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Why aren't my saved contacts showing up in search on Lumia 630?

Question: Why aren't my saved contacts showing up in search on Lumia 630?

I am using Nokia Lumia 630 since last 7 months without any issue. Now I have observed that since last 10 days or so, the contacts i save on phone are stored on the People list on web, but not shown on my phone when i search them. Altough that no. is displayed when i get incoming call from that no. Pl HELP!!!

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Preferred Solution: Why aren't my saved contacts showing up in search on Lumia 630?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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my mobile contacts saved in google. i use lumia i am finding saved number in google from pc. how can i get it?

Answer:Where can I get saved contacts number in Google on my Lumia 520?

Add your Google account in People/3 dots/add an account/choose Google/fill all the needed info and the number you are looking should appear in the phone.

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Hi Team
few days back every thing was working fine but now some of the camera features is not working like increasing the brightness tap is not there and also the other option moved from the designated place.
any help will be really helpful for me.
karuna nidhan

Answer:Why aren't some of the camera features showing at all in my Lumia 630?

The camera app or hardware?
I'd give the phone a soft reset first if you haven't already done so.

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My problem is i keep on messaging my self but it appears only in the upper part of the phone but in the Threads it doesn't appear at all. anyone can help me in my problem?

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it started all of a sudden.
I did the following,
1. switch off / on
2. switch off and remove the battery and re-fix it
3. updated the phone software
but still its not working. once it started working and that was only for five minutes. then back to the square one.
please help.

Answer:Why aren't my back, home and search not working on my Lumia 820?

This could be any number of things. Try backing up your phone and doing a reset.

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I have a video here for demonstration. Essentially programs in the start menu aren't showing up. Simple as that. This is a fresh install of the latest creators update, literally straight from the ISO on the Media Creation Tool.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Programs in start menu aren't showing up in Windows search

ADAMPOKE111 said:

I have a video here for demonstration. Essentially programs in the start menu aren't showing up. Simple as that. This is a fresh install of the latest creators update, literally straight from the ISO on the Media Creation Tool.

Any help appreciated.

Creator Update search issue (fresh install) - - Windows 10 Forums

I have the exact same problem, on the link you find workarounds
(reinstall older version or create new user/s), maybe it's because we
use "111" in our nickname.

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I use a Lumia 720 . The back , windows and search buttons are not working... Instead they are working as buttons on the bottom of the screen. I there any working solution to it ?

Answer:Why aren't my Back, Windows and Search buttons not working on my Lumia 720?

If you have warranty then go back to the store. If not try a hard reset?

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I can only see contacts from facebook and other social media

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my phone was ok only few days ago i noticed that in whatsapp (ver 2.17.122) my contacts display number and not names. however, in the people app they have names. Is anyone experiencing similar issue?

Answer:whatsapp contacts showing numbers instead of names in lumia 950

Think it's to do with skype

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On a friends PC running Windows 7, running Search and entering , click on and beside a magnifying glass icon “Indexed
Locations”. Click on again and all my deleted internet and emails come up!
She uses Windows Live Mail, but has Outlook as well!
I can replicate this but in my case only current emails appear. I only use Outlook.
Why would deleted emails still be available. Where are Windows Live Mail emails stored?
Any ideas would be helpful.

Answer:Deleted emails still showing inm Saved Search (1).

This should answer part of your question WLM Store Location

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Do I need to use a Microsoft account as an interim step?

Answer:saved contacts from old windows phone to verizon cloud. how do i download to new lumia 735 phone?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Do I need to use a Microsoft account as an interim step? in the old windows phone, did you save your contacts with your email account? You can easily check by going to your email in a browser and then going to the people section - if your contacts were saved in that email, then you can set up your new phone with the same email and your contacts will sync to your new phone
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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My brother needs me to send him pictures from his SD card with my phone. The issue is, when I put the SD card in the phone, the pictures rarely show up (if ever). It usually is a process of turning the phone on and off again, removing the memory card a billion times, etc.
When I go to photos, as said nothing shows up but the pictures that are already on my phone. When I go to "storage sense" to look at the memory card, the data which is taken up by the photos doesn't fall under the "photos" category, it falls under "other" which the phone describes as unrecognized content...
How can this be fixed? I already reset my phone, it didn't work.

Answer:On my WP 8.1 Lumia 520, why aren't photos on my SD card showing in photos app?

Is the SD card from another WP or from a camera?
If it's from another WP then make sure your phone is set to read from SD card in Storage Sense.
If it's from a camera or other device, that will be the issue. With WP can't read a SD card from another device.
Lastly, have you tried the Files app?

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All contacts are visible in phone but if i search means it is showing that , no contacts are there in it

Answer:i updated my nokia lumia 625 to 8.1 os, contacts search option is not working in it

I think you should know about contact filter

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The contacts are in the contacts folder in alphabetical order available, but once I klick on the search button and enter a name the message is "no contacts found".
I am using the phone since early this year and this function was available before.

Answer:Why am I not able to search for individual contacts on my Lumia 1520 (cyan update) anymore?

It's working on my 1520.3 w/ 8.1 & Cyan...
Have you tried a reboot since the issue started? As a last resort, you may want to do a Hard Reset (after Backup, of course).

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I have a password issue... Every time I get on Dreamweaver for example I have to re-insert the passwords for the different FTP's I've set up. Which I never had to do. Also e-snips and some other programs. The passwords aren?t being saved even if I click the "save" box on the program... Can anyone help me out?

- Thanks

Answer:Passwords Aren't Being Saved

Have you just had the upgrade to IE7? This could be the issue. You will have to change the IE settings to remember the passwords again. I believe. I am not entirely sure as I have not done this in Dreamweaver.

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I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 (winxp, sp3, ie8). When I go to my hotmail I check the boxes that ask if my username and password want to be remembered and saved, but it doesn't actually remember or save them. Is it cookies or something?? What do I do??

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Most GIF files save properly from Firefox or IE and are opened without a problem with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (I'm using WinXP). However, some GIFs don't save or aren't opened properly. For example, I save this file here ( ), and the image viewing stops once the shoe hits the ground after hitting the bear's head. This happened on one of my other WinXP computers, as well.

What's the cause of this? A bad GIF file, a problem with Microsoft's products (again), or is it just not saving properly? My only guess is that the GIF is too long for the picture viewer and it slows down.

(Another example is an image that was this:, but it was from a different source (this example file works fine, but another did not).)

Answer:GIF files aren't saved/opened properly

Welcome to the TSG Forum.
Not sure what's wrong with WP&F viewer .. It works OK for me in everything except WP&F.
I'd suggest to use Irfanview instead .. (It's my default Viewer and Editor)
Seems to work OK after I removed the white line in frame 39 (the last frame) and re-saved it using Photoshop.
I couldn't find anything else wrong with it.

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Hi, I have an issue with some computers. There is a Windows 2012 R2 Server sharing contacts to all Windows 8.1 computers. When I change the location of the "contacts" folder of every computer to the Windows Server shared contacts folder, some of them
drop the contacts folder "features" and become standard folders as shown below. 

As you can see there is no "new contact" button or any other contact related folder action.

Other computers work without any issues (they hold the contacts folder "features").

I can't find a way to customize the standard folder so it becomes a contact one. Can anyoene please help me?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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So, this is something I've absolutely never come across, and a relatively new problem as of this month. It will not occur on a fresh restart, only after the system has been running for a few days. I can't even describe it well enough for a Google search to give me a proper result.

For example 1: I take an SD card out of my camera and into my computer. I open up the source and destination folders and drag-move the files from the SD card to the computer. The system runs the move dialogue, may take a minute, depending on size, the source file is deleted, the destination file shows up in the folder all fine and dandy, successful move.

If I try to open the moved picture, error, (can't recall the error, but basically the file can't be read). I refresh the folder, file is gone. I go back to the source, file is also gone. I run recovery software on the destination, the file was never, ever there, to begin with. It's like it pretended to copy the file, but didn't actually write any information to the disk.

Example 2:
I'm in Firefox. I see an image I want to save to my computer. Save As, it downloads, it shows up in the downloaded tab. I browse to the folder in Windows Explorer, file isn't there. I try to save the image, again, Firefox prompts me that the file already exists. Using Firefox's Save As dialogue, I attempt to open the file. Gives me the same error, (something like File cannot be read).

I've attempted to shut down/restart Comodo Firewall and Bitdefender A... Read more

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I use a Logitech M310 wireless mouse on my Win 7 computer, and I prefer a fast speed. So I typically right click on my desktop and then go to the Personalize screen. From there I click on Change Mouse Pointers, Pointer Options, and then I select a fast pointer speed.

But each time I restart my computer, my fast pointer speed is lost and I'm back to where it started at medium speed.

How can I get my mouse settings to save? My settings for Desktop Background and Screen Saver are saved, but not my mouse pointer speed. Thanks in advance.......

Answer:Wireless Mouse Settings Aren't Saved in Restart

Have you installed the Logitech mouse software, if not, go to the Logitech website & find the M310 mouse & locate the software download for it making sure you have either the 32 bit or 64 bit version that your Windows 7 is. Download it & then install it.

This will provide you with a program that you can use to customise your mouse settings.

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i got a mki9100 car kit installed professionally, my problem is my contact names are not coming up when recieving calls , any suggestions maybe i have something switched off on the phone.

Answer:Why aren't my contacts transferring to my car kit?

You haven't mentioned what phone you have but I did go to the website and it has 'Made for iPhone' plastered everywhere so my guess would be that it's probably not compatible with Windows Phone.

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And still, they are on another computer. I can't figure what the **** is this shit. I've search on google for a long time and I haven't found any similar problems as mine.

So, here's the situation : I do have two computers who had run WLM 2011 beta version. On of them, my laptop, wasn't able to connect at all, I wierd error code showed up. This error code was related to the internet explorer settings, wich I tried to change, but without any result.

Right now, the final version of WLM 2011 is installed, both seams to working, except then... I've just figured out that no contacts are online on my laptop and when I try to send a message to one of them, the following error is printed : The following message could not be delivered to all recipients: My message. On the other machine, everything is cool, I can talk to all my contacts, even my facebook contacts, that's cool.

Please see 1 and 2 dot png to see what it does exactly. On each pictures, we see in our left the WLM from one of my computer, where it's working. On our right, it is the version installed on my laptop, wich doesn't work. As you can see, I STILL can receive messages from my contacts, but I can't send them a message or see them online on my laptop.

Well guys, thank for the upcoming help!

Oh BTW, as you can see, I'm a french from Quebec, if there's something you don't understand, please let me know!

Answer:My contacts aren't online (WLM 2011)

Try uninstalling WLM 2011 and then clean up the registry, if you can - clean hands. Then install again.
This usually happens when there was Beta 1.
I am a Russian from Kyrgyzstan, so we're in the same position.

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When I click on an e-mail attachment, the download window opens, and the progress bar completes, but, the nothing opens.

Similaraly, when I try to press 'run' in the download window for install functions, the progress bar moves, but, nothing happens. For example, I was trying to download Mozilla, but, when pressing run, it bar progresses, but then, nothing.

This is weird (and maybe it will tell you want you need to know to answer), when I press SAVE on the download screen instead of run, and I specify a folder location and name, the progress bar progresses, but then, THE FILE IS NOT IN THE DIRECTORY???

What's my problem. I've disabled pop up blockers, and have entirely disabled windows security. Also, I DO have administrator rights.

Thank you!!!!

Answer:Run/Download doesn't work - downloaded Saved files aren't in Directory either

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Hi. When a person in contacts have e-mail adress saved it doesn't show in that person mails I receive, it displays only their full e-mail adress not their names. It happens with some of my contacts (if not everyone, I didn't find a pattern). Please tell me if I can do anything to fix it.

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I just activated a DOOGEE DG300 through the Net10 BYOP program. People I could text prior to activating my new phone are not receiving my messages. Other contacts work fine as before. Has anyone heard of this. Net10 can't help me.

Answer:Why aren't some of my contacts receiving my text messages?

That is an Android phone and this is a Windows site... Try our sister forum for Android users: Ask a Question - Android Forums at

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Please help...
I have all my outlook contacts filled in with all details including birthdays and anniversaries. All the birthdays and anniversaries were displaying on my calendar and now they aren't. I confirmed all info is still in the contacts. The contacts were not imported into outlook. They were all originally input one by one. I don't know what has happened. I am desperately needing help. I have over 900 contacts and that is my life. Please help...
Thank you!

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There was a problem with syncing your Contacts/Calendar and Tasks/Notes. Please restart Nokia Suite. If the problem doesn't go away, try repairing Nokia Suite or check if there's a new version of Nokia Suite available. Error code: 80043ac1
What is the solution to the error above?
I have tries repairing the sync and hard reset the phone. Still no results. Thanks.

Answer:Why aren't my contacts/calendar and tasks/notes synced?

what type of phone do you have???
syncing from where to where?>>>need more info

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OK, I have a client running Outlook 2003. The Suggest Names While Completing To isn't working (yes, it's checked) and I'm pretty sure it's because there are no entries in the Outlook Address Book. If I open the Address Book icon on the toolbar, I have 2 entries in the Show Names from the: list, one being contacts, the other being the Outlook Address Book. Lotsa names in Contacts, none in OLAB.
This is one of those multi UG clusterhumps: Upgraded to OL97 from OLXpress in 98, then to XP Home, then to XP Pro, on and's a mess.
But basically, I have to get the info FROM the Contacts list into the OLAB to get this to work.

I have tried 2 approaches. The first was to export the OLXpress Contacts to a CSV, then try bringing them in to OL03. Didn't work, the went to Contacts again. Then I tried Importing from OLXpress directly..again, no joy. I need professional help.
One other thing...there's no .NK2 file that I have found other references to.
Buehler? Buehler??

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I signed into my MS account and exported my contacts which were downloaded to my computer in an Excel folder named contacts. I hooked the phone to my computer and copied that file to the SD card. I cannot open the file and do not know how to get the contacts in the People folder. My goal is to avoid the need to be signed into MS so I have my contacts on the phone. Is there any way I can achieve this?
Thank you in advance.

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Since yesterday I am facing a problem in contact not getting saved in the phone. I am trying to save the contacts in Outlook. When i am pressing the save button, the button is not working and after some time it is returning to the previous page. So could you suggest me any solution to this?

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The screen on my 735 is blank. I have replaced it with a 640, so now how do I transfer my contacts to the 640 from the 735.

Answer:My Lumia 735 has a broken screen and it's blank. How do I transfer my contacts to my new Lumia 640?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question The screen on my 735 is blank. I have replaced it with a 640, so now how do I transfer my contacts to the 640 from the 735. if you had signed in on the 735 with your email account and kept the contact sync active, the same contacts should sync on the 640 when you sign in with the same account
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I hard/ master reset my Lumia 1020 Windows 8.1 phone because it was running a bit buggy.
I have done this on previous occasions, with no ill effects. As soon as I sign in my Microsoft account, Facebook account, email accounts, etc., my contacts have synced with Facebook and all is as it was before the reset.
This time, with very few exceptions, my contacts are not syncing with my Facebook contacts...and it seems 'buggy' when I try to link. The Facebook profile photos are not showing up with my contacts.
At first I chalked it up to the possibility that it just needed time to sync, but in past resets, this was accomplished within the space of 4-6 hours or so. It's been 18 hours since my reset, and it has only registered/synced only about 20 of 800 contacts.
Any idea what may be going on?

Answer:Why aren't my contacts repopulating/syncing with Facebook after Master Reset?

Go into the Facebook app and go in settings. there you can select connect with phone.
There is also the sync status. I just found out as well that they are not even listed under "emails+accounts" anymore.
It is just the way Microsoft doesn't want to centralize the system anymore but wants you to go everywhere else. bloody hate the way all the good things in Windows Phone ends up being destroyed to be just like android and iOS

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Have just installed windows 10 and forgot to export my Outlook contacts.
But i do have an Acronis full backup of my C: disc.

I have Googled for where to find my outlook contacts but in my contacts folder on the backup i just have an init file.
Have Microsoft placed my contacts somewhere else? Please help me before i go crazy!

I have tried exporting my gmail contacts and importing them into Outlook but i just get blank posts.

Answer:Where is my Oulook 2013 contacts saved?

Search Engines are really great tools. Always search first in this forum or If you cannot find, use your favorite search engine.

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I Went To Upload My Digital Camera Stuff And I Had To Install The Disk For It. Well My D And E Drives Both Aren't Showing In My Computer. I Don't Know Where There At Or What. My Friend Thinks There Completly Dumped But I Don't Know. I Was Wondering If Anyone Could Help Me. Is There A Site I Can Go To And Install Them? Or What? Thanks.

Answer:My D And E Drives Aren't Showing

Go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager and see if the CD-ROM's appear there. If they do see if theres a problem with them.

This is a common solution to drives that have disappeared from My Computer and have one of the mentioned error codes in Device Manager:

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I have the latest version of the Firefox browser (3.0.10)
I'm using an Admin account on Windows Vista Home Premium.

When ever I download ANYTHING it just doesn't show up to the designated download folder set from Mozilla Download Manager.

This all Started oddly after a restarted my laptop.
After that I've been getting this problem.

(Took screen-shots for accuracy)

My Hp Laptop Specs:


First I open my Firefox Browser and do the following
Tools>Options> Save files to: "Downloads"

Then I download a random file (Gimp Photo Editor)

When the download says its finished, I then go to "Downloads"

Open the "Downloads" Folder, And no Gimp file whatsoever (folder empty)


Okay okay, so I then restart my laptop.

So maybe somethings wrong with the "Downloads" folder.
I'll just go with saving my download to my "Desktop" instead.
Much easier right?
Wrong. Same sh*t.

Again here we go:
Tools>Options> Save files to: "Desktop"

Thinking, "Hmm maybe its the file I'm trying to download thats the problem"
Again wrong, any and I mean ANY download will not show up.

I try again to download the most random file I picked from
All to my "Desktop" where I set it to be.

Download Complete:

Go to my Desktop, BAM! absolutely nada again.

Many ... Read more

Answer:All my Downloads aren't showing up!

I would uninstall FireFox and reinstall it and see if your problem clears up. There's an application called mozbackup out there to back up your profile.

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I have Internet Explorer 5.0. Recently, when I go to websites, pictures do not show up. All that shows up where the pictures are supposed to be are white boxes with x's in them. How do I get the pictures back?

Answer:Pictures aren't showing up


Some webmasters can incorrectly incorporate pics or there may be an upload problem. Does it happen with all sites or just one?

If you can post one of the url's someone can check it out and see if its your problem or the website.



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It happened about yesterday and I didn't download anything recently.

im running xp home

a picture of my dtop with all the icons not showing except a few o.o

Answer:Help me my icons aren't showing!

Download and install Tweak UI.

Open tweakui > repair > rebuild icons > repair now.

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My contacts are saved on my windows computer. I can't seem to get them to transfer to my new iphone.

Answer:transfer contacts saved in Windows to new iphone

How far have you got with the process? - it should be fairly straightforward: Once you've installed iTunes on your PC go through the process of syncing it to your iphone. Then under the 'info' tab there's a tick box saying 'sync contacts with' and a dropdown list where you can choose the program that handles contacts on your PC. "I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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If someone send us a contact and we save one into google or anywhere will be there on contact. But when we hit dial, names do not show up. only numbers. I also have checked the contact for duplication. But nil. Please tell me how to end this issue. Im using WindowsPhone Lumia 535

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I have several Outlook 2000 users who are seeing intermittent Contacts being saved as private items, even when the appropriate checkbox is not selected. It is causing a problem, because delegates cannot edit those items. Has anyone seen this or know of a workaround?

Thanks in advance,

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Whenever I try to setup Nokia account it says network error even though I have confirmed network connection by browsing on the browser.
Then I try to use my Microsoft account and I get the error "Cant connect to Microsoft Account"

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when i'm doing video call on imo using bluestacks, he say..he can't see me however i can see him while chatting..plz give some solution
thank you

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Okay so in the taskbar, the notifications aren't showing, it's just time.
I tried the settings in control panel but when it shows the settings, the buttons are grey so I can't click them.
If you can help thanks.
Edit: All this time I've turning my computer off with it's button and not actually logging off and shutting down and all that. I relogged and now it's fixed. I feel so stupid now.

Answer:I need help, my notifications aren't showing no matter what I do.

Try this...Click Start, Run and type REGEDIT and press EnterNavigate to the following keys:HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies\ Explorer and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies\ ExplorerIn the right-pane: Delete the value NoAutoTrayNotifyDelete the value NoTrayItemsDisplayClose Registry Editor, logoff and re-login for the changes to take effect In Windows XP Professional, you can also accomplish the above using Group Policy Editor.Click Start, Run and type GPEDIT.MSCNavigate to this path: => User Configuration ==> Administrative Templates ===> Start Menu and TaskbarSet Turn off notification area cleanup to Not ConfiguredSet Hide the notification area to Not ConfiguredYOU CAN ALSO TRY THIS REPAIR TOOL====================================!.htm

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Hello! First post here for me. Seems like a good forum/community.

After replacing the motherboard/CPU and reinstalling Windows 7, my disks aren't showing up. See screenshots for more details:

The two dark green partitions on the two 2TB disks are a software raid setup in my previous installation of Windows 7, using the same Disk Management window you see in the screenshot. For whatever reason this new install of windows is having problems with my hard drives. It does however see the main partition on the first 2TB disk but none on the second 2TB disk. I can right click on the partitions on the disks or the disks themselves and 'Reactivate' it but that has no effect.

Something else - Disk 0 had the same problem which I tried to solve by deleting a smaller (unused) partition of the two partitions that were on there. To my annoyance both partitions got deleted.
Is there a simple way to recover the lost partition on this drive?

I don't dare delete either of the two software raid partitions fearing that it might delete a much bigger partition. This will be the last time I'll be using the partition management software that's build into windows...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:HDD's aren't showing up after a re-install of Win7

Welcome to Sevenforums! Sorry help for your problem has been slow. Hopefully someone with raid experience will come along.

Not knowing anything about your raid setup, should the missing drives have a drive letter?

My advice is to download Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition. Look on the left side of the page for Bootable CD and burn a CD to boot your PC. Partition Wizard is close to 100% reliable. It has tools to explore your partitions and can do things Disk Management can't.

You might have problems in the future having the System Reserved partition on Disk 3.

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Anybody know how to fix this issue?

Screenshot of issue:

Here's what I've already checked:

1. Network drivers are updated and working. No issues in device manager.
2. The computer connects via network cable.
3. The computer used to have a private VPN service and even though it's now uninstalled, it was trying to reroute all internet through it.
4. The wireless router is functioning and working. Connecting to the wifi with another laptop works. There are 3 or 4 other network connections that should be showing but aren't.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

What should I do to resolve this issue?

Answer:Why Aren't Wireless Connections Showing?

2. The computer connects via network cable

I've had occasions where unplugging that cable allows the Wireless Routers nearby to show up for connecting to.

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I updated an app today and after doing the update, the app is no longer showing. However, when I go back to the App Store, the App is showing as installed. Where is it?

Answer:Why aren't installed apps showing up?

Depends on the app? If its a system app then it would show in the settings.

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Well, i upgraded to win 10 then did a clean install.

Everything works great, except Cortana's interests. Whenever i click on the taskbar i get "Go ahead and tell me to do something. Interests aren't available at the moment." All the voice commands work great though, i can tell her to open apps, search, check weather etc.

I tried disabling Cortana and then deleting everything from the cloud and turning interests on and off in various combinations in the notebook.

It's funny because if i disable Cortana, i get the Bing feed instantly.

Anyone else have this?

Answer:Cortana interests aren't showing

I have the same on my other user accounts (mine seems ok). Cortina doesn't seem to think I have an Internet connection but I do. If I leave the logon alone for twenty mins or more it will often suddenly work. The users can happily use internet explorer and edge during this time but anything MS login related is giving grief. Did you ever fix this?

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Is it possible, without scripting in VBA, to sort Outlook 2003 contacts by last saved/edited date? I need to import contacts to my cell phone, which has a primitive mechanism that requires me to manually synchronize with Outlook. This sorting ability would help determine which entries have changed since the last time I updated my phone.

Answer:Sort Outlook 2003 contacts by last saved date?

Welcome to the forum.

I found a last saved time field but it did not seem to work for some reason.

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wasn't sure which section this belonged in, so i thought i'd ask here.

a serious disruption caused me to have to reinstall windows 7 again, but the old windows 7 copy(windows.old) was saved. however, the outlook 2007 contacts and e-mails were never saved, so now, how can i retrieve the e-mails and contacts? thanks in advance!

Answer:Need to restore Outlook contacts and e-mail, contents never saved

Search the Windows.old folder for any .pst or .ost files. Those can be imported back into Outlook.

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just got lumia 630, the following apps wont install( facebook, battery saver, music, calendar, games, one drive, motion data, device hub and skype) saying attention required and when i click try again it loads up to a certain percentage then stops...and the whole cycle continues.
this has been on for two days.

Answer:Why aren't apps installing on my Lumia 630?

Are these updates or new installations? I would cancel each download, restart the device, check for updates and initiate the downloads again. This usually fixes said issue.

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how come most apps arent "compatible" with my lumia 520? i got a windows phone because i wanted a change from android. big mistake. the 520 lacks a lot of things and so does some of the other models. anyway. i wanted apps like subway surfers and polyvore and wattpad but they arent "compatible" with my phone. ive had an android that was a bit smaller than my 520 and was still able to run these apps. do i need an sd card?

Answer:Why aren't some apps compatible for Lumia 520?

In some cases it's lack of hardware, others it's lack of memory (requiring 1GB). Since the 520 is the absolute entry level model, you're not going to get very many fancy higher end features.
In the case of Subway Surfer though, the latest Paris update was meant to bring support to 512MB devices such as the 520.
An SD card won't give you extra memory, but you will have more storage space.

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so phone has to be on speaker phone to hear when im talking to someone on the phone but i cant hear my ringtone unless i plug headphones into the phone ive tried a full reset and it didnt help

Answer:Why are my Lumia 925 headphones saying they are connected but they aren't?

If a factory reset did not solve the issue it is hardware, not software... You did say reset? Not just reboot - like power down and power back on?
Inspect the port and make sure nothing is stuck in there. Seek qualified repair.

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I am using Lumia 535. Whenever I try to copy any movie file from my computer to the phone, the copying gets hanged. Then, if a I check my phone, it says Low Storage, besides having loads of memory. Yesterday, I tried olit again after updation, copying got completed but after that when I tried deleting my cache memory using app, same problen occured again. It always need restart and then scanning of sd card. Please suggest something.

Answer:Why aren't I able to send movies to my Lumia 535?

If your phone keeps trying to scan your SD Card each time you restart your phone, then you may also want to scan your SD Card using your PC - it's highly probable that your SD Card has already started to fail.
If your PC does find some corrupt sectors in your SD Card, then there most likely is nothing you can do to fix it (since most SD Cards are designed to write-protect themselves as soon as they start to fail to protect the data). You may copy your files from your SD Card to your PC, buy a new SD Card and the copy the files to your new SD Card.
Take note, however, that you can't simply copy your app data from your old SD Card to your new SD Card. You will have to move all your apps in your SD Card to your phone, and then move all individually them to your new SD Card.
On a side note, you may want to check the file size of the movies you're trying to copy - file sizes greater than 4GB usually can't be copied to an SD Card due to the format it is in when formatted by the phone.
You may create a Windows Central account to respond in this thread.

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Lumia Icon. Not dropped. Starting to overheat, and suddenly the buttons just refuse to respond. Help!

Answer:Why aren't my Lumia buttons responding?

Reboot is your first option, also if you have it on a charger while having this issue, remove the charger, Icon heats rather quickly due to the thin design and the fast chip.

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Upgraded to windows 10. Now received emails show the paperclip but when I open/read the email there is no attachment.

Answer:Why aren't Windows 10 email attachments showing up?

Have you installed all the OS and app updates? My attachments show up fine.

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I have a problem with the preview display on image files where some will show an image preview and others will show an icon.
This error does not happen systematically. When I open a folder with images in it some preview the image while others don?t. When I next reopen the same folder the same thing happens but with different files being affected.
Similarly, when I try to refresh the file contents, all of the file previews flicker with the image preview for an instant before reverting to an icon.
I have read many instances of this same issue happening to other people over the last few years but my problems have only been extant for the last few weeks.
Reading about how other sufferers have overcome their problem I have tried the same solutions.

I have tried opening a folder that has images in it and gone to options/change folder and search options/view/ and made sure that the check box for ?Always show icons, never thumbnails? is unchecked. It was.In the same view I then checked the ?Always show icons, never thumbnails? box, click apply and then OK. I was rewarded with nine image previews instead of one but the rest (16) remained as icons. So I then repeated the procedure with the same result. Nine files as previews and sixteen as icons.I then followed the same path and clicked the ?Restore Defaults? option and applied with exactly the same result.I then tried all of the previous on a different folder with a similar result; twelve out of eighteen remained as icons and six sho... Read more

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I was trying to install elementary OS alongside Windows but when the installation was finishing it crashed. When I went back to Windows my hard drive didn't appear and now it says in Manage>Storage>Disk Management Disk 1 Dynamic - Invalid i posted a picture of this.I tried with Ubuntu then on the other disk same thing happened. Is there a way to get them back to normal without losing the data?

Answer:2 of my Hard Drives aren't showing the data

Go to: Downloads | mh-nexus , scroll down and select English/portable edition and download.Unzip and right click on HxD.exe and select run as AdministratorClick on Extras->Options and uncheck "Open disk as readonly by default"Click on the HD icon and select the disk (#1 from screen shot)select sector 0 (#2)From address 1C2, if it shows: 42 then change it to: 07 (#3)Reboot and run chkdsk /f X: where X is the drive letter.

NOTE: Since you've done something with UBUNTU, I am not sure if any damage done with it. Try it with one disk first.

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I plugged my usual headphones into the audio jack and it was recognized, saying "You just plugged a device into the audio jack", but when I went to go listen to music, like I usually do, I hear nothing. I turned the volume all the way up and still hear nothing. I went into the Playback Devices tab for the audio and only the speakers icon shows up. No headphones. I unplugged and replugged the headphones in and still get nothing, even after the computer recognizes that there is something connected to the audio jack. I plugged the headphones into my MP3 player and it works. So, there's nothing wrong with the headphones. The computer speakers work, it's just the headphone jack that is giving me problems by not working. I've never had any issues with the audio jack before this. Please advise. Thanks!

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When I try to install an app externally, I couldn't get it. The option "local apps" is missing from store app. Help me. Please.

Answer:Why aren't my local apps showing in the store app.?

Please double check this manual how to di it.

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I've been trying to solve this for quite some time- nothing I try appears to work. The problem is none of the icons on my desktop are being displayed with their alpha channel. A picture is worth a thousand words, though:Actions I've taken:used tweakui to rebuild the icon cachedeleted all non-shortcut files from desktop folder.deleted shelliconcachechanged the display resolution and colours back and forth between different settings...the problem persists, however. Strangely, everything else- start menus, explorer windows, etc, shows icons with their proper alpha intact.Any suggestions?Alpha icons still

Answer:Desktop icons aren't showing alpha...

Check here:

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my whats app images getting stored in sd card but not showing in gallery tried to rename the folder but that not working new folder is created but again not showing in gallery please help.

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I initially logged in via gmail, and later via live account. Soft reset once. Nothing happened.

Answer:Why aren't Appointments showing in the Glance Screen?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I initially logged in via gmail, and later via live account. Soft reset once. Nothing happened. Did you enable Calendar extended info in Lock screen options?

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Hi, I am using both Firefox and Chrome and instead of the video loading up, all I get is a blank space on the page where the video is supposed to be.How can I fix this?

Answer:Why aren't embedded YouTube videos not showing up?

Did it ever work correctly? Is this a new computer? Can you go to the adobe's flash web page and test your flash player?Google is evil

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I am connected to wifi but instead of showing signal strength icon in task bar,its just showing airplane mode.

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I can open attachments in AOL email on my tablet or android phone, but not on new computer - windows 10. Is there something I need to select/deselect to have them show? All I get now is a blank email.

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i opening facebook app and in online but it showing to others last online only how this can be fixed

Answer:Why aren't the Facebook apps showing online to others?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question i opening facebook app and in online but it showing to others last online only how this can be fixed The facebook app is for viewing posts,notifications,among other things, the Messenger app would show you as online or not on FB.

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Hey so the story is, it was time for an upgrade and I got a barebundle package from Novatech. I installed windows 7 on a brand new hard drive and then afterwards I plugged in my 2 old sata hard drives which were bought at Novatech and when they came with that computer like 3 or 4 years ago they came as two 250gig hard drives merged together.

They are showing up in my computer like this:

Then I googled the problem and I came to this forum and somebody had a similar but not the same problem, I thought to cut time I'd show you what my Disk Management looks like:

Does anybody know how I can access those two merged hard drives? Would be so amazing seeing as I have years of photography, games and work on them

Answer:New computer and my old hard drives aren't showing up.

Bootup using a live linux distro and check if the data in the hard drives shows up or not. If it does then it is an issue with windows 7, else probably the sectors are corrupt which means there is no possible bay (except opening the hard disk and using a magnetic data reader), which means you have to format your hard disk.

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All the songs i click on say "sorry, we cannot play this song on your phone. It may be corrupted or be an unsupported filetype."
But all the songs i have tried that work on my other windows phone 520 all work on there but not on here

Answer:Why aren't my songs playing on my Nokia Lumia 530?

do u have them on the sd card or in the phone?

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I am using a new 735. I took a selfie with the Lumia selfie app, looked at it, showed it to my friend, then put the phone in my pocket. Now, I cannot find the photo. Where is it? Surely the app would not automatically delete it? That would be very stupid....

Answer:Why aren't my selfies saving on my Lumia selfie app?

Hello :) If you didn't hit the "done" button then the app discards the photo i think

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sir i purchase new nokia lumia 520 and also charge 4 h-5 hours and also press power+volume down together, and also put a piece of paper at back , but my mobile screen show only written NOKIA.

Answer:Why aren't my new purchase working on my Nokia Lumia 520?

That phone is slow to first start so give it time. If it never starts after 30 minutes, you could return it for replacement or if that is hard, perhaps try the Nokia Recovery Tool: Nokia Software Recovery Tool - Nokia Support Discussions

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Using a new 735, I took a pic with the Lumia selfie app. I looked at the pic, showed it to my friend, and it was nice. So I put my phone in my pocket and went home. Now I cannot find the photo. Where could it be? Please help, it was actually kind of important...

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There are no settings. is there an app to add these details???

Answer:Why aren't my photos being time stamped on my Lumia 820?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question There are no settings. is there an app to add these details??? Haven't seen any app for it but there is an option under setting wether you want to sort your photos to time or not, if you want to add more info I think you have to do it on your computer

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The speakers are working perfectly fine but there is no sound coming through the headphones. Noticed this problem couple of days ago. Have tried basic troubleshooting - Different Headphones, Tested Headphones on other devices etc. Is there an issue due to some update or is it a hardware thing?

Answer:Why aren't my Headphones working with my Lumia 1520?

First, try restarting the phone. It could be a glitch in the software. After restarting, start playing music or whatever. Plug in your headphones then tap the volume up or down to pull up the volume control at the top of the screen. Make sure it says Headphones at the top of the screen, like my screenshot below. And of course, that the volume isn't at zero.

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It's me again!
I managed to re-install Vista (my product key worked fine) and salvage all of my documents, BUT, I have another problem.

Before I did the whole Windows 7 thing I had an 80gig secondary hard drive. When I decided to do the 7 thing I took that one out and replaced it with a 120GB Now that I'm all set again I reinstalled it, but I can't access it!

I checked it out in Disc Management and it says the drive is offline; it also has a little red and white arrow gif next to the drive. I'm actually able to access a 6gig partition on the drive, but the main part is what I can't get into.

I'm hoping you can shed some light or at least help me find away to retrieve the stuff on that drive. This one is really important to me too because the whole of my business is on that drive, it'd be pretty devestating if it was lost.

For reference, here's a picture of what's going on in Disk Management.

Answer:Hard Drives aren't Showing/Not Letting me access them

Ah! Its a Dynamic disk, you need to Import the 'foreign' disk.


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Hello there.
Some days ago my computer started to act wierd. Something is messing with the mouse and the touchpad of my laptop. 
The symptoms: The mouse pointer moves as it should but the left click is not working in some cases. The cursor wont change to "selection cursor" and sometimes i cant close or minimize my open windows. The close or minimize buttons wont change color as i hover over them and i cannot click them. Also, other buttons(for example installation buttons "next" and "finish" on the installation screen) will not work when clicked on. 
 Sometimes the cursor will go into selection mode and will highlight everything and tries to drag it. At this point I can not use anything to do with the mouse, except moving the cursor. The left click is not working, the right click is not working, the scrolling wheel is not working and so on. 
 Now, when I am on the internet, lets say youtube, then sometimes the page will go back to previous just randomly. When I play videos on the internet, the videos rapidly play and puse and play and pause and its going on until the "surge" ends.
I unistalled and reinstalled all the mouse and touchpad drivers. This fixed the problem for a day or so, but then it all started again.
I have used F-Secure scan and at the moment I am running ESET scan. The F-secure scan found a SuperFish, which is responsible for some of the ads on the webpages, but nothing else.
Hope to get help soon,
Thank you.
EDIT: Forgot... Read more

Answer:Possible malware - mouse problems, other symptoms not showing or aren't there.

Welcome to BC....
You may have SuperFish installed by Lenovo. You will need to run the uninstall tool provided by Lenovo if you haven't done that.
SuperFish Removal Tool from Lenovo
Use the programs below for finding and removing both adware and malware. If Eset finds anything please post the result of its scan.
Use CCleaner to remove Temporary files, program caches, cookies, logs, etc. Use the Default settings. No need to use the
Registry Cleaning Tool...risky. Pay close attention while installing and UNcheck offers of toolbars....especially Google.
After install, open CCleaner and run by clicking on the Run Cleaner button in the bottom right corner.
CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here
Double-click mbam-setup-2.X.X.XXXX.exe to install the application (X's are the current version number).
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
Once MBAM opens, when it says Your databases are out of date, click the Fix Now button.
Click the Settings tab at the top, and then in the left column, select Detections and Protections, and if not already checked place a checkmark in the selection box for Scan for rootkits.
Click the Scan tab at the top of the program window, select Threat Scan and click the Scan Now button.
If you receive a message that updates are available, click the Update Now button (the update will be downloaded, installed, and the s... Read more

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So I recently got a second monitor so I can work with two screens at once. As I kind of expected, I had to calibrate the monitors so their colors, brightness and all everything else match each other. But how much I may try, I can't manage to calibrate them properly. Worse, both monitors seem to be calibrated from tests, yet they still don't match.

It's hard to explain what the differences are, so I included pictures of them in the attachments. Take in mind that they're photo's from my phone, since screenshots obviously wouldn't work.

The first one, monitorDifference_blackgrayOnSteam.jpg, is made by placing the steam client over the two screens. The left side is from the new monitor, which seems to be more dark green, and the right side is the old monitor, which seems to be more light grey.

The second one are monitorDifference_foxOld.jpg (old screen) and monitorDifference_foxNew.jpg (new screen), which are from with a wallpaper. The old one seems to be more dull and brighter while the new one seems to be more colorful/warmer (?) and darker.

Just for the sake of having enough information, the old monitor is an Asus VH222H which I have for almost two years, and the new one is a LG Flatron IPS224, which is just a few days old.

These differences aren't everywhere or not as noticeable, but there are plenty things like the above two examples where the differences are big and annoying. So the question is, how can I fix this difference problem and make the monitors match properly... Read more

Answer:Dual monitors aren't showing the same colors/display

Are you using the sRGB colour profiles on both monitors?

It could be simply down to the age of the monitors - you probably didn't notice the changes with your old one until you hooked up your new one along side it. You might need to set the colour/brightness/contrast/temperature settings individually on one or both monitors to compensate for this.

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I had some problem with some apps' Live Tiles like Translator and Wikipedia. Live tiles used to flip with word or sentences on picture, but now words show up after the picture turn. Any idea about why do I encounter this problem ?

Answer:Why aren't my Live Tile pictures showing words?

Originally Posted by whatsyourflava I had some problem with some apps' Live Tiles like Translator and Wikipedia. Live tiles used to flip with word or sentences on picture, but now words show up after the picture turn. Any idea about why do I encounter this problem ? Can you provide a screenshot (press the volume up and power button together) of the live tiles of your phone so we could identify the problem? But from your description it doesn't seem to be a problem at all, but rather an update on how the app displays the "quick view" data on the live tiles pinned to the start screen.

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I have a Nokia Lumia 720 with WP 8.1 update. WhatsApp push notifications are not working after WP 8.1 update. Only after opening the app, the newer messages start getting populated which makes me miss instant messages.

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I ve installed the WP 8.1 in my lumia 925, and i noticed that the three soft buttons don't light any more......What's the problem???

Answer:Why aren't my three soft buttons working on my Nokia Lumia 925?

Is battery saver active?
Is the ambient area dark enough?
have you done a soft reset?

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I am from India and own a Lumia 730 with windows 8.1 denim. The default storage for all my photos is SD Card. All the photos I clicked used to be stored on SD Card and I could view them through the "photos" app which is pinned on my screen. However from last 2 days... I find that the snaps which I click with the Lumia Selfie app are not being displayed through the "photos" app. If I go to the Files - Sd Card - pictures-camera roll.... there I am able to see the selfies which I have clicked. But the same are not visible through the "photos" short-cut / app which is in the start screen.
I have uninstalled and re-installed Lumia Selfie app twice.... but the problem continues. All other snaps which I cluck with Lumia Camera and other Camera are getting displayed in the "photos" app with no problem. But snaps taken with Lumia Selfie app are not being displayed.
Kindly help in solving the problem

Answer:Why aren't my Lumia selfie snaps being displayed in photos?

Same problem device 535

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My nokia lumia 520 's Cativative touch buttons are not working but when i remove its back or plug in charger or plug handfree in 3.5mm jack they start working...
what should i do?

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When I open camera app or lumia camera .. Nothing appears !

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I have updated my phone Lumia 520 to latest Windows 8.1 version..... Extra info says that it is Lumia cyan..... But I have not any Lumia cyan function?????

Answer:Windows Phone 8.1: why aren't new Cyan features available? [Lumia 520]

What functions are you looking for?

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We have a very irritating problem. One of our users has IE10 installed on her Windows 7 laptop. When she tries to download any installer program e.g. WinRAR, Firefox etc., she receives the dropdown bar in IE. She right-clicks the bar and selects download this file and saves it to her desktop. It looks like it downloads successfully, but when she looks at her desktop, the downloaded executable isn't there. This happens when she tries to save the file to other folders as well. We tried disabling her antivirus program to see if that resolves the problem and it doesn't.

Does anyone know how to resolve this crazy issue??


Answer:Downloaded Internet Programs Aren't Showing Up Anywhere on Hard Drive

Normally the default download location is the User's Downloads folder and remain there until changed in Options of the Download Manager, available by clicking on the IE Gear icon to access Tools>View Downloads.

Otherwise to have a file downloaded to Desktop would require choosing Save As in the individual Download dialogue popup.

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I had noticed I was getting audit failures 5061 and was able to narrow it down to Nvidia streaming service. I stopped the service for that but now I don't even see success audits for system integrity. I am a little concerned and going bonkers over this. Using Windows 7 64bit. Ran malware bytes, Norton and Sfc scan and everything came back normal. I've checked my other Windows 7 computers and they all have system integrity checks from the moment the system boots. Am I going crazy or what?

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When I run the WUShowHide tool, it lists drivers that are not listed in the main WU interface. Even if there are no updates in WU at all and it says it's completely up to date, WUShowHide still lists some - things like Intel SMBus and memory controller drivers. Why is that?

Answer:WUShowHide Tool showing driver updates that aren't listed in WU

Yeah. I noticed that as well.

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When I run the WUShowHide tool, it lists drivers that are not listed in the main WU interface. Even if there are no updates in WU at all and it says it's completely up to date, WUShowHide still lists some - things like Intel SMBus and memory controller drivers. Why is that?

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When I am on Facebook, Tumblr, or even in texts and want to attach a photo, my phone is saying there are none there and I should take some. However, if I click my photo tile, everything is there, so I haven't lost the photos, the apps just aren't accessing them.

Answer:Why aren't my photos showing up to attach to texts or posts in apps?

Perhaps a tad more info (por favor)
- what phone?
- what OS? version?
-Windows Insider?
-Preview for Developers?
-pictures on sdcard or phone storage?
-hat size ?nah, just kidding about hat size, but the rest might be helpful

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So I downloaded Bing desktop about a year ago hoping to get a new desktop background daily, but no luck so far.
When I drop down the wallpaper tab on the app the view has a constant running ellipsis ( ..... ) that is just an infinite loop. It never seems to get the wallpapers.
On the same note, the tabs Trending, Trending Images, and Trending Videos are showing the message "Sorry, the content is not available for now." Weather and Top News tabs are showing content and it is current.
Things I've tried thus far:
1. Re-installed a few times.
2. Made sure to check the option to set Bing as desktop background.
3. Deleted some folders as suggested with other similar issues.
4. Allowed Bing through the firewall.
System Info:
Windows 8.1 Pro
Bing v.1.3.470.0

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Didn't know where to write so I will do it here. Recently I have bought myself a new HDD so i installed a fresh copy of Windows 10. The problems that I have is that the thumbnail preview animations on taskbar aren't working at all, the thumbnail preview stays frozen while best appearance is checked in performance options menu. Second issue is that Cortana can't find or search programs that I have installed while preinstalled like calculator and notepad can. Thank you for your valuable time
CPU: i5 2500 RAM: 6GB GPU: GTS 450 MB: Foxconn P67A-S HDD: WD10EZEX

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