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Wireless Access Points and Wireless routers

Question: Wireless Access Points and Wireless routers

I brought a Wireless Access Point by mistake from Ebuyer (D-Link DWL-2000AP+) and I was meant to buy a wireless router. Is there anyway I can use the Access Point, without having to return it to ebuyer and be sent another one (OH GOD NO!! :P). I have Telewest Cable broadband, they've provided me with a Cable Modem.Thanks, Josh.

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Preferred Solution: Wireless Access Points and Wireless routers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Wireless Access Points and Wireless routers

I would guess from what info there is here click here that you could just plug your modem into the DLink and use it just like an ordinary wireless router."Built-in Bridge FunctionsThe DWL-2000AP+ can be configured to operate in any one of the 4 modes: (1) as a wireless access point (AP), (2) a point to point wireless bridge, (3) a point to multi point wireless bridge, or (4) a wireless client. With these built-in functions, the DWL-2000AP+ gives you the flexibility to configure the device to meet your environment's requirements. "

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Can someone tell me the difference between a wireless access point like the one I have (D Link ) and a wireless router such as D Link DI 524 please. I assume that only one computer can access the access point at a time but am I right in thinking that the wireless router will allow all of my computers on my (currently wired) network to function as if they were wired With regards to shared internet access and file and printer sharing.RegardsJaimie

Answer:wireless access points and routers

Yeah, your pretty much right.More than one device can connect to a WAP though. A WAP is used to connect a wired network to a wireless network.The router is used act as a gateway to the internet and also to connect multiple devices.

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I am looking for recommendations for any SOHO wireless router that can be configured to work as a wireless access point. We don't need any kind of range extender or repeater capabilities. It would need to be able to communicate with our existing 802.11/g Netgear router with WPA-PSK encryption

The reason I ask is that it seems like many wireless access points cost more than the sale prices of many wireless routers.

EDIT: Sorry for creating confusion with the incorrect terminology. I need to add a device to provide wireless network connectivity for a piece of equipment that only has a wired Ethernet port.

Answer:Which Wireless Routers will work as Access Points?

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So, I've successfully configured some wireless SOHO routers as access points and they all work fine. I've done this with various brands of routers, including Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, and D-Link.

One thing I've noticed is sometimes I'll experience poor wireless performance with the SOHO router configured as an access point. For example, a wired Internet connection might yield 18MBps download speeds and a wireless connection, through a wireless SOHO router configured as an access point, to the same broadband modem will yield 1.5-2MBps download speeds.

Of course, a wired connection will be faster than a wireless one but my question is: is there anything inherent to configuring a wireless SOHO router as an access point that would cause a degradation in performance? I would think there wouldn't be but I'm asking the question here.

The process I've used to configure the wireless SOHO router as an access point involves assigning the router an IP address within the subnet of the main router but outside of its DHCP assignment range, disabling the DHCP server in the wireless router, and configuring the wireless settings the way I normally would, in terms of SSID, security, etc.



Answer:Question about wireless SOHO routers as access points

is there anything inherent to configuring a wireless SOHO router as an access point that would cause a degradation in performance?Click to expand...

Nothing that I can think of. Problem space includes wireless interference, defective router (either the wireless or the ethernet part) and defective cable between main router and the router configured as WAP.

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My home network situation is like this: I have a ZXDSL 831CII Modem/Router with DHCP enabled ( (and a DSL cable). This connects to a 24port D-Link switch and from this I have two ethernet cables to two different routers: a Linksys and an AirLink. Each of these routers has DHCP enabled as well and they provide and

Connected to the Linksys is my WD network drive and connected to my AirLink router is my laptop (they're in separate rooms).
Thus, I've pretty much got two networks set up (two subnets?). What I want to know is how to access one from the other, i.e. how to access my network drive from my laptop (without making the whole home network with static IPs).

*************************************** '------->AIRLINK (DHCP w/>|LAPTOP|

I can't access my drive without directly connecting to the Linksys router; I want to know whether it's possible to access it through my AirLink router.

I originally did not have DHCP activated on the Linksys and Airlink - they had static IPs and so did the laptop and hard drive. However, I was told that it sometimes slows my internet as it may backtrack from AirLink to Linksys and then to the Modem/Router - therefore I activated DHCP.

So one option I considered (to establish a single home network) is putting a switch before eve... Read more

Answer:Solved: Wireless Access Points instead of DHCP routers?

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lenovo g470 windows 7 sp1 Problem: cannot find routers or wireless access points Current situation: reinstalled all network driverswired internet connection is fineBios is fine. installed latest bios.been working on this for 3 days and no luckdevice manager looks fine except:it shows: atheros AR9285 wireless network adapter AND MICROSOFT VIRTUAL WIFI MINIPORT ADAPTER #2 PLEASE HELP ASAP. when I do FN F5, lenovo wireless device settings cannot find network adapter.


Go to Solution.

Answer:cannot find wireless routers and access points G470 windows7

hi louie22,
Can you try the following:
1. Check if you have the physical wireless switch (located in the front side) and toggle it OFF and ON.
  - Link to picture
2. After toggling the physical wireless switch, press Fn+F5 and see if you now have a Wireless Network Card device and ensure that the Current Status is set to ON.
  - Link to picture
3. If the problem remains, reseat the antenna & the wireless module (see page 45-46 of the HMM)
   - Video Disassembly Guide (see FRU Removal/Replacement > WLAN)
Let me know how it goes.

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Lenovo G470windows 7 Problem: cannot connect or find wireless networks, routers or access points Current situation: windows 7,device manager looks greatBios looks great and wireless network adapter is enabledUnder Device Manager: 

Answer:need help asap Lenovo G470 cannot find any wireless routers or access points

Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with unable to find the wireless routers in your Lenovo G470 laptop.
Try to update the driver and check for the issue.
Click here for the driver.
Best regards,         
Ashwin. S

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Hi everyone,

We have a Cisco ASA5505 here that provides DHCP and routing to all our devices in our network. We also have a few other switches and wireless access points connected directly to the back of the ASA5505.

For the past year all the wireless network signals has been working fine however starting last month, none of the wireless access points (we have three WRT54G) would allow proper connection (dropping connection, slow internet).
I thought this maybe all THREE wireless access points are toast/bricked. So i went out and bought brand new Netgear WN604 and even with the new WAP i'm having same connectivity issues (really slow internet).

When hardwired directly to the switches we get BLAZING fast internet & connectivity, no issues.

I called CISCO TAC and asked them for help and they automatically said "our ASA5505 is fine, it has to be your wireless access points" not working properly. I explained to them that i also purchased two brand new access points and they are doing the samething now, how can that be?

Can you guys assist?


Answer:Cisco ASA5505 & Wireless Access Points (all other wifi products) - Wireless issues

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Hi, I did a system update (using the system update tool) on my lenovo laptop z61m. After I did the update I realised that my access connection saw my network adapter but it was not able to detect any wireless networks.   I then found that when I tried to turn off the wireless network adapter using Fn+F5 it doesn't turn it off and neither does it do that for the wireless wan sierra card. It, however still works with the default Windows settings and I am able to connect to the Internet if I use Windows settings.So it kinds of leads me to believe that it is Access connections rather than anything else. I tried these instructions from the forum but it was to no avail. I am in the process of installing Access connections 5.12 so I will report back on what I find. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Regards, Wei-Yen

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Hi,I have a Netgear WPN824 Rangemax wireless router.All works well.except I have a dead spot,the signal is very week,only one bar.Can a wireless access point connect via wireless to my router to extend the wireless signal.Also are wireless range extenders the same as wireless access points.Thanks

Answer:wireless access points

any suggestions ?

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I'm looking into getting two wireless access points for a client and am looking for the best consumer-level AP with b/g/n functionality. Large range is important. Any suggestions?

Answer:Wireless Access Points

Snag some of the newer wrt models from Linksys that support being flashed with DD-WRT firmware. wrt160n, 300n, and I believe the 320 and 350 support DD also. Can check DDs website HCL.

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I currectly have the Linksys BEFW11S4 access point/router etc... I wanted to purchase another AP to to extend the range of my wireless network. I was considering just running a cat5 cable from the befw router to the wap11 on the other side of the house. So the second AP would be able to reach points that the router/ap cannot. Would this work?

Would this only work with an Linksys Wap11 or could i connect the current linksys router with ANY access point such as d-link DWL-1000AP.

If anyone has any better ideas to connect two ap's together please let me know. I would want the ability for my laptops to be able to automatically choose between the two (which ever has a stronger signal or possible use both at the same time). If you someone could tell me step-by-step the best way it would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks BD!

Answer:Wireless Access Points

It would work, although all the makers claim their stuff works with everybody elses I have not found that to be the case, I have a client with a D-link WAP, a Linksys wireless NIC has far less range and stability used with this WAP but works fine with a Linksys WAP. If you go to the makers sites they have examples and instructions on how to do what you want done.

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Are WAPs just repeaters or do they have DHCP servers built in like most routers these days? I have a LinkSys WAP11 and wondering if I want to purchase a Wireless Print Server to go with it will I need a Wireless Router instead or will these work fine. Remember I will be using this in a LAN with little or no use for Internet access. Thanks in advance.


Answer:Wireless Access Points

Most WAP that I have worked with have built in DHCP however I think they also need a router.

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Hello to all the Geniuses
I am trying to help a charity to extend its internet range in to 3 main halls from a nearby house which has internet. BTW the halls are next to each other.
The house and the 3 halls are in the vicinity however not attached together(i.e. wall to wall). The distance between the house and the first hall is approx 1 road width distance.
ISP is Virgin and the internet was installed this year hence has the latest Virgin Home Hub.
I am aware that i probably require 3 wireless access points (1 for each hall).
The first wireless access point will need to be connected with a RJ-45 cable running from Home Hub. Can i connect the Wireless access points up together or do they all need to come from the ADSL hub?
I am not sure what Wireless access points would be best and how to go about connecting this all up.
Appreciate all the advice and guidance as am not too sure where to start
Many thanks

Answer:Help to add Wireless access points

If you use "stand-alone" Wireless Access Points then, yes, they would each have to be wired back to the main router, or to a network switch wired back to the main router, but which could be located in one of the halls. Wireless Access Points cannot communicate wirelessly with one another.
Stand-alone Wireless Access Points tend to be expensive and an alternative method might be to use Cable/DSL Routers (often less expensive), which don't incorporate a modem, but do incorporate a Wireless Access Point. Using this method, a Cable/DSL router would be connected via its WAN port to one of the main router's LAN ports. Computers could then connect "wirelessly" to this second router (in hall no1?).
A second Cable/DSL Router could then connect in the same way to the first Cable/DSL Router, i.e. its WAN port to one of the first router's LAN ports. Repeat the procedure to connect a third Cable/DSL Router to either the first or the second Cable/DSL Router.
With this scenario, all of the routers would have to operate in different subnets (IP address ranges) to avoid address conflicts. This also means that only computers connected to the same router could share Folders & Printers, if that's important.

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I am looking at setting up a wireless network to an existing network. Can a wireless router (such as a SMC barricade) use a wireless access point (again an SMC) as a gateway, or does the router need to access a gateway by the LAN port?

Answer:Wireless Access Points

Wireless routers and wireless access points are basically the same thing - transmitters. the difference is a wireless router can provide access to more clients than a wireless access point using different routing techniques than a WAP can. WAPs are only intended to service 1-10 machine (think of this as peer to peer networking like Win98, where every additional machine causes network performance hits) whereas a router can handle the traffic of 253 machines more efficiently.

Think of wireless networks the same as wired networks. A router is more efficient than a hub (in this case, a WAP).

If anyone thinks I am way off base with this, please let me know.


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i have a small network with 1 xp home pc and 2 laptops (1 is running xp home the other is running win 98) both have 802.11g/b network cards in them. at the minute i have a patch cable attached to the pc and i have have the other end in on of the two laptops (i switch it around sometimes). if i bought an access point could i plug it into the pc (which has a internet conetion) via the patch cable (or would i need standard lan cable.and secondly would that work properly (ie networking all computers together wirelessly, everything connecting via access point.

Answer:wireless access points

to your wireless access point via an ordinary LAN cable. Yes, you can create a wireless network via the access point.

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Both of my laptops get internet just fine through my Netgear 59 wireless router.

ONCE MORE I attempted to get some networking going - between the laptops - using one of those magic ... ... Wizards.

It said to plug in a flash drive. I did.

Then it said to plug the flash drive into my wireless access point.

What the --____ is a wireless access point? Do networking instructions EVER explain ANYTHING at all?

Answer:Wireless access points

Hi JimLL. Are you anywhere near Spencer? Next time I'm up there I want to swing through and wave a magic networking wand.

What wizard are you trying to use?

We have talked many times before but can you tell me yet again what you want your laptops to do and are they both running XP or is one of the Windows 7? I'm temped to ask you to open teamviewer (remote control program) on them both and let me try to get them to talk !

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I'm generally pretty well informed about wireless and wired networking, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around a simple problem I want to solve.

I run a standalone firewall router (a piii-600 running smoothwall linux) and would like to add 802.11g wireless clients to my network.

Right now my cable modem goes into one of the NICs on my router, then the other NIC is uplinked to a 16 port 10/100 switch. The 6 wired clients in the house are then plugged into this switch and assign an IP in the 192.168.42.X range (42 is my favorite number).

What I want is to plug an access point like this into that same 16 port switch and have any wireless client (who can authenticate) be assigned an IP in this same range and act as if they were on the wired LAN somewhere (thus allowing for seemless samba sharing, etc).

Is this going to work, or if not - how can I make it work?

How about this can it be made to work in the same way without doing routing and DHCP? I can't see how, but maybe it has some mode I don't know about or something...

Any advice, comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc are welcome. Thanks.

Answer:Wireless Access Points

the first one you should just be able to plug in and go.

the second one, just turn off dhcp and plug it in on the lan side, not the WAN side.

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howz it goin people

i have a question - can anybody tell me how to wirelessly set up my printer for my laptop to print off it

Answer:wireless access points

We are going to need a little more information than that.

Do you have a desktop you can hook the printer to and access it over the network?

Do you need a stand alone solution?

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Exactly how do you set up and use wireless access points. I have 2 of them and neither one works the way I anticipated. I thought they were just like switches only wireless. Is there range limited if so what is it? I am trying to keep everything as wireless as possible. Please help. Thank you very much.

Answer:Wireless access points?

You have to put them in adhoc mode if you want to use them like walkie-talkies. infrastructure mode, normally the default, is for connecting with a router.

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I plan on getting two Microsoft wireless g access points, i think it is the MN-700. they are $80 each after rebate. Why two you ask? Because the wireless gaming adapter is $130. Would this be a reasonable purchase and how hard is it to get one access point communicating with an other?

Answer:Networking 2 wireless access points

I don't think wireless access points talk to each other. The same goes for wireless routers, which are just routers with built-in access points. Access points act as "Infrastructure" only and expect to talk to wireless NIC's.
Wireless bridges and wireless NIC's can be configured in "Infrastructure" mode where they talk to "Infrastructure" devices like AP's or in "Ad-Hoc" mode where they act as AP's and talk to other NIC's or bridges.
I think you need a bridge and an access point.
Anybody more experienced with wireless networking please correct me.

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I'm going to add an access point to my existing 802.11g network to give me better coverage in my house. My current router is on channel 11. Should I use the same channel or a different channel?

I've done this before... I just can't remember if I used the same channel or not. I set up a wireless network with 3 access points for a client of mine and it has worked great for the past 8 months or so.


Answer:Help with wireless access points - what channel do I use?

yea my auto used channel 11 too. should it matter/?

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I have a cable modem connected to a router with built-in 802.11 wireless network. Network is g, I think.

House has there levels and the router is on the top floor. House is also wired for 10/100 network. All outlets return to the router. All the components are same manufacturer. The main router is the DHCP server.

I set-up a wireless AP on the 1st floor and one in the basement. The RJ45 jack on each floor connects to a small 10/100 switch. The AP and other items like a PC or PS3 are connected to the switches. Including the main router that makes 3 access points. All have the same SSID, security type and key. Each floor of the house is about 1300 sq ft.

My question: Will having that many access points in a small area cause problems? Just want a strong signal throughout the house and a fast network.

Your thoughts. Thx.

Answer:Wireless access points in my network

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As I've said on previous posts, we recently got smartphones. Unfortunately, there was a side effect that occurred due to a repair a contractor recommended. When the cell phones arrived, we discovered that they would only work when we were next to a windows or an outside wall (well, with the exception of wifi). We couldn't figure out why. So, my dad bought a signal booster for $200 to see if that would help our cell phone reception. It worked for a while until the antenna shorted. Fortunately, we were still within 30 days. So, he got most of his money back. Then, he decided to get some wifi access points. Well, in my previous posts, I mentioned about how I had acquired 3 WG302v1 access points. I told my dad about them and managed to convince him to use those instead of going out and buying all new devices.

Now, in setting up a wireless network, I had two main problems: the two positions in which I had to provide wireless access were divided by the shape of the roof and the fact that the roof was lined with metal to better protect against hail. Now, I had the idea of just setting up two of the access point at two ends of the house. That would cover most of the coverage. But, I wanted to try merging the wireless coverage so that it would act more like one whole network. My uncle had suggested ad-hoc. But, after researching it, I discovered that I wasn't in a position to use it on a permanent basis (I don't have a computer to setup for ad-hoc 24/7 and the WG3... Read more

Answer:Multiple Wireless Access Points

1. It helps if you want the computers to "seamlessly" connect to a different WAP as you move around.

2. Doesn't matter if the WAPs are on the same network; you will still potentially get wireless interference if you don't have sufficient channel separation.

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Hello - I've been given the task to configure a public wireless network within an outdoor complex that has many multiple courtyards and walkways - the area is roughly 1/4 sq mile. I have two 7mb pipes (different locations on two separate routers) that I can hang secondary routers for the public wi-fi portion. I would like to know if I can utilize robust access points (9db or better) in lieu of additional routers for access. I'm looking at perhaps using WP1000A commercial grade routers (1 port); however, if you have any other specific products in mind, it would be appreciated. Thanks -

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hi guys, since my previous idea posted at is not suitable, I wanted to run this idea with you guys and see if it can stand up to the test as well.

I am gonna connect this network now using wireless, and I want to know how do you connect two wireless routers together? do you do this using an access point?

My situation is as follows:
Intention: to connect two networks (in separate buildings) about 600 feet apart WIRELESSLY only.
Routers planned to be used: Linksys WRT54G v 8.0
Access Point planned (if needed): Dlink DWL-G730 AP.

I have two plans (either; or)

Proposed plan (A) to setup: (Pre-existing network 1) -> Access Point 1 -> (New Linksys Router 1)-> Access Point 2 -> (Pre Existing Network Router 2).

Proposed plan (B): using three Linksys routers only, download and flash the routers using DD-WRT firmware. Then set the new routers to "Client Bridge Mode" and repeat the connection from each network point (i.e the Linksys Routers).

Do you think either of my plans may work- or do you have any other suggestions? It is difficult for me to get hold of antennaes to boost signals so that is why I have not considered it.


Answer:Wireless Bridging and Access Points

Let AP1 be your main wireless access point in the main building. It is either your main router (that has internet access) with built-in wireless AP or is a separate AP connected to the main router.

To connect to that wirelessly from far away you need an Access Point or wireless router that includes the feature "Wireless Bridge" or "AP Client" (and I think "Client Bridge Mode" is yet another name for this). Not all routers and APs have this feature, but you are correct that the DD-WRT firmware adds this feature to that Linksys router. Call this unit AP2.

AP2 will include one ethernet port, or possibly include an integrated ethernet switch. You can add an ethernet switch to add more ports. Logically, these are all ports on the main router. You would connect another router by its WAN port if and only if you wanted (the extra NAT layer) to protect the "secondary" devices from those connected to the main router. You could connect another wireless access point (AP3) to one of the ethernet ports to give additional wireless coverage in the 2nd building.

If the 600 feet is fairly obstacle free it should work fine if AP1 and AP2 are draft 2 'N' or matched (by brand and chipset) draft 1 'N.' Since 'G' is "up to 300 feet" you would need very good antennas or probably two (at least one) Repeaters (or Extenders). These are also APs or routers that include that feature. Because of their rebroadcast aspect the... Read more

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Hi, I set up a wireless access point in my house 2 months ago. It has been working fine. I have 3 computers setup.

The main computer is wired, to the access point and the access point is connected to the Cable modem.

The second computer is a laptop running WinXP. It has a Dell True Mobile Wireless card in it. Today all of a sudden it was picking up an Access point SSID named: "bramborka" -- and the signal was excellent, meaning that this Access point was very close to my house. (I live in NYC and the houses here are very close to each other).I can't connect to the internet either, even though it says excellent A family just moved in next door, and I'm guessing they setup their wireless connections today and now my laptop is connecting automatically to their Access points SSID.

The third computer is a desktop running Windows 2000 Professional. I use a Linksy Wireless USB adapter to connect to the access point. This computer is still connecting to my SSID which is "default".

Im guessing that since the laptop has Windows XP which automatically detects, configures whatever on its own (which is both good and bad) is why I'm having this problem

Can someone please help me out with any suggestions? Thanks in advanced


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Just yesterday, my computer found my router fine. I just had new internet turned on yesterday, and something happened when my computer tried to connect to the new internet, because now my computer can't find any wireless access points. That includes my router, the apartments router, and my phone hotspot. I've used the computer's built-in wireless troubleshooting application, and it found no errors. There were at least 25 access points in range of my computer yesterday, and now it sees nothing. The problem arose when I couldn't find the wifi, so I tried to turn wifi off and back on, and toggled airplane mode, and then it just never seemed to come back. Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much!
I am running Windows 8.1

Answer:Laptop does not see any wireless access points

If you are not seeing any of the normally visible access points then you almost certainly have a wi-fi problem with your own computer - the chances of all that many access points going off-air at the same time must approach zero.
If you are certain that the wi-fi on your computer is switched on, then it is possible that it has failed. These units can fail on either the transmit or receive side and still not show any problems on troubleshooting, and it can lead to much head scratching. The simplest, and cheapest, way to test this is to plug in a USB wi-fi dongle and see if that gives you a connection. You may need to download drivers for any dongle you try if Win 8.1 doesn't have them built in. See if you can borrow a dongle for an hour or two, that's even cheaper than rushing out and buying one !
Chris Cosgrove

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Okay so I have a laptop with a built in wireless connection.Now here's the question.Are there lots of Free Wireless Access Points in and around towns? How do I go about hooking up to them so I can access the internet?Are there some places I have to pay for the privilage of using a wireless internet?Finally, 3G, I take it there are various 3G Hot spots about the place? Can I hook up to these without paying with my wireless network enabled laptop? Or Do I need to pay to access 3g points if so who from? Do I need any additional hardware?

Answer:Wireless Access Points and 3G - someone explain

Yes there are alot of "free" wireless access points,the problem being its illegal to nick some-else's bandwidth.Those that you pay to use,are usually encrypted(WEP)and you can buy credit either online click here or a voucher at the premises where the WiFi Hotspots setup(I think)Dunno anything at all about 3G,sorry.

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Lets say I have a Wireless router (this is connected to the internet and works fine) which has SSID of HOME and then I have an Access point that has SSID of REMOTE. The access point is connected to the router via Ethernet cabling.

Now the question, when I start up my notebook it connects to say REMOTE and all is well, but then I move away from REMOTE and closer to HOME the signal strength gets weaker, how can I make my note book move from REMOTE (SSID) to HOME (SSID) when HOME has the stronger signal, and vice versa.

Do I need bridging? and if so could someone point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance of any help provided

Answer:Move between Wireless Access Points

i think you're after something among the lines of "connect to the most preffered access point" list or something.. just a guess

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Hi, I am getting quite confused with a wireless problem. I have a large house, with enough people in it that there are often 12 people connected at any one time to our current wireless router. We have 20mb broadband (and it actually runs at that speed!!) so people can never actually get anywhere near the full bandwidth. What I was wondering is, can I add another wireless router somehow? As in, get another router attach it with an ethernet cable and set it to transmit via a channel which doesnt interfer with the current one. Then I could set it so half the laptops (all wireless G 54mbps) access one router and half the other, so they would all still be part of the same network but there would (technically) be twice the bandwidth to anyone laptop. Upgrading to wireless N or something is not an option as the laptops already have wireless G.Sorry if I sound confusing, but if anyone has any ideas of what I need to buy/ how to set it up etc I would be most grateful.

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Hi all,

I need to set up multiple access points so that a wireless user (with a laptop for instance) can roam between the APs without losing a connection.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Is there a particular wireless setting on the laptops?

Is there something I should be looking for in the AP? Any brand/model recommendations?


Answer:Wireless roaming between Access Points

Hello Rob,

You may look for the same Make and Model APs, preferably APs that support simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac technology. Avoid interference in your network such as small appliance/technology devices. Use NetStumbler or Xirrus Wi-Fi Tool to make sure that your wireless channel do not overlap.

Hope this helps.

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I'm looking for a good, reliable, secure, and stable access point for my small business. I will only have one to three wireless devices hooked up at a time, but I want something very good. I'm looking to spend no more than $400. I would prefer having WPA-2 and possibly some enterprise grade quality. The office is only around 1500 sq ft. Would you suggest Cisco or something like Linksys or Netgear?

Thanks for any input

Answer:Wireless Access Points - Help Pick One Out

1-3 people, you wouldn't even put a dent on a soho router. flash a Buffalo or similar with Tomato and WPA or WPA2 it up.

figure even if it dies after 2 years just throw another one in and your still under margin.

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Hi All,Well, I have a Packard Bell computer with wireless router sited some way away from a HP LJ 5 printer. The laser has a Jetdirect card in it, presumably for LAN's. Could I connect this to a second Access Point via crossover cable and have that talk to the router and wirelessley print? At the moment I have the rather laborious task of transferring everything to USB dongle, putting it on laptop and then printing from there! Regards, as ever,Alex

Answer:HP Jetdirect and Wireless Access Points


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I've recently upgraded my internet provider to BT and received a BT Home Hub 3 as the new wireless router. Previous to this I was using a wireless Belkin G + MIMO ADSL router (model number F5D9630-4).

There are places in the house where the wireless signal is very poor. Connecting to the internet using either of these routers is difficult in these spots. However, since the Belkin is now spare, I've been thinking about trying to use it as a low cost repeater (i.e. free) to extend the wireless range in the house.

There are several good articles that I've found on this site which address the connection of two routers together (e.g. John Will's article on connecting two SOHO routers is a good example), but they rely on an ethernet connection between the two routers. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way to establish a wireless link between the two routers to extend the range of the current wireless network.

Cheers everyone, and thanks in advance.

Answer:Extend a wireless network using a wireless link between two wireless routers

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I'm looking for a draft 2.0 (5 ghz) wireless N access point.

The only decent ones I seem to be able to find are the Trendnet TEW-638APB and the Trendnet TEW-636APB. However, the 636 retails for about $100 more than then 638 and I can't really seem to find any differences between the two, besides the obvious extra antenna.

Anything I'm missing? Or better alternatives?

Answer:Differences between Trendnet wireless N access points?

basically the antennas, in the specs, the output power and receiving sensitivity are better on the 636.

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for something that I can plugin to my Linksys BEFSR41 Wired router. I recently obtained a laptop from my work that has wireless capabilities, and what I want to do is possibly have something that I can set on top of my existing router that maybe plugs into one of the ports with a wire. The router sends the connect to the WAP and the WAP sends the info to the laptop.

Everything I'm finding is either a full wireless router, or like a 4 port switch with wireless or something... doesn't something out there exist for what I'm looking for? Cause linksys doesn't have it... :/


Answer:Any one port wireless access points exist?

They do but they will probably cost more than a SOHO router.

Just get a router and disable routing and DHCP.

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hi all,

was wondering if anyone is able to recommend me two wireless access points that 'do' bridging, are reliable and (hopefully) cheap .

i want to have the following set up:

old piece of junk that cannot have a wireless card
| (ethernet cable)
wireless access point

| (wireless connection)

wireless access point
| (ethernet cable)
my main router

alternatively, instead of connecting to my main router, the thing could connect into the second ethernet port in my main desktop - the old piece of junk does not need internet access

any recommendations as to what to buy, to get it to work with a minimum of fuss and expense?

Answer:bridging two wireless access points - recommendations?

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I have a current wireless router now that is on the main floor. I want to extend the wireless signal.

So I am thinking of buying a wireless access point and the power line extenders so I can run that signal through my electric wiring.

So the question. Since the WEP needs the SSID name, do I simply plug the WEP into a machine hardlined and use the browser to change the info on the WEP to match the SSID on my primary router? And set it up as I did with my wireless router?

Answer:Stupid question on Wireless access points

I'd recommend WPA over WEP. If you want to enable roaming across WAPs, use the same SSID , encryption, and keys on the WAPs.

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Hi Guys

Simple question but need someone to confirm

If i have a wireless access point connected to my LAN with an IP of lets say and a router behind it serving out DHCP. If i turn DHCP server off on the WAP, will the wireless clients pick up addresses dynamically from the router? or do i need to configure the DCHP scope on the WAP to issue addresses to the wireless clients?


Answer:Solved: DCHP & Wireless Access Points

Yes, you don't really want multiple DHCP servers in the mix. You should have one DHCP server in your network.

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At our condominium, we have a wireless network comprised of Comcast Cable Internet coming in to the building. From there it is connected to 4 Buffalo Access Points. The first one is connected via cable to the Comcast modem. The other 3 are hard-wired via cable from the first Buffalo via the Ethernet ports on the first Buffalo. When I turn on my T40 at our condo, I see all 4 Buffalo's in my "available wireless networks". The signal strength is varies with the distance they are away from me. Here is the problem: I cannot connect to any of them. I click "connect" and it thinks about it for a minute and then the error comes up saying that it cannot connect and that the network may no longer be in range or that I may not have permission to access it, etc. The galling thing about this is that I have not heard of anyone else ever having had this problem in our building. My son can be standing next to me with his iPhone and connect without a hitch. My next door neighbor runs three laptops at a time, sometimes. I am not even offered the PW dialog box. At my home, I can effortlessly connect with my Actiontec adapter all throughout the house. Any ideas? Anyone else had a problem connecting to a Bufflalo Access Point?   

Answer:Can't connect to Buffalo Wireless Access points with my T40

Hello, My initial thought is that perhaps the Buffalo Technologies wireless access points are using a form of wireless encryption that the ThinkPad T40 does not currently support, such as WPA2-PSK. Are you able to connect via a hardwired Ethernet connection?  If so, you may want to try running the ThinkVantage System Update software on the ThinkPad T40 to update all of the drivers and software for it.  Hopefully, one of the updates for wireless networking will add support for the new encryption standard being used. Of course, if no encryption is being used on the wireless network, than the issue may be something else. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky 

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Helloa,I have a Linksys Wireless Broadband Router with 4 Ports and a WAN Port. I intend to plug a BroadBand connection into it using the WAN port and bobs your uncle I have a wireless network whenI connect a lappy and desktop to it using PCMCIA and PCI cards that can access the internet. Now I want to extend this wireless network so that it'll work in other parts on the house as at the moment the connectionwould be poor in other rooms.Can I just plug in an Access Point and use this as a sort of Bridge to the Broadband Router inbetween me and the Broadband Router. Or do I need to hard wire the Access Point using a port from the Router and Ethernet cable?

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I have a desktop PC that has a wired router set for btinternet with perfect access to the internet.I also have a wireless router that I cannot set internet access on as it is an old wannadoo livebox.I have setup a wireless network between my laptop running win 2000 sp4 and my pc running xp a network this runs fine. i can swap files between pc and laptop and play ipx linked games.How do i setup the pc and laptop to both have internet

Answer:mixing wireless and wired access points

Well i don't know the livebox, but any other wireless adsl routers can be used as a wireless access point by connecting lan to lan ports between the routers and then in wireless, disable dhcp, set the relevant ip address of it, and set up the wireless.

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At home, I use my laptop to connect to my wireless router without any trouble.

But at: public libraries, Starbucks, hotel rooms... any free public wifi? All attempts to connect meets with the same error: "unable to connect to network" (preceded by the system hanging for a lengthy amount of time). Windows advises me to unplug the router and plug it back in, which obviously isn't an option.

It's annoying to troubleshoot, because I'm only having the problem at times where I have no wired access (hence: no way to get to forums like these and look for an answer, update drivers, whatever).

Didn't used to have this problem, so I suspect something went awry when I set up access to my wireless router at home.

Would appreciate your help!

Answer:Cannot connect to public wireless access points

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I have a wireless network setup as follows,

1 x Access point, broadcasting SSID #1
1 x Repeater, repeating SSID #1
1 x Access point, broadcasting SSID #2
3 x Repeater, repeating SSID #2

My question is, should they all be broadcasting on the same channel or should the channels be spread?

The Engenius ECB3500's that I'm using have the option to set the channel to Auto, or you can set each one manually. Presumably all the hardware on the same SSID should be on the same channel, but different SSID's should be on different channels to prevent interference.

Any tips on how to optimise this setup?

Answer:Multiple wireless access points and channels

the repeaters should be on the same channel as the master units as all they do is extend range. However, the two master units should be on separate channels, preferably far apart but do a channel scan to see where there is space in your area. Try and keep at least three channels away from any occupied channel.

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So, I have a laptop running 32-bit Windows 7. It was made in early 2008 and runs a Broadcom WLAN card. My problem is I can only connect to 2 wireless access points: my home and school. If I go anywhere else and attempt to connect to a network I get the 'Windows cannot connect to this network' window with the troubleshoot option. Tired that, it did nothing. I have checked around and the only thing I could find was that maybe my winsock2 was corrupted. That was a bust. I have updated the drivers on the computer and tried to restart all the routers I was attempting to connect too.

For the routers themselves there was no trend on which ones worked. My home router is a linksys, the school uses belkin. All the routers I have attempted to connect to are 2007 or new, so I doubt that they are causing the problem. I'm at a complete loss here.

Answer:Computer only accepting 2 wireless access points

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Can only use my netbook with ethernet cable, wireless adapter, though switched on, does not detect any wireless access points. Logs are attached.

Answer:Netbook wireless adapter cannot see access points

This is not a malware issue. I suggest you post in the networking forum.

Since you are not having any malware problems, it is time to do our final steps:

We recommend you keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for scanning/removal of malware. You can uninstall RogueKiller and HitManPro.
Go back to step 4 of the READ ME and renable your Disk Emulation software with Defogger if you had disabled it.
Any other miscellaneous tools we may have had you install or download can be uninstalled and deleted.
If running Vista or Win 7, it is time to make sure you have reenabled UAC by double clicking on the C:\MGtools\enableUAC.reg file and allowing it to be added to the registry.
Go to add/remove programs and uninstall HijackThis.
Goto the C:\MGtools folder and find the MGclean.bat file. Double click on this file to run this cleanup program that will remove files and folders
related to MGtools and some other items from our cleaning procedures.
After doing the above, you should work thru the below link

How to Protect yourself from malware!

Malware removal from a National Chain = $149
Malware removal from MajorGeeks = $0

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I want to extend the wireless signal in the house and i am having trouble setting it up.
If anyone has ideas please let me know....maybe step one for router 1 and another step for router 2.
Main computer - Windows Xp
Laptop - Windows Vista

Ok the main router that is connected to the computer is a netcomm NB6W and the router i want in the other part of the house is a EDIMAX - BR-6324NL

So the netcomm has ip addresses of and so on. I put the edimax in the other room and connect it with the laptop and try to set it up.....the edimax can pickup the netcomm when its set to wireless access point but it wont connect to the internet so im pretty much stuck at the moment so if you have some steps that i can try that would be great.



Answer:Cannot set up the wireless access point between 2 routers

It sounds like you're trying to use the router as a wireless bridge. The instructions for that mode are on page 82 of this EDIMAX BR-6324NL User Guide

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I have access to a Linksys Access Point (WAP54G) but I don't have access to it's wireless router. If I take the ethernet cable attached to the Access Point and put into my laptop, how can I access the wireless routers information page?

With the ethernet cable connected the router ip address shows up as but when entered into an address in Firefox I receive a page not found notice. I have no problems accessing the internet this way.
The location of the AP is a store and none of the employees are aware of the physical location of the wireless router.

Answer:How to access a wireless routers information

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Any point me towards some good gear?

I'm looking to cover an apartment complex owned by my in-laws. It's low income government hosing for people with disabilities. Basically war damaged young service men and women.

They want to give them some sort of mesh wireless technology like a hotel.

User ID and Password. to login. Some way to manage it remotely.

What am I looking for here? I'm guessing a PoE switch, Access Points, and some sort of software...

Problem is I don't want to just guess. We pulled in a specialist, but they quoted $28,000

We're looking at less then $15,000

I'm thinking the main hub for ~3000
and then 10-15 Access Points @ 200 a pop. then lines, and software.
What am I looking for though?

Answer:Wireless mesh, Cloud managed access points

Check out Meraki

The Pro version is great for a mesh setup on guest wifi, you'll want Enterprise only if you need VLAN's on Multiple SSID's, LAN access without NAT, etc.

The devices come with Pro for free, Enterprise costs extra. Also if you work with a rep that likes you (CDW, Insight, PCMall). You can make them let you get the Enterprise license on the cheap models. I have 14 of the cheap indoor and outdoor models with Enterprise licenses.

If you go with 15 of the Meraki Outdoor's with the Pro license, it's just about $3,000 total; cloud managed. They will gladly send you a demo unit if you secure it with a CC. Go through a reseller for the actual purchase and get them for like $2700~

They use PoE injectors, so you just need a regular switch. If you make them all Enterprise licenses, you're still only looking at $7500 MSRP to get rocking. Enterprise at that rate is for three years, upon which you need to renew the license.

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I'm trying to solve an issue I have with a client. The old configuration was a Linksys/Cisco WRT120N plugged into a NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Firewall FV336GV2. I will list the settings below, but the short of it is that the WiFi router was in charge of getting the wireless clients but the Firewall was the one that assigned IP addresses and all that. This setup worked out just fine except that the WiFi router was in the basement and clients could only connect to it while still in the basement. They wanted to be able to connect to the network wirelessly while on the third floor, but couldn't even see the basement router from there. We shipped out an identical router configured beforehand exactly the same way, save for its MAC address and local IP address (those having premonitions, during troubleshooting I try setting different radio channels as well). The client plugged an Ethernet cable from the wall to port #2, and a desktop to port #3. The desktop has internet access. Wirelessly, however, had issues

The client only had a single laptop to test with, an XP SP3 machine. Unfortunately I couldn't pull specs from it as of this post, so I don't know if it connected by G or N. This laptop, which worked fine in the basement, wouldn't connect upstairs (it would sit trying to get an IP address forever) until I had him "forget" the basement network. At this point, he was able to connect to the upstairs router and access the internet. However, he could the... Read more

Answer:Issues with roaming wireless network with two access points

The "now you see me, now you don't" act is usually a case of having multiple wireless utilities running; e.g., XP's WZC and one from the wireless adapter's or laptop's manufacturer. The symptoms of having multiple utilities running can be random and inconsistent; it's best to make sure that is not occurring before seeing if there is a real problem with the network.

I got lost in your maze of details, so if you are having another issue, or issues, please humor me by mentioning it/them again, and I'll try to dig through your initial post again.

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my Vizio TV (VF552XVT) can no longer find any wireless access points even after inputting SSID or IP information. Other wireless devices (my phone) are able to connect wirelessly. Everything was working fine until a power outage about 3 days ago.

Answer:Vizio TV no longer finds wireless access points

I'm having the same problem )-:

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The office I just started at has a problem with the network.

We have a T1 coming into a Linksys Wireless Router. The Router Plugs into our server and a hub rack. A Linksys Access point is plugged into the a jack on the other side of the office connected to the hub.

The Access Point is set to the exact same settings as the Router: SSID, Key, Channel everything.

The problem that we are having is that the wireless comes in and out. There are times that the computers randomly disconnect from the wifi and then won't reconnect for several minutes. My computer is on the other side of a wall from the Access Point and my connection jumps in and out. I don't think it is a problem with the internet itself or the routing portion of the router because we don't have any blackout for shared printers or internet on the wired computers.

I am familiar with networking, but I am out of ideas, can anybody help?

Answer:Question on Wireless Networking, Max Connections and Access Points

"The Access Point is set to the exact same settings as the Router: SSID, Key, Channel everything."

Changing one of the channels by 5 or more (non interfering channels are 1, 6 and 11) should considerably reduce the wireless interference between the router and access point. Using a different SSID would probably make administration easier.

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Looking to extend my wifi reach, and looking at a system that you plug into your mains and it will boost your signal, against having ethernet cable running through the house to access points.
Apart from the added cable, any pros/cons - is either system likely to give me a better signal, and if so by how much?

Answer:Wireless access points - wired v electric circuit

Sorry Andrew, I'm not sure what your reply was?

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I need to extent the range of my 802.11g network, and do not want to use signal boosting devices or antennas as the area that needs reception is too far away for this. I can, however, run a cable there.

I am currently using a Netgear Wireless ADSL Modem Router (DG834v1), which my broadband internet connection goes through. I also have a spare Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (WRT54G) (from when I used to have cable internet).

Can i use this to create a second wireless network that is connected to the my original wireless network by a cable running between the switches on the two wireless routers?

If it is not this simple, is there any other way that this arrangement would work? I do not need roaming between the two networks, as they would not overlap in range.

Many thanks in advance for any help!


Answer:Solved: Connecting Multiple Wireless Access Points

The following is made to order for your situation.

Originally Posted by JohnWill
Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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How do I connect like 2 or 3 access points to a network?

I wanted to try this with probably three Linksys WAP54G access points in an area that's close enough where there would be overlap of the signals.

I definitely want the same SSID, but do I keep all three on the same channel or do I change the channel of each one?


Answer:How do connect multiple wireless Access Points (same ID and channel?)

Diff channels....try something like 1, 6, and 11.

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My brother and i live in the same house. We leech our internet connections off whichever open network we can connect to, which isn't always the same router, because the front and back parts of the house get better speeds off different routers. We would like to be able to share movies and music and such directly, while being able to connect to different access points for internet access. Can we do this? Would an ftp work? I have no idea where to start. Thanks.

Answer:Networking 2 wireless computers that access different routers?

yes an FTP would work, so would a VPN.

is there no way that you could setup and "ad hoc" style network between the systems?

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I am replacing a defective Netgear router that was working in this same configuration for years. I am replacing it with a TrendNet TEW-731BR (N300 WiFi Router). This router will be used without WAN connection at all - just purely as a wireless AP with the intent that it passes everything through the LAN port to the "parent/master/A" router which has DHCP activated and has access to the internet.

Quick summary:
Master - (DHCP is to
New TrendNet - (DHCP disabled)

My configuration is a straightforward LAN-to-LAN, same-network type of cascade:
(start disconnected from everything - just connect via wifi to the TrendNet router)
* factory reset the TrendNet router
* Go to the setup page and...
** disable DHCP
** set the static IP address to an unused IP address outside the DHCP range of the master
** change admin password
** set SSID and wifi password, change security to WPA/WPA2 AES
(now connect the TrendNet, newly configured, to the master router LAN to LAN. WAN is not used at all.)

The computer I was using for configuration now works great. Full internet access, able to ping/access anything on my intranet, etc.

Any other device hangs on access and ultimately says it couldn't get an IP address. If I set up a static IP address then I can connect with the other devices.

It's as if the TrendNet router doesn't know to hand the DHCP request over the LAN port.

I confirmed multiple times that "WiFi is... Read more

Answer:Cascading Routers - cannot access DHCP via wireless

is that the only other device you have connected
try a powercycle of the main router

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I have a place that has 3 network access points. I don't use wireless much but i know a fair amount about it. I don't use it because I don't like it. I have to put in one because one is failing. Power turns off all the time even though the UPS is good and firmware update and hard reset did nothing.

Simple question I hope. Do all 3 access points have to be on the same channel do they then "compete" with each other? Should they be on seperate channels to be more efficient? Or does this even matter in the least?

I know channels help with getting you out of competeing wireless networks and phones and whatnot but I wanted to find out about how this works in a single wireless network scenario.

Answer:Solved: Multiple wireless access points - Should they have seperate channels?

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So I have a kinda small house... but, I want the wireless to reach as far as possible into the front lawn, street, neighbors, backyard, sideyard, etc. The attic is basically over the ENTIRE house and that's where I'd put the 2 accesspoints; it's 1 story, so it would DEFINITELY reach into the basement. I don't think I need 3... what do you think?

Here's the TOP view of the house... backyard is to the right... neighbors are to the left and right of the house (so, in the pic... the neighbors would be on the top and bottom), as well as across the street and to the back of the backyard.

The reason why I put them there is b/c that's where the cables come up from the basement (Cat5; ran it myself; lots of fun )... but, I can always extend them anywhere else.

And... should I keep them on the same channel? Also, what equipment do you recommend? WRT54G's?

Answer:2 overlapping wireless access points; best setup? (pic of house included)

Keep them on different channels but with the same SSID. This is the proper way for doing wireless roaming. The placement of the APs looks to be just fine.

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Every time I set-up or work on someones home office / office small network and they insist on just disabling the SSID broadcast as a security measure, I want to be able to show them how stupid this is.

I want to be able to show them how easy it is for someone driving by in their car or at the coffee shop across the street to find all the 802.11 networks around them, and discover the passkeys for these networks that actually have WEP or WPA set up.

I run Debian on my laptop and I was hoping someone can recommend some software packages that can accomplish these trivial tasks.


Answer:Linux software for detecting vulnerability in wireless access points


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Just a quick question. I was going to go buy a wireless access point or a router.

Which one should I get?

I need Access Point right now but will need routing later.

Can I use a wireless router as a access point? What about connecting the wireless router to another wireless router without any wires??

Can I do this?

Answer:Regarding routers and Access Points

What about connecting the wireless router to another wireless router without any wires??Click to expand...


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Is it possible to have two routers in two different places in a house at two different locations? I want to have a router in my room (wireless not necessary). This is on one end of the house, so if I use a wireless router in my room, nothing on the other end of the house can reach it. So I'm wondering if I can have a router in my room, and then have a wireless router elsewhere in the house, not plugged into the router in my room (because it would not reach). I'm using DSL so I have to work through phone lines so I'm not sure if I can do this.

Answer:2 DSL Access Points/Routers

Use networking over A/C power with this adaptor

Using your existing DSL or cable connection to the ISP


modem---existingRouter ---- HDXB101... A/C... HDXB101----One system or a router
+ existing systems

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Please could someone tell me what the difference is between a router and access point. I have a Netgear Rangemax wireless router which can be used as a router or access point and I am not sure which is the best way to use it.

Answer:Routers and Access Points

A WAP is primarily intended to be a means of adding wireless capability to an Ethernet network. The WAP, in other words, acts as an intermediary between clients and the host (a router or a server) rather than as the host itself. You can use more than one WAP in a network.

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Had the following network (fully functional) for last 3 years: Modem (netopia dsl router (linksys wrt54gs WAP1 (linksys wrt54g2 and WAP2 (Linksys wrt54g2). I was always able to click on Devices and Printers in Win 7 and would see the equipment displayed. I could also access the router and wireless access points by typing their address in my browser.

The modem failed after 5 years. I purchase a new Netgear N300 ADSL2+Modem Router (DGN2200)and replaced the failed modem and attached router. I made no changes to either WAP's.

Everything works just fine (after about 30 minutes on phone with Netgear Tech to configure), but now none of the equipment displays in Devices and Printers. Also, I cannot connect to either WAP by typing their address in browser.

I can see the Netgear device when I click on "network" in file manager. It displays a model number and is labeled a "gateway".

I'm just curious as to why I am no longer able to "see" or access the devices. Looks like I would have to actually pull the WAP's and connect to them directly if I needed to change their configurations.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Devices and Printers (Win7) no longer shows my Wireless Access points.

You said you made no changes to the WAPs, so if you are using a different IP subnet now (e.g., that router's default 192.168.0.x) that would explain why you cannot "see" the devices that do not have addresses in your current network. When I change routers I change the LAN address to be the same as the replaced router's and change the Dhcp server's address range to be the same as the old one. That way I need make no changes to any static IPs on the network (printer, WAP, camera).

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So my dilemma is this. I have a large facility and want to use my already existing wireless routers as access points. I have a 2 Linksys WRT54Gs ethernet connected to a DSL router. The router IP addresses are as follows: - main DSL router - 1st WRT54G - 2nd WRT54G

I also have them all set to the same SSID (which I want) and automatic channel selection. My problem that I'm experiencing is that my iPads and iPod touches keep dropping connection on me. They'll drop or sometimes have a very slow connection and I can't seem to figure out what is causing it! I have a reliable 7mbps DSL connection and that's more then plenty for me. I'd like to tear all my devices back to factory reset and program them again, the right way this time.

Please let me know what I should do.


Answer:Multiple Routers as Access Points - HELP!

I won't try to tell you what you should do, but I'll mention some possible causes of the symptoms.

When a wireless router (or wireless access point) is allowed automatic channel selection it often gets carried away with all the freedom and responsibility. There is a good chance that some or all are frequently changing channels or checking to see if a better one exists and can't be bothered with giving 100% attention to its clients. In case its not obvious, when the access point changes channels there is at least a brief disconnect until the client connects to the new channel.

When Windows has the opportunity to connect to multiple networks with the same SSID it will choose one at random (not necessarily the strongest) and sometimes randomly decide to disconnect and then connect to a different one (not necessarily a stronger one). iOS likely works similarly.

Some hints: if you want fairly reliable connections use different SSIDS, make your own choice of channel assignments, and either assign each device to use only one of those, or if iOS gives you a way to prioritize connections do so with care.

If you want good roaming and good connections relinquish the requirement for using independent WAPs or routers and open your wallet.

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I'm looking to buy a new wireless router. Being the geek that I am, I'm interested in buying one that has the most features (that I can actually use).

I've read that the Linksys WRT54G lets you install Linux onto it, allowing you to do LOTS of neat things.

Do any other routers have similar features? (eg. allowing other programs to be installed onto them)

I'd like to just buy the WRT54G, but it's around $60 at my local stores. Other routers such as Netgear and D-Link are only $20 - $30.

Do any of these other routers support features like I mentioned above?

Answer:Wireless routers with hacked firmware/bios? (I'm looking for a new wireless router)

it comes stock with linux on it actually, but yeah, only linksys routers are flashable so far (due to the open source)

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This is my firt post in the "Networking" section

Lets say i have a PC and another Hp pavilion portable.And lets say that had a Dell router with me with a DSL and USB cable included.If i Connected the router to my Pc and everything was working fine,would my portable (if i looked) automaticaly detect the wireless router on my PC or would i have to take specific measures to fix it all?

If theres measures to be taken..would someone inform me and please provide a (if possible) walkthorugh through all this?
Thanks for helping!

Answer:Just a quick but crucial question about wireless connections and wireless routers...

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This is related to this:

Didn't get much replies there but it is fine, I figured most of it. However, there are some issues that are puzzling me. In one building, we have this draytek vigor 2930 router:

and it can emit the signal so that it is working in as an access point. The draytek router was provided by the satellite internet provider. My technician wanted to run a cat5 cable from this router to an access point in another building so that people in the other building can connect to the internet. He actually connected the cable to another wireless router..........or so it seems. Is that doable? What was weird is that in the first building when you connect to the draytek, you get internet but it keeps dropping the connectivity to internet. NOT the wireless connection, that was always on and active, but internet goes away and comes back. And here is the killer, ipconfig says the default gateway is the usual When I type that in my browser, I get into the draytek web interface, BUT NOT all times.........I get into another router the other times !! I was like [email protected]#%[email protected]?

I'm connected wirelessly to the draytek, so how that happens, I don't know. Internet works when the result of inputting is the draytek interface. When the other router page comes up(linksys), internet goes away. Is ... Read more

Answer:Routers, switches, and access points. Some weird behaviors.

Um.. how did he hook up the other router? Did he just plug it into the WAN port? Usually, when you want to convert a router into an AP, you shut off DHCP in it, and plug your connection to one of the LAN ports on it.

Also, you should be setting the IPs on the routers to different IPs then 1. Especially since the main router is a gateway, if you leave all the routers (that I assume you are trying to use as APs) on the same IP, yea, you are going to have problems.

Also, are these things all set to the same channel? If they are, you just have a mess over there. Are these consumer based routers? Sounds like you really need to get a Cisco wireless controller and a couple WAPs by how much coverage you need.

Can you give a topology of your network, especially what are the routers, switches, etc. and which ones you are having problems with?

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Windows XPTablet PC Edition 2005 V 2002, SP3i7-2620M CPU @ 2.7Ghz, 4Gb Ram Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN driver - 2011/10/27AccConn:  5.84 T series Lenovo's do not have this issue. Using the Wireless Connection Status window I see the Associated MAC Address jumping to another address which has weaker signal and then back to the original which is strong.  During such an event Outlook 2007 loose server connection, users complain etc etc. This happens intermittantly and again definately on more than one x220 machine.    

Answer:x220 Laptop - Wireless Jumping access points. (Strong signal to weak and back = Poor performance)

Check in Device Manager, under the wifi adapter. In the Advanced tab, there's a Roaming Aggressiveness entry. Change this to lowest.If that doesn't work, try this newer driver (

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Can wireless routers allow you to connect to wireless printers when you are out of the range of the wireless printer but the router isn't out of range of the printer and you are only in range of the router?

Like adding a hop to a wireless network?

I've never had a wireless printer before and everything I have read makes me unsure about this capability.

Answer:[Printer] Can wireless routers allow you to connect to wireless printers

CleanSlate said:

Can wireless routers allow you to connect to wireless printers when you are out of the range of the wireless printer but the router isn't out of range of the printer and you are only in range of the router?

Like adding a hop to a wireless network?

I've never had a wireless printer before and everything I have read makes me unsure about this capability.Click to expand...

When setting one up, you have to be in range, your printer actually connects to your wireless router just like a computer does, ie SSID & password.

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Hi there

Right, I really need some help here - I thought I had done this correctly but clearly not as it still doesn't work

Basically, I got my sister a wireless router, and purchased a big antenna for her to take up to Uni, as she has rented a house with loads of friends, and it's massive with very thick walls.

Luckily, the router and modifications mean she can access it all round the house (although she has had to put a long cat 5 cable in to put it on the middle floor).

When she finally got round to purchasing internet (from "Be") they sent her a wireless ADSL modem / router.

Here is the problem:
The router they sent doesn't have the range needed in my sisters house.
The router I gave her doesn't have an ADSL modem.
They also don't have a telephone cable going to the middle floor, only cat 5.

How can I connect the two routers together?
I know it's possible by turning off DHCP etc from the second router, but it doesn't seem to be working.

More info:
Router "A" is the ADSL modem/ wireless router they provided.
Router "B" is a Kcorp KLG-575 - pdf manual can be found: here

Connection info from a pc connected wirelessley to router "A":

Physical Address: 00-16-6F-96-2F-BD
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained: 20/11/2007 16:21:12
Lease Expires: 21/11/2007 16:21:... Read more

Answer:Connecting two routers together - One wireless ADSL, the other a DSL wireless router

You need to get her a wireless Access Point and place it in a central location in the house. Select the DSL modem and configure the Access Point to connect with it...

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I live in a large house that has ethernet ports throughout the house. I need to have two separate wireless routers to insure I have wireless coverage. There will be one upstairs and one downstairs. Is there any advantages or disadvantages in naming both of the wireless networks with the same name?

Thank you for looking.

Answer:Solved: Naming a wireless network using two wireless routers

I wouldn't use two SOHO wireless routers for this.

The better way is to use APs from companies like Aruba Networks, Ubiquiti, or Meraki. These companies have APs which allow them to operate as one unified wireless network without the expense of purchasing a wireless controller. By doing this, you have the ability to add APs anytime you want which will join the AP cluster and operate as a unified device with the cluster. It allows the ability to have the APs being aware of each other and as a result adjust their output transmissions so they won't be stomping on each other running full blast. It allows you to use one or more SSIDs which all the APs will service and hence more seamless roaming throughout your house; without issues inherent with using independent APs or with SOHO wireless routers configured to use the same SSID. These systems also have the ability to constantly auto select operating channels in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands so your wireless network is always operating at the best efficiency/performance.

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Hi Everyone,
I have recently moved into a new flat and with my wireless router in my livingroom I am unable to get good signal in either of the bedrooms? Its a more or less open plan flat so unless I have lead in the walls or something silly like that stopping the signal... I don't know!
What I am trying to do is have a wireless router in the livingroom and then one in the hall way so if I have a laptop in either the livingroom or bedrooms I will still pick up signal from the closest router!
I currently have a brand new Netgear DGND3300v2, Netgear DG834PN, Sagem [email protected] and a BT Home Hub 2.
I have read about having routers act as access points and the like but I am not great with networking to be honest. I have good computer skills so if it is explained to me I can pick it up rather well.
I would like the wireless router in the hall way to pick up the internet from the wireless router in the livingroom... wirelessly!
Is this possible, if so then how do I go about setting this up?
Any help with this will be extremely appreciated.
Many thanks,

Answer:How do I set up wireless routers around my flat to enable wireless internet throughout?

"Its a more or less open plan flat so unless I have lead in the walls or something silly like that stopping the signal... I don't know!"
Actually, some modern buildings do have sheets of aluminium foil in the walls for thermal insulation and this will kill WiFi signals.
Although it is possible to use wireless routers as Wireless Access Points, they would still have to be interconnected with ethernet cables, so this won't get you much further forward.
A possible solution would be to use Homeplugs which network via the mains electricity supply. There are "wireless" ones which could be used in the rooms where you need wireless access.

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I basically have a wireless router upstairs and downstairs. I would like to SECURELY be able to allow the computer to hand off its signal to one or the other router depending on where it is.

Any suggestions on how to theoretically accomplish this? One is a motorolla 802.11g router and the other is a versalink (verizon) router. I know this can be done, I just need to know how.


Answer:2 wireless routers in the house, how can my wireless connection be handed off?

Just configure each AP with the appropriate security (I like WPA but WEP would be fine), configure both in Windows (I assume you're using XP SP2). Windows will handle the transfer just fine. You will probably have a few seconds of downtime, but nothing more.

I do this all the time at work. Our store is really long and narrow, so I have an AP at each end.

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Hi! Im trying to improve my home network. Currently I have the modem and wireless router setup in my basement with one computer hardwired to the router and multiple laptops spread throughout the house. However the laptops at the top of my house do not have good signal.

My house is wired with ethernet cabling throughout the house and walls. What I want to do is to take advantage of this wiring and setup multiple routers or AP's throughout house (not sure about difference). Also to even allow some laptops to connect with an ethernet cable rather than wireless.I am not sure how to do this currently.

All the ethernet cableing converge in my garage as an unfinished mess (see pic). I wanted to run a cable from my router to a plug in the wall which would take the signal to my garage. I would then need some kind of device like a hub or switch but i am not sure what kind of device. I was hoping it would then distribute the signal to the other wires and send it throuought the house. I then wanted to connect another device that would like another router or AP in a another part of the house but am unsure what kind of device and how to do so.

If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

Answer:Need help to setup home network with multiple Access Points or Routers

With Ethernet wiring available you have some nice choices;
use wires to access remote locations
and place wireless in the room(s) needed
Likely you can just wire to each floor and the garage and then let the wireless be accessed from those locations.

The Modem==>#1Router can control all the DHCP assignments and assuming that you only need four remote locations, you can use a 4-port router. If you need more than four, you will need a Switch, eg
modem==router---switch-- four connections
+---- three more connections
Each port from the router is wired to an Access Point or a WiFi router (doesn't matter so use whatever you have). The trick is
disable the dhcp in each Wifi device
attached the ethernet from #1Router to any LAN slot on the WiFi (leaving its Wan slot empty)
This will place all the WiFi on the same subnet as #1 router and sharing et al works across the board

WiFi setups:
start with just one to get the setup running and then you can use that as a template to
config the others. When performing this task, ALWAYS connect a pc to the Wifi device with a cable!

a) change the SSID to something unique to you but not obviously name, address ,,, (
you could add a suffix to it to identify one from the other

b) set a unique channel on each WiFi router to reduce interferrence.
(if you're using a DSL service, then make sure all phones in the house have a new filter attached)

c) enable encryption (WPA2 or WPA in that ... Read more

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I want to expand my router's wireless signal in order to cover the whole house. I already have two modem/routers. Does it have anything to do with wireless bridge or something? Can I do it without using any kind of software? So note that I want to use the basic router which will have internet connection and use a second router to increase the wireless signal. It's crucial that I find a solution as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

Answer:How do I use two wireless routers to expand wireless signal?

One router will supply DNS and DHCP (IP addresses), the other can be configured to be an access point. To achieve total coverage, run a CAT-5e cable from the main router to the access point (which will be located across the house), and have both use the same SSID.

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Hi. if wireless routers run at 2.4ghz, it seems that wireless security cameras do as well, in practice what happens if I install a wireless security camera.Thanks

Answer:2.4ghz. wireless routers+wireless cameras

You may find that you get conflicts but should be able to change the channel on the router to get around the problem.Although, I bought some wireless AV senders and couldn't get them to work in harmony so the senders had to go back...I think it can be down to the brand sometimes.Many household devices which you may already have, work on 2.4Ghz, microwaves, DECT phones but don't always affect wifi, well not in my case!

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HiI have got this L412 0585.My Problem is I have got Belkin wireless router at home and my laptop does not work with that.At other places it works fine while connecting to wireless internet. it is just that it does not connect wirelessly to this model of router. If i do connect using Cable it works is there any model specific problem lenovo is having ? Plz help...

Answer:Wireless card does not work with some wireless routers

no they connect by frequency as in 802.11abgn if your router is in n mode and you don't have a wireless card with n you want connect

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I've been toying with this idea - just thought I'd get some feedback.
Since last year, the wireless clients in the household have doubled, from 3 to 6-7. My friend has said that consumer brand routers can't handle more than a few wireless clients at a time, so I thought maybe I'd use two:

1) DIR-655 (just bought) as the router
2) ZyXEL (existing router) - as an AP.
*Connected together by ethernet.

Connection is as follows: (Cable Modem >> DIR-655 >> ZyXEL.)

I'd like to split the wireless load between the two. E.g. tell clients 1-3 to connect to ZyXEL. Clients 4-6 connect to D-Link.

How tough is it to do this?

Answer:2 wireless routers - one as AP, to split wireless load

The easiest way would be to make two different SSIDs, say WiFi01 and WiFi02. Make clients 1-3 associate to WiFi01 and set clients 4-6 associate to WiFi02. That's really the only way you are going to be able to accomplish what you want with consumer grade gear. If memory serves there were some people working on some project a while back to get OpenWRT to do automatic load balancing, but I don't know if that ever got finished/working. That and I have no idea if that software would even run on your equipment. So, yeah, just make two different SSIDs.

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I've got a D-Link Wireless-B router hooked up to the cable modem. I've now got a Linksys Wireless-G router in another room. I want a few computers hooked up to the Linksys router and be able to get an internet connection through the wireless network of the 2 routers. Can I do this? If so, how? Thanks.

Answer:Wireless network w/2 wireless routers

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Thinking of upgrading my router and giving my existing Linksys WRT54G wireless B/G router to my parents... Can I still run all my existing wireless network cards that are B/G on a Wireless N router?

Answer:Does Wireless B/G Work on Wireless N Routers?

Yes Pre-N technology will work with B/G wireless card standards. It is backwards compatible with it. Only A standards will not work.

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Hi, i am a complete networking/computer newbie so as a warning to everyone who would potentially answer this question try to keep the response in the simplest terms possible for me, thanks.

I have a desktop, and a laptop, i have a wireless network setup for my laptop through my belkin wireless g 802.11g router.I have yahoo dsl wired directly to my computer that is wired to the belkin router which we will call computer A.

I received a used desktop computer that i am setting up in a different area of the house, which came with a netgear WGR 614 wireless router. This computer (computer B) is too far away to hardwire to the other computer, so i attempted to set up a wireless network between the 2 routers, because otherwise computer B would have no other way to connect to the internet.

I put the installation disk in computer B for the netgear router, and selected the option to connect it using existing router (not using netgear's router as the main router) and it told me to use advanced setup, which resulted in no help whatsoever.

So what i'm asking is there any way that i can connect these two computers through the existing network using the wireless routers in place. (connect the netgear on computer B wirelessly to my belkin on computer A)


Answer:Wireless networking between 2 wireless routers

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I want to connect my home network (described below) to my landlord's free wifi. I have just purchased a wireless bridge to hopefully make this happen. A wired connection between the routers is not possible. I describe the setup below:

Router 1 (unknown): WPA, G

Router 2: Linksys WRT54G with standard firm ware, WPA, G
Wired NAS
Wired Print Server
Wireless devices (several)
WET54G Wireless bridge

Diagram: Router 1 -- WET54G -- Router 2 -- My wired and wireless devices. Router 2 will connect via Ethernet to WET54G. WET54G will connect to Router 1 via wifi.

I am pretty sure this set up can work. If not, please tell me. My question is how do I go about configuring Router 2 and the WET54G. DHCP, IP, etc. Please advise.

Answer:Two Wireless Routers and a Wireless Bridge

You should be able to reset the second router to factory defaults and connect once you get the wireless bridge talking to the wireless network. The only fly in the ointment might be a need to change the base address of your secondary router.

When you're connected to the wireless network with a computer, please post the following.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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I have two wireless router and one extender available to use.

Right now, the 2Wire router is connected to the phone line (DSL) and emits the wireless signal.

I want to get internet to my PC that does not currently have a wi-fi card.

Can I use my other wireless router or use the extender to receive the wi-fi signal from the 2Wire router and then send it to my desktop via ethernet cable?

Answer:how do I... (2 wireless routers, PC doesn't have wireless)

more info needed...
what's your 2nd router? model?
what about the extender? model number?

it's possible, but depends on what hardware you have.

if the router supports dd-wrt then it would be a definite yes.

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Scenario: House is 7k square feet and the internet comes comes in on one side of the house. There used to be a cable to the other side of the house but it was cut during heavy rennovations. Lots of concrete construction on this house, 2 stories with concrete between them, so 1 WiFi Router won't reach across the house, let alone good signal between floors.

Don't want to spend a ton of cash here. Considered Apple Airport Extreme Base Station with an Airport Express as the mid-way AP. Total cost is about $300, but was wondering if I can do something for $200 total. Needs to be new, off the shelf product.

Current router is a Linksys WRT160N. Doesn't seem like this model supports a WDS, So if there is some other linksys that would and be nicely compatible with the existing router, that could save even more $$

Answer:Need an affordable pair of wifi routers/access points to do wifi repeating

You could buy a wireless bridge for cheap, or get a cheap Linksys and put DD-WRT on it.

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I have a T500  (Intel WiFi 5100), and 2 computers on an existing wired LAN network (LinkSys cable modem, and ethernet LinkSys router).  I would like to connect this laptop wirelessly. After some reading, it seems the easier solution is to get a combo-wireless&wired router, like the LinkSys WRTU54G.  Has anyone had success with this unit, or any other wired+wireless combination? My cable b/w is less than 10Mbps, so even wireless b alone should be as fast as I can use.  I'm looking for whatever is functional and least expensive   

Answer:Wireless Access Point / Wireless&Wired Router - for ThinkPad T500

I have one and it works fine with various, up to 4, Thinkpads connected wirelessly, one connected wired, plus a wireless print server and Tivo on the network. 

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Okay I have my AppleAirExpress module which I am using for connecting and streaming my itunes to my stereo (and it is superb !!!) However I also use another wireless LAN (belkin based) to surf the internet. This is a pain because I can either surf or stream but not both. Is there anyway to do this without having to buy a Apple router? PLEASE mra

Answer:Two wireless points - can I use both?

tech support 00800 223 55 460try them for advice as they do wireless links andi-pod links

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I have a Linksys WUSB54g v2 wireless adapter on my pc that I want to connect wireless to a Linksys WRT160N v2 can anyone tell me how to do this. I currently have a LONG cable running from my pc to the WRT160N in another room. I have looked at and tried many things with no sucsess. Linksys support, does not.

Answer:Wireless G vs Wireless N routers

have you followed the instructions on setting up a wireless network? Under basic wireless settings set the network mode for either mixed (to allow for b, g, and n) or if you only have 1 device and it's g, then set it for g only.

here's a link to the user guide.

If you've gone through the wireless setup. At what point are you having a problem with? Is your computer recognizing your network and just not connecting?

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I don't get the difference. I currently have a Linksys WRT54G wiresless router. Would I get better speeds or better quality with an N type router?

Some are pictured here at Tiger Direct

Answer:Wireless G vs. Wireless N routers

Nominally, both. Significantly faster and a significantly better connection over a longer range, all other things being equal.

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what difference is there between a wireless G and a wirless N router?
i currently use a hardwire Linksys router but i need to go wireless and after looking into available products i's unsure of which to pick.
can anyone offer any suggestions?
thanks in advance for you input. :confused

Answer:Wireless G vs Wireless N routers

Welcome to MajorGeeks! If I am not mistaken, the N is newer and faster than the G. If I were buying a new router, I would lean towards the Wirless N.


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