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Why wont my sony camera down load to my PC since to windows 10? It worked on windows 7 no problem

Question: Why wont my sony camera down load to my PC since to windows 10? It worked on windows 7 no problem

wont show that I even have it pluged in with usb cord

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Preferred Solution: Why wont my sony camera down load to my PC since to windows 10? It worked on windows 7 no problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Why wont my sony camera down load to my PC since to windows 10? It worked on windows 7 no problem

You will need Windows 10 compatible software and drivers from Sony for it to work. Those had been provided by Sony for Windows 7.
Contact Sony since they are responsible for updating drivers for their hardware.

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my daughter-in-laws laptop (Sony Vaio laptop windows 7 vgn-nw20ef) wont boot/load
it was working fine, she got the metropolitan ukash virus, she tried to reformat/recover/reboot (she doesn't know and cant explain!) and now the laptop goes round in circles at start up
when you start the laptop it asks what you want to do, you get a text screen with windows 7, option of press F8 for other options and some more text, when you enter win 7 it hangs and closes down
ive tried accessing the recovery partition in F10 and going through the process of factory reset but it gets to 100% and then closes down and you start again with the text window, ive used the tools to check hardware and that's fine
it seems she has deleted messed with win7, so it doesn't load...
whats my next best bet to get it going again?

Answer:sony vaio laptop windows 7 wont load/boot...

DO you have a win 7 DVD? or can you borrow one?
Did you make the backup Cds when you first got the machine?

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Backstory (skip if you need)
I'm fixing someones laptop, It was slow and taking 30 minutes to startup, i did the usually virus scan and restarted, then it was stuck in an auto repair loop. I used a windows 8 Install CD from microscoft. None of the options in it would work, install (key doesnt match) reset (missing partition), image recovery (cant find an image), restore (no restore point), etc.
Used command prompt, did stuff like bootrec, bcdedit, diskpart, and chkdsk. After it ran chkdsk it finally loaded windows. I reset/reinstalled the OS completely. Fixed, restarted, running smooth. Owner said it was working great for a day, then after turning it back on it was in an auto repair loop.
It's stuck in a preair loop, I can't even boot from the 8 CD! Have it configured in the bios, it shows the the blue windows logo then the screen goes black for 3 minutes and a blue screen flashes for 1 second saying  "Your PC ran into a problem and need to restart. Collecting some info (0% complete) search online for error: 0x000021a"
The weird thing is, Windows 7 disks boot fine, but it's "not compatible". And if I physically remove the HDD, it will boot into the windows 8 CD. So I put the HDD back in (while still at the command prompt) and it wont take my commands in related to the C: . I get a "System cannot find the drive specified"
I also tried hooking upp the HDD to my PC SATA, it shows in explorer, but just right clicking it crashes explorer.exe. D... Read more

Answer:Windows wont load, Boot CD wont load, Automatic Repair Loop

I got a windows 8.1 disk made and it allowed me yo boot from the CD, but it's SLOOOOW, it takes minutes to load reset or w.e (none of them still work), or open the command prompt.
I ran chkdsk /f /r /x but it didnt help. chkdsk /r ends with:
"A disk read error occurredcc0000185
Insufficient disk space to fix the Usn Journal $J data stream."
Before when I ran it, I'm pretty sure it let me restart and booted into windows, not now.
Next I tried bootrec.
/fixmbr - succesful
/fixboot - succesfull
/rebuildBCD - Total identified Windows installations: 0
/scanOS - Total identified Windows installations: 0
Next bcdedit
Nothing worked "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The requested system device cannot be found."
Next sfc /scannow
"There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete. Restart Windows and run sfc again."
"Windows resources protection didnt find integrity violations"
BCDBoot c:\WindowsFailure when attempting to copy boot files
Next diskpart - but I forgot what I did before that may have worked. All i can remember is I had to select a disk or volume, and do something with it.

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reformatted with xp found i cant load windows xp now or windows xp office other cds ok and looks like some of the fonts are missing as well. thks for any advice

Answer:bootstrapper problem wont load windows cd

Sounds like a bad install........try reformatting again but without using the Quick format.
Can you successfully boot to the windows cd and get to that option?

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Using a dual boot with Vista 32 and XP. Getting an error when trying to boot.

When I attemp to boot XP I get this screen...
We appologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your Computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose last known good configuration to revert the most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose start Windows normally.

[COLOR="Yellow"]Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration

Start Windows Normally[/COLOR]

When attempting to boot Vista I end up with a screen saying this...
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause, To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings and click "next".
3. Click "repair your computer".

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

I tried the repair but with no luck.

Answer:Boot problem - Windows wont load

Something wrecked your bootloader, that's pretty obvious. I'd suspect a virus or trojan first, so getting some AV software that can run off a bootable CD/DVD/USB stick would be highly recommended. If the normal repair process for XP and Vista isn't working (you need to do it for XP, then Vista, in that order), you could be looking at doing repair installations for both OSes.

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Ok I will try to explain this best I can as I been trying to figure this out for over a month.

My Acer Aspire came with its HDD being put into two parts C having windows vista on it and D holding the recovery items. I added a new hdd which I quick formatted as it was new and called it K.

I was installing some school programs for my daughter on K and was not in front of the PC. I heard that Dunt sound when windows has issues with itself I looked and it was rebooting which was fair enough. Well it went to the acer screen then to the black screen with all the checks to the NVRAM.

After that it went to a black screen with a flashing icon in the upper left of screen and wont load past that. I just today ran a acer diagnostic tool off a USB everything MOBO,HDD,DVD etc are working perfect so I thought software..

Well I finally got a windows vista 32 home prem disc and tried to run repair but it kept saying it needed missing drivers for cd/dvd I know it wasnt the cd/dvd but the HDD's so I got their drivers off acers site and added them and was able to see vista as a choice now for repair except instead of my system drive being C like always it for some reason became "I" and my other half of the drive which was D somehow became "J" K was still K..

Well in system recovery I seen my account names and my admin account and even 2 restore points I remember making. I tried to restore one it said it worked and rebooted all the way to the evil flashing ... Read more

Answer:Put in new HD worked great then windows crashed now wont reboot etc


Originally Posted by Balguren

I added a new hdd which I quick formatted as it was new and called it K.

Well I finally got a windows vista 32 home prem disc and tried to run repair

Is the new drive internal or external?

Where did the Vista x86 Home Premium DVD come from?

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I have bought the G575 a month ago for my parents and everything was fine but yesterday i looked at the laptop and the camera was not working and the windows was not activated. I tried to activate it online by providing the windows key at the bottom of the laptop but it didn't work. Later i saw that the camera was not working and i tried to install the driver for it from the lenovo website and the installation failed saying that the device can't be discovered. I opened the device manager and tried to install the drivers trough the windows update and it failed saying that the drivers are found but the file is not found for the usb composite device. Any suggestions how the problems can be resolved?

Answer:G575 Windows 7 Home Premium activation problem and easy camera wont work

Hello saso and welcome to community,
You need to enable the camera by Fn+Esc key and then install the camera driver.
If you have received the pre-loaded Windows 7 with the laptop it comes as activated. If there is issue with pre-installed Windows 7 then you need to reinstall the Windows with OneKey Recovery
Best Regards,

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Hi, I have uninstalled my friend's antivirus so i can get Defender to be the main antivirus. However, i get the message that it wont load with the code of 0x8007024.
Just out of interest, AVG doesn't load on Revo uninstaller but when i type it into the Windows search bar, lots of AVG items appear, such as AVG console defragmentation, AVG disc cleaner, AVG tunep 2011 etc etc.
Could this be the problem?
Thank you.

Answer:Windows Defender wont load-0x8007024. AVG problem?

the antivirus i removed was Macafee, not AVG?
Thank you.

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I have a Sony DVD camera (mdl DVR-HC85) that has USB and firewire cables for connection to a computer for the purpose of transferring video to computer programs. Both cables work fine with Windows XP. However, Windows 8 will not recognize the camera when connected by a USB cable. I was told by Sony that neither Windows Vista, Windows 7 nor Windows 8 will recognize the camera when using a USB cable.

I have a Dell computer with Windows 8 that does not have firewire nor can a firewire card be installed. Is anyone aware of any new drivers that will solve this problem?


Answer:Windows 8 USB compatibility with Sony DVD camera

I am not familiar with the camera, but have the same problem with my Sony camera. I have to remove the memory card and put the card into a card reader to offload the photos. It works OK. No drivers available for the camera.

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I have been uploading pictures from my camera sony cyber-shot 8.1 for years now, but today when I plugged my camera into the laptop no import pictures came up, I cannot find the camera on my computer and cannot reinstall it in the devices ,it just comes up with a disc :/F storage device
and click to open files, no import pictures window at all.

Answer:Solved: sony uploading pictures from camera in windows 7

Try using a different usb port or try to reinstall the original software that came with the camera

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hi i have a problem with my laptop it is a sony vaio vgnfz430e and i recently upgraded from a windows vista 32bit to a 7 64bit and my webcam doesn't work and i have tried to install the vista version of the ricoh driver to my laptop but everytime that happens my camera isn't working or it doesnt start up please help asap thank you


Answer:windows 7 ultimate 64bit sony vaio camera

Did you install the driver in Vista Compatibility Mode??

Compatibility Mode

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has anyone any idea why when i insert my cd-rom disc for my camera ( driver ) it wont display on screen? so obviously i cant install the software. (it worked fine before my computer crashed and i had to restart from my reload disc) now it wont .i have tried opening it in other areas but have run out of ideas any help?? thank you

Answer:camera cd-rom wont load/display

Is your PC set up to Auto play CD's?

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I dont know if this is posted in the right area but I'm so desperate to get my laptop working its unreal.
First it started off with my laptop crashing, I had totally forgot it needed to do a windows update and turned off my laptop in hopes that it would work properly.
After that my laptop has not been working. The machine turns on and gives me two options. Start windows normally or do a repair. Upon starting windows normally, it loads so far before sending me back to the two options of start windows normally or repair. On the second time I clicked repair. My laptop then goes so far before presenting me with a blue screen that is usually the screen where my accounts are. The cursor still moves but it loads no further even after leaving it an hour. I decided to make a repair disk, hoping that the problem was because of windows. the disk loads, gives me a choice on the keyboard language then does nothing. I honestly have no idea what to do, I want to keep all the files safe on my computer as I havent backed them up and I have worked so hard on the projects. someone please help

Answer:windows 7 refuses to load and system repair wont load

Do a hardware/software reset with your BIOS:Shut down and turn off the computer.
Unplug the computer from the wall or surge protector (then remove the battery if it is a laptop).
"Remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station, disconnect
cables to printers or devices such as external monitors, USB memory sticks or SD cards, headset or external speakers, mouse or auxiliary keyboard, turn off WIFI and Bluetooth wireless devices." (Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series - HP Customer Care (United States - English))
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This closes the circuit and ensures all
power from components is drained to clear the software connections between the BIOS
and hardware and clear any corruption in the temporary memory.
(If it is a laptop, plug the battery back into the laptop and then) Plug the computer back into the wall. Do not reconnect any unnecessary peripherals; monitor, keyboard,
and mouse should suffice and be the only peripherals reconnected.
Turn it on to reinitialize the software connections between the BIOS and hardware

After doing those steps, clear your CMOS by entering the BIOS (see your system manual for steps to enter the BIOS), going to the EXIT screen, and loading setup/optimized defaults.

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this is a previous post on your site i have a similar problem with a few differences:

''Hi all

Short version is that I bought a new Hp laptop with pre-installed Windows 8. Didn't like W8 for many reasons so tried to install windows 7 according to guided installation instructions from a techie site google took me to. The installation stopped after 30 minutes, referring to a driver issue I believe, and I had to revert to loading up using Windows 8 again to get out of the dos error screen.

Now the system tells me how I get (inconsistent) blue screens although I don't physically see a blue screen, and every day I boot up, it reverts to the 'Windows Boot Manager' screen, telling me a recent hardware or software change has resulted in something missing, damaged, etc.

Additional message when in the Boot Manager reads:

File: \$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\winload.efi
Status: 0xc0000428
Info: the digital signature for this file could not be verified.

Although Im not an expert, it seems to me that the file path mentioned above relates to the part installation of windows 7 - if so, how can I remove the part installation, clean the system up, and reluctantly return to W8?

[btw - unable to get help from Windows or Samsung so far] ""

My problem is the same as this person except I can not log into windows at all. All i get is HP with a little loading spiral at the bottom i left it alone for 2 days on and it never loaded windows. I was able to g... Read more

Answer:Windows wont load \$Windows-BT\Windows\System32\winload.efi

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I am helping a friend to determine what the problem could be on her laptop Satelite A215 -S6816 Windows will not load on start up and it says "press F2 for setup, Press F12 for boot device selection menu" however niether one of those options work no matter what I do.

I have tried them on start up but nothing happens. It just wont enter BIOS mode or the menu. It will say please wait or entering menue but again nothing happens.
What else can I try to get into the menue or to get the system to get windows to load? Could this be a motherboard issue? Hardrive issue?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satelite A215 -S6816 Wont enter BIOS mode and Windows wont load

hi harddrummer,
connect an external keyboard and try again

if it works there is only the internal keyboard defectiv/bad connected
i dont think that is an os based problem...

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not sure if im in the right place
but computer wont do anything but load up with options to do system repair or whatever its called but it says it cant fix the problem i dont have disc for it or any pw's im on a reg user account it wont load in safe mode but by doing different things i have access to do various things but not sure what or how to lol i had issues before and got them fixed by using sites similar to this any help is appreciated

Answer:system repair wont work windows wont load

Might be a failing Hard drive. Get to your bios and see if there is any diagnostics there to do a hard drive test. On some motherboards its delete on others its F2. If there is no diagnostics on the bios i would make a USB bootable diagnostics and do that.
I just had the same problems and found out the hard way that it was a hard drive.

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After few total freezes when playing dota2, my windows won't load past starting windows screen (this), that end up with BSOD every time.
I'am think that my HDD is gone, but i need to know for sure.
I tried to run it in safe mode, but it can't load any file past CLASSPNP.SYS
I just need to know is that HDD or windows because my disk is something about 8 yo and I need to replace him anyway, but i would like to save files on him, that's why i need to start it up somehow.
Btw. can I copy my win7 32 registry to new win7 64, will that work in any way?

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Hi my surface rt 8.1 won't load windows store say windows is not compatible with my surface need to update windows. This happened when it did an automatic update at around 7:00.Have tried to check for updates but errors out. Checked to see what is installed
and is as follows KB 2883200, KB 2889543, KB 2894029, KB 2894179.All of theses were installed on 2013 & 2014. This update before with no problem. I have tried to install the most recent update per live assistance (KB 2919355)and have not been able to get
it to load. The stand alone installer say it is not compatible with  my surface.It will load but when it tries to installed fails  Any Ideas what to do?

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I was Running Windows Security Defender it said i had a Root Kit Virus and needed to download Windows Defender offline so i did
ran it it foud 2 so i removed them and it restarted and now while loading Windows it flashes blue screen and restarts i dont have a boot disk and i really need help

Answer:Windows Defender Offline Removed Root kit now Windows wont load

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I was Running Windows Security Defender it said i had a Root Kit Virus and needed to download Windows Defender offline so i did
ran it it fourd 2 so i removed them and it restarted and now while loading Windows it flashes blue screen and restarts i dont have a boot disk and i really need help

Answer:Windows Defender Offline Removed Root kit now Windows wont load

G'day Kevier, and   to BC.
What operating system are you running?
How are you communicating with us now?

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When I start up my pc, I get a screen that says, "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully, a recent hardware or software change may have caused this, ….etc."
Then I am offered with a bunch of options to either:

1) Start in Safe Mode
2) Safe Mode with Networking
3) Safe Mode with Command Prompt
4) Start Windows Normally
5) Last Known Good Configuration

None of them work, the safe mode ones, show a bunch of lines of code as per normal when starting up safe mode, then it freezes and stops and eventually goes back to the screen mentioned above. Same for 4 and 5, windows blue loading bar screen comes up, then the screen turns black and nothing. After a few mins my computer restarts again and goes back to the screen mentioned above.

Prior to my computer not being able to restart/load windows. I had some pop up vundu trojans i was trying to remove. Did some research after about 5 hours finally removed it. A couple days after i started receiving "generic host process error" Something to do with explorer.exe program. So i ctrl + alt + del and explorer.exe was taking up 100 cpu usage. At this point i tried to minimize task manager and my computer froze up. I waited about an hour came back and still nothing so i manually turned off my computer and turned back on. And now it will not restart. I have no idea where my windows xp disks are or even if i have them. I found what appears to be the solution to my explorer.exe pr... Read more

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I've been running Windows 8 RP on a my laptop (clean install) since the day after it was released and it has been randomly locking up most of the time. I have rebuild once but the problem continues.

It seemed to be that the HDD would stop responding when this happened so I wouldn't get any logs to troubleshoot either. However I found this thread which indicates that CPU power saving (C-states) maybe causing the problem.
Browsers causing Win 8 RP to freeze
Unfortunately I have an HP laptop (Elitebook 8460p) and don't have access to disable the C-states in the BIOS.

So here is my workaround - not nice but it seems to work.
Until a proper fix is available I am running Prime95 all the time, which artificially generates CPU load. Preventing any of the power saving functions from being enabled in the CPU. Free Software - GIMPS
My machine was freezing almost hourly prior to this and has been running for days now without a problem, apart from the extra heat

Answer:How I worked around my freezing problem on Windows 8

hmm... Install nvidia driver win 7 x64 ver. 301.42 then restart your comp and delete nvidia control panel only, download driver through windows update, be happy, works like charm for me

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Hello, Any Ideas why the Windows 8 camera app show the camera with a slash across it instead of an image? Any information will be appreciated. I also tried the manycam app and same behavior is noticed. Is the camera bad? I checked the driver version it is the latest that is on the Lenovo Site for Windows 8. Prakash


Go to Solution.

Answer:T430s Windows 8 load Integrated camera is not working!

Hi, prakashp
Could you possibly take a screenshot of the slash that you get so we can better understand the issue? You can use Snipping Tool to easily do this. Open up Snipping Tool and have your camera software running. You can then drag the box from Snipping Tool over the slash and take a picture with it. You can then add that picture to your post.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi - I cannot get into my brother's Sony Vaio, model is PCG-71913L, ever since he downloaded an update from Windows. It freezes at the screen with the Microsoft flag (W7). I have no system restore points available, no recovery disks, no saved images. When I try to boot in safe mode, it will boot all the way until Loaded: /Windows/system32/drivers/CLAAPNP.sys. Eventually, if I let it sit here, it will go to a blue screen with STOP: c0000185 The I/O device reported and I/O error. If I let it sit at the Windows flag, eventually I get a blue screen with STOP: c0000185 The I/O device reported an I/O error. Please help - how can I fix this? Can I maybe reset to factory default? I have tried F8, F10, F11, F12, ESC, nothing gets me to a restore point.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Sony Vaio Won't Load Past Windows Flag, Cannot Restore

Hi pslms81 welcome to SevenForums

Do you have a USB flash drive handy?

If the Download button for your version doesn't work click HERE then pick your OS bit version

Download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool from below on a non infected PC
For 32-bit (x86) systems
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.
For 64-bit (x64) systems
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64 and save it to a flash drive.

Plug the flashdrive into the infected PC.

Enter System Recovery Options.

To enter System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:
Restart the computer.
As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.
Use the arrow keys to select the Repair your computer menu item.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.
Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account an click Next.

To enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:
Insert the installation disc.
Restart your computer.
If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.
Click Repair your computer.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.
Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account and click Next.

On the System Recovery Options menu you w... Read more

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I updated to the latest Windows 7 service pack this morning, upon restarting I can log in however nothing loads up. My screen is black, I am able to move the cursor. When pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE a error message comes up stating:

"Failure to display security and shut down options. The logon process was unable to display security and logon options when CTRL+ALT+DELETE was pressed. If the operating system does not respond, press ESC or restart the computer by using the power switch."

I am able to boot in to safe mode, I have attempted a system restore to the time before updating this morning. However this stays at initializing for at the moment around 3 hours. I have no idea now what to do, I purchased this laptop in November 2011 which came preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit.

Any help is much appreciated, if you need anymore details please ask and I will provide them.

Answer:Latest Windows 7 Update on Sony Vaio - Now will not load properly

Upon cancelling the system restore and attempting to load again, after log in it stayed black for a while then BSOD, "BAD_POOL_CALLER" and shut down. I was unable to get the error number, I will attempt to load again and see if it happens/if I can get some numbers for you guys.

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Hi,  I was playing the game AION ONLINE.  My computer randomly froze yesterday and would not reboot windows.  It would just circle from the startup screen to the loading windows with the bars going across back to my startup screen.  I currently am trying to reformat thinking that is the problem.  I am able to reformat the computer but when it comes to 12% and a certain file it says I have an error it starts on the same file everytime (drwtsn32.chm).  I have tried a windows XP HOME AND PROFESSIONAL CD. I have taken out each piece of ram 1 by 1 to try it and it still does not work.  I am completely confused and do not know where to go from here could my hard drive gone bad randomly?  Please help thank you.   Possibly my hard drive or something? Custom computer quad core Nvidia motherboard   

Answer:Cant load Windows Reformat Wont install windows now..

Can you please post full details of your hardware and software. Thanks 

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Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F with Windows 7. Wont boot to OS. I get the Vaio logo then black screen with flashing _ at the top left corner. Can get into Bios and it sees a hard drive. Go into F10 to run diagnostics and tells me no errors. Did a complete system install, everything loaded fine or so it seemed, after restarting, same black screen. Help!

Answer:Sony laptop wont boot to windows 7

I assume you did a complete reload using a F key?Seeing bios proves the screen should work in some mode. Good test there.Seeing a hard drive is a start. Not sure if it is good. Not sure there is any test suite to be used here. There used to be disks that could test video modes. The most easy might be to borrow (if you don't have one) a windows 7 dvd just to see if it boots up to a mini operating system. The windows disks now have a small windows system that loads up from the dvd. That is basically a working OS designed to fully start a computer. That ought to either show video or not.If it does then you might need to try using that disk to attempt repair with repair tools.Otherwise test memory with memory diagnostics (on dvd) or get a hard drive test. Either at hard drive web site or ultimate boot cd for generic tests.Not sure of where the problem is just yet. Data, hard drive, memory, video adapter.I guess it is possible that you have left an external monitor connected. Seems like you'd know that.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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We have contracted something, and my wifes email (hotmail) was even accessed. MSN sent us a verification....

I need help, trying to get the machine to come on... I believe I have a restore on remote HD, but not sure how to start?

Wont and F3 or F10 get me to some safe mode???

I'm currently on my work laptop....

Answer:Sony VAIO / Windows 7 wont wake up?

F8 gets you to safe mode. Are you trying to access her pc via remote desktop?

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Not sure here to post this but I will try here first. If there is a better place let me know.
I have an older Sony digital camera and I have had no problem downloading the pictures from the camera to the PC. Now I have windows 10, and win 10 does not recognize my Sony camera anymore. I've heard it is a common problem, but I'd like to know what people are doing to get their pictures off their camera now?

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I am getting error message "Album Data Error". Does anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:Sony DSC-G1 camera problem

Hi and welcome.

Sony has this to say:

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I have a Sony DSC H3 camera and the flash has stopped working. The flap pops up when I take a shot and have flash on or flash auto enabled and it shows on the display but it doesn't actually flash. I'm not sure if this is something I can fix or if it will have to go back to Sony.

Answer:Sony camera problem

If new or fully charged batteries don't fix it ..
I'm not sure there's much you can do other than call Sony .. Is it sill in warranty ??
If not .. it might be cheaper to get a new H10 .. but I think it's almost time for new models to come out.
the last time the new models came out .. The specs improved and the price dropped.

and Welcome to the TSG forum

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My Canon EOS 350 won’t to connect to this. Initially, the camera would not connect to anything but thanks to a Windows forum, I found that by changing the Communication setting on the camera from PC connection (which worked perfectly on XP) to Print/PTP I was able to download all my pics. to Windows Live Photo Gallery. (PTP stands for print to printer - is that intuitive or what?) So, at least I can live again! But, what’s up with ZP? After consulting the Canon website, I downloaded and installed the version of ZB for W7 but the computer still would not recognise the existence of the camera! I have tried all 4 of my free USB ports with no success (as suggested elsewhere on the Windows forum).
I like and have got used to ZB and want to continue to use it.
Any advice?

Answer:Windows 7 wont let camera to connect to ZoomBrowser

Why bother with connecting by usb? Take out the memory card and put it in a card reader.

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What do I do to get my camera to work on my computer its new and only has Vista, my old camera needs windows 98 to run how do I do this???

Answer:Camera wont work in windows vista, needs 98...

whats the make and model of the camera
you should be able to get a driver, if the camera manufacturers have made one for vista - off there website

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my Windows XP Pro, wont recognise my Ipod, Camera, or anything connected to the USB ports. how do i get it to recognise my stuff

Answer:Windows XP Pro, wont recognise Ipod, Camera...ect..

Have you installed your motherboard chipset drivers?

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I have an older sony vaio laptop XGN-TXN15P running Windows XP Pro; can't afford a new computer and trying to keep this one up and running. Well...
I had to do a hard reset, when it started up the screen came on "we are sorry you either did a hard restart...please start in following..." I started in all the allowed fields, tried all the requested F keys and nothing it keeps rebooting and same screen appears NO MATTER WHAT I DO (whine). I dont have the reboot disk and don't pretend I am a techy; any way to salvage it or what would you suggest? all help is greatly appreciated in-advance.

Answer:Sony Vaio XGN-TXN Laptop Windows XP wont reboot

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anything that i try to download, shows the pop up box with the run save or cancel. when i click run, the box turns pink and the computer will not download. please advise....thanks

Answer:windows vista on a sony vaio wont download

whenever i try to download anything. it gets to the point where there is the pop up box with the run, save or cancel buttons. i try to click run, and the box turns pink and nothing is downloaded. please help if possible or advise. thanks alot.

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I have had a Sony F717 camera for more than 5 years now. Everything had been perfect until yesterday. When I turned on the camera, the LCD display does not show any images in any of the still-image-shoot mode.
The AF icon had turned itself on. But other than that I did not notice anything unusual.
Any suggestions on what might be going on ?


Answer:Sony F717 Camera problem

Apart from trying fresh batteries and a new card, there is nothing else you can do other sending the camera for repair.

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I have a sony w35 digital camera. I charged the batteries but now when I turn the camera on, it says to turn off and turn on again but doesn't do any thing else. What can be the problem?

Answer:sony digital camera problem

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Hi everyone
Im hoping to get a little help with the problem Im having.
Up until just recently windows has not been recognizing my video camera and I cant figure it out. It was working fine a couple of weeks ago and now I cant even get the computer to recognize it, I have it connected via usb as I always have done, I have a memory card in the camera so I just use to tansfer my pictures to my computer etc, no problems. Ive done evrything I know of to fix this, I thought maybe I downloaded a program or something that conflicted with the camera within the last 2 weeks so I even did a format and reinstalled windows. First I installed the sony usb driver from the cd, which it tells me to do first, then I plug the camera in and instead of getting "New hardware found" like it normally would, I get absolutely nothing, no activity at all, nothing in device manager, no exclamation marks, my dsl modem works fine and it is connected via usb, all I can think of is the sony usb cord that came with the camera has somehow died, I have 2 and neither of them work anymore.
In device manager down the bottom I have "Universal serial bus controller" when I expand that I have "ALi PCi to USB Open Host controller" and "Usb Root Hub"
All seems fine to me... so I cant think of anything else other than the usb cord is buggered. I am running windows 98, I dont have the opportunity at the moment to check the camera on another computer. I was just wondering if there ... Read more

Answer:Windows wont recognize my Sony Mini DV handycam anymore.

Ok, I tested the camera on another computer and nothing. Didnt recognize it, So now Im lead to believe its either the cable or the cameras usb port. Is it common for usb cables to just suddenly die?
Also the usb port on the camera looks a little funny, Im not sure if it was already like that but the pins inside seem to be slightly pointed upward, are they supposed to be completely horizontal? Its hard to explain what it looks like through text, if I could get another picture or something of a video camera usb port to compare it too that would make things easier....ahhh! Im stuck.

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I have recently downloaded photos from a holiday. Each day's photos are placed in a separate folder by the camera. Photos taken in portrait mode when viewed in Windows Photo viewer are in landscape mode and cannot be re-orientated to portrait as the rotation arrows are greyed out. How can I rotate these?
Apologies if this is not the right place to air this problem.

Answer:Sony DSC- HX60 camera download problem

Are they read only or write protected?

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When I connect my sony DCR-TRV950 using a firewire to my computer, it doesnt get recognized. The camera says DV IN on the bottom right of the lcd screen when i connect it so im fairly sure its not the camera. I tried many variations of connecting, then turning on, different modes, etc. i tried changing the firewire port on my computer to another pci slot but it stayed the same. the computer does recognize my port and all the drivers are installed. I tried many different softwares for recording dv from a camera but nothing worked. when i connect it using a usb cable, it works but the image is not as clear as i want it.
Anyone know what my problem is?

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a friend of mine has this software for a sony digital camera cyber shot model-dsc-p731p93.when he tried to run it he got message An error(-5006:Ox8000ffff)has occured.please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications.if the error still occurs,please contact your vendor:sony corporation.i told him i would post this problem for him to see if anyone knows or has any help on this site.any help appreciated thanks

Answer:sony pictire package camera problem

If he's running xp, tell him not to bother loading the software, it's just not needed to get the piccy's off the camera, should this be the case.

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Hello all,

I hope someone here can help since i have searched the web far and wide for a solution but nothing seems to work.

Okay so i will tell you what led up to this problem:

I had a friend with an Sony Vaio SVF15A1C5E who from when he bought it had windows 8.1 installed. So he came to me with windows 7 and asked if i could make a clean install with. So i did without any big problems, he had it for like 2 months and everything worked. Then he installed some shitty programs on and it went slow on him. So we had to reinstall windows just to make sure everything was gone.
So i reinstalled Windows 7 without any problems every driver seemed to work but suddenly i noticed that the battery would not charge which i found odd, so i fumbled around with the AC but nothing seemed to work. Then i tried to reinstall the driver for the AC management that was on it. Still nothing seemed to change it. Then i thought okay, i will just reinstall windows 7 once again and it should work. But sure enough it did not work. So i am stuck now and i do not know what to do.

Notice this is a laptop only 1 year old and the battery cannot be taken out so i can try those options people have come up with on other threads. Also i tried to update bios but it says that bios is fully updated. SP1 is also installed.

I really hope someone can help here. Thanks.

Answer:Sony Vaio wont charge battery after clean windows 7 install

Okay so now i have installed windows 8.1 on it and it does charge with it. So it is without a doubt a software problem. im still not having windows 8 on this laptop. since my friend wants windows 7 on it.

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I have an emachines (E525) with windows 7. When I try to start up my computer I get directed to a windows error recover screen. At that point I am given 2 options.
1. Launch start up repair
2. Start windows normally.
If I pick option 2 I get stuck in a continuous re-booting loop that brings me right back to these options. If I pick option one. I just get a blank black screen.
I do not have any kind of recovery disk. what can I do? Any help would be appreciated

Answer:windows 7 wont load

There may be a 'recovery' partition on the hard drive. If there is (it's often hidden from Windows Explorer but the partition will be visible in Disk Management) you can invoke the recovery routine by pressing a specific key during the initial boot process. I believe that key is f11 for eMachines computers.

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hi all the other day when i turned my laptop on [acer] it came up with a screen system repair so clicked it and it reloaded window7 took about half hour, when it reloaded it came up on the administrator when i loged out to use my profile it wouldnt accept my password.
So i restarted it and now it says set up strarting services and wont do anything else any ideas any1 ive only had it 2 weeks

Answer:help windows 7 wont load

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before the troubles.

If that doesn't work, try running a startup repair from the Windows DVD or repair disc. You may need to run it several times.

If you don't have a Windows DVD or repair disc, you can create one. See this tutorial:

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Question: Windows wont load

Afternoon all. I came home from work today and while playing World of Warcraft, my pc froze. So i restarted as usual, but this time i didnt get past the bios boot screen. It seemed to stop after saying "PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable." So i thought it was a fluke ocurrence being that ive never seen that message in the past 4.5 yrs that ive had this computer. So i restarted it again, same thing. So i turned it off, opened her up, and checked the cables. Nothing seemed noticeably wrong so i closed her up and turned her back on.

This time i got past the boot screen with no issues, but now its just staying at the windows loading screen. Doesnt do anything else. I am able to get into windows using safe mode if that means anything.

Any ideas or suggestions guys? I apologize for not being able to post my specs but im posting this via my phone.

Im using Windows XP (SP3)

If theres a way to do something in safe mode with using the internet, let me know and ill post whatever you need. I await further instruction, and ty in advance.

Answer:Windows wont load

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Hi just wondering if you have any ideas what has happened
I switched my pc on as usual but realised the vga lead had come disconnected, i didnt turn the pc off first i just tried to connect the vga lead back into the pc/monitor and now when the pc starts it goes straight to, black screen " do you want to start windows in the best known configeration etc. I click on yes to this or start windows, it loads the initial windows logo and then the pc restarts back to main black screen with the options, could you tell me what i might have blown etc, i have tried in safe mode but this is the same. Thanks

Answer:xp windows wont load

On that screen where they have safe mode options there is an option to disable auto reboots after an error. Turn that so the machine doesn't restart automatically and get the error message/codes that are displayed.

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i think its a virus, prob is, so i cant get windows to load normally, nor in safe mode and i cant even get into system restore, it loads then there is a quick blue screen and then restarts on its own.... i have a 1TB HD in 4 partitions i can only see the C drive listed and it says 132 out of 931 free which makes sense with all the data on all 4 parts......i took the HD and used an enclosure but the i cant get the D to recognize anywhere......i was thinking maybe using the Combo fix on the boot up might work????

any help would be great appreciated as im usually pretty good at backing things up but i need school work on there for finals coming up.....thanks you and happy holidays

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When I start my computer, it comes up with the options, of choosing

safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt
last known configuration
start windwos normally

when choosing any of the options, i get the windows XP loading screen where the task bar goes left to right and straight after that, i get a blank black screen.

does any one know what the problem could be?

Hw can i resolve this problem?

Answer:Windows xp wont load up

If you cannot get past this very early part of the Boot process then typically that would mean that the Boot routine does not know where to find Windows.

In simplified terms the Windows XP startup process follows this sequence (please note that this is simpliified)

PHASE 1 : Start > POST Sequence > Partition Table > MBR > Boot Code > ntldr

PHASE 2 : ntldr > boot.ini > > ntoskrnl.exe > hal.dll > REGISTRY > winlogon.exe > lsass.exe > User Logon

If the sequence gets as far as ntldr and ntldr is not found then a message "NTLDR is missing" will be displayed. If you are not getting that message then the boot sequence is probably not getting as far as ntldr.

If the problem lies with the Partition Table then you should receive the message "Invalid partition table".

Now the only part of the sequence that occurs between the Partition Table and the ntldr is the MBR > Boot Code. Therefore if you are getting neither an "Invalid partion table" nor an "NTLDR is missing" message then the most likely cause is a corrupt MBR and/or Track 0.

If you use imaging software such as Acronis True Image (or similar) then all you need do is restore the MBR and Track 0, reboot and the problem should be resolved.

If you don't have an image of the MBR and Track 0 then get back to the Forum.


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have to hit ctrl alt delete to continue. I got an system recovery disk from .I can get to system recovery by switch the boot log up.But my operating system does not show up. will the disk i burned work??? It says to load drivers if no operating system is there. Which drivers??? where are they???I do know a little about computers, please keep explanations a novice and am learning.Thanks so much for the helpLaptop is emachines 725I deleted Malware Malbytes off my computer and when it restarted is when all the problems started.James

Answer:windows 7 wont load

try a system restore from the recovery disk, if that fails, save your files via a linux boot disk, then do a factory restore,"Alt+F10" at boot up, or "Start > Programs > eMachines > Recovery options > Restore. follow the instructions, if you do not have a hidden partition with the original OS, you will have to contact emachines and request a set of recovery cd,s which you will probably have to pay for.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I am running windows xp my laptop is a eee pc i have had it a few years but it stopped loading windows just a black screen with a curser.thats it .it will load in safe mode with networking, but wont run restore or any anti virus wont run in safe mode.and a pc repair tool said it was a google updater crash or somthin like that.I dont no were to start or finish help i need xp to do some work since win 7 wont do hyperterminal.

Answer:pc wont load windows

Welcome to bc. Windows 7 will do hyper terminal just fine. Sounds like you have a bad hard drive.

Does the ram count happen and can you get into bios setup? It's usually one of the function keys, f10 or f12, I don't know exactly on the eee pc.

If you can and you have a usb drive you can search google for guides on how to put xp or a rescue cd on the drive, boot to it, and correct the drive error.

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I'm trying to get a Toshiba satelite L300D to start Win-7.
It gives an error message:

"An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data"

Not really sure what that means,
but my guess is thats a file that it isn't finding.

My pic isn't very clear, the Status is 0xc000000f,
again not sure what that means.

This machine has been runing and well behaved for a long time.

Any help to get this running would be very welcome.

Cheers, John

Answer:Windows wont load ... ?

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I have a lenovo SL-510 but nothing loads up. I tried to load up windows 7 pro. (32-bit) and try to re install it but all i get is an error message. Does anyone know what to do?? 

Answer:SL-510 wont load windows 7! HELP ANYONE!!

Hello Shawn9227 and welcome to community,
Update the BIOS which always help in recognizing new hardware and software.
After this try to install Windows 7 from the bootable disc, if you get any error message then please share.
Best Regards,

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having trouble with netbook put norton on and it found some virus told me to restart computer when i did windows wont load getting a message this application has failed to start because themed32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem can any one help please not very good with computer jargon

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For some reason, Windows XP is not loading. It says Windows did not start succesfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this. When I try to start it on SAFE MODE, it says a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to the computer. Unmountable_boot_volume. It also says, techinical information, STOP: 0X000000ED (0X826A9D80,0XC0000006,0X00000000,0X00000000). This is on a blue screen after doing Windows recovery. Please help!

Answer:Windows Xp Wont Load!!!

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Question: Windows wont load

I just put a new system together (p4 northwood 2.66, msi mobo).

I am trying to take an old HD that i've got from a p3 930 system (the one I am using right now) and install it in my new system, but WinXP wont start when I try.

The HD works fine when I put it back in the old system, and even the new system will detect the HD just fine, so I don't think it's a hardware problem.

Here is exactly what happens.. Windows goes to load and I get an error message saying windows may not have been properly shut down, yadda, yadda... Prompting me to start in safe mode, safe w/ networking, etc.. If I choose safe mode, I see a bunch of parths and filenames scroll and then the computer hangs. When I choose normal, or last known config option, the WinXP loading screen flashes for a split second, then a blue screen flashes for a split second and then it just reboots. Very frustrating since I can't even see any error messages..

Anybody have and advice they can share? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows wont load

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Your issue is probably putting a hard drive that has an O.S. on it from another system and trying to boot it. You are probably having driver conflicts.
In order to use that hard drive in the new system you are going to have to fdsik/reformat and install a fresh copy of your O.S.

Sure it will boot from the other machine, it is set to that particular system and its hardware.
I hope this has helped

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Question: windows wont load

I have just had a new rig built, but when I try and start it up I get an error message, it is just 4 letters like MDLS (or something like that) cant be found, this is a fresh install of windows xp pro, I know its not a lot of info but as any one got any idea what I'm on about? From what ive been told now its a scrip that starts up windows.I cant remeber off hand what mobo has been used but the HDD is a SATA 2

Answer:windows wont load

We need the exact error message, not a guess.

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My mom turns on her computer and gets this:


We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.

If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Las Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Power or Reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start Windows Normally.

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration (Your most recent settings that worked)

Start Windows Normally

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice.


No matter which option I choose, it just comes back to this screen.

Answer:Windows wont load...

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I built my computer myself. I have enough background in A+ to be able to build it and I had help from a friend who just built his. Im using the DFI LANParty NF4 SLI-DR Motherboard, Amd 4800+ dc proccessor, two
BFG GeForce 7800 GT OC, two Ultra 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory, Maxtor 250 SATA HDD. When i try to install windows it goes to about 27% then it will say that it cant load a certain file..usually a .dll. I Know my copy of xp is good because we just installed it onto my friends HDD. The wierd thing is I plugged an IDE HDD with xp on it into my machine, i unpluged my sata, the machin will get to the XP logo screen then reboot. If this needs to be in a dirfferent forum please let me know and i will repost. Thanks

Answer:Windows XP wont load

might be the CD/DVD drive you're using

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hi guys help!!!!!!!
i have a t40 ibm thinkpad
somebody has tried to load anti viuruses and for some reason a firewall wich i cant understand as xp has its own!!
now my problem is tht when the laptop starts it goes thru the password screen then stops loading when my background shows up
no icons or toolbars on the screen.
tried starting it in safe mode wont accept my password!!
im at a loss please somebody help me as this happens to be my works cpu!!!!

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Question: windows wont load

hi agian, i just took everything out of my computer to do the wires last night and then put ti back in again and it worked fine, now when i came to use my pc i get the message (after the "verifyig pool data" bit) it says "BOOTMGR MISSING PRESS CTRL+ALT+DEL TO RESTART"

my pc is:

windows vista premium
athlon 64 3800+
1GB PC3200
Winfast Mobo
ATI Radeon x550
1x Seagate IDE 40GB

Answer:windows wont load

Vista Tip: Repair "BOOTMGR is missing" error - Lifehacker

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Windows 7 started freezing after 1 month of use. It locks up in the "Loading Windows" screen during the animation. I have tried using Windows repair upon boot but it locks up also. Sometimes i get a 2-Beep sound coming from my CPU which should signify a CMOS Setting Error. I have tried booting in safe mood which still locks up. Attempted last known good configurations. Also i have removed the battery from the CPU and reentered BIOS and tried "Fail Safe Configuration" as well as "Optimal Configuration". I switched HDDs. Attempted to boot CD-ROM first and reinstall windows but that failed to load also. All attempts i made have no impact. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my PC to boot?

Below is my current set-up:
x Case CoolerMaster HAF 922 Gaming Case - Black
x Processor AMD FX-8150 CPU (8x 3.60GHz/8MB L2 Cache)
x iBUYPOWER PowerDrive PowerDrive Level 1 - Up to 10% Overclocking
x Processor Cooling Liquid CPU Cooling System [AMD] - ARC Dual Silent High Performance Fan Upgrade (Push-Pull Airflow)
x Memory 16 GB [4 GB X4] DDR3-1600 Memory Module - Corsair or Major Brand
x Video Card AMD Radeon HD 7770 - 1GB - Single Card
x Video Card Brand Major Brand Powered by AMD or NVIDIA
x Motherboard Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 -- AMD 970
x Motherboard USB / SATA Interface Motherboard default USB / SATA Interface
x Power Supply 600 Watt - Standard
x Primary Hard Drive 1 TB HARD DRIVE -- 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s - ... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Wont Load

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Did you replace the CMOS battery? How long does the computer stay on for before locking up?

Do the following: Boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Then type: chkdsk /f and restart the computer.

Let Windows check for a bad hard drive.

After that is done. Download Memtest86+ and use IMGBurn to but it to a CD. Then change the boot order to boot from thr CD and allow MemTest to get 20 passes. That will check for bad RAM. Write down any errors (red) and post back.

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Question: Windows wont load

Hey everybody,I just came back from my friends LAN party.  I set up my computer again, and turn it on.  Everything looks good, and then when the Windows Vista loading screen comes on (the one with the loading bar) it instantly freezes.  The windows logo and the loading bar is also slightly faided because i guess it didnt get a chance to fully display on the screen.  The next day i turn on my computer, and i get the message saying windows didnt load properly, and theres been some sorta software or hardware change.  I select load using default loading configuration, and then the same problem happens, it freezes.  I force shutdown, reboot then selece boot using last known good configuration.  It still freezes.  I didnt try safe mode yet, because i have no idea wut safemode is.  Can some1 help me pl0x?Specs are:AMD Phenom II X4 9402x ATI Radeon 4870 X2 XFX in crossfire.4 gigs 1066 mhz ramDKA790GX Platinum mobo1600 Watt PSU2 TB harddrive (2 x 1 TB hardrive RAID 0)

Answer:Windows wont load

To get to Safe Mode, restart computer, and keep tapping F8 key until menu appears.

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So first of all Vista has been working fine before for a long time until now and no my computer was not upgraded to Vista, it came with it. The computer will turn on perfectly fine and when i click to log in on the welcome screen, vista wont load. So i went to safe mode and booted there but it took awfully long to load explorer and everything else and also task manager will not show up but its little graph icon shows up in the start menu and the CPU seems to be fluctuating constantly from 1-100 percent. I've also tried system restore to 3 different points with no success but one point which is the point of the date in which i started having this problem wont succesfully restore as in it will not complete, it freezes in the middle of it. So i tried to install HiJackThis but it wont install and i thought that maybe installation of the On2 VP7 codec was the problem and when i try to run its uninstall it wont let it uninstall. So my question is how do i get my computer to boot normally again and fix this problem?

Edit: got task manager to open on a reboot but nothing is showing in processes or anything. CPU seems to be running normally too but still everything is very very slow and logging in on safe mode still takes forever and logging in normally would probably take twice as long.. resource monitor shows that CPU usage is at 0-1 percent and used physical memory is only 39%. So i do not know what is at fault. Should i keep trying to restore to that date that takes f... Read more

Answer:Windows Wont Load After Log In

well since nobody has helped i just ran gateway system recovery with backup and it backed up all my personal files but i still have a problem, Vista now runs horribly slow, just as slow as before but at least it lets me log in.. so i dont know what the problem is here any help is great.

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i have a Toshiba Cosimo, recently i was just sitting there and it
turned off on me, when i tryed to restart my laptop i cant make it to
my login screen, i tryed to open it up in safe mode and nothing. people
are telling me i need to reinstall windows vista but I'm not that good
with computers. i was wondering if anyone can help me figure out whats
wrong with my computer. it makes it to a black screen and i can only see the mouse courser and move that around, any ideas?

Answer:windows wont load up

For someone as me (and others as well of course) something like installing an operating system is child's play as we've done it dozens of times, but I do understand that it's not that simple for others

I really do encourage people who'd like to try reinstalling an operating system on their own, It's really not dificult once you get the hang of it

If you are not certain of yourself then you can always use a helping hand, you can find several tutorials on the internet which guide you step by step through the installation procedure. Do make sure you have all the drivers of your system ready for when you reinstalled your system, their are standard drivers included in the vista installation, but you better install the drivers that fit your hardware. If you have the CD's containing your drivers, you're good, if you don't you can download them from the website of the hardware's manufacturer. When you download it, make sure you know the type number of your hardware because every piece of hardware has its own drivers.

Another important factor that you have to take into account is your processor. Before installing double check whether your processor is a 32 bits or a 64 bits processor because operating systems come in 2 kinds lately, 32 and 64 bit version. If you install a 32 bit operating system on a 64 bit processor, or vice versa, you won't get optimal results from your processor.

If you are really not certain of yourself, ask ... Read more

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okay i was doing a reformat on my lenovo 300 g 530 lap top with windows vista home when it stopped and froze up then i shut it off and tried to reboot when i had nothing but the lenovo screen.i cant get the f11 or f8 to work i booted up with a boot disk now i get windows up to a screen that says unable to find f:/sorces/install.wim nothing i try works can any one help me also i do not have the recovery discs i never got around to burning a set before this happened also when i do get it started it then says that windows cannot complete install please restart and reinstall windows im really screwed here

Answer:windows wont load up

Contact Lenovo and see if you can purchase restore disks for your model.

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Question: Windows wont load!

When i try to acess my dell studio 15 laptop, it comes up with the windows boot manager, saying i should boot the windows disc up and "repair your computer", and the error code under it being '0xc0000225'. I have attempted this several times with it at the end just telling me to retry; but fails everytime. And even when i try to do a system restore instead it wont let me, and comes up with another error message. So is there anyway i would be able to fix this without having to re-install windows and lose everything i had on my hardrive?

Answer:Windows wont load!

Hopefully someone will be able to help, but in the meantime, it might help to say what OS you have?
You might also try unplugging your power supply and removing the battery. Hold the ON button for maybe 30 seconds to reset. Remove all peripherals - especially any USB devices, plug in and reboot.
Have you added any hardware or software lately - just before the problem started?

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Xp wont load. have tried all alternatives last known configuration etc and it still keeps coming back to the same screen. what can i do? novice user scared of losing files!!!

Answer:windows xp wont load -help!!!

Usually at this point, I think you need to use the Recovery Console of your XP disc.
You might want to give a little more detail about what's happening like, what kind of screen you're getting. Is it blue? Black? Stuck at some point?

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I just loaded XP on to a new drive. All was working well. Then i loaded a cd that came with my hard drive and it deleted a file. now windows wont load in safe or any other thing. the message is windows root file is missing Please reinstall a copy of the above file.
The file is windows root system32\hala.dll
any one got an idea
i reinserted the xp install disk and it wont boot form it

How bout i i format the hard drive? Can some one tell me how to do that?

Answer:windows XP wont load

this has happened a few times to people over the last month,dunno why.
here are some instructions on how to get back into windows.

scroll down the page to the section on HAL.
hope it helps you out.

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hi guys and girls i have a pretty bad problem with my pc at the mo, i was on my pc last night playing a game or 2 and i turned it off without any problem, thought it was all and well, but when i came back to turn it back on this morning it just wouldn't load. i just get passed the mobo logo screen and all i get is this on a black screen where info is meant to be: ========================================= _ ========================================= so i tryed to restart and boot a dvd with windows 7 on it but it wouldnt boot so i tryed to get into the bios settings(by pressing del on mobo logos screen) but nothing i keep getting the same thing. now what in gods name as happen, i have never seen this before and i have messed up my pc on more then once in my 15 years of computing but always been able to get past it or reformat it but now nothing please help me out i have not long build my baby :P thanks for you time

Answer:Windows 7 just wont load...

Quote: Originally Posted by XxLoneBearxX

hi guys and girls i have a pretty bad problem with my pc at the mo, i was on my pc last night playing a game or 2 and i turned it off without any problem, thought it was all and well, but when i came back to turn it back on this morning it just wouldn't load. i just get passed the mobo logo screen and all i get is this on a black screen where info is meant to be: ========================================= _ ========================================= so i tryed to restart and boot a dvd with windows 7 on it but it wouldnt boot so i tryed to get into the bios settings(by pressing del on mobo logos screen) but nothing i keep getting the same thing. now what in gods name as happen, i have never seen this before and i have messed up my pc on more then once in my 15 years of computing but always been able to get past it or reformat it but now nothing please help me out i have not long build my baby :P thanks for you time

So you cant boot from the dvd, you cant get into bios, you cant boot into safe mode? does the win 7 dvd boot on another computer?

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I restarted my computer a few hours ago.. it starts up saying MEM bar not detected or something like that, it goes away, and starts after less then 30 seconds.. it then goes to normal start up.. I log in, and it says "setting up personal profiles". this does not go away. then it says something about a program, to continue or to quit. If I press quit, it goes to crash page, if I click continue, it still does nothing .. what do I do, what is causing this?

Answer:Windows XP wont load after I log in...

Here are some rescue disks to try.Avira AntiVir Rescue System Rescue CD Rescue CD (for CD creation) Rescue CD (for USB stick) CD Rescue Disk LiveCD Rescue Kit Express Rescue Disk Perfect Rescue Tool Boot CD's BootCD ? Emergency Boot CD's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootab... Read more

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Question: Windows Wont Load

I have a hp p6823w 64 bit windows 7 home amd phenom ii x2 521 processor. not sure if that's enough specs or not. power went out yesterday and when it came back on I turned pc on and it wouldn't boot up into windows sometimes it has the cursor with black screen and sometimes just black screen. few times its only went to welcome msg with spinning circle. it will boot up into safe mode with network, but im not tech savvy enough to know what to do indepth. ive ran the software and didn't turn up any problems, I don't know where to go from here. please help.

Answer:Windows Wont Load

bcantrell said:

I have a hp p6823w 64 bit windows 7 home amd phenom ii x2 521 processor. not sure if that's enough specs or not. power went out yesterday and when it came back on I turned pc on and it wouldn't boot up into windows sometimes it has the cursor with black screen and sometimes just black screen. few times its only went to welcome msg with spinning circle. it will boot up into safe mode with network, but im not tech savvy enough to know what to do indepth. ive ran the software and didn't turn up any problems, I don't know where to go from here. please help.Click to expand...

also I tried rebooting the os from the disks but wouldn't do it got error msg: this computer not supported by the system recovery media. you will not be able to recover this system with these media. error: 0100-2ab1-3672-3673-3674-3675-3676-3577-3578-3579-0120-0000-0002. again thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

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Hey guys
I can't find my previous post about this..

I was having a problem with my computer not booting/loading while my nvidia 8500gt is installed. gets to the scrolling green bar thing with microsoft corp. under it then goes black where the windows emblem should pop up and goes ding.

It was recommended i get a new power supply..i did...and still no love. Ive run a couple test from the vista install disk and from the boot menu and it says i might have a boot error...

any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:windows still wont load :(

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Hi, The problem is that windows Xp wont load.There has been no system crash and windows was shut down normally. Upon startup, the system boots to a black screen with the error msg "NTLDR is missing". I'm sure Iv'e had somethin similar in the past and it was not seeing the keyboard, once the connection was checked all was fine. It also says press ctrl>Alt>dlte to restart and this it does but only back to the black creen and error msg. Two new keyboards have been tried, both usb and ps2. So this is obviously NOT the problem this time.. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance Phil

Answer:Windows Xp wont load?

click here

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Question: windows wont load

Okay Monday i got a new Gfx card a 8600 gt nivdia geforce. i installed it and had it working.. it was working fine for a good hour or 2 until i got the blue screen of death. then i restarted my computer and the windows logo screen took forever to load and finally when it loaded i was stuck in a black screen that wont load my windows. ive tryed to load my comp. in safe mode but it fails to load up too. so if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated . thanks.

Answer:windows wont load

d/load and run the hard drive makers diognostic utility on the hard drive
what power supply do you have in it

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I have this HP laptop and everytime I turn it on I keep getting this error message. SOmething on the lines of:
Boot ctrl alt del to restart.

If I choose F2 to change the boot setup, I can load it with the Norton CD right? Or is it something totally different?

Thanks for all your help!

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Question: windows wont load.

This morning I wake up. Start browsing reddit and my computer randomly goes through the shut down process. I restart it and it goes through the normal stuff and get to the point where windows is about to load. It'll just sit there with the _ blinking. So I put my HDD in my room mates computer boots up fine. I put his HDD in mine, boots up fine. Whats the deal? can anyone help me resolve this issue?

Answer:windows wont load.


Originally Posted by roxel

This morning I wake up. Start browsing reddit and my computer randomly goes through the shut down process. I restart it and it goes through the normal stuff and get to the point where windows is about to load. It'll just sit there with the _ blinking. So I put my HDD in my room mates computer boots up fine. I put his HDD in mine, boots up fine. Whats the deal? can anyone help me resolve this issue?

Hmm, a little bit odd, but reboot your machine with the hdd in it, and make sure it is set to be in the first boot order.
If you have any flash drives or any removal media, disconnect it and see if it will boot.
If not, if you can get so far as to the safemode option using f8 during post, try it.
Once you are able to do that successfully, check and see if windows may have updated something on your machine to prevent itself from fully booting.
May I ask why you were browsing reddit by chance, I swear if you hear of people swear by staying out of editing windows registry with a scared look...
At times its for a good reason, if you dont know how to modify something, even some techs like me prefer not to go into it, not unless its needed and calls for it.

Welcome to!

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I was having a few issues with my computer a few days ago. So I figured maybe it was just time to do a restore. So I reformated the hard drive and reinstalled windows. I also reinstalled the drivers and let windows do a automatic update. Then I restarted the pc and the windows logo and loading icon appeared, but after that it went black and stayed that way. I can boot in safe mode, but I have no clue what to do from their.

Answer:Windows wont load up.

Uninstall the drivers that you installed. (One at a time, from Safemode) and reboot trying to get into regular Windows, until it works. The one that was uninstalled last, look for a different driver, and install the other drivers that were installed, the first driver you should try is the video driver. Hope this helps.

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My laptop loads, allows my to enter the user passsword then just freezes, it won't load in normal or any of the safe modes,

i really need to take my saved work off it, #

any suggestions?

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Answer:Windows wont load up

Remove the HDD and connect it to other PC as external one. I hope you will have access to all data there.
Sorry but if notebook doesn?t start in safe mode I see this as last option.

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Question: windows wont load


i was on my laptop and killed explorer.exe in task killer by accident. didnt know what to do, the screen gone blank (only background). i turned off computer. windows wont load. tried startup repair and system restore. always an erronr. then i tried to check if anything was wrong with memory (system restore option) and computer turned off. when i turned it on it was processing something for cca. 15min and then reported this error- stop: c000021a fatal system error. the initial session process or system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0xc0000001 0x001003a8). the system has been shut down.

please help me!!!

Answer:windows wont load

What are your system specs?

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Hi, I was playing a game one night and then my computer froze up. I turned it off and on via the power button. When it started up the first time Dell loading screen came up but it never loaded. I turned it off and on again, and this time only a cursor displayed in the top left corner was displayed. I've been searching on the internet for a fix for the past month but found nothing that worked. I tried taking out different things such as the harddrive and seeing if it would work to no avail. Today I switched my Geforce 8800 GT with the one that originally came with the computer and turned it on. This is the only thing that poped up in the start up screen, 113-A67626-103 RV516 PRO DDR2 BIOS 600e/400m Channel AB.

I have a Dell XPS 410 with all stock stuff except for the video card and extra ram. Running windows 7

Oh also the keyboard and mouse don't work. When I plug in my keyboard it lights up for a second but turns off.

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advanced.

Answer:Windows wont load up


DDR2 refers to the RAM. From what you have said it sounds like the RAM has gone faulty. Do you have any other PC's in your house that are simular to yours?

How much RAM do you have in the PC? If you have 2 x Sticks try removing one at a time to try and resolve the problem.


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Question: windows wont load

hey guys been awhile since i've had a problem, but here it goes. I turned my computer off last night and when i went to turn it on this morning, windows wouldn't load. It went to the screen that says you can start it in safe mode or normal mode or any of the other ones. But when i choose any mode the little white bar at the bottom of the screen loads, but then it freezes. Or if i choose safe mode it floods my screen with a bunch of command lines then freezes. I need a little help here guys because i am baffled. I know this has happened to me before but i do not remember how to fix it.

I have windows XP
amd 2600+ xp
asus a7n8x-x
gig of ram
2 hard drives, one at 20 and one at 60 gigs

Thanks for the help ahead of time guys.

Answer:windows wont load

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Question: Windows wont load

when i start my computer windows wont load, it gets to the windows xp logo with the moving bar underneath but it never loads up windows. it looks like i have to reformat my computer, but theres some files i still need off the hard drive. what should i do? and if i do need to reformat how would i go about recovering those files even though i cant access the desktop?ive tried safe mode, and last good configuration but it didnt do anything.

Answer:Windows wont load

what window?? try a repair install

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Question: windows wont load

i have a hp mini 110-3000 notebook and today it decided that it would get to the windows loading screen and freeze or reboot, I've tried to re-install it and it gets to the "install now" page after i select the languages and click install, it gets to the "set up is starting" page and the courser starts spinning and stays like that for hours on end

Answer:windows wont load

Do a RAM test. - Memory Diagnostic

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Question: Windows wont load

OK so my little brother just restarted his pc and it now wont go past the windows loading screen. I have tried to boot from his windows xp disc via changing the boot order in the bios but it wont do it. I even set all the boot orders to go from the cd and still nothing. I can get into safe mode but that is about it. Also just did a system restore on his pc to yesterday morning via safe mode and it still wont load windows past the loading screen. The cd drive seems to be working fine as the light flashes as if its trying to read a disc. I am out of ideas guys. Please help

Answer:Windows wont load

Howdy Ravensbane..

Have you tried pressing last known good config (the last time it worked) I knw that is not the exact wording but something like that towards the bottom.
If that does not work you might want to open the case (while unplugged) and look for a small silver battery and remove it for a good 30 seconds then put it back in..This will reset the BIOS (Basic input output) that should cure your woes

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Question: Windows wont load

I have had my computer for about a year and a half and when I try to start my computer up it gets to the windows loading page and is stuck there. Dell says that it is a software problem but I do not have warrenty for it. What can I do?

Answer:Windows wont load

Hi SarahMarie,

You can try performing a check disk repair and see if this process resolves your issues. You can perform a check disk repair using a windows xp cd or you can also try performing a check disk repair in safe mode. Is your computer able to get into safe mode at all?

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i have a computer,which will not boot,so i replaced the hard drive,same problem it says "boot failure" even after going in,in safe mode to do xp setup,it get to one screen saying at the top "windows setup" at the bottom of the screen it says "setup is loading files (windows executive)..." thats it ,it sticks there,anybody know what might be wrong?

Answer:windows xp wont load

ifyou are trying to reinstall windows 1st back up any files you want to external mediacd dvd etcrestsrt windows and go into the bios set cd rom to 1st bootable device exit save changes insert cd reboot and follw on screen instructions

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hi i have a toshiba laptop with Windows XP home installed

the computer loads till where it says Windows Xp home edition after that hte screen goes blank and a blue screen appears and disappears really quick

i was wondering if there is any way to fix this

thank you in advance

Answer:windows xp wont load...

Try this. As it's booting, continuously tap F8. This will (hopefully) take you to a screen where you can choose boot options. Try 'Last known good configuration'.

If that doesn't work, come back.


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Question: windows wont load

my laptop is stuck on the black screen with white lettering that asks to start up with "last known configuration", "start windows normally", "safe mode" "safe mode" with networking" and "safe mode with command promt" if i choose one it jsut brings me back to that sma screen it does let me get into just safe mode though

i am using widows xp.

any help would be apreciated


Answer:windows wont load

When did this problem start?
Did you make any software or hardware changes prior to this problem?
Using your windows XP Disc, insert disk, enter CMOS Setup, change to boot from CD, save and restart. HIt enter when it asks to boot from CD, once it loads, >Install windows, it will detect a previous installation, then hit R for repair.

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Morning - I looked for posts about my problem and did not find anything relevant. My husbands computer wont boot up at all. I tried the WinXP CD and got an error message: "a disk read error occured - press ctrl-alt-del to restart" so I did that and it went to the Dell screen and after about 60 secs it went black and the error message read "boot failure: system halted". I do not know what to do to fix this.......any help would be appreciated! Thanks, KathyM

Answer:Windows XP wont load
You're welcome.

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My Toshiba Satellite Laptop has Windows 8. For some reason windows 8 wont load. It gets to the screen where you select which username you want. But from there its non responsive, I cant get into Windows, I cant restart to load it up in safe mode.
I got a Windows 8 disk which I had to change the bios to load it up. The cd loads but it says the automatic repair wont repair the laptop. I try to refresh windows 8 but I get a message saying the drive where windows is installed is locked. unlock the drive and try again. It also wont let me use system restore.
I try to use the reset pc option but I get a message saying unable to reset your pc, a required drive partition is missing.
At the start it gives me the option to install windows 8, I don't know whether to just do that? Is it ok to do with windows 8 already installed?


Answer:Windows 8 wont Load

you can try to unlock the drive with a partition utility.
anyways wait for more answers from experts
do not do anything if you are in doubt
trying to install again may give the same locked message.

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