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Win'XP Colour Scheme

Question: Win'XP Colour Scheme

Hi, when I'm clicking Desktop-->Properties-->Appearance-->Colour Scheme I'm getting 3 colours: Blue, Silver and Green. Is a any way I can Download more (and where?). Many thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Win'XP Colour Scheme

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Win'XP Colour Scheme

It'll be nice to get Gold theme...Oh, yeah!

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Hi there I recently launched a site called click here (Group dating)I have had a mixed response about the colour scheme of the site and am considering changing it, please can you take a look and tell me if you think it is worth keeping....Also If you have any interesting ways to market this site, or own a site that may fit in with mine for a banner exchange let me know.Thanks.

Answer:Have a got the colour scheme right???!

I think the pick background is too heavy personally. Try this website for hereIt is excellent.

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My pc has had a bit of a beny (not this one) Its decided to set my windows colour scheme to black, all black, the desktop pic, dialogue boxes, text, the lot! I cant read a thing, and so i cant navigate to the themes and appearance bit to set it back to default! Ive tried i promise! Ive also tried in safe mode, but the scheme is still aplied.

Can anyone give me any ideas of how to restart with the basic appearance?

Its running xp sp2. Any help is much appreciated!


Answer:Colour scheme problem!!!

No worries, sorted it! Thanks all.

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I see that W10 continues the "Diamond White" colour scheme of the W8 series.

Is it possible to change the default:

Font face (without hacking the Registry)?Colour scheme of inactive windows?

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Is it possible to download new Windows Colour Schemes....... do they have them anywhere online?

I mean the colour scheme of the taskbars and windows that you change in the appearence settings. (Windows classic, Teal, Brick, maple etc.)
I don't really like any of the schemes, but I don't want to bother with Style XP, or Windows Blinds or any of those programs again.

***Ignore me I just found the options to customize it.

Answer:Windows Colour Scheme

I having same problem. how do you do it??

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I've just bought a new Packard Bell computer running Windows XP. I've managed to remove their disgusting desktop colour scheme, but Internet Explorer still has vile mauve background bars for the menu buttons and the Google toolbar. is there any way I can remove Packard Bell's colour scheme and revert to the normal IE one?

Answer:IE Colour scheme hijacked!

click here

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HiWhatever programme I had open last night apparently caused a problem as I got the message that Windows had switched to Basic Colour Scheme. At least I think that was the wording as the message disappeared quickly.How can I check what is running at the moment? Or even what SHOULD I have running? I have Vista Home Premium, 3 gig ram.thanksh

Answer:Vista Basic Colour scheme

some programs will change the colour scheme but when you close the program it should revert back to your chosen scheme.if it reverted back then you have no problem but if you want to see whats running right click the taskbar and click on task manager:o)

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Every time I use the command Ctrl+C to copy. My Windows aero colour scheme returns to default colours. The only way to change it back is to hit Ctrl+C 10 more times!!! This seems to be an odd issue but its really annoying as I copy and paste allot XD

Can somebody help me?? I'm new to the forum.


Answer:Aero scheme colour change - Help!!!

Sounds liek something is running that is interpreting Ctrl+C as a command to restore default colors. Weird but that's what it sounds like.

How does it behave if you boot to Safe Mode with Networking? If better then something is starting at boot that is causing the problem.

Advanced startup options - XP
Advanced startup options - Vista
Advanced startup options - Windows 7

Use msconfig to determine what is causing the problem

These are good tutorials on using msconfig in XP, Vista or Windows 7:
How to use msconfig in Windows XP
How to use msconfig in Windows Vista
How to use msconfig in Windows 7

Click on Start then Run, type msconfig and press Enter.
Click on the Startup tab, record what is currently starting then click the Disable All button.
Reboot and see if it runs better.
If yes then use msconfig to enable several items at a time till you find the culprit.

If no, start msconfig and click on the Services tab.
Check the Hide All Microsoft Services box, record what is currently starting then click the Disable All button.
Again, do a regular boot, see if it runs normal.
If yes then use msconfig to enable services till you find the culprit.

Once you've found the culprit, uninstall it or find out how to eliminate it from your system. Simply disabling it in msconfig is a temporary fix at best.
Enable everything else you disabled.

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Hi all,I think i've messed up my colour scheme in photoshop 7. Blue comes up as green, brown comes up as pink/red etc...Images look fine on Adobe Image loader and other image editing/view software on my pc. I've checked the colour settings in photoshop against those of photoshop on another pc and made sure settings are the same but still getting grief.Uninstalled/reinstall and still no good.It can't be my pc now as the images come out fine in other software ao it must be specifically related to photoshop?I had E-colour colour correction installed, but i've since unistalled it. Might it be this that interfering? I've just seen a colourific colour setting in the adobe colour setting menu. I uninstalled colorific a long time ago. Please help.Nas

Answer:Photoshop Colour Scheme gone wrong!

Have you been to "Edit" "Colour Settings" set RGB to Adobe RGB (1998).Also go to Control Panel and check the Adobe Gamma Via the wizard setup

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I have just upgraded to Office 2007. I mostly use outlook. Is there a way of changing the colour scheme. The awful blue is too much, even for a bear of little brain, like me. Perhaps a nice green or silver...

Answer:Office 2007 colour scheme.

In Word click the Office Button top left > Word Options > Popular > Color Scheme.

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click here

Answer:Website colour-scheme tool

That's an essential favourite for every serious web designer.

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Does anyone know how to change the default colour scheme for a new publication in Publisher XP? It has to be specific for a user.

I have a user whos default colour scheme on a new publication is 'Red' yet other users on the same computer have the default scheme of 'Bluebird'.

I have searched for the default template (within the "application data\microsoft\templates" and "templates" folders of the username) but could not find one. There wasn't one for the username that works fine.

I have searched the Microsoft Knowledgebase but had no success.

Computer spec (can't see how this would effect the issue)
Win2000 SP2 (can't have SP3 due to other software on PC)
256Mb ram
Office and Publisher XP sp2

Would appreciate any information as the user is running out of hair to pull out.

Many thanks


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Heya guys. I'm getting pretty desperate here. Ever since I've plugged my TV into my motherboard (acts as a second monitor), windows keeps changing my colour scheme to basic every time I watch a video. I have tried so many 'fixes' but none of them have worked. Any ideas? thanks in advance - Archer

Answer:Windows 7 keep changing my colour scheme to basic

What graphics card are you using, and model no??


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I thought i'd start compiling a list of software that forces Windows 7 (and indeed Vista) to automatically revert to the Standard/Basic colour scheme, thus disabling the Aero effects within the Windows GUI.

This is not a fault with Windows, the software must be calling for resources/environment variables that are either not available or different in Vista/Seven.

WinAVI Video Converter
PowerDVD Blu ray edition - thanks to swarfega for this
MediaCoder but only for preview - thanks to LePoilu for this

Yes, the list is small but it will grow as I find more.

If anyone knows of any more then by all means please contribute to this thread.

Thank you

Answer:Software that forces basic colour scheme

ALLPlayer and Media Player Classic (the newest version as far as I know works fine with aero).

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this is a great little site which allows you to play with different colour schemes and then have the colours e-mailed to you to incorporate into your site - neat!click here

Answer:great site for choosing your colour scheme

why is it that I'm immediately suspicious of any site that appears to offer something for nothing..........and then finds a way of getting your email address?Must be the old cynic in me.

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Gidday all. This is my first visit to this forum, so please bear with me.
My problem is like this:
Firstly, this is what I did.
* I setup my desktop background picture and colour scheme by clicking on the desktop and selecting properties;
* I got into the area that allows one to choose the colours for the desktop, windows background etc (all those elementary things that were easy in the anceint versions of windows);
* I chose a custom colour version of "cyan" for my background and use black for the letters. I prefer this combination as it's easier on the eyes than a white background with black letters.
Secondly, I saved everything then selected apply.
So far so good. Works well for awhile. Then in the middle of working on something (even Word) I get the "PLEASE WAIT" window and everything defaults back to the original windows colour scheme. This problem occurs regardless of what application I use.
Has anyone got any suggestions, please? I contacted the tech help guys that set up my machine originally but they couldn't help.

Answer:Changing appearance of display colour scheme

Hello and welcome to TSF.

A few suggestions to try out while others ponder the possible causes.

1. After making the changes go and right click on the desktop and under arrange icons , choose lock the desktop.

2. Control panel / display / settings/ troubleshooting
lower the hardware accelleration.

3. Right click my computer choose properties (or control panel => system) => advanced => performance => settings
Click adjust for best appearance.

Restart after you have made these changes so that they get hard recorded to the registry hive before anything else tries to use the old settings.

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I want my task bar to be black but i don't want to have to use windows classic help!

Answer:Solved: How to add colours to the colour scheme for the taskbar?

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All of a sudden my taskbar, explorer window etc changed to the "Windows Standard" colour scheme. I couldn't change it back as all of a sudden the schemes were limited to Standard, Classic, White and Hi Res. I would like to get it back to Aero or whatever it is by default.

Answer:Vista changed the colour scheme to Standard?

Try updating the Drivers for your Video Card.

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So i have had this for only about an hour, but it is really bugging me. I have also read through other posts on this site and they haven't helped. I used a program which changed my colour scheme to basic. This wasn't the first time a program had done that, but when i closed the program it did not change back. I have tried turning off the computer and that sort of thing, but to no success. I also have right clicked desktop, gone to personalize and tried to change it from windows basic, but it did not work. The basic scheme has changed my windows, so when i hover over an icon in the taskbar, the box thing doesn't appear, has changed my taskbar colour to non-transparent and my log on screen (or the screen when you hit ctrl alt delete) to a different colour. Sorry i don't know much about computers, but i would love to get this fixed. thanks

Answer:Changing out of windows 7 basic colour scheme

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Try this
Click on start button in the search box type Aero and look for Find and fix problems with transparency and check for problems.

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My colour schem change from Window aero to window basic due to a running programme which is incompatible. I can't change the colour scheme back to window aero..and I am not sure what program is running that cause this problem. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Colour scheme change due to program incompatiblity

Hello chuenlu,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You could try doing a system restore to a point before the problem started. Info here if needed. System Restore - How to

Hope this helps.


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I am running windows 7 pro 64 bit on 4.4GHz 6core Intel with 16GB RAM, 400Mbps SSD drive, water cooling and 2 quad output Firepro ATI graphics cards.

I want to run in windows 7 basic colour mode.

Why? Because aero really sucks in my opinon.

1. Being able to see through the top bar to what's behind is not important
2. windows key tab is way slower to find what you want than alt+tab
3. screen capture software doesn't always like it
4. whilst deciding where to put an app it thinks i am shaking it and everything disappears
5. when i move stuff, it snaps to full height or left right when i don't want that (make it with the min/max/restore options please)

There is really nothing in it that I can see if of any real use, other than just bling.

However if you set to "adjust for best performance" that version is a bit too old looking.

Basic is perfect for me, however it does not persist on reboot.

Any ideas how I might do that?



Answer:Windows Basic COlour Scheme Lost On Reboot

Welcome to the Seven Forums

After setting up Basic theme are you saving it?

Look at option 2 of this tutorial for Theme - Change or Save


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When I open MediaMonkey the screen sort of flashes and Vista (I'm on Home Basic 32 bit) tells me that it has had to switch off the Aero Colour scheme because Media Monkey is not compatible with it. I close MediaMonkey and the screen flashes again and re-switches to Aero colour scheme. So far so good.

To avoid this, I went into Control Panel - Appearance - Change the colour scheme to leave the colour scheme at Vista Basic permanently. (Weirdly enough, the Aero Colour scheme isn't even an option, only Vista Basic and Standard so why is it defaulting to Aero?). I set it to Vista Basic, apply save etc, open MediaMonkey and we're back to the start, it says it has had to switch off Vista Aero. But I just did that...

No clue as what to do, so any ideas gratefully received. Could it be something to do with the registry?



Answer:Aero colour scheme literally IMPOSSIBLE to turn off

Vista home basic doesnt have Aero , im not sure what that program is referring to it all seems very odd , does that program have its own help forums?

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At startup 2 days ago my desktop colour scheme was reset to classic with grey taskbar etc. When I tried to change it back to silver I found that the windows xp style in display properties - appearance - windows and buttons, was gone and only windows classic style was present.
Confused I though maybe I needed to do a windows update. I proceeded to do so and while I was at it updated to SP3. After doing this I could successfully change my colour scheme back to silver and change the size of my active title bar and menu font etc back to the way they were.
But now whenever I restart my PC the colour scheme has reverted back to the default blue xp theme and the size changes back to default as well.
I'm at a aloss because I have windows auto updates turned off and had installed no new software the night before this happened.

I should also add that I have already done a virus scan, Malwarebytes Anti-malware scan and a Spybot search and destroy scan but found nothing.

Answer:Solved: Desktop Colour scheme keeps reverting to default at startup

Ok. I fixed it somehow. Don't know how this worked but it did. I remember after updating windows 2 days ago I discovered that the themes service was disabled so I enabled it and set it to auto but when I rebooted, the theme still reset to default even though the service was still enabled.
Today I started wondering what other services were disabled so I checked and discovered even though my Themes service was running, when I click on the dependencies tab I got this error message
"win32 the service cannot be started, either because it is disabled because it has no enabled devices associated with it"
then I discovered if I tried to click the dependencies tab of all my services I got the same error message even though they were enabled and running fine.
Upon checking my other services I discoverd the Windows Management Instrumentation service had been mysteriously disabled along with the Security Accounts Manager.
So I started and set both these services to automatic, changed my colour scheme to silver and this time when I restarted my PC the colour scheme had been saved and was still there.
The only conclusion I can come to, because I am no expert, is that for some reason the appearence settings were not being saved until I enabled one of those two services.
Does this sound right.

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Hi guys

I need some help here. Get my Qosmio X500 (PQY33a-00x00J) recently.

I am having problem with the pre-installed WINDVD player. Every time I lauched the WINDVD program, the color sceme changed to Window 7 basic. Below is the text version of the error message:

The following program has performed an action that requires Windows to temporarily change the color scheme to Windows 7 Basic.

Program: WinDVD MFC Application
Publisher: Corel Corporation
Process identifier (PID): 4300

Windows will automatically change the color scheme back to Windows Aero when this program or other programs performing similar actions are no longer running.

Can anyboby help me here.

Answer:Qsomio X500 - colour scheme changed to Window 7 basic


I don?t use WinDVD player but have you tried to update or reinstall this program? If not, check this please!!!

Furthermore I recommend ?VLC media player? to watch videos. It can play DVDs and the most video and audio files. I like this player very much, I can really recommend it to you!

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Okay, confusing subject title? I will explain and hopefully someone can throw some light on this continuing, worsening, problem.

Firstly, I am visually impaired and am forced for a number of reasons to use Windows High Contrast Black as my colour scheme. On the whole, this is a troublefree solution to my visual loss, except when it comes to the Internet. Over the years, the use of what I assume are 'Flash' type buttons, are becoming more and more common, and some are seemingly incompatible with the above mentioned colour scheme. Please follow the brief instructions below, so you can see what I'm going on about. I will assume that anyone with the knowledge of how to solve this, will know how to change a Windows colour scheme.

1. Go to and note the existence of menu buttons near the top of the screen. They contain labelling such as 'Pizza', 'Wings', etc... Hopefully, if you are using a reasonably normal Windows scheme, these should be visible.
2. Now change your Windows Colour to 'High Contrast Black'. There are about 6 so called high contrast schemes in this section, and for all I know this little experiment may work with all of them, but for my purposes, choose only 'High Contrast Black'
3. Now return to the Pizza Hut address I gave you and either put the address in again, or simply reload the page.
4. Those menu buttons should now be invisible. If you run the mouse pointer over them, the pointer will s... Read more

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Can anyone suggest a way to get the Microsoft Solitaire Collection colours back. Yesterday, all colour went and the cards just showed in yellow on a black ground. Asked Microsoft, but no help given. Am I the only person with this problem, or has someone
solved it?
Updated drivers for  Nvidia Graphics card.  Reset the Collection under 'Features' in Settings.
Nothing works yet.  Any ideas, anybody?

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System 7 an elderly Epson scanner Dell colour laser
Copying a black document results in blue prints.which is getting it wrong-system ,scanner or printer?

Answer:W7_stand alone scanner colour laser prints docs in wrong colour

I had the same thing happen although it was an inkjet not a lazer. Re-installing the software fixed it in my case.

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Hi there gurus.
My pc doesn?t show certain colour objects in Publisher 2007 and some on-line sites. Overall, the screen colour is very good. I know the fault is localised, because when I switch to Print Preview in Publisher it looks fine and I can see all the object colours. (I only lose the colour with objects, not text)
Also, when I send a copy of a Publisher page to my partner who is on the same PC, it looks fine on her screen.
I?ve tried going to Install/uninstall programs and run the Repair, but to no avail. The guys in my computer shop are clueless without seeing it. Anyone who can help solve this for me is a gem.

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What's cheaper: colour laser with genuine ink or colour inkjet with compatible inks?

I'm happy to invest in buying a colour laser: but I can't find any refills for lasers
At least they don't seem to be widely available

So, my choice is: colour laser + genuine inks or colour inkjet + compatible inks

From what I know, side by side: laser's are cheaper
But, how about when compared to genuine laser ink to compatible colour inkjet inks?

I should stress that for me needs, I am not overly concerned if using compatibles doesn't give me perfect results - just close as possible is fine for me

What's more important probably is speed of print at highest quality

ANY feedback would be great


Answer:What's cheaper: colour laser with genuine ink or colour inkjet with ink compatibles?

Finding Compatible Remanufactured Color Toner cartridges can be dicey. While they may be available, the problem may end up being the company tht does the remanufaturing. It is also dependant upon the model printer you get. I have noticed that the savings on my Black Canon X-25 toner cartridge is only about $12 lower than the cost of a Factory original cartridge. There are sites that I would save up to $30 per cartridge, but part of this is eaten up by the shipping charges. For my toner cartridge, I am about 1/2 mile from the store that does nothing but ink and toner refill services, and their garauntee thier cartridges 100%. In 3 years I have only had to return one cartridge and it was an HP #17 Color cartridge.

Now per page printing cost on a laser is much cheaper than on an inkjet. Though the printer cost itself is usually much higher for a Laser. Personally I use the laser much more than than my Inkjet, but I do use the inkjet for all color printing. But then 95% of my printing is monochrome text.

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Hi, I'm using the Aerolite theme with Aeroglass, and want a consistent colour for the borders. So I set accent colour from background 'off' and choose the colour. Fine so far.

Now that's ok if I log off and on.

But if I sleep or hibernate (not personally ) and then resume, the colour and setting are lost.

I noticed that on resuming, the border colour is present until the 'Please wait' screen appears, after which these settings are lost.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hello friends,
I was just thinking that wouldn't it be great if we get more color options to change the background color on our Windows Phone devices than just black or white as we get on Windows 8.1 devices to customize background color along with tile colour?
Reply your views !

Answer:More colour options to change background colour

I personally like the black and white, but I saw a mockup of a dim tropical photo in place of the black and it looked quite beautiful.

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I seriously need help with my PC. I've reinstalled Windows XP and Service Pack 2, and I can't chnge the Screen resolution or the colour quality. It sucks. The resolution stays at 800x600, the lowest possible, and the colour quality stays at 8 bit. I think I have a ATI 128 MB DDR Radeon 9800 Pro. I dunno whether thats a driver or what. And I also don't know my graphics card, or whether that will help at all.

I would swear at this point but I'm too young.

Oh but I'll use this instead

Has anyone got any help for me that I can understand. I'm 14 but I still can understand most computer talk.

Anyway thanks very much for reading all this crap and please try not to point out all my spelling mistakes.

Alex Jordan

Answer:[resolved]Help with resolution and colour and colour quality??.. anyone??

Heya, welcome to the forums

Okay, it has to do with your drivers. Go to ATI's website and find your driver.

Here's the link

Please download and install both the Control Center as well as the Display driver. Then restart your computer and try to change the resolution.


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Hi Allhope someone more knowledgable can advise - I recently purchased a Lexmark x500n multifunction colour laser printer - I had a big black print job to do excel and word - 2000 pages - i was shocked to see that - ok the black starter cartridge of 2500 pages was nearly empty- fair enough - but all three colour cartridges (1500 page size) were nearly all empty too - I hadn't done any colour printing but when i contacted the manuf they advised that the printer uses colour also to print black!! - it's getting returned to them - but do do all colour lasers do this - obviously this quadruples the costs of printing and has put my costing out of the window!! - any advice would be great - it's a network colour printer, with copier and scanner that I need - a fax would be great but not essential.thanks in advanceTrifly


That would pee me off no end. How in God's name can it use colour to create black when there's a black cartridge in there? A cheapo mono laser seems to be your ideal tool. I know nothing about colour laser printers, but is there an option anywhere in the settings to print using only the black cartridge? Does the printer still work if you take out the colour cartridge while printing only black text documents?

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Help please...I do cartoons in Photoshop for can I adjust my screen, so that what I see on the screen will match what is printed in my client's magazine? here

Answer:Screen colour to match magazine colour?

I found the easiest way to achieve this was to print the picture and then adjust my screen to match. Once you've adjusted the screen all future pictures which look too light or dark, on screen, can be adjusted to suit within your software.

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I have found out that the wrong driver was installed. I have installed the right one but although it now prints OK in Black I am not getting any colour.I have looked at the properties and the colour box is ticked. The printer does not indicate a lack of colour ink.Can anyone help please?

Answer:No colour from Epsom 740 Colour printer

has it got new carts in it , and have you taken the protective tabs off of the bottom of the cartridge.not making anybody look stupid but it does happen

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I have found out that the wrong driver was installed. I have installed the right one but although it now prints OK in Black I am not getting any colour.I have looked at the properties and the colour box is ticked. The printer does not indicate a lack of colour ink.Can anyone help please?

Answer:No colour from Epsom 740 Colour printer

How long since it printed colour. Why is it you are just having to sort the drivers

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Question: New ip scheme

At our company right now, we are using the 192.168.1.x/24 for our network. We are going to bring in Voip, and want to expand from 254 to a little over 1,000 addresses. How is the best way to do this. I did see that I can change the subnet mask to or Would I then need to change the ip address from 192.168.1.x to something else?

Answer:New ip scheme

What is your backend network infrastructure?

I would suggest creating a new subnet for the VOIP traffic, you will want QOS implemented anyways with it. You could make VOIP 192.168.10.X/24.

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Question: Change IP Scheme

I support a small network in a primary school. We are being forced into a change of IP scheme by the local education authority who are providing us with a DSL link through their WAN.

Simply my question is this.... how do I change the IP scheme?

Whilst I would not expect detailed answers, perhaps someone might know of an MS Knowledgebase article or other publication that would help me do this.

network details

Current IP scheme - 255
Subnet mask

New scheme
Network Address
Subnet Mask
DHCP Range -

Windows server 2003 standard

20 XP clients
6 Win 98 Clients

I emailed my tech support people, and they have not replied, this is due to happen within the next 2-3 weeks..... and guidance youc an give me will be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Change IP Scheme

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This app was featured today on WC but can anyone find its uri scheme so that it can be used with an app like quicky to open it from the action centre?

Answer:Uri scheme for camera 360 pro??


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Question: sound scheme in XP

Hi out there!  I'm new to this site and found it very helpful, but have a question that I couldn't find.I'm also new at computers and  learning as I go.  I recently had to have the replacement of Win2000 to XP system program, but in doing so I have no more sound.  There is no sound device detected. I was investigating on my own and wound up at the "Sound and Audio Device Properties" and made a change under the Sounds tab.  The Sound scheme was set on a blank space and I changed it to "Windows default" without saving the old setting.  Now under Sound scheme I have two choices instead of three. Here's my questions:  Is there away to reverse this?  If not, have I made a major error?  What does it all mean anyway?  And if you have any other input about the lost Sound device let me know that as well.  Thank you!

Answer:sound scheme in XP

You will likely need to find the correct driver for your sound card or integrated sound controller. I'd try at the manufacturers web site under support and drivers, then search for  Sound Drivers and chose the one for XP. If the computer is older the mfr may not have a XP driver for it and the easy fix may be to buy a new sound card if a desktop computer and install it vs try to find a generic driver that is XP compatible and supports your sound chipset. If it is a laptop, your options are far less since I am unaware of any sound upgrade or replacements for laptops.

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I hope I'm posting this in the correct category! I have a laptop running Win 7 and I'd love to add the old Win 98 Utopia sounds. Can anyone tell me if it's possible and if so, walk me through where a safe place to download the wav files would be plus specific steps for where to save them on my laptop so I can use them?

Thank you in advance for any help!!

Answer:Win 98 Sound Scheme for Win 7??

The default Windows 7 sound files are located at C:\Windows\Media.
If you can find the wav files, you should be able to place them in the above folder and select them.

Here's someone who says they do not play in Vista. I can neither conform nor deny that.

I'll have access to an old computer running windows 98 next week. If I have a chance, I will copy one utopia wav file to a floppy (98SE doesn't recognize USB sticks without a driver), move the file to a USB stick, put the stick in my 7 Netbook and see if I can get it to play.

Found a download site here
I'll test it in a few minutes.

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Question: Color Scheme

Each time I turn on my computer (HP Pavilion 500-205T(new from HP) A box comes up saying that the color scheme is being changed due to a program running: Qttask.exe Process Identifier 2708. I have no idea what this is and I can't find it listed in the "control panel" list of programs??
The new machine has Windows 7 at the OPS and was a close-out from HP, I guess they are getting rid of all the Windows 7 machines. They did make me a offer I couldn't refuse.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6049 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 832498 MB; E: Total - 238414 MB, Free - 184257 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2AF7
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Color Scheme

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Question: Sound scheme

My Sony Multimedia computer will no longer play Windows soundscheme sounds (beeps, chimes, etc). All other sounds play ok. All settings appear to be correct what is the problem?

Answer:Sound scheme

Try restoring defaults to Windows defaults in 'sounds and audio devices' in control panel or.Try doing 'system restore' to go back to a date before before the problem
There could be a possibilty that the custom sound scheme you are trying to upload to your system is either corrupt or incomplete or it is not on the right path. try uninstalling it and downloading it again. Good Luck

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Question: Color scheme.

Is there a way to change my colors back to the default color for my active window border? For some reason it changed and I can't get it back to the way it was before, there were two colors (a navy blue, and a light blue) but now there's only the navy and I can't get the light blue back, and it's set on "windows standard", any ideas??

Answer:Color scheme.

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I am unable to permanantly change the power scheme in Win XP. I just have it shown as Portable/Laptop.I can change it to Home/Desktop which is what I want, but the next time I reboot it has changed back to Portable/Laptop.I would appreciate any ideas as how I can keep the changes I make.

Answer:Win XP Power Scheme

It might seem obvious, but have you clicked Apply and then OK when configuring the setting - also Save As "Home/Desktop"?

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Question: Power Scheme

I have 2 problems.

1) When I change a power scheme and 'Save As', label it, click 'Apply' then 'OK' there is no problem but when I go back into my power schemes it is not there. There are only 2 selections: Portable/Laptop and Home/Office Desk.

2) Why is it that when I go to shut down I don't have the Hibernate or Sleep options. I do have the option enabled (Power Option Properties > Hibernate).
My only options are Stand By, Turn Off and Restart. There is also the Log Off option when I click Start.

I have WinXP, P4, SP2.

Answer:Power Scheme

the computer hibernates when theres no activities for amount of time.

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Hi, how can I register a new URI scheme from the registry. TIA

Answer:How to register a new URI scheme?

hi please remember the registry is an area that can cause you grief that being said i found this if it is any help

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Question: Sound scheme

I have 40 soundclips I wish to install as a sound scheme to replace/add to the Windows XP sound scheme already installed.I have the files in a folder 'Voices' in My Computer, but do not know how to proceed.

Answer:Sound scheme

Hi, to set your own theme go to Start>ControlPanel>Sounds&AudioDevices then click on the Sounds Tab and all should become clear.Good luck.Cheers

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Question: Power Scheme

Hi to all! I created a limited account (XP) for my kids and I'm wondering how to change the power scheme. I want the monitor not to turn off (default setting is it turns off the monitor after 20 mins) cos my kids might reset the PC thinking that it crashed or froze. Everytime I tried to change that setting it says "Access Denied" because of that "limited account". Is there a way to change the monitor setting? Thanks!

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Question: Sound Scheme

Where is the sound scheme data kept , i know the actual files are in /Media/ but where is the data for the scheme name and the like?

Answer:Sound Scheme

I can only find it in the registry.


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I have a windows 7 home premium laptop and I would like to ask one question. How do you create your own power plan? This is what I have in mind:

1.Everyime when I plug in my laptop charger, I want it switch to High Performance with the highest brightness setting on

2. When I unplug the laptop charger, I want it to switch to power saver mode with the lowest brightness setting on.

Does anyone know I can configure this?

Answer:Need new Power Scheme

Quote: Originally Posted by javelin009

I have a windows 7 home premium laptop and I would like to ask one question. How do you create your own power plan? This is what I have in mind:

1.Everyime when I plug in my laptop charger, I want it switch to High Performance with the highest brightness setting on

2. When I unplug the laptop charger, I want it to switch to power saver mode with the lowest brightness setting on.

Does anyone know I can configure this?

in the power settings there are different options for plugged in and on battery just modify the one you use or create a new one or copy the one you use and change the on battery settings then name it differently and use that one

EDIT: btw i think you should have made a new thread for this question

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What is your internal IP scheme? I have a buddy that runs

what do you run? Right now I'm running the following and

what is your internal scheme?

Answer:Your Internal IP Scheme

Is your buddy in Romania?

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
descr: SC Synco Media SRL
descr: Intrarea Barsei 6, Bl. G7, Ap. 76,
descr: Sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania
country: ro
admin-c: LO343-RIPE
tech-c: LO343-RIPE
mnt-by: AS3233-MNT
mnt-lower: AS3233-MNT
mnt-routes: SYNCO-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Lucian Obrocea
address: Intrarea Barsei 6, Bl. G7, Ap.
address: 76
address: Bucharest,
address: Romania
phone: +40788608238
e-mail: [email protected]
nic-hdl: LO343-RIPE
mnt-by: SYNCO-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ''

descr: Synco Media
origin: AS34565
mnt-by: SYNCO-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

Tell your friend the RFC1918 address space exists for a reason, DON'T GO OUTSIDE OF IT.

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Hi everyone (thanks to those who helped with my DVD issue earlier)I'm runing win XP sp2 on a Asus P4U800-x, with sound scheme problems. Media player and realplayer play back sound fine - any windows alerts fail and default to the PC system speaker "bleep"Any suggestions?ThanksChristian

Answer:Win XP Sound scheme

control panel - sounds and audio devices- audio tab default device - set to your card (AC97?)

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I downloaded a sound scheme from After downloading, I got a prompt which said "Windows cannot open this file". Then it tells me it needs to know what program created it, and prompts to "use web to find appropriate program". From there I get an enormous list, and I do not know what to tell it. Any one have this problem and know how to correct it? Please keep in mind I am a computer idiot!

Answer:sound scheme from


Welcome to TSG!

See if this link helps:
How do I change my ICQ sounds?

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Question: no sound scheme

I have NO sound scheme showing in the drop-down, and no system sound.
Win 7 64-bit. Dell Inspiron laptop (which had all sounds until a Windows update).
Unable to restore to an earlier date.
How do I fix this, please ?

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My specs tells that I have Toshiba laptop. It's not 4 core gaming "canon", but it's quite powerful (enough to play all games on reasonable details). And as such, it heats a lot. I have constantly running app to check these temperatures, but even when using all graphic memory/cpu, temperatures doesn't go over 60 degrees of celsius, usually 50-60 (one core is 5 degrees colder, graphic card stays at 50-55).

But the problem is that I cannot find a right scheme to fit my needs. I created some, carefully choosing attributes, but how to make one that would

1)use all graphic/cpu/memory potential if needed
2)use fan only when temperature goes over certain threshold, like 70. I think that 100 is maximum, but I don't want to get close to it. 80 is very lot I suppose.

But this fan noise is simply too annoying. It's good that notebook is cool, but I would like to have more freedom over how to control it. When I'm at school and have a lot of applications running, it sometimes goes wild and it's really embarrassing to have so noisy fan in quiet classroom. In such cases, I would like to have an option to have both

and quiet notebook.

Yes, it would overheat a little bit, but nothing fatal.

I hope there is a way. Somehow.

Answer:I cannot find a right scheme to fit my needs

Use a cooling pad or elevate the rear about an inch to get air underneath at all times. Never have the intake or exhaust blocked by a bed, sofa or lap top.

Google how to clean out the dust in your laptop and follow the videos for doing so. Check the heatsink and repaste if necessary, or hire someone to do it for you. The thermal paste dissipates processor heat but can erode.

If this doesn't help, buy a cooling pad and ground your laptop there.

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Is there any possible way to use mp3 files for my Windows sound scheme? I don't want to have to install a program or anything, although I don't mind editing my system files. As long as I'm using Sounds and Audio Devices to add the mp3 files, then I don't mind. I just don't want to use another application that will slow my computer down a lot. If anyone knows of a way to edit my Sounds and Audio Devices file to allow mp3 files to be used instead of just wav, then please let me know.


Answer:MP3 for Sound Scheme?

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Question: Color scheme

how can i find the same color scheme tab which we were able to find easily in Windows XP by just right clickng on the desktop and selecting the suitable tabs.
I wan to go to that tab as i want to change my color scheme from 32 bit to 16 bit as i was able to do in the XP
please help???
many many thakns in advance//...

Answer:Color scheme

Hello Vikas,

You could use the same method from Windows 7 below in Windows 8 to do so if 16-bit is available.

Color Bit Depth - Display Settings - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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Question: XP Color Scheme


I'm looking for the for any suggestions for making XP not look like complete garbage. I've tried programs like WinBlinds, but don't have admin status here at work to edit the system settings. Any other way than just manually changing all the color scheme options?

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Which key is it? And if I want to change the scheme to silver, is "silver" the value?

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Does anyone know if you can save two different sound schemes? In other words, save some sounds with "windows default" and other sounds with a different sound scheme (control panel, sound, sounds tab, sound scheme). Thanks

Answer:Can you have 2 different sound scheme's

You can save as many sound schemes as want but you can only use one scheme at the time.


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In case some of you haven't seen the latest phishing scheme, here's a page on yet another bit of "social engineering".

Answer:New MSN Phishing scheme

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Hello, where could I get a detailed  scheme to disassemble X60 in order to charge MB?I also would like to replace the fan. Is it possible to replace only the fan w/o heat sink?Is fan replacment tricky? Thank you

Answer:Need scheme to change MB X60

foundthank you

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I would like to change the default colors of some programs in Windows XP.

For example: When you open MS Office XP (or any program) like Word, the main color of the window is too light and glaring. I don't mean the bar at the very top, nor the write screen, but the frame of the program, and where File, Edit, View, Tools, etc., etc., the slider bars on the right and bottom and everywhere else.

I would like to change it to the standard Gray like Windows 95,98. I know that I can change the "appearance" to Classic Windows, but that isn't what I want; that changes the whole systems colors. I want to keep the XP colors\themes and just change the "standard" glaring color to a softer gray it's easier on my eyes in a few programs.

Is this doable?

p.s. I've tried TweakUI, but that doesn't help.

Answer:XP vs. W98 Color Scheme

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Question: Color Scheme?

How can I change my color scheme/ theme to this:

Or is this a theme I can download? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Answer:Color Scheme?

I think this is what you're looking for....


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Question: Addressing Scheme

Right here goes I need a bit of help.
6 pcs, 2 laptops, 3 laser printers.
I'm using a star topology and everything is connected directly to a switch. Im using a router to feed the broadband connection into the switch to be shared amongst the network.

The address range is

I have no Idea how to start allocating and getting the address scheme sorted.

can anyone give me any advice or help?

Answer:Addressing Scheme

Where are you getting this range of IP addresses from?

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Running Windows 7 Pro I have created a sound scheme, named it and saved it. However, after every 2 or 3 boot-ups it reverts to the Windows Default scheme. How do I keep my scheme constant without Windows Default taking over? Thanks.

Answer:Sound Scheme Changes

Did you save the theme to?
Theme - Change or Save

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Dell XP Pro 2002 SP2
Xeon CPU 2.66 GHz
1.00 GB RAM

Friday, sound was fine.
Monday, no sound.
The bosses son did something and sound came back, but the scheme no longer ran.
I reset the scheme, but it runs the wrong sound at the wrong time - or runs all sounds together - and the sounds are very choppy, stop and restart, and run over the top of each other.

If I listen to the .wav files, they are fine. My boss has an opening and closing theme that he has used for years and really likes. What can I do?
Thanks for your help.

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I need a better method to auto archive some of my employees Outlook folders. We use Outlook 2002/XP and are limited by the 2 GB PST file bug (no updates or service pack has yet to fix this, so we're just gonna deal with it). Their PST file reaches 2 GB in just a couple of months, then the send/recieve problems starts.

Currently I go around to whoever is currently have the errors and manually make a new PST folder for each quarter of the year and move over folders & messages accordingly, thenm compact the main PST folder.

Using auto archive feature how do I make this much easier for me?

Answer:Better Outlook Archiving Scheme

I am not familiar with your "Bug" because I run OL2000, but AutoArchive will create a seperate PST file automatically. Once the file is created, you can import them into a new folder. But I am not clear if that adds to the original the main PST or remains linked to the Archive.pst.

I will say one of my favorite tricks is to, especially with files from consistant sources and attachments is... you can drag ( highlight range) the e-mail messages out of out look and into a regular Windows folder and back up your e-mails this way. The messages will still open in outlook and contain the attachments, and you can use the folder search options to find messages.

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After incorrectly running ComboFix (I know, I know--what a moron, right?) my sound scheme was altered. Every time I go into or out of hibernation, the computer plays the chimes.wav file. If I delete the wav file, the system just plays a different sound. Changing my sound scheme to another one, then back to the one I have doesn't fix things. A petty annoyance, I know, but if anyone knows how to fix this I'd appreciate it!

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After seeing the Windows 10 presentation I have some doubts about the graphic UI and personalization options.
All the stuff about Action Center, Cortana and other apps has been shown with light background scheme (with white color as background).
I love using AMOLED devices with dark background scheme, aesthetically is beautiful and preserves battery life.
I mean, they said something about this? they removed the dark background for some applications or it will be personalizable as always?
P.S. I'm really sorry for my broken english

Answer:Where is the dark background scheme?

Its optional as always. From the WP7 days in a lot of events they had used the white BG on presentations.

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It is very simple and it amazes me Microsoft doesn't know this.
The naming scheme is so bad because the numbers keeps changing. There is no other identity attached to a phone. So you can't say 'get the new Lumia 820' because there is no new Lumia 820. There is a Lumia 830, but is a different number, and with a non logical increase. So you have to say, get the new Lumia 820, which is now named as the Lumia 830. Ridiculous. Bad. Super bad. Horrible.
Because of this a phone can never create a hype or/and a recognizable 'sub' brand like the name Galaxy is for Samsung and iPhone is for Apple. I call these sub brand names because they start living a life of their own. People will simply say, I want the new Galaxy or the new iPhone. So they wait until the number behind that sub brand name is increased by 1. Galaxy 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Easy. It works. It's simple for people who do not research phones. For people who don't know anything. They just think, the Galaxy or iPhone was quite good for me so I'll buy the next one. The naming scheme allows for an addiction to happen. People will mindlessly upgrade.
Now let's see how Lumia does it. Lumia phones have all kinds of numbers. To us experts they are logical. But my sister, my mother, my aunt, my sheep friends they have no clue what those numbers mean. People don't want logic. People want to be addicted to a brand they are comfortable with.
Let's say someone buys a Lumia 920. Many of those people don't even know what number they have. The... Read more

Answer:Why the phone naming scheme is so bad! This is the fix.

This is a very nice proposal but did you send this also to Microsoft?

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Hi. I can't configure my laptop with XP professional to go into hibernation. I noticed that whenever the laptop starts up, it would have a different power scheme. I have saved a scheme under a different name. How do I "force" it to come up to a power scheme of my choice all the time? Thank you.

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I had changed my sound scheme before and now i wanted to switch it back to the default sound scheme. I went to the Control Panel hoping to switch it back but when i choose "Windows Default", under "Windows" it doesn't have any sound. I tried to apply it manually but i couldn't save it and doesn't know which is the correct one.

Answer:[SOLVED] XP Sound Scheme

Check to make sure the .wav files are still on your hard drive. By default, the sounds are located in


and the backups of the sounds is


If the files are missing from both directories, run the system file checker

Windows Key+R > sfc /scannow > Insert install disk when prompted to

Best of luck, and I'll check back in a while.

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Hello, I am running Windows XP Professional Edition and I seem to have trouble retaining my color scheme. Once I choose a color scheme is the display properties, I retain that scheme for the duration of my time logged on the computer. The problem occurs when I restart or turn my computer on, the color scheme reverts back to normal. Is there a way to "force" it to a particular scheme?

Answer:Color Scheme Issues

I had the problem once i had disabled 1 to many services
I dont remember which one right off hand

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All of a sudden, about a week ago I noticed that the Windows Explorer sounds suddenly stopped working.

I can go to Control Panel and set a sound scheme. The sounds for all the various events are there, however when I OK out of the settings, the sounds for Windows Explorer (and a number of other applications that set sounds in this way) all get set to none. When I go back to Control Panel and check it, the scheme I selected is in effect, however the sounds for Windows Explorer and the others are gone.

No matter how many times I try and set it, they will not set.

Any ideas as to how I can get my sounds back?


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There are a few variables to this backup scheme so I need some suggestions.

I used to work where my server is located but have since moved to another job and continue to use their T1 that I pay part of. The only time I am ever able to go down there is during the weekend. The people who work there have offered to switch the tapes for me but I don't want to be a huge inconvenience.

Anyways I have a small DDS1 tape drive which will be able to hold my IIS, SQL, and Exchange until I need more storage. I am using BackupExec 9.1 to back everything up and it would be best to have a weeks worth of individual backups.

The way I would do it if I was there everyday is to do a full backup of each daily to tape and switch the tapes ever day. I would then probably just overwrite the Friday tape with Saturday and Sunday. Or I could backup Saturday and Sunday a RAID 1 hard drive.

So basically I think they could change the tape everyday but 1 time a week might be better for them, any suggestions?

Answer:Best way for me to setup my backup scheme?

If your running R1 I really don't see any point in using the tape daily. I would run a daily to disk and a weekly to tape.

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Question: color scheme crash

I have upgraded my Lumia 1320 to windows 8.1. The color scheme of the theme crashes every now and then. But it is back to normal when I restart the phone. This happens mostly overnight. So I cannot track the behavior as to which app causes it. I dun want to factory rest my phone or go back to windows phone 8. Experts plz help. I have spent a heft amount buying this phone. It hurts me to see it not working perfectly.

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Hi Is there any software where you can make different powerschemes? Ex. When the powercord is attached i'd want the laptop to run with full settings. And when I'ts on battery I'd want it to run with minimum power. Thanks in advance! /TO

Answer:Power scheme software

Do you have the SYSTEM UPDATE by Lenovo in your laptop, If no,  you can go to the lenovo website to download it. And there are many software in SYSTEM UPDATE, to install the Power Manager can give you multiple power schemes on various conditions.Good Luck !

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power option properties: - at power scheme, i cannot reset the "factory preset values"-all text/numbers under this scheme are un touchable-.. my point is- the preset values of standby & turn off are inconveniently short for me of which I want to adjust. I am not having this sort prob with my other notebook & desk top... is this norm for this model?  I just bought it early this month.can someody please advice?

Answer:Ideapad S10- Power Scheme

I think you did mean the windows xp powermanagement, that is diabled, because of the usage program that called energymanagement 3.x. U found it below on the tray, there is a symbol near the clock.Double click on the symbol. U see a menu with four different energy profiles , double click on the green one which is the most usable one for all circumstances.. there are 2 flipcharts one called monitor the other system... i prefer to set in while plugged in all things to never.. and click apply... in battery mode you must choose by yourself what is convieniend for your the same for monitor.. and dont forget press apply. U can do this for all 4 profiles.. Hope this helps u for a better use of the best 10 incher ...  best regards KalvinKlein

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When i open up the Lenovo S10 power management and goto the advanced tab i do not see the options where i can adjust the brightness, cpu frequency, etc, those options that i believe i saw there once before are not here. The only thing there is what i can do when i push button or close lid.  I think this may have something to do with some kind of service being turned on or off. I am NOT in the windows power manager, i am using Lenovo energy mangement.

Answer:S10 Power scheme options not available

1) Doubleclick on EnergyCut in tray2) Doubleclick on scheme ou want to change3) Adjust everything you need4) Enjoy

//help will save the world

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Hello, I'm seeking for my new laptop, one of the possible choices is the Ideapad Z510, but I would like to make sure what components the actual configuration contains.  I guess the model number describes it somehow, but I couldn't find anything in this subject. There is a Lenovo site called PS.. something, but it refers to Thinkpad products. Any hint ? Thanks. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Model numbering scheme ?

hi zrx8, 
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
The PSREF link now only provide details on THINK units.
If you know the Model Number (59xxxxxx) of the system or serial number (CBxxxxxxx)
You can Send those to me via Private Message and let me break it down and send you the details of the machine Built.
Solid Cruver

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I would like to know where I can get some new sounds for my sound scheme to change the ones that I already have.

Answer:windows xp sound scheme

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G-mail users beware of the new Phishing ploy that apparently started last night.See link for more info...

Answer:G-mail Phishing Scheme

I get URL is not valid and can not be loaded when clicking the link, Koan.

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I'm setting up a new mail server (exchange 2010) and I'm just wondering what to name it, my current mail server is ex1, I was going to use the same name but that would mean I would have to set up a temp mail server, migrate mail off the server, create the new sever and migrate mail back (PITA).

I cant use MAIL either because that is the external name, I have a feeling that it may cause issues with RPC over HTTPS.

Answer:Server naming scheme

Protip: Never name your servers what their purpose is.

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Windows XP SP2

Partition 1 - 5gb - Windows XP SP2, updates, drivers, etc.

Partition 2 - ~remainder of a 320gb hard drive - everything else. Apps, games, media, etc.

1) is 5gb enough space for the OS itself and any drivers? Ever forsee in the future needing more than 5gb for just the OS and drivers?

2) is it a bad idea to keep games on a separate partition as the OS for performance reasons? i.e. any performance hit for keeping games on a separate partition?

My goal in this, since I reformat often, is to make the whole process as painless as possible. Rather than installing the OS, drivers and every freaking program I use, I'd rather just install the OS and drivers and be done in a fraction of the time.

Answer:Rate my partition scheme

if it's the same drive there should be no difference which partition the programs are on. 5 gigs should be fine, just as long as you make sure to keep it clean. I had a similar partition scheme and somehow my xp partition became 9 gigs and i have no idea how. Also might need to turn off things like system restore, and possibly even move the page file...5 gigs should be enough as long as you keep it clean. As far as programs and data on a separate partition, I tend to prefer to just keep data on it's on partition, reason being that if you ever decide to reinstall windows some of your programs might no longer work, and then you have no easy way of getting formatting your programs partition. Data (music, movies, pictures, office files, etc...) will always be there and won't depend on registry or anything like that, so it's generally a good idfea to keep it all on a separate partition than programs. For recovery purposes it won't make a difference, but it's cleaner

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i am using the "windows vista basic". the aero is kind boring.

Answer:what color scheme in vista do you like most?

Aero is boring? That's a first. I'm using the Graphite on my two Vista boxes, and I'll be using the Pink on my wife's box that should be built this weekend.

<BEAVIS>huh huh huh, I said wife's box...huh huh huh huh</BEAVIS>

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hey, my brother thinks that the silver color scheme will make your computer slower than just using the blue color scheme, is this right?

Answer:windows xp color scheme


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Power Policy Manager unable to set policy: Indicates two revision levels are incompatibleThe above message appears whenever I try to adjust the settings of the power scheme. I want to allow the disk to turn off every 10 minutes so as to save power, but because of the above error message I am unable to do so. Any ideas?

Answer:Power Scheme Settings

Hi Jak Spade,Take a look at this Microsoft Article and see if it helps.

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If I go to a power scheme that is different when on AC versus batteries, it doesn't seem to adjust when the power source changes. I am on Windows XP with a x61s. If for example I am on power source optimized, it correctly sets it to the settings depending on the power source. Whenever I change that, I get the beep but I do not get any change in the brightness or other settings... Any ideas?

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