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Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

Question: Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

Hi. Out-of-the blue, I can't delete messages in my Microsoft Outlook 2000 inbox. If I click on delete, I get "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists retsart Outlook". I am running Windows XP and have tried a System Restore and have also repaired Office 2000 using the original Office CD-ROMS without success. I'm starting to think it may be virus-related. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

Can you look in the event log and see if it is generating an error code?

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I have 3 different public folders setup in Exchange 2000. Each one is a calendar for a conference room schedule. In Outlook 2000 I click on my calendar and I want to setup a meeting in one of these conference rooms. When I choose the conference room to "invite" them I cannot see the schedule it shows no information. How can I get this to show the information stored in the public folder calendar? Thanks

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When attempting to empty my "deleted items" folder, I get a message that states there is an error in outlook.pst and that I should run the "inbox repair tool". I deleted all mail in the folder until I found only one message that cannot be deleted. This single message cannot be opened or deleted and I have already run the repair tool. When I attempt to open the item, I get a message in the preview pane that says the message contains "active content" and cannot be previewed.

Answer:Can't delete messages in Outlook 2000

What I've needed to do in this case is:

Create a new Personal Folder
Copy everything to that new Personal Folder (except the deleted Items)
Then reconfigure Outlook to just use the new folder instead of the old one.

This is a lot easier if you set up Outlook 2000 with the Corporate Configuration since you can specify the exact location of your PST files.

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The error message just says to run the inbox repair tool, but it finds "no errors".
Messages can be moved to the sent folder but not the deleted folder. The only kb I could find was relating to Exchange which we don't use, only pop hotmail and optimum.
If there are no corrupt messages in the .pst file, what could be the problem?
XP Pro box.

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In Outlook 2000 is there a way using rule wizard or whatever so that I can delete or move messages from a folder that DO NOT contain certain words?

I know you can delete stuff containing certain words but it would be useful as a spam sorter to for example, delete everything that doesn't have my name somehwere in the subject line or body text or delete anything not containing any words to do with my business.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Answer:Outlook 2000 help. Rule to delete messages NOT containing certains words

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I just upgraded to IE 5.5. i am now unable to send Email out of IE. Message "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"

Outlook works fine. Default mail program is set to Microsoft Outlook.

Any suggestions?

Answer:IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

Try this; no promises:

With outlook closed. Hit Start-Run and type:

outlook.exe /regserver

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with an Outlook 2007 issue a user has been having. Last week, our exchange server was flooded by a lot of e-mails, causing our users messages they tried to send out to fail and given a Outlook delivery delayed message for each. The issue was solved but I have one user who still has a delivery delayed mail in this inbox and upon trying to open it, Outlook crashes and if you try to deleted it, you get the message:

"One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match. To resolve the conflicts, open the items, and they try this operation again."

I was thinking this notification was in sync with the e-mail that was delayed, so I did a search and couldn't not find anything related to it. Any ideas on who to get rid of this troublesome message?

Answer:Outook 2007: Cannot delete e-mail / Crashes when you try to open


Take a look at this: OL2000: (CW) Troubleshooting Synchronization Problems

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Hi, I think all my problems started when I installed a new McAfee security program three days ago and now I can't seem to get anything to work. My Yahoo mail acount will not delete any unwanted messages although I check the box and click on delete, nothing happens. I also lost all the names in my browser. Nothing appears when I click on it. I have to type each www. name in each time. I tried to send and E-mail to [email protected][/email], but it would not go. Maybe it would be better to uninstall the McAfee and restore my computer back to before I installed it. Please advise.

Answer:delete button will not delete unwanted messages

Well...I would agree about dumping the McAfee but since you paid money for it you will simply have to start reading the HELP files on how to use and configure it. Your problems are all because McAfee is not configured or over configured for your needs.

The program can be overwhelming to a novice computer user. If you want good anti-virus protection with a firewall, then see this:

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I am getting a stop message in win2000 pro......
*** stop:0x000000D1 (0XBFFFBD8C,0X00000002, 0X00000000, OXBFFDE5AE)

Answer:2000 pro stop messages

Often stop errors are memory or overheating problems. To test your memory, here is a memory tester. To check for overheating, open the side cover and place a small desk type fan blowing air into the case. If your problems stop, you have found overheating to be the cause.

Have you checked your event viewer to see if there are any errors listed?

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I am trying to upgrade a Gateway 2000 computer... model G6-300 serial number 0010169779... I have been to Gateway but cannot find the help I need... this system was orginially a 98 system... when given to my daughter the harddrive was missing...but everything else is there.. even the software.. now I put in TWO harddrives to give her more space... got it loaded with Win 2000 pro... now the fun begins... in the device manager there is the yellow flag on video controller, vga compatible...I have tried starting in VGA mode... taking drivers from the restore disk, going to Gateway and installing anything THEY had for video... still no difference... also the USB will recognize the USB port when I plug something into and set it up but says there is an error everytime no matter where I get the driver from... so I cannot use my wireless USB card to go internet and do work on it... I have to use the turtle slow dial up and tie up my phone line... now would it be better if I:
1. go back and reinstall the orginial 98 then do the 2000 as an upgrade?..will this take care of the problems?

2. continue to try and figure it out as I am and end up bald...

the web link on Gateway for this :

that is the orginal configuration... the restore disk has all OS on it... from Win 3.1 to winit 4 something... I forget... but any way...there you have it... do I shoot it now or keep trucking and trying to get it to... Read more

Answer:Error messages in 2000

The only thing I saw on the Gateway support site (for the provided Mod/Ser No.'s) which might come close is the bios. If you're using onboard video there may be something in the update.

Download, install, and run Everest Home Edition on this machine. (Clean FreeWare) Once it's finished loading and running, look under Computer, Summary, Display, or under Display, PCI/AGP Video. This will tell you what display adapter/chip you have. Post that information. (Video Adapter and 3D Accelerator.)

You will most likely find your motherboard/chipset information. Post this as well.

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As I'm working away the tone that tells me a new message has been received will sound. When I look at the Inbox there is nothing new there. This does not happen all the time but occasionally. I have not set up a junk folder so, it can't be sending any messages there. I don't know if there is a real message or if the tone signifies something else. I've had this PC for a few months and I just don't know what to think. Any guidance would be appreciated. .....Bob

Answer:Outlook 2000 Messages ??

Have you gone into the Sounds Control Panel to see if you have the same sound set for 2 different things?Check and see what sound is set for New Mail Notification (e.g. Windows XP Notify.wav) and then see if the same sound used for anything else.

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Having a number of problems with my wife's computer. Now, most specifically, IE 6 (Win XP.. everything up to date). There are a few messages we have not been able to delete by right clicking or using the "X". Some I have been able to drag to the "Deleted" box and empty the box. More background.. I have used CCleaner, Spybot S&D, AVG8, Trend Micro Home scan, etc to clean up stuff with no success on this last issue.

There is one email file from my family that has an attachment. I don't believe it to have a virus. However, when I click on it or try to drag it to the "Deleted" box.. the hard drive begins to work and says "The selected message(s) could not be moved.. Not enough memory". I tried to manually compact the database by clicking on Work Offline and Compact All. It begins by trying to compact Deleted Files and I get an error message that the folder "is currently in use by OE or another application" I click OK and it goes on till it reaches "Inbox" and I get the same message.

Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Bill

Answer:IE 6 Can't Delete Messages

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I have had problems for months with deleting messages from Outlook Express. In a message I read earlier it was suggested to delete the inbox.dbx file. However, I can't find it on my computer. Perhaps my operating system files are hidden? I'm not sure and don't know how to find that out.

Answer:Can't Delete Messages in OE

Hi jhainaut and welcome to TSG.

DBX files are located in the Message Store folder.
To access it, follow these instructions.

You need to have Hidden files and Folders showing.
At the top of any folder(My Documents for example) click Tools>Folder Options>View tab.
Scroll down the list and place a check next to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" then click Apply and OK.

Click on Tools>Options>Maintenance tab>Store Folder.
On the Store Location box, highlight the address by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.
Press Control+C (both at the same time) to copy the address to the clipboard.
Click Cancel on all boxes and close OE.

Click on Start>Run.
Press Control+V (both at the same time) to paste the address into the command line and click OK.
The Store Folder containing all the DBX files should open.

A Note of caution:
A DBX file is where the data that makes up the messages you see in the OE folders is stored.
Deleting a DBX file will cause loss of all messages contained in the corresponding folder in OE.
Before you delete the Inbox.dbx (actually before you even open the Message Store folder), create a new folder in OE and move all messages you want to keep into the new folder.
If you have a large number of messages in the Inbox, create a couple of folders to move them to.
The size of the DBX file should not exceed 100 MB.
Do Not try to open DBX files directly. They can be easily corrupted.

While you're in the Message Store folder, delet... Read more

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Been on vacation for a couple of weeks. got home 300 messages I cannot
get rid of them. It will delete 34, and then stop. Please help on removing
the remaining e-mails-

Answer:how to delete 300 messages

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why sim messagesfull

Answer:How do I delete sim messages?

Originally Posted by Rashan Dilsara Weragoda Arachchi why sim messagesfull could you share which device you're using and what OS? So we can help you better

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Can anyone tell me where Outlook 2000 stores my messages, and how - if possible to change where my messages are stored.This is very easy in Outlook express, but have no idea how to do it in Outlook 2000.Appreciate any help.

Answer:Outlook 2000, stored messages

It is stored in a file called *.pstHow to Change or Move the .pst File for Personal Foldersclick here

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Outlook 2000, Windows XP Pro

When I reply to or forward a message, the original message disappears from my inbox. I've done a side-by-side comparison to another computer with the identical setup and cannot find any different settings. Any suggestions?!

Thanks in advance!!

Answer:Disappearing messages in Outlook 2000

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on startup, two error messages appear:
sfr.msi not found
ordinal 508 could not be located in the dynaic link lIbrary RASADI32.DLL

Answer:windows 2000 error messages

Sounds like you have remnants of an incomplete install or uninstall. First try msicuu2.exe that can be downloaded from the MS site. Read the MS Tech papers on MS installer for more advice.

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When I respond to a message in the inbox it disappears. Microsoft told me to go to Scanpst.exe to fix but can't find that file on my computer.

Answer:Outlook 2000 loses messages

More than likely, it has nothing to do with scanpst...

Try this instead:

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Using Vista for several years I never had a problem with OE 2000.

After reinstalling the OS every time I open Outlook Express 2000 I get a Recovered Messages folder. This never used to happen. What can I do to get rid of it once and for all?

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A few days ago I started getting some error messages. I was sat eating my tea and my computer was connected to the net via aol 9 but not running any programs. The main error message is something about Windows.exe - application error, the other one is The instruction at "0x77fcc641" referenced memory at "0x002e0066" (or sometimes "0x00670068"). The memory could not be read. Click to terminate program.

You may not be surprised to hear that these messages keep cycling round and I no longer have a desk top! Also, my task bars and start menu vanish which is a pain as most of the advice I've come across so far all start with "Go to your start menu.."!

I have not installed any new software lately, the only thing I have done out of the ordinary is unplug my scanner in order to plug in my digital camera, copy some photos to my computer, then unplug the camera. I did not plug the scanner back in.

I found out last night that if I'm quick enough (and lucky) I can click on my aol icon in the task bar before it disappears and get it to run!

I'm beginning to think that the only cure is a complete reinstall of windows2000 and that I'll loose the many photos, music files and other documents I have stored on my computer. This had to be done once last year by a friend when I got a particularly bad virus and he managed to partition my drive and save my documents. I'm not confident enough of doing a complete reinstall and don&... Read more

Answer:Windows 2000 error messages

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After I log into my PC running Windows 2000, I get the following two items that pop up in a small box:
can't find function
RegisterServices Process


can't find function

I can cancel both and as far as I know, Window 2000 is running fine. I just upgraded from Window 98SE.

I've done a search in Microsoft's site...but no luck.

Answer:Windows 2000 Error Messages

The first thing i would do is check for a virus. Trojans have a tendancy to play with the winfat32 file.


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I've had a new laptop for a little over a week.

HP Compaq evo, with XP Pro operating system and Office 2000.

My ISP is freeserve and is operated through Outlook via Pop 3.

Outlook worked fine for a couple of days then I got the blaster worm, Symantec saw it off and Microsoft patched the hole and Norton was updated to 2003.

Since then I've had a series of problems, as I rectify each one another comes along. The latest is that I can't receive emails via Outlook (before I couldn't send) because it won't accept my password. There are 2 error messages that keep coming up at the moment, they are 0x800ccc92 (which MS says is a problem for Server 2003!) and the latest is 0x800ccc92. All errors received have been "0x800ccc" plus various numbers and/or letters.

Freeserve is fine when accessing internet explorer.

This is driving me mad, I've just been made redundant and am trying to set up on my own.

All help gratefully received.

Answer:Outlook 2000 error messages

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I've been using Vista for several years now. After recently reinstalling the Vista OS and Office 2000, every time I open my Outlook Express I see a Recovered Items folder. I can delete the folder(s) but each time I reopen OE 2000 the Recovered Items folder returns.
This never happened in the past. How can I get of it once and for all?

Answer:How Can I Get Rid of OE 2000 Recovered Messages Folder

Are you deleting them from the Deleted Items folder? When you delete them, go to that folder, right click it, and select Empty Deleted Items folder. After you've done that, go to Tools>Options>Maintenance and compact the Deleted Items folder.
Which email provider are you using? It's possible the emails aren't being deleted on that email server and that's why they keep coming back as recovered items. You may want to check with your email service provider about that.

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somebody please help me before I smash my computer!! Everytime I start the computer a bunch of errors appear. program error:exp.exe, wintask.exe,rundll.exe etc. I tried to go to run and type msconfig, but then it said cannot find file 'msconfig'(or one of it's components) I've been trying for days to try and fix whatever problem is happening while i'm in safe mode but I,m spending way too much time getting nowhere and my frustration level is beyond the norm. please, someone help me.

Answer:windows 2000 error messages

SpywareBlaster 3.4
SpyBot V1.4
AdAware SE 1.06
MS AntiSpy - (XP and W2K only)

DL them (they are free), install them, check each for their
definition updates and then run AdAware, MS AntiSpy (W2k/XP) and Spybot, fixing anything
they say.

In SpywareBlaster - Always enable all protection after updates
In SpyBot - After an update run immunize

Do these and reboot before the next step.

Then get HiJack This V1.99.1 - double click the DL file and click unzip letting it extract to its default folder C:\Program FIles\HiJackThis, run it from there, DO NOT fix anything, post the log here.

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I am using Outlook 2000 as my mail client in a Corporate setting. I also have Internet mail on it.

When I send messages, the Exchange server is used. Is there a way to send messages using my internet mail? There are times when our exchange server is down, and I can't send anything out within this period so I want to have at least an option of which client I want to use to send my messages.

I am using:
Windows 2000 Pro
no Novell Client installed
Exchange 2000

"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people." -- Mr. Garrison on South Park

Answer:Sending Messages thru Outlook 2000

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I recently reinstalled my computer with Windows 98 and installed Office 2000. I beleive that I have setup Outlook 2000 to send and receive messages correctly with the recommended POP3 AND SMTP settings, however I do not get any emails in my in box. When I check the messages on the Web based e-mail access, there are several e-mails waiting for me. At the same time Outlook does not inform me that it can not connect to the message server. Further more It doesn't send out any messages either. Through all this process Outlook doesn't display any messages that it can not access the server. I usually start the internet connection By clicking on the Icon PPPoP Icon to open up my conncection, then I try to send an E-mail. betwhen I establish connection, I have no problem surfing.

Sine I have no feed back fcrom Outlook, what can I do?



Answer:Outlook 2000 doesn't get messages

If its web based email you are trying to get some work with OE/Outlook and some don't but Hotmail, MSN and a few others plus your ISP generally do.

whats the email service your trying to get your mail off eg. Hotmail

plus do they say you can get your mail via OE/Outlook rather than online, if so give us link to them and no doubt someone will find out the settings for you.....

one thing to check for is in OE in Tools > Accounts are yours their... .if so then goto Connections and make sure your Connections is set to Always connect to this Account usin: and pick your ISP or LAN connection then click apply.

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When I try to delete a message from the inbox in Thunderbird I get a message saying I can't because it's full, to empty it or compact it. I deleted EVERYTHING and it still gives me this message.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

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I have WindowsNT, Version 4.0 and access e-mail through Outlook Express 6.
Keep getting message "error has occurred; some messages not deleted." NONE of current messages are being deleted! Help!

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Hello to All,

I can not delete e-mail messages. The delete button is not grayed out and it "moves" when pressed.

I have WinME, 196 m ram, 40 g hd, Pentium II, IE 6.

I have ran Ad-aware, SpyBot, and checked for viruses. My puter checks clean. I also ran Regseeker and cleaned the registry. Still no joy.

I am thinking of reinstalling IE 6 to see if this will help.

Thought I would ask this board if you have any ideas.



Answer:Can't delete e-mail messages

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in the delete folder automatically when I close the program please?

Answer:How do I get Thunderbird to delete messages

To make Mozilla Thunderbird delete old messages in a folder automatically: * Click on the desired folder with the right mouse button. * Select Properties... from the menu. * Go to the Retention Policy tab. * Make sure Use server defaults is not checked. * Check either Delete all but the last __ messages or Delete messages more than __ days old. * Enter the desired time or message count. o Keeping about 30 days or 900 messages in a Trash folder usually works fine. * Click OK.

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phone is running, need to delete some data especially from apps, how do i do this

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When I use shift+Del to permanently delete email messages, they still go into my deleted messages folder. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change for this to work?

Answer:Shift+Del does not delete messages

I have tried turning off my NUM key and using the icon or the keyboard Delete key. I do get the message asking if I want the item to be permanently deleted and I do click yes, but it still goes to my Deleted Items folder.

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I have a Windows 2000 IBM ThinkPad Laptop.I made a mistake and forwarded an email message to everyone in my address book.In the process, I somehow made it so I can delete some messages, but not all, and I can't delete large blocks of messages anymore, so the messages are building.I'm not a very computer savy person yet, but if there is a simple way to walk me through the steps to making it so I can delete anything again, that would be great.Thanks   

Answer:Can't delete a lot of my email messages

What do you use for email ? ?

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Hi,I am using MS Windows XP SP2 with Mozilla Thunderbird.Because I wanted to use it to access my Hotmail account, I installed the Webmail extension.So after that was done, it downloaded all my messages, I did a few tests to see if it could actually send messages.That worked fine. But now there is a problem. I deleted I message from the Thunderbird program so I can "reclaim" my Inbox. I went to to the Hotmail (which is now Winblows Live Mail) and the messages were still there.I checked everything and it's all okay, but for no reason at all IT JUST DOESN'T DELETE IT!!!Can somebody help?Thank you.

Answer:Thunderbird does not delete messages...

Webmail retains the messages on its server until you delete them through Webmail...TBird is deleting the copies of them that are on your hard drive...Clear as Mud ? ? 

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my outlook wont delete messages ...............says maybe low memory or disk spacemems on over 50% with everything running an i've got about 100 GB of space lol

Answer:OE wont delete messages

Hi toniclady. Try this. In Windows Explorer search for a file called Deleted Items.dbx, and delete it (assuming there are no emails in your Deleted Items that you want to keep). When you next open Outlook Express, it should rebuild the file and hopefully you will then be able to delete your emails.

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Hello, does anyone know how to delete messages from the Tempro tool? Thanks.

Answer:TEMPRO - How to delete old messages

I?ve checked my Tempro and have few messages saved but there is no option to delete them. I can just read them using option previous/next. I think it cannot be deleted.

Leave it there. Check the last one if you want and that?s it.

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In Thunderbird when I try to delete message from the inbox I get a message that trash is full and I need to compact it or empty it. I have emptied it, there is nothing there (rebooted just to make sure) and I still get the message.

Anyone know what is going on?


Answer:Can delete messages from the inbox

I have the very same problem. Using file, empty trash doesn't work, nor does compact folders. I have the trash set to empty when i close Thunderbird. I have thunderbird 2.00.23 Can any Firefox techs help?
I also have a email that keeps duplicating itself. It reads Get 500 business cards free. Congratulations. I assigned it to junk mail. Antivirus says everything ok. but each time I open Thunderbird it loads more, my junk files go directly to trash.

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When I enter my messages on windows 10 messenger and tap a message, there is no delete button. I can delete a whole thread, but not a separate message.

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This program is new to mel - I always had Outlook Express. I think I will like the program.Pretty basic question, but how to you delete messages from the INbox - both separately or several at a time?

Answer:How do you delete messages from the inbox?

This program is new to mel Car to tell us what this programme is. It may come as a bit of a surprise to you but we cannot see your computer screen.Usually if you list the emails and right click on the email you get a delete option. Or list the emails hold down the the left Ctrl key and click each in turn then right slick usually does it with nearly all Windows applications.Stuart

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I cannot delete the messages in my inbox and also i am receiving the same message multiple times

I am using outlook express 6 ..

please help

Answer:help! cannot delete messages in my inbox

the lowdown is about halfway down at this link...

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I have windows 7 with WLM 2012.
My wife has windows 8.1 with WLM 2012.

On my machine I have 4 IMAP email accounts (all hotmail).

Last night I added all my 4 IMAP accounts to my wives machine. All works perfect.

This morning I realised that I can not delete any email in any folder on my machine. If I use the short cut of Shift/Del it deletes but does not place it into Deleted folder.

I tried to repair "Windows Essentials" from Control Panel but unfortunately it made no difference.

I was thinking of removing the accounts and re-creating them again. Before I do this may I please ask you guys for your advice.

Thank you.

Answer:WLM 2012 will not delete messages.

I removed each account and created them again. Everything is back to normal now.

Thank you.

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I have downloaded and started using Windows Live as my email client. How do deleted the messages off the server after I see the messages on windows live?? The reason I ask the question is after I download the files, I can go to my webbase client (not windows live) and I see the same messages downloaded to that there a way I can delete the file from the server, I am pretty sure that xp's OE has that function which is in the delivery system and I could not find it under windows live

Answer:how do I delete messages from server??

I have this in accounts / properties but not sure it is what you need

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I have outlook express 6/windows 98. I cannot delete any messages from my inbox. No matter what I try, they remain. Can anyone help me?

Answer:cannot delete email messages!!

Create a new folder in Outlook Express and move any mail that you want to keep to it. Then click: Tools>Options>Maintenance>Store folder to see
the location of your Outlook Express files. Follow the path to your Inbox.dbx file.You might have to have hidden files and folders shown from folder options. Delete the Inbox.dbx and when you restart Outlook Express and new one will be created.

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I have 3 days of emails (messages) that cannot be deleted. If moved to 'deleted items', and Windows Mail (WM) then closed, when WM is again opened, the following message appears: "Message store has been corrupted by an application external to Windows. Mail WinMail.exe has been able to successfully recover from this corruption. (0x00000000)". The emails that were deleted reappear in the Inbox, with heading intact but body of email showing: "Message cannot be found The contents of this message cannot be found Windows Mail"

I have restored the sysem to a point prior to the problem. New emails now being received do not have this problem and can be deleted. Am looking for a way to delete the 27 emails that keep reappearing.

Answer:WinMail - Can't delete messages

See it this helps
Windows Mail problems
The second method seems to be the best for you.

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Today, I received several messages in the 'junk' folder, when I selected them and tried to delete I got a message stating "an unknown error has occurred". The system 'freezes' and I have to reboot. Am able to access the browsers - fine, but when I go back to WLM and try to delete I get the same error message.

Answer:Unable to delete messages in WLM

Reinstall an image, it's fine now.

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I have a problem. I cannot delete ANY email messages. At first it started with just my Norton Anti-virus spam folder but now I cannot delete any messages even from my inbox. This is probably self-inflicted to some degree since I am not good at maintenance and ignored a lot of prompts to compact.

I am running Windows XP with outlook express. I have looked at previous postings on this problem. I have tried clean up techniques like de-fragging and reg clean. I have made sure that all my Windows updates and anti-viral stuff is up to date. I have tried the tools to compact and probably due to the advanced nature of my problem it isn't helping.

What's next? I'm not an advanced user but my husband is more advanced.


Answer:Cannot delete email messages

Welcome to TSF....

WHat version of internet explorer are you using?

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Windows XP

Outlook won't let me delete sent messages. Wouldn't let me delete several other messages, but will allow 1 to 5 to be deleted at the same time. None, however in "sent messages" file

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How do I remove my instant message conversations I have through AIM and also MSN Messenger?

Answer:Delete AIM instant Messages

Delete the logs.

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Using Excel 2000 with countif and sum functions (countif at top of ea. column and sum at end of each row). Create additional column for countif results by referencing the countif cells, I am then adding the countif results to the sum results for a grand total.
When I try to sort the grand total, I get #ref! and #value! error messages in some of the cells and the others are sorted incorrectly.

Any clues??


Answer:Error Messages When Sorting in Excel 2000

Not all formulas will work properly after sorting. That's because many formulas have *relative* references.

For instance, if you use =if(a1=b1,"true","false")

After sorting, it will read differently. If you want your formulas not to return errors, you can:

change your formulas to read, for instance, =if($a$1=$b$1,"true","false") so that they always look at the same cells regardless of their location

copy the cells that contain these underlying formulas (don't move your cursor after copying), then hit Edit-Paste special-Values to remove the underlying formula.

Hope this helps.

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Email messages that I am receiving from my ISP via Outlook 2000 (on XP) are disappearing as they enter Outlook. In other words, I open Outlook, see that 1 of X messages are being received, then one by one, I see them appear in the list for a split second, then they disappear. Strangely (if this isn't strange enough) not all messages disappear (ie. some remain in the list for my viewing). I checked some other folders (deleted items, sent) to see if they had somehow been "forwarded", but they are not there either.

When I check my webmail account, sure enough they are all there (ie. messages that didn't stay in my list of emails in Outlook).

I was going to post this message under Security, as I suspect that this is virus related, but thought of posting here hoping that it is something less "complicated"

Any thoughts?

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Please excuse my ignorance. I'm trying to reinstall my Office 2000 program after a format. However, when I insert the first CD I get this message.

The MSIEXEC.EXE file is linked to missing export MSI.DLL:222. Cannot launch C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\msiexec.exe. A device attached to the system is not functioning.

I've checked the Device Manager and all items show as working properly. Also, I don't have any problems using CD-ROM, hard drives, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Can anyone tell me what is causing these error messages and how I might fix the problem? I'm not an expert user.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:MS Office 2000 Setup error messages

welcome to major geeks

take a look here please

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I am having a problem with messages in Outlook 2000. Messages are arriving with part of the text garbled. (A few sentences in the middle and sometimes at the end).

The problem is not on the other end - this was tested. (i.e.: signed up for newspaper updates - on home pc it works fine and on office pc, parts of the message contain garbled text).

Anyone have any ideas of what could be happening here? It is happening randomly with just about every client on the network (about 20 users - NT network). There is no rhyme or reason regarding the types of messages this is happening with or with the sender of the message.



Answer:'Garbled' text in Outlook 2000 messages

Could be video related. Note your settings for your monitor (so you can set them back to the default). Modify one at a time (setting it back and changing another) to see if this resolves. I've seen issues like this with Compaq hardware.

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I saw this happen with a client with Outlook 2000. When he had a single message highlighted in a folder (e.g., Sent), and then clicked once on the "x" delete icon on the toolbar, the message was deleted, but so was the one following it. This happened at least 3 times when I was watching...



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I have Outlook 2000 running on Windows 98. I noticed that I had 5 new emails in my inbox. But before I could go to my inbox folder, the number changed to 3. I lost 2 emails. I had Outlook 97 and just replaced it with 2000 two weeks ago. I don't know if it has been doing this all along and this was the first time that I saw the numbers change. Has anyone got any ideas.

Answer:Outlook 2000 - some email messages disappearing

Tools-Rules, MJ. You've probably got a rule running that you forgot about. Like sending all email from your mother-in-law into the deleted items folder.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I receive embedded pictures in E-mails using Outlook 2000 but find that they do not print out with the text nor are they retained when I close my Internet connection - the text is there but not the pictures. Attachments to E-mails are OK.

Presumably some link is missing. I have tried reparing Outlook using the discs to no avail.

Any suggestion?

Answer:Outlook 2000: Embedded Pictures in Messages

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A user reports that occasionally an email they are drafting disappears and, even if it had been previously saved, does not appear in the Outlook drafts folder. I've set the autosave to Drafts, 1 minute. Advanced search for addressee and text string throughout their mailbox does not find the missing message. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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Outlook 2000 SP1 - All setting are set up to run AutoArchive. When forced, the function does run but fails to move any of the archived messages to the Archive.PST file. When I add the Archive.PST file as a personal folder in the profile, it shows as being empty. Why is this not working? I have researched Microsoft's Knowledge Base, but it has no related information or fixes. Please advise. Thanks.

Answer:Outlook 2000 - AutoArchive does not move messages

I don't use the AutoArchive feature, but have you tried setting the AutoArchive properties for each idividual folder?

Right-click on a folder and go to Properties then the AutoArchive tab.

I was able to find the following M$KB articles that may apply:

AutoArchive Does Not Complete

Outlook Items Are Not Archived As Expected

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Can anyone help - when I open a message from my Inbox it seems to take an age for the message to open and it is getting quite annoying. I have checked for Viruses as well as Spyware and everything seems to be OK from that side of things. I am also up to Service Pack 3 with the Office Suite.

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I have two client machines that are brand new with clean installs of the OS's and the applications. One is XP Pro with Office XP and the other is Win98SE with Office 2000. They are both receiving duplicate e-mails in the Inbox. There is only one account, POP3, on each machine both are set up using Internet Mail only. They are both set NOT to leave a copy on the Server but, both receive duplicate messages all the time. Not a big issue, just another annoyance from Redmond.

Thanks in advance.


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Please tell me how to select & delete all email messages at once....?

Answer:How do I select & delete all email messages at once?

This can not be do in windows phone. Maybe in the future this may be possible.

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I opened up Outlook Express today to discover that I suddenly cannot delete emails from my inbox - nor can I move emails between boxes. I've done some research on the net and see others have had this problem but haven't come across any solution. Anybody come across this and more importantly know how to fix it?



Answer:Cannot delete messages in Outlook Express

Which version of outlook express do you have?

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I'm trying to delete messages from my outlook, but they don't appear in my Outlook, however Kaspersky scans show them to be in the outlook .pst file.

Not sure if this should be here or the security thread. I just need to know how to remove these files from the Outlook.pst file. So, I thought I should start here.

Here are the files I'm trying to delete:

C:\Data\Outlook\Outlook.pst/Personal Folders/Deleted Items/04 Mar 2004 15:53 to '[email protected]':FW: Your te/your_text.pif

C:\Data\Outlook\Outlook.pst/Personal Folders/Deleted Items/04 Mar 2004 15:52 to '[email protected]':FW: Re: Tha/document.pif

C:\Data\Outlook\Outlook.pst/Personal Folders/Inbox/25 Feb 2004 16:30 from [email protected]:Attention/

C:\Data\Outlook\Outlook.pst/Personal Folders/Inbox/25 Feb 2004 16:30 from [email protected]:Attention/

C:\Data\Outlook\Outlook.pst/Personal Folders/Inbox/23 Jul 2005 05:27 to [email protected]:eBay Customer Noti.html

Answer:Solved: Delete Outlook Messages

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hey, this is the message that i get when i go into my ISP email address but when i go into outlook one i just keep gettin these long *** email`s commin in which take ages and i cant delete em!

*Message(s) could not be moved because your mailbox is full.
You can change your preferences to delete your mails permanently*

ok thats the error i get when tryin to delete these emails


ps. please note that both my isp and outlook express email accounts are the same so either way it wont allow me to delete the emails with attachments.

Answer:My Email Wont Delete Any Messages!! Why Why??

Don't use outlook so don't know where your setting are that say leave messages on server.

Know once my email box was checked after a reinstall and I could not send email till I cleared the email off the server. Have comcast now and you can leave email on the server but they will also deleted anything that is 90 days or so old.

But try going here and use you same email mail user name nd password.

You can check what you want to delete.

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I am helping a guy with his computer - he cannot delete messages from his inbox without highlighting them and then pressing shift+delete this is for each individual message - I have tried deleting various boxes in .dbx but it does not cure it - It did the first time but now it is back . if I install OE 8 will he lose his messages address book etc.

Answer:outlook express - cannot delete messages

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I am unable to delete messages in my inbox and sent folder in Outlook Express 6. I am on 98SE 256 RAM. This started when I attempted to delete the messages in my sent folder. There were quite a few messages in that folder. It ran for a long time and the HDD was not working. When I closed OE, an error message indicated "Messages could not be deleted". I rebooted and was able to delete all messages in both the sent folder and inbox. The problem keeps returning and I need to reboot to correct the problem temporarily. I recovered to previous restore point with no change. I ran registry repair pro and the problem persisted. Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:OE6 Can't delete messages in inbox and sent folder

Hmmm, since Win 98SE does not have the Restore feature that was introduced in Windows ME and continued in later versions of Windows and does not store Restore Points, how did you "recover to previous restore point"? Try this to fix OE.  Go to Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs.  Find Microsoft Internet Explorer and Internet Tools, select it, and click the Add/Remove button.  You shoud see a panel with three options.  Select the Repair Internet Explorer option and proceed.  This repair procedure includes OE.    

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I followed the advice of a closed thread to delete the Deleted Items.dbx & Deleted Items.bak
I thought when doing this, it would only delete old messages that have been deleted and somehow stored in this folder on the hard drive.

After deleting these files it actually removed messages from my OE email folders. I need some of those emails back. I was not expecting them to be removed out of the folders in the email software...only off of the hard drive folder.

Please advise how to recover those files.

Note: When I follow the path to get back to that folder, the files are still in the folder with the same size as before. Only when I try to import the emails they are not importing back into my email folders.



Answer:Solved: Inbox messages will not delete

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I am unable to read or delete my windows hotmail messages on my desktop pc.

I am able to read them on my Iphone however.

This has been going on for at least a few weeks now.

This is occuring with firefox 6 and IE9. Once I reach my Inbox, anything I click doesn't seem to work.

I tried deleting my temporary internet files and cookies and it didn't work.

I tried running a malaware byte scan and it didn't work.

My computer is protected by AVG Anti-Virus and definitions are kept up to date.

I hope you are able to help, thank you!

Answer:Can't read or delete messages in hotmail

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Problem started today. Can't delete messages in inbox or deleted folder. I get a little box that says can't delete, there is an error. Doesn't tell me what error is. Haven't downloaded anything in a few days. Running xp pro, ie 8, all systems go until today. Does anyone have any idea what error could be, and how to fix? Much appreciated. Insurer

Answer:Outlook express won't delete messages

Maybe you reached the limit of Outlook express. Can you try the maintenance options found under tools/options/maintenance tab. Start by clearing the deleted folder, then run 'clean up now' to compact unused space. Let us know how it goes.

If that works....also advise you to delete old emails not wanted again and compact again afterwards also.

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Can't delete messages in Outlook Express 6 with XP. Hitting DELETE has absolutely no response - no message or anything. SHIFT-DELETE works. I tried completely reinstalling Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook Express with the same result. This is occurring concurrent with intermittently not being able to receive any messages - "encountered unknown error" - see previous posts and responses on this topic. Any ideas would be appreciated

Answer:Can't Delete Messages In Outlook Express

Sometimes that can happen if the Deleted Items folder is damaged.Move all messages you might want to keep out of the Deleted Items folder and into another mail folder you create. Close OE, then delete the file Deleted Items.dbx in your Identity's store folder. OE will create a new one when you re-open OE.

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I have two error messages on start up and close unable to find any information to getrid of any ideas

Answer:windowsXP error messages to delete

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I don't know much about computors and this is the first time on this site. My system: XP home edition 5.1, outlook express.
Some emails I can delete others i can't even in other folders ie: saved messages. This just started today. when i go to delete it, i'll click the the delete button on the top of the page and nothing happens. Then I try to drag and drop it to the delete file and a message pops up" the selected message can not be moved. An error has occured."

Any suggestions?

Also how do I save messages and folders in my Outlook Express and be able to reinstall back into Outlook at a later date. I'm afraid now I might lose everything.


Answer:Solved: can't delete or move some messages

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In Windows Live Mail, > Account> Properties> Advanced Tab there is, under "Delivery", the choice of how to deal with messages on the sever. This is for a POP 3 account. However this facility is missing for a IMAP account. It looks as if with an IMAP account you need to attend to the server manually. Is there no setting to automatically delete the messages on the server?

Answer:How to delete email messages on the server!

IMAP works differently than POP.
It is intended to work better with multiple clients/devices accessing the same email account.
The email provider may have settings available in the Email Web interface for IMAP.
Here is what I see in Gmail Webmail for configuring IMAP.

If you can't sleep, you can read more at:
Internet Message Access Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I have the HP support assistant on my HP Spectre 360, Windows 10.  I also have a HP8620 all in one printer etc.  The HP Support Assistant tells me, with a exclamation point in a yellow triangle on the toolbar, that I have an alert message.  Opening the Support Assistant, I find the printer is giving me the message "HP Printers Paper mismatch error when printing from Microsoft Word".  If I delete the message, it dissappears,  but the messages icon in the HP8620 area of the support assistant shows there is a message, even though no messages are listed:  If I close the HP Support Assistant and re-open it, the deleted message re-appears.I have no documents awaiting printing, Microsoft Word seems to be working just fine - indeed prints correctly when I send a document to print.How can I delete a message so that it is actually deleted, and the "alert" icons all dissappear.Thanks in advancePhilip 

Answer:delete messages hp support assistant

Philip, welcome to the forum. Here is the Official HP Support Assistant site.  I suggest downloading it and installing it.  The install will remove previous versions.  This should eliminate your problem. Please click the "Thumbs up + button" if I have helped you and click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.

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How can I delete three outgoing emails from OE outbox (I had been sending attachments)? When I try the program ends up not responding. I deleted the Outbox.dbx file but when I restarted OE the files are still there! I also deleted the Outbox.dbx from the recycle bin but no luck. Have tried deleting them by going Offline but this doesn't work either and trying to open the message but only shows not responding. I have also shut down my computer but that doesn't work. Please help.

Answer:Solved: Cannot delete messages in outbox

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I am having problems deleting messages on Yahoo mail also. I have problems on Windows mail too, but now on Yahoo. I am running Vista Home premium.
Can anyone help with this or give me a clue what is going on?

Answer:Can't delete messages on Yahoo mail

I don't think that it is your operating system that is the problem, but nevertheless I would try a new browser, if you are using IE then download Firefox If you are using Firefox and have not tried IE then do that, if you have done both of those download opera...

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cannot delete outlook express messages.

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How to delete chat messages on viber

Answer:How do I delete chat messages on Viber?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question How to delete chat messages on viber Wrong place to post..

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I have encountered a very weird bug in Outlook. Whenever I try to move or delete any message received before October 1st, I get an "unknown error" (which also sometimes recommends that I restart Outlook). This happens whether I use the delete key, or the menu, or the right-click pop-up menu.

What happened on October 1st, you may ask? Well, I was getting "unknown errors" and eventually I got a message that said to run "Inbox Repair Tool" -- after downloading the right files, I did this, and it fixed the errors. BUT, my "Inbox" folder had it's name changed to "Recovered Folder 8082", and now I can't move or delete any message dated before October 1st.

Anyway, my Inbox is my job. That is, it is my to-do list, bug database, etc. I average about 1000 messages in my in-box (or sub-folders) and these help me track what tasks I have to do next.

So, I can't just start over by wiping all my old (or new) e-mail. Can anyone help me fix this?



Answer:Can't Move Or Delete Old Messages in Outlook

Hi dreslough

Outlook 200x?
Does the file: Recovered Folder 8082 have a .pst extension?

Do you have Outlook Express available on the same computer? If so, set up a new Identity in Outlook Express and try a File>Import>Messages>Microsoft Outlook and see if you can import those messages into Outlook Express. If that is successful, you could then create a new .pst for Outlook and then File>Import your messages from Outlook Express back into Microsoft Outlook.

Let us know if this works or if you need further assistance

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Although the box "Leave a copy of the messages on the Server" is unchecked, all my Outlook messages still remain on the Server...
Anyone have a solution?
Thanks in advance, Fred.

(WinXP Pro SP3 - 80 Gb HD - 512Mb RAM)

Answer:Outlook does not delete messages from server

What server?
Gmail, Your ISP or a LAN server ...?

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Outlook won't permanently delete messages from the server

Answer:Outlook won't permanently delete messages

Are you using IMAP? If POP, what's your account configuration for leaving a copy of messages on the server?

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I used to be able to delete messages from my mailboxes in Outlook Express simply by selecting the particular message and then clicking the big red X at the top of the screen.

No more. Here is what does not work:

Clicking the big red X.
Right clicking on the message and choosing 'delete'.
Using the delete option in the Edit menu.
Clicking and dragging the message into the deleted items folder.

Microsoft has some troubleshooting tips for hiding messages and for creating new views all of which seem needlessly complicated. Meanwhile I don't like keeping a lot of useless junk on my computer.

Can anyone help? Thank you, Maria

Answer:OUTLOOK EXPRESS: cannot delete messages

Hello Maria n Welcome to MG's

Check these solutions from MS

Can?t delete mail

If you?re deleting mail and not seeing any more free hard disk space, check the Deleted Items folder. Right-click and choose Empty Deleted Items Folder or use Tools, Mailbox Cleanup, Empty and check for large messages in other folders too.

Really delete

If you hold down the [Shift] key when you press [Delete], Outlook will completely get rid of the messages, bypassing the Deleted Items folder.

Automatic delete

Choose Tools, Options, Other and tick Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting to clear the folder automatically when you close Outlook.

or go here and look if above don't help.

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I sent someone 4 videos. Now, when I go to this person on text messages, it takes more than 5 mins to bring up this person's thread. When there, it does not respond to a long press.
Is there any other way I can delete these messages?

Answer:Trying to delete old text messages. What are my options?

Best way I can think of is to turn off text message backup and hard reset..THis should prevent the old messages from downloading into the phone

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I let my folder get so big that I cannot open it, or delete it, or anything. My computer just freezes up and I have to do ctr/alt/delete and get out of it. Any suggestions?

Answer:Outlook Express cannot delete messages

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phone is running slowly, need to reduce data on applications

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I can't delete messages from outlook express. When I press delete it merely copies the email into deleted items but won't remove the original. I have done Norton virus scan which shows clean. I have tried system retore but it is refusing to do so. I have tried disabling Norton which has been the cause of other problems in the past - to no available. I have run out of ideas. Anyone help?

Answer:Outlook Express won't delete messages

do you have adaware/spybot/spywareblaster on board? if not they can be got from download section in this site.johnny.

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Windows Vista and outlook 2007 (all updates applied) We are unable to delete,move or rename some messages in the inbox. have switched off avg antivirus no change. have run both chkdsk and scanpst with no change. anybody got any ideas

Answer:can't delete messages in outlook 2007

Have you ran any anti-virus scans ?
Are you getting any error messages when trying to delete ?
Try highlighting the emails you wish to delete, then press shift>delete on your keyboard !

Rusty !

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I am running windows ME. I get error message with yellow ! triangle saying "The message could not be deleted"

Answer:Cannot delete messages in Outlook Express 5

you may have a corrupted mail folder. If you are lucky, it is the
Deleted Items folder, and not the folder you are trying to delete the messages from.

For a corrupted Deleted Items folder:
- Close Outlook Express.
- OE5+: Locate the file Deleted Items.dbx in the mail directory and delete it. You can
use Start, Find, Files or Folders, "Deleted Items.dbx" to find it. .
- Open Outlook Express again. It will create a new empty Deleted Items

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Outlook express will not delete messages. Does anybody know of a fix for this?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Outlook Express Will Not Delete Messages

Do you wish to delete all messages, some messages, or messages in a particular folder (s)?

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For no apparent reason (no changed to hard or software) can no longer delete messages from outlook express folders. Deleted items folder is empty. Need an urgent solution, hard disk capacity exhausted! Error message, with yellow triangle, is as follows:

The selected messages cannot be deleted. An error has

Answer:can't delete outlook express messages

Hi JandC
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Bulletin Board

Sounds like some maintenance of Outlook Express is needed:

Tweak your Identity:
Tools>Options>Maintenance tab, remove the checkmark for "Compact messages in the background"
This a default setting each time a new identity is created. The use of this setting is discouraged as it can cause loss of messages stores and folder corruption, see next.

Your Deleted Items.dbx file may be corrupted.

With Outlook Express closed, Start>Find>Files or folders, key in "*.dbx" (without quotes). Locate the Deleted Items.dbx file and rename it to Deleted Items.old.

Relaunch Outlook Express and a new Deleted Items.dbx file will be created.

Outlook Express Maintenance:
1)Disable any virus scanners you have running.
2)File>Work Offline
3)File>Folder>Compact all Folders
Leave the computer alone until the task is completed.
If you have more than one identity, you will need to perform the above steps for each identity.
Compact your Folders and messages once a week, more frequently if you use Newsgroups.

Let us know if this resolves your problem or not.

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I am a new member and this is my first post about Thunderbird email. Please excuse me if I posted in the wrong place.

I am using Thunderbird 7.0.1 with IMAP on a Windows 7 Professional 32 bit machine. I have Thunderbird setup for IMAP.

When I delete a message on my Android Cell phone using IMAP the messages delete immediately.

Periodically like today, when I want to delete an email from my Thunderbird Inbox or from the Junk folder I repeated hit the delete key on the keyboard or from the toolbar and the messages do not delete - the email stays in the folder.

Sometimes the messages delete OK but many times like today they don't delete.

Since I do not have this issue with my Android phone I am thinking Thunderbird is not communicating with the server. My incoming and outgoing mail is always OK.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem may be and how to fix it?


Answer:Cannot delete IMAP messages in Thunderbird

IMAP folder cannot be deleted - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

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