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Moving house,moving pc

Question: Moving house,moving pc

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Preferred Solution: Moving house,moving pc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Question: Moving house

Within the next month or so I should be moving house.Obviously I do not want any problems with my p.c. when I reconnect it.Does anybody have any precautionary tales to tell or advice to give to make sure things go well, with regards to the computer.I cant forsee any problems but you never know.Thanks

Answer:Moving house

You should not have any problems as I moved house about 3 years ago. With Freeserve (dial up) and if I remember correctly had to inform them of my new phone number. Good luck with your house move,lots of hassle but nice when you get in and settled.

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What will i have to do with my ISP? (internet survive provider). Do i have to tell them that i'm moving? Will my mac/IP address be affected? Will my psp still work wirelessly?
If so, how do i change my IP/mac address

I have a orange livebox broadband....

Answer:I'm moving house and.....?

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Hi - does anyone know how to get a Sims family to move house?  We are using Sims triple deluxe.Grateful for any help!!Thanks

Answer:Moving house on the Sims

Explain... Do you want to move the family out of the house, and into another one, or are you trying to move the family AND the house?Flame

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Help! I am trying to move my computer and DSL connection from one room in my house to another. I had a technician out this weekend to do it and he was unsuccessful.

I have had DSL for about 4 years. I apparently have older DSL, SDSL. I do not have ADSL. Apparently, for ADSL, moving is simply plugging into another phone jack in the house. It is not that simple for me.

In the current location, there are two phone jacks. One is the regular jack that gives a normal dial tone. The other is the "brown line" that the DSL is connected to. In the room I want to move the DSL to there is no "brown line." To make matters more complicated, the phone wires in the new room (kitchen) were spliced by the previous owners of the house to have two locations for a phone in the kitchen. The "brown line" is at neither location.

The technician recommended looking in the attic for the brown line and splicing it onto the kitchen line. Could never find the kitchen line.

Don't know what to do next. I'm out $150 for the technician's call. The company was recommended by Earthlink, my ISP. Whenever I try to call Earthlink, I just keep getting transferred to different departments, none of which can help me. I don't want to hire another technician if they will be unsuccessfull too.

Should I ask to change to ADSL? Is ADSL really as simple as plugging your computer into any jack that has a normal dial tone?


Answer:DSL- Moving Rooms in House



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Basically I've move 4 times recently. The first place no problems, the second place (same local area) i got a huge fps drop. I moved again and it went back to normal so though nothing of it. Now I have moved again and suffered a huge fps drop.
None of my usages (CPU, RAM etc) are over 50% and i have not installed any new software since the last place. The internet connection is the same, about 90mbps up/down with 0 packet loss and a ping of around 19.
Nothing spikes when i experience the fps drop and it is consistently low when in game and online.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what it is, how to fix it, and how to prevent it in the future?

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Help please.

I'm moving house to a place that already has a broadband connection. What is the best way for me to get broadband asap. I spoke to Sky (will be my provider) and they said all they need was a MAC code from the other supplier. However, when the person whom I'm buying off moves out, and they notify their service provider for a MAC code, will I have to wait 30 days before their service is terminated (usual contract terms)?

Not too sure how this works? Obviously, I'm looking for the quickest way here.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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I have booked a transfer from click here but I just wonder about the small print. Will I be obliged to keep the service for another 12 months after moving? Nothing obvious in the terms and conditions click here. I have already subscribed for over 12 months.

Answer:NTL Broadband - Moving House

I hope not since I did the same thing with Telewest :)Think that you have to have an account with them for 12 months and if you move you can move with it but you have to continue for that 12 months and pay for any extra installation costs.

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my question.I am going to move my computer to another location, eg another State and new house.I want to do a complete back up before the move just in case of a failure during or after the move. My Dell computer has a 500 Gig drive, of which about 160 to 180 Gig is used. Now obviously that is not all data but programs and data.I have run through the backup facility in XP SP3 and set it to put the backup on the desktop.The backup program tells me there is 81,576,577,488 bytes to process.1. Will a back up to desktop use additional space on my drive?2. Can I transfer that file to another source, say a CD Data disk?3. Will I be able to put my backup on just one disk?4. If there are more than one disk required how do I continue with the data transfer to the second and third disk and so on?5. AM I DOING THIS THE RIGHT WAY or is there an easier way to do it please?  Thank you ImnoGuru.

Answer:How to back up before moving house?

5. AM I DOING THIS THE RIGHT WAY or is there an easier way to do it please? For me, and I emphasize that this is a personal choice, the easiest way is to clone the source disk to another disk which also becomes bootable thereby having two "identical" disks which can be booted.  The destination disk can be removed and wrapped in cotton-wool for the trip.  I use XXClone.  It comes with comprehensive instructions and can make the destination disk bootable.  The destination disk does not need to be the same size or larger than the source but must be big enough to contain all the data/program files/system files being transferred.Cloning software may be freely available on your hard disk manufacturer's web site.Also see this discussion.Good luck

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Hi everyone.

I have 2 computers both running windows xp home which are networked together using a cable which says CAT5E on it. Please forgive me as I am not network savvy at all but will try and explain as best I can.

The computers were running ok and could both access the internet and each others hard drives. We have recently moved house and I have just set up the computers as they were in the old house. The host computer which has the internet and everything seems to be ok. Nothing has any errors or is unlugged. When I plugged the CAT5E cable in the client computer it has an error message popping up in the system tray saying "Local Area Connection 2 a Network Cable is Unplugged" so when I go to Network Connections on the client computer it shows that the NIC card is unplugged and it has a red cross through it. But then when I go to Device Manager and look at the same NIC card in there it has no red cross through it and says it is working properly. Neither computer can see each other and the client computer cannot connect to the internet. What does this all mean? Will I need to open up the box or can this error be fixed another way? Thanks.

Answer:Network problems after moving house

It appears to mean that either the cable is now bad, or one of the NIC's in the machines is bad.

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Hi guys,

So, a few days ago I moved house with my PC. I brought the entire set-up; speakers, monitor, peripherals, everything the same as before.

However, after setting it up in the new place, my PC no-longer has any audio. I have tried all of the obvious stuff: Different speakers, different ports, different audio applications, checked all the volume settings are full.
Yet there is simply no sound. The green 'audio-level bars' shown in the volume mixer are all bouncing as if there is nothing wrong, yet no sound is produced.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte G1 Guerilla (I am not sure whether it uses onboard sound or a soundcard, though you guys may be able to identify which it uses from the images provided below).
It is a custom-built PC, from 'CyberPowerPC'.

I'm not entirely sure how audio drivers work, but it seems to use 'Realtek HD audio'.
'Device Manager', in the Control Panel, shows several drivers; all of which are either High Definition Audio Device or Realtek High Definition Audio. I have clicked 'update drivers' on all of them and it says the drivers are up to date.

Some photos of the motherboard and its layout:

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you,

Answer:PC has no sound (happened after moving house)

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I've moved house over the weekend and just got around to getting my pc sorted out. I set everything up this morning and when I plugged the monitor to the tower, the cord just seemed to push into the computer. I took the cover off and found that the video card had come loose (i assume this happened during moving). I removed the video card and reinserted it, checking to see that it was firmly in place.

I continued to set up the computer and when I turned it on, it worked fine. I was unpacking other things and came back about an hour later to turn on iTunes. It seemed to open without issue and prompted me to install an update. I received a phone call and left the computer for about 10 minutes - when I came back the computer was off. I turned it back on and tried to open iTunes again and this time a dialog box came up saying "Checking iTunes Library." It lasted quite a while and I remember thinking, "This probably isn't good."

It wasn't.

The computer shutdown again (as if someone pulled the plug) while I was moving boxes and I turned it on and opened my anti-virus scanner to check for any malware/viruses. It shutdown while scanning. I tried again with the same results.

I know this is particularly hard to diagnose at the best of times. I don't have the current system info, but I do have an older copy - all that has changed is that I now have an extra hdd which contains my iTunes library and some photos.

System Info:

Tech Suppo... Read more

Answer:Random PC shutdown after moving house

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As usual, difficult to get such information from NTL online. Can anyone tell me what I need to know about transferring my Cable modem service to another address?

Answer:NTL Home Broadband, Moving House

Not sure you can do it, stand to be corrected, of course. This was brought up a while back(maybe a year) and the gen was that if you moved, you have to start all over again (assuming you can get cable there) and it was said that you were/are still obligated for the time running on your current contract, I hope this has been changed now.I've just looked on their site and like you, I find it frustrating trying to find what I require.

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Hi,I am with Tiscali broadband & will shortly be moving house & taking my existing phone number with me. BT are activating my line on the 7th of December so if I ask Tiscali to start the transfer process today my bb will be shut down at my current address within a day or so & I will be without it for up to 20 days. It is essential I have access to the net & my only option apparently is to revert to a dial up connection for the duration of the bb transfer.Is this normal procedure? Do all providers take so long to move an account?Thanks.J


ask tiscali for a MAC number and with luck you should get a seamless transfer.johnny.

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hello,Friend is moving house on Friday, & she forgot to ask for a MAC No from Orange BBand. The phone number will be the same she's taking that with her.Will her broadband still work at a different postal address on her original phone number ?

Answer:Moving house & phone number also

She is moving to a new house, she is taking her same phone number what she has boradband on to the new house.Does anyone in the forum know if when at the new postal address with the phone number from her old house will the boradband still work ?Thanks in advance, trying to get a quick answer as shes calling me back in the hour

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Hey, I'm moving in about two days since this post, and I'd like to know what are the risks of what might happen to my computer during the process, and how can I avoid them.
It will not be transported in a truck, instead going to the new house on the backseat of my father's car, along with several other electronic devices.

If someone manages to answer this ASAP, It'll be very helpful, since I'll have to pack the computer up tomorrow.


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She is moving to a new house, she is taking her same phone number what she has boradband on to the new house.Does anyone in the forum know if when at the new postal address with the phone number from her old house will the broadband work the new address?Thanks for any help here.

Answer:Moving house & taking phone number

just tell your B/B provider you are moving house, they will do the rest...

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I have been told that when moving house, and transferring the same ISP, the new house Broadbantakes about 10 days to become active.What if the previous owners had broadband and cancel it on the day of the move .... will it take several weeks to cancel and then 10 days to activate (so maybe a month in total) ?Are there any other issues or ways to speed up the process ?Thanks.

Answer:What Broadband issues to expect moving house?

i suspect you are correct in what you say, is there a chance you both have the same isp? are you moving the same phone number? if so it might be poss to get your phone provider to move the number and internet at the same time, need more info to explore other possibilitiesjohnny.

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Ok I'm going to show my age here a bit lol. We moved into our older home in 2000, and at that time I was hardcore into computers/gaming and it wasn't an issue getting a setup down. Mainly, at the time I ran a Linksys router, and some 10/100 switches with Cat5 runs to various spots. Over time I upgraded to a Linksys wireless router with ddwrt installed and 1000m switches and that's been ok. I've stopped gaming for the most part and tbh our internet is used primarily for Netflix and websurfing now.

So now we just bought a new house in a rural area. While we are only about 5-10 miles from our present house(with cable internet), the only ISP's I can get are dial up, satellite, 3g/4g, or microwave wireless. Since I don't want bandwidth caps, I've elected to go with the wireless service which they say is 5m/1m service(we'll see--skeptical of this).

So now my questions:
My Linksys wireless router has been flakey for some time. Requires frequent resets as the wireless will get flakey at times and Netflix hangs then. Also, since the basement of the house is currently unfinished, I'm considering hiring someone to run Cat5e(e?) or the upgraded Cat5 that I have 2 spools of. My thinking is that I would avoid some of the hassles of wireless with a static connection. I would still like wireless for the ipod/ipads, and ability to hop on if not near a Cat5 run, so I'm considering upgrading my wireless router to something like... Read more

Answer:Moving to new house and I'm out of the loop. Help with network setup plz

I had several Linksys routers over the years, in my experience they start dying when you have to reboot them every few days.
I've since switched to an Airport Extreme which covers pretty much the whole house. In my basement shop I have a Dell 24 port gig switch and a Meraki access point.
I would have wires run to every location you think you might need at some point, with wireless to supplement that.

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I had to use the laptop to contact you, as the keyboard on my tower just wont go.  I have not used it for a couple of months.  I was trying to hook up my new linksys router, but the cd that came with it can't be read.  I cannot see the LG cdrom/dvd at all in my computer.  I have a wireless keyboard and when I press the connect button on the wired device that goes to the usb port, it flashes a message on my screen to say press the button on the keyboar.  But it does not go.  I am running windows xp.  Everything was working before. 

Answer:both keyboard and cd rom/dvd stopped working after moving to new house.

hi, just me.  trying to find out how I delete this query.  I replugged everything and it went fine.  dont want to waste anyone's time.

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Hi guys, I hope this thread is in the right place, please move it if not

Since moving to a new house in July, my broadband (Virgin Media, 60Mb fibre optic) has become insanely slow. I've had engineers out, remote tests run on my connection, numerous calls to tech support (I have a thread on the VM help forums, not sure if I'm allowed to link?) and they can find nothing wrong nor do anything to fix it.

Anyways via process of elimination it seems to be my PC may be the issue, as my girlfriend uses her laptop in my house, both via wifi and wired directly into the router, and even when I am unable to so much as load facebook or open my emails on my PC she has no such problems ever, downloading at 7MB/s, streaming HD videos seamlessly etc

Can anyone advise why my PC may be doing this or what I can do to solve it? I am running Vista x64 with Avira Free antivirus. It just seems odd that this should perfectly coincide with me moving house...

Any advice appreciated!

Answer:Insanely slow broadband since moving house

What steps have you taken on your computer as far as troubleshooting? Are you using onboard ethernet? Have you tried reinstalling the NIC drivers?

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Hi everyone,

I've had a recurring BSOD issue after moving house. It seems to be intermittent. Sometimes at startup, sometimes a bit later. I've tried correcting any driver issues, but the problem still occurs.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

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I brought a computer to my house to reinstall Windows and do all the updates. Worked fine.
Brought the computer back to the users house and update no longer works. The internet works fine, I'm able to download stuff.

The error I get is:

I ran the updater fixer and it fixed some issues but the 8024402C error.

Answer:Updates not working after moving computer back to users house.

Did you see this article?

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Alright sooooo.

I completely reformatted my computer. I have two drives.

I deleted/created partitions on both, and chose to format/install Windows xp on the C: driver. The format got to 100%, then said the format couldn't be completely probably due to a bad hard drive. I switched out my drive for another spare I had thinking I just got unlucky and my drive had died...

To my surprise, I got the same error with a completely seperate hard drive. Trying various things, I swapped the xp disk into my other DVD-Rom on my computer and the formatting went fine!

Xp was installed, no problems. Now, however, my CPU usage spikes to 100% when doing very minimal tasks such as moving a window around the screen (computer lags, leaving traces of the window around the screen) or even scrolling up and down on a web page with the mouse wheel.

Weird thing is, I can navigate both hard drives just fine. I don't know if my CPU is dying, motherboard dying, or what... But is there anyone that can help me out with this?

I'm currently reinstalling all my drivers praying that this somehow magically fixes it

Answer:CPU usage 20% just moving mouse, 100% moving windows or scrolling websites!

trustandfall said:

Alright sooooo.

I completely reformatted my computer. I have two drives.

I deleted/created partitions on both, and chose to format/install Windows xp on the C: driver. The format got to 100%, then said the format couldn't be completely probably due to a bad hard drive. I switched out my drive for another spare I had thinking I just got unlucky and my drive had died...

To my surprise, I got the same error with a completely seperate hard drive. Trying various things, I swapped the xp disk into my other DVD-Rom on my computer and the formatting went fine!

Xp was installed, no problems. Now, however, my CPU usage spikes to 100% when doing very minimal tasks such as moving a window around the screen (computer lags, leaving traces of the window around the screen) or even scrolling up and down on a web page with the mouse wheel.

Weird thing is, I can navigate both hard drives just fine. I don't know if my CPU is dying, motherboard dying, or what... But is there anyone that can help me out with this?

I'm currently reinstalling all my drivers praying that this somehow magically fixes it Click to expand...
Does your graphics adapter have dedicated memory and, if so, how much? If it doesn't, how much does the RAM lend to it and how much is left over?

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Hi 10forums,

I've been finding this hard to describe and search for so I'm just going to upload a .gif to illustrate my problem.

I want to stop the window moving back onto the screen when the mouse is against the screen edge. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or even just what the 'feature' is called in Windows?

Much thanks

EDIT: Disabling Aero Snap will not stop this behavior.

Answer:Stop windows moving when moving the mouse to the edge of the sceen

You have to disable "Snap to border/edge". Always check the Tutorials first on here. Brink has spent a lot of time giving us the best resources on the Web.

Aero Snap - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi everyone.
I just bought a new SSD.
I plan to whipe my old drive and put the OS onto the SSD. On my current drive I quite a few games.

The question I have is about backing up games/moving the files.
I have steam, origin and battlenet. I tried to use steam back up before, it stopped working and now I have a file that I can not delete.

I have not found a battlenet backup, or an Origin backup.
Due to all of the games being digital, I do not want to spend a day downloading all of my games over again.

The question I have:
Is it possible to move the files (i.e. programx86 --> steamapps) onto my external, then when the clean install is done, move the files back to the same location?

Is this a viable/possible solution, or what would you recommend I do to spare my data cap/time?

Thanks all.

Answer:Moving files to external, formatting then moving back.

If your system is working well the best way to do this is to take an image of the old drive and then restore it back to the SSD, or simply direct clone the old drive onto the SSD. I've had good results with Aomei Backupper to do this. If SSD space is a problem you could remove data and unused progs first, and do disk cleanup.

If the system is on its last leg, you're probably going to have to reinstall the progs onto a fresh install of Win7 on the SSD.

In either case, back up your valuable personal data.

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I have a client that has to regularly move emails from his inbox to a PST on his company shared drive. Moving files under 100kbs seem fine but this client needs to regularly move emails upwards of 5Mbs in size to his PST on the share. When he does move these files his outlook gets hung up to the point of completely freezing everything on his computer just to move the email. It can take upwards of 10-20 minutes to move one file.

The troubleshooting I have performed:
-I tried setting his network adapter to 100 Mbs Full Duplex, didn't appear to do anything
-Speed test his connection, he is running about 1.2-1.5 Mb down and 1.5+ Upload, so no issue there.
-I tested moving a 15Mb file to his shared drive, this seemed to be uploading fine, after a minute or 2 it was nearly half done, so this leads me to believe the issue is more pertaining to outlook.
-I then killed his outlook profile, recreated him a new one and remapped the PSTs.
-Had him test moving files again, and the same issue is still occurring.
-The client also reports this was not always an issue and had recently started happening.

At this point I am stuck and would like any advise anyone may have to offer for a solution.

Answer:Outlook - Moving emails to a PST on a share moving very SLOW! Help Please


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I am a bit worried because my cursor started hovering over my programs when I went to click the all programs on my start button. I'm not sure why but i'm pretty sure it wasn't my mouse. The reason being my cursor started hovering up and down over programs and I think it might of clicked something. I'm not sure if it did since i shut it off directly after I saw it move. I'm not sure what to do since i use mcafee total protection and it didnt find anything.

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I want to know why after downloading a moving emoticon on my pc it will stop to move please can some one tell me what to do.

Answer:Moving emoticons not moving after download on my pc

You didn't provide enough information to characterize yourproblem clearly, but I'll guess that you viewed the moving emoticonon a web page with your browser, but are using some other programto view the "downloaded" image, such as Windows Photo Viewer,which doesn't have the ability to play animated GIFs. -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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Hello all. I have HD's out the yingyang, and tons on mynetwork, but the Hard drive my OS is on is a 20Gb partician on a pata slo-mo. It's been there through countless upgrades and XP repairs after those upgrades.. lol

Anyhow. I'm not into the support business but programing and graphic design nowdays and need help as i've become stupid again in this area...mods..don't know who you are.

To the point: I have a new sata 320GB I want to have as my primary drive. Yeah. Pretty much I want to move everything ftom my current C over to this and make the new one my C:..see.. lol

I used to use Partician magic a few years back but after playing with linux and screwing with my mbr so many times it wont do anything to help me.

I'm waiting untill teh spring to have my big upgrade...going to Go vista-All new everything. 8)
I never though there would be a day when a 60 gig hard drive would become obsolete...just takes up space.

Answer:Moving OS to another HD

Norton Ghost- check it out. It works very well for copying exact replica's of drives.

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I got a used HDD from my cousins, and it is much newer and bigger than the one WinXP is on currently-Is there any way that I can move all my data from the old drive to the new one?

Answer:Moving Win XP from One HDD to a new one

Clone it. As soon as your are done shutdown XP and switch drives.
Do not startup XP with the clone drive in a secondary position after the cloning. Freeware cloning utilities:

The drive manufacturer of the "new" disk likely has a free utility to do this as well:

Fujitsu -
"This diagnostic tool is available for use by customers who feel their Fujitsu hard drive may not be operating normally. It is only designed for use with Fujitsu ATA/IDE hard drives."

Hitachi (IBM) -
This download creates a self-booting DOS diskette to run the DFT utility. The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) provides a quick, reliable method to test SCSI and IDE hard disk drives, including Serial-ATA IDE drives. The Drive Fitness Test analyze function performs read tests without overwriting customer data. (However, Drive Fitness Test is bundled with some restoration utilities that will overwrite data.)"

Maxtor (Quantum) -
"The POWERMAX utility is designed to perform diagnostic read/write verifications on Maxtor/Quantum hard drives. These tests will determine hard drive integrity. The POWERMAX utility is effective on all ATA (IDE) hard drives with a capacity grea... Read more

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Question: moving map

I am using" FS Commander" to develope flight plans for FSX, this programme also has a moving map facility. By going into screen resolution and choosing
" extend these displays" I can get the normal screen on a main monitor and a plain ms screen on a small monitor, so I set up FX together with FS Commander and can get the moving map element on the main monitor
the question I need an answer to is How can I now put the moving map on the small monitor operational, leavining the cockpit view etc and general flying on the main monitor, can someone help please

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No sooner do the green underlines start again (there's a lot of Sun) than i've moved to the right again, and refresh won't correct it!

Answer:PCA moving to the right?

Didn't know you where a labour politician Graham..

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Question: Moving HD

Hi all,
I just got a new computer and I want to transfer my old HD into my new PC and use it for storage and to access all of my music files. My new HD is a WD Raptor SATA drive, while my old drive is EIDE. I am not sure how to configure the old drive (slave, which slot on the ribbon to connect to, etc). Also, would I have to do some things in BIOS once I install the drive? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Moving HD

you should just plug the second harddisk in for the bios you don't have to it happen auto.... and don't forget to put the second one on slave
mode the little jumper check the graphic on the harddisk to where to put the jumper.

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blahhh nothing is moving! Avatars, gifs and even some flash have stopped moving. Not on my computer itself but anything viewed on the internet.
This just happened recently too, it used to work fine!

Also another odd thing thats happening...after my computer has been running for a long time the net seems to get laggy, and then not connect at all. Sayyy if I left it on all night, by morning it would not work at all!
I'm connected to another computer with a there something happening there? Though his computer doesnt seem to be affected.
Its bothersome to restart every few hours.

Thanks in advance *huggies to all*

Answer:Nothing is moving!!

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I have an AthlonXP 1600 system I put together, running Windows XP. The motherboard will take SD or DDR Ram. Right now I have a 256 and a 128 stick of SDRam in, but I want to move to DDR. However, I'm only looking to get one 256 stick of DDR, at least for now. Do you think that downgrade in amount will be made up for my the better performance of the DDR?

Answer:Moving up to DDR Ram

i think it will depend on what you are doing , some games , for example , require a large amount of ram to load things into , it doesent matter much what kind of ram it is . I play everquest and it wants 512 megs to load all the ellaments of the game , if you have less you need to unable some parts, that is some features of the game . but if you have faster ram the game plays better , . i run two comps on the game at the same time and the ddram is much better.

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Log after deleting in safe mode


I have followed your instructions and this is what I have come up with. If this looks good - I need to know how to create a restore point.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 8:49:06 PM, on 10/25/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\PavFnSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\PavProt.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\AWS\WeatherBug\Weather.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\eBay... Read more

Answer:Moving this up - still need help

Hi Jane......please keep your ongoing log in the original thread next time. Do not open a new one.

There are a few fixes to do, but please explain what your issues are at this point.

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the exact order it is mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes. You should not have any open browsers when you are following the procedures below.

Run a scan in HijackThis. Check each of the following and hit 'Fix checked' (after checking them) if they still exist (make sure not to miss any):

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =
R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - _{20EC3D2D-33C1-4C9D-BC37-C2D500688DA2} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: NLS UrlCatcher Class - {AEECBFDA-12FA-4881-BDCE-8C3E1CE4B344} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvms.dll (file missing)
O9 - Extra button: Point Alert - {16BF42FD-CA0A-4f48-819D-B0343254DD67} - file://C:\Program Files\MyPointsPointAlert\System\Temp\mypoints_scri pt0.htm (file missing) (HKCU)
O16 - DPF: {1663ed61-23eb-11d2-b92f-008048fdd814} (MeadCo ScriptX Advanced) -
O16 - DPF: {1954A4B1-9627-4CF2-A041-58AA2045CB35} (Brix6ie Control) -
O16 - DPF: {3EB4F9EA-51A6-48DA-846A-0D69DCBA39EF} (DownloadManager Control) -
O... Read more

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Want to thank all of the helpers on this side of the XP. I had a few problems & was helped one way or the other. Even though I have moved on to Windows 7 pro, from XP Pro, I am told that I still have XP, because I installed over it & didn't re-format the disk?
In the case that I would need to re address problems that may haunt me, though I am on Win 7; hope I could get problems solved?
I must say, XP was nice. I wasn't going to do vista. Dell sould me in 2007 a special machine that had xp loaded on it. I had emailed them & expressed interest in purchasing a laptop with xp instead of vista. They were giving the run around about how I would have to buy it with vista & then reload with xp. I was looking elsewhere, with no luck. I emailed Dell that I was going to switch to Mac. I got an email back a few days later, about these "special" xp machines: Inspiron 1520.
Now that I have Macs too, I couldn't get onto iCloud in the XP operating system. Though Tigerdirect was selling Win 8 at $34.00, I decided that Win 7 Pro at $134.00 was woth the price to eliminate the headaches.
Again, thanks.

Answer:Moving on to Win 7....

When you installed Windows 7 you should have been given the option of formatting the entire hdd or make or leave a partition, which did you do?
The worse case scenario would be that you have two partitions, one with the old XP installed, and a new one with Windows 7 installed.
You can look in Computer to see how many partitions you have.

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Question: moving everything.

my dell is getting all sorts of upgrades. i have oc'ed the processor to 3.2 and put in a gig and a half of ram. my hard drive is also going to the crapper, and i have a 300g harddrive that i want to put in. it is a faster hd and obviously more space, but i need to transfer many things to it. if i borrow or buy a usb hard drive, can i just copy my "program files" to the portable drive and move then to the new program files no harm done? didn't think so.. also, i do have the original install disc for xp so the os won't be a problem. what would i be able to transfer that would run or reinstall itself? i have a lot of important things like tax history and irreplaceable programs..

Answer:moving everything.

No, you can't move your program files like that and it work. The reason is that things are written to other areas, like system32 and the registry for starters. You will probably have to get another key from Microsoft since so many things are being altered, but that shouldn't be a big deal. All documents, spreadsheets, etc can be moved in the way you mentioned, but anything that requires a specific program to run (for instance you tax information if done with a tax program) will require the re-installation of the program. So in short, documents, images and such can just be transfered to an external drive, but the programs will have to be re-installed. You might want to look into a ghosting program, though. However, I don't know if it will work in this case, and I don't know of one off hand to tell you about. Maybe someone else does.

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I want to move windows 98 from my old PC to my new PC but have not got the CD anymore. I have put the new hard drive into the old PC. I disabled virtual memory and used XCopy to move the c: drive contents to d: This copied the contents but did not work in the new PC. I tried using 'Image Drive' to copy the c: - d: again this failed, I suspect due to the registry or something. I dont have any network or anything.

Is there a method i can use to get the windows OS onto my new hard drive. I dont need to move everything as most of it is trash. I have a cdrw drive on the old PC and can move files with this.

Any Ideas?

Answer:Moving OS to new PC

Why bother with the image copy then if there isn't a whole lot of stuff you need? Just install Win98 to the new drive and use the old drive as a slave. all your data will be there and you can still access it any time you like. If you are using a cloning software you should set up a partition on the new drive of the size you like, do a partition to partition copy from the old C to the new drives primary partition. Change the jumper settings making the new drive primary master and boot. Windoze will have to detect all the new hardware in the new PC and install the correct drivers which is why I don't reccomend this. If the drivers do not install correctly or you can't find the correct ones your copying the OS is pretty much useless. I still reccomend a enw install on the new drive.

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Question: Moving OS

I have Windows 7 N Ultimate. I just bought Paragon Migrate. I tried to move os only to SSD. Although it has option of selecting other stuff to move, when i choose something, it doesn't get chosen and program just not choosing anything but OS. But this is not an issue. The issue is, when it gets to DOS after restart to finish moving os, at some point while it is moving, I get error message "Some Error occurred: Bad parameter of function". At the same time, at the top right corner it says Succeeded. When I try to boot from SSD I get strange error window saying "Windows failed to start 0xC0000034 Unexpected error. When I boot from HDD, I look at the map, and it shows that SSD has still unalocated space. Please advise. I'm about to use their 30 day money back guarantee, as I am not sure what else to do. I am attaching the map so you can see.

Answer:Moving OS

STOP 34 errors...see .

I'm not familiar with the program you'd probably have better luck with Paragon Support, .

FWIW: I just used the free version of Macrium Reflect to transfer my O/Ses (dual-boot) to my SSD.


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Question: Moving XP Pro

Is it possible to move all data os included and change all boot paths using the admin console? I have 2 SATA 250gb hdds and the C drive is in the process of dying... bad clusters appear daily and the system reboots at frequent intervals. I would really like to avoid reinstallation if possibleThanksJeff

Answer:Moving XP Pro

Use Acronis true image or XXcopy to copy everything to the other drive and then physically swap the connections.

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I have posted this problem that I am having in the Operating System section titled "Exception OE" and it was suggested that I post here.

When I installed a DSL internet service somehow it was installed in an IRQ which was shared with Creative SB Live and others. Since then I can not load MS Flight Simulator 2K fully. After a lot of effort in the Operating System Section and elsewhere all are in agreement that both being on the same IRQ that most likely is causing the problem.

Anyway, I need help and or suggestions as to how I can move SB Live from IRQ 10 to a free IRQ 9.

I really need step by step procedures as this is way over my head.

If someone can tell me how or point me in the direction for information as to how to do this I would be so gratefull.

This has been going on for two months now.

I can supply the same information here that I have posted on the Operating System Section titled "Exception OE" if anyone needed it order to to help.



Answer:Moving from one IRQ to another?

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Question: Moving PC

If my computer is moved to another location in the office, will all my programs still be there?

Answer:Moving PC

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Thought I would have a crack at this myself.
I want to get the kids PC up and running, I have a working P2 but have moved the HD from it into my old P3, but it won't load, keeps Apologising for not starting successfully (isn't that nice)
XP is installed on the HD and it's an INTEL MB, maybe it's not as simple as just moving them into other PC'S ?
I know i'm lite on info here so please if anyone can direct me...........

Answer:moving a HD to another PC

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Hey everyone. I've gotten parts together to build a faster system than what I have and I need to move my current HDD to the new MB.

I have installed an OEM version of Windows XP SP2 on my HDD. The plan is to used my old system(not really old at all ) and install a new HDD/separate XP onto the current MB I'm using.

I really want to avoid leaving my old HDD on the current MB. I'd like to take it with me and not have to do the file/transfer setting wizard.

If the MB has the copy of XP registered to it, would putting the new HDD and fresh XP install(its own OEM key) 'un-tie' the key with my current HDD so I can use it on the new system right away?

OR do I have to use the new HDD on the new system and transfer the files after setting it up?

Answer:Moving HDD w/ XP to new MB; old MB still in

the biggest issue when transferring boot/OS drives to new or different motherboards is drivers.. the best / easiest solution (in my opinion) is a fresh install on whichever drive.

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Im after a little help, im moving my MP3's from my pc to my HP 1940 pda, is there anyway i can compress them to fit more on. Ive got a 256mb card and at the moment can only fit 53 songs on? is there anyway of compressing them or fitting more on.. any suggestions would be most appreciatedCheersPaul

Answer:Moving MP3's from my pc to my pda..

re-encode the to a short bit rate ie if they are 256kb alter them to 165kb

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Hi there!
I have an 80Gig HD and I am getting 500Gig tomorrow. I have to move all the files, settings, etc over to the bigger drive. Can someone tell me how to do that?
I know of programs that create mirror images, but as I understand I have to recreate same size partition on the new drive for it work right. That would defeat the purpose. I am keeping the old drive as it is just in case. But the new one will not be partitioned. How can I move?

Thank you.

Answer:Moving from one HD to another?

How can I move?Click to expand...

You mean copy, actually you mean "IMAGE"

From doing the "image" your drive should still be 500Gig Partition
But just in case there's 420Gig unpartitioned space, you could use Gparted

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Question: Moving XP

The hard disk and the 32 bit version of XP on that hard disk is known good and healthy, and I have a good back-up image of it to allow restoration

The motherboard it was taken from is dead and gone, (please just believe me on this one, the HDD and image is good) so I want to move the HDD and the this XP install to another PC. The HDD has been fitted but results in a BSOD on boot.

I've tried using the repair procedure from an XP CD but this still results in a BSOD. I know this is a really techy challenge, but what are my options if I have got to have this image running on this PC, please?

Answer:Moving XP

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I need to move the VM ATA runs on to new IPs. However I need to make the change in the ATA Config page first or I won't be able to open it after it changes to the new addresses. I can't seem to be able to add a custom IP and get it to save since it doesn't
see a NIC card with that IP address.
Is there a config file or something else I can change after moving the server to set the new IPs for the ATA service?
Thanks for any help.

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Question: Moving to a SSD


I'm going to be buying an SSD and I'm wondering about the process of moving my C drive (OS files) to the SDD.
My C drive consists of a 78MB OEM Partition (hidden), 15GB Dell Recovery Partition (Primary) and the HDD itself (System/Boot etc). I only use this drive for basic program files and housing the OS (Windows 7 Prem 64bit) because my other 2TB disk drive has all the larger programs, games etc.
(I don't want to move the 2TB drive, just the OS drive)

What's the safest/easiest method of doing this? Should I restore W7 onto the SSD or is there a way of just cloning it?

Thanks for any help.

(I think it will just be easier to just restore W7 onto the SSD in order to ensure it'll be a clean switch over but I'm wondering whether that will remove it from my current HDD (I can't remember whether there's an option for keeping old files but I'm pretty sure there is) because I'd like to still be able to access it in order to move some stuff from it like fonts etc.. and it'd also mean having to reinstall everything unless I copy the registry, though in that case I'd be better of imaging anyway?)
The main issue with imaging is the dell restore partition, I've heard a lot of problems with moving that around causing corruption.

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Question: I am moving on up

I am moving on up. Me and Burning_monkey have been passing each other for weeks now lol

Oh yea BC good going on becoming a mod for the folding forum

Answer:I am moving on up

Excellent! So are ya catching up with me?

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Here's the problem.

I have Windows 7 installed on an older IDE drive in my system. I put a SATA drive in there (which works fine, no driver issues) and did a drive copy through Norton Ghost with the hopes of getting rid of the IDE drive.

Drive copy is successful. I remove the IDE drive from the system, reboot into the Windows 7 recovery disc which detects there's an issue with the boot manager and fixes it. Reboot again, Windows loads starts up.

However, the keyboard does not work, though it is powered. The mouse works. I cannot login to my account because I can't enter my password. There's another account that has no password set, so when I click on the icon to login, it logs on, then off immediately. I tried to use the on-screen keyboard and received a message saying it couldn't be found.

Now, if I re-connect the IDE drive, and still boot from the SATA drive, everything works, I can get into Windows, but there's a few oddities.

The SATA drive is not the C: drive, the IDE is despite the disk manager telling me that the SATA drive is the active boot drive with the primary partition, etc bla bla. Looking through some different configs I notice that both drives are being referenced. The SATA drive is marked as having the main Windows install folder, but not as C:\.

I think the problem lies in the registry with how it views the hard drives being mounted. I think somewhere it sees a large part of the Windows config as resting on something like... Read more

Answer:Moving OS from one HDD to another

HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices is where drive signatures are stored. If you delete that key, it will be regenerated at next startup, and drive letters will be reassigned.

For problem-free cloning, I prefer to generalize the BCD and delete the MountedDevices key before making the image, as explained here.

Just FYI, here's a summary of the process (before creating the image) for an OS drive/partition containing the System and Boot files:

1. Generalize the BCD: (performed only once)

In an elevated command prompt window enter these four separate commands.

bcdedit /set {current} osdevice boot
bcdedit /set {current} device boot
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device boot
bcdedit /set {memdiag} device boot

This makes bootmgr always target winload.exe on its own partition.

2. Delete the MountedDevices key and create the image. That's it!

If you want to preserve the drive letter assignments of the installation you're cloning, then export the MountedDevices key and restore it afterward.

In the cloned installation, check the System Restore settings and ensure that the appropriate drives are enabled. Also be aware that any drive letters enabled for the paging file will continue to be active, using the drives/partitions that are now assigned those letters.

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However, I have a 64GB solid state drive. I'd like to install the 7 on the solid state drive with the actual programs and files on a 1TB SATA hard drive. If I move the files from XP to the SATA drive installing 7 with the Laplink Windows 7 upgrade assistant, is there a way to move the operating system only to the solid state drive?Thanks,Duane

Answer:I'm moving from Win XP Pro to Win 7

More info on my question. What I want to end up with is a PC that has Win 7 on the 64GB solid state drive so that it boots quickly, processes through the Win 7 software quickly. I can't put everything on the 64 GB as there just isn't room. It is, I guess, possible to tell programs to put data on to D:\, but moving the data to D:\ afterwards is going to be a pain in the computer chair, and I have so many programs that I'm convinced they won't all fit on the 64GB drive anyway. I've got Laplink Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant but their Tech Support tells me I have to buy PC Mover Pro to do what I want to do. I'm not shot to death with Laplink, as the last time I used the pure vanella version of Mover, it left 45 files behind. Their answer: Try moving just those files (of course, you have to buy a second copy of Mover!)Thanks in advance for your help.Duane

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Answer:Moving My Log Over Here

Sorry for the delay. If you are still having problems please post a brand new HijackThis log as a reply to this topic. Before posting the log, please make sure you follow all the steps found in this topic:Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log

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Question: moving the MBR

When I formated and reinstalled, I had a bunch of issues, and ended up having to take a Win98 drive out of another PC, and putting it in this PC as the primary, so I could boot and install XP.

However, The MBR is now on that Win98 Harddrive...a drive I don't particularly want in this drive, and really need in my junk PC, and I can't switch my XP drive to primary on the IDE cable or it won't boot.

So...How can I transfer the MBR to my XP drive, so I can take the Win98se drive out, and put XP back on primary?

Answer:moving the MBR

You can remove the 98 drive completely, and set the XP one up as the primary. Then boot off the XP CD and go into the recovery console, and run fixmbr.

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Hi all i am currently with Tiscali broadband, but three weeks ago i decided to upgrade from 2mb to 8mb and thats when i started to have problems, before i upgraded i was getting download speeds around 1.9 mbps but now i am only getting speeds around 367kbps, today a BT engineer called to see if there was a problem with their line or my setup, but all were ok, while he was there he was getting download speeds around 5.7 mbps for about twenty minutes and then it dropped to 0.7 mbps and thats the speed i am currently getting, so will changing to another isp make any difference to the speeds i am getting now or am likely to get with a new isp.

Answer:Moving to another ISP

I've been thinking about 'upgrading' to that connection for a while now, Bike-it. But I've heardand seen so many posts like yours, I decided to hold off for a while in the hope it would improve or at least not be so bad here in N.Ireland. If I remember correctly, you're from Newry are you not?I have also been looking at the Post Office HomePhone with Broadband Extra offering, it's along the same lines as Tiscali's. It's a little more expensive at about 26/month, but peace of mind means a lot, doesn't it? click here

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Question: Moving an OS?

So i have two drives right now
1Tb (Main) And 80Gb
I want to move my OS onto the small drive so i can have my files seperate from the OS, Is there any software to do this or do i need to do a clean install of windows and force delete the old OS?

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Question: Moving 7 to 8


My original PC was equipped with Vista-32, and upgraded it to Seven-32. Now I am thinking of moving to Eight-32/64 onto a new PC but utilizing the cheaper Eight upgrade. Can it be done?

The steps I think I need to perform are as follows:

Run the sysprep utility.
Install the hard drive into the new PC.
Re-activate the Seven-32
Run the Eight Upgrade.
Run the sysprep utility.
Install the upgrade to Seven-64 once on the new PC.
Install the upgrade to Seven-64 again.
Activate the Seven-64.
Run the Eight Upgrade.
Of course, I probably have to re-install my applications again. What do you all think? Will it work?

Answer:Moving 7 to 8

In theory , it should work.

Upgrade installs don't always go so well.
1. Run the sysprep utility.
2. Install the upgrade to Seven-64 once on the new PC.
3. Install the upgrade to Seven-64 again.
4. Activate the Seven-64.
5. Run the Eight Upgrade.
What is the syprep for? You can just install 7 from the dvd.

I haven't tested, but you might not need to bother with 3 and 4

For Step 5, you might better booting the 8 dvd and clean installing.

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Is there a 64 bit patch for windowsxp pro or will I need to purchase an entirely new OS?

Answer:moving to 64 bit OS, old one ok?

There is no patch to move to 64bit, youll have to purchase a full 64bit install

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Question: moving XP

My root drive has gotten too small. My plan is to replace it with a 1tb int hd.
Will XP let me install my copy onto the replacement drive? I would like to put the old drive in a box for just-in-case.

Answer:moving XP

Most new drives come with software that will allow you th tranfer everything over from the old drive.

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I just bought a WD 80GB 7200 RPM HDD, and I want to move my OS files from my old Maxtor 20GB 5400 RPM HDD.

I don't want to copy the entire drive, just the OS (I want to keep my current configurations because it took me so long to get it how I like). Can this be done, or do I have to grin and bear the fact that I'll be starting fresh?


Answer:Moving an OS to a different HDD

Hey Gott,
You can use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to move configurations, adddress book stuff, bookmarks, so on if you are running XP. Whats your OS?

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What are the probems of taking one CD/DVD rom out of one PC and putting it into another PC?

Answer:Moving CD/DVD Rom from PC to PC

none whatsoever provided you are using an uptodate op sys. Make sure the jumper is correctly set for how you are going to use it either slave or master and remember that the slave goes on the middle connector of the ribbon cable and the master goes on the far end.

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Question: Moving ads...

Hi guys,

I am new to Vista and I am having trouble getting rid of those Moving Ads, Like on E-Bay and other web sites.

Is there a way I can turn them off ?

Many Thanks,

32 bit Vista Home Premium

Answer:Moving ads...

try firefox with ad block, no script

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i would like to move all of the data on my c drive onto my f drive with out having any of the data on the F drive lost.

can someone please help me

i have Win XP home sp2

also i have data lifeguard tools but if i use that it will delete everything on F and replace it with C

please help

Answer:moving one hd onto another

Unless drive F: has it's own partition, you'll have to manually drag-n-drop the data you want copied, or use something like FileCommander (link: or maybe Unstoppable Copier (link: or Karen's Replicator (link: There's other utils in the Back Up section here at MG... Check it out!


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Is when installing new software - and the not approved warning comes up The user has to decide.What I cannot understand the 'Warning' will come up with 'proper' softwareFor example one of my flock has an Epson printer ProblemSo he passed it to me to sorr- together with the software disk.- Now this I would assume to be 'approved'yet the warning came up.

Answer:Moving on the from what next with XP

Firms have to pay microsoft for their software to get on the approves list, you will have this warning for any software not on the approved list.Not all reputable firms wish to pay microsoft.

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I have a 80GB Segate that is pretty full to full to defragment properly. I would like to transfer all my files and os to a second 120GB Segate drive. Transfering the files would be simple, but transfering the os may be tricky. Any suggestions?


Answer:moving os(xp) to second HD

use ghost or a similar program

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Can I move my fully functioning hard drive with winXP from my now non-working R52 to a different R52 that is working? Do I need to match the exact version of the R52 or will any version work? Out of curiosity are there other thinkpads I could pop the hard drive into that work boot up and work? Thanks for your help!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Moving R52 HD to another R52?

Welcome to the forum!
Yes, you can move the hard drive from one R52 to another. You might have to download the graphics and/or wireless driver in the worst case scenario.
A T43/p should work with no issues with a hard drive from R52 as well.

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Yes, I know - everyone but me loves Win 7, but I hate it. Anyone know how to do this transfer, please? Can see how to export messages, but not contacts, or technical details? My email provider is google - would I need to set up all the parameters again?

Answer:Moving WLM from Win 7 to XP

if you export your contacts to a file you can then import them. If you are using hotmail then your contacts are on hotmail and no matter where you log into your hotmail account your contacts will be available. I think the same applies with google. All you should need for google is your account name and password no matter where you go online and with any operating system.

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I have had a lumia 900 for a fair while, but have been left behind since windows can't update. I use Facebook, the web version not the windows version, I email, text, call google, Skype and love the live tiles. I don't have music on my phone, take photos, use the calender and that's about it. I would like a 5" screen and good battery life. I really like the 930 but it's a bit out of my $ range. Any ideas on what i should get? Thanks :)

Answer:Moving from 900, where next?

Sounds like the 830 is right up your alley.
Worth considering a refurbished/used 92x if you're so inclined, and perhaps the 735.

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Hello, I'm seeking assistance regarding my new computer that I recently built (The $1600 Intel build recommended by these forums). My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

So here's the back story: I put it all together not too long ago, however I seemed to have trouble getting my SSD installed correctly. I realize that it's recommended that I install the OS onto the SSD. However due to my difficulties getting it in there I decided to put my OS onto the HDD until I could figure out how to correctly hook up the SSD. Alas, I finally figure out all I had to do was screw the SSD into the port (and I was being told I needed an adapter, turns out I didn't after all).

So now my overall question is the following:

Is it possible to transfer my Operating System from my HDD to my SDD? If so, what exactly do I have to do?

Answer:Moving my OS from a HDD to a SSD

you will need a program to do that for you
there are several free programs out there
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
here is one i have used and its decent and works :)

Select the source to be your HDD and target your SSD
read the instructions before hand

also its always good to backup ur files and other stuff to another drive just in case
( i have had that happened where i cloned to the wrong drive thus loosing everything)

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I have a C:/ drive that has about 70gb but has XP on it, therefore only leaving about 20gb.
I have an F:/ drive that has over 100gb therefore would leave me with much more space...
Any idea how I can move the whole of windows to that drive?

Answer:Moving XP from C: to F:?

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Question: Moving

Help! I've moved to New Zealand and my account thinks I'm hacked and I can't get back on it. I created a second account but it'll only let me do it with a USA phone number. I don't have a phone set up here yet. How do I change the settings?

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I have a new Systemax PC, delivered with Win XP Pro installed, and a disk for Win 7 Pro.I think I am ready to upgrade.  I am considering using "LAPLINK PCMover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant" to do the upgrade without shifting files to some external memory device.Good idea? Bad idea? Comments? 

Answer:Moving from XP to Win 7.

I don't think it's possible to do a straight upgrade of XP to Windows 7.

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Question: One fan not moving

I was dusting the insides because I noticed the tower hot yesterday. One little fan inside is moving fine, this one I can't get to is not. Should it be? It is dirty, how do I get to it?


Answer:One fan not moving

darlene1029 said:

I was dusting the insides because I noticed the tower hot yesterday. One little fan inside is moving fine, this one I can't get to is not. Should it be?Click to expand...

It should run once the PC has been switched on for a while.

It is dirty, how do I get to it?Click to expand...

If you undo those screws that look like you can use a spanner to get them off with [id recommend using a screwdriver]
The whole little box that it is in will come away from the case.

Then ther will be several smaller screws holding the little case together.
CAUTION! on mine ther is a warning sticker telling me that their is no user servicable parts inside, but the fan just unplugs like any other [those lil red and black wires just run to a lil two pin male connector]

im assuming ther is a possibility of electricity being stored even when switched off, so i would recommend you hold the pc power on button in for a few seconds to discharge any power and then leave for an hour before working on it..

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Hi, so I used windows all the way up to around 2010 when I decided I wanted a change and glad I did when I saw windows 8.
I bought myself a MacBook Pro and have been using it ever since.
I have been keeping a close eye on windows 10 and now it's only round the corner I'm starting to consider ditching my MacBook Pro and getting a new laptop with windows 10.
Is any one else in the same boat?

Answer:Any one else considering moving from OS X to Win 10?

Welcome back.

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Question: Moving to new PC

My new desktop will be here tomorrow. My old one still runs, but is VERY old & slow. Will I be able to make a smooth transition simply by restoring my Roxio backup or would it be better if I purchase a copy of PC Mover? I'd like to accomplish the move as painlessly as possible.

Thx, Gini

Answer:Moving to new PC

Just put the old Hard Drive in the new one and grab your files off of that Drive.

Make sure you put the old harddrive in the right setting, not master.. look on the back of the Drive and it will explain how to set the jumpers.

Or maybe you can just add the drive and not mess with the jumpers... my memory is shot about this (went to a technical institute and went over this, just can't remember)

anyways go here for some good instructions...

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I have 2 Hard Drives.The main one is 298 Gb and has content of 200GB. My Backup Hard Drive is 232GB and is now empty.I plan to simply move everthing from one HD to the other.Is this easy or are there any problems I may encounter?

Answer:Moving everything from one HD 2 another

What do you mean by "everything"?

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I am having a problem converting my (wab) address book from outlook express to windows 7. I used Dawn but when I tried to convert to ldif if said "failed to load dll".I have used this program before but don't remember how I converted the wab files. Could soneone tell me what I am doing wrong?Thanks

Answer:moving wab to win 7

I'm not too sure what you are trying to do. Windows 7 itself doesn't use the WAB, but if you open Windows Live Mail, (download it from Microsoft if you haven't already got it) click on 'contacts' on the left side and under file, choose 'import' & you'll find wab as one of the options - that should work."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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Question: moving PC

Excuse the ignorance.. I want to move my PC etc about 5 metres to the other side of the bedroom. I have NTL bb coming through the outside wall to a "box" and a cable attaching the "box" to a ntl cable modem (apprx length 1.5 metres). The ethernet cable attaching the modem to the pc is approx 2 metres. Now, can I purchase a"ready-made" cable from say Maplin (or do I have to go to ntl) which will directly replace the first cable or is there any other means?

Answer:moving PC

click here

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I'm not sure how to even label this and have been searching for an answer all over but not finding anything.First, here are the computer details:emachine T6212Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3AMD Athlon 64 Processor, 3200+, 1.99 GHz, 1.87 GB of RAMA few months ago we got a horrible virus that caused it to have to be completely reformatted, which a coworker who is knowledgeable about computers did for me.It was fine for a while but now is having a new problem.  Some of the symptoms:When you click on the Start button, the menu flashes for a moment and then goes away.When you click on a desktop icon, it opens which program is farthest to the right in that row of icons.When you are in IE and go to a webpage that is wider than the screen, it scrolls to the right.  You can move it back to the left but it wont stay there.  Right now, this little editing window has stopped scrolling down so I can't see what I am typing.  I can scroll down to see what I wrote but once I start typing again, it starts jumping down and then back up with each keystroke.The moving to the right actually happens in any window that is too wide.  To open a file I have to open the my computer icon and change to a detail view, or it will open the file that is to the right in the list or icon view.I am guessing we will need to get a new computer, but one issue is that we signed up with Carbonite but the backup has gotten interrupted and I can't get it to f... Read more

Answer:Everything moving to the right

Did you try system restore?

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Question: Moving on

Is the Creator's Update another way of telling me its time to ditch my Lumia 535?

Answer:Moving on

Originally Posted by ninja883 Is the Creator's Update another way of telling me its time to ditch my Lumia 535? Yep or just to get another phone that is supported.

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Question: Moving fan ?

Ello all,
I have 3 fans on my pc one on the processor, one on the back and one on the side. Now on the side of my pc i have 2 slots for a fan, the one i am using is the top slot, now that is blowing air right on to my processor, could that cause any probs, would it make a diff if i put it on the other slot.
Sorry if i am wasting anyones time but like i allways say you dont know if you dont ask

Answer:Moving fan ?

Leave it where it is. The extra cooling is good for your cpu.

Regards Howard

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Question: Moving XPS to W7

Anyone trying to install W7 on XPS M140?

Answer:Moving XPS to W7

i just did and i cant find the wifi and video driver... did you? what probs do you have.

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Question: moving a hdd

I'm going to build a new computer and I want to move my old HDD from my old computer to my new one.

Here are some questions I have...

Will I have to buy or install windows?
Will I be able to access my old files without any problems?

Answer:moving a hdd

If you have 2000/XP, You'll need to do a repair or upgrade install.

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Hello, I recently bought a new SSD (Kingston, 120GB). At the moment, im using default 500GB HDD that came with my PC, it is completely unpartitioned except recovery partition. Of course, what I want to do is, i want to use my SSD for my operating system and my HDD for storage. The problem is, I don't know how to move only my OS to SSD, since I don't have it partitioned at all. When I tried using a software to clone HDD to SSD, it said that I need more space on SSD since I'm trying to move 500gb to 120GB, even though I'm only using 110GB on my current HDD. Please help me, what can I do?

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Question: Moving my CV

Hi out there I am new on here and am looking for some help please I want to move my CV from my Microsoft words file onto my job application any ideas I am not too hot on these computers as you might have guessed

Answer:Moving my CV

Are both forms in WOrd COntent and on your computer?If not, spacing, printing, etc. can be an issue.

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Question: Moving.

Is there any way of sorting the 'All Programs' list into alphabetical order other than moving them all manually?


Use TweakUI or TweakXP depending on your Windows version and there is a sort alphabetically option.You have to download these power toys before you can use them.Hope this works,UppyJC

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I feel like a dolt, I can't find this on search. I got a 200GB Maxtor with 8mb cache a while back for temporary use on a work server. Now that our good one has shown up it's time to move the 200 into my personal box. I don't want to reload everything, I just got it back the way I like it from the last re-load. What is the software used to move from one to the other...and is there a free version? Thanks!

Answer:Moving everything to a new HDD

sysprep will rip the drivers out

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Question: moving

I have just downloaded from the web and transfered the files to a CD RW as I want to put the files into my laptop which is not connected to the web, I have put the disc into my laptop but unsure how to extract the files and stick them into the right program can anybody help


Depends what EXACTLy you are trying to do and what you have downloaded?Any more details??

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