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HTML E-mail Form

Question: HTML E-mail Form

Hi, i am looking to put a form on a website which when submit is pressed it sends the message to an e-mail address. I know how to create a form on dreamweaver but dont know how to get it to send to my e-mail address.I will not be able to reply for a couple of hours but thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: HTML E-mail Form

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HTML E-mail Form

In the opening Form Tag you would put the following parameters:-<form action="mailto:insert the email address here" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="insert a name here" id="insert an ID here">Be careful. This is not a very secure way of sending data. If you are collecting data from potential customers then you have a legal responsibility to protect that data. It is OK to collect data like names or email addresses this way but it is not OK to collect sensitive data.

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any PHP e-mail forms or even HTML ones which were secure. When I say secure I mean a form which prevents spam bots from sending you spam via the form or e-mail address.I did use a form a while back and it worked just fine however now I am beginning to receive spam e-mails via this form, hence the need for a new one.Thanks in advanceAidan L

Answer:Secure PHP / HTML E-mail Form

Thanks, I will have a look at popping that in and see what comes of it.

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I have my form sending to my e-mail so it prints out my data line by line. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get this data into a nice form that can easily be read.

E-mail from From Looks like this.

[email protected]

Answer:Form to E-mail back to a Viewable Form

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Question: HTML in XML Form

I used XML in HTML.But is it possible to use html tags in xml.

regards shine

Answer:HTML in XML Form

Let me give you a list of my tutorials and a place to take classes for free (besides learning here).

Tutorials for html:

Specific Tutorials: (this is a frames tutorial) (finds fonts) (tables tutorial) Photoshop Tutorials (Java script) (for almost any code)

This is a very good site for almost anything about web
and web devlopement, including the free classes:

Color sites: Read more

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Question: form name in html

1-what is the advantage of giving a name to form;

2-if i use this name either this is declared as an array or not.
i am using infact php

<form name="web[]">
<input type="text"name="abc">

Answer:form name in html

YOu only need to name the form elements if there is scripting that needs to reference that element name for some sort of processing. Passing variables from one page to another is a good example.

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Question: HTML Form

Hi. I am a begginer webmaster(!)

I was wondering if any master-coders out there could help me with a form i was building. There are two problems on it. When you hit submit, it runs posting via Outlook or Outlook Express which in turn asks the sender if this is ok and warns him it is a nor secure connection. I'm feeling this is worrying potential buyers. I'm sure there must me a way to send this info without using a mail provider.

Another problem: I have just added a new funky way of ordering, using an add button to move the selection accross to another box, but these selections are not sent along with the rest of the form.

Please help. Paul.

(PS) I will add the form as an attatchment if requested.

Answer:HTML Form

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Question: html form question

I have several text boxes in a html form. I want to have the text, set as the default value of the box, highlighted automatically upon entering the box so that when users enter data they don't have to highlight and delete the text first. Any ideas how this is done in html?


Answer:html form question

Here are two articles illustrating how to do this:


Both do it on focus, just as you ask.


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i really lost with making a form to send me an email thru cgi sendmail

ok well i've tried a few variations but well i think it might be easier if someone can help me if i give u this info

cgi sendmail function is thru

i made a very simple form:

<form action=mailto:http:[email protected] method=POST>Name<input type=text name=name maxlength=30><input type="submit" value="Send me your name!"></form>

now dont laugh at me for being stupid this is my first try and spent an hour looking around the web but i cant find how to do it.. this is just bringing me up to a 404 page what am i doing wrong?

Answer:HTML form and sendmail

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Hey guys,

Been struggling with an email pre-authorization form (html based and being submitted via PHP). At first I tried a fillable PDF form but that did not work out as the only output I could get in IE and Chrome was in XML which my client does not want so I have reverted to PHP to handle the sending of the form and data. So, I have modified some code I found (which originally worked) but I am not getting the email to send. The url to the test bed is here so you can check it out and see that it does not create the email needed. I'm certain it is merely an error in the coding someplace (I think it is something to do with the error checking). I am not a PHP programmer and am requesting someone here to look at it and at least steer me in the right direction. I really need an answer fairly quick guys so please help out here. Here is the PHP code:

if(isset($_POST['email'])) {

$email_to = "[email protected]";
$email_subject = "test of halford submission php ver.";

function died($error) {
// your error code can go here
echo "We are very sorry, but there were error(s) found with the form you submitted. ";
echo "These errors appear below.<br /><br />";
echo $error."<br /><br />";
echo "Please go back and fix these errors.<br /><br />";
... Read more

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I'm learning how to write websites in HTML and I just learned the <form> command and the different form elements you can use with it. When I set the command to MAILTO:[email protected] it opened up my computer's default mail program. I'm wondering if there's any way to have the information sent to my e-mail without using an external program.

Answer:HTML form programming

Yes, with the mailto in the href, the client's default email software is invoked, which
exposes the target email address.

The other choice is to send a message to the webserver where cgi programming forms parameters to the sendmail api on the webserver itself. This hides all the email addresses and allows extra data to be inserted in the message.

Instead of an href with mailto, the form action is used to point at your cgi program on the websever to process all the forms data.

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I have tried to fix my form for days now and am having nothing but bad luck. It worked until the website owner had me make a few small changes. I am not sure what I did that has wrecked it, but I have an idea about where in the code it happened. Can anyone take a look at the code for me and give me some idea what to do please? I am very much a beginner and do not know a lot.

Angels of Destiny Edited to add: it is on the request an angel page.

I need the form responses to go to [email protected] and I need the visitor to be directed to her thank you page (thankyou.html)

Thank you in advance


Answer:Solved: HTML Form help

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Hello,I am new to webdesigning and am making up a website for a friend and they want an online contact us form that goes to their email.Is there a way I can do this just using html? Or do I need some javascript/asp in there? I have tried the simple 'mailto' command but this isnt working. Heres my attempt:click hereI also need a 'thankyou for your enquiry page' rather than the button thats there at the moment, but Im not sure how to incorporate this into the code.Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have no idea what to try next...Thankyou,Kat

Answer:Online form in html

You need a form handling script, which takes the information the form user inputs and turns it into an email which is then sent on to the address you specify in the handler script.Most people use either a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) or PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) script.Your choice could be governed by what the web host supports where the site is currently hosted. If you are allowed to run your own CGI scripts and you have a CGI bin you can obviously choose to use a CGI script. Where the web host supports PHP you can opt to use that instead.PHP scripts are usually easier to get your head around than CGI when you are first starting out. Most PHP scripts need no file permissions assigned to them, while pretty much all CGI scripts need permissions assigned to allow them to run using CHMOD on Apache servers, or by using the built in permissions tools in your FTP client.Here are some links for you to try for PHP form handlers:click hereclick hereclick hereAnd for CGI scripts: click hereI'd plump for PHP if your web host supports it. Instructions for use are on the various script sites and included when you download them.T

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How do I create a form with text fields and a submit button and enable it to store the data and email it to an address?

Answer:html submittable form

You use HTML to make the form and then use PHP or Perl or whatever other language that is capable of sending data to send it.
Example form:


<form method="POST" action="send_data.php">
Data1: <input type="text" name="data1" /><br />
Data2:<br /><textarea name="data2></textarea><br />
Data3: <input type="password" name="data3" /><br />
<input type="submit" value="Send" /><input type="reset" value="Reset" />

And the php function you need is mail();.

You can also search the forums for examples, here's one from a few months ago:

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Question: Html feedback form

Answer:Html feedback form

I've just designed my first web site using ms frontpage. Unfortunatly the freeserve server dosn't accept frontpage extensions,(whatever that means!!), consequently the form does not send back any info. Does anybody have any code which will allow info to be put in the form and on pressing the submit button the info is saved to a defined location as a text file.ThanksGazza

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Question: html email form

does anyone know an application/program that would do this:1. Design a form that could be used on a web page (in HTML) where users could input data.2. There needs to be a "send" button on the form and when the user presses this, it extracts various pieces of the data and sends it to me as an email.I have had a qucik look around and can find something that will "design" the form (MS Front Page), but get lost with the "extraction and emailing" bit. I suspect that this may be because the web server that I use does not support the appropriate extensions - but not sure on this.

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I have designed a form to send me feedback from users - it's very simple but serves what I need.

Anyhow, I am not allowed to use cgi scripts on the server - so I am trying to use the following command:

<form method="post" enctype="text/plain" action=" from Making the Most of Santiago" >

From Firefox, this seems to work ok with either Eudora or Outlook. From IE, the subject and e-mail address work, but the body of the e-mail is not filled out.
Is this a limitation of IE, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any insight!

Answer:html FORM with mailto:

Being fairly new to forms, I cannot give you a perfectly accuate answer. But my answer would be, maybe part of both.

I had a basic html form and had lots of trouble with different browsers treating it differently. IE seemed to be the most friendly, while netscape sent the data in a file which had to be downloaded and parsed.

I gave up and searched for a cgi script and after a couple of days I finally got one working like I needed. I will now advance to php for more interactive scripting. I found a real budget hosting plan with cgi at
An even better deal with php 4.something and mysql (no cgi) at

My cgi form
my html form

Check the source codes. But I like the fact that I get a thankyou page displayed after you hit submit with the cgi.

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Does anyone know of a tutorial or a program that will do the following?

Allow a customer to go to a HTML webform. Fill out the data, then after clicking a button (submit, next, etc) will create a .pdf form for the to print out with the data inserted into it?

Any help would be great.


Answer:On The Fly PDF creation from HTML web form data?

see if this works...

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Could somebody please take a look at the HTML for the form> tag on click here and confirm it is coded OK. The form submit fails with an 'Internal Server Error'. The script is definitely present within cgi-bin and CHMOD = 755.If this looks OK, I would like to follow this up with a check on the parameter coding within the script itself. But first things first!The current syntax of the Form> tag has evolved from that generated automatically by Dreamweaver MX which gave persistent HTTP 405 errors - so things have moved on a little!p.s. if you decide to try the form there are numerous mandatory fields, so just insert any old rubbish to complete it!Many thanks, M - HTML form - fails

The address to the formmail script should be cgi-bin/ and not the full URL of the siteThe form should have the following fields: <form name="form1" method="post" action="/cgi-bin/"> <p> <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Title of the email subject" /> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="Full URL including http of the 'thank you for contacting us' page" /> <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="email address of the recipient" />You can specifiy most of this in the script if you know how, but the above is probably the simplest method for getting it to work.The Formmail script itself should have this for its first line [sometimes differs from one host to another]:#!/usr/bin/perlThe next unxommented line is the address of your email program script on the server:$mailprog = '/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t';@referers = ('your site URL without www','your site URL with www','you can use localhost as well if required');@recipients = &fill_recipients('your site URL without the www','again you can leave localhost in if required');And that should get you running.You can alter and configure lots more but normally you don't need to and the above will take pretty much any form field type you could mention and process it correctly when passed through the script.One last thing: you may want to rename to something else like or whatever, then change the reference in the form to point to that file in your cg... Read more

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I wish to use a 3rd parties website from within my VB program.
Basically it has an input box for a date and a submit button, the site then sends you to the relevant page.

My question is:
How do I duplicate what the <FORM> tags do on that site in my VB program?
In other words how do I send a date (or any data) to the targeted script via VB?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Answer:Duplicating html <FORM> tags in VB6

It is not really clear what you want to do. Explain it in some more details.

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Greetings -

I have written the following form inside an Access Database form.


Function Submit_Web_Form()

Dim ie As Object

Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")

ie.navigate ""

ie.Visible = True

While ie.busy

ie.Document.all("from").Value = "Add"
ie.Document.all("weight").Value = "0"
ie.Document.all("price").Value = "5400.00"
ie.Document.all("description").Value = "Bakers%20Pride%20BCO%2DE2%20Cyclone%20Series%20Electric%20Convection%20Oven%20Double%20Deck"
ie.Document.all("uom").Value = "Each"
ie.Document.all("shipping").Value = "C"
ie.Document.all("taxcode").Value = "Y"
ie.Document.all("mnbuy").Value = "1"
ie.Document.all("mxbuy").Value = "1"
ie.Document.all("suffix").Value = "Voltage"
ie.Document.all("group").Value = "Y"
ie.Document.all("item_number").Value = "155BCOE2 240/1"
ie.Document.all("qty").Value = "1"

While ie.busy

Set ie = Nothing

End Function

While the function does not produce any errors, but it does not submit the fo... Read more

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Does anyone know why the HTML form tag creates so much white space around it and what I can do to get rid of that white space?

- DB

UBB Developers Network

Answer:HTML Form Tag and White Space

Ok, here's the answer I got:

<FORM name="test" action="test.html" style="margin:0;">

Apparently all I needed was that simple style tag.

- DB

UBB Developers Network

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I've been trying to setup a multi field Form for my webiste, so people can submit information to me.
I want them to be able to something like this..

Name: <name field>
Email: <name field>

But I want that submit to just automatically send it to my email, without having them get re-directed to their default mailing serivce.
Then if it's possible, for them to get re-directed to a Thank You page.

Something like... they click submit, it emails me the contents of the fields, then re-directs them to the thank you page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:HTML Form Action Code

You need a serverside language like Perl, PHP, or ASP. Does your host support any of these?

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I'm developing a page that has more than one form on it, and I need to dynamically reference a form through JavaScript in order to add more elements to the form, but I can't seem to get it to work. Can someone give me a hand?


.formTable {border: 2px solid black;}
.formTableInnard {text-align: center; width: 720;}
.textEntry {width: 675px; height: 150px; scrolling: auto;}
.linkURLHeader {text-align: center; width: 175px; background-color: #CCCCCC; border: 1px solid black;}
.linkDescriptionHeader {text-align: center; width: 500px; background-color: #CCCCCC; border: 1px solid black;}
.linkURL {width: 175px;}
.linkDescription {width: 500px;}
var fieldType = 'text';
var linkURLName = 'linkURL1';
var linkDescriptionName = 'linkDescription1';
var linkURLWidth = 175;
var linkDescriptionWidth = 500;

function addLink (form, tmpFieldName, tmpFieldWidth) {
if (this.document.getElementById) {
var input = this.document.createElement('INPUT');
if (this.document.all) { // what follows should work with NN6 but doesn't in M14
input.type = fieldType; = tmpFieldName;
input.width = tmpFieldWidth;
else if (this.document.getElementById) { // so here is the NN6 workaround
input.setAttribute('type', fieldType);
input.setAttribute('name', tmpFieldName);
input.setAttribute('width', tmpFieldWidth);
form.appendC... Read more

Answer:HTML/JS - Referencing a form through Javascript

Also: I tried giving each form an ID tag (HeaderForm and LinksForm) and then referencing them using "document.getElementByID('[ID]')" to no further success.

This is getting rather frusterating :/

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I have a web site and I want my users to be able to upload files to me using the Contact page on my site, but I don't know how to accomplish this task. If someone could please post some source code here or send it to me at [email protected] I would greatly appreciate it.


Answer:Solved: HTML form help needed

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i have a HTML form (which the user completes) that submits the information in it to a PHP script which then compiles the information and enters it into a database. The problem is not all the data is being passed to the Database. i have noticed that the fields which have data missing from them is where the form is of the drop-down list type e.g. title -> mr, mrs, miss, Dr. can anyone tell me what i need to do to pass the drop-down list information to the PHP script and then to the database?

any help will be great

Answer:simple HTML form & PHP question

Didn't test it, but this should work.


<select name="title">
<option value="a">a</option>
<option value="b">b</option>

Here the value is stored in the variable $_POST['title'] and according to what the user chooses, the value should be eighter "a" or "b".

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hello.. i want link another pc in a local LAN ..i creare a html page than want create a link wher users can access dircetly the share drive..exple..main computer ip

Answer:link to another pc form html in local lan

You might be able to do <a href="smb://hostname" rel="nofollow">link</a>like this, but I don't know how portable that is across browsers (it works in Firefox but apparently not in Chrome). If you're running the web server on the same computer that is hosting the files, you should just point the server's www root to the directory you want to share from.

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Hi people

I need to login everytime for connecting to the Internet using html form method.
I have 24/7 cable/LAN connection to the Internet.

I'm sick and tired of logging-in over and over again and decided to write a program that would do it for me at every system-start.

I know we can use Inet control in visual studio to download the webpage and manipulate it to auto fill the form but no clue how to submit it.

Can you help me? (If you can come up with an alternate solution it would be fairly nice.)

Good day!

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There is a bug that completely changes the tables I have set and it only happens in IE. Pics are attached that show what is supposed to happen (in Chrome and FF) and what happens in IE. Please Help me! I can provide code if needed, but I have narrowed down the problem to something with the <form> tag. The form tag is inside a table which is inside another table.

Answer:Internet Explorer HTML <form> tag bug

Nevermind, I fixed it. The problem was the <form>. I do not know why it did this but that was the tag that screwed everything up. My fix was to use <select> without using the <form>. It is working now!

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Who doesn't hate AOL! Well here is my problem. We have designed a site and added a form. THe form works great when the user is not an AOL user. However, in AOL when the person hits the submit button all that pops up is a AOL email frame with the address and none of the data. Any help would be great!

The form address is:

Answer:Form Hell and HTML design in AOL?

I found the best solution was to take it out of the surfers hands. Unless someone has found a way, I never could beat it. My solution was when I took my web site to a real web site, and was able to run cgi scripts. FormMail

above was one of the best form mail scripts I have found. I use several of Matt's stuff. He is really easy to understand.

[Edited by nczman on 05-09-2001 at 09:25 PM]

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Having got over the PHP hurdle click here I have now discovered a new problem. My form doesn't work! click here to view it.Would anyone be able to work out, from the source code, why none of the text from the fields reaches my inbox? I just get a blank email, even though I have filled in all fields and the elseif command is included in the PHP file.

Answer:Form HTML generates blank email

I'll edit them and see if it helps. At the moment, the html is totally NOF's own and I haven't tried to randomly mess with it in case I make it worse! Thanks for the advice, John.

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I'm sure it's simple, but I can't seem to get it to work.

I'm trying to redirect a user to another page when they click "Send" (submit) with only HTML (I'm not exactly interested in java or anything else for the moment). I read about using a "hidden" input with a value of the URL, but I don't know where to put it. I tried before and after the "submit" input (the logical place), with no luck (does it matter where I put it?). Does it work only if I have an "action" (in this case "mailto:"), or would it still work if I left the action attribute blank? Or do I have the whole process wrong?

Answer:(HTML) redirecting to another page after form submission

well if you have a form
<form name="form1" method="post" action="yourpage.html">
...form fields here...
<input type="submit" value="submit" />

then when they click the button, it will send them to "yourpage.html"
is that what you're looking for?

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In part of my web form I need to have one menu selection display an alternative list of choices based on an earlier menu selection within the same form.I want the User to be able to choose a Day of the week in the first menu selection. The HTML code I have for this is : P>Select a Day: SELECT NAME="day" STYLE="width: 3.28cm; height: 0.58cm"> OPTION SELECTED>Monday OPTION>Tuesday OPTION>Wednesday OPTION>Thursday OPTION>Friday OPTION>Saturday OPTION>Sunday /OPTION> /SELECT> /P>Next I want the User to choose a Time. If it is a weekday (Monday-Friday) I want the following menu to appear : P>Select a Time: SELECT NAME="time1" STYLE="width: 3.28cm; height: 0.58cm"> OPTION SELECTED>18:00 OPTION>19:00 OPTION>20:00 OPTION>21:00 /OPTION> /SELECT> /P>If however the User chose a Weekend day (Sat/Sun) then I wish the options to be : P>Select a Time: SELECT NAME="time2" STYLE="width: 3.28cm; height: 0.58cm"> OPTION SELECTED>9:00 OPTION>10:00 OPTION>11:00 OPTION>12:00 OPTION>13:00 OPTION>14:00 OPTION>15:00 OPTION>16:00 OPTION>17:00 OPTION>18:00 OPTION>19:00 OPTION>20:00 OPTION>21:00 /OPTION> /SELECT> /P>Any ideas on how I can achieve the effect I want? Do I need to use Javascript code or is there some sort of IF statement I can use?

Answer:HTML web form - make 2nd menu reliant on 1st

click here

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I'm fairly new to creating web pages and I can't figure this out.
I'll outline my problem.

I created for testing a blank HTML page in Dreamweaver.
I inserted a text area form and a submit button.

My question is what happens to the data when the submit button is pressed. So far it just disappears.

I want to somehow export the data entered by "whoever" visits the site to a text file. Or any other file so I can review the entries later.

If anyone knows how to do this please help.

Answer:HTML form: submit button question

Here is a modified for I use to receive the out put as an email

<FORM ACTION="mailto:[email protected]removeddata-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */removed" METHOD="POST"


P></CENTERRead more

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I have a working form that sends the results to an email adress. It then redirects the user to some page.

How can I control where that user gets redirected after the form is submited?

Is there something that I can put in the form tag?

Any help is appreciated.

Here is my tag..


Answer:HTML Forms, <form> question, Easy

DON'T Post that link dude.. you had your login in the url query string.. can't believe Yahoo is doing that..

Any who.. it looks like there is some option perhaps, on yahoo's side that allows this to happen. Check your account with yahoo.

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Hi all.

I am using WebEasy Professional 6 to design my website. I have inserted a form on my 'contact us' where clients can submit comments, however these comments display in html format when I view it in my inbox (Microsoft Outlook). Does anyone have any suggestions to correct this? Thanks!

Answer:Form on website displaying comments in html

Greetings, BexBomb.

Sounds like you've got something missing, most likely a bracket. Look for code similar to this:

<form>yada yada</form

Notice the missing > after the second "form".

If you can't find the culprit, post the address and I'll take a look at it, or you can validate the page at which should show any HTML mistakes on the page.

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I have been asked by my boss to find out about freezing panes in html not excel and when i googled this i could not find any helpful info, can anyone help me please???? Also have been asked about form feeds in html, which i have no idea about

Answer:HTML form feed and freezing pane, please help

I am not a html expert but you could import excel panes into a html file or screenshot the pane from a excel document and put it in the html as a picture.

can you give us an example of what you want to do? also for the form feeds?

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I need my website viewers to be able to open an email link and then fill in a form on that email. I can do the open an email bit but its them filling in a form on the body of the email Im having BIG problems with.Please help Thanks Funkam

Answer:Html code for a creating a form in an email

Simply create a normal HTML form. use the Mailto option int he <form> tag like so<form action="mailto:youremail" method="POST" enctype="text/plain">

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See the webform located at which I created only to use the generated HTML from the browser source.

Can you view the source, look at the HTML and help me to craft the following:
Additional button [Calculate] to be located to the right of "Add 3% Electronic Payment Convenience Fee" and when clicked will calculate the product of "Amount" and "Add 3% Electronic Payment Convenience Fee" and place the newly calculated value in "Calculated Total". Database fields exist for all form fields and are named as seen in the source. I am assuming javascript is necessary to accomplish this. My javascript skill is very limited. I am also assuming there is no reason the javascript will not work if placed inline on the same page. "Add 3% Electronic Payment Convenience Fee" field and "Calculated Total" field should not be editable by user.

This CMS system allows HTML to be used where needed. I can copy the HTML from this type of form (which is built using a site tool) and place the HTML into a new site page, edit the HTML so as to reformat the layout of the table, customize attributes such as placeholder text and other changes.

I hope this is enough information. If not, feel free to ask.


Answer:HTML & javascript form field value calculation

Hello All...

Another thought I guess is that javascript could be disabled in the user's browser. The more I consider this, the more I believe that I could do without storing the calculated total especially knowing that results could be skewed based on user's browser. Amount, Item Name and multiplier used in Fee are required. Others are not. However, I still wish to display the calculated total if the user wishes to click the [Calculate] button to see it.

Make sense?


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This may not be possible, but I would like to embed a value in a form field (the form can be invoked from several different links within an html page), the value depends upon the place from where it was invoked

Answer:Pre-empt a form field according to invoking source in html...

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Does anyone have any? And how do I make sure the information is sent to my database or emailing list?

Answer:Premade HTML codes for a sign up/registration form?

please do not duplicate posts

continue here -
i will also moved to the web design forum

closing this post

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I'm looking for some free code that i can put into my html page that is a form that allows the user to insert their name, email address and comments and also upload a file.I have found a few sites along the lines of this one - click here. Where they seem to allow you to make a form, but charge if you want to be able to have file upload capability.Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks.

Answer:Free HTML Form Code With Upload Capability

You could take a look at this - not sure if this is what you want but James is good at suggestionsclick here

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Ok this time its related to creating a web site.

I am creating a web site for a college project of mine. So fra i have made a few forms for the site. My problem is that i donot know how to take the data from the web site and store it in a database. I have been racking my head and scouring the net but have been unsuccessful in finding anything relevent . Any help on what i can do to resolve this problem would be the most appreciated. Itsjust that i am nearing he deadline for submission and am unable to proceed ahead.

Thanks a lot

Answer:Taking data from an html form and storing it in SQL Server 2000

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Through a form (html code),
 how to write the data from the form to a TXT file ?
If necessary to create a button inside the form, I'm agree.
(please, if it's possible not to use a VBS or PHP script)

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I am working on a user form in Microsoft Word 2002 and have been having problems saving it as an html format. I am currently trying to save it as "Filtered HTML" using VBA. I have the same problems however even if I try to save it as unfiltered HTML.

Anyway, it is a protected form with various types of form fields. When saving as html, the text box form fields show up fine, but the other types of fields (drop-down and check-box) do not show up.

If anyone has any ideas about why this is occuring or possible solutions, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks!!

Answer:Word 2002 - problems saving form fields as html format

If you are saving it as a webpage, then why do you not make it into a web driven form.

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Hello,My Avira keeps finding daily everytime I scan it.....HTML/Exploit.Mhtml HTML and HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen HTML script viruses. This has been going on a long time. The only thing I have noticed is high cpu 90-100% in task manager all the time, which does'nt seem to impact the speed of the computer. Occasionally, I pick up things in Malwarebytes and Spybot if I neglect to run a scan on Avira for a few days. I've also scanned Adaware and Avast but nothing shows up on them. This has been driving me nuts and any help would be greatly appreciated!!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2:13:12 AM, on 8/8/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0013)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\PROGRA~1\A4Tech\Keyboard\Ikeymain.exeC:\Program Files\ASUS\Probe\AsusProb.exeC:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exeC:\PROGRA~1\KEYWAL~1\KWallet.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\... Read more

Answer:HTML/Exploit.Mhtml HTML & HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen HTML

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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Question: Form to Mail

I am moving my site from the Geocities server to the Verizon one and am having trouble with the form to mail script.

The instructions are as follows:

This script allows you to provide HTML forms in your pages for users to provide information, which will then be converted into e-mail format and sent to you. It is superior to using a mailto: in a form's ACTION in that the e-mail it sends will be formatted rather than raw data.

You can design the form according to your own preferences and desires, customizing it to gather the precise kinds of information you need, and only you (or others whom you authorize to receive e-mail on your behalf) will have access to the information that users provide through the form.
NOTE: You must be a registered Verizon
user to use this script.

The new script, form2mail.exe includes a number of enhancements to the previous script ( "form to mail" including the ability to ...

* Specify the "SUBJECT" and a "FROM" field in the e-mail message
* Check for errors and omissions in the form to make sure that the user has supplied all the information you intended to gather
* Record the precise date and time the user submitted the form
* Customize the format of the mail message by using a template file

Instructions for using these intermediate options are provided after the general instructions, below.
Implementing a Form-to-Mail

Implementing a form-to-mail requires two HTML pages on your Web site:

1... Read more

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Question: Form Mail

Can anyone please direct me to a place to find
I am working on getting a form to attach a file for the user, but I have come to a dead end in getting it to work, I am currently using and it will not send the attached file just the text of the file name, I heard through research that will.
Thanks in advance!

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Please forgive me if this has been asked before I did a search but did not find the answer to this question and some were vague. I want to make a form that customers can fill out the necessary information hit submit and have it go to my e-mail. How do I do This? Is there script I can use and modify to my needs? I am familiar with HTML but this whole form thing is a bit confusing.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:How to set up form mail

I would see if your web host has a FAQ about it. I think different hosts do it differently, and some expect that you will build your form using their online utility.

I have used Web Form Designer to build the html, and then used their free hosting service. For me it worked better than what my host had to offer.

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Question: PHP E-Mail Form

Hi, i know there have most probably been hundreds of posts on PHP forms. But i just wanted everything packing into one. So, where abouts can i find a secure PHP e-mail form where it "hides" the e-mail address.Apologies as i know this has been posted before however i wanted just a simple answer that i know will accomodate my needsThanks in advanceAidan

Answer:PHP E-Mail Form

Hi Aidan.Funny you should ask this, with me having been through the PHP wringer recently! LOL.Firstly, all PHP mail forms hide the address. There is an extra bit of code that is needed to bring up your form.html page if anyone tries to guess the address of your PHP form. There is also some code that will prevent your form being used to send spam mail. click hereSites that I used, apart from this one obviously, include click here and click hereI'll post a copy of my code in a mo so that you can see what's what.

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Question: E-Mail Form

Do you know where I could get a script that could send a message in a form to my email address?


Is there away to allow users to send files from their computer as an attachment in an e-mail to me (through a webform as well)? And does a script exist for it?


Answer:E-Mail Form

Yes, but you will need to know some kind of dynamic language like PHP or ASP. I'm learning PHP right now, and I've made some stuff exactly for what your looking for. Simple, and easy to blend into your website. PM me your email, and I'll email you the code for it.

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Question: Got mail form B/C

When I get a email for this forum and click on the site under The topic can be found here: it will not open. This also happens with other sites. It started after Alltel went to Windstream. I'm thinking it is a setting in Outlook Express. I haven't been able to find it , Tools/Options.

Answer:Got mail form B/C

Not sure if anything on this page might help? you able to send and receive emails via OE?Also, is the link IN the emails from this site 'complete' or is it a bit cut off? Does it LOOK like a complete link ?

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Question: Mail Form

I have used freeserve (wanadoo) for a website that has had a mailform on it where visitros can send a question or request information. It has stopped working and no changes have been made to it. It has worked for 6 years until hereAny ideas out there as to why this would all of a sudden not work since last week?

Answer:Mail Form

uploading a fresh copy of the form? It may be that the 'submit' hyperlink on the button has stopped working for some reason. Try a fresh upload, and see if that does the trick.

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Question: PHP E-mail Form

Hi,I am developing a website for a client and they wish for a contact form to be displayed on one of the pages. I was wondering if there was a form generator that would generate a contact form which would prevent spam OR have a captcha image on it so that spam wasn't sent by bots to the client's e-mail address. This form will be displayed on a HTML page, not a PHP page.Thanks in advanceAidan L

Answer:PHP E-mail Form

There are a couple of suggestions for a mail form on the forum, ADE_1. There's this one click here and this one. click here

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Question: using a mail form

I want to add a form for an enquiry instead of displaying my e-mail address on the my website click hereWhat I want to be able to do is replace the contact e-mail address with 'send us an enquiry' or similar and when the client clicks this it takes them to an enquiry form to fill in and then mail to me. I am using serif webplus9 at the moment and heart internet hosting. can someone help?

Answer:using a mail form

Try thisclick hereYou could consider an upgrade to Web Plus 10 which has a form builder

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I'm trying to set up a website for mobile devices and have encountered a problem I, with my limited brain-power, cannot solve. So I thought that I would throw it out there and hopefully find someone who knows the solution!

I am using a free template from an outfit in Australia - - which uses a javascript expand and collapse routine, which works fine except where I have included a web form to get specific information from prospective clients.

The problem is that the form automatically expands itself and will not contract - you'll get a better idea of what I mean if you view the page (in a normal browser) - here -

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Html web form not working inside js "accordion"

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Question: HTML E-mail

Probably a stupid question, but I created an html file that has about 8 images, that I could e-mail to family, but I can't figure out how to send it properly so that the images show up in the file. The images just show up as attachments and there is just the box with "x" in the top left corner where the pictures should be. Does anyone know how I can send the file so that it is displayed correctly? Thank you

Answer:HTML E-mail


None of us have ESP, so if you want some help, you have to give us the important details.

What software are you using to send the e-mail? What are your new e-mail format settings? Text? Rich Text? HTML?

If it was up to me, I wouldn't send the pictures this way, I'd send them as attachments.

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Question: Raw HTML Mail

Is there any way to get Hotmail into HTML format, i would like to put some smileys in there to spice things up

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Question: HTML e-mail

I am using Outlook 2000 on a Win 98 computer, and i have created a page in FrontPage that I want to send as an e-mail. I don't want the recipient to see it as an attachment, i want them to open the e-mail and see the FrontPage document I created. How can I do this?

Answer:HTML e-mail

Maybe this will help. When I want to send a page or website page this way, I click on `File`on the toolbar and `send` then choose `send page by email`.
Hope this helps.

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Question: HTML in E-mail

I was curious, how would I insert an HTML document into an email?(I have a webmail provider, otherwise i could use Outlook)

Please reply to my email addy.

Answer:HTML in E-mail

HTML is just text. Just type the HTML code and if their Email client supports it, it will show as HTML. Otherwise they will just see the code.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech

6/6 added pay for home page site - nothing to install!
5/20 new, unlimited, pay to surf site added
5/21 added interactive story site - it's fun!

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Question: HTML in e-mail

I have received a reply from someone but the E-mail is full of what looks like program coding, EG > etc.How can I advise the sender about this?geedad

Answer:HTML in e-mail

The sender has his e-mail program set to send in HTML format, e-mail him/her and tell them to resend in plain text, or set your own e-mail program through tools menue, to recieve in HTML.

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Using windows 7 and live mail, an apostrophe used in an outgoing mail changes to a series of characters which I can only illustrate by an attachment.
Before sending, the message reads 'I've been'. Having sent it, looking at the message in the 'Sent' folder shows the message already distorted and it is received back in my computer distorted. Attachments in Word arrive in their proper form.
a is file sent
b is when it is received back
Messages from other people are often, but not always, distorted.

Can anyone make sense out of this?

Answer:apostrophe in mail changes form

Read here
Issues in Unicode email

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I'm not sure what I should use a autoresponder or form mail. I want give visitors a free ebook but bot without getting their name and email address. Once they fill it out I want to auto send a link to download the ebook.

Do you have any suggestions or scripts?

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Question: design / form mail

i have created and published my site using dreamweaver and enjoy the program,with some help from a coworker. my question is....that i have pages "created already" such as feedback,a nd a search request page that need form mail or responses sent back to me.

my question is ....can i use the page ive created/copied and alter it easily to validate , etc and come back to me or do i need to create or write a new page from scratch ??.

frontpage seems more user friendly for this but im still stumped....any suggestions ????

Answer:design / form mail

You will need a serverside language to handle the validation/email sending. Does your server support PHP, Perl, Or ASP?

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Hey Guys , anyone here have experience with PHP , especially when it comes to creating a contact form. If you do will you be able to help me with my problem?. I am trying to send mail through my contact form but it's not working for some reason. Every time I click on my contact link I am presented with




Answer:Contact PHP Mail Form..

your opening it as file:// ... just an ordinary file so it will display as text
try http://localhost/RHCS/contact.php instead.

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Question: Form Mail Merge

Hi All

I want to Create a MS Word mail merge template based upon this pdf:

Map all fields to csv data source. Resulting Word doc will be printed and scanned.

Please guide how it will be done?


Shehbaz H.

Answer:Form Mail Merge

Why, if you have the data source, would you do a mailmerge, then print & scan the output? Do you need the data in some form that it can't be produced from the data on demand?

Regardless, before you can do anything, you will need to convert the PDF to a Word document.

From then on, it's essentially a matter of inserting mergefields to populate the various 'fields' in the document. You can do that by using Word's Mailmerge helper, available via the Mailings tab on the Ribbon. Assuming the checkboxes are to be checked/unchecked as appropriate, those will need replacement with fields coded like:
{SYMBOL {IF{MERGEFIELD CheckBox \* Upper}= "TRUE" 254 168} \a \f Wingdings}
where 'CheckBox' is the data field name.

Note: The field brace pairs (i.e. '{ }') for the above example are all created in the document itself, via Ctrl-F9 (Cmd-F9 on a Mac); you can't simply type them or copy & paste them from this message. Nor is it practicable to add them via any of the standard Word dialogues.

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is there any fingerprint device that can be used as an input device, like keyboard or barcode reader? it can decode or something the fingerprint and send that value to a textbox in an html form? or it can send the image to a file but it must work for web site?

Answer:Fingerprint device that can be used as an input device to an html form

Finger print is used for logging into the system. About that, not sure.

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I cannot figure out for the life of me how to send html mail with windows mail in vist. it sure seems to accept them just fine with all the spam i get. I tried following the old way of inserting text from file but the text from file link isnt even clickable. any help guys?

Answer:Windows Mail And HTML

Windows Live Mail from Windows Live is the latest Mail program from Microsoft, more features and easy to use with HTML.

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Question: GMail HTML E-Mail

Does anyone know how to use HTML in Gmail? Like so:

<b>This is my e-mail subject.</b><br><br>
<td>Table Example</td>
<a href="">Link 1</a>

(that isnt the email i am trying to send, its just an example.)

I am trying to write a newsletter...

Answer:GMail HTML E-Mail

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After receiving several mails in HTML showing graphics and tables, I liked to make myself one of those. However, I can not figure out how. I used netscape composer and try to send but there is no way to avoid being sent as an attachment.

Next I've got the HTML source of the same test page and pasted on the mail editor , I enabled mail format and sent as HTML, however only the source in plain text is received.

It is always available to make view source to get the HTML code in plain text, however the opposite is no so evident.

How Outlook or any other mail "knows" when to interpret the HTML commands and then produce the tables, indentation, fonts , etc ??

Thanks in advance.................JGV

Answer:HTML mail sent with Outlook2000

This isn't exactly designed for what you are trying to do, but I made it for OE and I assume Outlook is at least simialr.


BTW Welcome to TSG!

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Hello everybodyMy site click here for which I received a lot of help from you is up and running.Now I need to start marketing my holidays to specific direct clients and Travel agent's e-mail addresses but I don' want to sent them as a word.doc attachement.All of you must have received enough spam for viagra etc....with many pictures on them displaying various images.I created a Xmas card on my NAMO web editor and sent it to a few close friends but none has been able to see the images.Can anybody tell me HOW DO THEY CREATE these e-mails? Is there a specific program to use?I am sure somebody will know how.Thanks in advance.WizPS: SPECIAL THANKS TO RICHARD for his FREE help. My ENQUIRY FORM now works fine and looks very good , in my view

Answer:How to create an E-mail on HTML?

click herethis should tell you how to do it, it is what i used to create mine after months of frustrationhope it helpsps good site by the way i hope you do really well

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ok got a qick question.. I tried to find out the answer on my own to no avail so here goes. Ive been recently put in charge of a site newsletter. formerly pretty lame with just a few lines of plain text Ive added alot of content and its all put together using dozens of tables. With dozens of links and alot of text formatting along with a few images. Its a pretty heavy html document. In review with the other site staff. The question was brought up, "what if someone has HTML disabled in thier email?" Ive tried, but cant find an email that allowes html completly disabled, so I was hoping someone could help me here.. my main question is.. would it show up at all? just be a bunch of jargon? what??? AND, If I just put a bit of plain text before all the coding, would that show up? Say I put something like... "this messege is in HTML format, if you cannot view the below newsletter or have HTML disabled, please point your browser to the following address http://page_where_newsletter_is_hosted"

would that work ok???

unfortunatly I need to send out the newsletter tomorrow.. day after at the latest.. I would really hate to have to wait another month to send It. But if I dont know how it will look to the viewers im afraid I will have to use the plain text version this time around

does anyone have any helpfull information????

thanks in advance

*~peace and love~*

*~Amanda Hope~*​

Answer:HTML E-Mail *URGENT*

The option is in the email client and it is usually "View mail in plain text". If that is set, then the email will display as the HTML source. There's not much you can do about that.
You can get really clever and put a reference to a script in your email. This script would binary write out an image and you use this to track the hit to the email (i.e. when the script is hit it updates some database). If the hit is recorded then the user has HTML enabled, if not then it was read in plain text or not read at all.
So you could, based off this, set an option in the database for the email for "TEXT VIEW" or something that denotes it to be a text email to be sent out. Then when your emailer reads the database and sees this bit set to "TEXT EMAIL" then it will not send the HTML email, it will send a text version of it.


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Lets say I have a file name welcome.html on my harddrive and I want to send this page to a friend so that when he opens the e-mail he will instantly see this page. Also I want to include a flash object on the same page so that when he opens the email it automatically starts playing. Can I do this with Outlook Express or Incredimail, or do I need some special software?
Thanx for your time.

Answer:sending html as e-mail

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hey, i want to know how to make a e-mail input box, were the user puts in the e-mail, and then it is sent to my e-mail address, so i can tell them when the site is done?? can someone please help me?..? thankz

Answer:E-mail inpout in HTML doc.?

Depending upon what your host supports, you can do a variety of things. But I'm under the assumption that you don't have any server-side scripting, so you may want to try Bravenet or HTML Tools or whatever they are called nowadays that offer you free little scripts like "mail me" so that users can email you. But you pay the price with ads. Meanwhile, if you did have PHP or ASP or CGI, you can either write your own (which is actually not that difficult once you get to know the language) or find a free easily customizable one on the net. Hope that helps.

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Hi everyone! I have a very limited knowledge of html but I would like to know how I would add html to a regular e-mail. Can someone help? ~ Mary ellen

Answer:sending html in e-mail

Hi ebot, and thanks for contacting me. I do not use Outlook Express, I use Netscape 6. After I posted this last evening, I fooled around with the mail program and found lots of things in the drop down menu under "format" that I never realized I could use. Probably because I never took the time to do it, huh? Anyway, I think I am on the right track now, learning slowly but surely. :>))

Thanks again!
~Mary Ellen

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I have Windows 7 .. Automatically ... not known to me .. I had Windows Live Essentials.. I don't like it and I can't open HTML messages in my mail. I wish I had Outlook Express again, it was perfect!

Answer:Can't open HTML mail

Press ctrl+F2 to view e-mail content in HTML coding.

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using vista... trying to email from link in web site... after clicking 'send', a window asks for my 'display name'> then my e-mail address> then comes up with windo titled 'Information about HTTP e-mail' , saying that Windows mail no longer supports the http servers used by Hotmail and other web-based providers.... and linkjs to other options for accessing ... but gets me nowhere!! What to do???

Answer:e-mail form web link problem

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If I wanted to allow users a choice of email accounts to submit to - ie, one for new clients and one for existing ones - can that be done? It seems a bit clunky to have a seperate form for each email address.

Answer:Can a form submit to more than one mail account?

but how do you want it to be done?Javascript?PHP?post back and I'll try to be more helpful.

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I made a form in Microsoft Word 2003 that is fill-able and need to email the form out to 183 different organization with personal data from each organization in their form. For this reason, I created the form, then did a Mail Merge that had the data I needed. When the merge was complete, all of my Text Form Fields had been deleted. The blanks are still there but the Text Form Fields are not. I would like to be able to lock the document so that they will not be able to type in the question areas but if I lock it without the text form fields, they can't type anything at all. I tried locking the document before I did the merge in a hope that it would keep the form fields there, but Word would not allow me to merge the document if it was locked. I would really enjoy not having to go through 183 documents and add form fields in all the spots that got erased. I guess I could go through 183 copies of the same document and type the data by hand, but I am really hoping there is a way to get mail merge to put my information in the document without removing my text form fields.

Answer:Mail Merge is Deleting my Form

Alright, well after a full day of searching, I finally found my own answer. It isn't possible in Word itself but a couple macros have been written to work around this.

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please understand, i am a novice with some elements of understanding about scripts.


i have a domain with STREAMLINE.NET. They host my site under the Widows 2003 server.
My site has a CGI-BIN
As the server is windows 2003, i have been told i cannot change file permissions i.e. to 755...etc

I have been trying with loads i mean LOADS of scripts to get this working, below is the desired effect i need to happen:

All i want to do is a user fills out a form, the form when clicked submit, the form data is send to an associated e-mail account. thats all

The the scripts say they work on windows etc, but when testing time and time again they dont, ive used PHP,PL,ASP,CGI etc non work.
Some of these scripts display the "thank-you" page, as if the script work but dont send any mail.
Some say "you are not authorised to view this page"
On questioning my host, they said all script to e-mail must have a from and to address to work, ive done just that no help. As well as this, they confirmed i cannot change the permissions.

I think the prob is the permissions as the user cannot use the write permission the data is not beging sent.
Of one example of the scripts i have used loads of people say they work but they dont for me!

and yes i am uploading the sripts in the correct mode using ftp

If ive missed any info out, please let me no

Any ideas would be great!

Thanks a bundle in adv... Read more

Answer:FORM MAIL, Its Great when it works! - Please help -

Here's a simple one that works fine on my webserver.


"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> 
<form method="POST">
<b>To:</b><input type="text" name="to" /><br />
<b>Subject:</b><input type="text" name="subject" /><br />
<b>Text:</b><br />
<textarea cols="40" rows="10" name="text"></textarea><br />
<input type="submit" name="sub" value="Send" /><br />
mail($_POST['to'Read more

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I have dial-up server. the dial-up form that appear everytime I log on-line. well when I get mail it tells me at the bottom of the form. the dial-up forn has my mail box on it besides IE Icon. when I get mail sometime not all a internet error report form will appear. so I have to send it. after I have sent it. the dial-up form disappears. so I have to go to the mailbox icon on my screen to get the mail. after I go get the mail. I click on my dial-up icon to make the form reappear. so everytime when the form comes up for the first time it tell you about mail count. But of course I have just gone to the mail. so when it goes to show me it of course will say zero. so when there is zero mail it will let the dial-up form stay. so also when I'am out at a web site and get mail. It also will do it. so if someone has a answer I would love to hear it. Mary

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We need to send a form with it's data via e-mail when a record is either entered or updated.
My idea was to attach a command button to the form but I can't work out how to send the current form as an attachment via Outlook so that the form and it's data is displayed.
The standard formats aren't sufficient for the job as they either change the form layout, send all records or use Snapshot - which entails going to the corresponding folder\file.
Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Mail Access Form with Outlook

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I need a script or program that sends online forms to an e-mail address. I don't wish to use Frontpage. My ISP gave me this script, that sends it via thier server except when the form has been sent, it comes up with a Form Executed page that shows the e-mail address it was sent to (see and the program it uses is at Is there any way I can change the program from going to this form executed page? Or does someone have a script I can use?

Answer:[Resolved] form mail program

I found a script from Matt's Script Archive and instructions on how to install.

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I have addresses set up in excel 2000. I have no trouble using these to make mailing labels with Mail Merge in Word 2000, but I am having trouble composing a form letter and using these same addresses. I have tried the help feature in Word, but I must still be doing something wrong. Any advice?

Answer:Mail merge and form letters

Do the same thing you are doing to do the mail merge. Once you select the data source (your excel sheet) you can insert the fields into your document where you want them. Be sure you set up your spreadsheets first row as a label for the column beneath.

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For those web devs out there.....

I've been alerted to a problem by a client whose website I created that some people can't use her email link on her website. Some 'computer expert' she hired claims that she should use form mail because visitors that do not have a default email program will not be able to send her email.

So I had a relative try it using her Verizon/Yahoo account and her email program opened up, ready for her to compose.....she doesn't use Outlook or Express....

Anyone ever heard of this? Seems to me that they may have one person, probably a relative, who wants to email them through the website and can't figure out how to use their own computer....




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I normally use Outlook Express 6 but recently I installed Outlook to help someone troubleshoot a problem. It's still on my system but I do not use it.

Now whenever I send a message I get a pop up telling me that some people don't want to recieve HTML mail. Then it asks me how I want to send it; HTML or Plain Text.

I get this annoying pop up everytime I send mail and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I tried uninstalling Outlook but it seems I can't get rid of it unless I uninstall the whole office suite.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:HTML Mail vs Plain text

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Seems allowing HTML in Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape E-mail clients can be exploited quite easily by Spammers or anyone who wishes to gather information such as Valid Address, Date and Time of opening E-mail, IP address at time of opening and other information normally contained in header info of E-mails.
This also begs the question if other code could be embedded into into an E-mail without our knowledge!

Ran into a website that graphically showed the vunerablility we face if someone wants to be tricky.

This is basically how it works.
Sendor of E-Mail Embeds Img Src code for object via code and directs source back to thier server. This object could be as small as 1 pixel x 1 pixel and also transparent so you do not know it is happening. When request for object is received at sending server information of request, IP address, E-Mail Address, Time and date stamp user agent info, Client, OS and versions all can be gathered.

This is bad enough but it will also happen if crafted message is forwarded on to anyone else!

Seems the more creative one gets with their communications the more vunerable one becomes to misuse!

Here is the site that explains the problem further and has a working model of it to show the vunerability!

Many thanks to Jim Mackraz for providing us with this heads up!


Answer:Pitfalls E-mail client using HTML

Thanks for the link Dave. I think that I will stick with HTML and just delete from people that I don't know.


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Having problems with certain incoming e-mails being changed to plain text - am unable to change back to HTML. Can change the outgoing e-mail but not the incoming. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Answer:Losing HTML formatting in e-mail

Originally Posted by SoDak nurse

Having problems with certain incoming e-mails being changed to plain text - am unable to change back to HTML. Can change the outgoing e-mail but not the incoming. Any ideas on how to fix this?

You can't change incoming email because you didn't create it. The original author must create their email in HTML so you can view it in HTML. If they use plain text, you get plain text.

When you reply, you can change your reply content to HTML and the recipient will get it in HTML unless they have HTML disabled.


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I wanted to use my office e-mail ID in Lumia 930 for which I would be needed to send the HTML e-mails from the phone. Is this possible? I might need to send out an table or have signature with image on it, can I do these things using 930?

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whenever i sent e-mail it is "Content-Type: text/plain;" how can i send "Content-Type: text/html;" like MicroSoft" or others  

Answer:how to send html/plain e-mail

What are you using for e-mail program ? ?Sylvia is off today.patio.   8-)

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When I went to check my e-mail this A.M. I found something very weird. I've been a member of for over a year now and have never had any problems opening or viewing their mail. I recently downloaded Spybot S&D and I'm wondering if anything that was fixed may have affected how I can read my e-mail. I'd be asking this question on their forum, but they won't let me. I don't have a clue, so please don't ask.
Info: windows 98 se
Browsers IE and AOL (on IE now)
error message or what it said: If this message appears scrambled you may not be able to rad html e-mail direct your browser to http:www.//classmates/go/e/545856641/CC053104/CM580 to change to text only mail.
I didn't follow those instructions. I closed it and kept it "as new".
Any ideas?

Answer:Why cant I read my HTML e-mail any longer

It's entirely possible that spybot removed something required for your web-based email, but switching to the text based email should fix the issue.

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