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HDD Help,just bought a Maxtor 80gb hard drive

Question: HDD Help,just bought a Maxtor 80gb hard drive

I have just bought a new Maxtor HDD 80gb and i have attatched it to my computer,now when i start up and go to bios it is recognised,but when computer boots up,it is not in My Computer directory at all,i have been told to format it but i didnt receive any software with it,what can i do,Please help me.Thank You

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Preferred Solution: HDD Help,just bought a Maxtor 80gb hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HDD Help,just bought a Maxtor 80gb hard drive

Hi download max blaster 4 from maxtor web site and follow the intructions to configure your drive kopite

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I have an e machine that need a new hard drive. would this work? I don't know what else to say about 9it, so i'll let you ask questions.

Answer:would a 80GB Western Digital Maxtor Hard drive 7200 RPM 40 GB work for me?

Umm. I really can't understand what is the "this" you are asking about. So, are you planning to replace a 40 Gd HD with a 80 GB HD? Please post the model of your emachine.

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I installed this hard drive and my bios and Xp notices it and it says it is only 30GB

how can i partition it to fit in with the 137GB limits

Answer:i bought a Maxtor 160GB Hard Drive

Check the documentation that came with the Hard drive.

You more than likely have the limiting jumper installed on the back of it. Once you remove it you will get the full capacity (assuming you have SP1a or SP3 installed also)

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hi im costac19, new to major geeks im trying to swap my 80gb sata hard drive for a 320gb samsung ide hard drive how do i do it? are the cables the same and how do i swap the data from one drive to the other. thank you to any one that can help a new member and a novice upgrader.

Answer:i wont to swap my 80gb sata hard drive for a samsung 320gb ide hard drive. i a


No the cables are not the same, SATA and IDE are very different.

So ground info is needed though....

What motherboard do you have, make and model?
If you dont know this info then Everest Free will help just tell us what is listed under Computer > Summary > Motherboard

or tell us if this PC is a OEM build as in HP, Sony, Dell etc again model and version number is needed.

These days most or majority of motherboards that employ SATA only have 1 at most IDE connections, so if your using 2 CD/DVD drives the connector capacity will be full.

If you do have a spare IDE connection, then my advice to you is to keep the SATA drive as the primary C: drive ( as they are faster in data transfer than IDE ) and use the ID drive as storage, so once the IDE drive is installed copy all your normal data/music/video/image etx files to the larger drive and just use the SATA for the OS and applications.

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Hey guys!

My Zune 80gb stopped working a while back. It wouldn't charge. So I thought I would take out the hard drive and use it as an external 80gb hard drive. So I bought an 1.8" ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it.

All appears good with the installation. When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on & the disk starts spinning. Then Windows Vista does the whole "Install new Hardware" thing and calls it a "Disk Drive" and a "USB Mass Storage Device" and says hardware is installed and ready for use.

But the problem is I can't seem to access the drive. I can't find it anywhere. It doesn't show up as a drive I can use or anything. I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn't it couldn't find it either. I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it, but the Mac doesn't recognize it as anything.

Back in Vista, Using Device Manager, Vista notices the drive under the "Disk Drives" option as a "Disk Drive" and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft (since it has the Zune firmware on it) but I can't do anything with it ... And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists. I can't reformat it or anything.

Can anyone help me? I thought I read somewhere... Read more

Answer:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!


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installed a new maxtor 80gb hd in a gateway 466 , installed windows 98 , everything seems to work allright but on start up and in my computer, it shows just 2gb, what did I do wrong.

Answer:new maxtor 80gb hd reads just 2gb

You prolly dident enable large disk support... its using fat 16 insted of fat 32. Fat 16 only supports 2 GB if i remember right....

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Well i've hit a brick wall here.When i've fdisk'd and then formatted previous HD Drives, no probs, but!!!!My new Maxtor 80Gig beast fdisks but just doesn't want to format. Instead i get a warning that there is no room for a swap file, and to exit. Can anyone shine any light on this prob. Current setup:-SEMPRON 2400+ASROCK K7s41 MotherboardMaxtor 80Gb HDD512Mb DDR RAMAMI Legal BiosProcessing @ 1333MhzFSB_SEL 2= Jumpers 2+3FSB_SEL 1= Jumpers 2+3FSB_SEL 0= Jumpers 2+3Have checked IDE 0 and 1, connected correctly.HDD = IDE 0 MasterCreatice CD Burner = IDE 1 MasterQuestions1.) Is this an incompatibility problem with the board and the chip?2.) Or is the Bootdisk (Maxblast 4) incorrect.3.) I've tried this prompt "a:/>c:/format" (no good either)Much appreciated any inputMo

Answer:Format Maxtor 80Gb HDD ????

Have you got a full XP Home or pro disk if so in the BIOS set your CD OR DVD rom as first boot and use the XP DISK to format the drive.

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Well i've hit a brick wall here.When i've fdisk'd and then formatted previous HD Drives, no probs, but!!!!My new Maxtor 80Gig beast fdisks but just doesn't want to format. Instead i get a warning that there is no room for a swap file, and to exit. Can anyone shine any light on this prob. Current setup:-SEMPRON 2400+ASROCK K7s41 MotherboardMaxtor 80Gb HDD512Mb DDR RAMAMI Legal BiosProcessing @ 1333MhzFSB_SEL 2= Jumpers 2+3FSB_SEL 1= Jumpers 2+3FSB_SEL 0= Jumpers 2+3Have checked IDE 0 and 1, connected correctly.HDD = IDE 0 MasterCreatice CD Burner = IDE 1 MasterQuestions1.) Is this an incompatibility problem with the board and the chip?2.) Or is the Bootdisk (Maxblast 4) incorrect.3.) I've tried this prompt "a:/>c:/format" (no good either)Much appreciated any inputMo

Answer:Format Maxtor 80Gb HDD ????

Apologies - duplicated

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My windows XP Pro only show one of my 2 80GB hard drive they are Maxtor 80GB SATA/15hdd and also in in propertie of drive c: it show 80gb and 6809GB free I trying installing some thin and it saidI only have around 2500mb left

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I am trying to fit the above HDD to a Time PC which runs with an AMD K6 550Mhz processor. Does anyone know if this will work?

Answer:Maxtor 80Gb IDE 7200 HDD

no prob..very good drive..had three.. never had a problem with any of them..from pII266 onwards

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Have to share this with the group!!! Too great a deal to pass up..
I found it on
close to the end of the page.... - Maxtor 80GB 8MB Cache 7200 RPM Hard Drive $64.53 After Rebate. HOT

Office Depot has the Maxtor Mod# L01P080 hard drive selling for $128.53 with a $40 rebate (expires 3/01/03) Start shopping with this $20 off $75 coupon and add item# 678133 to your cart. Checkout should be $108.53 with free shipping. Send in the $40 rebate and you final cost is $68.53. Just 86 cents a meg for a 8MB cache drive!

Answer:Maxtor 80GB 8MB Cache 7200 HD $64.53

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I recently got two of these for my two of my friends. When I tried to install window xp i recieved an error message that said that the drive may need setup disk but I dont have the one that goes with it. I tried to use the Maxtor 3 that came with my current hd and Maxtor 4 but I still cant do anything. So far I have tried both master and slave options to no avail. All advice welcome.
my specs are:

Windows XP (Professional) Service Pack 2
1024MB RAM
Intel D8656BF Motherboard
Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2.4GHz cpu
Radeon 9800
80GB Maxtor GY080P0

Answer:Maxtor D540X-4K 80GB HD not being recognized

Jump into the system BIOS and verify that it's set to auto detect a hard drive when starting up. Also try using the drive as Cable Select setting instead of master or slave. Finally try using a different IDE or SATA cable to connect to the computer.

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I have a firewire 120gb Maxtor external hard drive which has become corrupted. I can see the drive, but is says that some form of corruption has taken place. The error is as follows:H:\ is not accessibleThe file or directory is corrupted and unreadableIt was originally named: Maxtor Drive 3It is now being recognised as:Local Disk (H)There is over 7gb of data ? my life?s work ? I?m a school teacher! I normally have a back up, but for reasons I won?t bore you with, I don?t have a backup of the data in the same directories and file structure. I am enquiring to see if there is any software or a good company out there that can retrieve this data in its original file type and directory structure.It is essential that I retrieve the data in their original directories, with the same files names (some are quite long) and their native extensions, which are as follows:MW WordMS ExcelMS PowerPointMS Outlookmpeg files1000?s of jpeg imagesetc.Please advise on what package, if any, you have that could enable me to retrieve this data in its original form.ThanksStuart Cousins[email protected]

Answer:HELP req for corrupt 80GB Maxtor Firewire HDD

if you are running XP or ME you could try system restore to go back and see if the system can then read the drive.

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Hi,I had an IBM deskstar - failed.Then I decided to get a Maxtor 80Gb 8Mb CACHE drive, which after a month started clunking. I presumed this was faulty. Another one was bought.Now this NEW Maxtor HDD is doing the same, clunking.No error messages though when this happens but today its done it 6 times in a 1 hr computer session.All data is backed up, but why have TWO drives done this?The motherboard is a Gigabyte, so theres no problem there. Board works fine.But the PSU is a generic one. Could this be causing it? And if so, if I get a new PSU in now, could I avoid the problem, or has damage already been done to the drive to make it do that for good now?Please help.Gareth

Answer:Maxtor 80Gb 8Mb CACHE HDD sounds?

Definition...The noise it like a rapid click clunk type thing with a high toned beep.I am sure this is not normal, but two HDDs have done the same?

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I am planning to upgrade my hard disk i can choose between a samsung 120GB
80GB maxtor SATA

I dont know if SATA does really matters for losing 40 GB

so is there a big difference between normal disks and SATA and are samsung HDs really good??


Answer:SATA 80GB or a normal 120GB maxtor

Personally, I only buy Samsung drives if I can. But that's me.

It really depends.. does your MB support SATA? I assume that it does. The highest data transfer rate you're going to achieve with a regular IDE ATA drive is 133, whereas, SATA has transfer rates up to 150 (mbps, I believe).

So, no.. you don't have to go with SATA, but it certainly is better and will be the future of HD connections for some time. Also, you'll need SATA drives if you ever plan on going with a RAID connection.

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I used FDISK on a new 8Mb Cache 7200rpm 80Gb HD.Fdisk would only allow me to create a 11.2 Gb partition and nothing else. Eventually I made this active and installed Win 98SE to see what happens. Bios regnised the HD and its size.In Win 98, the partition showed up as 7.9 Gb only, even though I set the size in FDISK at 10Gb.I then installed Partition Magic 6 and presto the disk was fully recognised as being 80 Gb. I theb partitioned and installed Win XP and the system ahs performed normally and passed all the tests! As an insurance, Norton Ghost also confirmed the sizes and partitions which I created.What's going on? I have used FDISK many times on all kinds of HDs and have never come across this.

Answer:FDISK and Maxtor 80Gb; very strange behaviour!

Don't feel out of place FredM.I've used fdisk when installing new hdd's into many computers and have run into this same problem many times, especially with hdd's 80gig and bigger.

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My hard drive started making funny clicking noises and the pc pitstop checkup gave me a response time of 77ms and a warning that it could expire shortly. So i bought a new 80 gb hard drive, installed it, partitioned it no problem, but i now want to swap all the data from my old hard drive to my new one (os and all), and then junk the old drive.
How can i do this without spending money on software that i will probably only use once or twice.
Any advice would be appreciated.


the pipster

Answer:How can i copy my failing 8gb hard drive to my new 80gb hard drive?

For free:

HDClone (free edition only smaller to larger)
PCI CloneMaxx

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Hi,I have just purchased the above external hard drive.Supplied was a software disc containing the following...PMS software,includes password protection,autorun,sync application and secure and compress.Do I really need to install the software to use it correctly?.cheers,IQS

Answer:freecom sl hard drive 80gb

Usually these things are "Plug n Play" - this is of course dependent upon your Windows insallation (should work fine as long as you have full XP Home/Pro and it is genuine). Most additional drives will work fine in this way but some do require installation of additional software from the manufacturer - thats just the way it is!

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Is there a way to fix it without formatting the hard drive? I know how to fix it formatting the hard drive. But I don't want to lose my sisters data cause its her pc thats screwed up!!!

Answer:80GB hard drive only sees 2GB

hmmm... try partition magic

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I installed a slave drive in my HP Pavillion PC (Win98) some 6 months ago (after some very helpful advice from forum "listeners" - thanks again!). In the past month I have started to experience an intermittent fault - on standby mode the drive whirrs loudly every four or five seconds and the system refuses to come out of standby. I have to reboot the machine. I use Norton Utilities which on reboot tells me I have an invalid boot record on the slave drive but to only repair it if I am experiencing difficulties using the drive (which I'm not, so I don't).Anyone have any suggestions to this long-winded thread!?Squeals

Answer:IBM GXP 80Gb Hard Drive problem

Wait for conformation on this, but Norton is correct in the fact, "You do have a problem" and it wants to fix it.

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xp pro 80gb hard drive nearly full but why?,hardly anything on running ok,but properties on my c drive says its nearly full, have had no error messages thus far but worried as showing only 5 percent left??????????

Answer:xp pro 80gb hard drive nearly full but why?

Crap Cleaner click herewill delete temporay files that are no longer can also save space by deleting restore points and windows upate restore points look in the winows folder any files in blue strating with $ can be deleted.

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I have just done a system check & have found out that I have an 80 GB hard drive.The PC only shows C drive with 40GB.Any ideas how I can get/use this other 40GB.

Answer:80GB hard drive but only 40GB is being used.

You don`t say what OS ! But if you fdisk with win98 startup disc, you will find your disc information and the missing 40gb... take it from there...

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I needed more space on my pc so i bought an extra hard drive. I installed it on the second IDE, set my first harddrive as a master drive and set my second as a cable select (as it didn't have instructions for a slave drive). Booted the compyter, but the BIOS didn't pick up the new hard drive. When i booted Windows it would pick up the new hardware but I couldn't see it in Windows Explorer or My Computer.

I then unplugged the second hard drive and replaced my 2 CD-ROMS with it. So I had one hard drive on IDE1 and one on IDE2. This worked fine and the BIOS regonised it. However I can't plug both CD Roms and two hard drives because the IDE cables aren't long enough.

Does anyone have any idea what im doing wrong? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:80GB Hard Drive Problem

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Help please....Just put a 2nd hard drive into my system, its an 80gb Seagate and my primary hard drive is a 300gb Seagate.My 2nd drive is only showing as 31.4gb!!I have checked all other threads and there has been some topics like this before so I have followed all the advice on them:There is no jumper on the 2nd drive, it is formatted in NTFS the same as the 300gb one, I have even tried the "regedit" advice given out in a thread in Nov 2005.... nothing seems to be working...arrrrgggghhh!Any help would be much appreciated but if it involves the "regedit" advice please make sure that the instructions are very clear.Thanks in advance

Answer:2nd Hard Drive only showing 31.4gb when its 80gb..

Check the jumper on the drive is not set to 32gb

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I am running xp pro I was trying to put a slave hard drive on my system.I put the jumper settings to slave turned the computer on, it was found in post and by windows but it was not asigned a drive letter and was unformated(I now know how to do the through disk management dead easy)I remembered that xp formats on new instalation and did this, whilst I was doing this nice and happily I put a couple of partitions in and formated them just before windows was about to be installed I turn my computer off and back on again the new hard drive is working fine but missing 2 partition of aprox 45gb any idea's norton scans and says my D has no problems anyone please help!!!!!!!

Answer:hard drive "missing 45 of 80gb"

how big is your primary drive , if its about the same size then it sounds like your motherboard doesnt support the ATA133 standard if this is the case then the bios will only see the first 137gb

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why would my hard drive be saying this? On top of that i cant get it to come up in My Computer, ive tried initializing it but i get nothing.(Disk 1)


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I need to replace my hard drive on my 3000 C200 (out of warranty). I was looking to replace with a refurbished 80GB, but am not sure which are compatible. It says 5400RPM sata, but so do many of the ones I've researched. Does anyone have any experience in doing this? After I get the drive, can I just run the product recovery CD to restore the operating system and then add my backed-up files? Thanks

Answer:80GB Hard Drive died

I am not sure how much cheaper a refurbished drive cost. But I can tell you if you are going to get a new drive, get a 720rpm and I prefer seagate. The reason is simple. 7200 rpm will give you a faster drive than 5400 rpm and Seagate drive has 5 years warranty on it. It is definitely better than a refurbished drive which may have one year of warranty.As for recovery, it should work if your recvoery Cd done correctly. I do believe you should have at least two DVDs and one of them is bootable.

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Hi Friends,I have USB / Firewire External Maxtor Peripheral 80GB Personal Storage which is old by 5 years. I copied all the files to other HD and tried reformatting. Suddenly the laptop dumped with blue screen and later the Laptop re-started.After restarting , I tried to access the reformat the USB External Hard drive but the drive is not seen .I uninstalled the USB drivers  and re-installed ,the drivers are able to detect the HARD DISK but NO DRIVE is being assigned to it and not able to reformat.Tried accessing DISKMGMT.MSC use.  NO EXTERNAL HDD is displayed.installed HP EXTERNAL HD formatting utility to reformat. The utility picks the volume but not able to format .Throwing ERROR  " Device MEDIA is write protected"Chekced the gpedit.msc .... no write protection,checked the REGEDIT for storage Device ploices write protection.  NEED help in reformattingThanks in ADVclaoker

Answer:USB / Firewire Maxtor Peripheral 80GB Personal Storage Not detected

Try this:

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have Pent 4 1.4gb w/512mb ram. trying to add 80gb hard drive with win 98 SE and it is only seeing 10gb. Need to know if I need different type boot disk or if I am doing something wrong. Once I get it to see the 80gb hard drive I need to know where I can get a program to copy over everything from my old hard drive to this one.
Thanks for any help

Answer:80gb hard drive in win 98 boot sees less

Have you set any partitions with this new drive? Are you sure that all available space is being used?

Go to Start, run, and type in command then hit enter.

type in fdisk and hit enter

select Y for large disk support and hit enter.

hit 4 and enter to display Partition Information.

is your partition set to 100%?
are there more than one partition? do they all add up to 100%?
What is the brand of the new hardrive? Most Harddrive manufacturers have software available on their site to handle transferring all data to new harddrives.

I can recommend the one on Seagate's site (it's free) as I know it will work with Quantum drives as well, and more than likely any other drives. Take a look at my experience to learn a little more about it.

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i have a maxtor 80GB hd....

and i have a PCI ATA133 IDE card..... i plug everything in, and it only recognizes the 80GB hard drive as a 32GB hard drive ....... i thought with the ATA card, it would be ok, but guess not .....

i could resort to using maxtor's hard drive software, but rather not as id like to steer clear of that if possible .....

dell (older one)
PII 350Mhz
128MB Ram
Maxtor IDE ATA133 PCI card

help? quick if possible too

Answer:installing a 80GB hard drive....quick

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Hi Ya gurus,My Evesham Computer - seven years old now - came with a 20 GB hard drive. When I found it running out of disk space I installed a 40GB Hard drive. Evesham told me at that time that my Motherboard would only take the max 40GB Hard Drive. My friend helped to to Partion my 40GB into 13GB for all my Personal Documents Etc and 27GB for the rest. Now I find that my main Partition C Drive has less than 8GB space left. Would I be able to install an 80GB hard drive and Partion it 40/40GBs. Would my Motherboard recognise both Partition Drives.That will Give me plenty of more space on both sections.Please let me know if this is possible & how to do this particular Instalation.Motherboard - K7 Pro ATX IR3 Mainboard.AMD 800 Athlon Processor.Power supply I think 300/350 Watts.ThanksSolartopi

Answer:Will My Motherboard Recognise an 80GB Hard Drive

Do you have XP?This link will provide the information required re partitioning:click here

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I'm tearing my hair out here trying to partition and format an 80GB Hitachi hard drive. I want to create two 40GB FAT32 partitions and then mount the drive in an external enclosure.The drive is currently installed in the PC as Primary Master. Booting with a Win 98SE floppy only lets me create a partition of 13999MB (14GB). If I boot with a Windows XP installation CD, that only finds available space in which to create a partition of 4GB.If I install the drive in the USB 2.0 enclosure and plug it in, XP's Disk Management sees the full 80GB of "Unallocated Space", but doesn't give me the option to create a partition. (The external housing's instructions do say the drive must be partitioned/formatted before installing.)Am I missing something?

Answer:Partition & format 80GB hard drive

Look at click here, it is a doddle to use

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I have xp pro 30gb master hard drive 80 gb slave my motherboard is a jetway v333u which supports ultra ata 133 when I came to install a slave hard drive I set the jumpers and pluged the cables in turn it on it was detected in post and by windows as being as above (30gb master-80gb slave) but had no letter asigned to it and also needed formating which then i didn't know how to do so i remembered that windows formats on a new o/s which it did then i put 2 partions in and formated them but turned it off before the o/s when in, when i turn it back on i now have a 35gb hard drive as a slave and still a 30 as master can anyone help I thnk I need a dos formating tool to wipe all the info out (xp,partition magic,my pc info don't show a 80gb hd only on norton disk doctor checking free space and say it cann't fix

Answer:Help !! 45gb missing from a 80gb hard drive

You're probably using the FAT32 file system, and XP has a 32 gb limit on it's format tool with that. If so, you either need to run Fdisk using a Windows 98 startup floppy or use Partition Magic or similar. You can download the files for a 98 floppy from here:-click here

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I have installed a second hard drive to my system. The PC recognises the drive and everything is working fine but it is only being recognised as a 40gb when it is an 80gb. Could someone please tell me why? Thank you.

Answer:hard drive is a 80gb pc sayes it is a 40gb

Download the free PC checking utility "Everest Home Edition" from this website click here Install it on your PC then open the programme and click on "Computer" under "Storage" it will tell you the make and model of your hard drive and also the capacity of it.

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I Got This 80gb Hard Drive, It's A Westel Digital. I Got It Like 1 Year Ago. Now The Bios Detects The Hard-drive And Sometimes It Works To Intall Windows, But Once I Give It A Month It Dies On Me And Tells Me That My Hard Drive Is Currupted Although The My Computer Bios Still Detects The Hard-drive. Now I Was Wondering Is This Problem Fixable And How Do I Do That, And If Not It Is Going To The Trash....

Answer:80gb Hard Drive Possibly Dead

can you hook the h/d up to another computer and set it as slave and see if it can be viewed then?

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Here is my pain I have windows xp on a 30gb drive that is partitioned into two drives. Windows xp is running off of a 20gb partition and the other partition is for storage. I have grown out of this hard drive, so I bought a Western Digital 80gb w/8mb cache drive then comes my pain. Windows XP will not allow me to move my XP partition to the new drive! Even in the help and support if you look it up it will tell you that windows xp does not support this. Any ideas what I can do to solve this problem. I had considered using windows backup, reloading windows xp on the new drive then using windows backup to try to take the new drive to were I have my computer now. Only problem is I could just do a full install, and save time. The tools that came with the drive will not copy the XP partition either. Maybee I should do a full install because I am going to use the old 30gb for a double boot with mandrake linux.

So my questions are this, should I just go ahead and reinstall XP on the new drive?
And, if I want to double boot to mandrake is there a certain way I should go about it? Or do I just tell windows xp I will be double booting during setup? Will it promt me to install linux at that time? Will using a NTSF partition, and whatever mandrake will be using as its file system cause problems? With the double boot that is, or will it just ask which one to load? I realize that by doing the seperate file systems that each operating system will not be able to use the others partition. ... Read more

Answer:Windows XP will not copy to my new 80gb hard drive.

I checked it out, but it is not what I need. Anyway I decided to reinstall windows to the new drive anyway. All I need know are the linux questions answered:

quote from my other post:
And, if I want to double boot to mandrake is there a certain way I should go about it? Or do I just tell windows xp I will be double booting during setup? Will it promt me to install linux at that time? Will using a NTSF partition, and whatever mandrake will be using as its file system cause problems? With the double boot that is, or will it just ask which one to load? I realize that by doing the seperate file systems that each operating system will not be able to use the others partition. Can you think of any other problem I will come across?

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I've heard before that Hard Drives over 32GB in size cannot run under FAT32 mode. I've also heard that some people have bypassed this limitation by using third party partitioning programs and the sort of thing. Now I'm asking, is there an easy way to re-format my 80GB Hard Drive from NTFS to FAT32 and install Windows ME on it? I did this with my 4GB hard drive, not as a test for FAT32, just as a test for Windows ME and my hardware. That worked out good so now I'm going to do the same to my 80GB HD. Can it be done? Would I have to use a third party partitioning software? Can I use MaxBlast 3 to do it? Thanks.

Answer:Formatting an 80GB Hard Drive to FAT32, can it be done?

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Does anyone know if I can upgrade my Compaq Presario Hard drive to 80GB Ultra ATA/133 @7200RPM? I'm running out of Hard drive space and constantly get a message saying that I have little space left. I have to constantly defrag my system and erase most of what I download off the internet. My computer is old and I think it only has about 30GB which most of my software takes up. I'm looking to turn my computer into a modern computer by updating my hard drive. Everything else works fine. I have great speed and hardly ever run into problems so I'm not looking to replace my computer just update it.



Answer:Can I upgrade my HD to 80GB ultra ata/133 hard drive?

That upgrade should be just fine, seeing as you already have support for 30GB hard drives, then 80GB will also work. You'll only have problems (depends on your system, which you haven't supplied details on) if you decide to go above 137GB, as that would require an ATA133 controller.

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I need to copy an 80Gb Windows 98 hard drive, using something like Ghost. It is formatted into a number of partitions, which also need to be copied. Can this all be done in one fell swoop, or do you have to do each partition separately? The other problem is that my Windows 98 FDisk does not recognise the full 80Gb, which makes it a little difficult to format... Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Copying data from 80Gb Hard Drive with partitions.

The Fdisk prob I think is down 2 the fact that win98 will only regonise hd below a certain limit which 80gig is well past. Try using a separate tool like partion magic.

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I could use some help with reformating my 500gm hard drive after installing new 80gm mSata SSD. I want to eliminate the factory pations so it shows up as 1 drive that I can use to store files and run games from. I tried to do a reformat but it still shows the drive formated into 2 drives one being empty and the other having about 199mb taken up.Thanks for any help you can give me.


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to reformat hard drive after installing 80gb intel mSata

hey, I can help you with this since I've done it before.  first thing you will need to do is burn a recovery disc, use onekey recovery that comes pre-installed on you're lenovo, you will find there is an option to burn a factory reset recovery disc.  make sure you back up anything important on you're hard drive like music, pictures, etc. there should be a folder named lenovo under C:, in it you will find a folder named drivers and a folder named applications, burn them on a cd, you will need  to install them on you're computer once you have re-installed windows.  if you have a copy of windows on a cd, put it in you're disc drive, restart windows, press f12, select boot from cd. delete you're old partitions and create a new one or however many you need, re-install windows on whichever partition you like (maybe you want it on the SSD so it boots up faster? I dunno).  you can get windows from the microsoft web-page and burn it on a cd if you don't yet have a cd. use the windows product key on the bottom of you're laptop to activate it.  don't forget to re-install drivers from the lenovo drivers and application backup cd you made! otherwise, you're computer will not run correctly. You can decide whether you want to install the applications again, but drivers need to be installed. drivers are also available on lenovo support under drivers. edit: if you have already done this, remember that windows creates a part... Read more

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I have the 80GB primary SSHD with my operating system Vista 64, and a second 250GB (5400rpm)  HDD in the second spot, I also have a new 200GB (7200rpm) available. neither second drive is formatted yet.I would like to extend the SSHD with one of the drives.Will windows (and most installed programs) continue to run quickly since it is installed on the fast SSHD?will the RPM difference of the second drive affect performance much?Please let me know if you have any experience with extending solid state drives? 

Answer:dual hard drive on W700 primary 80GB SSHD and extending to another?

I think you're not getting any replies because of the word 'extended'.  the only way I know of to 'extend' is to set up RAID across drives, and I don't think that's what you mean.. I don't believe there is a way to merge multiple drives under the same drive letter. So you would have 3 seperate drives/volumes/drive letters at a minimum, I believe. Good to have the boot stuff on the SSD, and programes as well, while storing backups or bulk data on the HDDs. I have the 128G Samsung SSD, and while it definitely isn't slow, it ain't a hell of a lot faster than an HDD so far.. mine has SSD only at this point.

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I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop and am looking into replacing the existing hard drive with a larger one. I would like to use the old one in an enclosure as an external drive for storage. Does anybody know what size enclosure I would need to get? I see they come in 2.5", 3.5", and 5.5" sizes. Thanks for your time.

Answer:Enclosure for my 27R2302 27R2303 80GB HDD 5400RPM HITACHI hard drive

You need a 2.5" enclosure. Now just be sure if you need either for a PATA or SATA hard drive. Is your hard drive connected to your laptop with a bunch of pins? If yes, that is PATA. If not, that is SATA.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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xp cannot find it.......disk manager format and no drive letter help please.....thank you

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help trying to initialize an external hard drive on xp home ed


i may not know enough about the problem to completly describe it...but i will 80 gig external hard drive was given to was rebuilt on a win 2000 home edition of win xp--reconginzes disk 1- in disk manager....however it is not formatted or able to be found, and does not have a drive letter assigend to it... i logged on as "administrator" safe mode, to see if i could get the drive path settings option to come up in disk manager ...i could not-------does any of this make any sense to anyone?.......that option still does not come up..under user or disk managment--so it is unformatted and has no drive letter......thus xp cannot find it......

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model ME051
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1396 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A04, 12/22/2005
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot ... Read more

Answer:maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter

What size is the hard drive?

Do you know what motherboard you have?

STEP 1: CHECK POWER (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Verify that the drive light and the light on the AC adapter (power supply) is illuminated normally.
It is sometimes necessary to contact Technical Support for troubleshooting and/or possibly to replace the power supply if it behaves unusually.

STEP 2: CHECK CABLING (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Confirm that your USB/Firewire cable is firmly connected in a port that is on the rear of your desktop computer (if you have a desktop).
Try another USB or Firewire port.
If your drive is powered only by USB, such as the FreeAgent Go, the Maxtor OneTouch mini, and the Seagate Portable drive, then the drive's cable has two USB connectors. Try connecting both of the free USB connectors into a USB port for maximum power availability.
Avoid connecting the drive via a USB hub for now.


Follow these instructions to ensure that your installation of Windows XP/2000 has been updated to the latest Windows Service Pack.

Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.

The System Properties window will appear. On the General tab (which will be at the front), see the "System:" information.

For Windows 2000: Update to Service Pack 4.

For Windows XP: Update to Service Pack 2.

Allow your computer to complete the installation ... Read more

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Question: Maxtor Hard Drive

Trying to make my Maxtor hard drive a slave drive to my new HP computer.  Bought a external case and hooked it up but can not access information.  I was told to make the external drive a slave.  The jumpers look as if it was already a slave DS has no Jumper, CS Enabled has jumper, not sure what to do.

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive

Do you have this info on top of the drive ? ?

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I have a Maxtor hard drive (S/N L632X08G) that I am using as an external on my PC. It worked fine for about 8 months and then recently I purchased a MacBook and wanted to switch over my files. The first time I plugged it in via USB, it showed up and I imported my music collection of 80gb into iTunes but the files remained on the hard drive. I moved my setup into a different room and ever since then the hard drive will not show up. A few times I have gotten an error along the the lines of "Mac OSX cannot read disk blah blah" with the choices to Initialize and something else. But 9/10 times it won't show up in disk utility. I have tried to reconnect it to my PC but it doesn't show up there either. Help me please

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive Help

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Question: Maxtor Hard Drive

My computer system Bord went out, Would like to hook up as a slave to another computer and retrieve data from it. The operating system is XP on both, can this be done.

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive

Yes you can. GOOGLE [transfer files}

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This is my very first post on a computer forum, so forgive me for sounding like an idiot. I built my own computer a couple years ago. Everything has been functioning perfectly, for the most part. Recently I noticed that the computer sasys that I only have 34 of my 120 Gigs of space on my hard drive. What would cause the computer to not recognise all of the space? Please help!

Answer:Maxtor 120 Gig. Hard Drive

I need more information before I can help you. How is your drive partitioned? How much space have you used on your hard drive? What OS are you using? What file system are you using?

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I just bought a Maxtor 300 gig hard drive, but when I insert my bootable Windows XP (no SP2) CD, it only recongized 140 gigs when I tried to create a partition.

My motherboard is ASUS P5LD2, and my BIOS is up to date.
How can I use all the hard dive space when I create partition during Windows installtion?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Maxtor 300 GB Hard Drive

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So here's the deal: I would like to put an old hard drive that was given to me into my computer. So I wanted to test it out to make sure it didn't have any viruses and to see if it had been wiped clean or not. Well I hooked it up to an old computer of mine and I checked the hard drive space and was told that it had 2 partitions of 6 Gb each. I went ahead and loaded up fdisk on Win98, deleted all partitions and set up a new primary partition with max space and active. Then I reformatted the drive and loaded up windows and was told that I only have 7.8 Gb now. Well I looked on the cover of the hard drive and noticed that there should be 13.5 Gb so I'm basically missing a lot of space. If someone could please help me recover that space it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Ohyea and here are the specs for the hard drive:Maxtor Hard DriveModel #: 91366U4HDA: 04APCBA: 07AUnique: 23ACode: RA530JN0

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive Help

Is the hard drive showing at its proper size in your BIOS?When you run FDISK did you say "Y" when it asked if you needed large disk support?If you are running windows XP you could also just trying partitioning the drive within windows (I assume this is a 2nd drive in addition to whatever drive you have windows on)To do that go to START->Control Panel->Admin Tools (may need to have it set to classic view to see admin tools)Double click "Computer management" and click on "Disk management"It will then display your hard drives installed.  NOTE:  Be sure you select the proper drive and do not delete patitions you want to keep!  Right click on the area of your maxtor that you want to use, delete that 7.8 GB partition you made and then right click it again to create a partition, then right click it again to format.

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Question: Maxtor Hard Drive

Evening all, I have just got the above hard drive from Dabs, 80 gig, 8 mb buffer, model number 6Y080P0. I installed it first as a slave drive using Maxblast3 running as a floppy and then copied my XP Pro installation over to it. It is recognised in device manager as the correct model and also in My Computer but each time I boot up I get the Found New Hardware Wizard asking if I want to install the hard drive. I have tried connecting to the net in the hope that it will find drivers and install them but no joy and anyway if it is recognised in Device Manager why does this wizard come up? Formatting it within Windows and then reinstalling XP makes no difference.Apart from that it is very noisy, certainly a lot more than the Seagate it is replacing. Anybody any experience of these drives?

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive

Irishman Not sure of the answer to the first part of your question but regarding the noise. I have two of these drives same size as yours, they are whisper quiet. [Fluid bearings]I can literally put my ear next to the case and the only thing I hear is the soft swish of air from the exhaust fan at the rear of the PC.When the drives are being written to/read from you need to look at the drive lights flashing to be certain they are working. j.

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Question: maxtor hard drive

 i have a maxtor personal storage 3100 external hard drive. i am trying to access it through ms explorer and i get an error message that says "I:\ is not accessiblethe request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"what can i do?!!??!

Answer:maxtor hard drive

1.This problem is typically caused by a failing cable that connects the drive to the computer. Check all the cables and be sure they are placed firmly.2.Run SFC and see if it replaces any missing OS files.To run SFC go to -Start-Run-and type sfc/scannow or from command window type the same thing.3.Uninstall and re- install the drive.

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Question: Maxtor hard drive

My maxtor 200g hd is acting funny. when i open my computer to look at the contents it only lists the items on the drive through the letter "c". I ran the error check and get an error after phase 2 "windows cannot complete". The drive is NTFS and two partions E 39g and G 150g. G is the only part that is having the difficulty. E works fine. This is not my primary drive so my computer still operates. I also moved some files off of G without trouble and for some got a cyclical redundancy check error and the file would not move?
Running XP Pro.

Any ideas or help will be great.

Answer:Maxtor hard drive

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A couple of months ago I bought a new computer, which has a Maxtor 120gb Serial Boot Drive and 2 x Maxtor 250gb IDE Drives (Raid 1) for Video and Photos Files - Windows XP and all software is installed on the boot drive.However, over the last month, I have noticed the increase noise from my Raid Drives, especially when working with larger files. Is it true from what colleagues have told me that Maxtor is not known for producing quiet drives. Also, the company who built my computer, did recommend Western Digital, but I asked for the Maxtor as they were ATA133 drives and not ATA100 (Western Digital).Do I just have to put with the noise (although not competing with a noisy washing machine, it does get annoying when you are trying to concentrate / work with large phone and video files?

Answer:Hard Drive Noise - Maxtor?

Check thedisks out with Maxblast3 click here

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I am considering buying one for £170. Has anyone tried it and have any opinions? I need something simple and easy to use to back up my entire system and have been told this would do the job. Any views?

Answer:Maxtor One Touch II 300 mg hard drive

I have the maxtor one touch 200gb external drive and it is ace, it has now been running for over a year 24/7 and has never missed a beat.

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I'm trying to recover data from a functioning Maxtor 33073U4.   It is formatted Fat32 and running Windows 98.  I removed the J50 jumper (and another horizontal jumper that I'm not quite sure why it was there) and hooked it up as the slave.  My master is a Hitachi HDt722525DLAT80 running Windows XP Media Center Edition, SP3 with NTFS file system. The drive is visible in the boot menu, however when i try to boot from it I receive an error message "himem.sys is working improperly (error 502)" and I can get no further.  While in Windows XP, i  cannot see the drive in My Computer, as there is no drive letter assigned to it.  I can see it in Disk Management, and when i right click on the drive, my only option is to "Delete partition".I really want to recover my personal data from this hard drive before i discard it, is there anyway i can get to it without reformatting this Maxtor drive?Also, I only have a CD drive, no floppy drive and practically no experience with MSDOS or boot disc. (I don't have a windows disc, it was preloaded but i have a gateway recovery disc somewhere).Please help thankyou.

Answer:Trouble using an old Maxtor hard drive

Update: I'm thinking about buying a Hard Drive Enclosure or a IDE to USB adaptor, does anyone have any advice about this?Will it work and does anyone have an experience using either?

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I am having an issue with a Maxtor Model Number 92739U6 hard drive. I have just finished formatting and installing windows xp home edition. Everything was going ok until I restarted the computer.

First right after I restarted the computer I got an error message A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Del.

I was unsure what caused this error message so I started to research this issue on Maxtor’s website and they advised me to use fdisk /mbr to repair the error. I did that and restarted the computer.

Same Error….

The thing I can’t figure out is why I am able to boot right to windows using a boot disk.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?

What would I have to get windows to load without a boot disk?

Answer:Solved: Maxtor Hard Drive

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Answer:Eulogy to a Maxtor Hard Drive

Losing that hard drive must have been tough, I suppose it's possible to get attached to a hard drive. Mine stopped working a few weeks back and now I feel bad, because I just trashed it and bought another one. No fine ceremony or anything. Anyway, you have my sympathy and I hope you get over it, I guess no other hard drive will ever fill the boots of that old drive. Just kidding, nice little movie ( a bit slow on my dial-up though).

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I recently purchased a Maxtor 320GB Diamondmax 21 EIDE to be setup as a seconday storage device. I have set my current WD 120GB to Master and the Maxtor 320GB to Slave. It reads the Maxtor 320GB in the BIOS and in Win XP under Disk Management. I have triple checked the jumper settings and the cables(Black = Primary Master and Gray = Primary Slave). When I go to format the Maxtor 320GB it formats all the way and then give a popup window that says Format Unsuccesful. Please help.

Answer:Maxtor 320GB Hard Drive

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I removed the harddrive from my other XP Pro tower, its a Maxtor 100 gb PATA 133 HDD & would like to know how to hook it up to the tower I'm on now to possible remove some tunes & pictures.
Picture attached

Answer:Checking out a Maxtor hard drive

Well, you do the opposite of what you did on the XP tower.

1. Secure the the HDD in the HDD bay.
2. Connect the power and IDE cables to the HDD
3. Power up your PC and check the BIOS to see if your HDD is being detected.

BUT FIRST, you might want to check the jumper setting on the Maxtor, to make it a Slave drive.

If the HDD was the only (or primary) drive in the XP tower, chances are it is configured as the Master drive, which will of course cause a conflict in your current tower.

this guide shows the jumper settings for your HDD:
@mods: Had to double post because of the link-post count restriction.

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I beleive I may have a bad hard drive but thought I would try everything before coming to that conclusion. It is a 45gig hard drive. It started when I was unable to delete files, I would delete them and then after restarting the drive, they would show up again. I tried to reformat under two operating systems. I need FAT32 so on the XP OS I used CompuApps Swissknife to attempt to format. It showed that the format was successful after completion however none of the files were gone. Next, I took it into a Windows 98 and tried FDisk. Fdisk couldn't get past "checking drive's integrity" It would stay at 0% forever. I wasn't even able to get a letter assignment for the drive on 98. Trying Swissknife on 98, accomplished the same thing on XP. Said it was completed but never got assigned letter and when drive was restarted the volume it said it had created was gone. I can only imagine the drive is done for. Any Ideas?

All bios's on both OS recognized the drive properly.


Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive Problem

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About a month ago I purchased a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 Hard drive. Once I got the hard drive I realized that it was not compatible with my computer. I emailed the company I bought the drive from and they told me to buy Serial ATA Adapter. After installing the drive and adapter and from what I understand as all the software, the Hard drive is recognized as as being connected, but is not showing up under my computer or anywhere where the drive can be used.

I am just wondering if there is something here that I am missing or have overlooked. any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Problem with new MAxtor HArd Drive

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Ive been having alot of problems with installing windows xp pro and as i have read up i need the drivers please help!!

Answer:Need Maxtor Hard Drive Drivers!!!

I very much doubt you need drivers for a HDD in WinXP Pro... Unless of course it is a very old drive!?... What model is it? What year?...

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It seems I'm not 100% out of the woods just yet. I had a plethora of issues earlier that led to me having to do a recovery/windows reinstall on my computer recently. You can read all about that at this thread:

I am now having a strange issue since recovering the computer where it seems that everytime I try to open my G drive, the 160 GB Maxtor hard drive, it freezes up on me. In total I have 4 hard drives on this machine. 2 40 GB drives, 1 160 GB drive and 1 200 GB drive. They are set with a Promise/Raid configuration as per my Asus P4C 800 Deluxe.

The window that would be showing the contents of the drive will freeze up when I try to explore the contents of the drive through "my computer" and my mouse pointer will intermittetly freeze on the screen several times. I have to try using ctrl+alt+delete to shut it down but most of the time have to hit the reset button on the computer. I sure hope this 160 GB drive isn't trying to fail on me. I've also noticed that when I double click on shortcuts on my desktop that point to programs on that drive also cause this weird freezing issue. This all seemed to start after me recovering the system. The only 2 things I did differently when recovering than what I normally do is that I installed the Promise/Raid configuration AFTER recovery and I changed the defualt file system on the 40 GB drive that is home to windows and n... Read more

Answer:Problems with 160 GB Maxtor Hard drive

Your systems power supply is probably working beyond it's max output, and is dieing. The 160GB + hard drives get very hot. Heat = lots of current draw. I aso have 4 hard drives, a CD/DVD burner and a DVD ROM. I have a 80GB, 60GB and 2 40GB drives in a Antec server case full tower, with an Antec 350 Watt power supply... The system is over 1 year old

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I recently bought a (180gb) external MAXTOR hardrive. It was connected via FIREWIRE.
Well it was working fine formatted as NTFS. But all of a sudden I go to access it and it cannot be recognized...and it looks like the file format is RAW.

I have know clue what happened.
I have some criticle data on it that I need. my last resort is one of those recovery services.

But isn't there a tool or something I can repair so I can atlease get the data off?

Any Ideas?

Answer:Help recovering MAXTOR hard drive

I've used this before, and it seems to work fine..

Easy Recovery Pro

Has a trial that allows you to see files that have been deleted - so you know if it can get your files back. Good luck!

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I am currently running Windows Vista Business and when I connect my Maxtor OneTouch III USB 2.0 my computer does not recognize it. How can I get the information from my hard drive onto my computer?!

Answer:Maxtor External Hard Drive

Check with Maxtor and see if they have Vista drivers for your external.

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Answer:I have a 15 gb Maxtor hard drive that reads 1.9gb

I have Maxtor 15gb drive from my old computer a K6 233.When installed in my P4 1.8 it can only read the drive as a 1,99 gb drive,Can i get the other 13gb without formating the drive.I do sean to have the kiss of death of all things to do with computers.

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i tried to install a maxtor hard drive that can be seen by the bios but i cannot access it.Ribbon cables are ok and power ok.Run maxtor diagonostic disks which failed to find the hard drive.Any thoughts.Cheers

Answer:Maxtor hard drive seen in bios but

Start, Run, Type:Diskmgmt.mscClick OK.If it's a second drive it should as Disk1.Can it be seen from here?

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I have a Maxtor 500 gig Hard drive. I got it a while back as a gift and never had a chance to use it until I got an external case for it. However, when I first started the HDD up, my computer only registered a 150 gig hard drive. I thought that was odd, so I tried to reformat it, but I kept on getting only 150. I tried atleast 3 different external cases and they all gave me the same result.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have anything that I can try to see what's wrong with my Hard drive?


Answer:500 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive shows up as 150 gig

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I have Win XP, and I now have a new Maxtor 500 gb external hard drive. I didn't care for the automated back up software included thereon, so I have just been using it to backup. It has files and folders included with my files that I was wondering if ok to delete, or at least backup to a data cd and remove from the drive. They are:

EULA (contains .rtf files)


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ive got a Maxtor external hard drive.When i put the usb lead into my pc dont reconise it and nothing happens was workin fine now nothing plz help

Answer:Maxtor external hard drive

Is it showing in Start>ComputerDouble click should open it

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I have a maxtor hard drive from 1997---Model number 87000D8I am interested in using a hard drive enclosure but I do not know the "type" of hard drive this is (ATA, SATA, IDE, etc). The hard drive is from a very old desktop computer, has a 41 pin connecter.When I search using google and maxtor (which links me to seagate), that model is listed as having 4 Gigabytes!!!  Perhaps it is correct. Here is what is printed on the hard drivemodel: 87000D8HDA/Uplevel: 01APCBA/Uplevel: 19AUnique/Uplevel: 1AACylinders: 14475Heads: 15Sectors: 63Jumper : J50Master/Single: OnSlave: OffS/N F806RBLAC,Z,DA6812V5VMade in Singapore()P/N 300800Manufacture Date 09-06-1997So My question is: Can I put this thing in an external enclosure, and if so, Which one should I get?Thanks.[recovering disk space, attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive Question

It is PATA,  sometimes celled IDE.It is a 40 pine connector. Count again.Here is a search on Amazon. is not an endorsement.

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I have been using a Maxtor 6 external hard drive for a bout a year now without any problems at all. Yesterday all of a sudden it isn't being recognized my my computer. It shows the original internal drive c but not the external drive d. Any ideas what could be causing this problem
Any help will be very gratefully appreciated

Answer:Maxtor 6 external Hard Drive

First, try it on another computer. If it works there or not will tell you whether you have a computer problem or a drive problem. You need to know that before you know which direction your further diagnostics should take.

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here's the problem my drive has died on me,tried quite a lot of things to no does not make any noise when i start it up.does'nt even register on my pc,here are some specs:- barracuda 7200.10,320 gb,seagate,ultra sata,tried seagate web site ,could'nt help,any help would be greatly appreciated as i only just put photo's on it .and i would like to get them back

Answer:maxtor external hard drive

If not powering up then first check fuse in plug to drives power supply.
If power supply Ok try in another machine.
Drive can be removed from case and connected into another case or direct to a spare sata point in your PC (Not Laptop)

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I have a computer with a 1.99GB hard drive, which is not big enough for my family. I have a Maxtor 2GB one that I would like to put in as a slave. On the Maxtor it reads

Master/Single On
Slave Off
Jumper J20

where do I put the jumpers to make the Maxtor the slave drive? And do I have to put jumpers on the one that is in the computer already to make it the Master? Thanks.

Answer:Jumpers on Maxtor Hard Drive

Leave the jumper off totally. Depending on the first one, what brand it is, you may have to change that jumper. It should already be jumpered as master. Hook this one up, pop into the bios setup and see if it appears.

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My friend gave me his Maxtor Basics 250gb Hard Drive (Part # 9NX2DG-500) to put some of the songs i have made on. I connected it to my pc and it doesn't recognise it at all, so i restarted and still the same thing happens. I'm not sure if it requires any drivers or if i have to edit anything in the BIOS.

Someone please advise me on what to do.


Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive not recognising

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Answer:Solved: Maxtor Hard Drive

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Hi,My Maxtor 160GB sata hardrive three months old has become noticeably noisy i checked to see if it was the CPU fan by disconnecting the hardrive and it disappeared.When the red light flickers the noise coincides with the light,the noise is like a squeaky sound,is this normal.Regards Martin.

Answer:Maxtor hard drive noisy

No, I would say it's not normal. But you knew that already or you wouldn't be here. I would backup any important data and replace the drive. If it's only three months old, it should still be under warranty.

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My old PC HArd Drive crashed ...
Now I want to recover my Data from it when I connect this Hard drive via USB adapter to my NEW PC
i got only 1 option to Format it .
as I said I want to recover my data from it so i treid few below softwares

Now Problem is the HD size is 80 GB & I see only 31 GB and it says RAW on it ...remaining 49 GB is Still missing .....Check the sceen shot of one of the program i used to recover my data.

Now please suggest me what should I do so i might be able to revocer and able to find the lost 49 GB on my Hard Drive.

Anxiously waiting for reply

Answer:Maxtor ATA Hard Drive Crashed 80 GB

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I recently oredered a Plumax 2.0 USB external hard drive to help my dad back up his laptop. However I'm unsure exatly how to format the dirve or get it working. Being USB i tried just plugging it into the computer, and was were notified of it running at a reduced speed due to USB 1.0 on our computers. It aslo detected and installed new USB Mass storage device hardware. However it does not show up under My computer as a drive. Under device manager the maxtor HD shows up and says it is working properly, and also it shows up in the USB as mass storage device. I run Win XP and was wondering if i need to format this thing or if its broken? Thanks a bunch

Answer:Plumax/Maxtor 2.0 USB hard drive

The drive is working fine. The reduced speed message is normal when you plug a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 port.

As far as the drive not appearing, it's not formatted! Right click on My Computer, select Manage. Select Disk Manager, and find the USB drive in the drive list. Right click on the drive and select Format. When you get done, it'll show up in My Computer.

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Alright so I have this old maxtor hard drive that im trying to plug into my laptop. It has shown up before once or twice but now when i plug it in it makes the noise that any other usb plug in makes but will not show up in My Computer.. i have seen other help sites but i dont understand what they are saying or telling me to do.. can anyone help me get it to show up. i have stuff on it also i would like to not have to delete it.

thanks so much

Answer:My Maxtor Hard drive will not Show up.

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I hope that someone can help with this... please!
I have a maxtor 80gb portable hard drive and when i try to access my files by clicking on the drive in windows explorer i get the following message -
"You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?"
I have a lot of data stored on this drive and i don't know why it suddenly appears empty. I don't want to lose all of the data already saved on this disk. What should i do?

Answer:Fault with Maxtor Hard Drive

It sounds like the disk lost the information on it, or it got corrupted. Did you ever unplug the disk without clicking the icon at the bottom right to "Safely Remove Hardware"?

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Have Windows XP with everything updated, all service packs in place, driver updated.

While my computer will recognize the Maxtor 3200 USB external hard drive and I can even populate/format it, I can't transfer any files to it and it doesn't show up on my Windows Explorer function.

I have done a search on this problem with no successful tips as of yet.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work?


Answer:Help with Maxtor external hard drive

In my computer right click the usb external device
choose properties
choose autoplay tab
select open folders to view files using windows explorer.

You may also check on the other settings tabs.

If this does not work or the USB device is not listed in my computer
take it back to the shop and get them to demonstrate, on another pc that it is working.

Studio T

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i accidently locked my maxtor harddrive. dont know how or what code was used but i did. also the comp that i locked it on is gone. is there a master key to unlock the mactor drives? any help will be apreciated. THANKS

Answer:maxtor hard drive locked?

Yer toast. LOL
Bet you won't do that again, will ya mate!?!! ROFL

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I am having an issue with a Maxtor Model Number 92739U6 hard drive. I have just finished formatting and installing windows xp home edition. Everything was going ok until I restarted the computer.

First right after I restarted the computer I got an error message A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Del.

I was unsure what caused this error message so I started to research this issue on Maxtor?s website and they advised me to use fdisk /mbr to repair the error. I did that and restarted the computer.

Same Error?.

The thing I can?t figure out is I am able to boot right to windows using a boot disk.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive Issue

Check to make sure the drive is being detected correctly in the BIOS.
You should check the IDE/SATA and power connectors to the drive, to make sure they are not loose.

Find the manufacturer of your hard drive and run their Hard Drive Diagnostics Utility.

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Hey guys

I have a Maxtor Hard Drive hooked up to my Mac Book Pro and the other day (midway through using it!) it lost power supply, By this I mean the disk has ceased to spin and the light on the hard drive has gone out. I think it is a fault with the power input and I need a second opinion. It is not a fuse in plug as I have changed power leads but there is a power inverter before the power lead gets to the hard drive - what is the chances its a fault with this - there is a light on the power pack but it flickers when I plug it into the drive yet the hd doesn't move, light up or even fart!


Thanks Tom

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive - no power!

What Model Maxtor External is this? I had a Maxtor PS3000 die on me, it turned out to the electronics in the enclosure died but the drive itself was fine. Ended up installing it interrnal in one of my systems.

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i have just installed a new maxtor HD . and it isnt viewable in my computer .. but i do see it in the device manager , i have tried all three settings . master cable select and slave . none of the setting would allow me to see the HD in my computer .. but asi say . i can see it in the device manager ..
would like to get this space available . any thoughts or sugestion ??

Answer:Solved: new maxtor 200 GB hard drive ..?

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I had a Maxtor 250 hard drive, and someone plugged a laptop power lead in it and it zapped it. I have dismantled the external hard drive and put the maxtor directly into my pc, but this stops the pc booting.

I have spoken to maxtor and they have suggested that I buy a hard drive circuit board, but I cannot find anywhere that sells them. (Or I just don't know where to look).

maxtor have told me this....

"For the following Maxtor hard drive models: Fireball 3, DiamondMax 16, DiamondMax Plus 8, DiamondMax Plus 9, Diamond Max 10 and all MaxLine products there is also a GTLA Number on the model (next to barcode on the bottom of the drive). Format 1Y222J2223322. 1, 2 and 3 stand for numbers, Y and J for letters. The numbers 1 and 3 as well as the letter Y need to be identical to be able to replace the PCB on these drives."

My Hard drive details as follows: DiamondMax 10.
Model: 6L25ORO
TLA #: 6L25ORO153401 AAB
SN: L59L82XH

Any help or advice on how I can get my hands on one of these and you will make a friend for life.

Thanx in anticipation

Answer:Where can I get a Maxtor Hard Drive Circuit Board?

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I am having problems with the external HD on my PC.
Yesterday I pulled out the cable from it to the PC by mistake. When I re-started the PC a black screen came up with a message saying that NTFS (I think) wasn't working and it needed to scan or check for something. I glanced through the message briefly and it was on a countdown unless I tapped any key on the keyboard. I reached to do this too late and a speedy roll of delete something or other continuously scrolled up. I ended up turning off the PC manually to stop this.
I haven't a clue what it is or what it did, but the PC is now crawling along. The external hard-drive is showing empty, but I can access all the files on it. The problem is that the files are not happy being moved, copied or attached to emails. When I go to the image files they will not show icons without contacting administrator. All sorts of other stuff has probably happened that I don't know about.
IE is at a snail's pace and then seizes and 'not responding'.

Answer:Maxtor External Hard Drive problems

I would try running the chkdsk /r command on the drive.

Go to My Computer, select the drive, right-click on it, select Properties.

Follow the instructions under Starting Check Disk at , putting check marks in both options.


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