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Can't open OneDrive document in office 2007

Question: Can't open OneDrive document in office 2007

I have office 2007 on a windows 10 machine and when I'm in OneDrive I right click on a document and click open in excel, but it does nothing, then I open it in excel online then click open in excel and it brings me to a page to purchase office 360........did they drop support for office 2007?? This is really really annoying because I'm pretty sure I was able to do it before I upgraded to windows 10.

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Preferred Solution: Can't open OneDrive document in office 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can't open OneDrive document in office 2007

Welcome to Windows Central.
Perhaps this link from Microsoft will help:

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I need help with word 2007. When I open my document (.doc format), word automatically reformats it during loading. After this, I see a lots of garbage in the contents list. This garbage are in fact lines from my document. In the document they look just like other text, but they appear in the list. When I update the style of these lines (for example it uses normal and I just click on normal style), they disappears from the list. I save the document but next time word reformats it again and I have the exactly the same garbage in the contents list. I realized I can stop the formmating during document open by ESC, which at least does not corrupt the document again, but how do I repair the document permanently?

What is wrong with my document? How do I repair my document?

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I have found that when I run word 2007 or any other office 2007 program and go to the open a file icon, you then get the open file window that has all of my word documents. Since I saved them with thumbnails, there is a thumbnail of each document saved. Now here comes the problem; over on the right there is the preview pane and when you click on a file for preview, I get the error message: "This file can't be previewed because of an error in the Microsoft Office Word previewer". Of course I have googled this problem, but I haven't found much info other that to run the program with the /a on the end of the desktop short cut which turns off many of Words add-ins and other things that I really don't know about. Yes when you run it in this mode, the preview handler does work as it should. Does know the cause of this behavior and have a solution?

Answer:Office 2007 Open Word Document Window

Since running the program with the /a locks out plug-ins and such, I should of known that a plug-in was causing the problem. I disabled Adobe plug-in and it now works. How about that.

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MS Office 2007 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning is not able to recognize the scanner.
Every time when given scan its giving error message "Scanner not responding".
But scanner working fine when using MS Office 2003 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning. Also it works with software called Desktop Bind V2.

OS: Windows XP 32-bit
Scanner: RICOH IS200e Network Scanner.

Answer:Scanner not detected by MS Office 2007 - Microsoft Office Document Scanning

check if you have installed all the office updates.
check if there are any latest scanner drivers, update the drivers for your scanner.
run office diagnostic and check if there are any errors

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I run two Nokia Lumia's, one is a 920 and one a 930. When using OneDrive and a shared folder, there is one excel file that I can open on the 920 but not on the 930.
The other 5 people who share tis folder (different handsets used, android etc.) don't have any problems.
The file has limited editing functions, but why can I see it on the 920 and not the 930?
Help please, Bodsy

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When I try to open a 2007 Word or Excel document I recieve as an attachment in Outlook 2003, I get the following message:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Office 2007 compatibility pack was installed and it still did not work.

I then uninstalled Office 2003, uninstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and then I ran CCleaner to clean up the registry. I updated my OS (currently has Windows XP SP3) with all updates, reinstalled Office 2003, installed Office 2003 SP 3 and then reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

I still get the same message when I try to open an Office 2007 attachment in Outlook 2003.

OS is Windows XP SP3 fully updated
Office 2003 SP 3 fully updated

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any hel on this issue.

Feral Geek

Answer:Solved: Cannot open Office 2007 documents even with Office 2007 compatibility pack in

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I had created a spreadsheet file in MS-Office 2007 with extensio (xls).After few day i formatted my computer and installed xp and then opend the same file using OpenOffice.I saved the changes but forgot to change the extension to xls.So after when i tried to open the file from MS-Office 2007,it tell
"The file you are trying to open is in different form than specified by the file extension.Verify thtat the file is not corrupted and is from trusted source before opening the file.Do you wnat to open the file now?"
And when i click ok...the spread sheet is blank..
then i tried opening with OpenOffice but asks for text imports...but again the spreadsheet is blank...
the size of the file is as before....
Is there any solution..or it need a professionls to get the thing done.
the file is very important for pleas help me get the file...
i will be glad to get the solution...

Answer:cannot open excle file created from MS-Office 2007 but later saved in Open Office

Unless it contained sensitive data, could you post the Calc file here so that we can take a look.

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Hi all
can you tell me if it is possible or not to use Office web App server 2013 alone without going through SharePoint, Lync, or exchange 2013?
Let me explain:
in a society where there is an infrastructure SharePoint, Lync and exchange 2013 with office web app server 2013, is a user that does not have office on his Computer, can open office (word excel..) document, bypassing SharePoint, Lync and exchange?
If it is possible thanks to guide me on how I can find nothing on the net...

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to customize the "Open Office Document" program in Office 2000... this is the small program that archives shortcuts and has a tool bar on the left hand side with options that include : Web folders, Favorites, Desktop, Personal and History. I want to customize the "Look In:" tool bar...


Answer:Office 2000: Open Office Document Shortcut

I can't find a single way to change that setting. So, here's what I'd do.

Go to your (default) folder in Windows Explorer. Right-click it and hit Create Shortcut. Then, right-click the shortcut and hit Properties. Hit Change Icon. Give it the Open Office Document icon and also rename it to Open Office Document.

Copy or cut the shortcut.

Go to C:\windows\start menu and delete the old Open Office Document Shortcut and paste the new one in there.

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I have a document that was created in Office 2003 and had document protection enabled. When I try and open it in Office 2007 the protected document settings indicate that there are no restrictions yet I am unable to edit the document. Does anyone know how to disable the document protection from within Office 2007.

There are many of these documents that were created in Office 2003 so setting up an office 2003 machine would be very impractical for the random times I happen upon these documents.

Answer:Protected Document Office 2007

This might be a ridiculous response, but here goes. What if you were able to save the document as the new Office 2007 format, and then resave it back to the Office 2003 format? Would the protection follow?

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I have Office 2007 and I downloaded a 2010 calender template. It's just about what I need and fills up the page nicely, however I've noticed that there is room to stretch the calender on the page. Trouble is I can't figure out how to do that! The little grabber thingy on the top left of each month allows you to pull it but not re-size it. How can I do that to take advantage of every single area of space on the page?

Answer:Want to resize Word document on Office 2007

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Windows 7When I scan a document in the above programme the result has a black area at the bottom of the scanned page. How can this be removed - tried all the usual things nothing seems to work.JohnM.

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 document imaging

You need to alter the size of the scanned area in your scanning software

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there is supposed to be an option in the tools tab of the office suite to access document and image scanner yet it doesn't appear to be there.

the software that came with the printer isn't compatable and no updates are available for the software which isn't very good anyway.

has anyone seen a link or know of a link to download this side of office as an addon or plug in?

any help would be great thanks.

edit: oh i should add it's for a vista 32 bit system not my own system.

Answer:Office 2007 document and image scanner

Apparently Microsoft says the scanning option is not available in Office 2007. Here's the quote from the Office 2007 Help section search result for scanning:

The "From Scanner or Camera" option for scanning documents and pictures is not available in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Instead, you can use your scanner to scan the document, and then you can save the file to your computer.
After you scan the document, you can use Microsoft Office Document Imaging to create a version of the document that you can edit.

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All of my data in my documents disappeared. I have been told by others that this happens in MS Office 2007. How do I get it back? ALL OF MY DATA IN MY DOCUMENTS DISAPPEARED. I HAVE BEEN TOLD BY OTHERS THAT THIS HAPPENS IN MS OFFICE 2007. HOW DO I GET IT BACK? edited by moderator: Shouting Eliminated

Answer:Ms office 2007 Document data disappeared

You could start by asking your question without using All Caps, which is the Internet equivalent of shouting.

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 I have lost access to the file because of the change in file formats, it was in windows old but how do I recover it and then change the file formats? It strikes me this may be a problem in a business or a charity who just didn't have
the money or just didn't see the need to upgrade to windows 10. 

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In a Word document in Office for XP if I type in a URL or email address it immediately turns into a link (Coloured blue). This does not happen with Word in Office 2007. Is this by design and how do I get a URL or email address to appear as a link please?

Answer:Inserting link in Office 2007 Word document?

Quote: Originally Posted by Judesman

In a Word document in Office for XP if I type in a URL or email address it immediately turns into a link (Coloured blue). This does not happen with Word in Office 2007. Is this by design and how do I get a URL or email address to appear as a link please?

Hello, Welcome to SF,

Try these steps and see whether it works

In Word 2007, go to Office button > Word Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect
Options > AutoFormat As You Type tab, and check the box for "Internet and
network paths with hyperlinks".

Hope this helps,

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im not using trial anymore but still all of the icons are grayed-out (or unclickable)

before this happened, i remember the microsoft office 2007 ask something about macros.. then i clicked on the enable macros and this is what happened.. what should i do?


Answer:office 2007 document icons are all grayed-out even for new documents


When you say all of the icons, do you mean the ones that are at the top of word etc when you are in it, eg edit icons etc.


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I'm trying to embed a PowerPoint presentation within a Word document. I'm hoping someone can walk me through how to do this. No one responded to my formatting issue I posted earlier. Perhaps someone can respond to this one?TFR,Jen

Answer:Importing a PowerPoint into a Word Document (Office 2007)

I don't have Office 2007 yet but I found this Microsoft info which may help: Link or embed a PowerPoint slide

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i can't open my docx word document.i'm running office 2007 and i'm clickin all my word documents and getting the same response "the file is not available"! this is happenin with all my saved documents. their format is docx. 
Help me repair my files! 

Answer:Can't open my 2007 document

Here's a blog article with a few fixes

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I get an error message every time I either open and close a new Word doc or open and close an existing doc, same thing every time. I've tried the repair feature and run Office diagnostics but nothing found. I'm attaching a screen shot of the error message and subsequent error windows.

Answer:Solved: Office 2007 Word gets error message when document closed

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I reinstalled Office Home and Student and I no longer can get "Open New Office Document" and "Open Office Document" on the start menu. Any ideas? Thank you.

Answer:Open New Office Document

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microsoft word 2003

Answer:How do I open word 2007 document with 2003?

u need to install a software, file format converter

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Just bought a new laptop with Windows7 64bit installed-my first exposure to Windows7. I had Office 2007 installed on my old Dell 32 bit machine. I had also recently pruchased Office 2010 and installed that on my new machine.

Now, when I try to open those 32bit 2007 files with 64bt 2011, Iget an error message that "no picture file is available", or words to that effect. When I try to "open with", the only option displayed is "Microsoft Office" with an icon that looks like a picture file. When I try to browse to the proper office program(Excel, for example), there are none of teh Office suite programs displayed, only "Microsoft Office".

I can navigate seperately to the proper progran, Excel, etc., and drag the file into the application, and it opens, and all seems to work OK. I "save as" the proper application file, but it still will not open with double-click on the file name.

I have not seen this particular item in the forums and would appreciate very much some help in fixing this issue.



Answer:Office 2010(Win7, 64bit) won't open Office 2007(WinXPr3 32 bit) files

Hello Grubby76, welcome to the forum.

We have an excellent Window 7 File Association Tutorial here:
Open With - Change Default Program

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Often when I open an existing Word 2007 or Excel 2007 document, two document windows open. One is the desired document. The other is a blank and untitled window perhaps better termed an ?empty? window with a pale blue color. None of the elements in the Ribbon are active (grayed out, or dimly ?blued out?). It is like a phantom window alongside the desired window. Nothing can be typed into the phantom. The phantom can be closed and the desired document remains. Also, the desired document can be closed and the phantom remains.

This only happens when I am opening by double left clicking on a file from within a Windows folder. If I open the file by right clicking and ?Open?, I do not get the extra document. The behavior is inconsistent; after a few various Office documents are opened, the behavior ceases and only the desired window appears. Behavior is confined to Word and Excel; double clicking on other types of documents, such as text, Acrobat, or photo files does not give this problem.

I also looked at this problem in Task Manager.
When I open a file by right-click + Open, I see one application task in T.M. that begins with the normal Word 2007 file icon on the left: a small W with a few tiny lines (within the icon) under the W. Then Filename - Microsoft Word non-commercial use; then under Status is shown Running. This is the desired file. When I open a file by double-clicking with the left mouse, two application tasks show up in T.M. Neither of these tasks has the normal ... Read more

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I installed office 2007 (full install after uninstall of office 2003) on vista yesterday and every time I open an office product, it gives me a message ?please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office professional 2007?. Then it pops a window with a status bar for ?Configuration Progress?.

I looked this up online and it said that this was caused by installing as a user, not an administrator. So I uninstalled office entirely, booted, and reinstalled as administrator.

Still doing the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:office 2007 configuring every time I open an office app on vista

that behaviour it's from all office versions till now, i didn't see that in 2007, create a new user and see if it does the same, generally office firt starts do that to configure the profile, if it works just backup our profile and make a new one for you


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I have an Excel file which has some moving objects as well as some drop down menus. I recently installed MS Office 2007 after erasing 2003. The Excel tables now are disabled, the file now looks like a picture, only the fields outside of the content are really clickable.I have tried to enable all macros, downloaded the MS compatibility pack, still same issue. Any suggestions/ideas? The file works in 2013 and 2016.I can share the file upon request ...

Answer:Office 2003 Excel file will not open with Office 2007

Thank you for your suggestions, here an update: I got the file working - how, no idea. I re-opened the original attachment, deleted the one I had on my PC and voila, it works.

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I have a 60 day trial version of Office 2007 Home & Student on my laptop and would like to try the free Open Office before deciding to pay microsoft to keep Office 2007. Can anyone please tell me if I can have both programmes running on my computer at the same time please?

Answer:Trial Home & Student Office 2007 and Open Office

Of course you can, neither program will interfere with the other.Be careful about file association options when installing Open Office though, as OO may well take over the MS Office file types...

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Hey All,

Here is my issue. The Company we consult for has not transitioned all of the way to Office 2007. We have a number of machines that still have Office 2003. Compatibility Pack works on almost all issues.

Current issue is one of our users received a PowerPoint 2003 that has embedded PowerPoint 2007 files. When the user opens the PowerPoint 2007 file Office 2003 shuts down. He has to download the 2007 file to his desktop.

From what I can see this is because the file conversion process shuts down Office 2003 before attempting to open the PowerPoint 2007 file.

Another issue that may be complicating the error is we had to run a Fixit patch from Microsoft that was causing Excel, Word and PowerPoint to be scanned which caused long opening times. I don't remember the KB article for that one at the moment but will find it if I need to.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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On my Win7 PC I have open office and on my WinXP Laptop I have Office 2007. Both have one major problem: the spell-checker does not work regularly for English and does not work at all for other languages, e.g., French, Spanish, or German.

I did read other threads regarding this problem and I did go through the routine of Tools-option-writing aids; and marked "check spelling as you type." I also have my abc on the menu bar checked and the adjacent ABC is underlined with a red wavy line (which means the spell-checker is active).

The problem is that when I activate the Eng language in my task bar and type a wrong word, it will be marked with a wavy red line-- which means my spell checker works for English. Now while I still have English on my language bar, if I type a word in Spanish, the spell-checker doesn't work because the foreign word is not marked with red-wavy line. If I change the language in my task bar to Spanish and write a wrong Spanish word, again the spellchecker doesn't seem to work.

Anybody has any idea what seems to be the problem?

I greatly appreciate your help.

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I cannot open an office document straight away like I could do in Windows 7. Is there any setting I am not aware of that need to be changed. Previously I would just double click and the document would open. Now I have to search for it when I try to open in the first instance.

Answer:Windows 10, why can't I open an office document right away?

I'm sorry but I'm not quite clear on the issue :/ are we talking about a simple word document? how about click once with left mouse and hit enter? I'm assuming you're currently using w10, but w10 doesn't change the behavior of your mouse actions..
You can always head over to control panel and search for "mouse", should give you all the relevant options

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I changed OneDrive properties and now all Office apps crash on file open/save browsing.

My family and I were confused between OneDrive and the Documents library in our recent install of Office 365 Office 2016. Sometimes we saved to OneDrive when we wanted to save to local Documents. So, I stupidly changed OneDrive to a 'hidden' folder on one of our machines thinking that was a quick and easy fix. Since then Office products (Word, Excel, etc.) all crash on that machine (i.e. go into Not Responding mode) whenever we try to perform a file save as browse or file open browse and I have to use Task Manager to end them and we lose the document.

First, I tried the Office 365 Quick Repair and the Online Repair. Then I tried 'un-hiding' OneDrive and reran Online Repair. Then I tried enabling "Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage" in the Local Group Policy Editor>>Computer Configuration>>Administrative Templates>>Windows Components>>OneDrive, accessing it with Win+R gpedit.msc. I left the other OneDrive configurations as 'not configured'. I reran Online Repair again. That didn't work.

My Windows 10 Pro has OneDrive Uninstall in System Settings, Add or Remove Programs. So I uninstalled OneDrive. Then I ran AVG Registry optimization and cleaned up the registry. I rebooted, ran Office Online Repair again, rebooted, and tested Word file save as browse. Word locked up again.

I don't think I have a suitable restore point to roll bac... Read more

Answer:Changed OneDrive properties and Office locks on file open/save browse

Sounds like you messed stuff up pretty badly there by messing where you shouldn't.

That said, I think the best course of action is to do a repair install - How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade. This will let you keep your programs and setting without having to reinstall all your programs. Once that's done, you might look to reinstall Office.

If that doesn't work, you may need to do a clean install - How to Clean Install Windows 10.

Hope this helps. And may I add leaving things alone if you're not sure what they do or how they could affect your system

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I have an Acer Aspire 4740G laptop, running MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, with Intel Core i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27 GHz, and 2 GB RAM. I have AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2014 installed.

I have many problems and get error messages when I try to open a MS Word document or try to get MS Word program to open.

Problem #1 and Error message #1:

I cannot get past the first orange screen that says "Microsoft Word 2007". It hangs indefinitely. Error message: "There was a problem sending the command to the program."

Problem #2:

I tried to open a MS Word document with LibreOffice. It opened the first MS Word document but hanged indefinitely when I tried to open another MS Word document.

Problem #3:

I tried opening a MS Word document using MS Publisher; it had problems and hanged indefinitely.

Problem #4 and Error message #2:

I tried to create a document in MS Publisher using MS Word features (import) but it gave an error message: "Microsoft Office Publisher is connecting to printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer to get print capabilities and settings information." This hanged indefinitely.

Problem #5:

After I had imported MS Word features into MS Publisher, when I tried to use MS Publisher itself, the pull-down menus were all empty. Why were they empty? What happened there? It never happened before.

Problem #6:

I searched Windword.exe using Start > and I typed this in the Search box:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe&... Read more

Answer:I can't open Microsoft Word 2007 program and document

Hi Faridah, Welcome to Seven forums.

Lot of errors there.

Try this for starters. Fix MS Word.

Also, try to run MS Word after unchecking the option "Run as Administrator".

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I've recently got a new machine and had copied my old PST file over. Whenever I go to open it I get "File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Outlook Files\*pst file name*"

I created a test archive and was able to open that one (same location ) just fine.
Is there an add-in/converter tool I need to run in order to be able to open my old PST file?

Answer:Open an Office 2007 PST file in Office 2010

How to move your personal folders (.pst) file in Outlook

Also, lots of information about transferring PST files here:
Backup and Restore | HowTo-Outlook

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Recently installed Office 2010 (32 bit becuz it was recommended to do so my MS) and now when I send an Office 2007 file to that PC (both PCs are Win 7 64 it) it tries to open the file in Windows Media!!

What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm beginning to think I should not have purchased Office 2010 Pro and stayed with the Office 2007 on all my machines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Office 2007 files will not open in Office 2010

That is weird.
Could you please describe step by step how you are sending the file to another PC.
Also, please provide more details on what type of the file that is. And if you create a similar file on recipient PC, will it be opened in Windows Media as well?

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Hello please help me. well I have office 2007 and office 2003 on my PC. So my friwnd gave me a ppt file that is in office 2010 and unfortunatly i dont have office 2010. if there are any converters to convert this file in offive 2007??? or if there is other way to open this 2010 file?

Answer:Open office 2010 PPT files with Office 2007

2010 doesn't have different file extensions from 2007. docx, xlsx, pptx, accdb. You should be able to open those files in 2007 without issue.Also, it's not really the best idea to have two different versions of Office installed. They can conflict, especially when it comes to macros and equations.

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I now have a new problem, before I managed to open 2007 files by opening Office 2010 and then from inside the application choosing to open a file. The problem I have though is if I just try to open an Office 2007 file then I can't open it, and I can't change the default program to open it.

How do you get Office 2010 to open all the Office 2007 files such as word, excel etc?

Answer:Can't open Office 2007 files with Office 2010!

please don't cross post

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I inadvertently saved a spreadsheet document on the preview page and now I can't bring it back up on the spreadsheet to continue working on can I recover it back onto the spreadsheet format please.

Answer:How to recover spreadsheet document in Open Office

Locate the document where you saved it to, then double-click on it.It should open in the spreadsheet module of OpenOffice.

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I have a weird situation opening a 'word' document. If we call this docA and I try to open it by clicking on it with 'Word' already running it will take 40 seconds to open. If I then close docA and open it again, it opens immediately. Similarly if I've previously opened docB then docA will open immediately. docA is only about 50k and other docs of various sizes are OK.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled Office XP which made no difference.
Any ideas very welcome.


Answer:Office XP Word slow to open first document

What is the brand and model of computer, and how much memory do you have?
There is a Microsoft Update for Office 2002 and XP that you should install if not already done.
First, I would run the free CCleaner, then consider others to remove congestion. Has your system been defragged? Have you run antispyware, adware, and antivirus scans? Suggest you run: Windows Defender, Adware, SpyBot 1.5.2. Or professional paid stuff such as AVG, SpySweeper, Spyware Doctor, Nod32, etc., if for no other reason than to rule out common causes.
Sometimes the problem is exacerbated by an install of a multifunction printer. HP, Lexmark, and Epson are particularly problematic. You would need to uninstall the printer, then reboot, and remove all evidence of it with RegClean, then reboot, defrag, then reinstall the printer.

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How do I put an OpenOffice documenbt on to a flash drive? thats all you need to know. What more do you need?

Answer:How do you put an Open Office document on to a flash drive?

Hi RobertPickering,Open the the location where the documents are present.Example: My DocumentsRight Click on the document > select Send To > removable device(name of the flash drive)Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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I use Open Office 2.3 as my office suite and Thunderbird as my default e-mail client. When I want to e-mail an open document through File-Send-Document as E-mail, the message" was unable to find a working e mail configuration. Please save this document locally instead and attach it from within your e mail client".

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We recently had a PC which was pre-installed with Tesco Complete Office. I had typed some letters etc. and saved them onto a CD. Tonight I wanted to access one of the letters but because we no longer have the PC or Tesco Complete Office I cannot open the document.Is there any way of opening it?

Answer:How Do I Open A Document Typed in Tesco Office

What is the extension on the end of the documents? That should give some clue.

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I have files from a previous version names " 1.1 text document" that my new windows 8 cannot open.
Any chance I can recuperate those files ? Thanks a lot.

Answer:how open 1.1 text document on windows 8

Do you have OpenOffice installed on your machine?

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I am trying to get Word 2007 to hide my unused status bar, but unfortunately there does not seem to be an interface toggle for this in the 2007 version. I then tried to copy and paste a macro for this, which worked, but only when I manually ran it each time I opened a document. Is there a way I can set it to run automatically alongside another macro I have running when a document opens?

I know nothing about macro language...I just copied and pasted the code. So being as descriptive as possible with your solution would help me.

Here's the code (which currently works) for automatically adjusting the zoom on my documents:

Public Sub AutoOpen()
ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Zoom.Percentage = 100
End Sub
Here's the code for hiding the status bar that I want to also run automatically whenever I open a document:

Application.CommandBars("Status Bar").Visible = False

Answer:Running macro automatically on document open (Word 2007)

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I have got two PCs (Desktop and Laptop) connected to each other through crossover cable.

They can see each other and they can ping each other.

Desktop has got Microsoft office installed on it,,,,laptop has not got installed Microsoft office.

Desktop has got a word document file called: invoice.doc

From Laptop (does not office installed) I tried to open the invoice.doc on Desktop,,,,but I could not.

Is this normal ?

Do I need to install Microsoft office on laptop as well ?

Answer:Open a word document via a network from a PC does not have installed office

Yes, you need the program on both machines (or whatever machine you want to view it on).

Sharing a file does not share the programs associated with it, nor is there a way to share most applications like office.

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I have this document sent to me via email and at the begining of every text line there is a grey shadow.Is there a simple way of deleting these shadows please.
Image of shadows here.
....... [IMG][/IMG]

Answer:Open Office Writer Format Confusing a document

I haven't got a copy of OpenOffice on any of my machines at the moment having moved on to the offshoot LibreOffice which is developing much faster. Here's some questions;
Do these grey marks print? Are they evident on other documents you open at the same time? If so I'm thinking aloud the lines that the document has the option to show non printing paragraph marks and formatting. On the toolbars look for the Backward "P" symbol likened by some to a musical clef. That toggles these on/off.

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Someone please help, my doc has been converted.
I saved my doc and restarted my computer like normal but when I opened the doc again it had completely reverted to these pound signs and I've been researching hours on how to revert it but nothing. Can someone please help??!!!

Answer:Open Office Document replaced by pound signs

If problem comes in excel sheet then you need to be click on enable editing option. open file and click on enable edit. Double click on cell which text convert as pound sign now it will be comes as normal text. Save your file again.

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I am looking for a free word processing program similar to the Windows Office program that will open a Windows office 2007 document. Are there any out there? I found and downloaded AbiWord, but I can't figure out how to open the document I need.

Answer:free word processing program that will open a windows 2007 document?

You should be able to click File, click Open, browse to and select the file you want to open, and that's about it. Or right click the file, select Open with.... then browse to AbiWord's EXE file (probably in Program Files\AbiWord), and click OK. You can also try OpenOffice but it's a pretty large download at 120mb for the standard version, the 'Pro' version is about twice that size.
Open Office Standard
Open Office Pro (aka Oxygen)
You can also use Universal Viewer to view the document, but you won't be able to make any changes to it or edit it in any way. UV is for viewing/printing only. If that's all you need, here's the link: It integrates into the Windows right-click menu, so you'd just right click on the file in question and select Universal Viewer in the menu.
And all the programs mentioned above are 100% free to download and use!

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Office XP tries to Install when I start WORD/EXCEL in Office 2007.

I upgraded from Office XP Pro to Office 2007 Standard. Whenever I start WORD, EXCEL or POWERPOINT, Office XP is looking for PRORET.MSI to try to install. If I close it, Office 2007 apps open normally. This happens every time I open any of the three apps mentioned if a copy is not already open. BTW, this does not happen when I open OUTLOOK 2007.

Can anyone tell me how to stop this irritating occurrence? Thanks!!


Answer:MS Office XP trying to launch when I open Office 2007


Assuming you had Office XP installed at some point. You need to be sure it was uninstalled properly. Try OrkTools , it comes with an unistall wizard, if you can't uninstall from Programs and Features in Control Panel.

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:wave If I have, and LOVE Open Office :drool, but run in to the occasional file that I can't open with it, not the new .xdoc or anything, but for instance, a friend of mine sent me a .doc that I couldn't open with OOrg, can they coexist on a machine? Can I still use OOrg for everything, and MSO for things that get emailed to me?

I am guessing I can, and this new CD is licensed for 3 machines, so I might use it on mine, if it's not going to mess up OOrg..

Thanks guys!

Both windows XP Machines.. my signature refers to a machine I have at home. lol

Answer:Open Office & Microsoft Office (2007)

Yes, you can run OOorg and MS Office on the same PC. You may run into occasional problems when the PC can't decide which program to use to open a certain document, but this is easily solved by right clicking on the document, and selecting Open With and then selecting the program you want to open it with.

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Hi I'm using the latest Open Office Suite, and I sent my friend a document I created in open office and he uses Word 2007, I just had the document back and I open it, and I'm greeted with the filter Selection how do I open my document??Thank youRob

Answer:Open Office Querry can't open Word 2007 Doc


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Please help me, I'm absolutely terrified I've lost my most important document.
Today I tried to open a project I was working on, and I was greeted by a little popup that asked me to set the text, language, and alignment of the document. I clicked okay.
Then another box popped up and it said "document file is locked for editing by unknown user." open read only document or a copy for editing." both choices sent me to my 137 page document, where every piece of text was replaced with pound signs. (###)

I have no idea what to do. Please, please help me out. This is so important.

Answer:Entire Open Office Document replaced by pound signs!


Where was the document stored?

Were you using your own computer when this happened?

Do you have a backup copy elsewhere?

Orange Blossom

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Currently I type in Open Office or Libre Office Writer. Export as PDF. Load the pdf into Draw, change the background color to white, then export as png. Then click okay to a popup. Then the png is written to the hard drive.

I have looked for a solution of just using their Writer program to export as png, but there doesn't seem to be any method to accomplish that. The 'convert pdf to png' programs out there look to take at least the same number of steps. I did try one.

I'm working on my Traveller site, with over 1000 planets/solar systems so far, and doing this over and over is becoming tedious.

I prefer a png for documents as it makes it easier to place and download them from my site.

Is there a way to accomplish this in fewer steps ?


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Please help me, I'm absolutely terrified I've lost my most important document.Today I tried to open a project I was working on, and I was greeted by a little popup that asked me to set the text, language, and alignment of the document. I clicked okay.Then another box popped up and it said "document file is locked for editing by unknown user." open read only document or a copy for editing." both choices sent me to my 137 page document, where every piece of text was replaced with pound signs. (###)I have no idea what to do. Please, please help me out. This is so important.

Answer:Entire Open Office document replaced by pound signs?!

I have not seen this problem before but I will try to offer some suggestions.Are you using OpenOffice Writer or OpenOffice Calc?Did you try clicking "Undo" after the "text, language, and alignment" popup?If you open the document again, does the popup display?

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Hi all new to this forum and the Yoga. Awesome laptop/tablet so far. I do have one issue...In Laptop mode after I open any Office 2010 program (excel, word), the two finger scrolling or any of the touchpad gestures such as pinch to zoom etc stops working. The touch pad still works as well as everything  on the yoga. If I reboot touchpad works again. Any ideas...I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the synaptics driver.
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Yoga 13 Office 2010 - touchpad issues after open any document

You can reenable the gestures again by going to C:\Program Files\Synaptics and running the individual programs. I believe SynTPEnh will do it but it might be SynLenovoGestureMgr. For some reason Office 13 seems to kill the app in charge of gestures. I have no clue how to fix it but at least this way you don't have to reboot every time. (Note: once you go back to office it will kill it again so get your office stuff out of the way first, then launch the program)

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I have an annoying problem. I disabled Onedrive in autostart options. However, anytime I open an Office file like .xls or .pp that is stored locally in the Onedrive folder, the program (Word, Excel etc.) automatically starts Onedrive. This is far from being favorable as I have a limited bandwidth and volume.
How can I tell Office that it mustn't start Onedrive without my promting?

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When I open any Word 2007 document (in this case one entitled ?Word 2007 test document?), I am greeted with the following:

attached image VB01

When I click on [OK] I get:

attached image VB02

When I click [X] to close, I get:

attached image VB03

When I click on [OK], I finally get my document:

attached image VB04

This has occurred since I setup the "Normal" Template to have the filename placed in a page's Footer.

Can anyone offer any advice, please?

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Does anyone know if Open Office is compatible with Office 2007 file, or if they are building compatability?

I've check on the Open Office website, but can't find squat.


Answer:Open Office and Office 2007

In short, yes.

Google this: "office 2007" ""

and it's the fourth option, a PDF.

Or go here:,128079-c,officesuites/article.html

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Hi All,

I have Office 2007 installed in my PC...plan to install another office software which one shall i go for Open or Office 2007.

Which is better between this 2?Can open office such as Ms Word file can open all existing Word document for MS word 2003,2007 and 2010?

Answer:Open Office VS Office 2007

In order to answer that question we would need to know what you define as "better". For instance, if your main consideration is price then OpenOffice is better since it is free to download. However, if you need the ability to create and run VBA macros, then Office 2007 is better since OpenOffice doesn't support VBA.

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Hi, I installed MS Office 2007 Professional 2007, the installation process was fine. Now that it is installed, I cannot open any of the programs, an error comes up that says "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item"

I have Administrator rights on my laptop and run Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit which is an OEM version.

Can someone please help me? Thanks.

Answer:Cannot Open MS Office 2007

Try temporarily disabling your virus scanner.

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I can not do anything when I open office at all, I am self emplyed and need to do my books asap. it asks for the product key but the sticker at the bottom of the laptop has rubbed off. up untill last month I was able to use word, exel etc fine.

any help would me great thanks very much

Answer:Re: Can't do anything when I open Office 2007


When you purchased your laptop you were granted to evaluate m office for 3 month, it was a trial version. Now you have to buy it if you want to use it again. You can use Open Office:

OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers.

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I have been using Word and “Microsoft office 2007 - Document Imaging” for doing OCR and passing text to WORD. Recently it has been doing something very strange. When I try to send the OCR’d text to WORD (“Send text to Word”), WORD gives an error message:
“Server Busy. This action cannot be completed because the ‘document 1 - Microsoft Word’ program is not responding. …”
If I can minimize the empty Word document window, a small dialog box appears asking me “Do you want to convert from
[list of file formats] to WORD?” If I select HTML, The text finally appears in Word. Sometimes the Word/Document Imaging programs hang up completely and I have to go to “Task Manager” to get out of the predicament.
I have un-installed and re-installed “Microsoft Office 2007” with no success in solving the problem.
Can anyone tell me what is going on? How can I go directly to Word instead of having to convert from HTML? How did it get to HTML in the first place?

Answer:Office 2007 Word and "Document Imaging" software

Hello Frank,

Welcome to the Vista Forums.

Have you gotten all of the updates for Office? Did this start after installing other software? You could try a system restore to a point before this started. Info if needed: System Restore - How to

Hope this helps. Sorry for the slow response.
Please keep us posted.


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cannot start microsoft office outlook,cannot open the outlook window,invalid xml,the veiw cannot be loaded.keep getting this error message when trying to open the e-mail any help anyone.....

Answer:cannot open office outlook 2007

Have you tried System Restore and Repair MS Office?Failing that try a new profileControl Panel> Mail>Profiles> Show Profiles>Add and then create one with a different name and set it as defaualt.You would need to import all your old data from a .pst file.

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I cannot open any MS Office 2007 programs. When the icon is clicked, the program opens as if its the first time, showing the load bar for the program, and once it opens it gives me the error message: Microsoft Office "" has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install this application.When I run the setup again, the same error returns.I cannot uninstall the program using the uninstall program with Windows Vista.I have attempted to manually uninstall Office a couple of times, saving backup files of the registry. When I reinstall, it still gives the same error.I am the administrator and the only user on the computer.Any suggestions or ideas to what's going wrong or where I am going wrong?I am including my logfile from HiJackThis. I was suggested this website as a last resort. Hope someone can find something.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 3:41:32 PM, on 2/15/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18882)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Media\DVD\DVDAgent.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\TouchSmart\Media\TSMAgent.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\TouchSmart\Media\Kernel\CLML\CLMLSvc.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\HP Software ... Read more

Answer:I cannot open an MS Office 2007 programs

Hello , And to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum. My name is Elise and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.I will be working on your malware issues, this may or may not solve other issues you may have with your machine.Please note that whatever repairs we make, are for fixing your computer problems only and by no means should be used on another computer.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favorites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.-----------------------------------------------------------If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.If you have already posted a log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Please download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.Push the button.Two reports will o... Read more

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Hi Guys,
I have Office 2007 installed with Vista Business. whenever i try to open help by clicking on the ? button or F1 key or by typing in the textbox, i get the following:

"There is a problem with one or more installed help files. Please repair your office installation and try again . "

i've tried uninstalling office completely and tried installing it once again. but its of no use. the problem persists. while installing when i go in custom installation, i find that in Office tools i get a red cross mark (meaning not available) in help. when i click on Run all from computer the mark goes off. But when i open help i face the same issue.

P.S the same DVD was installed in some other system having Vista and it worked perfectly.

can somebody provide me a solution for this?
Thanks in advance .

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alright. so i tried to open my microsoft word 2007. first, it was coming up as a memory problem, saying it didn't have the memory or disk space to run it.
i have system mechanic six so i ran memory mechanic which did nothing.
i then tried opening my other Microsoft Office programs, and they wouldn't open either.

i tried uninstalling all of it completely, in the registry and all.
then i reinstalled it, only not as the full pack, as the home & student pack.

now, the hourglass shows for one or two seconds, and NOTHING pops up. not the program, or error signs, or anything.

i don't know what's wrong with it. i ran updates for everything today (spybot, windows updates, system mechanic & AVG), and it won't system restore back to fixing the problem either.

help, please? i need to edit my resume & write half a musical, and i can't do it without word!

oh. i have windows XP, and i have framework 3.0 service pack 1.
or so my add/remove programs says.

i will be totally grateful to whoever helps me with this.

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 Won't Open.

How much RAM have you got on this machine and how powerful is your CPU?. If you're not sure right click on My Computer and click Properties, it should tell you there.

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I have files that I made in Office 97 and 2003. I cannot open them in Word or Excel 2007. They are all in "code" when I open them. I downloaded Open Office and can open them from there , but it does not give me choice to save them in Office 2007 format.
I have had problems gettng used to MS 2007 and more problems with some of the functions on Open Office. Is there a program that I can download , in order to open these files in MS Office 2007?
I am only a home user and not proficient in either software. Know just the basics.

Answer:Can't open old files in MS Office 2007

Office 2007 is fully backwards compatable.

Can you confirm that the files that you are trying to open in Word are .doc files?

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Mom's system just got hosed so I had to reinstall. I installed Win2K with SP4, Office XP, and all updates. I tried to open a .docx file with Word, and it said I needed to install a converter from here:

I did so, and now when I try to open a .docx it says,
"This is a pre-release version of the Compatibility Pack and can open pre-release Office 2007 files only. Do you want to check for a newer version of the Compatibility Pack? (OK) (Cancel)"

So I click OK and it takes me back to the above page to download the same thing again..

I found this:
In method 1, there is no Office2007Converters.adm file,
In method 2, there is no HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office directory in regedit,

I wonder if the release date of 1/6/2010 for version 4 of the compatibility pack might have anything to do with the problem. Could Microsoft have possibly re-released the pre-release version as an "update"?

Word was working fine before the re-install. And I've tried opening several files which were working fine before, with no problems, so it's not the file that is broken.

Any ideas?

Answer:Office XP won't open Word 2007 files

I don't know about the Office problem, but free Open Office from Here should at least allow her to open and use those files. :wave

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I have a 32 gig flash drive on which is an MS Excel 2007 file with all my passwords, serial numbers etc.

Last week I purchased a new HDD and successfully installed Vista Home and MS Office 2007 but when I click on the Password File on the flash drive, I get a message that "Excel cannot open the file .............. .xlsx due the file format or extension being invalid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that file extension matches that of the file format.

I have tried opening it in MS Word and other similar programs but no joy.

I downloaded the MS Compatability Pack but nothing................

Any ideas on how I can get this important file to open properly using Excel?

Virtually nothing has chaged to my way of thinking except the reinstallation of Excel again!!

Answer:Cannot open MS Office 2007 Excel file

It doesn't help, I know, but if you manage a successful recovery, I'd suggest saving what is a crucial file in text form. "Ah, you fool!" I hear you say. "Text files can be read by anyone. Why would I keep my passwords etc. in a text file?!?" To that, my response would be ADS. Look it up.

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Sometime last week I noticed that I can't open up any of my MS office saved files like word, excel, access. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still have the same problem. It will let me open the application of word, etc. and work normally and save a file, but it will not let me open up a file. When I try, I get an error box that says "the file FILENAME is not available."

Any ideas on how to fix this, I really need my MS office apps.

Answer:Ms Office 2007 Saved Files Won't Open


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This is my first posting; so if my question is inappropriate, please tell me.

I came upon this program on ebay. If you are familiar with it, please share your experience and thoughts. What did you find to be it's strengths and weaknesses?

Answer:Open Office 2007 Suite Works

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i have office 2007 in my xp os & i am unable to open excel file but able to other word, powerpoint,paint,outlook applicatios.

Answer:office 2007 excel file is not open

What happens when you try to open them?

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Hello Everyone
office 2007 has bugging me with this.
Is there a more useful fix for this problem than disconnecting any mapped
drived that are not connected?
I have drives mapped for both work and home use and really don't want to
have to delete/remap my drives every time I change locations either manually or using script.

I'm sure there are no such easy fix for it
hope some one will suggest me to sort out this issue
Thanks in advance
lexiClick to expand...

Click to expand...

Answer:Office 2007, Save, Open, and Initializing........

i posted this topic in 2009
........and today it is 2010
not even a single reply even after 1 year.
i hope someone will light the candle.

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When I started my computer this morning Windows ran a disk check on my back up flash drive (K:\). When I tried to open Outlook in MS Office 2007 I got the following error message:

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The file K:\Personal\Email Addresses Backup.pst is not a personal folders file."

This has happened before so I tried what I've done before. (1) I've tried to repair MS Office using the program cd but that hasn't helped. (2) I tried starting MS Office while holding the Ctrl key so that I could get to the Repair command in Help but that didn't work either. (3) I ran scanpst.exe on the Backup.pst file and it repaired it. That allowed me to open Outlook and over 1,500 emails began to download (from my ISP's server I guess).

I suspect that Outlook is using the backup file as its primary source for my Contacts (individuals and distribution lists) and wonder if anyone can help me get those items into the Outlook program itself. Last time time this happened I received a message saying that the K:\Personal\Email Addresses Backup.pst file wasn't available but the program ran anyway.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have Office 2007 and win 10 and can't open attachments and .PDFs All the links and help I've seen work for later versions of Office or apply to earlier OS. Any suggestions? If I copy the attachment to the desktop I can open them from there

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I have bought a netbook for browsing instead of having to go upstairs to where my desktop is situated. I installed Office 2007 as I have this on my desktop and I wanted to set my emails on the netbook the same as on the desktop. When I tried to open Outlook I got the message
Configuring Outlook Accounts (in a box in top L/H corner) - Cannot open your default email folders. the information could not be opened. - OK
When I click on OK Outlook shuts down. Everything else in Office works OK.
Could this be that the desktop Outlook account has been made the default handler and if so how can I change it?
Hope someone on here can help. ;(

Answer:Office 2007 Outlook won't open for emails

I meant to say made the default mail account on my desktop.

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I just installed Open Office 2007 in a Vista o.s. located on a Mac Computer. I opened a file previously created in Excel 2003, updated the file and tried to print it, but it wouldn't print. There were no error messages. The printer is on a network and is a Xerox 8550 Color Laser. I also have Quickbooks 2007 loaded in this Vista computer and it prints checks and reports just fine. Any ideas on how to print the o.o. file?

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When I open a microsoft office word document a light blue screen comes up which is usually the screen behind the word doc that opens. In order for me to pull up the doc I am looking for I have to hit the menu on top left and click recent documents and then it opens the doc. Also, if I right click and choose word to open the doc an error message pops up saying "Windows cannot find C:documents and settings/administrator/desktop/charlie/d? make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again". I am using Office 2007 and this happens with every document I open that is a word document. It does not happen with Excel

Answer:Cannot open a Microsoft word doc with office 2007

"Windows cannot find C:documents and settings/administrator/desktop/charlie/d?

Can you please post the rest of that error message.
It might be important to know what the system is looking for

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All of the other applications work, just not outlook. I get a message that says, "The application failed to initialize properly (0x80000003) Click on OK to terminate the application." I'm running XP SP3.

Answer:Solved: Can't open MS Office 2007 Outlook

I had to go to the control panel, click on change (Microsoft Office Ultimate) and then repair. It works fine now. ;o)

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G'day all,
I recently went from XP to Vista which has Office Excel 2007. The problem is that I saved spreadsheets from excel 2003 that saved as XLR files. The 2007 excel is supposed to open these files but it won't . There seems to be plenty of information on reading 2007 files with 2003 programs but not the reverse. Can I open them in a computer that has excel 2003 and save or convert the files to xlsx?
Hope someone can help, old dog.

Answer:Office Excel 2007 won't open xlr files

This looks like what you need.

If that appears too scary, google docs will open your excel 2003 spreadsheets. I'm not sure if you can convert them.
Also Open Office v3 supports both older office and newer office file types.

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Shortcuts for Excel and Word have stopped opening the documents, I get 'Program not responding'. But then 5 minutes later, the document pops up. I can speed things up by opening the document in the program.

Answer:Office 2007 - shortcuts slow to open

Just timed a Word document - 10 minutes to open. The PC isn't doing anything else in that time,

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I cannot open links in E-mail. Any time that clicks a link appears this dialog box.
"This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator"
In fact I cannot open any links in the E-mails, but I can do it in Internet Explorer, meaning that the links in Internet are not affected
This happened after copying pictures from Internet
Iím using Vista, Office Outlook 2007,

Answer:Office Outlook 2007 does not open links

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I'm sorry if this topic has been thrashed but I couldn't find an answer..... when I click on the calendar in ms outlook it won't open and freezes outlook completely. I have to force outlook to shut but calendar still doesn't work.. I would appreciate some help please.

Answer:office outlook 2007 calendar won't open

try tools options make sure calander is ticked as default, try tools options use alternative calander, try help..detect/repair

try start type Outlook /cleanviews enter

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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

Answer:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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I have two questions regarding documents created in Word 2007...

1) Can links be created within a Word document? For example, can I click on and item my table of contents and have the document jump to that particular section of the document?

2) Also, is there a way to make sections of the document hidden until the user clicks a specific word or graphic in the document?

I'd like to specify a particular instruction and include a "Show example" link that would make a detailed example appear for those who needed the extra help.

Thanks everyone!

Answer:Word 2007 - Links within a document? Hide/Show sections of a document?

If you created table of contents through References - Table of Contents, you can hold Ctrl and click on the item in that table, word will take you there. This feature is standard.

Also, to navigate inside document you can use bookmark option.
Insert bookmarks. Word 2010 Bookmarks
Then insert Hyperlink - in the window select second tab "Place in This Document" and choose your bookmark.

As for hiding parts of document, I do not think that is possible.
You can create that in HTML document with javascript, but not in Word document.

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I used to have Microsoft Word or Office on my computer, but it at some point was deleted from the system. However, my resume is a Word document and I need to update it because I am moving. I downloaded the 60 day trial version of Microsoft Office 2007 and it seemed to install properly, but when I tried to open Word from the Start Menu, nothing opened. I tried opening my resume directly, and still nothing. I tried restarting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling it, and still nothing.

As a result, my fiance went out and bought Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 for me, but we still have the exact same problem. It seems to install correctly, but when we try to run the programs from it, nothing happens. The Microsoft Office Diagnostics that installs with it will work, but when I run it it does not find any issues. My fiance tried running the configuration for it and received the error code "Error 1923. Service 'Office Source Engine (OSE) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services." We know that means that there is probably a previous version of office on the computer causing the problem, but we deleted the trial versions, as far as we know. I also ran CC Cleaner and the registry program on there to try to remove any last reminents, restarted the computer, tried again, and it STILL will not work.

Any help with this would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 installed but will not load/open

If you can't get it resolved, download and run Windows Installer Cleanup utility

and finally if all of this doesn't work, download Open Office v3. It is free and will open and allow you to work and save doc and docx files.

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I have written a long important file at home on MS Word 2007 and I am unable my office MS Word 2003 is unable to read it. Is there anything I can do to solve this please ??

Answer:MS Office word 2007 - unable open file

click hereyou need to download a compatability pack....

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docx file and xml documents will not open properly, im told they are office 2007, and that is what i have on my computer, I even tried a different computer also with office 2007 and no luck, I just get bits and pieces of document but also lots of errors.  Not sure if i need to install something else? Or any other ideas to try?thanks.

Answer:office 2007 wont open docx file

If you're only getting "bits and pieces of document but also lots of errors", the files you're trying to open may be corrupt.Specifically, what "lots of errors" are you getting? What is the computer telling you?

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In the office I have several hundred PST files. When I go to File - Open - Outlook Data Files
I can only select one file. Thus it's taking forever just to get through the alphabet... I there a method to open all the data files? I cannot select all - I am forced to choose one by one ...thanks

Answer:Office 2007 - Open - Outlook Data Files

You can only do it 1 at a time.

Why would you want 100's of PST files. You're scroll bar would go on for ever.

If you just want all the exsisting emails in one place. How about just inporting them?.

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I have w8 on new notebook. I'm looking for free/share ware to open old .lwp files on MS office pro word 2007. I've tried kvlot32 with no success. it's apparently not supported by W8.

Answer:open .lwp file in Microsoft Office 2007 in Windows 8

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I have recently installed a student version of OFFICE STANDARD 2007 SUITE which cannot be opened up. Every attempt throws up a message as follows:- "this programme cannot be opened - insufficent memory or disk space"I have increased the memory from 1Gb up to 2Gb and the hard disk is showing 215Gb of free space.Any thoughts please?

Answer:Office Standard 2007 installed- unable to open up

Have you tried reinstalling ?Memtest will check the RAM click here

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Hi all,

I am experiencing an unusual reaction from Office 2007 Enterprise. I am using Win XP SP3.
Office documents, Word, Excel etc...won't open when I am connected to the internet, regardless of connection type, LAN, USB Modem, Wireless wi-fi...
Whenever I unplug/disconnect the internet connection everything goes back to normalcy.

This problem started on first login after installing SP3, although I'm not relating one thing to another and in my opinion this has nothing to do with it, since I am using a similar configuration on my laptop with no problem whatsoever.

As you can imagine this is extremely annoying when working.

Thanks in advance. Any opinions or help will be most appreciated.

Answer:Office 2007 docs do not open when connected to Internet

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