reading a while back that everyone should bin windows and install Linux mint (whatever that is?)
i was told if your non techy etc go for linux as it never ever gets virus or malware
if thats true i want to ... Read more

Answer:free or paid or security suites ? (lil help please)

avast anti-virus provides real-time protection. Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and Spywareblaster are three other tools I recommend. See Supplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools.Since you are not sure what Spywareblaster does...let me explain. It restricts the actions of potentially dangerous sites by adding a list of sites and domains associated with known spyware, advertisers and marketers to the browser's "Restricted Sites Zone". SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of ActiveX-based malware, browser hijackers, dialers, and other potentially unwanted software and blocks tracking cookies. SpywareBlaster also includes the ability to keep encrypted backup copies of the Hosts file so if its altered by malware infection, you can easily restore a good backup copy.Unlike many other security tools, SpywareBlaster is not intrusive as it does not run in the focuses on prevention and passive protection without utilizing unnecessary running processes or consuming system (CPU, memory) resources. The program only requires installation and then enabling of all protection. After that you only have to check periodically for database updates using the built-in "Check for Updates" feature and then enable all protection again. Since SpywareBlaster does not use a real-time protection module, it supplements your existing security software without causing any conflicts. SpywareBlaster can be used with Internet Explorer and many other popular browsers such ... Read more

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Hello,Can the forum users please recommend a simple, free if possible piece of software for partitioning my HD please.I have heard that some allow you to set up a dual boot ?.Cheers

Answer:Partition software,free or paid for

i have used both partion magic and also free from the mag pargon both are good

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Want recommendations for the best video player for Microsoft 535.should be able to play mkv files as well

Answer:Best video player free or paid for 535

Originally Posted by Phani Chandra1 Want recommendations for the best video player for Microsoft 535.should be able to play mkv files as well CC Player and Moli Player

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I am using Puran Defrag which allows ms to defragment my HDD and even the boot files, page file, and MFT.

So why would anyone pay for a Defrag program like O&O Defrag, Diskeeper, or PerfectDisk??

Can someone please explain to me?

Why are they so expensive? And each year they come up with a new update, and you have to pay an upgrade fee? That is a rip off I think.

And what am I missing if I only use Puran Defrag? I like Puran Defrag because it's the only free program that allows you to defrag the system files via a reboot including the boot, mft, and hibernation and pagefile.

I have a 500 GB 7200 RPM Hitachi HDD on my Notebook

Answer:Paid vs FREE Defrag PRograms

Beats me. Defragging was important in the Win 95/98 days. Not so much any more. Modern OSs handle things so much better that defragging is almost useless. I can't recall the last time I even did it.

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Where to find it. I need to be able to test it first.

Answer:Best Grammar Checker - Paid or free

If you use Word it has a built-in spelling and grammar checker. Press F7.

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Antivirus: Free vs. Paid Detection

Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky and avast!

Taking care of your system these days seems to be a less complicated task than it used to be a few years back. Now, protection against malware begins the moment you install your operating system. Windows 7 offers some basic security through Windows Defender and also provides a better solution under the shape of Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free of charge and can be installed on systems passing genuine validation. So, going with Windows 7 may be the winning hand after all.

Source: Antivirus: Free vs. Paid Detection - Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky and avast! - Softpedia

Answer:Antivirus: Free vs. Paid Detection

You pay for ESET.

And thats the best.

Pretty much settles that.

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Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky and avast! put to the test.
A very interesting read...not comprehensive but informative:

Antivirus: Free vs. Paid Detection - Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky and avast! - Softpedia

Answer:Antivirus: Free vs. Paid Detection

I either use the free versions of Avast or Avira (sans nag screen ) for my installations + common sense , I've done pretty well in remaining clean.

Testing 'sus' files in a VM also helps as well.

And if I ever do get infected, well I got what I paid for

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I use Diskeeper 2008 but I am thinking about uninstalling it and replacing it with either Smart Defrag or Auslogics Disk Defrag. Does a paid defragger really perform better than a free defragger or is the free version just as good?

Answer:better defrag software, paid or free?

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Hello this thread is not to bash, but based on some observations.

I want to discuss about how users may commonly find it acceptable for non-optional features to be installed by paid security, but generally unacceptable for free security to do the same, even if It is optional and can be uninstalled.

Here are some practices that can be observed seen by paid security software:

All features are installed by default
None or Limited customisation during installation
Toolbars for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
Multiple Browser Extensions
Only repair or completely uninstall, no option to modify
All of the above is generally acceptable, if it's paid security software, but would be considered forced upon if done by free security software.

Here is an example I saw recently:

An existing user made a complaint about how an additional desktop shortcut was created on the desktop after a program update.

"If an additional feature was made completely free, why is this unacceptable?"

"If an additional feature was added in paid security, it's welcomed for most."

How much of the above do you agree or disagree with, and what are your thoughts about how Paid (are Forced) vs Free (are Optional) - Or am I completely wrong?

Answer:When Free is Optional and Paid is Forced?

I am of the school of thought that all installs should be user customizable on a modular basis - no matter the soft.

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I see comments once in awhile where members don't think free and paid software can be compared head to head. I don't understand the reason for this as long as it is suite vs.suite or antivirus vs. antivirus. I use a free option not because it is free but because I believe it is my best protection, if I thought I could get better protection in a paid product I would buy it. But it has never gone that way for me. When I use paid I have not been infected for the year and when I use free it is with the same result. I appreciate tests pitting free and paid head to head and definitely don't see free at a disadvantage just because it is free. Maybe I look at it wrong, what is your opinion?

Answer:Free vs. Paid security software

Well i'll let you out one of our secret, most of the folks here are paranoid (including me) heheh, but on a serious note Security ultimately comes down to first on the user and then the security products.

Not all Antivirus solutions are free for instance EAM, EAV, etc. Basically it comes down to preference and factors of features a user may want or require, for instance currently the best two free AV in my opinion is 360 Total Security and Avast, yet i don't really like 360 security(even though it's pretty good). Secondly it comes down what features you prefer in a suite or AV some may prefer HIPS or IDS, there may be free solution for it sure say Comodo but someone may just prefer ESET both are good but it comes down to what the user prefers and how the suite or AV on his/ her system performs.

Also you maybe have some decent knowledge on computer infections and how to be safe or to keep away from those pesky sites, but not everyone are upto speed on it, for them it's best to buy a robust solution which does all the hard work.

A scenario would be say where a user is a very basic user and clicks on scam mails or random links or keeps getting infection through external media, for such a user you may wablnt some of the premium features some suites provide you like say Privacy Management, Mail Scanner, One Click Optimizer etc.

So while picking an AV or Security Suite it all boils down to
1) The user.
2) The System and the type of network it's being in... Read more

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I've been looking around for the best free and paid OpenVPN clients. My current router even supports openVPN. So I'd like to get something stable, safe, and anonymous. Absolutely anonymous but maintain my current upstream/downstream speeds as well. I've used several of the ones suggested on here and I did not like them I noticed weird connection intrusions whilst using them. So I keep going back to non VPN. I considered PIA or another client like it... I was wondering what others were using and why they were using it and whether its paid or free? Thankyou appreciate all the input.

Answer:Best Free & Paid OpenVPN Clients

open VPN with VPN Gate server importation : free and fast ; it is what im using.

you also SoftEther: a client made of the merge of OpenVPN with VPNgate , secured but it add service in the background.

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Whats the best antivirus software i can get for my pc that is user friendly and isnt quite so obnoxious. Free would be best but ill pay if i have to

Answer:free or paid best antivirus choices

Check out this article:,281...Personally, I like Malwarebytes for a free program, and have had good experiences with McAfee and Norton (paid versions).

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I'm in a difficult situation here. I have had over 3 years of free ADSL internet at my home now (due to a mistake with the ISP). Anyway, my speed has been stuck at 5mbps ever since, with no download/upload limit.

Today though, I've noticed that my ISP has an option to get fiber optic internet, which is 40/40mbps currently and the speeds will go up soon...

But if I switch, I'll have to pay for it... So do you think fiber is worth it? Or should I just keep my 5 mbps for the years to come

Answer:Free ADSL vs Paid Optic

Before getting a large bill in the mail.
You should pay for a new Internet contract (fiber optic if that's what you want)

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Noticed on their website, that you cannot hardly discover the link to the "Free" version of the software anymore.

For the time being, if you hit their website, and type "Free" in the search box at the top you can still find this link, which has the copy of the software still available for download;
Best free backup software. Hard drive backup and recovery, image and clone freeware - EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Answer:Is EaseUS ToDoBackup Free going away to be paid for only?

They've stopped offering 'support' for the free version.
So far as I know they don't intend to start charging for the 'home version' though.

...and as for making the free version hard to find.
Well they are in business to make money you know.

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My school gave each student a "free" one year subscription to McAfee anti-virus. I know eventually it will run out and I will have to reinstall it, but would it be better to switch to a free program?

Avast -
AntiVir -

Would you recommend one of these or should I stick with McAfee?

Answer:antivirus software: free vs. paid

Yes i would I would go with avg or avast
they both dont require you to have ActiveX enabled a well known security risk

as mcafee does

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Well the more I am learning about security the more I am beginning to wonder if Paid software is sometimes better than free software. I am becoming almost convinced that it is possible to make your whole system secure without paying for any other security software. The thing that might be of benefit to of paying for security software might be that it's convenient and a good thing for the lay computer user to rely on.
One thing I did wonder about was real time protection. But there are some free ways of doing this too.
One tool that I did recently come across is K9 Web Protection. Not only is this a parental control program but it also has real time protection and blocks against malicious websites. This program seems to be doing the same thing that some premium software does but all for free. The only annoying thing I find about this though is the amount of time it blocks things prompting you to either allow or go back. But it's the ideal solution, especially if you are a parent or teacher. While I'm at it (And I admit I am digressing a bit here) I'd also like to mention a few other benefits of the program and that is it also blocks anonymizers, VPN's, Proxies, etc. And there is no way of bypassing the program unless you have the admin password. If your interested you can get this here:
Anyway what are your views on Paid software vs Free software. Albeit I do use premium stuff myself that I am very happy with but I am begin... Read more

Answer:[Windows] Paid vs Free Software

An offer of free anti-virus software is essentially a marketing technique...a way of advertising and enticement to get folks to try a product and if they like it, to purchase the full (or Pro) version which typically provides more features. Marketing and promotional strategies are built into the vendor's business model as part of their operating costs. Bottom's all about generating revenue and finding new and creative ways to do so. As such, users may have to deal with occasional nagging pop-ups or nuisance advertising and prompts to upgrade to the paid version. By using such free programs, you are essentially agreeing to the terms of the vendor's service which includes those ads. In some cases you may be able to disable annoying pop-ups through the anti-virus settings if the vendor included an option to disable them. If the vendor does not have such an option listed, then your only alternative is to switch anti-virus software if the pop-up ads annoy you that much.If using an older operating system like XP, then read...Forced to use Windows XP past April? 10 ways to make the best of a bad situation...those XP users left out there are wondering what they can possibly do to mitigate their risks as much as possible. The best course of action without a doubt is moving to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, but if you can't or won't make such a bold move, then here's the best of what's left on your plate of options.#1: Ditch the Free AV - Get a Paid Solution

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Ive seen a few threads asking for alternatives for Photoshop or Microsoft word ect, so i decided to show you guys a website that shows you TONS of free alternatives to any program you can think of, paid or free.
I was looking for a website like this forever,and now ive finally found it.
Here it is guys:

Alternative software and apps to your PC (Windows, Linux), Mac, iPhone, Android, Web/Online and other platforms. -

I think its a great website, just search for whatever program you want such as "Photoshop" and free alternatives will pop up.

Hope you like it.

Answer:FREE Alternatives to PAID Software!

Thanks, pretty good find, may prove useful

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i'm using a very old 2009 list for recovery programs Free & Paid for

Any free versions that can recovery a complete harddrive ?

What would you recommend ?

Answer:Recovery Software free/paid for

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I often go to where each day a program is offered for free for one day, 24 hours exactly. The program is charged in other time. Different vendors put their software on this site, for promotion, maybe.

I would like to know is there any other site like this?

Or at least sites where I can get big discount for software, like

Usually on there is a program offered at 40% or less of its original price

And is there any other site like this?

Answer:Any other get-paid-software-for-free site?

If you look at 'Hot Finds' at TechSupportAlert they sometimes spot specials like you're looking for. The site specialises in reviewing & comparing free legal progs so it's worth a look anyway. TechSupportAlert is an ad-free and pop-up free site that's easy to navigate with topics well organised.
Here's a link to Hot Finds to give you a flavour although some offers have expired it's worth checking from time to time.

Hope this is of interest?


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AV-Comparatives has released a detailed report comparing the differences between free and paid antivirus software.
Hopefully this will settle all arguments.

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I'm wondering, what software uninstaller is best? (completely removal, clean all registries,etc)
There some of them, i need to choose one, please help me.
1. Revo Uninstaller
2. GeekUninstaller
3. Your Uninstaller
4. Wise Program Uninstaller
5. WinUtilities
6. Others( If you use it, please give me opinions as much as possible).
Thanks for all.

Answer:What are good uninstaller program( both free or paid)?

GeekUninstaller and Revo Uninstaller for me because they are FREE!

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The paid version of Online Armor is being given away for free at

Answer:Paid version of Online Armor for free

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I've been using Gmail for several years since it was invite only. I love the interface and up-time.

However, I'm getting fed up with their data mining of my emails. I just don't like it anymore seeing every other Adsense had containing targeted info from my emails (call me paranoid).

Anyways, any good alternatives out there? I'm referring especially to the gmail interface and speed which I enjoy.

I've tried virtually every free alternative under and most feel outdated compared to Gmail.

Was considering setting up my own email server, (rather renting one) but I haven't found a provider that provides such a neat interface as google.

So, other alternatives are paid route and I've been looking at Apple's MobileMe (officially 99$ per year, but I can find it for 45$ per year which is reasonable for 20gb of space).

It seems smooth and "professional", it's also nice getting an email with a nice short domain (

Anyone have any experience in this area?

Note: for MobileMe, I don't user Address book, an iPhone, or any of the calender stuff. Same goes for my current Gmail accounts. Purely email usage.

Answer:Paid/Free email provider suggestions?

Here is a list
Actually the one that I use and really am satisifed with is
Hardly ever down, free POP3.
Top 18 Free Email Services - About Email
Its a German Company with a Sub in the USA.
The company is very efficient and dependable.

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I am looking at Acronis True Image 2011 & Paragon Backup and Recovery Free edition. Basically I'd just like to be able to image my laptop once I have it set up with all the software I want and don't want As far as I can tell, they can both do the same thing with a few more features for the paid versions. What am I missing with the free edition? I used Macrium in the past and upon a restore I hosed my MBR so it could be operator error or that was a limitation of the free version. Any input would be appreciated.


Answer:Free Imaging Software vs. Paid Versions

The Macrium problem was likely operator error, although imaging is never foolproof.

You can get a perfectly usable version of Acronis at no charge if you have either a Seagate or Western Digital hard drive--go to the Seagate or WD web site.

All you get by paying is more features that you likely would not need.

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Just wondering, what's the best free video teleconferencing software up there for XP? And I'd also like to know what's the next best (and cheap) option to go if I want to pay a little bit of money?

Answer:Best, free video teleconferencing software? And what about paid?

Google Talk / Voice. In your Gmail settings there should be an option to call your buddies or to input a new number to call people. It's completely free and you can choose your number or use number portability through Google Voice.

It also doesn't require running Skype in the background.

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i was just wondering what was the best paid and free remote desktop software was. on the free side, i heard that VNC was pretty good, but there may still be better. for the paid side, money is not an issue, i just want to know what the best one is.

Answer:Best paid and free remote desktop software?

lol, duh, i forgot to look in wikipedia!

thanks for the link, i would still like some personal opinions, though. what i am looking for is the fastest remote desktop software there is, with minimal lag. i would be using it to view and operate a windows xp computer from a linux computer

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Hey guys, these are my needs and wanted to know what your thoughts were on whats the best ripping software and encoding software.

I am building a NAS/DAS and I want to start ripping my family's DVD/BD collection for use on the network. My goal if I have space is to rip ISO and MKV/other media format but if space is an issue I will rip ISOs and convert to mkv or whatever when i want to use them as media files.

Loosing quality is not an option period. and features are a must like selecting codec/res/size. My dad does a ton of travel as well as my brother. We as a family need the versatility to take our videos with us so a 30-60GB movie does not always work I may have a 240GB flash drive able to do 100-160MBps but those are still HUGE files for week long trips sometimes out of the country.

My needs
*must support DVDs and Blu-Rays
*Beat DRM (given)
*no water marks or loss in quality (given)
*create ISOs
*create mkv/other formats at lossless quality and any quality of choice (res/compression/codec/filetype/bit rate/and so on)
*do multiple DVD/BDs at once (I have 3 BD drives)
*Free is preferred but i am willing to buy a software if it adds a much better user interface and features. If 20-50 bucks saves me time and adds useful features its worth it.

Questions and thoughts
Do I need or want CUDA support? I have a 980 TI and an intel i7 4770K I will be getting a better processor soon, either skylake or x99 K/E edition. I have tried make mkv and i can rip in 20-30 min... Read more

Answer:Best ripping/converting software (free/paid)?

DVDFab is my goto just finished updating to, and I don't know if you knew this but I am pretty sure cuda isn't on the newer cards like kepler. It is now a newer technology called NVENC. but needless to say you will get the best possible speed/quality with the nvidia card encoding it for you with dvdfab. I ripped a full Bluray movie over 2 hours of video and audio in around 45 mins. This was to an MP4 at native res and just a small bump down in bitrate. I will say this though it's not cheap but I will say it's worth it
Handbrake wont remove encryption so using it for ripping is a no go. But its one of the best reencoders out there for mp4 and quick as you can be for free...
I use it for making my bluray rips smaller for like my phone and tablet and not take up too much space. It does a great job at that with all the built in profiles.

As far as iso to mp4 or whatever, how are you making the iso. If you are using something like PowerISO and making an image from the disc to iso then that wont work, you need to rip it first from the disc so any encryption is removed and then you can have at making an iso so that you can duplicate the disc later. Handbrake should allow you to open a file and choose the iso and it will scan for video and audio files contained therein. from there you choose a profile you would like to convert it to and finally destination if you want it saved somewhere else and click start and it should use all your processors utilizing... Read more

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Hello everyone. How's everyone on my favourite forum?

This is probably a pretty straightforward question for you clever guys and gals on here, but one that's perplexed for a while..

I have in the past, when losing data, just shrugged my shoulders and put up with it. I was wondering if there an easy to use data recovery program that's worth buying/trying? One that works with Mac as well, would be nice (I've lost some data on my mother-in-law's Mac I need to get back!)

Many thanks in advance ;-)

Answer:Best free/paid for data recovery software?

Around the forums, Minitool Data Recovery has the best reputation and garners the most recommendations from members and users. It just saved my data drive last week, after I'd "accidentally" re-partitioned it while conducting an experiment. The software was able to recover more than 95% of the files from that drive, even after I'd reformatted it and re-partitioned it. You can get a free version of this tool, but it's not worth a whole lot because it only recovers up to 1 GB of data. If you have more than that to recover -- as I did on my data drive -- you'll need to pony up the $69 a full version costs. From recent personal experience I can say: "It's worth it!"

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Is it just me, or everyone having the new 10512 build windows 10 mobile, that the office apps are asking for an office 365 subscription for re editing documents? We had this free on WP8.1, even though with less features, we could re edit documents.This is a bad move from MS, and I really don't like the theory of subscription for office. Why, you could get full office for the price you pay for a 3 year subscription. Can I get it for free?

Answer:Office in Windows 10 mobile:Free or Paid?

The Office apps on WP are free.

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Both Antivir and AVG have very popular free versions of their anti-virus software.

I notice that the versions used in tests on are the paid versions, and my understanding is that the performance of the paid versions is not the same as the free versions of both programs.

Does anyone have any solid info on this topic?

Are there any tests out there that compare, say, AVG's free and paid versions' performance? Or Anti-vir's.


Answer:Antivir and AVGs paid and free versions

IIRC, you don't get a popup ad every time you update with the paid version of Avira. Not sure if there's any other difference to the average user. Generally speaking, paid features added to high quality free software tends to be negligible at best. I don't need to pay 20 bucks for automatic updates. Based on your other post, you're assuming that paid products offer better protection than free products and that isn't true.

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What a load of crap.

Answer:The duel between free and paid-for security software

Dieselman said:

What a load of crap.Click to expand...

Agree ... :great:

Paid solution are ok but a user can create a free security setup that will manage to give him the same degree of protection.

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Windows 7 sp1. I use paid for Bitdefender Internet Security but my 1 year license is ending soon.
I don't fancy spending £20-£30 for another year. Is there a free all in one (antivirus, firewall etc) programme you recommend? Or do you suggest seperates like Avast for virus and Zonealarm for firewall?
Thank you

Answer:free replacement for paid internet security

I recommend AVG, Avira or Avast (only one) as anti virus. I would use the Windows 7 firewall. I also use Spywareblaster to deter malware, and both Malawarebytes and Superantispyware to scan and remove threats. All these are available with free downloads. I also use free CCleaner to clear history, cookies etc and to do a light registry clean. Dont forget to remove your existing a/v.

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I like using paid antivirus.I've used the free trial but I always uninstall them before its runs out so I dont have to pay.I've used one in particular.How much time should you leave it before you install it again ?

Answer:Paid anti virus:how often can you use them for a free trial?

Once a trial version has expired it cannot be used again. Reinstalling it will not work.
Purchase the software or use one of the many free products.

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Is there any difference between free defrag programs any commercial ones like perfect disk that cost money? I personally runs Auslogics disk defrag any haven't found any problems with it so are there any real difference?

Answer:Windows 7 Paid vs free Defrag programs

Yes, there's a marked difference. Commercial defrag offerings typically come with more features than free defrag utilities. I have Diskeeper on Vista & XP, but kept the built-in defrag utility in Windows 7. Most home users don't need more than the basic features that come with the free utility, but commercial users can benefit from those extra features, much like the case with security applications.Windows 7 News!

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I am looking for a file recovery program. My father accidently permanently deleted some files that need to be recovered. I'd prefer free versions but if I have to pay for something that is fine too.

Answer:What is the best file recovery program? Free or paid for?

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I am trying to tie up some loose ends after having to execute a Clean Install of my Windows 10 Home last night because of corrupted files I couldn't fix any other way.

To make a long story short prior to the Clean Install I had a paid version of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus on my PC and was using Outlook as my main email address for the last few years. While trying to determine what was causing my corrupted files (I couldn't download or install any Windows Cumulative Updates since Aug. 31) some folks thought that maybe my copy of Office 2013 could be part of my problem.

While 'nosing' around Google this morning I found what I would call a free 'light' version of '' and downloaded and installed it. After logging into my Outlook account I am able to send and receive emails using my Outlook email address. However, I can find none of my contacts anywhere on the email page.

That really doesn't bother me that much because I have backups of many of the addresses. What I really want to do is find a way, if possible, to save this version of Outlook to my taskbar as I did my paid version. With my previous version when I received a letter a small envelope would appear on the Outlook icon on my Taskbar alerting me to incoming mail. Is that possible with this free 'light' version?

Right now I am trying to decide between Libre Office and Open Office to supply my Word and Power Point needs. But if at all possible I would like to keep the sa... Read more

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Hey! I've downloaded Nextgen Reader a couple of days ago in App Deals. I got it for free which is otherwise a paid app. I was wondering what happens it if were to get updated? Should I not download the update since I might lose the app because I haven't paid for it? Assuming the App Deal has expired at the time of updation. Thanks.

Answer:I've downloaded Nextgen Reader - a paid app - for free in App Deals. What happens if it were to get

Once you download an app it remains forever free.. Even if you uninstall and re install again

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I didn't see this posted anywhere else (so if I have duplicated a posting I apologize) I am curious to see what everyone here thinks as to the best Virus/Spyware Scanner and Firewall (either FREE or PAID) ..

Answer:Best (FREE or PAID) Virus/Spyware Scanners and Firewalls

This question is actually asked quite often. One size does not fit all. What works best for me, may not be ideal for you and vice versa. Add to that a multi layered approach should be used for defenses, no one application will protect you completely.With what I have just said, we generally point people to our very own quietman7's excellent topic regarding choices with malware and protection products. Please take a look at: Answers to common security questions - Best Practices Prevention & Choosing an Anti-virus or FirewalIf you have more technical and or specific questions after reading that topic please continue here.

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I am trying to tie up some loose ends after having to execute a Clean Install of my Windows 10 Home last night because of corrupted files I couldn't fix any other way.

To make a long story short prior to the Clean Install I had a paid version of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus on my PC and was using Outlook as my main email address for the last few years. While trying to determine what was causing my corrupted files (I couldn't download or install any Windows Cumulative Updates since Aug. 31) some folks thought that maybe my copy of Office 2013 could be part of my problem.

While 'nosing' around Google this morning I found what I would call a free 'light' version of '' and downloaded and installed it. After logging into my Outlook account I am able to send and receive emails using my Outlook email address. However, I can find none of my contacts anywhere on the email page.

That really doesn't bother me that much because I have backups of many of the addresses. What I really want to do is find a way, if possible, to save this version of Outlook to my taskbar as I did my paid version. With my previous version when I received a letter a small envelope would appear on the Outlook icon on my Taskbar alerting me to incoming mail. Is that possible with this free 'light' version?

Right now I am trying to decide between Libre Office and Open Office to supply my Word and Power Point needs. But if at all possible I would like to keep the sa... Read more

Answer:Difference between paid and free 'light' version?

This is what you get by paying.

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A warning keeps saying that I have low disk space. Free or paid programs should I take?My computer system is windows8. When I try to download something or just run some programs, a warning would show up and said that I have low disk space.

Answer:paid or free fix for Windows 8 low disk space warnings

Hi comelyco,Perform the steps mentioned below:Perform disk cleanup. Press Windows + R key. Type cleanmgr and click ok. Select the drive you want to clean up from the drop-down and click ok. Place a checkmark next to the types of files you want the Disk Cleanup utility to delete. Click ok.Also, you can empty the recycle bin.Emptying the Recycle Bin. On the desktop screen double-click Recycle Bin . Restore any file you don't want to remove as files deleted from recycle bin are not easy to recover. Click the Manage tab and select Empty Recycle Bin. Click Yes to confirm.Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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Hello. I have a question.

What is the 'best' (Yes, your opinon... ...but please provide some concete facts based on your opinion.) computer testing software/hardware on the market -- free or paid (like trialware) software??? I say 'computer/hardware' meaning, ALL functional hardware components (motherboard, CPU, graphics card, memory, PCI cards, hard drives, optical drives (if this one is possible), Chipset, cache, etc.). For each of those components, I am looking to evalute at voltages, power, temperatures, data transfer speeds, RPM fan speeds, etc.). If it can run diagnostic tests, please indicate if yours or the one you know of can. I am looking for general (all components); all around, detailed/comprehensive information provided out there. Free or paid program is fine. If 'paid' as long as it is under $50-60 max. for it. Yes, this is for a 'home' user application.

Please reply.

Thank you!

Answer:What is the BEST computer/hardware testing software -- free or paid???

Free and you dont have to install it

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Are Free Antivirus, etc programs better than the expensive Paid for versions?


Answer:Are Free Antivirus Programs Bettet Than Paid Versions?

If the free version is a sibling to a company's paid version, but without some of the interfaces and "nice-to-have's," the definitions and the engines are often the same for both its free and paid versions. So far as primary functionality go, there is almost no difference between them.

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What is the Best paid or free software out there, that I can download YouTube Videos and convert them from .FLV to .AVI format to play on DVD players.

Answer:What is the Best paid or free software to download YouTube Videos?

Good afternoon MD507,The best free and convertible software for downloading you tube videos is most probably what i use; is the current program I am using, and it's fine!Helper.*Please reply back your results, thank - you's are welcome!*

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Windows Defender along with Vista's UAC do a great job and keeping your computer protected from Spyware. However should you feel the need or if your computer does get infested by spyware which Defender may or may not be able to remove, you may feel the need for an additional 3rd Party Anti-Spy !
WinVistaClub, a Microsoft Featured Community, in association with Emsi Software GmbH is currently offering the PAID Version Of A-Squared Anti Malware absolutely FREE ! If you wish to know the details, click HERE.

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Can someone recommend a free CD/DVD burning software?

I used to use IMGBurn - when scanned through virustotal website... too many results sayings it full of junk.

I've tried google - same thing

I want lightweight - nothing needing 500MB of space like Nero

I can use Windows built in - works fine
Problem: it doesnt burn Mac OSX ISO images (I'm using a PC laptop)


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Zemana Anti-Logger Free/Paid Updates Thread.

Similar and informative threads:
Zemana False Positive Report Thread
Beta Release - Zemana Anti-Malware 2.0 BETA

Spoiler: To Staff.
Can this thread please be stuck to the top of this sub-forum?


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Greetings,I've tried many and most I don't like so I am asking for some advice.Which are the best free or paid security suites? All advice is appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Solved: Best free or paid anti virus or secutity suite

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I'm Currently using Hotspot Shield VPN Elite but My Subscription is about to Over and I can't pay for it further due to my current Financial Condition! I blindly trust on it as it was One of the Best Paid VPN I've ever used in all aspects! Now I'm Looking for a Free VPN for some Months! Should I go for it?

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There's a really decent assortment of free anti-virus software available on the Internet these days. Why are they free? It's a form of advertising, a way to "get in the door". Do something well, get positive reviews for it, then entice people to pay for additional features. Some free anti-virus is more obnoxious than others. Some will give you pop-up reports of the last scan results, tacking on offers to upgrade to a paid version. Others will just pop up offers at random, not in connection to any scanning activities.

OK, so if you're on a budget you've got free anti-virus installed. But if you don't need the added features offered in the paid versions, are you just as well protected for the installed functionality? The effectiveness of these programs relies on the breadth and frequency of comprehensive virus definitions, plus periodic updates to the engines for how they perform their scans. The software must know what to look for. If the free and paid versions get the same subscription updates, then they should be equally effective, right? Or... has anyone learned something to the contrary? If you can afford it, is it really best to buy your anti-virus software?

Answer:Does functionality of free anti-virus work just as well as paid versions?

The primary difference between the paid and the free is features. All have basic Anti Virus and automatic updates. The paid versions have other features such as firewalls, email protection, spam protection etc. If you scan with the free Malwarebytes and use a quality free anti virus, you have all the protection that you need. Bottom line, I do not think that any intelligent computer owner really needs the paid version if he or she uses common sense.
In some ways the paid versions are better, since they are not overloaded with features they may be faster
Free vs. Fee: Free and Paid Antivirus Programs Compared | PCWorld

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Today Giveawayoftheday offers for FREE Tall Emu OnLine Armor 3.5.14 (full commercial version) one of the best personal firewalls more: Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Online Armor - Online Armor is basically for all internet users who want to protect your money, identity and your data.
Simply download the zip package and read the text file. You need to install the full commercial version in order to activate it.
Vista 64 bit is not supported

Answer:OnLine Armor 3.5 (paid version) offered for free by Giveawayoftheday

Thanks for the link, i'll download it.....never use this app but seems to be useful, i'll give it a try....

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Hi there.
I've recently had STOPzilla downloaded but only the free trial. I've been told by many people that it's not very good and comes up with fake viruses to get you to buy it. However, I recently had an infection with 3AE.exe and the three trojans it's coming up with are supposedly related to 3AE.exe, even though I've had it removed.

So do you think I should keep the STOPzilla free trial or is it just malware? I also have McAfee, do you think McAfee is good? Because I have started to doubt it recently.
I have also tried MalwareBytes and Superantispyware as well, would you recommend I continue using them?

If you know of any good antivirus/antispyware programs, preferably free, ha, (though if you think a paid one is really good then please do say so), can you please tell me? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you, and if this really helps, I have Windows Vista Home Premium.

Answer:Is STOPzilla (free trial) and McAfee (paid version) any good?

You ask a common question for which you will receive varying opinions and recommendations. There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone and there is no best anti-virus. Please see Choosing an Anti-Virus Program.After reading that, scroll down and read Supplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools.

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Hi all,

Q1: Which of the two would you choose? Why?

Q2: Would you recommend not to use any of these two? Why? What would you recommend?

I didn't really find quite enough information to decide between the comodo free and outpost free firewalls.

They both seem to be pretty damn good, but is there anything that would make you recommend one over the other?

I am only intending to use them as a firewall (as in, not bundle with / make use of any other functionality), and only planning on using the free versions.



Answer:Comodo Free Firewall vs Outpost Free Firewall

Maybe I can simplify the question:

Are there any particular things that the one does better than the other?



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I have installed the plex app on my windows tablet. It is said to be compatible for both as well as a "download once for any device". When I got to windows phone app store it is requesting I purchase it again. I have used the same login credentials for both my tablet and my phone.

Answer:Why won't tablet installed paid apps install for free on Windows phone?

I was actually just wondering the same thing. I have installed many universal apps and have had no issues between my phone and Surface. I haven't bought the plex app, but recently bought the Wolfram Alfa universal app and went to install on my phone, and it wants me to pay again.

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One of the posts said it is a bad HD but this is 2 months old and worked fine and works fine when I load UBUNTU, ZORIN, and even a Microsoft 8.1 ISO but not the 75.00 4 disc recovery and Install discs I paid HP that should of been included in the original purchase. I put disc one in and it goes to 30 percent then I get REDUCERCopy File FailsFrom E:\Preload\BASE5.SWMto  C:\RM|IMAGE|BASE5.SWM Again I can CD load UBUNTU ZORIN or Microsoft 8.1 ISO from Microsoft site BUT I loose all the things I paid HP for such as my Finger Print Reader. I feel like I got FLEECED twice but HP.    Help PLease

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I'm having a problem restarting the Windows 10 firewall after removing Zonealarm free firewall. I've tried all advice and info found about turning on registry keys ect. Also trying to start it from the services.msc All attempts failed. Please help?
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Windows 10 firewall locked up after uninstalling Zonealarm Free firewall.

You need to Restore or reset Windows Firewall settings to defaults

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Hey everyone, I am currently looking for an Internet security suite that best suits the following criteria in order of preference:

1- a very high detection rate
2- real time protection or whatever preventing malware from infecting my system is called.
3- user friendly
4- light on system resources.

I've been trying out NIS 2009 for a while and it's rather pretty nice with a decent detection rate. NIS 2009, KIS 2010 and ESET are the obvious choices from what I have gathered.

Please chip in. Thank you.

Answer:Best Internet Security Suite - Paid or Non Paid

I am biased I suppose, having used Comodo products to safeguard my PC for years now without any major faults found but you won't get better than the latest version of Comodo CIS and it is free. Here are a couple of reviews of it and there has just been an update to the version reviewd which in my view is even better than said version. Good luck.

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