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How do I create a Windows RE or 3rd party (macrium reflect) recovery partition?

Question: How do I create a Windows RE or 3rd party (macrium reflect) recovery partition?

I am dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 10 both pro. During setup I ran into trouble with the recovery partition. I managed to recreate the partition layout as so: Recovery, EFI, Recovery, MSR, Win7, Win10, Shared, Drivers, SystemImages.
The first recovery partition is for WinRE and the second one is for Lenovo Onekey Recovery (if I decide to use it) or if possible something like macrium reflect. The SystemImages partition is for storing factory default images of the two OS. I will create the images myself to avoid bloatware.
I was able to create a recovery USB drive in Windows 10 but that does no good for my Win7. Also as I have never been able to successfully restore any version of windows using a backup from either windows recovery or third party options, I would like to have system images from both WinRE and another option just to make sure.
I generally find myself re-installing my os(s) about once a year in order to refresh and speed up my computer.
Recap: How to Make WinRE bootable partition and how to make Macrium Reflect bootable partition? I already have partitions made, but cant seem to get WinRE onto the partition or recognized by the os, and cant find find a guide on putting 3rd party recovery onto partition and make bootable.
Oh, also, Windows 10 RE should be able to create and restore a system image of Win7 if I just choose that drive instead of the Win10 drive, correct? (All dual booting guides say to only keep one Windows Recovery partition)
Thank You

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Preferred Solution: How do I create a Windows RE or 3rd party (macrium reflect) recovery partition?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm slowly trying to drag my computer knowledge up to a decent level, but am still somewhat hard of thinking, so please excuse me.

The intro (though this bit is not the problem now) ... I bought a Sony laptop at Christmas, with Vista, which the family use for surfing, homework. It came without a Vista CD but, with some good geek help on another thread, I now understand better how I may be able to recover from problems, and was introduced to a free piece of software called Macrium Reflect, which I will be getting familiar with for creating an image and regular data backups (which I'll put onto a NAS drive).

Now to the 'problem'. I also have an ex-company laptop, which I use. It runs XP Pro and was rebuilt for me by one of the IT techies, using the corporate Windows software and licence key. Which means I have no XP CD. Again I'll use Macrium to create an image etc, and I was hoping that I would be able to use the (quote) "BartPE and Linux based recovery options" to create a "rescue disc" (which I interpret as a disc set which I can 'reinstall' from if something horrible happens?). Unfortunately, both seem to require an XP CD if I'm reading correctly?

So, I am wondering what my (free of charge!) options are for creating 'something' on CD (not DVD) that will at least get an operating system back if something fairly catastrophic happens. I'm thinking that if I can do that, I can eit... Read more

Answer:Q. about Macrium Reflect / how to create a 'rescue CD' for XP Pro

semiartificial said:

... I was hoping that I would be able to use the (quote) "BartPE and Linux based recovery options" to create a "rescue disc" (which I interpret as a disc set which I can 'reinstall' from if something horrible happens?). Unfortunately, both seem to require an XP CD if I'm reading correctly? ...Click to expand...

I would be 99.99% certain you don't need an XP CD to create the rescue disk - not the Linux one anyway. Wouldn't know about BartPE.

I remember taking a look at Macrium a while back, but for reasons I can't now recall decided to stay with Acronis, even though it costs. Acronis also uses a Linux rescue CD, and you don't need a Windows disk to create it.

As Macrium is free you don't have a lot to lose by giving it a whirl do you?

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I am using Macrium Reflect Free to create an image of my WD portable hard drive. It has about 1TB worth of files on it. I installed the latest version of Macrium Reflect and used all the default settings to make the backup. It has been 1.5 hours so far and is 7% complete. At this rate it is going to take about 13 hours to complete. Is this normal? It sure seems long to me. I am backing up to a Seagate 2TB portable hard drive.

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I restored my C drive using Macrium Reflect recently, my first time using MR to restore.

I have C and E partitions on the same disk. After C was restored, my E partition disappeared, so I had to name and format it. Of course, all the data on it was lost, but not a big problem since I had it backed up.

I'm wondering why my restore of only C caused this issue with E. I checked and double checked each step in the restore process since it was my first time. Is this to be expected whenever one does this type of restore?

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I am running 32bit Windows XP. I'm trying to make a recovery disc using Macrium Reflect and it's asking me if I want to make a Linux based recovery CD or use a BartPE plug in. (It says XP works better with BartPE). Can I still use the Linux option? It doesn't require me to install anything.

Thank you.

Answer:Macrium Reflect Recovery CD?

Use can use which ever on you prefer.

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Hi All,
I have tried several times and every time I try to make a recovery CD, it creates a bootable linux disk OK but there is no image to restore. I was able to make a USB drive bootable and then copy an image over to it, but not for the CD.

I checked their site and have tried all the Compatibility options, still nothing.

When I boot the CD it gets to the page shown in the pic and the list to the right is always empty for any of the drives selected.

Am I doing something wrong?

I can't ask om the Macrium forum as only paid members get to do that.


Answer:Macrium Reflect Recovery CD not working

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Hi, previously I used Macrium Reflect to do an image of my HP laptop's hard disk, and yesterday, i tried to recover using the image, everything was successful, however, I cannot access the recovery partition anymore. Pressing F11 while booting does not boot into Recovery Manager anymore like it previously did, instead it went straight into booting windows... and i tried to access the folders inside the recovery partition, it says that the files are corrupted and unreadable... does it mean that i cannot do a full recovery using the recovery partition anymore?

Answer:Cannot access HP recovery (F11) after using Macrium Reflect

Maybe this will help?

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hi i have some questions regarding macrium reflect

i have no cd/dvd drive but with macrium would need to create a recovery cd.??

is there a way around this?

also could also do with some tips/advice/instruction on how to use the software effectivly/competently.

and better understand some of the terms and methods required thanks for any help/info given

Answer:macrium reflect recovery cd (no cd/dvd drive)

This is a good start, read it carefully then ask questions.
Its not hard, Billy, and it will truly be worth the effort. It saved me while downloading Updates, I froze and could no longer boot. I used my Image and I was back up and running in 15 minutes.
Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Forums

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I've just created an image of the files from my C: drive, which are on a 1Tb drive. What I'd now like to do is shrink the volume down, into two drives. Do I need to recreate the image, as I've changed it from the original when Reflect was run? If I don't, will a restore get rid of the secondary drive / partition?

Answer:Macrium Reflect...Burn image and then changing disk partition

An image restore made with MR will basically recreate the partition from which the backup was originally made.

IF you shrink the original partition, you would need to do another image backup.

MR doesn't provide an option to resize the partition as part of the restore.

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A Q or more for anyone familiar with MR.

I'm dual-booting W7 & 10 (both Pro x64) on separate SSDs.
Reflect Free v6.1 (same build) is installed on each OS (my first experience with Macrium software).
If I select W7 as the default OS, I get the legacy boot loader (Windows Boot Manager).
If I select W10 as default, it's the graphical Boot Options Menu.
This is not an issue for me, as I'll be changing the default OS for periods in the future, and so will be using the associated boot loading mode during those periods.

I've created a USB Rescue medium (in W7 using WinPE 5).
As yet, I haven't created a Recovery Boot Menu entry in either OS.

My intention is to create a Recovery Boot Menu option in both the legacy W7 Manager and the ('standard') W10 Boot Options Menu, so that it will be available whichever menu is displayed at the time, and I'm assuming I'll be doing this in each OS when set as default.

If that's a reasonable plan(?), should the W7 entry use WinPE 5 and the W10 entry WinPE 10?

As the PE options show as 'not built' in MR on W10, do I need to create a USB Rescue utility in W10 before creating the Boot Menu entry, or will the PE environment be built 'on demand' for the menu entry only?

I'm not enthralled by the prospect of dealing with potential booting/menu issues, so thanks in advance for appeasing my OCD/paranoid tendencies.

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I'm just been playing with free backup tools; Macrium Reflect and Aomei Backupper, and working out which works best for me for those times when you need to boot from a Recovery CD.

I'm posting in case it helps someone else.

I've been using a Toshiba PC which has 64-bit Windows 8 preinstalled, and is using a GPT file system. I changed the boot order so that the CD/DVD drive comes before the main HDD, if it finds a valid bootable source.

The BIOS options on the PC also include:
* Secure Boot: enabled or disabled
* Boot mode: UEFI or Legacy (CSM)

I tried both Secure Boot enabled and disabled; this didn't seem to affect the findings below.

However the differences some on switching between UEFI mode and Legacy mode in the BIOS settings.

My question was whether I can boot from a Recovery CD in UEFI Mode; although the PC can access bootable CDs in Legacy Mode, it won't boot itself.

Aomei Backupper 1.6

CD was created using the Windows PE option rather than Linux. By changing to Legacy boot mode, I can boot from the Aomei CD, and it then could backup my HDD to an external USB drive. But I had to change back to UEFI boot to make the computer boot again.
Macrium Reflect Free v5.2.6444 - 32-bit.

This is similar to Aomei. I selected the option to create a CD using Windows PE (version 4). By changing to Legacy boot mode, I can boot from the Macrium CD, and it then could backup to an external USB drive. But I had to change back to UEFI boot to make the co... Read more

Answer:Boot recovery CDs with UEFI: Free Macrium Reflect vs Aomei

You can use this to make efi bootable recovery media. It will include a whole bunch of tools, depending on what you already have installed.

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I was having issues with my system so decided to restore back to my Macrium gold copy of a clean install.
I have two drives in my PC, on SSD for the Win7 OS and one HDD for data/backup. I had a copy of my gold Win7 as a partition on the HDD. When I went through the recovery process, all seemed to work fine and I'm typing this on the recovered PC. However, it looks like my "System" is on the SSD and "Boot" is on the HDD. I'm really confused. I can go to the boot menu on startup and select the SSD and everything comes up fine but I'm loading the same Win7 OS no matter what drive I'm booting from. My gold Win7 copy didn't have Chrome installed or my owncloud client and those installed programs show up from whatever disk I boot from in the boot menu (if I hit ESC during the startup screen and go to the boot list).

I've gone to diskpart and tried to set disk1 partition 2 as active but that didn't do anything.
Appreciate the help.

Answer:Recovery with Macrium Reflect Free - strange boot disk issue

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I'm trying to recover just my WinXP partition (O, when viewed from Win7) out of a "system image" produced by Macrium Reflect Free (5.0.4118). That image copied both Win7 (C) as well as WinXP (O) in my dual-boot environment, because it is O which is the "active" partition and C where Win7 lives. I was running WinXP originally and installed Win7 as a second OS, hence my partitions and configuration.

Anyway, the creation of the "system image" went fine (two weeks ago).

I now have a need to restore just my WinXP partition, which is something I had believed was possible. I don't want to restore both WinXP and Win7. I only want to restore WinXP.

So I booted to the standalone Rescue CD and tried to follow the wizard. I had previously looked at (and had printed) the "how to recover your PC using the Linux Rescue CD - Part II" article on the Macrium Support Knowledgebase, so I thought this would be easy. Wrong.

(1) First problem... all of the screenshots in the article are NOT what the free 5.0.4118 program produces. Maybe the article was written for a prior program version or the for-money version, but it certainly is not what the program looks like now.

(2) I was able to extrapolate what the article told me I would see and what I was to do, to the current dialog screens put out by the current program, without too much trouble. However the results of doing what it told me to do were not what I would have expected.

(3) I was able to... Read more

Answer:Macrium Reflect (Free 5.0.4118): need help on "recover partition"

Hello dsperber, welcome to SevenForums.

I'll admit that was a bit much to read, so I might not have caught every detail. But two points I'd like to touch upon:
You mention that the tutorial you tried to follow was for the Linux-based rescue disc. Is your disc the Linux one or did you you create the WinPE-based disc?
I assume you're already aware of this, but just to make sure: The rescue disc has no knowledge of what the drive letter assignments on either of your Windows systems are, so the letters will be different while you're in the rescue environment. (Of course, the drive letters stored within the image file aren't affected by this, but they're only a reference at this point.)
You should definitely be able to restore your O: partition and simply overwrite the existing O: without any need for deleting or reformatting it. Nor should "cherry-picking" partitions out of an existing backup image be any problem.
At the moment it's hard to say where things are going wrong unless I did miss a detail while reading your post.

Would you be able to provide screenshots to illustrate your problem further?

EDIT: I just looked at the tutorial (should've done this first) and it's for the now-discontinued v4.2 version of Macrium Reflect. v5 would be rather different, unsurprisingly...

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I have just tried out the free version of the Macrium Reflect dusk backup utility on my fresh copy of a clean install of Win 8 x64 Pro. It is the latest free version 5.1 b5299.
It seems ok except when I go to make a rescue media and then W8 will close down with a new type of BSOD, and the problem causing this is...



.... the mounting aspect of the Reflect software, I assume. I have tried this several times and each time it will fail with a BSOD when I attempt to create that rescue media.

I can't post about it in the official forums as I have not got the paid version and would not wish to buy it is the above can't be resolved.

Has it worked ok for anyone else who is on W8 x64 Pro...?

Answer:Macrium Reflect v5.1 and Windows 8

Hi vimes,

Quick answer to your question - yes!

I currently use Macrium Reflect Standard 64-bit 5.1 5299 on my Win 8 Pro laptop and have successfully created images/rescue media. Rescue media (Windows PE option -> Pre-built Windows PE Rescue Media) was written to a flash drive from which I booted from and reviewed the image that I created just to see if it was ok.

I have actually restored images using Macrium on my Windows 7 boxes without fail - ever. Very reliable at least for me. I have not attempted to do an actual restore on my W8 box yet so I can't speak to that - but the restore media was good.

I have also had very good support from Macrium directly through email (bug submission) and their forum is quite good.

Hope this helps a little.

Good luck!

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Went to backup my windows 10 C drive upon opening the Macrium,I aint sure which one to select to backup.
Can someone please help me decide which one do I have to backup.
Image included.

Many thanks.

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So my friend has Macrium Reflect Free installed on his WIndows 8 Home 64-bit and he is planning to upgrade to Windows 10. Will he be able to still use the MR boot menu even though it was built using WinPE 5 components? Or is it actually crucial (by crucial we mean really necessary) that we download the WinPE 10 components?

Answer:Macrium Reflect WinPE 5 for Windows 10

My personal choice would be to
a. Update my disk image
b. Uninstall Macrium (simpler is better)
c. Upgrade
d. Install the current version of Macrium (v6 free)

What version of Windows PE should I choose?
You should choose a version of Windows PE that can access your System drive and also your backup location. The default option selects the Windows PE version that is the best match for your Windows operating system. This enables the rescue media wizard to automatically copy any required drivers for Network, USB or SATA controllers. However, versions of Windows PE that are more recent than your Windows OS may already contain compatible drivers and also offer additional support for USB 3.0.

Adding a boot menu option for Reflect recovery - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase
Update Macrium Reflect Boot Menu Option? - Solved - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi guys i when i try using Acronis*Disk Director Suite to create new partition it give me this error anyway idea why? My hard drive have around 260gb free space as shown why it still giving me this error T.T

Answer:Cannot new create partition using third party software

Quote: Originally Posted by shaun166

Hi guys i when i try using Acronis*Disk Director Suite to create new partition it give me this error anyway idea why? My hard drive have around 260gb free space as shown why it still giving me this error T.T


It is difficult to tell from the picture you posted, but it appears you already have 4 "Primary" partitions on this hard drive. That is the limit. However, Windows 7 and Data partitions can reside on a "Logical" partition. You would need to convert your last "Primary" partition to an "Extended" partition so you can create "Logical" partitions in the "Extended" part.


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Downloaded Maxrium Reflect free edition. The first thing I did was try to create a recovery disk and each time I got the BSOD. I ran the SF Diagnostic Tool but I don't think it captured everything. But I am still attaching the results that I got. If anyone can make sense out of the dump logs, let me know. For now I am uninstalling the product and will look for something else. Thanks.

Answer:BSOD When Trying to Create Recovery Disk in Maxrium Reflect

BugCheck 44, {8a037890, e7a, 0, 0}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SRTSP.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SRTSP.SYS
Probably caused by : SRTSP.SYS ( SRTSP+6e28f )

Usual causes: Device driver(s)
This bugcheck indicates that a device driver has requested for a IRP to completed by sending multiple IoCompleteRequest() calls, even though the IRP has already been completed.

0: kd> lmvm SRTSP
start end module name
aed47000 aedde000 SRTSP T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: SRTSP.SYS
Image path: \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\N360\1403010.016\SRTSP.SYS
Image name: SRTSP.SYS
Timestamp: Fri Jan 25 21:24:39 2013 (5102F817)
CheckSum: 000A17EA
ImageSize: 00097000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Your Norton/Symantec AutoProtect driver seems to causing problems here, Norton/Symantec products are known to cause BSODs with Windows 7, please remove the program completely using the Norton Removal Tool, and then install these free and proven alternatives which work best with Windows 7, due to their compatibility and lightweight nature on system resources.

Install and perform full scans with:Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download
Microsoft Security Essentials | Protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware

Remember to install the free version of Malwarebytes... Read more

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Hello today i went an image my os windows 7 pro
i follow that video on this forums .Than i went to restore tha image
to another hdd in a partition .But when i booted from tha
partition i got to the part were it said windows is
preparing your desktop than i got a message saying that
this copy of windows is not i rebooted but
it keeps getting stuck there "this copy of windows is not genuine"

I hope some one can help me get this figure out
Thank you for your time

Answer:Issues imaging windows 7 pro with Macrium Reflect

Hi lil mickey,

It could be macrium didn't fix the o/s drive letter.

The easiest way for you would be to use the paragon free rescue kit - there is a module that lets you change the o/s registy letter.

select normal mode- Boot Corrector -Search for windows installations - correct registry drive letter.

Unless you are a geek, the drive letter next to the win7 volume label should be C.

If it isn't, change it to C.

Rescue Kit Free Edition - CNET

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I am in the process of creating an Image of HP Pavillion DVT7 2200 Notebook now. Once it completes I would really appreciate getting some steps to follow to restore it. The Laptop I have Macrium Reflect running on now will have the HD replaced as it on the verge of failing hence why I'm doing doing.

Can someone please outline the steps from the point that I have physically swapped out the old HD with new HD? I will have Macrium Reflect Image contained on the root of a brand new 1 TB External drive. Please start at the point of turning the PC on for the first time and if I should have the External drive plugged in before I attempt to boot the laptop for the first time.

Thanks for the help from great people on these forums.


Answer:Restoring Windows 10 Image using Macrium Reflect


No idea idea how familiar you are with Macrium Reflect but there are several ways you can go about this.
If you don't want to use a USB stick to create a Macrium recovery drive then you could use the 1Tb drive for that as well.
Once you have a recovery drive/USB stick you can start creating your backup which you save on the 1Tb drive.
Make sure to check all the partitions you want it to back up.

Now verify the recovery drive boots and finds your backup image and you can then turn off your portable and remove the old drive and build in the new one.

Reconnect your external drive and USB stick if you used that as a Macrium Recovery medium and set the bios to boot from it.
Launch Macrium's restore and select your image. After it has finished close Macrium and shut down the recovery environment. Turn the portable off and disconnect all external drives, HD and or USB, whatever you used.

Fire up the portable again and that's should be it. It should boot straight into Windows.

Hope I didn't skip any steps (it's very late here).


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I may need to wipe my HDD to trial Neverware. I want to make sure I can get back my legal installation of Windows 10 Pro on this computer.

What are my options? Built-in Win10 or something like Macrium?

Answer:Macrium Reflect- Free vs. Windows 10 drive imaging

I had to look up what Neverware is, but why not just run it in a virtual machine? This way, after you try it out, it isn't going to affect your main OS.

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I've bought an ASUS Transformer Book T100TAM tablet/laptop which has Windows 8.1 preinstalled. First thing I did was create a full system image of the whole eMMC (integrated memory card, serves as a hard drive for the Transformer). That is the OS partition (C and four other (UEFI, Restore, Recover and an unnamed partition). Then I went and tested the Transformer and now I'd like to do a full restore of the image.

I copied the Macrium WinPE recovery boot files on the same external HDD where I have the Macrium image saved so I can boot it and do the recovery (Transformer only has 1 USB port, that's why I put it manually all on the same ext. HDD). All fine until right at the last screen before the recovery starts - it shows that it will recover the OS partition as E:. I want it to be C:. I guess it's still seeing the C: that's on the eMMC, even though I have deleted the partition in the recovery procedure (it seems they weren't really deleted since I can still boot normally into windows). The ext. HDD gets read as the D: drive and it wants to recover the system to an E: drive.

I could boot into the Windows installation USB and use DISKPART's Clean All command but am a little afraid since folks at the ASUS Transformer forums warned me about deleting the partitions. Initially I wanted (still want) to install my own fresh copy of Windows 8.1 and get rid of all the preinstalled ASUS apps etc. but am kind of afraid to mess it up and brick the Transformer.

Any help would be... Read more

Answer:Macrium Reflect Free on Windows 8.1 ASUS Transformer

Don't worry. The restored os drive letter will the same as it was the moment you made the image.

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I realize this is a Windows Forum - but I have no where else to turn. I am using Macrium Reflect (Free Version) to clone my 1TB SSD primary drive which has three partitions. My issue is that, when I clone the primary drive, the clone shows less GB used than the original in each partition (I have three partitions). Also, when I substitute the clone for the primary drive, I get a message which says "File Attributes Table Missing" and I can't boot. Both my primary OS disk and the cloned disk are identical. Can anyone help me please? I am under the assumption that a clone will have the MBR on it.

Answer:Issue with Macrium Reflect and cloning a Windows OS drive

1) Why are you cloning all 3 partitions, just clone windows.
2) I would use an image, not a clone.
3) Running startup repair (with no other drives connected) should fix the no boot issue.

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Macrium Reflect Backup and Hard Disk Imaging for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003/2008
I just installed Linux Mint as a duel boot and I would like to know if I can use Macrium Reflect to create an image for the entire thing. Is that possible?

by entire thing I mean I want to be able to make one image for my entire duel boot so I can restore both at any time

Answer:Will Macrium Reflect image Linux Mint as well as Windows 7?

Mmm. Interesting question. I don't see why not.

Is the Linux partition available for selection when you first open Macrium?


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I am using macrium reflect and am getting an error while backing up c drive. The error is "Backup aborted - Unable to read from disk - Error code 21 - The device is not ready." "Saving Partition - OS(C Reading file system bitmap, saving partition, gathering Windows Events - Please Wait". And that is when the Backup is Aborted.

Any ideas that can help me get through this problem?

I have a new Dell laptop with intel Core i5. Running Windows 10 home.
Macrium backup works on my old XP Dell computer.

Answer:Macrium reflect (free) error when backing up on Windows 10

In file explorer, right click on C: drive, and select Properties. Then the Tools tab. Then the Check button:

Usually that error means exactly what it says, it can't read from C: drive because the drive might be bad.

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I am using macrium reflect and am getting an error while backing up c drive. The error is "Backup aborted - Unable to read from disk - Error code 21 - The device is not ready." "Saving Partition - OS(C Reading file system bitmap, saving partition, gathering Windows Events - Please Wait". And that is when the Backup is Aborted.

Any ideas that can help me get through this problem?

I have a new Dell laptop with intel Core i5. Running Windows 10 home.
Macrium backup works on my old XP Dell computer.

Answer:Macrium reflect (free) error when backing up on Windows 10

In file explorer, right click on C: drive, and select Properties. Then the Tools tab. Then the Check button:

Usually that error means exactly what it says, it can't read from C: drive because the drive might be bad.

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I am new to a lot of this so please pardon my lack of knowledge.

I have been saving system images with whatever program is included in my Windows 7 system.

I have just downloaded (but not yet installed) Macrium Reflect FREE version 6.2.1549(08-Sep-2016)

I found out about Macrium here, but the information is for version 5

Imaging with free Macrium

What will Macrium do for me that the program I am currently using does not ?

Can a novice such as I manage to use Macrium successfully ?

Thanks for reading.

Answer:Macrium Reflect Free vs Windows System Image

3rd party imaging programs are more flexible, and the images take up less space.

IMO, the simplest free 3rd party program is Aomei backupper Standard version. It can even restore an image to different hardware.

Very simple to use. AOMEI Backupper: Data Backup and Restore Software for PC, Laptop and Server

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Has anyone else had a problem with Macrium Reflect Scheduler not working after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update?
Any Insiders that determined there was such a problem before the Anniversary Update was released? It seems MR uses the Task Scheduler for automatic backups, but since Anniversary Update, Task Scheduler isn't getting the proper info from MR. Appreciate any information regarding this - I have a support ticket in to Macrium but it's too soon to know anything yet.

Answer:Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Macrium Reflect Scheduler Problem

I have exactly same problem, not sure what to do.

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I recently restored my Windows 7 disk using Acronis Western Digital Edition, Macrium Reflect, and Windows 7. See results below for both creating the image and restoring the image. The compressed image files were all in the range of 45-50 GB. The associated boot DVD was used in all cases to restore the image.

Have others noticed that Macrium will take substantially longer if resizing the Windows partition? It doesn't seem as though Macrium should take 52 minutes when resizing the 1 TB Windows partition to 500 GB with only 70 GB actually used by Windows 7. Imaging included only the 100 MB boot partition and the Windows partition.

No verification was done. I'm using Macrium 64 bit version 5.3.

It's interesting that Acronis WD Edition is much faster. Does anyone know what it does differently?

Create and Store Image on External USB 3.0 Disk

Acronis - 9 minutes
Macrium - 14 minutes
Windows 7 - 12 minutes

Restore Image to 1 TB Disk

Acronis - 9 minutes
Macrium - 25 minutes
Macrium - 52 minutes (resize 1 TB to 500 GB)
Windows 7 - 29 minutes

Answer:Time to Restore Image - Acronis, Macrium Reflect, Windows 7

Interesting - thanks for posting.

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I have just installed the free Macrium Reflect and created the rescue disk. It is suggested to test it, which I did. The CD did boot and it appeared files were being copied but then, nothing. Nothing ever showed up on my monitor, the screen just remained black.

Do I need to have an image file for it to locate, in order for the process to go any further? I haven't yet created an image.

My thanks,


Answer:Windows PE Rescue Disk for Macrium Reflect Free - testing question

Welcome Mary
When you make the image, for the first time, you will set up the destination. I use an external hard drive. When you want to restore that image, you make sure that the drive is connected. You will then see all the images on the drive.

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I've successfully created a Windows 7 Recovery partition as follows in the past, but when I try this with the Windows 10 Installation DVD or flash it says permission denied:
Windows 10: Create a System Installation Partition to install Windows (Installation Partition, not image)

1.) Boot From the Windows 10 Installation USB Flash drive and choose cmd from troubleshoot.

2.) Create a 16GB partition at the beginning of the hard drive, then partition the rest of the hard drive as you wish as follows:


select disk # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list disk command.)

Create Primary Size=X (where X is in megabyte hint: 16 GB is exactly 16384MB)

3.) Copy the entire USB Flash drive on to the 16 GB partition and make the partition bootable.

Open the command prompt and type this:

diskpart (note if not already in it)

list disk (note: disk number next to disk)

list volume

select volume # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list volume command.)

list partition

select partition # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list partition command.)

delete partition # (note:where # is the number of the partition in the output of the list partition command.)

select partition # (where # is the partition you want to format on the disk note the number beside partition in the list partition output.)

create partition primary size=16384


FixPar... Read more

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OK what I need to do is complicated. I have been searching for hours and cannot come up with a solution.
I have a computer with Windows 8 Pre-installed. It has a recover partition. I have disabled UEFI in the BIOS until I can finish installing Windows 7. I do not have any blank DVDs or access to a USB drive. What I want to do is delete the files in the Windows 8 recovery partition and put Windows 7 installer there. Then boot from that and replace Windows 8 with Windows 7. I have the drivers already downloaded to go onto the recovery partition. I have been unable to find any resources online to do this. I already Have a Windows 7 ISO ready to go.

Answer:How do I create Windows 7 Recovery Partition

How do I get over 100 views and no responses?

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Hello! Resolution Rescue Media on Macrium Reflect is only 640x480. Has anyone experience with Macrium Reflect on Windows 10 and Lenovo Laptops and can help me? The Resolution in the Rescue Media is only 640x480. Since 3 Years i use Macrium Reflect for daily Backup my Lenovo Thinkpad P70 Workstation Computer. It works fine.After installing Windows 10 Creators Update (Win 10 Clean-Install) and Macrium Reflect i create a new Recovery USB Medium.Macrium Reflect works fine - no problems!When i test the USB Rescue Stick, the PC starts with PE5/PE10 Rescue Medium but the resolution is buggy. Please see attached picture. PE5 or PE10 the same resolution.I cannot change with CTRL+SHIFT+R - only 640x480 is the resolution. Can anybody help me? My System is up to date - drivers, bios etc!My System is Windows 10 Creators Update on Lenovo Thinkpad P70 Workstation Notebook. Befor the new installation i had no problems with the Rescure Medium. Post Macrium see here:

0ffd7034-39eb-44dd-a5b3-1681.jpg ?65 KB

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Yesterday i have upgraded my HP Envy 15-201TX Laptop from W8.1 to W10. As this is the genuine version of Windows which is only available for 1 Year so I wanted to have a Recovery Disk/Partition. So i deleted the old Recovery Partition(:D) which contained W8.1 given by HP and tried to create a Recovery Partition by myself using Windows Recovery Tool but i'm not able to do it, an error appears everytime i try do it "A Problem occurred while creating the Recovery Drive."
Steps are as follows: Control Panel > Recovery > Create a Recovery Drive
I have checked "Backup System Files to Recovery Drive".

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Notice I said recovery partition on my hard drive-- not a recovery drive (e.g., on a USB flash drive)..
If you upgraded to Windows 10 after your desktop arrived (with Win 8.1 factory installed), am I correct to assume the recovery partition you create after the Win 10 upgrade will unfortunately be for Windows 8.1? Ugh!!
The recovery partition I created is closer to 200 MB rather than a Windows 10 recovery partition which apparently consumes about 450 MB. (A Win 8.1 recovery partition is apparently about 200 MB.)
Your thoughts?
Assuming my conclusion is correct -- always a scary proposition at my age -- does anyone know of a recovery tool that will create either a Win 10 recovery partition or a Win 10 recovery USB flash drive from a desktop/laptop which has been u[graded to Windows 10 from the factory software install of Windows 8.1?
Michael T.
Software Engineer (retired)

Answer:Can I create a recovery partition for Windows 10 after I upgraded from Win 8.1?

When you upgrade Windows 8.1 to 10, Windows 10 will create a recovery partition if your system reserved partition (MBR disk) or Recovery Partition doesn't have enough disk space. As you know, Windows can only shrink a partition from the right side, so the 450 MB recovery partition is new created, which should not be deleted if you want to use recovery options. Windows 10 also allows you to create Windows 10 recovery disk use a USB drive. when you create a recovery usb disk, it will give you an option to delete the 450MB recovery partition.

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I finally broke down and bought a modern laptop Asus A55A (K55A) and installed Ubuntu 12.04 in a dual boot situation. With the nefarious secureboot and other such nonsense Windows 8 install met with an untimely demise. However, I have the files left on the recovery partition (copied to my 16gb usb) and need to make an install disk. My only issue is that I can't find a way to do it in Ubuntu as all the tutorials I find assume that Windows is installed. Is there a way to make a bootable Windows 8 install usb or iso from the files on the recovery partition-without using Windows to make it? I would love to re-install Windows 8 and then setup a stale dual boot.

Answer:Create Windows 8 USB from Recovery Partition files

Interesting, I have never tried that.

Can you post a screenie of the recov partition contents that you already copied to usb?

You might be able to make the stick bootable with grub.

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In the old windows 7 pro, the recovery partition is missed

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how to create the recoverypatition at the on new installation of windows 7

Answer:How to create recovery partition on new Windows 7 installation?

Recovery Partition - Create

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Hello. I'm new. I have an Asus Eee netbook which came with Windows 7 Starter and a recovery partition. However, I decided to sell it and wiped the drive with dban before selling. Unfortunately, I wiped everything, including the recovery partition! So I decided to sell it with Linux on, then decided to keep it after all (sorry - I'll get there eventually!) so sent of for Windows 7 Starter recovery discs from Asus, which I now have.

So - here's the point. When installing from the discs, it doesn't give me the option to create partitions or even a recovery partition. It gives me two options - install to primary drive (which seems to be the whole drive plus a 15mb partition) or to install to the whole drive. So I have installed to the whole drive.

I would like to have the recovery partition back, just in case I decide to sell it again and lose or damage the discs.

I looked at trying to shrink the drive, once installed, to create a separate partition for the Windows software (although still no idea if this would then be a 'recovery' partition. But it would only allow me to shrink it in half and I though 100gb odd was a bit big for a recovery partition and only left 120gb odd storage then.

So - is there anyway I can partition the drive and create a recovery partition now I have installed W7 starter on the whole drive. Or, if not, and I have to start the reinstall again - how do I create a recovery partition at the installation stage please? As both options seemed the... Read more

Answer:Reinstalling Windows 7 starter - how do I create a recovery partition

Hello and welcome Hazel mate did you doa job or what LOL!!

Seriously take a look at this probably the best option if you have an activation code on the sticker on the bottom of the machine.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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It comes with windows 8.1.After start the laptop it says upgrade to windows 10. I Did it.
Now I want to create windows 10 recovery partition at my hard disk. It has a recovery partition of windows 8.1.

I want to delete it and create windows 10 recovery partition. What is the procedure ,will be to create recovery partition of windows 10 as like Toshiba create it.
thank you..!

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Just downloaded Macrium Reflect: tried to clone disk which failed with message: "clone failed - read failed - 22 - "broken pipe".

Anyone have any idea what that means?

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Tell us exactly what you are trying to do, clone your drive to a replacement drive? Backup your drive? Transfer system to SSD? Something else?

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Has anyone else ever had issues with this program not finding the "start" point for the image restore? It says to use the last disc, but when I put it in, no image file shows up from within the program

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Bump. Anyone have any ideas?

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Question: Macrium Reflect.


I have a Belkin USB Network HUB F5L009, that I have set up on 2 computers.

I shall drive a 2TB SATA HDD for backup, and I use Macrium Reflect for it.

The backup works ok, nor problems.

I then would try a restore.

I booted on the PE CD disk, but now the issue came up.

The Belkin needs to be started up after boot, but this cannot be done with the
set up I use above.

Then the backup cannot be found from the restore.

How can I solve this ?

Answer:Macrium Reflect.

Sorry I didn't see this before ...

MR provides an option to download a utility to your PC, so that then you create the WinPE CD, it includes all the drivers from your PC on that disk. That ensures that when you boot from that CD, you will be able to access all the connected hardware. It's a utility named ReflectDC and it can be downloaded for free from the MR website.

Once installed, you will have to create and burn a new WinPE CD -- but then, it will have your drivers.

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Question: Macrium Reflect

When I was trying to install Macrium Reflect, my antivirus canceled the install and counted it as a threat.

Does anyone know why?

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Where did you download from and what av are you using?

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I had been using Macrium Reflect without any problems then about a month ago or so u couldn't use from within windows on the free edition u had to boot from a cd (windows PE) this worked if u didn't need it in a crisis .... but twice now I need it and it wont work, good alternatives any advice am I doing it wrong ?, run program in windows it tells u cant use anymore so select to run in pe after reboot, I hit F8 select the drive with disk in but windows just restarts

Answer:Macrium Reflect

I can still run Macrium free from within Windows ...
I'm using the latest MR free 5 version, but it worked even before updating to the latest ...

Start with a System File Check:
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If that doesn't find and fix issues, I'd start scanning for malware ...

Do you have a System Backup Image or Restore Point from before the problem started ?

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This is how I do it.
Works good.

First install it.
I have the paid Standard version:

Then create the recovery environment:

Then image all local drives.

I use maximum compression:

On usb:

This is how I do it.
It works good for me.

Answer:Using Macrium Reflect

Good tutorial for those who want to use Macrium. Acronis is more to my liking though but that's me.

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I just downloaded v5.2. Can I use my v4.2 bootable rescue CD or do I need to make a new one? Thanks.

Answer:Macrium Reflect v5.2

While you can probably still use your old one, why wouldn't you make a new one?

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I have made a query on this before but my memory is getting very short these days.
Its regarding the Macrium Reflect software.
I accidently deleted a section of Microsoft Office OneNote and I want to restore it from the backup file using copy paste.
I go into the drive where my backups are stored and double click the backup file,a box comes up saying:
Select the backup or image that you wish to browse and associate a drive in explorer.
Underneath is listed the original location of the backup.
I would like to know what to do next.

Many thanks for any replies.

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Select the backup or image that you wish to browse and associate a drive in explorer.

When it gets to there select the image you want to browse and it will put up a small drop box where you can choose a drive letter,

which if you do nothing will be the next available letter. Then just click OK and Reflect will start/create a virtual drive and mount the image, and you can browse/copy/etc to your heart's content.

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Question: macrium reflect

I just had a complete crash on a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium (I had already checked it for spyware/viruses/etc with a computer expert). Luckily, I had imaged it earlier with Macrium Reflect (free edition - latest release). After I successfully restored the image (which was a problem in and of itself), I noticed that I'm missing files and folders. I know all about folder options and I can see all hidden files/folders. With important files missing (like every .dll in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ or custom/personal folders), I find myself seriously wondering whether I should continue to use Macrium, since I use it on all my desktops and laptops. I've checked Macrium's forum, which you can only post to if you bought a paid version, and it seems no one over there has this problem. The only reason I would till use Macrium is because I can mount disk images and navigate via explorer. Is this problem only happening to me? Should I switch to Paragon Backup and Recovery (which narrowly outranked Macrium on Gizmo's Best Freeware website)?

Answer:macrium reflect

Are you still able to access System restore If so are your Restore points Missing if Not could you Run System Restore to a Point before you did the Recover

See System Restore - How to For More Information

Hope This Helps,

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Hi ,,,,I took David Baileys advice and installed Macrium Reflect Free to try out.
It showed me my drives, but there is some I have not seen before,, Could someone tell me what they are and
do I need them and how can I see whats on them,, or do I need them.
Here they are:
1 WINRE (none) NTFS Primary 400 MB
2 No name (None)Fat32 (LBA) Primary 260MB
3 (None) Unformated Primary 128 MB
4 (C) NTFS Primary 674 GB
5 (none) NTFS Primary 450 MB
6 Recovery (D) NTFS Primary 23GB

I guess number 4 is the c drive with all my system and prog files and number 6 is the drive to do a boot installation recovery with but its the other 4 I am at loss with.
I do hope you can help please.

Answer:Macrium Reflect

1,2,3,4 are partitons from Windows UEFI installation. Apparently, you updated from Windows 8 -> 8.1 and the update created an extra partition 5. 6 is your recovery image from factory.

Macrium just shows you what you have on the HD. If you open Disk Management, you would see the same thing.

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I have Macrium and have restored with it a couple of times with no problem. What I am wondering is that if my HD were fried and I had to get a new one, would Macrium backup to a new formated drive just as easy?

Answer:Macrium Reflect

In my experience yes.

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Dell computer with Intel Celeron cpu, 2.0 GHz and 3.0 gb memory.

Prior to installing Windows 7 Pro I had Vista Home Premium (came preinstalled on the pc, and had not be partitioned). I had made the rescue disks was prepared to restore to factory conditions. I even had Macrium Reflect image.

Try as I might, after Vista became very unstable, I could not get factory conditions restored. Macrium image from an external hard drive took over 24 hrs to restore the image (which would not boot either).

Finally I decided to install Windows 7 Pro. That went very well and has been activated. I then partitioned the hard drive as shown below.

I have installed the latest version of the free Macrium and created a new restore disk (and checked it). I then made an image and placed that image on drive J. I am not going to put that image on an external HDD. BTW when I booted up from the restore disk Macrium does not see drive J, it sees it as drive F.

This my question: why did it take so long to restore the Macrium image (with vista) and can anyone give me an idea why after it was restored it did not actually work.

Can I reasonally expect Macrium to work since installing Win 7?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Which restore disc?

Linux or pe?

Dunno about the Linux disc , but the pe disc should show you the same drive letters you see when you are booted into windows.

Macrium is unique in doing that.

Quite useful for the average punter who only has one o/s - bit of a pain for everyone else.

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I just searched for Macrium Reflect. I didn't find very much. I'm a Macrium fan. I have been using it for a long time. I keep a back up image of my OS on two external USB's and also a image on my secondary drive. I made two rescue Linux CD's a Bart PE and a Windows PE. I can restore a image on my active drive or on a brand new HD in a hour or less. I have learned lots of tricks and like sharing them with members. If I can help, just ask.:wave

Answer:Anyone use Macrium Reflect?


There will be some comments on Macrium Reflect on the forum, I know I will have mentioned it at times as a viable free option for backup, but while I may test it for just getting to see what the app can do, I tend to use Acronis True Image or Easeus ToDo.

And just keep an eye out for threads where members are asking for help on Macrium Reflect and its options and then you can use your experience with this app to assist them.

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Question: Macrium Reflect

When you buy this program you get a Windows PE recovery download. Is Windows PE compatible with Windows 7 64 bit or is it only good on 32 bit systems.

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Looks like it is,

Windows Preinstallation Environment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I have downloaded and used Macrium Reflect Free Version to do a backup of my system, then I created a boot disk and done a restore.
I found it quite good and easy to use but was wondering if I can restore single folders or files with this software.
If anyone has any information on this I would be grateful of any info on how to do it.


Answer:Macrium Reflect

Yes you can. Easiest is to double click on the backup image, Macrium will then open/mount it in a virtual drive (will look just like your C drive, only with a different letter) and you can pick and choose what you want to copy from it there.

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I have installed Macrium Reflect Pro to take advantage of being able to backup not only drives (or partitions) but also Folders and Files.

When I created an image of my OS drive (C), with compression set to medium, the original size was 20.2gb and the compressed file was 7.23. The ratio is 35.8%. Does that seem fairly reasonable?

When using the Folder and File option shown below:

NOTE it say it "will compress to a virtual FAT32 drive". I am not sure exactly what this means and what I would get if I had to restore it. I would appreciate it if someone can enlighten me on this.

Before I made the image, I took ownership of the folder and set permissions to maximum. I also made sure that I was showing Hidden Files and Folders.

Note the folder size is 5.74 gb before compression and the compressed image is 2.70 mb. The compression was set to medium as before and the ratio of compression is .04%. This seems very unrealistic to me. I would have expected the ratio to be 35-50%.

I was wondering if anyone else using the pro version had sees this a typical.

Thank You.

Answer:Macrium Reflect Pro

Hi Huffman. It's early morning and my math. might be off but - going from 5.74gb to 2.70gb appears to be 47%.

Am I missing something.


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Hi I need a bigger HD and am looking to upgrade to an ocz vertex 3 to an ocz vertex 4.

Given that the hardware is similar should i be able to do this transfer? I'm only switching the HD not the mobo or anything else.

Answer:Macrium Reflect to new HD?

Looks pretty straight forward.

Macrium Support Forum - Restoring image to new Hard Drive

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Anybody tried installing Reflect ?

Back up your registry Hives first. LOL

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Originally Posted by SIW2

Anybody tried installing Reflect ?Back up your registry Hives first. LOL

Macrium X64....with boot recovery menu...Works GreatYep.. works fine...backed up my C drive on SSD first in case i want to return to windows 7....Booted into Macrium Recovery and using the command prompt formatted the C drive ready for clean install. Installed Windows....tweaked it up...installed my Wifi Driver using the Devicemanager..Update Driver option...fine......RAID drivers a no no...had to restart ....rebooted using External Macrium Recovery CD (my DVD slotis now a second HDD) and formated C again...Clean install without Raid Drivers and all is fine....full back up of C completed...and Added theMacrium Boot Recovery option..worksfine

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I need to go so ill be brief. I have macrium reflect and a external hardrive ive been backing up my main drive to my external drive but i have 9 files of 4,194,282 kb files and 1 1,444,129 kb. In the unlikely event that i have to restore how would i restore to these multiple files? Also on my schedualed back up is it overrighting my backups or creating new ones? THANKS

Answer:Macrium Reflect

restore using linux live cd
Macrium Reflect - Blogs and News


restore using roborestore
Macrium Reflect - Blogs and News

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I have created a restore disc and I am attempting a system image to save to my external hard drive (e drive).

I am not sure which partitions I would be best to check/include - see attached photo.

Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Help with Macrium Reflect

I'd say check the first disk and it will backup the 3 partitions (System Reserved, C, Lenovo_Part).

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Where are instructions for Macrium Reflect ?

Don Cole

Answer:Macrium Reflect

? Main Page:
Macrium Reflect v6 User Guide - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

? Backing Up Your Drive:
Creating a backup image of your computer, drive or partitions - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I ran File Hippo's Update Checker and it told me Macrium Reflect needs updating.
If I choose to do it, I would likely have to create a new rescue disc. Would I also have to create a new image?
I have the free version so cannot use the forum but if some one knows, I would appreciate the answer.
Thank you

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Question: Macrium Reflect.

I'm looking to use the Macrium Reflect product (free version) for backing up my computer, I just have a few questions to ask before I get too involved in the process. Question one. can I use 700mb CD-RWs to save to ? if so, how many would I need ?Question two. when it comes time to reinstall using Macrium Reflect, do I no longer use the 10 CD-RWs the tech support helped me to make when I first bought the computer ?  as well the CD-RWs I've made more recently wouldn't be required either, right ?My computer: Compaq Presario SR1500NX. Windows Version 2002. 3rd SP.                                   Thanks in advance.                                                Kelly.

Answer:Macrium Reflect.

Quote from: kelly1 on February 02, 2010, 12:26:14 AMQuestion one. can I use 700mb CD-RWs to save to ? if so, how many would I need ?Yes. No way for us to know - depends on the size of the drive or partitionQuestion two. when it comes time to reinstall using Macrium Reflect, do I no longer use the 10 CD-RWs the tech support helped me to make when I first bought the computer ?  as well the CD-RWs I've made more recently wouldn't be required either, right ?CorrectBy the way, the easiest way to create and store images is on a second HD (either internal or external).

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the prior assistance!!!

Now that I got Macrium (standard paid version) downloaded and installed.....

(see my prior discussions of how this was done on::

Macrium etc Free Software--How to avoid CNET Virus/Adware/malware prog


Need a new Backup & Storage program

I need help in using it for the first time....

Yes, I'm confused........

Yes, as first time is the most critical saving time....

If I do NOT make the right choices..... what happens next is not the fault of the program as the computer will automatically follow whatever commands I tell it to do.....

INCLUDING! Copying from the Empty External HDD back over and replace the "not saved for one year!!" Original HDD inside the Laptop!

That is not the direction I want the backups to be made in...

Again (to beat a dead horse----I know mjf sounds like your "broken record" phrase too), I do not have instant phone help with Macrium, where someone can walk me slowly... carefully through the various menus until I get the hang of it (not just once I usually need several calls to get it right and committed to memory or notes that I can read and follow)

Yes I read the Macrium online manual a few times...

Yes I saw whs? or who he directed me to view, You Tube video a few times.....

Somehow its not what I'm seeing... as this is the first time.... I have not set up any preferences in the list of tasks for Macrium, so its showing me ALL the possible choices...

... Read more

Answer:Macrium Reflect How Do I Use It?

You need to learn how to pay attention (not to mention stop writing tedious to read small novels in most of your posts) as well as get over your extreme paranoia. As several people have already told you, there already is a thread for this—Image your system with free Macrium—and there was no need to start another. Also, here is a another good tutorial on how to use Macrium Reflect (you have also been told about this).

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Question: Macrium Reflect

When I was trying to install Macrium Reflect, my antivirus canceled the install and counted it as a threat. Does anyone know why?

Answer:Macrium Reflect

Have you contacted Norton ?

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I have been using Macrium Free for a little while now to make disk images for restore purposes and have found it easy to use.
However I have only used it to image and restore a drive with a single partition and I have just bought a PC with 3 partitions. One of these partitions is a small recovery partition and it says it should be retained. The problem is I am not sure how to take an image of the three partitions and then restore it as three partitions.
Is there anyone who could give me some guidance ? Any help would be great.
I did try the Macrium forum but because I am using the Free I wasn't allowed to post.
Regards Alex.

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Question: Macrium Reflect

Where are instructions for Macrium Reflect ?

Don Cole

Answer:Macrium Reflect

? Main Page:
Macrium Reflect v6 User Guide - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

? Backing Up Your Drive:
Creating a backup image of your computer, drive or partitions - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

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Just wanna be sure I'm using it correctly. I've installed the latest version, and I've created a Rescue disc. Now I wanna create a backup image of my C drive. Here's what the Macrium window looks like now,

There are a couple of things I'm unsure about. First of all, what does that bit on the left mean? File System NTFS, Free Space 284.1 MB, Total Size 600 MB? What is that referring to? Total size of what?

Secondly, which boxes should I uncheck and which ones should I leave checked before I click 'Image this disk'?

EDIT: I don't get this. How do you zoom in on a full size version of that image? I doubt anyone can help me if they can't see it properly.

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Question: Macrium Reflect

I used this program to clone my operating system to an external hd and now the external hd does not show up. Have I lost all of the files that were on that external hd and can anyone tell me how to access it? Thanks

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Question: macrium reflect

i am looking to use macrium reflect to perform an image or clone of my system

but am new to creating back ups and bak up software. (have never used any back up software before)

also i understand i have to create a recovery cd or dvd and i have no cd drive on my pc and no external but understand it is possible to create a bootable usb version .

but as i am completely new to all this could do with some help advice info and instruction on the whole procedure.

if anyone could help it would be much apreciated.

many thanks

Answer:macrium reflect

Hi. In addition to asking here I'd sign up on

They may have changed it so that only licensed users may sign up. But you still should be able to search there. I know there are tutorials for making bootable USB with the rescue disc and with WinPE. Since you want basic usage info most of your questions are likely already answered there. But there are many Macrium users here and I'm sure some will chime in.

I'm still using Macrium 4.2 on my Vista machine since its tried and tested through restores. I imagine you're using 5.x.

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I have been having trouble of late backing up my entire PC with Vista Ultimate, getting various errors ranging from catastrophic failure 0x8000ffff to I/O error 0x8007042D. I have tried everything from Chkdsk to erasing the shadow copies then restarting the whole process again.
Now I have heard of two good backup programmes Acronis and Macrium Reflect, both are free. However I don't mind putting my hand in my pocket and paying for the full version. (more so with Macriumm it offers a lot more for the paid version).
So I am after some opinions, which is better bang for the buck? which is easier to use etc. etc. etc.

Answer:Acronis or Macrium Reflect

I tried Acronis and Paragon Backup utilities (which recently gave a way a free FULL version online) both seemed a little more bloated Macrium and are at a cost.

Macrium is simple and easy to use. I truly love Macrium, but I use the free version. I too thought about paying for the full version, but from what I read and for my purposes, it doesn't serve me any point.

Macrium has SAVED me the nightmares of reinstalling Vista. If I have any problems and need to reinstall, I just used the recovery CD and replace the OS with my initial image of Vista which includes all updates, drivers up to SP2.

Secondly, I created a separate partition for User Date/Programs and created an image of those once I installed all my necessary programs and user files. These system images created on a monthly basis.

I think the paid version allows you to backup individual files and folders and also has something called "Integrated VBScript generator" which I can't answer whether its necessary or not.

Here's a great tutorial on how to use Macrium and the features the free version offers.
Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Forums

Good Luck and Happy Imaging!

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I got an email from Macrium that the release of Reflect 6 is imminent. Does anyone have an inside scoop on the expected features of the various editions? They are offering a 40% discount off the upgrade to v. 5 which will then be able to upgrade free to 6. But I don't know if I want to buy it without knowing what v 6 Standard will do.

If my math is correct this should bring a v 4.2 Standard upgrade to $19.80 instead of $33.

Answer:Macrium Reflect 6 News?

I have Standard version 5.3.

No emails from Macrium yet.
Did your email have a link in it to info about version 6 ?

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Quite often I open up the Macrium program and see that there are updates. I don't feel I need to make a new Restore Disk everytime there is an update. Eventually I need to make a new one. How do I know when to make a new Restore Disk? Thanks,

Answer:Macrium Reflect Updates


I think they always advise to do that as a precaution, and that's what I do. It only takes a minute or so to create an ISO, which I then write to CD/USB at a later stage.


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I have just installed an SSD and am trying to use Reflect to clone from my c drive onto it. Tried it several times "overall progress" shows 0% and "current progress" which starts of quick enough then stops at 98%. I can clone to another HDD in a few minutes. any suggestions?

Answer:A problem with macrium reflect

Following last post I have just seen that it is now progressing after a 25min break

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I saw that the free MR edition have an update! I have build 5154 of v5.0. My question is: if I update it to the latest v5.1 , the images and the Bootable Rescue Media I created before will still work?


Answer:Macrium Reflect UPDATE

The images will work.

The bootable rescue media SHOULD work. Do you see any notification at Macrium site that rescue media needs to be updated?

Can you boot with the old rescue media and locate your image files and destination partition?

If in doubt, make new rescue media. I do that for major Macrium upgrades anyway. Not sure if I have to.

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I am using Macrium Reflect, v6.1.1311 to make a backup image of my disk. I am getting the following error:

Backup aborted! - Unable to read from disk - Error Code 2 - The system cannot find the file specified.​
I cannot find this error in their help section. There are no issues with the VSS logs. I have an ASUS 56 laptop using Windows 7 (64 bit). Thanks in advance.


Answer:Macrium Reflect Error

If you have looked very carefully in your system's Windows Events Viewer, and you are sure there are no VSS log errors, you are best submitting a direct support ticket to Macrium as advised towards the end of this thread:

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I have the free edition.

The picture below shows my question :

Answer:Question about Macrium Reflect

I can only tell you what I do.

I have external storage (USB and network storage drives) which I backup my program installation files and data/pictures to once a week using freefilesynch, all the games I play are through steam , so I can get those back any time.

So the option I use is number 2 , so if anything goes wrong with the OS I can get most of it back.

It all depends where you are going to store the backups and if you have copies of your other stuff anywhere else.

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I have been using Macrium Reflect for several years. All of a sudden UAC pops up to get permission to run the application. This also happens overnight when my backups run. This causes the backup to just sit there waiting for me to allow. I have been running Windows 10 for several months, but this problem just began. If I set the UAC to the lowest position everything runs fine (without UAC popup) but I would rather have a higher setting in UAC or is this the way it should be?


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Hello Forum
Need really this help, please
Started to install "macrium", well what I downloaded on the first place was only the downloader program, And it started to download, lucky I did not click to install at the end of the download. Now I have some questions and I need them soon please.
Which option to use - free or home ?
Shell I select Macrium reflect + PE or just Macrium reflect
Which PE to select if I have to install with PE, my system is Win 7 pro 32 bit.
Answers will be much appreciated.

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I've recently started using Macrium Reflect free on several pc's, and think I've got the hang of it. I've done backups and experimented with rescue cd/re-install and that went OK. Next step is to get an external drive to duplicate the backups.

One thing puzzles me - what's the xml files for and how do I use them ? On my Win10 box, I have 3 backup images (separate HDD to OS), and 7 xml files on C:\ -

This PC\Documents\Reflect\My Backup(6) etc

IIRC during imaging, xml files are mentioned


Answer:What's the Macrium Reflect xml files for ?

The XML files store your settings for when you want to make an image with the same settings again. You just highlight the definition file and click on the cog wheel.

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I have been using Reflect for a while but only for cloning. I find it good and a lot more user friendly than Acronis. Just tried Imaging to another drive but it only took 4mins for 20GB before compression to 10, does that seem right. I can test it by restoring it of course but don't want to risk that if something is wrong.

Answer:Macrium reflect, just a query really

Once or twice I've had 1GB per 30secs to ext USB2 HDD.
Usually, 1GB/min or a lttle over.
Occasionally, 1GB/2mins.
I always use Max compression in Advanced Settings.
Overall, speed will depend on content and how compressed it is to start with and also if you have lots of small files compared to big files.
There is a Verify option for each Image you have made. Click the Restore Tab (Top left-between Disk Image and Log tabs)
Personally, I just prefer to browse to where the image is saved and double-click to Mount it.
Use File Explorer as normal to browse the Mounted drive and copy any files if you want instead of making a full Restore.
You should get an error or it will be obvious if something is wrong with the Image file.

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I have been using reflect free for some time now with no issue on multiple desktops and laptops. I just installed it to a new laptop and when it opens it will not populate the drive list. When I click Refresh, the analyzer window pops up and closes very fast. No drives or partitions are shown. The new out of the box yesterday LT is an Asus W7hp. I believe everything is up to date. The drive has 4 partitions - 2 r hidden, an EFT and a recovery partition. C: & D: r available. None of the other systems have hidden partitions. One does have an EFT partition. I have reinstalled twice and verified the last install was 5154 from Macrium. Previous installs updated to this rev. Why doesn't it show me the drive/partitions??? thx

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I get the feeling 4.x is going to be it for Macrium Reflect Free version. Has anyone seen any statement from the publisher? V. 5 Trial is available for download. I don't see any mention of V. 5 Free anywhere.

edit: I asked on the Macrium forum. The word is the free 5 is several months down the road. They probably don't want to eat into v. 5 sales. Get that initial bump.

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One of my drives (non-OS) has developed some bad sectors. Acting from an abundance of caution I picked up a new HDD to replace it and d/l'd the latest Macrium Reflect to clone the 'bad' disk.

Macrium stalls at 25% with a Broken pipeline 13 error. I did a chkdsk /f and fixed the errors on the old drive, but Macrium still generates the same error. Any ideas? First time with this program but it seems pretty self-explanatory.

Answer:Macrium Reflect failure

To get an image copy of your faulty HDD using Macrium that could be useful for data recovery
v5: Imaging disks with bad sectors (Bad Sectors)
I don't know if this applies to V6 of Macrium Reflect.

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I have latest (free) version of macrium reflect. when macrium reflect Is updated do I need to d/l the winpe files again??. will previous ISO still work with future updates.

Answer:backup(macrium reflect)

Normally not. Only if the change log syas that this is reqired. But that is very rare.

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Hi I am getting ready to do my first image backup using Macrium and I had a couple questions.

1) About 2 weeks ago when I first downloaded the program I made a rescue disc for Macrium reflect per their instructions. However since that time, I have added a new external drive (which will be the drive I use to store the backup images) and switched around some usb devices ( pluged them into different ports) which caused some drive letters to change.

Do I need to make a new rescue disc as a result of these changes?

2) Kind of on the same subject. Once I make this image backup, If I need to add something hardware wise (like a new soundcard), or switch around usb ports which could change certain drive letters again, will I still be able to restore my computer from the image if one of my drives fails.

Thanks in advance for any info - Carl

Answer:Macrium reflect questions

As long as the C drive has not been remapped, you should have no problem restoring from the backup and you shouldn't need another rescue disk.

All the rescue disk does is get you into the Windows Recovery Environment where you can choose various options, one which is to restore a your system from an image backup.

If you install new hardware etc. I think it would be prudent to create another system image backup.

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Does the Macrium Reflect Free offered on MG have a 30-day time limit?

Answer:Macrium Reflect Free

No, it's free forever

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I recently decided that I had better create an image of my HD, so installed Macrium Reflect after reading positive reviews. Don't know why the reviews were so positive because as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't work. I tried creating an image, and the log says it was successful, but I wanted to verify, so use the Verify option, which runs slower than molasses in January. Final result: Errors on disk 4 -- despite the log saying everything was A-OK. I was also using DVD+R discs, so 7 of them are now coasters!

So, are there some FREE, RELIABLE, USER-FRIENDLY image programs out there?

Answer:Solved: Have had it with Macrium Reflect

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When installing Macrium Free and clicking on 'download options' I can choose to download just the installer, or the installer and PE components.

What are the 'PE components' and do I need them?

I don't want to install anything I don't really need.

Answer:What are the 'PE components' in Macrium Reflect

In order to create a Macrium Rescue boot USB/CD disk. You'll need to download this component. You can download this component to another drive in your PC. Run Macrium->Other Tasks->Edit Defaults->Advanced->Macrium Reflect PE files and set it to another drive.

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Want to download the free version of Macrium just to try it out. I'm give the option to also download several flavors of "PE Rescue Components." What are these, and do I need them? Macrium's website provides no information.

Answer:Solved: Macrium Reflect

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I have used the earlier versions of Macrium Free but this is the first time I have used version 5.

I made the Macrium Rescue Disks both Linux and pe.

When I load the pe, it said the following 4 drivers were missing:

PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller
PCI Host Bridge
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

Since Win7 is working perfectly I assume I don't need these anyway. I would like confirmation of this.

After I created an image using Macrium, I noticed there is no way to verify the image until it is used to restore. This seems very odd to me.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Macrium Reflect v5 query


I'm in much the same situation.

In the last hour, I uninstalled Macrium 4.2 and installed 5.0.

I then created the Win PE disc. It loads, but I got a similar notification of missing drivers---6 in my case, rather than the 4 in your case.

I bypassed the notice and was able to get into the Win PE and access, verify, and drill into a previously created image. But I don't know if a restore would have succeeded.

The instructions to create the Win PE disc:

Create a Custom Windows PE Rescue Environment

includes this statement:

The Rescue Media Drivers page will be displayed. This step in the wizard will list devices that may be required to restore an image in the Windows PE environment, e.g.: RAID controllers. Note that it is not necessary to add drivers for all the devices, you only need to add drivers for devices that will be used in a restore or image process. See Further Reading for more topics. Click Next when all required drivers have been set for devices.

I did not see this "Rescue Media Drivers" page. Did you?? If I had seen it, I would have selected all possible drivers.

It isn't confidence inspiring. My options are to revert to Macrium 4.2 or keep Macrium 5.0 but use a Linux-based recovery disk rather than the Win PE disc.

I just don't know about the significance of that missing drivers message.

I'd like to hear from SIW2 and others on these issues.

I think you are right about the inability to verify an image prior to going into the restora... Read more

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