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Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

Question: Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

I have a dell laptop, D620. When i first put it on the screen was loading funny. as i move the mouse over it a square at time would come in...then when i tried to boot it again. it said new user.. then it just woulnt boot got read error hit control alt delete...i called Dell they said hold fn key and hold start but it went into diagnostic mode. in a few minutes they said HARD DRIVE must be replaced.

My problem is now... that to recover the data companies want from $500 to 25oo to recover the data... is there any program or thing i can do to try to get my files back?

Marv Alpert
[email protected]

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Preferred Solution: Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

Hi malpert and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

As a laptop only has the ability to support 1 harddrive your option is to remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to a desktop PC using a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor and try to read the files on it, however I would download the test tools from the makers website and run a thorough test on the drive to ensure readability of the drive.

Remember though if the drive has failed mechanically then any data may be lost and you will need to use one of the professional data recovery services such as "ontrack data recovery" to get it back.

Backup, backup and backup is the mantra when it comes to important data...

Dont put your mailing address on a forum like this by the way you will end up getting spammed to hell.

As a newbie to the site would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.


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I'm sorry, this might be a long story. Basically, I need a list of all the possible causes for a computer not reading a hard drive on boot up. It's hooked up properly, and it was reading that it was there before.

About a year ago, my PC started acting suspicious. I moved across the country with it. It took a while to get here. I plugged it in, and it wouldn't read the hard drive. I assumed the drive had failed. I didn't have any money to replace it, so I had to wait until Christmas to get a new drive. But I also couldn't afford to buy a system disk. I had to wait until today to get one.

Now I have the disk. I disconnected the extraneous drive, checked the connections on the new drive, and booted up the computer with the system disk in place. It started installing, but then the install program said that there was no drive. I rebooted, and pressed F8. The BIOS program-a-ma-bob said the drive was there. It listed the serial number and everything, on Channel 0. It said Channel 1 had no drive. Not a surprise, since there is no Channel 1. I only have my new drive hooked up.

I called my brother, who used to work in a computer store. We figured out that I had the cable hooked up to the wrong SATA input on the mother board. (Oddly, I'm pretty sure that I was running my old slave drive off that connection just fine.) I hooked it up to the one marked PRI SATA. I booted the computer up again, and it no longer had the BIOS error and appeared to be booting up just great.

The... Read more

Answer:Computer Won't Read Hard Drive on Boot-up.

As for the drive not being recognized now, you either don't have the power plug plugged in or the CMOS battery is not plugged in properly. Check you power connections and reset the battery. The computer looks to the Prim SATA channel first to boot off of, so you must have the SATA cable plugged in. You may need to look for a setting under Drives or SATA or something in the Bios that is set for Legacy or IDE not AHCI. Once that is set, the install disc should recognize the drive. If not then you will have to slipstream your SATA drivers for your motherboard into your XP Disc using nLite.

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I push on button - briefly see the In Touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA screen - then '+a disk read error has occurred Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart+".

I control alt delete takes me briefly back to TOSHIBA screen where I can choose either F2 or F12.

Do I need a boot disk and where can I get one from so as to boot it from the CD ROM?
Do I try and enter the Satellite M40 Product Recovery DVD-ROM - this worry's me as the hard disk will be reformatted and all data will be lost.

I am stuck please help!!

Answer:Satellite M40 does not boot from hard disk drive - read error


If you enter the Product Recovery disk, Windows will be reinstalled and all data on the HDD will be erasing.

I think your HDD is damaged. You can check this with the Drive Fitness Test. Here you can download it:
Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can test the HDD.
On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.

By the way: You can save the data on the HDD, when you put in an external HDD case. Then you can save the data on an other PC if the HDD is ok and do not have errors.


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I have a two year old HP Pavillion (now a year out of waranty) that crashed and now returns "disk read error press ctl+alt+del to restart" when attempting to boot. Using the diagnostic tools avialable under F2, I get the following failure: Hard Drive Short DST Check: FailedFailure ID: GLL3S1-76684P-MFPV7G-60RA03Product ID: E9Z18AV Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what this particular failure ID code means?  Thank you.

Answer:Disk Read Error on boot, Hard Drive Short DST Check fails

 The hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced.  A retail laptop SATA hard drive can be used-Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba,etc. Just be sure to get one of at least equal capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Media to install Windows. It can be larger, but not smaller capacity.For instance if you have a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB hdd but not a 320GB hdd. Your model is not one of the easiest to replace hdd on but the Maintenance & Service Guide will help you or your chosen repair shop.

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Well it has been a fun couple of days!

Trying to restore a mistake on my Windows 7 ultimate x64 hard drive that Ubuntu started to overwrite.

So far I have
1. Backed-up / Copied all my files so whatever is done to this HD is ok.
2. Restored the partitions
3. Tried FixMBR / FixBoot / Chkdsk / Rebuildbcd

In the recovery console it sees my OS just fine

But when I boot my Dell XPS desktop after post it says 'Disk Read Error' press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

I don't think it has anything to do with the bios - I've put the hard drive in another dell and it did the same thing (tried different Sata cables too).

I think there is a peice I'm missing somewhere with these partitions (see attached). I currently have my non-booting drive in another dell and you can see it as Disk 1 in the screen shot.

Any suggestions for getting this thing back to booting? I can access all the files from it fine when I have on this computer (as the 2nd hdd) which leads me to believe there is just a boot issue somewhere.

Can I repair install Windows 7 on this hd even though it is the 2nd hard drive on the computer?

I'm trying to avoiding a wipe and reinstalling all the programs so I'm hoping I can somehow fix this last peice.

Your help is greatly appreciated - thank you!

Answer:Disk Read Error - Boot Issue...Repair Install on 2nd Hard Drive?

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.
Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.

1) Use the Rebuild BCD in this tutorial:
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

2) Fix MBR.

3) Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop, spec. is i7-2640 processor, 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive. The problem is that it often freezes and when restarted it suggests no hard drive, "No boot device found". If I go into the BIOS there is no hard drive, if I boot into the diagnostics screen (F12) and run thr tests on the hard drive it comes up as passed, if I then restart the laptop it will boot into windows 7 Ultimate.
Evertime it freezes it won't boot after a restart unless I run diagnostics then it will start OK.
My thoughts are that it is hard drive, although all tests I have carried out on it suggest its OK, one of the times it booted into windows I ran the Seagate seatools and it was fine.
Anyone any suggestions as to the cause?

Answer:Laptop hard drive issue -- no boot device found/disk read error

Sorry, message at start is "A disk read error occurred", not sure if that makes any difference to your thoughts.
I reformatted and reloaded the software to see if that made any difference but the problem still persists.

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hey, my computer generally reads disks, music cd's, dvd's, and games (new like sims 3, and old like theme hospital and shogun total war)

ive just got anno 2070 and put in the disk, but its not recognizing it at all, when i first put the disk in, it whirs, as it knows there is a disk there, and a disk icon appears next to the cursor, but then nothing, no disk appears in My computer, and when i click on the drive it asks me to insert a disk, i have tested the disk on a different computer running vista, anno 2070 runs perfectly, and also says it does run on windows 7, i have also tested other disks since putting the game into the windows 7 computer, which work fine, and checked whether the disk can be read in a virtual machine (windows xp in this case), which it cant as i expected, i have run the Microsoft disk checker and all it said was that the disk was unreadable, but the vista computer proves it is readable.

any tips on what to do next? i really want to get playing this

Answer:dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer

I would think that your optical drive and that particular brand DVD media don't go together well. ( I have an Imation DVD+R DL that my Samsung drive only reads at times but not most of the time. On four other drives - a Sony, a Liteon, an Asus and a Plextor - the media is recognised and accessible without any problems. The Samsung drive is clean, has the latest firmware, can read and write other DVD media. So where am I? )

You may just try cleaning the lense with a Lense Cleaner CD. If it does not help, try burning anno 2070 to another known-to-be-good brand media at a lower speed.

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Hello All,

I am working on a friends hard drive that crashed over the weekend. When I attempt to boot the computer, I get an error stating "A disk read error occurred" and I can't boot to Windows XP.

I booted from the XP install disk, changed the Administrator password so I could access the C: drive and ran FIXBOOT and FIXMBR but I am still getting the same error. This is a INET brand Laptop that came with Windows XP Pro for system builders.

Any suggestions as to how I can go about fixing the Windows Installation? It appears as if my friend was removing spyware when this happened. Thanks for the help.


Answer:Hard Drive Read Error

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I've got a WD 80 gig drive. Over the last week I've been trying to get rid of some malware off my computer. I've been running scans, and rebooting frequently. The computer froze up a couple of times during the last week too which I blamed on the malware. Well yesterday during a reboot I got the message saying "could not load os". I plugged the drive into my laptop using a usb connection and it didn't recognize it. Checked windows disk management and it wasn't there either. I then put it back in the desktop, ran testdisk and all I got was read errors. I let it finish reading the entire drive and it didn't read a thing.

Now I've tried the freezer thing for 4 hours and it still wasn't recognized via usb on my laptop. I assume now I need to send it to a data recovery/hard drive repair shop.

Can anyone recommend a place that doesn't cost a arm or leg or my truck? I found one called Gillware but want to know if there are any others comparable to this company.

Thanks for your help.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 runs on Windows vista.  I recently had an unrecoverable error.  Dell sent me a new drive.  I've seen in the other blogs where you can hook the bad drive up to a slave on another computer to retrieve the data.  What I wanted to know, is it okay to install the bad drive as the slave drive in my laptop along with the new drive in order to retrieve the data?

Answer:Hard drive read error.

YesTo be safe i would run all tour malware scans before retrieving/using any data from it.

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I have a hard drive problem that is driving me insane. I currently have a Western Digital 200GB drive model WD2000JB manufactured July 2004. It was not being used as an OS drive, just data storage. One day I got the infamous blue screen of death while running the drive on Windows XP Pro with service pack 2. When I restarted I got a generic "third device slave error." Bios recognizes the drive but says there is an error, that is good at least. I get into windows, My Computer does not recognize the device niether does disk management in administrative options. Anyway I tried numerous recovery softwares. WD recovery software could read the drive but tell me nothing specific. The best feedback I got was using Runtime's Get Data Back (full version 2.25) for NTFS. The program tried to scan the drive and gave me a nice "sector cannot be read" error. I clicked ignore and EVERY sector has a read error, all 390 million of them. In fact it took all weekend just to scan 26% of the drive and then I gave up. The results Get Data Back gave me after analyzing the drive was it could not read ANY sectors on the drive.

I have attached an image of what Get Data Back was saying

Anyway I could go on and on but here is a list of what I have tried:

- Tried as Single, Master, Slave, and Cable Select drive in three PCs
- Tried in an external enclosure as USB2 and Firewire
- Ran Western Digital recovery
- Ran Get Data Back NTFS
- Ran Runtime Software's DiskExplorer
- I ... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive read error

Almost sounds to me like it's head-crashed. You're getting the correct drive geometry as this is stored in the firmware. The only way to get the data back that I can think of, given what you've already tried, is to take the drive to a data recovery centre with a clean room. The drive is almost certainly still under warranty, so I would suggest cutting your losses and sending it back for a replacement.

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I was attempting to add an additional ethernet card to my pc when the trouble started. After inserting the card, the computer would no longer boot. No video, no processing, nothing, the only thing that happened is that it would loudly beep. I eventually removed the card, reset the bios and was able to boot up. I changed all my bios setting back to what they should be, including finding my two hard drives. No problem, then when booting up it said "Boot disk failure, please enter system disk then press enter" I did so and after booting up my slave drive was now my "c" and I could not find my master. I eventually removed the slave and tried again, this time after going through the whole boot I got a screen which said there was something wrong with the hard drive. To either run fdisk to partition it, or run a virus scan to see if it is infected. I tried fdisk, but it beeped "error reading stationary drive". I don't have a virus scan except for the one on my hard drive, but I'm sure it's not that. Any suggestion on what to do and how to get it working again?
System information:
AMD-K6 processor
64mb ram
6GB Master Hard Drive
3Com Ethernet Card(original)
Soho Ethernet Card(attempted add on)

Answer:Computer can't read from hard drive

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Well im having a pretty annoying problem. I have two hard drives, a recently bought 200gig and a 100gig. I formated and installed windows on the 200 gig, everything was fine. I plugged the 100gig hd in so i can transfer files and all of that to my 200gig hd. That was fine. Then i wanted to change the drive letter of the 100 gig from drive F to drive D. It worked, everything was fine. I decided to restart my computer, and that is where the problems arose. Now whenever i turn my comp on and it goes to the screen where it is detecting IDE drives (primary master and slave drives and all that) it doesnt show the 200gig as there. If i have the 100gig HD plugged in as well, doesnt matter if it is as master or slave drive, the screen freezes on the IDE detection screen.
I can load my 100gig hd (it has winxp home installed) as long as my 200gig isnt plugged in.

I have tried various methods, having the 200gig plugged in by itself, and changing the jumper to master, slave and cable select, still the drive isnt recognized and it just changes screens and says something to the affect of Disk Failure please enter boot disk, or something like that.

I have tried a lot of things, but the 200gig HD just will not be recognized, so i cannot format it or anything because the comp doesnt see it. I have tried having both HD's plugged in, and changing around the options for master and slave drive, but the 200gig isnt being detected.

The 200gig has xp pro installed.

I hope i gave eno... Read more

Answer:Computer will not read Hard Drive, please help!!!

Have you checked the BIOS settings? Are these IDE or SATA drives? Do you have CD or DVD or zip drives attached?

Be sure both Primary and secondary IDE "channels" are on. You may be able to auto detect the hard drive from the BIOS.

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We have a problem with a X61 laptop due to water in the keyboard in which the track point mouse seems to take over the system opening windows at random and starting programs on its own. I googled this behavior and others have seen the same thing after a keyboard spill. I isolated the problem to the track point mouse and the way we get around it is after windows is up and running, take the keyboard off completely by pulling the ribbon cable, wait a few seconds and then reattach. The end result of this is that it disables the track point mouse and the system operates just fine after this point. I ordered a new keyboard that should arrive in 1-2 days and this should fix the problem. I hear some of you saying that why not just go in and uninstall or disable without pulling off the keyboard. Well the answer is that you cannot do anything because the mouse has taken over the system. It is almost as if there is a back door program in the system that just takes over. I have had viruses on my system that were not as bad as this behavior. Anyway the real purpose for this post has to do with hard drive passwords. We happened to have a T60 without a hard drive that one of the employees had as a demo system (thus the reason why no hard drive in it). So we said great, move the SATA hard drive into the T60 until the new keyboard that we ordered to fix the other problem arrives. Yes SATA drives same in both X60 and T60 platforms.  The hard drive from the x61 has a HD... Read more

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i just installed a new motherboard because the usb ports on my last one died, for some reason my computer can't boot from the hard drive. if i put in a bootable disk and don't press any buttons to boot from the disk, then it will load windows and it works fine. any suggestions, i've already made my hard drive my second boot option in bios just below the cdrom.

Answer:Solved: Doesn't Read Hard Drive as Boot Option

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Today when I started up my computer it would not start up.

It will always give the error. DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. I open the bios and it reads neither my SATA 500GB seagate hard drive or my IDE DVD Drive. I'm pretty sure my hard drive is not dead because the computer was custom built about 6 months ago and the harddrive is pretty new.

The only thing that was done before the computer stopped working was my friend tried to put in his external hard drive (no idea what kind) and it wouldn't install via plug n play so we gave up. Could his external really have messed my bios and/or hard drive up?

Main thing I did to try and fix this was remove the CMOS battery to reset the bios but that didnt help either.
Specs for my computer are.

Core Duo Processor 2.66GHz, 6AMB L2 Cache, 1333 MHz

4gb of ram

Gigabyte GA-EG31M-S2 Motherboard.
PLZ help

Answer:Bios won't read Hard Drive. DISK BOOT FAILURE.

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i first want to start off by saying hi to everyone =) i am new to this forum so hopefully someone can help me with my problem

ok so my friend gave me a stick of 256 ram. being that i was in a computer vocational i know that i have to put the 256 in slot 1 and my 2 other 512 sticks in 2 and 3.well i did that and at the same time i tried to put in a 75 gb hard drive (upgraded from a 13gb and also have a 160gb permanantly installed) anyways i installed everything and made sure everything was pluged in correctly and i turned on my computer. i get to a blue screen that looks like it says FIC i think.after that it tells me my processor memory and the drives that are on my computer. well the drives look something like this

IDE channel 0 master : none
IDE channel 0 slave : none
IDE channel 1 master : none
IDE channel 1 slave : none

IDE channel 2 master : none
IDE channel 3 master : none
i dont know what to do everything was working fine before i tried to put in the hard drive. my system is as follows,

windows xp,amd athlon 64 2800+,ati radeon 9550,1 gig ram +256,160gb + 13gb installed hdd (want the 75 but says a ntldr missing) dvd r+rw burner and cd burner
all i want is my 13 and 160 gb hard drive to work again any help is GREATLY appreciated thanks

Answer:computer wont read EITHER hard drive

To begin with - take the new parts out and configure the computer like it used to be before the upgrading. Check all the connections - especially inside the computer. Make sure everything's working in Windows.

Then - as a rule of thumb (at least my thumb ) - you can start putting new parts in ONE BY ONE checking that the computer works before you put the next part in.

I'm not sure whether your new parts are compatible with your computer or not - but'll look into it.


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Hi everyone!

Im trying to fix a computer for a friend, the computer was all unplugged and moved upstairs but when they came to turn it on at the wall the computer starts straight away, the usb devices connected power up and you can hear the hard drive starts to read but it keeps reading and then stopping every second and the light on the front keeps flicking on and off. then the cpu fan starts but nothing else happens, the computer doesnt boot and the power switch doesnt do do anything either. The computer is a emachines desktop about 5 years old. i need any advice as soon as possible!

Thanks so much in advance,


Answer:computer dead, hard drive read but thats all!

Make all the connections are correct that were unplugged before the move.

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So i build a newcomputer yesterday.
I decided to use my old SATA hard drive from my computer, it has my OS, and other files on it.
I get everything put in, but when i start the computer it says "no hard disk is detected".

I enter the bios menu, and i notice it recognizes that it is in there, as well as my disk drive.

How come it wont let me load my hard drive, and it doesnt detect it when i start it up.. but BIOS sees that its there?
How do i fix it?

Answer:Computer wont read my hard drive

Check the HD Drive cables.

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My computer was in the process of crashing so I had to start it up in safe mode to get anywhere on it. I went to all of my personal files and copy and pasted them onto my external hard drive. I checked the external to ensure all the information was there before I reformatted my hard drive and ran the recovery disk. Now that my computer is back up and running I can't acess my external anymore. It shows up but when I click on it the computer wants to format it. The only difference I have noticed is that before the format the external was named (D and now is (G. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I've dismantled an old PC and taken out the 500gb SATA HDD and fitted it into a Smart Drive enclosure to use it as a back up for my laptop.Everything is connected and powers up and the laptop identifies the external drive as a mass storage USB device and loads a driver. I can see the device shown in Devices and Printers. However, the laptop cannot see any of the files which are currently on the disk and which I want to transfer to the laptop,it shows the volumes as empty. I've tried a driver update but that's not the problem. I'd be grateful for any thoughts

Answer:Computer won't read external hard drive

Can you see the device in "computer".As it's a laptop, one thought is that the USB port may not be able to supply sufficient power, although if the device is recognised i wouldn't have thought that to be an issue. Just mentioned that because a new portable HDD I have has a "spare" USB plug on it's lead to double up using two ports if needed.

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All of the sudden, my T43 isn't working.  It worked fine this morning (but it's been slow, I've had it for three years and put a lot of stuff on it, if that's relevant).  This evening, I pressed the Power button.  The screen stayed black.  The lights on the  "dashboard" per se lit up, except the disk-reading one, and then all of them except the power indicator went off.  No disk-reading button (it's not reading the hard drive then, right?).  It's like the computer is running, but not doing anything.  Or the fan is moving, and nothing else is:  No screen, I can't even put it to sleep, etc.   When I do a force shut-down, it turns off almost as soon as I click the power button (which leads me to believe nothing is working). As you can see by my inability to name things correctly, I am no computer expert, at least in solving hardware problems.  What could be the cause?  I assume there's a problem with the hard drive.  Is it totally kaput?  The computer clearly isn't reading the hard drive, so is it the hard drive or the computer? Thanks.Message Edited by Aegor on 09-12-2008 07:51 PMMessage Edited by Aegor on 09-12-2008 07:55 PMMessage Edited by Aegor on 09-12-2008 08:22 PM


Go to Solution.

Answer:My computer won't read the hard drive when it starts up...

Welcome to the forum! Remove the hard disk drive, and try booting without it, to see whether you'll get the LCD to light up. What is the 7-character model number of your T43? It should be something like 26xx-xxx or 187x-xxx, it's located on a sticker at the bottom side of the machine, along with serial number and production date... Good luck and let us know. 

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I recently purchased an external hard drive for my computer and when i plug it in absolutley nothing happens. It is not showing up anywhere on my computer. I have read all kinds of troubleshooting pages and tried every suggestion!

It is not in My Computer, under Device Management, under Disk Management, does not show up under safely remove hardware, and I am out of ideas!!

My OS is windows XP and supposedly there are no driver updates required for the use of my hard drive with this OS. If anyone knows of anything I might not have tried to resolve this problem I would really appreciate some suggestions!!!

Thank you very much!!!!

Answer:Computer will not read usb 2.0 external hard drive

Does the external drive have an AC adapter or is is supposed to be powered through USB only? If it is the latter, can you actually hear the drive spin up and do the lights come on?

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I have a WD My Book external hard drive, and my computer suddenly isn't reading it. The drive shows up under devices, in disk management, and remove device option, but it doesn't show up in My Computer. I can't access it. When I go to disk management it said not initialized. I try to initialize it and I get an error message saying drive isn't large enough for GPT. The drive is 2 TB. I tried recovery software, but they don't even pick up the device. I tried different USB slots as well, and another computer but it didn't show up on other computer either. The problem happened after I disconnected and connected to the other computer. I need some help fixing this problem, because I have alot of stuff on the drive! Also in cmd it stated fatal drive error when I try to do something with the drive. Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:Computer won't read external hard drive

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Good day to you all-
Ive been using an external 1TB hard drive for the past year and a halff and its been working perfectly. Never been dropped, hit; no damage whatsoever. This past Saturday I unhooked it from my computer to wipe away a lil dust that was starting to gather on it. I hooked back into my computer an dnow my computer doesnt read it when booting up. Usual when i turn my computer on (Id have to turn my hard drive on first), at boot-up Id have to hit the F1 key and then my computer would just run as normal but now when i turn my computer on it doesnt read the hard drive. The hard drive still works cause when I turn the power on, the LED indictaor lights up and when I turn the fan on inside it, it works as well. At boot-up, when I turn my hard drive on then my computer on, I get the message after hitting F1, "F1 No device to continue, press F2 for Setup Utility" ... any suggestions?? Since the hard drive still works, is it possible for me to have all of my work transferred off of here onto a separate hard drive?? PLEASE help, there is a LOOOT of work on here I need off of here.

Answer:1 tb external hard drive not being read by computer

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I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. My Hard Drive can't be read by the computer but I can eject it.
I tried to use the Disk Management method but no luck.
Please bear with me... This is the first time that's happened to my hard drive so i don't know what kind of info's to say in this forum. Do you have any solution on how to fix it?

Sorry if someone already has a post about this. I may have overlooked it.

Answer:My computer and other computers can't read the hard drive.

Looks like it's not initialized correctly, or perhaps formatted with a non-Windows file system?

How large is it? It's a WD MyPassport external USB drive? If it's larger than 2TB it must be formatted with GPT. Else it should be formatted with MBR.

I'd suggest you download/install Partition Wizard. Also download/burn the PW standalone bootable CD ISO so that you can boot from it.

First, try the just-installed Windows version of the program (instead of using Disk Management), and see what PW thinks of your external drive if anything. Post a screenshot here if it's informative.

Then, try the PW standalone boot CD and again, does it see the external drive at all? If so, can you create a partition on it (to NTFS) and re-format it using PW? You right-click on the drive (if it's visible) and then select "create partition" from the popup menu, etc,

Just ideas...

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I have a H520S desktop that is having an error 1962 Cannot read hard drive issue. Pressing enter key just repeats message.
Searching the internet seems to bring up an issue with cables.  I reseated several of the cables but get same error.  
How can I determine if its really an issue with the hd or just a cabling issue?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Answer:H520S - 1962 Cannot read hard drive error

hi BruceCSnow,
Welcome to the Forums.
Can you try the following:
1. (If applicable), unplug all external peripherals connected to the machine (e.g., flashdrives, external drives, etc.)
2. Boot into the BIOS by pressing F1 on startup an check if the HDD is detected.
   - Link to picture
If the HDD is detected, hit F9 to load setup defaults then hit F10 to save and exit and observe.
If the HDD is not detected then you may need to consider trying out the HDD on a different machine to verify any cabling or SATA port issue on the motherboard.
3. If the machine is preloaded with Win8 and you downgrade to Win7, ensure that the options below are set in the BIOS:
Secure Boot is Disabled
Boot Mode is set to CSM / Legacy
OS Optimized Defaults = Other OS

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I had an old master HDD which started to click, which meant that it was faulty, so I replaced it with a new one.I installed Win7 64bit on a new 500gb WD HDD. Worked fine once, then it started giving me the 'BOOTMGR IS MISSING' error so I had to install Windows again.I did this today and things were working fine, I was installing programmes, rebooting etc, and then all of a sudden on one reboot after having installed Microsoft Office, nothing drastic, BIOS gave me the 'Disk read error occurred' message.I tried reseating the cables, this did nothing.I ran Win7 repair - this found one problem and apparently fixed it (something to do with the boot configuration being corrupt), but then on boot it gave me an error that I can't remember now but I remember the code 0x00000000 (not sure how many zeros). Thereafter it was just not being detected in bootup at all, under IDE drives. When trying the Win7 repair again, it couldn't even find an OS to repair. The HDD is spinning, I can feel it vibrating - but not being seen at all in BIOS wherever I put it; I tried the hard disk in another position on the motherboard by taking it out from inside the PC and slotting it into a caddy drive on another IDE slot. This made no difference.I tried connecting my old dodgy clicking HDD where the new HDD was originally seated - this booted up fine (using this HDD now to make this post, although it is clicking of course).Any advice on what to try next would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

Answer:New hard drive - disk read error/not detected

It sounds like bad HDD, even though it's new. If it's not too late, you might try returning it to where you bought it. When you tried the caddy drive on another IDE slot, does anything show up at all in the BIOS ? Another thing?do you have the jumpers set correctly on the HDD ? You probably do since you did get it to boot Windows, but I thought it was worth asking anyway. Finally, what size was the old HDD ?

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I have a new hard drive (computer actually) and have worked through multiple problems.
Now I have got it to the point where I can install ubuntu.

The problem is I cannot install XP which is what I really want.

I go through the first round of installation instructions. It starts to reboot. I take the disk out and then I get a disk read error message.
It also says I can click CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

I've tried multiple times and this is what I always get when I remove the disk. I reformatted the drive after installing ubuntu so XP should see a new drive right?

Do I need to do something like partition the drive before installing XP to avoid this error?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Installing XP to new hard drive disk read error

You should be leaving the disk in but letting it start from the HD.

So insert XP disk, press any key to start from CDROM. When it restarts the first time leave the disk in but do not press any keys. Do the same the second reboot.

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When I boot up my computer, I get the message:

A disk read error has occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

Even when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, I just get the same message after it restarts. I cannot boot into safe mode - when I press the safe mode key (F8) it just brings me to a boot selection. If I select my hard drive to boot from, I get the disk read error again.

I have already tried unplugging and replugging the cables on the drive.

My drive is a Seagate 160 GB IDE (2.5 years old). It has also been making a clicking sound (that I think was the hard drive) for the past couple weeks.

Is my hard drive completely dead? There isn't anything really important on the hdd since I just reformatted, and its still under warranty.

ETA: The computer is recognizing the hard drive in the BIOS.

Answer:Disk Read Error - Hard drive dead?

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Installed new hard drive, formatted drive with XP Home disk, installed XP files, but at first reboot I get a disk read error, and can't seem to get past it.  Do I need to reformat with a smaller boot drive partition to get this to work? If so, how do I go about that?

Answer:Thinkpad 570 new 320 GB hard drive - disk read error

Welcome to the forum!It's been a long time since I've owned a 570 of any kind, but I believe that there's a BIOS limit somewhere past 130GB.My bet would be to cut the hard drive into three partitions (100+100+120) and take it from there. A retail XP disk should be able to do this for you.Good luck and keep us posted.

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Basically what is said above. this is what has happened so far...
When i first plugged the usb device in, it began to load the "Add New Hardware" driver screen. i ran through that assuming there was a driver to install, after finding there was none, i hit cancel on the add new hardware. Unfortunately, it hasn't showed up on my computer since. I have plugged the device into both of my friends computers, one running vista, the other XP and they both picked it up easily. I have looked under device manager as well and it doesn't read it. I have tried restarting, unplugging...and all that.

does anybody have any advice?

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Hello,I need a bit of help here...I just changed the hard drive in my Toshiba Satellite laptop (Vista 32 bit), and added more RAM while I was at it... but in "cloning" the new drive, we named it L: instead of C: (can't have two C: drives - or at least that was our logic). Now the computer can't seem to locate the hard drive because it is named L:I hope that made sense and I REALLY hope someone can help me!Thanks!!!Lainey

Answer:changed hard drive but computer won't read because it was named L: instead of C:

Do you still have the old drive?From your post is seems you used  the wrong method to 'clone' your drive.Here is a post I made some time back. a laptop you want to find a drive very close the the one you have.  Trying to clone a small drive, like 160 GB, to a huge 2 TB drive might not work.  For some laptops the upper limit might be about 500 GB. I don't know about your Toshiba.Anyway, when making a clone you never name it anything. As a clone, it must be virtually the same as the original.  Possibly the same exact size. It must have at least one active primary partition.You may enjoy this post:Small hard drive cloningHope that is helpful. 

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Dear TSG,
I certainly hope you can help me. My computer crashed right before going on vacation and I'm now back to deal with it. On 6/24, I did a simple reboot because one of my all-in-one printers that I use for faxing was offline. (I have an older HP Officejet and a Lexmark x7350). Upon reboot, while going through the BIOS checks, the system halted and displayed "A disk read error occurred......Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". This is as far as it gets. I tossed in my Norton Save and Restore to see if I could fix the problem. Unfortunately, my last recovery point is several months ago and I don't really want to lose any data so I have not done a recovery through this method. I did do a complete system scan for viruses, etc. and also a complete checkdisk with automatic correction of errors. Both of these processed without finding anything wrong. I can read the hard drive and all of my files by using a utility function on the Norton Save & Restore disk. I did this and found that there were changes to my system the day before involving a file (amongst others) called LXCICATS. At the same time this file was added, I also noted a simultaneous update to my rundll32.exe file. When I did a search of the internet on this file name, I came up with your site and a starting point to remedy the problem using Hijack This. Unfortunately, I can't even start my system to load this application. Is there any other way (perhaps using a CD) to run this application w... Read more

Answer:Computer Crashed on Reboot - Cannot Read Hard Drive - HELP PLEASE

Do you have the XP CD? If so, boot from it, press "R" for "Repair", and log into the Recovery Console. There, run chkdsk /p on your drive.

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I've never had any problems with my external hard drive. It's actually an internal with an enclosure, but I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

Anyway, something strange happened a while ago. I went in to my external drive and see that everything is missing, and the only thing remaining is one folder (out of the hundreds that I had), with no files inside. I went to my computer to check if the data was still there and it read that there was space being used. The same amount it would have been if I had left it there.

I thought maybe it was a bad connection, so I unplugged and plugged the USB cable again. When I did that, the external didn't show up on My Computer anymore. It still makes all the sounds of a hardware being plugged in, and it shows up on the Device Manager (which says that everything is working fine). The same thing happens when I plug it in to my laptop.

Hopefully it's just a bad enclosure and I haven't lost everything inside, but does anyone know any solutions?

Answer:Computer wont read External Hard Drive

First off, take the drive out and connect it as a slave to the desktop and see if the files are still there. Also, here are words to live by...

Remember: Data you don't have at least two copies of is data you don't care about.

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I just installed a Western Digital 200GB drive to be used as extra storage, but my computer only reads it as a 127GB. If I go into the BIOS and look at the drive size, it shows both my drives and the correct size for each. However, when I open "My Computer" and look at them, the 60GB drive is correct, but the 200GB shows as 127GB. I have updated my BIOS. I used the WD software to install the drive, but it will only install it as a 137GB; however the computer still only shows 127GB. My motherboard is an ABIT KR7A RAID. My drivers for the HPT372 controller are Version 2.32, and I upgraded my BIOS to CX which should be the latest version. I have Windows XP Professional operating system with Service Pack 2 installed. I know just enough about computers to get in trouble, so I have apparently missed something. Any suggestions?


Answer:Computer does not read larger hard drive properly

When you installed XP, you probably didn't install from an SP2 CD. That being the case, the maximum size hard drive recognized would be 127gig. Since you've installed XP, you can now use the entire drive. Right click on My Computer, Manage, Disk Management, and you'll find that a portion of the drive is listed as "unallocated". This can be partitioned and formatted into another logical drive.

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Help!  My computer was fine when I left work; I shut it down to put it in hibernate mode when I left, as always - when I try to turn it on now I simply see: "ERROR2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error Press <ESC> to continue" Why would it stop recognizing my hard drive, and how do I fix this? I have a tablet, X61, running Vista, 2G RAM, not sure what else you might need to know. Thank you!Esther

Answer:2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error

go to hitachi hdd website, and download a copy of the hdd fitness test, it will do a surface scan to see whether it is software corruption or drive sector corruption. If it is the latter, then you would need to get a new hdd or claim a new hdd from warranty if you are still within warranty.  I hope you backed up the files on the hdd. If you need to download the hdd information, you will need to get an external usb caddy, and plug into your desktop or another laptop and download it that way. Provided that there is no password of anysort. 

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Ok- this problem wouldn't be half as complicated if my boss weren't so sure he knew everything about computers.

Computer: Gateway (whatever), about 4 years old, its a non-computer literate employee's machine.
Original Problem- at random power ups, a "Disk Read Error" occured, ctrl+alt+del to restart. Sometimes it would rack up around 5 of these on a screen before it would actually restart into the OS, sometimes it'd go on the first try.

I was trying to research the problem. My boss decided to reinstall WinXP(home) instead. The XP cd is Home, no service packs included.

Starts up fine, install the service packs from windows update (did the automatic type install). Installed all the various office software he needs.
It may have been fine for a couple days, not sure. The computer isn't used much normally.

Now, the same error comes up every time, + some.

"Disk Read Error", sometimes that'll go 2-3 times, sometimes it reboots itself, then it'll get into BIOS, after which it gives the big ol' hardware compatibility screen (I believe) with the options for SafeMode, Last Known Good, etc, sometimes that'll work, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it'll start to load XP and then flashes a bluescreen (1/2 second) and reboots itself.

I however, didn't know this was happening at first. The guy who uses the computer would sit and let it restart itself and restart itself for around 15 minutes. Eventually, it DOES actually get into Wi... Read more

Answer:WinXP - Boot problems (read drive error, etc)

Anyone have any ideas?
Or even a "search the forum stupid" would suffice if its here somewhere. I did do a search for "disk read error" and two other phrases, and didn't come up with anything too similar.

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i recently upgraded the hard drive in my computer, and copied over everything to create a new boot drive. 25% is fat32, the rest is nfts. i can install programs but when i go to update them or after i finish installing some of them i get read to memory error, and computer will randomly restart itself. upon restart scan disk runs and it reads inconsistency in one of the volumes, and truncates whatever was downloaded/installed, and proceeds with boot. this is frustraiting, so should i reformat and create another boot again or is there something else i could do. tia.

Answer:created new boot drive, get read mem error on updates

oh yeah i have xp pro w/ sp2 on drive

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I was recently asked to look at an old laptop one of my friends had that wasn't being used. He thought his last technician might have installed a pirated copy of XP because he wasn't able to get updates anymore. As it turns out the OS was a legitimate version of XP Pro. The problem was that the drive had been partitioned to only 5 gig so they ran out of room to download SP2.

I repartitioned the drive to include the unformatted space at the end of the drive using Partition Commander to make a total of 10 gigs. I then got all MS updates available including SP2 and IE 7 and generally just cleaned up the machine by deleting a bunch of music someone had downloaded that he wanted off then defragmented the drive.

When I returned it to him, it would not boot up. I get a disk read error. I don't know what happened between my place and his to cause this. Unfortunately, he does not have the product ID or isntallation CD. I don't want him to have to purchase another copy of XP Pro and I certainly don't want to purchase one for him either since I know the machine was working when it left my place.

I've used the Ultimate Boot CD 4Win and it can see that there is a C: drive but cannot read anything from it. UBCD4Win says that the drive isn't reporting it's size. After that, I ran Spinrite on level 4 and it found 3 unrecoverable sectors. Still not able to boot the machine.

What steps should I take from here? Is there any way to retreive the product key off of the di... Read more

Answer:Computer will not boot. Disk read error.
check the hard drive is secure

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I recently built a new computer and used my old hard drive (with a copy of vista on it) My plan was to install windows 7 on it because I did not think vista would load with all the new hardware.

Well it did, but its acting wierd. For example a brand new dvd burner that was working a few hours ago (used it to install drivers and what not) can no longer read dvds at all. Attempts to load the windows installation disk have failed (setting the dvd burner as first in boot order just loads windows) the computer sees the dvd burner and I hear it spin up but it does not even bother with disks now.

I hope its because of combination of new mother board with old windows and not a spontaneous dvd burner death, can anyone help me? Perhaps with a method to check either if its windows or the burner or maybe some possible work arounds.

Answer:New Computer, Old hard drive with old copy of vista/can't read dvds

Did you not reinstall Vista after installing the old hard drive? if not, do that. If you did already, make sure you have Service Pack 1 and all possible drivers.

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I am currently attending college for IT and have an old Gateway to work on to learn.  At first it wouldn't boot at all.  I went into setup and reset to defaults and now it says it doesn't recognize the hard drive.  I got it to go through all of the POST tests and come up with a screen that has information but I'm not sure what all of it means.  My textobook is no help.  How do I know if my hard drive is bad and what type it is?  I have no documentation or discs to work with.  I need all the help I can get because I really want to learn how to do this.  Any help is appreciated.Darlene Sage

Answer:student working on old computer that doesn't read hard drive

Try and see if the floppy drive will attempt to boot a any floppy.

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Hello Everyone:

Thank you for taking time to read my post. Here is my issue in as concise of terms as possible:
1. Computer is a Sony Vaio VGC-RC110G (not sure about motherboard)
2. About 3 weeks ago computer starts refusing to boot giving errors that make me think the hard drive is bad. Computer will still occasionally boot after 5-10 tries.
3. I bought a new hard drive and tried to create an image of the old drive onto the new using Clonezilla, the process gave a few errors.
4. The computer flatly refused to boot from the new drive (gave disk read errors). However, when I could boot using the old drive, I could get in and explore the image of the new drive and the image copy process seemed to have worked okay.
5. As part of the disk image copy process, my new drive had 2 partitions and about 900 megs of free space. The two partitions were the main windows partition from the old drive and the recovery partition.
6. I combined all partitions and formatted the new drive (using Gparted) because I thought that the disk image copy probably just recreated errors in the old drive onto the new.
7. After the format, my computer then consistently refused to boot from either drive. (in the past I could boot to the old drive after a couple of tries). The error was usually "a disk read error occurred' or "BOOTMGR is missing."
8. Attempts to install windows using windows install DVD failed because computer couldn't write to the new hard drive.
9. Both hard drives would u... Read more

Answer:A Disk Read Error Occurred (pretty sure it's not a faulty hard-drive)

It is a Sony laptop, not really serviceable except by them, I did find this on Sony's site. You could try resetting the bios.
Sony eSupport - VGC-RC110G - Support

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Hi all,

I used GPartEd to create a small partition for a new Linux distro I wanted to test.

Upon successfully partitioning the drive I rebooted to return to WinXP & to my horror I can't get past the booting screens!

I come across the following error:

Hard drive read error, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to restart

Any thoughts?


Answer:Hard drive read error, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to restart...

It sounds as if creating the partition has corrupted your system or boot partition. Have you tried running the Windows repair disc? If you can get into it, and get into the command try these commands:


Let us know if there has been any changes.

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I ran a hard drive test using Thinkvantage toolbox and got a couple of errors; codes WHD20-8HH on Targeted Read Test, WHD03-J44 Funnel Seek Test, and WHD16-EB4 SMART Short Self Test. Should I buy a new hard drive or is it fixable?

Answer:Hard Drive targeted read test error code WHD20-8HH

Hi and welcome to the forum!

What's the product number of your ThinkPad? It looks like 2668-KHU and can be found on the back sticker.
I tried searching the error codes you mentioned, but they don't reveal anything...

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I have a Seagate external hard drive hooked to my XP computer and it is working and backing up fine. When I initially set up my Vista computer - I simply hooked up the drive with USB port - and opened like an extra drive and copied what I wanted on the new computer. When I went to add some files today - it will not reveal those files and keeps telling me access is denied. I have searched and cannot find solution to this. When I look at properties on the Vista - it shows the space is taken up but will not open to the files that are clearly visible on the XP - most of the research I found talked about security settings and nothing I did made a difference - and the mystery is that it worked just fine the last few times I have done this - over period of 2 months.
Hope I am in the right spot - posted first message today and got a great solution so hoping that someone will know how to fix this easily.
Thanks so much!

Answer:My vista computer will no longer read the data on my external hard drive
I found the fix - it took me LOTS of searching - and two tries as I chose the wrong identity the first time - not sure if it is consistent but needed to pick the administrator as the owner and now it works as it did.
Hope this helps someone else.

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Hey everybody. I have made the mistake of not backing up some important files on a computer at work. This computer was connected to an APC battery unit, which lost power. Now the computer won't start (even when connected to a normal outlet) and I need to recover these files by whatever means possible. I'll describe the troubleshooting I've done so far:

-Computer will not power on when connected to a known good outlet (CPU fan doesn't spin, no LED's come on).

-Disconnected power switch wires from motherboard. Connected wires to multimeter and verified continuity when pressing power button.

-Unplugged all power supply connections from motherboard and drives. Plugged power supply to a known good outlet. Shorted pins 15 and 16 on the 24 pin connector. Power supply fan runs. Checked voltages with a multimeter (3.3V, 5V, 12V) and all were very close, except one of the connectors which read 3.0V. (I read that this is out of spec, but not by much) It seems to me that there might be a motherboard or CPU problem, since it isn't starting at all (CPU fan does NOT spin when I press the power button, and no LED's come on).

-Removed hard drive from computer and connected this hard drive (via Power supply and SATA connections) to a known good computer. The other computer recognizes the hard drive in BIOS. However, within the Windows 7 OS, I can't see the files on the hard drive. Perhaps I'm oversimplifying the issue by thinking I can simply swap hard drives and access the files on the s... Read more

Answer:Need to recover files from dead computer. Can I read them directly from the hard drive?

Try booting into a Linux LiveCD and hooking the HDD up as a secondary drive (either internal or external - doesn't matter). See if Linux can read the drive since Windows can't.

One thing to check before doing that though is, while in Windows and the HDD hooked up, go to start > right click Computer > Manage... > click Disk Management on the left panel > and see if it is recognized there. See what options are there if it is there when you right click it.

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  Hi people,  i have have ran a think-vantage tool test. My hard drive failed target read test, the error code is WHD20-ZHW. Also SMART short self test was timed out. Kindly advise. Appreciate your help. Regards,Sam

Answer:Failed hard drive targeted read test - error code is WHD20-ZHW

Hi Sam12m
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Try running this separate Lenovo Storage test
If you get a SMART error then it means you'll have to back up the HDD ASAP as it is nearing its failure.
You can report this to Lenovo Technical team and they can have it replaced under the warranty.
Solid Cruver

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I'm getting that error message when I boot up my computer.

Fortunately I have another hard drive on the same machine with an OS, so I can load it up on that one.

The interesting thing is that I have two partitions of the screwed up hard drive, and one of them works perfectly. I can scan it for errors, access the files, and do everything with it. However, when I try to open the other partition while loaded up on the working HDD, it takes like 5 minutes and then it gives me an error.

Is there anything I can do to fix this short of throwing it in the trash?

I'm using a western digital hard drive, but i'm not sure how to find out the specifics.

If you need any more information feel free to ask.

Answer:Hard drive problem: Disc read error, ctrl+alt+delete to restart

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I was working on my Dell laptop doing the usual - AIM, surfing the internet, no downloading- when suddenly my laptop screen turned black and gave me this message:

"Read Failure on internal hard drive. No bootable devices -- Strike F1 to retry boot F2 for setup utlility"

When I hit F1 to retry boot, it gave me the same message. There were also times when I do hit F1, it gave me this message:

"Error loading operating system"

I don't know what to do. Does it mean that my hard drive is going to die soon and I have to replace it? I already backed up all my files. In addition, the setup blue screen recognizes a primary hard drive. I can still use my laptop but occasionally I run into this problem.

Please help!! I would appreciate it so much! Thanks!

Answer:Read Failure on internal hard drive/ Error reading operating system- help!!

Sounds like a failed hard drive.

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Hello there,My T500 was slammed very hard one day, once I reboot, it worked for half hour and gave up. I tested it via BIOS, it gave me error code 0000 read verification failed.I presumed the HD is dead, inserted a healthy one inside and works fine for a couple of hours and gave up again, tested through BIOS gave me the same error code.I wondered what problem it could be?best,sy


Go to Solution.

Answer:T500 error code 0000 read verification failed even with a new hard drive

2 bad disks is possible, but VERY unlikely. You might have cracked a solder joint at the SATA connection. Most repair ships, including dealers, would not be able to repair that sort of problem. The way to verify my diagnosis would be to start the machine with the palmrest removed and GENTLY heat that area with a hairdryer. (based on the time it takes to fail, my assumption is that the solder joint fails when warm.)

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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hai everyone i've got some problem with my dvd drive, CDDVDW TS-T633P
from HP touchsmart 600 1137D

my dvd can't read or play dvd movie, i reinstall it few times but it can;t solve the problem

can anyone help me about this? i need sugestion

Answer:dvd drive can't read dvd movie, but can read data dvd or dvd games

Shot in the dark...

Go to the Device Manager and find the entry for your DVD. Right click it and select properties then "Region" and make sure a region is set for the drive. Without a region set it won't play movie DVDs.

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I have a new Gateway laptop and all last week I was using it to connect to my home pc using Remote Desktop. I noticed a few times that after shutting the lid to the laptop and walking away when I would come back and open the lid the laptop would be froozen. I wonder if it was becuase I was leaving the remote desktop connection open and then the laptop would go into sleep mode and it woudnlt wake up properly?? Either way the only way I could unfreeze it was by restarting the lapt by forcing it to power down. Well, the last time it happened after I held the power button and forced a shut down when I powered it back on it said "Disk Read Error". I have yanked the drive and connected it via usb to my dekstop pc. The drive shows up in disk management but has a red circle in the top left hand corner of the partition and doesnt' show up in my computer. I put the drive back in the laptop and booted of an XP CD and choose the "repair" option. I tried to do a "MIXMBR" but got a return message that NO partition could be found. Does anyone have any ideas how I can recover from this?? I have Acronis disk director suite installed on my desktop pc and I can reconnect my laptop hard drive to the desktop pc but I don't know if it can do the job. Does anyone have any ideas I really can't afford to loose my data. Please Help.

Answer:SATA Laptop Hard Drive "Disk Read Error"

This thread can be closed as #1 the issues has been resolved and #2 it doesn't look like anyone will be repying anyways.

Now, in the case that someone does stumble onto this thread here is an update....
Turns out the hard drive was physically damaged (or so I'm told). Since there was sensitive data on the drive I was being extra cautious and after removing the drive and connecting to another pc and seeing the drive but not the partitions or data I didn't even try FixMBR or anythinhg else becuase I didn't want to take the chance of further damage. I took the drive to a data recovery specialst who was able (for a small fee ofcourse) to recover the data. Since the laptop is still under warranty I took it into the store I bought it and told them the sit. Tehy gave me a new hard drive on the spot and I have now restored it back to normal. Thank You all and goodnight.

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My computer is a bare bones kit from, there are no problems with the computer, just the hard drive, for about 6 months I had Fedora Core 1 installed, with a just a boot error (GRUB loading stage2Read error) this weekend my friend gave me an XP Pro CD with SP1, I have completly formatted the drive, I boot the XP CD, create the partition, format the partion, copy files for XP install, reboot, and then I get "A disk read error occured, press CTRl-ALT-DEL to reboot" I in the proccess of doing a "zero-fill" format, just from the error I get, I am leaning towards faulty drive or bad MBR.

if anyone needs more info then please ask, if anyone has any suggestions then please post them

120gb seagate 7200 RPM 8mb cache

Answer:Solved: hard drive "read error"

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Long story short, I had XP installed on a SATA drive that did (and still does) boot from a SATA port in "IDE Mode". I removed the drive and put it in a USB enclosure. I can access the drive & files just fine but can't boot XP. Instead, I get the following error:

"A disk read error has occurred.
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart."
Is there a way to boot an existing installation of XP from a USB enclosure without reinstalling XP?

Long version: I upgraded to a SSD drive with Win7, but had to switch to "AHCI mode" to use it. I have six SATA-II ports, but can only set two to "IDE Mode". I have my old installation of Win7 on one and my BD optical drive on the other (allowing me to boot either). XP will NOT boot when plugged into an AHCI port, but will if I plug it into one of the two Sata/IDE ports.

For some inexplicable reason, connecting BOTH my XP and Win7 HDD's at the same time I'm using Win7 on my SSD causes the computer to bog-down every 30-60 seconds for two minutes at a time making the computer unusable (I never had this problem before the SSD). If I unplug EITHER HDD (Win7 or XP), the problem goes away. But my Win7-hdd drive is larger and I'm still migrating to the SSD, so I need that drive plugged into one of the SATA/IDE ports.

I removed the XP drive and put it into a USB enclosure. Problem solved (kinda). I can access all my files, but I can't boot XP (and I must switch off the driv... Read more

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A while ago I was cleaning out the inside of my Compaq Presario desktop (it was very dusty) and I had it laying down on it's side. Well, last night I was trying to watch a Jackie Chan DVD and stood it up so I could use the DVD. A couple minutes later, after the DVD had just begun to play, everything froze. Firefox wouldn't open, iTunes wouldn't open, Windows Media Player wouldn't close, I couldn't even stop anything with task manager. So I turned rebooted my computer manually, and it wouldn't start. The Compaq screen at the beginning would show up, and then an error saying "Cannot read disk, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart."

The only thing I can think of that could have caused this would be standing my computer up to watch the DVD damaged the hard disk. If this is the case, can it be fixed?

Answer:XP SP2 won't boot, says it can't read hard disk

One thing I forgot to add. Compaq has a recovery feature. From the Compaq screen at startup you press F10 and it apparently recovers your system automatically. I don't know if this will work since my C drive can't be read anyway, but if it is what will fix my computer then it won't hurt to do it. I have all of my word docs on Google docs, my email on Gmail, and my music is on my iPod i could just copy over to my computer. Just a thought...

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Hi,Have a medion laptop which until recently has worked perfect for 4 years.It lost background picture and took ages to process any application.system restore say unable to restore to previous restore pointHave purchased a caddy for my laptop hard drive.once connected to another computer via the usb port I can view all the files on the hard drive and everything worked as normal but everytime I try and move or copy the files it says cannot copy/move files which is exactly what it says when I tried and copy to flash drive or onto dvd when it was in the laptop.I ran avg from my computer and swepted the hard drive but said after an hour it was fineany idea'sMany thanksboostt

Answer:cannot read from hard drive

A longshot perhaps, but you could try this click here though I have never used it myself, I do have it on my PC, just in case.

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When I try to install xp it says that no hard disks could be found. This is because it can't read my sata hard drive. I found the right driver to install, but the driver is too big to fit onto a floppy disk. What should I do now?

Answer:XP cannot read my hard drive

Do you have the installation CD that come with your motherboard/controller/harddrive?

What is the make and model of your motherboard/controller and Hard drive?

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Ok guys have a tricky one for you, I had a windows 8 laptop with a 500gb Samsung hard drive, the laptop motherboard went down and I put the hard drive in to another laptop to test it, all test including seatools, hd pro and couple of others have verified the drive is 100 % working with no bad sectors or any other problems, I decided I was going to use windows 7 on a Acer laptop so installed with bios set to ACHI mode which i belive is the normal way everything went fine until the windows is finalising the installation, the hard drive locks up and wont go any further, i then formatted again set bios to ide, windows completed and when it went to desktop it again kept locking up, i have googled and googled from forum to forum and cant find any answers, my best guess is the drive has some how been affected by the UEFI from windows 8, its like the drive maybe stuck in hibernation mode or locked, is it possible windows 8 has wrote some code to the drive, i am currently running a 7 hr DBAN 2.2.8 to try and delete any code, guess its worth a shot, i have also tried all the other remedies like disk part, list disk, set as active etc all to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards and good luck sorting this

Answer:Help !!! Hard drive 100% Please read

Don't bother with DBAN. Have you tried using the CLEAN command from DISKPART during installation?

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I was resizing a partition using Partition Magic, computer locked up 1/3 theway through. Now windows does not recognise the drive at all, any suggestions would be gratefully received. [Partition magic recognises the disk as does Windows disk management utility][running xp][no backup,(I know, I know)]

Answer:Cant Read Hard Drive

have you tried the partition repair tool that comes with partition magic? might sort it otherwise try repartitioning it.are you using version 8? any versions below 8 are not compatible with xp

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Hello, i have a big problem with my desktop, first of all i was using computer then its suddenly froze i restart it, and it showed me message, Please insert recovery CD..... Windows can't find .../system32/stab.dll

I started the recovery CD it didn't work i tried it for 5-6 times on 7 try it showed me message that windows xp can't find your hard disk, so i thought my problem was in hard drive - it died or something, i went to best buy bought new hard drive, but it still showing me the same error!!! Right now i have no idea what i should do
PLZ somebody help me

Answer:CAN'T READ Hard Drive >HELP PLZ<

Alex: There is not enough info in your post for me to understand your problem.
What Brand of computer are you takling about, and what Operating system are you using?
Can you see your original Hard drive in BIOS or Device Manager?
Did you install an OS on the new drive when you put it in? I'm guessing you didn't.
What is your level of expertise in computers?

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Hi All. I have added second hard drive that has critical data on it from another computer to my new computer. I installed XP on the new computer and the second drive was picked up, but I cannot view the data on the second drive i.e it is not visible in Explorer. In Device Manager the drive is there and in Computer management it also shows up but is displayed as 'unallocated'. What's gone wrong? How can I get access to the data on the second drive? Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Help!! Cant read hard drive!!

unallocated means the partition(s) have been deleted, your data is probably gone. Maybe u accidently deleted it while installing XP?
it this case it is very very hard to recover the files

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hi membersmy computer is quite old. the hard drive is a 10GB. but when on the hard C: properties it reads 2GB; anyone could explain this to me.cheers,

Answer:hard drive read less

Is the file system Fat16 by any chance? Which OS are you using? It can't be that terribly old if you have a 10 gig drive, unless it's not the original drive and whoever set it up has set it up incorrectly.

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the battery holder on my motherboard went out,so i fixed it. After i started it up and made sure it worked, i put another harddrive in it and now it does want to read anything and it wont read my cd burner either...

Answer:Will not read hard drive

When you remove the battery, the CMOS resets to default configuration. You might try checking if the BIOS is set to the correct drive mode. (IDE or SATA/AHCI)

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HP Pavilion dv5140us
XP mediacenter 2005

Had returned a battery I just bought and the computer was connected to AC. My son unplugged it while it was on with no battery to move it.

After that the laptop won't boot properly. Black HP screen initially. Then goes to Windows XP splash and then quickly to a black screen offering Safe Mode in 3 variations, last known good startup, and start normally. For any of these choices it tries to load XP with the indicator bar and then goes to the HP initial screen and repeats the process.

HP support said I had to replace the hard drive by $398 to them.

I tried BartPE and it can't read C drive.
I tried BIOS and the drive check doesn't run right on drive. Hangs.

I tried an XP SP1 install disk for my desk computer and that disk says the

C: C: Partition1 (Unknown) drive portion is 101128 MB
Unpartitioned space 8 MB
D: Partition2 (HP Recovery) [FAT32] 12308 MB
F: Partition3 (NTFS) 1028 MB

It sees the D partition on the drive and has it sized okay.

The HP disks are recovery on 4 CDs written from the computer when it was new. I don't have a true XP install for MediaCenter 2005. I do not know how the self-made recovery disks work compared to an XP installation.

What are my choices? I'd like to try to recover data files off the current hard drive if possible, by putting it into an external housing and using GetITBack or Pandorarecovery or something like that.

I can buy a new laptop and work on this one to recove... Read more

Answer:Hard drive can't be read

Clear the Cmos and see if that helps. Some times (a long shot at best) when some rigs are disconnected without a chance to save basic settings, it can snooker the bios settings before they are saved. Clearing the cmos will set them back to factory defaults. While a long shot, worth a try. If that doesn't work, then might try a repair install.

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I recently had a problem with my PC not switching on. I took the thing apart and put it back together again and it fixed the power problem but it wouldn't boot up. I set it up exactly how it was before, and tried my windows hard disk on both IDE channels on it's own but I still can't boot from it. I was using Windows 2000 Pro.

I've since bought a new hard drive and installed XP on it and that works fine. When I plug my old hard disk in as well, it apears in device manager and BIOS but it doesn't show up in My Computer or Windows explorer. I took the side off the case and the disk was spinning, so it's getting power, i just don't seem to be able to get any data off it. I checked the pins on the back of the hard disk to see if I'd accidently bent one, but they're all there.

What can I do to get my old files back.

Answer:PC Won't read hard drive

Make certain that the old drive has its jumpers set to make it a slave. When properly jumpered the old drive will show up in the CMOS IDE Configuration as the slave drive. On boot it will be in Disk Manager and Explore.

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So, I just got a new TB hard drive, called, Free Agent GoFlex Drive. I just tried to save to it and the red circle with a line across it showed up....i looked at the info and it said that it is a read only volume!!! i saved some files on it a few days ago and now i cant! so lost! when i tried to go to Disk Utility it would not allow me to select Repair Disk. Please someone help.


Answer:Hard drive is read ONLY!

I had a cheap pen drive with forced encryption. when i plugged it it mapped 2 drives. in order to access the storage partition i first had to enter the security partition run an app and enter a password.

check the manual for your drive and see if this "feature" is the cause of the issue.

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Well, the problem is simple, when i try to turn on my computer it detects all my 1.5 g of memory, my cd rom, and my cd burner. doesnt detect and doesnt detect my HD. It is not the HD that is messed up because i tried 2 other new HD's and still would get no detection. It happened to me once before, like 3 days ago and all i did was remove all but 1 512 and it worked. Now i tired it again, same thing; wouldnt read my HD. All the cables are hooked up correctly and are plugged in tightly. Hopefully i can get some advice soon because i am in need of my computer right now. (This is being typed from a friends computer.) Thanks for the help and hope to have some feedback soon.

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I hae a Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop and my Windows XP is corrupted.
Dell tech support says I have to reload windows but that will cause me to loose all my data on my hard drive. How can I read my hard drive on another PC (desktop) so I can extract the data I need and then reload. Thanks for your help

Answer:trying to read my hard drive

If you can't boot into windows at all, you will have to remove the drive and get an adapter to convert it to the larger IDE connector on your desktop....or an external drive case.

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I've just installed a new hard drive and installed windows and when I try to connect my old one via a usb enclosure it won't read the main partition. It reads the recovery partition fine but when accessing the main partition it keeps asking me whether I want to format the drive or not and shows up to have 0 bytes out of 0 bytes. (obviously I'm not going to format it) I know the drive is still working and not corrupted as when I replace it back into my laptop it works fine again. The drive is a 500GB sata 2 if that helpsAnybody any ideas on how I can read it? I don't understand how it can read the recovery partition but not the main one.

Answer:Cannot read old hard drive from usb


See if the HDD/partition shows up in diskpart from an elevated command window type the following commands followed by <enter> after each and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

list disk # # your disk #

list partition #

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My spare hard drive I believe has been acting up. Now suddenly the drive is there but I can't view anything on it. Did diagnostics and it checks out, spins up, but somehow the file directory got corrupt? it's a WD 120. Would using the Recovery console be the best option to repair that file system? I am unable to do a scandisk/Chkdsk from DOS or within XP. I have some video files I'd hate to loose to reformating that drive to repair it... Help...


Answer:second hard drive XP can't read.

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i am in the process of upgrading, i am having trouble with the hard drive. the new comp has a 1.2 g processor. now when i take the hard drive from this comp and connect it to the new comp nothing happens. however all the test i run up until the installition of the hard drive have been fine. i can take any one of the other hard drives and they too will work. just not the one i want. its a western digital (cavier) model hard drive. the new motherboard is a soyo, any suggestions at all? anyone?


Answer:hard-drive is not being read

check the jumpers on the drive, if it's in as the only drive make sure the jumper is in the single position according to the chart attached

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I was given a Dell Laptop Inspiron 2650 and will not read the hard drive. It say's that the Operating System not found. I've tried to re-install the OS but it isn't reading the hard drive.

The previous owner said that he thought it had a bad virus, but it looks like he's been pretty rough with it. Could it be something loose or disconnected? The battery is charging fine.

What should I do? Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:won't read hard drive

try setting up a dell diagnostics run, check out this link for how to do it. It should help trackdown the problem.

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just replaced my harddrive in my dell inspiron 8100. Ran the windows xp cd and installed windows xp.
started to try to install the other programs and the dvd drive will not read any of the factory cd's to install the programs.. what now? these are the cd;s that came with the computer.
any ideas?

Answer:new hard drive won't read cds

You need to install motherboard drivers. This tells the chipset what to
do with Ide devices, agp,,etc...

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Ok so.. I have plugged in my external hard drive via USB and everything is ok. I have 2 partitions on it. I open Partition Magic and want to do a format of the first partition... click ok.. and after being stuck at 25 percent for too long... i realize something is wrong. I close partition magic and.. voila! My Hard disk disappeared! Well not physically of course.. (sneaky you.!) The thing is though, my computer cannot see it anymore! What can I do? What tools can I use to see it? And more importantly.. can I save the files that were inside?
thank you so much for your help guys! You have been so great so far!

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I'm making an inquiry for a friend..

She has a computer with 2 hard drives.
The problem began with a 'screen error' saying to check the monitor connection. She bought a new monitor and had the same error message.

She then began having hard drive read/write errors. Thinking she may have gotten a virus, she wiped both her hard drives and reformatted.

When she tries to reinstall XP it gets about half way through and gives her the read/write error again and will not complete installation. This is true for both of the hard drives.

So far she's tried cleaning the connections on her 4 memory sticks (while grounded) and still cannot reinstall Windows due to the read/write error.

What is your suggestion for her next step since she has no working operating system from which to run tests?

Answer:Hard Driver Read/Write Error on Both Hard Drives

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Hi,I just finished repairing windows and ran a full system scan with definitions updated since 7/4/2008, a problem fixed with your help here -,54876.0.htmlAfter the repair, things worked fine, but the computer would freeze for a second or so every now and then - so I'm playing Call of Duty 4, and a sudden freeze every now and then, almost not noticeable.So I figure might as well run a defrag - I analyze the drive, windows recommends a defrag, so I defrag overnight (500gb drive). I come back in the morning, defrag is completed. I click view report, nothing. I can move the mouse, but not click anything. So I reboot. The initial bios screen listing components takes MUCH longer that usual - listing the dvd drive and hard drive. Then it goes to the next screen, and gives a message along the lines of please attach/insert a boot drive and press a key.I turn it off, come back after an hour or so, and now the BIOS screen loads sooner, but nothing after.Few other concerns:1. The freezing also happened the same night after which I had to repair windows.2. Windows update failed to install the latest update, which was the new windows update manager (3.1?)3. The internet connection kept resetting every 30 minutes or so - as in it would be gone for less than a second, but it was long enough to disconnect me from Lord of the rings online. - This did not happen before the windows repair. Internet provided by Rogers cable, through a DLink ... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive Trouble - Read towards the end.

The Seagate long test came up with lots of errors this time - only 2 before - atleast 90- errors this time, with block numbers from 6169220 to 6195829CORRECTION: I was able to repair 90ish errors, going through the test again to repair the rest.Do I assume it's the hd then? What do you guys think/suggestIt's a SATA II drive. It has some options in BIOS, like Turbo Drive/Normal Drive, run in IDE mode etc.

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I'm working on a computer running XP. This computer could not boot into windows normal or soft mode. Inserted the XP installation disk and tried to attempt repair and it would not repair.

Since this individual had not backed up, I piggybacked her hard drive on to one of my computers. Before Windows opened it scanned this drive and detected some unreadable files and repaired. I was then able to open the hard drive and copy her files onto my computer.

I reinstalled the hard drive into her computer and tried to boot to windows. An error message attempted to reinstall windows XP. It went thru the process of detecting the hardware and then came up with an error message that said "stop" unknown error with ntdll.dll.

I again piggybacked the hard drive onto my computer, copied my ntdll.dll onto her harddrive and then reinstalled her computer. Now when I try to boot up I get a message that states disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. I have tried to boot with both the windows xp installation disk in and out and get the same message.

Should I piggyback on my computer again and try to format? I have never formatted a second hard drive on a different computer. Would this be okay and if so - where do I go to do it?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Can't read hard drive

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My wife has a 2TB external harddrive by Mediamax. It stopped working so I took it out of the enclosure and examined it and it appeared that the USB cable had failed as Windows 7 would not believe me anything was attached, but the hard drive had power and was obviously spinning.

I then bought off ebay this cable:

USB to SATA 15+7 22 Pin Transfer Cable Connector Conversion 2.5" HDD Laptop PC | eBay

USB to SATA 15+7 22 Pin Transfer Cable Connector Conversion 2.5" HDD Laptop PC

In the hopes that I could then attach this to the hard drive and read the data. Now windows 7 drive manager says disk 1 is unknown and not initialised. When I tried to initialise it (I realise I don't want to) it says the drive is not ready. The Hard Drive is not spinning audibly any more. I believe it is possible that the drive is not getting enough power even though I have plugged in both USB cables of the cable shown.

I hope this is enough info.

Please help me as my wife would be ecstatic to have it working again.


Answer:External hard drive can't be read

I'd say you're not getting it enough power with that adapter.

You should get a full enclosure, or just put it internally inside of a desktop.

If Windows can't access it, see if a Linux LiveCD such as Ubuntu can access the drive.

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hi all. i've got a western digital 120gb hard drive partitioned in nfts. I've installed it in a USB External case which states that it supports drives up to 400gb.

When I plug it into my Windows XP based laptop (a toshiba sat, 2.6ghz Celeron 2003), it comes up as being a 32gb drive. All of my drivers are updated, I've downloaded both windows service packs and have all other uptodate system info.

I had the drive on a desktop system, with both linux and windows installed, before I installed it in the external case and it was being read as a full 120gbs. I formated it via fdisk before pulling it and selling the desktop.

Any ideas how or what I can do to revive the lost 90gbs? I've tried Norton Partition Magic, but to no prevail, it only detected the 32gb. Thanks!

Answer:(help!!!) hard drive is being read 90gbs less than it is!!!

set the jumper on the back

lot of hard drives had a 32 gig point that you set with the jumper

why i don't know

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I recently removed my 500gb external Hard drive and attached to another PC ( for what purpose I dont recall). I removed the HD using the " Safely Remove Hardware" feature located in the lower left hand tray. Yet when I put the harddrive back  on the first computer it dosent show when I click on My computer. I see the C: drive, the D: drive, the printer. Yet I dont see the HDD which was usually the E: drive.  When I go to My computer/properties/device manager - i see the hard drive and indications say its working properly. If  I go to " Safely Remove Hardware"  I can see the hard drive. Hmm?    Oh and by the way I am using a USB hub.  I removed the hard drive once again and attached it to my laptop which it was read and indicated the the device was ready, installed and ready to use. Yet I get the same problems as with the first computer. External HDD not shown on when I open My computer. Hard drive is getting power all power lights are on.  Please help. This computer is drving me crazy. Now the external HDD is acting up. Arrrrrrgggh !!!!!!!!!

Answer:External Hard drive not being read

Does the hard drive have its own power supply or is it drawing its power from the USB port? Is the hub a powered hub or a passive one? What happens if you connect the hard drive directly to one of the PC's USB ports?

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Ive had this problem once before. I turned my PC on Yesterday, and my WD 500GB Hard drive (Number 3) was not recognised. Then I did a reboot, and the drive showed up again, HOWEVER, The drive has the Read Only flag in DiskPart and using the attrib disk clear readonly commands with the correct disk selected does not work. DiskPart just moans that It cant clear the attribute.
Any suggestions are welcome & Im willing to try anything. I doubt its a Driver Issue or a Hardware issue as It was working fine.
All the tests in Ubuntu 10.04 (my second os) come up good and I can write to it, So Windows 7 has done something, Not sure what.

Answer:Hard drive locked as Read-Only

At first I thought that chmod in the command line would be your best bet but i dont think if you could do it on an entire drive..

do you have any drive encryption software (bitblocker comes with win 7 ultimate). its possible that could cause some problems if used incorrectly

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I've just ordered a LaCie 1TB Network Space (NAS) Gigabit Ethernet Hard-Drive.I'd like to give my parents read-only access to the files on the non-passworded files on the hard drive. Is it possible for me to give them read-only access to one pertition and creat a seperate pertition so that they can share their files with me and use it as a back-up drive?We are both using Windows Vista Home Premium with a Netgear DG834G router.

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i am looking at a friend's computer (Acer Extensa 502T, Windows 98) for them and when i turn it on it shows the brand name screen, then a black screen that says "insert system diskette and press enter to continue"... i cannot start in safe mode nor can i get away from this screen by pressing escape... another friend says it sounds like there is a communication problem with the system trying to read the hard drive... i, of course, don't have the "system diskette", at least at this point.... any thoughts?? is this hopeless or is there some way i can fix it??

Answer:unable to read hard drive??

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Read as RAW in Computer Management in Vista

Plug it into XP and I can read the files no problem

Its a FREECOM 500GB external Hard drive

I have another Freecom Drive that reads OK on Vista

Any ideas

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Hi everyone. My external hard drive won't open! If I go into My Computer it has read it ok, says 13gb free of 232gb. When I plug it in, the AutoPlay comes up as well. But if I click on the Lacie folder in My Computer or "open folder to view files" the My Computer folder or the AutoPlay just freezes up. I've tried the hard drive on my other PC and a laptop and it's fine. I tried my step dads external hard drive and the same thing is happening. We've got Vista. It's a pain as it let me transfer a lot of music onto my hard drive, then i wiped my Ipod and now I can't move the music! I tried doing a restore but it's still the same!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:PC won't read external hard drive!

Oh it gets better. My Itunes reads it fine. This is confusing!!

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I was in the process of reinstalling win 7 on a computer with the widows 7 installation disc. I got to the part where i chose custom install, and I deleted the partition with windows 7 in it to reinstall windows 7 without the old install there.
Now the hard drive wont recognize most of the Gigs on the hard drive.
How can I recover this space?

Answer:Cant read part of Hard drive

What do you see in disk management??

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My new pc has 160 gig h/drive, but the read out shows only 115gig freespace/127 gig total space, I've up-rated the mother board, it still reads the same. I'm not a super computer buff, I would be grateful if someone could inform me how to find my missing gig's and put it right. My thanks

Answer:pc will not read hard drive correctly ?


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Hi ,

My friend ask me to help but i also dont know how to fix this.
Anyone that can help me about this ? Thank you.

External Hard Drive is :
P/N : 1K9AP1-502
S/N: NA97NF82
Heres the Screen Shot in Disk Management

It says unallocated.

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