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maxtor 250gb external usb/firewire corrupt

Question: maxtor 250gb external usb/firewire corrupt

hi, i have been trying all day to fix my aiptek hyperpen, to no avail, and it turns out now that my external maxtor drive is now corrupt and unreadable, i can't do a thing with it, have tried reinstalling drivers, but i'll give it another go. any ideas. i have all my work and digital photographs form the past year on there, without any back up, we live and learn.

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Preferred Solution: maxtor 250gb external usb/firewire corrupt

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: maxtor 250gb external usb/firewire corrupt

Try plugging the external HD into another pc and see if that can read it....It may be a problem on your pc rather than the external drive.

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I am new to this forum and desperate to find a solution to my problem. My colleague told me of this service and here I am.I had a Windows98 PC with an external Maxtor 250GB firewire connected to it. I took the main HD out (the one with the w98) and installed new one and installed a newly purchased copy of XP. At this point I've connected my Maxtor without installing the driver thinking that XP would recognise it, but nothing happened. I installed the driver but nothing? it can be seen in the disk management as disk 1 and that's all; the next step would be a format, which I refuse to do it.I reinstalled my old drive (w98) back into the case, win98 started as normal, I connected the Maxtor and to my big surprise this drive is not being recognised anymore; even when the PC configuration is exactly what it used to be. I only can see the Maxtor through fdisk but not anymore as a 250GB FAT32, apparently now is a 40GB FAT !?!?!!.Please help me. I have far too much data on this drive including pictures going back 4 years and documents. This drive is a back up of my previous PCs. I cannot afford to lose this data.ThanksAndy

Answer:Cannot see Maxtor 250GB Firewire W98 pc --> XP pc

The data's probably there, just need to connect OK. I had trouble with my Maxtor OneTouch when I connected it without the Maxtor drivers installed, even on WinXP. Suggest you install Maxtor drivers properly before connecting. If that doesn't work take the drive to another WinXP comp, but install the drivers first!

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I'm not sure if this is a coincident but I just recently reformatted the hardrives of my main comp. I backed up a lot of data and programs onto my Maxtor 5000XT 250GBUSB drive.
I can watch movies and play mp3's from the drive but I can't consistetly move files from the 5000XT to other drives on my system.
Sometimes a small file will move with no problem other times a 3MB file may say that it will take 10minutes to xfer and it the xfer fails.
I ran CHKDSK with the following command:
chkdsk /f /r G:

CHKDSK says that it will do a five step process. After step three says 100%, I get the following message:
unable to read the security diescriptors data stream

I don't think this is a good message.

So then i try to do a defrag. The defrag prog says that it can't run becaus chkdisk is scheduled. I check the system schedule and there is no indication that chkdsk is waiting to run. The defrag prog. also says that CHKDSK will run after I reboot. I reboot several times and CHKDSK never runs.
I wouldn't be so upset except that I have been using this removable drive as my back-up storage and no I cant reload stuff back to fresh clean main comp.
I have two questions:
1. Is my drive toast?
2. If it isn't, what can I do to fix the problem

Thanks in advance,


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I have a firewire 120gb Maxtor external hard drive which has become corrupted. I can see the drive, but is says that some form of corruption has taken place. The error is as follows:H:\ is not accessibleThe file or directory is corrupted and unreadableIt was originally named: Maxtor Drive 3It is now being recognised as:Local Disk (H)There is over 7gb of data ? my life?s work ? I?m a school teacher! I normally have a back up, but for reasons I won?t bore you with, I don?t have a backup of the data in the same directories and file structure. I am enquiring to see if there is any software or a good company out there that can retrieve this data in its original file type and directory structure.It is essential that I retrieve the data in their original directories, with the same files names (some are quite long) and their native extensions, which are as follows:MW WordMS ExcelMS PowerPointMS Outlookmpeg files1000?s of jpeg imagesetc.Please advise on what package, if any, you have that could enable me to retrieve this data in its original form.ThanksStuart Cousins[email protected]

Answer:HELP req for corrupt 80GB Maxtor Firewire HDD

if you are running XP or ME you could try system restore to go back and see if the system can then read the drive.

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180GB Firewire Drive is seen as available in My Computer but is not accessible. Tried on another PC, both XP, and works OK. Returned to first PC and seemed to work at first but now shows up in My Computer but cannot be opened. Any ideas please. This is the third drive from very helpful Maxtor.

Answer:Maxtor external Firewire Hard Drive

Try installing the other firewire card driver (if there's 2 options under 'display a list of known drivers...').

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Hi all,

I just bought a Maxtor 200 GB External Hard drive. It has both USB and firewire connections.

The hard drive works on my friends computer (he's running Win XP)

I tried connecting it to my computer (running Windows 2000) once via Firewire and then USB too.
Both show a dialog box saying 'found USB mass storage device' and then restarts the computer.
Computer restarts, says starting windows, then restarts again.

I'm not sure if this has something to do with my OS (Win2K) or because the drive that my OS is on is Fat32 or why.

It's got me stumped. Any suggestions, help, anything is greatly appreciated.

Please reply ASAP. Need help fast.
Thanks in advance.


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Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 250GB will not backup after pluging it into USB ports I get message no external drive selected. I'm running Vista home premium service pack 2 The last time I used it it worked fine (Plug it in & automatically backs up) It does show in Computer & I can oped it there I tried reinstalling it but I get message like ( newer version allready installed) I checked USB Ports & they are working Attached two pics please...... HELP

Answer:Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini 250GB "no external drive selected"

This is really a question for Maxtor customer support, since the drive works in windows the drive is fully working as far as my help goes, notice the maxtor helper doesn't detect any drives and you have many connected, I would first try reinstalling and updating the maxtor application, I would also try removing some of the other drives you have connected since there are Five.

Try this, go to control panel, admin tools, computer management , diskmanagement , right click drive and make sure your backup partition is marked as active, since it shows in my computer it should already be.

Right click the drive in computer,properties, security and make sure you have full admin privileges.

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When you double click the drive it says J:\ is not accesible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.How can I recover my 189gig of mp3 music. Is there any software that can read a corrupted drive or recover data.

Answer:Help! External Maxtor HD says corrupt

Can you see the drive in "My Computer"?????

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I have an 8 month old Maxtor Turbo 3, 1 TB drive. I consists of two 500 GB drives sandwiched together. When I first bought the drive I purchased a Texas Instruments TSB82AA2 1394B OHCI 1.1+ Compliant Link-Layer Firewire 800/400 Controller My HP Media Center Computer also comes with a single Firewire 400 port. All these firewire ports work. I have tested them with other devices. The firewire 400 connection on the Turbo 3 drive works because I have managed to connect the drive to another computer. I have read about a possible solution in Microsoft's Knowledge base - Article # 885464, "SBP-2 drive stops responding when you try to write data in Windows XP." I contacted Microslop about receiving the fix from them but they refused to send it to me. If any one know of any other solutions to this problem or where I can get this fix, please let me know.


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I've recently reinstall a fresh copy of XP Pro, I got a Gigabyte 8inxp MB, a WD 250GB install on primary channel as Master, with 2 partition, 125GB each

I've also got a Maxtor 250GB connect to ATA133 card

Before, I got everything up and running , then I install Maxtor drive, card, and Maxblast 3

and I have drive C = 125GB, D = 125GB, and G = 250GB(this is the Maxtor)

then I do a boot-from-cd and install a fresh copy of XP Pro
now I cannot see my Maxtor

I tried to use my Maxblast3 software to mount the drive, but it say it only detect the Windows drive, therefore it won't let me run

When I tried to run Maxblast3 in DOS (from a floppy), I have to format and erase everything, I don't want to do that, I have some important documents on that drive that I do not want to lose

all drive were NTFS

Answer:Cannot see my Maxtor 250GB

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Maxtor 250

Just put a Maxtor 250 GB into my mate's machine, Maxblast3 will only let me have 137GB, Windows XP will only see it as 31.4GB. I've managed to partition & format it in my own machine correctly but when I put it back in his, it F***s up again

I've updated the Via 4in1, the bios is already updated to the latest version

I'm guessing a new MB is in order ??????

Answer:Maxtor 250GB seen as 137

i've had that 2 with my 200Gb, windows only allowed 138Gb
do you have SP1 installed cuz that seemed to do the trick on with my 200Gb

:grinthumb The best of Luck :grinthumb
Greetz Selage

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I have a 250GB Maxtor Hard Drive that I decided to convert to an external drive when I got my new Dell (bad idea). It worked great for about a month, then one day I get an 'ambulance-like' beeping alarm from the external. I'm relatively certain its telling me the hard drive is dead... most likely from insufficient cooling in the cheap external HD case I bought. But, I dont have any experience with hard drive alarms so i thought I'd ask. Does this alarm mean this drive is dead for good?

Answer:Dead 250GB Maxtor HD... I think

I would check your documentation from your ext. drive case and see what the sound meant. You can always plug it into an IDE cable to check it.

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Hello . I built a computer for someone and put a 250GB Maxtor HD. In bios it shows as a 250GB hd but it's only being recognized as 123GB in windows. What do I need to do? I have it on a PC chips Mobo, with a AMD athlon XP 2600 prcessor. How can I get to use all 250 GB's.?


Answer:250gb 16mb Cache Maxtor Hd

What windows is it?

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i run windows 7 on a core 2 acer pc and pc wont recognise driver of 98 op system

Answer:Windows 7 wont run XP on Maxtor 250GB HDD

?explain yourself clearly - not enough here to understand let alone replyWhy would you need a driver for the 98 OS on windows 7? When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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maxtor 250GB hard drive reports is able to create a volume and formated it as a 240GB, but after deleted volume and recreating it, it cannot format the drive.

Answer:maxtor 250gb hd reports 2000gb is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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Hello, I've recently done a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate and one of my harddrives is not showing up correctly. The harddrive itself is my Local Disk D, it hasn't got any system files on it however it is displaying at the wrong size:

The problem lies in the fact that on boot my Computer's BIOS detects the harddrive as a 233GB harddrive. This is not a problem as I understand that the harddrive itself isn't the exact size as what it says on the box, however the Windows 7 installation and Windows itself only detects the harddrive as being 148gb.

What I've Tried Doing:
I've tried different things to resolve this issue. I've looked at the Disk Management, but there are no extra partitions and I've also looked at the harddrive in Partition Manager which again only picked up 149gb and no unallocated space.
I've run a partition recovery tool in Partition Manager which did not detect any lost partitions containing the rest of the harddrive.
My System:


System Information
Time of this report: 10/18/2010, 18:30:10
Machine name: SAM-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
System Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
BIOS: BIOS Date: 09/23/03 17:35:41 Ver: 08.00.09
Processor: AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 146, ~2.0GHz
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 2046MB RAM
Page File: 890MB used, 3202MB ... Read more

Answer:IDE Maxtor 250gb Hard drive Problem.

Hello samboyd93. Welcome to the forum.

The only thing I can think of is that the drive is set as a SATA2 drive on an older computer that only does SATA1 (please fill in your "My System Specs" to help avoid these kinds of guesses) although I doubt it.

If you look at the back of the HDD there are jumper pins. Setting a jumper sets the SATA speed on most drives. You may need to consult the HDD's documentation to see what the different jumper positions do. Every manufacturer has a different setup.

I would try setting the drive as SATA1 to test. But both drives should be at the same setting. Also try plugging the problem drive into a different port or using a different SATA cable. Can't hurt, might help.

You should also go into your BIOS and check the settings for that drive and compare them to the settings for the other drive. They should be the same.

Hope that helps.

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The Maxtor One-Touch II (250GB) indicates the unit works with Windows XP but says nothing about working with Windows 7. Will the Maxtor One-Touch II (250GB) work with windows 7 or is there an upgrade patch or? Thank you

Answer:any upgrade to all Maxtor One-Touch II (250GB) to work 7?

Are you concerned because you are upgrading to Windows 7? External USB hard drives should not be OS specific. Any automatic backup software might be. I suggest that if you are using Windows 7 with that external you wipe the backup software off the drive and use Window 7 Backup and restore with it instead. Backup and restore is designed to work with external hard drives.

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Does anyone have this hard drive?

If so, how loud/cool is it? I found a very good deal for it and would like to purchase it, but not if it's going to make my case vibrate in circles or melt itself out of the drive bays.

If you know anything about it without owning it, feel free to comment.

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Hello and thank you in adance.
I am reinstalling XP on my Dell XPS 600 (had ubuntu but need Windows again) and at the onset of the install XP gives me an error that it cant detect my HD (I lost the original XP reinstall CD).
No problem got the drivers from Dell"s tech support site. Extracted the files onto floppy drive but now during the install XP is missing some txtsetup.oem file...Dell wants me to renew warranty fro $150 bwfore they help.
Any ideas where i can find this file?

Thax again

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Ok here is the situation.

I have a 250Gb Maxtor OneTouch FireWire and USB - bought by my company. We are not using it to backup data, but to use as an external hard drive to service computers with, i.e. Ghost from - carrying multiple images.....

Maxtor says that it is not possible to boot from this hard drive. Not so, I was able to partition the drive and make it bootable with a 98 disk. The BIOS of my test Compaq P4 picks it up and boots. I have it setup to boot and execute the autoexec.bat right into Ghost.

No problems here, but it transferrs at an average 32mgs a minuete. That is so slow, I believe it is operating a USB 1.1, even though both the PC and drive are capable of USB 2.

First riddle is how to get it to connect at USB 2. Since the device is USB and is already mounted in order to boot, it would be useless to put any drivers on the drive itself.

Part two - On test system 2 - HP PIII, the BIOS does not support booting from USB. I have a Cypress Semiconductor disk that supports USB and am able to boot from floopy, mount the drive and access the drive. Once again it is slow.

This is a USB 2 driver, so I dont know what it holding it back. It boots from a 98 boot disk. I wonder if 98 supports USB 2, or if it is the root of the problem.

Additional ramblings...... It transferrs fine while windows xp is booted, it come up as an regular drive. It took 7 minuets to to copy 2Gig off our network, but when I boot from into dos and try and COPY from the USB drive to a sla... Read more

Answer:Maxtor OneTouch FireWire and USB

98 does not support USB 2.0 natively. XP SP1 was the first OS to support USB 2.0 although intel had other drivers available before this point.

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Hi Friends,I have USB / Firewire External Maxtor Peripheral 80GB Personal Storage which is old by 5 years. I copied all the files to other HD and tried reformatting. Suddenly the laptop dumped with blue screen and later the Laptop re-started.After restarting , I tried to access the reformat the USB External Hard drive but the drive is not seen .I uninstalled the USB drivers  and re-installed ,the drivers are able to detect the HARD DISK but NO DRIVE is being assigned to it and not able to reformat.Tried accessing DISKMGMT.MSC use.  NO EXTERNAL HDD is displayed.installed HP EXTERNAL HD formatting utility to reformat. The utility picks the volume but not able to format .Throwing ERROR  " Device MEDIA is write protected"Chekced the gpedit.msc .... no write protection,checked the REGEDIT for storage Device ploices write protection.  NEED help in reformattingThanks in ADVclaoker

Answer:USB / Firewire Maxtor Peripheral 80GB Personal Storage Not detected

Try this:

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Recently for work, I have been filming roads with a Canon G3 camera. After each road, they have been downloaded and edited. I put these files on a 200 GB maxtor hard drive. I have 125 GB of edited film clips that I cannot pull off of the drive.

I didn't have back up capabilities. This once happened before and I had to start all over. Fortunately, it was at the beginning of the editing process, so I didn't have to do too much over. But this last time, I had filled the drive up and I was in the process of burning the clips to DVD.

This past week, I couldn't get into the drive. When I called maxtor, they told me it was a problem with Microsoft and NTFS. They said that windows was not recognizing the partition. I have tried to use data recovery software, but since each clip is anywhere from 1 GB to 9 GBs, it takes a very long time. One clip would take about 2 weeks to recover.

Another data recovery place wants $100 to look at the drive and anywhere from $700 to $2300 to recover it. I don't know if this is my last chance, but we might have to bite the bullet and pay the high fee since it took me over 2 months of work to do and that is about how much they would have to pay me to do it over again. I don't know what to do. Any help on this would be appreciated. I will check back to responses and ideas, but feel free to email me at [email protected] to voice any ideas you may have. I appreciate your time.

I... Read more

Answer:Problems: Maxtor 200GB 1394ie firewire/USB hard drive NTFS

Not sure how much help this would be, but have you tried removing the drive and placing it on an IDE cable directly? I would try it on a WinXP machine with it hooked up as a slave drive. That way you eliminate one of the possible points of failure.

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I have a SmartDisk 250 gb external harddrive that seems to not be recognised on my computer (vista premium os). I plug it in, it does not go into the usual "installing new hardware" thing, but I can go into the device manager and the hardrive is listed as being on the system. But, in the device manager, it is named "Samsung SP2514N". I downloaded the drivers for that model and installed, still have no access to it. the device manager gives the following info on it:
Disk: Disk 3
Type: Basic
Status: Online
Partition Style: Master Boot Record (MBR)
Capacity: 238474 MB
Unallocated space: 2 MB
Reserved space: 0 MB

thats all I have on it. any help on accessing and using this harddrive would be greatly appreciated

Answer:smartdisk 250gb external not recognised

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I have a 250GB external mini toshiba HDD bus powered and need a device driver to connect to my computer which is running on win98se platform.

Can any one HELP?

Answer:External 250gb usb hdd, win98 drivers

You can try installing the chipset software for your motherboard, but that may not work. If you can provide the exact model of the hard drive and the make/model of your motherboard, we may be able to help. Win98SE has very limited native USB support and there may not be any way to get the drive to work. If there's any way you can update your OS to something even slightly newer, like WinME even, the support for the drive would be built-in....

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My ext hd is dead, has any one else had problems with this one ?

Answer:Freecom external HD 250gb has stopped

more details might help.power led on?power ok?try in another USB port?can you see it in My computer / disk manager?

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Does anyone have external speakers for a tablet?

I'm looking for speakers that will give high quality sound with my Archos 70 IT 250GB. I don't need speakers that will blast really loud, but I do want good quality sound with some volume.

I'd like to have speakers that I can carry with me in my backpack, that will somehow close safely, so as not to ruin the speakers.

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I use W7 Home Premium and would like to make a backup of my entire system. I will use the image method and the combination of my C and D discs are about 125GB total. It appears to me that this Seagate will do the job, however, I would like some opinions before I purchase it. Thanks

Answer:Seagate 250GB USB External Drive

You can get a 1TB external hd for $75. Why limit yourself. You can store an image of your hd, as well as back it up. Will the 250GB be ok? Yes. But go ahead and get the larger drive.
**GO 82nd - All the way! **

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Im thinking of Buying the Beyond Micro External HDD. I am having trouble finding if its compatible with my current pc. The HDD I want says its got an Interface of USB 2.0. My current HDD has an interface of ATA/133.

My question is: Even thought the Beyond Micro HDD is an External USB does it have to have the same interface as my curent HDD, which im guessing is my pc's interface or does it mean that if you have a USB it will work?

The Beyond Micro does say:
Complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0.
Complies with T13's ATA/ATAPI-6 Draft Specification
Supports PIO modes 0, 3, 4, and UDMA modes 2, 4
Supports Power Down mode and USB suspend indicator.
Supports Wakeup ability
Works with both PC and Mac
Plug-and-play and hot-swappable connection
Plug and Play

Does this have anthing to do with its compatability with my computer?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Beyond Mirco 250GB/8MB Cache/External HDD

The USB 2.0 is simply how it connects to your computer and transfers it's data. depending on how much they want for the micro. you can probably buy a hard drive and enclosure from Newegg for alot less.

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pls. help. my dell dimension 8200 desktop is not detecting i/o magic 250gb external drive. i plug it in to the USB and nothing happens. the device is on, my USB is working with other devices. but when i plug in the external drive nothing happens.

i've tried to get help from the manufacturer but everything that they've told me to do is not working.
- downloaded the drivers and still nothing.

i'm in dire need of assistance.

Answer:i/o magic 250gb external drive - not being detected

You may want to check the drive on another computer because it should just be plug and play.

I guess there's a chance the drive is not partitioned or formated, If you you go to Disk Management does it show the drive? How about in Device Manager, is it listed there or are there any errors showing?

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I have a 250GB WD external HDD that I have a lot of important work stored on. It suddenly stopped showing up in my computer when I plug it in. It does however show up in the bottom right bar and can be safely removed although this takes a lot longer than it should do.

I have read other threads and it doesn't show up in 'disk management' but it does show up in 'device manager' under 'disk drives'.

I have read previous threads and they say to change the cable but I don't see how this would affect it as it is a short standard cable that it came with and the white LED shows up. I have also checked the internal connections and they look fine.

I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. Perferably in Lehmans terms as I'm not an IT specialist!

In anticipation.


Answer:WD 250GB External HDD doesn't show up when plugged in?? Please Help..

Change the cable. Beyond that it's disassembly.

IMO W-D external drives suffer from issues with the connections (the drives are fine).
Earlier this week I took apart my W-D Passport drive because it had the same symptoms that you describe. Once apart it worked like a charm!

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My laptop Dell Latitude D830 running XP Pro does not recognize the external Seagate 250 gb drive, even under device Manager. I?ve tried it under Slave, Master and Cable-Select Option but with no success. Any ideas? Periodically I hear from the disk a click about one second apart. Probably it?s gone bad, so if it has crashed, how can I recover data on it? How can I get XP recognize it?

Answer:XP Pro doesn't recognize external SG 250gb drive

Have you tried connecting the drive to another PC?

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I had a 250GB SATA HDD laying around with multiple with a couple of so I ordered an enclosure. Installed easily, everything was compatible. I used the format option from right clicking the drive in "My Computer" I formated it and I can only format it to 9.40GB using NTFS. How do I make it so I can use my entire 250GB?

Answer:External Hardrive 250GB but only Showing 10GB

Start>Right click on My Computer>Manage>Disk Management.

See if there is any other partitions on there. Also i would recommend using one of the Disk Formatting tools in the Windows Index Stickies link in my sig. In that Index there is a topic called Recommended Software for certain tasks. At the bottom of the first post you will see Formatting tools. GParted, DBan, KillDisk will get the job done for you.

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Good Morning:I have Xp on one drive (120Gb) and Vista on another drive (200Gb) although I could move that one to another 120Gb drive.I also have a 250Gb Western Digital USB2 external drive which I would like to partition to make it a back-up for the two operating systems.Can anyone point me to an easy (and cheap) program to do that. And, will it be a problem to copy across since the 200Gb only contains about 110Gb currently?Thanks in advance!

Answer:Partitioning 250Gb external hard drive

click here|623991677&gclid=CP38iLSsh4cCFTeEEAodQ2pAZA

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I have just bought this external drive and am trying to download the driver onto my laptop from the WD website, as I am running Windows 98SE. I have found the WD Essentials USB 2.0 driver and when I click the DOWNLOAD button a small screen appears with a blue line across the top and the words "File Download". However this box just flashes on and off all the time and locks up the computer. The only way to get rid of it is to switch the power off. I have enabled pop-ups as requested, and have also disabled Norton Antivirus 2005. I have no firewall. I have tried a number of times without success. Can you please help? Many thanks.

Answer:Western Digital USB 2.0 250GB external drive

I have just downloaded it without problems, aristo, if you wish I can email it to you, it's a 2MB zip file.

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I think this must be fairly new but I cannot find any info or specification on HP website or with a search on Google. I particularly want to know if its file system is NTFS or FAT32 as my PC is Widows XP with NTFS. Maplin are the only people I have seen who have it on the shelf -not even Amazon have it as they still push the ?previous? 250GB model from HP.

Answer:HP ELEMENTS 250GB External Hard Drive

Cancel this thread as data now found.

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Hello all. I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a 250gb maxtor hard drive. I have just purchased my second external case off of ebay and it does not work!!

The first one was no name brand, it says "Awesome" on the case and has lights that light up around the case. It said on the web it supports up to 250gb, and on the auction. When I plug it in, it recognizes it and I can view an play files off of it for maybe 5 minutes then it says "USB device not recognized" and gives errors like "this usb device can run faster on USB 2.0" which it is in a 2.0 port. Funny thing is right when I got it, it worked for a few hours, it kept working pretty well at first for maybe a week, then it just stops working after a few minutes.

So I purchased another one on ebay, another non name brand, it said it supports up to 250 gb, and this one it recognizes it for a few seconds and then it is suddently not on my computer at all. I have checked the device manager under both of these items and for drivers, etc. Everything seems to be working fine. I even downloaded a file that helps your computer recognize high disk space, although I was told on XP I don't have to do that. So what do you all think?? Is it just the cheap external case?? I have a Dell Inspirion 1100 with a celeron processor, purchased 1.5 years ago. I have tried the case on other computers that were better than mine, I have tried the hard drive straight into a computer and it works fine. I have the... Read more

Answer:Need help with getting 250gb hard drive in external case to work.

mmm... i had a problem like that with a flash drive. it worked for a couple of months, and then it just randomly disapperaed, and when i plug it in, it is not recognised anywhere atall on the system where it should be listed. i have never been able to solve that one.

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I have been using this USB drive for some time. I have it divided in to three seperate partitions, but recently (and this is the second time this has happened) XP will no longer detect the already existing partitions on the drive. I am able to see the drive in device manager, it shows up as a WD 2500JB External USB Device, as well as in the manage option when right clicking My Computer. However in the manage window it shows the whole drive as unallocated space. I know that there are files on there, (several GB's of customer backups.) it was there just yesterday. Any ideas on how to get Xp to pull it's head out and see these partitions?

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I've previously added two home made external disks, a 120Gb IBM and a 300Gb Maxtor, to my Medion PC (Pentium 3Ghz, 18 months old) without any problem. I'm trying to add a 250Gb Hitachi Deskstar but nothing happens - even the fact that a USB device has been plugged in is not recognised. As soon as I replace the disk with a 40Gb Maxtor, it all works fine, so the case and connections don't appear to be a problem. I've replaced the Deskstar, thinking it was faulty, but exactly the same happens with the new disk and Add New Hardware doesn't find anything. I'm on XP Home. Has anybody got any suggestions, please?

Answer:External Drive - 40Gb disk works but not 250Gb

I have experienced similar problems in the past and found that the drive had to be jumpered 'master' for the USB to see it.

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There is in regards to my SimpleTech portable hard drive and My new Dell Inspiron N7010 17R which has windows 7. It tells me that it can not recognize the device when I plug it into my USB port. It works great in my Dell Inspiron that has windows XP and my Lenovo at work that also runs windows XP. I have tried another laptop at my place of employment that has windows 7 on it and I get the same error message on that machine also. It has to be a conflict with the SimpleTech 250gb and Windows 7.
Your Help is very much appreciated!!

Answer:simpletech 250gb external hard drive & windows 7

Hi and welcome to TSF please try here to see if there is something at the support site for your drive to work with win 7

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I'm running Windows 7 Pro and the only option I see when I right click on the drives are NTFS or exFAT.

Hopefully it will be something easy because I'm not at all handy with the command prompt, unless someone walks me thru it.

Answer:Need to format a 160gb & 250gb external USB hard drive to FAT32?

have a read ta this,maybe helpful...**

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This is not a repeat! It's just that I read somewhere about one needs to make sure that it is formatted to NTFS. My Windows XP Sp2 is formatted to NTFS so will this present no problem when I come to use the drive?

Answer:Maplins 250GB Western Digital External Hard Drive

No roblem.Used one for two years.

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Maplins list this as 'New'. Price is £69.99 inc vat ex store. Has anyone got/know of this drive and if so what are their opinions.

Answer:Maplins 250GB Western Digital External Hard Drive

Ordered one from Amazon £11 cheaper, delivery due tomorrow.

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WD 250GB MyBook External Disk Drive can be detected but cannot be explored

I neeeeed your help on this. I have been --up and down looking around for a solution. Many did came through-- but I don't know which is which.

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I bought a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB drive for a friend a few days ago. I was able to get it connected to a machine running Windows XP SP2 just fine and I could see the drive ok. I noticed about 18GB or so was "used" even though there was only one 73MB PDF file visible when I viewed the drive contents. The drive has 232GB of free space, I believe.

I understand not all 250GB will be available for user data but is it reasonable for 18GB to be consumed by filesystem info?



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Ok so on my western digital terabyte external HDD it shows I only have 80gb free, all I have on it is about 250gb worth of movies/music. Could this be because I have my windows image backup on it? MY computer backs up to my external every once in a while, but that folder shows 0mb of usage. Thanks for the help in advance!

Answer:Terabyte External HDD shows only 80gb free, only 250gb worth of stuff on it.. help?

hidden files?

are you checking it through windows explorer or disk management?

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Hi I'm Mark. I'm having a problem when it comes with my notebook [dell inspiron 600m] and my external hard disk [WD Elements 250gb]. when I connected the 5 pin cable of the external hard disk to the usb port of the notebook, the connection is seem to unstable or on-and-off, therefore making file copying impossible. The external hard drive and the notebook is in good condition, although I can't really figure out what seems to be the problem. I am also having a theory that this might be a power supply problem. I would be very grateful to someone who can help me about this matter..

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Does anyone know how many milliamps this device draws?

The "Technical Specification" provides plenty of info but does not specify the actual current. All it says is that it is powered directly from the USB port. But I need to know exactly what the peak ma of this device is.



Answer:Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

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The Maxtor External HDD comes unformated when new. How do you format the drive?

Answer:Maxtor External HDD

My computer-select HD-right click-format.G

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Does anyone know how to open the external drive case to remove the HDD?

It is a Maxtor 320, (older) No screws anywhere, (not under labels) there are no rubber feet. each long side of case has 6 slots can put a letter open through but I cannot find a way to open--want to use the drive in an older pata system as linux server

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Question: maxtor external

probably because it was on sale, i bought a maxtor external hard drive One Touch III (500 gb)that came with software. after a week of being jerked around by seagate/maxtor i still can't make the software function. have disabled, rebooted, removed, downloaded, and phoned to no good end. the unit is brand new. i'm no geek, but it shouldn't take one to get a simple program loaded and running for the average joe. i don't have vista (XP) so any fixes they had should have been good a long time ago. i just want to make a mirror copy of my hard drive to be able to restore in the event of a crash. i have pics, vids, and doc's i can't replace and i need this for safekeeping. is there any alternative way for me to make this hard drive work without their proprietary software short of taking it back and getting a different unit.


Answer:maxtor external

You say, without their proprietory software, but the little floppy download for Maxtor, Maxblast 4, is really such a good copier, and drive checker.
Is that the one you tried ?
Is your external drive is a sata drive ?, as these can sometimes be prickly to get started, and by far the easiest way I have found, is to use Maxblast4.
With the Maxblast 4 software, you can enable LBA, and partition, all ready to go.
If you do not have it , you can download it here.

More help can be got from Seagate,s pages.

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Question: Maxtor External HD

Seems as though my back-up has quit on me. It's a Maxtor, not Seagate, the kind that plugs in a wall socket, and also the 2.0 plug in the computer of course. I'm getting "Windows does not recognize.." after using this HD over 2 years, once a month (or more) on the same computer and backing up nothing important or work related, just my pics, music, which is still all here on my computer, and just put on a flashdrive, just in case. Now after plugging in the green light on the HD comes on, but usually one can hear the drive start up, a slight whirring noise. The power adapter does NOT have any such light to tell me that it's working, hence I mentioned the HD light glowing. Any ideas would be welcomed.

Answer:Maxtor External HD

remove the HDD from it's USB enclosure and fit internally to your PC (or fit in another suitable enclosure) - that way you'll know if the drive itself is at fault or the enclosure's electronics. more often than not its the enclosure that is at fault.

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I ran into some problems with my pc a couple of days ago and Now that it's back up My external(maxtor 80g)will not read... Someone please help me with this issue...

Answer:Maxtor 80g external

Hi and welcome. Have you tried turning the external drive off, then turning it back on?

Is it USB or firewire? Does it have lights on the front or a fan on the back? Anything to indicate that it is getting power?

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I have an external Maxtor dvd/cd rom and each time I try to copy a file to a dvd/or cd it tells me that the disc is corrupt, and/or empty/or that it doesn't like any brand I try to insert. I have installed the Vista Home Basic version. Do I need a special driver for that or can one of the correction programs fix it? HELP Max

Answer:Maxtor dvd/cd external rom

Hi Winston,
What program are you using to burn a cd/dvd?

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I lend my external hdd (maxtor 200gb) to a friend of mine here at the boarding school, and then I got it back, and now when I connect it to my laptop, I cant see it!

I can see it in "Enhedshåndtering" (danish) / unit handling
Control Panel / Administration / Computeradministration and then number 4 under systemtools.

I can see it there, but cant do anything .. cant set a drive name like F:\ or so ..

An image here:

Can anyone help ?

- Daniel

Answer:Maxtor External HDD suddenly gone?

You need to create partitions on the drive in order to format and use it.

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I just installed a fresh copy of windows xp pro. The hard drive was perfectly fine on the last installation. But now it is not showing up on My Computer but it is under disk management but is being shown as 'unallocated' space all of 279 GB of it. So I am wondering what the problem is and how it could just go from fine to not fine in a matter of a new xp installation. Is it something with the drivers? should I try reinstalling xp and see if that helps?


Answer:Maxtor External HDD Unallocated?

Does it work on another PC?

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maxtor usb III won't unlock or recognisebut works on other comp that it is used to transfer back and forth.

Answer:maxtor USB 3.0 external HDD won't unlock.

Does it have a drive letter in Windows Explorer?If no, go into Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.In bottom right pane, find the ribbon which corresponds to that drive (make sure it's the correct drive).Right-click it and choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths"

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I have a maxtor 360 GB external HD, when i check the partition it says unallocated my options were re-format or try and let the seagate try to retrieve my things on the Hd for a price. i am going to try and load it on another cpe it is password protected. just wondering if ne 1 else is using the Maxtor external Hd.

Answer:Maxtor mini 360 external HDD

Quote: Originally Posted by oldskool21

I have a maxtor 360 GB external HD, when i check the partition it says unallocated my options were re-format or try and let the seagate try to retrieve my things on the Hd for a price. i am going to try and load it on another cpe it is password protected. just wondering if ne 1 else is using the Maxtor external Hd.

Could you please give us some more details about your system, etc.

Was the maxtor 360 ext working on a previous system, if so what ?

Can you test it on another system presently ?

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hello guys,

i really dont know what's wrong with win7.. first the sound is not right, very fuzzy, tried to install the latest from realtek but its not working.. second, some programs wont work.. and now, my maxtor external hdd will not work, i used the external hdd to another computer, but it works... it keeps saying installing failed for the hdd... can anyone help me with this?

im so desperate..

Answer:problem with my maxtor external hdd

Quote: Originally Posted by ejack681

hello guys,

i really dont know what's wrong with win7.. first the sound is not right, very fuzzy, tried to install the latest from realtek but its not working.. second, some programs wont work.. and now, my maxtor external hdd will not work, i used the external hdd to another computer, but it works... it keeps saying installing failed for the hdd... can anyone help me with this?

im so desperate..

any chance we could get your system specs filled in (lower left corner of your posts)so we know what hardware you have?


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Did I crash the drive? MAXTOR 1tB external
We have an external Maxtor OneTouch 4 plus 1 tB external
I bumped it and knocked it over and now can't access it. I know, I know; clumsy clumsy!
Could I have crashed the head and is there ANY chance I can retrieve the files on it?
Moved it to another 'puter and it says 'new hardware' and says the drive needs formatting.
(Actually tried to go ahead and 'format' but it doesn't see the drive (first sector, maybe?)
I Get this box:
___________________________________________________________________________ ___
'Either the partition on the external drive is not recoginzed or the external drive has no
partition. Do you want to create one?

WARNING: Formatting will erase all data on you external drive. Click "format" to begin the
process: ....... etc."
___________________________________________________________________________ __

I suppose I could bring it to a shop to see if they can recover the data.
what's your thoughts on this?
Thanks, Ken J.
<The light on the front comes on but the drive doesn't show up under 'My Computer'. Checked hardware profiles and it indicates the the ' device is working properly'--that's the drive I presume>

Answer:Crashed Maxtor external - HELP

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I connected a Maxtor 3000LE external USB drive to a newly installed XP Pro system and found that with this drive connected, the system would not boot. I upgraded the system bios, upgraded XP (not with SP1 yet) and still, no boot. Considering this is a pre- Windows load issue, I doubt that going to SP1 would affect things. Is anyone else aware of this problem? Maxtor has no mention of it.

Answer:Maxtor USB external on XP-no boot

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I have just Purchased the above, the first thing I want to do is back up my C:\Drive XP Home, How do I go about it?

Answer:Maxtor External One Touch HDD

click here

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Just bought a Maxtor External 120 gb hard drive. Hookup, installation, and my first backup of my C drive all went fine.

Now my question is...

Now that everything is backed up I want to start deleting files from my C drive ( I have a 40 gb internal with about 8 gb left on my HP 304w), and start accessing from the F drive (Maxtor external).

I having problems executing the restoring sequence.

What I want to do is be able to go to the F drive in "My Computer" and open any file that I have deleted from the C drive...

Am new to all this...

Any help would be greatly appriciated!!!!!!!!

Answer:Maxtor External HD 120 gb questions

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My external hard drive has no on/off switch so I usually pull the lead out when not in use. I've just plugged it in but for some reason it is not being recognised. The light is on but flashing, which it usually doesn't. Can anyone please suggest what could be the matter.Fay

Answer:Maxtor external hd not recognised

Hi, only guessing, but perhaps when you unplugged your drive it may still have been 'reading' data, in which case you may have unwittingly corrupted the data on the drive and it is now trying to read the data but can't. I am very surprised that it has no on/off switch/button?

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A friend plugged my 200gb external hdd into his ps2 usb port and since then it wont work. I plug it in the pc now and it installs it and everything says its ready for use, but when i go to My Computer and click it, it freezes. Seems to be a goner, but if there is a way to get around this please help, i have so much stuff i need off this hd. The hdd is a Maxtor One Touch 200gb hdd. I have also tried the HDD on mulitple computers still no luck. If anything can be done to fix this i would appreciate the help.

Answer:Maxtor 200 GB External hdd problem, please help

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When my computer recognizes the Maxtor on USB (now and then) the Device manager shows it with three drivers. One under discs drives - Maxtor one touch II Disc, The second labeled Maxtor personal storage Security with a sub title of Maxtor one touch security and a third under USB labeled Maxtor one touch II. Often the computer says that it can't recognize a device on USB. The device manager then will show a yellow triangle with the black exclamation point on the one touch security line.. If I clcik on "update the driver" It reloads something and says I have to reboot. Rebooting doesn't improve the situation.

The only way forward from there is to turn off the Maxtor, unplug it from the USB, reboot.
then power up the Maxtor and then plug it into the USB. Then it will announce "Found new hardware". It will stay up until I turn the computer off. Since this is my primary backup, it is a pain.

Maxtor does not know why there are three drivers, and dosn't know what the One Touch Security is. I think that is the one that is blocking everthing when it isn't recognized. They had me uninstall all Maxtor software. Didn't make any difference. Still uninstalled.

Answer:Maxtor one touch external and XP pro

I'd be getting any data that you don't have a copy of off the drive pronto! I have no use for the drive/backup software packaged solutions, I prefer a plain USB drive and I pick the software.

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I just installed a fresh copy of windows xp pro. The hard drive was perfectly fine on the last installation. But now it is not showing up on My Computer but it is under disk management but is being shown as 'unallocated' space all of 279 GB of it. I did have the hard drive connected to the computer whilst I was installing xp - which I wish I could go back in time and undo. So I am wondering what the problem is and how it could just go from fine to not fine in a matter of a new xp installation. Is it something with the drivers? should I try reinstalling xp and see if that helps?

I did not install or even try to install the new XP on the external HDD. Did not format it or even partition it. I don't know what happenned.


Answer:Maxtor External HDD Unallocated?

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i have an issue with my maxtor external hard drive. it opens information on my pc which has windows xp, and previously opened on my laptop which has vista....all of a sudden its deciding to tell me that F:\is not accessible and Access is denied on my laptop.... can some on please help me,i am new at this and getting frustrated.... thanks nikki

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I want to buy a back up solution for my PC now that I am storing photos on it. Maxtor seems a good solution to me.My question is, if I have a 120Gb internal HDD in my PC do I need a 120Gb external drive (£100 at or would it be more sensible to buy a bigger one i.e. the 250Gb at £150 in order to future proof?Any advice gratefully received.Bob

Answer:Maxtor External HDD back up

Buy another internal HDD, a lot cheaperIf you can afford it, go for the largest HDD click here

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I have trouble shooted this problem by trying the device on two computers with the same results. Device shows up only under USB with a yellow X and not under Drives. I have eliminated all USB and let computer recreate what it needed. Did not help. Maxtor knowledge base doesn't address this problem. My wife tell me that she had frequently removed this the HD by unplugging and not propertly uninstalling it from the computer...not sure whether this does irreparable damage to the HD. Any suggestions would be helpful as I have four hours into solving this problem with no solution. My data is of course valuable to me so I don't want to lose it. Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Maxtor external HD not recognized by XP

If you have established the usb ports are working correctly.
You now have find out if it is the drive at fault or the case controller.
Remove the drive from the case and install into pc as a slave and see if the drive is recognised correctly and you can access the data.
Remember to set the jumper correctly, cable select CS or slave SL

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Who can help me??Bought An Maxtor HD. At the moment it is bout half full. Yday went to play some music off it, wouldnt work. Wen you plug it in, the drive is found, and in the remove hardware button it is there, but there is no way of accessing the device through my computer, etc.Any suggestions to rectify this?

Answer:External Maxtor HD Problem

Which OS? Is there power to the Maxtor (blue light on)?

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Who can help me?? Bought An Maxtor HD. At the moment it is bout half full with music. Yday went to play some music off it, wouldnt work. Wen you plug it in, the drive is found, and in the remove hardware button it is there for all to see, but there is no way of accessing the device through my computer, etc. Any suggestions to rectify this? OS - Windows XP, the blue light is on so power get to it, and the usb must be working for it to show up in the remove hardware shouldnt it and making a sound?

Answer:External Maxtor HD Problem

Can you tell us EXACTLY what happens when you do try to use the drive, and related to what you try to do - what programs you try to use - error messages (if any) etc. "Not accessible" and "doesn't work" is of limited use, as we can't see what you try to do, and what happens when you try to do it.

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I was using Windows 2000 Professional, I had some viruses and was able to remove most. I decided to reinstall the windows version, but remember that I had purchase Windows XP home edition a while back. I decide to install the Windows XP Home Edition and everything turned out great. I used EZTrust and there weren't any more viruses. I went to plug in my 60GB USB Maxtor External HD. Windows will not recognize this drive. I try plugging this same HD to my laptop and go the same result. The Windows device manager tell me that the drive is plug in but the 57.26 GB is unallocated.

I contacted MAxtor and the representative tell me that I have to partition the drive. I have my entire family photos from my kids through their children on this drive.

I have some saved on cd's but the newest stuff in still on this drive. I really, really don't want to lose those digital photos.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Maxtor External HD 3000ls

Are you telling me that you have irreplaceable files with no backup? If you manage to get them back, I suggest you remedy this ASAP!

Obviously, something has gone wrong. The fact that it's listed as unallocated would indicate you need some data recovery software. I've used PC Inspector in the past, but there are many other choices.

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Hello and thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me. I have a Maxtor external hard drive for photos, music etc etc. A few days ago, I noticed that a lot of the music I have saved on that drive just went away. Thought maybe my son had deleted it so no biggie. Now, some of the files on the hard drive are accessable and some are not. I can't open the photos or home videos. I get and error stating that the disk in drive D is not formatted and it ask if I want to format it now. Does anybody have any andvice on how to fix this so I can get my files back? thanks for any help.

Answer:Maxtor External HDD problems

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hey ppl... can you all tell that i have too many non working hard drives... so today, i have an internal desktop hard drive... it was running windows 98, and from what i guess... the OS crashed... when plugged into the old desktop, it shows the intel screan for the processor, for about 30 secconds, then it displays that the drive is not ready... does this mean that i can not use this as an external??? im using a hobo rig of a modified comnputer PSU and an IDE - USB cable... and the drive does not show in the computer menu... is there a reason it is not working?? i have proper power suplied to the drive, and you can hear it run, but it wont affect the computerthanks to anyone who helps

Answer:Maxtor D540X-4K becomes external

Hard drives and external USB adapters can work very well. Sometimes.These devices are not suitable for repair by the average user.Experienced Technicians can repair such devices with economical consideration.Which means that in a remote underdeveloped area where importation is difficult, a repair is made. In advanced countries where skilled labor cots are very high, the devices will be recycled and replaced with new devices readily available.

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A new Maxtor External USB hard drive can not be accessed through "my computer" although it does show as being installed when I view disc management. The hard drive works OK when connected to a laptop. The drive is described as ACTIVE . Does it need to be formatted ?

Answer:Maxtor External HD Not Showing

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New Maxtor 300GB external HD shows ok on device manager but without drive letter and can't be accesed - running WinME

Answer:Recognizing Maxtor External HD

Has that drive been partitioned and formatted yet ? ?If not Windows will not see it.Use the MaxBlast utility that shipped with the drive to prepare it.patio.  

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I have recently purchased the above, and have backed up my C:\ drive. the information on One Touch is sparse, what I want to know is can I make more backups using the One Touch feature. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Maxtor HDD One Touch External

This could be a problem if you've inadvertently backed up a nasty.I am just about to partition my Maxtor to see if I can get round this.or I will be using Ghost which will be slower.This will not help you much, but it is the best way I can mark a thread that is of serious interest to me.

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My friend gave me his Maxtor 120 GB USB External HDD to copy some date. He told me that I dont need any installation software.

Well, Windows detected the drive as "Base XXXX bla bla bla" but I didn't see any partition!

I restarted but no luck!

I tried pressing the I or 0 button on the back of the drive but that doesn't change a thing!

How do I use this drivE?

Answer:How to install this Maxtor External USB HDD?

If your friend gave you the drive unpartitioned and unformatted (that's what I would have done after wiping it), just go into disk manager and set it up the way you need it. Since Windows detected it, you're ready to roll.

If it is partitioned and formatted as anything other than FAT32, you'll have to go into disk manager and import the disk and assign a drive letter before you can access it..

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I have one of these guys

went to plug it in the other day and a spark came out the back of it..
needless to say.. no power going to it now..

Havent bothered opening it up yet but do you recon that it can be recovered?

Answer:maxtor basics external hdd

sure it's possible. the enclosure itself has it's own power supply, so the drive should still be able to be taken out and plugged in internally. lets just hope the drive isnt fried too. any idea why that happened?

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I am using a new 500GB maxtor one touch 4 16mb cache external HD, partitioned into 3 drives(150,150,and 200GB). Whenever I try to browse the drive, it took awhile until it shows the list of files i have in that drive.

I got another maxtor basic 250GB external HD 8mb cache, it doesnt not have this problem. The file listing instantly I click it .

I am thinking that the new model has the power saving feature or thing like that, so when i dont use it , it will be in sleep mode. So when i try to browse it, it will take some time to response,

ANy other opinion? how can i get rid of this problem ?


Answer:Maxtor One touch 4 external HD

Make sure it is on a USB 2.0 port.

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I am looking at purchasing the Maxtor M01E100 External Hard Drive and am wondering if it has to be powered by the included AC power adapter? Can it be powered solely by USB? Or will I always have to be around an outlet when I want to use it?

Also, if you guys have any suggestions on other good external hard drives, feel free to post them. Thanks!

Answer:Can the Maxtor M01E100 external be powered by USB only?

USB ports can only supply a Max of 500 mA.
As it's a 3.5" drive, its certainly going to be around 1 to 1.5 amps required.

Even using a dual USB jumper to power it from two ports is likely to fail.

2.5" notebook HDD's have lower consumption, they can sometimes be OK on dual port supply but it's often touch and go on them as well. I have a 30 GB 2.5" external that works on some (but not all) PCs using a dual head lead, its marginal.

The Maxtor may not even be configured to use the USB power if its designed for a mains adaptor.

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I have an older Dell 8500 Inspiron and I use the Maxtor 1394 external drive for doing backups. Here's the problem: I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 9300 and would like to transfer the files from the Maxtor to my new laptop. I plugged maxtor into the new laptop however, and it didn't find it. Help

Answer:Maxtor 1394 External Drive

Are there other USB devices hooked up?
Did you give it enough time to read the drive, sometimes this can take awhile.
I would power down, remove the drive and re-boot, then plug it in and grab a coffee...if it's still not there when you return right clik My Computer select Manage and see if it shows up in Disk management.


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Hi all! I'm new to this board and should have probably announced myself as a new member first before posting my problem... Please forgive my rudeness. Ok on to my unfortunate event...

I went out to staples today and purchased a new Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 HDD. It's 200 GB. Got home and hooked it up and windows started doing its Found New Hardware thing. Looked like it was going well and then... "USB Device Not Recognized". Underneath that header it says one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned.

OK. I'm not new to this kind of thing. I looked through the box hoping to find some documentation... I DID! A stupidly small piece of paper called a quick guide that has no words and a few pictures. That tells you just how fool proof this hdd is supposed to be! I went to Maxtor’s website looking for a driver download and they had one! Just not one for my windows version... that reminds me... I think that you guys would be better able to help me if you knew what kind of pc I have, huh?

It is an:
HP Media Center PC m1297c (stock except for an added 1 GB of ram... 2 GB total)
It has 6 USB 2.0 slots in it. 2 in front and 4 in back.

I googled my problem and have been searching for an answer for the last 2 hours. A few people have had similar problems with this and suggested that I Right Click on MY Computer, then go to manage then disc management and just reassign the device a new letter... Problem with that is that it doesn'... Read more

Answer:Maxtor 3100 External HDD Problem...

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My Maxtor 5000XT has no On/Off switch, and I cannot find the Instruction Manual.Having said that, I cannot remember any mention of how to turn it Off.Ever since I got it, I have been unplugging it but there must be a better way.Anyone know better and willing to enlighten me.

Answer:Best way to turn off a Maxtor External drive

does it have an os on it?johnny.

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My Maxtor 200 GB external hard drive "new installation" is not appearing in my computer, even though it says the driver is installed in Device Manager. Shows safely remove hardware in taskbar etc. Tried downloading from installation disk still nothing shows in my computer! What's up with this? Obviously I'm missing something!

Answer:Maxtor external h.d. not appearing in my computer!

Please don't post duplicate messages.

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I have a Maxtor External 160 gig drive that I have backed up my computer on. It worked fine for a couple of months. Yesterday I switched it on and no power. No blue light. I tested my other Maxtors with the same cord and power outlet, so the cord and outlet aren't the problem. I left it plugged in last night and when I came in this morning the blue light was on. It still won't start up at all. When I turn it on, the blue light comes on and there is no whirling of the motor. The computer doesn't make its characteristic bell noise when I plug it in the usb port. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

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I picked up a OneTouch 4 (Maxtor External) but it will not run on one of my computers, the one I picked it up for. Error message reads that the equipment is not recognized and I am using Windows XP. I checked and updated the USB port and bus drivers. No problems and all is functioning. The external drive works excellently with all other computers I try it on. I phoned Maxtor and they place the blame on the computer and I find the support from them is not very good once you get past the endless sales screens, which is a shame as they offer a nice component. Given the poor support I thought I would throw this out to the forum with a prayer. Thanks in advance, anyone have a clue?

Answer:Maxtor External Drive USB problem

When its on a working machine right click My Computer and select Manage ...then Disk Management.Find the Maxtor and right click it and select Properties...Post back with ALL the info shown.

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I have a Maxtor (USB 2.0) External HDD 80GB on going to the DI web site and looking for supported drives Under M there is no mention of Maxtor is this drive not supported.

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some time ago there was Posts in helproom about Maxtor HD External with a one button refresh, I have a 40GB internal HD (a lot of it unused and I wondered if a 40gb External would be enough, and does anyone know the model number, thanks!

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drives External

'a lot of it unused' shouldn't need any more space unless you paln yo put shed loads o' stuff on your HD. 40 Gb is amn awful lot.Anyhow if you need the extra space then click here is the 'one touch' drives that you will be interested in. Personally I would buy from Dabs.G

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Hi i have an external h/d maxtor 750GB it has been working fine untill recently when i noticed in my computer that it recognised the drive at only 200GB capacity, so today i used disc management to format it again it got to 100% and said format not completed, now when i go to my computer and select the drive and right click/properties i have the drive all blue,free bytes 0 used bytes 0 capacity 0 bytes File system can i get the 750GB back and working???Appreciate any help with this. Thanks

Answer:Missing Gigs on Maxtor external H/D some Help need

Try chkdsk volume:/r, from the command prompt

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