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HTC 8x - Last Windows Phone 10 broke my cell phone, how can I fix it?

Question: HTC 8x - Last Windows Phone 10 broke my cell phone, how can I fix it?

Today I received a notification: "New update ready to be installed Windows Phone 10 (Preview)".
I press "Ok"!
1) My cell phone was rebooted
2) I see the bar progress
3) After that... my cell phone was rebooted again.
4) And now... appears the HTC icon....then at&at icon and the cell phone is rebooted
Windows Phone 10 is not starting!
What's happening?

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Preferred Solution: HTC 8x - Last Windows Phone 10 broke my cell phone, how can I fix it?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HTC 8x - Last Windows Phone 10 broke my cell phone, how can I fix it?

Maybe because you installed it unofficially on an unsupported device?

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Answer:My screen broke. Is there anyway to retrieve phone numbers/photos from the phone still?

You should still be able to connect your phone to your computer using your charging cable.

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I can hear the whatsaap messages entering but cannot see open.
the screen is black

Answer:Why is my cell phone charging fully but I cannot turn on the phone to see the screen?

Amelod screen?

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I do all my work calls through my cell phone. Is it possible to highlight a phone number and then right click it and have it dialed through my cell phone? My cell phone and laptop are recognized via bluetooth, seems like this would've been a feature well before now.
It would be nice if it would be functional from Outlook emails or even webpages for businesses or candidates.

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I do all my work calls through my cell phone. Is it possible to highlight a phone number and then right click it and have it dialed through my cell phone? My cell phone and laptop are recognized via bluetooth, seems like this would've been a feature well before now.
It would be nice if it would be functional from Outlook emails or even webpages for businesses or candidates.

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how do I fix this? I have nothing stored on the phone whatsoever and then this message comes up when I'm trying to transfer mp3 files to the phone.

Answer:samsung sgh a516 cell phone / pc suite music 2 phone "insufficient memory"

well samsung said I needed a micro sd card. *censored* is this. it didnt even come with my phone. I guess I have to buy this additional BS again 

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i goofed somehow..i set up an email name etc on yahoo so my friend could email me to my pc or to her daughter's cell. here is the error message i got when i tried to send her an email from my pc:
"an error occurred while sending mail. the mail server responded: 5.1.1 <[email protected]> recipient invalid domain"

so you wonderful people how do i do it right?

many many thanks from me and my best friend Ina

Answer:email to/from cell phone to cell phone or pc

Maybe you have the address wrong. Should be

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Installed Windows Insider in my phone and got the Windows Mobile 10 Preview. Now I need to reset my phone back to Windows Phone 8.1. When using Windows Phone recovery Tool it's ending up with an error after completing the download of the software. So when I tried doing factory reset, it's again installing Windows Mobile 10. Please help me to restore my phone to 8.1 without using the Phone Recovery tool.

Answer:Reset my phone back to Windows Phone 8.1 from 10 without using Windows Phone Recovery Tool

What error do you get. Is it after the installation of the WPRT or if you connect your phone and download the firmware of your phone?
The WPRT is specially made for the roll back but if you do not want to use it you need to use for example the Nokia Care suite but for a novice this is much more complicated then the WPRT.
So I would suggest to register and reply on this post which error you get.
Firewalls and virus scanners may prevent the installation of the WPRT and a network may prevent the downloading of the firmware and an "bad" connection between your PC and your phone will also give errors. (change USB cable or USB ports or PC)
Good luck

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I know its not your typical first question but I'm wondering if there's any way to get Windows 7 to see a connected and tethered Windows 6.1 Smartphone to use it as the modem versus the built in PC hardware ?

I need the cell but not the landline now and it would be a great help. Conversely - I cant seem to locate a Smartphone compatible fax software so I can generate a doc on the PC and send it to the cell for faxing.

Answer:Windows 7 fax from cell phone ?

Well I was just thinking about this myself today. I on the other hand can already tether my sony phone to get me on the net with 3G speeds though t-mobile. I have to fax some papers but I can't find a fax machine around that doesn't charge 1.50 a page after 2.

So can you tether the phone at all? USB or bluetooth? if it was a blackberry or other phone I could help with the basic connection but I have never used a windows phone.

you might want to try a google search for windows 6.1 smartphone forums, you might find an answer that way. oh and the modem phone could help me find your answer too.

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it appears that they are having problem with them in the Philippines

Answer:Can a Windows cell phone be used in the Philippines?

Appears? How?
I am not aware of any issues that happen only in the Philippines.
If such a Windows Phone is unlocked and in good working order, it should work at least for the basics on any GSM carrier.

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Dropped my phone and screen cracked. The screen display still works but it doesn't register any touch so i can't unlock it. I have connected it to my pc but I still need to unlock it to get anything off it. I assume the screen is the most common thing to break on a phone so surely there is a way to unlock it and retrieve files through the windows phone app on my pc it would be stupid if there isn't.
In case Microsoft had their heads in the cloud and didn't think anyone in the world would break their screens and still need access to their locked phones files is there anyway to mirror the phones screen on my computer so I could enter the pin that way?

Answer:Windows Phone touch screen broke is there any way to enter pin code while connected to a pc?

Try the Project My Screen app on your PC

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HiIm trying to root my samsung galaxy epic touch 2 to mu asus laptop which has windows 8 and it wont recognize the usb or phone I have downloaded the drivers and took out the battery..still going nuts !! any help is appreciated.Thank Youdenny

Answer:Cant get windows 8 to recognize my usb cord and my cell phone

Sorry, I don;t know anything about that.But did you see this video? (Ignore the advertisement.)How to Root the Samsung EpicDoes that help any? Note to moderator. This should have been posted in the  Android section. But it still does not exist.

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tried to replace original ringtone with I Love Rock N Roll. using USB I downloaded
to Nokia Lumina Icon (929). was too Loud, so I deleted.
Now I can't find a ringtone on Verizon website - prefer the original

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I tried to connect my Windows 7 computer to a Kyocera S2100 cell phonevia USB data cable. Windows and the phone recognized that a connectionhad been made, indicated by beeps from each, but Windows put up amessage saying it could not find a driver. The phone does not show upunder "Devices with removeable storage" in My Computer. One website says to go to Settings > Mode Settings on the phone andselect "Mass Storage Mode", but there is no "Mode Settings" on this phone. I asked Kyocera Technical Support if they had a driver, and the person therereplied: > We would be more than glad to provide you the drivers for your> Kyocera/Sanyo phone, However, We are focused in our Kyocera smart> phones at the moment, and the drivers for the featured phones have been> discontinued.> > If you need to transfer information from a featured phone, what you can do> is to get a special software that allows you to transfer information from any> phone to a computer, or to another phone directly, you can get more> information at:> > You can also try to go to a store from your service provider and ask them> to transfer the phone's information for you, since some stores have this> software.> > We are really sorry for the inconveniences, we would appreciate your> comprehension. What do you think I need to comprehend? The link is topay programs. Were the drivers deleted from the web so that peoplewould buy datapilot's programs? Or what? Can I connect the phone to the P... Read more

Answer:Connect Kyocera s2100 cell phone to Windows 7 PC

If there is no mass storage mode on your phone, a new data cable of any kind won't make any difference.Check you phone settings again for "mass storage mode". Without that mode you cannot do what you are trying to do.The generic mass storage driver is built in to Windows but unless you can switch the phone to "mass storage mode" Windows won't be able to install that driver.If all you need to do is transfer data from/to the phone's memory card, buy a card reader & plug it in to your computer's USB port.Then remove the memory card from the phone and insert it in to the card reader. Than gets around your current problem as far as the memory card is concerned.message edited by phil22

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how to use windows cortana cell phone app with vw radio via bluetooth

Answer:How do I use Windows Cortana cell phone app with vw radio via Bluetooth?

First, you may have to have "Use an alternate Bluetooth audio connection for speech" checked under Bluetooth -> Advanced... My VW's radio worked better with it checked, your results may vary.
To use Cortana, once connected to your car's stereo, hit the call button in your car, then say, "Call Cortana"... once the phone call is in process, you can say the same things you would as if you had just held the search button on your phone.... "send text to xxx", "shuffle music", etc...

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If you live in europe, or anywhere else for that matter, outside USA, can you enter the weeklies, the reason I ask is that the prize stated says 25$.
If you were a winner from say France, would you recieve Euros or Pounds if you lived in Scotland.
I was just wondering if its a comp exclusively for peoples of America.
Thankyou for indulging me and my odd question in advance.

Answer:weekly photo (windows cell phone images) rules

It's open to anyone, anywhere.
The prize is what it is. I guess your regional Windows Phone Store should adjust the credit to the appropriate currency at the exchange rate which applies when you first enter the card # into your account...

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I am using Windows Live Mail Desktop as my email client on a computer running Win XP sp3. I understand Microsoft are encouraging folk to switch from OE to WLM

My cell phone is a Nokia 6110 Navigator.

Nokia provide a programme called PC Suite to sync phone and PC.

It enables sync with Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus messenger but there seems to be no way to sync with WLM

I have sent Nokia support a number of emails asking for advice but they do not even reply.

Can anyone suggest how I can sync my cell phone with my PC and include the WLM as it naturally has all my contacts, emails etc.?

I have also got ActiveSync installed on my computer but that also does not seem to support WLM.



Answer:Windows Live Mail Desktop. Synchronize with cell phone

Sorry I think this should have been posted in Dos PDA and Others. So I will post it there. If a mod would like to remove this duplicate that would be great.

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has anyone upgraded the lumia 1520 to windows 10 and had a problem with the metro cell phone carrier? any information about aprroved cell phone carriers or any one that has done this with out any problem would help thanks

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I want to use my computer for placing telephone calls

Answer:Can I connect my cell phone to Windows 10 and make calls from my computer?

Are you on T-Mobile? If so you can sign up for the Digits beta test for phone calls on any device, here's info... is T-Mobile Digits and why do I want it? | Android Central
And I'm not sure if Microsoft ever released this to the general public, BUT they for sure are/were testing something themselves...Phone app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile updated with Call Duration | Windows Central
PS I've called in a ringer also, who may know more! :)

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tried many times to unlock my new 535 mobile -forgot the password number-how to unlock now-pls help

Answer:New 535 phone-phone lock password forgot-when tried it showing after 540 minits-how to use my phone?

If you do not know the password anymore than you have to do a hard reset.
But you will loose all your data on your phone

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On the cell phones I closed and opened usb connection mode in mass storage or the phone himself but no result. I have an LG optimus and an LG g2. No one work with the laptop but was working few weeks ago. I think something was change in the my laptop configuration. Thank you

Answer:Why my laptop (toshiba windows 8.1) dosen't recognize (connect) any cell phone (android)?

Oh lord, the LG phones (though in and of themselves excellent) have a tough time connecting to PC. Go to settings. Find about phone. Go to software info. Keep poking Build Number until a box says you're a developer. Go back and now there should be a settings box for developer options. Choose ON, and turn on usb debugging and always screen on. Go to the homescreen and then see if it is recognized.

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Nokia lumia 820
Updating to wp 10 technical preview ,

Answer:My lumia has no change, i was changethe phone ,phone is updating can't on the phone

Please join and provide more information in this thread.
1) How are you charging your phone
2) How long have charged your phone
3) What errors are you seeing?
4) Presuming you are not seeing any errors - basically the phone is not starting, can you do a soft reset or feel it vibrate by holding the volume down and power button?

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My phone does not rings when a call comes in, how to make my windows Nokia luminia phone ring

Answer:My phone does not rings when a call comes in, how to make my windows Nokia Lumia phone ring?

1.Make sure your Ringer+Notification volume isn' turned off
2. Make sure you have choosen a Ringtone in settings, maybe you have accidentally choosen 'none'.
3. Check if Driving mode is on, and is it blocking your calls.

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So I keep getting these emails (in four places) and texts about changing my password on my phone to an app password because of two two-step, so I created an app password for my phone. However, I cannot seem to find where to update my MS account password on my phone. Email+Accounts doesn't give an option since it's restricted to sync (there's no delete command) and inside there it has no password change option.
Am I missing something here? Windows Phone 8.1, Developer's Preview, Lumia 1520.

Answer:Action required for two-step verification on your Windows Phone - Can't update password on phone

I'm having the exact same problem. I was in a chat with microsoft yesterday and after being talked in circles for a while, my browser suddenly froze and lost connection. They were having a hard time understanding why I'm getting these notifications when everything seemed to be working fine. At some point, when I have the time, I'll get back on there again unless someone posts an answer here which would be fantastic! I'm really sick of these texts and emails every day. Especially when my phone seems to be working just fine.

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Do I need to use a Microsoft account as an interim step?

Answer:saved contacts from old windows phone to verizon cloud. how do i download to new lumia 735 phone?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Do I need to use a Microsoft account as an interim step? in the old windows phone, did you save your contacts with your email account? You can easily check by going to your email in a browser and then going to the people section - if your contacts were saved in that email, then you can set up your new phone with the same email and your contacts will sync to your new phone
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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There are no sounds except call and call speaker on my phone. It only vibrates. I can't play music or video either. What is the problem?

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The phone gives me a word to unlock screen, my lock screen uses numbers. The screen has a yellow boarder around it.

Answer:Lumia Windows 8 phone 735, My phone is on voice command asks me to double click everything

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I downloaded and installed the windows 10 technical preview for phone everything was fine but when the installation was over the phone restarted and then it is stuck on a white screen please help if anyone can tell me how to get rid of it

Answer:My phone is stuck on white screen after installing Windows 10 technical preview for phone, what should I do?

How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Microsoft - USA
Help is always just a quick google or bing search away...
?(this is why we have sites like lmgtfy)

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Hi everyone. This is very frustrating. I broke the screen on my Lumia 925. Bought a replacement and have them both here. I did all the backups on my old device, and when the new one was set up, I restored it to those backups. Settings and apps transferred fine. Nothing else did.
Then I fired up the Transfer My Data app. It could only transfer contacts. So now I have texts and photos/videos that are stuck on my old phone.
Certainly there's a way to get all this stuff moved over at once. I don't have the patience to plug my phone in to my computer to do a manual transfer. I shouldn't have to in 2015. Also, that wouldn't help my texts problem. Texting backup is on.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Broke my phone, got an identical one, how can I transfer all my files over?

Try to move ur stuff to sd card from Files App and then put that SD card in ur new mobile

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I have some contacts with several phone numbers saved as Mobile, Work, Home, etc. and I can sell all these numbers when I go to edit the contacts. The challenge is that when I am only viewing, or trying to call my contacts, I see a maximum of only 2 phone numbers, even when there are 3 or more saved. Why is this so and how can I resolve this issue?

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after downloading the updates when I try to install the updates my phone restarts and installation fails + lumia 1020

Answer:I upgraded my Windows phone to 10 and it doesn't work and now I can't downgrade my Win phone recovery. How can I do this?

IF the installation failed, a HARD RESET will bring the OS back to where it was ...
a HARD RESET may also fix the failed install - you won't know until you try it.
IF phone is non-operative, either plug it in to PC & use Windows Phone Recovery tool (make sure you have the latest version) ...
OR search this forum for HARD RESET key combination.
Good Luck.

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Several weeks ago the phone went thru a software update. since then many functions have stopped working, connecting wifi, etc. The most annoying is the volume doesn't work when I make a phone call. The call is received by the other party but they can't hear me talking and my phone makes no noise during the call. Setting the alarm will not make any noise, no noise is made when any functions are used.

Answer:Why doesn't my HTC phone with Windows operating system have any volume on phone calls?
We already have a thread on this topic pls dont start a new thread

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I have a Android - ZTE Maven with a small data pkg and just wondered if setting up the Phone Companion from Windows 10 is worth it or will it eat up my data by turning on the app and listening to the music stored on my laptop.....or should I just stick with listening to the limited music stored on my external microSD? I'm guessing that if I'm on WiFi I could use it, but while I'm driving (car w/o WiFi) it would only work off a data pkg.???
I can't seem to find any info online about this anywhere.

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I'm thinking about switching from my Lumia Icon to a Samsung Galaxy S6 since I'm getting tired of waiting for Microsoft to bring a new Windows Phone to Verizon. I will return to Windows eventually though if Microsoft ever releases a decent flagship Windows Phone on Verizon again. But until then I'm getting quite fed up and I'm losing my patience. I've waited over 2 years for a new phone and now it seems like it could be more years before there's even a possibility of a new flagship coming to Verizon. I'm locked in to Verizon because of a shared business account so I can't just switch carriers on a whim. If I do switch though, will I be able to transfer all my contacts and text messages over to the S6?

Answer:Can you transfer text messages and contacts from a Windows Phone to an Android phone?

Hi there,
WindowsCentral members would be more familiar with transferring SMS to a Windows Phone, rather than away from it.
Contacts definitely can be transferred. I'm not sure about SMS (Samsung Smart Switch is for transferring data from another Android device or an iPhone).
I'd suggest that you ask over at our sister site AndroidCentral. They would probably be better able to help. Ask a Question - Android Forums at

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I know Windows has a UserVoice site to make suggestions of features you would like, but I would like to find a place for support / troubleshooting with a technician concerning my 1020 random rebooting?
I have taken various steps to try and discover what it might be... I have turned off features, turned on features, uninstalled apps that might be a problem, turned on and off wifi / bluetooth. Basically I keep plugging away at what might be the issue. On a windows computer I have tools that I can run, as well as looking at Task Manager to see if there is some Process running that should not be. On the phone I don't know how to do that so I cant effectively troubleshoot the same way.
The bottom line is, I want to help the eco system because I truly believe in logic Microsoft has started with, and I would think others like me would be valuable beta testers in making the OS flawless, all I need is either someone on the inside, or perhaps some tools to help discover issues that will frustrate the masses if they were switching to the MS os.

Answer:Is there a place to get Windows Phone support / troubleshoot with technician on phone issues?

I think there was a way to get ahold of Nokia support at one time. I'm not sure of that status. If you search in your device specific forum you might be able to find a contact. Someone else may be able to provide a better answer.

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Guys I had downloaded Asphalt 8 about a year ago on my windows phone and i played the game all day!!! i bought car packs and stuff!!! one fine day i came to know that i wasn't connected to FB and my data was being saved in cloud I was fine by it and continued to play the game until the day came when i lost my mobile( some one just flicked it away) now i have an android and i have installed the game, but is there any possible way that i can restore all my cash and tokens and cars (i.e in game progress) please help me out i want to restore at any cost!!! i had a lot of cash and tokens and a lot of cars please help me out please!!!

Answer:Is it possible to restore my in game progress if i switch from windows phone to android phone?

You'll need to ask on the developer's website.
Generally speaking, games don't follow you between different platforms.

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Do I need to update my phone as well. It says that it is paired bu won't share

Answer:Tried to upload a photo but my Windows phone says that my PC does not support Bluetooth, do I need to update my phone as well?

Check your PC maker's website... Go to support pages and look for an updated Bluetooth driver. While you are there, bite the bullet and get ALL the updates they have for your hardware drivers. There probably are many published after July 29, 2015...
Have a big download/install/reboot party.
Feel superior to those limping along with issues that seem to creep up on them out of nowhere after the upgrade.

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I bought a new Nokia 520 with Windows Phone 8.1. I linked it to my hotmail live account (Microsoft Account). I had to return the phone because it was faulty. They gave me a new one but my account was registered in the phone they gave me the first time. On my second phone i registered the same account and i changed the password so it could not be access from the original phone. To my surprise, the new phone never ask for the new password. I changed it from my pc, in my live hotmail account, and the phone just syncs up. How do i know the other phone isnt doing the same thing? I have a ton of photos, contacts on that account. How do i know its safe??

Answer:Why didn't my Hotmail Live Account on Windows Phone asking for a new password on my new phone?

You may be able to remove it as a listed device in the website.
Other than that, you're reliant on whoever you returned the phone to having decent procedures to protect your privacy.

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not syncing mail and contacts on my 930 phone and also my 950 phone.
message: We're having a problem connecting to Contact support person or your service provider. Error code x86000107

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please windows phone was stole and i register application with my live mail address please i want to block the phone to be useless

Answer:My Windows phone was stolen and I registered the application with my live mail, how do I block the phone to be useless?

Just go to The Smartphone Reinvented Around You | Windows Phone (United States), login with your Microsoft account and choose "find my phone" from the drop down menu on the upper right. Those features only work when your SIM card is still in that device and it hasn't been factory reset though.

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I tried installing the Windows 10 Mobile Preview on my Lumia Icon to try it out and was highly unsatisfied with it, as it constantly crashed my phone and made it generally unusable. I'm trying to restore it back to 8.1, but the Windows Phone Recovery Tool is stuck on the Reading Phone Information for much much longer than it should be. I've let it sit for at least an hour and have gotten no results. Is there any way to get it to move past this endless loop?

Answer:Windows Phone Recovery Tool Stuck on Reading Phone Information, How Can I Get Past This Loop?

Try reinstalling the tool and the drivers of the phone.
If that didn't work, look for the old tool

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I tried to install the windows 10 phone preview for developers, After downloading the updates and while installing the software it was fine till ~60 % of the progress, but suddenly a :-( appeared and the phone restarted, But after that whenever the phone starts, the setup progress bar appears, and after about a minute the phone restarts again, also i am not able to connect to the pc via data cable. can anybody suggest how can i continue installing windows 10 or revert back to my previous OS?
Thank you.

Answer:Lumia 520 dead while updating from Widows phone 8.1 to Windows 10 phone. What can I do?

1) Hold the volume down and power button until the phone vibrates and then quickly press the volume up button. This will initiate the bootloader where the Nokia logo will appear at top and the screen will be red/burgundy in colour. This may take a few attempts.
2) Plug your phone into the your PC and run the Windows device recovery tool.

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I have installed the shareit app. I can transfer files from my windows phone to android phone easily by this app. But when I try to transfer files from android to windows phone,this app does not work except both phones are connected to same wifi network. Windows phone hotspot is not working with it.

Answer:How can I transfer files from my Windows Phone to an Android phone with the Shareit app?

Share it uses WiFi direct. You should not have your devices connected to any network, otherwise they will not be able to connect directly since WiFi will already be in use.

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after the new windows phone update i cant down load any apps

Answer:My phone just received the new windows phone update now I can't download and install anything, why?

Which update did you just get? Are you on 8.1 or the Win10 preview? Which phone?
Try restarting your phone (hold power and volume down together for about 10 seconds until the phone vibrates) then try the store again. I can tell you that the store is undergoing some changes and is a work in progress as they move things over to the new unified store. Be patient.

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hi guys!
just a little inquiry about ny 620 lumia's Find My Phone feature
ive checked the necessary options to activate this feature of my phone
ive also signed up and registered my phone in the official Windows Phone website through my microsoft account
now lets say i lost my phone or got stolen...will i still be able to ring, lock, erase my phone through the above website even if my phone's cellular data option is off/closed, as well as my wi-fi settings turned off?
my phone's location setting is enabled by the way

Answer:Will I be able to disable my phone if it lost/stolen from the Windows Phone website?

The Find My Phone feature does require a data connection to contact the phone to lock or ring. If the phone is turned off, or the data and wifi are both off, you won't be able to reach your phone to lock the handset or ring it.

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Hi, I live in USA and I got a Lumia 920 from AT&T 1 year ago. I got the recent 8.1 update on my phone and everything runs good, except that when I tried to use the Chinese version Cortana, it didn't work. I found that it's because the speech language is not matched with the phone display language, so I tried to change my phone display language to Chinese but it just won't allow me to do so. I can add Chinese to the Language list, but it will still use English as my phone language and I just couldn't find a way to change it.
Is it a bug or some kind of restriction that AT&T sets? Any help will be really appreciated!

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have updated phone via insider program blue tooth, maps, phone not working and keeps crashing.

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windows 10 november update how do i pair my phone so ill can get text on my pc from my phone?

Answer:Windows 10 November update, how do I pair my phone so I can get a text on my PC from my phone?

There is a discussion over here:

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Can anyone give me a phone number for Windows Phone tech support? I need a human voice not a online answer board. Thanks

Answer:Can anyone give me a phone number for Windows Phone tech support?

Microsoft support:
Answer Desk for easy, friendly help
(800) 642 7676
TDD/TTY 800 892-5234
One of our experts will be happy to assist you during these hours of operation:Mon ? Sun 05:00 ? 21:00 Pacific Standard Time

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Need to get my files from my old windows phone downloaded to my Android phone

Answer:How do I download Windows phone backup files to Android phone?

If you have documents/photos, then just upload them to OneDrive and use the OneDrive app on Android.
It's a bit difficult to answer properly without knowing what type of files you're referring to.

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In Windows Phone Calendar when I want to add an attendee to a meeting only contacts with email show up as options. Those with only phone contact info are unavailable. Why?

Answer:In Windows Phone Calendar phone contact info are unavailable. Why?

Are you sure you are adding the event to the Calendar from the same account that holds your phone # Contacts???
Please join the site and reply in this thread with additional info or more questions on this issue...

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whenever i start my nokia lumbia 520 it puts me in a windows boot and it says my windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. It then tells me to fix the problems it tells me to insert an installation disc to my computer(even though this is on my phone). It then tells me to choose a language and then click repair my computer.Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:How do I fix my phone if it puts me in Windows boot everytime I start up my phone?

Get Nokia Software Updater and then when installed, click "My phone does not start up or respond". It will download the latest firmware and install it to your phone. You will lose all data.

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I'm sure that there must be an app that prevents your phone changing screen as you pass it from one person to another. Even the slightest touch on the screen as you pass the phone seems to change it back to a previous screen or activates Cortana. HELP PLEASE!

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Our school uses proxy that requires username/password authentication to connect on Wifi. Good thing is Windows Phone 8.1 has option to turn proxy on/off and sign in to proxy. The problem is after setting up the network connecting to it, my apps still can't
connect to the network (some apps for example are Facebook app, Skype, other 3rd party apps). The IE and Windows App Store can connect to the network though. I am currently looking for 3rd party app that can provide global proxy authentication so I can connect
my apps to the internet but I can't one.

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It will be update in july 29? the insder meber for windows phone?

Answer:Is windows phone insider member will update in windows phone 10 final build in july 29?

No we stil have to wait till probably October/November.

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I spent almost an hour updating my phone, it resets and the only thing it shows me is my internet symbols, battery, back arrow, home button, and search button. The rest of the screen is black, no apps no wallpaper. my lock screen wont even work. tried to factory reset and that didnt even work, and whats worse is windows mobile support is for some reason closed on weekends, any ideas, at, all?

Answer:The latest Windows Nokia Lumia update (I assume the windows 10 update) broke my phone, how can I fix it?

Which model? What instance of OS you were running before update? Do U have installed insider app? Are U on slow or fast ring?
However you should Install WPRT and rollback to 8.1?

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Question: Cell phone

do any of you guys know of a good website that documents/helps with cell phone problems?\

if not, any idea on how to sync my motorola v557 to my computer with a blank screen?

Answer:Cell phone

I do not know about motorola, but my Nokia phone has a data cable and with it came the necessary software to work with the computer. Have been using it for over 3 yrs. now.
works great...

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I just got a Samsung Intensity 2 and am looking to transfer my contacts from my old phone.
I had a Palm Centro that has infrared and have seen the infrared used to transfer that information before, I just have no idea how to do it.

Any ideas, or should I take them to the Verizon store and let them do it?
The nearest Verizon store is about 20 minutes away.

Answer:Got new cell phone.

Hi. Verizon has a service that is free for their phones called Backup Assistant that you just have to activate. Have you already activated your new phone? From what I'm seeing, the Palm Centro is compatible with it. The problem is if you have already transferred your number to your new phone.

It's pretty easy, using Verizon's site, to transfer you number from one phone to another, set up backup assistant, reactivate your new phone, then again activate backup assistant. Verizon has it all layed out for you, or you could call their customer service and they'd do it all for you.

So I guess the questions are:

-Have you already activated your new phone?
-Do you have an online account set up with them?

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Question: Cell Phone FAX

My daughter and her husband are moving to the boonies. They don't want a telephone land line but he needs to be able to FAX . Is there a machine that he can insert a typed sheet and put his cell phone on it and FAX?

Answer:Cell Phone FAX

Well, I have never used cell based broadband internet access......but Sprint and Cingular both have mobile broadband cards for laptops....

I would figure if they have cell phone service where they are moving he could use a laptop and an all in one printer/scanner/fax to send via the laptop and cell service.........

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Question: PC to cell phone

Ok, theres a flash with a song on it that i want to have as my ringer for my Sprint Sanyo. Does anyone know how to make a ringtone and then send it to my phone? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:PC to cell phone has tons of cell phone information.

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Ok here goes. Purchased a Motorazor VM3 phone. Want to get pics off of phone to pc. Cannot find any software anywhere to help me. Losing my friggin mind!!!!confused Anybody have any suggestions???? Tried Windows ActiveSync to no avail!!!! Really people, HELP!!!


Answer:Cell Phone To PC - HELP

There is one way that I know of to get my pix off my phone onto my pc... its not long or expensive (unless you dont have a text messaging plan).

log on to photobucket and get a free account (if you dont have one)

there is an option to upload your pix to photobucket via text message.

I do it all the time

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Question: Cell phone

Does anyone know of a good tech support site or forum for cell phone issues?

Answer:Cell phone

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Windows 8 reminds me of a cell phone or a gizmo to put in your front pocket. When I sit down to my main computer that is what I expect "A Computer", not an oversize cell phone.

Answer:I don't want another cell phone for my PC's OS

Then stick with Win7. Problem solved.

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Question: Cell Phone

Would anyone know if there's help on techspot for cell phones?

Answer:Cell Phone

Ask away. The worst that can happen is no one knows the answer but someone might. Not me necessarily but someone.

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how do I set up my cell phone with msn? Like some people on my contacts it sais Mobile and has a pic of a phone and when you send them a message it send them a text message

Answer:cell phone with msn

Browser Upgrade

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Question: Cell Phone

Hello. The device driver for my phone has automatically downloaded to my computer.

What program do I go to to access the media on my phone?

Thanks for your response

Answer:Cell Phone

Windows Explorer, normally. Once the driver is installed you should be able to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and the computer should see it as an additional drive.

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I often use PC Anywhere to connect to other machines in our building via the network to do various tasks. I also use it for off-site machines with dial-up. Has anyone tried this with a cell phone? We use Verizon wireless and can get online with the cell phone now. I have not had any luck with it thus far with the cell. Any comments, suggestions? Thanks all and merry xmas.

Answer:Cell phone and PC Anywhere

the web accesed from cell phones comes via WML server. and they might still havent did that.

you have to ask the guys at PC Anywhere as if they give WAP support.

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I do not wish to use the internet to fax.
Is there anyway to use my PC, tethered to my wireless phone to send a fax to a landline fax. Basically, can a wireless phone handle data exchange to another fax machine? Thanks, Mike

Answer:PC & Cell Phone = Fax?

Does your wireless phone have a built-in modem that supports fax?

Thats the main limitation.

My Nokia 3650 does have a modem and supports fax.
But we have no idea what your phone is.

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I purchased Motorola Phone Tools and a USB cable to transfer some of my mp3's to my cell phone. When I uploaded them successfully, the quality was greatly reduced and I can't figure out a way to modify them - it sounds very scratchy when I set it as a ringtone. I don't see any option that the program gives me to modify bitrate, etc (my friend uses BitPim which is not compatable with my phone, but his ringers are much higher quality). If anyone can help me increase the quality, I'd appreciate it!

some extra info in the "preview" section when I'm about to send it to my phone:

44,100 Hz
Quality: 16 bit stereo


Answer:mp3 help! cell phone

I've uploaded ringtones to my RAZR v3 using the Mobtime Phone Tools, cost $15, and the quality is excellent. I refused to pay the Motorola prices for their tools...

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Question: Cell phone help

I'm not sure where this goes or whether or not anyone here knows about this. OK I have an LG CU400 phone, and the data cable for it. The problem is I don't have a program to recognize the phone so I can send stuff(ringtones, photos, etc.) to it. The cable did come with a disc, but the CU400 is a new phone and is not on the list for that CD. I also can't DL anything from the phone itself because somehow my plan doesnt allow me to do that. I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now, so any help is appreciated.

Answer:Cell phone help

Here's some info:

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Question: cell phone help

im looking for a new cell phone. i have been using my daughter old iphone. and i like it very much. i was thinking about getting a new phone.when i renew my contract in January.. i dont do much with a phone. i would like to have a good camera and flash. i play some games like bowling, solitaire, poker. and would like to have touch screen. any one have any good suggestions?

Answer:cell phone help

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Answer:Wi-Fi & Cell phone EMF

conspiracy documentaries .com indeed

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Hello friends,

I have recently purchased a new cellphone. Now I am looking to make it stylish and attractive in other words you can say that I am searching for phone accessories. Do you know any website where I can purchase best phone accessories? If yes, then please let me know that website.

Answer:Looking for cell phone.....

Have you thought about trying ebay?

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Could anybody help me with some doubts about "upgrading" from my Palm Treo 650 (Palm OS 5) to some phone that runs Android? Wich model/brand has capabilities to handle the data from Palm (mainly contacts and memo files...) ?? thanks!!
Ricardo (from Brazil!)

Answer:Which cell phone should I buy??

I don't have an exact answer for ya, but I will say that I use whenever I'm looking for info on cell phones. maybe something in there will tell you more.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to hook up a cell phone to a fax machine?


Answer:cell phone used to fax?

rosss said:

Does anyone know if there is a way to hook up a cell phone to a fax machine?

thanksClick to expand...

interesting thread here...
my 1st thought is to keep it simple...
send text data from cell to PC...
then fax from there...
also there are programs for getting fax to e-mail, ...
like E-fax whatever...
and then you can read email (fax message) on your cell...
of course the real question I have for you is what phone do you have that can attempt this?
I believe there are cell phones out there on the market that can kick my PC's butt...
ya' know what I'm sayin'?

I myself can send and receive faxes but without printing, just strictly through e-mail.

I need to get my printer ink refreshed, (my color got things all dried up) meanwhile at least I know what fax I got,

sometimes I go to the library and open my e-mail and print from there...rolleyes
black n white not so much of a problem.

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Question: Cell phone ?

If I bought a cheap razor off of ebay and it said it was for verizon, could I plug in a cingular sim card and it work regularly? Thx Josh

Answer:Cell phone ?

It would probably be SIM-locked so no.

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I'm not big in the cell phone scene so I need some support on finding one. I'd like the cheapest MicroSD phone, preferably a Sony Ericsson. Thanks for any support.

Answer:Looking for a new cell phone.

have a look here. you can get lots of info from there.

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Question: Cell phone

i recently had a palm based cell phone and used it for a little bit. i added all of my contacts to the phone. i just bought the samsung I600 and it is a windows based application. is there a way that i can get my palm contacts into my new samsung phone considering that they are 2 different applications? i apprectiate any of your help thanx alot

Answer:Cell phone

Without any clue as to model numbers, its a hard call to offer constructive advice, but the Palm unit will allow the export (from the PC based copy on Palm Desktop) of the addresses and numbers to a .csv file.

If your new phone has connectivity to the PC, then it may be able to import them, but that would depend widely on the model and your own ability to connect it to a PC.

Alternatively the Palm will usually allow IR (InfaRed) beaming of the addresses, and if your new phone will receive IR data then that may be possible.

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So my 2 year contract has been up for my cell phone, but my iPhone 4 is in absolute perfect working order. Of course, every time I have to call Verizon Wireless for any questions, they like to tell me that I am eligible for a new upgrade.rolleyes The last thing I want to do is upgrade (and pay $300) just so I could get that obnoxious 'Siri' voice with the iPhone 4S. On top of that, I pretty much despise Apple as a company based on my own experiences with their products and particularly their support. On top of that, I can't stand that when you buy anything Apple, they make it very difficult to use it with anything non-Apple...including their itunes songs (which I stopped buying about 3 years ago in favor of Amazon's mp3's).

SO, now with the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5, I decided to go out there and see what else is just as good or better than an iPhone.

In my research, I found the Samsung Galaxy S3, but that's a droid and I'm not a droid fan, which is why I went with the Apple.

The other one I found that I Want! and will definitely buy if it's as good as it looks is the Nokia Lumia 920, which will be Windows 8 based: Typically, I don't get excited about phones, but this thing, based on specs and ability, looks awesome. Not to mention its awesome looking.:drool The problem is Verizon has traditionally not carried the high end Nokia or windows based phones.

Answer:What cell phone do you want?

iPhone 5 basically is slimmer and has a bigger screen without HD that Android has been doing for years. If I didnt have all these paid for apps on my iPhone then I would go Android at this point. The iPhone 5 brings very little to the table this round.

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Question: Cell Phone

I know this is not a computer type of thing but it is about Cell Phones.

My Sister has a Boost Mobile Android Cell Phone and now she is going to get rid of it and get a Virgin Mobile Android Cell Phone.

Virgin Mobile told her she can take her old Cell Phone Number to her new Cell Phone.

So I went into her old Cell Phone Settings and went into Backup And Restore option.

It was under Settings all the way near the Bottom.

In here I see Backup With Wi Fi
so I put a Check in it.

Then I see Backup Data
So Tap it and I pick my Sisters G Mail Account Name.

And this is it I did not see anything like a List
Cell Phone Book

So is my Sisters Cell Phone Phone Numbers Backed Up?

Answer:Cell Phone

That would backup her data and contacts and maybe apps data and such.

When you call Virgin to activate the new phone, you'll be asked the old phone's number and the new phone's serial number and within a short time delay-maybe 20 minutes the number will be transferred to the new phone and the old one will no longer have service.

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Question: MP3 Cell phone

Hi, I have a Motorola 815 cell phone with MP3 player. I recorded a cd (in MP3 format) to the transflash card. Using Windows explorer, I can see that all the songs are there on the card but when I install it, I only get ONE song.

I went to "change storage device" to transflash but hte phone still doesnt see all the songs that I can see with explorer.

Am I doing something wrong?

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I have a Lumia 920. After updating to 8.1 my phone randomly freezes. The screen goes blank and the only way to return the phone to life is to do a soft reset (volume down + power). Does anyone know how to fix the issue?

Answer:How to fix random phone freezes after update to Windows Phone 8.1?

I am not familiar with this issue, however, first suggestion I have is to backup the device, and then wipe and restore.

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I have been using Windows phone 8.1 update 1. I have been continuously following windows phone 10 build releases features and bugs. You guys are always telling that not to update windows 10 on your primary phone till it is stable.
So, i want to ask that now with this new build 10532 can i install it on my daily useage phone . i dont have another phone or shall i wait till october?

Answer:Can I install Windows Phone 10 on my daily usage phone?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Hi,
I have been using Windows phone 8.1 update 1. I have been continuously following windows phone 10 build releases features and bugs. You guys are always telling that not to update windows 10 on your primary phone till it is stable.
So, i want to ask that now with this new build 10532 can i install it on my daily useage phone . i dont have another phone or shall i wait till october? I'd say it depends on a few things.
Firstly, if you're unwilling to put up with freezes/bugs, don't upgrade your primary device. Secondly, if you're unable to live with a shorter battery life, don't upgrade.
Thirdly, what device are you using? If it's a mid-range device, i'd suggest waiting. Windows 10 Mobile runs significantly worse on my Lumia 822 than it does on my Lumia Icon.

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I installed Windows 10 Mobile on my Nokia Lumia Icon last night. There were some problems with the install, but a hard reset fixed them. Now, I want to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1, but when I plug my phone into my computer via USB cable and try to run Windows Phone Recovery Tool, it won't recognize my phone. Used the "My device wasn't recognized button." Did not help. Opening the file explorer, and my phone doesn't show that it's connected to my computer... Suggestions? Help!

Answer:Why won't Windows Phone Recovery Tool recognize my phone?

Have you tried a different USB port. Most of the time that happens on USB 3.0 ports and works fine on USB 2.0 ports. Most new devices have few of both

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I have lost my phone, so I went to the Website, and every time I click the phone icon in the top left and click find my phone, it just goes to , not going to the same address but with /find at the end. If I type in that address, it goes straight back to the /my not /my/find. I don't know what to do and I really need my phone!

Answer:On Windows Phone Website, Find My Phone not working. How do I fix?

Possibly a dumb question.
Did you log into the website with your MS account?
I'm unclear as to what Icon you're clicking on...
I seem to have no issues using find my phone and I'm in the UK.

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Hi,I Have A Question Here
My Phone Is Lumia 630 And When I Bought My 630 Last Year There's No USB Cable In The Lumia 630 Box/Package And The Charger Cable Is Different.
So,Yesterday I Just Download Windows Insider Program And Its Say My Phone Is Compatible For Downloading Windows 10 Insider (For Phone) So I Download It. The WP10 Works Fine On My 630 Yesterday.Today The WP10 Crash A Lot And I Think I Want To Go Back To WP 8.1 And So I Go To All Settings > About > My Phone And It's Show The Detail Of My Phone And In Very Bottom Of It There's A Button Of Reset My Phone And So I Did Reset My Phone.
But Then When Reseting There's A Bar Which Shows Me How Many Percent The Reset Work. But Suddenly It Go To 100% And My 630 Phone Shows An Unhappy (it Looks Like An Unhappy Emoticon) (Not Working/Error Maybe) And Turned Off By Itself
And Everytime I Try To Turn On My Phone It Happen Again
So I Search How To Go Back To WP 8.1 And It's Say 630 Must Use Lumia Recovery Tool.
My Question Is:
1.How I Fix My Phone??
2.Can I Use Other USB Phone Cable That Can Be Use By My 630 To Be Use For Lumia Recovery Tool For Downloading WP 8.1
That's It

Answer:Error Reset My Windows Phone 10 Mobile, How Can I Fix My Phone?

1. Use below link to get the recovery tool (and see how to use it)
2 Yes you can use another USB cable but use a good quality one.
3 When you did the factory reset was your phone connected to a charger, if not it may have run out of battery resulting in the problem you now have.
4 It is to late now but you should have checked what and how to roll back before you updated to W10.
Anyhow good luck.

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I have had a Nokia Lumia 1020 for about a year. I noticed about a month ago a few of my applications would not load. It would tell me that there was an error and that I had to either (a) buy the application; or (b) uninstall the application.
This only affected a few games at first (including Terraria which wiped a lot of hours of gameplay!). But it also, randomly, stopped happening to a few of my games (Tetris Blitz! for example).
Now the problem seems to have spread to critical core Windows applications. The first one I noticed was "Battery Saver." I will randomly get a warning that the application has stopped and that I should uninstall it or buy it. I can't uninstall it! Today the problem has spread to every single application on my phone. I can only access Messenger and Phone.
A soft reset requires me to wait about 20 minutes before my phone can be used. It takes about 10 minutes to identify the sim and about another 10 minutes before I can actually open messenger or the phone. Any attempt at any other application completely freezes the phone. I tried waiting 2 hours earlier today after clicking an application to see if it would eventually load, but to no avail.
The biggest concern is that I can't even access settings to try a hard reset. It's impossible to update. In fact, I haven't been able to update applications or my phone for a while now, either.
What are my options? Thanks for your help.
Lucas Cannon

Answer:My Windows Phone lost almost all functionality, what can I do to get my phone working right again?

maybe reinstall the OS via Recovery Tool solve your problem

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I will not mention specific models for the three smartphone types today. Just want to hear your opinion regarding their overall:

1. Performance
2. Battery Consumption
3. Features
4. Customization
5. Price

Thanks much!

Answer:Best Smartphone: iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone

Iphone is now after android smartphones....
You've forgotten "5 - Prices"

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Hello. I have recently had an upgrade on my phone contract and this has had me move away from windows to android.
I've been looking around the web to find solutions as to how i can put my text messages from my old (windows) phone to my new (android) phone.
I has successfully transferred all my contacts over with relative ease and the next step was to get my text messages across. I found out about an app called "Transfer My Data" which claims to work on all windows phones (and is compatible with other operating systems ie. android, iphone etc.) however it doesnt seem to be available for windows phone 7.
So the question is; is there any way of getting my text messages from my windows phone 7 to my new android.
PS. i also have this query about transferring whatsapp messages across too.
Im a little new to this forum bizz, so please be gentle :P

Answer:How to transfer SMS messaes from windows phone 7.5 to an android phone

There isn't a way, :(

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I recently downloaded a game/app briquid mini. The problem I have is my phone does not show it installed. It says it is installed if I browse my download history and store. I am running windows phone 8.1 and and I am using a 640xl I that helps. Is the there a way to get to show up or delete from my phone or do I have to force a download from the Windows store online web browser version?

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I'm trying to copy contacts for a client from a windows phone to a Nokia
The contacts are on the Phone and much larger than the sim card can hold - and also separate sims

So a few weeks ago, I have copied all the contacts to the SIM card on the windows Phone - placed into the Nokia and copied to the Nokia Phone
But we are missing quite a few contacts now - and because of sim activation and de-activation I did not want to mess around with simcard coping again

Windows Phone - Orange SPV M700
Nokia 6500 Slide
Windows Mobile Device Centre
Nokia Ovi Suite
Sony Laptop with Vista & Bluetooth
Outlook 2003

The Plan for Next Monday 7th

i will use my Sony Laptop with Bluetooth
I have used bluetooth to connect the phone before - but didnt have the sync software

I have Windows Mobile Device Centre
with Outlook 2003, windows - which is blank -
Nokia Ovi Suite - Which I know works with the phone
So I can sync the windows phone using bluetooth to the Mobile Centre and use Oulook 2003 as contacts

Q1) can I just sync from the Windows Phone to outlook and therefore obtain a complete copy of the contacts - I do NOT want the blank contacts on outlook to delete the contacts on the phone , can I set up the Sync from Phone => outlook

then I will have a backup of the contacts on outlook and can save the contacts using export, which we also need to have

Next I can then with bluetooth connect to the Nokia phone and Sync with Outlook - this time the otherway
outloo... Read more

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