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Epson 1250 scanner, colour problem

Question: Epson 1250 scanner, colour problem

When scanning colour photos on my Epson 1250, it seems to enhance any blue in the colours, so the final scan is not quite accurate. Is it possible to correct this, and if so, how can I change this in the settings? Also, if it can be changed, is it possible to easily revert to the default settings?Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Epson 1250 scanner, colour problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Epson 1250 scanner, colour problem

Try here click here

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I have recently had to renew the 'C' drive and reload all my programs and equipment. No problems until I connected the above and ran the Epson installation disk which installed the Scanner details. The laptop (running Windows Vista Home Pemium) is unable to find the driver (listed as Epson Scanner 010F on the report) either on the Installation Disk or by Windows auto search. I would add that the Scanner has worked previously with this laptop for years. Can anyone help?.

Answer:Driver for Epson Perfection 1250/1250 Photo Scanner

Go onto google and type "Epson Perfection 1250" les quotes and it will come up with a link to epsons page for the drivers for your scanner.

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I have been using my 1250 scanner and its attachment for colour slide scanning. Some work great, but some end up with a mauve/blue cast to them, which was not on the original slide. 20-year-old Kodak slides seem to be the worse for this, while Agfa of same age are OK. Why does this happen? Do the settings have to be adjusted for slides? Or is it some layer in the original slide that is not visible to the eye, but is seen by the scanner? I am most perplexed!!

Answer:Epson 1250 - colour slide scanning.

Just getting this in My Postings, to find any responses (have same problem sometimes with Epson 1240U + attachment).

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When scanning slides with the attachment that comes with the 1250, it consistently fails to scan the whole area of the slide, cropping a bit from both length and breadth. Anyone know how to overcome this, please?

Answer:Epson 1250 colour slide scanning

I can't check the exact details as I have this scanner at work but find the options/configurations and uncheck the transparency/slide preview option.

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When scanning slides with the attachment that comes with the 1250, it consistently fails to scan the whole area of the slide, cropping a bit from both length and breadth. Anyone know how to overcome this, please?

Answer:Epson 1250 colour slide scanning


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Question: Epson 1250 scanner

I have just reinstalled windows xp sp2.The installation cd for this scanner has been lost!!The epson site has the latest driver, which installed ok.But there is no software to run the scanner - so it is as much use as a choco fireguard.Can anyone point me in the direction of suitable software or a copy of the orig cd?Thanks in advance

Answer:Epson 1250 scanner

The original software will be on the Epson site, seperate from the driver.If the driver is Twain compliant (virtuall all are) you can scan from within applications, using the application's interface with the driver. So in Word, for example, click insert/picture/from scanner.

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Question: epson 1250 scanner

Using xp home
When trying to start Epson Smart Panel I get Registry data write error And then read error. Scanner model not supported by twain, unable to connect becuse other program using.
I uninstalled and reinstalled but did not help

Answer:epson 1250 scanner

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Since loading SP3 two weeks ago, scanner not working. Have reloaded driver, still get error message 'Twain 5 application cannot be found'. But, I re-installed all the driver software, seems odd. Any advice please?

Answer:Epson 1250 photo scanner

Did you physically disconnect the printer before reinstalling the software?

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I owned a Primax scanner for some years and had no problem with it but perceived it as slow, replaced it with an Epson 1250 Perfection last year believing it to be faster and better resolution, however, it seems no better than the old Primax 4800 direct in both speed and quality and its no quiter.Anybody any comments on this scanner or can recommend a decent make, tried a Plustek once but no better.

Answer:Epson 1250 Perfection Scanner

Just bought Perfection 3200.I am well pleased,great imaging,even film is good.It's fast,scans several pics at one pass,even straightens them on auto.It does need usb2 tho for speed. Regards Les

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I am trying to install my scanner onto another computer, I have downloaded driver from epson installs ok although I dont have software for it, I cant find where it is, searched everywhere but cant find it,all I can find is the setup icon on my c drive, if I go into m word I can select insert picture and scanner comes up, but how can I just scan a document without going though word, my old scanner I could place icon on desktop and click on that I've got Windows 98SE

Answer:Epson scanner 1250 no icon

Printers can play up on reinstall if there's any files left from uninstall. If you disconnect printer, uninstall via add/remove, then use find/search to delete any other remaining files (sometimes you have to delete any files in registry too, but be careful and b/up 1st). Then reboot, then install software (usually printer software is included with updated driver) plug in printer then navigate new hardware wizard to driver.

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If I leave the scanner plugged in to the computer after a little while I start getting these error messages that that something is trying to set tasks. If I unplug the scanner it does not do it.

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Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner

My scanner is turned on (the green light is lit), the two cables are plugged in to the back of it, but my Windows 2000 operating system isn't finding the scanner when I run the add hardware function.

I have downloaded drivers and software for it and loaded these.

The scanner is not listed under Device Manager. The only imaging device it wants to know is my Logitech Web-cam.

I was told to look under "other hardware" in Device Manager, but that's not listed there.

I would be grateful for any ideas you might have.

Thank you,


Answer:Win 2k Not Recognizing Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner

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just wanted to know, I have this scanner and recently, I had to do an emergency recovery on windows me.. The scanner software was tossed out.. I have downloaded the epson twainv5 driver for it, but how do i find the smartpanel.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
thanks to all

Answer:epson perfection 1250 series scanner

Hopefully this site can help

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When I try to get pics from camera to computer I get"twain error" and say's maybe the scanner is not connected

Answer:epson 1250 scanner twain 5 error

How are you exactly trying to do this? Hooking up the camera to an empty USB port on thecomputer to get the pictures should have nothing to do with the scanner. It sounds like you are in the scanner program and using import images but that's if you want to import a picture from disk or hard drive to scan not get them from the camera to the computer. You have me totally lost and I am curious to see how hooking camera to computer is giving you a scanner error.

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I don't do much scanning, but I'm sure it used to be a lot faster. A full page at 200 dpi is taking about 2 minutes. It is about as fast as I remember it used to be at 600 dpi. Could this be a USB problem? I tried changing various settings in the TWAIN driver like turning off unsharp mask, but it made no difference.I have two USB 1.0 ports on my PC. One is linked to my monitor, which has a four-port hub. I also started using another four-port hub for my USB disgo drive.I have two USB printers and a USB modem. I have tried plugging the scanner directly into the second USB port on my PC, but it makes no difference .

Answer:Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner Slowdown

That should be three and half minutes, not two minutes. The scanner head is in stop/start mode like it is at high resolutions. A preview scan at 72 dpi is fast.

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Can anyone tell me how to change the lamp on the above scanner please.Regards,Sapins

Answer:Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner, how do I change the


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the COPY function of my scanner will not work as it dosent recognise my hp printer. there is a small program you can download from somewhere to enable them to get on but i cant remember what it is. has anyone any ideasthanks

Answer:epson 1250 scanner- hp printer 7660

But the only way yuou can get differentt machine to cooperate is via a third party program as you indicate.Any image editing program should do this.So look at the bundles software that came with the scanner - Photoshop Elements for example or perhaps down loadable stuff like Picasa.

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HELPHad to scan some images today which meant re-installing all of Epson scanning software as once it it installed (scanner works fine) and machine is shut down it refuses to re-boot cleanly : get the "blue screen of death" every time. have to restart in safe mode and remove all epson software before bloody thing will open full version of windows 98. Sometimes error message relates to vxd file but nine times times out of ten reads along lines of "data was not flushed from device when last shut down". Any help would be greatly appreciated as above pallaver means scanner is receiving very little use!CheersRichard

Answer:Epson 1250 Scanner software crashes Win 98

Have checked Epson's support website? click here

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Until recently both these items worked OK. Now when using Copy the scanner tries to start until a message "Scanner failed to send image during scan" then everything stops. Using Scan to File I get the message "Another program may be attempting to access the scanner" - which is not correct. The Creative Webcam Go was OK, and still works on battery, but red light does not show when connected to USB and the camera does not work. The common factor is that they were both on the same USB hub. Is is possible that a voltage surge may have damaged both? Dave

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If I can't solve the problem I'm curently having with my Canon scanner as outlined in earlier post's, & have to buy another
I'd like to know what the general opinion by users of the Epson 1250 & Microtek 4800 scanner's is, would they work ok with my setup?

Answer:OPINION's re Epson 1250 & Microtek 4800 Scanner's?

Start reading the reviews from and should have a pretty good idea which one is better

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I have an Epson Perfection 1250 scanner which is about 15 years old, but still useful - or it would be if I could get it running in Win 10. I still have the original CD with the driver software.

When I moved from XP to Win 7, all I needed to get was a Win 7 Twain driver, which worked with the software. Win 10 doesn't seem to have an equivalent driver.

I found this thread from a couple of years ago, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I followed the procedure described by Steve C, but there's a problem.

When I go in via Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Devices and Printers, the scanner appears as "Epson Scanner 010F", not as Perfection 1250. When I go into Device Manager, the driver shows as Epson Perfection 2400, and it says it's working properly.

But when I try to launch Epson Scan, I get the message "Epson Scan cannot be started".

Is there anything else I can try? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Answer:How to install old Epson Perfection 1250 scanner in Win10?

How do you install it? Well, if you can't, you might try Vuescan software (but not free!) so you'd need to consider cost of software vs hardware.

Also if running 64 bit windows now, you might not have 64 bit drivers available.

Outside possibility- try Drivermax (free for two scans). It's found a couple of arcane drivers for me over a few years. (We don't recommend such tools for routine use).

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Sometimes, but not always, my scanner makes clicking noises when the scan head nears the end of the scan bed, resulting in distortion of the image.Apparently, a drive belt or gear is slipping. Any idea how to repair this before some serious damage happens?

Answer:Clicking noises from Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner

If it's in warranty, get it replaced by Epson

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My Epson Perfection 1250 scanner is not working. I get an error message which says "An unspecified error occurred while your pictures were being copied." 0x8021000E

It had been working fine. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it from the Epson website, but it still doesn't work. I tried the scanner after uninstalling the driver just to see what kind of error message I would get, and I got the same error message as above, which leads me to think that somehow the driver is not being detected.

I try disconnecting and unplugging the scanner, restarting the computer, but that doesn't help. The scanner is still lighting up and making the usual sounds, so to that extent it works.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Solved: Epson Perfection 1250 scanner not working

I tried scanning a document without using the preview mode. When I did this, I was able to successfully scan the document. I don't know why this solved the problem. I just tried this, thinking it might work, and it did.

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Trying to scan to file colour negs with Epson Perfection 1650 Photo scanner. On Auto it recognises the negs and (eventually - very slowly)scans the strip of 4. As I only want one of the strip I've tried to use the manual mode, hoping to select the single neg from the preview.However, it insists the document is a colour photo and I can't see any way to persuade it otherwise.Is there a way or does it not support colour negs in manual mode?I'm using XP with SP1.

Answer:Epson Perfn1650 Photo scanner -colour neg problem

More problems. I'm laboriously using auto mode and now that is playing up. It recognise some neg strips as colour negatives but every third one it see as a colour positive. If I switch off, disconnect the power then remove and replace the TPU connector when switching back on it correctly sees the strip as a clour negative.Frustrating is the politest word that comes to mind.

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I'm trying to help  my brother-in-law here.   He has an Epson 1250 Photo scanner that has been working well  for years.  Suddenly it stops.  Tried re-installing the program and drivers and everytime we try to use it, we get the message  ""this  model not supported by Twain 5". .. So we un-installed the drivers and tried again via Epson Instructions,  now we get the  message "Please install the supported Twain driver". .  Can any body tell me what is going on an how to work the problem??  Thanks for looking guys,  JIM

Answer:Epson 1250 photo scanner suddenly stops working

Have you recently (coincident to  this issue arising) changed the computer and/or the operating system that has been associated with this printer? truenorth

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Every time I try to scan, the image turns out a purplish/pink color. Is there any way to fix this?

Answer:Epson 1250 Scanning Problem

Have you tried troubleshooting on the Epson site?

(From Epson)
Check the image settings of your scanner software, especially data format (bits, pixel, color), gamma correction, and color correction. Try different combinations of these settings.

Check the color matching and color management capabilities of your computer, display adapter, and software. Some computers can change the color palette to adjust the colors on your screen. See your software and hardware manuals for details.

Exact color matching is very difficult. Check your software and monitor documentation for information on color matching and calibration.

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I'm scanning 35mm slides using the film adapter. After successfully scanning the slide using PhotoImpression3.0, I have to move it to a folder. I cannot figure out how to do that step. Please help.

Answer:Solved: Epson 1250 problem

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The Epson Perfection Scanner 1250 which is installed on my PC with Windows XP SP2, used to work but no longer does. I have re-installed the scanner software from the CD supplied with the scanner, but when I try and use it I get a message : Epson Twain 5 Scanner Model not supported by Epson Twain. Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Epson Perfection 1250 & Epson Twain %

I spoke to Epson. They told me to download a new driver. Shouldn't be a problem, but first I have to install Winzip. I think it is best to regard the problem as Solved. Will

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Question: Epson 1250 prob

I have an Epson 1250 scanner with Win XP which was working fine untill today (although I don't use it very often). It is left unplugged from the power source when not in use.When I try to import an image via Paint Shop I get the message "Error occured while trying to open the data source."When I try to use smart panel I get the message "opening error: Scriptfile\Program files\Epson\Smart Panel\Data\smapanel\smapanel.lao, [LAYOUT] mistake".I tried system restore, uninstalling and reinstalling the software, using a different USB port and have rebooted several times.Any other ideas please?

Answer:Epson 1250 prob


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I've got an Epson Stylus SX130 which can print ok in during a nozzle check under the maintenance tab but when I come to print a document is just prints in various shades of black.
I've done numerous nozzle and head cleans and replaced all cartridges but to no avail.
Any ideas?
Many thanks,

Answer:Epson colour problem

Check your Printing Preferences (right click on your printer) to make sure you haven't got GRAYSCALE selected for printing.

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Hello All. Could someone tell me how to set this up. I installed the Epson perfection 1250 drivers on Wednesday and everything went well. I could scan with it. I put the scanner back in the cupboard, without un-installing any of the drivers/software. I have gone to scan something today, and the Smartpanel is asking for "Please install the supproted Twain Driver". I have unistalled the software and reinstalled, and it still asks for the software. The scanner is setup in control panel. I have been to the Epson website and downloaded the up-to-date drivers. But Smart Panel is still asking for the above Twain Driver. Has anyone got an idea please? Thankyou.

Answer:Epson 1250-No Twain drivers

When EPSON Smart Panel is launched, does it say in device box at bottom of the smart panel epson twain 5

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MY Epson 1250 perfection turns itself on. I've written to epson and the company (don't remember name) that does their software without response. Have tried installing with antivirus and firewall off. No improvement. When I intentionally turn it on, I get a sequence of 2 registry data read error messages, then 2 registry data write messages, then it works fine. However, sometimes (too frequently) I'm doing nothing I can identify as causative and it just turns itself on (with the usual error messages). Sometimes this turns into a cascade, filling the desktop with messages and using 100% of the CPU. Help.

Answer:epson perfection 1250 self-activation

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I have the epson scanner that works great. I updated My system to widows 7 64 bit. Epson currently does not have a driver Does anyone have a work around >


Answer:epson 1250 perfection # window 7 64 bit

Do they have a Vista 64 bit driver? if so try that one.


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I am trying to load my Epson Perfection 1250 Photo printer on to my new PC. I have obtained the download from Epson for printers use on Windows XP; but is still refuses to recognise it. I`ll be very grateful for any help, please!

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Yesterday I tried to install new ink cartridges into my printer. ( EPSOM 880 Colour. ) When I powered off the printer the ink carriers stayed to the right when they are supposed to go to the left of the interior to allow access to the housings for the cartridges. The only way I found to get around this was to start to print something, then power off the printer whilst it was some way alomg the printing route. After changing the cartridges with new ones I resumed printing. The ink cartridge indicators now still show both empty and printing is erratic. The test printouts indicated that the heads needed to be cleaned, which I did OK, but when printing text the spacer lines are almost blending together. D I need to reinstall the software and install as a "new" printer?

Answer:Yet another printer problem......EPSON 880 Colour.

click hereI have been reading reviews about the 880, and a lot of people are finding, that after about six months the print heads get clogged, and the only way forward is to take it into an Epson dealer..The price of printers now a days, maybe better off getting a new one?...

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I am a big fan of Epson products but now disappointment has set in. I wanted to scan a document and email it. The info panel that came up stated that my ISP, Freeserve was not supported for this function !!. It then said the only systems that are compatible with my scanner are the following Lotuscc:mail 6Qualcomm Eudora Pro 3.0Nescape Mail4.x [do they mean Netscape ???]Microsoft ExchangeI used to be with AOL but changed to Freeserve and I have Outlook Express on my Windows XP system. I am amazed that Epson does not appear to have compatibility with Freeserve [ nor AOL previously] - contacting Epson, they said I should get in touch with Freeserve so they can sort the problem out !!!!!! What should I say to Freeserve ?????Can anyone help please.

Answer:Scan to email with Epson Perfection 1250

what the heck are epson talking about????If you want to email a scan then its the epson software that needs to simply open outlook express. It has nothing to do with your ISP at all. Ask Epson to find someone with experience on computers to talk to you.

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How do you activate the Film Adapter on the Epson 1250 Photo Scanner? I have re-installed the software onto a new computer, but can't get the Film Adapter to switch on.

Answer:Epson 1250 Photo Transparancy Scanning

Epson Online Reference Guide here click here

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My old epson 600 stylus colour printer has started playing up. It refuses to print more than 12 lines of text. It then times out.Any one got any ideas or does it go in the bin?Bruz

Answer:Epson 600 stylus colour printer problem

Hi, bin it - have lots of fun with a new one, so cheap these days.Cheers

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I have changed all the colour cartridges, done a nozzle check and head clean but the yellow is only printing in bands. HAs anyone any idea how I can solve this problem?

Answer:Epson SX515W Colour printing problem

You didn't say which Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and bit version (32-bit, 64-bit) your computer is running.

Here is the support site for the Epson Stylus SX515W All-In-One.


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HiMy epson stylus colour 440 printer worked fine with XP home.I bought a new pc and parallel port to USB cable for the epson stylus 440. When I press print it sits in the print queue and fails to print. An odd time it will print.Using xp pro and xp epson stylus colour 440 driver. Note: XP PRO advises that the XP Windows driver for the printer is not the most up to date driver. Yet it works okay with xp home.Can anyone offer any help or advice please?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Parallel to Usb Epson Stylus Colour 440 problem?

So whats it on now Vista ? if so look on the Epson Site for Vista drivers or go to the printer folder choose Add Printer then choose from list of printers

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Hello everyone,I have had this printer since about 1999 without any problems until the last few weeks, so I dont think it ows me anything. On "Best" quality print setting it is fine but recently on normal print setting I am getting banding lines across the page. I have tried all the cleaning and nozzle set up a few times but it does not have any effect, does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be and how to cure it?Pamy

Answer:Epson Stylus colour 600 printing problem

Have you tried running some cleaning cartridges. Look at 7dayshop for cheap ones 0.99p each.. It could be worth a try.

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My friend has the above mentioned printer and has done very little colour printing since he bought it. He has also not printed any 'Black & White' photographs.Despite this, he has seen the colour cartridge indicator gradually go down, and now it has reached the 'Replace Cartridge' condition, and the printer will not even print in black text only.Does anyone have any thoughts on what the problem could be?Never having used an Epson Printer I'm somewhat at a loss to advise him.Thanx in advance.

Answer:Epson Stylus Colour 760 Cartridge problem.

Tell him to leave it switched off all the time until he needs it. If he goes a while without using it print out a small page once or twice a week. Not a expert but this model seems to use a lot of ink during auto setup when switching on.

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Hi all

I have owned my Epson R300 since January and have done a lot of colour printing with it since. I have only ever used genuine cartridges in it and up until recently haven't had any problems. A few days ago I tried to print something, and it came out a sickly greeney-blue colour. I did a nozzle check and discovered that neither of the magentas was printing. I had only changed the cartridge about 3 weeks before hand, and when I checked the level of ink, every cartridge was still showing above 75% ink left. I did several nozzle checks and cleans, and tried printing off images that were mainly pink. The occasional horizontal line of pink came out, but only about 1% of the image that should have been pink, came out pink. The rest came out yellow - I imagine that the pink that it should have been would be a mixutre of the yellow and magentas. I just bought a new set of cartridges reluctantly (they're so expensive, I hate having to change two when they should still be good for a lot more prints). I changed the two magentas, and on the nozzle check, they now come out, but the cyan is no longer coming out. Obviously it's a problem with my printer and not the cartridges. I have always changed the cartridges when the printer tells me to, which is usually all 6 at the same time, so I don't think I have done anything wrong there. I am loathe to swap out the cyan cartridge in case it fixes that problem, but stops another cartridge from working. I hate knowing tha... Read more

Answer:Epson R300 - colour problem with certain cartridges

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System 7 an elderly Epson scanner Dell colour laser
Copying a black document results in blue prints.which is getting it wrong-system ,scanner or printer?

Answer:W7_stand alone scanner colour laser prints docs in wrong colour

I had the same thing happen although it was an inkjet not a lazer. Re-installing the software fixed it in my case.

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I have the Epson 880 and I am very pleased with it, however, I do print holiday photographs quite often, would I notice much difference with the R200 please?

Answer:Epson colour 880 v Epson Photo R200

hi badgermansix i use the 880 &print alot of pics,my friend has the 900 & i cant visibly see any difference,apart from the price of the cartridges.the 200 i believe can print onto discs but apart from that i would stick to the 880 with cartridge prices as low 1.50 for a colour i will stay with my 880.

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Hi when i click on the epson scan icon on my desktop it says cannot start scanner but if i right click the scan icon and choose run as administrator it works fine?i`ve uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the drivers but same thing happens, maybe a setting somewhere?Im running win 7 home with a epson sx405 all in one printer fax and scanner.Any idears peeps?Thanks

Answer:Epson scanner problem?

Right click on your icon - Properties - Compatibilty Tab - Remove the tick from "Run this program as an Administrator" - click Apply - OK

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 I am having issues with completing scans on the Epson RX 620 scanner.  It working fine until I also loaded the drivers for the Epson 3170.  However, when I want to scan, the software queus me to select which scanner, which I do, and then I can boot the EPSOP smart panel and scan a preview and everthing is fine...I get thumbnails properly and then I go for the full scan and the scanner begins and aborts and I get a pop-up saying their has been a communication failure.I have reloaded the RX scanner's software to no avail.Any help y'all can provide will be appreciated.

Answer:Epson RX 620 scanner problem

Use Add/Remove Hardware to uninstall the other scanner...Then double-check in Control Panel after re-booting to make sure it is gone.patio.  

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Running win98se. Epson perfection 1250 scannerHope you can help.Just had computer in the "fixers" for a check over and now my scanner won't work. I have tried re-installing (which meant removing existing files) now it is saying that ISMDLL.dll cannot be found so the "scan to file" won't work on my scanner.Can I find this file anywhere? I'm not technical in the slightest so be gentle with me!!Thanks Lynne

Answer:Epson scanner problem

QuoteJust had computer in the "fixers" for a check over and now my scanner won't work.Hello, Lynne. Can you recall what they have done to your computer? You may need to reinstall the drivers for the scanner. Try downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturers webpage.

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Have had Epson Perfection 640U scanner working for months. Out of blue error message stating 'Registry data read error' and 'There is no Registry data for Epson Smart Panel for Scanner'.I have uninstalled all and re installed but it is always the same.Any idea of what is wrong and how to fix it?Thanks

Answer:Registry problem with Epson Scanner

Search the registry (remember to back up before going into the registry) for anything relating to your Epson scanner and delete it. Then you should be able to reinstall the software.

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I desperately need advice on how to get my Epson Perfection 1640SU scanner to work on my HP Media Center m7760 PC, Vista Ultimate OS, 32 bit, 2038MB RAM.  I used same scanner with previous Compaq, XP, no problems.  I downloaded the driver for Vista from the Epson site. When I click on Windows Fax & Scan, then Select Device, the choose Scanner, I have two choices: Epson Perfection or Xerox Work Center (don?t know where Xerox came from). Clicking on Test Scanner for Perfection gives message: Successfully Completed. However, I cannot get the scanner to scan. Epson tech says it will open in Paint, but it doesn?t. Thanks for any direction you can give to me.

Answer:Epson scanner, Vista problem

It looks like Epson has not written any new software for your scanner to work under Vista.They have written a TWAIN driver however, which is a very basic driver that needs an image handling utilty (like Paint) to operate. That's probably why Epson told you to go through Paint.Your normal scanning procedure that you are accustomed to under XP (Smart Panel perhaps) likely won't work until they tweak it for Vista.If the Vista32 TWAIN driver is properly installed, you will see your scanner's icon in Control Panel.You will also find it in Device Manager. The TWAIN driver download is on this page: back if the scanner won't install and someone will help you.A free image handler that is useful in these situations is Irfanview : Have no idea were that Xerox file came from.

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I have just upgraded my PC from 98SE to XP Home.
I have just about got all programmes running OK but despite several re-installs, I cannot get the scan function on my RX425 to work.
The printer side is OK, the card monitor works perfectly but, whenever I try to scan, I get an error message "Epson Scan cannot be started".
Anyone any ideas on what I can do next?
Suffolk, UK

Answer:Epson RX425 scanner problem

Just a thought--with an HP scanner I had to have the scanner on before booting XP.

You have proper XP driver for the scanner, right?

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Have been using an Epson Expression 1600 color scanner on an Emachines running XP SP3. Have run this application for a few years no problem but suddenly the software for the scanner fails to load.
The procedure to run the scanner was as follows;start the scanner and wait for it to light up.
start the Epson software and and begin the scanning process.

The problem I have now is that the software looks like it has loaded but then it minimizes itself and retreats to the task bar and after a few seconds disappears altogether!

There had been a previous display problem from time to time but this was resolved with more board memory and installing a new display card with additional memory. It does not explain the failure of my Epson scanner software. I have updated the software but still get the same problem.
Any Ideas?

Answer:Epson scanner software problem

Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager expand Imaging Devices. Right click the Epson scanner and Uninstall it.
Go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs Uninstall the Epson Scanner software. Unplug the USB cable for the scanner from the computer end and restart the computer.
Go to the Epson driver page for your model and download the latest XP driver Epson Expression 1600, Drivers & Downloads - Technical Support - Epson America, Inc. During the install of the software, it should tell you when to plug in the USB cable.

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I have an Epson 3170 scanner running with Windows XP, using the latest Epson Scan software. I can scan sometimes 2, sometimes 12 transparancies, the get a ""No Response from scanner, Make sure scanner is on and properly connected. If using transparancy unit, Remove Reflective Mat" message in the middle of a scan.

I've been having this problem for since I bought the scanner last year. I've reinstalled everything numerous times.

Does anyone have any idea what the cause might be?


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I have been using an Epson 1650 photo scanner for about a year with a Dell Windows XP computer. Today when attempting to scan a photo I get the "Could not open the Twain Source .." message. I uninstalled all associated software, reinstalled, ungraded the drivers several times only to get the same message. When using the "Smartpanel" I get a message saying in essence "Unable to access the scanner....". I changed USB ports with no success. I have a Win98 machine next to this computer and connected the scanner to it and everything works fine. I have read other messages on this forum and it seems that many people have the same problem; but, I haven't seen where there has been a solution. Possibly I missed something and there might be some new cure available. I have even set the computer back to a restore point of several weeks before the problem started with no success. This is very frustrating and I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Epson 1650 scanner problem

I thought I would repost this in hopes that somebody might see it and help. I've tried everything I can think of or read about and the computer acts as though the scanner is not even attached. I've uninstalled numerous times and reinstalled just as the book says. Smartpanel can't see a scanner and vuescan says that no scanner is installed. Any hints would be appreciated.

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Win98SEUsing a Epson Perfection 1250 Scanner.The problem is, that every now and then "Epson Smart Panel" just pops up, and despite closing it, it just keeps constantly popping up. The only way is to unplug the scanner.Is there any other way to do this.Thanks

Answer:Scanner software problem (Epson)

there are drivers for that model on their website, have you tried downloading the latest ones?

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My 18 month old Epson Perfection 4870 scanner has just developed a problem.

The unit was functioning when switched off but when turned on the next day failed to operate. The scanner started to make the usual "warming up" noises but after a second or so started to make some unusual "clicking" sounds. after a few seconds the noise stopped, the red LED at the front of the unit started flashing and an error message was displayed on the monitor screen: "No response from the Scanner. Make sure the scanner is ... etc".

I have tried checking the USB connectors, switching the scanner off and then on again, re-booting the computer, disconnecting the USB cable & turning the scanner on, checking the transportation locks, tried scanning by various means (smart panel, twain etc) but the same problem occurs - the red LED flashes and the green LED fails to illuminate. I lifted the lid and observed mechanism below the scanners glass plate during an attempted start. The carriage (sorry I don't know the teminology for the part that does the physical scanning) lights up briefly and attempts to move from its position at the back of the scanner. It only moves a few mm's before the clicking starts and it returns to it's original position.

I suspect a hardware problem with the scanner itself but, as it has had little use and was quite expensive, I do not want to scrap the unit if a repair is economical.

Could anyone please help?

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I have been running the 4990 together with Konica photocopier/printer and also Epson R2400.On selecting Konica to carry out a low resolution scan & print I then reverted back to 4990 to scan a negative after which an error message appeared advising 4990 not recognised.Software was removed and reloaded (3 times) but still same.Scanner does not appear in Control Panel but does appear in Device manager with ! mark and advice to reload driver.Epson helpdesk gave usual advice to reload drivers and also1. Click on Start > Control Panel (if necessary select ?switch to classic view?).2. In the Control Panel window double click on the Administrative Tools icon and then the Services icon. 3. In the Services window scroll down the list in the right hand pane until you can see the Still Image Service.4. Right click on the entry and click start. Close all the windows down and try using Epson Scan again.I am unable to locate Still Image Service.Is this the source of my problem ?Interestingly, Software loaded on separate laptop running Vista and 4990worked perfectly.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 98 SE from Windows 98. (Full instal from OEM CD)All Ok except that now I cannot get my Epson 610 Scanner to work. For some reason the Epson Twain software will not load. Device driver tells me that a driver is installed but "there is a problem".Any quick ideas would be appreciated. There is no problem with my USB ports because I can run other devices OK.

Answer:Problem with Epson Scanner after upgrading to 98 S

I would have a look at Epson's website click here to make sure you are installing the latest version of software for that model. Where it says Quick Links, choose Drivers and programs. Select the product, model and OS and it will allow you to download the file needed.

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Hi on this lovely snowy day.I'm trying to help my friend install his new epson 4490 scanner. I've installed all the drivers, and yet when I try to copy using the creativity option, from either the buttons on the scanner or the directory files, I cant get the copy function to work. It will scan to fax and to email, but wont copy direct to printer. I keep geting an error escndv.exe application error. I've looked this up on google, and seems to be a real problem with epson scanners, a software problem. Having contacted Epson they say it's a microsoft problem. My friend has win xp SP 2,1Gb memory and 250 hard drive.ANy advise please.

Answer:epson 4490 scanner problem

bump, any ideas welcome

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I acquired a used Epson GT-2500 document scanner. I have been unable to get the error LED to shut off. My computer recognizes the scanner, but software expectedly reports errors when I try to scan. The device mgr. shows no problem. The error message is ?Cannot communicate or an error occurred on the scanner.? I know that communication exists because I can open the Epson software with the one-touch button on the scanner.

The error light is initially continuous and then flashes along with power LED.

On one occasion, I was able to get the scanner to scan, verifying that all mechanical operations work. However, the scan was a black blob. I changed the settings many different ways, but couldn't reproduce the original. After that peak of success, I disconnected the scanner from the AC, let the capacitors discharge, and started over. Since, then, I have been unable to get the unit to scan at all.

The travel lock is off. I have reconnected the scanner multiple times, tried different USB ports, reinstalled the driver multiple times, tried an older driver, tried different scanning software. Rebooted multiple times. Tried a different USB cable. I tried taking the scanner apart and tightening the screw that holds the transportation lock in the unlocked position.

As the scanner powers normally, communicates with the computer, and its mechanical functions work, I don?t think it has a hardware problem. Could it be a problem with firmware, and is there a way I can reset or rein... Read more

Answer:Epson GT-2500 scanner problem

Checked drivers?

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I have an Epson 1240U scanner and 5.71e driverWhen I try to scan in under developed 35mm colour negatives all I get is - "Cannot find film. Make sure film is positioned correctly and try again"It makes no difference where I position them on the scanner - in a multi holder or single holder(with rest blanked out)The correctly exposed negatives scan in perfectly 4 at a time - or singly.Any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance

Answer:Epson 1240U scanner problem


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I'm using Win98SE and Epson 1660 scanner which for some reason has just decided it doesn't want to work anymore.When trying to scan I get the error message "can't find scanner etc." even though Device Manager shows it O/K. I have completely uninstalled everything on my system that relates to the scanner (and Epson) and re-installed 7 times. Device Manager shows the scanner and driver 'working' but when trying to scan I get a message to install the supported Twain driver. I have downloaded the latest driver from Epson everything appears to check out but unable to scan. Has anyone else had this problem? I have checked out similar problems on the database but none of these have solved the problem.

Answer:Epson Scanner/Twain Problem

This usually indiates that something has gone wrong within the OS which is stopping some of the scanner driver from working. I suggest you start by, once again, uninstalling your scanner. Try loading Windows in safe mode to see if this repairs the problem, and failing this you may have to resort to repair tools click hereor a reinstallation over-the-top.

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Trying to load Epson Perfection 1650 scanner onto replacement PC the installation disk will only install the Smart Panel. It worked OK 3 years ago on the last PC

Answer:Problem loading Epson 1650 scanner

Windows Wizard has found the scanner so perhaps the fault is that Twain does not connect to the scanner. How can I get them to link?

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I have an Epson XP-410 all-in-one printer/scanner. It is connected to my pc running win xp by usb cable.
problem is the scanner driver will not complete its installation.

software has been uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times always with failure to fully install scanner driver.

Would appreciate any ideas. Epson support gave up and referred me to Microsoft. Did not bother going thar route.

Answer:epson 410 scanner driver instal problem on win xp


What service pack is your Windows XP at? are you fully up to date with all critical XP updates?

Uninstall all Epson drivers and/or software, then enter Device Manager and look down the list for Universal Serial Bus Controllers and check if you have any that mention Printer or Epson, if you do right click and choose Uninstall.

Then in the same Device Manager, check Imaging Devices and if this is listed as Epson then right click uninstall, next look in Printers and if your Epson is listed the again right click > uninstall.

Next in Device Manager click the View menu option (at very top menu bar) and choose "show hidden devices", then look through Device Manager and the catagories for anything Epson related, and uninstall.

Then unplug the USB cable from the printer and disable your Anti-virus/Anti-malware software from starting at boot (what anti-virus or malware software do you have installed), as on occasion these software's may halt an install.

Then reboot and double check your security software/s are not running and plug in your USB printer cable and install the latest driver from Epson HERE (if you have an old version off CD/DVD or download, delete it and get the latest version), then once installed, reboot and test printer, if all ok then enable your security software/s and test printer again.

If you get any error messages when installing please do tell us what they are in full.

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Does anyone have problems installing Twain 5 Driver in Windows 7 and in get the scanner recognised???

I followed the help posted in this forum and got no results.

But tried the following:

Fisrt of all unplugged scanner usb cable;
Then uninstalled existing Twain driver (;
Then reinstalled Twain driver (;
Reconnet your scanner usb cable
Then in Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Devices and Printers select you Epson scanner and Properties
Look for Update Driver
Select Browse My Computer
Then chose the following directory to look into - C:\Windows\inf - and select Include Subfolders.

This solved my problems and now my Epson Perfection 1250 is working under Windows 7.

Hope it helps you

Answer:Solved: Epson Twain Scanner Problem

Thanks for sharing your solution. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.

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Just purchased a new Dell Studio 540 PC with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. My Epson 3590 Photo scanner does not open a preview page when scanning 35mm colour negatives.This feature works fine on old PC with XP Pro SP3. I am running latest drivers V3.04A and have reinstalled the software and have tried disabling all startup programs using MSConfig as suggested by Epson. I have also tried running Epson Scan in Windows 98/ME & XP mode but no different. I have noticed on various forums that there are a few other people around with the same problem. Any assistance with this would be most appreciated.

Answer:Problem with Epson 3590 Scanner with Vista x64

Surely epson have told you that they have not issued a 64bit driver for that scanner? Certain things do not really work with 64bit but hopefully as W7 take up with 64bit happens more will be done. If you have an old xp 32bit license you could run the virtual pc software and install xp on that.

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Dear Friends,
I have formatted and installed win 7 ultimate freshly and now my Epson TX121 (PSC) is giving a strange error. It was working nicely before the format. I've tried the Company original Disc of drivers. The above said Problem is only with the Scanner, while the printer works perfectly.
The Screenshot of the error is attached.
Kindly Help
Thanks in advance

Answer:Epson TX121 PSC-Scanner problem in win7

Not even a single reply

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A couple of weeks ago my TP-Link wireless router packed up. Through the support team, I eventually realised it needed replacing. This took ten days, during which time I had no wireless connectivity, preventing internet access and use of an Epson SX535WD printer.
When I eventually got a new router and access to the internet, I found I could not connect my printer. Epson support helped me get it connected so I can now print and copy. But it will not connect to the scanner – I get ‘Cannot communicate with the scanner’ error message. Epson support took me through various tests/adjustments but, though everything suggested that the scanner should be working, it wasn’t. Epson think it may be a problem on my pc (Dell, Windows 7) but I am at a loss as to what. Have tried disabling firewall and anti-virus but to no avail.
I’m not at all technically minded and am quietly going round the twist wondering what the hell to do. Can anyone advise, please?

Answer:problem connecting Epson SX535WD scanner

I've got the same printer and haven't had any problems at all. You should be able to scan from printer to pc. Does that work?
Have you uninstalled the software on the pc and re-installed it? I suspect that the printer has a new IP address compared to the TP-link and the PC is looking for the old address.

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I have an Epson GT 1500 scanner which I bought on the assumption that it carried an OCR facility but not being very technical I could not work out how to get it working so I contacted Epson Chat. Eventually after being on line for 15 minutes I received the answer that they are not trained on the Abbyy OCR software and to go there. There must be a simple way to operate it but I not what it is.

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Has anyone any knowledge of how to cure the problem that has developed on my computer involving the use of Epson Scanner 1260 Perfedtion and Smart Panel.For no apparent reason, two days ago when I went to use Smart Panel, I got a message telling me that it could not find file Ism.dll and told me to re install the program. I did this, but without any kind of success. I have tried a restore, but still no go. I cannot find any information on the Epson web site.I have never had this problem until now. Has anyone else out there come across this and if so, how was it corrected.I am using Windows XP HE and Service Pack 2.Davey.

Answer:Epson 1260 Perfection Scanner & Ism.dll problem

Hi, have you done a Search in All Files and Folders ........ I have Epson Scanner Perf 1650...I just did a Search and Ism.dll appears several times in different places on my pc - XP Home.

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I don't know if this is the right forum, if not please let me know. I have just replaced my Canon scanner with an Epson Perfection VS370 Photo scanner. When I press the acquire button in Photostudio the Epson scanner menu appears and begins scanning. With the Canon the Canon menu didn't appear which allowed me to use PhotoStudio's functions (previewing a document and splitting it into two images before scanning. I can't do this anymore. Arcsoft can't help as they no longer support PhotoStudio. Is there any way I can make the Epson scanner remain dormant until I press the Preview button in PhotoStudio?

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I can use my scanner perfectly with my XP netbook. But when I run the setup programme for the driver on my Vista laptop, it immediately opens the uninstall programme for Norton antivirus! The printer works fine.Any thoughts?John

Answer:Epson DX4400 scanner driver problem with Vista

Are you trying to install the driver from the disk you had for XP - if so it may not be suitable for Vista. Download from hereclick herethe second one down (unless you have 64bit Vista) and download it to the desktop. Then double click to run it. I suggest you disable Norton while you do it.

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Hi,I have a epson 16600 perfection photo scanner,and on my laptop (satellite 1110)with win.xp sp2.This scanner works ok on this pc,but my friend can't use the film scanner adapter on his laptop (time),when he selects epson twain 5 he get's a popup box saying scanner model not supported by epson twain.The only thing he has not got that I have,is sp2(he has sp1) installed.Can anyone help.

Answer:epson 16600 perfection photo scanner problem

Only suggestion I have is to download and install the latest drivers click here it appears to be up to twain 5.7f and that may cure the problem, can't do any harm anyway.

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I have a new desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 Bit. I have purchased an EPSON WP4535 all in one printer which installed fine apart from the scanner. I get a very similar issue to one on the Epson website whereby I get an error during the installation. However, the message on the Epson website says "Could not copy files". I get the error "Could not create files".

I should first of all say that the first attempt to install does not get past first base and gives the message -

Could not create "c:\Users\XXXXXX\LOCALS~1\Temp" - unzip operation cancelled.

I have seen this error before so to get around this I renamed the file from .EXE to .ZIP and manually extracted all the files. I even tried copying them to the folder that it appears to require them in - LOCALS\TEMP. Running the SETUP.EXE file gives the error:

An error occurred during setup. Restart your computer, then run setup again.

When I click OK I then get...

Could not find files required for setup. Check the setup disc, then run setup again.

The above message is subtly different from the one on the EPSON website which says "Could not copy files".

Nevertheless, I have followed the instructions on the Epson website, just in case it resolved my problem - but it didn't.

To confirm - I am logged on as Administrator.

I have also tried changing the system variable to point at an alternative TEMP folder but still get the same issue. I... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 EPSON WP4535 Scanner installation problem

Similar problem on a Dell with a Dell printer installed, printer worked fine but not scanner. Opened Device Manager, found the scanner listed but no driver available. Right clicked listed scanner w/o driver, chose to update driver and let Windows search for and install it...

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After having read that many people has same problems getting the scanner Epson 2480 work, i want to share what i found out.

If youre having problems with the Epson software, drivers or resolution on a flatscreen, keep reading. Might work for you..

Software problems:
I had problems opening the software "Epson Scan", as well as making both Windows XP and Vista accept appearence of the scanner in system.

This simple procedure worked for me on both platforms; probably works in 7 as well:

Rightclick ?Epson Scan?-shortcut on desktopChoose ?Properties?Choose ?Compatability?In ?compatability Mode? check the box, and choose ?Windows 98 / Windows ME?

Software resolution:
If youre using a flatscreen, change the Epson software screen resolution by following steps 1-3 from above.

Now check the box:
?Disable display scaling on high DPI settings?


You can find updated drivers on Epsons webpage.

Note the Vista driver pacage should include drivers for XP as well.

basic installation of Epson 2480:

For basic install procedure by Epson follow this link:

The PDF in the link basically says:

Disconnect all antispy- and virus programsInstall software from cdConnect Epson 2480

Im not saying this will work for everyone, but did for me.

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I've got the above on a windows xp system and the scanner is not working.
Also since installing this my digital camera is no longer recognised by the PC. I can download my pictures by putting the memory card into the Epson and doing it that way.

When I click on the Epson Scan desktop icon it says epson scan cannot be started and to run the troubleshooting assistant. This doesn't work and it says it cannot detect a scanner.

Am I going to have to re-install everything?

please help.

Answer:Epson Stylus photo RX520 all in one - scanner problem

Did this work at any point or has it been like since you bought it?

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I'm scanning in a batch of 35mm colour negs and gave done 25 with no problem. The preview shows each of the strip of negs is in its own frame and I select which one(s) I want to scan in.
However the preview has suddenly changed to showing the complete strip in a very reduced size in one large frame. I had not changed any settings and despite switching off and disconnecting/reconnecting the integrated TPU connector the problem remains. Has anyone experienced this and sorted it?

Answer:Epson Perfection 1690 scanner problem copying negatives

I assume your neg scanner is managed via its own software running on the computer? If so, then I suggest that something has got changed in the settings/options. I can only suggest that you explore these to try and find an option that would switch it back - maybe called something like "Preview individual frames"... but I'm guessing.

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Epson 600 color printer when connected thru HP5100C Scanjet Scanner displays printer offline and printing is broken up into sections over a number of pages. Scanner test print works perfectly.


Answer:Epson Color 600 Printer problem when connected thru Hp5100C Scanner

Some printers cannot be connected through some scanners. No way around it.

Assuming you are in that situation you would need to add another printer port to your computer if you want to use them both at once.

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I have the above scanner and up to now no problem in scanning my documents to my flash drive.
I can scan to my documents though but will not let me copy to my flash drive.
Pop up says "I do not have sufficient access privileges .... please select another folder"

Can anyone help me to scan to my flash drive. Thanks

Answer:epson scanner sx100 problem in scanning to flash drive

Can you copy (drag) other documents to your flash drive or just scanned documents?
Some Flash Drives have a security switch on the side that if enabled make the drive Read ONLY, Make sure that is not switched on. Make sure the Flash Drive has enough Free Space to accept any more files. You can also take ownership of the Flash Drive.
All Fails, move all the data off of the Flash Drive and Format (erase) it then move the data back and see if it will accept your Scans.

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i have an epson scanner loaded, it works through epson scan but it is not recognized by microsoft office document scanner.  Does anyone know what is wrong?  Thank you, Terrry

Answer:epson scanner won't scan with microsoft document scanner

Exactly what is microsoft office document scanner?  Is that part of Microsoft Office?  If so, which version of Office?If you can scan a document using your scanner software, why do you need microsoft office document scanner?

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Epson workforce works but saner will not. i called Epson they said their is no Windows 10 and if their is then it is their problem

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Question: Epson colour 440

I got brand new printer gave m e but no one could find driver disk so i downloaded it but my printer just prints lines of non sense and in all different colours but wont print it wont print a word pad doc and wont print from dos either plz help very confuzed beginner

Answer:Epson colour 440

Sounds like you downloaded the wrong driver.

On their Windows driver page (assuming you're using Windows) there are several options.

If you're using WinXP, the only WinXP applicable file listed is actually a Monitor utility, but it does not state that it includes the driver (never safe to assume anything).

But if you are using WinXP, it already has many printer drivers included.

Try this:

Right-click My Computer
Select Manage option
Select Device Manager
In right pane, expand [+] Printers
Select your new printer
Uninstall the printer
Reboot your system and see if WinXP automatically loads the driver
This means WinXP already had the correct driver.

If this does not work... Is your printer "new" to you (used from someone else)?

If it is actually store-bought new, it should still be under warranty. Go through the store or Epson and get the CD you are missing.

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Question: Epson Colour 460

I have the above printer , and now it refyses to work .I'm using XPpro,tried everything,troubleshooter ,manually loading the printer with xp , uninstalling it reinstalling it , unplugging it , switching it off switching it back on , checking the leads ( kicking it , not quite but close ) downloading new drivers that somehow won't load ? Next place for it is the bin , unless you can help me of course , it won't even print a test page . No new software installed recently so now i'm stuck HELP

Answer:Epson Colour 460

have you tried using the Epson Printer installation Disk provided with the Printer, and chose the Windows 2000 option install? May give it a KICK start ;)

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Epson 440 will not print in colour...Have changed cartridge and cleaned heads several times but no difference...Colour box is ticked on print options..Any tips would help as I was thinking it was maybe blocked jets.

Answer:Epson 440 no colour

How old is the printer? Are the heads part of the color cartridge, or separate? If they're separate, maybe they're worn out and need to be replaced.

Here's part of the Epson FAQs:

Q: Why are the colors in my image incorrect?

A: Due to the fact that your monitor and printer use different
technologies to represent colors, your printed colors cannot exactly
match the colors you see on your monitor screen. Check the ink
setting in the printer driver and make sure it is set to Color, not
Black. Make sure the Media Type setting matches the paper or media
loaded. Let the printer driver automatically select other settings
for the best quality. Check to see that the paper is loaded
correctly by removing the paper and reloading it, making sure that
the printable side is face up. You can also adjust various color
settings in your printer driver and possibly your application
software to correct color problems in your image. Also, the print
head nozzles may be clogged. From the Utility section found in the
EPSON printer driver, print a nozzle check and examine the printed
dot pattern. Each staggered horizontal and straight vertical line
should be complete, with no gaps in the dot pattern. If there are
gaps in the dot pattern, clean the print heads by running the head
cleaning utility in the printer driver. Then, print another nozzle
check. A nozzle check and head cleaning must be performed as a
cycle in order for the cleaning cycles to work. If there are still
gaps in th... Read more

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