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HardDrive causing computer to not boot properly.

Question: HardDrive causing computer to not boot properly.

I've been having problems with my computer and so I got things reformatted and It started working. I had this external harddrive I'd been using and hadn't used it for over a month since the reformat but now that I've used the ext. hard drive for the first time last night, in the morning when I went to boot up my Bios settings went wonky like they were before I reformatted and the computer isn't booting properly... This must be because of the external hard drive - for some reason the computer is trying to boot from the ext. hard drive or something. I didn't even have the Hard Drive on when i tried to boot a second time and it still wouldn't boot it was just looking for the hard drive i suppose. Is there some BIOS setting i should turn off in order to prevent this? I also did a system info/diog test with a program called Astra32 and it said:
"Warning SMBIOS Information maybe be inaccurate"In the attached picture, it shows the first screen it stopped at when I booted. at this screen i decided to turn on the harddrive and press G to continue but then it brought me to another screen which said:
"Veryfing DMI Pool Data ............
Boot From CD :


I've done a search on this topic and found similar issues with other users but one thing that is unique to my problem is that from the time i first used the hard drive again it's permanently messed my bios and boot settings even if I dont have the HDD plugged in - other members on this forum seem to be able to boot their computer if the hard drive isn't plugged in where is I can't boot whether it is plugged in or not plugged in.

I'll be back shortly with pics.
Thanks for your time and help guys.

First Screen that gets stuck on boot up

Second Screen if i press g from the prev. screen.

My BIOS setup utility screen if I choose to go into it, In order to get there I press delete when my computer first is booting up at the first screen which is some kind of IDE drive bootup thing if i remember right. When i press delete this screen finishes what it is doing then it goes to the screen where i have to press g, then it goes into the BIO set up.

Advanced Bios Features menu

Hard disk boot priority.

Boot Sequence.

Now all those previous screens were from when the external hard drive wasn't plugged in... I tried to do a boot up with the hard drive plugged in and everything was the same except the hard disk priority, the next screen is with the hard drive plugged in.

Sorry, actually as it turns out my HDD wasn't plugged in so that picture comparison between the Disk Boot Up priority were both booted without the HDD plugged in. When I did the same test but with it plugged in the USB HDD showed up as a separate USB HDD along with there others - it was placed 3rd in the list between SCSI-1 and Bootable addin cards.

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Preferred Solution: HardDrive causing computer to not boot properly.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HardDrive causing computer to not boot properly.

go into advanced bios settings and look at the boot sequence
disable the drive you do not want to boot from and set select other boot devices to no

can you post a picture of what is in the boot sequence under advanced settings?

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I'm upgrading/replacing my HD and having problems.

My old HD was around the same size, the same brand, and also SATA. I am only trying to use one HD. Also, everything works fine when I put the old HD back in

So I installed this new HD.


1. After I installed this new HD I had to use a bobby pin in the release hole to get my DVD drive to open for the windows XP disk. This is pretty weird. I didn't need to do this with my old HD.

2. Keyboard not lighting up or accepting commands.

3. At one point of time I managed to get past the Post screen, and the computer then "checked the configuration of the hard ware" and displayed the error message: "inf file txtsetup.sif corrupt or missing status 32768"...I looked it up and this doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem with the disk, it may just mean it's not being read properly

I'm pretty sure that I determined that the HD WAS being detected in BIOS, so I assume the HD was faulty and returned it

Newp. I'm now having the same problems with the replacement HD
Here are the specs of my computer:
new HD: Western Digital Caviar SE WD5000AAJS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM
GIGABYTE GA-965P-DQ6 LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard
GeForce 7900GT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3
Thermaltake W0101RU 550W ATX 12V 2.0 Version SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model... Read more

Answer:New harddrive will not boot properly

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Hello. I just got a brand new Fantom Drives Green Drive (1 TB) and when I turn on my computer, it freezes up at the boot sequence when the drive is left on (it has a power switch and doesn't turn off automatically w the computer). When I turn the drive off it will boot up fine, then I have to turn it on and have the computer reread everything, which I hope I don't have to do every time. I sent an email to the technical support and they told me to make sure the BIOS settings is not set to boot to USB, so I changed that and it worked fine for a couple of times, but now it's doing it again. They said to consult the motherboard manufacturer (it's a D865PERL), but I thought ask to see what you guys thought. I appreciate any advice.

Answer:New external hd causing comp to not boot properly

Normally if you save the Bios setting in which you have elected to boot the internal hard disk before the USB disk then your problem should never happen.

However pulling the USB disk in and out can upset/change the Bios setting in some motherboards so every time the system doesn't boot check your Bios's booting queue.

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System Specs:
athlon 64 3200+
2x512 pc3200
gigabyte 6800gt
IDE maxtor 80gb hd
Sata western digital 160gb hd
asrock 939dualsata2

This occurs when listening to music, frapsing on wow, watching videos, etc. My computer will suddenly start to lag and an annoying popping noise comes out of the speakers.

Recently I booted my computer with the 2nd harddrive unplugged (the sata 160gb.) The problem seems to be completely fixed. I was wondering if anyone had any possible solutions to get my computer running correctly while using both harddrives. The 2nd harddrive is just used for music etc. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Storage Harddrive causing computer lag/stuttering

I reformatted the 2nd harddrive and the problem still exists.

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Hi all I am havbing problem with one of my computers I can't seem to boot it I can get it to boot into the boot screen and into the bios but for some reason (which it was working fine) when I try to reload xp as as repair or fresh install it keeps saying that it can't find hardrive ? any idears ?


Answer:Computer Not Boot Cant Boot With Xp Disk Says No Harddrive

Try a bootable diagnostic utility from the manufacturer of your hard drive (usually free).

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Just got back from a 7 month deployment overseas. Wife says the computer (Medion, Windows XP Home, 3.2GHz Pentium IV Hyper-Thread, 512 DDR SDRAM, dual layer DVD/CD+/-RW x2, no floppy) not sure what else might help) would randomly restart on its own and boot back up. This got progressively worse during the past week. Uninstalled a bunch of Nikelodian flash games the kids had downloaded. Yesterday, I updated Spybot and Ad-Aware, ran them, and cleaned up a few other things.

Then, for no reason, the computer shut off. The Microsoft logo came up (the blue bar got half way across), I saw the "blue screen" for a split second, then the following options came up for restarting:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Start Windows Normally (last known good configuration)

I started with Start Normally, no joy. Proceeded through the other three options, no joy. Can't even get in through Safe Mode. If I let it count down the 30 seconds, it will just keep trying to boot and never get there. I F8 in Advanced Options during the next boot attempt and none of those options worked either. I did Disable the auto restart so I could see what error codes came up on the "blue screen." This is what I got (minus the text that preceeds it talking about power interruption and other possible reasons for the restarts).

Stop: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x823790B0, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)

I tried to use the System Recovery disk that came wi... Read more

Answer:Computer Keeps Trying To Boot Over & Over - Harddrive Bad?


At this point the first thing you need to do is back up all those family photos and other important data.

The best way to do this is to power off your computer and physically remove the hard drive from your computer, change the jumper setting, and install it temporarily in another Windows computer as a "Slave" drive.

The helper computer also must be running WinXP, because your C:\ drive is probably formatted with the NTFS file system.

Then you can start up the helper computer and use its functioning Windows system to copy your files to the Master (boot) drive, or burn them to CDs.

Once you have your data saved you can proceed to troubleshoot your Windows installation.

If you need help with the backup, post back here or in the Hardware forum.

Good luck,


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My computer crashed, I think it was the motherboard, and so I bought a used Dell computer. I wanted to put my old harddrive with all my stuff into the Dell but when I try to turn it on it comes up and says that windows didn't start successfully because of a hardware or software change. It gives me 5 options to start windows: safe mode,safe mode w/networking,safe mode w/command prompt, last known configuration or start windows normally. Either one I click on brings me back to the same screen. I have Windows XP home edition.

Answer:Old harddrive in used computer won't boot up.

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I have a hard drive that doesn't run right. It said something like a file is missing. This is on Computer A.

I connected it to my working PC, Computer B, as I have two IDE connetors, for two hard drives, (or whatever you call the thing you connect your hard drive to inside the computer) but then my computer doesn't boot. When I remove the hard drive it allows my computer to boot again.

What is my solution?

How do I fix my hard drive? I'm pretty sure its a software problem but it could be a hardware problem also.

Answer:Harddrive won't boot, should I put it on a working computer?

Do you have an operating system on that drive? If so that will give you problems. Do you have two hard drives in comp B if so make sure one is slave and one is master with the jumpers if there on the same cable. If you have a windows XP disk or a windows 98 floppy disk you can reformat the drive and then try it.

Hey Dave I win HAHA

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Hello all,

After traveling across the country in a Uhaul my PC developed a problem, here is a description of the problem:

The computer will power up and goes to the default screen preloaded on the motherboard. When windows tries to load (the Windows Vista screen with the green horizontal progress bar), it shuts down after a few seconds.

I assumed that harddrive was damaged during the move, so purchased a replacement HD and installed it. The computer powers up with no problems, and Vista begins to run when I insert the disk to re-install the OS. The problem is, the same thing happens when the computer finishes reading the files on the disk... a hard shutdown.

I'm really clueless when it comes to this. If you need me to give you more info, please let me know (as I say, I'm clueless when it comes to this).

Any help in the right direction would be great. The Best,


Answer:Installed new harddrive, but computer still won't boot

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Hi, I was sent to this forum by KRC forum. My hijack this log has been read and is clean. I have Windows XP, eMachines T4510.

Problem: When I shut down my computer, it will rarely boot back up when I turn it on. When I turn it off, and try to turn it back on, the green light will come on, it sounds like the fan is running, but Windows will not start up. If I leave it off for awhile, like an hour, then it used to start up ok. But today, it was not starting up. Then luckily, I was able to get it to boot up after a few tries.

Also, when I hit sleep, and it hibernates, it will not wake back up (yet green light is on).

I've had some nasty viruses and spyware over the last week, and I've been following the directions here:

I've always had Norton Anti-Virus, and MS Anti-Spyware. I have recently cleaned my computer with:

Panda ActiveScan online
Symantec Security Check Online
TrendMicro Online Scan
Ewido Security Suite (and I have it currently running) (ran in safe mode)
Spybot (ran in safe mode)
Ad-Aware SE with vX2 plug in (ran in safe mode)
Clean up

I believe my computer is finally clean. So now I'm worried that maybe it's just a coincidence that I got the virus and am having the current problem.

My main concern is: is my harddrive failing? If so, what can I do? Do I have to replace the computer, or can I just replace the harddrive relatively inexpensively (less than a new c... Read more

Answer:Harddrive problem? Computer will only boot up at random

Try a different power supply

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I'm looking for a way to secure my "files" hard drive (not my primary OS hard drive). I want something that would allow me to decrypt it on boot, with a decryption password of some type. It would then need to also encrypt again when shutting down.

Could anyone recommend a program for this? It would also be preferred if the separate actions had their own executable or way to be run from command line so I could use it with another project of mine, but this isn't required.

Thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction!

Answer:How do I encrypt and decrypt harddrive on computer boot?

Hi Danny,

I would recommend you try TrueCrypt.


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Hello, I recently purchased new Ram for my computer. It is identical to the ram that is currently running in the machine. I've tried all the possible slots in what seems to be every combination. This includes mixing old and new ram, and only new ram. This is the Ram

G.SKILL F3-1600C9D-16GXM Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory at

And this is my board ASUS Z97-A ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97-A: Computers & Accessories

The computer turns on but I dont get any video whatsover and then the computer restarts itself and it does that for a long time. I let it go through 10 or so reboots before I powered it off manually. Any idea what would be causing this?

Answer:New RAM causing computer boot loop

Do you have the motherboard user manual?
If you don't get one.
Only install the ram in the slots of the motherboard the way the manual indicates.
Make sure they are seated properly.

You could try with only 1 stick of ram if the manual indicates it is okay.

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I just upgraded my mother board and processor to a gigabyte z68x-UD3H-b3 mobo and a intel i5 processor. After swapping out the components I turned on the computer, and it started up fine but is unable to boot properly, and the windows system repair is unable to find the source of the problem.

Does anyone have a suggestion of what i may have done wrong. Could this be cause by hooking up the hard drive incorrectly or something like that. This is the first time I have installed a motherboard myself so i wouldn't be surprised if i hooked up something incorrectly, I just don't know what would cause this sort of issue.

Thanks in Advance!

Answer:Computer won't boot properly

Did you install Windows fresh after doing a format?

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Sooo...when I boot up my computer, I get a prompt that says something about Windows failing to start.

-Launch Windows Startup Repair (recommended)
-Start Windows normally

I selected the former, but then after like two seconds (I see the little scrolling thing like once), the computer completely shuts down on me! Same thing for the other option.

I've tried Safe Mode too, but it shuts down on that too, and when I selected the 'Repair your computer' option, same thing.

This problem has never occurred before, except last night, but I'm not sure what happened that fix

Also, I cannot find my Windows disc. It's buried under this junk somewhere...

help me :|

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After storm, computer screen dark with flashing cursor in upper left.
Will only start up after F1 reconfiguring bios and then starting up with last good configuration. When the computer is restarted after shutting down the same happens and I have to hit F1 etc. What do I need to do to get the computer back to the baseline startup for good. Thanks and waiting to hear from you.

Answer:HELP - computer won't boot properly

Have you tried booting from your XP disk? That should get you to the option to Repair your current installation. To boot from the CD drive you will have to enter the BIOS/CMOS setup and change the Boot Order to CD 1st priority instead of the Hard Drive.

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Windows XP SP2

Okay I was doing nothing out of the ordinary last night and suddenly My screen splashes white... I do a hard reboot and when my computer reboots, everything boots normally until it gets to the part where it logs into my account and brings up my desktop. The desktop splashes on and off, some of the icons are distorted and the task bar doesn't display properly. My monitor literally flickers on and off a few seconds at a time....

I've tested my brother's monitor so I know it's not the monitor.

I'm up to date with anti-malware programs so I don't think any type of malware is responsible (Avast, Sygate Firewall, Spyware Blaster, Spybot S&D, Windows Updates, Firefox, etc)

I want to say it's either some sort of software problem or a graphics card problem. Before I run out and buy a new graphics card I want to make sure it's not a software problem.

I have not tried booting into safe mode yet. I do use ERUNT and I have saved copies of my registry both saved on my C Drive and in my Windows Folder. I'm wondering If I should try to boot into safe mode and load the last good copy of my registry that I saved... This won't cause me to lose everything on my hard drive will it?

Any help you guys can provide me with is greatly appreciated. If there's anything I left out please let me know.

Answer:Computer Won't Boot Properly - Please Help

just to update you... SAFE MODE works fine....

I'm currently copying all my music files into a portable hard drive for safe keeping (something I planned on doing this weekend before this little mishap)

Should I use ERUNT and load the last known good copy of my registry?
I've run Spybot & Adaware, nothing found, Hijack this appears normal except from a crap load of Roboform entries... and There are no unusual programs in Startup or Add/Remove programs....

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Well, first off this has been happening for awhile.About 2 months but it didn't really bother me until now.

My computer would turn on. The computer itself would turn on,but the blue light that comes out off the power button will not show and the screen is black and nothing will happen. It takes serveral tries to boot the computer properly until the blue light appears and it works fine from there.
Also, there is one more problem: my graphics card.
Today i installed it (after serveral tries to get it on) and everything was going fine until after it was done, then all of a sudden the screen goes black and and red block appears on the screen.

So I was wondering if anyone knew hat would possiably be wrong with my computer or a way to fix it

Answer:Computer won't boot properly. Please Help

We need specific information to help answer your question so would you please repost this with appropriate answers to the questions that pertain to your problem, so we can better help you fix your problem quickly.

Computer: Brand Name & Model #

Age of system and relevant components if different :

CPU: Brand, speed

Ram: Type, amount, speed

Operating system: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista or Other

Do you run Anti-Virus software: Brand Name, version #, is it up to date?

For Video or Graphic problems:

Video Card: Brand Name, type, speed, Chipset, driver version and date

Video settings: resolution, advanced settings

For Internet problems:

Modem: Brand name and date of driver

Type connection: dial-up, cable, sat/DSL, other

Browser: IE, Netscape, Firefox, Sea Monkey and version #

For Network problems:

LAN or ethernet card(s) or adapters: Brand, # of cards

Router: Brand name, type

# machines on network

Network settings and IP configuration
Please state your specific problem and when it started

Did you change anything, install any hardware or software before the problem started?

List any recently installed software

List software running in background ie: anti-virus program, mail programs, backup software.
(Run,msconfig,ok,startup) and what is checked

Any power disruption or incomplete shutdowns

Failed Scandisk/chkdsk or defrag attempts

Use of any “tune-up” utilities, registry utilities, system diagnostics, other third par... Read more

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Hi, I am experiencing issues with my computer. And my brain is bleeding, it hurts.

I am on a Windows 7 laptop. The sticker says "G61-304NR Notebook."

As of now: I can't boot the computer. When I turn it on, it goes to a hp screen (like it usually does), goes black, and then displays either "BOOTMGR Image is corrupt. The system cannot boot." or another message about something about checksum possibly being corrupted (I can't remember the exact words at the moment--only the bootmgr one is showing up right now). And then it stays like that, and I am forced to turn off the computer again because no other keys work. I've tried going into safe mode (clickclickclicking F8), but it doesn't work.
When these two messages first began appearing, I managed to start my computer properly once and I went and tried system restore. It started, but then this blue screen of death came up. Then I shut the computer down.

Before the above started happening, I was searching around on surfing the net, looking for free downloads of files, etc.
I do remember that at one point during the day, the entire screen refreshed and it looked different (the - and box and x in the top right-corner of the windows turned into something like this (link)). But then a little while afterwards, it returned to the normal look (link. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but it scared me.
Also, I think I had the google redeirect virus but didn't do anything a... Read more

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The computer has been slow lately from trying to download the 1st episode of Fooly Cooly to put on my gig stick I got for xmas, so I though I'd have a problem when msn wouldn't start up, and yim, so my friend on aim gave me the link to avast.

My problem is that my computer went to restart after the installation of an anti-virus software and it froze while in check, after nothing happend for a bit, I turned off the computer (prob part of the prob) and boots up normal, until it gets to the Welcome blue screen, it loads a little slower than normal, and after that it loads up the wallpaper and the cursor. But then it stops, nothing will work other than shift 5 times (I tell it no, but I wanted to see if it would work) ctrl-alt-delete doesn't work either. When I tap the power button or put it in standby, it trys to end program say that explorer.exe didn't work. I can restart in system settings, or system restore.

After getting fed up with it, I asked my dad if he minded if I system restored my computer, he said that I could but he would work with it today, that I would have to do all the work on it if I did system restore it, and my network adapter is a pain to get working after installation. So I'd prefer that to be my last resort.

My computer hasn't had anything but a firewall for the last year or two, and with downloading, games, and IMing and browsing its never had anything get to it (it has to go through this computers crap that my dad put o... Read more

Answer:Computer Won't Boot Up Properly

A couple of ideas to get you started:

If you are infected, then often Anti-Virus will not install correctly, or in some cases just not work properly.

If you are running two A/V programs there may be conflicts.

Try uninstalling the recently installed A/V program and see if some of the problems dissapear.

Also, it would help to know what type of internet connection you have (i.e. dialup, DSL, or Cable) and more specs on your computer (i.e. RAM amount, what firewall you are using, etc)

You mention that you download quite a bit. From what sites? Limewire? Kazaa?

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I have run into a problem that just started this evening. My computer will not boot to windows XP without the windows XP installation disc in the DVD drive. When the disc is not present the computer just says a bootable drive was not located. I have not been able to fix this problem even with a fresh install. I have played with the boot order in the bios and this has not solved the problem. Any ideas?

Some Computer Specs:
AMD-64 3500+
2-200GB Seagate SATA drives
Pioneer 16x DVDR

Again this just started for the first time this evening.


Answer:Computer will not boot properly...

dont think this will help

had this problem on a dell laptop said Bootable Media Not Found or something of that nature, had a problem with the harddrive.

What i did

Put in cd, went to recovery console did

chkdsk /r you could also do chkdsk /p which is a longer method

then after that finishes i typed in fixboot

and that problem was gone.

mite wanna give that a shot, seems like something is screwy with the harddrives, may want to boot up into Partition Magic and format and recreate the partitions from that then fresh install if the above doesn't work

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Alright, new here, I will try to explain this as best I can.
1st of all WINDOWS XP HOME (i believe home version)

About 10 days ago I tried downloading some .csv file from the internet, it was a simple excel file, not what i was looking for, with nothing but numbers and junk. IMMEDIATELY after when using google (primary search engine) and yahoo (if google isnt doing the job) I would be redirected to another random website. Files were downloaded from a site called (terrible mistake to even try to download these files that i didnt even want or need, but thats neither here nor there)

I rarely ever shut off my computer (a desktop). I have had issues in the past and completely reinstalled windows because of the inability to fix the problems. I am tempted to do so again, unless somebody can help.

I have comcast for a service provider, so I decided to download their Internet Security program for free.
I installed it, and also another program that came along with it as well (i cannot find anything to do with it on my computer, and thus forget what its called) But the comcast program is called Norton (NortonDL.exe).

After installing the Norton program, my computer asked to restart, so I chose to have it boot up again. 1st time in a couple weeks. It began booting, went through its normal screens, and came to the Intel Inside screen before going black and restarting. After it did this it gave me the "boot normal, safemode, or last config" screen. I chose... Read more

Answer:Computer will not boot properly, well... at all

AH HA the program was internet security 2010, the program i mentioned that i could not remember

It just booted, and just ran a scan.

at least I think it was this program..... the symbol looks the same, however somethings look suspicious

Adware:W32/Gamevance (ive never had adaware on this computer)

something tells me these are all fake errors, because it wants me to download and pay for the service.
pay 40 bux to get the program to remove these supposed viruses

maybe i really do have all this stuff, but something seems fishy

anywho, i thought i might as well try and update with this info

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Please could someone please help me with my problem. I have a Toshiba Equium A100-147 and using Window XP Media Centre Addition, Version 2002.When switching on my laptop it goes straight to the safe mode selection screen, I have tried to start it using all modes and nothing works, once a mode is selected a blue screen flashes for half a second, then goes to Windows XP loading, then to Toshiba loading page and then goes straight back to the mode selection screen. Is there anyway to fix this or is it a case that I have to wipe my computer with the recovery disc, which I hope is not the case as I have a lot of personal photos and important documents on there which will obviously be lost. I have not downloaded anything for the past couple of days and it was working fine this morning.  Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advanceKayleigh

Answer:my computer will not boot up properly! Please help!!

At the mode selection screen choose disable automatic restarts on system failure. This will allow you to see the blue screen error message. Post back with the entire message.

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Hello, I am having a problem with my computer. I noticed that my sound wasn't working on my computer last night so I restarted my computer. When it was booting back up I couldn't get it passed the "Press Del to enter setup" page. Well the screen just goes black after. And i've tried pressing delete and f6 or f8 to get into safe mode or anything. But it doesn't recognize my keyboard. I've tried different usb slots for the keyboard and different keyboards, none of them work. And I also tried using my Windows XP Cd(Service pack 2) to try and reformat but where the black screen was says "Press any key to boot from cd" and I can't even use my keyboard to press anything. I'm assuming i got a virus somehow and it effected all of my drivers or something. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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I have a Windows XP Media Center with AMD 64 Athlon Processor.
The problem that I have is that my computer sometimes boots up and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't boot up, the computer power is on and the fans are also running. Sometimes the fans run really fast and do not lower their speed, other times they start fast and then lower their speed but the computer still does not boot up.

Now when the computer does boot up in runs well wit no problems, I've read on this forum that maybe it could be the video card or the hard drive that is damage. But if either of them is damage, the computer is not suppose to run fine when it boots up? Other thing is that when I boot up the computer i get a message from Hardware Wizard that a new PCI Bridge Device has been found, other than that the computer runs fine when it does boot up. I'm using the computer while I'm writing this. PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer:Computer Does not Boot up properly

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Ok so my brother gave me his older computer to try to fix beucase he said he couldn't get it to work. so when i tried to boot it up, it would have a screen pop up where it would ask me if i wanted to run in safe mode, most recent good settings, or normally. I tried every single one and everytime it would get to the loading screen then when it's suppose to go to the login screen it would show a messed up screen and then reboot automatically. This computer is running XP home it's a compaq Presario, 1 gigahertz, pentium III, 128 MB RAM. If I installed windows XP pro do you think it might automatically fix the problem?

Answer:Computer Won't Boot up properly

It probably will, unless there is a hardware problem. However, it sounds like a windows error, either with drivers, or corrupt system files. A reinstall should fix your problem, although there is no guarantee with computers.

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Hi all.. bit of a strange problem here so please bear with me...

I have a custom built desktop which I've been using without any problems for about 2 months. A few days back, the signal to the monitor failed. My first thought was that the gfx card had become unseated but I then noticed that the system wasn't booting properly.

It appears to turns on okay when I press the power button and there seems to be some HDD and CD activity for a brief second, then nothing. I don't hear the usual single short beep confirming that the system is loading properly. My first thought was to try and boot from a recovery disk but with the exception of the floppy drive light coming on for a brief second on startup - there's no activity there. (It always worked okay before). I also tried clearing the CMOS by shorting the appropriate jumpers on the mobo (and removing the cmos battery) but that has made no difference.

More worryingly, I've now noticed that shortly after startup (say 30 seconds later) the system powers itself down. I hear the fans in the PSU spring into life, then they seem to get progressively slower until it gets to a point where the system shuts itself down.

I haven't yet tried swapping the PSU out with another as I don't have a spare to hand. The last thing I did before the system started having problems was to plug a USB stick into the front USB port. In hindsight, I didn't earth it first (I usually touch the metal connector on the side of the case quickly... Read more

Answer:Computer won't boot properly

take out all hardware except the essential, and if it works, try putting back the hardware one by one testing as you go

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Hi, I am experiencing issues with my computer. And my brain is bleeding, it hurts.

I am on a Windows 7 laptop. The sticker says "G61-304NR Notebook."

As of now: I can't boot the computer. When I turn it on, it goes to a hp screen (like it usually does), goes black, and then displays either "BOOTMGR Image is corrupt. The system cannot boot." or another message about something about checksum possibly being corrupted (I can't remember the exact words at the moment--only the bootmgr one is showing up right now). And then it stays like that, and I am forced to turn off the computer again because no other keys work. I've tried going into safe mode (clickclickclicking F8), but it doesn't work.
When these two messages first began appearing, I managed to start my computer properly once and I went and tried system restore. It started, but then this blue screen of death came up. Then I shut the computer down.

Before the above started happening, I was searching around on surfing the net, looking for free downloads of files, etc.
I do remember that at one point during the day, the entire screen refreshed and it looked different (the - and box and x in the top right-corner of the windows turned into something like this (link)). But then a little while afterwards, it returned to the normal look ( link). I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but it scared me.
Also, I think I had the google redeirect virus but didn't do anything about it, because I though... Read more

Answer:computer won't boot properly

Hi w128 and welcome to TSF.

Do you have your Windows 7 Disk with you? Can you try using the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment. If that doesn't succeed, then there are a few more things you can try. Here's the steps that you will need to follow.

Once you have gotten your system to boot properly, I suggest you start a new thread in the ' Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help' section and give then all the details they require to help you.

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This issue has been resolved I am now working on a new issue concerning my DVD RomIf we could finalize this post and just use my primary post for this issue as below:,55037.0.htmlThis post can be closed. Greetings everyone,I hope someone can assist me so here is my problem.This morning my computer was working well and I simply shut it down and went to work, after powering it back up after upon returning the computer went to the boot up menu...after performing the system checks it simply froze.I rebooted several times with out any success...I then took out all of the parts and put them back in ensuring a snug fit.  This did not help but nothing changed.  I started Isolating misc parts, started by changing out ram but it still frooze.  Unplugged all the fans (other then the Graphics Card and Processor) but nothing changed.  Finally, I decided to disconnect my HardDrive.At this point the computer would boot up but did not recognize any drives (of course) so I thought the hard drive went bad.  So I connected it to my secondary computer to see if I could salvage the files and low and behold everything was in order, infact there was no corruption or damage of any kind (that I could see).I figured it couldn't be the HDD so i put it back on the setup and booted the computer It wont even register to my Monitor.Any Thoughts?This computer is:AM2+ Dual PCIe Motherboard4 Gigs of RamPCIe ATI graphics... Read more

Answer:Computer Won't Boot Properly

Is this a new build? Did you build it yourself? what type is hdd? (pata/sata)Have you tried a minimal boot? (cpu, graphics card, 1 stick RAM, boot from dvd / cd)

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I've been having some boot up issues for a while.. It would boot up extremely slow, and I was lucky when it would boot. It used to just be stuck on the beginning HP loading screen when it first turns on.. Now it does that, but then it gives a black screen. Not black like it turned off.. Just that it won't show anything or go further. I got it to show my mouse once, but it wouldn't do anything after that (usually when it shows my mouse it'll boot up. I have to keep moving it so the computer would recognize it, otherwise it won't boot up). Somehow in the past I was able to fix it in Safe Mode, but now I can't even access Safe Mode. I press the button to and then.. Black screen... I've tried system restore multiple times and each time they have failed. I've tried startup repair, but it would stay on the same screen for 8 hours and not budge an inch.

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I'm having problems starting up my computer.

It started when I installed an online game. When I tried to play it, it ran very slowly for a couple of seconds and then my computer just froze. This was the first time my computer ever froze. As my computer didn't have a reset button, I held the power button for a few seconds to turn it off.

When I turned it back on again, there are black vertical stripes across the blue HP background, and then the screen goes to the "start in safe mode, start in safe mode networking etc..." screen. This screen, by the way, is also a little weird because all of the words and characters are all jumbled up. When I choose the option to run windows normally, it just comes back to this screen, or sometimes the monitor just goes to sleep.

When I try to go into safe mode, it says something like "installation not complete, run set-up again" - thus not allowing me to go into safe mode.

My computer is a HP Pavillion (bought it early 2007), Pentium D, 3ghz, 1gb ram. I have Windows XP Media Edition.

Can anyone please help?

Much thanks appreciated.


Answer:Computer won't boot properly

try to hit f8 and select last good know configuration see if it will help

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I need some help with a computer. My husband's computer actually. I'm not all that tech-savvy, but more so than he is! He just has bad luck with computers and anything technical... If this is not the proper forum to ask this question in, please gently send me in the right direction!!

Anyway, here are the details. He turned on the computer without a problem last night, played WoW, updated AVG and then shut down the computer. Or at least he thought he shut it down. When he went back in there this morning, it was still on, and frozen. He held down the power button to turn it off. When he tried to restart it, it showed the Dell logo screen, the Windows logo screen, and then went to a blank black screen, with only the mouse pointer visible.

This is what I have done. I got out the OS disk, and tried booting it from the disk. I chose "Install" at the first option (NOT repair) then when it located the current installation, that's when I chose "repair". Everything seemed to be going fine, but then after all was said and done, it still kicked me back to the blank black screen. I'm at the limits of my knowledge here.

To be honest, when I got my laptop last Christmas, I sort of washed my hands of him and the desktop, so I will give you the details that I am aware of.

Dell XPS 600
Windows XP (SP??)

I know he has AVG and Spybot on his PC, but my guess is that it's been over a month since he last scanned it (even though he updated AVG la... Read more

Answer:computer won't boot properly

Can you boot into safe mode. You can do this by tapping the f8 key during the boot. You will be given various options but choose safemode.
If you can boot into safemode you should be able to run a scan with avg to remove any malware.
If you cant boot into safemode then a clean install could be your only option.

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I have an HP laptop and when I press the power button the fan spins for about 1 second and the light indicating the power is on comes on, but then nothing happens. The harddrive light never comes on, and the screen remains black. It worked fine yesterday and now this problem. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.Thanks!!!

Answer:Computer Won't Boot Properly

One thing you can try is to remove the battery and just run it off of AC power...does it do the same thing ? ?It also may be shutting down to protect itself if it's old is the machine ? ?

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We have a couple home PC's (used mainly for gaming and saving family photos) in our house.  Tonight, my wife was playing a game and her computer froze up.  When she tried to do a hard boot - she was able to get through the logo screen for Windows XP Professional and click to login as admin (per the usual) but once she clicks ok - the screen goes to a blank blue screen and will not bring up the desktop.  After a couple minutes an error message comes up that says;"Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Library program: \??\C:\windows\system32\winlogon.exethis aplication has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information.Also, the wallpaper photo of my daughter comes up after a few minutes.  But no icons appear on the desktop.The main thing we want to try to accomplish is saving all our family photos that she was in the process of backing up on dvd.  Hoping that all this data is not lost forever.A couple things to note about this computer - it's a home built job - built by my buddy who worked in IT at my company - he put the whole thing together about 6 years ago.  Sadly he passed away last year from complications due to an injury he sustained from mixed martial arts boxing.  Yes, more info than you need to know except for the fact that all the Windows discs/passwords etc were all in his possesion and I'm unable to get them ever again.  I don't even hav... Read more

Answer:Computer will not boot up properly

If you only wish to backup your files (which are mostly likely just fine) grab the latest release of Ubuntu Linux. You just burn it to a disc and it will boot "live" which means you dont have to install it. Just boot from the dc-rom. Then you should be able to access you files.www.ubuntu.comIf you like Ubuntu you can install it also. Its a little different than windows. If you decide to install you should backup all your files first and then formant the hard drive to remove everything.

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A problem that came up today was my computer was having problems. When I try to turn it on, it looks normal, with the Asus logo, but it fades away, and a white screen slides in and then out. Is there something wrong?
Edit: this is urgent because I need to work on it, and if it isn't booting properly, then I can't use it.
When that screen is there, if I move my finger around on the touchpad, then the pointer will show up and move around, but won't ever load or boot fully.
Edit 2: fixed

Answer:Computer won't boot properly

It's now fixed. I reinstalled windows and the touchpad and keyboard didn't work, but a driver update fixed that.

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I received the blue screen of death last night during a google search on my XP SP3 Dell laptop. It would not boot back up so I ran a repair using the chkdsk /r from the recovery console. Now the computer boots up and flashes and lsasss.exe - Unable to Locate Component window with the error "the application has failed to start because WLDAP32.dll was not found" I can click ok and then it takes me to a blank desktop in with no icons and no ability to run the task manager. I get the same thing in safe mode as well. I have tried rebuilding the boot.ini file but I keep getting the same blank screen. I am trying to avoid a reload. If it is a bug im sure combofix can kill it but I cannot run any applications. I can only get to a command promtp using the recovery console.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance!!

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When I boot my computer goes past the first screen, bios. Then it goes to a black screen with a blinking under score in the top left corner. I googled and saw all sorts of recommendations. The first one from windows 7 staff tells a customer to buy a new hard drive. But I decided to try the simple thing first, unplugging all my USB devices. And it worked. Through trial and error I found out it is the keyboard. It work fine if I plug it in after boot. I switched the usb slot the keyboard is plugged into and it still happens.

How do I solve this other then getting a new keyboard? Why does this happen? Could this possibly be the reason my computer is getting hotter then normal?

Answer:Keyboard causing computer to freeze on boot

Your keyboard or cord could be damaged and sending constant signals to the PC. Try with another keyboard to see if that's the problem.

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Hey all. I've been experimenting over the last 24 hours to try to Dual-boot Linux Ubuntu 7.10 and Windows XP.

After much deliberation I firmly said "screw it", due to the problem I'm about to describe. It's also preventing me from getting XP back, period.

When I turn on my computer with the Windows Boot CD in the drive, it starts Windows Setup, but then proceeds to shut off at a random time during the installation. Sometimes I don't even make it to the partition editor before my computer just shuts off. There is no dialog, no "shutting down" message, just a cold turnoff.

This isn't a result of Ubuntu, because I have deleted all my partitions, and I'm still having this problem.

Could it be my Windows CD? I've used it numerous times before to reformat, with no problems.

Help! :D

Answer:XP boot disk causing computer to shut off

No one?

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ok, i've had this computer (Dell Dimensions 9200, Vista Home Edition) for 3 years now, with one hard drive the whole time and it's been fine. I installed a second hard drive today that had pre-existing files, but no OS.
They are both SATA, NTFS, i'm not sure on partitons, not that computer literate.
after i got it all plugged in, it was working fine, the files were accesible and everything was going great. I was getting sharing options all set up when everything came to a crashing halt.

I've gone through Hard Drive Diagnostics and got a return error code 7 on my old, good drive, and a return error code 4 on the new one.
I entered BIOS and made sure the boot order was old drive before new drive, it was, and deleted the new drive from the boot options just to be sure.
still no boot up.
when i go into BIOS and disable the new drive (on SATA 5) the computer completes the boot up fine and it all works (minus the files on the second hdd)

when it is attempting to boot with both HDD's enabled, it gets to the windows loading, green bar stage, but then goes blank adn goes no further. fans are still spinning and monitor stays in active mode, but noting comes up, have left it this way for about 30 minutes.

This second HDD was formaly in a mini-media-host thing, allowed (crummy) network access to the 2nd HDD, but then it broke, which is why i'm trying to at least install the HDD into my computer in the first place, 500 gb is 500 gb.

the only files on this... Read more

Answer:Solved: Second HDD causing computer to fail to boot.

not solved per se, i've given up and returned it to it's now repaired media server home. guess my comp and it just didn't get along.

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My friend has an old windows XP PC That in this last week has decided not to boot properly, What happens is that when he turns his pc on he gets to the windows XP Loading screen but then gets a BSOD and the computer restarts its turning on process, I Have tried booting it in Safe mode for him but the same again just happens, BSOD Then the turning on process starts again.
Alex Haywood

Answer:Computer wont Boot Properly

Open the case
Remove and refit the memory cards then remove and refit the graphics card if it has one.
try a rebbot if still the same then
Repair XP by install over the top of existing system

Boot the computer using the XP CD. You may need to change the boot order in the system BIOS so the CD boots before the hard drive. Check your system documentation for steps to access the BIOS and change the boot order.
When you see the "Welcome To Setup" screen, you will see This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer:

To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.
To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.
To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

Press Enter to start the Windows Setup.

To setup Windows XP now and Repair Install , press ENTER.
DO NOT choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R", (you Do Not want to load Recovery Console).

Accept the License Agreement and Windows will search for existing Windows installations.
Select the XP installation you want to repair from the list and press R to start the repair.
Setup will copy the necessary files to the hard drive and reboot.

Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears.
Setup will continue as if it were doing a clean install, but your applications and settings will remain intact.
Repair XP

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I have just built a new system, put everything together, installed windows xp. Everything was working fine. I turned it on the next day and it goes to boot windows and the screen is just black?? It seems like it is in windows because the hard drive has activity? I have ruled out video card problems, and monitor. But the weird thing is it sometimes boots windows normally??? So someone plz help!!

System Specs:
P4 3.0Ghz
512 Ram
Gigabyte Mobo
Geforce 4 64mb
Windows XP Home

Answer:Computer wont boot properly??? Help

im assuming you ruled out video card problems by testing the card in another computer? if so it could be that the actual slot is damaged. that card is AGP right? so test a crappy old pci card if possible. or at least test another AGP card.

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Hello, I have a friend who's computer simply refuses to boot up properly. When he hits the power button to turn it on, the fan starts and the computer sounds fairly active, but the boot screen sequence does not show up on his monitor. I know that the problem isn't his monitor.

Currently, he has to kill the power, and turn it back on multiple times until the boot sequence appears on his screen. I'm not sure what has caused this, but his computer used to work fine several months ago (he's been dealing with this ever since). I know that he has a bad habit of killing the computer's power and turning it back on whenever his computer locks up or stalls (which it does quite often ><).

Anyway, I'm wondering if this is a hardware problem, perhaps a problem with his power supply or motherboard... If anyone has any enlightening statements as to what may be causing this issue, I would greatly appreciate their reply, thanks

Answer:Computer refuses to boot properly

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When i switch the power button, the light comes on for that and the fan starts but computer doesnt acctually come on, i have to wait about 10minutes then push the reset button and it boots up normally.

Any ideas ?

Thanks Lee

Answer:Computer wont boot up properly !

does the monitor light turn green when u turn it on or does it stay orange.

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Hello, my computer is semi new (almost 2years old and for 1 year ago i replaced my motherboard and graphics card)

anyways after a day of gaming i turned her of with no problems and went to bed, i went away for a day and came back to it not being able to fully boot

When i press the power button it starts up normally for a few seconds and then shuts of followed by the computer trying to restart, (so if i don't pull the plug or turn of the psu it will keep trying to boot forever) while this i happening i'm getting no picture on my screen, nor any lights on my motherboard/sounds

my motherboard is MSI B75MA-P45
Windows 7

i open up to find alot of dust as usual, so i clean that out then i started to debugg the problem

i unplug my CD room, my hardrive and HDD, but the problem is still there.
i unplug my graphics card and the same thing happens.
i unplug my ram and the same thing happens

also id add that im not that good with computers but i have a brand new PSUof the same brand, but im anxious to try to install that on my own.

tldr. Computer will start for 4-9 seconds from i press the power button (no picture) and then resets for a new try.

thx for any replies what so ever, currently trying to manually flash the bios in hopes that something might happen, also sorry for bad grammar not my main language also dyslexia

Answer:Computer wont boot properly

Make and model number of the PSU?

Do you hear any beeping without any memory plugged in?

Make and model number of the motherboard?

How long exactly was the new motherboard bought?

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Hello everyone. I'm having an issue while booting up an old PC of mine. It worked completely fine last night, but this morning it just doesn't boot up normally.

The issue is: I press the boot button and the usual light next to it on the computer case that should pop up when it's open doesn't. Everything else inside the computer seems to be working fine, fan, cooler etc. No unusual sounds noticed. Motherboard beeps just fine. But because the light doesn't pop up, I'm assuming it suggests the computer isn't fully started somehow since no monitor recognizes that it's started up, so the monitor stays 'no signal' mode. So I cannot access the PC, blank.

What should I be looking at? What could be wrong? Thanks a lot in advance.
Attached some files from 2013 since I cant get new ones. Differences: new Kingstom memory module replaced the unbranded one, and I'm fairly sure I've got it a new power supply unit.

MOBOT: Motherboard Spec Sheet: ECS C51GM-M (V1.0)

Answer:Computer doesn't boot up properly

Welcome to TSF! Thanks for posting the Specs on your system. It appears to be a custom-built PC. Did you build it yourself then? Or buy it from a Computer Store?

In any case it's an XP-era computer, about 8 years old or so. You'll need to do some testing on the RAM, Hard Drive, and Motherboard. Here's my modified Troubleshooting Guide that you can use for this: So many problems
Please see POST #5, by BIGBEARJEDI.
[you'll notice this Guide is geared towards laptops, but works just as well for troubleshooting desktops. Simply ignore the test items on things such as the AC Adapter and the DC Power Jack.]

I also suggest you print a hardcopy of these instructions out on another working computer you have either at home, or on a computer that a friend/neighbor/co-worker/family-member has. It will be 7-8 pages.

None of the 3 reports you attached show the hard drive Make/Model, so you will need to find this out. If you view the SPECCY report you attached in full, it will show you the Hard Drive Make Model. You didn't attach the full report, only the Summary page. Of course unless you removed the Hard Drive.

If the Hard Drive you have in this PC is also 8 years old, it's very likely it's failing or faulty. You mentioned the Motherboard beeps, or produces audio codes. If you did NOT remove BOTH the Hard Drive and the RAM when you did this test, this indicates a Motherboard Failure and it must be replaced. Hard Drives go out after 5 years in desktops; so it's a 90% chance that... Read more

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Ok, I've read similar posts on this subject on the net and on techguy, but I've never found anything that seems to work.

I have a Gateway computer running MS XP media center edition Operating system purchased sometime around the summer of 05.

It had been running perfectly fine, well, almost perfectly fine, until just recently it decided that it did not want to start up. At first it was internittant and could be solved by turning the computer on and off along with playing with the powerstrip, now these methods have failed tend the computer refuses to boot up at all.

Here is what happens;
I push the on button for the computer
The fan starts, the computer checks the CD rom drive and the lights blink (important: NO BEEPING)
The power button light does not turn on and the computer stays in this state until either I cut the power with the powerstrip or hold in the power button on the tower.

I don't know what caused this but I can tell you a few of the things that I did before the problem arose.

Downloaded and ran Vegas 6.0
Downloaded and ran Bittorrent (although I did not use it to download anything)
Ran Mcafee antivirus, the computer came up clean
Ran Pho linux live CD
Ran Dyne:bolic Live CD
Disabled autostart for AIM instant messenger

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Computer refuses to boot properly

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Trouble started the other day. My computer had a virus. I kind of remember its name... SSMS32.exe (I think that's also a function program IN the computer as well... I'm not sure.) Well, I started getting some annoying pop ups every minute or two saying I had a virus on my laptop (my wallpaper was even locked, displaying a warning message). I don't trust random popup messages like that, so I quickly opened an antivirus program my friend who works in IT gave me. Ran it, it detected the said virus/whatever mentioned above and some trogans.

This antivirus has always come through for me, so when it asked me to reboot my computer, I did. Just before it logged off, I saw my wallpaper so I figured the issue was solved. But when the computer turned back on, it went to this screen telling me there was an error, asking to if I wanted to turn on the computer in safe mode (various other options, too), and it had a 30 second count down that would reboot my computer once it finished.

So I told it to enter safe mode and my laptop turned off. I turned it back on and it seemed to run okay. Windows loaded and I got to what looked like my main screen (desktop, wallpaper). Then it went to the screen (I don't know what it's called)--it's blue, has your user icon and name, where you're redirected if you log off. I try to enter my computer again, it shows my desktop for a second, then logs off almost immediately.

Then I tried to load in safe mode (apparently it wasn't before) through my use... Read more

Answer:Computer Won't Boot Properly / Logon

I have a friend and his machine is doing the same thing, so would like to follow this thread if I find something out I will post it.

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The computer that i have had is about six months old and has been very good (no crashes, blue screens etc). Yesterday i installed a hard drive from my old computer and inserted it into it and, first of all, it worked. I tried it tody however and the screen is not responding to the computer. The screen goes into standby with the words no signal and the computer doesn't pass the POST test. Only when i re-programme my CMOS does this problem go away and now it seems like it happens everytime i boot the computer up now.
Getting annoyed with fumbling around in my computer pressing random thigns to see if any has fallen out. Any thoughts on what is going on?

System Specs:
Windows vista (up to date with everything)
Nvidia 8800GTS 512mb
Cpu is 3.0 GHZ
500 W Power supply
2gb RAM (which seem to be underclocked)
ASUS SLI-DELUXE motherboard

Answer:Solved: Computer won't boot up properly

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I turned off the computer by pressing the power button (2nd time on the computer). When I tried turning it back on, the screen never loaded past the Dell logo. Strange thing is that the keyboard doesn't respond when I try hitting F11 or F3 (if I remember correctly) and there is no difference whether or not it is plugged in.

Right now I fear that the HDD is corrupt, but I want to see if there is something I can do instead of having it fixed/replaced.

I probably should mention that a certain sound is not made when I try to turn on the computer now.

Answer:Solved: Computer won't boot properly

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I recently took my computer to a friends for a LAN party and it worked fine when it was over there. When I moved it back home, it wouldn't boot properly. It wasn't dropped or damage or bumped in anyway at all. What it does is the following.-Hit the power button, all the lights go on and everything seems to get power.-The Video card seems to get power, but I get no display. When I removed the video card I realized that the GPU fan had been alot louder since the move than before.-After about 5-10 seconds of beeing on, everything powers off. Then, 5 seconds later, it boots up again on it's own. This problem went away when I took the video card out.I haven't tried another vid card because I don't have a backup card.I've made sure that everything's plugged in right, and settled in correctly, and it still won't work.Desperate for help!

Answer:Moved computer, won't boot properly.

Unplug all power sources.Remove a side panel.Making sure you are grounded remove and re-seat the following 1 at a time:RAMVid CardAny other addon cards.Then check and re-check all cable connections including both data and power.Hook up the power, cross your fingers and power up.

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I did some tweaking to speed up the boot process, but now, it boots halfway, then restarts, then does it again... and again... and again! The keyboard becomes unresponsive so I can't even click enter to boot windows from the cd-rom. Please help!

Answer:My ancient computer won't boot properly

Hi, welcome to TSF.

Where did you do the tweaking? If in BIOS - enter BIOS and load setup defaults.

If in Windows - see if you can start in Safe mode.

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Ok, this happend right after i scheduled a disk check, it was going through it and it got stuck, it stayed in the same place and didnt mov so i restarted my computer and now it always says a disk check has been scheduled and it will not complete the check and when i try to skip it it says windows is now booting but stays on that screen and doesnt boot. i have tried safe mode and it will not load, it gets stuck like halfway through loading the drivers, i have also tried using my installation disk to repair it but to no avail. there were no recovery points set either so i dont know what to do.specs: windows vista 2gbRAM intel core2duo extreame 1.8 GHz processor nivida geforce 9600 video card or something like that and i think i have a 320gig western digital HDany help would be greatly appreciated, if there is a way to recover the data from the drive without having to boot or a way to like temp. boot it so i can backup stuff onto a portable hard drive and then i can reformat that would be great.thankyou~EDIT~ Just tried to repair startup again with boot disk and i got this error report and it said it cannot fix the problem:Problem Signature:Problem event name: startuprepairv2problem signature 01: external mediaproblem signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000problem signature 03: 3problem signature 04: 131074problem signature 05: badpatchproblem signature 06: corruptvolumeproblem signature 07: 0problem signature 08: 1problem signature 09: chkdskproblem signature 10: 0os versio... Read more

Answer:computer wont boot properly

this is a desktop right?take the master hdd, hook it as a slave in another pc.transfer anything you want then you can install a fresh xp in it or whatever you want to do.

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I had made a clean install of Windows 10 on an older computer without any issues.

Then I tried to do a clean install on a newer EFI-based computer. I had trouble like many others once I tried to install to a GPT partition having booted from a USB which wasn't in EFI mode. For the benefit of anyone having that issue, I would recommend following this guide:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

However, Windows is now installed, but I'm faced with a new issue. Windows never boots first time. I have to turn off the power by holding down for 5 seconds. Then windows will boot into a dual boot screen, offering Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I though I had done a clean install, but apparently not.

Anyway, I think my problem is that instead of clearing all of the partitions when doing the initial install, I just deleted and re-created the "OS" partition and installed Windows there. Thus I left all of the recovery partitions, including the WINRETOOLS partition, and also the EFI and MSR "reserved partitions". Does Windows just automatically recreate all of the partitions it needs? From advice elsewhere on the internet, it seemed like it would be a bad idea to remove all the partitions.

Anyway, maybe this is not the cause of my problem. Thanks for any help!

Update: the computer is a Dell XPS15 which has a hybrid drive (~500GB HDD and 32GB SSD). The SSD is just used for caching and faster startup. I think it uses Intel Rapid Start Technology and maybe ot... Read more

Answer:Clean install on EFI computer causing boot problems

You probably need to disable the acceleration drive when installing an OS. It can be disabled using the Intel utility in the hidden icons on the taskbar. After you finish the install, you can re-enable it the same way. If you disable it, give it time to unwind before shutting down.

It is normally best to remove all current partitions during an install to a clean drive. The install runs into problems removing partitions so it can install correctly.

If you are trying to dual boot, make sure you are using the same configuration, UEFI or Legacy, if you are installing on one drive. You can have UEFI install and Legacy install on different drives, but the Boot Menu will probably not be available

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Computer just shut down on me and it wont Boot up or Repair. I have 64-bit and I tried borrowing my friends 32 bit cd to try and do a reinstall but that wont work. I dont have a 64 bit cd, I only have my CD key. After I try and do Windows Repair, it will tell me they coudltn find the problem and the Blue screen of death flashes on my screen then shuts down. Help please.

Answer:Computer wont Repair or boot properly.

You cannot use a 32-bit disc to repair a 64-bit version of Windows.

Use this tutorial making sure you click each link in turn if you're not sure what to do.

Startup Repair

Failing that, go to your computer manufacturer's support site (you haven't said who it is or what your computer specs are) and check what their recovery procedure is, but it'll be something like tap the F10 key on startup.

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So I have a HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit that turned off during an update not to long ago. I have been trying to get it fixed but I have ran out of options and need some other peoples help. After a long boot time to the login screen and after I get logged in, I can do nothing on my desktop. It lags and freezes like crazy. Then when I try to get in via Safe Mode, it just restarts. Can anyone help me get it back to what it was before? Also, I do not have the discs for it because I never made a disc of it.

Any help?


Jared G.

Answer:Computer will not boot properly after powering off during an update!

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look at this tutorial, which explains how to access Windows 7's advanced boot options.

Advanced Boot Options

By tapping the F8 key at startup you can access these options and you need to choose Last Known Good Configuration.

Once you get your computer up and running you need to create a set of recovery discs as a matter of urgency. Creating a system repair disc would also be helpful.

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Hello. The problem is with my parents' computer. Their computer was upgraded some time ago from XP to Windows 7 (it can still boot into XP if needs be). They recently agreed to me upgrading it to Windows 10, but didn't like it, and wanted me to return it to Windows 7. This was within the 30-day period, so that option was taken. However, the reversion to Windows 7 failed. Part way through the boot process, it will fail by simply starting the reboot over again.

It CAN boot into safe mode, including with networks. And I've used msconfig to turn on and off about every option I can find, but I can't find out what is stopping it booting properly.

I've tried the option for it to repair itself, but to no avail (it can't find anything wrong). They couldn't find (probably never had) their Windows 7 installation disk, but I've downloaded the iso from Microsoft, burnt it to a DVD, and tried using that to repair it, but still no good (just to be clear, I haven't tried a fresh installation). I have managed to get their printer working in safe mode.

In order to retain their settings, I really don't want to have to do a fresh installation. I'd rather find out what's wrong and fix it.

How can I find out what's causing the problem so that I can fix it?

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My PC can run from 5 minutes to 4-6 hours then it will randomly shut off (no errors, just blacks out suddenly; nothing in event log) when my External Harddrives are connected via USB.

I disconnected them and it ran for 20 hours straight without shutting off, so I believe they are the problem.

I saw this thread:

But I wasn't going to follow that advice as I have a USB mouse and keyboard.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


Answer:External Harddrive(s) causing PC to shut off

Do the external hard drives have an auxiliary power source, or are they powered from the USB ports?

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I'm running Windows Vista on my lap top and when I try to start it up it shows "installing updates 3 or 3 0% do not switch off computer",,, then goes to 96% then shuts down and reboots doing the same thing over and over again.

It's as if the update isn't there but if wants to install it. I've tried booting into safe mode - same thing happens. Tried F8 and repair mode - same thing

HELP ...............even tried doing the restore to earlier point but a) nothing happens and b) don't really want to as will loose my friends photos (worse than loosing my own).

Any suggestions appreciated and FAST !!

Answer:Windows update not installing properly - computer won't boot up

Which updates are you installing?
Have you installed SP1 and SP2?
Have you updated your drivers prior to updating Windows?
Have you scanned for malware.

You shouldn't lose photo's when using a System Restore Point

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I restarted my computer with my ipod connected and for some reason, the pc took forever to boot. It never completed the start-up but I just disconnected the ipod and so the pc was able to boot.

Is it safe to leave my ipod or other usb device in while booting? I have a camera that's always connected but the pc is never slow...

Answer:Computer doesn't boot properly when USB device is conncected

Go into your bios and see if there is an option to boot from a USB device. If there is disable it and see if that cures the problem.

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I wonder if you can help.
I have a HP Envy Laptop and had Norton Utilities to run a ScanDisk job on start-up.
Unfortunately it looks like it has caused a major problem as my computer won?t properly boot up and Norton Disk Doctor doesn?t go away.
I have tried to get around this obstruction caused by Norton but it won?t go away and I am now getting messages that my computer needs to be repaired.
I managed to boot my computer with a USB drive to capture all data from the hard drive onto an external disk so my data isn?t lost, but when I use HP Recovery Manager on a USB drive, Norton Disk Doctor keeps interfering and won?t let me boot up so I can restore my computer to factory settings again.
It is just a matter of getting past this obstruction caused by Norton to get my computer reset.
Any ideas in what to do with the bios or UEFI settings to get it to boot directly without interference from Norton preventing it from booting as this is what has been the problem beforehand?
Many thanks.

Answer:Norton Disk Doctor wont let my computer boot up properly

Can you boot in safe mode and uninstall that product?

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Hello wonderful computer geniuses I was reading the comments on the download quality of a movie on and all of a sudden my computer started beeping and everything froze. I immediately turned it off with the power key because I have had viruses before and was weary. Upon reboot, as soon as I put my password in as administrator the computer rebooted itself before I could do anything (and did this again, ever time I tried to boot-up in Normal Mode) . I was able to log-in to safe mode. I ran Malwarebytes to no avail. I then ran AVG and Spybot Search and Destroy. AVG did not find anything because the log showed all the files as locked. Spybot found a few files which it deleted but the problem persisted. I also ran CCleaner to no avail. I then ran Spyware Doctor which found some files and an alleged Trojan but it did not seem to be the one that was affecting the re-boot. I tried to run SDFix but the virus has prevented it from loading. I am also not able to do a system restore or turn on any firewalls or internet security. I have also heard Dr. Web is good but it will not let me run it in SAFE mode and I can not do anything in Normal Mode. I am weary to do anything with the Registry seeing as I am not a pro. I ran 'Hijack This' and the log is below:Please, please help me out in anyway you can! I have my files backed up but can not afford a new PC! Thank you so much in advance!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4Scan saved at 9:36:54 PM, on 19/09/... Read more

Answer:Virus/Trojan causing Computer to re-boot everytime I log in to Normal Mode

Hello , And to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum. My name is Elise and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.I will be working on your malware issues, this may or may not solve other issues you may have with your machine.Please note that whatever repairs we make, are for fixing your computer problems only and by no means should be used on another computer.The cleaning process is not instant. Logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me. I know that you need your computer working as quickly as possible, and I will work hard to help see that happen. Please reply using the Add/Reply button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply. Only attach them if requested or if they do not fit into the post.Unfortunately, if I do not hear back from you within 5 days, I will be forced to close your topic. If you still need help after I have closed your topic, send me or a moderator a personal message with the address of the thread or feel free to create a new one.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favorites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.-----------------------------------------------------------If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you... Read more

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Hi, i bought an external hard drive and i put some of my data on it, but one of the capacitors blew out, so i just took out the internal hd and installed it in my computer as an internal hd. (i already had 2 hds installed, so for this third one i just used the IDE cable from my dvd rom). But wen i turn on the computer the monitor just stays blank and it says "no signal". But if i disconnect the new hd and turn the computer on again, the monitor gets a signal. The hard drive i'm trying to install is a 250 Gb Western Digital. plz help.

Answer:Installing new harddrive causing monitor to not get signal

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Ok so, this is the situation.

I've been having alot of bluescreens while playing games.

i used to have bluescreens with my geforce 9800gt card and the graphics went all strange during gaming, so i take it the card was failing.

i have replaced my motherboard,cpu and graphic card since then and am still
experiencing bluescreens, 7 of them blame ntoskrnl.exe and one to do with my graphic card

the errors are
Windows is installed on my C: drive which is 250gb
however all my games are installed on my E: drive which is 1tb
recently while using my 1tb hard drive it has made a single click sound and
straight after if i open the hard drive my explorer.exe freezes

i thought all the bluescreens might have been caused by RAM at first
but could it be possible that while im gaming the harddrive does this and bluescreens me, blaming it on memory?

Im reformatting E: at this very moment.

Answer:Harddrive causing ntoskrnl and memory errors?

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests. They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:

H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link)

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Scanners (read the details at the link)

If these tests pass, then please post this info:

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Okay so here is the issue. A buddy of mine is having issues with his External Western Digital Harddrive. The Harddrive is a 1Tb. His laptop is a HP Netbook Mini 210-1180NR. When ever he plugs his external into his computer he instantly gets BSD. He has plugged my two Externals, A Toshiba and A Seagate, no BSD they loaded with no problem. I plugged his External (WD) into my Dell Latitude E6420 ATG and it loaded up with no problems. This WD external works on all other laptops except his (HP Netbook). We have unistalled all programs dealing with Western Digital and I have looked at many forums with no luck. All of the machines Have Windows 7 Installed. Any help to this problem will be greatly appreciated, as myself or any of my IT buddies have had zero luck.

Answer:Western Digital external Harddrive Causing BSD

Is there anything on this drive that needs to be kept or can you backup anything on it to another?

What is the exact model of the WD unit? Some of these units come with a special virtual disc that contains additional features or the software, and sometimes that can cause problems, I'd probably recommend remove of it but it requires a special utility. WD also releases firmware for some of their drives too, it may need one of those updates.

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Hey everyone.I seem to be having trouble with my hardrive playing up and my windows xp becoming unstable. I have gone through a couple of HD's (both Fujitsu) both seems to be fine before i install a broadband modem/internet with a self installation cd.the only thing that I can think of is i havent inserted the ethernet cable before the self install program begins looking for it.... could this be the cause of the blue screen of death?the modem is a siemens speedstream 4200.This modem has been installed before on the computer.

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hi all,in my earlier post(of the windows not working properly)- after playing GTA San Andreas my OS doesnt work like before i have uninstalled the game and i have given away the CD to my cousin to it because of the game or something else?Thanks,Chris

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IE 8 Not loading pages properly I think its Flash that is causing it? What can I do to fix this? I have repaired IE8 and still the same problem, my yahoo homepage and mail page is doing it constantly. I have Adobe flash player 11 Active x and adobe flash player 10 plugin installed. Also I think I know but when I am browsing it says on the status bar done but when i scroll down it begins to load more content as far as i am aware when you load a webpage and it says done that should be it or am I wrong? I am begining to think my ISP is at it as they say they are the fastest and just wondering if they are tricking me into thinking that, as it shouldn't have to load more content when the page says done in my opinion.
Thank you in advance

Answer:IE 8 Not loading pages properly I think its Flash that is causing it?

Couple of things you can try:

Open the Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter to solve problems in Internet Explorer 8

Tips for solving problems when Internet Explorer crashes or stops working

Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working, or restarts

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I have got a problem with the malfunctioning of LED of Caps Lock Key on my INSPIRON 15R. The Caps Lock Key LED isn't getting flashed whenever it's turned ON even though the Key is functioning properly. And whenever this problem comes, 5 beeps come continuously with a small pause. But this problem doesn't come every time I turn the Caps Lock ON. Sometimes the LED functions properly which doesn't lead to those beeps.

Help me.

Answer:Capslock LED not working properly causing beeps always.

What is the exact system model?
The 5 beeps is a CMOS battery failure indicator - see this chart -
Update the BIOS - - enter the service tag and download the BIOS, update and restart the machine and check.
Download the service manual from the above link and reseat the CMOS battery and check.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer

Answer:can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer


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My desktop computer's motherboard was fried in a tragic lightning accident, but the hard drive is intact. I would like to purchase an enclosure for the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. I'm posting here because I'm worried about compatibility.

Here are the hard drive details:
Seagate, S/N 90Z7588X
ST 380215A
P/N 9CY011-305
Firmware 3.AAD
Date code 08257
Barracude 7200.10
80 Gbytes

Will that work with any of these enclosures:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Answer:External Harddrive from Old Computer Harddrive

Any 3.5" IDE compatible drive enclosure will do the trick. I use a ThermalTake enclosure myself (same as MadDog and CompUSAs no-name brand).


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I added an another hard drive with win 7 64 installed on it. So I now have 1 hard drive with win 7 32 bit and one with 64 bit (I need booth).
before when I have done this a boot option was automatically created. This time however the only way I can accesses the new drive with Win 64 on it is by going into my bios and manually selecting the drive to boot from. However I did detach the original 32 bit harddrive when I was installing the 64 bit OS to make sure I didn't erase it (as the drives are the same size).
How can I get a boot menu set up so I can pick which drive I want to load.
My motherboard is ASUS P8H61-M LE/USB3
click here Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Trying to set up a boot menu harddrive missing in boot order

I have an ASUS motherboard and during boot-up I get the choice of pressing F8 to select which drive I wish to boot-up from. It may be worth trying this. Alternativly your motherboard manual should tell you. If you do not have a manual you should be able to download one from the ASUS web site.

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So I recently got some laptop parts to upgrade my laptop with from my friend who had the same model. Everything was working until I switched the harddrive (Big mistake). I thought since the model of laptops was the same, it could just be swapped in, but I was wrong and now I can't completely bootup my laptop with either drives. (I'm currently trying my fixes on my original drive)

On a restart after it downloaded some drivers, the device scanned the harddrive for consistency which deleted a few things. Since then it is mostly unable to boot (there have been a few times that it booted up but they are few and eventually they shut itself back down) and throws me in a bootloop even after I switched the original harddrive back in. I can boot it up successfully into safemode and use my windows recovery disc to boot up my laptop but neither of those are permanent fixes.

I've tried using the built in startup repair multiple times but it says it is unable to fix the problem. Looking at the logs of the scan, it says the root of the problem is a corrupt system volume disk.

I've also tried using system restore to earlier time but no luck. I've tried last known good configuration but didn't work.

I've tried performing a chkdsk function which was not able to fix the problem.

I've tried using bootrec. one of the functions showed that I had 0 windows installed. looking up and following the /rebuildbcd function from the microsoft site I fixed that problem so that it shows ... Read more

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I'm running Windows Vista and I am trying to run a seagate external harddrive. The device manager says its working properly, the drivers are up to date, etc. but when I go into my computer it is not showing up. The harddrive is unformatted- I use it on both Macs and PCs.

Answer:External Harddrive "Working Properly" but not in browser

If the hard drive is unformatted, then it wouldn't show up in my computer. You need to format the hard drive. Right click my computer and go to manage. In the Management console go to disk management and format your hard drive. If you say you use it on both macs and pcs, then it is formatted and you can try to assign it a drive letter. If it's formatted for Mac, you'll need to install MacDrive or something similar to access the files.

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I recently installed a 44VSL Audiobox from PreSonus. I'm running Windows 8, with an ASRock 970 Extreme3 motherboard that has Conexant HD audio. When I have both audio devices plugged in, the computer won't boot up. The machine powers on, but it gets stuck with a dark screen. If I unplug the AudioBox, the computer will then boot up. Can anyone help me be able to use them both without having to do this? Thanks!

Answer:PreSonus sound card causing boot delay/no boot

I have a recording studio (Sonar X3 and a Roland Studio-Capture).

Can you tell where its stopping? e.g. is it loading the BIOS, after the BIOS loads and then Windows starts?

It may have something to do with the power on the USB port?? If you are plugged into a front USB port, try a rear port. Or vice versa. This has a separate power supply, but can it also be bus powered from the USB? If so, that could be the problem.

I haven't seen any reports of this type of problem on recording forums.

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I have 3 HardDrives, a 160gb Maxtor which is roughly 2-3 years old, and an 80gb Maxtor which is roughly 1.5 years old, both SATA, and an 80 gb Maxtor IDE.

I had been using the 80gb IDE as a system drive and the 160 for all ancillary files. About a year ago, I began experiencing extremely slow boots, both for the operating system to start up, and for all programs to start once I actually got into windows.
I replaced this with the 80gb SATA, going off a friend's advice that the drive was just failing. I beleive everything was fine after that, until-
About 6 months ago, the same thing began happening, so I just gave up, installed on the 160gb, and disconnected both 80s..

Since then everything has been working peachy, quick boots.

I wanted to try the 80 SATA again because I'm running out of space on the 160, and it makes me nervous having no backup drives.

I tried connecting the 80 as a secondary drive. However, as soon as I did, I began booting extremely slowly again, or failing to boot at all, it would just show the Windows loading screen eternally.

I tried booting to safemode and checking the drive for errors, then formatting it, but to no avail.
I just disconnected the drive and, *bam*, no problems.

As I said, I'm running out of room, and want a backup, but I'd like to see if I can't fix one of these drives before I go get a new one.

Any ideas?

Mobo: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe

I can get more if you need it.

Thanks in advance for a... Read more

Answer:Slow Boot/No Boot when harddrive connected


There are both Sata Raid and Sata Non-raid slots on this board. Are you certain that you have the drive hooked up to slot #2 on the Sata Non-raid slots? Then, when you put in another drive, you need to enter the Bios setup menu and make sure that:

1) The drive area is set to auto
2) The Sata area is enabled (page 4-18 top part of your manual
3) Then, go to the Hard Drive Priority and make sure you have your boot drive set to boot first.
4) Then, make sure your boot order is set to:

CDRom - 1st
Floppy - 2nd
Boot Drive - 3rd

If you make any changes, don't forget to save before you exit.

Then, if you still have difficulties with this drive, download and run the hard drive manufacturer's utility for this hard drive. It can be found HERE

Post back when you have had a chance to look at these areas.

Special note: I have this same motherboard using two Sata drives and two IDE hard drives and it works quite well and is a great board.

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I apologise for any unclarity in the thread but that is best how to vaguely describe what my newly installed Win7/older failed XP install is doing...

I upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate from Win XP Pro after my OEM disk picked up a few more scratches than it needed.
During a re-installation it partially installed the windows XP setup with an error message of 'HAL.DLL' missing.

I believe the residual setup loader is causing problemS.

My PC insists on trying to boot from CD/DVD regardless of what I select.

If I select boot from CD/DVD with my new win7 disk I get the SAME message as if I didn't select boot from DC/DVD:

Windows failed to start. This could be from a recent hardware or software change.
1.Please insert your windows install disk and click restart
2.Change language setting and click next.
3.Click repair... etc.

If you don't have the disk contact admin....ect.
Status 0xc000000f
info: Selected entry not added/ application is missing or corrupt.

Enter Escape.

Escape = reboot to error listed above...

Enter = OS choice menu with:

1. 'windows 7'
2 'older verion of windows'

I select the ' older version' and the system gives me the same listed above error...

I select 'windows 7' and, well.... here I am, posting this thread from my PC, Win7, updated, gageted and all running smoothly...

Hibernate sometimes boots and sometimes shows the same error.....

Start menu 'Shut down' and 'Restart' also don't work on the odd occasion....

I researc... Read more

Answer:Old XP failed boot causing error on boot

Just for the record I did make a repair disk and the diagnostic tells me my problem cannot be repaired.

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Hello All,

Wife and I recently bought my parents a computer. HP 8750C

It was running Windows ME. I decided that it should be upgraded to XP because the virus software we use does not support ME anymore, much like a lot of other programs.

Anyway, when I started the upgrade it would go along just fine until it got to the point where it was installing start menu items. Then it would freeze up and no longer respond. It did this several times.

So I decided to install XP on the harddrive myself through my personal computer. It installed just fine. I tested the harddrive completely with XP on it and it works just fine in my computer.

However, when I put it back into the HP 8750C it will not boot. It shows the HP screen and then goes to a blinking cursor.

If I put in a harddrive that has ME on it the computer boots just fine.

I did the BIOS update from HP, thinking that was the problem. It was not. Then I thought that maybe the RAM was the problem..Still nothing..

Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Will Not Boot XP Harddrive

Hello madhatter73

When you move a hard drive with XP installed to a different machine it will not boot as the hardware is different.

You will now have to do a "Repair" of XP to get it to work in your parents computer.

Set the drive up in their machine

A repair won't lose any data, other than Service Pack (if not on CD), any Windows Updates and unsigned drivers, which will need to be re-installed afterwards.
Stay offline to do a repair and do not go online again without a firewall enabled. After repairing XP, install Service Pack (if necessary), firewall and then you must install all Critical Updates next.

How to Repair XP.
1.Boot the computer from your Windows XP CD.

2.When you see the "Welcome To Setup" screen press [Enter] to start the Windows Setup.

Note: Do not choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R", you Do Not want to load Recovery Console.

3.Accept the Licence Agreement and Windows will search for existing Windows installations.

4.Select the XP installation you want to repair from the list and press [R] to start the repair. Setup will copy the necessary files to the hard drive and reboot.

5.Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears. Setup will then continue as if it were doing a clean install, but your applications and settings will remain intact.

Scroll way down page to
Windo... Read more

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I added a 20gig IDE drive into my computer to run Kubuntu linux on, but now I cannot boot from CD, CD is first in the boot order, and I can read the drive in windows.

The only thing I can see that might be causing the problem is that my main windows hard drive is the third master drive, 2 is unused, and the new one is 1st master, but I don't see a way to change it in the BIOS.

Answer:Cannot boot from cd after new harddrive

One more thing to add: The original drive is SATA.

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Hi there, so my laptop got broken few days ago (someone dropped it on the floor) and it gets a BSOD when it reaches the windows 7 logo.
So what i did since i know that the laptop is messed up was to remove the harddrive and use it as an external drive so i could save the data on other PC. Didn't work cause everytime i go to my computer and see my local disks it wont let me open it. Ok so what i did now was to dual boot it on my PC, now instead of getting BSOD when reaching the windows logo screen it just reboots again and tells me to repair the windows, i tried to repair it but when i choose what language and the keyboard it just shows me my local disk C (windows 10) and if i want to use a saved restore point wich i tried to do but it just sits on a grey screen and nothing really happens. I also tried to boot in safe mode but it just reboots in the end of the loading...

Any help? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Cant boot harddrive.

Welcome to the forum you can't do a repair on another PC all the hardware will be different and may require all new drivers to boot you could check the drive for disk errors then try it back in laptop

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i have 2 hard drives on 1 computer. both have win xp pro. my wife stuff on one and the other has my boys stuff. is there a way to boot one or the other harddrive from startup without having to go in and change the setup. something that when they turn it on they can select which drive to boot.

Answer:boot from different harddrive

Yes. You can use a third party boot manager such as PM boot magic. That is one way; another would be to choose the other hd as boot device in the bios. A third way would be to do a repair of the xp installation on the C drive. During the repair it will detect the other os and install a boot menu for you. Note: if you do a repair of the install you will have to reapply service packs, hot fixes, etc.

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After I got sick of some programs crashing, I decided to install windows xp. i shrinked 1 partition and created a new partition called XP mistakenly under drive A. I shutdown and put in xp disc, selected the newly created partition and chose install there and said not to format as it did when i partitioned. It copied the files and reboted, I took out the disk. The fist screen of my bios now says flopy disks fail (40) or something like that. When I normally go to select an OS, it says hard disk could not be read. I put in my win 7 upgrade disk to try to restore, but there is no restore on an upgrade disk. When in the windows 7 install screen(looking for restore) I deleted the newly created partition. How can I get the computer to boot from hard disk again?

Answer:Can't boot from harddrive. installed XP after Win 7 was preinstalled...there's a good chance that you damaged the Win 7 boot files, since normal procedure calls for the more recent O/S to be installed later.

You could try to use EasyBCD For Windows 7 - to repair the boot files...or use the Win 7 repair option, followed by following the sevenforums guidance.


If the goal is to dual-boot XP and Win 7...the simplest way to do that would be to install XP properly first...followed by an install of Win 7.

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Question: Boot my harddrive

I have a EMachine W3506 with a 80gb harddrive will it has a 250gb now but before i put the new one in i was cleaning my computer by useing my startup disk i know i can do it other ways, but half way through it i lost power and it stop running so i turn off the computer and tried to reboot but nothing, it act's like it wants to the F11 and so on comes up but you can click on them but nothing so did i erase something on the harddrive or what, because i put the new harddrive in and use the same start up disk and it work just fine and my old harddrive was working just fine before i did that.

Answer:Boot my harddrive

Howdy and welcome

you must have missed this when you posted...

"Do It Yourself Projects (28 Viewing)
Got something around the house that needs fixing and is NOT a computer?"

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Hello all.  I stumbled onto this forum through a google search and have been reading some of the posts.  I haven't found anything on exactly the problem I am having, so I thought would post.  Thanks in advance for any help.  I have a hardrive that won't work, and I need to know if there is any way possible to get data off of it.The defective harddrive is a Western Digital, model number:WD800BB-88JHC0Operating System:  Windows XP Pro Version 2002 sp2computer:  mobile AMD Athlon(tm) XP-M 2800+2.13 GHz 480 MB RAMVirus protection: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition ClassicI read the topic "Please Read this first" and hope I have given enough information, but if I haven't let me know.I did a really stupid thing and am a little emabarassed to tell my story, but my husband and daughter are extremely mad at me for losing their music and picture files, so here is my story...I recently did a clean install of Windows Vista Business on my computer.  I did a clean install because I got the message telling me that it couldn't be verified that my copy of windows was genuine and would need to do a clean install.  I should have stopped there but didn't (first mistake).  The install did copy all of my files from XP into a folder called windows.old, so I still had all of my previous files.  After installing, Windows Vista didn't work well...there were so many computer compatability issues, so I decided I wanted... Read more

Answer:Harddrive won't boot

Quote from: ComputerGeekInTraining on June 26, 2007, 11:16:11 AM...The defective harddrive is a Western Digital, model number:WD800BB-88JHC0...... I set up the new harddrive as master and the old harddrive as slave and tried to boot up that way, but it is getting stuck when it checks the drives.  It comes up "status ok" and then stops.  The computer won't come on.  I also tried creating a bootable floppy disk and made the floppy drive my first bootable drive, but the same thing gets stuck at the same place....Same hard drive, same problem.  If I waited long enough, computer would finally boot, but was very slow.  I would go back to connecting old drive as slave and then boot Windows into Safe Mode (continue tapping F8 when computer starts up).  Menu will come up, select Safe Mode.I'm not sure what the problem was or why it started, but I now believe it has something to do with the many partitions and the Partition Table is corrupted.

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My T61 cannot boot from USB harddrive. the drive have VID 058F and PID 6391, the drive is bootable on all other computers. What happened? The bios does not recognize the drive at all.

Answer:T61 cannot boot from USB harddrive

cwang36, welcome to the forum, I've had some strange experiences with usb hard drives and would ask you to try the following;  when you want to boot from the drive start your T61, go into the BIOS > Startup > Boot menu and you should see the option USB HDD with a "-" in front of it. If I am correct you should exit BIOS, (F10 save and exit), upon restarting enter BIOS again and go again to the Boot menu. This time the USB HDD entry should have a "+" infront of it showing that the drive has been properly recognised. If my theory is correct, no guarantees, you can then exit Bios with F10 and hopefully boot from the drive. Hope this helps.

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I want to make a cd bootdisk that will boot xp on usb harddrive. I found several way but don't understand how to create the cd bootdisk. My laptop harddrive (internal) received some bad sectors and if I could boot and use my usb harddisk, I could still use my laptop until I could buy another internal drive. Can you help me?

Answer:how to boot usb harddrive from cd

Isn't your laptop able to boot from USB? (most newer ones can). It would make the process (see link below) a lot easier:"Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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I hope I can explain this.

I want to take a boot able Iso, and put it on a new hard drive.
Then boot from the hard drive with out the cd install, almost like a boot able windows cd,

How can I achieve this?

Thank you

Answer:Boot From an ISO, Harddrive

Iso's have to be converted to be usable. ed

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Started getting "No bootable device" message at startup on Vista. I'm aware of the recovery option, but is there a way to boot so I can save my data? I have tried the harddrive in another computer, same thing happened so it's definitely the harddrive. Is there some boot disk (XP? Other?) that would let me access the files without deleting them?

Answer:Won't boot from harddrive,

Try a Linux LiveCD like PuppyLinux......

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I was wondering if it is possible to remove a harddrive from an infected computer to perform a scan using another known clean computer with anti software?

heres the story that lead me to post this post looking for help

my coworker brought his dell xp laptop, that does not have any anti-whatever, to work for everyone to use in the breakroom b/c the company blocks all company computers from accessing social networking sites, email, and installing programs like instant messengers. well the other day I was using the laptop to show the other coworkers how to use torrents. I downloaded and installed utorrent and went to to look for some downloads. i founds some torrents and began the downloads and some completed within the hour. there were a couple torrents that were still downloading and at the end of the day i forgot to shutdown his computer. so all weekend all those torrents where seeding to other computers. come the following monday i go to use the laptop and i could not connect to the companys wireless network. i got a message saying something along the lines "blah blah network trying to join has blocked access to this computer blah blah". so i said oh s***, shut the computer off, and played it off the rest of the day. tuesday comes, my other coworker comes to me and says "can u show me that website again?" me thinking the computer somehow fixed itself i went to go checkout the laptop and internet was working again (for awhile). so i ... Read more

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ive got a computer that will turn on and has all my computer stuff (music, movies blah blah blah,) from before i deployed to iraq, during its time in storage the computers video card took a **** and wont display on any tvs or monitors i have, but will still turn on and sounds like its running fine, my brother gave me his new computer when i got back and i was wondering how to hook up those hard drives from the other computer to my new computer so i can get all my IRON MAIDEN SONGS, and movies and other stuff, looking for the simpliest way to go about this thanks!

Answer:Xfer harddrive from blind computer to good computer

yes you can do that, just hook the hard drive up will the right cables and your free to copy all your info over to the new computer

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I just built a new PC and for about a month it ran perfectly fine and all of a sudden when i start it up it takes it about 3-4 minutes to get off of the motherboard logo screen and to the Windows logo screen, which then the windows logo fades in very slowly before it actually starts loading. Another current similar issue is when i pop up my start>all programs menu and highlight something such as the Startup folder it takes a while for the boxes to fade in, then when i click a program on the start menu you can see the box still on the desktop very faintly for a few seconds after the menu disappears. I DID have an underpowered power supply in it and i asked a friend and he said that it was an issue (if that's even correct?) caused by it and the first time it happened and i unplugged it and bought a new one with more than enough power for the system, and here i am still. This is all new and very confusing to me and i hope someone can help me solve this problem.

If needed i can list all the system spec and products used to build it.

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 What other Thinkpads the harddrive from a Thinkpad R32 will work in without having to reinstall WindowsXP Pro? The system died and I'm looking for a usedThinkpad as a replacement.    Best solution would be one where the exisiting harddriver just works! Thanks D.....  

Answer:R32 harddrive boot compatibility

The closest you can come is R40 with a P4M CPU, not with PM or Celeron. It also might work in a T30 and A31/p, with some drivers added. Hope this helps. 

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I need to get a Boot hard drive for my computer. I want a hard drive and not an SSD.

It looks like I can get a WD Raptor with 10,000 RPM speed, but SATA II


I can get a 7200 RPM drive with SATA III.

My motherboard has SATA III.

Question: Which would be faster for booting and applications (not going to store data on it)?

10k @ Sata II


7.2k @ Sata III

Answer:Harddrive for boot 10k rpm or sata III?

I would go for the SATA III drive as it's theoretically twice as fast for transfer speed compared to SATA II. That will (potentially) lead to much better performance than the 10,000 rpm will give you over 7,200 rpm.

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