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Any free program to partition the hard drive in W8.

Question: Any free program to partition the hard drive in W8.

Hi. I need to extend the partition C in my hard drive. I have other partitions. I have Part Manager 8 but I think is too old and not compatible with W8. What free program can I use to do it?. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Any free program to partition the hard drive in W8.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Any free program to partition the hard drive in W8.

Have a look here. It will come with help files.

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I am running xp. I divided my drive into two parts. Actually I have not. I only partitioned half the drive. I installed xp. Now I want that other part of the drive and forgot to partition it. What is a quick fix to this?

Answer:Solved: Need simple free program to partition the rest of my drive.

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Hi everyone,
I installed Ubuntu on my computer a few months ago and created another partition for it on my 1TB hard drive.

I didn't really care for Ubuntu so I decided to delete the partition it was on.
That might have been a mistake.

Well, now there's 87.68GB of free space on my hard disk that I can't use and I don't know how to add it back to my c: partition.

There was another post about this a couple years ago, but I don't understand the instructions and am not actually sure if it worked. Can someone explain how to do this, please?

I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I'm not familiar with partitioning disks. It was just the one time with Ubuntu.

Answer:Hard drive partition: adding free space back to c: drive

The unallocated area is actually an empty extended partition. You need to delete that first.

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I'd been getting alerts that my system files hard drive partition (C: ) was critically low on space. It had only 167MB free. So I tried using PartitionMagic 8.0 to resize but I kept getting an error on reboot that said it couldn't write to the boot sector. Error 58. That was due to Goback running, which I know now, but the point is that I didn't know it until just today and somehow I suddenly have over a gig of free space on drive C: without having retried to resize without Goback running.

The question: Where did the space come from? Did Windows find more free space that it just didn't know was there? Possibly because I've been defragging and optimizing all over the place trying to keep Windows from slowing due to low space? Or were the partitions resized automatically because the one containing the OS had gotten so low (I don't remember the exact size of drive C: before, but I don't think it's bigger now)?

Also, is the free space really there or is the system misreading something? Is that possible?

Thank you.

Windows XP Home
Athlon XP 2200
512 Ram
40g hard drive with 8mb cache
PartitionMagic 8.0
Goback3 Personal

Answer:Sudden free space on hard drive partition?

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Hi i have a Windows XP SP3 machine.

I have an 82GB C: drive but when i select all files in the drive they only total 46.5GB.

This is after trying:

Disk cleanup
system restore files removal
chkdsk /f
deleting temp files
emptying recycle bin and checking for other recycle bins eg Norton
This is after showing all hidden and system files
does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Missing free hard drive space on an XP NTFS partition

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Hello everyone,

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my computer about 3 months ago, so i split my 500gb hard drive into 2 big partitions. But now i didn't feel the need for Ubuntu anymore, and decided to delete the partition. Now i have 173GB of free space on my hard drive that i want to put onto my C: drive where my windows partition is.

The problem is the c: drive will not give me the option to extend the partition, and i have no idea how to get that free space on to my windows C: partition.

If you guys could help, that would be great


Btw i have posted a picture of my disk management so you can see what it looks like currently

Answer:Increasing size of c: partition from free space on hard drive

Hello helldemon80, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at Options One & Two in this tutorial at the link below to get an understanding of how to go about what you want to do, it will help you recover any space you need to recover.

As the C: is "System, Active" you would be able to recover into C: the "I: System" partition to the left of C: also.

Be sure to post back if you have further questions and to keep us informed.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

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I normally use XXClone to clone hard drives. But, I need a free one allow cloning several drives via USB. Any suggestions? The free XXClone only alows the source drive to be c:.

Answer:Need a Free Hard Drive Clone Program or

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I want to copy the Hutchinson Science Reference Suite to my hard drive to save me inserting the free PC Advisor disk (Feb 2004) every time I run the program. Any one got any ideas. I have loaded all that I can see relating to the program but it still refers back to the cd-rom data.Thanks for any response.

Answer:Copy program from Free CD to Hard Drive?

You need software do do what you want, CD emulationclick here

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Is there any free ones that work good for reformatting hard drives.


Answer:Free Program for reformatting hard drive

active kill disk

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I need a program that would easily wipe the C drive but leave the recovery partition alone.

any ideas what to use? need something free and easy.

Ive also read that starting with windows Vista, a format does a basic hard drive wipe. so is this basic wiping of the drive enough for the home user?

Just wondering what others use. thanks.

Answer:need a free hard drive wipe program...

Don't let the name fool you. This might be what you are looking for. It's one of the Forms Tutorials.
Windows 7 Installation - Prepare PC to be Sold

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Hi. I have a large external hard drive and want to make several partitions. Also I have PartMagic 7 and Easus 7.1. Both of them see the external HD but the option to make a new partition is gray. An hour ago I downloaded paragon Partition manager 11 but it's worse. The interface is not very friendly and even doesn't see the external hadr drive. can someone tell me what programs do it?. I use XP. thanks

Answer:Program to partition an external hard drive (2 terabytes)

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v.7.0 supports disks over 2 TB is FREE and available for download from here enter link description here It is the best partitioning tool I have ever used - so simple to use although I haven't got a 2TB HDD. This is what it says -
Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer
Fast performance, easy to use graphic interface, supports RAID drives, supports disks over 2 TB, bootable recovery CD available for download, can repairs Master Boot Records (both MBR and GPT formats). Supports Linux ext2 and ext3 files systems. Data Protection mode allows for more non-reboot required editing scenarios, and the recovery media offers much of the functionality of the full, online program.
Recovery media requires separate download

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Hello and good morning everyone, my friend is about to buy a brand new laptop, and she wishes to give her old laptop to her brother who is abroad, but first she wants to COMPLETELY wipe the laptop 100%. She has already gotten a portable external hard drive to transfer all her important docs, pictures, etc. She needs a program that will totally wipe her hide drive of ALL data(obviously not the operating system, lol!!!) and it must be TOTALLY FREE and simple to use......just like install, 1 click, and all data is gone and cannot be retrieved. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks

Answer:Free and perfect program to wipe a hard drive??

If you wipe the hard drive,the Operating System also goes.

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I have a new hard drive that I want to use as my main hard drive. I have googled a few but the only ones I could find weren't free. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Any suggestions on a (free) program to clone a hard drive

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Just as the title say, what's the best app to make an exact clone from one hard drive in an enclosure to another drive in an enclosure?

Answer:Best Block-Level Hard Drive Cloning Program for FREE?


Edit: I just noticed you were a Mac Guru so you could try Carbon Copy Cloner.

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A friend of mine is looking for a good piece of software that will allow him to erase unused portions of his hard drive in an effort to further decrease his chances of being a victim of ID theft. I was wondering if anyone knows of an open source piece of software that can do this?

Answer:Good program for cleaning free space on a hard drive?

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Okey Dokey so the computer is running a wee bit slow, and one of the things I have been meaning to do anyway was a defrag and run a program to clean up the darn thing.

I am seeking opinions on a good program that does just that, and also gains/creates the most space on the HD.

Any suggestions?

Thank you to all who help on these forums also.

Answer:OPINION: Best free (not trial) program for cleaning up hard drive/gaining disk space?

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I'm not too sure what to do as of now, the free partition that is worth 66gb is just there. I right clicked my Primary Cdrive partition to try extend it but it was greyed out and so i couldnt merge the two..

Help is greatly appreciated!

Answer:How do i Merge a free space partition to my Primary C drive partition? IN VISTA

You can't modify the partition that has Windows installed on it because doing so would destroy your Windows installation.

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HI all, i have mislaid my Partition Magic cd and want to partition my hard disk in order to install mandrake linux again, i am reluctant to buy another copy as money is tight at the moment.can anyone recomend a free partiton tool to partiton my win xp hard disk so i can create a linux partition? thank you for your timeRyan

Answer:free partition program

Look here click here

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A friend of mine is looking for a free partition manager, From what he wants it sounds like hes looking for something similar to Partition Magic. If there is any such free program please let me know. Thanks!

Answer:Free Partition program.

This has a few partitioning tools on, you will have to download, burn the iso file to cd, with something like nero or any burning software that support iso's,..Boot from cd to use.

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I just built a new pc with a 200GB SATA HD. When I was installing XP Pro it only saw 130GB and made a 130GB partition. After going into disc manager and noticing the remaining 70GB wasn't listed there I installed both Service Packs. After the SP2 install the remaining 70 GB now shows up in disc manager as unpartitioned space. I was told Partition Magic will extend the 130 to include the other 70, however I don't want to pay for software I'll only use once. Is there a free alternative that will extend the partition?

Answer:Does anyone know of a free program that will extend a partition?

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Need a program to copy a 60GB boot partition (750GB WD green drive)
to a new 150GB partition (640GB WD Black drive).
But i can only find programs that try to make a 60GB partition on the 640GB drive.
What program are there that will just copy the complete contents of the 60GB to the 150GB, making the 150GB partition the boot partition.

Answer:Need (free)program to copy Boot partition

WD didn't include a copy utility or it wouldn't let you resize?

Partition Wizard and Easeus Partition Manager both seem to allow copying to a larger free space but they may require that it be unallocated space rather than a formatted partition.

Just from reading I am unsure about partition wizard but easeus definitely wants unallocated space. If you already have the 150gb partitioned and formatted at the beginning of the new drive then I think it is just a matter of deleting that partition leaving unallocated space at the beginning of the drive.

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I REALLY hope someone out there can help me with this!

I have a failed hard drive/ stuffed partion, and i DESPERATELY need the data from it!

A computer was brought into me with two hard drives. The owner asked me to set up a duel boot with vista and XP on the first hard drive, and to leave the second hard drive alone (its his backup drive with all his photos, movies etc) I was working away as per usual, when i noticed the second hard drive was no longer coming up in Windows Explorer. Well it was, but not correctly. whenever i clicked on it it said 'would you liket to format the drive?' obviously, i didnt want to do that.

I ran Partition Magic 8.0 which showed the drive was only 8Gigs (it should have been 1T or 1000Gigs) Partition Magic also said there was a problem with the drive and offered to fix it. I agreed, however there was no change.

I've run a number of programs to try and fix the drive:
Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0
Partition Table Doctor 3.5 Demo
Dtidata Partition Repair Tool
Recover My Files v3.98

However, all the partition repairers claim that the drive is only 8 Gigs, and they can go no further. All the File Recovery Programs will only scan for 8 Gigs, and thus, i can not recover my clients precious photos and videos.

The BIOS comes up as recognizing the drive as 33Gigs?

I really REALLY need the data from this drive! Does anyone know how to fix my problem?

Thanx heaps in advance,


Answer:Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?!

I've used ZAR to recover files from a RAID box that seemed to have been corrupted due to a bad power supply.

You might check it out. It's free. Meaning it will only allow you to recover so many files at a time. I bought it, and like it.

They have a forum that is monitored quite often, from the developer too.

Good luck.

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Need some help. I recently bought Acer Aspire 5560G. It comes with 500GB HDD with only one partition which is drive C. There are 2 hidden partitions as well. I would like to split my drive C in 2 partitions without effecting my Recovery partition. Is it possible??? if yes than what's the best way?? Help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hard Drive Partition Without Effecting Recovery Partition

I think the easiest way to accomplish that is to shrink your C: partition. That will create unallocated space. And the unallocated space can be used to create a new partition.

Partition or Volume - Shrink

Partition or Volume - Create New

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Hey guys...I am trying to find a solution to a problem that I'm having. At work we have about 6 PC's that I would like to make drive images for in case of drive failues. I was wanting to use an external drive for the backups and was looking for a one touch feature but I don't think it would work with multiple machine backups.

I was trying to avoid having to install software on each machine to perform these backups.

So what I was thinking of doing is trying to find a program that can reside on the external drive and will run from there.

Does anyone know of a free reliable imaging program that will do this?

I had found one at one time that did just this and worked great but I can't remember for the life of me the name of the program!

Any help or ideas appreciated!!


Answer:Good drive imaging program to backup multiple systems with an ext. drive? Free?

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I have an old 320GB hard drive that's dying and slowing my computer down. The OS is on a 20GB partition. I want to copy that partition onto an empty, 110GB hard drive.

Will the data copied be corrupted? am I better off re-installing windows?

How can I do this?

Answer:Cloning a hard drive partition onto a smaller hard drive

Hi there

1) download something like FREE macrium and boot it up.
2) Image the OS
3) Restore the image to the new HDD --if it's a Laptop you can do it with a USB==>SATA cable without installing the new HDD first
4) swap the drives if it's a laptop
5) Boot.

Remember though if the Windows system partition exists to copy that as well as the "C" partition.

The rest of your data (User data etc) on the HDD - just save anywhere with File explorer / Windows explorer to wherever you want to keep it -- there's no reason why you couldn't keep it on the old HDD -- if it's an INTERNAL HDD you can get a powered SATA / IDE case and connect via USB or SATA.

I suspect you are installing an SSD -- EXCELLENT MOVE -- you won't be in any way disappointed. You can connect the 110GB SDD to the computer via a USB==>SATA cable - very cheap so you can restore to SSD BEFORE physically changing the drives. Even if it isn't an SSD the methodology applies -- ensure though the BOOT partition is ACTIVE !! or the system won't boot.


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I am running Windows XP Pro, the NTFS file system, and I set up my system so I sent up my primary 30 GB hard drive with several partitions so that my windows swap file is on a separate partition (K:) than is my OS (C:).

I recently wanted to defrag this separate drive (K:) (partition) so I went into my virtual memory settings for my windows swap file and I selected "No swap (or page) file" and then asked windows to defrag the drive that my swap file exists on. I then went to defrag the drive.

Instead of defragging, I receive a warning that asks me to free up space on the drive in order that defrag can run. So (using Acronis PArtition Expert) I increased the size of the drive (partition) to 800mb (via the Acronis partition formatting & resizing tools) and ran the windows xp defrag immediately. At this point, after the reformatting, you would think that no data existed on the drive (K:)


My latest defrag report for drive (K:) says:

Volume XP Pro SWAP FILE (K:)
Volume size = 800 MB
Cluster size = 64 KB
Used space = 600 MB
Free space = 200 MB
Percent free space = 25 %

Volume fragmentation
Total fragmentation = 0 %
File fragmentation = 0 %
Free space fragmentation = 0 %

File fragmentation
Total fi... Read more

Answer:Where's the free space on my drive/partition?

1.Instead of defragging, I receive a warning that asks me to free up space on the drive in order that defrag can run. So (using Acronis PArtition Expert)

2.I increased the size of the drive (partition) to 800mb (via the Acronis partition formatting & resizing tools) and ran the windows xp defrag immediately. At this point, after the reformatting, you would think that no data existed on the drive (K:)

1. You need something like 12% or 15% free space to defrag....looks like you increased it so you have 25% free space.

2. You increased the size of the partition or did you reformat? If you reformatted you wouldn't need to increase the size anyway because you would have 100% free space. Looks like all you did was increase the size and didn't reformat. Defragging does not remove any arranges them so they can be found more readily.

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I am running a gateway PC with windows 7 pro. I have over 3 gb of memory and plenty of drive room. I have an ubuntu cd with Linux that I would like to install.
1. Is there a good drive partition software that would allow me to install Ubuntu without compromising my data and files on my windows partition?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Answer:Free drive partition software...

doesn't win7 already have the ability to resize a partition?

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My 80GB Windows 7 drive isn't cutting it, and I don't want to do a reformat on a new drive.

I'm thinking of getting a WD 500GB Black to replace it. (Or are there any other recommendations for a fast system drive?)

What is the best, possibly free program to image my system drive to the new 500GB so there will be no problems once I plug it into my computer?

Answer:Best (free?) program to image a system drive to a bigger drive?

Since you're buying a Western Digital drive, this will be the best thing for you:

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This does involve Kali Linux but I believe it DOES NOT specifically involve this distro. So, please ignore this fact unless it may involve this after all.

I have a USB drive that I had used for the setup of Kali Linux live boot. (Originally 8GB) Now, during the install process, I can't remember perfectly however, I started the install but it started to install on the drive instead of the HDD I had partitioned. I eventually was able to try it again and it was successful. However...

The reason I am posting it here is I have tried to format, extend, reassign, etc... this drive and nothing has worked. I have no idea why it is doing this and it's a pain considering I can only use 2.5GB now. So as you can see from the screenshots, I can't do anything really.

Any help would be appreciated!

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A friend of mine gave me his external hard drive with the hopes that I might be able to fix it.

It's a new external Western Digital that is 2TB in size and he purchased it within the last 2 or 3 months. I don't know what he did, but it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled the USB cord without properly unmounting the drive and something with his filesystem became corrupted. I don't know how to repair this.

The drive will show you a drive letter when you attach it to Windows, and using a partition manager (in Linux) shows the drive to contain an "unknown" partition type. In Windows, running "chkdsk e: /x /r" returns an error that says "chkdsk is not available for RAW drives".

Anyone know of a reliable (and preferably free) utility that might be able to repair this kind of problem quickly?

Answer:External hard drive NTFS partition missing; chkdsk says it's a "RAW" partition now

Is this a data recovery operation? Should be able to just format again if not.

Otherwise testdisk ( might be useful to recover the partition info.

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If I were to install XP on one drive, then install all of my programs on a separate drive, would I be able to access my programs if I were to format my OS drive and reinstall Windows?

I ask this because I just had to wipe and reinstall Windows due to an irrepairable corrupt system file... luckily I had all my data on a separate drive, but now I have to reinstall all of my programs.

Answer:Program Files on separate drive/partition

Some programs do allow you to access them after a rebuild, some don't. The only way to test is to...well...test them.

Others may have a better idea than me, but that (as far as I know) is the only way to be sure.

In any case, it's always best to reinstall them anyway.

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I am trying to find a free program to copy my games to hard disk so i dont have to keep switching cd's, anyone know of one?

Answer:free virtual drive program?

DarkStar said:

I am trying to find a free program to copy my games to hard disk so i dont have to keep switching cd's, anyone know of one?Click to expand...


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I've never seen this before. Double click on e:\ in my computer and it says not a valid win32 application. Seen it when opening applications but not a drive! all other drives are fine. First time i saw it it was looking for install.exe, which i remember deleting a week or so ago. Most likely because it was a missing shortcut in registry or because it was corrupted or something simular. I dont know what to do about this, as I said never seen it happen b4 on a drive. You can open e drive when you right click and explore but when double click sometimes it tries to locate install.exe. No virus, but did have a few recently, I wont put it down to that though and dismiss because I am very vigilant and remove virus immediately, and scan twice a day, always scanning b4 opening apps. Weird one! Logically, how do i stop it looking for install.exe when openning?

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My hard drive failed last Saturday, reading "operating system not found." BIOS testing resulted in error 10009, replace hard drive. At this point, the drive won't boot, but data can still be read.

I have a new hard drive. The backup disk I made for Vista isn't working.

I thought of borrowing one from a friend, but my OEM key on the bottom has completely worn off. HP says they cannot help and Microsoft wants me to pay for a replacement key. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Is there any way to use the recovery partition on the old drive to install Vista on the new drive?

My laptop has two hard drive bays, but I only have one caddy, so ideally I'd like to connect it using an enclosure.

Also, I do have access to another computer that I could use as a "go-between" if needed. For example, if it's possible to simply copy and paste the recovery partition files, I could use the enclosure to copy them from the old drive to the working computer, then put the new drive in the enclosure and copy the files onto that.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi all,
I recently bought a WD My Book Essential Edition external hard drive and wanted to change it from FAT32 to NTFS. I was following instructions given on WDs website, however the directions weren't entirely clear (of course only noticed after the fact). I right clicked on My Computer, clicked manage and used Disk Manager. The instructions said to find the drive, right click on it and click delete partition. It didn't mention however, to do that with bottom part of the screen and not the top. So, I think I just deleted the logical drive.

It shows up on the device manager and the "Safely Remove Hardware" window, but the drive letter no longer shows up under My Computer.

Is there a way to fix this? Or did I just buy a $120 paper weight?



Answer:Solved: External Hard Drive - Deleting partition, but accidently deleted logical drive

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Sorry I am a computer novice; but, I am running out of hard drive C space and I thought maybe I could put Recovery Drive D on a flash drive in order to free up drive C space.

If this is possible, can you refer me to some instructions on how to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Can you put Recovery Drive D on a flash drive to free up hard drive

To be honest a recovery drive won't give you much space (10 GB or so?). You are better off with a USB external HDD and move your less accessed data to the external.

I wonder what others will say.

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Hello People,
A computer of mine failed and I want to reuse its single hard drive as a general purpose drive in another computer. That drive was created with three partitions: Recovery, System, and Windows. The drive is now mounted inside the second computer. (To repeat,
the second computer is configured perfectly normally with its own three-partition drive to boot from.)
The environment is:
Windows 10 Professional Version 1601 (Build 14393) 64-bit
User is an administrator
Hard drive is WDC 320 GB 2.5" attached to an add-in SCSI/SATA adapter card.
Using DiskPart I trivially deleted the System and Windows partitions from the drive I want to reuse.
However, the Recovery partition cannot be deleted. DiskPart (run from an elevated command prompt window) reports that the partition is "Hidden" and does not have a drive letter assigned. After selecting the disk and the partition to establish focus,
when I type "delete partition" I get the following error message:
   Virtual Disk Service error:
   Cannot delete a protected partition without the force protected parameter set.
I do not know what that message means. 
How can I eliminate this 13 GB partition so I can use all of the available space on the hard drive?
Thanks in advance.

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I install a new hard drive because my old drive had no more available space. I then used IBM Recovery CD's to rebuild system out of the box.  Rebuild was flawless except that I now only have 618GB of useable space on the Creload partition. What happened to the other approx. 400 GB.  The recovery partition used up almost 318GB of space.  My old drive was 160 GB, and the available space on the Creload was 145 GB, so technically I should have only lost about 15 GB on the Recovery side of the partition. Here is what I found interesting using the disk managment, the recovery partition is formatted for FAT32 file system, the Creload is formated to NTFS. I did not format  the new drive just installed it and then started using the CD's.  The only thing I can figure is that the drive must have been formatted for FAT32 and the files from the CD's were copied directly over to this format and expanded.  The Creload was created properly by formatting and installing the system from the recovery partition. Before installing the rest of my software I am wondering if I should start again and reformat the entire new hard disk into a NTFS format then start all over.  Will this fix this issue and maximize the available space for this 1TB drive? Any comments would be appreciated!

Answer:Upgraded Hard Drive to 1TB - C Drive Space was limited to 618 GB, Partition used UP 320 GB

While I cannot explain what happened with the reconfiguration of the hard drive, I can tell you that your 1TB hard drive is actually 931GB hard drive. Reason being....... An OS [operating system] sees 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes.A hard drive manufacturer sees 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.The manufacturer lists their numbers in the specifications. Thus, 1TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. It would have to be 1,099,511,627,776 bytes in order for the OS to see full 1TB available.  I would suggest leaving 15GB or 16GB of unallocated space for the recovery partition and the rest for the OS. Hopefully that will work.Message Edited by ortegaluis on 03-27-2009 11:17 PM

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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My computer failed to boot a few weeks ago. I took out the C drive and put it in an external drive case on my other computer in order to retrieve outlook emails, bookmarks, etc. The drive is 250 gigs. It only shows an 'N' drive, 130 gigs worth of data, which must have been a partition. The C drive isn't there. Is it corrupted? Will be I be able to retrieve anything from the C drive?  If the drive is corrupted, why does one partition show up and not the other?

Answer:Hard drive doesn't show C drive, but shows the other partition

I had a similar situation. I was able to get data off the drive using a Ubuntu live cd. Burn the iso to cd, put the drive back in the computer and boot to the cd. If you can see the drive in Places then you should be able to get your data off. Please note the "if" and "should".Good luck.

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I need help. I was trying to clone my laptop drive to my new drive using Copy commander but when I had the new drive partitioned, it will not allow me to clone my drive. But if I do not partition it, it works. Any input would be appreciated......!!

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Found this link a few minutes ago.

It is for a driver backup program and seems to run very well.

Answer:Free Paragon Drive Genius Program

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Will someone have a lookie at this Drive image clone program which is freeware as far as I looked (which was not long...)

If you try it please post back and tell us how it went....

Answer:FREE drive image type program

Emptyness of soul
Forever aching blackness:
" not found."

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Does anyone know of a good Windows program for creating hard disk images? I would prefer something that could also compress the disk image afterwards.

Also, does anyone know of a program that can backup files and folders in an automated fashion? So far the programs that I've been finding all have some sort of limitation (ie trial period/limited number of files).

Answer:Good (free) program for creating hard disk images/file backups?

I don't know about the hard disk images, I'd be interested in that though also.

For folder backups though I've found a batch files to be a good solution. I work from home and have had very bad experiences with losing data in the past, so I've been trying to keep daily backups as well as I can. I have a home fileserver and I work off my laptop.

On my laptop I have a batch file that creates a directory on the filserver (if the directory is already there, it deletes it), then copies my selected folders to that directory. This batch file runs at 4am and takes about 45 minutes to transfer a few gigabytes of data.
At 7am, the fileserver then RARs that folder. Through a few automated file renames, it also keeps the past 5 days of RARs. It's been working very well for the past few months.

The batch files are scheduled using the Scheduled Tasks in Windows. Easy to setup and doesn't take much (if any) extra resources.

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Hello, Somewhere in other thread I read that Lenovo offers Partition such that we get more space on D Drive compare to C Drive, so that we can keep all the Personal files, Photos, Videos, Documents on D drive and in case of system Crash it would be still recoverable. I got my new Lenovo 530 4051, just last week however my C drive is of 188 GB where as my D drive is only 29 GB. I was expecting at least 80 GB of D drive. Is anybody have similar experience? If I have to get more size on D drive what should I do? ThanksMak

Answer:Ideapad 530 4051 - Hard Drive Partition - Less D drive than C

You should change partitions sizes, obviously.You can use PartedMagic, GParted or Acronis Disk director suite.maybe some other software, but I trust only these. Also you can trust Vista built-in disk management.

//help will save the world

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I have win xp,sevice pack 2 with 2 hard drive.

Recently my PC encountred a virus attack named ""
I scaned my PC with AVG and removed all virus,but after that I cannot access 2 partition(D-drive and E-drive) on 1st hard disk.
Everytime I click on both the partitions I get a error msg "The disk in drive D(name) is not formated Do you want to format it now?"
I cannot access through windows explorer and any of options shown on right click on the icon of D and E-drive(like "open" , "search" , "explore" & so on..)

If u have a solution please sen it to my e-mail ID: [email protected]

Answer:unable to access a partition drive of hard drive

The virus likely corrupted or deleted the partition information. I've used a few apps in the past with mixed results, you can give Partition Table Doctor a try.

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After sending in my new 750 GB Western Digital Black Edition hard drive due to my partitions getting completely screwed multiple times. I received a brand new replacement 1 TB Western Digital Black Edition hard drive yesterday. Everything was working fine until I turned on my desktop on today and received the message "operating system not found". This is the same problem I got with my older hard drive. I tried everything, including creating a new partition using the command prompt on my old hard drive and I still had the same problem. I haven't tried anything yet with my new hard drive and I'm wondering what is causing my hard drives to do this? Any ideas of what could be causing this and fixes would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for your time.

-Not posting this from my desktop.
-Both drives are OEM and I do not have any discs with to run a diagnostics or repairs.
-I can not start up Windows in anyway.
-I still have my Windows 7 64 bit disc.
-My computer does not recognize my hard drive due to the partition being corrupted.

Answer:Hard drive problem with partition. Even after a new replacement drive.

Check all the cables.

Check your HD.
Disk Check

Check with a hard drive diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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I have 3 hard drives and boot options of windows 7 64bit or Vista 32bit.
Drive 1.
E: 74gb
Windows 7 64bit bootable.
Drive 2.
D: 186gb
Only used for documents.
Drive 3.
232gb Partitioned into C: 64.45gb and K: 168.43gb
C: Vista 32 bit bootable.
K: is just for documents.

I want to copy my E: drive (windows 7) to my C: partition (wiping out Vista) and keep my K: partition intact.
If successful I will boot from C: then format my E: drive.

Can I do this using windows 7 backup?

Answer:Want to copy a system hard drive to one partition on another drive.

You can use the "create a system image" feature in Backup and Restore to make an image of your drive 1, but first you would need to shrink the size of the drive , because it is larger than the partition with Vista on it and to restore the image the partition has to be equal or greater than the Windows 7 installation. Before attempting to move Windows 7 to your Vista partition, I would back up all your data on the K partition as a precaution. If you do that, then you wouldn't have to resize the Windows 7 partition. Then after restoring the image to your Drive 3, you can always recreate the K partition and move your data back to. Either way, back up that data on the K drive first, before doing anything. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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"TODO" is the new free program from Easeus.

It offers drive/partition imaging, cloning, and the ability to mount images and restore individual files/folders as needed.

I tested it on Windows 7x64.

It imaged a 25gb o/s partition in about 20 mins and the image size was around 9gb.

Mounting the image and extracting files was successful.

I have not ( yet) tried to restore the image.

Macrium Reflect Free offers drive/partition imaging, scheduling, and the ability to mount images and restore individual files as needed.

It is certainly faster than TODO - and compression is slightly better. It does not have a cloning function, but does provide scheduling.

I have restored numerous images successfully with the Macrium on x64 o/s.

Answer:Free drive image program from Easeus - TODO

Thanks for the links. Good finds like this are always nice for the toolbox. i tried to rep you, but it won't let me rep you again until I rep others.

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Aomei Backuper.

Does everything you need. Image Drives/System/Partitions.


Image mounting. Scheduling.

Creates Winpe recovery media - no need for WAIK/WADK download. Native 64 pe too.

Don't know how long it will be free. Worth getting it while you can.


AOMEI's free data backup software for disk, partition, system and file backup & recovery for Windows Oss.

Here it is in 64 bit pe :

Answer:Xmas Present - FREE Drive Imaging program

Worth noting is that this "free" present requires you to put in your email address before they send you a link to download the software.

They claim it's free for personal as well as commmercial use and it works on Server based OS's too (Server 2008, 2008R2, and 2012).

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This program might be usefull for anyone looking to replace a hard drive and its have to register to get a serial here

Answer:Paragon Drive copy 8 Personal SE, Free program

Sorry wrong Address,tryclick herethe other one is Ashampoo burning studio v5 also free.

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Aomei Backuper.

Image Drives/System/Partitions.


Image mounting. Scheduling.

Creates Winpe recovery media - no need for WAIK/WADK download. Native 64 pe too.

Don't know how long it will be free. Worth getting it while you can.

AOMEI Data Backuper ? free disk imaging and cloning software, backup and recovery for your computer.

Here it is in 64 bit pe:

Answer:Xmas pressie Free Drive Imaging program

Thanks for the link SIW2.

I haven't heard of this company, so keen to have feedback here from anyone who is using or intending to use this software.

Seems rather a small software package (14.2MB installer) for all its advertised features.

Seasons Greetings everyone!

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I'm just wondering, is this like a 2nd hard drive that I can put stuff in like I would with C:? Or is it another drive to put another OS on. I'm so confused.

Answer:hard drive filling up, other drive has 30gb free

It appears to be set up to take more "stuff" of whatever you want to store there. If you really wanted to, you could put another OS on the drive but do you really want to?

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just as the title reads. need to copy my main drive(os) and put it all on my 2nd drive, to make the 2nd drive the os drive. thanks!

Answer:free software to clone hard drive to another drive?

Macrium Reflect (free version), or CloneZilla if you want more options and don't need a fancy GUI.

Seagate and Western Digital also do own-brand versions of Acronis True Image (Disc Wizard and Acronis TI WD Edition respectively), so if you have one of their drives you could visit their website and download it for free.

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Hi there,

I'm not sure where to post this so I hope this is ok.

A few months ago I bought a new computer from PC Specialist, and asked for it to have disk partitions put in. Stupidly however I only asked for the C (windows) drive to be 50 GB in size. I only realised my mistake when I saw that Vista was already taking up more than half of the allocated space when I first turned it on.

I thought everything would be ok if I just made sure that every new program was installed to the other partition (450GB), all well as keeping all the contents of my documents folder on there too, but the used disk space has slowly crept up and up until I now have only 6 GB of free space on my C drive. I'm worried that it will soon start to affect the performance of my computer.

I dont know enough about computers to know what is taking up this space exactly, but is there any way to sort this out without wiping everything and starting again? 'App Data' seems to be taking up about 6GB for starters - is there a way of moving certain non-critical files to another drive?

Any help greatly appreciated!

AMD Phenom 9950 Quad-Core 2.6 GHz / 4GB Ram / Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit


Answer:Hard Drive Partition - C Drive filling up!

Hello Matt

There are a couple of things you can do to get more space

1. System Restore uses huge amounts of space in Vista. If your system is running well at the moment you can delete all but the most recent Restore Point and recover a lot of space. Then reduce the space allocated to System Restore

2. You can try to make the Vista partition bigger. How much space you can gain will depend on the way the system files are placed on the hard drive

Delete all but the most recent Restore Point
1.Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup.

2.In the dialog that appears choose "Files from all users on this computer".

3.If User Account Control prompts you to confirm the action, click on "Continue".

4.If asked which drive you want to scan, choose the drive in which Windows Vista is installed on, and then click OK.

5.Disk Cleanup will scan your hard drive and then display a list of options.

6.In the Disk Cleanup window, click on the "More Options" tab.

7.Under "System Restore", click on the "Clean up..." button.

8.When asked "Are you sure you want to delete all but the most recent restore point?", click on "Delete".

9.Close the Disk Cleanup window.

After you have performed these steps, check your disk usage in the Computer window. I think you'll be a bit surprised.
(NOte. Also set Disk Cleanup to delete all temporary files)

Reduce the s... Read more

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Hi. My Dell had a hard drive failure and I replaced it on my own and also they replaced it. They wouldn't do it at first so I did and I set up a lot of good programs and settings so I wanted to partition the new hard drive that they installed yesterday so that I can clone mine and then compare things and go with all of the drivers and programs that work best.

Does that make any sense? I don't want to keep all of their bloat but I would like to keep some of it. I also don't want to have to reload all of my programs again. I have Acronis Disk Director 12 and I also have Acronis True Image 2015. I have a SATA cable connected to my hard drive. I also have two additional external backup hard drives. I am using Windows 8.,1 and I have Window 8 currently on the newly installed Hard drive. I also would like to have a partition to try Windows 10. Any help would really be appreciated.

Answer:How to partition a new drive to clone 2nd hard drive

clone a hard drive will delete all the data on the destination drive. You'd better clone all the partitions on the drive that clone disk.

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Hello, I am running Windows 7 and I'm trying to figure out how to partition my hard drive.


Answer:Need to Partition my Hard Drive

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HiHow do I partition a hard drive for a B50-70?I would like to install Linux and keep Windows 8.1 too.Will this affect the factory software example: back up hard drive function, OKR?Any problems associated with partitioning B50-70s?Is it complusory to have Windows 8.1 on a B50-7- Lenovo notebook?What would happen if I got rid of the Windows 8.1 OS? Thanks in advance.  Machine details:B50-70Model name: 20384Windows 8.1

Answer:How to partition a hard drive for a B50-70 for Lin...

lenovoman123 wrote:
How do I partition a hard drive for a B50-70?
I would like to install Linux and keep Windows 8.1 too.
Will this affect the factory software example: back up hard drive function, OKR?
Any problems associated with partitioning B50-70s?
Is it complusory to have Windows 8.1 on a B50-7- Lenovo notebook?
What would happen if I got rid of the Windows 8.1 OS?
Thanks in advance.
Machine details:
Model name: 20384
Windows 8.1

I would strongly suggest making your OKR disks before you attempt to do anything else...  Also - the distro of Linux you chose does make a differnce when you are trying to set it up in "dual boot" mode.  Most of the time I defaut to checking in with the developers of the distro and their forum for help with this subject.

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just wondered

if you partition a 500gb drive into 2 x 250gb partitions or 3 partitions will it have less chance of problems??? (obviously not talking about physical problems, more like file system etc)


Answer:should you partition a hard drive

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Hi Folks,A friend has given me a 320GB IDE Hard Drive. Will I be able to Partition this into 4X80GB divisions. If so, how would I go about doing it and will my Motherboard recognise it.My Motherboard is Micro-Star MS-6195 K7 Pro ATX IR3. Version 1.0B.Please advise.ThanksShikaree

Answer:Partition Hard Drive

Are you going to fit this drive as your MAster drive, and install windows on it?If so you can partition using the Windows CD.

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Hi all. Been beating my head against the wall. Upgrading my system from XP3 32bit to Vista Ultmate 64bit. I have 2 new 500GB hard drives to install. Will be mirrored RAID1. Need to partiton I assume and set to "active" as they are now set to "Dynamic". See screen shot below. I have the mini tool Partion Wizard installed if this helps. Would appreciate any and all help. Thanks.

Answer:Hard Drive Partition

Hello love2photou, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You would just need to convert Disk 1 from dynamic back to basic. Since there's nothing on it, you could use Option One in the tutorial below to do so if you like.

Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk - Windows 7 Forums

Afterwards, you can connect your 2nd 500GB HDD to setup the RAID with both 500GB HDDs.

Hope this helps,

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Recently tried to install XP Pro into a machine that had been used as a Linux box (hadn't been used in 2-3 years). Partitioned Drive (it was 40GB), Reformatted drive (FAT32), installed XP. Everything seemed to be working OK. I had to walk away from the machine before it was finished. When I came back, it had restarted and was giving me an expected message about monitor colors/resolution. I installed drivers from Dell for video/sound/network as I had for an identical machine, then restarted. Suddenly the C drive and all it contained (i.e. the system) simply vanished. The D partition had been renamed C, and I cannot find the lost space (approx 32 GB).

Does anybody know how I can find this lost space without a system installed? I tried 'map' from the installation CD, and all it sees is an 8 GB partition. I'm only moderately PC savvy, so please don't be tooo techie.

Thanks in advance.


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Anyone know if there's any way of creating a hard drive partition without formatting the hard drive? Currently running XP on the computer, but I want to creat a linux (Ubantu) partiton, cause I miss it(!)

Answer:hard drive partition

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My two partition hard drive on my VAIO has one partition starting to fill up.  When I download items, sometimes I am prompted to choose a hard drive (I choose the less full one) but often I get no choice and it automatically downloads to the almost full partition.  Where on my VAIO can I choose the less filled hard drive as the default place for new files, downloads, etc. 

Answer:hard drive partition

you mean download items off internet? What browser are you using?

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I have Window 7,500gb HD 64bits is there anyway I can partition the hard drive; I would like to keep Family Tree files separate. I do not have any partition discs to carry this out.Thank you

Answer:Partition the hard drive

GIYFclick here

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ok some im a dumb newbie sue me we all been there I parttion my hard drive (250) into 3 parts. can i change this i need to make f bigger (f 30) g(150) h(70) please help if can
thanks all

Answer:partition hard drive

Put it back together as one big drive and repartition it again.
Or do you already have data written on the drives?

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Alright here is I've go this external hard drive 300GB,3.5 inch, USB. It stopped working so I took it to a shop and they said that its doesn't have a "partiton" or it is missing one. I have files that I want on it. Is there a way to fix it with out lformating it and losing the documents?
Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Hard Drive Partition


When did it stop working and how? Have you tried it on another machine?


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Well, I am building a new computer with the specs listed below. It has a 250gb hdd. If I partition it people have said make the os part around 30gb. OK, no problem. I will put os and install all programs on this side. Right?? So the next partition I will go in after I get into the os and all is installed and make the next part 220 or what is left. Right???
Well, my next question is going to be long. I install itunes on os part (we'll call it c). I will be transferring all my songs for itunes from my other computer to this one. ??Install on C? or the big partition (called D). Install Napster on C transfer songs from other computer to C or D? I think you get what I am asking.
When I install a picture program Microsoft Digital Image 10 for instance install on C and where do I transfer my pictures to c or d?
Then when all is installed where will my pictures go C or D and how do I get them there? I have worked with many computers but never taken the plunge to do this so I am a little apprehensive. I wish I could just talk to someone on the phone and ask them some questions.
I install pinnacle studio 9 does all my video go to c or d?? These are some of the questions I have. I have it down how to partition I just don't get where everything goes and how I make sure it gets there. Also, if I should make more than 2 partitions and why I should even partition at all. If I do make more than 2 what would be the advantage of it??
As the mighty whizbang said ea... Read more

Answer:Going to partition hard drive? maybe

I have a 60 gig drive and partitioned it as follows:

25 gigs (C) Operating System and applications
35 gigs (D) labeled "Multimedia"

I essentially remapped "My Documents" to my "D" drive by right clicking on "My Documents" >> Properties >> Move and I chose the entire "D Partition".

I store all my videos, pictures, mp3's etc etc there. If I ever want to reinstall my OS, which I did last week I won't lose anything in "My Documents" since I mapped it to it's own partition. Then when I'm done reinstalling my OS I just remap "My Documents" again and all is fine.

I hope that makes some sort of sense.

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I have just installed a new 320gig hard drive and installed XP on a 80gig partition,I then wanted to create 4 other partitions of around 50gig, unallocated space is just short of 220gig but the new partition wizard will only let me use 225239mg help please

Answer:hard drive partition

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I'm getting a new laptop, and its been suggested to me that I should partition the hard disk. I'm not that computer literate - is this something I could do, or should I steer clear? If I can have a go, how should I go about it? My laptop has 100gb hard disk. I plan to use it mainly for video/audio/photo editing (although also some general word processing and web surfing).Many thanksJulia A


Be wary of the finer points of your warranty; changing partitions might infringe it. If it's okay to proceed, then use disk management (right-click My Comp, then select Manage). If you use this to re-organise existing partitions, remember that it is destructive. If you wish to resize or merge partitions without first moving the data elsewhere, you'll need special third-party software such as Partition Magic.

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I got a computer from someone that had put a hard drive in it. It has a 1.2 but in c properties it says it only has 520m. I tried fdisk create active dos partition and it just says there already is one. I can make an extended one and add the 720 or so but isn't that giving me two partitions. How do I get this to be just one. I haven't done this before. Do I need to get a partition utility.

Answer:Partition Hard drive

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Recently installed Vista Ultimate x64. Immediately updated with Windows update including SP1. Went to partition a WD 3200AAKS which was to be used for storage and backups. Drive is shown in Bios, Device manager, and Disk manager and drivers installed. Connected by Sata to the board. Started partitoning by shrinking the volume, and then choosing New Simple volume in the unalloacted space. It hangs at this point but a new "Other Device" is shown in device manager. Checked and it is identified as generic Volume, so I attempted to install drivers with no success. Went through all the steps including the Microsoft fix which of course failed for this. Also used browse to point to inf and driverstore. Nothing worked. Initially got the message "The system cant find the file specified" and followed all the driver install procedure from there. Almost sounds like a problem similar to the USB problems. Any suggestions. After all this I have to delete both to get the entire drive back.

Answer:Cant partition a WD hard drive.

if you reinstall vista partion the disk before it starts installing
when you see the screen to select the drive you want to install to click advanced and partition the disk there

ps i am assuming you will have to reinstall because you say you have to delete both partitions to get the drive back

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i am fixing an computer for an friend...she pretty much erased the entire operating system on her computer, when i got it in my hands it just gives me an message stating that there is no operating system found...i inserted an boot disk:tried first with regular windows 98 and then later with an 2000, and finally with an xp...all were recognized by the laptop, got to the point where it was telling me that the hard drive was not partitioned and that i needed to do so ... selected options of creating partition... with the 98, it did it then asked me to reboot the computer, once started again partition was gone... and with 2000 and xp just wouldnt do it...its an laptop compaq presario 1270, any ideas, or is there anything wrong that i am doing? thanks b4 hand for any help given.

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I have partitioned my hard drive, c drive nearly full, how do I return to non partition hard drive. Thanks .

Answer:Partition hard drive

All drives must have at least one partition to be usable.

Your choices are to get another drive or delete something from the existing drive.

If you happen to have a second partition on the existing drive, you can move personal data files from C to the other partition.

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I need to partition my hard drive. I was told to remove windows vista and load windows xp, I need to load xp on the new partition and drivers. Then remove vista, Is this correct?

Answer:How 2 Partition hard drive?

Who told you to remove Vista? Is there a good reason for this?

Hate to see you switch back to XP for a reason not really fit for a clean reinstall of XP.

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Hello,I have a E Machine ET1831-05, It has a 500 GB HDD. The hard drive has 3 partitions on it. the C: is labeled E machine 431  GB free of 452 D: is labeled HP Pavilion 1.72 MB free of 107 GBE: is labeled BS 4.42 GB free of 4.42I am assuming that C: is the restore, and D: is the operating system.  But the computer is telling me it is out of space , I just did a system restore, so there should not be anything extra on it.  How do I get it to use the free space on the other partions?

Answer:hard drive partition

The system partition is ALWAYS C: drive. D: looks like the restore partition.

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Greetings, salutations, and all the kind of stuff. Hopefully someone can help me...I just purchased a new computer with windows 7 installed. So far all I have done is hooked it up and turned it on and it did it's thing for the first time. Before I go any further, I would like to partition the 1tb hard drive into several drives. I have no idea how to do this. Everyone I have contacted, is a charge support. I can't go that way. Is there anyone who knows how to do this and can help me?
Thank you for any help with this.

Answer:How to partition a new hard drive

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Recently my old hard drive failed and I quickly had to get another one to get my PC up and running, I ran down to the store and bought a cheap one with lower capacity which I will use until I can find a better one later.

So I reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit and used it for about a month until it informed me that I used the licence inappropriately and it went down to limited functionality mode. It turns out that it was an upgrade only licence. I had forgotten that and just installed it on a hard drive without a preexisting OS.

Rather than going through the process of installing the old Vista OS and then upgrading to it to Windows 7, Id figure that I would try to reinstall Windows 7 again on top of this installation in the hope that it would accept that as a preexisting licence to upgrade from.

It worked and it accepted the serial key this time, though during a boot as I was installing, it showed me that I had an option between two Windows 7s, that I had apparently partitioned the HDD. However, after the installation this option disappeared, and I can no longer choose between the OSs.
The only visible hint of a partition is that the available volume of the disk is effectively half:

This is rather problematic with an already small disk, and I can not replace it until I download and work on some files on this system.

When I go to disk management I again find no clue as to what is going on:

Has anyone got any ideas? Is it possible to get the whole disk volume back to ... Read more

Answer:To Un-Partition a Hard drive

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I've got a new Vista laptop.
I want to partition the existing hard drive.
How do I do this?


Answer:How do I partition a hard drive?

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Hi Guys,

I need to fix my Hard Drives/Partitioning as it is all muddled up over different hard drives:

I am planning to install Windows 7 to my Backup Disk, copy the contents from my Data Partition to the Backup Disk. Format the Disk with Data, Win7 and 97GB Unallocated. Then install Windows 7 to that disk again. Then format the Backup Disk after re-transferring all of the contents.

I cannot unplug a Hard Drive and I do not have a Windows Install Disk/USB (until 7 days), just an ISO.

Basically I just want to reinstall Windows 7 and Data to Disk 0 and have Disk 1 empty.

I am currently using Disk 2 (EASEUS) and Disk 1 (DiskMGMT).

I installed Windows 7 to the Backup Drive 20 minutes ago.

Answer:Partition and Hard Drive Help

Why do you want to install Win7 to the Backup drive and then reinstall it to the original drive?

Why don't you just move the data from the Win7 HD to Backup (that's what it's for, right?) then boot installer to Custom install, delete all partitions and clean reinstall to the Win7 HD?

Then you can create whatever partitions you want on each HD for storage.

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Hey, i wanted to partition my hard drive to install windows 7 on it.
First i used EASUES partition manager and did everything (resize and create). It asked to reboot and i did that but when it is rebooting it says that error(9) partiion cannot be created because of error in harddrive , please try again later

i then tried gparted live, made a cd and when i put it in the program loads up just fine but tells me that i cant resize (shrink) my C drive less than -8 MB which is insame as i have 20GB free on the drive

As you can see, i tried two softwares but none of them worked.
Any idea how to solve this problem?
I also need a manager that can later delete the partition once the win 7 beta expires

My OS is xp and i currently have one partition (C) but when using easuses it has also 7MB of unallocated space and approx 250MB of unknown space (might be the result of me trynig out linux by wubi) (now uninstalled)

Also, i am downloading the paragon express version which cancreate partitions but cant delete , once if i successfully can create the partition can i then use easues to delete it?

Can xp natively using disk management delete? because a microsoft support page says so but it seems you cant ?

Answer:Cant partition hard drive

try converting your hard disk to a dynamic disk then run the software again. If that doesn't help then just try it straight from disk management.

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Hi everyone, I need some help on partitions and formatting. I have 2 partitions on my drive, and I just erased the info on the 2nd Partition. I would like to reuse this partition, but I don't know how to format it. Also how do I select it when I want to use it to download info, or use it to download a game. Thanks Tom

Answer:Hard Drive Partition

to format, go to Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Disk Management.
Right click on the drive you want to format , in box click format.(do full one, not the quick one.
To save to, go to top of box when saving, select the drive and select save.

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Heres what i have

Maxtor 200GB IDE
DFI LanParty Mobo
xfx 6600gt
512 pc2700

Here's what happened:

OS messed up w/ 2 100gb partitions

it would restart as soon as it starts to load windows

tried formatting 2nd partition, wont boot

using copy commander i tried deleting the partitions, the wierd thing is, it showed up as 2 100gb partitions as it should, with an extra 189 gb unpartioned space that can not be touched.

so i delete the 2 partitions and all i have left is the 189 gb of free space and i cant do anything with it

i also tried installing windows and it shows up as 130gb unpartitioned and i try installing on it, it copys files then on restart it says operating system not found

any ideas as to what to do or what programs to use would be great


Answer:cant partition hard drive at all

ok listen... with windows xp if your using an operating system on it .... it will only give you 130 gb's on it... i don't know why but, i ran into the same thing... w/ my seagate 200 gig... so i bought a 80 gig and installed windows... hooked up the 200 gig and formatted it threw windows and it came out fine... i don't remember the process i took but, when trying to format your 200 gig hd read what it tells you to do threw windows and go that way... hope it helps...

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I have a partitioned hard drive and have XP on one and 2000 on the other. What would be the best way to format the two partitions and unpartition it back to one hard drive? Any help on this would be great because I have no idea what I'm doing lol and can't aford to get it done. Thanks yall

Answer:un-partition hard drive with 2 OS

:wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

There are numerous ways to do this, and it all depends on why you need to do this, but the easiest would be to boot to your XP install disc, make the appropriate selections for a clean/fresh install. You will be given a list of the partitions and will be able to delete them both, then reformat it as a single partition/drive. When deleting partitions this way, it's best to delete the 2nd partition first. You can also use a bootable partition tool. These can be downloaded for free from your hard drive manufacturer's web site, or you can use of these available here at Major Geeks (also free): (completely wipes the entire drive; not really a partition utility) (not real user friendly, but will do the job) (recommended)
. . . and I could list more and more for days and days . . . you can also look thru the Drive Utilities downloads here at Major Geeks and find something on your own that will suit your needs. If you have any questions, problems, or whatever, feel free to post.

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Not strictly a Windows question, but couldn't find a more suitable section to post in.

I have just purchased a new laptop which is running XP Home. It has an 80gb hard drive that has been partitioned into C: and D: and the split is 50/50 size-wise. It appears that there is no data on D: and all the OS etc is on C:

Is this the best way to have it? Should I be looking to run programs from C: and store data and files etc on D:? I know nothing about partitioning so any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Partition of hard drive

Usually everything is on C. If you really had a reason to partition it, it would be for installing another OS (like Linux), so you can have both OSes loaded on your new laptop.

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I have a 40 gb hard it possible to partition this drive to a 10gb and 30gb so that i can copy the entire contents of my current folders, settings, everything ....about 4gb to the 10 gb partition so that if i have a disaster i can restore things from the 10 gb partition ?If this is possible could anyone tell me what i would need software wise to do it.. ??Thank you... : )))

Answer:Hard drive partition

machine minder,Norton ghost or driveimage would do the trick.

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Hi guys,

I got this Acer net-book almost a year ago which came with a 320gb hard drive. The hard drive had no partition on it I had just C: drive. Now that the 1year warranty period is over i decided to create partition in it and this is where the problem starts.

I have only managed to create 1 more partition and my comp says that the maximum number of partitions has been created, upon probing further i realized that there are 2 more invisible partitions, namely - recovery partition and some system active partition. Im attaching a pic explaining the same.

Now i need to know how do i create more partition, if not is there anyway i can limit the size of my C: drive and create maximum space in my d:drive. right now my comp only allow me 50-50% allocation of my available hard drive to each ( i.e of 298gb available - C: drive 144.5gb and D:drive - 144.5gb)

thanking you for you advice.

Answer:Hard Drive partition

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Hi, I am not sure where to place this. Mods, please move to appropriate location.

My question is this, can you re-partition a hard drive without formatting?

I need to expand my C: drive. It is ALWAYS full.

I have three drives.
Total size: 13.9GB
free: 53.7MB

Total size: 92.8GB
free: 77.4GB

External G:/
Total size: 74.5GB
free: 28.0GB
I use the external to back up important stuff.
It's removable and travel ready.

Drive D is where I put my programs, games and what have you, I have never maxed out this drive, I have had games on it such as The Sims 2 AND Star Wars Knights of the Old Republc. I never even taxed that drive, the lowest free space it has ever had was 40.GB

My C drive has been a never ending source of irritation.

I had to skim down the original programs on it, it has very very little remaining.

I even moved my my documents folder (which was larger than that drive at one point) to my D drive.

There is nothing else I can think to do to create space on this drive. The only programs on it are Windows OS and those few that will not allow me to run them from a different drive.

I have a great pc. This baby runs faster than most of the pc's on the market today, even bogged to hell as it is.

I would like to take about 40GB off my d drive and set it to my C drive. Is that possible without formatting my pc?
Thanks for any and all help in advance,


Answer:re-partition a hard drive

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Hi guys I have a 40G and 160G hard drives and my 40G has only 11G left and have been told this will be why my PC is running slow and that I need to partition them so I can free up some space on my 40G 'c' drive.How easy is this? do I need to spend money on software for this or can it be done manually?? could a novice do it and is it really beneficial.I know thats a lot of Q & A but I do appreciate you experts spreading your knowledge

Answer:partition a hard drive how????

The amount of freespace you have on your harddrive is not the reason your PC is running slowly, it is how you manage what is on there that will make it run slowly.partitioning your second HDD is not necessary, unless you really want to, but maybe some good house keeping is in order.clean out all temp files scan regularly for spy/mal ware defrag your C:/ drive get rid of any unwanted progs uninstall and reinstall to your second HDD your important files and progs...Do you have enough memory to run all that you do, installing maybe more memory will help...

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I was reading a tutorial as to partition a hard drive.It describes how to go to the
Disk Management,then right click where it indicates "unallocated space" and a
NewSimpleVolume option should open.However the problem is that
this NewSingleVolume is dimmed and nothing further can be done.
The hard disk to partition shows as Disk0

Can anybody help with this issue or explain how to partition a hard disk,using Windows 7.
Thank you


Answer:Partition a hard drive

Did you shrink the existing partition to make room to add a partition ("unallocated space") ???

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Hello, anyone out there who knows if i can download any partition programs for free. I want to restore my hard drive to 1. Thanks.

Answer:Hard drive Partition

Ranish Partition Manager: click here

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I have two questions,first is there a difference between a hard drive and a hard disk and if so what is the difference.Second question,is it better to have a large hdd(say 120gbt)and partition it in to two or more,or,have two seperate hdd's(say a 40gbt C drive and a 80gbt secondary drive).I currently have two hdd's,a 20gbt C drive, and a 40gbt secondary D drive,I use the secondary D drive to store all my video footage for editing.I am thinking of buying a new pc with more gbt space as well as a faster cpu and would like your advise.

Answer:Partition or Second hard drive

As far as I know, hard disk and hard drive are interchangeable terms.Regarding partition vs 2 x disks, two disks every time. If you have only one disk and it fails (and they most certainly do fail) you've lost everything. Two disks (a full backup on the second one) and you're not quite so deeply in the mire.Ed

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