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File sort order in Windows XP

Question: File sort order in Windows XP

My files are displayed in descending order - I would like to get them in ascending order. I can't discover how to do this.

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Preferred Solution: File sort order in Windows XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: File sort order in Windows XP

To save me typing instructions,in Help click Index and scroll to "files and folders"...."sorting list of items in folder"

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Hi, What do I need to do (if anything) to change the sorting order when listing the contents of files etc. For example, when I open any given folder to see the contents, I have DETAILS selected as the VIEW type, and when I click on the DATE header for sorting, the items should be sorted chronologically, but they're not...there are files that are out of order. I tried changing the REGIONAL date formats, and the only one that sorts correctly (using the year 1st) gets too confusing to use, i.e. 09-09-09, or 09-09-29 (yy-mm-dd). It's currently set with the standard mm-dd-yy; but for some reason 11/21/08 is in between 7/16/09 and 6/08/09. Is there a registry entry that I can change? See my jpegs for my sorts to see exactly what I mean.I have Win XP Home Ed. SP3 and MS Office 2003 SP3.I await advice Thank you.See my jpegs - Click on VIEW ALBUM, then for best view, click on PLAY SLIDESHOW, then you can PAUSE each image to take a look at the lists. You won't see the entire list because the image is big, but you'll see enough to get the idea. Thank you!

Answer:Sort order for Win XP file contents

Try View / Arrange Icons by / Name

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Windows 7 64 bit SP1 - Clean Install

I have found an incredibly annoying problem. I have external USB drives on my laptop, both esata and USB 3. I store a lot of HD video clips that I take on them. It is very important that I set the sort order to Date Created (due to the naming convention on my camcorder)

Before doing a clean install from Windows 7 64bit to Windows 7 SP1 64bit, if I changed the order in explorer it quickly changed and then remembered the sort order, so next time I went into the folder on my external drive the files were in the correct order.

Now, whenever I go into the folder it takes up to 5 minutes to sort the files (there are some 4000 files in the folder). If I go to other folder on my laptop, then back to that folder, it takes another 5 minutes to sort them again!!

Has anyone experienced anything like this? At the moment I am tempted to go back to pre-SP1.

I have taken the external drive to another laptop i have with SP1 on it, and it does the same thing. It's driving (no pun intended) me crazy. I can't wait around for windows to re-order my files whenever i go into that folder, espeically as it takes such a long time.

Thanks for any help or suggestions

Answer:File Sort Order after installing SP1

Isn't it wrong in the English language to sort after "The"?

I mean, it's Arrival, The not The Arrival... as with many movies on my computer i have to put The at the end otherwise all those movies with that presentational form will be sorted under the letter T and not A as it should be.

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I remember this from the past but I don't remember how to fix it. I did some searching online but I don't know what this is called. I found one reg fix but it didn't work. Anybody have the correct registry fix for this?

My files are sorting as so;

I want regular ascending.

Answer:Change Windows 7 Sort Order from 1,10,11 to 1,2,3

Sort by name should sort 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ..., 11, 12, ...

If it doesn't, then there's something else wrong.

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Is there anyhow possible to control Windows 7 file name sort order?
When I run vlc player on my Windows 7 PC files are sorted CD2,CD3,cd1 while Windows explorer sorts same sequence cd1, CD2, CD3.
Because Vlc Player uses different sort order, it's a great mess, when there are hundred of files and for example a file North123.... may be several screens before north124....
File names have been created by other users on different systems and there it is not possible to standardize anything between names and computers.
Results have been accidental data loss, when comparing and deleting identical content in file groups.
Any suggestions please?

Vlc support couldn't understand the problem and didn't provide any progressive ideas in this matter.

Answer:How to control Windows 7 sort order

I'm not sure if FreeCommander XL will be of any help. I have it, however, I have not "told" it how to sort, yet.

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Windows 7 sorts desktop icons in an annoying way.Say I add an icon and want it alpha sorted with the existing desktop icons. Right click on the desktop and Sort by ==> Name. Windows 7 sorts the icons in reverse alpha order.To get them sorted in forward alpha order, I have to do the right-click-sort-by-name process again.How can I get Windows 7 to always sort the desktop icons in forward alpha order instead of alternating between forward and reverse order?Steve

Answer:Windows 7 sorts desktop icons sort order

"How can I get Windows 7 to always sort the desktop icons in forward alpha order instead of alternating between forward and reverse order?"No way that I know of. It's been that way in Windows since at least Windows 2000.Why is it so much of a bother to you that you would, at most, have to click on Name twice ?If the items being sorted are NOT all already in alphabetical order, clicking on Name once sorts them in ascending order alphabetically.If the items being sorted are already all in alphabetical order, clicking on Name again sorts them in descending order. Why would you click on Name when they're already in aphabetical order ?I actually wasn't aware you could sort them in descending order, or if I was I have forgotten that. I don't recall EVER clicking on Name unless I noticed there were one or more entries that was / were NOT in alphabetical order. Clicking on Name again sorts them in ascendiong order again. One more click.If you had to to sort them manually, that would be another matter, but you don't have to. In some situations you have two alphabetical lists when you sort by Name, both in ascending order, or, appareantly, both in descending order, one after the other..............The sort order for files and folders whose names contain numerals is different in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 than it is in Windows 2000

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When I Add a New Contact to a Contact Group in Windows Mail, a list of all contacts is displayed in Name order, i.e., in first name order. This is very difficult to use. How can convert the list to Last Name order? I have done this with the main Contact list displayed by Windows Contact by adjusting the items and their order in the Details list. But this does seem possible with the Add New Contact list.

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What is the XP sort order?On the support site it just talks about the numbers. I want to know what is the default for names that do not have numbers. In the ASCII chart the @ is low on the list and the ~ should be at the end of the list. But it is not so. This drives me crazy! It seems the XP will sort any symbol before any letter. Is there a chart that shows how they do this?

Answer:What is the XP sort order?

sorting where? it's not the OS doing the sorting. It's either explorer or the command window, depending upon what you mean.

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Question: Sort order

Hello to all!

I would like some help... When I download a file, a picture etc., I want the downloaded file to be placed at the end of all files in the folder! Not in "front", or at random (see pic below).

How can I accomplish this? (In WindowsXP, files - by default - were placed at the "right place" of the last one, in a folder).

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sort order

Right click in the folder, go to View. If auto arrange is on, turn it off, if it's off, turn it on. Hopefully it will give you the opposite effect of what your getting now.

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Question: Help: Sort Order

Hello all, I have a folder of movies, each with their proper titles. However, instead of having sequels listed after the first movies in their series, the first movie will be placed after the other movies. For example, I have X-Men 2, X-Men 3, X-Men Origins - Wolverine, then X-Men. Or The Hangover 2, The Hangover. Why is this happening, since it is in no way logical, and is there a way to correct the issue?

Thank you for your assistance.

Answer:Help: Sort Order

What does short order mean.

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Running Windows 7 Ultimate.

In Windows Explorer, I have set to sort files by name in ascending order and to group by nothing. The files are in an approximate order by name; but, many files are out of order and only near where they should be. In the attached screen shot, only the right-hand column is relevant to the question. Please note that "201306events" comes before files with lower names such as "20130516beachparty".

How do I fix this?

Answer:Solved: Sort by Name is out of order

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Im trying to sort the alphabetical order of my programs. I know that I should be able right click in the program menu to activate the "Sort order" option but this does not seem to be available. Any ideas

Answer:Sort order for programs XP

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First: Happy New Year and thanks for all the help in the past.Second: I am using Windows Vista and Serif PhotoPlus to organise photographs and I have a series of folders names in month order. Is there any way of sorting in month order?

Answer:Sort in calendar order

I don't know a way of doing it. It's not overly laborious to rename 12 folders, e.g. 01 for Jan, 02 for Feb, etc.

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Somehow my sort order has been changed somehow. On another post I see that it goes to the view tab to change the order, however the view tab is not shown when I open a folder. What I see is "organize, share with, Burn, and new folder.

I would like to change back to normal aphabetical order. How do I do this?



Answer:Sort Order for folders

Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable - This Tutorial disables Auto Arrange in all folders except Libraries, to allow free sorting.

When you disable Auto Arrange and either move or rename a folder, it will refresh Auto Arrange in that specific moved or renamed folder ONLY, after each time you move or rename it. Auto Arrange is still disabled for that moved or renamed folder, but you will have to arrange the files back to whatever non-auto arranged order you like after moving or renaming the folder.

Here's some additional help:
How to Change the Group By - Sort By - Stack By - Arrange By View in Windows 7 Explorer

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Hi, sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm new and didn't see a request section.
I wanted to know how to change the default name sort order from this:
A 2
A Modified
A 2
A Modified
In windows 7.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Help: Change Name Sort Order

Hello Swordzero, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to have sorted the way you want after appying it.

Sort Order - Numbers in File and Folder Names - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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In Vista Windows Mail is it possible to sort mail using different parameters in different folders? Some email clients allow you to do that, e.g. Saved Folder: sort by Received/Descending, Inbox: sort by Received/Ascending.... and so on.
I find that currently if you set one, it sets them all.
The reason I'm asking this "so late in the day" is that I've just switched to (a hacked) VWM in my Windows 7 and 10 OS's from Incredimail, which was driving me batty.
This is not that important but thought I would ask.


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Hopefully my question is clear from the following illustration. In short, I cannot understand why my files and subfolders are not getting sorted into the logical order I expect. Pretty sure thet were correct under my previous XP PC. All folders should come first. And several files are not sorted. Yet the great majority are!

Here's a direct link for higher resolution:
Terry, East Grinstead, UK

Answer:Explorer sort order puzzle

How do you want them sorted/displayed?

By name?
By date modified?
By file type?

Windows handles this by default to a certain extent and I don't think that behavior can be changed easily.

But if you click any of the headings (such as "Name" or "Date" or "Type") it ought to sort the folder contents by that variable.

Also, see here:

File Explorer Options - Open in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Hope this helps a bit,

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Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to automatically set by default, the View/Sort Order. What I mean is, I don't want to keep opening up my file browser (Explorer), clicking on Name, then Type to sort them. Is there a way to have this automatically so it by default? I know previous versions of Windows you could do this.

Answer:How to set default Sort Order for files

Hi, mine 'sticks' per folder. For example, if I set one to view organised by type, next time I open it, it's organised by type, whilst simultaneously, I might have set one to be organised by size, and next time I open that, it's organised by size.

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This is going to be a silly question but I have triied searching the web and acn't find the answer.

In one of my folders I have somehow changed the file listings to be in order 'z to a' and I just can't see how to change it back to 'a to z'.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Solved: Sort order of listings

click on the title name - that re-orders the sort order
each time you click it will change from
0-9 A-Z
Z-A 9-0

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I have many folders (with a couple of thousand files) configured to display sorted by date. When using software and needing to open a file from within the program, it opens what looks like an Explorer window. However, the sort order is always by name initially and it takes a minute or so to suddenly display in the correct sort order as specified in Windows itself.

If I repeat this a few minutes later it goes through the routine all over again!

Running explorer from win8 itself is no problem, it remembers the sort order. Is there a way to make third party software that calls up an explorer window do the same please?

Incidentally having given up on the truly slow and clumsy windows search function, I installed Search Everything and it is instant and reliable. Why can't Microsoft Search be like that?

Answer:explorer forgets sort order

Search Everything only looks for files and folders. It is not capable of looking inside files for specific data. To find things, all it does is look at the pre-generated index of files and folders.

I'm not knocking it, I use it all the time but it is not a true search program.

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In Outlook, I can have an email highlighted to see it in the preview pane. Sorting on most fields keeps the message selected. However, sorting on the FROM field always switches me off my selected message and automatically selects the first message at the top of the list.

This is VERY annoying, especially as I am trying to refer back to all messages from that sender. Is there a way to correct the Outlook behavior? I think it is pernicious to force me to look at some other message when I sort on the FROM field, especially when this bad behavior only occurs on sorting that one field.

Tried to find this info before posting, but could not locate it using my search line-of-thinking. Sorry if this duplicates any previous posts.

Answer:Outlook - sort order - FROM - odd behavior

if you were to remove the 'From' column . . . would you get the same result with next field? if not, re-add 'From' and see if the problem persist.

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In Windows Vista 64-Bit ULtimate you can see items by list, medium icons etc... and also sort if by date, total size and free space etc...

I keep on changing it to order it by Date Modified but everytime I close explorer and open explorer again it defaults back.
How do I make a system - encoded default view and sort order?


Answer:default view and sort order

Generally when dropping down to the "sort by" option in menu bar>view you simply check off the change there and see that again when re-opening any explorer window later. First you have to go into the tools>folder options>view tab there to check off "remember each folder's view settings".

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I gave up trying to get the Recent Documents link to work on the Start Menu - what is the point of them being in alphabetical order??

So I just created a shortcut to the Recent folder on my desktop and started using that. But even there I can't keep it sorted in 'date modified' order. It stays that way for an hour or so, but when I go back the folder has sorted itself in alphabetical order again, and I have to start right-clicking again! Maddening.

I did once get the link on the Start Menu to sort in date order, but I don't recall how I did it sadly - I certainly can't get it to work now. But surely the folder itself should stay in the sort view I set for it? Why does it change back all by itself and how can I fix it so that it stays in date modified order?



Answer:Recent Documents sort order

If you first open Windows Explorer and go to your actual Recent Items folder (located at C:\Users\{name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent) you can highlight the folder, change to 'Details' view and go into the Column Header to change your sort order to Date Modified.

THEN make a shortcut to that folder, and you'll have approximately 6 months worth of 'Recent Items' sorted by the date modified --- as you wanted.

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HTC Windows Phone 8X
OS version 8.0
I have a folder of 49 mp3 files with names like
Alto 1 01.mp3
Alto 1 02.mp3
Alto 1 03.mp3
but after Alto 1 01.mp3 and Alto 1 02.mp3 it plays Alto 1 14.mp3
How can I correct this?
Looking at the folder by connecting my phone to my PC, none of the files have Tags.
I have read this post but they have no resolution:

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Win XP, Outlook Express. On my PC I have my Address book entries listed by last name, but my Contacts list appears listed by first name. I find this very useful. But my friend (also XP, OE) can't get hers to display like this. Any suggestions to achieve it, please?

Answer:sort order of contacts list

On the Contacts list to the left side of OE click on the heading Contacts and on the drop down menu click Sort by Name

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is there a way to set the default sorting in Now Playing in WMP11 to sort by filename? when i select multiple files and add to now playing list they seem to show up in a random order. I want them to show up by file name order WITHOUT having to change the sort option every single time.

Answer:change default sort order in WMP 11??

I think you would have to create your own playlist if you want the songs in a specific order.

Sorting the songs is done randomly, I dont think there is a way to change this other than making your own.

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I've just moved a directory from C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Probate to \\PROLIANT\Probate (a share on my WHS2011 server).

I created a Symbolic Directory link from \\PROLIANT\Probate in C:\Users\Steve\Documents, but when I view the "Documents" folder, the symbolic link sorts amongst the files rather than the directories.

Is there any way that I can get the C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Proliant link to appear amongst the directories?

Answer:Sort order of Directory Symbolic Link

How did you create the symlink?
By default, Links are created as file links. Make sure you use the /d parameter.

mklink /d <linkname> <source>

eg. mklink /d 3D \\Server\movies2\3D
(Make sure you are at the location you want the symlink created before typing the above, or provide a fully qualified path if not).

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Hi,I could really use some expert assistance on a problem I'm having trying to find a macro to do what I need to do and if anyone could assist, it would be greatly appreciated.I'm posting this particular problem on this forum, because I've seen a lot of similar solutions to the problem I have posted here already, but not close enough where I can copy the code and make it work for myself. I have two columns of Part Numbers from two similar indented Bills of Material. These list can be as long as 18K rows. From the top down, I need to go down each of the list and put the matching entries from column A on the same row as the matching entry in column B or vise-versa, (leaving spaces adjacent to non-matches). The kicker here is that the sort order of either column can not change, because that would interfere with the identity of the product structure. Therefore, there will be blank cells next to those Part Numbers that appear only on one Bill of Material. So the only thing that will happen is that things will shift down in each column until there are matching aligning cells in a row. Seems odd, but the whole idea here is that someone can take two BOM?s for similar products and have a side-by-side comparison. The matches will be easy to spot because they will be directly beside each other. In a nut shell if you were to go back and remove the blank cells from both columns, you would be right back where you started, because the order of each list will still be the same. Ag... Read more

Answer:Excel 2007 Compare Two Col, Keep Sort Order

Sorry, having problems understanding what you need.Post a small example of your data ( 10 or 15 lines, with headings and row numbers) if you can give a before and after, but first read this on how to do it:

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Ok, i gooffed. But in the process, i learned also.
After tearing apart my keyboard, and giving it a VERY COMPLETE cleaning, i had maybe 4 or 5 keys which were stuck. Needless to say, they showed up as stuck at the busiest time of day, so i got a BIT annoyed. Like a dummy, i began pressing keys wildly in anger. It seems i found (totally by accident) a magical keystorke sequence which has forever changed the way my directory listings show in an "Open" dialog.

The problem does NOT happen in Micorsoft applications. But in all others it does. The directories, and files are in reverse order .

If i open "Windows Explorer" everythiinng is fine. If i choose "Open" in Word or Excel, again, everything is fine. BUT if i choose "Open" in Adobe Reader, the sorted order is reversed. Likewise for all my non-Micorsoft software.

I process mailing lists for a direct marketing company, and have litterally 1,000's of directories. This is an annoying little bugger, since i have become accustomed, in the past 10 years, to my file handeling routines.

Any help would be appriciated.

Answer:Default sort order in directory listings

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For 2 days I have been trying to get my Live Mail to post my email in Descending Order but have been unable to. The email is listed in Alphabetical Order! I never saw this before! How can I post it in Descending Order? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Sort By Descending Order Gone Crazy!

is this on the web or on windows live mail client

no need for all bold font by the way

if you click on the heading for the date the mail arrived - that will sort descending or ascending - each time you click on it it changes the sort order

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My old laptop died so I bought a new one. My old HDD was still accessible so I copied the favorites folder to the proper place on the new laptop. 

They're all there, but now they're displaying in the browser sorted by NAME, not by date.  When favorites are created in IE11 they're automatically displayed in date creation order.  You can, of course drag a new entry from the bottom of the list
to some other point and it will stay there, but I have literally hundreds of favorites folders and each folder may have a couple hundred entries. 

I've seen methods to sort the favorites in the browser by DATE, but that's not what I want - I already got that.  And WHY do I have that, anyway?  IF IE creates favorites and automatically sorts them by date, why does copying those favorites automatically
sort them in some other manner?
Even if Microsoft, through some Oscar worthy blunder failed to create a method for sorting those favorites in DATE order, somebody must have come up with some registry tweak to accomplish this.
Of course I know I can put a shortcut to the favorites on the desktop, and then sort them anyway I want, but that's just not as handy as clicking on the yellow star. 

Scott H Bowman

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There should be a simple answer to this - but can't seem to find it anywhere.

When I go to open an Excel file (File>Open>My Documents) the order of the directories (and then the files within a selected directory) is in the order they were last opened (I view them as a list). How can I get the directories and files to display in alphabetical order?

Answer:Excel - sort order of viewing files

There should be a simple answer to this - but can't seem to find it anywhere.There is. First select details, not icons. Now click on any column you want to sort by - filenames, or dates or type. Same as in standard Windows explorer.

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Is it possible to re-arrange the "Folder List" in Office XP?

My folder list used to be sorted alphabetically, but now my "Personal Folders" folder has somehow moved itself to the top above everything else.

Re-arranging it again alphabetically would be fine but I don't have a clue how to do it!



Answer:Office XP Folder List Sort Order

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I wish to save my old emails so I transfered them to a new folder. But although they are sorted as created by date order they will not sort into date order on my new folder just into name order which I do not want. How do I get them to sort into date received order.Help please.

Answer:EMails cannot sort into date order in folder

In the new folder, clicking the "Received" column header should sort the contents by date received. Clicking it again will toggle between oldest or newest date first.

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3 fields= Order #, Date Required, Part #

I'm looking to create a value based on the location of a record within in a list.

For example, if I sort by part then by date I want to return the value of where that record falls in the sort order. Basically show where it falls in terms of priority.

To say it a different way...if an order is required by x date and there are 3 orders for the same part required at an earlier date I want to return the value "4".

I'm very familiar with Access, but this scenario is new to me. Any ideas appreciated...thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Access: Assign value based on sort order

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I used to get my "main" folder with the sub folder (sent, delete, etc) in alphabetical order. Now They have reversed, they are sorted Z-A, not A-Z. Again, the main folder, I.E. by E-mail address. How can I get this back to sort A-Z?

There should be an "office" forum for just Office suite questions, then a Sub directory within that for different versions of Office, just a thought. Many people have questions on MS Office like Access, Excel, Word, etc.

Answer:Solved: Office 2010 Outlook Sort Order

silverado4 said:

I used to get my "main" folder with the sub folder (sent, delete, etc) in alphabetical order. Now They have reversed, they are sorted Z-A, not A-Z. Again, the main folder, I.E. by E-mail address. How can I get this back to sort A-Z?

There should be an "office" forum for just Office suite questions, then a Sub directory within that for different versions of Office, just a thought. Many people have questions on MS Office like Access, Excel, Word, etc.Click to expand...

There is a forum for Office applications , it's the Business Applications forum so I'll move this there.

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Hello folks,

I have changed the sort order of some of my items in the left navigation pane of the Windows Explorer (see screenshot).
However, upon rebooting only the Dropbox icon will jump back to its old place.
The registry entries are being overwritten back to what they were before I changed them and I would have to do the same process all over again.
Anyone of you knows the reason for that? And perhaps even a solution, how to keep the sort order permanently?

(changed both entries to "94")

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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I have set my order "sort by" to be "received" and "descending" in the inbox in Outlook Express. and periodically it resets itself to "from" "descending" I imagine there is a quick key or key sequence that changes, but does anyone know what it is?


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A user has created lots of personal folders. Some of these folders when selected are showing as 'There are no items to show in this view' even though at the bottom left of the screen it says that it contains eg. 30 items.

These folders are sorting by default to 'by flag' even though the user does not use flags. If he chooses to change the sort manually to 'by From date' or any other field, the messages then show as normal.

The user would like to set a default sort order for all existing and any newly created folders. Is this possible?


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I am trying to reset the order of files in my mydocuments folder when I want to post a picture... but it is now sorted by date... it used to be by name... very annoying... any help? Please? Thank you

Answer:How do you reset the default sort order in the open dialog box? Anyone knows?

View>Sort by....

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I have a table which has got 2 keys. I want to list the table with the 1st key being DESC and the 2nd key Ascending. If I set the table properties with the "ORDERBY Key1 DESC,Key2" when I open the table with a double click it opens correctly sorted. HOWEVER if I create a Combobox on my main form with the data source being that table, the corresponding drop down table is NOT in the correct order. How can I cause it to be in the same order as the properties of the table specify?

Answer:Solved: ComboBox List Table sort order

You should not really bother sorting Tables as data should not be viewed in it. Data from the table does not obey the table's sort order, so to overcome this use a query to get the data sorted the way that you want. Access sorts from the left first.
You can sort your combo's data by opening the Row Source SQL and adding the sort to that, do not "save it" close it and when Access asks if you want to save the SQL say yes.

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Why on earth..?

I stick in a blank CD, and am prompted to pick a Win8 app. I select Windows Media Player (and am thankful Windows includes something so basic native vs. having to go find some unknown app somewhere.)

Per the prompt, I drag and drop files from Explorer to the box on the right of Media Player, creating a ?Burn list?.

Happy days. All is good.

But WHY does it not sort by file name!! I have no idea what the sort is based on. I have to reorder them every time. I have my files named in the correct order thus:

01_Favorite song this week
02_the next song
03_some song I liked on the last mix burn
04_still stuck on the CD-medium blues, in my truck, by Wes Montgomery Jr.
05_the shred of etc.

To be fair, I think Nero on my XP machine was the same way.

Any insight as to why the random sort (NOT in the order above after you drag and drop the group?) Any tricks to alleviate this silly little conundrum?


Answer:Burning a CD w/ Media Player miffed by random sort order

I have a recording studio and use Nero, which will set the songs in the sequence that you drag (add) them to the burn window or after dragging them to the burn window you can rearrange them as desired If you just drag all the songs from a folder to Nero they will be in alphabetical order (as set by Windows).

I've never liked the WMP for burning. ImgBurn is a very popular (free), burning program that is used by many. The Official ImgBurn Website

CDBurnerXP is another freebie that I like better than ImgBurn for audio CD's. It sort of has an old Roxio feel to it.

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how do i sort the playlists that I had created in WMP by alphabetical order and not by the order that it was created?

also, though shuffle is enabled, how do I make WMP 11 start with a random music in the playlist whenever I play a certain playlist? right now it will always start with the first track in the playlist.

thanks for the help

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I know this can be done manually, but was curious if there was an easier wasy as I've got tons of links?


Answer:[Solved] Is there a way to auto sort FAVORITE links in alpha order?

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You can no longer sort the contents of a file listing in Windows Explorer, keeping a selection of files made in the previous sort order.
If this is a bug I would like to know, than I will report it appropriately, otherwise - if it is "by design" - I would like an explanation, why this function was removed.
As I see it, sorting has to be possible with the selection of files kept intact.
Searching the net I find many people being upset that this is not possible in Windows 7. I used it all the time at work, on my XP machine. I used to select all dll-files in a certain folder, and then sort by "Date modified", which resulted in a
list of files sorted by date, and with the appropriate files selected. This was an easy way to find out which dll files had changed last in our development environment - just sorting by date makes a lot of other files, such as log files and debug files appear
in between the dll files.
Below is another call for this. This user's request was made in another part of MS forum and the  (so called) answer was just a link referring to this place, indicating that the user should put his question here instead, so I take the liberty of putting
his text here as well:
One of my most common ways of working when copying, moving or deleting multiple files using Windows Explorer is (using details view) to sort by one method (for example, by time), select some file, then change sort to another method (for example, by type)
and select... Read more

Answer:Sorting with selection kept in Windows Explorer - Why is selection reset when sort order is changed in Windows Explorer?

This is by design.
If you have any suggestion or concerns, please contact Feedback Team via the following link:

You can also post your feedback or comments on
Feedback Forum.
Thanks for your suggestion again.
JPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Relevance 56.58%

I have found that if you arrange the order of the libraries (in my case 3 each for documents, pictures, video, music) via move up/down (right-click when pulling up LOCATIONS link), it changes the way it shows in the left-hand library "tree" > view. But, it seems that you need to sort by library name to get my D library to show at the TOP.

Additionally, I'm confused by the default save location. If I do a "save as" of a pic on a webpage, when the save applet/file opens, it defaults to C:\Users\Jim and NOT the D:\Libraries\Pictures as has been set by me as default.

As well, some times, the pulldown for save file TYPE has ONLY .bmp shown. I can't save a jpg. I haven't figured out the pattern as to why this occurs, but I usually have to close all IE and Windows Explorer windows and retry to get .jpg as an option.

Answer:Library - display order, arrange/sort by, default save location

Can anyone figure out why my default save location is not honored (in this example for PICTURES). Whenever the "save" applet comes up, it's pointing to C:\users\Jim\iTunes\album?cache (can't recall last node name). It never did this before.

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Hi there

Is it just me missing something or is the Sort not working properly in File (or what used to be Windows) Explorer. Running Windows 8.1 X-64.

In the screen shot surely all the folders starting Claudio Monteverdi should be shown together.

Doesn't happen and I can't see any strange characters in the folder names either.

Answer:W8.1 File (Windows) explorer Sort sequence error

Jimbo I too have run into that issue. Couldn't figure out what it was. I actually ended up copying and pasting the name from the properties window of the correct file and editing the one as needed and then they sorted properly. Still not sure what caused it.

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I have created a new toolbar on the taskbar and it is directed to a folder in my network. when i click on the new toolbar button it, the files drop down, and are sorted by filename.

I want to sort the file list by MODIFIED DATE, not file name. is it possible to modify this?. I am sure there is probably some type of registry that can be modified, but not sure where to begin.

Here is what I did to ADD THE TOOLBAR.
Right-click on the taskbar - selected toolbars - selected new toolbar - selected the folder on my network. When i click on the double ">>" to the right of the new toolbar button the files drop down in alphabetical order.

I would like to sort those files by modified date as opposed to the default alphabetical - file name.

Does anyone know of the path to change this through settings, or the appropriate registry edit required to accomplish the sorting of this TASKBAR TOOLBAR?

Answer:Windows XP Taskbar toolbar file sort option

Did you try sorting the folder by modified date? Open the folder->View->Sort Icons by->Modified...

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I have a folder that I am pasting files into (all cut and pasted to one folder from various other folders) but is there a way to sort the files by the date last pasted (not the date the file was last saved or modified)?

Btw Is this a suitable question for this forum? Or should I sign up for a windows usage forum?

Answer:Windows 7 file manger, how to sort by date pasted?

No, you can't do this with Windows.

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I have created a new toolbar on the taskbar and it is directed to a folder in my network. when i click on the new toolbar button it opens the subfolders sorted by filemane. then the sufolders open with files sorted by filemane.

I want to sort the file list by time not file name. is it possible to modify this?.

Here is what I did.
i right clicked on the taskbar - selected toolbars - selected new toolbar - selected the folder on my network.
when i click on the double chevron to the right of the new toolbar button it opens the files in that folder, then i select a subfolder and another subfolder then the individual wave files in that final folder. there are over 300 wave files in that folder. it sorts thenm by file name which is a randomly assigned file name by the recording software used.
I would like to sort those files by time instead of filename. is that possible?

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Is there a way to rename or create new sorting option with custom text ?

there is a lot of categories, however i need to have my own custom labeled field

then in the Detail view panel, by default, in the small size, there are these fields ready to edit:

- tags
- categories
- content status

the easiest way would be if i could rename those to my needs so it stays easily editable for the user

Answer:Windows 7 column file properties, rename, customize sort fields

bump. is this possible ?

tried to search registry, no luck.

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I have a 500Gb NAS drive which I've nearly filled and need to clear out.
I'd like to be able to just look down the (400+?) folders and see their size, and sort the folders in size order so I can find and attack the largest first.
Windows doesn't seem to have a way of showing the folder size in list form (rather than hovering over each one in turn) or sorting them (largest to smallest).
I've just had a quick look on this site for a (free) utility which does this, and found ExplorerXP (but can't download and check for a few hours).
Is this the best (free) tool for this job, or can anyone recommend another?

(For info, I've also seen something called FolderSize, but it isn't hosted here and the page on Sourceforge suggested it slows the machine and crashes every once in a while, so I've ruled that out)

Many thanks.

Answer:Best (free!) tool to view folder size and sort folders in size order

i have Vista and when i open a folder i can choose the view. i choose: details view, then i choose the columns. so i choose: size to be one of my columns. then click the column header and files are sorted by size. HTH

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How do I get the search box "search programs and files" (i.e. the one above the Start button) to sort the results within each section by DATE, rather than by name?

Note I do NOT mean the search top right in Windows Explorer, which fwiw, is already working nicely in date order!

I have installed Classic Shell but I read a thread saying that it wont have touched this.

EDIT: I am told that the files listed are ranked partly by frequency of use. And I am now wondering is this is data which my CCleaner utility is deleting. Either way the sort order have become VERY much less useful in the last couple of weeks. Any thoughts?

Answer:How can I change sort order for "Search Programs and files" results?

Hiyya ship mate I just went to Start > right clicked on it > Properties > Customise > there is a drop down list in there I don't know if that is of any help??

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I had Windows 7 Home Premium put on my HP Pavilion a6500f last week. I had this same problem with Vista 64-bit but not with Windows XP. I have my file "Sort by" set to Name; Ascending but when I open a file it always moves to the end position when I close it.

As an example say I have a folder named Book A. Inside that folder are files named Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4 in that order. If I open and edit Chapter 2 when I close it the files are now in this order: Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and Chapter 2. How do I make the files stay in the proper sort order? It's very irritating to have to move files back into their correct order every time.

Answer:Files don't stay in "Sort by" order

Just right-click empty area inside the folder and choose "Refresh".

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The Windows Photo Viewer will not display photos in the order they are sorted by Windows Explorer.
This is not referring to the slide show feature, just the forward and back arrows.
The only order pictures can be viewed is by name despite Windows Explorer being set at view by date, ascending.
I have repaired Microsoft Live Essentials, uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains.
This is also not an issue with photo tags or photo names.
Windows Explorer sorts as selected but click a picture in the middle to view, click the forward arrow and instead of the next date picture being viewed, the next name picture is viewed.

Answer:Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order


I upgraded to Windows 10 recently as well, I have the same problem and I also have a solution. However, I do not know, if it is ideal. :-)

What is obviously missing is an entry in the registry called DropTarget. This entry tells Windows Photo Viewer to display the images in the sorting order of the folder Photo Viewer got called from.

I saw that at least in my registry there is a DropTarget defined in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget. From the name of the key and from reading the docs this looks as if it would be applied to all calls to this program, but -if that actually is the case- for me this entry does not work. It has been there (at least) after my Windows 10 upgrade, also the "Clsid"="{FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}" seems to be fine, but it does not do the job.

For me, this problem was present for jpg and png files, but not for bmp, dib, gif, jfif and what else can be opened with Windows Photo Viewer. To fix this, I have added the following to the Windows Registry:


After you added that to the registry, rightclick a jpg file, select "Open with", choose Windows Photo Viewer and click "Always open with this ... Read more

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The Windows Photo Viewer will not display photos in the order they are sorted by Windows Explorer.
This is not referring to the slide show feature, just the forward and back arrows.
The only order pictures can be viewed is by name despite Windows Explorer being set at view by date, ascending.
I have repaired Microsoft Live Essentials, uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains.
This is also not an issue with photo tags or photo names.
Windows Explorer sorts as selected but click a picture in the middle to view, click the forward arrow and instead of the next date picture being viewed, the next name picture is viewed.

Answer:Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order


I upgraded to Windows 10 recently as well, I have the same problem and I also have a solution. However, I do not know, if it is ideal. :-)

What is obviously missing is an entry in the registry called DropTarget. This entry tells Windows Photo Viewer to display the images in the sorting order of the folder Photo Viewer got called from.

I saw that at least in my registry there is a DropTarget defined in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget. From the name of the key and from reading the docs this looks as if it would be applied to all calls to this program, but -if that actually is the case- for me this entry does not work. It has been there (at least) after my Windows 10 upgrade, also the "Clsid"="{FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}" seems to be fine, but it does not do the job.

For me, this problem was present for jpg and png files, but not for bmp, dib, gif, jfif and what else can be opened with Windows Photo Viewer. To fix this, I have added the following to the Windows Registry:



After you added that to the registry, rightclick a jpg file, select "Open with", choose Windows Photo Viewer and click "Always open with thi... Read more

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I have 400+ photos, all are in the same order by date created and by name, so no matter which way I sort them--by name or date created-- they are in the same order. When i view them with microsoft office picture manager, some of them -- about 20, at random throughout the list -- are out of order.


Answer:Photos in order on windows explorer; out of order on viewer

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When I do a search on how to sort, I get a Tutorial that tells me to open the "View" Menu item.

However, as you can see from the attached, I don't have a VIEW menu on my Folder.

I would like to sort these by file type so that I can save them to a CD.

What am I doing wrong here?

Answer:I can't sort by File Types. What happened to File Details?

I attached a word doc with two pics in it. I have no idea wht these [IMG] links are.
I hit the paperclip, added my file from my C: drive, hit Upload, and got this.

Essentially, I created a new folder, put in some music files, and wanted to sort them by file type, but I have no option for that. I can only sort by List, Details, Tiles and Content.

Under Windows XP, I COULD sort using View/Details.

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When I go to attach a file to an email, the "Insert File" dialog box pops up and the files inside are in reverse alphabetical order and the files are there but I have to scroll to the right to see the folders which are usually ahead of files. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to cure that oddity?
thank you.

Answer:Attaching A File--file Order Problem: Backwards

Right click in the window that comes up and choose arrange icons->arrange by name

Does that fix it?
What mail program btw?

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Recently, on my computer running Win2K, ALL my apps now display files in random (or possibly date) order, not alphabetical order in the Open dialog box! Could something have gotten corrupted? A clobbered DLL? A registry error? How can this problem be fixed? Clearly, an alphabetical display is the most useful for opening a file.

In the past when I encountered this problem under Win98, I was given the following fix:

- Right-click the Start button, click Explore , and then click drive C:.

- On the View menu, click Details .

- Click the Name column to sort items by name, then click View > Folder Options > View > Like Current Folder > OK

- Now press and hold down the CTRL key, and then quit Windows Explorer by clicking Close in the File Menu.

- Release the CTRL key.

- Restart the computer.

This fixed the problem in Win98 but his method DOES NOT WORK under Win2k. I tried it (finding FOLDER OPTIONS under Tools) to no avail.

Does anyone have another suggestion?

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Hello all, I remember reading in a computer magazine about some website that is able to determine an unknown file by entering the name of that file into its text box.
I think it is able to determine what kind of file it is.
The problem is I cannot remember what the website is called.
Can anyone reading this query, come up with the name of this website?


Answer:What sort of file is it?

Hi, You can use the site posted below, if you know the extension of the file, to see what programs open it and work with it.

Is that what you had in mind?

Here is a site that can give you yardfuls of info any kind of file download a text file about which ones you want the info for. Pretty technical but fairly useful if you need that sort of info.

The link goes to the Windows Files list but there are a ton and half more.

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Question: file sort

Recently several programs that use the generic file open and save window changed. For years they displayed file names sorted alpha by name. Now they show them by date modified. I can click on the details button to have the option to sort them by name but that's kind of inconvenient as every new subdirectory requires that I do that. I tried changing it in the Windows Explorer by selecting folder options and getting the sort I wanted then telling it to change all folders to look like that one and to remember the look. Works for Explorer by not for the generic file open/save  window. There must be a default somewhere. Anybody have any idea? I'm Win 98 SE. it happens in various programs (e.g. adobe photoshop, dreamweaver)Thanks,kip

Answer:file sort

Quoteseveral programs that use the generic file open and save windowWhat is generic file open and save window?

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I run Windows 98SE. It's not very often I go into Windows Explorer, but today when I did I noticed a whole list of files with the Windows Icon followed by 0000.chk 0001.chk etc.Can anyone please advise what these files are for. When I clicked on one, I got the box asking what program I wanted to open the file in. Didn't came straight here.

Answer:What sort of file is 0000.chk

they are left behind after a bad shutdown

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How do you sort the files in recycle bin Windows 7

Answer:file sort recycle bin

right click on the open space within the recycle bin and choose sort, or view, until you find what you like.

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Question: File Sort Anomoly

When I open My Documents and click the column to "sort by file type" I get my "*.png" image files nested within my Word document files. Why would that happen?

Answer:File Sort Anomoly

The most likely reason is that you are saving them to your documents folder.

I have my ".png" files saved in a separate folder in my Pictures Library.

To fix your problem, create & name a folder in one of the Libraries that suits you & copy all the ".png" files in your Documents Folder to the new folder. Check that they all open properly & then delete them from your your Documents Folder.

In future when you create a ".png" file always save it to that folder created above.

Hope this helps you.

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Was speaking to Tetonbob, who suggested to see if u can help in sorting out a problem with my issue..Keep getting Internet Explorer needs to close and Dr Watson Debugger error messages and when I press ok it freezes the whole computer and I have to restart again and again...I ran the check that tetonbob told me on windows to see if any file corrupt etc..It did come up with asking me for a windows xp professional sp3 cd for copying etc..of which i do not have as I did xp3 online and I dont remember installing xp on my computer as I am sure it was already on when I bought it so cannot locate a cd to put in and so I am stuck as to how to sort out the files that need to be sorted. Obviously when I updated from windows it has not updated it properly for some reason and this is proberly why I am getting these error messages... I assume. Can you please help me...

Answer:Have no xp cd so how do I sort out corrupt file?

Can you borrow someones disk? If not, try uninstalling SP3 and see if the error goes away.

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I was on youtube looking at myspace hacks and I clicked this exe download by mistake. Now everytime I'm browsing my computer this shows up "o.o hxxp;//" I did a virus scan and nothing showed up. I downloaded it from here like an idoit hxxp:// do I get this crap off my computer? Somebody please help me because I can't use my computer correctly anymore!Mod Edit: Link disabled, to preclude possible infection.~ TMacK

Answer:I'm Infected With Some Sort Of Exe File

Somebody mind helping me out I noticed nobody has even read my topic yet. This is a serious issue that I need resolved asap! Please help!

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 06:59:29, on 13/03/2009Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\PnkBstrA.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exeC:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\wscntfy.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exeC:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exeC:\WINDOWS\vsnpstd3.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe... Read more

Answer:Hi all , can anyone help me sort my Hijack this log file clueless

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. Please download Trend Micro - HijackThis. Do a new scan with Trend Micro - HijackThis and post it in your next reply. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until instructed to do so! Let me know if any of the links do not work or if any of the tools do not work. Tell me about problems or symptoms that occur during the fix. Do not run any other programs or open any other windows while doing a fix. Ask any questions th... Read more

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How do I sort my files in File Manager (in Windows 10 Pro x64) so that the folders are at the top, and then the files are in date last modified order.

With thanks


Answer:How do I sort by foldername, then by file date

ship69 said:


How do I sort my files in File Manager (in Windows 10 Pro x64) so that the folders are at the top, and then the files are in date last modified order.

With thanks


One option is to create a Library with your preference. Don't know why, but Libraries are sorted folders first and then by date (if you select by date of course..)

Creating Library is simple... First make sure Libraries are shown (in file explorer in left tree right click on empty space and select New. Then you add folders.

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So, I am in a state of desperation and have finally sunk to the level of directly asking a tech support forum for help. I throw myself on your mercy, internet citizens.

I have been working on a huge project in MS Paint. Yes, I'm aware that everyone but me hates MS Paint, but please don't tell me to use a different program. I'm using this one for a reason. My problem is that after editing and saving the file, paint now refuses to open it. I have spent months on this project and am about two hours from finishing, so this is quite aggravating.

This has happened before, but I managed to fix it. The file I am working with was originally a .PNG that I had created in paint. After editing and saving it, I received the message "Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported." I could still preview the file fine with Windows photo viewer or whatever the devil it's called, but I couldn't edit it. I managed to remedy this the first time by opening it in Fireworks and resaving it as a JPEG (choosing from the options, not manually). JPEG seems an inferior file type to use for this particular project, but that is a sacrifice I was willing to make to be able to edit it in paint. It worked fine after this for a while.

Now I am again receiving the same paint error message. It will still open fine in other programs, but resaving it as a new file (with any file type) no longer fixes the issue.

Admitted... Read more

Answer:Paint won't open .JPG file...sort of

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I brought home my global studies teacher's laptop today to try and fix it for him. It is a Dell Inspiron 1100.

Anyways, when you turn it on it says that it can't find the operating system, so I figured I would just put in an XP disc and reinstall.

I'm more of a Mac person, so I'm really not sure how the reinstall process goes with XP. With Mac you can do an install that will leave all your files, but reinstall/repair the actual OS files. It seems like that would do the trick here. Is there a similar option with XP? Or do I have to do a complete reinstall and wipe out everything?

If this is the case, I need to get the files off the hard drive and I was wondering if there was any way for me to do that short of making a bootable Linux CD and using it to find the files and transfer them to an external drive. I don't have a USB hard drive case, so I can't just take the drive out of the laptop and do it that way. Any other suggestions? Will the Linux thing work?


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When I go to attach a file to an email, the "Insert File" dialog box pops up and the files inside are in reverse alphabetical order and the files are there but I have to scroll to the right to see the folders which are usually ahead of files. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to cure that oddity?thank you.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Attaching A File--file Order

Are you using POP e-mail, or web-based E-mail when you are attempting to attach a file? If the former, what application are you using.
Does this happen with all E-mail services, or just one?

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I managed to view (#) column in file explorer but I don't know how to assign values to it.

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Windows XP Home
IE6/Firefox 1.0.2

I'm a bit out of practice.

I have a large Text (.txt) file containing different file types that I
want to edit and sort to only show ONE of those file types (.xpi)
ending up with a .txt file containing just those files for copy/paste.

I have a little experience with Excel and just downloaded a new
text editor EDXOR recommended in another thread.

I tried Googling a tutorial for EDXOR unsuccessfully.

Could someone just give me the basic instructions
using Excel or Edxor to perform this task?

I can open the file in either Program but need help on
where to go from there.

Thanks for any help,


Answer:Solved: How to sort a File? using Excel/EDXOR

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OS is XP Pro. I have several folders containing lots of files with duplicate names but different formats, i.e., a Word file and a PDF of the same file. Is there a way to sort (or group) a folder's contents by file type so, for example, all the Word files are together and the same for the PDFs?

Answer:Sort Folder Contents By File Type

You should be able to go into the folder you want to organize > click on View > Details > There should be a drop down menu along the top that you can choose to organize by File Type

I'm not on XP anymore so can't remember exactly. If that doesn't work, here's a link to Microsoft on organizing files in XP:

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Currently I can only get all folders sorted and then all files sorted. I'd like to get them to sort together. Specifically this is for my Movies drive, which has thousands of films... most are in folders, but some are just files.

I searched here and elsewhere, but did not find any answers specifically for Win10. I also tried Xplorer2 and tried to sort by 8.3 Name, but that still did not work. My ideal solution would not include 3rd party software.

I'm open to modifying system files if need be, I just do not have the technical skills to do it without a tutorial.

All assistance is appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi All,
I need to write a batch file for sorting by "first column" a flat file where the "column separator" is "-".

More exactly let's suppose to have this file as output of my batch file.

size:4444444 - C:\USER\drmbx\temp\dir1\file1.csv
size:2222 - C:\USER\drmbx\myfile\dir2\file3.pdf

and so on ...

I have this batch file

@echo off & setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion

pushd C:\USER\drmbx

del C:\USER\"MY DIR"\A\my.txt

for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir/b/s') do (
if %%~Za gtr 30000 echo size:%%~Za - file:%%a >> C:\USER\"MY DIR"\A\my.txt

This batch file works fine but I need to sort by size file the list of the rows saved.

Any help will be well appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your kind support.



Answer:Batch file - sort by separator character

The answer is right in the help for the DIR command.

C:\Users\Squash>dir /?
Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.

DIR [drive:][path][filename] [/A[[:]attributes]] [/B] [/C] [/D] [/L] [/N]
[/O[[:]sortorder]] [/P] [/Q] [/R] [/S] [/T[[:]timefield]] [/W] [/X] [/4]

Specifies drive, directory, and/or files to list.

/A Displays files with specified attributes.
attributes D Directories R Read-only files
H Hidden files A Files ready for archiving
S System files I Not content indexed files
L Reparse Points - Prefix meaning not
/B Uses bare format (no heading information or summary).
/C Display the thousand separator in file sizes. This is the
default. Use /-C to disable display of separator.
/D Same as wide but files are list sorted by column.
/L Uses lowercase.
/N New long list format where filenames are on the far right.
/O List by files in sorted order.
sortorder N By name (alphabetic) S By size (smallest first)
E By extension (alphabetic) D By date/time (oldest first)
G Group directories first - Prefix to reverse order
/P Pauses after each screenful of information.
/Q Display the owner of the file.
/... Read more

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This is a stupid, fussy little question.

When you save a file in office 2003 the Save As dialog box typically shows across the top bar icons for going up one folder, searching the web, creating a new folder and a pull down menu for the type and order of the file and folder names displayed in the center window. In the pull down menu, you can select thumbnails, tiles, icons, list, properties and preview. My question is - is there a way to have your favorite view saved in that pull-down menu? So that next time you open the Save As dialog, it will remember your favorite view and sort order.



Answer:Solved: dialog box default file sort

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Someone informed me that OpenOffice has a function which allows for alphabetical sorting. I'm making a list with over 100 names which I would like to enter randomly and then automatically sort them alphabetically. I downloaded OpenOffice but so far have been unable to find this feature. Can someone please tell me how to locate it?

Answer:Can OpenOffice sort file names alphabetically?

I have not used openoffice - but it should have a spreadsheet - from there you shpuld be able to sort the list
tutorial for openoffice here

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Hello there,
I just have a small problem but I'm really hoping someone will be able to help me because even though it's small, it can be very annoying. I hope I have posted in the correct place If not feel free to shout/yell at me ><

Basically, when I want to save a file (e.g. an image off the Internet), or open a file (e.g. a video file in Realplayer), the prompt box comes up but all my files are automatically sorted in descending order (by 'name of file').
Screenshot of what I mean:

The problem is that until recently, the files use to be shown sorted in ascending order (by 'name of file') like this:

I haven't made any changes, it seems the default view has changed from ascending to descending and it's just really annoying.
When viewing the files normally from 'My Computer', it shows them in ascending order (by 'name of file'):

I want to change the default view back to ascending order (by 'name of file') whenever I want to save an image file or the like, but I don't know how to, can anyone help me fix this problem? I hope I've explained clearly enough...

Best regards and Merry Christmas,

Answer:[Resolved] Changes in default file sort mode?

Please, can anyone help?
Your help is muchly appreciated~

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all the time si open a folder i get crazy by looking at that disorder, then i click sort by type and its fine..

but i have to do that all the time i open the folder and with all the folders... i read some isntructions and tutorials here... but come one... i barely understood them are they for human...

and i have another question...
why the same folder takes more to open when sorted by type than when sorted by any other criteria?

i mean, when the folder is set to sort by type, when i open the folder it takes 2.5 secs to display what it is there

the same folder, when sorted by name it takes 0.87 secs to open and display everything

Answer:How to sort folders by file type forever

Hello Kharl,

If you like, you could use the tutorial to set a default folder view for this to all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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hi1. i wanna sort a list of files which is created between january to july2. for example everyday my system automatically gets filled with file a.txt,b.txt...z.txt.3. i  wanna move file named a.txt and b.txt , to a new folder which were created between january and july.   OS-windows 7

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Question: File order

I feel reasonably sure that when I acquire files and load them into a folder they are recorded on the disc in the order they are put in a folder. As I acquire others they are loaded into the folder in the order they are put in the folder and that any sorting
I do, does nothing to change that order. Unfortunately, when I load them on a flash card they are not sorted in the visible order in which I arrange them on the drive, so that if I want a certain sequence, I don't get it unless I load the files on the card one by one in the order I would like them to play. This is frustrating and time-consuming. Is there any way I can rearrange the order of the files on the disk so that they are actually in alphabetical or numerical order,. or something that I can work with. At the very least is there some way I can have the computer show me the physical order that they will be downloaded on the flash card.

Answer:File order

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Question: file order

I copied my podcasts onto a flash drive in the order in which I wanted them to replay, but before I finished the screen cleared and came back up in like groups. Is there a way I can avoid this so I can listen to different programs in the order I want?

Answer:file order

They're displayed in a Windows default order based on some attribute like the file name. I don't know what you mean by "like groups". Windows may be interpreting them as media files and displaying attributes like "Album".

What are using to play them back with that doesn't support something like a play list?

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One annoyance that I've found in Vista is that unlike all previous Windows versions that I've used, when I get a file selection menu, such as for opening a file within an application or 'save as...', if the list is a multicolumn one, as is usually the case, the ordering of the files is NOT vertical as it always had been before, but is horizontal.

Although I can see a logic in this, the fact is that when I'm faced with columns, my eye naturally reads down each column, and therefore I need the vertical sort arrangement as had always previously been the case.

Please, therefore, does anyone know of a fix for this, so that I can restore vertical sort arrangement in those lists? Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Answer:Sort direction in multicolumn file select menus

Hello Philip,

This tutorial may be able to help you out. It will show you how to change the sort order to what you like. Usually you can just keep clicking on the column name that you want it sorted by until you see a sort order you like.

Column - Customize

Hope this helps,

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Yes, I've tried several things on-line listed elsewhere but, everyone else has no idea what they are talking about.

Essentially there are folder types. I don't care about changing the types or whatever, I'd actually rather keep them.

I just want Windows 7 to force the option to sort by file type in ANY folder, no matter what type.

It's a pain because when I right-click to sort the files, it is not even in the list and I have to click more and add it to the list, and once I click more, there's about 10 billion useless organization options and I have to dig way down to find the "file type" (which seems like the most important/useful to me).

It is kind of ridiculous really...

Answer:Force Globally "Sort by file type" Setting?

Windows7 Ideas These may be helpfulCould be one you have attempted, but I do not know -

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In Windows 7 I used the the .dll file Explorer8fixes.dll, to return the sort headings in File Explorer for all views (Large Icons, Lists, Details etc).

In Windows 8 I place the .dll in System32, run CMD as adminstrator, type regsvr32 explorer7fixes.dll, and it gives me a message to say it has registered the dll successfully. However there is no change in File Explorer, even after restarting the PC.

I would prefer to get this .dll modification working rather than install a larger customization piece of software which also happens to include this functionality such as ClassicShell, Folder Options X or QTTabBar.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Show sort headings in all views (Win 8, File Explorer)?

Are you talking about the highlighted headers in this screenshot:

They are native both in Windows 7 & 8, no need to use third party tools. Select Group by and how you want to group, it adds headers automatically. Use then Sort by function to sort inside groups.


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I am using Windows XP Pro, MS Office XP and Eudora 7.0 for e-mail

when I attach a list of files to an outgoing e-mail the attachment list shows the first file as the last file.

This also happens using WORD when I copy a file list from Windows Explorer - the first file shows up last in the list.

How can I avoid this problem?

Answer:File lists not in order

Where and how are you obtaining this list that you are attaching?

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Question: File Listing Order

I've tried the normal approach to viewing files in an alphabetical listing a-z in XP Pro - using control panel - with no success. New file groups get relegated to the bottom and in at least one software package (Corel Paint shop X) files and parents end in random order. Am I missing something simple to correct this recent problem? Thanks.

Answer:File Listing Order

The sort order for files and folders whose names contain numerals is different in Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 than it is in Windows 2000

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Question: Change file order

How do I make file numbers change order, as in slide show ?

Answer:Change file order

I am sure you know what you are asking but I don't so perphaps a few more words describing what you see in a slide show and how that relates to how you want to see your files sorted would be in order.

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