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Office 2000 setup

Question: Office 2000 setup

Having had problems with my Office 2000 program I un-installed it and now I am trying to reload it but cannot. My windows system is Millenium edition. Office seems to load, then at the end after my computer restarts I get the Message "error 1911 Could not register OWSDSC.DLL type library" When I type ignore, (nothing happens when I press re-try) various other file names come up with a simmilar message. When I try to open Office I get the message "Not a valid win 32 prog". I have tried Ms help on line elp with no results. Can any one out there help.

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Preferred Solution: Office 2000 setup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Office 2000 setup

click here this will give you all the files for Office 2000, you can download any that are corrupt on your system.There is probably an easier way, but until someone else, comes along with the answer, you can have a try here.The file: OWSDSC.DLL, is down near the bottom of the page. good luck. J.

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When setting up office 2000, all the options for "next" / "cancel" etc buttons are greyed out, also when Office is installed, all toolbars are greyed, anyone help solve this, Windows 98, Office 2000 Premium...

Answer:Office 2000 setup probs

further tested with version of Office XP and all setup options are still greyed-out, appears to be any MS application that has this problem...any help in resolving this, thanks in advance...

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Please excuse my ignorance. I'm trying to reinstall my Office 2000 program after a format. However, when I insert the first CD I get this message.

The MSIEXEC.EXE file is linked to missing export MSI.DLL:222. Cannot launch C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\msiexec.exe. A device attached to the system is not functioning.

I've checked the Device Manager and all items show as working properly. Also, I don't have any problems using CD-ROM, hard drives, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Can anyone tell me what is causing these error messages and how I might fix the problem? I'm not an expert user.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:MS Office 2000 Setup error messages

welcome to major geeks

take a look here please

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I bought a new lap top with vista home basic - un-installed the office that came with it and installed my old office 2000 - seems to work except I do not have page setup option under the file menu - so can not change to landscape format- do I have to purchase the vista home premium - or a new office??

Answer:office 2000 page setup problems

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Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

I could use some of the features of Office XP, and would really like to retain my Windows 2000 environment. Do you think I could make this upgrade in Office?


Answer:Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

Office XP can run on Windows 2000. Even though the operating systems and office suites have the same naming convention, that doesn't mean that they have to match up (Windows 2000-Office 2000, Windows XP-Office XP).

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I formated my hard drive with Fdisk and ran the 4 disk set of Windows 2K and it goes through set up till last screen and then says Setup is starting Windows 2000 and it freezes there.


Answer:Window 2K setup stops at Setup is starting Windows 2000

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I'm running a k62 500 and am attempting to install Win2kPro on a 3 gig partition

I started the setup in win 98 and when it rebooted i selected win 2k setup instaed of win 98 dual boot seemed to be workinhg bu whe it continues setup it tells me the boot device is innaccessible

the partition Win2kPro is on going on is 3 gigs fat32 designated d: the version of win 98 on my c: is second edition and the partition is also fat 32 it is a fujitsu hard drive and i intend to use one o when another fails since i do a great deal of experimenting and make a large number of changes on a near daily basis

Answer:[Solved] win 98/2000 pro 2000 pro setup boot device inaccessible (HELP ME)

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I have installed outlook with my Windows Office 2000 disk. I am also using Windows 2000 Pro. I am logged in as Admin (default admin accout) and trying to run/setup outlook. It will not let me start outlook and tells me I need to be logged in as admin or have my admin do this for me. However, I am the admin trying to do this. What do I need to do to get this to work?

Answer:Running/Setup Outlook 2000 in Windows 2000

Simple, Login as an admin but in the local machine, not in the domain. You must be part of the local administrators in the local machine. Do it , 100% guaranteed.

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I am getting the following error when I try to reinstall a custom setup office XP install on a windows 2000 machine.

"OFFXP: Setup Detects Office XP Running When You Attempt to Install Office XP"

I had the uninstall the office xp on this machine through add/remove programs because it was crashing alot. The custom install works fine on all other windows 2000 and xp machines.

I found the following error in MS knowledgebase
article 292497 (I can't post the link because I'm a new member)

It says to to hit ignore. If I hit ignore it does install but it doesn't install with the correct options for the custom install. (I have it set to not install outlook and it installs outlook, etc.) Obviously its not following the custom install.

Any ideas? I believe something is left on the pc from office when it was installed. I even ran the Removal Wizard on the Office XP Resource kit. It is supposed to remove everything left from previous versions. However, it must be missing something because I am still getting that error when I try to reinstall Office XP that is described above.


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Reinstalled all Sony Pre-Loaded software,
which did NOT include any Prior version of MS Office. (Other than a Trial
Version of Office 2003 which I never used or installed. It's still in my
computer) Have no idea what version it is. Simply doesn't say because it's never been installed. It's sitting in the same start menu as all of the other MS Office 2007 Programs.
In another message forum I was told to delete it. However, Office 2007 Pro worked fine for 2 days with the Trial program still sitting in the Start folder.

I managed to install MS Office Professional 2007 and it's worked
for 2 days without a hitch. Today, I get the error message when I try to use
Outlook "Cannot start MS Office Outlook. Cannot initialize MS Office Shared
Utilities. Restart your computer Or reinstall MS Office Outlook." No Luck!!
Also, when I try to start up MS Word, the message says "Not enought memory
to load Word." (I have 2 Gig of Ram and a 320 Gig hard Drive???)

When I insert the Office Pro 2007 disk to Reinstall, the message is: "The
path you have chosen does not point at a qualifying upgradable product.
Click Try again or Cancel to quit setup."

I also don't have ANY previous versions of any Office Suite program to use.
I had Office 2003 Pro installed but that was deleted when I purchased Office 2007 Pro. I do have the disks for Office
2007 Pro.

For the record, I am an American living in Cali, Columbia. It... Read more

Answer:Reformatted My Hard Drive And Cannot Reinstall MS Office Pro 2007 in Office Setup

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I don't quite know which forum to post in so I'll start here.

Has anyone ever have trouble signing a VBA project on Access 2000?
(I'm using Office 2000 premium.)

I've done the following:
1) installed digital signature in Office Tools
2) generated my certificate using Selfcert
3) oened my Access DB and went into the VB editor
4) opened the Tools> menu

Result: No "Digital Signature" selection was available. in the Tools menu

Looked in VB editors in Excel and Word…
"Digital Signature" *was* right there in the "Tools" menu.
Just not in Access.

In Access, went to:
View >Toolbars>Customize…>Commands>Tools
and whaddaya know… There's "Digital Signature" right there!

BUT guess what? I can't drag in onto any tool bar or open menu.

Does anyone know what's going on or has this happened to them?
I looked in Office/Access Q&A forum on the MSDN website and actually found similar posts but the only suggestions were to try the things I've already listed above.

I searched the MS knowledge base but found no pertinent answers. The Office on-line help gives little/no help for digital signatures.

Ideas? Answers?

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Whenever I launch Outlook 2000 the Office 2000 installer also launches.

I installed Office 2000 on this machine several months ago, and Outlook has run without any odd behaviour.

It also happens any time I click on a new email.

Although I installed iTunes 2 days ago, today is the first time Outlook has behaved in this way.

I'm running Win XP with SP1, and I've scanned with AVG, Spybot and Ad-Aware, with nothing negative being reproted.

Answer:?? When I launch Outlook 2000 the Office 2000 installer also launches

Try a Detect and Repair of Office.

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I have recently had to re-install Microsoft Office 2000 and it has installed the default Office Assistant the paperclip and I miss the cat called Links.

It says it is available from the Office Assistant options but a message says there is not enough memory.

It is on the first CD of the software but I cannot see how to download it.

Can anyone help please?


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I have an old Win XP machine with Office 2007 that I am replacing with a shiny new Win 10 machine. I have purchased Office 365 Home Subscription. I will need to keep both machines running for at least a few months because of one software application that I cannot port to the Win 10 machine. I also have an iPhone and an iPad.
I have several email accounts not all with the same host. Most are with GoDaddy. I have two that were for two different businesses I ran and a couple for personal use.
I need help configuring the email so that I can get messages on all of these devices (old Win XP machine, new Win 10 machine, iPad, & iPhone).
I have several questions:
Can the old and new machines share email messages if one is running Office 2007 and the other Office 365? Or do I have to upgrade the old machine to Office 365?
The old machine is currently set up as POP3. Is that going to be a problem?
Is there a way that I can "ignore" emails that I see on one mobile device and have it also not show up on any other mobile devices, but not be deleted and still show up on the PC?
If I set up an email folder structure, will that structure be mirrored on the server and also on all of the other devices? If I move an email from one folder to another or move an entire folder, will that be propagated to the server and all devices?
Are any of the books out there any good at helping me sort all this out? If so, which ones?
Thanks for any tips or pointers...

Answer:Email setup when converting from Office 2007 & Win XP to Office 365 & Win 10

Can the old and new machines share email messages if one is running Office 2007 and the other Office 365? Or do I have to upgrade the old machine to Office 365?
          Yes, but this is more dependent on the protocol you use to access the messages than the versions of Office.
The old machine is currently set up as POP3. Is that going to be a problem?
          Most likely yes.  Post Office Protocol (POP) is "first generation" protocol for dealing with e-mail before the age when someone was likely to be trying to juggle the same e-mail messages on multiple devices.   It is a client side arrangement, which means your e-mail messages (in most default configurations) are downloaded to the device you're reading them on and as soon as that's done, or at some set time afterward, they are deleted from the server and are no longer available for additional download to other devices.
          If you expect to be wanting to juggle the same messages across multiple devices you should convert to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).  IMAP is a server side protocol, where all messages, and the folders that you set up, and the filters you create to sort them into those folders, are all created and stored on the e-mail server.  The devices that access your mail all connect to the server and get the folder setup and the message headers (usually) until you ... Read more

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I am using WindowsXP, SP2, using MS Office 2000 Premier Ed OSA9.exe and MS Word 2000 v. 9.0.2720. I rarely use either program, or rather Word the only one I do use occasionally and I haven't kept up with the updates.

I have just returned here after looking on MS Update web site to no avail. I only found a fee based support section that was e-mail, have they stopped that service..

Recently needed to update both Office and Word 2000 to get a HP printer to print correctly...or that's what HP told me was the problem. Personally I think it the printer DJ Color 3740. This was a sale too good to be true...

I have proceeded to the point it will print from the Internet, most of the time, but sometimes just the Foreground (titles to me). In Word, I can't get it to print period, it goes through the motions and when it comes out sometimes you can see a faint unreadable type. The Print Test Page is fine, that's why HP said it was an Office and Word 2000 problem.

I dowloaded: Office 2000 KB895333 3-client-enu.exe;
Word 2000 CKB895333.EXE; O2KSR1a.exe V.4.71.1015.0; O2KSP3.exe V. 5.0.2919.6304; InstMSIw.EXE V 6.0.244...

I got the same response when I tried to execute each one: "The expected version of the product was not found on your system." Using the Properties selection on each piece of software I found the Compatibility Mode and decided this is what they meant. However, the only 'version' that worked with these updates was WIN 95, ... Read more

Answer:Problems updating Office 2000 and Word 2000

I would be very tempted to un-install Office 2000 and then re-install it again, then update it. When updating are you logged in as Administrator?

Also if you use another program to print from eg. Notepad, Acrobat or an Email from Outlook Express to they print ok?

Compatability mode you shouldnt have to use to install updates to Office, why its not recognising your version is a mystery, but as you can use Microsoft Update in lieu of having to goto Office Update, see if that recognises your installed office and lists updates for you.

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Hi forum colleagues

Please help l have Microsoft Office 200 Permium having problems with particular Microsoft Outlook as soon l try use appointment and calender, l get error "essage interface has returned an unknown error please restart Microsoft Office Outlook".

l have installed sr1 fix patch from microsoft site for Office 2000 and windows no difference, l checked forum site for similar problems quiry didn't find any.
could someone who had this problem and has fixed it, could please email and explain it to me in point form how to fix it.

regards new forum member 02647..

Answer:Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Outlook 2000 - Help Me Please

Try this,;en-us;Q283175

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I'm running Win XP SP1

Just wondering if it will cause any problems if I add Powerpoint from Office 2000 to a machine which has Office 2002 with SP3 applied.

What's the position with Forward and Backward compatibility with Icrosoft programs?


Answer:Compatibility: Can I add Office 2000 components to a machine with Office 2002 SP3?


The general consensus is that it's best to

1) install the older applications BEFORE you install the newer ones
2) install them in different folders

c:\program files\msoffice2002-xp\
c:\program files\msoffice2000\

TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

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Hello,  I recently "Upgraded" my Office 2000 to Office 2003 and now my prior documents will not print?  Searching/asking for assistance on how to rectify!!

Answer:Printing problem after upgrading Office 2000 to Office 2003

I'd start by updating the printer driver, or reinstalling for printer.Dave

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Is it possible to make Office 2003 works like Office 2000? I like some functions in Office 2003, e.g. Embed TrueType Fonts (I use some special fonts which not many people installed), format protection (the document will be looked the same on my machine as well as other people) and "docuement integrity protection" (other people can read it but not change it).However, GUI and the way of interaction with 2003 are not samething I want. Basically, it is too clever for me. I like the way of 2000 in which I can decide the structure of my docuement. Onc of most critical problem which prevent me to switch to 2003 completly is the copy and paste function in powerpoint 2003, I ask in here, but no solution yet click here.To restate my difficult, my slide in powerpoint does not follow standard structure which powerpoint 2003 forces on users. Each of my slides may have several objects, some Equations (generated by MS Equation editor or Mathtype) one or two graph from MS Visio. In PP 2000, I just Copy and Paste if I need to duplicate a object and modify it later. But I cannot do it with PP2003, the object do not copy properly (size changed) and the whole slide rearranged (possibly follow standard slide structure). I can do it use Paste Special and select correct object type to paste, but this could waste a lot of time if I do it regularly which I do.What I need is some kind of switch (setting change) to make Office 2003 either work as Ofiice 2000 way (such as classic view in Win EXplorer) a... Read more

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Just about to install office 2003, but want to check if it is possible to open Office 2003 files with Office 2000 with minimum loss.Any experience?

Answer:open office 2003 files with Office 2000?

you should have no problems as i run office 2003 and my co-workers run office 2000 and they can open fine.I think it is only if you start encryting them that causes a few problems

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Hello, please help, this is really bugging me.

Office 2000 works absolutely fine for quite a while, and then all of a sudden...

When I click on the Office Assistant button or try to use a wizard I get this error message:

There was a problem starting the Office Assistant. Would you like to try reinstalling it?

This happens across all Office apps, and just happened out of the blue, one day, I have no idea why!

I noticed the Office Assistant wasn't coming up, and click on it, then got these problems.

When I click yes to the error, it does try to reinstall, but in the end gives me another message:

The Office Assistant could not be started. Please repair the Assistant by running Office 2000 setup and selecting "Repair Office 2000".

I then try this to no avail. Also I have looked on Microsoft support and have overwritten my oleaut32.dll file, then reinstalled Office as suggested, no improvement. Also tried to set the Office Assistant to run from my computer instead of CD-ROM as shown in another Microsoft support artice, but it was already set to run from my computer, so Office Assistant still doesn't work!!!

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks guys, love this forum.

Answer:Office Assistant Problem - All Office 2000 Applications

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to customize the "Open Office Document" program in Office 2000... this is the small program that archives shortcuts and has a tool bar on the left hand side with options that include : Web folders, Favorites, Desktop, Personal and History. I want to customize the "Look In:" tool bar...


Answer:Office 2000: Open Office Document Shortcut

I can't find a single way to change that setting. So, here's what I'd do.

Go to your (default) folder in Windows Explorer. Right-click it and hit Create Shortcut. Then, right-click the shortcut and hit Properties. Hit Change Icon. Give it the Open Office Document icon and also rename it to Open Office Document.

Copy or cut the shortcut.

Go to C:\windows\start menu and delete the old Open Office Document Shortcut and paste the new one in there.

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any information if there are any issues with access if the acces was created from Office 2000 pro and if there is anything that need to be done when users update to Office 2002(XP).


Answer:Update from Office 2000 pro to Office xp(2002) issues

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This isn't an upgrade. I bought the full version Office Professional 2003 and would like to install it over what I have now. I had Office 97 and an upgrade CD to Office 2000. Will I lose anything to install Office 2003 over Office 2000? I have WinXP home if that makes a difference.

Answer:Can you install Office 2003 Professional over Office 2000

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I have Excel 2000 installed, but need to install Excel 2007 also. Is it possible for me to have both of them installed, but keep 2000 as my default?

Answer:Solved: Install Office 2007 with Office 2000

I followed the instructions here and it workred:

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My old computer, which runs like a dream, OS XP Home SP3 512 mbRAM has MS Office Professional 2000 on it.
For my new computer I bought MS Office Home and Student 2010 with three licences.
Can I install Office 2010 onto my old computer beside Office 2000 or must I uninstall 2000 first. Its just that 2000 has some excellent components to it. But I do like the limited format of 2010.
For clarity can I have both or one or the other.

Answer:MS Office 2010 and Office Prof. 2000 on one computer?

Decided to uninstall Office 2000 - its old hat. If I need the extras such as Publisher I shall buy it separately.

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I'm confused - I'm running Office 2003 as an upgarde from Office 2000 - I keep getting recommendations for upgrades to Office 2000 (e.g Service Packs) - difficult to know whether the upgrades are relevant.....Sheila B

Answer:Office 2003 and Office 2000 service packs

I have Office 2003 Standard (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook) - upgraded from Office XP (2002). However, I also have Frontpage 2002 and Publisher 2002. Office Update therefore offers me service packs and updates for Offixe XP. When it installs, it only updates the components for Frontpage and Publisher - I know because it asks for the relevant CDs.Maybe something similar applies to you?

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I installed Office 2000 onto a new PC with Windows XP SP2 and found that the spellchecker isn't highlighting incorrect spellings on any new WORD documents I create and further the grammer checker on the Tools-Options-Spelling & Grammer tab is greyed out. This despite the correct tick-boxes being set. However everything works fine on the documents I created previously on my old computer and copied across. Interestingly Spell-checker works fine in Excel on both new and old files.I have installed Office 2000 onto another machine before with XP and everthing worked fine. This one is still SP1. Could that be the problem ? Any other ideas ?

Answer:Office Spell-checker not working in Office 2000

Have you tried click here and looked to see if there is an issue? There are some patches there as well which may help.

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Hello all, the entire Office 2003 suite one day looks old like 2000 or Windows 2000 icons in general.

Does anyone know why this happened and how it could be fixed?


Answer:Entire Office 2003 suite looks like Office 2000

This had happened to me once but in office 2007. It happened when I tried to open an older file type so It went into compatibility mode, which also changes the layout.

Not sure if its the same thing with office 2003 but go into options, advanced, and see if you can find something like compatibility options or layout.

Anyway if its not their your looking for some kind of option like that so snoop around all the options, views, and windows menus.

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Can anybody out there help- I have a number of documents saved in binders on Office 97. I've now switched to Office 2000 [which appears not to 'do' binders] and can't figure out how to read them - they come out in gobbledegook. Advice Please.

Answer:(Solved) Read Office 97 docs in Office 2000

Office 2000 does have binder. Look for it under Microsoft Office Tools. Perhaps you did not install it?

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have vista on my Asus laptop - 6 months old - which also came with MS Office 2007 - as work has MS office 2000 verison, went out, bought a legit copy of office2000 and... CRASH!
could not open word/excel/outlook etc - did find out through a forum that cannot have another version of outlook with 2007 at the same time - so uninstalled office 2000 and only installed word and excel 2000.

same error - when opening word/excel it opens up, but as soon as it comes up with the pop up to accept terms and conditions, it also comes up with another pop up saying windows has found a problem, and will advise when there is a solution - the only button which works is 'ok' and once pressed, it closes.

read elsewhere, that it could be due to having ms office 2007 installed first - so uninstalled both 2000 and 2007 versions of all ms office and re-installed excel and word 2000 - and still with the same error - PLEASE HELP...
are there any 'footprints' left in the system from 2007? are there other parts which need to be removed for a complete uninstall?

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At work I have Windows 2000 along with Office 2000. If I save a document to disk and take it home, will my home computer with Windows 95 and Office 97 be able to read the document??? If not, how can I change them to RTF files?

Answer:Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

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Answer:Office 2000: Installing on Windows 2000

Whoa, how 'bout that caps lock?

Do you have your Service Packs on Windows 2K installed (2 will cover 1 and 2)?

If not, what's your network setup? Are you sure you have administrative rights on the machine? Hard to say without more info...


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I am having problems with both of these programmes. MS Office 2000 Pro installs the 1st CD without any problem, but when I try to install the 2nd CD (containing MS Publisher)it gets to 'Installing MS office 2000' 'Please wait while Windows conigures MS Office 2000' At this stage the installation stops and it is necessary to restart the computer. With MS Publisher 2000, I have installed MS Publisher 98, MS Publisher 2000 sticks at the same place as Office 2000.My operating system is Windows 98se. I have no problems with an older computer, but my newer one has the above problem.Can anyone suggest a fix?

Answer:MS Office 2000 Pro and MS Publisher 2000 upgrade

Is the troublesome computer a new, incredibly fast, state of the art pride and joy?Reason I ask is that Win98, good as it certainly is, could fail with memory allocation/configuration and sheer CPU speed.For instance RAM in W98SE is 512Mb top whack

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New OS to me, will Office 2000 run on XP Pro?

Advanced thanks!

Answer:Is Office 2000 CD Win 95/Win 98/NT/2000 compatible with WinXP Pro?

I have XP pro... and have not had a problem with Office 2000, apart from a glitch with Frontpage... and I am sure this is just a problem with my comp... and nothing to do with XP.

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A friend of my wife's has 'consulted' me about something I know nothing about (now that's unusual since I keep telling people I know everything!).

Her computer is nearly as old as mine and is a Dell with 98SE, PentiumIII, 128MB RAM and 12GB HDD (nearly 10GB free space). It is mostly used for word processing and emailing but not for serious surfing.

It currently has Office 97 which includes Word (or is it the other way round?) Her employer has offered to upgrade her in stages to Office 2000 and then 2003, so that she can do more work from home.

What she wants to know is whether the newer programs can be installed without first uninstalling 97 and risking the loss of the documents she has created with 97 (and with the MS Graphics program),which are currently stored in My Documents. I thought it would be OK but don't actually know, hence this post.

She has plenty of HD space but I wonder if the other system requirements of the newer programs would make the upgrade difficult or even impossible.

Answer:Solved: MS Office 97-Upgrade to Office 2000/3?

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I want to upgrade to '07 form '00. I want to know if I can use the academic pro full version or do I need an upgrade. Also, do I have to remove 2000 first and will I be able to open and edit my 8 yrs. of files created in 2000?
Also, what is the difference between Academic and Standard? Is there any difference in the way they operate, load, etc?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Office 2000 to office 2007 questions

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Word has stopped working in my borrowed copy of Office 2007 on my laptop. I don't have the installation disk. But I do have my Office 2000 disk which I use on my desktop computer. Would it cause any problems if I removed Office 2007 from the laptop and installed Office 2000? I know that would be moving backward, but Office 2000 really is good enough for me. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Replace Office 2007 with Office 2000?

Make sure you uninstall Office 2007 completely before installing 2000.

You may need the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack to access any documents that you have created with Office 2007.

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A bit of background for my issue/question:

In order to sync my Windows Mobile phone to my computer I have to have Microsoft Outlook installed. However, my version is Office 2000. I cannot use Virtual XP on this particular computer (it's just a netbook) to use Office 2000 that way, but I did try that on my other computer, which runs Virtual XP beautifully. Unfortunately, it would not allow the syncing of the phone via the Virtual Machine. The more research I do on this issue, it seems Office 2000 is not really compatible with Win7, thus why I tried the Virtual XP thing in the first place.

So, my actual question is:

Does anyone have experience with Office 2003 and Win7? Are there issues running that? I'm sure Office 2007 is recommended, but I'm just looking for any insight anyone might have to offer from your own personal experience with running Office 2003 and Windows 7.

Just some additional information I thought I would put out there and if any one has any insight/solutions into these, that is welcome as well!

Windows 7 does install and run Office 2000, there are just some annoying quirks:

1. I had to copy over wab32.dll and wab32res.dll from C:\Program Files\Common Files\System into C:\Windows\System32 to get the address book to work in order to send messages or really do anything useful in Outlook.

2. I cannot select Microsoft Outlook as the default mail program. It doesn't even come up in the default programs list. That is why I cannot sync my phone up, because it... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Vs. Office 2000 Vs. Office 2003

Look here:

- Google Search

I know Office XP is mostly compatible with Win 7, but I think the Outlook component is not.

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Last spring, I had to fresh install XP Pro on my laptop and thought that it would be a good idea to buy Office 2003 Professional to replace my old Office 2000. I love it and find that I am very frustrated with the 2000 Pro on my office computer. So, I just bought another 2003 Pro and I have no idea how to proceed to upgrade. Do I uninstall all of the current Office programs? Do I simply stick the disk in the CD drive and let Windows figure it out? Do I build a fire in the parking lot and do a dance? I was successful with a new installation when I did the fresh install. But I do not want to lose all of my Outlook e-mails attachments, and contacts. I have benefited a great deal from the help here in the past. I hope that someone can guide me in the simplest possible way. I am a relative novice/greenhorn.

Answer:Up grade MS Office 2000 Pro to MS Office 2003 Pro?

Each MS Office a distinct entity, there really is no such thing as an "upgrade" from one version to another.

You could conceivably install each and they would both work, because they are independent of each other.

I suggest uninstalling the version you don't like...install the version that you do like . That's what I do.

You will need the CD for each to uninstall or install.


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I just ran the MS office update on a PC with Office 2003 installed. It's telling me I need to install Office 2000 SP3 and Office XP Project 2002 SP1! Why is it telling me I need these when I don't have either program installed!

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I have a few year's worth of e-mails with order confirmations, travel data, business communications, and archives going back an equally long period of time. If I buy Office 2007 Professional, how do I preserve all I currently have. Is there a export and restore function which exactly replaces the e-mails (current & archived), contacts, etc. Do I need to purchase the full version, or is it just as good to get the "upgrade" version? If I am accustomed to 2000, is it a good idea to even consider upgrading?

Thanks in advance for guidance.

Answer:Upgrading from Office 2000 to Office 2007

If you are going to upgrade or perform a full install of a new version of Outlook its advisable to get those emails, contacts etc backed up. This link shows you how to perform a backup of Outlook 2000 and what files to look out for. If you are happy with your current version of Outlook is there a real need to upgrade? One consideration I would make would be if Microsoft still provide updates for your version of Outlook, these updates are really important to fix security flaws.Hope that helps.

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Okay so maybe you can install Office 2000 and Office 97 using different directories. I do beleive this. BUT what I did was install Office 2000 .. removing Office 97 before I realized that I would need at least ACCESS 97 for a existing shared database. So I tried to install ACCESS 97 (using a different Drives 97 on C and 2000 on D) but after install and trying to run .. I get a message saying it could not start because it did not have the license for it on the machine.
I have gone so far as to completely uninstall both versions and reinstall Office 97 only but get same message. I also used Fix-It Utilities 99 to clean up the registry. But I am still coming up with this problem .. no licenses found for Access 97.

Any help here guys??


Answer:[SOLVED] Office 97 Pro and Office 2000 Premium together

Go here:


Leave the product as "All MS products" and enter this in the question:


You should get two responses, select the first.

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Hi all,
I recently bought a nice new HP computer. Since I have MS Office 2000 and I hate to upgrade because my other computer has this on it (and I know how to use it all!), I installed MS Office 2000 on the new computer.

Problem I am having is that an error message comes up that says:

Unknown error Ox9EE4011D An error occured while attempting to open the windows address book. Unable to find the WAB DLL.

I am pretty sure this is because MS Outlook 2000 is not supported by Win 7.

I have tried a few things with no luck.

I navigated to [C:\Program Files\Common Files\System]
I found the files wab32.dll and wab32res.dll, copied these
and pasted them to [C:\Windows\System32]

Right now when I look in this file [C:\Windows\System32], I see:


When I open up Outlook, it wants me to set it up and enable macros each time I open it.
When I do this I get the error message above, then it will download all messages as it would normally.
Problem is, just can send out any email.

I can't unload and reload Outlook without having to unload the entire MS Office 2000 because there is no seperate program in the remove program que.

Somewhere it said to go to the run window and register the dll's by using the following command at the run prompt.
[regsvr32 wab32.dll]
Tried this, but it would not let me do it (or I didn't do it right.

I have seen many things related to this, but not... Read more

Answer:Win7/MS Office 2000/MS Office and wab32.dll

You will need to get Office 2003 or later for Windows 7.

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I have been a user of Office 2000 since it's inception and always downloaded and applied all service packs, etc. to keep it up-to-date.
Recently a friend had me try Office 2003 to see if I liked it better. I did some data backups, uninstalled 2000 and installed 2003. After several weeks of trial and error I have decided to go back to the simplicity of Office 2000. I mainly use Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point.
I want to completely uninstall 2003 and remove all traces of it then install 2000.
Is this possible to go back to a previous version without any problems?
I know where all of my Word and Excel files are stored and will back them up to be reintroduced to 2000. What about my Outlook files, namely the personal folders containing my address book and existing emails, sent items and deleted items? Is a newer .pst file created using Outlook 2003 recognizable by the older Outlook 2000?Any suggestions?

Answer:Goodbyb Office 2003, Hello Office 2000

OL 2003 PST files cannot be read in 2K. If the PST file was created in 2K, then you should be OK.

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Today, I install Office 2003 on a machine which has Office 2000 on it. According to advices gave on this forum and microsoft web site. This can be done, but I find they are not happy to live together.All other applications are OK but not Word. When I used 2003 and want to back to use 2000, 2000 ask the set up disk to set it up, it find something on disk and work OK. After use 2000 and I want to go to use 2003, again 2003 also ask for disk for setup. Basically, everytime switch from one to another, it ask for set up. This only happens for Word. Any advices would be appreciated.

Answer:Office 2003 and Office 2000 are not happy together

Microsoft state that this will happen ,quote - If you have multiple versions of Word installed on your computer, when you start Office Word 2003, the Windows Installer may run and display a message that states that it is preparing to install before actually starting Word.unquote.Taken from click here .

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I need ot run office 2000 and Office 2007 on the same computer. Is it possible? How, if so.

Answer:Office 2000 and Office 2007 on same computer

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I have an issue with word 2000 in the office 2000 suite. Sometimes when I'm typing a letter I will get a bunch of gurbage like this {}[][][][][][][][]()()()()()(), instead of my words that I typed. and it will only happen on a small portion of the file. NOw im completely up to date with service packs with office 2k, and my os is patched as well. and I do have virus protection and did a online scan with trendmicro housecall and everything came up clean. what else could cause this type of problem?

Answer:Office 2000:Word 2000

The first thing I would suggest is to get a clean default template. It cures most Word problems and is the easiest to do.

Enable the viewing of hidden and system files.
Do not have Word running.
Search for and delete all occurrences of the "" file.
There must be at least one, if you find none, you have not enabled the viewing of hidden and system files.

When you next run Word, a new "" file will be created.

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Hi, i installed windows 2000, and i tried installin office 2000, but i got a windows file protection error, it asked me to put the windows 2000 cd in the drive but when i did this it still said it couldnt complete the installation. i tried the cd with a windows 98 system and it asked me to put the win 98 cd in when i was installing it and it worked fine when it did whatever it did with the CD.I tried installing it through safe mode on windows 2000 ( last time i got this error with windows/office 2000 it worked when i did it in safe mode) but it said it installer couldnt be used. It suggested it may be because it was runnning in safe mode....DUH!Does anyone know how i can get it to install on my win 2000 system?

Thanks if anyone can help


Answer:Installing Office 2000 on Win 2000

jst thot i'd put it back to the top

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I have used MS Office 2000 for many years and was wondering if the MS Office 2003 is very much better. Especially the Outlook part of it.

Are the newer version such as MS Office XP any better that MS Office 2003?


Answer:MS Office 2000 vs MS Office 2003?

Was looking for this info myself, but from xp to 2003, you might find info in link usefull.
going to stick with xp office

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I am trying to assist a lady with her need for Excel, linking a graphic calculator to her PC, and transferring data from the calculator to the PC. That's another problem.

She has purchased MS Office and Teacher Edition 2003 ( she is a qualified teacher) and it can be used on non-commercial use on up to 3 home PC's. (says so on the box)

To help her out, I was thinking of installing it on my laptop, but I already have Office 2000 installed.

Questions as follows:

Can I install both, without problems, on the same hard drive (C)?
Should I uninstall Office 2000 and then install Office 2003?
What happens if I send an Office 2003 document (excel, Word, Outlook or Powerpoint) to someone using Office 2000, will they be able to read it?
Do I have to get them to download free (?) Office 2003 readers?
What happens if I want to delete Office 2003 and revert back to Office 2000?
Can I convert all Office 2003 documents back to Office 2000? I guess not.


Answer:Office 2003 and Office 2000 on the same PC?

Office 2003 should automatically ask if you want to update an Office 2000 file to 2003 standards when you open it...Word, Excel, Publisher, etc., etc.
It's ok to run both versions, but the disk space they will consume will be HUGE.
I'm not sure 2000 will handle 2003 files.
I had both for a while and outside of the disk space required I didn't have any problem with that.
I uninstalled 2000 after I used 2003 and decided it was my favorite.
Read the entire EULA before you install 2003 Teacher Edition to make sure you aren't breaking some kind of legal agreement for use of the software on more than one computer because you will have to activate it and you know how Microsoft can be.


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I have managed to buy an unopened boxed Office Professional 2010 at a reasonable price. I have Office Professional 2000 presently installed on my computer together with a 2010 Office Starter linited edition.
Should I uninstall (Add/Remove?) the old versions before installing the new? I assume data fields are not removed? Is there any advantage in retaining the 2000 version to co-exist with 2010?

Answer:Office 2010 over Office 2000

i would delete both office programs and go for a fresh install of your new office

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I currently have Office 2000 Pro, but have recently been given a license to install Office Pro 2003. However, the licensing agent needs the discs back, so after I install it, I may not be able to reinstall it should something corrupt or I have to do a HD reformat. Were that to happen, I'd have to reinstall Office 2000 because I'm NOT going to spend the $$$ Mr. Gates wants for 2003.

So now the question. After installing MSO 2003, which programs (Word, Excel, Access) will change the format of my existing documents should I resave them? Once saved in 2003 format, which (if any) would still be readable by MSO 2000? I'm mostly concerned with Access; have a LOT of databases designed with MSO 2000. If MSO 2003 insists on converting them to its format, and that format is not compatible with 2000, and I need the 2003 discs to fix or update something and can't get ahold of them, I would be forced to buy a personal copy of MSO 2003 (ugh-$$$!).

Answer:Office 2003 vs. Office 2000

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I've been trying to find a listing of the differences between Office 2000 and Office 2010, can anyone help, either with a list or where to get one.

Wondering if its worth going for the Home and Student one.

Answer:Office 2000/Office 2010

Download the trial and see if you like it... Microsoft Office Trial download

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I have MS Office 2000 currently loaded on my pc. I need to have MS Office XP loaded alongside 2000 so I can use Excel XP to do Advanced ECDL Spreadsheet homework on my pc. This is because my local college uses XP for classes/exam. Is it possible, as I understand Word 2000 and Word XP conflict with each other when running together??Advice would be really appreciated.

Answer:Office XP run alongside MS Office 2000

click here

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Good day

I'm trying to import office 2003 pst files onto office 2000 format, how do i go about this?

Answer:Office 2003 pst onto office 2000

Is there any reason for the downgrade?

This MS article explains how you can create a compatible format:

Hope that helps

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Relevance 47.97%

I have a computer that currently is running Windows 2000 and has Office 2000 on it. For reason that do not matter, I have to put Office 97 back on the PC.
I was planning on just uninstalling Office 2000 and then install Office 97. Well someone told me that is not a good idea because of certain files and DLLs between the two versions can cause problems.

Need opinions on which course would work better and why?



Answer:Any problems going from Office 2000 to Office 97?

Zick said:

I have a computer that currently is running Windows 2000 and has Office 2000 on it. For reason that do not matter, I have to put Office 97 back on the PC.
I was planning on just uninstalling Office 2000 and then install Office 97. Well someone told me that is not a good idea because of certain files and DLLs between the two versions can cause problems.

Need opinions on which course would work better and why?


ZickClick to expand...

A utility that helps you completely remove Microsoft Office 2000 is available from Microsoft. The Office 2000 CD1 File and Registry Eraser Utility removes most of the files and Windows registry settings that remain on the computer after you remove Office. This utility is designed to be used on stand-alone computers or workstations. Do not use this utility to completely clean a working copy of Office from a computer. Run this utility only after you run the Setup program for Office 2000, and then click Remove Office.

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Can Office 97 doc's. (Word, Excel, Acces, Powerpoint, etc.) read Office 2000 documents?

Can Outlook 2000 operate ok with Office 97 installed or does Outlook 2000 need Office 2000?

Can Outlook 97 read Outlook 2000 created mail?


Answer:Office 2000/Office 97 compatibility

Can Office 97 doc's. (Word, Excel, Acces, Powerpoint, etc.) read Office 2000 documents?

Word, Excel, and Powerpoint 2000 files can be read by Office 97 applications as long as you did not use any features not available in Office 97, such as table within a table in Word.

The other two I'm not sure about, but I'd suppose they will. I'm not sure why you would want to set it up that way. Perhaps if you tell us why, we can give you better answers.

At work, I run 4 different versions of Microsoft Office, and 3 different versions of Outlook. Do I use all the Outlooks to send/receive mail, no. Things like Send To commands may get very confused or not work at all, depending on your setup. And clicking on an email link can cause havoc if it doesn't know which program to use.

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Question: win 2000 pro setup

fdisk and format carried out, re installed win 98se ok but get so far with win 2000 and it crashes. disc is a w2k upgrade. I've tried upgrading win 98, doing a clean install on win 98and using the four floppies, a direct install into a freshly formatted partition. on each occasion get as far as 'installing devices' and halfway along the time bar computer crashes. Have searched and am still searching for any help, but if anyone here as any suggestions I'll be grateful. Greybeard

Answer:win 2000 pro setup

What is your system? (Hardware)I can't help with your query but have given up trying to install Win2k on my system as it runs for 1-2days and crashes and won't return to last configuration.I have my suspicion that it's either the packard Bell diamond 1200 scanner drivers or the creative sound card.Will follow responses with interest.

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Question: Setup in Win 2000

I'm trying to setup Windows 2000 on a Dell machine with a 300mhz processor, 64MB of RAM, and a SCSI HD, CD, and Jaz drive. I always get an Error Code 4 when I put the Windows 2000 disk into the computer, any ideas?

Answer:Setup in Win 2000

Have you tried loading your scsi drivers at the beginning of setup?
Is all your hardware on the HCL?
Start here.

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Hello, a friend of mine just built his new computer. He had everything he needed except the CPU ( he didn't have enough money to but the CPU). he got one from a friend, it is an amd 2100+ for free. he also got a mobo and the heatsink for it, all of it was free. he didn't need the mobo, so he just used his new one.

here are his specs
Biostar m7ncd - pro with an nforce 2 chipset
512mb of muskin pc2700
512mb of kbyte pc2700
A seagate 80gb HDD with 8mb buffer, 7200 rpm
Geforce 4 mx440 se
Amd 2100+ with heastsink.
DVD rom drive.
ok here is the problem.
We tried loading WINdows 2000 onto his HD. it freezes at the setup screen when it says starting windows now. it also does this with XP at the same spot (both were tried using NTFS). OH and windows 98 loaded with fat32 loaded fine. we switched motherboards and used an MSI board with a VIA chipset, and got the same problem. we switched the vid cards and got the same problem as well.
Finally, we took his HDD and put it in my computer. we loaded windows XP with no problems. the only thing different is the Mobo brands and the cpu and the ram. he tested each ram module and they worked. we then put the seagate back into his computer and started it up. we got to the screen where you can choose how tostart up the OS because there was a problem etc.
we chose safe mode, but it froze while loading the file mup.sys
we tried last known config that worked, and all we got was a black screen. then we gave up. we then took the HSF off... Read more

Answer:WIN 2000 setup gone bad

I had that problem, for me it was a cheap cd-rom drive corrupting the files. For others it was an option in their bios called "HDD block mode", try turning if off for the installation, then when everything is up and running you can turn it back on. I use the function with everything installed with no problems.

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Question: Win 2000 LAN setup

I am installing Win 2000 for the first time in my home. I have an ethernet LAN with 5 computers. The other 4 have either Win ME or WIN 98SE. They can all see each other on the LAN and everything works OK. However, with the WIN 2000 system, it can see the other computers and send/receive files. But, when I try to access the Win 2000 system from any other computer, it requires a password. I have not set up any passwords (admin or otherwise) on Win 2000 and I have no idea where to go to specify the password that is expected from Win ME or to specify NO PASSWORD so that Win ME does not ask for a password to access it over the LAN. Any ideas?
P.S. I have the TCP/IP protocol installed with 'automatic IP address' setup on all systems.


Answer:Win 2000 LAN setup

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Question: Win 2000/XP setup

I'm trying to upgrade a computer from Win98 with windows 2000 but everytime it reaches "Setup is starting Win 2000" it freezes. I tried upgrading to Win XP and the same thing happened.

Answer:Win 2000/XP setup

did you check all of the req. to make sure your computer can handle windows 2000

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I have three machines set up in a LAN through a CNET router. These three machines are all set to automatically detect their IP addresses from the DHCP server within the router. All three machines are running WIN 2000 PRO and all are similar in makeup with the exception of their ages. Machine 1 and Machine two are the oldest and they are both able to see each other and sharte data freely. Machine 3 is running a RAID card with twin 80GB mirrored 7200 speed drives and a 40GB that has the OS on it. The router identifies aLL three machines and assigns them IP addresses. I also have shares setup \on machine 3 so that data is ready to be accessed by the other two compuiters. The only problem is that while machine one and machine two communicate correctly machine three is only a one way machine. Meaning it can ping all of the other computers within the workgroup but they cannot ping or access it. I have tried everything my measly little mind can think of down to self assigning IP addresses but still nothing works. I need to get this network working. Am i missing some sort of security setting or something that is preventing two way communication with this third machine. PLEASE HELP>

Answer:Need help with LAN setup under Win 2000

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How can I setup Microsoft version fax in windows 2000? I've been to add/remove windows components and I can't find it. Also I've done a search in this discussion archives, but could'nt find what I need.Please help!!

Answer:Fax setup in windows 2000

Nothing in the Help files? Probably have to install the fax components from the OS disk.See:click hereclick hereclick here

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Question: 2000 Setup restart

Has anyone heard of this.

I installed Windows 2000, everything was great. I applied SP4. Everything was great. I changed the CMOS Battery and restarted the computer. Noe it goes into the setup, like it hasen't been setup yet. I can't get it to stop the setup and start normally.

Any ideas?



Answer:2000 Setup restart

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Question: windows 2000 setup

Hi,How to setup windows 2000 server advanced family on an ultra 320 scsi hard drive.My OS hungs up at "preparing network connections" and it doesn't show me the log on dialog.So I need to repair the OS or advise me, Please!Regards,Abbas

Answer:windows 2000 setup

You can try here: need to find a copy of Win2K with SP2 slipstreamed to at least see if that resolves the problem.iMac G5 1.8GHz PPC, 2GB RAM, 160GB, Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8, SuperDrive

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i was going to re-install win2000 pro and i started to, but then i decided not to go with the re-install. now when i startup, i have to choose between the win2000 pro setup and win2000 pro. i need to know how to get rid of the setup choice when i start my computer. it is getting really annoying having to bypass that everytime i start my computer.

Answer:Win 2000 setup problems

To get rid of the entry open up explorer.

It is a hidden file, so you might need to go to Tools--Folder Options--view and change it to show all files and folders and uncheck the hide protected system files and the hide file extensions.

After you do go to the C:\ root and look for a file named boot.ini. Right click it, select properties and uncheck the read only attribute and hit ok.

Now double click the file and it should open in Notepad.

Delete the entry that references the windows 2000 setup installation. Make sure to leave all the other entries alone. Save the file and exit.

Go back and reset the read only attribute and exit explorer.

Now right click My Computer and select properties.

Go to advanced and select startup and recovery.

Look to see that it has Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect as the default operating system and uncheck the display list of operating systems.

Now when you boot it should not prompt you for the setup option.

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I'm running Win2000 Pro., and I have several custom printer setups on my machine. I need to know if there is some way to copy these settings to a network so I can use them on other machines. Thanks.

Answer:Printer setup in 2000

Never mind...I found a solution.
I downloaded a program from Microsoft, called Print Migrator 3.0. Exactly what I needed.

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Built new computer with MSI K7T266 Pro motherboard, Athlon XP1600+, WD400 HD.

I've been trying to load Win 2K. It boots up with CD, and acts like it is working fine... blue setup screen with bottom line loading different things, etc...

And then it gets to "Setup is Starting Windows 2000"... and then nothing. I can't even cntrl-alt-del!!! I have to shut power off.

I can't figure it out. I thought it was HD as the bios didn't recognize it automatically. Got a new drive and still same thing. I've now set HD to ATA66 instead of ATA100 and that didn't do anything either (Western Digital says Win2K doesn't recognize ATA100).

I was going to load in updated bios from MSI website but can't load beacuse it needs Win32 operating system... and I can only boot up using Win 98 boot disk.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Win 2000 Setup - Very Frustrated

Are you loading the ata66 drivers, somewhere in the setup screens you can choose to load drivers.

If not, try connecting the drive to std ide connection. load 2k, then load the ata drivers.

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I am trying to use a windows 2000 backup setup cd...

And it is not working do to the fact that the backup is missing its correct volume name... Can anyone tell me the volume name to a windows 2000 setup cd?

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ok, i installed office2000 and it came with outlook 2000 ...

well, during the first startup, it brought up the wizard to configure outlook to be:

1. email client
2. workgroup or internet email client?
3. not as an email client due to the fact i use another email client.

well, i accidentally selected option 2, and outlook configured it to be like that, when i should have chosen option 1 ....

how do i get it to do the wizard again?

i reinstalled outlook, to no avail. i uninstalled outlook, and then reinstalled it, and it still didnt do anything.

how do i fix it and get it to bring the wizard back up so i can select option 1?

Answer:outlook 2000 setup?

Hi TypeSk,
If memory serves you can click on tools, options, then the mail setup tab on the Options window. This should start you out on the wizard you're looking for.

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I hace win me on c: d: seperate drive backup programs e:is seperate partion of c: When I try to install 2000 it goes to the first restart and gives the error of inaccessable boot drive. Any help.

Answer:2000 pro setup problems


The problem might be with the configuration of your HDs.

Look here for more information:


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Answer:Partitioning during Win 2000 setup

HiHas anyone experience with partitioning a hard drive during the installation of win 2000, If so do you think it is feasable to be able to partition a 120 gig hard drive into a primary of 10 gig and 2 extended partitions of 55 gig each, then formating them ntfs or would it be wiser using partition magic.Any thoughts on the subject much appreciated.cheersG :)

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hey everyone

i installed windows 2000 on my slower computer yesterday, xp was slowing it down even without the themes turned on, now when i boot it up the 2000 boot screen shows then it says Setup is re-starting, i have restarted the setup but to no avail. its a never ending loop. i restarts to where it installed the mouse, keyboard and monitor then i setup the network. i have no idea on how to solve this one, this problems new to me


Answer:windows 2000 setup, help!

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I was told to reinstall windows 2000 aon a C800 I was given. I stopped with an erroro reading line 3221166496 hivedef.inf corrupted. Setup cannot continue. What do I do?

Answer:2000 not setup won't complete

Welcome to TSG....

Are you doing a clean install with a format?

Or are you trying to install over windows 2000 already on the computer?

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Question: Office XP Setup

Newbie, i know

right, im trying to install Office Xp on Windows XP.
it gets so far then it tells me Error 1305, Cannot copy file MSWDS_EN.LEX or something like that.

Went to the Microsoft Knowledge base,
it basically told me It was a CD-Rom problem... something to to with cache...???
i have tried the cd in both my CD drives with the same result..

Its a copied version of Office.

any ideas

Answer:Office XP Setup

You should purchase a legitimate copy.

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Question: New Office setup

First off, I'm new to these forums. This looks like a nice friendly environment where I can recieve good computer assistance. Anyway, my office computer finally crapped out on me after 5 years, and I need a new one ASAP. Here is what I've been thinking about purchasing, I just want to make sure I'm not making any mistakes. Just let me know if all this hardware is compatible and is reliable. This computer needs to be very reliable. No gaming will be done on this computer.









So if anyone can provide me with any advice on the hardware I have selected, it will be greatly appretiated. I will check these forums constantly throughout the day. Thanks everyone!

Answer:New Office setup

Don't get the motherboard, MSI or dfi are the way to go there are other good makes as well, but you want the big names like MSI, DFI or Abit.
You have chosen the most reliable make harddrvie, you might want to go for sata though, maybe even get anouther and put it in RAID1 (extra reliability)

I can't see a psu.... For reliabilty and safety as well, get Antec, Thermaletake or ocz.

It is all compatible though (apart from no psu, but that is a wrong link by the looks of it.)

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Question: Office fax setup

I am having an issue installing fax service for an office. Fax was already working with an old fax machine and two old gateways running brvp phone tools software. I just upgraded to two brand new dell xps410 and pulled the modems from the old machines. The modems were found, installed and working properly. I installed windows fax console from control panel, added the fax in the printer wizard and set the fax to send and receive. I am sometimes able to send faxes but can not receive fax or save to folder. Also when I send a fax, a copy of the document gets sent to the actual fax machine. When I disconnect the actual fax machine and get the computer fax to answer the call, I get a fatal error as soon as the transmission starts.
Would some help me on this, an fix ideas or some free software i can download?

Thank you


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Hey guys heres what I have and what has to be setup:

600mhz, 256mb ram, 20gb for Windows/Programs and 80 GBs in Raid 1 (SERVER)
2 Laptops
4 Desktops

I connect through Verizon Wireless (The new stuff, due to no dsl and no cable and satellite sucks)

The way the diagram will be

Internet -> Server -> 1 Laptop/Desktop Hardwired - the rest wireless

I wanna know the best equipment to do a proper setup that wont crash.. I am currentyl just using a Wireless Router hooked up to the server and it works but crashs daily...

Almost whats the best software to configure all of this stuff? Or just use Windows stuff?

Answer:best way to setup this office

It's not a real big network, so I'm sure that a consumer router would be fine.

Perhaps the Linksys WRT54G?
It's proven stable to me with stock firmware and so far is one of the best routers I've used.


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Hi there,In our Church we are about to set up a new Office with two persons (females) working in it. We are about to buy two new computers which will have new approved Church software on them. This software is for Parish Records (Deaths and marriages, Church finance etc) and the Software Company that has written this has specfied Windows XP Professional. As a member of the Select Vestry, I have been tasked with kitting this office out with its requirements.Now, here is my problem, what is the cheapest way to kit these two Computers with the latest Microsoft Office Aplication (I don't know if that is Microsoft Office XP or 2005? .......they need to have Word, Excell, Powerpoint)Can we buy one edition of Office and put it on the two computers or do we buy one edition and get a licence for the other? What is the cheapest way to kit out these two computers ( remembering that this is a church office and we would want to do the honest and right way...... NOT dodgy.......LOL) Any suggestions on were we could get the best deals?We haven't bought the Computers yet but is there any mileage in trying to get a deal when purchasing getting the complete package? At the moment, we are looking at Dell for the computers.Your help and suggestions in this matter would be greatly appreciated.ThanksHarry

Answer:New Office Setup - Can Anyone Help?

Unfortunately you will need to buy a copy of Office for both PCs. 2 PCs is too small a group to apply for any discounts.The question you need to ask is "Do I actually need Microsoft Office?" there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, for instance Open Office is completely free but includes most of the funtionality of Microsoft Office, but doesn't include any technical support.Sun Star Office costs about £50, is more or less the same as Open Office, includes technical support, and you may be able to install it on several PCs.Check with your software company to see if Microsoft Office is necessary.Hope this helpsAlan

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Question: Office XP Setup

Newbie, i know

right, im trying to install Office Xp on Windows XP.
it gets so far then it tells me Error 1305, Cannot copy file MSWDS_EN.LEX or something like that.

Went to the Microsoft Knowledge base,
it basically told me It was a CD-Rom problem... something to to with cache...???
i have tried the cd in both my CD drives with the same result..

Its a copied version of Office.

any ideas

Answer:Office XP Setup

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This technical article provides information to help advanced Microsoft Exchange administrators and deployment experts get started with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Read the documentation and release notes on the Exchange 2000 compact disc for step-by-step installation instructions. Then, read this article for more information about installation and the steps that the Setup program performs during installation.
System Requirements

Minimum Requirements - Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader

Operating System - Windows 95 & 98, NT 4.0 & 2000, Windows Me, Win XP



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I upgraded from Windows 98 to 2000. The setup process worked fine but at the end of setup, instead of booting up to the regular windows 2000 desktop, the setup process repeats itself, repeatedly and endlessly. If I take the setup CD out of the drive the setup program asks for a CAT file. I copied the CAT file onto a new CD from the installation CD, inserted the CAT file CD in the drive, but the problem remains. Thank you in advance for any replies.

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while running setup following error msg diplay.setup cannot continues because an unexpacted error has occcured.http// sys is window xp sp2 , 3.2ghz processor iGB RAM 80 GB HDD please help

Answer:instaling setup life cam vx-2000

Did you go to Microsoft and look up the error? Norris was once asked why he doesn't use an iPhone, he responded, "Same reason I don't use tampons."

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Does anyone know how to setup a catchall account in Exchange 2000?


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I was having some trouble with a notebook I have that was running 98se, and decided to upgrade it to win2000pro. After making the error of partitioning the HD and creating dual OS. I dicided to reformat the HD and install win2000pro as a new installation. I created 4 boot disks. after using all four, the system asks for the win2000pro CD, which I insert. Shortly afterwords I get the following error....
The following value in the .SIF file used by set up is corruoted or missing:
Value 0 on the line section [SourceDisksFiles] with key ""
Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3.
At this point, my only option is to quit. I have tried several times to reinstall win2000pro, but get the same error... What am i doing wrong? Is there anything I can do? Thank you for your help

Answer:Windows 2000 setup error

If it were me I would just "zero fill" the HDD, reformat and try reinstalling W2KPro.

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Can anyone tell me how to fine tune page setup for positioning multiple copies of a design on a page, such as business cards?This is easy to do in Word, through customising the Labels print layout and setting your own margins, etc. but I can't find this option in Publisher. It doesn't show up in page setup.I want to use Publisher for the task in question if at all possible, as it's more suited to it than Word. When I have done trial prints, the designs are repeated 10 per page, as expected, but the margins do not match the pre-cut card that I'm using.All input greatfully received.

Answer:Page setup in Publisher 2000

Hold alt down then use the arrow keys to move the highlighted section.

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Hi... this is my first post/thread. Glad to be a part of the community.
Anyway, I'm having trouble installing Windows 2000 on this crappy PC. I'm getting an error message and I'm not sure what it means.

I made the 4 floppy setup disks for Win2000, put the first one in and boot up the system. Everything looks normal and the Windows 2000 seems like it's going to start up.
The computer says "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration..."

Then I get the following error message:
Disk I/O Error: Status = 0000100C
From here the computer just sits idle on that error message.
Not sure what this is all about, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows 2000 Setup Trouble

Looks like the Floppy disks are corrupt.

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