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ubuntu linux install partition

Question: ubuntu linux install partition

hey i need a guide to install linux program or operating system ubuntu but i want to keep xp so if i dont like it i can use xp and uninstall ubuntu

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Preferred Solution: ubuntu linux install partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: ubuntu linux install partition

Hi, have a look here click here it might help or do a google search. Ubuntu has a good site starting here click heregood luck, yaesu

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hii, i was using ubuntu10.10 alongside win7 but for some reasons i have to uninstall ubuntu i deleted that linux partition , installed win7 bootloader to mbr ..fine ..but i was unable to resize my c drive with that unallocated space i created , by deleting linux partition , so bcoz of that i formatted that drive with ntfs and start useing to store data ....but when i again try to install ubuntu , i go for option "try ubuntu" but it hang up so i restarted ...and when i try to install fedora it says gnome and gvfs crash i was wondering ...did i mess with my system what to do plz help
have a look at my disk manegement ....

crash & warning showed as soon as dekstop was prepare ( note that i had not even installed f14...i was about too but this error drive me crazy and make me confuse ? )

the proper error of fedora 14 is ,

1.gnome disk utility 2.32.0-1fc14
reson process/usr/libexec/gdu-notification deamon was killed by signal 6(SIGABRT)
crash count :1

2.crash & warning showed as soon as dekstop was prepare
gvfs crash 1.6.4-2,fc14
reason process/usr/libexec/gvfs-gdu-volume monitor was killed by signal 6(sigabrt_
crash count :2

so now tell wheather i should install f14 frm this cd or make another ? or what to do i need to install fedora 14 now ...plz help should i avoid that error and begin with installation ( bcoz i have back up image on portable hdd)but still i want to take advantage of both fedora and win7

help me with t... Read more

Answer:trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition

Be careful with Fedora 14. You have separate partitions and one thing Fedora does is merge all partitions into one logical volume group. You have a backup
partition which contains drivers for your computer/laptop, ideally I would make a copy of this data before you install.

Is there some reason you prefer Fedora over Ubuntu? Both use Gnome 2.32 as the desktop, with the addition that Ubuntu 11.04 will install Unity desktop as well.

Unfortunately you cant tell much from the windows partition manager as drives are just assigned a letter, and you can only have 4 primary partitions.
Post on the linux forum if youre happy with your windows setup, Wmorri is Fedora Ambassador, but when you do please provide the following information.
Boot with the Ubuntu CD in Live mode (or try before installing). It will pick up your network, open a terminal and post output of:

fdisk -l

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I have a gateway laptop which at one time had windows 7. Windows started acting up, so I tried a recovery from within windows only to have it fail. I ordered from gateway the recovery disks. While waiting for the disks, I loaded the entire HD with the latest version of Ubuntu just curious i guess. I now have the gateway windows 7 recovery dvd's and it will not recover because it doesn't seem to recognize the Linux partition. Without the Microsoft Windows 7 install disk (only have gateway's recovery disks). How can I remove the Linux partition?

Any advice or help would be greatful.


Answer:Gateway recovery windows 7 DVD not recognizing Ubuntu Linux partition

Get the win7 install iso.

Better than the gateway I am sure: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Clean install 7, then you might want to install Mint or Pinguy - try pinguy, you may be surprised.

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I have just downloaded and saved ubuntu 7.10 and saved it to my computer. It is a 698mb iso file.I have a second computer which at this time has no os and I have just formatted the hd ready to accept linux, could somebody explain the rest of the procedure to get linux off my computer and into the new one please. If I burn this program to cd and set the bios to boot from cdrom will this program install like windows?Thank you

Answer:linux ubuntu install

You'll have to choose the "burn image" option in your burning software, don't just burn the file as data. Yes it should boot and install.

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I'm gonna try giving linux a shot with a dual boot but I'm having trouble making the install disk. I dl'ed the version I want, now using "InfraRecorder" (which was recommended by the linux distributer) I'm trying to make the disk but it says burn the .ISO file but the file I dl'ed is in a winrar format?? Am I suppose to go through the compressed file and look for a certain ISO file?

Answer:Trying to install linux ubuntu

If you didn't install a program that handles .iso formats then winrar will associate itself with those files by default. If you do the right click properties thing of the icon even though it looks like a winrar file, there is a good chance it is actually an ISO which can be burned by the program of your choice.

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Hi,If i am running the live cd of linux ubuntu in VMWare, if i tell it to install it, will it install on my hard drive or will i be able to run the os on the virtual machine without using the cd if it was set to 8 gb will the install be on thatThanksBen

Answer:Linux Ubuntu install and virtual pc

It will install on the virtual machine as long as you are running the live cd there.

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Hi,I have just managed to get linux ubuntu working on my pc with wireless something which I have never been able to do for years.Anyway what i want to do is install beryl on it which is the cool effects thing. Sadly it comes in the compressed folder and complicated files. sadly I do not know what I have to do with them, and I would really like to install it.So is there anyone out there that would be so kind in telling me how i install it, now i do know alot about computers but if you could explain it as simple as possible and in steps that would be wonderful. My hat will go out to anyone who will be able to help me get this installedThanksBen

Answer:How do I install Beryl on Linux Ubuntu Help Please

Hello , Internetwizzkid , do a search on Google for " Installing Beryl on Ubuntu " and you'll get plenty of hits about various types of Ubuntu like Edgy Eft , Feisty Fawn , Dapper Drake and both ATI and NVidia cards as well , so your combination should be covered ... Ashley

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yeah, I know, this is a forum for win7 but..... lol tried to download and install/run ubuntu in a seperate partition following online directions but when rebooting and choosing ubuntu instead of win 7 just get error msgs. can run it off a cd while using win7 but of course one cannot save anything or make changes permanent. so I create a partition, install the ubuntu...then what to get it to work? btw downloaded something called wubi and that doesnt do anything either.

Answer:install ubuntu linux on win7 computer?

Use one of the free Virtualization Programs.

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I had a friend who briefly showed me Ubuntu 13.04 and convinced me it was better than windows. He deleted my windows 7 ultimate and installed Ubuntu. I HATE it and want to go back. I have win7 disc and have tried to boot from the CD (yes,I did select boot order for this) but the disc never loads. I just get a black screen and now I am lost and my friend is overseas military and cannot help. Can you please help me? I am a newbie and would pretty much need step by step help. Thanks in advance.

Answer:how to uninstall linux ubuntu and install windows 7?

Use the Ubuntu installation DVD/CD as a 'Live' source of Ubuntu. Boot into Ubuntu from the Live CD (at worst you can download a copy of the Live Cd) and then select the Partitioning tool. Use this to repartition your hard disk to one partition and select it to format to NTFS. That should return you to your original hard disk configuration. Now turn off Ubuntu via the menu. Then reboot using your W7 DVD and it should install without any problems.
Your 'friend' could easily have installed Ubuntu as a dual boot with W7 and you could then have taken your pick of OS when you started at boot. Deleting W7 was a rather silly thing to do.

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Hi!  How to install GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) on Ideapad 100s 11" IBY, if the EFI boot menu always shows Windows Boot Manager as the only choice?? Thank you since now. 

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I only have one hard drive, so I know I will have to create two partitions for Linux. Let me post which file I downloaded:

I'm hoping this is the correct version and everything. I kind of rushed and probably downloaded the wrong version since I do have a AMD64 processor. I tried booting up with this .iso (after i burned to cd) in the cd-rom drive and at first things seemed to be going fine. I could see, etc, but after I selected the Install option, it seemed to boot to ubuntu desktop with distorted graphics card colors.

I think it's worthy to note that I had to have a friend "hack" my computer to get my graphical interface working with Linux SuSE. He logged into my pc for me and download the nvidia graphic card drivers so that I could see what was going on (lol) And things were fine up until recently.. and now I'm wanting to try another distro of Linux.

I'm thinking that the only reason that my graphics were bunked while I tried to install Linux is because I used the Intel x86 desktop cd, and not the 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD ( which I'm downloading now. 39% finished. I would like to have boot dual OS just like I had with SuSE ASAP, so please don't shy from commenting. I'm definitely not linux savvy so please be patient with me. I'm pretty efficient and w... Read more

Answer:Want to install Linux Ubuntu on Winxp system

update, i'm in ubuntu right now. the amd 64 disc worked perfectly. now i'm trying to install ubuntu (i guess i'm on the live cd) into a new partition on my 80gb hdd but i'm not having any luck. i don't want to install ubuntu on my winxp partition but that seems to be the only option i have because it's not letting me install on any new partition that i create after taking space away from winxp. help? i can post a screenshot.

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Hi,I thought just for a change i would try out linux ubuntu, now the only problem that I would have is not being able to use my wireless internet using the built in wireless on my dell inspiron 6400 laptop. Now I have the driver downloaded and ready to use, however I have no i dea how you install the things because it is a lot more difficult than windows or mac.The file is a .tgz Now can anyone please help me how I use the file and install it correctly so that I will be able to go on my wireless broadband succesfullyThanksBen

Answer:Install wireless drivers on linux ubuntu Help!!!

I did it some time ago and have forgotten but somewhere here is the answer click here

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I have a new Z Book G3 that came with Windows 10 pre-installed. It has two disks. The firstis a 1 TB spinning disk and the other is a 256 GB SSD. Nothing is on the SSD. I'm attempting to create a dual-boot machine with Fedora Core 24 as the other OS. I've resized the Windows partition using Disk Management, and that seems to have been successful because I can still boot into Windows 10. I've tried to install FC 22 and various versions of FC 24, as well as Ubuntu 16.04 with no success. I'm using FC iso DVDs in a USB DVD drive as the install media. The installation from the live meda FC disk goes well until a certain point. The last line printed to the screen by the installer is always: [ OK ] Started User Manager for UID 1000 Then it hangs forever. There are hundreds of lines before that line, but I can't figure out how to capture them. The lines just above the failure are: [ OK ] Created slice User Slice of liveuserStarting User Manager for UID 1000[ OK ] Started Session 1 of user liveuser I've got Secure Boot disabled and Legacy Boot enabled in the BIOS. I've also tried the "Troubleshooting" low-res graphics installation option of the FC iso DVDs. Same result. I've checked the integrity of the installation iso's using SHA256SUM. I've had similar (not identical) problems with Ubuntu. Anyone have any suggestions for how I can install linux on this Z Book? Chad

Answer:Z Book G3 Failure to Install linux (Fedora or Ubuntu)

When I try to install Ubuntu 16.04, I can get to the Ubuntu installation screen, which asks if I want to try Ubuntu, or install it, etc. I choose install, and I see the following: [  0.000000] efi: requested map not found.[  0.000000] esrt: ESRT header is not in the memory map.[ 9.330271] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: priv: HUB0: 614900  008000000 (1a408200)[ 44....        ] NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU #1 stuck for 21s! [plymouthd: 1539] Then it continues telling me CPU #1 is stuck. On other tries, CPU #2 is stuck. nouveau is a clue that there is something going on with the video driver?  

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So my daughters HP mini 110 that has XP as the OS wont let me format the HD. I want some help to figure out how to format the hard drive and also help installing Linux Ubuntu on it. The HP Mini has no cd/dvd drive so I will need to use a USB stick. I have turned it off and on and hit F6 but it takes me to a system recovery mode which only provides me with 2 dates which I can recover back to. I don't want to recover my HP Mini, I want to format the entire HD and install Linux as the operating system. Can anyone assist me please?

Answer:Format Mini HP 110 HD w/Windows XP and install Linux Ubuntu

Doesn't the Linux Ubuntu installation routine allow you to delete, recreate and format partitions (like Windows does)?

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Hello, I can't install Ubuntu Linux on the Acer Aspire E5-553G laptop.  I've tried setting my BIOS to Legacy mode, UEFI mode with secure boot enabled and secure boot disabled. Miscellaniously I've also tried disabling and enabling other settings in the BIOS too.  - Network boot enabled and disabled, - Lid Open resume enabled and disabled,- D2D recovery enabled and disabled,- Touchpad on basic and advanced, - TPM state enabled and disabled. I've tried upgrading the BIOS and downgrading the BIOS. I've also tried LTE Ubuntu and the new Ubuntu. I've also tried installing it from DVD and USB drive.  Despite changing everything in my BIOS there was to change I still can't get past the loading screen on the installation.  It freezes when the Ubuntu logo shows with moving dots (the dots stop moving and the laptop's noise dies down).   How can I install Ubuntu on this laptop? Thanks.

Answer:Can't install Ubuntu Linux on Acer Aspire E5-553G-...

I have same problem. I also tried upgrading BIOS to the new version.

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So I bought a laptop from amazon about a year ago and it came with some prehistoric version of command line Linux. So I removed that and installed and ran ubuntu Linux. Now my wife doesn't like ubuntu so I removed ubuntu and installed win 7 64bit. The install went fine but no wireless networks are showing up. I'm not really to familiar with windows, so I'm not sure what the cause could be. I'm assuming it's drivers, but can anyone please help and provide some guidance? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello,I'm having trouble installing the Nvidia drivers for my GT 750m on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I followed  the installation procedure suggested by Nvidia with no good results (the system always finished on a black screen after the reboot) and also many links in internet. None of them made good results. At this point I don't know if this is even possible...Although it would be nice to have my Nvidia running with CUDA enabled too!!.Does anyone know how to solve this? Any advise will be much appreciated. Thanks. Here are my graphics card and other data: sudo lshw -C video*-displaydescription: 3D controllerproduct: GK107M [GeForce GT 750M]vendor: NVIDIA Corporationphysical id: 0bus info: [email protected]:01:00.0version: a1width: 64 bitsclock: 33MHzcapabilities: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list romconfiguration: driver=nouveau latency=0resources: irq:31 memory:d2000000-d2ffffff memory:a0000000-afffffff memory:b0000000-b1ffffff ioport:5000(size=128) memory:b2000000-b207ffff*-displaydescription: VGA compatible controllerproduct: 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controllervendor: Intel Corporationphysical id: 2bus info: [email protected]:00:02.0version: 06width: 64 bitsclock: 33MHzcapabilities: msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list romconfiguration: driver=i915 latency=0resources: irq:32 memory:d3000000-d33fffff memory:c0000000-cfffffff ioport:6000(size=64) lsb_release -aLSB Version: core-2.0-amd64:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-amd64:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-amd64:core-3... Read more

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hello, i want to install linux, ubuntu. My laptop came with vista pre-installed and i wanted to create a partition so i can install it. (from live CD). I've got a rough idea of how to do it but i want to be sure, because i know if i do something wrong, it could seriously mess things up. thankyou :) dopeman1992

Answer:install ubuntu, make partition (how to)

why not just install a virtual pc and run ubuntu in that? click here

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I am working on windows 7 (64 bit ) . Can i have Ubuntu installed in another partition ? I tried to install ubuntu but unable to complete the process. Is it because Ubuntu works only on 32 bit ? or the installation CD corrupted ?

Answer:Unable to install UBUNTU in a different partition

Hi Muralikrishna
Depending on the Ubuntu version it should work in 64 bits. But that woudl only make a difference if you are invoking the installation from your 64bits Win7, and I don't think that is the way you can install Ubuntu, you should boot from the install DVD
The DVD might be bad, burn it at slow speed and check that the iso file was not corrupt (check the MD5 checksum)

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Wubi [Ubuntu Installer]:


What happens when I right click on the 30GB empty partition in Disk Management:

What happens when I try to format the empty partition:

I hope you can get what is wrong with all the pictures :P

Answer:Can't install Ubuntu onto empty partition

The boot files for C are on E as shown by the System Active flags, however the status of the partition is RAW, or ruined. Will C still even boot?

You can try to move the System boot files to C using EasyBCD but they may be damaged. If so you can try the choice to Re-create/Repair them at the same time. EasyBCD (free Download at bottom of page - no name or email required)

I would then try to Delete the partition or do a partition-specific wipe using free Partition Wizard - Use the Bootable CD - Option Two.

The cleanest method is here to Dual boot Ubuntu-Win7

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I bought HP Pavillion x360 witch comes with windows 10.

I want to do a dual boot with Ubuntu. I'm stuck at the partitioning step. Disk management gives me "not enough space to perform the operation" on shrinking.

Easeus gives me unknown error there may be some error on operating partition.

I would really appreciate your help. I suspect this might has to do with the recovery partitions. I attached a screenshot of what I get in disk management tool below.


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I wonder if there's a chance I can still save my Windows 7. Here's what happened and what I am left with (laptop Toshiba Satellite C655):
1) Used EaseUS under Win to modify Windows system partition (to shrink it and make space for Ubuntu, making an extra partition formatted Ext3. Did not touch Recovery and Boot Win partitions.

2) During Ubuntu installation, I split Ext 3 partition, adding swap area. I believe might have removed "Primary" property from one of the 2 Win partitions (Boot or Recovery), but I reset it back immediately under Ubuntu install partition manager. Did not have problems booting Windows or Ubuntu after install.

3) Same steps done earlier installing Ubuntu alongside XP did not cause any problems.
This time, when I attempted to run Windows "Recovery" (recover to factory state), by pressing 0 during power-up, as it's done with this laptop--I could not do recovery this way anymore of course as Ubuntu install disables this interrupt--but I run Windows Recovery from boot manager, like I done many, many times with XP--this time however, I got unusual screens and a couple of error messages. After pressing cancel on these messages I was able to get to System Restore to Factory State option.

4) After selecting that option, system began recovery to factory state, but, after about 10 minutes displayed error message, asking to press OK to shut down laptop.

5) After shutting down and booting, got grub rescue/no such partition message. I could se... Read more

Answer:Can I still save my Windows (Ubuntu install/partition problems)?

No need for reply, I brought the dead recovery partition back to life...
Moved Win recovery partition several blocks back (have no clue how it got moved forward), run repair MBR and set it as active... it went into clean recovery on power up then.

It seems to be impossible to do factory restore of Win 7 (at least with Toshiba restore) without wiping out present Linux--it was possible with XP. Even if I specify small partition to occupy for Windows, the factory restore kills everything else and creates free space without file system where the Linux was before. So will have separate laptop for linux from now on.

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Hello friends,

I have Satellite A 100. I was using dual OS - windows vista home edition and Ubuntu. Now I wanted to delete the Ubuntu and so I did the most stupid thing - directly deleting the partition with Ubuntu which had the GRUB files. Then when laptop restarted obviously the Grub bootloader was not there and so computer didnot started or loaded any OS. Then I thought I will reinstall Vista with product recovery CD but the progress reaches to 2% and then I keep on getting Error 1117 a failed to read. I tried so many times without any success. I even tried to install XP but it says Intel boot agent cannot make connection. And it also fails.

Please help to reinstall Vista or XP. I am really stuck and I have learnt a lesson not to fiddle around in laptop when it's not ones cup of tea !!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks !


Answer:Satellite A100: Cannot install recovery after deleting Ubuntu partition

hi meghal,
you successfully killed your vista bootmanager!
this little entry at the beginning of the disk loads up the os loader from vista, it was overwritten by your GRUB installation.

no worry - that's no big deal... reinstall the vista bootmanager or a bootmanager of your choice or do a repair!

how this can be done?!
- the easiest way is to run EasyBCD (search for this, you'll find this one easily)
- reinstall GRUB to get your Vista working (command line is a bit tricky)
- insert vista-dvd and boot into the repair section and reinstall the bootloader

the whole thing can be done in 5 minutes so dont worry.

you can also try to find some howtos in the net... use "reinstall vista bootloader howto" as searchstring... you'll find many...

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I have window 8 on C drive I would want to install linux on E drive how can I do that ?

Answer:How to install linux on different partition

Defragment your drive, download a linux distro and get it onto a cd/dvd/usb stick (burn the image to dvd or use unetbootin to make usb stick bootable). Boot up from that and pay attention to what the screens are saying. Any? (certainly most) modern linux distro is going to hold your hand through the install and resize your Windows partition and create new ones for linux to be installed to. Pick a big name distro and read the screens and you pretty much can't screw it up. (although as always, you are going to want to have a backup of your very important files just incase something goes horribly wrong)

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k.. so.. i made a partition using partition magic for red hat linux.. i boot into it.. using the cd's... everythings fine.. then its the part where it asks me to partition stuff.. i chose manual (druid)
i click on the partition i made for linux
which is on C: /dev/hda ????

it tells me
"you have not defind a root partition (/) which is required for installation of red had linux etc.."

help please ?


Answer:cant install linux onto a partition

Are you sure that its not asking for "/boot" boot partition

when u install linux to my knowledge u need 3 partitions "/boot" "/" both of these in ext3 format and then a "swap" in swap funily enough

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Hello All,

I am new to the forum. I want to install a Linux Distro on my laptop. I will post as much details as possible so that you can guide me about how to free up some space so that I can create new partitions for my Linux Distro.

I currently use the Linux VM images in VMWare Workstation, however there are certain tasks I need to perform which require, Linux to be installed as an OS instead of running as a VM.

I have an HP Laptop which came installed with Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

There are 2 partitions:

C: Drive (Windows Installed on this one)
D: Drive (Recovery)

DiskPart output:
DISKPART> list volume

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
Volume 0 E DVD-ROM 0 B No Media
Volume 1 G DVD-ROM 0 B No Media
Volume 2 SYSTEM NTFS Partition 199 MB Healthy System
Volume 3 C NTFS Partition 582 GB Healthy Boot
Volume 4 D RECOVERY NTFS Partition 13 GB Healthy
Volume 5 HP_TOOLS FAT32 Partition 103 MB Healthy
The column alignment is not proper, but hope it's clear that which is is the System Partition and which is the Boot Partition.

Now, how do I free up some space on my HDD to be able to install a Linux Distro?

I need about 25 GB of Hard drive space for linux including the swap ... Read more

Answer:Creating Partition to install Linux

Ok. So I need to shrink the volume in Disk Management.

I have 210 GB free. So, I will shrink it by 25 Gb.

and in the free space, just obtained, I will create 2 partitions:

2 GB For my SWAP Partition (I have a 4 GB DDR3 RAM on my machine). Should I be allocating a lesser space to the SWAP Partition?

and the remaining space of the free volume to Linux (that would be 23 GB).

Please let me know if this approach is correct.

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I have a T42 coming my way. For my plans with this system, I can eliminate needing a spare hdd if I can simply run the linux VMWare w/ a Windows XP or Server 2003 image.

Right now, my plans were to be running XP Pro w/ VMWare XP/2003 image, and doing most of my work in the VMWare image(running FTP tasks, etc.) on the 40gb it comes with, and use a 20 for Ubuntu.
But, if I can run Ubuntu on the 40, and re-use the images I already have set up, I can save myself a lot of time and effort.
Does anyone know if a pre-existing image made on a Windows machine will transfer and operate properly if used in Linux's VMWare?

Answer:Want to move to Ubuntu Linux; do VMWare machines made in Windows work in Linux?

Yes. VM machines created in Windows will work fine in Linux vmware enivronment. And the vice versa is true as well.

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I found the answer: In Win7 Disk Management (Control Panel/Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management) Right Click the Drive, in my case "L" and select delete. Never mind the warning message that pops up about losing data, if you have no data there you do not want, and delete the Drive. This makes the drive unallocated. Then Right Click on C Drive and extend it to take back the space that was allocated for the additional drive.I just tried to install Linux Mint on my Dell Studio Desktop 540 PC with Windows 7 SP1. Mint created its own partition and installed ( I gave it 200.6 GB). I got a "Failed to Load" error from Mint and on restart there was no dual boot option to go into Mint. I tried installing again but this time I allowed Mint to dismount the various partitions on the PC such as my USB stick and SD Card. After restart still no dual boot and I could not find the dual boot option in my BIOS. In an attempt to regain my disk space I downloaded EaseUS Home Edition but it was unable to find my now unallocated disk space. I was able to use Windows' Disk Management to extend C: into most of the unallocated disk space but I was left with 5.96 GBs of Free Space, apparently from the second install attempt. I have assigned that drive a Drive Label "L" and it is showing up as healthy and as a Logical Drive on the PC. Now, how can I get back that drive space and assign it into C:? Or should I just use it to store files in and count my blessing... Read more

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I bought another hd I put windows 98se then partition magic. I then made a partition of 20 for Xandros 3.0. I installed xandros which seems to work fine. Now I can't access my windows partition.

When I go into my other hd under qtparted it says it is hidden. How do I unhide it?

I've read on not to do a reinstall. I put the partition magic disk in to boot to that and it wants dos commands. I don't know how to do dos. When windows tries to load it goes to an A prompt wanting a \windows\command. I don't know what it wants.

Is there a way to fix this through xandros? Did xandros loading Lilo do something? I've seen that on here too.

I am not very computer literate so I do need simplified directions, I apologize in advance.

I did fdisk in console and this is what it said:

/home/dean# fdisk /dev/hdb

The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 9729.
There is nothing wrong with that, but this is larger than 1024,
and could in certain setups cause problems with:
1) software that runs at boot time (e.g., old versions of LILO)
2) booting and partitioning software from other OSs

This is what it says for list:

Disk /dev/hdb: 80.0 GB, 80026361856 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9729 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/hdb1 1 7179 57665286 1c Hidden W95 FAT32 (LBA)
/d... Read more

Answer:My windows os is hidden by partition magic after linux install

You should unhide the partition only with the utility you hid it with.

PM floppy version comes on two floppy disks and it should automatically start PM when you insert the second one when prompted.

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Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
Toshiba Satelite A505 x64 based PC
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P7350 W 2.00 GHz
BIOS Version/Date INSYDE 1.40, 6/8/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Installed Physical Memory 8.00 GB

Vista is currently installed. I want to create a dual boot with Kubuntu 12.04 as the alternate OS.

I am told that the HDD must be resized to make the installation. I want to do this without having problems with immovable files in the Vista OS.

I have an approximate 500gb hard drive that I wish to resize to 250gb for each OS. There seems to be great confusion how to accomplish this. Please help me?

Answer:How do I shrink a Vista partition to install Kubuntu Linux as 2nd boot

This may help if you don't want to reinstall

How To Dual-Boot The Windows & Linux OS’s On Your Computer

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Hey people,
I just got here and Im absolutely desperate since I needed to get this done quickly and it ended up turning into a nightmare - I guess the wanting to do it fast played a major role here, but oh, its done. When booting my computer it gives me the "Error loading operative system".

*This is what I had:

Primary disk (hda) with 2 partitions with Windows XP on them
C: (10 GB) and E: (70 GB)

Slave disk (hdb) with 1 partition with Windows XP on it
D: (40 GB)

*This is what I did in order to create a small partition so I could install Linux in it and get my uni assignment done, and that ended up giving me the error:

Created a new partition in the Primary disk, after E: of some 10 GB, memory donated by E:, naming it "Linux"

Deleted the new partition in order to have unallocated memory - I have no idea about computers but a friend told me to do so.

Ran the Kubuntu 7.04 Live CD and went through the installation process, assigning Kubuntu the largest free space, thus the one I had just created was going to be formatted.

The installation got stuck at 15% and thats as far as it went. I didnt turn the computer off thinking maybe it would resurrect the process, but it never moved again.

I rebooted taking out the Kubuntu Live CD and before Windows XP started loading I got the black screen message: Error loading operating system...

*This is what I think could have caused it:

The failed installation of Linux - however that... Read more

Answer:Error loading OS after failed Linux install/partition creation

Well, having the install to fail at 15% is indeed the problem. Here's what I suggest: Either pop in your XP CD and reinstall XP OR, try again the reinstall for KUbuntu.

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I am trying to use VirutalBox... I have easily been able to create Virutal PCs with windows xp, but when I tried to install Debian, and then Ubuntu, both failed. I picked "Linux 2.6" from the drop down menu when creating each Virtual PC, was that the wrong choice? What happens is, each time I create a virtual hard drive (.vdi) just like I did for the WinXP VPCs, and I make it 10gb. Everything goes fine until I get to the partition stage of the install, at which point I used the "guided" partitioning in both cases. When it tries to write these changes, however, it says that it cannot make the swap partition. I got the same error in Debian and Ubuntu. Any ideas??


Answer:Help with VirtualBox... when trying to install linux, fails to create swap partition


I also use virtualbox and I have images for:
Ubuntu (latest)
Debian (latest)
FedoraCore (latest)

and all created and installed fine.
can you provide a screenshot at that point

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Out of the box, Ubuntu and Linux Mint look very different. From colors and icons to the placement of launchers themselves, each distro offers a completely unique experience when compared to one another.

But perhaps the biggest difference between the two distributions is each one's overall direction. Ubuntu is attempting to become a jack of all trades, offering Ubuntu experiences for the desktop, Ubuntu TV and smartphones. Linux Mint on the other hand, is quite content in keeping its original mission of providing a great desktop experience.

For example, Mint offers a typical desktop experience when it comes to browsing your menu, locating installed software and browsing files. Ubuntu however, has sweetened the experience a bit by allowing the Unity desktop to provide a dock for frequently used application, in addition to being able to locate and launch software using the Unity Dash. The idea, of course, is that the Ubuntu approach is easier to navigate. Personally, I tend to disagree, but others seem to enjoy Ubuntu's approach.Click to expand...

Source & rest of article.

Answer:Linux Desktops: Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint

Out of those that I've tried, I would go Linux Mint, but some features I like in Ubuntu though.

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I insalled Ubuntu along side windows 7 , and then i removed it using the command prompt by typing the two commands ( i used windwos 7 DVD installtion disk)
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec fixmbr
and now when my computer starts it boots to windows 7...but when i try to delete the partition that contains the Ubuntu , it does not work, i use the disk management tools from windows, I've tried many times but every time i get the same message ...
is there any way to delete this partition from w7 or do i need to have third part software..

Answer:Can not delete Ubuntu partition after uninstalling Ubuntu

and what is the message ???

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I have an Acer Aspire 3680, and I noticed that my wifi is really bad on my Vista partition (I can barely move spots without disconnecting or slowing down) But my ubuntu partition wifi is perfect. I can move around freely and hardly ever disconnect. The Atheros drivers are installed correctly, I believe. So I don't know what the problem could be,.

Answer:Bad Wifi on Vista partition, but excellent on Ubuntu partition?

Do you have the latest wireless driver from Acer's web site?

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My Windows 8.1 crashed after I tried playing an offline copy of Half-Life 2 on Steam. Now my windows won't even load, or if it does, it won't do anything. I am currently not even able to boot it into safe mode from the login screen. I'm at my wit's end.
Here's the deal. I actually backed up all my data on my Windows partition on an external hard drive. My question is, if I press the little "Reset" button on the side of my conputer, will it affect my Ubuntu partition? My computer is a Lenovo Ideapad P500 Touch model.
Thanks for all the help!

Answer:Does reseting the Windows 8.1 partition affect my Ubuntu partition?

Hi fox Resetting your Windows 8 will affect your Ubuntu partition. Since it was probably not part of the original configuration the manufacturer of your laptop created for that laptop, it will most likely deleted and Windows 8.1 will be reinstalled on it. Resetting a computer under Windows 8.1 pretty much delete everything on it, re-format the hard drive correctly and reinstall Windows using the manufacturer system image on the DVD or partition included with the laptop/computer. If you want to read more about the Reset process, you can read the HowToGeek article below:

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I would like to create 2 more partitions on a ThinkPad x230t tablet: one partition for all my files and other partition to install ubuntu OS.According to Disk Management the computer already has the following partitions:SYSTEM_DRV              Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy(System, Active, Primary Partition)Windows7_OS(C        Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy(Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)Lenovo_Recovery(Q   Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy(Primary Partition)I have read that there is a limit to the number of primary partitions allowed and that partition type and placement matter.Any suggestions on how to proceed are welcome.Thanks.

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Question: Linux-Ubuntu 9.04

I have Linux Ubuntu 9.04 installed on my computer. I put in the Installation CD-ROM and cannot get it to open for installing the network connections to the internet. On WindowsXP it opens automatically.

[email protected]

Answer:Linux-Ubuntu 9.04

Is it wireless or wired?

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Question: Ubuntu Linux

Hell there,A lot of my freinds have Ubuntu Linux and i was thinking about getting it myself, just out of curiosity really. So heres my question, i already have vista installed, can i run both?Thanks!

Answer:Ubuntu Linux

click here

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Question: Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux installation on Acer Aspire Cloudbook 11 The Ubuntu system download is free. Because of the limited amount of disk storage, installation alopngside Microsoft Windows may not be practical. Installation requires these steps: Download ISO file from Ubuntu website.Create a ?startup disk? on a USB stick or SD card, 2GB+ (this small laptop has no CD-ROM drive) using Startup Disk Creator if you have an Ubuntu system already, or if not download appropriate software for your system from the internet.Turn on the Acer and call up the BIOS when the ?Acer ? Explore beyond limits? screen appears.Navigate using keys listed at the bottom.Use the right arrow to highlight the ?Boot? menu, then the down arrow to highllight ?USB HDD?. Then press F6 until this is the first item on the list, then press F10. The computer will turn off and on again. Press F2 again to return to the BIOS screen.Highlight the ?Main? menu, press enter, then change the touchpad type from ?Advanced? to ?Basic? and exit the BIOS.Insert the Startup USB disk (memory stick) and install Ubuntu.After installing, shut down the system.Having completely removed Windows, to boot after installation return to the BIOS screen, navigate to ?Security?, go to ?Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing?, and select shimx64.efi from the list that appears. Press F10. You should now have a system that is reliable, includes wordprocessing and other office software, inte... Read more

Answer:Ubuntu Linux

>>>You should now have a system that is reliable>>> Thank you for the tutorial. But what if the unexpected happens? How would you recommend recovering Windows to its factory-installed state. Jack E/NJ

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The ubuntu and linux os just like window xp, if not what is it?

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Question: Linux (Ubuntu)

I am going to begin toying around with Ubuntu via ISO. Any comments about pros and cons relative to my potential exodus to Linux will be much appreciated. My biggest concern is whether I can still use Linksys for my wireless internet software while on Linux.

What AV's and other security software options do I have with Ubuntu? Behavior blockers? Sandboxie? Is any worth while security product supported by Ubuntu?

Answer:Linux (Ubuntu)

ZOU1 said:

I am going to begin toying around with Ubuntu via ISO. Any comments about pros and cons relative to my potential exodus to Linux will be much appreciated. My biggest concern is whether I can still use Linksys for my wireless internet software while on Linux.

What AV's and other security software options do I have with Ubuntu? Behavior blockers? Sandboxie? Is any worth while security product supported by Ubuntu?Click to expand...

I've Ubuntu 12.04 installed on a stand alone machine. Although it's not connected up to the internet, I was able to find out all the info I needed to do so on their very active and helpful Community forum.

I use this machine as a tester. I also install Ubuntu onto anyone's computer whose product key fails to pass muster with microsoft, and again, any problems with internet etc., I go to the Community forum.

I put my hands up and admit I haven't any protection on this computer, so I cannot offer any opinions on av's etc.

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Question: Linux/Ubuntu

Hi all. Without burning a few dvd's I want to ask anyone if they know of which OS let's you put the desktop icons in the quick launch/taskbar ? Also changes the wallpaper on a start up? Have tried Linux Mint, Ubuntu 15.04 and some others. A while back I had Xubuntu 12.4 that was fine for me until I did all the updating. I also tried to use Cortina, Wally, can't remember the other guy. Couldn't get either one to work. Don't do too much on the computer- no playing games- just go to besthomepageever to catch up on the news, then off to your site to see if anyone has the kind of trouble I get fooling around with this computer. Thanks to all for your help. Frank


Coffee Guy said:

Hi all. Without burning a few dvd's I want to ask anyone if they know of which OS let's you put the desktop icons in the quick launch/taskbar ? Also changes the wallpaper on a start up? Have tried Linux Mint, Ubuntu 15.04 and some others. A while back I had Xubuntu 12.4 that was fine for me until I did all the updating. I also tried to use Cortina, Wally, can't remember the other guy. Couldn't get either one to work. Don't do too much on the computer- no playing games- just go to besthomepageever to catch up on the news, then off to your site to see if anyone has the kind of trouble I get fooling around with this computer. Thanks to all for your help. FrankClick to expand...

Not sure exactly what you mean by quick launch/taskbar, as not every distro has one, but those that do have one will allow you to add icons of your choosing to the launcher/dock. But even distros that do NOT have one will allow you to add one of your choosing, such as Cairo Dock, AWN (Avant Window Navigator), Plank, etc...

If you're looking to pin icons to your desktop for easy access/quick launch (like WinXP or Win7), pretty much any distro will allow that with a right click and "pin to desktop" option, nearly identical to Windows functionality. I have been a hard-core full-time Linux user since 2009 and I have never heard of Cortina or Wally, so I can only conclude they were obscure and poorly supp... Read more

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Question: Linux Ubuntu

Downloaded Ubuntu to my Laptop and am trying to make a bootable cd to load on my new desktop. brand new build and need to add OS to start using. I dont have a Microsft office disk so I am going this route. So how do I make a bootable disk and more so what file do i need to find as the boot image? I dont have a 1.44 floppy disk so that option is out.

Answer:Linux Ubuntu

You downloaded an .iso file, right?  You need to burn it to CD but it needs to be burned in a specific way that expands/extracts the image so you have usable files on your disc.  In other words, some popular burning programs such as Nero may not work.  I suggest ImgBurn for this.

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Question: Linux (Ubuntu)

Does anybody here use some form of Linux? I have always been interested in Linux. I have downloaded Ubuntu before and never really gave it a try. I don't know much about Linux and want to learn. I have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and don't know where to begin. I'm reading all about the kernel, shell, file structure etc. (its like studying for A+ again ). I know security isn't as big as an issue and an antivirus wouldn't be as big of a deal, but does it have a firewall? I heard something about it having IP tables?
Does anyone know any good resources to get me started? Do you use Linux, why?
Why would anyone use Linux over Windows apart from it being more secure and free?

Answer:Linux (Ubuntu)

Linux lightweight, does not need that much ram
I use ubuntu 11.10, in the old laptop with only 1.5 GB of ram. it does not lag at all, very responsive.
I've even tried it on a VM, with 512MB ram, not slow.

I use ubuntu, just for browsing (sometimes)
I dual-booted ubuntu with windows 7 (on the old laptop)

hopefully will be helpful for you.
resources for you (you can read it):

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Question: linux ubuntu

Trying out ubuntu 9.10. After I download 159 updates with update manager and install them I keep getting told I'm using wrong user name and password. This has happened 3 times and I keep having to reinstall the system. Any ideas????

Answer:linux ubuntu

OK, this is how you reset a password in hereIf you can't understand it, or need further help, please come back and let me know.

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Question: Linux Ubuntu

Hi after installing Linux Ubuntu I now want to delete it from the hard drive.I have goggled for advice but I think a new install using Samsung Recovery Restore and wipe the drive clean. I want to Continue with Ubuntu and I was thinking of buying a mini external HD.Can any one see a problem with this method?Reason for the uninstall I had a problem with Ubuntu and decided to reinstall using the same DVD. I now have 1&2 Ubuntu two different Desktops and its messed up the wireless connection ok when hard wired.I could ask on the Ubuntu site but I prefer PCA for advice.

Answer:Linux Ubuntu

When you install Ubuntu you can tell it to use the whole HD and reformat it.

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Question: linux ubuntu to xp

Hi Folks, Lets start by saying I am a complete nerd with computers so simple answers would be the best, I can follow instructions. I have just bought an Acer Aspire one aoa150 from a friend, it has Linux Ubuntu installed on it but it looks like it originally had windows xp installed on it has it has windows keycode on the bottom of it, the battery is not charging correctly only lasts for about 15 minutes when fully charged and charges to full power in about 10 minutes I know I might have to buy a new battery, I have read numerous accounts about this problem and it seems that it could be that it needs the a BIOS upgrade but the upgrade looks like it is a windows upgrade, so I would like to change it back to xp, looked all over the internet for answers but there are so many conflicting and convoluted views on how to do this. I am totally lost. Please help if you can. Thanks very much

Answer:linux ubuntu to xp

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Just wondering how to get a custom login screen on ubuntu, hoping for something like mandrake linux, using a penguin.

Answer:Linux help! (Ubuntu)

I want to do this because penguins rock.

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how do i turn down fan noise on ubuntu ??

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I just built a new system with a QX9650 and Gigabyte X38 mobo. I have 2 drives in RAID 0 and a third drive that isn't in RAID. I am running Vista 64 bit currently. I put the OS and programs/games on the RAID drives and other misc data on the third drive. If I install a 4th hard drive, is it possible to put Ubuntu or some other linux distro on it and then easily boot into this OS whenver I want to? Can I then access files on the other drives, or are the filesystems incompatible? How would I control which OS I boot into?

Also, to install the RAID 0, the mobo had specific instructions on how to install with windows xp/vista (had to load a hard disk driver when installing). Do I need to load specific RAID drivers for linux?

Thanks alot!

Answer:Linux (Ubuntu) with Vista 64 bit

You can indeed put Linux on the fourth drive. It will definitely be able to see the third drive, getting it to see the RAID array might be a bit more difficult.

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Hey Guys,I'm presently a Toshiba user that's looking to go to change my Satellite P20 for a Lenovo IdeaPad Y710, and I would like to know, are their problems with Linux on the Y710? Can the video card, webcam, wireless network card, and sound card all work as well as they do in Vista in Linux?

Answer:Ubuntu Linux on Y710

Hi, man =)As far as known here, there were some successful Ubuntu installations on Y510. Also it is konwn at the moment that all drivers except videocard (ATI graphics) are the same for Y510 and Y710. So it seems to be OK to install Linux on Y710 - so far nobody reported about any problems with hardware on Linux. Oh, except inverted camera, but this one was solved somehow.HTHGL

//help will save the world

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Next LTS is coming out Apr 29

Answer:Ubuntu Linux 10.04 is (coming) out

This is a long term release.

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I'm trying to extract the video from my camcorder via Firewire, in LiVES. When I do, I get this error message, and I don't know what it means.

Is ieee1394, driver, and raw1394 loaded?Click to expand...

Answer:LiVES on Linux (Ubuntu)

ieee1394 = Firewire so the error message is about missing the software to recognize the firewire connection.

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OK guys what should i go with with an old pc i got layin around, windows 2000 or Ubuntu Linux? ANy ideas?

Answer:Windows 2k? OR Ubuntu LINUX?

According to your last thread, you were going to experiment with Linux

I suppose you could put them both on there.

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Hi, I am planning to buy a HP notebook and want to run it as a Win10/Ubuntu dual boot. I would like to buy either the HP Spectre x360 13-4116na or HP ENVY x360 15-w101na.I have seen threads in this and other forums that a dual boot is possible and that there are some problems with the sound, but that there are solutions for these problems. But I have seen threads complaining about problems with graphic cards and especially some people saying that they deliberately chose NOT a QHD screens as if Ubuntu would not be able to deal with this higher resolution. Sounds unlikely to me, but could this pose a problem for Ubuntu with those two models I mentioned? Thanks for helping me to choose the right computer.ToruOkada

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Hello, i have one question. I want to install Ubuntu on my u400. Can I format disk, install ubuntu and work on it? but what if i wish to come back to Windows7? can i just press Recorvery button and install W7 as before? Will be there any problems with files format etc?

Answer:u400 + Linux UBUNTU

You should create a set of recovery discs before you install Ubuntu or alter any of the partition sizes because afterwards the one key recovery will not work; please refer to the top stickied thread in this board for more information.

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I have windows 7 and Linux ubunto (with 2.5 and 2.6 kernal)

how can I choose which OS to start with automatically.

now at the startup a black screen appear where to choose from these OS but ubuntu is started automatically if I choose nothing.

Answer:windows 7 and linux ubuntu

I tried
sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
but it ask for password and after that I can not type anything in the terminal

I put the problem in Linux form since the boot part is from linux

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I thought I would try installing Ubuntu Linux on my older spare PC currently running XP. I've downloaded Linux from & burnt the files to DVD, I can see the files on the DVD. Having loaded the disc & rebooted my old PC it just boots into XP. I've checked the boot sequence in BIOS & it's set to DVD then HDD & I can hear the DVD drive spin up when the PC starts. I've also installed a file from the DVD which is supposed to help if you have trouble getting the PC to boot from the DVD. There is no install file on the DVD to manually start the install.

I don't know what else to try, can anyone make a suggestion?

Answer:Ubuntu Linux not installing

Greetings nigh.

My next: 1. Try to boot another machine to that DVD - 2. Re-download / re-burn / reboot to the Ubuntu .iso. Good luck, let us know.

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Win 7/Win XP/Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot

I have a PC that is currently a dual boot between Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (Hardy Heron). The two operating systems are on separate physical drives. Ubunutu is on the PC?s original 250 gig drive (the primary) and Win 7 is on a 1 TB Seagate internal drive that I added later (the slave).

I already discussed dual booting with Ubuntu and Win 7 on a Linux forum. I installed each OS completely independently of the other. I installed Ubuntu first without the other drive installed. I later disconnected the 250 GB primary drive and installed Windows 7 to the 1 TB drive as if Ubuntu were not even present on the PC. Later I reconnected and edited a file known as menu.lst in Ubuntu?s feature known as ?Grub?. Grub looks at the file and gives me the choice of Windows 7 or Ubuntu when I boot up.

Now it?s a long story, but I need to add Windows XP to my choices. I?m told on the Ubuntu forum that I can temporarily disconnect the Ubuntu drive and set up XP on the 1 TB drive as a dual boot with Bootloader handling the choice between Win 7 and XP. The idea is to get it running right and later reconnect the Ubuntu drive. Grub will give me the choice between Ubuntu and Windows; then if I choose Windows, Bootloader will give me the choice between Win 7 and XP. I could live with that.

So the Ubuntu drive is disconnected. We don?t have to worry about that in this thread. If I have any trouble with Grub, I?ll... Read more

Answer:Win 7/Win XP/Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot

Tom, I think the answer to your question is on the first sentence of the Tutorial how to load the SATA drivers: "When you install Win XP, setup can not find your Hard Drive."

So, if setup can find your HD, you should be good to go.

One remark: installing XP after Windows 7 is a bit more complicated, you will have to repair Windows 7 boot file to add XP. You have mentioned the tutorial, so you shoudl be good to go. I just highlight it since it can be a stumbling block.

Regarding the floppy disk thing, from what I know it is XP's idiosyncrasy, it doesn't allow drivers to be loaded with USB drives. It is from a time there were no USB drives...

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We are trying to set up email with my wife's new Asus EE which had TBird installed as the email software. If we choose POP as the connection then the incoming server address (tiscali)is rejected. If we choose IMAP then we can complete the wizard but "cannot find server" appears. I suspect it is a Linux thing that I do not know enough about. Anyone else got any thoughts please.

Answer:Thunderbird and Ubuntu Linux

Tried POP and got through wizard without error message until the end when I am told "cannot connect to server" and "cannot find click here"

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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

Answer:Linux ubuntu 14.4 is on the street

I like Debian (Gnome) myself but thanks for this

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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

Answer:Ubuntu 14.4 Linux is on the street

Ubuntu lost me as a user since they started that Unity - yukk. I converted to Mint Mate and am very happy with it. Even the Gnome3 versions of Mint are better.

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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

Answer:Ubuntu 14.4 Linux is on the street

Ubuntu lost me as a user since they started that Unity - yukk. I converted to Mint Mate and am very happy with it. Even the Gnome3 versions of Mint are better.

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Just thought I'd post some of my impressions from a week or so of use of my new SL400.  I have moved from the vaunted T line (T-42 to be exact) to the much maligned SL line.  Honestly, so far I'm giving my vote to the SL-400, except for two things that feel a bit wonky, but I'm getting used to.  The first is the keyboard.  Feel is outstanding, but the relocation of the 6 key home/end/delete/insert/pgup/pgdn keys is a bad idea.  The modern up down layout that many regular keyboards have is bothersome enough, but to move page up page down to the cursor pad, when CTRL-Page up Alt-Page dn combos are common show a total lack of forethought.  Pressing CTRL-PgDn used to be thumb on right CTRL, middle finger on pgup/dn and go.  I'm getting used to the odd placement, but I don't have to like it. The second "quirk" is in no way Lenovo's fault because I'm running linux and some things are still a little bit wonky there, like the vol keys not working, suspend sometimes being a suspend of death etc... The things I DO like about this laptop are many.  The dual core 1.8GHz Core2Duo CPU is very very fast and responsive.  I can compile two mpeg video streams (niced of course) while doing other stuff, and the cpus are maxed out, and the internal temp is still max 53C or so, sometimes in the high 40s. It took a bit of fiddling to get working graphics and networking, but again, I'm using a nearly new chipset in both areas here. I'm... Read more

Answer:SL 400 First Impressions. (p.s. I run ubuntu linux)

I'm planning on running ubuntu on my sl300 if it ever gets here as well.  You got the graphics working, did you have to take any odd steps?  Try opengl/compiz yet? How's performance?   forum higher-ups take note and forward to lenovo: windows license is a waste on people like us who buy lenovos for their quality, i know your hands are tied by microsoft antitrust stuff.. but if you have to ship with an operating system, I'd pay $20 or something for freedos preinstalled instead of the windows tax, and you won't have to support it like a linux distribution.

Lenovo SL300 Ownerearning an MSECE at GATech, with undergrad in BME.

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Greetings ,Iam going to buy " HP proBook 450 G4" but i was wondering if this model can work with linux ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system without any kind of errors or pugs .Please advise.

Answer:Linux Ubuntu Compatablilty

Which video chip? Intel or nVidia? I might actually suggest Ubuntu 16.10 to better support the newest hardware. I am actually sending this on a 6th gen HP laptop with Intel video running Kubuntu 16.04 which is Ubuntu with the KDE desktop instead of the default Gnome. You don't ever expect Linux to "just work"; it often requires some tweaks but the support community is second to none and I guarantee you can get all the hardware working as long as you have some basic Linux skills or are willing to acquire them.

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Tried to run ubuntu linux from the live cd as wanted to see if I could "find"a lost drive it halted part way through and am now unable to boot PC.Was running windoews XP,drives spin up but doesnt get to BIOS screen just emits a regular single beep.Reset CMOS but this made no difference.All advice welcome thanks in advance.

Answer:Has Ubuntu Linux offed my PC

yes it might have done have you got a recovery cd or windows xp cd try and boot from those to see if your pc will come up. not sure about the single beep you should check with the mother board manufacture about that. how old is the mother board.

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I have built a computer based on a Asus P4V800-X motherboard. I tried to install Ubuntu v5.10 but I get an error message saying,Disc error 20, AX = 4229 Drive EF Boot Failed. I do not have windows installed on the Brand new hard drive.Any help would be appreciated, Flop.

Answer:Linux Ubuntu v5.10 installing

you may have an error on your installation disc.did you download it direct from a mirror site or use a torrent?I would recommend you use a torrent client as this will check for file integrity automatically rather than run a md5 checksum.Also tends to give higher download speeds.suggest you download it again.

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Had an old desktop lying around, thought I would get up and running with Linux for my kids.Beguiled by articles telling me it couldn't go wrong I set off into the blue with Ubuntu 8. With a clean hardisk I went for the full format and install and got to a working desktop fairly rapidly.Unfortunately the mouse and keyboard (USB) would only work for 15 minutes or so and I then the system froze and I guess was 'hung'Having tried various mice and conbinations I gave up and downloaded the latest Ubuntu, 9.Reformatted, clean install and again to a working desktop fairly rapidly. Freezing problem still there and now the network is so slow a to be unusable.I headed off for linux support but find myself completely bewildered as to what advice to take. As there essentially seens to be dozens of varieties it is really difficult to find advice that is relevant and I must confess that when I do find someone with similar problems I don't understand the fixes that are offered!Anyone here who can offer some advice to a Linux Newbie who may just be about to decide that that penguin will never be my friend?Cheers and sorry for the long post, Epirb.

Answer:Ubuntu Linux, it was supposed to be so easy!

OK, I'm sure we can help to sort you out, but first, can you tell us what the spec. of the "old PC" is?Ubuntu is a fairly sophisticated distribution (distro) and although not as resource hungry as Windows, still needs respectable hardware to run properly.(and this has all the hallmarks of an under-powered machine).If your machine is under-powered, there is almost certainly another distro that will run effectively.One initial final thought, are you sure it is a software problem, rather than hardware? I don't mean in terms of the mouse or keyboard, but perhaps the motherboard USB controller itself.

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hello i have just installed linux ubuntu on my computer and would like to know whether a firewall is necessary before i go online. If so which one would you recomend? much appreciated

Answer:is a firewall absolutely necessary for linux ubuntu?

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Hi, I understand that there is a bug in the v1.25 Insydeh20 BIOS which effects serveral laptop models including the Aspire F5-571 which stops the installation of Linux distributions. There are older versions of the BIOS available for other models (E5-573G) which rectify the problem, but none available for the F5-571. My question is: Would the bios software for the E5-573G the same as the BIOS for the F5-571. Thanks Regards 

Answer:BIOS, F5-571, UEFI, Linux / Ubuntu

It happens the same to me, with exactly the same model too. I'm desperate...

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I used to have two computers running Windows (a desktop running XP Professional and a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium). I replaced the XP computer with a Linux Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. I had a network setup on both Windows computers and when I switched to the Linux computer, the network stoped working. Are there any special settings that the windows computer has to h ave in order to work with Samba (Linux Share Server)? Would it help if I remove all the networks and shares from the Vista computer and set it up again? That said, how do I do that on Vista? As always, thanks in advance for your help.

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Does anybody know if Ubuntu Linux is open-source? Just interested, but if it was, what would be the code language it would be written in?Thanks for any suggestions.SB

Answer:Is Ubuntu Linux open-source?

Yes, it`s fully open source software with commercial support. click here

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I currently partitioned my drive so I can have a dual boot of Windows 7. How would I go about deleting the Ubuntu partitions, so I have just Windows 7? I don't want to just delete the partitions because the computer boots off of GRUB. Can you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Note: Not quite sure if this in the right place, sorry if it isn't...

Answer:Deleting Ubuntu Linux Partitions?

Use a program called GParted or a modified veion called Parted Magic

GParted -- Download

Parted maguic

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Ive installed linux mint but is there anything i can do within linux mint or even ubuntu thats good, or is this not possible to do

Answer:Linux mint/ubuntu OS question

not sure what your getting at. you can do lots of things in linux. what specifically are you wanting to do?

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Although I was quite the authority on G2 SSD's way back when we were all much younger, I am now a bit out of touch. Prices have of course plummeted since I purchased my Intel and Samsung SSD's. That much I do know. Who is reliable now? Well, that I don't know.

Specifically, I need an SSD for my Linux Ubuntu computer - for OS and Programs.

Since THE manufacturer changes from year to year, I would appreciate knowing which mfr. now makes the best "set it and forget it" SSD.

Please understand that I don't want to spend the rest of my natural life reading reviews but would prefer to be lazy and rely on the sage judgment of SevenForums members.

Yes, I know that was patronizing.

Answer:2013 Recommended SSD for Linux (Ubuntu)

I just bought a 128 Gb Samsung 840 Pro about a month ago and I must say that I am very pleased with it. Great performance and rock solid so far.

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I got some questions.
I'm currently using Linix Ubuntu.
I want to return to Windows 10, but that is no longer installed on my SSD.
When I boot with the install disk of W10, I can't install it on any partition on any of my disks (I got one SSD of 128GB, an one HD of 1000 GB).
I watched several video's on you tube about the softwares GPparted, VirtualBox, USB-creator and so on but I don't find to get back to W10.
I understand that I have to format a partition to NFTS for Windows.
See the inserted picture taking in Linux, for the current situation of my disk(and partitions).
Can any body tell me how to get back to as many low possible partitions and of course an installable partition for Windows 10 .
Many thanks to all !!!
sda 8:0 0 119,2G 0 disk
??sda1 8:1 0 119,2G 0 part /
sdb 8:16 0 931,5G 0 disk
??sdb1 8:17 0 512M 0 part
??sdb2 8:18 0 915,1G 0 part /media/marc/385A21255A20E0FC
??sdb3 8:19 0 15,9G 0 part
sr0 11:0 1 3,8G 0 rom /media/marc/ESD_ISO

Answer:New installation Windows 10 in Linux Ubuntu

If you use gparted to shrink the partition on your HDD, you can install windows to the unallocated space that is left. Windows will automatically format this space and create the partitions it needs.
For how to shrink partition with gparted see here - you don't need to create a new partition, when you run the windows 10 installation media the unallocated space will show up as an optional install location.

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I built this system in March 2009 and windoze vista 64 home premium.

This particular edition of vista was a nightmare from day one and I eventually found a work-a-round to get Ubuntu installed. NO Linux support from the MB manufacturer.

5 days after getting it to a dual boot system, vista stopped recognizing the mouse and keyboard.

So, I have a MOBO that doesn't like Ubuntu and is a nightmare to try to fond workarounds for.

Here is what I have to work with:

XFX nForce 750a SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA 750a SLI, Socket AM2/AM2+, ATX, Audio, Video, HDMI, DVI, PCI Express 2.0, Gigabit LAN. S/PDIF, USB 2.0, eSATA, RAID

AMD Phenom 9500 Processor HD9500WCGDBOX - 2.20GHz, 4 x 512KB Cache, 1800MHz (3600 MT/s) FSB, Agena, Quad-Core, Retail, Socket AM2+, Processor with Fan

Kingston PC6400 800MHz 4GB DDR2 Desktop Memory - (2 x 2048MB), 240 Pin

OCZ SLI-Ready Dual Channel 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2x2048MB)

XFX GeForce 9600 GSO Fatal1ty Edition Video Card - 768MB DDR2, PCI Express 2.0, Dual Link DVI, SLI Ready

Seagate 500GB Serial ATA HD 7200/16MB/SATA-3G

And the full sized ATX tower w/750 watt PS.

Which Motherboards would be the best to work with that HAS Linux SUPPORT?

Thanks for all the help over the years guys!

I truly do appreciate it!


Answer:Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support

Is there a specific component on that motherboard that you're having problems with? I can't imagine that the motherboard is not "compatible" with linux - in fact, I've found threads with people using Ubuntu with that mobo. I also find it odd that you'd have a Windows Vista issue with that mobo since most of the users I see online who use it are running Vista or 7 64-bit. Perhaps you have a faulty motherboard and it's not a problem with the model itself.

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Just installed linux 1604 on my new Z240 machine.  Installed no problem, however, when rebooting system is unable to locate the OS.  What are the recommended bios settings for this system to boot from the HDD?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Will 

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Again from my other thread about the better OS for a slower machine leads me to another question.

If I were to install a Linux Ubuntu is there any security from being attacked? say if I was doing online backing would it be safer to stick with a windows machine or a linux machine? on a windows machine has a built in firewall (if you have service pack 2) also there are many of other 3rd party firewalls that you can install onto windows xp or windows 2000. does ubuntu offer any type of securty? and i'm sure my router has a built in firewall.

i should also mention that i dont know JACK SH!T about linux.


Answer:How secure is linux ubuntu vs Microsoft OS??

I'll stick with my overall answer from your other thread. In theory, Linux will be more secure, but there's really only one main issue to consider. If your friend has a problem with his PC, who will he call for help? If it's you, and you don't know anything about Linux (not an insult, neither do I), I wouldn't even consider giving him Linux. I would never give it to one of my relatives, because if there was a problem, they'd come right back to me for I couldn't provide.

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I'm planning on purchasing the following laptop:

Ubuntu Linux version 10.04
Intel® Celeron™ Processor ULV U3400 (2M Cache, 1.06GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
Aberdeen Silver for WLAN
13.3 inch HD WLED Display (1366x768) with Anti-Glare
2.0MP Webcam with Digital Mic for Win 7
2.0GB, DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM, 1 DIMM
250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD (Intel GHA HD)
Dell Wireless 1702 802.11n/BT3.0 Combo

For the $450 price point, I really like what is being offered, except that I don't want Linux as the OS and would rather install Windows 7. I recently did purchase Windows 7 so I was wondering if it is possible to install Windows 7 in place of Linux OS that it comes with?

Since there is not CD/DVD-Rom, what would be the best option to do it?

In addition, is the process of deleting Linux and installing Windows 7 pretty complicated? I just dont want to mess up the laptop, like drivers etc. If Windows 7 can be installed, only then will I purchase this laptop.

I've been trying to find a proper instructions link to do the above, but no such luck so far.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.


Answer:Installing Windows 7 over Ubuntu Linux

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hi guys,

for those who doesn't know , Kali Linux (ex-Backtrack) is a powerful forensic distro based on Debian, but many of us use Ubuntu (or variants) because it is easier to handle.

so in this tutorial, i will show you how to proceed to add Kali repositories to get Kali tools in Ubuntu.

i am using Kubuntu Trusty personally so this tutorial will reflect it; you have to adjust the procedure slightly if you use Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu or/and with an older kernel

1- open your Software Center/Manager, the application that allows you to pick various softwares (Muon Discover, etc..)

2- go to each link below, click on technical details , select your ubuntu version; important , Trusty is not available yet so you have to choose Raring instead.

3- click on Source tab , then "add source"


4- copy the links below then add them one by one in order to the source (step 3).
For example for my Kubuntu Trusty 14.04 i have to use Raring

deb raring main

deb raring main

deb raring main
5- close and relaunch your software center to see if the lines above are added.

6- now ... Read more

Answer:[How To] add Kali Linux repositories in Ubuntu

I saw that a while ago on HF. I thought it was interesting, then one of my friend told me to not do that as I could "break my system". Apparently, doing that would basically apply Kernel patches for one Kernel to another and it could lead to system instability.

What would you recommend ?

He linked me this also :

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Hi,I have an old Hp compact dc5100 and I want to upgrade the bios. I use ubuntu and there's any manual or procedure to do this in the hp drivers page.How can I do?Thanks for attention

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I installed Audacity in Ubuntu Linux 14.4.3, but it won't start no matter what I try. Apparently there was a menu that popped up the first time it's ran asking you something that may have been important, but I closed it thinking it wasn't important and now it refuses to start. I've tried repairing the installation by using the command sudo apt-get -f install audacity or sudo apt-get --fix-broken install audacity, but that didn't help. Then, I tried sudo apt-get remove audacity and then reinstalling it with sudo apt-get install audacity, but it didn't fix the problem and it still does the same thing when attempting to run it. Can anyone help resolve this problem.

Answer:Problem with Audacity in Ubuntu Linux

scharfshutze009 said:

I installed Audacity in Ubuntu Linux 14.4.3, but it won't start no matter what I try. Apparently there was a menu that popped up the first time it's ran asking you something that may have been important, but I closed it thinking it wasn't important and now it refuses to start. I've tried repairing the installation by using the command sudo apt-get -f install audacity or sudo apt-get --fix-broken install audacity, but that didn't help. Then, I tried sudo apt-get remove audacity and then reinstalling it with sudo apt-get install audacity, but it didn't fix the problem and it still does the same thing when attempting to run it. Can anyone help resolve this problem.Click to expand...

Try opening audacity from a regular user command prompt to see the error messages.
Open up a terminal and either just type in audacity or, if you can't find it, "updatedb" and then "locate audacity".

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I am running Ubuntu 7.04 and have recently been getting winantivirus pro 2007 popups every so often. It is really annoying because I know how to handle it in Windows but don't know what to do about it in Ubuntu.

Could someone please help!


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HIya guys a pc ive got here has been running on XP but the OS is now well corrupted and i cant get to the desktop? (Wont load SAFE MODE) i must backup the files and unfortunately i was given the pc in this state so i am now left to back the files up, can i use Linux or Ubuntu to run as a backup os and retrive the files from the drive like PDF's and other files needed?
Thanks guys

Answer:XP corrupted can i use Linux/Ubuntu to get the files off it?

You could try the good old DoS commands

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I am currently running XP pro, and I am seriously considering Ubunto.I have 'C' drive in a removable cradle, (all of my data is on two SATA drives which are fixed and backed up to an external HDD).I can install Ubunto on to a spare drive, so I can return to XP easily if required.I have some hardware which I am not sure if they will work on Ubunto as I have not been able to find suitable drivers.Main thing is a Microsoft mouse, which has a button to enable sections of the screen to be magnified (my wife has sever visual impairment and this essential for her to use PC), and I have a DVB-T stick which I use frequently for recording programs to use on my MP4 gadget.So can we find drivers for most hardware out there?Stroller

Answer:Ubuntu / Linux - Drivers for hardware?

click herethis may help...

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i just install 10.04 server then citadel email server , all works okbut i m worry about security , i know a guy who told me every server should have a guest login $ then after i m in , i can have access to root . that way if someone can break in they wont have root access right away.also i would like a nice setting with iptables

Answer:how to protect a linux server ubuntu 10?

Sounds like you have a lot of reading to do!First, the guy you know is right. You should always restrict root logins and use sudo to provide root access. That's a good start.Here's a guide to securing Debian (the distro on which Ubuntu is based). It covers a lot, and won't always be 100% applicable to your distro, but it has a lot of background information that will be enormously helpful later. is some info on IPtables

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I connected a wireless network on my computer, Linux Ubuntu OS but i can't access any webpages for some reason. I have no idea what might be causing this, tho i had Windows with norton protection previously installed on it so i don't know if its still there, cause i didn't remove anything or make backups as i tought it would delete everything automatically lol. If you know what might be causing this, just tell me what to do instead of explaining it so much... Computer-ish cause i don't know shait :monkey:

Answer:Can't connect to the internet with Linux Ubuntu :O

Hit ALT+F2, type gnome-terminal & hit enter.

Then type (in the new application window) ping What does it say ?

Also type ifconfig & what does that say ?

Are you sure that your computer is properly connected to the wireless network ?

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I have a dual boot with ubuntu and 7, right now i am using ubuntu and the look seems very crisp compared to windows. I am not talking about the theme, its the text and the way it looks when using the browser. To me i would say maybe it has a better resolution, thats the best way i can describe it. I really have no idea how to use ubuntu so i will stick with windows but its just very sharp and clean how linux looks.

Answer:Give windows the linux/ ubuntu look?

That's a strange post, because 9 times out of 10, the complaints seem to go the other way.

As a Ubuntu user myself, I haven't noticed what you are describing, so I'm unsure how to translate it to the Windows world. For me, things look good in both Ubuntu and Windows 7.

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