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help and advice for server hardware and software

Question: help and advice for server hardware and software

I want to launch a web site containing pictures and images, and using my own server to download and distribute the images, but this is a new field for me and would appreciate any help on software and hardware reqirements, i have been looking at windows 2003 sever but its a bit expensive, what are the alternatives, thanks in anticipation

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Preferred Solution: help and advice for server hardware and software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: help and advice for server hardware and software

I'd suggest that you forget completely about running your own server yourself, manually, and go for a managed server with a hosting company or a plain site hosted with a good web host.You don't learn server administration overnight and keeping the hardware and software configured and working 100% of the time, coupled with having to sort out DNS resolution and an IP address of your own so that people who type in your web site address actually get it loading up in their browsers is no small task.You also have other issues to consider. Not many ISP's will allow you to serve your own site using their service, for good reaon. You will more than likely have to invest in a substantial dedicated line to serve the site and if image transfer is going to be the mainstay of your site you will probably want to consider as fast a browadband line as you can get. Connect a number of browsers to your site at once, all requesting file downloads and what seems like a fast connection suddenly isn't.I used to be involved in network and systems admin but I certainly wouldn't dream of running my own web server when I can get excellent service from any one of a number of web hosting companies for either a single web account or for a managed server to run lots of sites on. A managed server is where your web host looks after the hardware and software (they manage it) and you get to use it to host websites on. They have the headaches while you use it for your webs. It's a fine arrangement and God bless the person who first thought of it.If you want to distribute images and arrange file downloads you can do all of this and more through a standard site hosting account with any web host. If you plan on transferring lots of pictures and files you may want to invest in plenty of bandwidth since if you have a lot of visitors you can eat into your standard allocated amount of bandwidth quite quickly. Most web hosts offer a bandwidth topup service for reasonable cost.I suggest you look into a well specified web hosting account for your web or, at the very outside, you consider a managed server but unless you plan on running many sites at once, a managed server is not worth the cost penalty and paying for additional bandwidth would be far more cost effective to you.Your only possible problem with this would be the nature of the images and files that you want to offer. Not many hosts offer adult site support and while you don't mention that point it is only fair to raise it and highlight the issues you will have in finding someone willing to host such a site.If you must serve your own site for reasons only known to you, you may want to look into Linux as your web server software. It is free to download and runs Apache natively (the most common web server software). I can't stress enough though, that you don't learn server administration overnight and unless you really know what you are doing, you will be wide open to potential attack.My advice is that you should go for a well specified single site hosting account with one of the better web hosting companies and you make certain it has plenty of bandwidth or at least a topup option.You'll save all those headaches, the expense, the learning curve, the hardware, the software...You get the idea I'm sure.If you want some suggestions for possible web hosts post again to that effect.regardsTaran

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I'm planning to build a new data server for my small business. Very small businesss. I don't need enterprise capabilities since we only have 5 client PCs in the network. I have a good idea of what I want in the system... except for the video card. The server won't be used as a workstation at all, so I don't need all of the features that are loaded on video cards that are found in every tech shop. I just want something simple. Can anyone recommend a brand and model?

Also, the following is a list of what I plan to put into the server. If anyone sees any mistakes that I might be making, please steer me in the right direction.

Abit KX7-333 mother board
Athlon XP 1900 CPU
Antec SX635 Mid Tower
350W Power Supply
512MB PC2700 DDR RAM
Standard Floppy
CD Writer (brand not yet determined)
3COM 56K Modem
Net Gear NIC
2 UDMA 133 7200 RPM 60 GB HDD
(maybe raid, but I'm not knowledgeable on the set up)
15-inch Monitor
Standard keyboard & mouse
NT 4.0 OS with SP6

I don't need sound of any kind.

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Need server hardware advice...

Howdy there Logie2...

Try going here and look for the cheapest PCI card you can find ( just make sure that it has drivers for NT ), also I would upgrade NT to SP 6a...

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Hope this is the 'best' forum to post this query in, heres a little backstory and our thoughts so far:

Some friends and I are going to rent 1u in a data center for all our geeky needs; our 'needs' to start with are a bunch of websites (and databases), a VoIP server and a few dedicated game servers. We'll be running some form of *nix if that matters (seen some anti *nix specs regarding RAID?)

I was shocked how expensive 1u chassis can be, is there a big premium on this or should we look at renting 2u to save here? On the 1u front we don't need hotswap bays or a slim optical or anything flash, some decisions will be based on MB/CPU - more on that later.

Our 'dream' was to go straight to dual processor but it looks like we will have to be abit more economical; Im under the impression you can get a dual socket MB and run with 1 cpu, hopefully we could/would upgrade down the line if neccessary; we were looking at going Xeon not sure whats the best cache etc for our needs, what chipsets are good. Can you rely on built in raid (that isnt anti *nix)?

Storage isn't really an issue, we'll be using gigs rather than terabytes of data however we'd like to have 2+ harddrives for some form of RAID (important stuff will be backed up offsite). SATA will be fine I think, we won't be taxing the HDDs much.

We also dreamed of having alot of memory, which we can also add to later - does anyone have any advice on how memory... Read more

Answer:Building a 1u server - Hardware advice

What is your budget for this project? You may find it is more cost effective to buy a "gently used" 1U server off ebay rather than building your own.

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Hi everyone,

I was hoping for some hardware advice/recommendations for a SMB server build.

We currently have a server that's built on consumer hardware (Phenom II X6, 16 GB RAM, and a gaming mother board) but we've grown frustrated with frequent stability issues.

Our server is a virtual machine host running Centos 6.2 minimal, with about 8 VMs on top of it. It has 4 Hard drives in a RAID 10 configuration, and each VM uses a logical volume instead of file based images.

The guest VMs are:
Ubuntu Server with OpenLDAP
Ubuntu Server running NFS (including NFS home folders for all our users)
Windows XP (1)
Windows XP (2)
Ubuntu Server with MediaWiki
Ubuntu Server with Bind 9 name server
Ubuntu Server with Cyrus IMAP server
Ubuntu server with DaviCal calendar server
... room for growth ...

Right now, the host machine kernel panics on a regular basis and the log seems to indicate an I/O related issue.

We're ready to spring for some solid, server grade hardware, but I'm not sure what to buy. I've built tons of desktops so I'm familiar with the components and how to do the building, but I do have some questions about performance and stability since both are paramount. I hoping to get about 5 years of uptime!

I found this bare-bones system and it has the features we're looking for like rack mount-ability, 8 hot-swap drive bays, plenty of room to add more RAM or a second processor, etc. But I've never heard of TYAN and I don't know if... Read more

Answer:Advice for a Server Grade Hardware Build?

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ok, few questions...

Ive read a lot of posts here about firewalls, and can probably decide on that one, but

Ive read on bittorrent sites that unless you "make a hole" in your firewall, speeds can bottleneck. what can I do right off the bat to make it (dsl/firewall) work the best?

anything that would be helpful to know in advance? tips, tricks, tweaks...

also, what is you all's favorite bittorrent client? any other software suggestions?


Answer:getting dsl, any advice? hardware, software...

A good hardware firewall will do a pretty good job. Yes, you will have to set up port forwarding in the router or dsl modem via the interface. You should forward ports 6881-6889. Otherwise there will be errors and speed issues. You also may have trouble with NAT (network address translation). I am behind a completely firewalled router from my ISP and its not much fun. They will not allow me to port forward, so I suggest that if at all possible, port forward.

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Could someone please help me? I need to get a server to run NT SQL. I will have 4 workstations running Windows 98. I don't know what type of hardware to get for my server. Do I need a lot of RAM? A really fast CPU? A huge hard drive? Will my server need anything more that an ordinary beefed up computer already has? Please help me!

Answer:{Advice Offered} - Windows NT SQL server hardware recommendation?

Need to know more before that can be answered.

How much data do you plan on storing? That will determine your hard drive size.

How big are the databases programs going to be? That will help with the RAM. Of course, with and MS product, more RAM is always a good thing.

CPU speed... well, I would go with something decent. With only 4 users I doubt you'll need an 800MHz or anything. Of course, I don't know how much data you are planning to have this maching process - so even 1 user could need a really fast CPU.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(4/29 free $5 added - free computer headset ends 4/30!):

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Heya guys,

I could use some advice in selecting some new security implements.

Having searched, I've come to the conclusion that the Sygate Personal Firewall Pro is one of the best. However, I have some questions since many of the topics were older. Has anyone personally used the latest versions of Sygate Pro (5.5 I believe, latest revisions)? How does it compare to Norton Internet Security Pro's 2004 firewall/IDS? Does it catch suspicious traffic? Update definitions easily and regularly? Does it hog resources? I am currently using NIS 2004 Pro and am considering a switch. Also, I've heard good things about LookNStop.

Also, I'm in the market for a router with hardware firewall for personal use. I'm currently using a Linksys WRT55AG 4 port, wireless router. It has port forwarding and the like, but I still have problems with traffic that I want to get through (Peer-to-Peer) being blocked, and things I don't want, getting through. I'd like something with a SPI firewall with lots of customization. I only need something with a 4 - 6 port switch, anything larger than that is too pricy and I don't have much use for it. Wireless would be good too, but not neccessary. In short, I want a "Personal" use router with "Professional" grade features. I found...

which seem to be very similar.... Read more

Answer:Hardware and Software Firewall Advice Requested

Watchguard Firebox ='s good hardware firewall.

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I am waist deep in home automation...trek homes you know. So I've of course ripped all my CD's for multi-zone multi-amp multi-soundcard music.

Now the final entertainment piece would be to rip all my DVDs for two reasons: 1 to protect my original DVDs from getting scratched (kids) and 2 so with the touch of a finger on my wi-fi touchpad I can load a movie sit back and relax.

I do not want to go the mult-Dvd disc changer. As with the multi-CD changers I see this as a dinasoaur.

With that Said:

Hardware: What would be the best quality video card for movie playing, HDTV etc. Estimated minimum Drive Requirements? 250GIG?

Server Config: Dell Dual drive raid server. 1 gig of ram. AMD chip? Harddrive sizes? Will of course take server recomendations from this wealth of knowledge.

Recomendations on Projectors?

Answer:Hardware and Software Question - DVD Server


As far as the "server" specs go, since you are apparently going to buy a Pre-Manufactured unit, eg, Dell, and obviously you don't want to limit your pleasure by anything as trivial as MONEY....Just buy the biggest most badass unit they offer.

And if it is specified as Multi-media, it "should" lean in the direction you want. As for the HD capacity...since you are talking about ARCHIVING all of you CD's and DVD's to Hard Disk, 250GB should be sufficient...for your FIRST hard drive !!! Go on from there.

As for a friend of mine always says, "You never have to make excuses for buying the best." Pick up a magazine and check out the reviews.

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I am looking for a solution where I can plug a USB device into it, configure it with an IP, then install software on a remote system and have the USB device show up as if it was plugged into that PC, then I would install the drivers for the device.

Is there such thing as this? Basically, I want to plug a USB device somewhere on the network, into a VM that is in our ESX environment, without having to physically attach it to one of the hosts then force the VM to not move. I want it to be software based at the VM end, but not require a computer at the device end.

I'm finding lot of stuff on Google, so I'll continue going through, but if anyone has used something like this before, it would be great to hear of it.

Edit: This looks like it may do what I want, but not much details.

Answer:USB over IP hardware server, software client?

The siig one is terrible. I tried it with a client a while back, but had to replace it because it just wasn't reliable. I switched them to a Belkin network usb hub that has been pretty stable. The software isn't great and doesn't run as a service, so I have to leave a console session open to maintain the connection, though.

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I have for long, been searching for the perfect backup software for my Server running Windows Server 2003. I thought I had the perfect software, Uranium Backup. It allows me to do incremental backups to avoid have to backup 1.5 TB each and every night, and only the changed / modified files. Problem is, I have an option in the program to "synchronize" meaning, remove any files from the backup that have since been deleted from the source directory as I am constantly moving files around and do not want 3 copies of the same file in my backup because I have moved them a few times after each backup.

I THINK my best bet, if no one has a better software suggestion to my needs below, is to use something like Acronis True Image , which I believe would save a "current state" snapshot of the system, which would solve my issue of moving files and ending up with copies in different places, as it is a "current" snapshot and only reflects where things are in the present time.

I humbly ask Hard OCP'ers out there to please help me, I'm at my wits end with this one

What I need my backup to do:
Backup my 1.5 TB of combined storage on my server
Ability to perform only incremental backups
sychronize changes, so if I delete a file it does not* show up in the backup
mail report when backup is finished


Answer:Server Backup Software Advice

What's wrong with the built in backup? It lets you do incremental.

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I work for a company with several locations in multiples states. We currently use a mail server provided by our web host with about 200 active email accounts. We are running into issues with valid mail being marked as spam and not being delivered. This is starting to impact our business. We have tried all of the suggestions provided by our mail host to resolve the issue with little success. We are considering setting up our own mail server so that we have control over the configuration.

I have been trying to research our options some success but a lot of confusion. We would like to use one of our existing Windows bases servers for the mail server. It will also be used for data storage. We would like our mail server to offer web based access for people who are traveling as well as access by various mail software.

What mail server software should we consider or exclude from our list and why? Are there any special considerations we should be aware of when setting up our mail server? What are good options for spam filtering and virus protection? What other features should we be considering?


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Hey Everyone,I need some serious help, I have to write a paper for my computer literacy class and I'm not really understanding what she is looking for, I'm going to type out the assignment and any information anyone can give me that will help would be greatly appreciated!I must...Identify the hardware and software components involved in the use of the internet (include components on client and servers)How do these components provide access to information and interact or communicate with each other?Identify the network type and components that are activated when using the internet.HOw does the hardware and software configuration of the client matchine affect (or not affect) its ability to access the World Wide WEb?Identify the differneces between the internet and the world wide web?So much information and I just feel overwhelmed any help would be great thanks!!!!

Answer:Help with paper client/server hardware/software...

Please do your own work

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Hey Everyone,I need some serious help, I have to write a paper for my computer literacy class and I'm not really understanding what she is looking for, I'm going to type out the assignment and any information anyone can give me that will help would be greatly appreciated!I must...Identify the hardware and software components involved in the use of the internet (include components on client and servers)How do these components provide access to information and interact or communicate with each other?Identify the network type and components that are activated when using the internet.HOw does the hardware and software configuration of the client matchine affect (or not affect) its ability to access the World Wide WEb?Identify the differneces between the internet and the world wide web?So much information and I just feel overwhelmed any help would be great thanks!!!!

Answer:Help with paper client/server hardware/software... request will most likely be ignored by others considering the fact we're here to aid people with computer problems and not with homework.

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Its warm here in FL -- If the AC dies on us during midnight, we could fry our servers.
Anyone have any experience with scheduling a windows shutdown in the event that, for example, the room gets to 90*F?
We use a temperature probe from Ravica that works to tell temp and humidity but we need to monitor our email to know when something is wrong.

Something that isn't $$$$ would be great!

Answer:Need Software/hardware that schedules shutdown if server/room overheats.

Quick and Dirty way:

1st setup a mail account just for temp notifications. Then write yourself a VB.NET app that checks that account. Have it setup so that if it sees an email in the box it A) downloads it and deletes it from the server and B) shutsdown the server.

For simplicity you can have it launch an external command shell and issue the sutdown command.

Here is simple command line code to schedule a shutdown:

at 01:00 shutdown /s /d u:6:12

This will schedule a shutdown at 1:00AM in the morning. It also specifies that it was an unexpected shutdown as a result of Power Failure: Environment

For more details check "shutdown /help"

*note: obviously you should make the vb program put in the correct time using the system time + like 5 minutes.

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Hey everyone--going to say thanks for even reading this (let alone for any suggestions) before I start.

I work from home with a buddy. It's a two story building with a "warehouse" out in a secured garage outside. The computers look like this:

Two main computers that we use in the office
One computer in the garage (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
One computer in the basement (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
Two laptops (not necessary, but we use in the house)

I'd like for all of these computers to be on a network that saves everything on a server (the computer garage could be the server if needbe, or we can have the server somewhere in the house). I'm upgrading all computers in the next month, so they should all have the necessary software for us (one new laptop and two new PCs).

I want to be able to log into any of these computers in either my name or my coworkers name (and be able to change anything on one, then log into the other and access the know, like a network should be)

I'd also like the computer in the garage to be wireless (we can have a laptop out there, that would be fine).

My questions:

What's the best server to set up (HP, Dell...going to use a newer server that uses SAS 2.5" drives, and we don't need much storage (I think a couple 73gb drives would be more than fine for now)

What software should be used? I'm assuming win 7/8... Read more

Answer:Home Network Server Setup (please help--hardware/software questions!!)

Do you need email or anything like that or just file storage? It its just storage, I'd stick with a mid-grade Synology or QNAP NAS. Get a couple NSAS drives or enterprise SATA drives and call her good. I'd personally go Synology over QNAP. You can then backup to USB HDDs or an online service like Crashplan.

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I have started searching around for the correct docs on how to do this but haven't had much luck finding one that addresses what I'm trying to do.

I have an existing Windows 2000 server and am going to replace it with a server running Windows 2003 Server R2.

I would like to know the best way of doing that. Most of the docs I have seem talk about it as though you're keeping the same server hardware in place. That's not what I'm trying to do.

So, you don't have to go through all the steps I need to do. If you could just point me to the correct doc and give some helpful hints I would appreciate it.


Answer:Help Needed To Migrate Windows 2000 Server To Server 2003 On New Hardware

Need to know what services you are running on the server to be able to help you further.

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I think Microsoft should step up in the release cycle of upcoming Lumia phones as it is a tad behind in terms of hardware and software features.
Hardware picks: Fingerprint, hearth rate monitor, 2k screen and stylus.
Software features: More toggle options in action centre especially data connection toggle, an health app by swiping to the right from the home screen, app sorting in menu and multitasking window.

Answer:What should the upcoming Lumia phone look like in features both hardware in hardware and software?

No 2k.

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I have a client with a web server running Windows 2000 Professional. They also have a server on the network running NT 4. They have been told that there is a device that will route requests to the NT server if the 2000 server is down that costs about $100. I have not heard of such an animal, and if anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. The device should somehow, I suppose, automatically detect that the machine at IP address A is not responding, and route the web request to IP address B. Anybody?

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Ok so here's the deal:

2008 domain
GPP extension on all clients

Old server:
2003 32bit
has ~150 network printers
old name

New server:
2008 x64
cannot have same name as old server

My questions:

Since I can't use Print Migrator 3.1 (from 2003 to 2008 x64) can I install the new printers on the new server without conflicting with the old printers/server? If so I should just be able to roll the new printers out via GPP to each respective OU, right? Any advice on removing the old printers from the clients? It's 4-500 clients so I can't touch each one physically. I'm aware I will need x64 drivers when installing on the server then will need to manually add the 32bit drivers during each install (on the server).

Any advice would be appreciated. I've migrated 20-30 printers but never 150 off one server before.

Answer:Advice for print server cutover? (Server 2008 x64)

From my experience you can add the printers on any server without conflict. They are basically just "there" and people can connect to them if they want to. So you should be able to set up the printers on the new server without issue.

I don't know much about removing the existing printers from the client machines, especially with GPP. I have to brush up on my GPP skills as well as upgrade my functional domain level.

I was researching a script to delete all printers when the clients logged in and got it working, but never used it other than testing.
Thread here:

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Hello, and sorry if the title isnt the best, I wasnt really sure how to word it I'm afraid.

Having used search for the last couple of hours, and seen many threads its clear I'm in the right place. You all have a lovely forum!

I'm looking for a solution to a rather annoying problem in our household. We have upwards of 8-10 computers/laptops in our house, and documents/media are fast becoming a nightmare!

We've decided to go along the route of purchasing/building a server to basically use as a fileserver, to centralise our documents/media and thus enable access to either user account from any one particular computer we have.

Below is what I'm looking to be able to do:

1. Fileserver (mainly comprising of centralised documents on the server itself accessable by each person individually but private from others)
2. Central backup of all crucial computers to prevent data loss (stored on the server, and done by the server on a regular basis)
3. A dedicated server firewall to place in front of the internet, before the network.
4. A web server, so I can run image copies of my own personal forum/websites and test any changes BEFORE doing them to my live site.
5. To download torrents/large files etc directly on the server. Like an automated nightly backup of my web hosting server online for example.
6. Stream full HD from the server to our media centre pc (and onto a HD TV).

I was thinking along the lines of using 3 older, seperate servers. the first bein... Read more

Answer:Advice and help regarding recommended server specs for home server use

Do you have this network in place already?

This is mine below done with Cisco Virtual Network Design Tool.
For web server I use IIS 7.

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I know i already posted this in the Building, Buying, Upgrading for General PCs section and i wasn't sure how to move or delete that one. Sorry for the double.

The Question:

So I went and purchased an HP ProLiant ML350 w/ a Dual-Core Xeon processor, 4 GB RAM and 4-250 SATA HDD's in RAID-5.

So i'm currently at the screen where it's asking me to either make a partition or choose the partition i want to install Server 2003 R2 on.

Here i need some help. I have 715 GB of space available. I want to make 2 partitions, a C: and a D:. I want C: for Server 2003, and applications that will be run on the server. And D: to hold data (eg. user profiles and other data).

How much space do you think i will need to crate for C: that should sustain me for at least a few years?

I was thinking about 75 GB and leaving the other 640 GB for D:

What do you think?

Answer:New Server Advice / Parition Size / Server 2003 R2

Go ahead and install it on C:

Then obtain a partitioning program and partition them as follows:

C: Local Disk - Depending on how many programs you install localy on C: I would set it to 50GB just so you have enough overhead. If you do happen to run out of space, you can always repartition to add space from one to another.
G: APPS Drive - Admin Specified
S: Shared Drive - Admin Specified
M: Swap Drive - Admin Specified
U: Users Drive (Home Directory)

This is just an example of what my server looks like at work, I'm in the process of changing it but this is the current config

Whats even easier is using the HP Smart Start if it came with the server, so did it? This will do most of the work for you

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i would like someone to make me feel better, or worse (that would difficult, however), about what i did today. i realize this may be a hardware issue rather than a winNT issue...
we have a RAID file server running windows NT with Exchange server running on top of that. when i came in to work this morning, the server was beeping loudly and the console would not respond to keyboard or mouse input. i tried the "caps lock" button -- nothing. so i used an old strategy -- cycle the power, and that didn't work. i was later told by one of the it guys that you can't just "cycle the power" because the drives may be at that moment trying to sync and cycling the power would be disastrous. the same folks spent the entire day rebuilding the server and looking at me funny when i walked by. did i really do something wrong by cycling the power?

Answer:{Advice Offered} - raid server - NT server

50/50 chance on that in my experience. Never have had it not recover from cycling the power though. Sounds like some other problem occured. However they have a point. If in fact a volume went down and raid was sync'ing the disks you could have done damage. I've had drives go down in a raid volume and the system still responded to the mouse and keyboard. So I think you didn't cause the problem.

Just my opinion though....

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Hmm was thinking of going back to Zone Alarm as I used it for years and loved it, HOWEVER after reading the post on "Recomendation against Zone Alarm Firewall" I am up in the air of which one to use.
Any advice on firewalls would much appreciated.

Anti-Virus software

What antivirus software is recommended?
I have used AVG for years then went to avast couple years ago (I actually use full versions not the free ones lol) I am wondering should I stick with avast or go to a new one as I got 15 days left on my license.

I searched the internet and according to "Top10Reviews" BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 is the best anti-virus software.

OR would it be good to go with something like Norten Security (I am not a real Norton fan but I want what is best for my computer.

Again any advice would much appreciated.

David Lambie
Skype: YES (unsure if can put it here)

Answer:Anti-Virus Software & Firewall Software - need advice

I had Norton pre-installed on my computer when I got it and I honestly dont like it. .. it seemed to cause more problems than it solved for me.

I use Avast! Antivirus and reccomend it to friends/family. It has a free eddition you can download and trial if you're unsure. You can get a free yearly subscription which is easy to renew when needed. I have never had a problem with Avast and think it might be a good starting point.

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Hello everyone. Well I finally got the money together to say good to my PII 350mhz file server computer. I just picked up 512MB RAM, and a sempron 2400 proc. I had a friend give me a sockaet A mobo. I also picked up the Cooler Master CM Stacker case to give me expandibility in the future when I buy more drives...

So.. now that I have the juice to run windows without the computer freezing up every 10 minutes, I want to load 2003 Server edition. I think that is the best one for a server right? (don't know linux).

The thing is that I am so confused with all these different 2003 server editions. There's enterprise, corporate, SBS. Which one do you guys think that I should use. I have no idea in the differences among them.

Just to give u an overview of my setup. I have 2 desktops 1 laptop and a HTPC that will always be connected to the network. I need the server to always be running to store all my movies so that I can access any time on the HTPC. I also need to be able to share partions and map them as network drives... In addition I want to have some folders to only be available to my computer so tha tno other computer on the network can see it. In addition I would like to be able to log in to the server and make changes any time as I please form a remote PC. ( I am doing that right now with ultraVNC but as I understand 2003 Server edition is specifically made for this purpose). I am really excited about the new server and I am completly new to all this. I loo... Read more

Answer:Finally got parts to build a normal file server, Need help on server software

You are going to need the help of some MCPs (MS Certified Professionals) to help you make your OS choice. I am one myself (only on 2000 at present), but most of them hang out in Operating Systems, which is where I'm moving this thread. While they will gladly advise you and help you answer some of the tougher questions, it would save all of us, and most importantly yourself, quite a bit of time if you pick up some MCSA and/or MCSE books for whatever product you decide to implement. It will also be a tremendous investment in yourself to learn how to make a server work, rather than simply setting it up however someone else tells you to. Furthermore, it will also be significantly easier for you to troubleshoot if you design a system and use practices that make sense to you.

For an answer specifically on which version of 2003 to get, check out this chart which shows the differences between many of the versions. Looks like Standard is a good call for you, although I am not 100% familiar with your needs. Cost will be a factor I'd imagine, and I don't think you need the web services and/or increased scalability of the premium versions.

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hey, I am trying to build a computer that is pretty powerful, yet not too expensive. So far I think I am on the right track with most of the parts I have selected, but I just want to hear your guys' opinion on how good they are and whether or not they are all compatible with each other.

processor --- AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester integrated into chip FSB 512 KB L2 Cache Socket 939.

Motherboard--- CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard

Memory-- CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200)

Video-- SAPPHIRE 100595L-BL Radeon X700PRO 128MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 Video
A sapphire x800PRO 156MB card.....which would only be about $100 more.

Answer:need advice on hardware

Not bad, make sure that you run RAM in dual channel so that there isnt a system bottleneck.

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Question: Hardware Advice


I am looking to build a computer within the next week or so. Here is what I have chosen thus far:

Motherboard: Intel "D875PBZLK FMB 1.5" i875P Chipset Motherboard ($129)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4/ 2.8C GHz 800MHz FSB, 512K Cache with HTT ($178)
Memory: Kingston 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 ($81)
Hard Drive: One 40 GB Maxtor Drive to house OS and application software
One 60 GB Maxtor Drive to use for video editing
(Already Own Both Hard Drives - Recycled from another system)
Video Card: PNY 128MB (Already own - Recycled from another system)
Case/Power Supply: ATX Case with 400W Power Supply (Already Own)
Case Fan: Two ZALMAN 80mm Case fan with Quiet Mode Adapter ($4.9 each)

All this hardware and prices are from
I am looking for some advice on the following hardware:

Sound Card - I want to be able to not only listen to music, but also transfer music from old LP records and cassettes to CDs.

Video Capture Card - I want to able to capture video from old VHS tapes and 8mm camcorder tapes and get decent results.

DVD-Burner - To transfer captured video onto DVD. I am also looking into the new dual layer DVD-Burners.

Any advice on them? Thanks for the help.

Answer:Hardware Advice

Sound card Audigy 2
Video Capture - why not go for a 9600XT All in Wonder solution and get shot of the pny card.
DVD-burner, dont spend a fortune, get one that is multiple format compliant.

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I just got an Asus P5N-E SLI mobo from my freind for free, along with an Intel core 2 duo E8400 processor. I dont know a whole lot about this setup, although i have read about the PCI-E limitations with this board, that wont be a problem because i will only be running one video card. Mainly, my question was about ram. i havent been in the know for a year or so, and i am unsure as to buy ddr3 or ddr2 ram for this board and processor. will it be supported? is it worth it?
if you have any affordable ram setups that you would recommend feel free to tell me the name of the brand and unit. thanks,

Answer:New[ish] Hardware - need advice

Go to the Asus site and get the facts, Jack! Which see;

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I'm getting a new machine and i have some questions. This is the processor i'm going to get: Intel E6700 dual core 2.66Ghz. I need to pick out the motherboard, i'm thinking of getting one of these:

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium nforce 590 SLI

ASUS P5N32-E SLI nforce 680i SLI

ASUS Striker Extreme nforce 680i SLI

eVGA nForce 680i SLI

BFG nforce 680i SLI

Most of the parts i'm considering are certified by Nvidia for SLI mode, i'd like to keep it that way so there would be no surprises later on. The 2nd and 3rd motherboards are not on Nvidia's list of certified parts, however, i'm quite tempted to get an Asus nforce 680i board only because its hard to go wrong with ASUS. Any thoughts here?

Next thing, memory, i'm considering these 2:
CORSAIR, 2GB (2 x 1GB) XMS2 Dominator PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz
CORSAIR, 2GB (2 x 1GB) XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500 DDR2 1066MHz

Both are also certified by Nvidia for SLI, I'm thinking of going with the latter option. the PC2-8500 is a better match for nforce 680i boards so thats why this question is tied with the first.

And finally, the video cards. I'm basically stuck between 2 options here. Either get a PNY GeForce7950 GT 512MB (the only 7950 GT card certified by Nvidia)
An Asus, BFG, XFX or eVGA geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB. I''m not even considering an 8800 GTX, since i wont have the cash to get it. Even though i'm getting this rig as b-day present from my parent... Read more

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I was recently given a computer off a friend

2.2Ghz, 512mb Ram, 7600gt

ive decided to upgrade the unit

i would like advice on what Ram to get and what graphics card is reccomended

I would like to put the ram up to 2gb and the graphics card to 9000GT+ but im not sure what im looking for!

also would it be worth upgrading the processor?

the unit is used for Gaming

Need for speed undercover
gta iv.... ect ect ect

any help would be grate! thanks

Answer:New Hardware Advice

Hey Elias,

Can you give some more information about what hardware you currently have in the system? What kind of processor is it? What kind of board is it running on? Is it a storebought model or homebuilt? All of these things are crucial in determining what RAM, processor, and graphics adapter your system can accept, and how much it can handle.

CPU type and mobo manufacturer can usually be readily obtained from Program FIles>System Tools>System Information, it will appear on the initial screen. As far as other details, you can use and software system like Everest or Belarc Advisor to get a more detailed look at your system. If not, you can try to eyeball it if you are good with recognizing hardware, look for model numbers on the hardware components, or if it it is a mass manufactured system you may have to check the manufacturer with your system's model number for relevant info.

Good Luck!

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Question: Hardware Advice

Hey everyone,

I am dumping my SBC DSL connection next month and moving to a cable internet connection. I am looking for advice on some networking equipment... obviously I have a DSL modem right now, but it is an all-in-one modem/router/firewall. I'm looking for something similar on the cable side and found this unit from Linksys with the following specs:

Linksys Wireless-G 802.11g Cable Gateway

Model: WCG200

Shares high-speed broadband Internet access plus files and printers among multiple computers, with or without wires

Compatible with existing 802.11b wireless networks (at 11 Mbps)

Allows daisy chaining to additional hubs and switches to expand network connectivity

Advanced security features, including SPI firewall, MAC address filtering and powerful data encryption

Parental control features include Internet-access time limits and key-word blocking

E-mail and Web-based logging of security events

USB port for systems without a wired or wireless network card

Easy-to-use, browser-based configuration
Just curious on the 'experts' thoughts on how well it might work. Basically, the setup I want is cable modem / hardware firewall / wireless router (with at least one wired port).

Also, I'm far from a networking expert and hear the terms SPI and NAT thrown around alot with this type of stuff. What is the difference between SPI and NAT? - which one do I need? - or both?

Two other quick items:
(1) would I better buying the modem, firewall, ... Read more

Answer:Hardware Advice

The firewall is usually part of the router (i.e. not usually obtained as a separate device, at least as far as home nnetworks are concerned). I specifically chose separate modem and router devices, thus allowing me to switch from cable to DSL ditch the modem but at least re-use the router, a freedom not available with all-in-one devices (as you've discovered!)



You'll find just about all the routers you encounter will be NAT routers; a great many, in fact nearly all now, will have SPI built-in too.

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My graphics card decided to go belly up on me, so I've decided to invest in a new one.

My current speccs:

2x Crucial DDR2 BallistiX PC6400 2048MB CL4
,2.0V, 256Megx64, 240pin, 800mhz

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
Socket LGA775, 8MB, BOXED m/fläkt

MSI GeForce 9800GTX 512MB GDDR3
PCI-Express 2.0, 2xDVI-I/HDCP

Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2
16MB 7200RPM

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, P35, Socket-775,

Silver Power PSU, 600W, 120mm
Blue light, ATX/EPS, 2xPCI-E, 20/24pin

And I recently put in and extra hdd:

Seagate Barracuda® 7200.12 1TB
SATA 6Gb/s (SATA 3.0), 32MB Cache, 7200RPM, 3,5"
Now, I mostly play games, not the crazy stuff on highest settings tho,
eg. sc2, LoL, some not so demanding steam games, and i will be playing diablo 3 when it comes out, just to give you an idea, and I have no desire to really play them on extreme ultra settings, high settings is just fine =)

So basically what im wondering is what sort of VC i can put into my computer?

Im assuming I cant really put in a top of the line card, nor do i really want to spend that kind of cash,

So what kind of priceworthy VC can I put it without getting a new Motherboard and a new Powersupply
(I would also absolutley love it if the card has a TV/out port, you know the old round kind, but it's not a dealbreaker if it doesn't, I can make it work with HDMI )
I'm prepared to spend around 300$, since I will probably be getting a new cpu fan, a... Read more

Answer:Need some advice on new hardware!

Forgot to post my case, and I can't edit.

APLUS Case Qubic
Midi tower

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Can someone recommend a soundcard to use with XP 64-bit? I guess the SoundBlaster Live! 32-bit is a not compatible?

I have an nVidia 6600 for video card. Is this compatible or do I need an upgrade?

Everything else is on the mobo so it should all work fine.


Answer:Hardware advice for 64-bit XP

nVidia has 64 bit drivers so you should be fine. Check Creative's website for 64 bit drivers. If there are 64 bit drivers for your hardware, you should be good to go.

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Question: hardware advice

Hey guys,I rated my computer using windows 7. I have been wanting to play some games like dayz and stuff like that. So to efficiently run these type of games what would i need to upgrade?works from a scale from 1.0 to 7.9Processor- .6Memory (ram)- 7.6Graphics- 5.1Gaming graphics- 6.5Primary hard disk- 5.9

Answer:hardware advice

Sorry guys the Processor it 7.6

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I've been considering upgrading my PC giving it extra RAM, I spoke to some friends of mine and different things were said which is why I've come here to ask.

I've heard that if I want more than 4GB RAM I need Windows Vista 64bit. I've also heard that Vista has problems with handling more than 4GB RAM. Does 64bit really not work with some software? Are there a lot of games that won't work on 64bit?

I'm also thinking about getting an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Processor, is it worth the money? Already have one that runs at 2.13GHz.
This is what I already have:
nVidia nForce650 SLI
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz (2 CPUs)
2048MB RAM
Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Operating System:
Windows XP 32bit
Hard Drive:
377 GB

Answer:Need some advice (hardware + OS)

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Please does anyone reading this post know of any open source or freeware software that can be downloaded and burnt to a cdr or dvd so as to create a bootable disc and capable of checking system hardware and software at startup? I have a Lenovo Thinkpad R61 running Windows 7 which has developed a problem whereby immediately after the initial Windows 7 welcome screen it throws up a blue screen of death message, resulting in continual restart. I need to determine whether the fault lies with the operating system, in which case I'll re-install this from the original W7 disc, but if the problem lies with ram etc. then I'll need to sort this out first. I have used the systems own hard disk checker from bios, which runs and says that the disc is okay. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Answer:Windows 7 Hardware and Software Checking Software

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my current setup

2.66GHz Core2Duo
3GB ram
320 7200.11 seagate sata3
sony dvdrw sata3
LG dvdrom sata3
windows XP pro sp3

what i want to put in

u guys said it was a waste of time on the ram so i have scratched that

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Kentsfield 2.66GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Processor

Western Digital Caviar Black WD7501AALS 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

the question is, will these make my PC faster?

Answer:upgrading hardware, need advice

well first of all i would think by replaceing a duel core with a quad core your going to gain some speed. now the hard drives.......ive never liked western digital ive always been a seagate man....i dont think u will get any more speed frome swaping the hard drives b/c they are the same,sata3 and 7200rpm the only thing u will get is more room/storage. and ya the ram u can leave alone. u might have too much ram.

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I am planning on revamping my computer this summer, I am going to do a MOBO and Processor Swap.My dilemma is this, I want to get a MOBO that incorporates the new DDRAM,I have this solved pretty much I'm choosing a Gigabyte MOBO.As for the Processor I have been looking at the AMD Thunderbirds, 750 to 1GHZ Speed.

I want The system to be able to handle any tasks I present it with.The system I'm running on now is a AMD 200 with 160MB of RAM so its going to be leaps and bounds better Than what I have now.My primary question is about processor speed and what would be a good speed for me to purchase?I am planning on buying a Micron Devices 128MB Stick of DDRAM also.So does anyone have any suggestions I don't want to spend a lot of money maybe 250 to 300 total including new power supply. Would a 800MHZ with 128MB of DDRAM be a great system with a 7200RPM HD.Thanks for the help.

Oh and is there anything different about OEM processors are they cheaper made or slower?

Answer:Need some advice Upgrading Hardware....

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Hi, i am in the process of setting up a small business - we require an electronic data management system that needs to be uploaded onto a host server.

As we are a small business but hope to expand, would we be best placed to purchase a small server for our data sharing and storage needs that we can upgrade as the business expands or initially start off with a cloud storage server?

We will be working from a small office in quite a rural location but the main scope of the business will be out and about carrying out surveys that need to be uploaded onto the data management system.

Any advice would be greatly received.

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Ok, I'm just throwing this out there hoping somebody works with this kind of stuff. I work for a freight company and we've got one client that is going to require barcoding (for shipment ID purposes) on all their products.

Anybody have any recommendations on hardware and software? What manufacturers are reputable? What vendors should I buy from?

Process is that somebody in Asia will need to print out the barcode sticker, scan it, cargo loads onto an air freighter, cargo arrives here into the States, our local people here scan it. So at the minimum, I'll be needing handheld scanners, thermal printers for the sticker, and software to track (hopefully web-based, but not an absolute requirment).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Need advice on Barcode hardware

We use some modified quecats at the warehouse as readers, radioshack gave these away several years ago.

BarcodeX is excellent software for generating and manipulating barodes.
It works in office and can be incorporated into visual basic apps.
Most POS software has barcode printing built in.. carries some barcode scanners and is reasonably priced.
Provantage is also reliable, well priced.

Both also sell thermal printers. You really don't need to purchase software for web-based tracking, just use a good hosting company with mysql or similar database capability and a little php scripting..

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Hello everyone.

I am looking to upgrade my hardware but I'm not sure on certain parts so may I have some of your advice before going out to buy them, thanks.

I'm looking to purchase additional HDDs and have come down to these choices:Seagate 3TB 7200/64
WD 3TB Green 5400/64
WD 3TB AV-GP Green 5400/64
The price difference isn't that much and I don't need the fast WD Black drives because I'll only be using them to store my files. However, I'm not sure which to choose from. Personally, I do not like Seagate products because I previously have issues with their HDDs failing thus I switched all my HDDs to WDs. However, I would like to know of your experience with them and I also understand that they are faster but given my previous experience, I would rather have a stable drives than a fast drive. Also, if I were to choose the WD ones, which one of the two should I choose from? AV-GP seems to be more reliable but I'm not very certain about that because it is my first time buying a Green drive.

My GPU is pretty weak now and I don't have much cash left to spare. So, should I wait for the older gen GPU to hit lower price and buy them or SLI them because at my country, I can get another 560TI for about USD$130. Is it worth the upgrade or I will be better off waiting out?

Sorry for the long text of wall and thanks in advance.

Answer:Hardware upgrade advice, please.

Personally, I'd go for the Seagate. Overall I've found them to be a little more reliable than WD drives, and better performers.

This might also give you some insights.. PassMark Software - Hard Drive Benchmark Charts

I've never had a Seagate drive fail on me, but I've had over a dozen WD failures.

I'm sure other people have had different experiences.

The WD green drives are the budget drives. Noisier from my experiences. WD dropped their warranty on green drives from 3 years down to 2 years.

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i have a bear paw 2400cu+ scanner its been connected for about 6months with no probs. however about 4 days ago i restarted my comp and i got the message found new hardware to install etc etc, i thought maybe one of my kids had accidentaly uninstalled it, so i tryed to reinstall it,[which it wouldnt allow]onchecking the scanner i found it was still installed and working. but everytime i restart the comp now, it gives me the ""found new hardware"" message asking if i want to install the scanner again??Any ideas or suggestions would be very handythanx in advanceZT

Answer:Need some advice on FOUND NEW HARDWARE

Did you uninstall it before trying to reinstall it? If not I would try uninstalling the device first.

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Hello, everyone.

It's time to upgrade my, now 5 years old, computer. I'm going into full-scale upgrade from AMD Athlon 64 x2 +5600 2.8GHZ into AMD Phenom II X6 T1100 BE 3.3GHZ, including obviously AM3 based motherboard, upgrading into DDR3 memory. This is "first phase" of the upgrade. Later on I'll upgrade my videocard (EAH HD5670 2gb GDDR5) which currently is a top tier card without requiring external power connectors, as well as my 450W PSU into some 1000W range PSU, adding also a 1-2TB Sata3 HDD.
Now, I've got actually a couple of questions. The last one is which I'm most concerned of.

First of the first - I've currently SATA2 HDD's and the new motherboard has SATA3 slots only. When I read about their compability, I find constantly that SATA3 HDD can be attached to SATA2 or even SATA slot, but my problem is: Can I add SATA2 HDD into Sata3 slot?

Secondly. I do not have yet money to buy as well a correct fan for the Phenom X6 processor. Will my old stock heatsink (assuming new MB won't have one included nor the processor) and my stock fan from my AM2 motherboard work in the new setup? I can buy a cheap replacement, but I'm looking into a greater upgrade.

Third, and most important. As you may have seen, I have 450W PSU currently. It's extremely low. I've used the power supply consumption calculators to see what the new system would draw - it would be around 350W according to them with 50% aging to the cap... Read more

Answer:Looking for some advice about installing new hardware with a old PSU

As long as you buy a retail cpu, it comes with a hsf. No need to buy another one.

Next 5yrs is about all a pw supply lasts anyway. I would NOT reuse a 5yr pw supply even it it were a corsair or seasonic. Get a new one.

Your board should be backwards compatible with sata2.

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Intel CPU Core 2 Duo E72002.53GHz Wolfdale 1066MHz FSB
asus mobo p5k intel p35lga775 core 2 quad/ core 2 extreme/ core 2 duo pci-e heatpipe

Answer:advice on my hardware choice pls ?

Should be a very nice start to a system as long as as everything else you choose is good as well. The E7200 is s good processor, especially if you plan to overclock and want value for your money.

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Well it seems that everytime I google for answers (tech advice) I get directed here. I would call Dell Support but it seems that everyone gets the run around with them. So heres my problem, as you probably already know the Dell Dimension E310 is pretty much limited to its video capabilities.(it being a pci express with x16 socket or something around those lines) And some how if you do find a decent video card its probably expensive, plus not to add, the power deficiancy, its about 230w in a standard E310 desktop. With this being said I might need a PSU upgrade also, that is another issue "what is the right PSU for my computer? I heard if the watts are too high you can burn out your motherboard, thats a big problem for me. So instead of figuring it out for myself I decided to post a thread, its seems like theres a solution all the time thanks to all you tech experts. So here we go!

I have a standard straight from the factory Dell Dimension E310 the only upgrade is the 1G RAM I installed. Im trying to figure out the best way to optimize perfomance for my new 24" Samsung T240HD HDTV:

"I had a link here for specs on monitor but I couldn't post it, I need 5 posts first"

It works as a monitor and a HDTV. What video card do I need to optimize performance but is also economically efficient? Im looking in about a range of $100 bucks or less. I know the video card needs the DVI hook up to optimize resolution. Will it require a PSU upgrade as well and... Read more

Answer:Need hardware advice: Video + PSU

More issues

WOW no replies how sad. Well I figured out which GPU I want its the Ati Radeon 2400 HD Pro. It has similar P/N's as my monitor(just an observation). Anyways I figured I had 2 PCI-E x16 slots(one was for the OEM modem I removed & 1 PCI x 1 with is practically obsolete from what I hear. So Im ok in that area, so far. The Graphics card requires a PSU 300w or more recommended. Also, requires an HD DVD drive. So my question is will it still work with my current 230w PSU & do I really need an HD DVD drive for it to operate properly. In regards to the HD DVD I wont be watching them on my PC only on my PS3. So is there anyone out there with a similiar issue or some insight on this subject, thanks


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I was told by a PC repair shop recently that my AMD set up (I've been having constant little problems) is far inferior to a comparable Intel system. Regarding this, I would like to ask the following to the knowlegeable members of this site:

1. Is Intel that much better? If so, in what ways?
2. What is your opinion on my set up below (I'm not a gamer, but I do a lot of video conversions)?
3. If I were to upgrade to an Intel set up, what combination of CPU/MOBO would you recommend in Core2Duo or Quad Core (in the $300 - $350 total range from Newegg)?
4. Should I change any other components if I decide to go the Intel route?

As a novice, I don't know what works with what, and I want to keep as many of the components I currently have as possible. I would greatly appreciate any input.

Thank you very much,


Windows Vista Home Premium 64Bit (SP1)
AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 3800+
Gigabyte MA-790XDS4
Sapphire Radeon HD3870
Western Digital Caviar SE 500GB

Answer:Advice on hardware: AMD vs. Intel

Personally, I see nothing wrong with your setup! Maybe you need to ask that PC shop why he\she 'THINKS' AMD is so inferior. They may be 'inferior' due to the fact that Intel does cost more and maybe there is a higher profit margin with Intel, I don't know. As for which one is better, well I think it's just a matter of personal preference, and obviously that shop prefers Intel. Personally, I like AMD and just because I like it that doesn't mean that Intel is inferior. Case in point, I have 2 machines in this house, one is an AMD 3200+ and my son's is an Intel P4 3.2 and they BOTH run quite well and haven't had a problem with either one. Again, I see nothing wrong with your present setup.

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I would be grateful for advice on the best way to set up my laptop, docking station, hub, screen, mouse, keyboard, UPS battery unit, and external hard drive? I find if I connect my Touro external drive to the docking station USB 3 port it is not always recognised or if it is it makes a noise and it doesn?t show up when I try to eject safely. It works perfectly when connected directly to the laptop, which takes up the USB 3.0 port on the laptop. The docking station hasn?t been performing well since upgrading to Windows 10. My printer and router are connected via wifi
ASUS Zenbook UX31E :
1 USB 3, 1 USB 2,
1 micro HDMI (with adapter)
1 mini VGA (with adapter)
ASUS USB3.0 HZ-2 Docking Station:
1 x MIC in port
1 x Audio out port
4 x USB 3.0 port
1 x DVI-I port
1 x Standard HDMI port
1 x 10/100/1000M LAN port
1 x DC-in jack
Mobility Lab Hub:
4 x USB3.0 ports
Touro 1TB/To external hard drive
MS Arch Touch Mouse (via USB port)
External Screen: Samsung SyncMaster 2023nw
External Dell Keyboard
EATON Ellipse Max UPS Battery pack

At the moment I have the mouse in the USB 2 port on the laptop and the hub in the USB 3 port.
The docking station ?host? port is connected to the hub USB3
The screen is connected to the docking station
The keyboard is plugged into a USB2 port on the docking station
The UPS battery is plugged into the other USB 2 port on docking station
Which is fine until I have to connect the Touro or backup thumb drive which work better when connected directly to ... Read more

Answer:Hardware connection advice

Lizzy, is the USB hub self powered ?
By this I mean does it have its own power supply which you must plug into the wall.

Is the Docking station self powered in the same way ?
If it is, do you have the power supply ?
Is ths the docking station ?
Access Denied

Is this the correct manual for your lappy ?
Right Side - Asus U46E User Manual [Page 19]

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Firstly, thanks for reading (sincerity guaranteed). Secondly, I apologise for my appalling humour in my writing… I just can’t help myself. So, I should probably get to asking my question right about now otherwise you shall think me to be wasting your time… and we do not want that now, do we? – Counterproductive much!

Okay the computer I have now must be like 5 years old or something which probably makes it nearing retirement age in computer years. I now have to read the back of boxes in the shop to check the old-timer will be able to make sense of it… its terrible! So you may see where I’m going with this… changes need to be made. Because before too long ArenaNet will be releasing the long awaited sequel to a very popular MMORPG which promises to be “visually appealing” – which has the Old-Timer rather worried; “He’s getting too old for this kinda’ stuff…” So he needs your help! When the sequel is released I want to be able experience it in its full glory! Like the first time you exit the sewers in ES IV:Oblivion after getting so accustomed to the grey, rocky wastelands of ES III: Morrowind. I plan to be awestruck by GW2, yes, struck by awe!

Which really is a very long winded way of saying: “What should I do?”

Model: HP Pavilion m7000 Media Centre PC (a.k.a. ‘Old-Timer’)
OS: XP Media Centre Ed.
MB: (not sure – doesn’t appear to have any recognisable brand logo on ... Read more

Answer:Need Advice: Upgrading Hardware

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I am in a daze, I have just upgraded to vista as I like dthe look and wanted to iron out the bugs now while I had some time off work. My system spec isP4 630 3.0ghz915pl-a2 ecs m/board1gig ddr 400mhz ram160gb hard drive 7200rpm, 16mb cachenvidia geforce 6800xtMy problem is I have started using it and I find it a little sluggish, I checked my WEI score and I got 4.2, 4.5, 5.9, 4.6, 5.5 the lowest being for the processor - not bad according to microsoft but still feels slow to me.I want your opinions on this system, I cant afford a new one but may manage a couple of upgrades if quite cheap up to 100 -150 max I dont use it for gaming much, mainly video editing and photos, email and surfing. I was thinking about upgrading to 2gig ram first and possibly adding a second graphics card as its sli but it would have to be the same and would need a new psu as its only 300 watts or so or I could ditch the one I have and buy a newer model with better performance. If anyone were to upgrade this what would they do?Now I've started looking into it I thought maybe buy a new motherboard and faster memory ddr2 which is cheaper than ddr.What would have the best results and can anyone recommend any prducts?I am thinking try the ram first but if it doesnt give me the results I will have to upgrade something else and may need different memory etc. so many things to think about...I am totally out of the loop with hardware as I have had this pc nearly 2 years. The hard drive, monitor, speakers etc ar... Read more

Answer:Hardware advice for vista

i would try the ram, i think 2 gb is a realistic minimum to be honest.

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Im currently running a Core2Duo 6400 at 2.13ghz, and a EVGA 8800gts I am trying to play gears of war and I get some intense lag issues sometimes. Im wondering what the best way to go would be? I'm thinking of either getting a new processor or another video card and using sli. I cant overclock because I'm not confident enough and I cant get into my BIOS anyways. So if anyone could please lend some sound advice I would be extremely appreciative. I'm also looking to fix a monitor issue. I have problems with games sometimes where lines go through my screen I believe its because the monitor isn't fast enough or w/e. I believe it's called screen tearing I've tried turning VSync on but it is a no go. I know I'm not really a big poster here I'm just more of a reader it's just getting tiring having to dumb down my graphics all the time. Thanks in advance.

C2D 6400 at 2.13ghz, EVGA 8800gts 640mb, G.SKILL 2GB DDR2 PC2-6400, Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6.

Those are my full specs!

Please lend any hand that you can I have tried multiple sites and can't get any answers!

Answer:Hardware Upgrade Advice

i think your cpu and graphics are fine. it's your RAM that could use a boost. 2 gigabytes is standard now. so you'd probably need closer to 4 to run smoothly.

as for the screen tearing, it might not be the vsync, but the refresh rate. sometimes adjusting it to a proper frequency gets rid of such problems. for instance, in call of duty 2, it was defaulted to 60mhz. and the monitor i usef runs at 75. so i adjusted it and visual quality improved. maybe something to try and look into. the additional RAM might help greatly as well.

a core 2 duo and an 8800gts can't be beat really...there aren't too many processors better than yours other than the q6600 processor or the 8800 ultra 768mb. the specs you have are fantastic enough and don't need to be changed in my opinion. just the RAM needs an upgrade.

and one other thing to check. sometimes graphics problems can be attributed to viruses and other things. mayhaps you should perform a check and make sure your hard drive isn't fragmented, and all that other wonderful stuff. i didn't think they made a difference, but i think otherwise now. maybe you should look into it too.

don't worry about not being a big poster or anything. nobody really cares i guess. we're all friends here so it doesn't matter. i'm 90% sure you'd post more if you had a really close friend that posted on here somewhere.

anyways. take care. i hope i helped :3

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A friend of mine asked me to help him choose RAM (DDR2) and a pcie video card for a very old PC. He insists on getting the cheapest RAM and video card.

My advice to him was to go with corsair or better or crucial for the cheapest for RAM, and by better I mean G.Skill or OCZ ... so basically I'm saying go with corsair... for any kind of long term reliability.

For the video card, the cheapest is
EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 1 GB DDR3

I suggest he go with
EVGA GeForce GT 610 1024MB GDDR3

which is a little more but a whole lot better.

I welcome your input.
Especially on the RAM issue.

Answer:Advice to choose hardware.

Tell him to part with the extra $10. Cheapest is not always the best value.

I've always had luck with G.Skill.

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I own an XPS 400 desktop that I would like to upgrade its hardware to make it run like a new "current-gen" computer. I would like to enable it to run newer games like Black Ops II or maybe GTAV at around a 30 FPS at least, if I have to lower the graphics to allow it to run I do not mind, as I would prefer not to pay a lot of money because I simply do not have a lot of money. My XPS 400 has 2.50 GB of RAM, a Intel Pentium D processor, an ATI graphics card, and a 2.80GHz power supply.

Answer:XPS 400 Hardware Upgrade Advice

Update the Bios to Latest.  And look for a cheap pentium D 900 series UNLESS you already have one.
The reason for this is that with the pressler 900 series pentium D you can run 64 bit windows 8 or windows 10.  The 915 is as low as $9 on ebay.  You can use 915 all the way to 960.
Games will require a better GPU.  Geforce GTX 750 TI is the sweet spot for price vs speed so this is where you would spend some money.  And this is also not good money after bad because you can always get a newer system and move that card to it.

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I am going to start a new business of computer hardware.And i want to some suggestions  that this decision is good or not?

Answer:Get advice about computer hardware?

Given the gross inadequacy of the information provided the very best advice i would give you at this point it to totally ignore anyone that says you "should" do it or the you "should not" do it. You need to evaluate your market potentials,you need to do a cost analysis of the startup costs and capital return potential in addition to many other things. In other words you need to develop a business plan. Once you have done that then you will NOT need to come on a forum and ask such an inappropriate question. truenorth

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if you want to know more about us please refer to our site below:

Answer:Hardware Advice Australia

Your post is against the forum rules:
"Spamming/Advertising - You cannot post advertisements of any sort in any forum. This includes products, services, or web sites from which you'd directly or indirectly benefit in any way."

I'm sure you'd be welcomed as a contributor, but I'd think a computer repair company would know better than to submit SPAM to a site like this.

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Hi all i'm looking for advice on upgrading of my pc im using a web site to get the hardware. what i want to basicly know is
what motherboard and memory 2gb of it and a 258 graphics card is the best, the processor ive picked out is and intel 4 3.8ghz 775 socket (which i dont no what that meens) and any other things i may need. :approve:
this pc will be mainly for playing on-line games. im willing to spend about 1200 euro so on that whats the best hardware i could buy. :bounce:
Currently i have a dell which i would never buy again as i wanted to upgrade my motherboard and processor they were not one bit helpfull

Answer:ugrading hardware advice

First of all, lesson learned about buying dells..
Second of all, do you want to buy a whole new pc or just upgrade certain parts?
Third of all, what kind of applications do you do? (Give me a few game examples)
And fourth of all, do you know how to build a PC? (judging on this quote "which i dont know what that meens" I'm guessing not.)

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I am a home user using ntl broadband. I need advice on buying a hardware firewall purely to protect my machine, not for sharing. Cheap as possible. Thanks.

Answer:advice on hardware firewall

click here download, install and update. this will give your pc good protection from malicous attack, and it's free!!!

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Hey everyone,
I built my PC about 6 years ago and honestly I completely forget what I should be looking for in hardware to upgrade. I was hoping I could post what I have here and get some advice on what I should upgrade to. If not, maybe someone could point me in the right direction to find everything myself!
Here's what I have now:

2.3 GHz cpu
4 GB ram
non-SSD hard drive (I want to upgrade this, I hear it makes a big difference)
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 video card

I play games on this PC, but not crazy shooter games. Right now I'm playing mainly Guild Wars 2, but I'd like to be able to turn the graphics up and use a recording software if possible.
Any recommendations? And thanks in advance!

Answer:Advice for Upgrading PC Hardware

The info you have given is a little lacking in detail !
Operating system
Make / model of motherboard etc
With a six year old system you may need to start again !

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I'd like some advice on working with hardware components, such as inserting and removing videocards, memory and such. How can I in an easy way, avoid static electricity to damage the components, and what other things to consider?

Answer:advice for working with hardware

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Hi, I built a very good PC for running games in 2003, but its apparently time for an upgrade. New games only run smoothly on very limited settings, and some of the newer ones (Lost planet and its 2.0 shader requirement) don't run at all. Anyways, I dont want to rebuild it or anything and don't have too much money so i was just wondering what the best upgrade would be for games.

I currently have:

Pentium 4 3.0Ghz processor
1 GB of ram
120 GB and 250 GB hard drives
Radeon 9800 Pro 256 mb graphics card
400 Watt power supply

Obviously i need a new graphics card, but will that be enough to help newer games look their best?

Answer:Hardware upgrade advice

A new graphics card... perhaps new power supply [500 watts or thoise recommended for gaming] and if possible the new Intel Core 2 Duo..... The Ram also need some upgrade perhaps 2GB minimum...

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I would be grateful for advice on the best way to set up my laptop, docking station, hub, screen, mouse, keyboard, UPS battery unit, and external hard drive? I find if I connect my Touro external drive to the docking station USB 3 port it is not always recognised or if it is it makes a noise and it doesn?t show up when I try to eject safely. It works perfectly when connected directly to the laptop, which takes up the USB 3.0 port on the laptop. The docking station hasn?t been performing well since upgrading to Windows 10. My printer and router are connected via wifi
ASUS Zenbook UX31E :
1 USB 3, 1 USB 2,
1 micro HDMI (with adapter)
1 mini VGA (with adapter)
ASUS USB3.0 HZ-2 Docking Station:
1 x MIC in port
1 x Audio out port
4 x USB 3.0 port
1 x DVI-I port
1 x Standard HDMI port
1 x 10/100/1000M LAN port
1 x DC-in jack
Mobility Lab Hub:
4 x USB3.0 ports
Touro 1TB/To external hard drive
MS Arch Touch Mouse (via USB port)
External Screen: Samsung SyncMaster 2023nw
External Dell Keyboard
EATON Ellipse Max UPS Battery pack

At the moment I have the mouse in the USB 2 port on the laptop and the hub in the USB 3 port.
The docking station ?host? port is connected to the hub USB3
The screen is connected to the docking station
The keyboard is plugged into a USB2 port on the docking station
The UPS battery is plugged into the other USB 2 port on docking station
Which is fine until I have to connect the Touro or backup thumb drive which work better when connected directly to ... Read more

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Hello, I think this is actually my first post on these forums as I usually read, not write

Anyway, I've been informed that my current laptop is apparently unfixable due to repeatingly failing their tests with replaced motherboards and CPU's (I only sent it so they could fix the broken recharging pin). Happily though they are giving me a refund on my money.

I'm just looking for some advice on mainly graphics cards for laptops. What would be the ones to look out for and ones to avoid. Ive only done a bit of scouting for laptops so far and realised i dont know anything beyond the Radeon 9800pro days.

Can anyone help with what laptop graphics cards I should aim for.

Also whats better 2048mb DDR RAM or 1024mb DDR2 RAM. Is DDR2 that much better, the pricing seems to think so.


Answer:Advice on Laptop Hardware

you should look at this website i got a good laptop off them and the warrenty is amazing. you could just use it, to look at the graphic cards they use now adays


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Intel Core Duo E4600 2.4GHz
ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256MB Dedicated
HDD Mem: 455GB
Model: Dell Inspiron 530s
Monitor: 22" LCD Widescreen Display
Above are my current computer specifications. If you have any advice on how I could upgrade my system, please let me know. I was thinking of getting a new processor, but it's not going to do me any good since it's just going to run at 800MHz anyway because of my board. A new graphics card would have to fit inside a slim case, and therefore I am very limited in choices. An upgrade to my RAM seems the only practical thing to do to me. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know they would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Advice On Hardware Upgrade

You'll need to contact dell and ask them whats the fastest supported CPU that the computer would support.

3GB should be fine on that computer. If you want more speed, upgrade to WindowsXP... or wait for Windows7.

As you say, you have a slim-line so you are always limted to lower-end video cards. With that said, there is a SLIM-LINE 9800GT - but you'll need to make sure the videocard can be powered by your PSU.... which should be 250watts. gt

You should research that card.... note: it'll improve your game performance but not make the PC itself any faster.

The ATI 4550 is about 3x the performance of your 2400Pro: (includes a free game)

ATI 4650 $60

9600GT, less power than 9800 $95 :

performance chart:,745.html

9800GT = 74fps (guess)
9600GT = 59fps
4650 = 32fps (guess)
4550 = 20.5fps
2400 = 6fps. <----- You are here

Whatever card you choose, it needs to be able to work with your little PSU.
The 4550 should be a safe bet... above that...

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Hi to all,It's been some 20 months since i considered upgrading my hardware with an emphasise on gaming,I decided not to bother at the time for financial reasons and also my hardware was still ok for that time. Now its deffinately time to upgrade, but as usual i'm baffled as soon as i look at motherboards.Would you mind taking a look at this original thread i posted at the end of 2005 click here, it explains my setup and what was being recommended at the time. The only thing i've upgraded is the HDD. All i would like is an update of opinion please.Do i still need a socket A mobo? I would like to get a dual core as that seems to be standard now.It's also a very large tower so i think i can still use it without going for a completely new computer.Mnay thanks for your time.

Answer:Advice on upgrading hardware please

If you want to upgrade to a dual core processor you will need a new motherboard, processor, ram and PSU.At the moment Intel is the way to go if you are into overclocking, or AMD if you are not as that is the cheaper option as well.

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Hi. Very soon I'll be doing a major overhaul of my computer, looking to future-proof my gear. ANYWAY, damn near everything except the CD-ROM drive and the Hard Drives are being switched out. I know I'll have to uninstall the video card drivers and prepare to reactivate Windows, but will I run into any show-stopping issues with the Mobo and CPU change?


Answer:Advice about hardware replacement

I assume you are intending to use the existing hard drive with XP already installed?

It's really kind of hit and miss (mostly miss). Sometimes you can get it to boot in safe mode and then do a repair install causing Windows to detect the new hardware. Chances are better if the old and new CPU and chipsets are similar (eg: AMD CPU with nVidia chipset) but you'd be better off reinstalling.

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Just readind the latest steam update and they mention what pc's they have in the office, room for some improvement I think, although they are very nice rigs;


Originally Posted by steam

As most Steam users know, the Steam Hardware Survey automatically collects information about the community's computer hardware configurations and presents an aggregate picture of the stats on our web site. The survey helps us make better engineering and gameplay decisions, because it makes sure we're targeting machines our customers actually use, rather than measuring only against the hardware we've got in the office. We often get asked about the configuration of the machines we build around the office to do both game and Steam development. We also tend to turn over machines in the office pretty rapidly, at roughly every 18 months.

Our current base configuration looks about like this:

EVGA 780i SLI FTW Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz Quad-Core Processor
4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 1066MHz ram
(Crucial Ballistix, Kingston ValueRam)
1 x NVidia GTX280 1GB - OR - ATI 4870 1GB graphics card
1 x 250GB 7200RPM SATA HD
(Seagate, Western Digital)
1 x 500GB 7200RPM SATA HD
(Seagate, Western Digital)
Antec Sonata III desktop case
Zalman CPU Cooler
850W Antec power supply
1 x Dell 3008FPW-HC 30" LCD - OR - 2 x Dell 2001FP 20.1" LCD monitors
Windows XP 32bit

We're currently transitioning to this setup:
EVGA X58 3X SL... Read more

Answer:STEAM should of come to us for advice on hardware

Very good rigs indeed, I can't really think of anything to better those other than throwing more money at them

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We purchased this PC new in 2002 and added protective programs, i.e. Avast, "Scotty" (I forgot where I got this.), SpywareBlaster. It was Windows XP and we kept it updated.) We, also had Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and Microsoft Word working well for us. Then it got dropped. It still worked so we thought nothing much about this.

Still the PC got to where it would not boot up. We took it into the same repairman we've had all this time (for replacing "dial-up" modems) and he said the hard drive was bad. (David had re-installed the original 2002 disc of Windows XP in an attempt to get the PC to working prior to carrying it into the repairman and had lost all our files.) The repairman put a "used" hard drive in and we brought it home. Now nothing is working right. David attempted to update windows XP and cannot even get that updated.

My question is this: Is it better just to purchase a new computer or should we actually let the repairman install a "new" hard drive? Not knowing much of anything about computers, would this permit us to then add all those thousands of updates the Windows XP would need & get Outlook Express to working again?

If you all think it is more cost effective to get a new computer instead of just the new hard drive, which computer would you suggest? Any information would be appreciated. (I thought I had posted this on this wonderful forum but cannot find it. Please forgive me if this is a du... Read more

Answer:Need hardware advice/suggestion ...

Hi there,

It is highly unlikely that the drive is preventing windows update. It is more likely to be software related. Assuming your repair man did a fresh install it should work without issue

I am not sure that I can suggest what the problem is (other than software) but I doubt it is hard ware... I assume the repair man did a fresh install?

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looking for advice on how to build a wired network for small business with 3 pc's all running xp for broadband and print sharing, understand the software but unsure of hardware i.e. which modem, switch or router, cabling etc any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:advice on hardware for xp network

review link price well out of date(cheaper now) but well worth a think on, for simple setup and hereclick here.

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I am having a few problems with my system freezing up and have tried many things to stop it. The only thing that seems to work is under clocking my system running the bus speed at 100 rather than 133. It wasn't a very hight spec machine any way so now I think I am going to upgrade.

Basically I want advice on what to get and make sure it all fits together nicely and is compatible. Ok here is what I need to buy:

Power Supply
Sound Card
Extra CPU Fan ???
Windows XP?

Here is what I want to keep from my current system:

The Case
Graphics Card (Radeon 8500LE)
Floppy Drive
80 Gig HDD
20 Gig HDD
USB Stuff

I really want to have a system that is going to last me the next couple of years so maybe 2ghz plus with 3/4 to 1 gig of memory. I mainly use it for games and am quite happy with my graphics card at the moment even though it is getting out of date. I think I want to update the rest of the stuff first and can't really afford both.

Any suggestions of places to buy cheap kit (I am in the UK) and recommendations of what to buy would be great. I hope to keep to a budget of around maybe £300 but could stretch to a bit more if needs be.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hardware Advice and Recommendations Please...

are you wanting to go with Intel or AMD?

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Ok, here's my current setup:
Motherboard: Intel D850GB
BIOS: GB85010A.15A.0028.P09.0103091412 (up to date)
CPU: Pentium 4 @ 1300 MHz
Multiplier: 13.0
Bus Speed: 100.0 MHz
FSB: 400 MHZ
RAM: 640 MB (2x64 MB RDRAM PC800 (400 MHz), 2x256 MB RDRAM PC600 (300 MHz))
GPU: PNY nVidia 6200 Verto 8x (415/775)
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

My father is getting me new components, as a birthday/ Christmas present. I am including links to all components:
Motherboard: ASUS P4S800D-X ATX
Processor: Intel Celeron D 325 2.53GHz Socket 478
Memory: Kingston HyperX 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit
Heatsink/ Fan: Thermaltake P4 Spark 5 70mm Ball
Case: Rosewill R5717 BK 120mm Fan ATX Mid Tower Computer Case+450W Power Supply
Also, I am getting the Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound.
Current Price: $322.53 w/ tax and shipping

SO, I guess my question is, is this a decent budget setup? I already have the HDD, GPU, and case fans from my current tower to throw in there as well. have read good reviews on the products above, but am just wanting to get the advice of the knowledgeable members here.

Is there anything that could be changed to increase performance, that also would not take the price up more than say $25?

Any advice or comments are welcome.

Answer:New Hardware: Whatcha think/ advice

well....the only thing i could see upgrading for cheap is the processor but that would nearly double the price of the CPU. However, a 3.0ghz p4 will outperform a celeron d 2.5 by quite a bit thanks to its higher clock speed, extra caches, and hyperthreading. Id dish out the extra $40 and grab a p4 if i were you, you wont be disappointed if you do.

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I am building a new home system and came across some hardware jargin which I am unfamiliar with. This motherboard, MOBO has 2x onboard SATA ports but it says that its SATA unsure as to what SATA 150 means, I have looked all over the internet and cant seem to find the significance of what 150 stands for.

ANywho, im really wanting to know if this SATA 150 board will work with the two hard drives I have selected, which are here HD1 and here HD2.

Please let me know if these two drives are compatible with the board, and also what SATA 150 means! Cheers.

Answer:Need advice on a hardware purchase!!

SATA 150 is a standard like ATA, presently used for SATA drives and controllers. It stands for a transfer rate of 150MBps. The drives you have selected are compatible with the Gigabyte board.

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I am a bit of a hardware junkie, I have to have te best of everything in a sense.

I killed my motherboard two three days ago, and now im in the middle of finding our what went wrong because my board was the maximus formula, and needless to say as and ROG board it wasnt very cheap. I am literally 3 months outside the warranty.

But okay onto my question it is a Socket 775 board, I have no clue what else on the board is dead from my CPU to my RAM. So I am stuck with a little bit of a gamble should I but another 775 board or go ahead and go with a 1366 and just make a "New Build".

Answer:Hardware Junkie, needs advice

Suppose the question might be ify - so if you do it up can you get a good price for it - thats assuming a new build is what you really want. It seems like the cheaper option to start with a new motherboard for it - i may be able find the name of someone here that would be more helpful - he is hardware specialist at least thats the impression i got -
Mike Connor

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Hello All,

Looking for advice, in the next 2 weeks I will be setting up an machine to host an Access Database in house. I am looking for recommendations on the type of machine to buy and operating system to run.
(I don't think I need server software but please let me know if I am wrong)
Please read below before recommending.

The machine with be responsible for:

Hosting an Access Database Backend with up to 6 simultaneous users (2 being remote users)
It will be responsible for managing backups of network drives.
It will be on a wired connection and will NOT be used as a workstation.

I am a little inexperienced at figuring out capabilities and what to purchase.

All Advice is appreciated

Answer:Hardware Advice Needed

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ASUS Laptop with 4 GB RAM (2 slot RAM with each 2 GB) but only 1.6 GB usable & 2.4 GB (Hardware reserved).
Even i reinstal this Windows 10 x64, this Hardware reserved still 2.4 GB.
What can i do before replace / exchange position slot memory or update BIOS ?
I attach my Task Manager, System Information & CPU-Z

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Having been enthralled for months now by the newly released instalment of the Elder Scrolls games I find myself wanting to get as much out of the game as there is to offer. My PC is a 'semi-self' build and is now approaching its 2nd birthday... I am still extraordinarily happy with the way it performs and still amazed at how little time it takes to boot up. The problem is I built this machine with a budget that didn't allow me to futureproof it for more than a couple of years without showing signs of stress from the newest games.

Here's what's what at the moment:
Asus P7P55D-E MoBo
Intel Core i5 760 2.8GHz OC'd to 4GHz
4GB (2x2GB) Corsair Dominator 1600MHz CAS 9-9-9-24
Corsair 750W PSU
1GB XFX HD5850 BlackEdition
OCZ 90GB Vertex 2 SSD
1GB Samsung SpinPoint F3

During my many hours of Skyrim-ing (I should probably note here that I spend just as much time modding my game as I do playing it) I have found that my 4GB of RAM are being pushed over 95% capacity which hardly surprises me considering over 50% is being used now with a few webpages, skype and windows mail open. So here is my first question to you: What should I do about my memory 'crisis'? Do I attempt to purchase another 2x2GB sticks of my Dominator memory? (which to be fair does get a 7.7 on the windows performance index) Or do I replace the memory altogether with something like the Corsair Vengeance? If I do scrap the dominator memory is it worth going to 16GB for additional... Read more

Answer:Skyrim-er requires advice on new hardware!

So I'm a little disappointed that no one had any suggestions to throw my way yet... maybe you'll have an opinion on this:

Corsair 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz Vengeance Blue Memory Kit CL9 (9-9-9-24) 1.5V
G-Skill 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz RipjawsZ X79 Memory Kit CL9 1.5V
Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz CL9 1.5V

All are roughly the same price at ~£80. Anyone have a recommendation?

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I want to set up a home network.I have my desktop "Windows XP home edition service pack 3 (build 2600) in my study room. It is connectedto a modem " skyedge Pro/IP VSAT" with a big disk on the roof of our house.My wife got a "toshiba satellite M300/00R notebook (cat No: XC4253) and will use in in the lounge room.We want wireless connection.What is the best and suitable hardware to buy?Best regards,

Answer:Advice on hardware for home network

Buy a wireless modem.  It will then be connected to your modem.  Your desktop will connect to the router via cable and your wife's laptop can connect wirelessly to the router.  Then, if you want, you can enable file sharing or printer sharing.  Which brand/model is best?  I don't know.  I've been using a D-Link DI-524 for about two years.  Besides D-Link, other major brands are Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, and others.  The price range is rather wide, if you consider all models on the market.  Here's one at about $50 that I'd consider:  LINKSYS WRT54G2 IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Broadband Router - Retail .  The reviews there may be helpful.

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I've promised myself to keep my new (2 yr old rig) upgraded and not let it slip into obscurity like my previous one.

I've decided to replace my graphics card and RAM as follows, and need some general advice/commentary on them:

Currently, I have:

4 x Corsair 2GB VS2GB1333D3 1333MHz DDR3 RAM, non-ECC, 240-pin DIMM, CAS 9-9-9-24 = total 8GB

Since I bring lots of work home, I could do with more, faster RAM, and have decided on:

2 x Corsair 8GB CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8 (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL8 Unbuffered Venge Memory for AMD, Intel Dual Channel DDR3, 8-8-8-24, 1.5V = total 16GB

I've checked the Gigabyte website to determine the suitability of this RAM for my motherboard (P55A-UDR3), but their list is incomplete and very limited.

Can anyone offer any insights as to how good this RAM is? Is it suitable for my motherboard?

Graphics Card
Currently, I have an NVidia GTS250. It runs perfectly fine, and I will on occasion play BF2. This card meets all my needs, but I want the ability to play soemthing a little bit more graphics strenuous should I choose.

I have 2 choices:

EVGA PCIe GTX550Ti OC 951MHz 1024MB GPU Clk: 951MHz, Shader Clk: 1903MHz

EVGA PCIe GTX560 1024MB GPU Clk: 810MHz, Shader Clk: 1620MHz

I run a dual monitor setup at 1920x1080.

Can anyone offer a comparsion between the two cards? I'm pretty confident both are a step-up from the GTS250.


Answer:Advice sought - hardware upgrade

the CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8 ram is similar to mine but i have the 1866mhz version. All i will suggest is with asus boards you need to increase the rams voltage from 1.5v to 1.65v to get the ram to run at that speed. as if it not it will only run at 1333mhz.

oddly crucial memory site only has a very short list of RAM. so cant suggest anything there.

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My boyfriend purchased a Yoga 2 Pro for work & school (he does online school and online work), about 1 1/2 years ago for over $1,000. Upon purchase he experienced a lot of issues with blue screen errors, flashing black screen, freezing etc. After talking to best buy and local computer repair shops, they suggested that he return it to lenova for repair. He recieved it back from Lenovo who replaced the fan (which wasn't working), and then the hard drive. However it still didn't work, and he experienced the same problems as before. Given that this piece of equipment was essential for work, he gave up, put it to the side and purchased a new hp computer. 
1 year later, I took it out from the under the bed to try diagnose it myself. After doing a hardware test, I saw consistent failure in the memory tests. My thought is that because the fan was broken the memory may have also been affected by the excess heat and was not replaced when the fan was replaced. 
My question is the following:
Is this something that can be replaced/fixed?
How much will is cost?
How can I get it repaired?
Also the lenovo website does not recognize the serial number of the laptop when I try and search it, making it impossible for me to contact them. 
Thanks, George 
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Hey people,

I'm doing a bit of hardware upgrading, and I'm also upgrading my OS from Vista Home Premium to a 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I recently went from 2gb of RAM to 4. On to what I need help with.

I'll only be able to acquire one thing at a time, because, heck, I deliver pizza for a living.

I can't decide if I should purchase a new video card (The GTS 250 looks like a good upgrade from my 9600 GT), or if I should go for the 64-bit OS first so that I can utilize the full 4gb of RAM available. Which will give me a greater initial performance boost?

Just to make all the details clear, I just ordered two 2gb sticks of ram (going from 2gb to 4gb total), I'm using a Core 2 Duo E7400 CPU, and I'm using a Geforce 9600 GT with 1Gb memory (Which turns out is just a tweaked older card, go figure) in Windows Vista Home Premium.


Answer:Hardware/OS Upgrade Advice Needed

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I'm looking into setting up a network at home --->

Currently we have 2 machines and a cable modem possibly adding a third machine. I was considering purchasing the d-link DI-704 gateway
D-Link - Di-704 - web page

Is this the proper piece of hardware for this application or is there a better device for this application? Price is also a consideration.

The two machines are going to be @ 30 - 50 feet apart would it be better to hard wire with cat-5 cables, use the phone lines, or maybe even wireless?

Also this would allow the machines on the network to share the modem at the same time. Correct?

I'm sure these types of questions have been asked previously but I was unable to find an answer that I was clear on.

Thank you for the replies.

Answer:seeking hardware advice for network

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Hey guys, I'm building a gaming computer, and I need some advice on hardware, I have a few things picked but I already have the case. I need to know if the parts I want are compatible and would they play and record minecraft/league of legends and some other games at 60fps +?Here is what I was thinking. (Budget is 1500$)Power supply: Corsair rm 750w 80+ gold$Video card: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 2gb$CPU: i5 4690k 3.5 GHz$Motherboard: Asus z97-A LGA 1150$RAM: Corsair Vengeance (2x4GB) x2 DDR3$I need advice! Tell me what you think!  

Answer:Gaming computer hardware advice

That looks very good!  What are you thinking about in terms of storage?The only thing that I can think of is that a 750w PSU is a bit overkill for that system, 600w would be more than enough (even with a higher end video card) so you could potentially save money by getting a slightly cheaper power supply which could be used towards bumping the video card up to a GeForce 770.

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I have put together a few items for an Upgrade I am going to do And have checked the compatibility online but I just need some verification.

CPU Upgrade :

Cpu cooler upgrade:

MotherBoard Upgrade:



Ram upgrade:
Existing graphics card:
Amd Radeon R7260(I think)

Power supply:
Model: LT-550AL2NC
Max Power 500W
Peak Power 550W

I just want to know if this is all compatible as I have had problems in the past.

Thank you In advance(Ask if any info is needed)

Answer:Hardware Compatibility Advice Needed

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I bought a new top of the range PC two years ago and now I would like to upgrade it. The specs are below.

Processor : 2.80 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 FX-57
Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. A8N-SLI DELUXE 1.XX
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE ACPI BIOS Revision 1013 07/26/2005
RAM : 2048 Megabytes Installed Memory
Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX x2 in SLI mode
Sound : Creative SB X-Fi
Maxtor 6L300S0 [Hard drive] (300.08 GB)

I use it for games as well making videos.

What would you advise me to do in terms of processor and graphics card assuming I keep the mother board? Do I also need a new motherboard? Is 2GB of ram still OK, what sort of RAM should I buy. Budget is not a big factor. I am not that tech savy and dont really understand the benefits of dual core or DX10 etc.

Many thanks in advance


Answer:Upgrading hardware advice needed

Being you have an FX-57, and that being one really fast processor, your only viable option for an upgrade is the FX-60, its a 2.6Ghz processor that has two cores versus one 2.8Ghz core on the FX-57. And in some cases the FX-60 is slower then the FX-57 due to its slower clock speeds. The 939 socket is no longer being used, it has been replaced by the AM2 and the AM2+ socket which is where all the new processors are being made. This upgrade is hardly worth the cost, there's little to no performance gain in the real world. To get real gains you'd need a new motherboard that supports AM2 or AM2+ processors and go up to the higher clocked dual core X2 5000 and 6000 processors or the quad core Phenom processors. The benefit to multi core processors is that instead of having one core do all the core and switch between task you have 2 or 4 cores available to do the work. The result is that the system is going to run faster and smoother and your taks are going to finish quicker. Many video editing and 3D creation programs benefit greatly from having multiple cores and newer games are also benefiting nicely.

Same goes for the video cards, the 7800 GTX's in SLI are still very fast cards and near the top in performance. Even going to two Geforce 8800 Ultra's in SLI, which are pretty much the best out currently, won't give you enough of a performance boost over the 7800GTX's to make the cost worthwhile. They would give you Directx 10 though, but you need Di... Read more

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after adding scanners and Jaz drives (daisy chained) how do you get NT to recognize it and make it work. Do you just add the drivers?? In 98 I would add new hardware but what about NT 4.0

Thanks in advance

Answer:{Advice Offered} - Adding hardware in NT 4.0


With each product, there should have arrived a driver disk with drivers for NT. On that driver disk, there is normally a readme.txt file that will explain how to install the device on NT.

You may need to run an install file, or add the drivers through the SCSI applet in the control panel or some other way, but the method will be mentioned in the documentation that arrived with the devices.

Or, you could upgrade to Windows 2000, which has a plug and play component and you can set it to detect the new hardware


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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My boyfriend purchased a Yoga 2 Pro for work & school (he does online school and online work), about 1 1/2 years ago for over $1,000. Upon purchase he experienced a lot of issues with blue screen errors, flashing black screen, freezing etc. After talking to best buy and local computer repair shops, they suggested that he return it to lenova for repair. He recieved it back from Lenovo who replaced the fan (which wasn't working), and then the hard drive. However it still didn't work, and he experienced the same problems as before. Given that this piece of equipment was essential for work, he gave up, put it to the side and purchased a new hp computer. 
1 year later, I took it out from the under the bed to try diagnose it myself. After doing a hardware test, I saw consistent failure in the memory tests. My thought is that because the fan was broken the memory may have also been affected by the excess heat and was not replaced when the fan was replaced. 
My question is the following:
Is this something that can be replaced/fixed?
How much will is cost?
How can I get it repaired?
Also the lenovo website does not recognize the serial number of the laptop when I try and search it, making it impossible for me to contact them. 
Thanks, George 
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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is, I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

Answer:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD

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My PC has ECS - H61H2-M2 motherboard. It has 8GB DDR3 RAM. The processor is i3-2100 @3.10 GHz. The graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 of 2GB capacity. The power supply is 450W. The motherboard, processor, one stick of 4GB DD3 RAM, power supply were bought in 2011 or 2012. The second 4GB stick of RAM was bought in 2017. I am using Windows 10 pro 64 bit.

The CPU cabinet was bought in 2005 or 2006. I do architectural work which involves making 3D models of buildings in SketchUp and still image photorealistic rendering in V-Ray.
I also do photo editing work in Photoshop and use layout and graphics software viz. Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. I do occasional video editing that consists mostly of slide shows and the videos are of 4-5 minute duration in Adobe Premiere.

I am planning to buy a new i7 processor or AMD Ryzen 7. I want to keep 8GB RAM or maybe I will upgrade to 12 GB RAM.

I have the following queries.
1. Which processor should I buy from the following ?
Intel Core i7-7700 Processor 8M Cache, Up To 3.60 GHz 7th Generation which will cost me 24,596 bucks Buy Intel Core i7-7700 Processor 8M Cache, Up To 3.60 GHz 7th Generation Online at Low Prices in India | Intel Reviews Ratings

AMD RYZEN 7 SERIES OCTA CORE PROCESSOR 1700 for 25,088 bucks. Not much of a price difference between the two processors

Would I require any additional cooling for AMD Ryzen processor as the amazon web page ment... Read more

Answer:Hardware upgrade advice required

Hi archz2

I don't really think you can do what you are planning, as far as I know. Your current processor fits in an LGA 1155 socket. Neither of the CPU's you listed can be used in that Motherboard.

There are several ways to go about this in terms of a starting point. Start with case size, motherboard or CPU. From there each component has to fit or mate. So if you want an i7-7700 you need a MB with a 1151 socket. Then depending on MB bought you buy matching case and matching memory.

Some people start with case as the are building a home entertainment PC, some start with a MB because of feature set, some start with a specific CPU in mind.

The power supply will play into this eventually , right connectors, enough juice, size. There are calculators out there to help with the actual wattage.


Edit: Of course this all has to fit a budget. Lots of articles out there about building purpose PC's and different monetary levels.

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i have a small network at home and would like to increase my security i would like to know:

is it worth getting a hardware firewall?

which one should i get if im going to buy one?

pros/cons of using one?

better alternatives?

Answer:Advice for Decision on a Hardware Firewall

routers are a good alternative for a hardware firewall, since most of them have NAT and a built-in firewall, which, when used effectively will keep you relatively safe.

another option is to put together the obsolete parts of older computers and build a firewall box out of it.
running it on linux and setting it up to restrict ports etc. should do the trick as well for a home network.

another advice (even though I think you're already aware of this): don't share important information such as cc numbers, bank account numbers etc. over your network.

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I need some informed advice regarding the purchase of a new laptop.
I am a digital art student/recreational digital artist/ semi professional digital artist.
So of course I need performance - I am becoming very annoyed with my old laptop - who admittedly, has served me valiantly even though I have consistently pushed it far beyond its limits.
I need to be able to run programs such as Photoshop, Maya, 3DS max, Soundforge and other industry standard visual and audio editing programs - preferably simultaneously - but definitely effortlessly, and for extended periods of time.
I also need to be able to use a multi-monitor set up, no less than 2 screens but ideally more - and to a crisp high definition standard. Also, hardware such as my graphics tablet, wireless mouse and keyboard should not hinder my performance.
I would also like to know, do the requirements I mentioned before translate into a good gaming system ?
I appreciate any advice and suggestions as to other requirements I may want to consider ( if you are in the same boat as me or are particularly clued up in high end creative needs ).
One last note, I currently study on a digital art scholarship which pays for any hardware I may need - so price is not a particular issue.
Thank you very much.

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I am refinishing my basement and am going to hardwire about 6-7 ports. I have a 360 in the family room upstairs wireless. What is the best configuration for wireless and wired in my house? I really want a gigabit router with 8 ports, but hard to find.

Answer:advice for home network hardware

netgear has a small 8 porter, decent price too. they have them on newegg (or probably your local frys too.

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Hello,  I am a portrait photographer and I currently use my desktop for Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as occasional internet use and photo storage. I also have an external HD as a backup. I know Photoshop is a hog of a program, but its what I use daily and so I want to see what I can upgrade (hardware) to improve its performance, as well as any tips you may have to improve performance? I'm not sure how much anyone is aware of PS, but the compuer slows painfully so when performing large actions or when using a large brush tool, which, from what i've read, the graphics card can have something to do with brush performance. I also disabled any unneccessary programs from starting up automatically.  I plan on an total upgrade to a computer built for photographers in about a year, but for now, I need to do what I can to help this machine out. Any help or advice would be appreciated.  My machine's specs:windows 10 homeversion 1607OS build 1493.693Processor: AMD A6-3650 APU with Radeon HD graphics 2.60GHzInstalled RAM: 8.00 (7.49 GB usable)System type: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor Photoshops system requirements: Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processorMicrosoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 102 GB or more of RAM (8 GB recommended)2.6 GB or more of available hard-disk space for 32-bit installation; 3.1 GB or more of available hard-disk space for 64-bit installation; additional free ... Read more

Answer:need advice regarding what hardware to upgrade to improve pe...

@Jillcananzi Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Sorry, but I don't have very good news for you ...There's really not much you can do to vastly improve the performance of your current PC. Your'e using an AMD A6-3650 and the max processor it will take is an A8-3850 -- some improvement, but probably not enough to matter. You already have 8GB of memory -- the max the system will take. If you're using the on-board graphics, the changing to an add-in card will make a LOT of difference, but I really don't know what to advise -- and given you'll eventually be switching to a new PC, unless that comes without a graphics card, anything you buy now is wasted money unless you can use it in the new PC. You didn't mention the hard drive size, but I've found an SSD to make a major difference in real-time performance, and the 500GB SSDs are continuing to drop in price -- making them more affordable.Sorry, but that's all I can think of, at present.  

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I hope to upgrade my network soon to gigabit. I did some research and will be going with the NetGear GS108 The ones created after September 2005 support jumbo frames! People have been reporting to be getting the newer versions through Newegg reviews.

However, any recomendations on PCI gigabit NIC's? One PC will be the fileserver which I do ALOT of data transfers to and from. It's a P3 1GHZ with 768MB RAM. Then the other two machines are 3.2GHZ Athlon XP's.

I don't have too much money since i'm a college student so would want the best bang for the buck. Would I need those crazy $50-60 NIC's from Intel/3Com for the fileserver, since it will be using the network the most? It's on Windows 2003 Server if that helps any.

Answer:Gigabit Hardware Advice Needed

I got 3 Intel PRO1000s from the FS/FT forum for ~$40, one of the best deals ever, and some of the best NICs ever. The two in my ipcop box never, ever choke, and I'm about to put the 3rd in my desktop to replace the onboard Realtek. Pricey, yes, but Intel NICs are truly pwn. Not to mention they run on damn near any OS, and support iirc, >9KB MTU for jumbo frames.

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