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how to config backup harddrive

Question: how to config backup harddrive

hiya was reading earlier threads on backups so ive already thought about it and ive got a new harddrive for the porpose off just a backup drive. how do i configer using xppro on a 40gb hd with 2 partitions on ide0. inv a cdrwiter and a dvd. whats the best way to configer these on ide0 and ide1 and what jumper settings help please.

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Preferred Solution: how to config backup harddrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: how to config backup harddrive

Put the new drive on the same ribbon as the other hard drive but before you do set the jumper at the back of the drive to S/L for slave. then after you are connected restart your computer. and go into setup and auto config the drive. "BUT BEFORE YOU DO ALL THIS SWITCH THE POWER OFF BY PULLING THE PLUG IN THE WALL"

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Running W7/64. I've tried to create a system backup to my D drive: error message states that I cannot create an image to a drive which Windows boots from or is installed on.

Not good.

My computer has an SSD ,the C drive, and a spinner, the D drive.

When I installed Windows, I only had the C drive installed. The D drive was not physically connected.

Now, the D drive was recycled from another use. It +had+ been a C drive (possibly for this very machine). I did a full format on it, and ensured it was not hooked up during the SSD install. (I thought that would erase windows OS files.) Somehow, Windows on D drive won't die!

My thought is that I need to perform a repair install. I can do that...and I will. I'll make sure D drive is physically disconnected. Again. Obviously, my attempt to erase any and all previously used data on the D drive failed. (At least, that's my thought.)

How do I remove any OS remnants on the D drive? Yeah, I've got stuff on it, but I can create a Macrium backup and restore them, if need be.

I've included Drive Manager image of it as well as what Macrium sees. (I've got some of the SSD unallocated for overprovisioning.)


Answer:Cannot create a backup image on my backup harddrive?

Ok mate my first thought is I would clean the D: drive using DISKPART - clean or clean all depends on how thorough you want to be a simple clean would in my mind be enough.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
then format it.

My other thought is how old is that spinner??

Edit I meant to say back up the data first eh?

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Running W7/64. I've tried to create a system backup to my D drive: error message states that I cannot create an image to a drive which Windows boots from or is installed on.

Not good.

My computer has an SSD ,the C drive, and a spinner, the D drive.

When I installed Windows, I only had the C drive installed. The D drive was not physically connected.

Now, the D drive was recycled from another use. It +had+ been a C drive (possibly for this very machine). I did a full format on it, and ensured it was not hooked up during the SSD install. (I thought that would erase windows OS files.) Somehow, Windows on D drive won't die!

My thought is that I need to perform a repair install. I can do that...and I will. I'll make sure D drive is physically disconnected. Again. Obviously, my attempt to erase any and all previously used data on the D drive failed. (At least, that's my thought.)

How do I remove any OS remnants on the D drive? Yeah, I've got stuff on it, but I can create a Macrium backup and restore them, if need be.

I've included Drive Manager image of it as well as what Macrium sees. (I've got some of the SSD unallocated for overprovisioning.)


Answer:Cannot create a backup image on my backup harddrive?

Ok mate my first thought is I would clean the D: drive using DISKPART - clean or clean all depends on how thorough you want to be a simple clean would in my mind be enough.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
then format it.

My other thought is how old is that spinner??

Edit I meant to say back up the data first eh?

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Hi, away to format HDD, can anyone point me in the correct direction for backing up my girlfriend's Telewest Broadband connection settings so i can reinstate the connection after a format...she's doesn't have an installation CD or know her username / pass as someone initially installed it for her...can i download a setup disc image from telewest, seemed to go round in circles there :~(tia...

Answer:Backup Telewest BB Config...

click here but you will need to know her username and password - normally supplied in a letter from blueyonder.

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I just bought a UPS for my home computer and have been on the manufacturers website and emailed them and got no response...
My question is when setting up the configuration (see pic attached) I don't know what the signal polarities are for the UPS I have, it's not documented in any of my literature. Anyone have any suggestions? The UPS I have is the Amptek Bluestar 650N ( I was going to try each setting and see but I'm afraid of bunking it up or damaging it....any help would be great!

Answer:UPS backup settings/config question

I don't know if he should be changing that to negetive Dave. if in doubt leave all those settings the way they are. the manufacturer should always have those to a safe default setting. I recommend not changing anything unless you are absolutely sure. I mean why would they sell a product that is new and it has an unsafe setting turned ON by default?

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During a recent hard drive back up, the following (2) files could not be copied:

1) enterprisesec.config.cch.2588.82125
2) security.config.cch.2588.82000

I have backed up this drive on numerpous occasions without receiving such a result.

Also, when searching the Microsoft site, these files do not return a result.

Anybody know what the are? Dangerous?

Much Thxxxx.

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I try to plug in my external drive or my USB drive but it doesn't pick up...

Answer:How do I backup my harddrive using UBCD4Win

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i got a problem that maybe someone can help me out girlfriends motherboard fried..she was running xp home edition....i have an old computer that i'm going to take the motherboard and processor out of and put in hers...but she wants to save her data....she has some important .doc's and alot of pictures that cant be replaced in her My documents folder on her harddrive....

i put her harddrive in my computer as a slave and was able to see the files on her harddrive....but the one folder that has her name on it(where all the pics and .docs are) it tells me its not accessible.....she had a profile login on xp home that she would login to....and i have her login/password if there was to use there anyway to get into that folder to retrieve her stuff and back it up?...any info would be appreciated.. thanks!

this is the message i get....

E:\Documents and settings\Linda is not accessible
access is denied

Answer:how can i backup these files on this harddrive?

Follow this.;en-us;308421&sd=tech

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Hi,     I am in the market for a backup harddrive.  I had a couple of questions.  First I will explain, I use my computer for mostly personal and school, I have a decent amount of word documents, music, and pictures.  I have a 3 year old Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop with Windows XP.  I wanted to know1)  For my uses, is an external harddrive really necessary?-Is this something I should have or is it really not a big deal for my purposes?2)  If it would be of particular benefit, I'd like to know, which brand, model could you recommend?  I do have a restricted budget.-Would this do?Link Edit3)  What kinds of features should I pay attention to or are of big importance?4) How much GB do I need?-Is 320 ample?Thanks.

Answer:Purchasing A Backup Harddrive

Hard to say if you need 320gb, generally your backup hdd need not be any larger than the internal one unless that's running out of space and will be replaced soon.  (Some cloning programs will clone to a smaller hdd provided that the smaller one can contain all the files on the source partitions)If you are considering cloning your internal hdd to your backup hdd so that you can boot from the backup, ensure that booting from a usb device is supported in your system.The price shown on the link you posted is certainly very attractive, pity they're out of stock!Burning data files to a cd or dvd is the cheapest form of reasonably secure backup IMHO.Good luck

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I have a current settup with WinXP, in which my main HD is a SATA. I want to use an old IDE HD for back-up. The opticals on a secondary IDE cable. When I put the IDE HD on a primary, the computer will stop on boot just primary to going to the DATA (After CD and floppy). The Bios appears to find the HD and I can access it using a DOS boot floppy.

According to Western Digital, there does not need to need a jumper.

I think that maybe there should be.


Answer:Harddrive: SATA OS/IDE Backup

Problem solved.

Changed boot drive to HDD 0 from HDD 1

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What kind of external harddrives are worthwhile?? Maxtor sems a pretty decent company . . i'm new to this and curious as to what i should look for - want around 200 GB for dvd image backups . . . good price / good company / large capacity . . . any suggestions?

Thank you


Answer:Want to buy external harddrive for DVD Backup . . .

something like this??

200 GB 7200 RPM USB External Hard Drive

or this??

MAXTOR - 200 GB 7200 RPM OneTouch External USB 2.0 Hard Drive

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Just got my tomtom go700.Is it possible to back up the whole hard drive to a PC. So if any future downloads mess it up I can do a reinstall.

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I'm using XP pro etc.

I've got a new larger harddrive where my present main harddrive is full.

The question is, can I copy my present 'My Documents' onto the new hdd and then install XP etc on the new hdd when completed and the old hdd removed.

Or have got to start from fresh and copy all the files I want onto DVD's.


Answer:Solved: Backup to new Harddrive ???

"Acronis Migrate Easy" will clone your entire old drive to your new drive. You will then be able to swap the old out and new in. This will save you countless hours of reinstalling Windows.

You owe me a beer!

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i recently purchased the 320gb maxtor harddrive, after figuring i need to backup my pc to it, i tryed to do it and when i get to the 'where do you want to save the backup' (on windows vista ultiamte 32 bit) i select my new harddrive and it says....
'this disk cannot be used to store a windows pc backup image as it is a dynamic disk' could anybody explain what a dynamic disk is and how i can sort this problem? thanks a lot topps.

Answer:pc backup, failure with new harddrive??

ensure you have the correct drivers for such a hard drive. VISTA has MANY issues with hardware. If you cannot fix the problem you will need to either get a compatible drive or switch to XP.

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I try to plug in my external drive or my USB drive but it doesn't pick up...

Answer:How do I backup my harddrive using UBCD4Win

I'm assuming you are using the ubcd4win that takes ou to the ubcd4win desktop not just tools. If so, you need to go to the start button and then system and then hwpnp and then click on install usb devices. With my flash drive in it then picks it up. You could also force install devices there and then it may pick up the external hd. I'm not sure that it is going to pick up and external hd through a usb port. I have never tried an external hd as I don't have one. I have done it when I had the 2nd hd on an ide cable or sata and used ubcd4win.

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Dad and I both want to backup to a 500gb Maxtor External Harddrive.
We have partitioned the harddrive into two. One partition for each of us.
We would like to do a full clone of each of our harddrivesand place them oon the harddrive. WE want the clone that goes on the harddrive ,to be useful(not in some random compressed format that we can't get to).

Also. My laptop has a wireless internet connection that connects to a router connected to the internet. The router also connects to dads computer which has the external harddrive.
Is there a way to backup my harddrive using the criteria above via our wirelesss connection.

I have lost my laptop once and I don't want it to happen again.
Please tell me if you know of a simple way to go about this.

Is it possible to make a full clone of the harddrive that i wouldn't have to clone the whole harddrive each time. ( if you know what i mean) So it just updates the files each time.

Answer:How to Backup to External Harddrive.

There are two ways of doing this, manually by copying the files required or try using cobian backup, the link is in the free software list.
Free Software List for Vista

I would not recommend backing up via wireless as this will take a long time.

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Ok so i have three harddrives, lets call them XP, 7old, and 7new. So the 7old harddrive's OS,windows7, wasn't working (i have tried so much things to try to make it work and now i have given up). Because of this i am now planning on getting a new harddrive to do a clean install of windows 7, but then i want to ask if there is a way to restore/copy the applications/files i have in the 7old harddrive, to my new harddrive. (I cannot login to the 7old harddrive's os, but i can access the harddrive files from my xp harddrive). So is there a way to do a clean install then have my old files/applications transferred, since i cant really clone my old harddrive since the os wasn't working. Any suggesstions?

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I am running xp home edition sp3. I have a Seagate 200gb hdd external. I have Spotmau Power Suite 2009 software. When I get ready to backup and am asked for the destination drive, the D: drive isn't shown as an option. I installed the Windows XP backup utility(ntbackup) and got the same results.
I dont't want to backup to DVD or removable drive.

Windows sees the drive and I can access it. Why doesn't backup see it?


Answer:Can't backup to external usb 2.0 harddrive.


Make sure you can access the hdd

Also install the proper drivers

Make sure it`s recognized in device manager and in disk managment


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does w7 keep registry backup in C:\Windows\System32\Config?

is there a program that let me open and browse the backups?


Answer:does w7 keep registry backup in C:\Windows\System32\Config?

Quote: Originally Posted by drugo


does w7 keep registry backup in C:\Windows\System32\Config?

is there a program that let me open and browse the backups?


I believe the location is "C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack"; I don't use it, so this is from memory.

I use Tweaking Registry Backup from instead, which is free and superior in my opinion.

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Well 2 days ago my motherboard fried because of a power surge, and I'm buying a new computer tommorow, my question is.. is it possible to get the data off my old hard drive? I was hoping it'd be as easy as plugging it into my new computer, but I don't think it is. I don't really know about this stuff so any responses would be greatly appreciated.

All I need to access is the photos, so if I can access the pictures id just put them on a flash drive.

The old hard drive has windows vista on it, I'm planning on getting windows 7 if that helps.

Answer:Harddrive backup after mobo crash?

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I recently went thru the blue screen of death on one of my home networked pc. It made me wonder about harddrive cloneing & backup software? What is the best out there. Are there any good free versions? Can they do a complete back and transfer to a new harddrive (to replace the old one) or a bigger hd to be used as the new primary hd for my pc? Can they be used when you get a major error in windows and just want to reinstall windows to working order? or do you have to reinstall the complete clone of the hd?



Answer:Harddrive cloneing & Backup software?

First link in my signature refers.

You burn the free software into a CD and so the health of the orginal operating system is immaterial.

The target or the clone is a 100% mirror image of the orginal and boots exactly like the source disk. You should remove the source disk when using the clone though as two sets of identical system files may cause a MS Windoze to do funny things..

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I successfully backed up my computer to an external harddrive using Windows 7 backup. I used Windows recommended settings.

My computer's local disk is currently 216 GB. When I backed up my computer to the harddrive it says that the backup is 384 GB.

Can somebody explain to me why my backup is larger than my system's harddrive?

Also, just so you know, I don't have any previous backups that need to be deleted. And just to be sure I ran the backup numerous times always getting the same size as a result (384 GB).

I would like to have a complete backup but don't want to use up so much space. Is there an easy way to change a setting so that I can save disk space on my external drive while have a thorough and comprehensive backup.

Much Thanks!

Answer:Why is my backup larger than my system's harddrive?

How many partitions in this PC?

How many partitions were imaged?

What is the total size of the hard drive that contains your C partition, including unoccupied space?

Did you by any chance do a "sector by sector" backup? I don't use Windows Backup and don't know if that is even a possibility.

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Hi there,

I'd like to back up my photos to an external hard drive. Is there an app that can keep the backup up to date so that it mirrors what is on my laptop? I'm using Windows.

The hard drive isn't often attached so if the process could be initiated manually that might be a good way to do it.



Answer:Sync Backup on External Harddrive?

Get SyncBackFree, a very good Windows backup utility.

When you setup the new profile choose "Mirror" as the type. For the first run it do a simulation run to make sure it's working they way you want it to.

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I'm looking to back up my D: drive to my H: drive. Does anybody know of any free programs that would do such a thing? I tried Han-Soft Auto Backup, but it's a 30 day trial thing.

Answer:Free Harddrive Backup Software?

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Gave my old pc to my son, had not gotten around to backing up my picture files yet.  Well he tells me its not working, after some investigation I find out that instead of shutting down the pc properly each time, he simply has been unplugging it.  I mean, every time bless his cotton socks no matter how much I have always drilled into his 10yr old brain this is a bad thing to do.  Before I restore it, which of course will wipe my files is there any way to rescue my pictures?

Answer:Can I backup my harddrive befor i restore it?

If the PC will no longer boot, you could try that hard drive in another machine.  it will then show up as an additional drive, and you should be able to get your pictures from it.Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum.

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yes these are all legal....
whats the best program to rip dvds to my harddrives
i tried dvd shink, should I make it an iso or a audio_ts, I was thinking ISO

anyone who does this have any suggestions?

Answer:Burning DVDs to harddrive for backup...

dvddecrypter allows for easy fair-use of your DVDs, requiring no great amount of knowledge. It also allows for selection of only the program portion that you want, so no space or time is wasted backing up unwanted portions of the disc.

Check out Doom9 for all your audio/video/DVD needs.

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I've got Win'98se with a 6.4 gig Fujitsu harddrive that's less than a year old. I started having scandisk run every re-boot so I did a thorough scan. The scan reported sector 40, 312, and 313 were bad. It said:

"Scan disk can no longer read from Sector 40 of this drive's file allocation table. Scandisk cannot repair this error because this part of the system cannot be relocated to another section of your disk. You may need to replace this disk."

It also returned the same message for Sector 312 and 313, yet the final report said that there were 0 bytes in bad sectors. I assume that's because it couldn't read the Sectors to see if there was information there.

The question is twofold:
1) I guess this means the drive must be replaced (2 months left in the warranty!) am I correct? and
2) Is there an easy and or inexpensive way to copy the entire drive to a new one?

The drive is partitioned into 2.1gig partitions and i really want to keep the data without having to start fresh with a replacement drive (I'll have to ship the drive away and I expect I'll get a new one instead)?

I'm just bought a new 8.4 gig harddrive, so I want to transfer the data without necessarily starting from scratch.


[This message has been edited by lavigne (edited 03-28-2000).]

Answer:Bad Sectors on Harddrive. Want to backup what's left

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heres the deal
i have a 250gb harddrive thats had alotta stuff taken off and put on it, i want to reformat it.
i have some things id like to save, so i have an old 40gb harddrive sitting around. unfourtunately it has stuff on it and i would like to wipe it clean so i can put it in the computer and have it set to a slave drive so i can just copy and paste all of the data from one harddrive to the other. then i can wipe the 250gb harddrive, reinstall windows, plug in the 40gb, and transfer the data back.

with all that said, how exactly do i do that? i tried putting the 40gb in but either my computer wont boot (no message, the screen never changes from all black) or it boots from the 40gb harddrive and doesnt recognize the 250gb.

Answer:harddrive reformatting/backup data

Welcome to TSG!
It's possible that the 250 gig HDD has been jumpered to standalone which is not (edit: not always) the same as Master. You need to set both drives' jumpers. The 40 GB to slave, and 250 GB to Master.

If the 250 GB HDD is SATA, then it should be recognized no matter what IDE drives are present... In this case I would go into BIOS and check if they are recognized OK, and then check boot order. Besides boot order of different device types (floppy, CD, HDD, etc.) in some BIOS-es there's an option for setting boot priority of HDDs present in the system.

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Hello there all.
I was not sure where to put this message so apologise if its in the wrong place.
I am in need of some free or cheap software that can backup your hard drive as it is over the network to an image file.
It will need to backup to a network share.
I have been trying a Utility called Bart PE with Self Image. This is good but unfortunately when you want to restore your image to a new hard drive it wont work because the new hard drive is much bigger than the last one.
I need this to work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
If anyone can suggest any software that I can buy or use that would be great.
If there is any more information needed please let me know.

Regards Steve

Answer:Backup Harddrive over the network software

Have you heard of Acronis True Image ??
Drive size is no problem.

The Trial DL is fully functional for 15 days

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I had vista 64 but it crashed. Everything was backed up. I installed windows 7 prof 64 on the machine and began to use it regularly. However, I was never able to recover any of the files in the vista back up image. I have tried to run a virtual machine with vista 64 on it to restore that backup file and get the files off of it but I am having problems with my BIOS not letting me run a VM. Is there anyway to access these compressed and locked files within my current configuration of windows 7 to extract them??? or can you only access a vista back up image on a vista OS. Please help me!!

Answer:Need to access Backup file from current windows config

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I recently installed a new Seagate 500G SATA harddrive and cloned everything over to the new drive. After I reinstalled Norton System Works 2007, now I can't access my backup drive. I can see the D:\ drive in "my computer", but it tells me the file system is missing. How do I fix it? Is there something I can copy from C to D?


Answer:Backup harddrive file system missing

I'm using Window XP. Computer Management shows the partition w/ 116 G capacity/free. It says the drive is healthy, but won't reformat it either. Please Help.

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I created a 'Complete PC Backup' from Vista before installing windows 7 in external usb hard drive. Now I want to delete that backup and store windows 7's backup.

When I try to delete the folder i get error: 'An errored occured while applying security information to ... Access is denied.' message.

and when I try to delete the the folder inside 'Windows Image Backup' i get an error message.

I tried to get permission but the above error is displayed.

What should I do now?

Answer:Delete 'Complete PC Backup' in external usb harddrive

With the drive plugged in use Windows Explorer, can you see the folder in the tree, if so right click and do delete, if that doesn't work is that all you use the drive for, if so just format the drive.

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This is a windows xp HP computer, the problem is I have a boot option and I've been booting from cd all this time. I accidently turned the pc off now the computer won't read the cd for some reason. Yes the cd works, I tried it in my new laptop I got this Christmas. All I want to get a few files off the old computer and I'll let it rest in peace. I've been using Hiren's BOOTCD 11 to boot my pc, and so I just made a bootable usb but there is a big issue. It reads Grub4dos instead of the Hiren disk, it says
Boot from find menu.lst, /boot/grub/menu.lst. /grub/menu.lstClick to expand...

and when it does that this shows up
Grubs4dos 0.4.5b 2011-04-23, Mem 639K/1014/0M, End: 351657 [Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word TAB list possible command completions of a device/filename ESC at anytime exits. ]Click to expand...

I type in boot then it says
Error 8: Kernel must be loaded before bootingClick to expand...

Answer:Issue #1: Harddrive failed backup all files


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I wonder if anyone could please give me some advice.I work in a small office environment (of around 8 employees) and our tape drive backup system has recently reached maximum capacity.We have our server (windows server 2003 small business edition) sitting in the building opposite which stores all our network files and is backed up daily via a grandfather, father, son tape rotation system (I keep the tapes in my office to ensure offsite backup).I am thinking of getting a networkable external harddrive and am wondering if this is the best solution and if so, which one to get.I was thinking that I could plug it into one of the ethernet ports in our office and schedule a daily backup of the server, to run overnight. I can't connect it directly to the server because we need to have 'offsite' backup for insurance purposes.Is this the best solution? What drives would you recommend (I think we'll need around 1TB to cope with expanding data storage needs)? I've looked at the 'Western Digital My Book' as an option, but all our machines run Windows (XP) OS's so I don't need Mac compatibility.Many thanks

Answer:External harddrive for backup in a small business

click here

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This is a windows xp HP computer, the problem is I have a boot option and I've been booting from cd all this time. I accidently turned the pc off now the computer won't read the cd for some reason. Yes the cd works, I tried it in my new laptop I got this Christmas. All I want to get a few files off the old computer and I'll let it rest in peace. I've been using Hiren's BOOTCD 11 to boot my pc, and so I just made a bootable usb but there is a big issue. It reads Grub4dos instead of the Hiren disk, it says QuoteBoot from find menu.lst, /boot/grub/menu.lst. /grub/menu.lst and when it does that this shows up QuoteGrubs4dos 0.4.5b 2011-04-23, Mem 639K/1014/0M, End: 351657 [Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word TAB list possible command completions of a device/filename ESC at anytime exits. ] I type in boot then it says QuoteError 8: Kernel must be loaded before booting

Answer:Issue #1: Harddrive failed please backup all files.

You didn't build the flash drive properly...Here Ya go...As far as retrieveing the data there's an easier way:Slave Drive Info...

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I've got a Samsung spinpoint 1 Tb drive. It was a backup drive in a Vista build. I used Macrium to clone my Vista C drive to the Samsung. Then, I removed it.

Next, I built a new machine, a W7/64. THAT build uses an SSD for the operating system, "C", and a Western Digital hard drive (Black, 1 Tb) as the data drive, "D".

Once that machine was up and running, I decided to use the old Samsung drive as a backup. I physically installed it, Sata cable, and it is identified in windows as "E". Next, I tried using the Disk Management, Properties, Tools to run check. The window opens, then it immediately closes.

hmmm, thought I. Perhaps a remnant of the Vista OS was doing something. I then opened Disk Management, unmounted the drive, and performed a complete, long, reformat.

I restarted.

I tried using the properties, tools, check now window again. Still, that window will not check it. The progress bar never flashes. All that happens is about 1 second after I click "OK", the window closes. No messages.

I opened an elevated command prompt and tried "chkdsk e:" It came back with "The type of file system is NTFS." A pause, "Errors found. CHKDSK cannot continue in read-only mode."

I've searched a LOT of the internet on this. The drive has just under 9,000 hours on it. It passes every Samsung test I could throw at it from Samsung's support website.

Windows disk checking seems not to work.

How can ... Read more

Answer:Backup Harddrive is immune to every chkdsk attempt

hi, in disk management is it shown as a basic or dynamic disk? also can you take a screenshot of what it gives you in dispkpart like my picture below when you do detail disk.

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I have the following hard disks:

500 GB:
|- 250 GB Vista (old)
|- 250 GB contains a PC-Complete backup of the above partition

1000 GB:
|- 700 GB Linux
|- 001 GB Linux
|- 003 GB Linux
|- 300 GB Empty
|- 003 GB Linux Swap

I now want to restore the Vista PC-Complete backup to the "Empty" 300 GB partition of the 1000 GB disk, so that I no longer need the 500 GB disk,
but the tutorials I've found regarding Windows Recovery are not detailed enough to answer the following questions:

1. Will the recovery of the Vista-DVD keep my other partitions (those labeled "Linux" above) intact?
2. The new partition (labeled "Empty") is a logical partition, the old Vista partition of the 500 GB disk was a primary. Will Vista be able to boot from the logical partition (preferably via Grub)?
3. Will I be able to use the whole 300 GB of the "Empty" partition afterwards or will Vista directly mirror the contents of the old partition so that I only have 250 GB available?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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Hello folks,
My windows 7 (home premium 32bit) doesnt start anymore, my system recovery data is on external hard drive. Any idea how to access this backup?

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Buying a new desktop computer. So I literally simply want to copy my entire hard drive to an external hard drive. All the files on my HD are about 30 GB transferring to a new external with 1 TB of space. Nothing on it yet. What's the quickest, simplest way to do this? This way I know I have every single file from my computer stored without missing anything.

This way on new desktop I have all my settings/bookmarks, etc. for browsers, all files saved.....

Doesn't need to be bootable from the external, just trying to make a copy so i know i have everything. What would you guys use for this? Thanks.

Answer:Simplest way to backup entire harddrive to an external

Just copy and paste them. Use guides not only available here but on other sites as well to export your bookmarks so you can just import them. For the rest of your personal files just move them to the drive. Sicne making a direct image wont do you any good. This is going to be your best bet. Use something like SyncToy.

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I did a hard drive image/backup on my thinkpad, and saved it to the c drive. I wanted to then back it up to the network but cant figure out where the files are saved to on the c drive.Also, I tried to delete it with the tool, and it wont delete.Anyone know where to get these files at?Thanks!

Thinkpad T500 - Intel Core2 P8400 (2.26GHz), 4 gigs of ram, 160GB/7200rpm hard drive, ATI 3650 GPU, WSXGA+ panel

Answer:Where are Lenovo HardDrive Backup images stored?

After rebooting, it says it is gone.  One problem fixed!

Thinkpad T500 - Intel Core2 P8400 (2.26GHz), 4 gigs of ram, 160GB/7200rpm hard drive, ATI 3650 GPU, WSXGA+ panel

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For some reason, system image backup is no longer allowing me to choose a hard drive for the destination of a system image backup. Space isn't the issue, as the drive I want to back up to has more than enough space for my C: drive. There is already an image stored on the drive, but I'm reluctant to delete it until I know I can do a new one successfully.

Anyone else had this issue?

Answer:system image backup - no harddrive option?

Just to clarify, the harddrive option is there but no drives are listed and so it defaults to the back up to DVD option. If I refresh the list of harddrives, the list remains empty and it reselects the DVD option.

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This is probably a really stupid question, and I apologize upfront if this has been ask before and or for the stupidity of the question.
But I recently purchased a new hard drive, and to this point have been utilizing Macrium only for backup images.

What I'm trying to do is copy a working image of my old hard drive including the OS Xp, to the new hard drive, but the pc won't boot with the copy installed on the new hard drive!

Does the new hard drive have to first have windows xp OS loaded before applying the image?

Thanks for any advise!

Answer:Load Backup Image to New Harddrive With Macrium

If you're just changing the hard drive, it goes like this.
Make an image to a non-system partition of the old drive, or another drive, but not to the new drive, unless it's on to a non-system partition.
Really have to know how your partitions are set up to give exact advice.
You might have a system reserved partition. I can't advise on that.
Make sure you have burned a Macrium recovery CD.
Connect your new drive. I would put this on the first controller slot, so it will be disk 0.
Make sure your old drive is connected. I would move this to the drive 1 controller slot.
Change boot sequence in BIOS so you boot with the Macrium CD.
Restore the image to the new drive. Make sure you know what partition is what.
I don't know the Macrium restore options, but the restored partition on the new drive should be marked as active, system.
Change boot sequence to the new drive.
Should boot to the new drive like it did with the old drive.
If you have more questions, ask. But provide more detail.
Plenty of guys here know this up and down.
You didn't get a quick response because you didn't give enough detail, and you mentioned XP in a confusing way.

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Hello, I have a Linux (ubuntu) machine connected to a Linksys G router (WRT54G2) via ethernet. My main PC, a Winodws XP laptop, also communicates through the linksys router (via wifi). I want to connect an external drive directly to the Linksys wireless G and be able to use *both machines (Linux and XP) to access the external drive and do backups; is this possible?

Most inexpensive external drives come with USB, not ethernet connections; the wifi has Ethernet connections. I am new too both backup devices and Linux and am on a budget.

Answer:Can one external HardDrive Backup both windows and Linux (ubuntu) PCs?

i dont see why not. what kind of backup are you doing? like are you imaging the whole thing or just ntbackup style and making a backup file to store on your external?

i dunno about the ubuntu machine tho

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Hi Everybody.
I have a big problem i have been having since yesterday. My external Hard Disk is not showing up in My Computer. I have some important files in that drive that cannot be erased because my computer had a clean install yesterday. Can I please have an answer before 9pm tonight? I Dont want my hard drive's content deleted!
Bryce (AKA: The Computer Geek)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7860 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -293 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 412792 MB; E: Total - 476836 MB, Free - 476692 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: Ad-Aware Antivirus, Not Updated

Answer:Solved: Segate Backup Plus Harddrive not showing up in My Computer

Reply someone please!

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Hello, I am seriously exausted from trying to figure this one out.

When I try to download my Belkin routers user.conf backup file, it gets displayed in the browser and the yellow activex bar thing doesn't prompt me like on my other PC's which work fine and WILL download the user.conf file just fine.

So, I am sure something is wrong with my installation or windows or IE7.

I have tried tons of ideas and I still cannot get it to work, and I think that it affecting more than just this one specific problem.

If anyone has any ideas that I can try, I would greatly appreciate the help as this one has me beat lol.
Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Answer:User.conf (router Config Backup File) Displayed In Browser

Where are you downloading this file from? Your own computer/router - or from the Belkin website?Have you tried another browser (such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari)?What other issues are you experiencing? Could you be infected with malware? Try a few of these free, online scans to see:Be advised that some of these scanners will pickup things in "quarantine" from other anti-virus programs - so review the results carefully:http://housecall.trendmicro.com<links compiled on 02/14/2008>

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Does it do the 'photocopy' type thing like Norton Ghost or does it create an image file that can co-exist with other data on the destination hard drive?

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I'm having trouble with a DAT72 drive in an IBM eServer xSeries 226.

Here is the Quantum xTalk config log:

xTalk Version 5.8.3


Start: 04/06/2009 14:05:44
Device: IBM DDS Gen5 HV0AGP5 0:6:2


Ready Test
No Problem Detected

Record Drive Settings
Current Compression Status = Enabled
No Problem Detected

Drive Detection Test
Drive TypeAT72
No Problem Detected

SCSI Interconnect Test
Write/Read Pass @ 10 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 20 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 30 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 40 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 50 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 60 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 70 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 80 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 90 of 100
Write/Read Pass @ 100 of 100
No Problem Detected

Drive Information Report
Drive Type ---------------- : DAT72
Drive Serial Number ------- : HV0AGP5
Media Changer Present ----- : No
Vendor ID ---------------- : IBM
Product ID ---------------- : DDS Gen5
Product Revision Level ---- : A1B0
Product Family ------------ : 36.0 / 72.0 GB

Tape Usage Information
... Read more

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I need to backup my notebook harddrive data because the notebook needs to repair.

I try to connect my harddrive with USB to SATA/IDE cable to the computer.
Computer recognizes it as USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge. However, I am unable to browse the harddrive to retrieve the data.
What can I do?

I am using windows 7 home premium Version 6.1 (Service Pack 1)

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My Sony Vaio had some problems so I want to backup all the files onto this 500gb external harddrive. Only problem is that I couldn't get it to work. Says that theres an error. I decided to try with just 1 file that was 1gb and it worked fine, so I'm in need of some advice on what the problem could be. Its a Western Digital My Book Essential Edition, 500gb harddrive (465.16gb when viewed in Manage), FAT32, has no partitions.

Heres the specs of my pc:

Answer:Solved: Not able to backup files to Western Digital MyBook 500gb external harddrive

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all my other gpo's work fine.
this gpo only works for the user configuration part.
the computer configuration part seem to be just ignored.
why ?

Answer:why won't ALL of my GPO apply ? (the user config works but the computer config fails)

You are security filtering, and limiting access to the gg_users group. If the workstation accounts are not in that group, then they will be blocked from applying that policy.

A note about GPO design; this could just be my style, but I generally build GPOs to apply to either the computer or user, but never both in the same policy. Simplifies troubleshooting, at least for me.

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My system (TC A55) deveolped some problem in booting. Every time the POST error showed that"ERROR 0162:CONFIGURATION CAHNGE HAS OCCURED. DEFAULT CONFIGURATION USED".Some times, even it boots without any error the Win XP , after booting, reports that " ONE OF THE FILE CONTAINING THE SYSTEM'S DATA HAD TO BE RECOVERED BY USE OF A LOG OR ALTERNATE COPAY. THE RECOVERY WAS SUCCESSFUL".Now it is even get worsen. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appears often and Windows get crashed frequently. My system details are given below:ThinkCentre A55 8985 AF7 runs on Windows XP SP2Please help me soon.

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Hi this error message has been floating around for a long time.  I have yet to find a solution that works or that I can understand.  Why is the error message not resolved after 6 years?
Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\SyncUP. Error:(The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))

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Hardware Information: Huracan's MSI Gaming Notebook

Windows is used a few times a week.

Answer:[Staff Config] Huracan's 2016 Config

Yet again with simple and effective config by our Admin.. Bookmarked!

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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My Dell Vostro 1400 Laptop recently quit working. Its only 4 months old.
I turned it on and it came to a screen saying,

"Windows dould not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair"

I inserted the setup disc and booted from it, when I got the the Repair option it says,"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.
Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program.

Setup cannot continue."

So I took the computer down to the local computer store and they put in a new 130 GB harddrive, ran the setup disk again and it displayed the same missing HDD message.

Anyone have any Ideas of what could be wrong???
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Windows Setup Disk cannot find Harddrive, even with a brand new harddrive installed.

Hi, and welcome to TSF. If it's still under warranty I would take it back to the suppliers.

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I recently had a very strong magnet. The magnet was then stuck (By a child) to my laptop. I then had errors on boot. I tried reinstalling Vista with the restore disk, but I recieved "Error - Cannot set temp path".

I today purchased a 250gb harddrive (a upgrade from my 120gb), and then Vista installed fine.

Now it runs fine, but I get bluescreens after random amounts of time, with errors involving a windows file. Unfortunately, I don't have the bluescreen error details at the moment. I have however uploaded the 3 minidumps from the 3 occasions.

Is it possible that another part of the computer was damaged by the magnet? Ram?




Answer:Magnet damaged my harddrive. Replace harddrive but now bluescreens? (with minidump)

hi have you tried running your av and malware progs to eliminate this as a possible

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I presently have a 40GB....5200RPM...2MBcashe..HARD DRIVE

Will i see much improvement upgrading to a: 60GB.7200rpm..8MBcashe Hard Drive?

I can do it for about $40 ( Or should i wait,i expect to get a 200HD by the end of the year...)

Answer:SHOULD I UPGRADE: 40GB/5200 HardDrive-to-60GB/7200 HardDrive?

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do to sever problems i was having with my pc i decided to do a fdisk and reformat...... i thought i was doing a smart thing by using my slave drive to backup the things i didnt want to lose .... after backing it all up to the slave drive i erased my harddrive and installed a new operating system... was win98 and now is winxp............ everything is going great now except all them programs and files i backed i can no longer access.... if anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated...

Answer:reformatted primary harddrive now cant access slave harddrive

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I have pretty old secondary hard drive (11 years) and currently in power settings there is an option to put hard drive in sleep mode if it's been idle for X minutes. Is it a good idea to disable this setting and let the harddrive spin all the time, since as I know, frequently enabling/disabling hard drives makes more damage than never putting harddrive to sleep.

Answer:Harddrive health with harddrive auto-stop in idle

Is the drive going to sleep now ?

You should consider buying a new drive to replace that one, then copy your data over before it dies

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Hi all!

I recently purchased a new WD Cavier Black with the 32 MB cache. I would like to transfer all my HD contents [including windows vista ultimate] from my older WD 16MB cache HD to this brand spanking new WD Cavier Black HD.

Is it possible to do this without flaws and so that it will work exactly as before?

If yes, can you direct me to the correct information to do this please?

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

The system in which I would like to do this has these components:

Thermaltake M9 Cool Case
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit w/SP1
Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L
Intel Q6600
Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro
Infinity ATX PSU 600W
4GB DDR2 Crucial 800 MHz
E-GeForce 8600GTS DDR3 256MB
Memorex X16 Dual Layer DVD
Western Digital SATA 320 GB

Thank you,


Answer:How can I transfer my entire harddrive contents to another harddrive?

You can use norton ghost (paid program)
or you can use clonzilla which is free.

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I am currently backing up weekly to a small external drive.. it is a small 20gigger. It has taken about 1 year or so to fill up. Now i am thinking long term.. i am considering purchasing a "network harddrive", one that is between 500gigz to 1tb. There is a smaller/more affordable Seagate external drive.. but it is not a "network harddrive".. it has 1.5tb.. versus a network drive that is about 2tb but it cost about 314.

My question is, thinking long term.. and considering the setup i have.. which is a regular PC acting as a server.. what should i get?

Your suggestions are appreciated

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Network Harddrive Vs Portable Harddrive

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My T400 (bought last July) harddrive dead on me Sunday. I called helpcenter and received a replacement harddrive today. It was very fast. They asked me to return the old one. I have a concern about the security of my old harddrive. There are lots of personal information (data and files) on the old harddrive. If I return the old one, is there a chance my personal data be leaked? Is there any way I can delete the data and file on the old harddrive? I have no access to my old harddrive now. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated greatly. Thank you for your time.

Answer:New harddrive from lenovo to replace my dead old harddrive

It will almost certainly be trashed, but you can't be 100% sure.  If you have a big magnet around, you could set the old one on it for a while - that should do the trick.

T61p, T400formerly x23, x40

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I'm planning on doing a complete harddrive back up with a another internal harddrive. Will I need any special software to do this?
Also, since I'm backing up my entire harddrive which contains my operating system windows vista premium will this conflict with any license agreement?

Answer:Solved: Backing up harddrive with another internal harddrive

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Don't change very much but I cannot seem to locate my old config so here is an updated version.
I have been giving Heimdal Pro a go for a while and have not used ESS 9 since 11/15 cumulative update.

Answer:[Staff Config] exterminator20 Config (Old one MIA)

Just wondering, why you not use ZAM as on-demand scanner?

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Set up to be secure, yet usable for all my applications.

Answer:[Staff Config] illuminations Config

illumination said:

This is my light, yet very effective config. If my defenses fail me, i always have my back up's as well as my tool kit via USB..Click to expand...

an old priest said " you will reach Heaven when you will see the light"

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I have one Toshiba Dvd rom, 2 Bebq Dvdrw, 1 western digital hard drive, 1 maxtor hard drive,1 i/o flex dual ide controller card pci ultra dma/100, amd mother board and processor only 950 mhz help

Answer:Ide config problem need efficient config help!!!

just make one drive work at a time ..your o.s. drive first....when that works try the next one ...somtimes hardrives will need a driver to work togeather..but not often only if there old and new

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hey everyone, my mom's computer isnt working correctly. it turns on but it doesnt boot up. nothing shows up on the monitor. she has very important files and links that are saved to her computer that she needs asap.

my first thought was maybe i could access her computer through the router that we share but other websites told me its impossible without remote connection. and we cannot setup connects or access her computer at the moment.

i would like to know if it would be a good idea to take her harddrive out and put it into another computer. id rather not put it into my computer (just in case something goes wrong) but my brother has a laptop and could we put her harddrive in his? just temporarily so we can get to those files.

is that the best idea? to transfer her harddrive? if so is it okay that its going into a laptop and not a desktop computer....

Answer:transfering harddrive (harddrive problem)

You're best bet it to get a 2.5 Adapter for laptop HDDs then you would take that adapter and connect it to a desktop CD-ROM IDE 2 channel 3.5 Ribbon cable goes into the adapter. There you could transfer files off that drive. That's how it's done in IT repair shop. Below cost $6.99.

can get it off here or try newegg or wherever you want go to a local store to get..

It also looks like this various version of the adapter

They all work..

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I realize one is just an enclosure and you provide the harddrive, and one is a true harddrive, but which is better and whats really the difference?

Answer:usb harddrive enclosure -vs- usb external harddrive

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My desktop computer's motherboard was fried in a tragic lightning accident, but the hard drive is intact. I would like to purchase an enclosure for the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. I'm posting here because I'm worried about compatibility.

Here are the hard drive details:
Seagate, S/N 90Z7588X
ST 380215A
P/N 9CY011-305
Firmware 3.AAD
Date code 08257
Barracude 7200.10
80 Gbytes

Will that work with any of these enclosures:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Answer:External Harddrive from Old Computer Harddrive

Any 3.5" IDE compatible drive enclosure will do the trick. I use a ThermalTake enclosure myself (same as MadDog and CompUSAs no-name brand).


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I just recently bought a used computer to replace the one I had which died on me. For some reason, my old harddrive isn't being recognized as the main hard drive when I remove the new one and plug my old one in. Both harddrives are recognized when I have my old one plugged up with the extra power and IDE cable, so I was wondering if it is possible to copy the contents of my old drive to the new one and have it where it transfers all of my installed software over without having to reinstall everything?

Answer:Harddrive to harddrive data transfer?

So what you tried to do is get WinXP to boot after it was installed on a different computer. This usually does not work well unless the Motherboard onthe new computer is almost identical to the old one. At the very least you would want to uninstall all drivers that were istalled as part of the old motherboard then do a repair installation of Windows XP. Then again if your installation of Windows is an OEM version of Windows it is not legal to use it on a second computer even if the second computer is a replacement for the first. If this is a retail copy of Windows then you can do it. You would need also the drivers for the new system.. As far as transfering installed programs from one hard drive to another and have them work properly if at all, it is not likely that you will succeed in doing so as installed programs make changes to the registry so that windows will know where to go look for the files to operate these programs. Just transferring the programs will not make the changes needed to your registry that an installation would make.

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I currently have a laptop that is a few years old, anyhow I am building my own computer with a friend of mine. I have a external 120 gig Western Digital External Harddrive hooked up to my laptop now. (The external harddrive is brand new) I need a harddrive for the new computer I am building and was wondering would it work if i opened up the external harddrive casing and removed it from there and installed it in my computer i am building. Whats your thoughts on the change in power supply and could it work and what?


Answer:External Harddrive into Interal Harddrive

if you are building a laptop... no. it is built completely differently.
with a desktop computer you would not be able to either because the connection inside its casing is different. its better to keep your external the way it is and get an internal. you could then use your external as a backup.

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My grandma needed more harddrive space on her pc so I installed an 80 gb harddrive on her pc. Right now it's just her slave drive. Her c harddrive is only 20gb, so could I just copy everything on that harddrive to the 80gb and make that the master hard drive and the old one the slave? Or would that cause problems? I want to do this so she can continue saving files to her c harddrive instead of a different harddrive.

Answer:Is it posible to change the c harddrive to another harddrive?

You would need to create an image of the the current 20GB drive and map it onto the 80GB drive (most ghosting/imaging utilities allow you to expand the 20GB partition to the full size of the drive without issue). The most common way to go about doing this is with Norton Ghost, but it's not free. There's a few Linux boot disks that can do it as well I believe, but I don't know any off the top of my head. Hopefully someone will have a suggestion for a free boot disc.

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can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer

Answer:can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer


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I just purchased these two items:

and the problem is that the coolmax enclosure wont read the harddrive. I installed it correctly (this is not my first 2.5 external hdd), and the computer detects the harddrive. It says that it is installed and ready to use, but now drive is popping up in "my computer". I dont think that the harddrive is to big for the enclosure, its only 40gb and most enclosures maxes out at 40gb. I could not find out what this enclosure's max compatibility is, so i hope that this is not the problem.

It is not the enclosure that is broken, because i put a different harddrive in the coolmax enclosure and it works. And i tried the Fujitsu hdd in another enclosure and it does not work. So it is definitly the hdd

The harddrive is a ATA-6 and the coolmax enclosure is a IDE ATA 100. I dont know what the 100 stands for, but i dont think that is the problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a gift for my girlfriend and i really want this to work.

Answer:2.5 harddrive enclosure will not read the harddrive

Have you foratted the drive? . . Windows will not "see" a drive until it has been formated.

Right click on My Computer . . select Manage . . disc management . . right click on the drive and select format

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This morning a fan in my case was making strange noises (either CPU or GPU fan I think) and so I turned my computer off. I turned it on a little later and the computer was making a really odd clicking noise, so I unplugged each harddrive in turn to see which was causing it. I removed the problem drive (not the one with my XP installation on) and then turned the computer on again. This time it just said could not detect boot disk. I've tried installing XP again, but it gets as far as loading all the setup files and then my PC reboots. The bios still detects the harddrive still in.

The harddrives are just normal IDE 120gb drives (the removed one is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 and the one still in is a Barracuda Seagate). I don't understand why the first stopped working (it is at most 6 months old) and why the 2nd one's installation is not detected (it is only a month or 2 old). Up til today, my computer was working perfectly. At the moment my whole computer is useless and the fan is still making the same weird noise occasionally.


Answer:One harddrive died, other harddrive's XP not detected

Welcome to Techspot

It sounds like the Drive you removed was the Primary, so the system can't find an MBR.
Also if that is right did you change the Jumper on the Slave left in your box?
Buy a new Fan, why take a chance ?

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive. The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.

On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else. It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)

Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.

any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it.

The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.

grateful for any help.


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I would like to know if I can copy my whole hard drive to a backup hard drive.
What I would like to do is buy a new hard drive for my laptop. Then move all and I do mean everything windows XP etc. to the new hard drive. So that I could the start using the new hard drive just like the old hard drive. I think my old hard drive is going bad.

Answer:Copy harddrive to new harddrive

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My old harddrive is only 20 GB and my new harddrive is 235GB.My old HDD is maxed out and i want to transfer EVERYTHING to my 235GB HDD. Basically making it the primary drive. The old HDD is my C drive and the new one is my E drive.How would I do this safely?

Answer:Small old harddrive, new big harddrive

If you mean you want to transfer everything (Windows, programs, data files, etc.) to the new hard drive, take a look at the software tools and instructions from the hard drive manufacturer for doing that.

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I am looking at my friend's 2 yrs old PC mainly due to not booting up. I just found out that his pc's 10 Gb harddrive has bad sectors of only 700Kb after using scandisk so I reinstall windows myself. It has booted up no problems and running fine as usual but is it necessary to buy a new harddisk? After all, it runs fine even though there are still 700Kb bad sections on existing harddisk. Advice will be much appreciated, thanksGary

Answer:Bad sectors in harddrive - need a new harddrive??

Assuming you reformatted the HD, did the bad sectors show during Formatting or was it some other software that decided you had bad sectors?If it was formatting that disclosed the problem then it may be true. If not it might be a spurious warning and could be ignored.

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I am planning on installing Paragon - Drive Backup Professional on my T61 PC (Win XP) which currently has Rescue and Recovery 4.0 on it. .... Now, If during the Paragon install I choose to have Paragon install its "Backup Capsule" which it installs as a hidden partition and allows access to it via pressing the F11 Key: 1.   Will i have any issues if I leave Rescue and Recovery on my PC which also makes use of a hidden partition which is accessable by pressing the Blue Thinkvantage Key ? ....So, Will there by any issues ?  P.S.  I think that when Paragon installs the "Backup Capsule" that it modifies the MBR on the hard drive.  2.   How have others installed the Paragon Drive Backup Professional program on their Thinkpads which also have Rescue and Recovery on them ??? ...  If yes, did you  install Paragon with or without the "Backup Capsule" and left RnR on the Thinkpad PC  ?  3.   Or, have you Un-Installed rescue and recovery first and then installed  "Paragon Drive Backup Professional" ?...  If yes, did you  install Paragon with or without the "Backup Capsule" ?  

______________________________JosephBT61 6459-CTO - 15.4 WXGA - XP SP3

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I've got Acronis True Image 10.
Can I backup all emails and then restore to a new installation of the hard disk?

Erm: OK... that might sound dumb!
That's *exactly* what it's supposed to do right!!?

I've got a copy of XP Tablet which is dying.
I want to do a full original installation restore and restore the emails.

Just wanted to double check!!

Also: I've made a backup (of another PC).
I have a file size that is 9GB.
How can I store this onto DVD discs?
And how can I make the discs be bootable??
So that I can juts restore the whole system by booting from the DVD discs?


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I bought a 128GB "PNY Attache 2 USB 2.0 Flash Drive" so that I could preform a "Bootable Backup" using "Dell Backup and Recovery" yet when I inserted the flash drive and selected Bootable Backup from the list it fails to detect the drive.  Bootable Backup says it requires "a storage USB storage device with more than 100GB of capacity so why doesn't "Bootable Backup" sense my USB flash drive since it has more than 100GB of space on it?

Answer:Dell Backup and Recovery's Bootable Backup Won't detect USB Flash Drive

Try updating your Dell Backup and Recovery software.  With the update it now seems to work with all USB flash drives I throw at it.

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Does the following make sense to use for a backup strategy?
Like most people I am terrified of losing my data and I have 75,000 photos on my 2TB C: drive. What I am considering doing is adding a second internal 2TB drive and running Rebit to back up to that drive. Then adding an external 2TB external USB drive and also backing up to there with Rebit.
I would also run the backup program that is part of Win 7 Pro and weekly create a system image and also save it to the new internal 2TB drive. Then once a month create a system image with the Win 7 backup program and save it to the external USB drive.
Currently my C: which is a WD20EARX has 755 GB in use. Not sure if this makes any difference but I am running Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) in Enhanced Mode and have a Crucial SSD running RAID 0.
BTW, I know that Rebit is always backing up. Can that be a bad thing?
Any opinions on the above will be greatly appreciated.

Zack S

Answer:Does this backup strategy make sense? Rebit, 2 drives and Win7 backup

A few random thoughts:

It sounds like your data (photos) are on the C partition. You might find that putting your data on a separate D partition on that same drive will make your backup strategy a bit simpler. Not a requirement, just a suggestion.

I would not rely on an image as a backup for data. If your data is on C, any image of C will of course include the data, but imaging is not foolproof and can go bad for unknown reasons.

I have never even heard of Rebit and assume you know it to be reliable. I don't know if it is a file by file backup program or an imaging program.

Copying the photos to another internal drive is a good idea. As is the idea of copying the photos to an external. The more backups the better. But you might consider some type of offsite backup in case of fire or theft.

I'd probably do this:

Temporarily move all data from C to some other physical drive--internal or external.

Then shrink C considerably to the size needed to hold Windows easily--maybe 100 GB.

Then make a new D (data) partition from the free space now available.

Move all data back to the new D from wherever you temporarily moved it.

Use an imaging program thereafter to make periodic images of C alone, storing the image on either the new internal or an external.

Use a file by file backup program to make periodic backups of D alone to the new internal and the external.

I'd probably just use a single partition on the new internal and the external and separate stuff by a folder struct... Read more

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My Win 7 x64 machine (Dell) has three hard drives in it. The original 2TB Seagate with the operating system on it, C:, a 2TB WD used for data storage,F:, ..and a 1TB Seagate repurposed from the XP computer it replaced. That last drive contains only data as that was its purpose in the previous machine. There are no programs on it and it's formatted NTFS.

On boot-up, the computer sees the 1TB Seagate as drive E: and it functions just fine until it's time for a Windows Backup. About 30 seconds into the backup, I get the message that "Intel Rapid Storage Technology has detected a disk removed on Port 3." At this point, the backup fails and Windows no longer sees the E: drive until next cold boot. The backup's target is an external Seagate drive J: that is unaffected by any of this.

Yes, I've changed SATA cables. I've changed the Motherboard connection where the E: drive's SATA cable is attached. I've reversed and rerouted cables so there's no odd pressure on any one of them. I've disabled the power-saving settings so the disc spins all the time. Nothing helps.

The E: drive functions just fine until Windows Backup starts, then it acts as if I removed it.

Error code from Windows Backup dialog is 0x80070002 "The system cannot find the file specified."


Answer:When Backup Runs, Windows Reports Backup Target Disk Removed

Can you access the external target drive normally?

Also, could you post a screencap of Disk Management for us?
(Windows key + R to open Run, then type "diskmgmt.msc")

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Hi everybody,
I have an Inspiron 7548 4K with W10 (upgraded from 8.1) and since a few days I've been having the following problem with DBAR (1.9.X.X). When I try to take a SYSTEM back up, it ALWAYS stops/fails to complete at 12% during the Backing Up module (checking system and building list complete OK). The message is "Operation Cancelled. Destination location unavailable or not enough space on the disk". It always happens at 12% of the process. I have tried it more than 10 times, with no avail. Further info:
1. The only change in my system was a W10 update of March 23, 2016. NOTHING else. Up until then everything worked fine.
2. Tried with both the external HDD with previous/existing backups AND a new/clean one. Both are 500 GB for backing up the internal 256 GB, so there is more than enough drive space. Also tried different usb ports in case one was malfunctioning. 
3. Recovery media backup works fine. The problem is when it tries to proceed with system backup. I don't take data backups since I use cloud.
4. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling DBAR, keeping it below latest version Same result.

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How do I control how much disk space my Windows Backup takes up? I have a 1TB external disk for backups and other files. My computer's HDD only has about 250GB capacity. I don't know why my backups file got so bloated. What should I do?

I see that I can delete the older backup file: 22-Oct to 11-Nov. But read the text.
""Deleting previous backups will free up space on your backup location."
So far so good.

Then it continues, "All files backed up during the selected period will be deleted."

I'm pretty sure the text is just badly written. I guess that means the backup-files (on the backup drive) will be deleted. They couldn't mean that the original files (on my data drive) will be deleted. That sure is a scary possibility though. How do you understand this?

System: Windows 7 Enterprise

ScreenCap below


Answer:Backup takes 800GB? Manage Windows Backup Disk Space

Yes, it is perhaps, badly written, but true. All files in the backup period from 22-Oct. to 11-Nov. will be deleted. Not to worry, though, because those same files are backed up in a later backup period from 11-Nov. to ? It is safe to delete older backup periods.

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Where can I find the descriptive definitions of the “reason codes” reported in the Activity Logs when a Backup fails? I have searched all of the DELL site and non-DELL URLS.
Errors with undefined “reason codes: 2, 5 and 32” are reported under the Activity Logs when using the current DELL Backup and Recovery software (Version ran as Administrator in Windows 10 (Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586)
Data Backu- - <date at time>
An error occurred during the process
Scheduled Backup No
Multiple files Yes
The following files were not backed up:
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Comms\Unistore\data\0000000a000000031013.dat (reason code: 2)
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache\CentralTable.accdb (reason code: 32)
C:\Users\Pat\VeriSign Root Certificates\DS_Store (reason code: 5)
OS Name - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro – Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
System Type - x64-based PC
DELL Backup and Recovery – Dbr.exe – Version – 04-JAN-2016
DELL Update Tray – DellUpTray.exe – Version
DELL Update Service – DellUpService.exe – Version

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Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions of Backup & Recovery 10 Compact and System Backup 9.5 for free until 7/12.


Paragon Backup & Recovery Suite

System Backup


License software - free backup, partition freeware, data recovery

A Guy

Answer:Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 and System Backup 9.5 Free till 7/12

Good find, Thanks Bill.

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OS WinXP Pro
Trying to backup the registry using the utility backup from system tools.
error =
"Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure."

Research shows that it is possible to turn off the volume shadow feature .. but not if the backup includes the System State selection.

I have an ethernet connection to an ADSL modem and a 40gb hard drive in two partitions c: and d: with about 20gb used in total.

Any help much appreciated ..

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I'm preparing to upgrade from Windows 2000 professional to XP. I would like a perfect backup of my C: drive in case the worst happens and XP kills my computer (so I can revert back to 2000 and my old system without a problem). I have 2 hard drives so I have the room to put an exact image of my C: drive onto the slave drive. Just wanting to get some feedback as to the best way to do this.

So far I just used the "backup now" option in Windows 2000 and saved a .bkf file of my entire drive to the slave. It actually didn't take up that much space--the .bkf must contain some sort of compression.

Anyway, is this the best way to go about protecting myself or would it be worthwhile to instead invest in a 3rd party backup program instead before undertaking this? There are tons of programs out there of course, Norton Ghost, Backup Now, GoBack, or what have you. If Windows' option works well I don't know why people would buy a 3rd party program but I hear about it a lot so I thought I'd ask. Anyone ever restored an entire system from a windows .bkf file before and had difficulty? Protecting myself is pretty important to me.

Any advice would be helpful.

Answer:Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc?

With the windows backup you have to reinstall windows and then restore the backup to get back to where you were. I use and love ghost because it makes a 100% exact copy of EVERYTHING and all you have to do to get it back is to restore the image and you're up a going again - no need to reinstall windows. Is also fast and can clone one drive to another or create an Image file.

GoBack I don't like and Backup Now needs windows to be installed to restore the backup

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