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share my adsl connection ???

Question: share my adsl connection ???

Well i finally got rid of my ntl 600k service because of inumerable problems and im waiting for my new "pipex" adsl BB service to be switched on,thing is my daughter who lives next door has been at me to connect our pc's together to share the connection.she has been advised that a simple network cable will suffice as long as my pc is switched on but as she would be a bit on the nocturnal side a separate cable would be required to enable her to use it while my pc is off.The distance involved woud be approx 15 mts and i would run any cables on the external wall.I run windows xp and the other pc runs windows me.If someone could advise on the simplest way i could achieve this i'd be eternally grateful.Many TIA.

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Preferred Solution: share my adsl connection ???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: share my adsl connection ???

If you use a router to connect the two computers then your computer will not need to be on, you connect your computer to one of the router ports and then connect the modem to the router and lastly connect your daughters PC to the router and she will be able to share without your PC being on.

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I have a pc in one room connected to the internet via adsl. Xp sees this as a dialup. I also have a wireless network connecting both pcs so how do i share the connection? Xp says i have to have 2 high speed connections for it to bridge.. heres a shot of the screen.

Answer:how do i share an ADSL internet connection over XP.. it wont let me!!

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I use the PC with Windows 2003 as a domain controller and file server. Now, I want to make it share the Internet connection. I've done it before with cable Internet without a problem, but this wicked DSL (never liked it), I just can't configure it correctly.
I use Winpoet to connect to the net and I can connect correctly. I use a ADSL modem (not router) which goes connected to an ethernet adapter.

Using a router is not an option, since I'm not using it to have better control of what people do with Internet at my company.

So how do you share a ADSL connection? Also, my IPs are static.

Answer:How to share an ADSL Internet connection with Windows 2003?

You need to have 2 NIC's in the server, then youd have to setup Routing&Remote Access on the server as well.

2003 has DSL support built in, so theres no need for WinPoet...

Id also set the workstations to DHCP and have the server give out IP's, thats less work for you if it does the DHCP

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Hello guys,

I have 23 room 1st and 2nd floor with telephone wire activate with ADSL connection...

Now, My plan is i will configure ADSL connect using WAG54G2 and connected to adsl line in each room?

My question is, is there any problem for "Interfering the signal" since the room is 4m x 5m and the distance is only 6" concrete block? 10 rooms (1st rooms) 13 rooms (2nd floor)

Please help and advice (specially Mr. TerryNet)

Answer:Solved: ADSL 23 devices and 23 rooms with ADSL phone connection

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I'm trying to share my new adsl connection on my home netwrok (2 computers directly conncted using nics, no hub) but I'm not having any luck. I;ve installed AnalogX proxy but my client computer still can't access the internet

I've set IP on host to

Set client IP to

If I look in the Network properties I can see that the software used to install the adsl modem has installed another protocol called NDISWAN - and something called PPP? Could this be making life more difficult?

Answer:trying to share adsl

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I dont know the first thing about networks so sorry if this sound stupid.I have an adsl on my home pc which has a network card, and i just went to a pc shop and brought a pc to pc cable.I was wondering if i could connect my home pc up to a laptop and share the adsl connection. the laptop is set up to run on another network.I dont know what to do!have i got everything i need.

Answer:Can i share my ADSL

forgot to add that i have windows XP pro

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I want to share my ADSL internet connection with another pc. I have Asus am602 modem with 2 port (usb and lan). All PC have LAN card, use windows7 32bit and connect with cross line.
I can share file and printer but i can`t share internet.
plz guide me, THX

Answer:Share ADSL internet

Hi Saeid1212 welcome to Sevenforums

Well here is a tutorial that should help, that was made by a particularly handsome chap who I know rather well Internet Connection Sharing - Enable

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Ive just got a new PC, and have set up the ADSL line using the USB ADSL modem I used with my old PC. The old PC is now in another room, so what is the best and cheapest way to get the old PC to also be able to use the ADSL line?

Answer:How can I share my ADSL line on 2 computers?

Link the two systems together in a network, and set up Internet Connection Sharing.You will need two LAN (network) cards- about £10-15 each, and a network crossover cable of the appropriate length. The software is all part of Windows.As an added benefit you will also be able to share printer(s), and data files.

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I recently made the plunge into ADSL internet after many frustrating yers of dial-up. I live in Australia and now have my ADSL up and running for 2 PC's.

Both PC's are running XP Home.

In one room there is the modem and PC and a wallplate which runs an ethernet through the roof to the 2nd PC. I would like to split the cable in the roof to share that modem port with 2 PCs using an ethernet router.

i purchased a 5 port 10mbps router from ebay (ex display). I tried to plug the "modem" cable into the uplink port and the the two pc's into the other ports. I tried every combination i could think of but the connection did not work on either PC and the router only showed "connected" on the modem side in any port, the 2nd and 3rd PC's show nothing on the router. previously i had a direct link through the roof to the 2nd PC which worked fine.
what is going on????

Answer:Need Help: Trying To Share My Adsl Over Home Network

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I have a laptop connected to the internet through a wired ADSL modem. The laptop has a wi-fi card, and I'd like to share my ADSL connection through this wi-fi with other computers.

The laptop is running Win7.

Can anyone please give me a link to a tutorial on how to do it?

Thank you!

Answer:share adsl internet through wi-fi on a laptop

Alright first thing is first...

Can you give us the make and model of your laptop. There is a few things I have to look up on your computer before this can be done.... first.. make sure your not running Windows 7 Starter.

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I currently have a Speedtouch 330 ADSL modem with one PC running Windows ME. I now would like to connect to another PC running Windows 98 so that the ADSL broadband connection can be shared. I found an American site that suggests by using a USB cable between the PCs I can access the ADSL broadband connection from either PC. Is this correct? I don't understand networks/lans/routers etc.

Answer:Connecting 2 PCs to share ADSL modem access

here you will find all the information you may here.

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Hi,I'm trying to set up a wireless home network through a wireless ADSL modem router, but I can't seem to allow my laptops to connect through the internet. The router I'm using is a Belkin ADSL High-Speed Mode Wireless G Router (#F5D7633UK4A) and I was able to connect my main desktop computer successfully to the internet with my ISP (AOL). However, when I try to connect to the internet wirelessly using my laptops (IBM Thinkpad R50e and Dell Inspiron 510m, both Centrino models with built in wireless adaptors) it just gives me a "page cannot be displayed" error on the web browser. I tried switching off Norton firewall but it doesn't help. I've attempted to ping to my router from my laptops using command prompt but it gives me a request time out error. The default gateway for the router is, which works when pinging with the desktop computer but doesn't with the laptops. I've also tried assigning each computer an unique IP address (192.168.2.XXX) but it also doen't seem to work. I'm running out of ideas to see where I've gone wrong, so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Can't share internet via wireless ADSL router

Try click here on both laptops....

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Previously my 2 computers (specs under profile) were networked successfully with a shared dial up connection showing up as the Internet Gateway on the second computer. After switching to Tiscali ADSL Tiscali shows up as the Internet Gateway and can be connected and disconnected successfully from the second computer, however, no connection can be made to the internet. The internet settings on the second computer under both Firefox and IE are set to Auto detect settings for network. (Note: AVG update doesn't work either from the second computer- does it take its connection settings from IE?) ICS is enabled in Network Connections.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Internet Connection Sharing with ADSL connection & crossover LAN

Tiscali put its proverbial foot into it, by not letting connect 2 PCs. Read the smallprint, then get rid of Tiscali while you still can. They are the worst ISP under the sun!

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Okay I have two internet connections connected to one PC , both connected to a NIC .

Now I want the cable internet to do everything EXCEPT the p2p programs (emule etc) , and let ADSL to handle it , anyway of doing this ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:1 cable connection + 1 adsl connection

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hey every1, i am new to this forum and would like some help getting my adsl connection working properly. here's my story.

i was originally with AAPT adsl on 1500k which worked fine. unfortunately the 15gb download limit (before getting choked to 64k) wasn't enough download for myself and flatmate combined. so i switched to Koala Telecom at 1500k again. the first day it seemed to work fine then i started to have problems. my pages just wouldn't fully load. i was able to log into my modem (via at this stage. but now after reinstalling the modem drivers it seems i cannot log in anymore. i was hopping to figure out how to make the network secure so that only myself and flatmate can use it. i have also tried (for usb cable). is there any programs i can get that will monitor adsl connection problems? i can't figure out if it's something i need to do or if it's koala telecom that need to fix the problem. i'm not really a wiz at this sort of stuff so if someone could help me that would be great.

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I am having some probs with my USB connect in ADSL. Spoke to the manufacturer of the modem and he told me such porbs were common and that ethernet was the way to go. I eventually can get it connected by either of both of switching off the modem and switching it on or by unplugging and replugging the USB. Is there a short answer to fixing the problem please. XP Pro installed - keep it squeaky clean and plenty of spare space with 256Mb RAM
Cheers all

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Question: adsl connection

Hello can I connect two adsl routers to my existing phone socket and use them at the same time or do I need to have another phone line Thanks for any help Andy

Answer:adsl connection

You'd need another phone line.

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I have 2 pcs on same phone line both on XPhome. One pc is connected via an adsl external usb modem and the other is connected via a dialup modem on pay as you go. Can I configure the second pc to run on adsl by swapping the external modem when required since only one pc would be in use at any one time or could I use a second adsl modem as I have one. Also, if I do this, would my isp require me to pay another fee.? I dont want to bother setting up a network.Main reason for it is so a family member can use the other pc on adsl. Thanks, Meshuga.

Answer:ADSL connection to 2 PCs.

If you're only going to be using 1 PC at a time, then it is possible to move ext modem from PC to PC.Using another modem maybe a better option because you will not have to carry one around. As long as you disconnect your other connection before you connect on another computer, your ISP shouldn't charge you extra.Charence

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I'm trying to get connected to my new broadband provider. I've set up the router (Netgear DG834G) and all the lights blink, but not the ADSL link. I've checked the connections and the wiring, no problem. There is no fault at the provider end and no fault at the telecomms end (or so I'm advised). Looking at the router status it tells me that it is 'connecting' but not 'connected'. Have I got a duff router or a duff microfilter, or both? Is there a way of checking either? I'm lost here because I'm being told this should be working fine.

Answer:no connection to ADSL

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Question: adsl connection.

Hello folks. I,m about to change my telephone sockets around the house. I'm just wondering if it makes a difference which one I take my adsl connection off of? At the moment it comes off the 2nd one ( if you imagine a line of 3 or 4 boxes all joined together?) would it be better/faster if it came off the first one? Anyone got any thoughts? cheers.

Answer:adsl connection.

As the boxes seem to be plug 'n' play or rather screw 'n' play, the best thing is probably to give it a go and find out!Post back if it works or not - could be useful to others.Brian

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Question: adsl connection

i keep losing my connection i have a speed touch 330 usb modem keeps disconnecting intermitantly i have disconnected every thing else apart from broadband and put in a new filter the problem still occurs i have latest drivers but if i double click the two monitors on the task bar that shows connectivity on the errors part i had 486 in 35 min what could cause this i have avg virus and microsoft anti spy ware so don't think is that my isp are morons and have been messing me about for weeks the cables are all fine too have i got a faulty modem or is my isp to blame

Answer:adsl connection

Well, I'm not a fan of connecting network devices with USB, though I can't imagine it being this bad. Do you have other USB devices in use? Sometimes that will affect networking if you connect with USB.

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Question: No ADSL connection

Hi, I have had no adsl connection now for over a week - my isp BT Yahoo are doing nothing to sort my problem out. I have tested my router on another broadband enabled line - it works (with my filter) I have terrible line noise whilst on a voice call when the router periodically attempts to connect and heres the strange bit - I can get connected to the internet when i am on a voice call but lose the connection once the voice call is terminated.I have now resigned to connecting via a dial up modem on one machine - thus enabling me to connect via broadband on the other!!!! rathers defeats the object of paying a monthly subscription?! Has anybody any suggestions of what my line problem might be - or who I could contact to help me resolve my problem - BT and BT Yahoo just don't seem to want to know. Thanks all.......Mike

Answer:No ADSL connection

Firstly, have you tried a different filter as the one you are using may be faulty? The filter should separate the two signals. How long have you had an adsl conection?What sort of cable and what is the distance from PC to socket? Have you asked BT to do a line check or turn up the gain?

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Question: adsl connection

My computer (HP Pavilion) shows an ADSL icon with a red cross through it in one of my "trays" - obviously not connected but does this mean that if I wanted to go broadband I would not have to have another modem?ThanksPhil

Answer:adsl connection

What you are looking at is the icon for network cable is unplugged. You can get rid of it by disabling the card.Double click the icon find the lan card right click select disable

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I'm currently with Virgin BB and have a second phone line. I have a 3 PC and 2 wireless laptop home network behind a netgear ADSL modem and router/wireless access point. I have been looking at the Metronet offerings and would like to trial the 1Mbit service via the second line (thus keeping the Virgin account for the time being). My question is what would I need to do to set this up - I would only need the Metronet connection to be to the one PC, it is not necessary to distribute it across the network at this stage, but it would need to be an extra connection to that main PC rather than an "instead of". I am thinking a second NIC and a second modem/router but would appreciate any advice in terms of necessary equipment and set up.Thanks in advanceJ

Answer:Second ADSL line and connection - How?

use wi-fi to connect to the main network whilst using a USB connection as your internet connection (a wi-fi adapter will cost much less than a router)

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I am using my ADSL Internet Connection especially for downloading files those past few months. I have even purchased an account at filesonic. However, the speed remain the same except that there are no waiting period and I can download multiple files at the same time.

What are the tips for increasing downloading time? I am now using the latest 5.0 Firefox and Windows 7 and using or not using the download them all add-ons does not add much to the download time.

What about the telephone line cable? The position of the beetel modem, does that play a role in speed limit? Are there some hardware equipment that can cause a subsequent increase in download speed?

Nicolas MARIE

Answer:ADSL Connection Speed

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hey i was hoping someone could help me with my question, my question is:

Can i have two routers in my house on different phone sockets eg 1 in my room and one in lounge] for my one ADSL connection, both my routers configured to isp, just asking if it was possible thanks.

Answer:Two Routers 1 ADSL Connection

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Someone asked me if there is a way to test and/or monitor an ADSL line, does anyone have any ideas?

Im on a wireless connection so im able to monitor it with the software that came with it, and therefore know nothing about ADSL.

Answer:Question about ADSL connection

What do you want to monitor exactly? If you want to check the speed of the connection you can use the DSL speed test @

The signal strength will be shown in the modem software.

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If I start a download using my broadband connection and then switch accounts when I return to my account the connection has gone. What do I have to do to keep the connection live between accponts. Yhanx all in advance.

Answer:XP ADSL connection between users

click hereclick here Downlaod TweakUI.Install, Open, Logon, Check "Keep Ras connections after log off".

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SET UP MY USB SPEED TOUCH MODEM, COMPANY SAYS (sorry about the caps) my line was activated today however i can not get the modem to go online, phoned tech support up got the usual stuff reinstall etc, done all that, took the phone out of the main phone socket so set up looks like this,
modem-leadout of modem-microfilter-extension-mainphone socket, but still no joy any ideas? i suspect phone line not yet activated and being fobbed off help please....

Answer:Adsl Usb Modem No Connection

make sure there is no filter on the phone line going to the modem, you may have to use a splitter to split the phoneline to the modem and the phone

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XP, I have an ADSL connection speed 9.9 Mbps. My local connection speed 100 Mbps. I had trouble with my ADSL and my local server reduced the speed from 300 Mbps as far as I remember to 100Mbps. Ir seems downloading torrents is taken longer than I remember. Can it be that 100Mbps is to slow? Is it worthwhile to pay for a faster local connection?

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Please take the time to read this rather long post as I would really appreciate your help.Historically, BT have said that we live too far from the exchange to receive broadband. However, Talk Talk say we can get it and I signed up, we were initially told our Win 98se PC would be OK but when literature arrived it said not. After discussion with Talk Talk we bought a new Dell XP notebook. After my ?go live date? the modem etc arrived but I am unable to connect ? Talk Talk advised that I should try again some hours later and once again I was unable to connect. I got a message that there was no dial tone (bizarre as dial up works ok). This time I called their helpline and was cut off half way through the discussion ? I will call back tonight.Colleagues at work say that I must connect from the main BT socket in the house and that if any extensions have been put in with the wrong type of cable they will not work. It transpires that the main BT box (which is modern) is in the loft and that all the sockets are extensions from this ? run through the walls.1. Is this likely to be a problem ?2. Must I replace the cable on all extensions or only the one I wish to use the PC on ?3. What about the ADSL micro filter ? do I need one on every socket, just the main socket, all those with phones connected or only the one that I use the PC with ?Thanks in advance.Steve

Answer:ADSL help - connection will not work

You are best putting a filter on each socket, if you haven't done this already it may well be your problem.I connect my PC through a 20 meter extension that I bought at B & Q (just ordinary telephone extension) & I have no problems

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I have 2 ADSL connections.1 is with bt and the other is freedom2surf.they both use bt lines (i think, it confuses me)I was wondering if there is a way to use both the connection at the same time. e.g segmented downloading using different connections.i did notice the Nexland hereThe price is ridiculas though. i could buy a new pc for less. any replys would be appreciated.thank you.

Answer:Can you combine 2 adsl connection?

It would be a very cheap pc though :)

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Hi everyone! I am new here and I have a big problem with my internet

Well I installed Windows 7 RC (build 7100) and I installed the vista drivers for the ZTE ZXDSL 852 modem ( compatibility mode set to Windows Vista), these drivers installed nicely and an ADSL link was established.

But when i tried to connect to the net ( after typing the password and username of course ) i get an error code (628) Even after reconnecting for about 4 times, this keeps happening

Now, i am back on vista and i can connect to the internet without any problem. Why is this happening??? Pls help

Answer:Windows 7 vs my ADSL connection

pls help me guys

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i've got a Belkin 802.11g wireless modem router F5D7632uk4 with wanadoo broadband works great for about 10/12 hours then the adsl light goes out and will not come back on, i have to unplug the router and power it back up and its fine again has anyone any idea whats causing it

Answer:ADSL connection problem

sorry iforgot to say that the router is using a bt filter and is using the same socket as our DECT phonei had the line checked and its ok

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Any ideas for a novice what make

Answer:ADSL router with USB connection


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I've recently installed a Wireless broadband connection via a Dell PC and a ACER Travelmate Laptop through a D-Link DSL-904. Everything works but not great.

On both computers, each time i open the internet explorer it never finds my home page and get a 404 page not found error (Home page is Google) i have to refresh the page about 3 or 4 times until it finally loads.

Even once it works and connects and i open up a new Explorer window i have to repeat the whole process again....

Any ideas Gang?

Answer:Wireless ADSL Connection

Seeming as how this is happening on both machines, it's doubtful this is an OS configuration problem. Remove the router from the equation and plug directly into your Cable/DSL modem to see if this still happens. If it does, chances are you'll need to replace your router with another. Linksys would be my choice......

markwalker said:

I've recently installed a Wireless broadband connection via a Dell PC and a ACER Travelmate Laptop through a D-Link DSL-904. Everything works but not great.

On both computers, each time i open the internet explorer it never finds my home page and get a 404 page not found error (Home page is Google) i have to refresh the page about 3 or 4 times until it finally loads.

Even once it works and connects and i open up a new Explorer window i have to repeat the whole process again....

Any ideas Gang?Click to expand...

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I have just installed a new DSL Modem (DLINK 200) running WIN XP Home. All goes well until I shutdown the computer. I cannot connect again upon restart. IE tells me the connection is not available!! Modem is still active and all settings appear to be the same. Where am I going wrong?

Answer:Lost ADSL Connection


I have a similar problem... My DSL connection was working fine until this morning....
I have a problem with the drivers and the connection tab.. have to install drivers everytime i disconnect... dont know wats wrong...

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Relevance 48.38%

Need some help if at all possible please:

Setup :
Two pc's and one laptop all using windows xp

1. BT voyager 2110 wireless broadband router
2. Two Pc's using Bt voyager 1040 pci's
3. One BT laptop adapter 1060


Specific problem is with just the one pc namely "Richard" When this pc is switched on the adsl connection via the router lasts for a few minutes then the connection is lost. When the pc is switched off the router reconfigures and reconnects the adsl.

When using the laptop and other pc (PC no 2) there are no connection problems.

Please see ipconfig for the three as follows:-


Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\dickybird>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : richard
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : home

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 3:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : home
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : BT Voyager 1040 PCI Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-90-96-FA-90-7B
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Serve... Read more

Answer:Problems with connection to adsl

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I've been told to post this in the internet talk forum now for help..

Here's a long story cut short:

My ADSL connection keeps disconnecting randomly across the day, I use a usb Alcatel Speedtouch 330 modem with Win XP.
When i try to re-dial i get a 'no dial-tone' error for about 30 seconds until it decides to reconnect.

Basically, i've:
Tried checking the phone line,
Reinstalling the drivers,
Installing the updated driver,
Changed the usb power settings,
Checked the DSL filters,
Checked for Spyware,
Checked for viruses,
Checked the modem on another friends PC
Used the Hijack this method

.... and none of these solve the problem.

Anyone any ideas?

Answer:ADSL Connection Keeps Terminating

if you have an adsl link light on the modem see if it drops out,if it does the problem is at the exchange and the line needs resetting,talk to your isp

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ADSL is finally available in my area, and we are getting it next week (a lovely unlimited plan ). Anyway, I already have a network of 4 computers setup, and I was wondering if its simple to have the ADSL over the network. The main computer I have uses WinXP, and all the others use Win98. I know WinXP has a ICS option, however does this work ok when the other computers are all Win98. The ADSL modem will be connected by USB to the WinXP machine.
Should I try the Windows ICS option? Or is there another program I can use that does a better job. I know I could use a router for this job, but I don't want to pay that much. So I'm looking for a simple software solution. Thanks.
Any advice is welcome.

Answer:ADSL and Connection Sharing

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Yesterday I was talking with someone in the States with Skype using ADSL and my home phone rang. My wife answered and it immeditely cut my Skype connection OFF and my modem no longer worked. The light on the modem just continued to blink and after 15 minutes I disconnected it and shut down my laptop. I opened my laptop 30 minutes later and the modem worked and I called on Skype. While talking someone again rang my home phone and the modem shut down again.Can anyone help me to understand?

Answer:Crazy ADSL connection

Have you got a filter fitted to the phone line?

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One of my relatives recently purchased a laptop with Vista Home Premium installed, without knowing that there are virtually no UK ADSL providers supporting Vista yet. As such, they haven't been able to get their internet connection back up and running. They are using a Belkin wireless G ADSL modem router as their modem, and the connection is provided by NTL.

Unfortunately I can't go round and have a look at it myself, but im fairly certain its not something they're overlooking since they've been on the phone to both Belkin and NTL who have both told them it's just not going to work. My knowledge of ADSL is very limited (always used DSL, much more straightforward!) so there could be a really common little trick that could solve the issue that im totally oblivious to.

If anyone else has had any experience with getting Belkin ADSL modems working in vista, and can help me out, that would be great.

Many thanks.

Answer:Vista and an ADSL connection

Virtually all DSL providers in the UK support Vista, it issue comes with how you connect your PC to the modem and the drivers as the CDs they supply at present dont work, not Vista's fault but slow companies issuing updated install CDs, but one work around is to copy the contents of the CD to a folder on the Hard Drive and right click "Run as Admin" the setup.exe, connections if ethernet or wireless generally are fine, USB can be more tricky, If using wireless then I have had no issues running Vista via a Belkin Cable Router Modem on NTL at friend of mines and this was from last year to lastweek.

But NTL is not ADSL its Cable internet connection, I know they have just been bought out by VirginMedia, but the connections have not changed, so they will need a cable modem wireless router or wireless router.

Virgin Broadband
Our broadband service on cable is three times faster than BT, AOL or Tiscali1, so you'll get the speed you need, and there's no limit on how much you can downloadClick to expand...

Virgin do do ADSL, but if they were NTL customer its very likely they are on cable, so you would buy a wireless router and plug the Cable modem from NTL visa ethernet cable into the wireless router and away you go.

so will need to double check the type of connection they actually have?

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I have got an adsl line and recently i have got one nasty problem, my
internet connection is lost after 10-20 min of surfing. the similar porblem
is described here but
i cant see the solution there

please help me
windows xp
sp1 and sp2
norton av 2005

Yours ever, Mike

Answer:adsl connection goes down constantly

provide us with the details - how you connect - make model of equipement you have

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Hi and a Happy New YearOver the weekend I needed to reload my ADSL modem.For some strange reason the drivers loaded ok butwhen I try to connect it automatically disconnects.Then it says "error 645" the dial up networking is not working.Any ideas what this means? Do I need to reload Offfice 2000 or is it more complicated than this?

Answer:Lost connection via ADSL

click here

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Can anyone tell me what might cause my computer to take over 4mins to connect to my ISP? Because mine does and the program SERVICES.EXE uses 99% of cpu time.
No new programs have been added and the only changes undergone were cleansing of miners & spybots, by AdAware & regedit etc. problem started soon after cleaning!

Answer:ADSL connection Slow

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I've been using this connection for over two years now and have had no problems whatsoever. It connections via a USB modem (Prolink Hurricane 8000)

Yesterday the connection just stopped working. The connection gets established, but I can't access the web or any IM programs. It's as if there is no internet connection at all. MSN Messenger tries to connect for about 3 seconds and gives an error msg.

I made the following significat changes to my system just before this happened.
- Upgraded ZoneAlarm to the latest version
- Unisntalled Google Desktop search

After uninstalling Google Search and upgrading ZA, i rebooted the computer. The connection has been useless ever since.

SO far I've...

- Reinstalled ZA
- Uninstalled ZA
- Turned windows firewall on
- Turned it off
- Reinstalled USB Modem drivers
- switched USB ports
(NOTE: The usb modem works fine. Im using it right now on a different computer)
- Turned on all services
- Created a new connection
- Checked physical cable connections

After each try, the connection would get established, but nothing would be sent or received.

I had run weekly virus and spyware scans, so its highly doubtful that this is a virus or spyware problem.

I pinged and my own IP and got positive feedback. I pinged 'http;//' it gave some error message.

I have BitComet installed. It gave me an error msg 'Can not listen to port xxxxx' the first time it rebooted after the ZA upgrade. (I&#... Read more

Answer:ADSL connection trouble

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This is my first post, and it brings up an annoying problem.

I´ve just made an upgrade on my PC. Basic specs:

AMD Sempron 2800+
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
2 x 512 MB Kingston Dual Channell
200 GB Seagate HD
MSI FX5700 Graphics Card

I have a ADSL provider (Telemar/VELOX - Brazil) and I kept my old 3com Homeconnect Dual Link ADSL modem.

I run Win XP PRO SP1 and had been using the modem (with the old PC - USB connection) with the help of RASPPPOE.

Well, since I upgraded, my connection is killed right after I input my username and password. The LEDs seem normal, and the connection to the ISP´s authentication portal is ok too.

But the connection is ALWAYS killed after I press "ok" on the portal.

Can anyone help?

Thanx in advance!!


PS: Win XP´s firewall is off. RASPPPOE identifies the modem and creates a connection for it.

Answer:New PC...New and BIG ADSL connection problem

Are there any bridges in device manager under "network adapters"? Have you tried updating the chipset drivers since the upgrade since you are using USB? Might also check the "idle timeout" settings for the connection properties.

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I have had Telus ADSL for years now and had the same problem for years. My internet connection keeps getting disconnected. Sometimes a hundred times a day. Each time I have to turn the modem on and off to fix it. I have called Telus countless times and they just keep saying it's a problem on my end, they are no help at all. Or else say they will send me a new modem. They did and I still have the same problem. I know it's not my computer. My boyfriend has high Speed Shaw and once when his computer was in being fixed, I hooked mine up to his Shaw and it worked perfect for two full weeks until he got his back. I've tried countless things, even got my computer reformatted twice and still have the same problem. I can't switch to Shaw because I am on a stupid contract. As soon as it is up, I am switching though. This is causing me no end of frustration to reset the modem a hundred times a day. Can anyone help?

Answer:Telus ADSL Connection

sounds like a wiring problem with phone jacks,, have you tryed unplugging all phones and see if it still disconnects?

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Right, well this sounds like a newbie question, which it is.

after recovering my system on my HP laptop (NEVER, EVER make the mistake of buying an HP laptop, even if it is cheap.) for the second time this year, and not being able to recover it to winxp because the CD's somehow went missing, I was faced with the problem of setting up an ADSL connection.

Simple, phone line connects to modem, modem isn't USB type but connects to the network card on the laptop.

Now I go to 'Make New Connection' go to 'Dial Up to the Internet' and then on to that idiotic wizard and click 'I want to set up my Internet connection manually blah blah blah' and on to the modem selecting part, well It only offers me the internal dial-up modem, I want the network card here don't I? Yes I do, so off I go trying many ways to do this, which all land me back to the first option there.

I want to connect to the Internet, but use my network card to go on my merry way down the Ethernet cable, on to modem land and from there on to the land of minimal bandwidth and pedophiles known as the Internet! No such luck.

So after doing several searches here and there, and here, and on google, all of which tell me nothing at all, I am left with this... I must post.

So the bottom line is, that I have an ADSL connection that I know that works because my Linux computer and my current one which is using XP work fine with it, and I want that connection to work on my win2k runnin... Read more

Answer:ADSL connection (WIN2K)

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Just moved on to Plusnet from Wanadoo.I've gone from 512k to 2meg, but it feels slower than 56k and i can't even stay connected long enough to search anything. The ADSL keeps dropping out. PLusnet helpdesk completely useless. I've checked the settings,hardware and also had BT check the line.Is there any thing else i should look at?

Answer:ADsl Connection problems

Modem drivers?

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I run xp and broadband. I have a cable running across the living room to connect from the computer to the modem. I was advised that I needed a wireless router with built in modem and a usb dongle, as I do not have a network card and I didn't feel confident enough to install one. I have tried to follow the instructions, bu they don't make sense and I don't get on screen what I should. HELP!!

Answer:How do I set up a wireless adsl connection

click here or click herejohnny.

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I have two adsl connections to my Windows XP.

Anyone knows how to direct the specific connection to specific software that i want it to be connected in windows xp ?

Like I want Internet Explorer,ICQ,MSN to connect with connection 1 and I want p2p programs such as kazza and emule to connect with connection 2 , is there anyway to do that ?

Thanks in advance !

Answer:Two ADSL connection in windows xp.

You can't have to adsl instances running at the same time. One will stop working when the other is used.

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i want to share my dsl modem connection with another computer via wireless network cards... what do i need to do that? is 2 of this all i need?

Answer:sharing adsl connection

You will also need a wireless router, which used to go for 100-150 bucks ( could be less now, haven't checked in over a year ).

You could get away without it, but it's a non-trivial setup.

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Hi I have two win 98se PCs networked and I can exchange files between them. Can someone explaine how I would get them both on an ADSL internet connection please.

I have a usb speedtouch 330 adsl modem on one of them.

Answer:Two win98se PCs on one ADSL connection

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I've been using a router (Router-A) since a few years to connect to the internet. And I have about 3 computers connected to it through ethernet and 1 ethernet port (Port 4) is left free.
Now I have got a few laptops in my house and I want to connect them through ethernet too cause doing it through wireless is not possible due to the long distance.
So now what I did was, get another router from another house of mine and then connect this router (Router-B) through ethernet connection (Port 4). Now when I try to visit any web page it doesn't seem to work from any of the computers or the laptops in the house. How do I get this to work?
If anyone can help me with this; I will really appreciate his help very much.

Answer:2 Routers, 1 ADSL Connection

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I have ADSL Internet
An ADSL Router

i also have a Freecom DataTank Gateway WLAN

I want to connect the datatank to the adsl router and use it as a switch but cannot seem to do it.

I set the datatank ip to and told it to run as a switch
I set my router as a DHCP server with the ip

I Plugged the datatank into the router and can access the internet but cannot access the datatank user interface at

Anyone help please!

Answer:ADSL Internet, ADSL Router. DataTank (Cable Router) Daisy chain off ADSL?

problem solved.

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Can it be done?

We have 2 PC's both running windows
We have 1x Virgin Media 20mb DSL Cable Internet connection
We have 1x Netgear Wireless ADSL Router

(we will have a DSL router next week)

In the mean time we have 2 PC's that need internet access!

My question is, can we setup the internet using the equipment we have? Somehow connect the modem to the router via the ethernet port? OR Using 1 Pc connect to the router wirelessly and have the other connect to it wired. With the one we connect wirelessly we could connect the modem to and share the connection?


OK, I'm a little confused. Do you have a Cable Internet connection or a DSL connection? Provide me with the answer to that question and brand name and model numbers off of your equipment and I might be able to understand a little better (It's not you, it's me ).

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I recently put in a Linksys Wireless G ADSL Home Gateway router (WAG200G) for a customer.

It was working ok for a couple of weeks, then started to play up a bit - The connection is intermittent (it's working at the moment).

However, if the Internet light goes out, the customer can plug his old DSL modem back in to the phone socket and that will work fine (just the other household members can't get on the net when he's using the modem).

We've spent ages on the phone to TalkTalk and they've done a line test, which was ok. The phone works ok on the same line. He has filters installed on all of his phone points.

I also tried another Linksys router and that made no difference. That was still intermittent.

Any ideas?????

Answer:ADSL - Intermittent connection - Line is ok though

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MY office just signed up for Verizon ADSL service and I'm having a strange problem with DNS.

Some machines on the LAN can get out to the internet just fine. Other machines can not get out to see web pages. The reason I believe it's a DNS problem is I can ping all sites using the notation but I can not ping any sites when I use I know it's not the machines because when I set up the machines to access the old dsl connection it connects just fine. We are using a linksys cable/dsl router to connect to the outside world for the new connection. I've tried clearing out the DNS cache with no success.

Answer:Sharing a Verizon ADSL Connection

Is each workstation configurated with Obtain an IP Adress automatically and Enabed DNS? Delete any DNS Server Search Order entries. The Linksys cable/dsl router act as a DHCP host and it should provide the DNS as well.

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I have Freeserve Broadband and a Zoom 5506 PCi adsl Modem.for several months i've had no problems with my connection, but now the adsl line drops every so often.the only recent change that could have caused this was installing Outpost ver.1. this is when the problems started. I removed outpost but still no improvement so i contacted freeserve and they said it to do with the firewall. I also contacted zoom who also think its the firewall.reading advise on an outpost forum i folled advice on clearing outpost from the registry and guess what. I still have the problem.Im running win98SE AMD 1700+xp IE6 Zoom Driver 4012.099.050.000If anybody can help it would be great as my always on connection is now a hard to keep conection.Thanks Antman

Answer:adsl connection drops intermitantly

and have done for a long time. It's never made the slightest difference to my broadband connection, and I'm at a loss to think why it should. I'm not surprised to learn that Freeserve blamed the firewall - they've got to blame something I suppose - but I am surprised that Zoom did the same thing.Do youn have the Outpost security setting configured to 'Allow most'?

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I have huawei mt882 --router which is connected to a switch--
from the switch-- 2 lan cables are going into 2 pcs--
both pc are having internect connection.but my problem is that the speed is halfed
I have 1024kb adsl connection(in my retared county it's the fastest we got,so I can't do nothing about that)download speed was usually around 100kbps,
but i.e. when we are downloading something at the same time
both speeds are around 50kbps
also my ping in games is halfed
Is there anyway to set it up,without losing precious speed
I think there is because i saw it somewhere
If someone know exactly how to set it up I'd appreciate your effort
thx in andvance 2 all internet pr0s

Answer:Solved: sharing adsl connection-need help

Correct, that's how Internet sharing works! If you have a 1024kbit connection, and you split it for two machines, you're sharing that 1024kbit bandwidth. You don't get double the throughput just because you have more machines.

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Hi I have just installed broadband connection on my pc. I have always understood that broadband connections were connected at all times i.e. from when you first boot your pc up to when you switch it off. In fact mine requires me to click on Internet Explorer or the modem icon and then a dial up box appears. This connection is made in a very short period of time and the conncection speed is certainly fast enough but I just wonder if I have done something wrong in the installation? Any help appreciated.Sorry if this question is naive but I'm not an expert as you have probably gathered.Thanks in advance for all advice and help.

Answer:ADSL Newbie Connection Question

Your connection is fine, you still have to dial in with ADSL, if however you had Cable Broadband, as soon as you click internet explorer you connect right away.

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Hi guys, currently I'm using this ADSL router for my Internet connection.

We're buying a new computer but It's not going to be in the same room as mine, and both computers need to have Internet Connection.

Since you can have 4 Ethernet Connections on this router, is there some kind of

wireless hardware that can enable both computers to be able to connect to the Internet?



Answer:Wireless Connection for ADSL Router

You can use the ethernet ports to let both pcs access the net. But you will have to use a ethernet cable for this.

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Ok, AOL BB, who my friend is with lost connection totally one night last week. Have checked his computer and replaced with a spare identical USB ADSL Modem. All okHave found out that both his next door neighbours one being with AOL and other being Tiscali also have no internet access.Have called BT and they carried out line test in about 2mins all tested ok, they say call your isp.ISP AOL contacted but pre-recorded and they did a automated line test for problems and all ok. They say contact your tel provider being BT.So BT pass buck to AOL & AOL pqass buck to BT.With my friend being hard of hearing, I will be sorting this problem out. Thing is what and who can I discuss this problem with.Neighbour also reports line noise. Myself think the problem is BT somewhere between exchange to street.Looking around google searches seem to me AOL & BT hate each other.

Answer:ADSL Bband and connection problems

who does he pay his line rent too, they are the people to contact then insist they sort out the problem can he make voice calls.

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Hi, i have a 2MB Tiscali broadband connection and am using a safecom 4114 router to connect to my PC.The problem i have recently is that when i turn on the modem it takes more than 10 minutes for the ADSL light to be stable(i.e. conection to broadband). It used to only take a minute. once I am connected, everything is fine and i am getting the full speed. I have talked to tiscali but they seem unhelpful as usual. There is no problem with my line and all the filters are ok. can anyone advise me on this problem, is it perhaps a problem with my routers settings? The modem settings havnt changed though.

Answer:slow ADSL connection time

Hi, disconnect the Power from your Router, wait ten seconds and then re-connect Power.Cheers.

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So basically I'm using adsl for my internet and it seems everytime during a storm the internet will flicker on and off (ive seen it go up to 5 to 7 times within 5 minutes.) I dont know whats going on with regards to my isp but im wondering if this could be my modem, or my isp. any ideas?

Answer:ADSL internet connection flickering on and off.

If you are on copper, you would be wise to unplug the modem and forget the internet during storms. I have lost untold modems, telephones and routers to lightning over the years. At this point I simply unplug everything at the first distant rumble....Oh yes, there was that one motherboard too......

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Hello, everyone, yeah, it's me in trouble again. puke:

I wanted to eliminate windows 98 from my system and install the XP one, and I didn't have any important information on it (except for my live Stairway to Heaven Video, I swear I cried), so I deleted the partition, created a new NTFS one and installed the XP.

Everything went smooth, didn't even needed to install the motherboard drivers, XP did it all by itself, except for the modem, which I don't need and I disabled from the CMOS. I installed the webcam and Nero for the Cd Writer, also, and both of them worked fine.

The problem rised when i connected the ADSL modem and manually installed the cd drivers as told on the provider manual. At first, everything went by-the-book and the modem was installed correctly, and after logging the user-password data it connected fine too. Then I tried to load some pages like Yahoo, Hotmail, BitLord etc. using the IE, and this is what happened:

1. The first page you choose (any page) loads. If instead of that you download files (i.e. updating the antivirus) the first and with luck second files download, then it goes ¨server connection failed¨

2. If you click on any link or try a second page it fails to find it and gets stuck on ¨searching for (any IP)¨, or ¨connecting to¨

Well, I'm quite sure it can't be a virus, spyware, etc., I even tried formatting the HD and installing nothing except XP and the ADSL ... Read more

Answer:Problems with Xp and my ADSL Internet Connection

Found the source

...yep, it was a virus, but the *|$&!!! ## thing is either in the modem drivers disc or in the XP installation disc (yes, it's a copy), and I don't think it's the modem disc, so I throwed the XP one away, will get a new different one today.

...Thanks for reading!

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Hey there... I have some kind of [email protected] annoying problem here... I have a D-Link 624 router that shares ADSL (PPPoE) internet access between 2 comps (1 wired, 1 wireless).

The router seems to reset itself. Ok, it's a D-Link, no biggie here. But sometimes, it's having a hard time to reconnect properly, even though it says I'm actually connected to the internet. But I'm not really fully connected. I mean, my download speed is terrible (on both PCs), when I have any. Using NetStat Live, I see my dl in friggin BYTES, with some rare peaks at 3-4 kb/sec, but it mostly stands at 0. Loading a page is impossible, I only get to load the title and the background color if I'm lucky. Sometimes, if I'm very lucky, I get some text or even, God bless, a small image or two. But the connection times out every time in the end.

On the other hand, my upload speed sometimes seems correct (or sticks at 0 kb/sec too), when running Kazaa for example. Connection between PCs is flawless.

At first, I thought it was the heat, so I turned off the modem and unplugged the router for at least 15-20 minutes. Gave it a try again once cooled off. Still no real connection. Even if I disconnect and reconnect manually, reset the router, nothing good happens.

I can get my connection back at full speed 2-3 hours after, or I happen to see it happened overnight, because I went to sleep.

I recently noticed something. After the line disconnect, I look into my router's log and fin... Read more

Answer:Connection problem with Dlink+ADSL

di-624+'s are well known for having weird issues like this.
upgrade the firmware.

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Hello everyone, New here but here goes.

I have a PC at home and a 3 PC peer-to-peer setup at work. (just file sharing - No server stuff). I have used PCanywhere to connect to my office until it became apparant that users there were a little inconsiderate when it came to leaving the host on at the office. From there I went to straight forward dial up networking when I needed to synchronise.

All stations are Win2k Pro.
The PC at work is on a BT Speedcard (ISDN)
My home PC is also Win2K on a BT Speedcard (ISDN)

No problems.

I now have the opportunity to get ADSL (Exchange upgrade heading my way)

I have been told that as ADSL is not dialup that I will not be able to connect directly to my office using the telephone number provided on the business highway and that the connection would be software dependant.......Step back in.....PCanywhere.

I cannot change the office setup to ADSL as we rely on the different phone numbers it makes available

So, there's the problem.

I have read through the manual and found that ADSL must use the network connection and the TCP/IP Protocol.

The office (and home) don't have a static IP address.

Will I need to optain a static IP address at least just for the office or can PCanywhere handle such a connection anyway.

Can anyone therefore tell me or help me with a configuration to get....
My home (ADSL).Connected to...............
My office (ISDN)



Answer:PCAnywhere ADSL to ISDN connection

the only assistance i can offer is to point you in the direction for a static domain redirector, which could, technically, be used to give you your remote ip address from whichever end you are at. you would need to use IIS5 on both amchines and get two redirector's, create a default web page on each machine that only shows the current IP address.

make two separate accounts, and try it out. It's odd that your work doesn't have a static IP, or VPN access.

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I have a 512k adsl connection and am experiencing a ping of about 200 when playing online games. Sometimes when I boot up I get a message saying something like, "other devices are occupying the usb bandwidth, click ok to allow your modem to adjust the available bandwidth" When I click ok it takes about a minute to sort itself out. I think this is the famous AMD processor and usb modem problem. But I was wondering if this could affect my ping, as it used to be fine before I started getting this error message. I first started getting this message when I installed a new graphics card, could this be the problem.ThanksDave

Answer:Adsl connection high ping


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Hi, I am running XP, service pack one (although in add remove, some service pack two stuff is evident also from Windows update), connecting via ethernet and sometimes usb and the connection keeps dropping and I have to reinstall the tiscali usb drivers.

I have run many tests for virus and trojans etc and assume now that it is OK.
Any ideas as to why the tiscali drivers seem to be knocked out so often and connection lost????

Many thanks

Answer:Losing connection on ADSL Ethernet or USB

Have you tried updating the drivers?

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I need an advice/help trying to figure the following. I'm running D-Link modem/router 2600u, and lately it's misbehaving. Occasionally, in the morning I get no internet connection even though the modem shows connection (DSL/Internet LEDs are lit up, and I actually can get into the admin interface on the modem, where it shows that the connection is up, with upstream/downstream connection working and IP assigned to it by the ISP). Still, the computer does has no internet connection. The strange thing is that this issue happens in the morning and so far, in the evening the internet comes back. And it does not happen consistently.

So the question is: is this a hardware problem with the modem, or some software issue with the computer, or is my ISP playing games with me? I did contact them and they can't figure it out over the phone and offer to send in a technician (for a fee). The chances are that by the time that guy comes in, internet will be back so I'm trying to troubleshoot it myself and hope for a guru help here

Answer:ADSL - internet connection drops out

When you lose connection, do you reset any of the hardware (router, modem)?
I have almost the exact same problem and i have to unplug and replug my router.
Jumping in to see what fix you come up with.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to use a ADSL broadband modem for dial up.
My internal dial up modem is not finding a dial tone on my laptop when i try to connect to AOL. Or will i have to purchase an external USB dial up modem.

Thanks for any help i really appreciate it.


Answer:Using ADSL modem for dial up connection

Not possible different type of modem sorry.

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I'm using Alcatel Speedtouch 530 ADSL Modem and I have ADSL 4096/256 connection. This modem has two options. It can be connected using USB or Ethernet port. I recently upgraded my ADSL Connection from 2048/256 to 4096/256.
My internet provider' s stuff advised me to use its Ethernet for better connection speed. (I believe that it doesn't matter).
So, should I connect it to the Ethernet port or keep it connected to the USB?

Answer:ADSL connection through Ethernet or USB port?

For one computer connected it doesn't matter. If you later decide to add a router to connect two or more computers, then you need to use ethernet.

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I am sorry if this post does not belong there - simply I think it is Windows fault
I use a laptop to connect to the web via ADSL of Lithuanian bigest TSP - "Teo". So far, everything was going ok - whne one day I found it unable to download programs: Skype and SmartFtp. Windows update experienced crashes too. Well, fortunately I connected another computer at home to the web and downloaded these programs.
Today, my ADSL refused to work. Modem function properly, everything is connected and right now I am writing at the not-portable PC. As I enter username and password - "error 691, wrong username and/or password". But I did not change it!
I use NOD32 antivirus ans Windows firewall. Tried to change IE7 settings as well as Windows security settings and those of firewall. Nothing helped.
Phoned to the "Teo" support, they told to delete conenction and re-create it. I did several times - nothing worked. They told me the line was ok.
I include the log of Hijack this. please note: I delete some websites, but since I run them, they are 100% aids-free/
The list of Hijack_This log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 21:33:39, on 2006.12.23
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)

Running processes:
C:\WINDO... Read more

Answer:Solved: ADSL connection problems

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Hello all. I'm attempting to create 2 separate networks using 2 Linksys WRT54G routers, both using DD-WRT v23 firmware, and having a heck of a time with it. Let me explain why I want to do this.

I want to set up one router as a hot-spot to provide unsecured wi-fi to anyone that pulls up and wants to use it at my mothers campground. Wireless and wired access to the Internet is all this router needs to be capable of providing.

The second router on the other hand needs to provide wireless and wired access to the Internet, as well as file and printer sharing to only those on this particular network.

If I lump the campers together with my mother and brother on 1 unsecured network I run into a few little issues. #1, I'd like my moms wifi to be secure since she's the one who lives there and will always have a laptop sitting around. #2 right now any campers can log into the unsecured wifi and attempt to browse file shares. While they can't actually access shared folders due to permissions, they can see the share names, and that's more than I'd like them to be able to see.

It wouldn't be too big a deal except that I have a 17 year old brother there and I can't spend all my time keeping tabs on what sort of folders he's sharing so he can watch stuff on the laptop or htpc. It would be much better if I could just separate them all into 2 networks that share an Internet connection.

Now, how do I go about doing this? I've bee... Read more

Answer:2 networks with 2 routers and 1 ADSL connection

Just read the rest of your post. Try upgrading the firmware, double nat should work fine.

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Dell Precision M90
XP Pro SP2
Intel T2500 @ 2.00 GHz

Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router

ADSL Modem

I recently upgraded my DSL speed from 1.5 Mbps DL to 3.0 Mbps DL. However, my computer was not loading webpages any faster than before. I ran a speedtest at speak easy and usually get around 500 to 700 Kbps. I tested another computer wired to my router and was getting test times over 3.0 Mbps. So, I wired my computer to the router and am getting the same slow speed I was getting with the wireless connection. Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: ADSL Connection Slow

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Hello, as the title suggest's I can't use my ADSL modem in Hyperterminal. Istead, it detects my built in 56k modem on COM3. Is there anyway I can get it to use the ADSL modem instead? Thanks.

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Hey folks, any chance of some help on this one?I'm reformatting and installing windows for a friend, but he's forgotten his password to connect... is there any way to recover this before I wipe the hard drive?I've seen some password revealers and stuff online, but they all seem to cost... is there no way to do it for free?Cheers!

Answer:Recover ADSL connection password

expertec,He could phone his ISP and ask.Perhaps he kept the email telling him what it is?Regards,Felix

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Hello -

I am a new user to this forum but have found it very useful in solving problems in the past. Hopefully, someone can help me with this frustrating issue I have currently.

Some background info:
I have DSL (ADSL) from Bell South using a Westell modem.
I connect the modem to a simple switch via ethernet that connects my 2 computers so I can share internet access. I am running Windows XP on one and hosting a web server using Linux Red Hat 8.0 on the other.
Both computers are set up to obtain the IP address automatically.
The Linux server is set up to use PPPOE but the Windows machine I have left alone.
I have a 3COM NIC in the Windows machine and a SoHo NIC in the linux box.
I have internet access on both machines but I have problems downloading information because the connection is so flakey.
I have to constantly reboot the modem and then it is fine for a few minutes or so.

Do I need to get a router instead of a switch or is it possible that I have configured something wrong?
Currently, I have the modem set to use PPPOE with the connection being "always on" instead of "on demand" and my userid/password is in the modem. I have also stored this info
in Linux using their ADSL utilities.

I have tried several times with Bell South tech support but they do not support Linux so I can only go so far with them. Any comments/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:ADSL connection being dropped constantly - Please Help!

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Now then guys, someone must have come across this before!I restored my WinXP Pro system after a small problem and everything went back to normal, except my modem! What happens now is, I boot up and everything appears fine, BUT, my modem is offline?If I warm reboot through the start menu, I get the green arrows and can connect.The thing is, I can't restore any futher back than I did. Any ideas?

Answer:ADSL Modem connection problems

Is it possible you have restored to before the modem was installed so you have no drivers recognised. Best suggestion I have is to delete your modem inc drivers and reinstall everything.

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I only had windows 7 for a week and i managed to configure my windows the way i want thanks to this site.
Now i have a persistent problem that i couldn't find any solution or the source of the problem.
I use a normal pppoe adsl connection directly from my pc, and it's working fine, and the internet provider that i have provide me with a dynamic ip address, so i can't continuously keep the connection more than 24Hr, it will disconnect from the provider and i had to redial the connection again.
now the problem is that when the connection disconnected by the provider (after the 24Hr) a yellow mark on the taskbar icon appears indicate that there is no connection.
but the adsl connection on my pc keep running and i can't disconnect it to redial the connection.
I tried to disable the Ethernet adapter but still the connection kept on, even when i enabled it again.
The problem will be solved if i restart my pc, but this is not an actual solution to this problem.
I can't do any test or check for this problem because it's not happening now, but if someone can provide my with any guide so i can do before it happened it would be good to solve the problem.

Problem seems to be solved.
I did a couple of changes at the same time and the problem is gone, so i won't exactly know which one is responsible for the fix. Here what i did:
- Disable IPv6 "under local area connection properties"
- Disable Link-layer technology (both) "under local area... Read more

Answer:adsl connection keep running but no internet?

I've a problem that is quite similar. Internet is ok and connected but the network says "no internet access". This issue still remains after a restart..
Probably you're experiencing another problem as I do. When you set up a new broadboand connection (just say you wanna test it from scratch, just in case), Windows 7 tries but fails to connect to the internet. However, if I choose skip and create and then connect manually later it works normally, even tough the YELLOW TRIANGLE is always there, near the clock.

Please does anyone know how to fix this?? Thanks

PD: 2 questions

1 Did you install virtualbox recently..?? because that started my internet problem in the first place, but I'm not sure
2 How did you manage to get Atomic Alarm Clock work in W7?? Is it maybe because you have 32 bit W7 version??

Thanks again

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Hey guys,

i recently purchased a D-LINK DSL G604T modem and have finally after ages connected to adsl internet connection. The problem i have is one that occurs every now and again and i think its vista related.
When i switch the computer on my network connection doesnt always connect to the internet, it sometimes doesn recognise the connection and only leaves me at a local connection with this resulting in me having to restart vista hoping that the next time it will recognise and connect to the net. Is there a way i can manually connect when this problem occurs? ive tried going to network and sharing centre and tries repairing the faults but this always fails. Only thing that works is resetting my computer.

Answer:ADSL Connection Fault at Start Up

So i take it noone knows...

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Hi all, hope I posted this in the right forum! I've recently had to re-install windows98, I then installed an ADSL Modem on it (Sagem [email protected] 800-840). I did have problems with the computer rebooting itself at random times while the modem was plugged in, to fix this I changed my USB setting from ISO to BULK as instructed by my ISP.
Now I am having problems with my connection. While on the internet it just randomly disconnects me and asks if I want to re-dial my connection. When I click re-dial it freezes, so I have to click cancel, re-launch the modem and re-dial again. This is very annoying and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what might cause it to disconnect?

By the way I have set Auto-Disconnect to NOT run, and I don't have options to disconnect if idle for 20 minutes or if a connection is no longer needed. I don't think it's because I set the USB to BULK either because I had it on this setting before windows was re-installed and it was fine. Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:ADSL Modem Connection Difficulties

Windows 98 is iffy with USB, W98SE is slightly better, but USB-drivers for either hardly ever work.
Check that you have the latest W98 USB-drivers installed. Also see if there are any USB-drivers on the motherboard CD and install/upgrade those as well.
If you would install Windows 2000 Pro instead, rather than XP, it would make life a lot easier for you.

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Usually I look for answers to my questions on the www, but this time I really could not find the info anywhere.

Here's my problem:

I have a small webserver running on Win2k with a 1mbps ADSL connection as my pipe. Everything runs fine (www, ftp, mail, terminal services, DNS etc...) there's just one little thing that keeps on bugging me (a lot). I sometimes administer my computer from work when it's quiet with M$ Terminal Services (updates, install/remove programs, you know, the stuff I would rather not do when I'm physically in front of my machine, in a way, I get paid good money to administer my home server ). The BIG problem is that I sometimes need to reboot. Rebooting itself is not the problem. I start getting problems when I try to login after a reboot . You see, my ADSL connection requires a user/pass to connect. I installed the RASPPPoE protocol and unchecked the "prompt for usr/pass" checkbox in the options, but that does not solve my problem. I need www connectivity when I boot the machine, not when I login.

Basically, there just has to be a way to startup my ADSL connection as a system service... I hope... or else I'll have to get a cable modem and the only provider available here just plain sucks...

Please help...

Answer:Adding an ADSL connection as a service

Well I'm not sure about doing it that way, but I do know of a way you can do it in another way.

Go to your Network Connections and right-click on the DSL connection. Click Options and uncheck the options "Prompt for name and password" and "Prompt for phone number". This makes it so that when you click on your DSL connection it will automatically login without having to press ok even though your username/password is already in.

Now all you have to do is place the DSL connection in Programs/Startup. Once you restart your computer, the DSL connection will dial automatically when Windows is starting up.

I do this myself and it works fine.

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Hi all how can i achieve the above? i would like my adsl conection to start when i start the computer to save clicking on dial(even though it doesnt dial up so to speak)any ideas?

Answer:starting adsl connection on boot up

You will probably have downloaded some configuration software from your ISP - or some will have come with your connection pack. Some of these (notably the BT/Alcatel connector) automatically makes the connection on startup, but if that doesn't happen you could always find the .exe file for your connection and put it in the startup folder.

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