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Zonealarm (free version) and broadband.

Question: Zonealarm (free version) and broadband.

Is the free version of zonealarm good enough to use with broadband or should I use the packaged Mcafee personal firewall plus?If I decide to stay with zonealarm will I have to remove or re-set it in order to accept the change from dial-up to broadband modem?Many Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Zonealarm (free version) and broadband.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Zonealarm (free version) and broadband.

I have been using the free version of Zonealarm with Broadband for about 18 months and am more than satisfied with it ~ and I'm a bit paranoid about security! (even though a hacker probably doesn't want my holiday pics etc)No you won't have to reconfigure when you connect to Broadband. Any program that requires access to the internet shall request it and you can decide to allow once or permanently. If you upgrade a program Zonealarm will ask the next time it tries to connect to verify you are still happy to allow the connection.Dead easy and free!

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A new version of ZoneAlarm is available (V7.0.302.000) at:click here

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm (free)

Includes a security suite which doesn't have to be installed.

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"ZA 3.1 Free available to existing Users"

Quote from Zone Labs:
With over 17 million users of ZoneAlarm products, our primary concern with this launch is to provide a satisfactory upgrade experience for folks. To ensure that, we'll be making the upgrade available to a fixed percentage of our existing users every day, through the "Check for Updates" feature. This process will continue for several days before we officially announce ZoneAlarm on our site and make it available to the general public.

Good Thread to Review Here

Answer:ZoneAlarm - Free Version - Upgrade 3.1

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Relevance 75.03% available at:click hereProbably easier than hunting around the ZoneLabs website...:-)

Answer:New free version of ZoneAlarm for Vista..

Thanks Stuartli, have been feeling a little vulnerable without Zonealarm

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version
New: Windows 8.1 support.
Updated: Antivirus engine.
Improved: AV detection.

Download (ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall)
Download (ZoneAlarm Free Firewall)

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free Version: released

Thanks for info

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Both are version 3.7.143 and available now. TC.

Answer:ZoneAlarm Pro and free version update

... untick "Load ZA at startup" ( to close the True Vector engine) and reboot before installing update. Otherwise problems could occur. TC.

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I'm getting a message from ZoneAlarm Service Agent offering to update my free version. Is this the way ZoneAlarm do updates or is it a suspect message?

Answer:ZoneAlarm - update free version

Apologies for repeated posting - I couldn't find the original and thought I'd done something wrong with it.

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I have just checked and updated my free edition of ZoneAlarm. According to ZoneAlarm, this latest online download update was version 37.143. A friend as recently installed a cover disk 'freebie'of ZoneAlarm,with the information that it is version 4.00.0657.0 He checked for updates on installation, and he had confirmation that he had the latest version.Question: What version is the latest from ZoneAlarm !!.

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free Edition--What Version ??

Current Free version is 3.7.143Do not know where he's getting 4.00.0657.0 from. Thats a pretty big jump in number.

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New in ZoneAlarm version

Added: Windows 8 compatibility
Added: Firefox 16 support
Fixed: Java 7 compatibility

Download (ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall)
Download (ZoneAlarm Free Firewall)

Limitations in Free version:
* Automatic Antivirus signature updates limited to only once every 24 hours, however you can manually update signatures anytime.
* No Parental Controls
* No Support
* Does not include Virtual Browsing
* ZoneAlarm is FREE for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions).

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free Version: 11.0.768.000 released

RE: ZoneAlarm Free Version: released

Anybody using this? Is this light?

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Version 5.1.033 is available for download.dagwoood.

Answer:ZoneAlarm(free)-updated version available.

updated this morning file)

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Version of ZoneAlarm Free is available for download.Download from Zonelabs click hereOr from MajorGeeks click here

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm(Free)released.

Thanks, implemented.

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Is that a good idea? Should I uninstall the free version first? If I uninstall it will the Zone IP addresses get erased? If I install it on on top of the free version will my Zone IP addresses stay? I have a lot of IP addresses that I don't want to enter again.

Answer:Installing ZoneAlarm Pro 3.1 over Free Version

Hi Matrix,my experience of uninstalling zone alarm is that it dont uninstall a lot lol, last week I did just that (to the free version)and two days later I installed it again,and it had retained all my entries etc,if it were me doing it Id risk it lol,

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Have they just removed the bit at the bottom that tells you about which program is connecting to the internet? If not, how do I get it back?

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Hi,Now ZoneAlarm has finished supporting Win98/98se and ME I take it that the new free version 6.5.722.000 will only run on XP/2000 or have I misunderstood their support page.Cheers Chris.

Answer:Free ZoneAlarm Firewall Version 6.5 Question

Chris, no you have understood correctly, Zonealarm chose not to support win 98/SE and Me as microsoft has also stopped support of these operating systems.

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What is the best way to successfully remove the free version of Zonealarm firewall from my PC?Many Thanks

Answer:Completely Removing Zonealarm Free Version

control panel add/remove programsjohnny.

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This may seem a weird question, but I just installed this firewall and it appears to be working as intended. But when I click on the "Help" link, I get told (repeatedly) "Help not available."

I think it must have a Help menu - I can't see how it could not have one--but even a reinstall did not produce a help menu. Could it be that it was left out as it's the free version so that you'd be tempted to go to an upgrade?

Has anyone run into this with ZoneAlarm free version? (I can't contact ZoneAlarm because the program is free.) Or has anyone any ideas as tol what might be causing the problem?

Answer:Does the free version of ZoneAlarm have a working Help Menu?

you could always check the online help.

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i like to keep the "alert events shown" to "on" (show all alerts). however, it seems to randomly switch itself to "off". i'll be online awhile, and notice i haven't seen any alerts in some time. when i check "alerts and logs", alert events are switched off. i know i didn't switch it off. the constant alerts may be a nuisance to some, but i like to know my firewall is working. has anyone else experienced this problem, or know why it occurs?


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ZoneAlarm Free v.
New: Security Toolbar One-Click uninstall.
Fixed: Added logic so that Toolbar is not installed in Internet Explorer 11.
The Changelogs are posted here.

Download (ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall)
Download (ZoneAlarm Free Firewall)


Answer:ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall Version: released:

Hi Littlebits. Your post prompted me to read user reviews for ZoneAlarm. The toolbar fix may rectify the most common complaint expressed by users. Since we use Bitdefender Free, Malwarebytes, Zemana Anti-logger, & Windows Firewall for our Windows 8.1 system, I wanted to ask: 1) What are your thoughts on ZoneAlarm? ..and 2) Do you see weaknesses in this, our computer's (freeware) armor?

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ZoneAlarm Firewall 9 Free version for Windows 7 has been released.
You can dowload it from this page-- Check Point ZoneAlarm

Answer:ZoneAlarm Firewall 9 Free version for Windows 7 released

Thank you for this information. At this time of the year many people need to renew their firewall and AV and in these hard times a good free on line ZOne Alarm is a good choice.

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I just installed the new version of ZoneAlarm (6.0.667.000). I had the previous version, then I downloaded this new version and chose to do a fresh install (as it said that was the most stable way to do it). It did not say I needed to unintall the old version first. I have Windows 98SE and also use the free AVG.

Under Firewall - Zones: There are two things listed. The first is a "PPP Adapter" which lists an IP address (that changes each time I dial-up), Entry Type is "Adapter Subnet", and Zone is "Internet". I remember this being there with the older version of ZoneAlarm and believe it's supposed to be there.

However, there is now a second/new entry listed.

Name: Loopback adapter
IP Address/Site:
Entry Type: IP Address
Zone: Trusted

...however, I do have my security for the trusted zones set to high
just to be safe (as I do with the internet zone).

I tried looking this up in the ZoneAlarm help, and it talks about "VPN connections" which I have no idea what that is (and as far as I know, I don't have anything like that).

So, is this supposed to be listed? If so, why? If not, do I remove it? And am I okay having the Trusted Zones security level set to High just to be safe?

Thanks for the help!

-- bloomcounty

Answer:Question about new version of free ZoneAlarm - Loopback adapter???

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At present my Dad is running XP on a very old computer and uses AVG Free and ZoneAlarm Free. He is about to purchase a new computer which runs Windows 7 and he was wondering whether ZoneAlarm Free and AVG Free work with Win7?

Answer:Does Windows 7 work with ZoneAlarm Free & AVG Free

You'll need to get Win 7 versions of the programmes, also free.However in Win 7 most people seem to find the Windows firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials are adequate.I have been running ZA and AVG free versions for years, but have not yet installed them with the new o/s.Haven't made my mind up finally, but the Windows firewall and MSE should keep your Dad safe until, like me, he makes his mind up!

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I currently use ZA Free 7.0.302, but due to the size of it (since the Pro stuff is just turned off) and it possibly acting weird, I was going to use ZA Free 6.5.737 on my replacement laptop coming up instead. Then Comodo Free FirewallVersion 2.4 was recommended to me. But then I saw that it supposedly has a vulnerability that won't be fixed until the next version (if that even).I also see that it says "after downloading and installing the firewall, just register with us and you will be sent a free license. After activation, this license will never expire." -- so what information do you have to provide to register? This firewall stuff kind of makes my head spin since I'm no expert, but I'm trying to decide what I should go with between these two on my replacement laptop. Opinions with explanations understandable by a non-expert are appreciated! I am also considering buying the AVG Internet Security, which seems to include a Firewall. How does that one measure up? I'll have Windows XP Pro, I use Firefox for all internet browsing (except for Windows Updates and the occasional Office Updates), and I have dial-up. Some A/V, antispyware, etc. programs I plan on using are: SpyBot, Ad-Aware SE Free, AVG A/V Free, AVG Antispyware Free, and maybe Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware Version 4.24 and SpywareBlaster. Thanks for the help/opinions!

Answer:Comodo Free Firewallversion 2.4 Vs. Zonealarm Free 6.5.737

The only thing you have to provide is your email address. If you don't want any offers from Comodo, make sure the the box underneath is ticked. I think it says something along the lines of tick this box if you do not want to receive any other offers from Comodo.The programs you have mentioned will create no problems as i can see, although you should ensure that the WIndows default fire is turned off when using another firewall. To turn off Windows Firewall, click start>run and type in firewall.cpl then click OK. Click on the circle next to Off(not recommended) then OK.Don't worry, using any firewall other the Windows one is preferable, as Windows only protects you from incoming threats, not outgoing threats!About the vulnerability, there will always be one, no matter what firewall you use, as hijackers and other computer bad guys come up with new tactics....but Comodo has worked fine for me and has even alerted me to the fact i have IRCbot (a backdoor trojan/worm)!!!But about which firewall is better, i don't know. I can't say so because i haven't used the AVG firewall. Although i would expect Comodo to be better, based on the fact that AVG is mainly an anti-virus program, and would therefore concentrate on the virus side of things. That is exactly why i do not use the Trend Micro firewall i have.I love Mozilla add-ons, they make me feel safe.......try the add-on found here that heps protect you against keyloggers which basically see what you type and can s... Read more

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Hi all,I have just connected my own system, to my Kids System using a cat crossover cable, and set up a network, so that they are able to share my broadband connection.Everything went well, except for the fact that, I have to turn my Zonealarm firewall off on my own P.C., so that the kids can access the net. I've added their system to the trusted zone in the firewall, but still cannot get access for the other machine unless, I turn the firewall off.Can anyone tell me how to share access, with my firewall turned off.?P.s. Both pc's are protected by Avast as well as Zonealarm.

Answer:Sharing Broadband with Zonealarm

Can anyone tell me how to share access, with my firewall turned off.?That should read, Can anyone tell me how to share access, with my firewall turned on.?

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I am running these programs withot a hitch. Can somebody remind me why there was a recommendation some time ago that the 'Mailsafe' Email protection in Zonealarm should be turned off if using Mailwasher or perhaps AVG free? Was there a conflict identified?Am I also correct that the general feeling is that Zonealarm Free version 6.1 should NOT be checked for updates?

Answer:Zonealarm free/Mailawsher free/AVG free

Zonealarm updates itself automatically as necessary when you connect to the Internet. Can't help with your other points.

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Version 6.1.737.000 is available for download.Zonelabs click hereMajorGeeks click here

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm available.


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Don't know if this has been posted before but there's a new version of ZoneAlarm free out.V6.1.744.001click hereCheers Chris.

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm available

Thanks, but downloaded yesterday thanks.There have been some problems getting onto the ZoneLabs website as mentioned in another thread, but I eventually managed it.But what difference .001 makes I haven't bothered to find out...:-)

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Version TC.

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm available

Many thanks - I only checked it a couple of hours ago as well. Regards

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Now version is: 4.5.594.000 Could be an update ready for the free version too. TC.

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm Pro available.


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Version 60.667.000 of ZoneAlarm is available for download.Download links: click here and click hereYou will probably find that this update isn't available if you try to download from with ZoneAlarm itself.

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm available.

Ta much so!

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Relevance 55.35% version now out ( here

Answer:New version of ZoneAlarm's..

Good evening stuartliBeen there/done thatclick herebut sadly ignored - boohoo!

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I'm currently running the free version of ZoneAlarm. The version I have installed is 6.5.737.000 which has an installation file size of 13MB. On ZoneLabs' website, there's a free version 7.0.302.000 with an installation file size of 38.1MB. Is this the same free ZoneAlarm? Given the drastic increase in size, I'm a bit skeptical. That and if I manually check for updates via ZoneAlarm, it says I'm running the most current version.

Is anyone else running 7.0.302.000?

Answer:ZoneAlarm - New Version?

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Hi, please someone put my mind at rest ;-)Have recently moved out of snailworld (56k dialup) and am happily surfing on 2Mb Broadband.Was used to my firewall (free Zonealarm) being hit on a regular basis by various packets rated high/medium/low, usually within seconds of going online.Now all I seem to get is my BT voyager 2091, seemingly trying to speak to itself ...Am using a Voyager 1055 USB wirelss adapter & the IP address is dynamically allocated. Keep on adding the IP address to the Trusted Zone but kep on getting these entries.Whilst I'd like to think the router firewall's doing it's job, I'm a cynic and am just a little concerned that the zonealarm s/ware firewall isn't somehow being involved.Have I missed something REALLY obvious (q. possible!) or should I not be concerned? (I use Firefox, Norton AV, Ad-Aware & Spybot, all regularly updated & am very aware of the dangers out there!)Many ta's

Answer:new broadband user - zonealarm query

If you go to Alerts and Logs in ZA you can Disable the Alerts.What you are seeing is that ZA is doing its job but you don't need to be constantly informed...:-)

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I have ZoneAlarm version installed.Is this the latest release of the free software?With thanks.

Answer:Latest ZoneAlarm version?

If you use the free version click here and use my link for the new 6 series.bretdky ;0)

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Hi,I would like to know what older version of Zone Alarm is a good one to use. I'm talking about a Free version of ZA

Answer:Need older version of ZoneAlarm

Marlene3369 said:

Hi,I would like to know what older version of Zone Alarm is a good one to use. I'm talking about a Free version of ZAClick to expand...

why are you looking for an older version? there is still a free version of zone alarm w/out all the other crap (ie, security suite, and antivirus). that's what i use on all my comps. g/l, sos

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New Zonealarm version 4.5.538.0 released to-day.

ZA free:



Answer:Zonealarm Update Version

any good? im looking for a good firewall... i have sygate now.

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This is from Langalist Newsletter.

2) New ZoneAlarm Version Disappoints
ZoneAlarm is beginning to suffer from "kitchen sink" syndrome: Each version has added more and more features until what once was a simple, elegant firewall is now a complex security suite.

The newest version of ZA Pro is supposed to add active antivirus protection to your mail stream. I really didn't need this function--- I already have an AV tool guarding the mail--- but didn't see a way to tell ZAP to disable its separate AV protection. Maybe the setting was there, but I never got that far...

As soon as I tried gathering mail, my resident AV tool (Norton) went nuts, popping up an unending stream of "virus found and removed..." messages. My guess is that ZA changed the way it processes and stores mail files, so that my AV tool no longer recognized the already-processed files as safe. I wasted an hour or so trying to get the two tools to play nice, but eventually gave up in disgust: Who has time for this? I tried uninstalling the new ZAP and reinstalling the previous version, but Norton remained badly hosed by all the diddling I'd done to it. In the end, it was faster and simpler for me to roll my system back to the pre-change state, using ZAP 4x as a firewall, and Norton for AV protection. Now everything works fine again.

I'm not the only one having trouble:

Hi Fred: I've used Zone Alarm for a couple of years now and really like it. However the latest ve... Read more

Answer:New ZoneAlarm Version Disappoints

Been hearing bad things and was thinking of updating as mu year is up but I see no need if it is trouble. Was going to get the 4x that is on sale with rebate for $9.99.
I have 4.5.538.001 right now and it works great. See history.

So if I did buy the 4.x that is on sale I could go to ZA site and download 4.5.594.000.

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I just had to reformat my machine, so I tried to download ZA again. Unfortunately, I have Win2K and the new one isn't compatible with it. Does anybody have any idea where I can find an older version to download? Or another option that would work as well? I know there are 847 different free firewalls, but I've only ever used ZA.

Answer:Need older version of ZoneAlarm

Hope I'm not breaching protocol by linking here. Should be able to find any version you need.

This is also a very good one, and doesn't torture you with questions like Comodo's does.

By the way, my boss (Chris-star17) said to tell you hello.

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Relevance 54.53% The basic firewall is only 259KB, while the on MG is 26MB.


Answer:WHich version of ZoneAlarm to download?

The Editor's Note at the bottom of the download explains why

The version on the ZA site probably does not include the Security Suite.

Which version you download depends on what you need/want. Personally I stayed with Version 6 because I did not want the bloat and nag screens that comes with the Security Suite. However, as it says, you can opt not to install that option.

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Just curious since I've read version 5+ has a problem w/that. Thanks in advance ...

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Whats new:

*Web Monitor: Scans all http traffic for malware, blocks malicious URLs.
*AV bug fixes
*Generic stability improvements

Answer:New ZoneAlarm Beta version 11.0.761.000

This is only for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2013, must have an account with CheckPoint and enroll in the Beta program to download.

ZoneAlarm Beta License Agreement


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Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of this unusual problem I'm having.
My high speed internet drags when surfing even though I'm getting 3mb service. The pages take 5-8 seconds to load no matter where I go. Some even take 8-12 seconds and others just time out.

Heres where It gets wierd for me. If I turn off my firewall (ZoneAlarm) the delay vanishes. I am instantly bringing up pages in 1-2 seconds.

Why in the world would the firewall slow the connection that much?

Answer:ZoneAlarm (firewall) affects broadband speed?

Some programs might just suck? Back in the day, ZA used to suck, easyer to DoS people with ZA than without a firewall. BlackICE used to be good tho, give it a try.

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I run ZoneAlarm (Not Pro) and Ive just installed Kazaa lite Version 2. I was running Kazaa Lite 1.7 just fine, but 2 is causing trouble.

I'll try to explain everything I've noticed without rambling.

When I try to get Kazaa to connect with ZoneAlarm running, it takes a long time, but it actually does connect. While connected my machine is struggling, CPU usage way up and things get slower.

When I try to connect with ZoneAlarm shut down, it connects quickly, and there's no strain on the system.

Old Kazaa was listed in the Allowed programs area of ZoneAlarm, but I removed it. I figured when I tried to connect new Kazaa it would pop up the window and ask me if I wanted to allow it, but that didn't happen. Also, I try to manually add it to the list, but nothing happens, it won't appear in the list.

At the top on the ZoneAlarm program control screen, you see the icons of active programs. KazaaLite's icon is there and flashing, and if you scroll over it you get the bubble that says "Kazaa Lite Listening to Port(s): TCP: 1214,80"

So, there you go. I don't really know what to do. ZoneAlarm is not actually blocking KazaaLite, but its not getting along too well with it. Anyone know what settings I need to change to make them work together?

Answer:Kazaa Lite Version 2 and ZoneAlarm

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After downloading and installing the latest free version of Zonealarm firewall, my CD based game program not only will not run, but shuts the computer down and starts an automatic re-boot. When I submitted the crash report to Microsoft, the response was that the latest release of Zonealarm had a bug and that they were working on the problem. ANother user had a problem where he could not even access his CD drive. Are others having this problem? How do I find out when the problem is fixed? Thanks.

Answer:Zonealarm problem with latest version?

I should have given more info upon reading the instructions. (sorry I'm new here)
My machine is an HP paviliion 510c desktop with read/write CRDOM. Running windows XP-home version. ZoneAlarm version:
The computer game is starcraft that causes the computer to crash. If I manually shutdown Zonealarm, the game runs fine. Except next time I boot up, I still get the message that the computer has just recovered from a serious error. Thanks

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I've noticed that the newest free ZoneAlarm firewall available is version 7.0.302.000. Mine is version 6.5.737.000 and in the "Status" tab it claims it is up to date.

So my question is, is my firewall really up to date?

I do know that the new version includes the ZA security suite (which I do not want) and I'm wondering if the new version actually updated the firewall at all, or if it just added the extra software.

Thank you for your time! :^)

Answer:Question about ZoneAlarm version (should be quick)

I don't use zone alarm but doesn't it have a check for updates link?

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Currently using Version 3.1.291

When updating, does the new version load over the top of the old, or does the older version have to be deleted first?

Answer:Question about Updating ZoneAlarm FREEWARE version

You are given the option of an upgrade or a fresh install. I have used the upgrade option every time since the 2.6 version and have not had any problems.

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Bitdefender Free has the same protection technologies that its paid version? The efficiency of the free version is same as the paid version?

Answer:The efficiency of the free version of Bitdefender Internet Security the same as the paid version?

I don't see why it wouldn't be, yes it has less features and is less configurable,
But you get the same award winning engine that powers the paid version.

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I noticed that alot of people post snapshots of errors and screens...
I would like to get a snipping tool that is compatible with Vista home basic..

Any Suggestions??

Also I know there is a tool that clears msconfig from obselete entrys...What is the best free one to get??

Answer:Where To Get A snipping tool full version free, not trial version

Just go to search and type snipping tool, its part of your operating system. It works great.

Part 2
Although safe, I would leave the default settings, except for the one registry adjustment that you want, if not already set.
My settings

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When you install a trial version of an AVG security product on your Windows PC you may not feel convinced to buy premium model. However, you may like to continue the use of free version. This is only possible when you uninstall the trial version and download the copy of the free antivirus program thereafter. The AVG Downgrader application helps you complete this process with ease. The program converts trial versions of AVG products into AVG Free. You can download the application from AVG's website under tools and diagnostic utilities section. You will need to restart the system to finalize the downgrade to AVG Free Antivirus.

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Hi Guys.Does Zonealarm still have a free firewall available?If so, what is the url to the download page please?Cheers, Garry

Answer:ZoneAlarm for Free ????

click here

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Question: New Free ZoneAlarm

Hi all there is a new free ZoneAlarm out,click here

Answer:New Free ZoneAlarm

See:click here

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Question: Zonealarm 4.5 Free

Hi,to anyone running zonealarm 4.5 free firewall.On the overviewpage there are are 2 sets of numbers for blocked intrusions--one for total blocks since install,and one for high rated blocked intrusions.HOW DO YOU RESET THEM TO ZERO?


Answer:Zonealarm 4.5 Free

I'm running 4.5 free on a couple PC's, I just tried to reset, havent figured out yet, Thinking must be a way, maybe not? Hum?

Good Question!
Have ya tried on line self help at zone alarm?

This is probably not the answer ya looking for, But, Remove and reinstall program.

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Question: Free zonealarm

I have windows XP service pack3 and I use the free zonealarm firewall. I got a message on screen to update cliked on update now and all that happened was that my browser (firefox) opened and just below all the bars at the top another bar opened top left with a za exe file but nothing further happened, not for want of clicking.I then tried to download the lateest version of free zonealarm from the majorgeeks website, clicked on downloadnow but apart from the screen going black for a fraction of a second nothing happened and I was back on the same screen with the downloadnow button. What am I doing wrong ? How do I overcome this and get the most upto date version ?

Answer:Free zonealarm

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I see references to ZoneAlarm Free
Including MG's downloads,
BUT, It does not seem to exist.

It is not by Zone Labs anymore.
The download is for an online installer (why it is so small).
Using the MG download results in getting vers. 7.0.408.000

So what the heck is up with this?
Did anyone actually get vers. ?
Are you saying you tested something that doesn't exist?

Admin check it out.
Is there an explanation? TIA

Later Bad.

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free

I just tested this and I also got version 7.0.408.000. I will notify the owners for review.


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click here

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free 6.5.731 available


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Question: ZoneAlarm Free

True Vector stops working almost every other day. Help in ZoneAlarm has been not help. I think uTorrent might be the cause but not sure. It gives the option to debug but no results to help. It debugs and then shuts down ZoneAlarm. So far, I have had to restart the system each time to get ZoneAlarm back online. I would appreciate any help.

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free

First, do you have the latest version of ZA, version 6.5.737.000?

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Question: zonealarm 6.5 free

since installing zonealarm free 6.5 my internet connection drops soon after logging on. when i turn off zonealarm i have no problem with my browser or the internet connection. i would like to continue to use zonealarm but will not as long as this issue continues. can anyone tell me if it is a configuration issue or am i just out of luck?

Answer:zonealarm 6.5 free

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I am trying install ZoneAlarm zaSuiteSetup 61 737 000 en.exe (or any other version of ZA) and after i click on RUN to install I get:
TrueVector Service
TrueVector service has enountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience... (

Then i clicked on "to see what dada the error report contains"... thought this might help:

Error signature
AppName: vsmon.exe
AppVer 6.1.737.0
ModName: kernell32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180
Offset: 0001eb33

Then after sending the error report i get:

Setup is unable to log into the TrueVector service. Install cannot continue without logging into the TrueVector service.
Please use the service manager to shut down the TrueVector service and then restart the installer program.
I hope something in all this can help you...


Answer:ZoneAlarm (any version) won't install.... TrueVector Service error


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My hard drive crashed a few weeks ago. Computer store said they couldn't recover anything off the hard drive. My neighbor is a computer guy and let me borrow an external device to "read" my hard drive. He suggested using FileRescue to recover the info on the crashed drive. FileRescue has a free trial version and a pay version. What's the difference? Should I just bite the bullet and pay for the full version? I'm really just interested in recovering some pictures and excel spreadsheets. Please advise...

Answer:Difference between free trial version and pay version of FileRescue

It depends on the extent of the hard drive failure. If the system does not recognise the drive you may not be able to recover anything at all.Typically, the trial version will show you what can be recovered but may not do so or with limited resultsTry Recuva its free and pretty good

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Bitdefender Free has the same protection technologies that its paid version? The efficiency of the free version is same as the paid version?

Answer:The efficiency of the free version of Bitdefender is the same as the paid version?

I don't see why it wouldn't be, yes it has less features and is less configurable,
But you get the same award winning engine that powers the paid version.

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ZoneAlarm Update is now available. If you do not receive a notification here is a link. This update is for the free version of Zone Alarm.ZoneAlarm UpdateThere is also a NEW Free ZoneAlarm Support Center And a NEW Free Online Spyware Detector

Answer:Free ZoneAlarm Users:

Scarlett have you tried the spyware scanner?

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Answer:Get ZoneAlarm Pro for Free Next Tuesday

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Answer:ZoneAlarm Free 6.1.744 update available


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ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Free - 24 Hour Promo

The good:
3 user license for ZoneAlarm Pro firewall for one year free (normal value: $39.95)

The bad:
Credit Card or Debit Card required; auto renew unless you opt out during checkout

Answer:ZoneAlarm Pro free today only!

Thanks. Just grabbed my copy.

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Hi does anyone have a link for the free zonealarm firewall.thanks

Answer:zonealarm free firewall, where do i get from?

click hereThe free version is at:click here

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Everytime when i boot my puter if you restore zonealarm you see the programs running in a 4 boxed little window uptop.

I never see the zonealarm working unless i check for an update then i see it in the box running.

i dont know truthfully if it needs to be in that box to be on but i am almost certain it must.

just sick and tired of checking for an update to make it appear there.

Anyone experience this ?

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You can read about and download it from here.

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I have installed zonealarm free edition. That was 3 days ago. Since then i have had 6753 and counting intrusions blocked via inboud protection. Is this a normal amount? Just wanted to ask.

Thanks for views and replies.

Answer:Question about Zonealarm free..

my firewall says it blocked 1286 attacks in 7 days, so I'd say your number is high?

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Hi, know that Windows XP firewall is virtually non-existant for data going out, as opposed to being good for blocking threats coming in. I was debating putting the free Zonealarm on to counter out-going threats, but looking through the list of problems posted here, I am wondering if I might be asking for trouble.

I don't want to open a can of worms. Does anybody know of another freebee I can download that is, very possibly, safer and can cause less hassles?
Herb Kugel

Answer:[SOLVED] Free Zonealarm

I haven't read the probs people have with Free Zonealarm . I would like to say I have never had any trouble with it when setting it up on any machine. When it is first installed and you open a programme that wants to access the Internet it simply opens a box and tells you what programme is requesting access. You then select allow or not . Why don't you just try it?( There is probably 2 or 3 million other users out there).
p.s. I have installed it on at least 250 machines.

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I am trying to get my desktop 'see' the laptop. When I click on the Desktop My Network it displays the usual icons but no icon for the laptop. The laptop screen has a Zonealarm box come up saying that it has blocked access to Port 139 - help would be appreciated if anyone can tell me how to overcome this.

Answer:Problem with Free Zonealarm

Add your local area network to the Trusted zone. Can't detail that precisely as I don't use ZA.

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I 've had it a little while now and it just quite working???

Answer:my free zonealarm won't work?

a spyware is disabling it , get hijackthis
click "do a system scan and save a logfile" and open a new thread at this section copy & paste the log

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A couple of weeks ago I was prompted to download a new version of ZoneAlarm, and I must have accidentally downloaded the non-free version because it's telling me about the impending end of my trial.

To go back to the free version do I just have to uninstall this version and start over, or is there another way?

Answer:Going back to the free ZoneAlarm

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ZoneAlarm Antivirus version

Added: Stop all Internet Activity feature
Added: Firefox 11 supportClick to expand...


Download Direct Drink

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Does anyone know how often ZoneAlarm Free updates?
As long as I had the trial version, there were regular updates, but since the trial has ended, it keeps telling me it's up-to-date every time I click "check for updates". Since it's being going on for several weeks, I wonder if I should do something else.
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Does ZoneAlarm Free update?

what trial period? did you try the ZoneAlarm Pro trial? because my ZA updates automatically.

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I have just bought an HP laptop with Vista. Nortons security trial was pre-installed which I deleted from Ad/Remove. I then tried to install ZoneAlarm Free - i downloaded it and put it on disc on my main computer, and then inserted the disc into the laptop, but as soon as i double clicked the icon, it said 'setup was unable to find teh msi package or patch. redirect zonealarm ...'

How do I install this?

I installed Avast with no problem, and I am now running the Vista Firewall - is this safe to use in the meantime?

Also, if all else fails, is there another free firewall that you recommend if i cannot use Zonealarm?

Answer:need help installing ZoneAlarm free

A couple suggestions:1 - the norton trial security needs to be removed by using the Norton removal tool. Using ADD/REMOVE doesn't remove norton completely, leaving files and registry entries behind that conflict with other installations of security software - setup was unable to find teh msi package or patch. redirect zonealarm .. this is an indicator of a bad download. Zone alarm, I believe, still recommends their products be download using Internet explorer browser3 - any reason you're not doing a direct download onto the laptop?4 - Vista 32 bit or 64 bit?

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I received an email from ZoneAlarm that said I will not be protected from Blackworm if I'm using the FREE version of ZoneAlarm. I DO use the FREE version. Is this something I need to worry about or just THEM trying to get me to buy?

Answer:Free ZoneAlarm and Blackworm

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Every time I start my machine I am getting a nag screen from ZoneAlarm!

The systray icon for ZA is not loaded until after the nag screen is dealt with.

Is this nag screen JUST effecting the systray icon, or is ZA not loaded until the nag is dealt with?

I turn on my computer and walk away to get my drink or whatever... my computer is always online... as long as it has power. I'd hate th think my firewall is not loaded, my computer exposed and ZA is getting their jollies through a damned nag screen.

Is it or is it not protected before the nag is dealt with and how do I get rid of the damned nag without having to give them money?

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free, Nagware!

Ive got ZA free too, and dont get this nag screen. I got it first time I ever loaded the new version that was it. I think there must be a way to turn it off or something?

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall continues to be one of the leading security solutions on the market, so today the application received a new update that?s supposed to enhance the protection offered to users.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 13 comes with enhanced stability, minor UI tweaks, but also with a new privacy toolbar that offers Internet Explorer 11 support. This means that full Windows 8.1 compatibility is also being offered, so you can install the app even if you?ve already made the move to Microsoft?s new OS version.

The feature lineup remains unchanged and includes a two-way firewall that blocks malicious applications from sending your data out to the Internet, but also advanced download protection to stop dangerous files from reaching your computer and an advanced firewall to stop attacks which anti-virus solutions cannot cope with.

The privacy and security toolbar also offers enhanced protection, offering site checking, do not track, Facebook privacy scan, and private browsing.

As you could easily guess, the application continues to be available free of charge and in addition to Windows 8.1, it also works quite flawlessly on all the other Windows versions still supported by Microsoft.

What's new in ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

March 25th, 2014

New: Privacy Toolbar with Internet Explorer 11 support
Updated: UI minor adjustments
Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:

Offers to change the homepage for web brow... Read more

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Having used Zonealarm on XP (old version with lock engage), is it worth using this (Checkpoint version) in conjunction with / as an alternative to Windows 10's firewall?
It's good to have the lock and know what programs (such as installed anti-virus etc) are trying to perform updates / call home.
What are people's thoughts?

Answer:Zonealarm free firewall ?

I have been using ZA on W7 Ultimate for a year now and I like it. I also especially like that ease with which I can block outgoing sends from programs. It's always nice to know which programs are calling home when there is no need for it. Especially after I have blocked auto-updates in the program itself!

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ZoneAlarm ForceField valid for free only from 8/12/08, 6 am to 08/13/08, 6 am PST. For one computer. ForceField?Virtualized Browser SecurityBank, shop, and browse the Web safely and privately.ZoneAlarm ForceField provides a protective layer around your browser, shielding you from drive-by downloads, browser exploits, phishing attempts, spyware and keyloggers. So your passwords, your confidential information, and your financial data remain protected.Nothing else protects you like ZoneAlarm ForceField. What is virtual browsing? * ? Block unauthorized downloads and malicious software installations * ? Protect your identity by blocking phishers and stopping keyloggers * ? Browse the internet in complete privacy?erases all cache, cookies, history and passwords * ? Run it with your existing security software?it's fast, lightweight, and easy to use

Answer:Zonealarm Forcefield - Free

Looks like a good product, thanks for sharing.

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I have Windows XP Service Pack 1. I have been using ZoneAlarm Free since 2 June 2005 and upgraded to ZoneAlarm Free version 6.0.677.000 on 19 September 2005. I have been using without having any problems. But for the last two days, I'm not able to open web pages if it is active. I can successfully ping my ISPs gateway and perform telnet logins,
but not accesss web pages. NO settings of ZoneAlarm were changed (I checked
this up) and the default gateway and DNS address of my ISP are same. I have a
static IP. If I shutdown ZA, then everything works smoothly, but I don't want to
stay unprotected.

Answer:Problem with ZoneAlarm Free

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I have downloaded latest ZA version as per pop-up and was about to install ZA I got the following message.."This computer is running Windows XP Service Pack 3,but requires an update to the service pack(SP) before you can install ZoneAlarm.Click OK to start this SP update(KB943232) now.After the update you are prompted to restart and then you can install ZoneaAlarm."When I press 'YES'(means try to update) I get the following error message:"Setup has detected that the Service Pack version of the system is newer than the update you are applying.There is no need to install this update".Then I am not able to proceed further.I've tried uninstalling ZA, rebooting then installing latest version but the circle continues.TIA

Answer:Can't update Zonealarm free

You have downloaded and installed Zone Alarm (ZA)?You tried to update it and it said first you had to update your PC 'Service Pack'?Now it is saying ZA is up to date?Where is the problem? It can't/won't update, because it is up to date!If it still doesn't make any sense to here

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from thewindowsclub:


Check Point's ZoneAlarm division plans to announce that it will give away free licenses to its ZoneAlarm Pro firewall software on "Patch Tuesday," or Tuesday, Oct. 13.

The free giveaway will take place on line for 24 hours, at ZoneAlarm's Web site here.

ZoneAlarm Pro is a subset of ZoneAlarm's security services, a step up from its free firewall but less protection than its ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010 suite offers.

ZoneAlarm Pro includes the two-way firewall, download monitoring, anti-phishing protection, plus a couple of advanced features: OSFirewall, which looks for changes in the OS that might have been missed by an antivirus program, and credit monitoring with the three major credit bureaus. The latter feature typically comes with a year's subscription.

Source: ZoneAlarm to Give Away ZoneAlarm Pro Next Week - Reviews by PC Magazine


hurry up if you want it, only available for 24h !

Answer:ZoneAlarm Pro firewall for FREE ! (24h ONLY)

Thank you. I have a use for this on a friend's machine.

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I can't find my way around the ZA site. Is ZA free to home users as long as they only install on one PC or can you install it on more than one? Can anyone advise?

Answer:Can I use Zonealarm free on 2nd home PC?

install on as many as you like just not on a machine for business purposes.

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ZoneAlarm Free 3.7.211[new build] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZoneAlarm Free 3.7.211 ZoneAlarm makes it easy. Unlike other personal firewalls, ZoneAlarm protects automatically from the moment it's installed - no programming required. ZoneAlarm barricades your PC with immediate and complete port blocking. And, then runs in Stealth Mode to make your PC invisible on the Internet - if you can't be seen, you can't be attacked. FOR FURTHER INFO AND DOWNLOAD ZoneAlarm Free 3.7.211 click here_________________NICK For the latest in Virus Signature Updates click here

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free 3.7.211[new build]

I think you are trying to say that there is a new free version of Zone Alarm available.Taa

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ZoneAlarm Forcefield Free

ZoneAlarm is running a promotion today that allows everyone to grab a free copy of their new ZoneAlarm Forcefield product if they register an account at the ZoneAlarm website. ZoneAlarm forcefield puts a protective layer around the browser. In other words it uses software virtualization / sandbox technology that is known from Sandboxie or SafeSpace.
Although the promotion is only running today users who download the virtualization software have seven days to install it and are still eligible to use it freely. The registration key will be send to the email address entered during registration and is good for one year of free updates.
Zonealarm Forcefield is compatible to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 as well as Mozilla Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. No Opera support in sight unfortunately though.

ZoneAlarm Forcefield adds a toolbar to the browser which thankfully can be shortened so that the icons only appear in the statubs bar and are thus less obtrusive.
Features:Browser Threat Immunity
Keylogger & Screengrabber Jamming
Spy Site Blocking
On-The-Fly Encryption
Website Safety Check
Unlike the other two virtualization software programs ZoneAlarm Forcefield virtualises only the browser and not other applications that connect to the Internet.

Answer:ZoneAlarm Forcefield Free

ZoneAlarm ForceField - One Year Free, One Day Only (8/12/2008)

Trotter already posted this.

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How is the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall these days ? is it worth to try it ? Can't find any real test recent.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - Personal Computer Firewall Software

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Is there another half decent free firewall out. Zonealarm turning out to be a bit of a memory hog.Cheers

Answer:Best Free Alternative To Zonealarm

Hi Kerio - I liked it so much (the Free version) that I bought the full version. When you load the free version, you actually get the full version for the first month.Cheers.

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The bottom line: ZoneAlarm Firewall Free 9.2 has gotten quieter and more effective, and should be considered an excellent tool for replacing the adequate default Windows firewall with a stronger option that includes better outbound protection, antiphishing guards, and ZoneAlarm's behavioral detection network.

Source: ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

This doesn't look so bad.

Answer:ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Thanks K-7.

I run a dual-boot (XPx86/7x64) with a slew of legacy and newer games on XP. I kept XP because I still revisit the legacies and I did not want to go through the hassle of reinstalling all of the others on Win7.

I run the free Comodo Suite on Win7 but on the XP, I run ZA v.7 because I suffered the infamous ZA/ISP conflict with v. 8. After that I stopped upgrading and no longer follow ZA since my XP surfing is limited to known/safe sites, primarily game patches.

So I will give v. 9.2 a try.


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Some of my friends say to not upgrade from 7.0.483.00 to due to several problems.

Answer:Problem(s) with ZoneAlarm Free ?

I use with no apparent problems. There is one real PITA though. It has caught the Microsoft Vista UAC disease. You have to confirm everything twice, like UAC. Nice "feature", Zone Alarm :rasberry unless you check the box and I don't always want to do that.



luckyvic said:

Some of my friends say to not upgrade from 7.0.483.00 to due to several problems.Click to expand...


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Is there a version of the game SIMS FREE PLAY for table LENOVO with windows 8.1?
Thak you so much.

Answer:Is there a free version of the game Sims free play for the TABLET with WINDOWS 8.1?

If you are running desktop OS on your tablet, no. Sims Free Play appears to be mobile OS only... iOS and Android.
You can only install Desktop software in a Desktop environment.
?One alternative is to install an Android emulator like BlueStacks, but it may lag and cause other performance issues due to limited tablet hardware.

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Just learned that Check Point is offering ZoneAlarm Pro along with a year's subscription for free on Tuesday, November 17th. See:click hereMind you I ditched the free version of ZoneAlarm after many years in favour of the even better Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware).

Answer:ZoneAlarm Pro and year's licence for free

Thanks for that Stuartli - for anyone interested in this offer the "go live" time of 6am PDT quoted on the website is 13.00 GMT

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