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Video drivers Presario 1234...

Question: Video drivers Presario 1234...

Hi, Im having trouble locating some video drivers for an old Compaq Presario 1234 laptop, I have googled and tried the Compaq site to no avail :-( Can anyone point me in the right direction??

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Preferred Solution: Video drivers Presario 1234...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Video drivers Presario 1234...

Try click here. G

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Well, i'm trying to find video drivers for the compaq presario 5108, but they aren't on the compaq site. any ideas? it's a Savage4 AGP4x 3d onboard video adapter.



Answer:Presario 5108 Video Drivers

try this link. It will be in the 5100 series, I believe.

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So I decided to update my bios when my new SSD (Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb) was performing lousy.i updated the bios and I used the Bios update found HERE which is listed as good for my system.Everything weemed to go smoothly until after the restart, I got the lovely 8 beeps, telling me that something is screwedup with the CMOS or the BIOS.I reset the CMOS jumper settingsRemoved the cmos battery for up to 30 minutesSwitched frommy BFG 500W power supply back to the 300w factory unitSwitched from my HD 6870 Video Card back to the factory unitUnplugged all ram modules and ran with every conceivable seriesRemoved all usb devicesIve never had issues before, and am running windows 8 without any issues,until the Bios update. I need to find out if it is in any way possible to recover from what seems obvious as a botched bios flash.

Answer:8 beeps and no video HP H8-1234 after Bios Update

My current idea is to re-install the bios at bootup.Ive tried loading all the files found in the bios update onto a usb 1gb and 8gb drive formatted as FAT32, no avail.Renamed the .rom to HPBIOS.ROM again nothing on either usbAttempted usingthe win key+B key power on trick Ive seen for hp laptops and had no luck.I've found that the motherboard BIOS or CMOS problem (ROM) has very little information anywhere available even though there seem to be quite a few HP desktop systems that have used this specific model of motherboard.If anyones got any ideas, Im open for suggestions.

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I have looked on this forum and found that several other people have had similar issues getting their HP Pavillion h8-1234 to boot up after putting in their GEFORCE GTX 950 graphics card. I am having the same exact issue. I understand that many have said that updating BIOS is the way to solve that issue but the HP website does not have any drivers for me to install. I've gone through all of the recommended channels but there is no driver updates. Here is the link to where I've been told to search: but there is nothing there. Maybe the BIOS is not the issue and someone can recommend another way to solve the problem? Thank you all in advance.

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Hello,I have a long column with numbers and I want to insert the symbol " ' " in the begining and in the end of the number as well as a comma " , " after every number.example: 1234 to '1234',Thank you

Answer:from 1234 to '1234', in excel

First, you realize that the numbers will no longer be "Numbers", but Text?Try this:With your number in cell A1, in B1 put this formula:=" ' "&A1&" ' , "I've separated it a bit so you can see that it is supposed to be:Equal sign, Double Quote, Single Quote, Double Quote, Ampersand, Cell Number, Ampersand, Double Quote, Single Quote, Comma, Double Quote.MIKE

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Question: Presario drivers

I recently reformatted a Compaq Presario SR5110NX from Vista to XP. Everything went well except I'm missing some drivers. I did some research before the format just to be sure I would be able to get the drivers for XP and apparently they are fairly common so I went ahead. The mobo is an MCP61PM-HM and I'm missing the following drivers (listed in the device manager) :

Video Controller
SM Bus Controller
PCI Simple Communication Controller
PCI Device
PCI Bridge Device

The dial up modem (PCI Simple Comm. Cont. I'm assuming) is a Conexant RD01-D850. I read this post :

It was pretty awesome as far as listing links for all the drivers but I have a couple questions. In this post the mobo in question was the same but the Compaq computer model was different. Does this make a difference? Also, I downloaded three different modem drivers for the RD01-D850 and none of them seem to want to install. If I try and run the application that comes in the driver folder nothing at alll happens, and if I try to install the drivers through the wizard using the driver folder as the source it says the drivers were not found. Can anybody help? Thanks.

Answer:Presario drivers

This is your chipset driver:

This is your Video driver:

Try this for your modem:

See if those takes care of your missing ones.

And just in case the PCI device happens to be your sound:

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I've reimaged my Presario f700 down to XP and now I am having trouble with the drivers. I cant seem to find the Ethernet driver anywhere. I have followed this thread :

Vista to XP Downgrade Compaq/ HP F700/G6000/DV6900/DV6700/DVx7xx/DV9800 Series Laptop

But I get stuck on this part :
nForce 630a

DO NOT RUN THE SOFTWARE (SETUP EXE FILE). Instead, download the file and extract the files to a folder. Manually install the LAN Driver through the device manager.

You should beable to get ON-LINEvia your LAN connection. DO a full MS Update. You will need XP SP2. DO NOTinstall SP3 until ALL your drivers are installed and running correctly.

The link to download the driver does not work. It takes me directed to the page but says primary download site, which redirects me back to the main nvidia webpage.

So i'm not sure which driver to install...anyone know where I can download the ethernet driver for my presario f700 windows XP?


Answer:XP Drivers for Presario F700

Hi see if the drivers here can help Presario F700 XP Drivers - HP Support Forum - 118783

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Hey all,

I'm Dennis.
I believe that the laptop i have now was originally vista.
when i got this laptop it was already downgraded to xp.
after some time it got abit laggy so i decided to format it.
as all koreans do, well most, i have an illegal copy of windows xp
ive been reading other threads and posts to try and solve my problem
please help me install the right drivers etc.
the windows i installed is a korean windows xp sp1 i think haha
tell me all the details u need to help me get this fixed please.
ill get them up asap


Answer:Hi, I need help with my Presario F500 Drivers

First you need to get a legal copy of windows be it Vista or XP as the Forum rules prevent help with Illegal activities.

Thread closed

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I'm looking for drivers for the lan on a Compaq Presario sr5310F.
I came with Vista they want Xp but I can't find lan drivers. So far what I found off of the realtek website. Installs and then the network card says it's a 1394 and I can't get onto my network.
I admit to being a amateur and not knowing alot about computers.

Answer:Presario sr5310f lan drivers

It uses a Realtek RTL8101E chip, so you should be able to find the driver you need here.

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Iam siva.I need all the drivers of compaq presario c770us because some of the drivers are not functioning properly it has become a serious problem for me for many days.I will be vey grateful if you suggest me a positive reply.Thank you.

Answer:compaq presario drivers

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cant find the right drivers anywhere, is like no help at all, half the drivers on there arent even the rights one..i need a XP driver for a SIS 3D PRO 6316, or so it says on the gfx card itself, but in everest says it's a 5598/6326...either one, i need xp drivers, if i cant get xpdrivers, than i guess i'll just buy a cheap regular pci card, just an old mess around computer i wanna get running good again

Answer:Presario 5875, old AGP 2X GFX..need drivers

see if i can get this question answered, is there a way to get a windows 2000 driver to work in xp?

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Question: p7-1234

My p7 with Windows 10 freezes when put into sleep or hybernation. I have to do a cold boot, with complete disconnect to get it bac again. I see this is an issue with Windows 7 and there is a Bios update. I dont see such an update for windows 10. How do I fix this?  

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I have been given a Compaq Presario 6207EA to look at, because the ethernet socket and sound would not work.I was obvious that someone had wiped the HDD and reinstalled XP Pro. But not the device drivers.I have been on HP's web-site and obtained what I thought was the network card driver. But this doesn't seem to install correctly and I still cannot get the ethernet port to work. This makes me think that the driver I obtained was in corret.What driver(s) will I need and where can I obtain them?

Answer:Campaq Presario 6207EA Drivers

click here

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  I bought a used Compaq Presario 1210 laptop with Wins 95 installed and updated the Net Framework and Winsock for Windows 95 yesterday, and cleaned the junk left on it by the previous owner using CleanUp for Wins 95. In the process of doing this the drivers for the internal CD ROM  were deleted permanently, or so it appears. After  fruitless searching system folders, etc, I have given up. I need to download and reinstall the drivers, but I don't know the type required.  The serial no on the CD tray is MRN403 K79-132190.  This is all the details I have. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks frank Hynes.

Answer:Compaq Presario CD ROM Drivers. Os Windows 95.

Did you try the website?

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hey all to start let me say thanx for any help in advance. K so I have a compaq presario that I need to uprade to 7 mostly cause vista hurts me deep inside. Problem is that it is model SR2002x that does not have drivers for 7 on compaq or hp's site. I needed help finding any site or crack or even compatible drivers for it. thank you again look forward to hearing

Answer:cant find drivers for Presario SR2002x

Quote: Originally Posted by blakemcloud

hey all to start let me say thanx for any help in advance. K so I have a compaq presario that I need to uprade to 7 mostly cause vista hurts me deep inside. Problem is that it is model SR2002x that does not have drivers for 7 on compaq or hp's site. I needed help finding any site or crack or even compatible drivers for it. thank you again look forward to hearing

Blake hi and welcome
You can use the vista drivers, just need to install them in compatibility mode. DL the driver>right click the installer>properties>compatibilty>check vista.
Ken J+

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first of all, i dont know computer that much.
My problem is, i've downloaded a malicious malware, maybe a virus and my lappy kept on rebooting when the blue screen appears! What i did is i reformat it with the cd that comes with the package (windows vista starter) and the oem pre installation kit. My another problem is there is no cd drivers on the package. So some drivers dont work well. In device manager, there is no network adapters installed and whenever i try to install drivers like intel pro 2200bg wireless, it doesnt install properly! Until now, the only thing i cant use wth my lappy is the internet. How can i make it work again?? Im so sad with this! Help please. :-(

Answer:Drivers problem on presario v3000. Need help!!

Help please.

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i am unable to search udio drivers for » Compaq Presario C786TU Notebook PC.pls healp

Answer:drivers for » Compaq Presario C786TU

Did you even try the manufacturer's website?HEREHP and Compaq are the same company."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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recently i installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on my compaq presario , after which i could not connect to the internet because there isno driver for the Ethernet Controller   PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&SUBSYS_367210&REV_05PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&SUBSYS_3672103CPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&CC_020000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136&cc_0200 Also Network controller driver PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103C&REV_01PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&SUBSYS_1629103CPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&CC_028000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176&CC_0280 Thanks in Advance Dre

Answer:Re: Compaq Presario CQ57 Drivers

Hi: You need these drivers... PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8136:  Download, unzip and run the setup application from the 2nd file at the link below. PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8176: This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek RTL8188CE wireless LAN Controller in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.

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Hi guys wonder if any of you can help you with a query I have....

I am helping a friend with a Compaq Presario C500 (C542EA) laptop, essentially it came with Windows Vista and we want to run XP on it.

I am having some serious issues locating XP drivers for

PCI modem
Wireless NIC

Does anyone know what hardware this machine runs for these devices? Having hunted around the internet I am hitting brick walls attempting to find XP drivers for this machine. I am hoping this is not a situation where Vista needs to be reloaded on to the machine in order to get it up and running!

It seems that the HP website does have audio and modem drivers (but not wireless NIC) however when i have run the drivers it states that its not for the hardware installed!

Any help would be appreciated!


Answer:Compaq Presario C500 Xp Drivers

The HP site has some drivers for XP: (are these the ones you've tried?)

Try the Wireless drivers from the Vista drivers section, it may support other versions of Windows too:

Also are you sure that its a C542EA, double check the sticker on the bottom.

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does anyone know where i can find ALL THE DRIVERS for this pc?, and i mean the ones that make the Hotkeys work on the front of the pc and the Audio + Video in as well (the RED, White, and yellow connectors), also where the PROPER graphics driver is (which has the display panel extras),i am using windows 98 SE.thanksben

Answer:Compaq Presario 4810 Drivers etc


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I’m looking for windows xp Order of operations driver install list for a Compaq Presario c552us
there was a forum that had it and the driver links can't seem to find it agan
if someone would help that be very cool

Answer:win xp drivers for a Compaq Presario c552us

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I Have The Notebook Compaq Presario V2000 PC  it originally had Windows xp with service pack 2 on it, i upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultamate service pack 1   and now i need the main device drivers Like the Original Audio Drivers, Graphc VGA Drivers, I Went To The HP Support site But My System Seems To Be Outdated & There Are No Downloads Available. Can Some one Please Help Me Find The Drivers That I Need Quick? I Have No Sound Due To NO AUDIO DRIVERS  Please send me the download links for the correct drivers i need. 

Answer:Where Can I Get Drivers For My Compaq Presario Notebook pc w...

It is not clear but is this the first install of Windows 7 on this PC?   If that is the case, then unless someone has actually done it, then open device manager for each of the devices that show no driver and get the Hardware Ids.  Then search for that device ID with Google to find the manufacturer and driver info.

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Hi guys!

I purchased a Compaq Presario A900 which came with Vista Home. As I am not comfortable with Vista, I want to shift back to Win XP but even after searching a lot, failed to find the drivers for the same.

Can you guys please help me to find the complete set of drivers for my notebook. Its very urgent and I will be highly obliged.

Thank you.

Answer:Win XP Drivers for Compaq Presario A900

A900 is the series number for your Compaq Presario laptop. Select the correct model number from this list and then advise what it is.


If you set up Vista with the Windows classic or standard mode instead of the aero mode, it'll look a lot more like XP and you'll probably be more comfortable using it. That's how I set up my Compaq Presario SR5450F desktop when I bought it last year with Vista. A couple of the devices didn't have XP drivers available, and the hard drive is SATA instead of EIDE, so I couldn't downgrade to XP if I wanted to.


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Could anyone please direct me to the correct site to obtain sound & modem drivers for this laptop, as HP/Compaq don't seem to have them on their siteThanks

Answer:Compaq Presario 1200 Drivers

click here which one???

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Have formatted system with 98se as XP was really struggling on resources, i've lost all the drivers and am looking for drivers for windows 98se...already been on HP's site but they only have the creative audio drivers...need drivers for on-board video, modem, LAN and chipset...thanks in advance...

Answer:compaq presario 5861 drivers

right found 'em:click here

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Have formatted and rebuilt a compaq presario 061 pc for my friend but cannot find the audio drivers. System info also calls it Model SR1421 UK and GB 520. Can anyone help without putting me on to driver tool sites that will scan the system and want to charge me a fortune. The pc is running windows xp Pro sp2. with thanks

Answer:audio drivers for compaq presario 061

Your official driver page SR1421UK is here
which as Lazarus probably saw does not have the Audio driver.
I have the SR1619UK which does. Strange or bad document control.

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Hi I want to get the driver of Compaq Presario V3500 because I lost the installers of my laptop please help me to get this . I appreciate your cooperation with this matter thanks a lot . Please post the link here if you find one that I'm looking for .... -^^,

Answer:Compaq Presario V3500 Drivers Need Help!


As their are 36 variations of the V3500 model Laptop from Compaq you will have to narrow down the exact version you have?

A guide on how to find your model code here (number 1 is the area to look at for the exact code)

Also do tell us what Windows version you are using as you may not now be using the Windows version that came with the PC originally?

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I just went from Vista Premium(ew) to Windows XP, and lost all my drivers... any help would be great, thanks. =)

Answer:I need drivers for Compaq Presario SR5130NX

See if these work, and if you need more after, let me know:

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For a friend I reloaded her Compaq PC with XP Pro. Of course she does not have any drivers (backups) or would understand the need of drivers, like "Network". Are there
any site (s) that have at least the network driver for the mobd? If I have network life hopefully I would be able to download other needed drivers. The mobo is:

ASUSTek Computer INC., NAGAM2L 2.00, Bus Clock: 199 MHz,
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.07 04/13/2006

Is the best option is just to purchase Driver Detect and hopefully get all the needed
Thanks for your help in advance


Answer:Where to obtain drivers for a Compaq Presario 061

What is wrong with going to HP/Compaq's website and looking for the drivers there.

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I have a Compaq Presario SR5013WM that came pre-installed with Vista Basic, and i would rather have WIN XP Prof. So im wondering if anyone knows if the drivers exist, and if so, where i can get them.

Answer:I need drivers for a Compaq Presario SR5013WM....

It looks like most (if not all) the drivers are available right here at Major Geeks:
LAN, RAID/SATA and other stuff you might need:!
The last link above has lots of drivers in case any of the others don't work.
If you have any questions or problems, just post and we'll try to help.

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Gotta check the manufacturers site, mate.

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Searching for Win 98SE audio drivers for Compaq Presario. Case says CM1001. Not having much luck on the Compaq site or elsewhere.
Anyone have some suggestions?

(PS I moved a hard drive from a Celron 550 with Windows and prgrams installed. It booted fine with the exception of these devices in Device Manager. Installed a driver which must not have been correct. It won't complete a bootup now. It will in safe mode)
How do I get around that?


Answer:Audio drivers Compaq Presario

I'm guessing from having an old Compaq from about 2000 with Win 98SE and looking at a pic of your motherboard on EBay. I think you need ESSOLO drivers. Try this procedure:

If your ESS device is a PCI device and embedded on the PC motherboard or notebook computer, use the following procedure to identify your device:

a) Download the ESS PCI device identifier utility
b) Unzip the utility to your desktop
c) Execute the ESPCI_ID.BAT file
d) Use windows explorer to find this file: C:\RESULT.TXT
e) Double click the file to open
f) Look for the &DEV_1xxx in the RESULT.TXT
g) If you see &DEV_1969, please download the correct ES1938/ES1946 driver for your operating system
h) If you see &DEV_1998 or &DEV_199A, and you DO NOT have a Dell notebook, you may download the correct ES1980 Maestro-3 drivers for your operating system.

Generic ES1980 Maestro-3 drivers on our web site are not for Maestro-3i ES1983, which is a Dell version of Maestro Audio device. Dell users have to visit Dell website ( for driver update.

8. Once you have identified which ESS chip ID is in the sound card in your system, you may download our latest drivers from drivers page. Or you may provide us the C:\RESULT.TXT file for further helpClick to expand...

Procedure from this website:

Download drivers from here:
... Read more

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okk guyz i know it is simple for you..

One of my customer Got himself a CompaQ Presario M2000 I donn know where the hell did he lost his driver CD.. now i formated that **** off and i am unable to get it's drivers..

Ya ya I went to compaq's website and from there i got CONNEXANT audio Chip driver but i m not sure it is the right drivers.. as i ran the setup and the drivers failed..

Can U juz tell me a software which can tell me that which Chips does that Lappy has in it.. sorry to trouble u, but no manual nuthin is there..

Thanks a lot !!


Answer:Compaq Presario M2000 Drivers

Some one delete this thread.. cause this shows my Moronity, i saw a very nice thraed sticking into this forum..

Sorry for the trouble guyzz

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So, recently, my mom gave me her old Compaq Presario C500 laptop. Before recently, it had Windows XP SP3 on it, with full driver installations, etc.

A little back story: My dad bought this computer for my mom. It had Vista on it. My dad Nuked Vista using DBAN ( and installed XP. He was up till like midnight getting drivers from tech support.

I got it, nuked it with DBAN by request of my mom, and reinstalled XP. The XP drivers available for the laptop were not base drivers, they were updates, AND only for certain things.

So basically, I need to know, should I download Vista drivers for XP, or will it fail?

also, this computer is totally out of warranty, so I can't call tech support.


Answer:XP Drivers For Compaq Presario C500

Google is your friend!

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G'day, my mate gave me his laptop to speed it up a bit so I decided to format it with XP as it couldn't handle Vista very well.

I cannot find any drivers that will suit the audio device, I've installed multiple different drivers but none of them work and most of them return with the error:

The laptop is a Compaq Presario C700 model.

"Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver."

Device instance ID:


Can someone please suggest something I am out of ideas.


Answer:Compaq Presario Windows XP drivers

i was going to suggest going to the website for compaq and seeing if there are xp drivers for that model of computer if u havent tried that. if so i dont know what else u can try.hope this helps u.

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Hi everybody, I have been purchased a notebook Brand New Compaq Presario F500. It has a MainBoard Brand QUANTA model: 30D3, but I don't find the drivers for Windows XP.Please if you have information about it, submit me!!!Best Regards

Answer:Drivers for Compaq Presario F500

Try here:

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Hi, I have just reinstalled windows 7 64bit on my CQ57 but it cannot find the drivers for the wifi, ethernet and network,  The problem i have is i dont know what model of card it has and what drivers it needs Does anyone know what the model number of the wifi is and what drivers i need? Model number for laptop is: CQ57-302SA It is now unfortunatly out of warrenty  ThanksShaun


View Solution.

Answer:Compaq Presario CQ57 Drivers

Hi: Please read the guide on where to find the hardware ID once you click on the Network Controller Device. You click on the network controller device. Then there are tabs on the top of the window. Click on the Details tab. Now you see a line labeled Property. There is a dropdown list that is defaulted to Device Description Drop down on that line and select the second item on the list just under the device description label and it will be labeled Hardware Id's. Then you will see in the window after you select hardware ID's a list of characters that look something like this: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_1494103C&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_1494103CPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&CC_020000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&CC_0200 I need you to post the top string of characters of what you see. So for this example, I would need this line: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_1494103C&REV_04 Without that hardware ID, there isn't a thing I can do to help you other than to post the links to about 25 different wireless card drivers until you find the right one that works. The problem with that method is sometimes trying too many drivers messes up the registry in your operating system and it can cause problems with installing the driver that is supposed to work.

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Recently, I downgraded my Windows 10 laptop to Windows 7 due to parents being familiar to Windows 7. It all went fine and is now set up. However, I have found that neither the Wireless Network Card, The Ethernet or the USB ports have drivers installed and their is not way for me to install them. I have three drivers downloaded to my main computer which are all for the correct model and OS and they are all .exe files, but how can I put them on. I am yet to try a disk, so I will try that but other suggestions are greatly accepted.


Laptop: Compaq Presario CQ58-125EA
OS: Windows 7 Home (I think) Un-activated [Because I skipped the product key entry at the first setup because
I didn't have it at the point]
Issue: No Drivers for USB, Wireless Network or Ethernet.
Resolution Format: A Metherd to Load and Run 3 .exe Files to Install Drivers


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who have/know or whatever have a driver for compaq presario c470 for win.xp...
send to [email protected]:cry

Answer:drivers compaq presario please..

There is no Presario model c470 listed on the HP/Compaq web site. A Google search for 'Presario c470' turns up this thread, and no other results referring directly to a Presario c470. All other results are for other c470 items like cameras, state highway numbers, etc. Please check the model number and post again.

(BTW- I will not send anything to your email. You have to participate in the repair of your PC. We won't do all the work for you. Sorry. And it really isn't a good idea to post your email address in an open forum. Hopefully an admin or forum mod will remove it before too long)

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Hello, everyone..

I was forced to re-install XP Pro on this computer:

Compaq Presario S5000NX

which came with no driver CD. Now I'm faced with the daunting task of finding all drivers on-line. After much search I ended up at but that wasn't helpful either.
I'll be very grateful if someone could help me find these drivers - chipset, video, audio.


Answer:Comoaq Presario S5000NX drivers

Did you try

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Hello I’m new to this forum and this is my first post. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I had to reformat my laptop, and I installed WIN98SE, but I did not use the Compaq startup/restore disk (I didn’t want all the Compaq software on it). The problem I have now is I can’t seem to find the drivers I need to restore all of my hardware…Video, Sound, Modem, USB, PCMCIA….. I’m just looking for the drivers, but I can’t seem to find them on the Compaq page (it is very hard to navigate). Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Looking for drivers for Compaq Presario 1250

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Hi -I am another new computer illiterate, desperately hoping for help. I'm not sure what my mom needed to hide, but she would only give me her computer after she did a system restore. When I attempted to re-install the drivers (copies of originals) the first 6 went fine, and I am unable to continue after that. It is a Compaq Presario. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. She gave this to me out of sympathy, my very old -faithful-till-recently dell died a slow death, i now have nothing. -clueless

Answer:presario restore/installing drivers

can u xplain more , what error messages are u getting? wat do u mean by "copying"??

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Could anyone please provide me the sound drivers for the below model laptop



Awaiting for the reply.

Thank you for your valauble time.

Answer:need compaq presario sound drivers

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cant install th sound drivers and video drivers for this laptop, when im trying to install the drivers for video it gives an error, "INF error Video driver not found" and "Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup." but the driver i used to install is the one given on the site.for the sound driver. after installation process. it prompts that the installation of conexant audio driver failed. i also tried to install the automatic software detection from the hp web site but the installation always fails.please help me. i cannot install windows 7 since the laptop is running with low specification, and using window7 will just make it to slow when used

Answer:Compaq presario v2000 xp drivers

Where did you get these drivers from ? ?

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Hi I wanted to upgrade my video card it a bit of a long story what happen my GPU it came with the computer died and had a computer repairman fix my computer now it has a really bad GPU in it and i really wanna play Final fantasy 14 at the best settings i can i personally would like High settings. i had an Radeon HD 7450 befor it died it didn't run the game well but at least it could run the game the video card it was replace with is a nvidia geforce 8400 gs (microsoft corporation - wddm v1.1) Which won't work with final fantasy 14 at all I am no pro at computers or video cards so i really need help with picking out a card to play Final fantasy 14 i be very grateful. As for my computer.   Motherboard M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) Manufacturer: Gigabyte Form factor: uATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) Chipset: AMD 970 Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3 Front side bus speeds: UMI (United Media Interface) 4 lane, 5 GT/s per lane Processor socket: AM3-b Expansion Slots: One PCI Express x16 (Gen 2.0) Three PCI Express x1 (Gen 2.0) One PCI Express mini card (for half-length add-in cards) with USB connector Processor AMD FX-6120 TDP: 95W Operating speed: 3.5 GHz (up to 4.1 GHz turbo) Number of cores: 6 Socket: AM3+ Bus speed: HT3 - 5.2GT/s Memory 10 GB Amount: 10 GB Speed: PC3-12800 MB/sec (runs as PC3-10600 in this system) Type: DDR3-1600.   If you need anymore info let me know Also as for the Bios its legty bios i think i spell that right. being a 2.0 so... Read more

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Question: matt 1234 thanks

thanks for the info XP on athlon 2600+

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can any 1 get me the sound drivers for the compaq presario v2000 (multimedia audio controller) cuz wen i installed ealtec it told me that the device canoot start (code 10).....can some 1 help me please please please.....thanx alot!!!!!!

Answer:audio drivers for compaq presario v2000

you can get the drivers you need from here " " depends on the exact model and your operating system

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I just downgraded my Desktop compaq presario SR5233WM to Windows XP but I can't find any drivers for Audio, and network, can someone direct me to the right drivers please and where i can find them... i've searched but i didn't find any drivers for this computer.

Thanks for your kind help!

Answer:Compaq Presario SR5233WM audio drivers

Have you tried the original HP/Compaq drivers? The Vista one should work with XP.


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not sure if this is the correct place to post my apologies if it is not. Here is my problem, I got a compaq presario 6000 desktop from a friend to fix, he had someone install windows xp on it, and the onboard lan internet is not working it needs the correct drivers. My problem is he knows nothing of the computer and has none of the original software. So I went to the hp/compaq page to download the drivers, problem is the pc only says it is a presario 6000. I have looked everywhere on the case and motherboard for the t code or sn# as the web page suggests. I have checked the system info and it only says it is a compaq presario, same in bios. Hopefully someone can help. Some other info hopefully of value it does say it is a zztop/pine amer cto on top, the motherboard says it is an n1996 and has a 686y4 sticker on it. any help in identifying this compaq so I can put the correct drivers is greatly appreciated

Answer:Compaq Presario 6000 motherboard drivers

You can try this - updates Bios tho so you could crap out the whole thing.

It seems the mighty HP/Compaq dropped the ball again for support.

edit: searched using the second id code 686y4 and got:

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I recently reloaded my Compaq Presario A900 with Windows 7 Ultimate and my driver and recovery disk that came with my laptop got severly damaged and i went to the Compaq website to get my drivers for my latop, now my problem is that everything is working fine and back to normal except my webcam, and my laptop wont show no webcam in imaging devices in device manager and when i try to add new legacy hardware nothing shows up either under imaging devices so now i am stumped, if anybody out there who reads this and have access to a Compaq Presario A900 Windows Vista Driver and Recovery Disk cud you please extract the webcam driver setup file and send it to me via email PLEASE!! or upload it to some file sharing site and post me the link for download please

Answer:Webcam Drivers For Compaq Presario A900

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Just wondering if anyone can help me find drivers for Compaq Presario F700 on Windows 7. Just the graphics would do but if others are there aswell they would be good.


Answer:Compaq Presario F700 Windows 7 drivers

HP/Compaq has no Windows 7 drivers for your model. If the graphics is a chip on the motherboard, you might be out of luck.
What version of windows was installed on the notebook?

Here are 32 bit Vista drivers

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Need help in getting drivers for my compaq presario cq50 105ee ,,I changed the operating system from win vista to win xp sp2 ,,I got some of the drivers from different forums but still needed the VGA , NETWORK CONTROLLER , ATHEROS WIRELESS DRIVER AND NOE MOR UNKNOWN DEVICE.


Answer:Drivers for compaq presario cq50 105ee

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I have a Presario SR5414UK. I didnt like Vista so I installed XP Professional SP3.

Ive formatted the PC before and been able to get things working fine, however...this time, I cant seem to find the right drivers.

I have a Samsung Viewsonic Q19WB monitor. For some reason the disc wont install the drivers so I have to do it manually. I can only assume its worked!

Please help! Ive searched all over, spent most of the day on this, but finally I must admit defeat and call for your help!

Answer:Compaq Presario SR5414UK XP drivers needed!

Please help me! Ive already installed the G31 express chipset, but the graphics still dont look right!

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Hi there,

Im very new to this whole upgrade stuff

a mate (who knows computers) upgraded my Compaq Presario V3000 to windows 7, since i got it back its working a treat how ever i cant seem to get my mic working or the audio through my front earphone jack.

I have tried a few drivers, the HP site does not support drivers for this laptop with windows 7.

its the 64 bit version and yes my pc is also 64bit.

I have been through all the settings in device manager and it looks fine.

There are no little yellow triangles, under sounds video and game controls is
a pic of a speaker and hi definition audio device... so to me looks normal.

I have been through all the settings on my pc, but normally if i click on the speaker on my task bar it opens the volume control with a speaker level, mic level, headphones level etc, now its just levels for the laptop inbuilt speakers and something called sound systems ( no matter what i try and can not get anything out of setting the sound systems tab as the default so no idea what that is)

If any one has any ideas on how to get my headphone jack to waken and produce noise or my mic to open and do its job please let me know.

p.s my mate that installed this software has moved away as of the day after install and is unavailable for further assistance at this time.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Presario V3000 and windows 7 drivers (audio)

hi justwannadrift, welcome to the forums , here is a link to the drivers Compaq Presario V3000 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center they are for Vista 64bit ,install them in compatibility mode Compatibility Mode

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gang I've been reconstructing a cpq C306us [c300] notebook and having issues.
supposedly [yet to prove] the chipset here is a i945gm, and the controller 82801gbm. however when I download from hp the designated "INtel matrix storage manager' driver, it fails saying "wrong hardware". also, I have a bang in Device Manager for the "SM Bus". I searched HP and Intel for the right SM Bus driver and so far come up short.
I'm stuck.

I've been here before with another system, where in order to get XP to install I switched in bios the hard drive type to 'compatibility' mode instead of SATA. in that case I was later able to find the right driver for sata, install after the fact, and switch bios sata mode 'on'.
the SM bus driver issue is new to me however [or newer].

one issue is this chipset thing. in intel's ddownload center I do not see i945gm specifically with that syntax. what's up with that?

Answer:Presario C300, C306us SATA & SM Bus drivers?

You can use the chipset utility from intel for the 9 series.

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Hello, im a member of and Sevenforums was suggest for my current situation. I just upgraded my Compaq Presario SR1403wm from (Windows Xp Home edition) to (Windows 7 pro 32 bit). Everything went well except im now missing Network adapters/Ethernet and am unable to connect to the internet. Im having a hard time finding drivers that support the Mobo/OS. HP refused to provide me with driver because the fact that its a retail version.

Any suggestions? Thank you

Answer:Looking for Network adapter drivers for Compaq Presario

Seems rather a obvious question but have you tried the site. they have 7 32 drivers listed. HP Software Update Utility Compaq Presario SR1403WM Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English) . Fabe

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I have a Presario CQ61. I believe it was released in 2009.  Although it's very old I was wondering if this laptop will have driver support for windows 10. There are none as of now but will there be drivers for this laptop in the future?  Thanks.

Answer:Windows 10 drivers for Compaq Presario CQ61?

I am also concern since i did install win 10 on my cq61-420us. The one concern i do have is my touchpad isnt not scrolling either up and down or side to side. the synaptic drivers that are provided do not work properly

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Hi,  I'm looking for network drivers for my Compaq Presario V2000, but I can`t seem to find anything on the HP website. The numbers at the back of my laptop are: MFG# 2CB63405NZ and the other number which stands alone is ET059AVR. I tried searching the database with those numbers but couldn't pull up anything. I need to install those drivers to access the internet on my laptop. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Looking for network drivers for Compaq Presario V2000

Perhaps this will help:

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I have a presario cq57 and have lost my ethernet controller, network controller and PCI device.  How can I get these reinstalled?  I am using Windows home premium 64 bit. 

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Hello out there.  I have recently reloaded a Compaq Presario CQ57 Laptop with Windows 7 Pro, 32-bit.  I am having a HARD time finding the wireless drivers for it.  The HP website for software and drivers support has several different types of wireless drivers, but none of them seem to work and they look like they are only for 64-bit.  Finding the ethernet drivers is no problem.  Also, does HP Wireless Assistant help with this and does a version exist for Compaq laptops?  Please someone assist as this has been driving me crazy for the past couple of days.  The things that I have done so far are reload my laptop with a 64-bit (still no luck), check and restarted the wireless services (no luck there either). Thank you in advance for anyone's help in this matter.   Dennis Jones

Answer:Presario CQ57 wireless drivers Issue

 Hi, Hi Copy and paste hardware IDs (yellow sign on device manegement) in Network Controller  Regards 

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i'm converting my laptop from vista to xp and i'm having trouble getting the drivers for video, sound etc..

my laptop is a compaq presario f504eu mobo: Quanta 30d3 - compaq's website gives me a small list of drivers but none for sound and video

- i've also downloaded nvidia drivers but when i scroll a page it's all slowly refreshing so doesn't seem to have worked??

Istill have no sound...

- does anyone know where i can get a complete list of drivers?

Thanks in Advance

Answer:trouble locating drivers for presario laptop...plz help

I now have sound and wireless assistant but in device manager i have 2 yellow "?!" next to "video controller (vga compatible)" and "unknown device"

so it looks like i still need a video driver - there's nothing on compaq's website after i put in my product number etc - there is a bios update driver which when i install says this bios is not for this mobo?? umm - can't contact compaq because the laptop is out of warrentee - unless i pay £15 (lovely company) - I only want to contact them to locate the appropiate driver how sad are these people.?

Anyone know where i can get the video driver?


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Hello,Like the title says i need drivers for my Compaq Laptop.
Drivers need to be Realtek!

Answer:Windows 8 drivers for Compaq presario CQ57 301-SA

Realtek drivers are here:

Software & Driver Downloads Compaq Presario CQ57-301SA Notebook PC | HP? Support

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I formatted my laptop Compaq Presario CQ61-340EV from Win 7 to Win XP
please help me to get bluetooth and wireless drivers. The one which is post on this site has this driver it does not work on my laptop :cry

heeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzz.

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i recently received a barely used compaq presario m2000. the only problem is it came completely cleaned out with no drivers and no windows disk/drivers disk. ok so i went to the hp website and got all the drivers i needed.. except for the audios... its goes completely through the install and then fails. i cannot find these drivers anywhere else on the net. found a previous post on these forums where someone found a fix but didnt post it... :
Compaq Presario M2000 Drivers

thanks for all the help

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m labtop was working fine and all until my cousin crashed itthe blue screen of death came *censored* itso yeah i reformatted the computer,but it seems as if 5 drivers wotn installMass Storage ControllerMultimedia Audio ControllerPCI ModemSm Bus ControllerVideo Controllerwhen ever i try 2 download them they wont please if anybody can help

Answer:Help with Installing drivers on a compaq presario v2000

Can you download the below driver ? below site has your drivers.Select your operating system.

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Hi: Here are the XP audio and graphics drivers you need... This package contains the Conexant AC-Link Audio Driver for the listed notebookmodels and operating systems. This audio driver enables the audio properties forthe user and also provides a user interface. Graphics: The XP audio driver is also good for Vista. Here is the Vista graphics driver...

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just bought a used presarion f750 us laptop and downgraded it from vista to xp pro but hp will not give xp drivers and i am having a h*** of a time finding them!!!! does anyone know a good 3rd party free site or somewhere to get them from?

Answer:compaq presario f750us laptop drivers for xp

Video Driver for WinXP
Chipset Driver for WinXP (includes ethernet, SMBus, and others)
Card Reader Driver for WinXP
I don't have time at this moment to find the rest, but it doesn't look good. From what I found out, the audio (Conexant SmartAudio 221) does not have an XP driver. Period. The driver does not exist. You can try a Vista driver by installing it through the Device Manager and using the "have disk" method. The same applies to the AR5007 Atheros wifi driver. Some versions of your laptop have a BroadCom wifi adapter. If your PC is one of these, a driver should be easy to find.
Good luck!

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I have a  Compaq Presario CQ70, and I think the harddrive has gone bad because the laptop no longer recognizes it in the bios. I was going to get a new hard drive, but I am told I need to install drivers for the laptop and I am a little unsure how to go about this. Can someone please tell me what drivers I will need and do i install these drivers after installing an OS or before it? Better still give me the link to the drivers I will need. Thankyou!!

Answer: Compaq Presario CQ70 drivers question.

Visit the Compaq your laptop Model # and appropiate OS...DLoad the drivers to a USB drive.Boot to the OS install CD and delete and re-create the C: partition...this will take awhile.Then continue with the OS setup...follow all prompts and re-boot.Then re-install all drivers...Chipset drivers go 1st !

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I am having trouble finding the drivers for this computer. I tried Googling, the only drivers I can find are these:

I need all the drivers - chipset, sound, video, network, etc. so that I can reformat this machine. I can't seem to find those drivers anywhere, please help!

Thank you for your help, much appreciated!

Answer:Compaq Presario SR1220NX - Cant Find Drivers

:wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

Here's the link to all your drivers:
Scroll down a bit until you see the section called "Original Drivers" and all your system drivers are listed.


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I am looking for the pci drivers for a compaq presario cq57-339wm. I have no internet and have been to the hp driver section and can't find it. could someone be so nice as to send me to the right place.  Thanks in advance  Lewis


View Solution.

Answer:looking for the pci drivers for a compaq presario cq57-339wm

You're very welcome. You need this driver for the pci simple communications controller:  

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hi everyone!

i have reinstalled windows xp sp1 for a friend of mine and (as per usual) we're missing some drivers:-o. the laptop is a compaq presario 2100. i have checked the compaq support site but their drivers ( for some reason which is beyond me) doesn't work on this laptop:confused. other web sites offer all sorts driver scan software which altimately ask us to pay. is there any way that you can help us????!!!!
we are missing: network controller (wireless lan), pci modem, video controller (vga compatible)

i alredy appreciate your help support!!

Answer:compaq presario 2100 drivers needed

here's the everest report:

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Compaq Presario CQ61-115EE Notebook PC

I had done the downgrade of my Compaq Presario CQ61 from Vista to XP

THe VGA card

Video Adapter nVIDIA GeForce G 103M
3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce G 103M
The sound card
Audio Adapter IDT 92HD75B1/92HD75B2 @ Intel 82801IB ICH9 - High Definition Audio Controller [A-3]
Audio Adapter nVIDIA HDMI @ Intel 82801IB ICH9 - High Definition Audio Controller [A-3]
The bluetooth
Bluetooth Radios / HP Integrated Module ]

Device Properties:
Driver Description HP Integrated Module
Hardware ID USB\Vid_03f0&Pid_171d&Rev_0100
Location Information HP Integrated Module

The full report is in Attachments

Best regards


Answer:HP Compaq Presario CQ61 xp drivers needed please help me

Solved colse it thanks `

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I have had windows 10 installed for several months with no issue. two days ago, at start up the computer goes to the blue screen, says it is collecting info and restarts, does it a second time and restarts then letting me get to the advanced tools. Scrubbed the web for suggestions and am currently running on the native display adapter after removing AMD display adapter and catalyst.

at the blue screen it states it is a video TDR failure and atikmpag.sys

cleaned all dust, checked for loose connections, installed latest drivers, tried the legacy beta driver, cannot roll back to an old version.

Other interesting notes: since dumping the drivers I cannot use google chrome and my external speakers do not work (but headphones do). Will also only display on an old dell monitor, will not go to HDMI monitor.

Am not super computer literate and lost for what to do next. Thanks!

? OS - Windows 10
? x64
? What was the original installed OS on the system? windows 7
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Upgraded during the free upgrade period. current build is anniversary
? Approximate age of system (hardware) 4.5 years
? Approximate age of OS installation (if you know) a few months
? Have you re-installed the OS? No

? CPU Fx-6120 AMD 6 core 3.49 ghz
? Video Card Radeon HD 7450 1GB DDR3
? MotherBoard M3970AM-HP
? Power Supply - brand & wattage 300w internal ATX that came with the... Read more

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  My computer will shut down while idle for awhile. It hasn't done it while I am working with it. But if I leave it for awhile , when I return, it has shut down. I have the door off and have been watching to see if it is a fan issue,  but I can't see it shut down so I do not know which fan it is, or both. Everything else is working fine on the computer and all of my programs.

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In excel, how can I convert 1234 to 1-2-3-4

Answer:In excel, how can I convert 1234 to 1-2-3-4

Custom Format: 0-0-0-0MIKE

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Which Function Key allows me to set up or modify BIOS on an h8-1234? I have found the following functions, f2 (Hdwr Diagnostics), f8 (Boot Mode Selection), and f12 (Boot Source), but nothing about BIOS setup. Thanks

View Solution.

Answer:h8-1234 BIOS Setup, Which "f" Key?

Teneyck,Thank you for an easy inquiry------ F10 for BIOS

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I have gleaned some info on computer fans, but would like to have a better understanding of them - as well as confirmation of what I believe to be correct. Thus far, I believe that most fans are 12 volt dc. red=12v+ & black=12v-. As I understand the third pin is a heat sensor (probably a thermistor reading to ground[12v-]). I have no idea what the fourth pin is for.

Answer:Solved: fan terminals 1234

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Hi, I have the same/similar problem as dude 1234. Firefox using 100% CPUI didnt want to steal his post so I made my own.I have doing a bit of research on different things for browsers, this amongst them. (Well I dont know that its the browser actually).Every now and then my computer seems to just grind away, fans rev to their limit, windows wont open and the whole system drags for ages then to a total stop.It seems as though it is a memory problem, but having read that post, I wondered if it was my browser? I have a Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz 1.5GB of RAM. My computer doesnt always play up like that but it has its moments.The easiest way to get past it is to close everything and then restart F/F, this does cure it but is really inconvenient if I have lots of windows open.Can I do anything to cure this phenomenon please?

Answer:Same as dude 1234 CPU Grinding away at 100%?

Well your computer is better than mine and, anyway, I have investigated and determined its not a processor or memory problem. Try using Opera browser and see if you think that eliminated the problem. I'd be interested to know."Browser" is the name of the software you use to download and display web material. Examples of browsers are:- Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome.In case you are not familiar with the term "software", it means a computer program. Computers have hardware (all the electronic bits), and software (all the instructions that are given to the hardware to make it do something useful). My apologies if I have over-simplified this, but it sounded like you needed to know.

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Hello everyone,I recently purchased a Compaq Presario CQ60-210US Notebook PC.It came pre-loaded with Vista, so I upgraded it to XP Pro.I packaged up the drivers that I used to get everything to work.In case anyone has the same machine, here are the links to my file: 250 MB | No PasswordI have also uploaded XP drivers for an HP G50-109NR notebook.The link to that file can be found on page 2 of this thread: Luck!Disclaimer:: Bleeping Computer is not responsible for the content and the results of using this application. Download at your own risk

Answer:XP Drivers for Compaq Presario CQ60-210US Notebook

Hi aarrr. Thanks for giving these drivers. Ive looked for about a month to get decent XP drivers for my CQ60 210EN. All these drivers works fine

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Good day. I had a full disk crash and i did not find my recovery disk. Where I can find a set of DVD or download the ISO images to recover my system. 

Answer:Download Presario CQ5814 32bit software and drivers CD or Im...

Hi: According to the product specs for your PC, it came with W7 Home Premium 64 bit. HP does not offer recovery media via download.  You can order recovery media from the link below, but it will be for 64 bit. You can make your own plain W7 installation media also and use the Windows 7 product key on your PC's case to activate the installation. This site claims to have genuine, unadulterated W7 ISO files for download... Click on the link labeled Windows ISO Downloader.exe You can use either the:  Win 7 Home SP1 or the (Retail version, but the  OEM key on your PC's case will work with it)  Win 7 Home SP1 COEM (This version would be for what HP would have used--System Builder) N is for European Union (EU) countries. K is for South Korean markets. Then you can use this tool to transfer the file to a 4 GB USB flash drive or a DVD. Then install the drivers and available software you need from your PC's support page. Read more

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Hi. I was wondering where I could find ethernet drivers for Compaq Presario SR5019SC. HP drivers site only lists a LAN driver update which is cool but the original drivers would be nice. I'm running Windows Vista 32bit operating system.

Answer:Where do I find Compaq Presario SR5019SC ethernet drivers

Hi, Pleae try Regards.

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i install windows 7 32bit but no sound driver 

Answer:Hp Presario CQ35 NO SOUND drivers in device manager!

Hi Try installing this drivers below  

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I need Drivers of Keyboard compaq presario SR5420LA

Answer:DOWLOAD DRIVERS keyboard compaq presario SR54

Look here: have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.This site is about helping people, lets keep it that way.

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Hello, I have a HP Compaq Presario CQ40-314TU Notebook. Currently, Windows Vista is installed on the notebook. I am planning to upgrade the notebook to Windows 7 Professional Edition. However, when I searched for drivers for Windows 7, I did not find any on HP website. I searched as follows: 1. Visited Entered Compaq Presario CQ40-314TU Notebook PC in the search box3. Selected Software and Drivers from the left menu4. Clicked Go5. Selected Windows in the Operating system dropdown list6. In the Version dropdown list, I only had two options; Windows Vista (32-bit) and Windows Vista (64-bit). Even selecting one of these options displays:No software or drivers are available for this product with the selected operating system. Please make a different selection, or visit the product homepage. Please tell me the link for installing drivers for this notebook for Windows 7 Professional Edition. Regards,Aziz 

Answer:HP Compaq Presario CQ40-314TU Drivers for Windows 7

Hi, As you can see, no available link for Windows 7. Please run Windows 7 updates FEW TIMES then post back missing driver(s). Regards.

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i reformated a friend pc... when i start up pc needs to find drivers for unknown device.. go to device manager and its listed under other drivers - unknown device.. ive been to the compaq site and dowloaded all drivers but nothing seems to work... any can i find what the device is...ect.... thanks for your help

ps.. there are no cd's with drivers that came with his pc...

Answer:compaq presario sr1834nx cant find drivers for hardware

Hi, try this


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hello, so my grandma gave me her old compaq as she had just gotten a new pc, so i went to boot it up and the hard drive was DEAD, so i went to go install windows xp SP2 on a new hard drive, Installed it but i got a blue screen of death. so i intalled windows 95 untill i could get windows 7 to work, of course windows 7 is slow on this computer and everything im needing to do can run on xp, and my webcam needs windows xp to run. i checked hp's website for drivers and nothing, i even checked intels website, so if anyone can find the drivers for me id love it.

Answer:Sata Drivers for Windows xp on compaq presario SR5410F

@Gaming_WTC-YT?, welcome to the forum. What is the make/model of your webcam?  With this information, I might be able to find a XP driver for it.

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Hello, I'm downgrading from 7 to XP, and I have network and graphic drivers ready on another partition so I can install them after the downgrade. I put my Windows XP SP2 CD in and boot from there, but after loading the files I get a blue screen.

I read on some other forums that you need to put SATA into compablity mode (IDE mode), and that you can do this in BIOS under System Configuration. But when I go to the section, there is absolutely no option for changing the SATA to IDE. I read some more and found out that you need SATA drivers for your PC, but I can't find any drivers for my computer online! :smileysad: . Can anybody give me the link for SATA drivers on my computer? (Compaq Presario CQ71-412EO)

Thanks :smileyhappy:

Answer:SATA drivers for Compaq Presario CQ71-412EO

I would try this

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I formatted my Presario 5000 and installed Windows 98 (Windos ME was previously installed) but I can't find the drivers to make the sound card (which is on board) work. If someone could tell me where to find this software I'´be very thankful.

Answer:Compaq Presario 5000 BW314 Audio Drivers

Go to and select the support section. Then enter your PC model number.

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I had little response to my previous question
so I went into device manager and deleted the 2 network adapters, rebooted and let Windows reinstall. Windows created a new Local Area Connection (LAC4, 2 and 3 are gone). It reads limited or no connectivity and is using Linksys LNE 100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter, just like the previous LAC2. The previous LAC3, which used the WAN Network Driver never got reinstalled. I don't get it.

Since a Linksys adapter on a wired connection seemed bizarre I tried to find what the correct network driver should be.

I Googled "Compaq Presario 5400US" "ethernet driver" OR "network driver" and was taken to an HP drivers page, which I guess makes sense since HP now owns Compaq
This page has nothing listed for chipset or network adapters. Really? This is becoming maddening. What am I doing wrong? Can someone at least point me to a site to determine and download a network driver? Please!

Answer:Solved: Network Drivers for Compaq Presario 5400US

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Relevance 47.15%

I formatted MS Vista from my Laptop a few weeks ago and I uploaded Windows 7 Home 32 bit. I m looking for Webcam drivers that will function on my Laptop.

Answer:Webcam Drivers for Compaq Presario A900 CTO Notebook

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