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Lost - 'Smooth Scrolling'

Question: Lost - 'Smooth Scrolling'

Since updating my ATI Graphics Drivers I seem to have lost the 'smooth-scrolling' function of web pages etc., I now get very jerky movements on screen.I have checked in the 'Tools' menu advanced options and the smooth-scrolling box is ticked. Any ideas?.

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Preferred Solution: Lost - 'Smooth Scrolling'

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Lost - 'Smooth Scrolling'

See here:click here

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Hello! Scrolling in Windows 10 is really annoying and laggy. I have the latest driver of my touch pad. The problem exists when using the touchpad and external mouse. Is it the default settings of windows 10 or I have sth wrong?

Answer:Scrolling isn't smooth at all

Pearl96 said:

Hello! Scrolling in Windows 10 is really annoying and laggy. I have the latest driver of my touch pad. The problem exists when using the touchpad and external mouse. Is it the default settings of windows 10 or I have sth wrong?Click to expand...

Is the srolling bad in only browsers or in all applications - like Notepad, Wordpad, office suite, etc ?

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I am running XP and use both Internet Explorer and Mozilla as my browsers. I recently deleted several programs from my PC due to adware pop-ups and think I must have deleted something that relates to smooth scrolling (I didn't keep a list of what I'd deleted)as the page now jumps when I scroll down. I've been into internet options on the control panel and smooth scrolling is enabled and it is also enabled in the registry- 0x00000001 (1). Has this happend to anyone else before? It is driving me mad so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Smooth scrolling XP

System File Check first, if unsuccessful reinstall/repair IE and Mozilla

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Question: Smooth Scrolling!


I have Internet Explorer 6 and i got problems scrolling.

I can scrool and all with the scroll on my mouse but it seems to scroll like 5 lines at a time. And instead of actually scrolling the page, it pauses then moves 5 lines down.

I want smooth scrolling instead of skippign those 4 other lines it actually shows them but passes them quickly

Answer:Smooth Scrolling!

This is actually a hardware problem, I think. At least it was in my case. I had to install the graphics driver for my video card and one for my monitor. And all my scrolling problems went away.

What kind of video card do you have and what kind of monitor? If you don't have a cd (which I didn't in the case of my monitor), go to the web site and download the file. The only reason I had the cd for the graphics card was that my husband had just bought the same card for his system. Liz

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Again, it sounds like drivers. Make sure the motherboard drivers are installed and up-to-date - espcially if it's a Via chipset board - and make sure you have the latest drivers for the graphics.Slow scrolling is almost always down to a system that can't cope with the load - your basic specs should be more than adequate, but drivers and other applications/viruses/Anti-Viruses/etc can slow things down.

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Question: Smooth Scrolling

G'day, mates -

I canna get my browser (Firefox)to scroll smoothly..... every time I scroll up and down on a Web page, the image jumps, making reading text almost impossible. I've tried checking Smooth Scrolling under the Advanced tab (Tools/Options), but to no avail. I'm running XP HE (SP1) on a 1.8 GHz machine. I just re-installed XP, along with Adelphia's Freedom Security package, after wiping my hard drive clean to get rid of some remarkably persistent malware.



Answer:Smooth Scrolling

Try this. It makes firefox's scroll alot smoother.

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I have re-formatted my PC this morning and installed all the drivers (via device manager)plus MS updates and everything is fine except the page scrolling,it is jerky instead of smooth how it was before.
I have tried various setting for the mouse (1 to 6 lines) but nothing seems to get it smooth.
Any suggestions please?

Answer:scrolling not smooth

You may want to check your video drivers, I get that with generic drivers.

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I recently re-installed XP, but when scrolling in an open window with the scroll bar or mouse wheel the scroll is very jerky, also when moving a window around the desktop by grabbing the blue bar at the top, there is a delay while the window catches up. I tried updating the Motherboard drivers (MS-7012) but Microstar International don't seem to have them anymore? Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:No smooth scrolling in XP Help!

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Question: Smooth scrolling

Just done a reformat on my laptop.When scrolling, it is now 'smooth' instead of the original 'frame by frame'(if thats a good description)If I decide to change it back, how would I go about it. Thanks

Answer:Smooth scrolling

In XP click here

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Question: Smooth Scrolling

I read the forum and tried many things, which none I could get working. When I scroll, it's not smooth like it use to be. It's all jumpy. I have checked out my mouse settings. I am using an IntelliPoint 3.2. Everything in there I have changed and changed time and again, but ended up going to back to original settings because there was no fix. I desperately need to fix this as it is getting very annoying. Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Smooth Scrolling

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Question: Smooth scrolling?

Hi all!

Scrolling seems very jumpy under Windows 7. You can especially notice it when scrolling through large icons in Windows Explorer. Is there a way to make it smoother?


Answer:Smooth scrolling?

Have you installed the latest graphic card drivers for your card ? Or are you using the generic windows driver ?


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Question: Smooth scrolling

Is there any was to make scrolling smooth ?

Like when you have Google chrome with the "Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller" extension installed but for everything in windows, not just the browser.

Answer:Smooth scrolling

No. You can play with the number of lines that the wheel scrolls, and some say unticking Smooth-scroll list boxes in Performance Options - Visual Effects helps. But I saw no difference. A Guy

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Question: Smooth scrolling

Hi folks, a small problem you can maybe help me with.
On my XP computer I upgraded Internet Explorer from version 6, to IE8 a few days ago. Everything went fine, however I instantly noticed that web page scrolling has been affected, and is now very jumpy. Using the mouse wheel, the page scrolls in several jumps even after I let go of the wheel.
In IE I've looked at tools> Internet options> advanced, and under the browsing list have made sure that "use smooth scrolling" is ticked. Also in control panel mouse properties buttons, autoscroll, scrolling size is set to one line, and "use MS office compatible scroll only" is ticked. However, when I close the mouse properties box, I get a warning .... Run a DLL as an app has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.... Not sure what this means?
Funny thing is, I also runs Firefox on the same PC, and scrolling web pages on that is absolutely fine, perfectly smooth, no jerks, and one line at a time. So it's definitely IE8 related
As always, any help proffered is gratefully received.

Answer:Smooth scrolling

I think you may need to make sure you have the lastest Java update

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Question: Smooth Scrolling?

Hello TSF
I would like to know how to adjust my scrolling when I double tap
the slider bar in google chrome using windows8... I have heard of smooth-scrolling & can I slow it down too? Please help, thank you


Answer:Smooth Scrolling?

Is this what you're looking for?

How to Enable Smooth Scrolling Feature in Google Chrome? - AskVG

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I recently reinstalled windows xp and afterward my scrolling started to go slower. It's kind of like a ripple, like it's having a hard time loading something. How do I get it back to normal?


Answer:Scrolling not smooth

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Question: smooth scrolling

I just loaded Windows XP Pro on my Fujitsu C2210 laptop and when I browse the net, the scrolling is not smooth, it goes in sections. HELP!!!

Answer:smooth scrolling

Congratulations on finding a font color that is completely unreadable... nice work.Sarcasm aside, It is hard to help you when you haven't posted any info about your computer.Maybe you should read this.Please read this firstI'm guessing you're missing a driver for your graphics card though.

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Hi all... I have a strange problem. I can't seem to scroll web pages smoothly. The page goes like 'jerky and overlapping slowly' when I scroll. Quite irritating. Scrolling items on my folders is normal though.
I've already 'checked' the 'use smooth scroll' on the 'internet options > advance' tab. I recently upgraded my Windows XP Pro and that's when it began.
Can anyone help?

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did a root directory scan and clean, and had to use a system disc repair install, now scrolling is eratic and not smooth. How can I return the smooth scolling feature?...

Answer:scrolling is not smooth, how to fix?

Do you mean in your Browser, if so which one are you using?For IE here is how to turn off smooth scrolling, so you put a tick in the box rather than unticking it.If it is general issue maybe your mouse drivers need to be re-installed.IMPORTANT - Please come back and let us know the outcome.

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Question: Smooth scrolling

I have just had to re-install windows on my pc as i had a problem with my pc. I switched from having XP media center edition to XP professional. Since doing this i have problems with my monitor which is noticeable when i scroll up or down. The screen kind of flickers and doesn't scroll smoothly. Is this a monitor problem? it worked fine with xp media center? I have a Philips 170s monitor. How do i solve this problem?

Answer:Smooth scrolling

Have you installed the monitor driver?

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Question: Smooth Scrolling

Hi,  I'm a new member, and I need assistance quickly.The comp. is set for smooth scrolling but it doesn't seem to work.When I watch films or vids, it's very jerky.Hope someone can help me A.S.A.P.Regards.Fred

Answer:Smooth Scrolling

Clik Here

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Using XP Professional and have set all the settings in Internet Options Advance for smooth scrolling. It will not smooth scroll using either the mouse wheel or sider bar. Any ideas would be helpful. Ojas

Answer:XP smooth scrolling

Same thing in Firefox? Did you try another mouse?

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My daughters laptop (HP OmniBook XE4100) is not smooth scrolling.I have enabled 'smooth scrolling' in IE and Firefox, but to no avail.Members kindly helped me on one occasion when I had a similar problem with my own PC.At that time I was advised to reinstall (is it video?) drivers.I do not have any drivers for the laptop.Can I download drivers from HP?Thank you.

Answer:Laptop Not smooth scrolling.

Sorry!Forgot to mention OS, is XP Home

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When I go to some websites and attempt to scroll up or down, the page moves only click by click, not smoothly. For example, if I click the scroll bar 5 times, the page will jump a short distance 5 times in sequence. How can I return to smooooooth scrolling?

Answer:Scrolling is jerky, not smooth

Has the website finished loading when this happens?

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just had to re-install windows xp and now smooth scrolling doesn't work

Answer:why is smooth scrolling not working?

Turn On or Turn Off Smooth Scrolling

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So I have downloaded the latest version of IE.Smooth scrolling is not functioning, and page transition is therefore very jerky and slow.I have tried switching it on and off in Advanced settings but this hasn't worked.Anyone know how I can get this back. Should I just contact Microsoft, uninstall ans re-install?

Answer:Smooth Scrolling in IE 7 not working

This suggests a video driver issue? click here

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Hi All

Sometimes I get this annoying problem. My mouse scrolls fine(smooth) most of the time, but sometimes
it scrolls jumpy(skips a few lines each scroll). I did set the mouse wheel options in Control Panel to 1 line per scroll(after this issue automatically appeared), which is the min, but this problem occurs without any changes made by myself.

It happens in my browser and all other apps I run on the PC (photoshop, Windows Explorer etc)

If I reboot my PC, the problem is gone. How can I solve this mouse scrolling jumping issue?

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I have a t430 2342CTO with the latest ultranav drivers installed. I have seen screenshots of older versions of the driver where you can select smooth scrolling for the trackpoint. I was wondering if there is any way to enable this behavior in the current driver. Also, is there any way I can change the amount of lines scrolled by the trackpoint? Changing the windows setting only seems to affect the touchpad, not the trackpoint. Perhaps there is a registry setting or something?

Answer:Trackpoint smooth scrolling

Hi ben_jminw,
You should be able to change those settings under control panel > mousepad > unltranav.
How to use the TrackPoint center button - ThinkPad
Windows 8/7/XP/Vista 64/32-bit Edition v16.2.21
If you're using this driver then try using a previous version.

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Windows 8 with classic shell Win7 I can do it either way
How do I enable smooth scrolling

Answer:[SOLVED] Smooth Scrolling?

Such as this?:

See how to Adjust Smooth Scrolling

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My apologies if this has already been answered somewhere, I did a search but could not find it....

I have smooth scolling enabled for my web browser and it is nice, however for local windows when working on my computer I can't seem to make it happen. I found something called tweak ui that was suggested on another forum but it's "enable smooth scrolling" feature does not seem to affect local windows. The default "jerky" scrolling is just plain frustrating when scrolling through a long list of files looking for something in particular. When the list moves in large jerky increments it's very difficult to keep track of where you are in the list.

Is smooth scolling possible in all windows, not just web browsers???

Answer:smooth scrolling possible in ALL windows?

Make sure you have the latest driver update for your video adapter.

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Hi all, iv'e just done a fresh install of Windows XP (for various reasons). All is well apart from whenever i try to scroll through web pages, either using the bar or the wheel; it either jumps to the bottom of the screen or it goes in waves! Could anyone tell me how i can set to 'scroll smoothly'.
In advance Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

Answer:How do i enable smooth scrolling?

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I got a old pc (IBM WQM 8187, P4 1.50GB RAM) from my uncle. It has windows XP. Whenever I go to facebook and scroll the scrolling is not smooth. I changed the graphics card to GV-R925128DE which I got free from my instructor. But same problem. What could be the problem?? Please suggest.


Answer:Windows Xp PC scrolling not smooth

Try a different mouse

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I keep trying to disable smooth scroll list boxes and even though I uncheck it in Advanced Settings, it remains on. What's the deal? I even go to the registry setting to change that and it doesn't work. I don't want smooth scrolling in list boxes. GR.

Answer:Smooth Scrolling won't disable.

Figured this out. Ran TweakUI for XP in compatibility mode, disabled Smooth Scrolling and it worked! Nice.

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Im new to the forum and have a question.:wave

I have a windowsxp computer which i got upgraded, upgraded the ram from 512mb to 1gb...and also updated the graphics card. the computer just would not work after this, so i decided to take out the extra ram and it seemed to work fine. however, after sitting in my lounge for two or three months i decided to restore it all to factory settings to give to a friend. it all works fine, but only thing is when its scrolling it kind of gives a swimming makes you feel dizzy! as opposed to the smooth scrolling. any ideas on how to fix this???? is it because i updated the graphics card? would this have come back off after i restored it all?? sorry for sounding so dumb, but its just one little thing that is rather annoying! thanks for any advice....

Answer:Scrolling is swimming instead of smooth

when you restored pc to original it doesnt have the driver to the new card . you will need to dl the drivers for your video card and install them

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It's a waste for me to have 120hz monitor when I can only trully enjoy it during gaming or dragging and dropping files, icons, active windows etc.
When I scroll down using the mouse button or just dragging the slide bar, I get this very jerky motion, which is really annoying especially when you want to scroll through lines of text while trying to read them at the same time, looking for specific word.
I googled the problem but no solution came up. Luckily for Chrome I did find an extension called "Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller", its made by the same people who made "Yet Another Smooth Scroller" for Firefox. This extension works flawless and exactly what I wanted to achieve. Unfortunately now when I look at the rest of my desktop, scrolling through Total Commander, IRC, Foobar2000 makes it really painfully obvious how shitty the scrolling in Windows is.

My question, does anyone know of a program or a way to enable ultra mega smooth scrolling in Windows 7?

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I tried all suggestions I got through a google search to disable smooth scrolling. I cleared the check mark in internet options, advanced tab as well as changed registry settings but nothing has worked to turn it off.

I have Win XP, SP3 with all current updates and security patches.


Answer:disable smooth scrolling in XP

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Hi all, new guy here....

I was wandering, will Microsoft ever implement (maybe upcoming SP?) Smooth Scrolling to Windows Explorer, in other words, windows and folders have jerky scrolling and i think SS would be nice!?

Answer:Will Microsoft ever implement Smooth Scrolling?

Quote: Originally Posted by SputnikNYC

Hi all, new guy here....

I was wandering, will Microsoft ever implement (maybe upcoming SP?) Smooth Scrolling to Windows Explorer, in other words, windows and folders have jerky scrolling and i think SS would be nice!?

Hello SputnikNYC and welcome to the Forum. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your question but isn't smooth scrolling a mouse or touchpad function? On my laptop I have a Synaptics touchpad and it supports smooth scrolling in Windows 7.

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I have set smooth scrolling to ON in both IE and Firefox. However, when I am browsing offline, for example viewing an html file offline, I still the herky jerkies when I try to scroll down the web page. Can anyone give me a fix for this issue?

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Ok here it is....I am helping my sister fix her laptop. I am using mine to post and search since hers is very slow. When you try to scroll it rolls the screen (very irritating).
MFDnSC was helping me but I think he went to bed (plus, i think I drove him nuts !)
Sorry about that MFDnSC, my house is crazy with my 3 kids all under the age of 6.
So anyways I need Help . Below is the latest hjt log, I really hope someone can help me
At this moment I am running ActiveScan and so far it has found 3 spyware and 4 hacking tools and potentially unwanted tools.

It's a Toshiba Satilite laptop 55gb free space

i would sooooo appreciate someones help.
Thank you,
I have ran:

spy sweeper
ccleaner (which disappears when I run cleaner)

Please help

Here is the latest hjt log
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:57:39 PM, on 04/02/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSvcs.exe
C:\WINDOW... Read more

Answer:Solved: Help No Longer Smooth Scrolling

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I found i wasn't keen on the smooth scrolling and looked to disable it, here's how for those of you who don't like it.

from the menu bar select tools /options /advanced /general tab and then uncheck use smooth scrolling then OK.

from the firefox dropdown its, options/options advanced /general tab /uncheck use smooth scrolling/ OK ...

...job done.

Answer:Disable smooth scrolling in Firefox 13

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First of all, I'm not sure which forum I should use for this question, so if you're a moderator, please move it to the correct forum if appropriate.

Fortunately, I am able able to engage a form of smooth scrolling by clicking on my scroll wheel (I am a Windows 10 user) . It changes the cursor indicator to show that the "smooth scroll" is now engaged, and to initiate the scrolling I just move the mouse slightly. Acceleration, deceleration, or stoppage of the scrolling is accomplished with the degree of movement of the mouse (not the scroll wheel, in other words).

My neighbor, who also uses Windows 10, does not have this feature when he clicks on his scroll wheel. To see if it was an issue with his mouse I transferred my Logitech mouse and receiver dongle to his computer, but it didn't work either, so the smooth scrolling feature is apparently a software or perhaps a driver feature, but not a mouse hardware issue.

Does anyone know how to engage, enable, install (or whatever the appropriate term is) this form of smooth scrolling on a/any Windows PC?

I didn't find a good answer to that question by Googling it, even though I found one posting on how to engage an experimental feature by Google for the Chrome browser, which both my neighbor and myself use. I would think there's a broader, less specific and risky application available somewhere, somehow, but I haven't found it thus far.

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-Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H LGA 1150 CrossFireX DVI/HDMI mATX
-Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz
-16GB (2x8GB) CORSAIR Vengeance LP SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
-GeForce GTX 760 (4GB 256-bit GDDR5)
-SanDisk Extreme II 240 GB SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" SSD
-HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5-Inch 4TB 7200RPM SATA III 64MB Cache
-Pioneer BDR-209DBK 16x Blu-Ray/CD/DVD Writer
-Win7Pro x64 SP1

No change with VSync enabled in NVidia Control Panel. Appears to be a recurring problem with many versions of Firefox. Seeking solutions other than changing browsers.

Ready to provide any additional info upon request.

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Can anyone tell me how to setup auto-scrolling (smooth and controllable,like it is in Opera7) in Crazy Browser, and in Internet Explorer6?

The auto-scrolling in IE is very jerky and uncontrollable (enabling smooth scolling seems to make absolutely no difference). Opera's auto-scrolling, on the other hand, is a comparative joy to use.

I presume I will have to edit some .ini file?
Windows98se is my OS.

Many thanks for any info,


Answer:setting-up (smooth) auto-scrolling in browsers

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Windows reader is fast lite and works great but what would make the app even better is smooth scrolling while its in "Continuous" view mode. The other view modes are fine but I normally have the enlarge the document and the most practical view mode for that is continuous and smooth scrolling doesn't work in that mode. This is the only app that I have issues with. Is there a registry hack that can help?

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Can anyone tell me how to set up auto-scrolling (smooth and controllable,like it is in Opera7) in Crazy Browser, and in Internet Explorer6?The auto-scrolling in IE is very jerky and uncontrollable (enabling smooth scolling seems to make absolutely no difference). Opera's auto-scrolling, on the other hand, is a comparative joy to use.I presume I will have to edit some .ini file?Windows98se is my OS.Many thanks for any info,K.

Answer:setting up (smooth) auto-scrolling in browsers

click hereclick herehope they are of some help?

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Hi all

I like to work on my Word docs zoomed to 74% so I can see two pages at once, but very annoyingly Word decides that it would be just too easy if I could then use smooth scrolling when dragging the scroll bar! It reverts to a state of me dragging the scroll bar and seeing no change until I release the scroll bar. Very unuseful.

I'm on windows 7 Home premoium 32-bit, in case that matters. And I'm on a laptop so not using a mouse and its scroll wheel, and the scroll on the trackpad isn't working at the moment.

Surely there's a simple answer! But neither Word Help nor google revealed anything.

Cheers one and all

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The windows reader app is fast but smooth scrolling in not available in the Continuost mode. Is there a registry hack?

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In windows 7 and windows 10 preview this works fine.

I clean installed win 8.1 PRO for testing on my spare rig.

Used IE11 a small amount and smooth scrolling was working.
I Installed all cricitial and reccomended updates via windows update. Included was also a nvidia driver update. Rebooted of course/
Now in IE11 the smooth scrolling is always off, even with the box ticked.

I tried toggling the tick.
Tried using the reset settings option in IE11.
Still no smooth scrolling.
This is a clean install, no 3rd party software, no imported data.
No customisation of the ISO other than to add a EI.CFG to disable the requirement of a key.

Any ideas?

Answer:IE 11, clean install, smooth scrolling doesnt work.

Roll back the driver or get one from the manufacturer's website.

Microsoft drivers have a bad reputation.

edit--- I'm lazy when it comes to driver updates & use a program to find them for me.

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While smooth scrolling works fine with my Chrome browser when I engage it by pressing down once on my scroll wheel, my neighbor, who is also using Chrome (We both use Windows 10 also), does not get smooth scrolling when you press down on his mouse's scroll wheel. Is that possibly because of his mouse's features /capabilities, a Chrome issue, or something else?

Thanks for looking

Answer:Pressing on scroll wheel does not engage smooth scrolling

Pressing the mouse wheel enables scrolling by moving the mouse (notice the mouse cursor changes). It's a Windows function and should work in all browsers. If it's not enabling, it's most likely a mouse issue. Could be a faulty mouse, or there is mouse software installed and the mouse button has been remapped.

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I have just installed a new HDD and re-installed windows XP sp 3 on it and since doing so I have lost my smooth scrolling in both vertical and horizontal planes.

So far I have:

*checked the smooth scrolling box in IE & Mozilla
*unchecked the smooth scrolling restarted and rechecked smooth scrolling
*Installed latest drivers for ATI card
*Undated motherboard drivers
*Installed earlier ATI drivers

I have searched forums and the net for a week now and nothing other than those solutions (or re-install windows) have been offered.

Any help would be a miracle!


Answer:Smooth Scrolling not working (I have checked the boxes in IE & firefox)

Check in HKEY_CurrentUser\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] that SmoothScroll has the Reg_Dword value of 0x00000001.

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I have this problem with my Tecra 9100 that after moving my cursor for a few seconds it 'leaps' to whatever direction I was pointing to. This is very annoying. Aswell as this, when I scroll, it is not smooth at all but like the cursor, it 'leaps'. So when I try scrolling down a page I've gotta be careful because it might just leap to the bottom! Thought I should also mention that dragging Windows is jumpy too.

I am almost certain that these three problems are all related to each other.

Before, my laptop was fine with none of the problems above. This was until error messages saying 'Delayed Write Failed' popped up out of the blue. Such errors I have found to be related to the hardrive not functioning correctly.

Optimisticly, I formated Drive C and put a fresh installation of Windows on to see if this would fix my problem. Surely it would?... Nope. How about I download the MouseWare driver that my laptop came with?... Still doesn't fix the problem.

I've run out of ideas and don't think a software update will fix my problem. I believe it's to do with my hardware (namely speaking, hard disks). I've got 2 hard disks. Coincidently, 'Delayed Write Failed' error messages shows up on both my hard disks.

Please reply, thankyou.

Answer:Tecra 9100: Jumpy cursor and scrolling not smooth.

Yes! I have finally distinguished what is causing my problems! After all the trouble I went through I have just discovered that a Video Card driver update is what fixed it! It's not perfect but atleast I can scroll alot more smoothly! :)

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Hi There, it's been a long time since i asked for help around here.

Well i'm here again anyway, straight to the topic.

I'm actually looking for a way to make the Windows Explorer Scroll like a Web-Browser like Chrome..

Didn't get what i mean?

Here :

I just wan't this feature to be acquirable by the Windows Explorer.

(Simply i just want to add that kind of scrolling feel into Windows Explorer elements.)

Answer:How can i enable Chrome like Smooth scrolling in Windows Explorer?

This should do it:

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The latest system update installed UltraNav driver of 4/6/2012.  This apparently implements smooth scrolling which is very nice to use BUT it significantly reduces my battery life.  I'd like to optimise battery life and return to my previous scrolling functionality.  I'd appreciate advice on how to determine which version of the driver I was running before this update, and how can I restore that version of the driver.  (I tried using the roll-back function in Windows Device Manager but that installed version of 7/6/2007 which disbaled scrolling altogether.) T617658CTO Windows XP SP3 

Answer:Restoring previous UltraNav driver to disable smooth scrolling

I stumbled onto the Fn-F8 facility for managing UltraNav and realise that I was confusing the smooth-scrolling function introduced in recent versions of FireFox with the EdgeMotion function in UltraNav which was presumable introduced on my system when I upgraded UltraNav from to  I have disabled smooth-scrolling in FireFox but enabled EdgeMotion in UltraNav which seems like a nice compromise between convenience and power consumption. I still have minor quibbles with UltraNav, specifically, when I try to scroll within drop-down boxes in my usual Web applications (like Redmine, for example) the drop-down pane immediately disappears.  I have to drag the pane control on the right (sorry, don't know the correct name for this) to find the option to select.  Before the upgrade I could scroll within dropdowns on the trackpad.  I also have a little block with up and down marks appearing to the left of the pointer arrow when I scroll which wasn't there before.  I'd appreciate any advice about addressing these issues.  

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Recent Windows Phone update causing the MS Edge Browser to not scroll smoothly

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As suggested per this bug-report at the Google Chrome forums...
BUG: hitting CTRL while the window is still scrolling zooms it
...I am now posting here as it turns out to be a driver related issue.I am running on a Y580, Win 10, got Lenovo Touchpad drivers installed via Windows Update.This has bugged me for a veeery long time and I finally figured out what causes it.The problem is this:
In any application where I scroll content, the "smooth" scrolling of the touchpad makes the display scroll even after I am done performing scroll gestures. In itself that ain't a bad thing, if only the application wasn't thinking I am still performing the gesture. Well, they all do. And that is a problem, because the second I touch the CTRL key, and I do that often, a ZOOM-EVENT fires and so I am constantly forced to reset the zoomlevel.Note that the current driver ui doesn't give me an option to disable smooth scrolling.In general, on the level of touchpad drivers, there needs to be a clear difference between "user is actually performing a scroll action" and "driver is still busy firing scroll events thanks to some smoothifying algorithmagic".
I now disabled scrolling in the driver settings alltogether and use TwoFingerScroll to do the scrolling; it allows me to set scrolling to "compatible" rather than "smooth". Scrolling now feels a wee more staccato but seeing an end to all the unwanted zooming that ain't a bad thing, at all.~FWIW, apart from some more tou... Read more

Answer:Y580 - Problem: leftover momentum of "smooth" touchpad scrolling triggers zooming

I had this same problem when using Google Chrome on my T440s (under both Windows 7 and Windows 10). The continual zooming had been annoying me for months, until yesterday I figured out that I was pressing the control key while there was some still some scrolling momentum. Thankfully in my case the fix is simple: I have turned down the "scrolling intertia" in the Synaptics control panel, and I am no longer experiencing unintentional zooming.

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Smooth Key Scroll - Chrome Web Store

My new Samsung 850 ssd scrolls too fast with the arrow keys on my keyboards, Samsung says noway. No matter what I try to adjust on my computer or ssd, it scrolls/jumps too fast and gives me headaches. My WD and Toshiba Disk drives are both normal scrolling speed, and fairly smooth with a little stutter. After three days of frustration I finally found this little app to control the scroll. I rarely use a mouse, just keyboards, one is wired and one is not. My computer must be weird, because as soon as the ssd goes in the scrolling becomes painful to look at. Plus I still get a some jitter just as I press the arrow key, then it smooths out, I have no idea what that could be.

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Smooth Key Scroll - Chrome Web Store

My new Samsung 850 ssd scrolls too fast with the arrow keys on my keyboards, Samsung says noway. No matter what I try to adjust on my computer or ssd, it scrolls/jumps too fast and gives me headaches. My WD and Toshiba Disk drives are both normal scrolling speed, and fairly smooth with a little stutter. After three days of frustration I finally found this little app to control the scroll. I rarely use a mouse, just keyboards, one is wired and one is not. My computer must be weird, because as soon as the ssd goes in the scrolling becomes painful to look at. Plus I still get a some jitter just as I press the arrow key, then it smooths out, I have no idea what that could be.

Answer:Have you tried "smooth key scrolling" yet?

Interesting Web extension, although I find it funny you think the SSD had anything to do with chrome and its scroll speed.

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I was playing GTA 3 without any problems on my old system, then a got a new one and well the game goes smooth, then its jerky and then all of a sudden its smooth again.
I use the games capability to play MP3's during game play that my old system never had a problem with, but with the current one sometime the audio (even the games built-in ones) goes a bit funny and skips like a scratched CD. (the actual CD is fine)
My old system was:

AMD K6-2 500MHz CPU
384MB-RAM (PC133)
Gigabyte GA-5AX Motherboard
nVidia Geforce 2 MX 400 Video
Creative "Something" PCI sound
Windows XP Home

My current system is:

AMD Duron 1.3GHz
256MB-RAM (DDR 2700)
MSI KT3 Ultra2 Motherboard
nVidia Geforce 2 MX 400 (the same card)
on board 6 channel surround sound (all but the front channels are disabled)
Windows XP Home

On both systems I am running GTA at: 640x480 32bit as thats all the old system could handle. I assume the new one should be able to cope with a lot better, but it doesn't.
Of course on the new system everything is cleanly installed, so I don't know where GTA is getting this problem from.

Answer:GTA3 Smooth, Jerky, Smooth....

Try running the game off a disk image using a virtual CD-drive. such as

see if this helps..

Also, you could download the cache tweaks from

left side of page, scroll down to tweaks link. Also, check what's running in the background. Any memory managers like cacheman or memturbo set to automatically recover memory will do this.

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I had to reinstall Windows 7 on my laptop and I knew I would lose all the information on my computor, and I did. I did not know that the scrolling option would also stop working. Is there any way I could make the scroll ability start working again?

Answer:I reinstalled windows and lost scrolling

Have you (re)installed the drivers for your laptop? - in your case specifically the trackpad driver needs putting on before you get full functionality."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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Hi, I just re-found this site when organizing my folders and there seems to be a lot of activity so I just have to ask these questions.

1. I can't get my status bar. It used to come and go but now it's just gone. Where can I find that little thing again. I miss it more than I thought I would.

2. When I scroll on any page (Explorer, Office files, photos... everything) it's terribly slow. Using the arrows or clicking on the arrows to scroll it's the same. Page up and down work normal but if I just want to go a few lines down it seems like the whole page has to re-draw itself. Using the arrows to go down a page takes 4 seconds. Everything else as far as performance looks fine. I'm using an Averatec laptop that was an open item so I thought I could find a way to get the default settings back but nothing helps. I tried using TweekXP and played around with the memory management too but that didn't help either. Is this something in Windows (I've never seen it before) or is mistakenly built in, care of, Averatec?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Lost my status bar and scrolling is too slow... ?

Well, thanks for all the suggestions

I got my status bar back. No idea how.

But the scrolling things is driving me crazy! So slow! Nobody knows? Stupid question? Not enough info? Did I stump you all?

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Hi all

I seem to have lost the ability to scroll using the edge of the touch pad normal scrolling ok. Any ideas welcome

Answer:Satellite L450-136 - Scrolling function lost


The virtual scrolling function is controlled by touchpad driver. So probably you have changed some touchpad settings?!
You can check the scrolling function in touchpad driver (control panel > mouse > Advanced).

Furthermore you can try to reinstall the whole touchpad driver. Have a look on Toshiba website to download it:

Last but not least this thread could be useful for you:

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    Hi all,I uninstalled the On Screen Display from Control Panel and also removed Productivity Center from Startup Programs.I do not know what caused the loss of scrolling of the trackpad. The Pointing device scroll does work with the moddle click pressed.Please help me getting back the display of volume and the productivity Center and also the scrolling capabilities.ThanksYOgesh

Answer:Lost Onscreen Display for volume, Prd Ctr and Scrolling capabilities!!

Here is something that I found to work simply and easily. The problem I found is in the registry and have tried most of the fixes I have seen here. Unfortunatly, I did the entire upgrade to my T400. I forgot the old addage that if it is working, leave well enough alone.I have Regcure installed and after trying the fixes, I decided to run this. Regcure repaired all of the missing onscreen displays easily. I know that I will renew this great program when it is due again. 

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Hi,     Earlier right click was not working properly on my lenov y50-70 laptop. Most of the time, I have to press right click button with more . But all feature(circular zoom, virtual scrolling, gesture, swap) of elan smartpad touchpad were working properly previously. After replacement of touchpad by lenovo, even none of the above said feature is availabe in ELAN driver software. Does this mean those feature is not supported by new touchpad?

Answer:Touchpad scrolling, gesture, circular feature lost...

I have the same problem.  They replaced my touchpad and now none of the gestures work and i have to drag my finger across the touchpad several times to get from one side of the screen to the other, whereas you should be able to do it in one swipe.  Huge QA problems with this device and I'm getting very frustrated they didnt check to make sure that it all worked when they sent it back to me.  Please Lenovo FIX THE TOUCHPAD ISSUES!  WE need gestures and correct movement, changing the sensitivity does not fix this problem, Im assuming you need to update the drivers and correct this issue or the touchpad is bad again.  Afterall, the last release for this driver was August of 2014.  New drivers are overdue Lenovo. PLEASE FIX THIS!

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Hi ,
Recently for no obvious reason, my personal photos that used to scroll through my screen when the computer went on "screen save" have disappeared and instead I have a completely black screen except for the small (Font approx 10) white text saying "There are no pictures in Libraries\Pictures".

Have tried a couple of fixes suggested by Windows site to delete and restore Libraries but no success.
Help please?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8085 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 145 GB (70 GB Free); E: 151 GB (64 GB Free); F: 149 GB (17 GB Free); H: 931 GB (347 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., H61M-S2PV REV 2.2
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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Lost scrolling function in Word 2007 with my Logitech mouse. Functions just fine in Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Access. etc. Lost one other function in paint shop pro where scroll button worked as zoom in and out. Puchased a new keyboard/mouse combo, but still will not let me scroll in Word 2007 and is driving me nuts as it used to do it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have uninstalled and installed new drivers.

Answer:Solved: Lost scrolling function in Word 2007

Hi Believer,
Is there a mouse icon in your system tray near the clock? If so, double-click it and there should be an option to use the default Intellimouse settings. Click that button and try it again in Word. Hope that helps.

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T400, internal Ultranav, external Ultranav USB Keyboard.Installed a new Windows 7 64bit SP1 Version on my T400.Installed UltraNav driver AND Ultranav Utility.After first reboot, driver works fine, scrolling works fine, 2 Tabs (for Unav internal and external USB) in Mouse Config.After second reboot, no scrolling, not more UNAV Tabs in Mouse Config, just the standard synaptics ones. Need my unav scrolling, Need help and ideas on how to solve this issue. 

Answer:Scrolling with Ultranav int+ext / Scrolling stops working after Reboot (T400 Win7 64bit)

When it stops working, look in Processes under Task Manager (show processes from all users) for the following three programs:- SynTPEnh.exe- SynTPHelper.exe- SynTPLpr.rexe

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Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 14. 2Gb Memory Core2Duo.

I can;t scroll Sideways but I can going up and down.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell Touchpad not scrolling Sideways. But scrolling Up & Down

On both my Acer aspire one netbook (synaptics) and my Lenovo notebook (alps) I need to tab twice on the lower edge of the touchpad (to gain its attention?!?) and then it will scroll. Beyond that I believe you need to take a walk on the Dell support web site. There are number of 14xx models so you need to follow the steps there to find the freshest driver for your particular model. On both of mine the newest drivers have given scrolling as well as "pinching" to re-size pages, photos etc.

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When I operate the scroll bar, instead of a smooth scroll down or up the page, the scrolling occurs in jerks, making the page appear to "ripple". I am using windows XP. In addition, when I watch DVDs the crarity is not so good. It has only just started happening. Any ideas?

Answer:Strange scrolling or wobbling scrolling

Does this happen to the entire screen or portions of the screen (like a horzontal line), or just with the scroll bars?

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Running XP Home on 2.53P4. Modem dial-up.

Forgve any errors as this is my first posting.

For some 8 months have had trouble free PC. Recently, and sure you have heard it a 1000 times, have experienced a slow-down at start up and non-normal reactions whilst/ loading progs, delays in web site loading etc.

Have attached a HiJack this logfile to see if anything is initially amiss.

Have noticed an '02' and a couple of '016's untitled.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.0
Scan saved at 12:10:05, on 12/10/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Norton Personal Firewall\NISUM.EXE
C:\Archivos de programa\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Norton Personal Firewall\ccPxySvc.exe
C:\Archivos de ... Read more

Answer:....not so smooth now!!

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Question: Smooth to Lag

Hey everyone, how's it going?

Not so good for me, but hopefully will be better. I've been gaming a lot more as of late, so I started playing CS:CZ. When I get on to play, the graphics are glitchy and it's hard to aim at the pace the game is going. I've seen this computer perform really well, while the graphics looked very nice when I use to play CZ:CS. I know my computer has the potential to do that again, but what happened? I lag so much, and everything is glitchy. When I go to hardware, and search for updated drivers.. it says I already have the most updated drivers, which I find hard to believe. I don't think it's my internet connection because I've had no problem with this before, and I've seen how well my computer can perform. No one has yet to help me solve this problem, and I'm hoping this forum might be the one. I've tried asking on, but no help what so ever.

Here are my specs:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5250 @ 1.50GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152624 MB, Free - 118512 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KY767, , .JX9J2F1.CN486437A96778.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I hope this enough info for someone to maybe help me fix this problem. I'd a... Read more

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Question: my pc not smooth

My PC is not running as fast as it was. I have not added anything that would make it go slower.I just feel its not its usual self when I play my games it says over range! It allows me to play some but not others any ideas!!!

Answer:my pc not smooth

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I recently updated/upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. The default mouse settings is to scroll using two fingers. I want to go back to using one finger to scroll on the right side of my mouse pad on my laptop. I have tried the settings for the mouse including the advanced settings. I clicked on device settings and then settings underneath that, which led me to a different window. When I clicked on the scrolling portion, it gave me pinch zoom and rotating.
All other forums have told me there should be a one finger scroll and two finger scroll tab under scrolling. I don't know if this is an option for 8.1, or if I am just not finding where I should be looking, but this is an issue for me.
Thank you!

Answer:How do I change my mouse settings from two touch scrolling to one touch scrolling?

Check your laptop manufacturers website for trackpad/touchpad drivers for Windows 10.
My Thinkpad in the Mouse Settings (advanced) has a section for the trackpad and I can set this so perhaps your drivers are not up to date for your device. I know a friend had to manually download those for his Dell to make that work like he wanted.

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I have a new (Oct 09 ) T400.  I recently installed Win 7.  Prior to the upgrade, my trackpad worked great.  After the upgrade, the trackpad is not smooth.  The motion of the pointer is jerky and the pad sensitivity seems to be inconsistent.  This seems to be a Win 7 issue as I dual boot with Ubuntu and the trackpad still works great in that OS. I don't see any driver updates in that section.  Any suggestions?

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Hey....I have done lots of reading.I just got my DellB110.It has XP Home and I installed the free Mcafee Security that came with it.I know it not the best but it's free.Good or bad.I'm on DSL .What else can I do to keep it running smooth? What can I Download or Delete that will help my puter .DO I need all the stuff Dell put on it?...idontno

Answer:New Dell What Do I Need To Keep It Smooth

I use Mcafee Security at work and i've had no issues. To keep it running smooth just don't download a lot of useless programs and stay away from certain bad websites. Plus there are a lot of useful information already listed on this board. Run disk defrag as well. But since you have a new computer you won't really have to worry yet.

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This may be of interest to many people, especially novices on this forum.

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Hi! I'm using HelioPaint to edit screenshots of emulator games and am wondering what the smooth feature is for. It's on, yet, when I resize a picture, its not smoothed. Now, this is what I want: to have the image pixellated for realism--even though I tweaked the emulator's colors. So, I'm wondering: what does the Smooth option when resizing do? BTW, I have version 1.7.

Answer:About Heliopaint: Smooth?

Do you mean HeliosPaint?
There's no mention of the smooth feature in the User Guide.

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Relevance 38.54%

Hi Guys, just a virgin member seems like a great forum for old blokes like me who were born before electricity-let alone computers.
This first post is about the "Sea Sickness" I get from the smooth scroll(some idiot was probably paid $1m for it ) on web pages etc.
Have tried:A. Registry editing -"dword value 000000-(0)etc.
B. Disabled it in the Internet Options boxes etc.
C. Removed my optical mouse.
D. Configured the mouse about 500 different ways.
HELP!! Has anyone actually made the B thing stop & run like the old 98 scroll. Probably a real dumb Q.- is it handy for anything or just to make more people buy glasses.
Thanks Guys. Slippery Pizza.

Answer:XP SMOOTH [email protected]#!!!f!!

Not sure if this is what you want

rightclicking my computer>properties>advanced>performence>adjust for best performence.
This will make your comp look like 98.

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Question: Smooth viewing

I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, but I am always having to wait on the clip to download in order to watch. I view a few seconds, then it may download for one to three minutes before the video continues to play, then it stops again and repeats this process. I have WINDOWS XP,Version 2002/w Service Pack 3. AMD Athlon, 7750 Dual Core, 2.7GHz, 2.87GB RAM.-using wireless broadband.
Are there settings I can change in my system which will allow for smother uninterrupted viewing of the video clips?


Answer:Smooth viewing

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Question: smooth as glass

Installed the new up dates every thing went smooth no problem at all I have been useing it for a couple of hours. I first did the normal up dates than the big one worked great.

Answer:smooth as glass

Good to hear bksalt, welcome to EightForums. I did the opposite, the big one first and then the rest. Went smooth as glass for me too.

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Cannot smooth scroll.I have installed XP Home SP2, on my daughter?s Laptop computer.All works well, with exception that it has lost the ability to smooth scroll.When I had a similar problem with my new PC last year, Helproom members advised me to reinstall the graphic drivers supplied with the PC. That solved the problem.But I do not have that option this time, as my daughter has no software on hand.I would be obliged if anyone could advise or supply a suitable link where I could download the appropriate drivers. The machine is a, HP OmniBook PC xe4000BIOS: Phoenix Tech Ltd. KC.M1.001.2Ghz Intel CeleronOS XP Home SP2.Thank you.

Answer:Cannot smooth scroll.

You can get the drivers for the 4000 series Omnibooks from here click here

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Question: Smooth Curves

I?m currently creating a website for poverty for a college assignment, I have done one site already but looking for improvements. What I want is like my links going across the top under the top banner but i want them in a curve, I?ve tried using Microsoft paint, paint shop pro 9 and 10 and Photoshop 9. When I do curves in that software the curves are not smooth and they look very untidy, just wondering if any one as got any tips of have any templates where I can use the fill toll to choose many colours. Any help will do.

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Question: smooth Curves

I?m currently creating a website for poverty for a college assignment, I have done one site already but looking for improvements. What I want is like my links going across the top under the top banner but i want them in a curve, I?ve tried using Microsoft paint, paint shop pro 9 and 10 and Photoshop 9. When I do curves in that software the curves are not smooth and they look very untidy, just wondering if any one as got any tips of have any templates where I can use the fill toll to choose many colours. Any help will do.Thanks

Answer:smooth Curves

WHat file format are you saving in? It might be a better idea to use a vector package (flash, illustrator) and then save as a .Gif, Jpegs tend to be for photograghs.

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Question: Smooth Video?

Anyone know of a program to improve the resolution of old video files?I have many old videos that suffer from low pixel recordings ( based on my eagerness to get an early digital camera), and I was wondering if there was a program to improve the quality by reducing , for example , the blurred video.A freebie, if possible, but would buy if it did the trick.Thanksgeedad

Answer:Smooth Video?

You could try one of the free trials for adobe premiere elements or magix or ulead.You might be able to sharpen it up abit .If you cant do it with them doubt if a freebie would do it

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I've a PC with the following configuration:-

Processor:- Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz (with 128 KB on-die L2 cache)

Motherboard:- ASUS 845 GL-MX (with 8 MB shared video memory)


O/S :- Windows 98 Second Edition

I have Windows Media Player 9.0. When I play a VCD (file format is .dat) on it the video is extremely jerky and patchy. The same thing happens with DivX player.

Can you please tell me what might be wrong?


Answer:VCD playback not smooth in WMP 9.0

Whatz the graphicz on this thing?

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after reading about another user's scrolling problem in WORD it reminded me about one in EXCEL

In (my) WORD as you drag the scroll bar up and down - the page moves with it in real time

In (my) EXCEL (2000) the page readjusts itself after you let go of the button. In times past I read about a little one or two line insert or change to something in the registry which made it move realtime. I tried it - it worked - I loved it! ...... I also forgot it!

I have since fired up a newer computer and reloaded office only to realize that I have lost that feature.

If someone knows it - let me know!



How about under Option 6, near the bottom of the page?

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This is a must-have for any W7 user. It's the Soft7 theme. It removes the black/white outlines, and makes the windows + taskbar appear more Mac-like.

Soft7 1.6 for Windows 7 by ~AP-GRAPHIK on deviantART

It looks FANTASTIC with this particular custom orb, too!

steelOrb for Windows 7 by ~AP-GRAPHIK on deviantART

Answer:AMAZING, Smooth skin.

Thanks, I really like the orb

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I have a laptop here. Its a HP Paviliondv4000.

Its specs are Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.13 Ghz 2.13 GHz, 2.00 GB Ram.
Its running XP on it now. are these specs any good for me to run Vista on it? and if so would Vista Ultimate run good?

I'll only be using it for Microsoft Office applications, Music, Burning dvd/cd watching movies and internet.

I know you need 2gb or more for it to run smooth but the processor i never heard before.. is it a dual core? or just a single? if so then why does it say the speed of the cpu twice? I'm reading this from System Properties.

Answer:This Laptop and Vista? Would it run smooth?

and if i were to install vista. would i have to format? cause i dont want to loose any personal files

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It is hard to give this a proper title because I am not sure if the problems are related, cascading, or individual with each one needing a different response.

The system is a Dell Vostro 1510, 3Gb RAM, 500Gb hard drive. Wireless connection to Linksys router.
When I want to download a file, or stream something, I may get 2 or the Mb then the stream or file just stops. I use Firefox 5.0.1. When I try it in Explorer I keep getting script errors with the message asking if I want to continue to run scripts on that page. So does my daughter on her computer. I just use Firefox. My system will seem to be running perfectly, then suddenly it doesn't. I have tried opening suspected programs (Quicken is one I think) that have some sort of problem that causes them to stop responding. That cascades to anything else that is running at the time.

Having read several posts here I went ahead and ran the mini tool box as it is often suggested and the results are pasted below.

MiniToolBox by Farbar
Ran by Scott (administrator) on 06-08-2011 at 09:32:06
Windows Vista ™ Business Service Pack 2 (X86)


========================= Flush DNS: ===================================

Windows IP Configuration

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

========================= IE Proxy Settings: ==============================

Proxy is not enabled.
No Proxy Server is set.

"Reset IE Proxy Settings": IE Prox... Read more

Answer:Getting a smooth running computer

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:General failure.General failure.That indicates some sort of network card failure.You should receive this:C:\Users\cryptodan>ping with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0msC:\Users\cryptodan>I would try updating your network card drivers, and if that doesn't work replace the network card.Since I see no active anti-virus installed lets run a check:Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareNOTEMalwarebytes is now offering a free trial of their program, if you want to accept it you will need to enter some billing information, so that at the end of the trial you would be charged the cost of the product. Please decline this offer, if you are unable to provide billing information. If you want to try it out, then provide the billing information.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. T... Read more

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I'm looking for a *wired* mouse with a smooth wheel scroll (as apposed to clicky/notched; not necessarily free-spin).
The Logitech M500 is slightly too large for me. The ideal length would be around 112 mm.

Soft and easily pressed buttons (left, middle and right) is also very important to me.
Microsoft has some smooth-scroll mice but I find the buttons too stiff.


The following lines are for semi-pros. :)

I have disassembled Logitech B110 and Logitech K120 and removed their springs.
The result is a great smooth scrolling (sometimes too loose though).

The Logitech B110 left/right "click-chips" are positioned slightly lower on the motherboard compared to Logitech K120.
So if I don't use a full palm grip, the Logitech B110 buttons are easier to press.
OTOH, Logitech K120 has a special spring for pressing the wheel and removing it makes the middle-click press very soft.
Logitech B110 uses a different mechanism and the middle-click press is really stiff.

I'd like to have a combination of B110 and K120: left/right "click-chips" in a lower position on the motherboard and a (removble) spring for the middle-click press.

Do you know if the Logitech M90 or a similar model fits my wish-list? :)

I'd appreciate your help.

Best regards.

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I have 2 computers. I have my taskbar on the left side on both computers. On one computer, when I resize it, it behaves as if it is locked to a grid. In other words, I can only resize it in certain increments. On the other computer, it is smooth, so I assume there must be some setting that controls this. How do I set the resizing to smooth rather than "lock to grid"?

Thanx in advance, Mike P

Answer:Taskbar smooth resizing

You can change your taskbars in many ways. Look @ help in your system help. Right-click an empty area on your taskbar & choose properties. Uncheck lock, if it is locked...and go crazy.

One word of advice...Check Keep the Taskbar on Top of Other Windows. That way, you prevent other windows from covering your taskbar. You might try Googling specific taskbar questions....your taskbar can be configured the way you like it best.

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