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Problem creating a website form.

Question: Problem creating a website form.

Problem creating a website form. I created a form on my website which works fine except that it sends the resulting email to the Outbox in Outlook Express and pops-up a sequence of two security warnings. Please can someone tell me how to send the form straight to the recipient from the website (by-passing OE) and how to stop the two pop-up warnings? The form is of the type: form name=?form? method=?post? action=?mailto:[email protected]?SUBJECT=Brochure Request? enctype=?text/plain?> Regards Awestruck

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Preferred Solution: Problem creating a website form.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Problem creating a website form.I created a form on my website which works fine except that it sends the resulting email to the Outbox in Outlook Express and pops-up a sequence of two security warnings. Please can someone tell me how to send the form straight to the recipient from the website (by-passing OE) and how to stop the two pop-up warnings? The form is of the type: form name=?form? method=?post? action=?mailto:[email protected]?SUBJECT=Brochure Request? enctype=?text/plain?>RegardsAwestruck

Answer:Problem creating a website form.

Sorry - can't help with that one, but you may get a better respons if you post to the web design forum. Cheers :-)

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I'm looking to create a form on a website with some multiple choice questions and some name and address details which I want to be submitted to me via email.Is this just a case of writing some HTML to do this, or do you have to have a database behind it?Any good webpages with instrctions and maybe some code I can copy?

Answer:Creating a form on a website

With respect, try the Web Design forum.

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Hi, I am currently designing a website using coolpage html editor. I want to put a form on my site enabling customers to order nametapes from our company. Can anyone tell me how to start?

Answer:Creating a form on my website

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Hi can anyone help me, I've been trying to do a order form in word 2002 so that customers can download this orderform from my site and email me it along with an image they choose to be used as reference for a portrait painting.The problem I'm having, the form looks great and has everything I need on but I can't seem to get it to be user editable so people can tick certain boxes, I have the boxes on the form but when I try and click as a customer would it just turns the whole of that field highlighted and doesn't put a dot in the tickable box. What am I doing wrong and does anyone know a way to do this. I think I've only got it a readable file and don't know how to unlock it to allow editing in the places that need it.Your hopefullyPhilip

Answer:Creating a Order form for my website

I think you need to go to FILE > SAVE AS WEB PAGE, then upload the web page to your website and see if it works.Charence

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Hi I've managed to design the frontpage form to how I want it only I'm trying to use dropdown links to make the form look neater and I can add what I want only when I click ok it says the controls name is not a valid indentifier for scripting languages any script that frontpage generates may not work properly, change the controls name so it starts with a letter. Please can anyone tell me what this means and will it effect my form when uploaded and people try to use it.CheersPhil

Answer:Problem with frontpage creating a form

I suspect that you have named a field/s with a description that suits you but not Front Page. If you right-click each field and choose 'Form Field Properties' check the value in the 'Name' box. This should start with a letter and, if more than one word, should not have any spaces between them - use an underscore to join words up, i.e. Visitor_URL.

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Howdy...I am new at using macros and am in TAFE at the moment. I have created a macro to prompt the user of a form to name the file before it is sent to a specific folder on C Drive. The input selection box works and the "named" file is directed where it is supposed to go, but I am also required to close the "active document" after it is saved, still using this macro and this comes up with a "debugging" error and won't run. The line is highlighted in yellow (I am using Office XP) and the document won't close. I have tried using different prasing but still can't get it to work. Is this because it is a form, a Win XP foible or I am exceptionally stupid!!! A normal document will close on request, using a similar macro set up,but as soon as form fields are introduced...error messages!! Help please!!!

Answer:Problem creating an autoclose macro for a form in Word

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I've been asked to resolve problem with website form at click hereThe form on the contact us page no longer seems to work, the page that it points to once form has sent appears on smart ftp as being on server but can't seem to find itPlease help!!!!

Answer:website form problem

The page (sendemail.php) is on the server but won't open. It's possible that php is not running on the server, or is not working for some reason. I suggest that you check with the host.

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I have some webspace with a hosting company for one site built using frontpage and using a form to send results back to my email with results of customers orders, this works fine. I wanted another site to make paypal payment pages for a flash site I have so again I bought a domain name and used the add on domain feature at my web hosting company, I designed a front index page and individual payment pages that are going to be linked to my flash site. Right now for the problem for some reason when I tried to test it and filled out the order form and click submit it flashes on a username and password box up. I don't know why this is, has completly baffled me and my hosting company. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen, the form on my other site as I say done the exact same way works ok. Phil

Answer:Problem with Frontpage form on my new website

is it the standard Windows server challenge - the type you see when you want to logon to a network?You'll need to explain your system in more detail. As I understand it you have a site that's entirely Flash, and you want to send customer's payments from it to your PayPal account, is that right? For some reason you've bought a special domain name and set up yet another site to do this - why have you done that?It sounds to me as if the form is submitting itself to a different server directory - one on which you don't have write permissions, so the server is issuing what we used to call an NT challenge, the type you get when you logon to a network workgroup.Perhaps if you could give me a step-by-step explanation I'll be able to sort this out for you.

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I have a database and I need to set up a form in it where you select from a combo box and enter data in a text box, run a query from that data and then in the subform have the data from the query displayed and then have checkboxes and such that could edit the data in the original table. I havent dealt with subforms so im not sure how to set it up exactly. Any ideas?


This is all in access

Answer:creating a form and sub form

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Can anybody help me with advise how I can create PDF forms with text fields which can be completed either locally on your PC and printed or on the website.I have a form of around 15 pages which frequently I need to complete by hand and I thought would be better if I can complete it on screen and then print sign and post.Thank you

Answer:Creating a PDF form

Make it as a Word document for easy editing and then just convert it to a pdf each time. Youve got the pdf writer i presume?

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Hello guys and gals - A little help please. I'm needing to create a form that begins with a choice - Choice A brings back X fields, and Choice B brings back Y fields. Both choices have common fields (Z). What would be the best way to go about doing this? Thanks in advance.


Answer:Help creating a form, please

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OH... here goes... Is there any way to put a form on a webpage, so that people can type in 1 box and whatever they type, it will make a txt file with that as the file name then .txt on the web server and will have whatever they type in the 2nd box as the contents of the txt file?

I'm trying to make a web form to work with an ipounce bot from


Answer:Creating a TXT FIle with a form

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I am trying to create a simple form in Outlook, basically I have used one from a mail template, and all I have added is a field (called LOCATION) which sits under the cc field. I have published this etc and all looks ok.

Now when I send my message (using new form) to myself it comes back without the LOCATION field or the actual box next to it (which is what I want users to enter text into?)

Can someone help?

Answer:Creating a form in Outlook?

I'm curious, you mean you've made a form that mimics the standard new mail window? Why would you want to do that? If that's the case then the answer is, of course, when you receive mail you aren't opening the mail item in the form you've created but rather the standard Outlook window. You'd have to make a form that can open email items as well.

I should say that not too many people write code for Outlook and its object model is somewhat limited. I imagine that the enhancements you've made to the standard new mail window could be achieved using native Outlook methods.

I might be way off base here, I'm not an Outlook MVP or power user or anything like that.


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I've been assigned to create a word 2007 form. So far I've learnt all about content controls and the different kinds you can insert. However I'm stumped by a particular problem. The form needs an area at the end that reads

"Next Meeting:" then gives the form filler the ability to either select a date and fill out a location, or the option to put something along the lines of "email will be sent out concerning date and location of next meeting".

My first thought was 2 content controls (1 a drop down date chooser, and a rich text one) followed by a drop down menu with the text being the only option. I had hoped to enable the form filling person to delete either the first 2 (if they don't know when and where the meeting will be) or the third 1 (if they do and can fill out that information). However I couldn't find a way to enable the deleting. If anyone could shed some light on the matter, or has a better idea as to how the effect can be created, it would be much appreciated.
Paddy V

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I created a travel voucher form in OmniForm 5.1 and would appreciate any help polishing it up. I'm new to OmniForm, so these may be elementary questions to all of you.

1. I want to insert a check box already filled in. I think I need to insert a graphic for this purpose. I didn't find any graphics that shipped with the program, and thus far have not found one to download. Is there a way to have the check box automatically marked? If not, can someone tell me where to get a graphic filled in checkbox? WordPerfect has one, but I couldn't figure out how/where to browse to find it.
2. I created a two column table. The second column is numbers and the final row is the total of the columns. I tried to insert a math function, but couldn't figure it out.
3. I wanted the form to automatically insert the current date in the MM/D/YYYY format. I tried using the function keys, but evidently don't know how to insert them. I typed the function command in the box and it returned it as text.

Thanks for your help!!!

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I have made tons of forms in word. I then lock them and offer then to groups to complete as part of processes.
I now need to create a form in Excel so that I can set up links to a master file. I found the control Box and forms
tool bars, but to us ehtem and make the form "pretty" I just can't figure out. I also want to lock the form so that
employees can "tab" to the cells that need to be completed. Help from the Excel Assitant does not help me.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Creating an Excel Form

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Hello. I am trying to create a form in MS Word. It will have a series of questions. It seems like you can not prevent your entries from moving For example, if I type Name: at the top left and then across it, I type date which would be all on the same line. So when I start to type a name, the date entry starts to shift to the right even though I have locked it. It doesn't seem you can make it stop from shifting to the right. I know you can restrict the amount of letters but I would like to see everything really locked in place. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Sentences also will shft downwards as I type. Unless, I'm missing something, I do not see how you can use it as a questioneer when entries move. Hopefully, I am explaing this correct. Thank you

Answer:Creating a form in Word

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I'm creating a database to capture contact history to my customers.

I have the customers loaded into one table and that is the souce for my main form. I have an additional table for call history, and have created a subform based on this table. I have linked the subform via the common key, which is my customer id.

The problem is that the subform will not allow me to create new records in the history table. It will only display _existing_ customer history records. In fact, if there are no linked records in the history table for a particular customer, the subform doesn't even display.

I know that it's probably some silly setting, and I've encounterd this before, but can't remember how I fixed it.
Help would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:creating records with a sub form

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Hello. My fiance decided to make a website for girls party ideas using sbi, so she asked me to do it for her. After some reading up, this is what I have come up with: a href="click here">Click here /a>So far I've taught myself XHTML and CSS (as much as I can anyway!). Now my future father-in-law has asked me to do his site for him. Now he wants a contact form like on the party site, but with sbi all this is included, you just paste the code into your page. How would i go about creating this myself? Also any criticism of my party site welcome, we've only been up for 3 months so still at the "development" stage lol!

Answer:Creating a contact form

You could use the same code that you have in your existing website. However, you'll see that the form actio points to a PERL (.pl) script in the CGI-bin folder on the server. You need such a mail script in the CGI-bin of the new server (and amend te code to point at the correct scrit). A popular one is FormMail (use Gogle and find a free download).However, there is a danger (apparently) in using these scripts as they can get hijacked by spammers to send vast amounts of spam and then your ISP may suspend your account. If you know, say, PHP you can write a page that will send such a contact form that doesn't use a separate script in CGI-bin. This would be a safer bet.

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Now we can create our upload.php file. To start we'll check that the file upload is safe by setting a list of allowed filetypes and disallowing all other file uploads. This will prevent people from uploading malicious files. Then we will check the filesize to prevent large files from being uploaded.

// Configuration - Your Options
$allowed_filetypes = array('.jpg','.gif','.bmp','.png'); // These will be the types of file that will pass the validation.
$max_filesize = 524288; // Maximum filesize in BYTES (currently 0.5MB).
$upload_path = './files/'; // The place the files will be uploaded to (currently a 'files' directory).

$filename = $_FILES['userfile']['name']; // Get the name of the file (including file extension).
$ext = substr($filename, strpos($filename,'.'), strlen($filename)-1); // Get the extension from the filename.

// Check if the filetype is allowed, if not DIE and inform the user.
die('The file you attempted to upload is not allowed.');

// Now check the filesize, if it is too large then DIE and inform the user.
if(filesize($_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']) > $max_filesize)
die('The file you attempted to upload is too large.');

// Check if we can upload to the specified path, if not DIE and inform the user.
die('You cannot upload to the s... Read more

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Sorry that this might be hard to explain but here it goes.

I have a form (attached) that the user can insert the Name,Description, PIN #; select a Can Size and multiple Upcharges.
The form creates the record into table DNP.
The query "Items Form" takes DNP records and (will eventually) create total and discounted prices, etc.

Price is determined by Can Size as seen in the Can_Size table and SizePrice query. What I need is for when the user creates the record, the Price goes to DNP table AND/OR just the "Items Form". Price can not be on the form like it is for Can Size and Upcharges (yes I know its in the Can Size combo). I'm pretty stuck.

Any directions or guidance would be greatly appreciated- Thank you!

Answer:Have a form look up field when creating a record

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I would like to create a form in Word 2003 and post it on our intranet for users to fill out and print. I do not want them to be able to save to the desktop. Any thoughts on how this can be done?

Answer:Creating Form in Word 2003

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I've never done a form in NOF before. All I need is a smallish and simple form on a page. It should say 'sign our petition' then have space for name , email and address - to be sent back to webmaster. Try as I might I can't understand the terminology used - could anyone (adeh? barryoneoff?) just tell me in simple English the process? I have read the help files, honestly!

Answer:creating a form in NOF - in plain English!

Hi mco.Never done a form in NOF? Oh, don't worry. Easy (must be if I can do it...)Form layouts are tricky to get aligned cleanly without using either a table or placing the form objects in text boxes. Make sure first of all that the form toolbar is selected from the View menu (place it next to the standard toolbar).Next, tick the "layout is a form" box on the pallette.You can use a table for best control, or just use the text boxes that you need for the labels.Make a text box with the name of your first form field in it, such as First Name. Now make a single line form field and drop it into the texk box; it will now be below the text, as long as your text box is not too long.Go to the properties pallette for the form field; give it a name that represents its content, such as firstname. Note the lowercase and lack of spaces. Give it a visible and maximum size.Repeat for your other fields. I would suggest First Name, Surname, E-mail Address, House number, and so on.Next, add a submit button. Ignore the form handler on the NOF tools menu. Your submit button will need an action in its properties pallette; this will be the name of your PHP file, which I can help you to code later on. In fact, once you have your form arranged, tell me the names of each field and I'll code it for you.

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I'm trying to make up a little form to allow people to email me ticket order for our local theater.

I haven't been able to determine how--in forms or VBA code--make a field an integer. The default is textbox, and try as I might, I'm not smart enough to make it be an integer. I need to add values in a bunch of boxes, and of course it just concatenates.

Now, every time I open the word doc it asks me whether or not to enable macros, which I guess are part and parcel of this programming--but not intentionally. Yes my ignorance is showing. Anyway, I guess the macros make it impossible to upload my document, and I wonder then if they will make it impossible to have this form go through emails.

Could some one point me in the right directions?


Answer:Rudimentary VBA promblem w/creating a form

What are you trying to do now?
You can email with Access directly through Outlook if that is what you want to do. The only problem with this is that with access 2002 it will ask you if you want to allow access to do it for each email. One of the best ways is to attach a snapshot of an access report.
email me.

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Alright, I'm totally new to PERL, yet my coop job at a hightech company requires me to make this one website page. I've never worked with scripts or buttons or anything on webpages, and I need help getting this started.

What I have to create is a page where employees can put their name, their ID number, and their department number.

There are fields the user fills out (Their name, their ID number, their department number ect..)

... and I need to add it into an TXT document with extra stuff.

So lets say those inputfields above are variables. I need it to show up like this in a txt document.

+name+"$"+departnumber+"$"To: "+name+ "("+idnum+")";

You know? Anyone willing to help?!?!?


Answer:PERL help! Need help creating CGI form script.

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Windows XP, Microsoft Word 2002, when creating a online or just a fill in form document, how do I create two separate text boxes on the same line, (item 1. and item 2.) and not have the text in item 2 move as I type in text box #1?


1. when typing item 2 moves__________ 2. __________________________

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Hi there

I have been slaving away for 4 hours trying to figure this out but with no success. I have created a form in Access called TblQryDepositForm. I have then created a sub form called TblDepositsSubForm. I have then cobined the form and sub form. I have a field name in the sub form called DepositAmount. I want to sum only the records of a particular customer. The sub form is underneath the TblQryDepositForm in datasheet view.

Underneath the Sub Form I have created a text box and in the text box I have the formula = Sum([DepositAmount]). Deposit amount is the name of the field that I want to total.

In the TblQryDepositForm, I created a text box and in it I put the formula

=[Forms]!TblQueryDepositForm!TblDepositsSubForm.Form![Total Sum]. Total sum is the name of the text box in the Sub Form. Instead of displaying a total it displays #Name.

What Am I doing wrong????

Answer:Creating a sub total in a sub form in Access

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First off, I should let it be known that I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to javascript. I've only recently begun learning HTML and CSS and javascript. My HTML and CSS skills are adequate to create the site the I need to. It's my javascripting skills that need work and I am certain that that is the core problem here.

I have a few different things I need my form validation script to do. I want it to check my zip code field to make sure the zip code is in the proper format. I eventually want to extend that to validate the phone and fax number fields as well but I'm starting small. I need it to also validate the email address field to make sure a properly formatted email address is present. I then need it to check all the required fields to make sure they are not empty.

I have found scripts on the internet to do all three of those, my problem is I don't know how to string them all together. I have the overall validation script working(the one that checks the fields to make sure they are not empty). I was just wondering if I could get some help incorporating the number and email address validation scripts into that.

I completely realize that my very limited understanding of javascript at this point is the problem. I'm still learning it and I know I need to understand that I'm not going to learn it overnight. HTML and CSS was fairly easy and quick to learn for me. Javascript is proving a bit more difficult. It's probably becaus... Read more

Answer:Creating a form validation script

I would try updating the validate function like this first:
function validate() {
if(document.contactform.Contact_name.value=='' ||
document.contactform.Company_name.value=='' ||
document.contactform.Address.value=='' ||
document.contactform.Address_type.value=='' ||
document.contactform.City.value=='' ||
document.contactform.State.value=='' ||
document.contactform.Email_address.value=='' ||
document.contactform.Phone_number.value=='' ||
document.contactform.Contact_method.value=='' ||
document.contactform.How.value=='' ||
alert('Please fill out the fields marked with a red asterik before submitting this form.');
} else {
That way, the validate function would take care of everything. (Replace zipcode with the name of the form element to contain the zipcode. I wasn't sure if it was given.)

I would also remove the HTML script tag from the end of the valzip function.

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I need to create a spreadsheet for a club that tracks and sorts three different categories of dues and donations, with a column to indicate whether it was paid by cash or check and a column for check number. I need to have the months of the year, across the top of the document, and the names of the members in a column down the left side of the page. Also I'd like to be able to sort each field and be able to print it.

I've never created a spreadsheet so I'm not sure if Word, Excel, or another program would be better to use if I cannot get my hands on a template. Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Help creating a form or finding a template

It may help in searching to know the version of Excel, or Office. Google Search found several sites that should, some Microsoft Office and some others.

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I need some help creating a Macro on a Form I created in Word XP. (I have attached the form) What I want to happen is when the user checks the check box by Poly wrap (5th line down), I want the drop-down list to open so that they can choose the correct Mil size from the list and not miss this option. I am not familiar with using Macros on a form so I am not sure how to do this. This form is protected but with no password. I would appreciate any help Thanks.

Answer:Creating a Macro in a Word Form

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I have a database that contains records of each cashier and their daily over/underage of their cash drawers.

I want to create a form where I can pull the cashier's name from a drop down list and have all the daily details appear on the screen. Here I would be able to update a previous days variance or create a new detail for the current day.

Know enough about Access to get me in trouble, but am extremely green when it comes to forms. Any assistance as to what I should be looking at would greatly be appreciated.

Answer:Creating an Access (2002) Form

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I have this form "Preferred Mfg Method" (I've attached a sample of my database). From this form, the 4 fields are populated by entering the description field. I only want my users to enter the decsription field, from there all the other fields are populated. Then I want to take those 4 fields and use that information to manipulate multiple queries to complete a report.

So what I need help in is creating a query that runs behind a "button" that takes those 4 fields and makes a "temp" tbl (not sure if this is exactly what I need to do). But I need those 4 fields for use
in queries to come up with my report.


Answer:Access Form - Need help in creating button for what I want to do

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Hi there, i wounder if you can help. I am ok with Access, but VB code is where i fall down a little. I am trying to create a search form (frmStudentSearch) that is made up of text boxes, a combo box and check boxes. These boxes will form the criteria for my search. I wish to enter in the relevant data uaing such controls and then select a search command that then opens up a results form (frmCriteriaResults) showing the names of the students who meet that criteria.

A lot of it i have managed to complete, and i have done so by applying code that creates a query everytime, and then with this query it opens the results in the form.

My issue is that there are a few fields that come up with an error but where the same code is used some dont. i think it might be because those that arent working are text fields and the others are numeric fields.

The next issue is with one of the fields i want to search by. i have a text box called age. I want the user to be able to enter an age, and then using the same process as above, sorts the students stored that are of that age.

I have attached the database as it might help to understand what i mean. The issues are highlighted in RED. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I'm building a site in dreamweaver, and a page of it we want a membership form where people fill in their details and answer a few questions then hit submit and the details are sent straight to the sites main email address. How do I do this? I'm not too technical mind, so laymans terms would be appreciated!Many ThanksDamian

Answer:Creating Membership Form in Dreamweaver?

This isn't trying to be difficult but do you want a membership form where people submit membership registration or is this a feedback form for people to contact you where they can select various preconfigured options in the process ?Membership systems are typically used to register users for restricted content.Getting a user registered is relatvely easy. Protecting the content you want to restrict is a lot more involved.A form handler script can process a form and email the results of it to here for a very popular CGI form handler, or try and search for a form handler in PHP or CGI, which are the most likely languages your web host will support.

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First things first, if im in the wrong place, tell me and I will move the post.
Right, here is where i,m at. I have put together a basic HTML page using notepad++, its very simple and is only performing a simple task, to provide 2 positions with update information. It works by sharing a folder in the C: drive of the "host" pc with the 2 "slaves". When every we need to update the information we just edit the relevant text in notepad++ save it and then the 2 browsers auto refresh every 5 minutes to collect the latest data. Obviously scrolling through a raw HTML doc to find the bits which need changing isn't very user friendly for my colleques so......
I am aiming to put together a database in access, link it to a VB10 form (already created) upon submitting the form the DB will update and the HTML will pull the information from the data base.
So, ref; the latter paragraph:
1= Is this possible
2= IS there a better/simpler way of doing it
3= how to you get html to input information from access automatically? OR is excel better, or neither. Im asking a lot i know, but :)

Answer:Creating a form to update page

I think you've asked for help with this problem in another forum area, and I believe I may have responded with information about file synchronising software.
Forgive me, but I can't help the feeling that you're over-complicating this process. That may be because I'm not fully understanding the problem.
Why can't you just create a master file on your host PC and get some readily available software to synchronise the updates to the copies on the other PCs every five minutes or so? That way there's no need to get involved with HTML at all - you could do it easily in an Excel workbook.
This doesn't really belong here in the Web design forum, so I'm going to move it to the Tech helproom.

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I want to create a form and populate some information from an existing spreadsheet (using mail merge) with the end result being people can fill in missing information and it be straigtforward to insert missing data into spreadsheet using the export function.Can anybody let me know if this can be done?Thanks

Answer:Help with creating a form in MS Outlook 2003


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Hi all,

I am a beginner to MS Access. I was trying to create a form in Access which has 3 combo boxes on it, with each of them having the data on accountname, report type and date respectively. This data comes from 3 tables which are two column tables with one filed being the primary key one and the other fiield having the say accountname as type Text and so on. The form has the functionality that as a user chooses a particular combination of accountname, report type and date from the 3 combo boxes and clicks on a button titled 'Display report' the respective pdf file opens up. These pdf files are stored in a particular folder and are named as a concatenation of 'accountname+reporttype+date'. The form also needs to have a button clicking on which the user can close the form.
Any directions members !

Also could anyone explain me what actually a query is and what relationship does it have with a form. I have some idea about this but i am still not fully clear about these concepts.


Answer:Creating a form in MS Access for displaying reports

i posted a similar question about 2-3 weeks ago... I hope someone has the answer...

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I'm working on a database where I would like to do the following:

In a form, I have a drop down box with 3 options, what i want to do is that when the user selects one of the 3 options, then from another drop down box, a list is displayed (for the user to select) relevant to the one chosen from the first drop down box i.e. combo box has 3 options (i.e. premiership, championship, league 1), if the user selects premiership, than from the next box, they have the option to select only those in the premiership, likewise, if they chosed championship, than they have the option to select only those in the championship.

I can create drop down boxes but just want to know how to create the above based on what is chosen from the first combo box.

many thanks

Answer:Creating options on a form in Access 2003

kets, see these 2 recent Threads for answers to your question.
The key points are using the previous Combo (or it's Control Source) in the SQL (Row Source) of the next combo and using VBA to Requery (Update) the second query with the result of the first combo's Selection.

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I need my website viewers to be able to open an email link and then fill in a form on that email. I can do the open an email bit but its them filling in a form on the body of the email Im having BIG problems with.Please help Thanks Funkam

Answer:Html code for a creating a form in an email

Simply create a normal HTML form. use the Mailto option int he <form> tag like so<form action="mailto:youremail" method="POST" enctype="text/plain">

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Basically I created a table with different fields of course, then a form for that table that the data can be viewed on or updated in. Now I am trying to create a separate form that when I click a search button it will open up that form and display the data based on what I searched for. The problem is I have multiple search fields, some which contain Null values. The problem I am having and wasn't sure if I could do this, but I basically want it to search the table using this expression Like "*" & [Forms]![Test]![Text0] & "*" in my query for each of my fields but ignore a null value in the form I am searching with. When I put Is Null or Like... it gives me all of the entries. So I need it to ignore if the search fields on the 2nd form if they are blank. If I just use Like "*" & [Forms]![Test]![Text0] & "*" for each field in the query except changing to Text2, etc it filters down to nothing. If I include the is Null and only search based on one criteria it gives me the ones that meet that criteria plus all of the others that have null in those fields. I created a small database so I could try to figure out what is wrong with another one I am doing for my company that is rather big. At the bottom is the SQL for it when I just use the Like "*" & [Forms]![Test]![Text0] & "*" statements. I tried some IIF statements also but I am beginning to think I can't make it where I ignore the fields ... Read more

Answer:Creating a Form to search in Access 2003

I have many databases with search forms doing just what you want. The key is in the "criteria row structure to get you going on the correct SQL if SQL is the way you want to do it.
This SQL is for mixing and matching up to 3 fields and a "controlling" "option" column.
SELECT tblVisits.PtKey, tblVisits.VisitDate, tblVisits.odIOP, tblVisits.osIOP, tblBAsic.DOB, [PtFirstName] & " " & [PtLastname] AS Name, tblBAsic.Diagnosis, tblVisits.[Diagnostic Update], DLookUp("[Option]","[Option]") AS Expr1, tblVisits.Comment
FROM tblBAsic INNER JOIN tblVisits ON tblBAsic.PtKey = tblVisits.PtKey
WHERE (((tblVisits.odIOP)=[forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 1]) AND ((DLookUp("[Option]","[Option]"))=1)) OR (((tblVisits.odIOP)>[forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 1]) AND ((DLookUp("[Option]","[Option]"))=2)) OR (((tblVisits.odIOP)<[forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 1]) AND ((DLookUp("[Option]","[Option]"))=3)) OR (((tblVisits.odIOP) Between [forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 1] And [forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 2]) AND ((DLookUp("[Option]","[Option]"))=4)) OR (((tblVisits.osIOP)=[forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 1]) AND ((DLookUp("[Option]","[Option]"))=1)) OR (((tblVisits.osIOP)>[forms]![frmSearchPatientData]![IOP Pressure 1]) AND ((DLookUp("[Option]",&... Read more

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I am creating a database in Access 2003 and I have used tabs to separate my information in the detail section. The problem I am having is that when I try to put information on the 2nd tab the information that I put on the first tabe is on the 2nd as well and if I try to delete it off the 2nd take it deletes it off of the 1st tab. What can I do to fix this?

I am pretty good with computers but I not that familiar with Access I am teaching myself as I go.

Answer:Access 2003 creating tabs in a form

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Hello, :cry
I am trying to create a subscription form for my site in Dreamweaver and can't get it to send the into to my email... Here is a copy of the code...

<form action="formtoemail:[email protected]" method="get" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="Subscription" target="_self" id="Subscription">
First name: <span id="sprytextfield1">
<input type="text" name="text1" id="text1" />
<span class="textfieldRequiredMsg">A value is required.</span></span>
<p>Last name: <span id="sprytextfield3">
<input type="text" name="text2" id="text2" />
<span class="textfieldRequiredMsg">A value is required.</span></span></p>
<p>Email Address: <span id="sprytextfield4">
<input type="text" name="text3" id="text3" />
<span class="textfieldRequiredMsg">A value is required.</span></span></p>
<input type="submit" name="button" id="button" value="Submit" />
An... Read more

Answer:Creating a subscription form in Dream Weaver

Hey buddy I will help you out. HTML (as far as I know) can't send an email alone, unless you are doing some kind of newage HTML5 stuff with that action="formtoemail:" bit, I only know of doing it using PHP or something similar.

what you would do is make is something like action="somePhpSendMailFile.php"

and inside of that file you would send the mail with the mail() function

if you can't get it figured out let me know

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On the form that I have on my Access Database, I would like to add a field in the form so that I can do a search by ID # and hence pull up the information for the record matching this ID #.

I am somewhat familiar with Access. I would really appreciate any help that you could provide.




Answer:Creating a search field in MS Access Form

Doesn't the form wizard automatically give you the id field to type into? Are you saying you want a dropdown box instead of the regular field-type box?

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Hey folks!

I need help big time. I am in the eleventh hour of creating a really complex database for a buddy of mine and I am in need of a special task.

I need a form the user can use to create a whole NEW table with predefined fields.

For example:

The user needs to track a particular brand of item. So with this db they will have a whole table just for that brand of item. Lets assume the user has a new brand they need to add so they go to this form, they select a name for the table and then the user clicks a create button. Then a new table is created with fields that have been predefined by me. Then using another form the user can make changes to they new table.
What I need help with is how I can use a form to create the table.

I hope what I am asking was a little more clear than mud, lol.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Access 2007: Creating tables using a form...

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I'm creating an email form in Outlook 2007, and I'd like to create default "to:" and "cc:" values. However, when I'm looking at the Message tab under "Edit Compose Page", the "last, first" format is rejected when I type in an address. Likewise the [email protected] format. When I alternately go to the (All Fields) tab and try to edit the Field Properties for "To", the dialog box is grayed out.

I'm guessing I'm going about this the wrong way, and I'm hoping that this is something I'm able to do. Is there another way to do this?

Thanks a lot.

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I am creating a couple of access forms/databases for a client of mine and my issue is this:
On one of the forms my client needs to put in sale amount, license fees, delivery fees, taxes, minus any downpayment for car sales. I have the form and the database done except for the math function to do the computations. Is there any way to do this in access 03?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Answer:Help in creating an Access 03 form/database function

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I am creating a form for data input into an excel spreadsheet. The form just captures mail sent/received and the first text box is to be a unique number for every entry.

Is there anyway that I can code the text box so that it puts in a unique number everytime a new record is added?

I have attached my draft spreadsheet - it isn't finished yet as the next stage is to get excel to open automatically to the form.


Answer:creating autonumber in excel 2007 user form

In your UserForm_Initialize:

LastNumber = Application.Max(Sheets("MailRecords").Columns(1))
txtNumber = LastNumber + 1

Although ideally you should leave txtNumber off the form altogether. Just have Excel figure out new "Last Number" at the "Add Record" stage, thereby eliminating user "interference". IMO.

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I need to create a document that allows a user to enter text, and then save and print the document at the end. I'm aware the PDFs are frequently used for entering and printing text, but because of software limitations I've decided to attempt this using MS Word.

With a bit of googling I've managed to get Word to do everything I need, apart from one thing, and I'm drawing a blank with it on google. Largely because it's quite a complicated/specific task to try and search for.

Basically I've enabled the 'developer' tab in Word and used this to insert text boxes. Then I've used the 'review' tab to protect the document and allow the user to only fill in forms. What I want to do is to have the user's name appear on each page of the document, without them having to type it more than once.

The obvious way to achieve this would appear to be to insert a text box that they can edit in the header of the document. However, once the document has been protected they are unable to select any text boxes in the header in order to enter data.

So, I'm wondering is it possible to insert a value into the header of the document that would pull the the data that has been input into the 'name' textbox and display it in the header, so that it will appear on every page when the document has been printed. I guess that this is similar to the way in which the Page X of Y type command, although slightly more complex.

Does anyone... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Office - Creating a form that user cannot edit

would this possibly be done easier with a spreadsheet?

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I am really not sure where to go from here. I currently have a client table, a client activity table, insurance table, procedure table. They are mainly linked by the client ID. I have a main form for the client and each subform is associated with each clients data. Their activity, insurance, procedures. What I need to do is have the ability to select certain activity to invoice from for a client. I am not sure the best way to handle this. I can send in the database that I have created so far if someone can help lead me in the right direction. I am guessing I use update. I am usually better at this but my brain has been in a fog (not to get personal but I recently had a family tragedy) I just need a kick start on this. I would really love for someone to take a look and help me to move forward in the right direction.

Answer:Access - creating invoice table using a form with subforms

Do you still need help?

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hello all

I am having trouble with something that seems like it should be so simple! I need to recreate a form for my boss that she only has in hard copy. I am using a table and removing the borders so that everything is straight in the form that people will need to fill in. I need to put a place for people to write on, like a line, and each cell will need text then a line. I tried using the underscore but it comes out looking spotty, meaning there are spaces between each underscore.

there has to be a better way of doing this? I have never recieved any formal education with regards to word 2003, so all I know I've learned by trial & error but I can't seem to figure this one out.

I can't access photobucket or anything like that, so I can't add a screenshot. Basically it needs to look like this:


^ that was done with underscores but they don't show up nicely in word 2003.

thanks for your attention, all!


Answer:Solved: creating a line in a form in word 2003


This is a simple one if you are using tables to layout your form.... just add the border to the bottom of the cell where the text will be entered.

I have attached an example of this if that helps.....

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I need to create a button that will print a report for the data just entered into an Access Form. I was successfully able to create a button which will print the report but it prints it for all records. I just need it to print the record which was just entered. Each record does receive a unique identifier (key field). Thanks for any help..I feel like I'm just beating my head against the wall at this point.

Answer:Creating Print Button for single record in Access Form

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i am very new to access 2010. I need to create a database to manage the experts in our company. So for that i created 5 tables experts, expertise are divided into 3 more tables..... itype, industry and solutions and the 5th table contains the relationship between the expert table and the 3 different tables for expertise.... i

expert table fields:-ID, UserID, FirstName, LastName, Location, Department, PhoneNumber, Email, HeadCountArea,Role,Summary,Keywords, APJ,Americas,EMEA,Global,Date Modified

UserID field is the primary key for the experts table.....and the APJ,Americas,EMEA,Global are the check boxes.

Itype table fields:-

ID Level1 Level2

Industry table fields:-

ID Level1 Level2


ID Level1 Level2 Level3

ID is the primary key for all these 3 tables.

rltnship table fields:-

ID UserID Itype industry solution

i already created aform by which i am able to enter the data into the the tables and able to select these itypes industry and solutions.....

now i want to create a search page where i can serach with and keyword and can get the result of the matching words in the profiles....

and also be able to search using the itype,solution and industry.....but for all these 3 there are different levels.......for example while doning the search i want when i select the level1 in itype or solution i should get the information about all the xperts who selected the level one irrelevent of the level 2 they selected...but if they selected the level2 also i sho... Read more

Answer:creating a multiple dependent combo boxes search form

haritbhasin, welcome to the Forum.
I have discussed this topic on quite a few Threads on the Forum.
The last one is here
look at the latter part of the Thread.

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I have access database with corresponding fields and I want to create a search engine using checkbox,radio button, text box and combo box with one command button to run the search

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Hi Guys , wonder if you could help me , ive looked everywhere and cant seem to get any answers so thought id ask instead.

Im after creating a program in visual basic and i want different people to be able to login to access the forms im creating , im wanting to have the user names and passwords to be held in a .mdb database (for ease and accessability on my part) , im also wanting for certain users (admin) to have the ability to add users to the database .

If a normal user logs on then it opens form_normal but if an admin logs in then it opens form_admin

I hope some of you brainy people can help cus its driving me silly now lol

Thanks in advance

Answer:Creating a login form with Visual Basic with .mdb database connection

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I need a contact form on my website, that will send to my email address what the visitor enter in the form fields. The problem is that I can't run any php scripts.. is there a way to use some html form?

Answer:Help with contact form for my website

After searches, I found a site that offers remotely hosted contact forms, EmailMe Form™ - HTML Forms, a simple way to receive email from your website . Basically, I paste the html code in my website, and it calls the php script on their server who sends the email.

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Hi there

Just wondering if there are any experts out there on this.

I have a 'contact us' form on one of my webistes -

I had someone send me a message using this form, but they used a fake email when they filled it out.

This message I believe is from someone that is very close to crossing the line for stalking, but because they sent it through this form I cannot say for sure that it was them that sent it.

The message was very threatening - both in threatening to ruin my business as well as threatening bodily harm.

So I am trying to see if there is any way of being able to trace who sent the message through this form.

Is there anyone that has any knowledge on this that could help me with this please.


Answer:Can you trace who used a php form on a website?

I personally know of 2 ways to trace it , one i'm positive will work of the second not as much
1. a court order obtained from your local prosecutor
2. a hacker

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Hi All,I have a website form that has been created with Dreamweaver which includes a number of compulsory fields. These have all been validated and includes one which requires a number to be entered. With the exception of the number field all fields work OK and the form can be submitted successfully to an e-mail address.The problem I have is that the number field, which is set to a maximum of 4 digits, allows text to be entered as well as numbers. I can't find a way to prevent this. Can anyone help?CheersKenHow

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Hi, I was wondering how or where I can get a code to put an application on my website, and get it emailed to me. Thanks.


Answer:Hot to add a form/application to website

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HiTrying to avoid spamming, I want a form that visitors can complete with a free text box, their name etc and press submit to email me.Ive scoured the postings but still stuck - my site is created in DW MX and Im using easygen to make it dynamic.Is there a piece of PHP code or similar available for pasting in to my site?Cheers Steve

Answer:Email form on website

There are loads around.Heres one click herenot used it as I write my own!

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I need to find out how to set up an online query or enquirey form (i have this already made in html), then, the part i cant do - when the "send" button is pressed, the info that was entered into the form needs to be emailed to my adress, and not displayed onto the website. so if anyone knows how to do this it would be a great help.

I dont know much HTML and dont know any other coding although it doesnt have to be just html.


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I am trying to build a search form for my website. I only want it to search the pages that are within my site, not anything outside of it. Does anyone have a clue how to do this???


Answer:Search Form for Website

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Hi all,
This is probably one of the most stupid question if you are a real techie. I am not, so here goes. I would like to create a form (I am assuming it will be in PDF but if there is a better format please also let me know), that I will save on my desktop, where every time I click submit, the information is immediately sent to an existing Excel Spreadsheet on my desktop. The form will look something like this:
In other words, I do not want to manually open up my spreadsheet each time. Rather, I would like it to fill up automatically whenever I click submit on this form. Basically, I am trying to enter receipts as they come in but don't want to open up the continually bulging spreadsheet each time. I don't have a website so I cannot use the online submission option. Is it possible to achieve this locally on my desktop?
My OP is Windows 8.1 (and I HATE IT!!!). That last note was not important but I can't help mentioning it every time I say Windows 8...heh heh heheee....
Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Creating a PDF form that links directly to an Excel spreadsheet everytime its filled

Using Adobe won't be easy and you have two much easier options IMO. The first option is to create a Word document and embed form fields and other controls on the document itself along with a submit button. The button click event would trigger the macro code to get fired which would transfer the values.The other option is to create a custom form using the VBA form builder which is built into all MS Office applications. Both methods would require some basic macro coding but is not difficult at all. You just need to decide which method you want to use.

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I'm fairly new to Access, and I'm looking for a way to make a search form that has both text boxes and combo boxes associated with fields in my table, titled Tbl_DCR. I want to be able to select certain field values and have either a sub-form or the datasheet section of a split-form display any records that have that field value in them. So if I selected values from two different combo boxes, it would only display records that have both field values in them, and so on. I'm running Access 2007 on XP. Please help!

Answer:Solved: Creating a Multi-Criteria Search Form, Access 2007

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how can you make a website login for like the one on pca with the email address and the password....i no how to make the fields but am a bit confused on how u send it to what server/computer and howi want to make a website with a login screen can anyone point me in the rite direction?

Answer:How do you make a website login form

web design forum?johnny

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In sending an email to an [email protected] address we can insert an attachment, picture or text. Is it possible to put an attachment into a website contact form? There is no obvious provision for an attachment.

Answer:Put an attachment onto a website contact form

I'm sure you can do it. I am not entierly sure how to do it but use

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I am trying to put a simple order form on my website. I have the table with item name, price, quantity field set up in Excel but I am having problems making it functional in Frontpage. I can save the Excel file as an HTML but people who don't have Excel can only view and not interact with the table. The only other way it seems is to manually put each line into the form (but there are a lot of items). Is there a way to use Access and then couple it with Frontpage?
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Excel Order Form to Website

salenbailey said:

I am trying to put a simple order form on my website. I have the table with item name, price, quantity field set up in Excel but I am having problems making it functional in Frontpage. I can save the Excel file as an HTML but people who don't have Excel can only view and not interact with the table. The only other way it seems is to manually put each line into the form (but there are a lot of items). Is there a way to use Access and then couple it with Frontpage?
.Click to expand...

Hi and welcome to the forum...

Why not just use a simple HTML form ?
YOu already know that using Excel not everybody is going to be able to use your form. And as for the Access bit. I would say no. You can download many simple HTML forms from the net which are customisable..

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If you know about security in website and computer then tell me how to secure Website from Malware Attack. And what is the role of Google Webmaster in security purpose?

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I want to download qbasic from this website but I cant tell me how to do that and from where?

Answer:Where to dwonload qbasic form this website?

Did you try using google?, there's no way you're John Cena. He's smart enough to know how to do a web search. And he wouldn't be posting in the XP forum if he was running Vista.

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Having a fairly simple website for work containing a contact form, with the proliferation of mobiles and increasing views on our site, I've designed a simple contact form for mobile users and am asking for opinions on usability from other mobile devices, I've used my galaxy tab but don't have access to numerous other mobiles.
The form is here
the rest of the mobile site is this one
I am aware the reest of the site doesn't yet point to the reminder form , I want opinions before it goes live.

Answer:Mobile website Contact form

don't know what happened to the links there
links are

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So a couple days ago my desktop started acting weird, wouldn't respond to my key presses as much and then after about ten minutes of firefox use I could no longer click or type in forms (Such as the address bar) and I have to restart firefox. Now I see that the computer only goes to some sites but not many, not even google. I have to post this on my laptop it has gotten so bad. I have ran scanners that removed several items but still no good. Here is my log. Thanks for any help!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 7:48:44 PM, on 7/17/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.20733)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:E:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeE:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeE:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeE:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeE:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exeE:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exeE:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exeE:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeE:\WINDOWS&... Read more

Answer:Odd Form Problems And Website Issues

Hello kdin200x and welcome to BC. Let's see what we can find. Follow the steps below in order:Before running a new scan let's clean out the temporary folders. Download ATF Cleaner to your Desktop.Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Click Select All found at the bottom of the list.Click the Empty Selected button.If you use Firefox browser, do this also:Click Firefox at the top and choose Select All from the list.Click the Empty Selected button.NOTE : If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.If you use Opera browser, do this also:Click Opera at the top and choose Select All from the list.NOTE : If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.Close ALL Internet browsers (very important).Click the Empty Selected button.Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.Now download OTScanIt from here or here to your Desktop and double-click on it to extract the files. It will create a folder named OTScanIt on your desktop.Note: You must be logged on to the system with an account that has Administrator privileges to run this program.Close ALL OTHER PROGRAMS.Open the OTScanIt folder and double-click on OTScanIt.exe to start the program (if you are running on Vista then right-click the program and choose Run as Administrator).
In the Drivers section click on Non-Microsoft.Under Additional Scans click the checkboxes in front of the following items to select them:Reg - BotCheck
File - Additional Fold... Read more

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Im trying to submit a form without having to click things?

The form is something like;

HTML Code:
<table class="alertwarning" cellspacing="3" width="100%"> <tr> <td><label for="findLocationControl_tristateLocationControl_locationAmbiguous_SelectOptionDropDown" id="findLocationControl_tristateLocationControl_locationAmbiguous_labelPossibleLocations" class="txtseven">Select from possible options for <b>"ts254pd/"</b></label></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left"><select name="findLocationControl$tristateLocationControl$locationAmbiguous$SelectOptionDropDown" id="findLocationControl_tristateLocationControl_locationAmbiguous_SelectOptionDropDown" style="width:450px"> <option selected="selected" value="unrefined">---- Please select from the following options ----</option> <option value="0">1 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="1">2 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="2">3 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="3">4 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="4">5 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value=&... Read more

Answer:Does anyone know how to submit a form on aspx website?

Clicking is the way we normally initiate a process. Other ways are automatically at start-up or using Task Scheduler. How do you want to submit it? Also, what's the difference between a "form" and a "send form"?

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Hey there folks! I had an issue with clearing fields and that was resolved but the resolution presented another problem. A problem which I have been unsuccessful in resolving on my own.

I have tried about 3 different methods using command buttons and the VBE but nothing is working.

I need 2 buttons: One to clear all form fields and one to clear all form fields then close the form.

I know how to make a button to close a form but I am unable to make it clear the fields prior to closing. I have also been unsuccessful in creating a button to simply clear the form fields.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Answer:Solved: MS Access 2007: Creating a 'Clear All Form Fields' button that actually works

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I have never done this before so if anyone can help with some simple instructions I would be most grateful.
Do I first type all the info in a word document? If so, then how do I transfer the info into a website?
It is friends who need this and I would like to help them but I don't know how to do it as never done this before.
Do they have to pick a domain name/site to host first?
Any advice gratefully received.

Answer:Creating a website, never done this before

Click here for an answer I gave a short time ago. If you use the search facility, you'll find a lot more.

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I am looking into creating a website for my explore scout exp is about nill but i have got dreamweaver (MX 2004) and played about with thatnow this site doesn't need to be any great, but some things are neededas in there needs to be a unit members only area that needs a login to get to so i need to know how do this. This is about the one MUST. other things that would be great are download terms of media i can see a lot of pictures powerpoint presents and video wanting to go on there so i would need to know the best way to do this if any abouts got snysuggest of other programes that i could use that would help with any of this it would be must helpfulthanks I have created the same topic on another websitehere is the link to see what some other people have suggestedclick here

Answer:Creating my first website

click here for a lightweight tutorial about creating user membership facilities. You may prefer to make use of a framework, such as CodeIgniter (which I rate as the best, particularly for newbies). If anyone tells you to use .htaccess, it's best avoided.Regarding file downloads. That's trivial unless you intend to permit user uploads as well. Then it gets serious.

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Hi everyone,A friend of mine has asked my advice on creating his own websites, something I know little about but I said I would try and find him a starting point.He runs a small building company and wants to create a site for that. He is also a musician and wants another site for his band.Can anyone guide us in the right direction please.Ray

Answer:Creating a website?

Making flash objects can be very attractive or give a professional look.

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Question: Creating a Website


I have been considering creating my own website and have a few questions, since I am new to this.

-What is the best way to find a web host for my site (are there any sites that has reviews about the positives and negatives of individual web site hosts) ?

-When it comes to advertising on my website, how do I attract companies to advertise on my website and how can I figure out what to charge (by the click, size of the ad, or by any other means, and how do I decide what to charge compared to other websites in a related field).

- How can I scan my web page for any type of virus / spyware / hackers?

I am very new to this and would appreciate any help from anyone who has their own website or has knowledge in this field. If anyone could give me any suggestions or even a website that has information in detail for creating a website would be much help. Sorry for my English, it is not my first language but I am trying my hardest to learn.

Thank you!!

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What are the most important features I need to look at when choosing the hsoting site for a new and first website?

Answer:Creating first website

1. Uptime guarantees2. Control panel facilities - free software, cgi bin files, number of mySQL databases, mailboxes, mail forwarding, mail forwarding, FTP accounts, auto-responders, etc.3. Cost4. Bandwidth limitations on the package

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Answer:I Need Help Creating A Website

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I have been trying to figure out a way to create a FTP Website. I am wanting to make it so others can access my "Music" folder and listen to what is in there at will. Though, I do not want to grant them access to anything else. Simply listening/downloading my music.

I have had a friend help me who is good at these kinds of things, and he could not figure out why it wasn't working right. I have also tried to find a few websites regarding the subject, but they where either for Windows XP or the wrong version of Vista.

Basically, I am either looking for a website with a step-by-step tutorial of creating a working FTP site, or someone with the knowledge to help me.

If there is anything you need to know about my computer, please ask. I wasn't sure what was all needed information wise to gain your guys help.

Also, if this is in the wrong forum, I am sorry. I wasn't quite sure where to place this.
Thank you very much in advance,

Answer:Creating An FTP Website.

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ok, i have a website. i want to start adding cool stuff to it like music clips, pix, etc. but i dont want it available to just anyone. Anyone know how to Password Protect a website?? Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Creating a website. Need Help.

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Afternoon chaps,

A friend and I have just purchased a website and are currently in the process of attemtpting to set it up and create something we're not overly sure how to at the moment. On the face of it our idea is quite simple (without giving too much away for privacy reasons), we intend to take a bunch of videos each day, store them on a computer or somewhere, then somehow users will be able to access and edit these videos through the website. Ok, not entirely simple, but there must be a way it can be done so I thought you guys would be a good place to start.

The complicated bit comes when the videos taken will only remain on the computer for a certain amount of time (eg. 30 days), and all the uploading needs to be done automatically rather than manually. Finding this quite hard to explain without giving anything away! I'll try running you through the process from scatch. Say we take 3 videos every day and each lasts and hour. They're stored on my computer under a dated folder and, for storage reasons, there's only 30 folders (one for each day) so on the 31st day the first folder gets overwritten again and the videos in that folder get replaced (much like CCTV storage). Somehow these videos need to be linked to our website (obstacle 1). It is possible to upload them manually everyday, but we need this process to be automatic. Forget bandwidth and other costs for the moment we're just looking to see if it's at all possible before we go into... Read more

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Can anyone recommend a simple 'idiot-proof' place to start building my website?
I have got the domain name and the site is live. I have heard Wordpress is easy, but after looking at it, I am not sure!
I just want to put a few photos on it and some blogs of everyday life. I would like to have some cartoon characters on it as my child is going to feature on it too (is this flash?).
I do not know html or anything complicated.
Any advice or links would be appreciated.

Answer:Creating a website?

Start with wordpress. Its very simple, yet has lots of customization, you should be very happy with it.

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Ok so I've decided to creat a website...I already have a small one using a free hosting (yahoo) and domain ( website is want to start building on that. With that in mind, does anyone know of a good (and cheap) host and domain? I'm thinking about using as a host and going through for my domain--total price of this is 65.00 a year...thanks for any advice!

Answer:Creating a website???

Personally, I use

I've had only two problems of thier making - one being a small hack that allowed another user on the server to host files on my domain (nothing major - just annoying and was resolved almost as soon as I told them about it), the other was a DNS error at their end, which was reset within an hour of telling them and was then just a case of waiting for the DNS to propagate.

Both were resolved very quickly using their online ticketing system, and I've found their basic package to be quite generous for the price.

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Question: Creating a website

I am thinking of creating a website as a project for the next year. Does anyone know a good idiots guide to do this with step-by-step instructions maybe even with videos like some sites have. The easiest the better!!Thanks

Answer:Creating a website

you need in the WebDesign forum - I'll move your thread there now.

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I am thinking of creating a website as a project for the next year. Does anyone know a good idiots guide to do this with step-by-step instructions maybe even with videos like some sites have. The easiest the better!! Thanks

Answer:Help creating a website

have a look at click here

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I would appreciate it very much if someone could recommend a program to me that will send a fax automatically after someone fills out a form/makes selections on my site.

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Hi all.

I am using WebEasy Professional 6 to design my website. I have inserted a form on my 'contact us' where clients can submit comments, however these comments display in html format when I view it in my inbox (Microsoft Outlook). Does anyone have any suggestions to correct this? Thanks!

Answer:Form on website displaying comments in html

Greetings, BexBomb.

Sounds like you've got something missing, most likely a bracket. Look for code similar to this:

<form>yada yada</form

Notice the missing > after the second "form".

If you can't find the culprit, post the address and I'll take a look at it, or you can validate the page at which should show any HTML mistakes on the page.

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