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Has anyone replaced a screen and digitizer for the nokia lumia 830?

Question: Has anyone replaced a screen and digitizer for the nokia lumia 830?

I dropped my lumia 830 and it cracked the screen pretty badly. I ordered an have the replacement screen with the digitizer, however I can find videos galore for every phone but the 830. Any help is welcomed.

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Preferred Solution: Has anyone replaced a screen and digitizer for the nokia lumia 830?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Has anyone replaced a screen and digitizer for the nokia lumia 830?

Hello, this is mostly because the 830 is still relatively new.. After a quick search I found this vid (Does not show how to replace anything, but does show you how to disassemble the phone):

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i replace the screen myself why wont it switch on or charge

Answer:I have replaced my Nokia Lumia 820 screen and my phone won't switch on, why?

you just asked 'Why do fools fall in love'
When you say screen, just the glass, or complete LCD assembly?
Your technical level, your ability to perform this has NOT been addressed.Do you know what you are doing?
Did you follow the video / manual, or wing it? I'd suggest you search for & download the 'Lumia 820 Service Manual' & give the pictures a glance, the manual a read - you may find your error! ... cause, frankly, we wouldn't know what you did.

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Hi everyone! I just replaced my Lumia 820 digitizer, it didn't work.
I watched several tutorials and followed them step by step. Now i have a perfect glass panel without any touch capabilities.
I bought it from ebay, the reseller had 99.9% of positive reputation, and the product had 250+ 5 stars reviews. I double checked all the pins and connectors. Still it doesn't work.
My phone has WP 8.1 developer preview installed if it matters.
Is there anything i can do?

Answer:Why isn't my digitizer working after I replaced my Lumia 820?

If you made sure of everything (I thought I broke a Treo when I just didn't push a cable in all the way, I found out after I ordered new parts)
If you're adamant its not installation error, try contacting the seller, I'm sure if they're any good they might do something for you. Keep customers happy you know.

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Hello everyone, I need a nokia lumia 620 digitizer rev 3 . I looked in ebay and other sites, most of them are not rev 3 and not original nokia digitizer. Can anyone suggest me a good place to buy? I am from india so the seller must be able to ship to india. Thank You.

Answer:From where to buy Nokia lumia 620 digitizer rev 3

you know you can replace the digitizer with any new one just downgread it to not amber version.

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My Lumia 525 screen broke today. The IPS LCD panel is working fine but the digitizer in broken. It has just been 2 months. How much will it cost to repair in India. And can I get it replaced with Gorilla Glass? Please help!! I

Answer:Nokia Lumia 525 digitizer broken!!

I don't know since I'm not in India, but it probably won't be cheap if you get official Nokia service.
You can attempt a DIY repair only if you're comfortable enough and properly equipped.
You can't get it replaced with Gorilla Glass, it'll be best to get a genuine original part. Also Gorilla glass is meant to be scratch resistant, not as much shatter resistant.
Also know that in this case, the 525 and 520 are identical.

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I replaced my Lumia 625's digitizer last night and it worked perfectly fine(I used CrazyFire's digitizer replacement bought on Amazon).
Today I applied some extra double-sided tape(I didn't know the replacement had glue already applied) on absolutely safe zones where it wouldn't affect anything and the touch messed up. Search button stopped working and some zones of the screen weren't responding. I tried putting the old, broken digitizer back and still had the same problem. When I placed the new one, Back, Home and Search buttons stopped working completely and almost the entire screen wasn't responding to my touch. I tried disassembling and reassembling and nothing changed.
I have some ideas of what the problem is but I decided to ask here. According to stuff I've read, the problem might be the software, the digitizer connector or screen alignment/calibration problems, but, like I said, I decided to ask. If you need any extra data, let me know.
Please help me. Thanks for reading.

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I have easily removed the glass from the LCD, the LCD works just fine and I have the replacement digitizer glass, however the adhesive underneath the digitizer glass has filled with tiny rocks and dust. How do I remove it safely and what can I use to replace it?

Answer:What is the adhesive between the Nokia Lumia 1520 digitizer glass and the LCD?

how did you remove the glass from the lcd
can i get you'r email

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My phone nokia lumia 520 did fall down from my bed and there did come 2 cracks
then i turned it on and the power button works and volume buttons too
but the screen is untouchable nothing happens?

Answer:How can I fix my Nokia Lumia 520 that fell down from my bed and the digitizer isnt working?

The cracks damaged your touch panel so it does not work anymore.
You have to replace the touch panel to let it work again.
But at the moment the 520 is very cheap so i do not know what is cheaper.
Send your 520 for repair or buy a new one.
And if you send it to repair be sure that they use a genuine original OEM part to replace the broken touch panel.

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can nokia lumia battery be replaced

Answer:Can the Nokia Lumia battery be replaced?

Most Lumias have replaceable batteries, but not all. The Lumia 1020 for instance.

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I have just had my mobile phone serviced through an authorised repair centre for Microsoft phones. They told me my phone had been "upgraded" but the phone I received in the mail was not my 1020 at all, but a 930.
The problem I have with this, along with losing all my data and personalised settings for various apps, is that the 1020 is a 41mp camera, whereas the 930 has only a 20mp camera. I had purchased the 1020 specifically for the camera and now have accessories that do not fit the 930 at all, and even if they did, why would I want 20mp photos?
The advice that they had to replace the 1020 with a 930 came from Microsoft and no doubt relates mostly to the software. But there was only one problem with the existing 1020 mobile phone so I don't see why the whole thing had to be replaced, especially since I paid over $600 for it to be serviced.
I would have preferred to purchase another 1020 than have a 930.
Could you please advise me how I can have this issue addressed now.
The phone company gave me the number for Microsoft but unfortunately after 19minutes waiting time I was cut off.
Thank you

Answer:Why was a Nokia Lumia 1020 was replaced with a 930 as an Upgrade???

I'm sure that the difference was no availability of any 1020 devices to give you.
Best you could do would be to get them to send your 1020 back, but obviously they were unable to fix it... Not knowing what was wrong with the 1020 you sent in, I would imagine it was not software as they would have just flashed it back to stock with the original ROM.
Just to be clear, this is a fan based news and discussion site that is in no way run by Microsoft, Lumia or any developer.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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After the install, the Acer logo appears then after about 8 seconds there are a couple lines then it goes blank. Any suggestions??

Answer:Replaced my Aspire V5-573P touch screen digitizer

If you have or can get a remote display, connect it and see if you get good picture on it.You may have damaged the ribbon cable. They are pretty fragile. You might open it up where you can gently  wiggle the cable while it's on and see if it changes.

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Please can someone help me?? I have a Microsoft lumia 535 and cracked the touch screen, being a little tight on money I decided to order a new screen along with phone tool kit and have a go myself... Following online video sourced from YouTube I carefully dismantled the phone and replaced screen have triple checked everything is seated properly and ribbon cable is connected correctly... Booted phone up and nothing! Screen is genuine... Looking on Google have found info on something called 'Nokia phone suite', with info stating a 'dead flash' is required after installing new screen for it to work although I'm not sure how accurate this info is nor have I yet attempted it as every time I try and download the programe my anti virus and firewall go nuts!!! Anyway please can someone tell me what to do really need my phone back!!! And just to confirm cracked screen still picked up some touch but not enough to use phone whereas new screen does absolutely nothing! :( :(
Thanks in advance for any help!!

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I know that battery is nyebrated into the phone. It is draining out less than 12 hours specially after college n erosion to Windows 10

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I need to replace my touch screen glass as it is broken. Mine is 2C version of it. There are people selling universal versions of touch digitizer online saying its compatible and original with Microsoft name on the top of it. I want to know how many versions of it are there in the market and which one is MS genuine product. or Are universal one's compatible and works fine with my device ? Also where can i buy a genuine MS Touch screen digitizer for Lumia 535 online india ?

Answer:Touch screen digitizer Microsoft Lumia 535

Be wary on line. You get what you pay for. A lot of them, even if they say Microsoft on them, aren't OEM, just Chinese knock offs. Also when replacing digitizer on the 535 you can't just change it and it works. It didn't for me and I had to 'dead' flash it. A Microsoft service centre can replace it, but, for the cost if replacement, why not plump for something like the 550? At least you will then have 4G LTE device and a more up to date chipset, or the great 640, or even a Blu Win HD LTE?

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Hi guys, greetings from Nairobi. I've had my Nokia Lumia 620 for a little over 6 months now. I was on 8.1 through the developer's preview. So I was just sitting there, hadn't used my phone for around 15 minutes. When I checked the phone, it was stuck on the Nokia screen. I assumed that it was restarting so I left it for a couple more minutes. It's been on the screen for around 5 hours. I have tried the soft and hard reset several times but still nothing works. I'm still stuck on the Nokia screen and the device is not detected when I plug it on the laptop through the USB cable. Seen a couple of videos on using Navifirm but can't do much because the device isn't being detected. Hoping I won't have to take it to the care center. Anything else I can try? Looking forward to your responses. Much thanks.
By hard resetting I followed the following steps:
Turn off the Lumia,
Pressed and held the Power Button, did not release until the phone vibrates.
Pressed and held the Volume Down Button, did not release until the LCD showed the exclamation mark.
Pressed Volume Up Button Key and released
Pressed Volume Down Button Key and released
Pressed Power Button Key and released
Pressed Volume Down Button Key and released.
The soft reset was simply power button and volume down button.
I should also point out that the USB cable I'm using isn't the one that I got the phone with :) lost that one.
Thanks guys.:)

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 620 has been stuck on the Nokia startup screen for 5 hours now.

Try a different cable and use Nokia Care Suite to reset the phone, you will lose everything on the phone but it should reset it to factory settings. You will then probably need to get it updated via Developer preview again...good luck.

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When my phone begins to boot up, it crashes a couple seconds after the nokia logo pops up. Also, I don't think that the software is telling the hardware to charge the battery correctly because it has been charging for several hours but when detached from a charger, it immediately dies.
When on the charger, I tried a soft reset by holding the power button and volume down keys for 10-15 seconds which was ineffective I also tried a hard reset by holding the power button until the nokia screen appears, then holding the volume down button for the exclamation mark to appear but it shuts down before this happens.
Other notes: It shows the flashing icon light when on the charger and at times tries to boot up but when at the nokia screen shuts down.

Answer:Why is my nokia lumia 925 crashing at the nokia screen?

Hi, I had a similar problem. First I thought it was the battery, until I eventually figured out that it was the motherboard. Changing it won't be easy, so take it to a shop

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I installed win 10 preview on my nokia lumia 635 recently, but when i tried to do a rollback to windows 8.1 using the recovery tool my phone got stuck on a red screen with nokia logo in white with infinite restarting by itself, and i can't figure out what to do. I wish i hadn't installed that damn windows 10 in the first place.

Answer:nokia lumia 635 red screen with nokia logo.

Be sure to report the feedback to Microsoft

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Hello, I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 a while back (About two years ago or something i'm not too sure) It was perfectly fine until all of the sudden I couldn't hear anything apart from Ringtones (Couldn't listen to songs, couldn't hear people when calling etc) after messing around with the phone it turned out to be the earbud jack (can't remember the correct word at the moment) anyhow, I fixed it by basically shoving a tooth pick in it. So i'm like okay fine. But recently the phone got stuck in Airplane mode, I tried literally everything apart from going to the store to get it fixed because my warranty ran out and i'm not going to pay for this piece of crap. So, today I tried the "Windows Phone Recovery Tool", I let it do its thing while I take a shower but when I came back it was stuck on the red Nokia title screen. Unplugged the battery, re-connected it with my PC, pressed the Volume down button etc. Nothing works! And when it's plugged into the PC, the Windows Recovery Tool says "Acces is Denied. Verify Credentials"
So yeah. I am furious. I have never, ever had so many problem with a phone before..
Here are some screenshots:
Windows Recovery Tool:
The Red Nokia Title Screen (My Phone):

Answer:Can I get some help with my Nokia Lumia 520 (Red Nokia Title Screen)(8.1)?

1. Calm down ( you gotta have patience while working with gadgets )
2. You shouldn't shove things other than the hp jack into the hp port.
3. Airplane mode ? (tried going to settings and trying to disable it or remove the sim and put it back in / restart ?? )
4. That "Red Nokia Tile Screen" you saw was the firmware download screen.
5. One does not simply don't pull out a phone while its undergoing firmware loading.
6. Try with Windows Phone Recovery Tool again. (This time wait ... and have patience.)
7. The only and last solution is Lumia Software Recovery Tool. Be patient !

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So... I have a Lumia 1020 (ATT), and I was trying to roll it back to Windows 8 so that I could get the Cyan update. I know I should have been patient, but I wasn't. I knew that the mini USB connection on my phone was kinda quirky, and sometimes it would connect to my computer when I plugged it in and sometimes it wouldn't (Windows would tell me that it would connect and disconnect, repeatedly, and sometimes it said it didn't recognize the device.)
So while I was trying to do the recovery, it connected and disconnected, and the Nokia Recovery Tool didn't go anywhere. I was hoping that it would but after a long while, it didn't go anywhere again. (it was stuck at 0%...)
I restarted the Nokia Recovery Tool and my Phone...but the recovery tool won't pick up my phone, and my phone is stuck on the red nokia screen.
Is there anything I can do? :(

Answer:Nokia Lumia 1020 Lumia Recovery Red screen

Oh, and I don't know I wasn't logged in. This is my username.
Please help me. I love my Lumia 1020 :(
This is all it looks like, and I can't make it do anything at all...

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I don't have internet access or access to the store. Have error codes 800704CF and 80072F30 how do I clear it ?

Answer:How do I clear error codes 800704CF from Nokia Lumia 530 and 80072F30 from Nokia Lumia 530

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I don't have internet access or access to the store. Have error codes 800704CF and 80072F30 how do I clear it ? If you're trying using data carrier, check your APN Internet settings, ask your carrier for correct ones.
Elsewhere, use Wifi and do a soft reset

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Hey guys!
I have decided to switch to nokia and i just love lumia 930 . Shall i bye bye it or wait it for a new handset.
Does anyone have any idea of the release of 1530 or 1030??

Answer:Decided to switch to Nokia: Shall I buy Lumia 930 or or wait for a new Nokia Lumia handset?

there's no rumors of any 1030, 1530, or any new top-of-the-line device.
I'd just pull the trigger now and get a 930.

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The digitzer on my son's Envy 15t cracked when dropped at school. I successfully replaced it and it functions. However, when I calibrate the digitizer, the location touched on the digitizer does not line up with the expected loacation on the LCD.The alignment is correct in the upper left hand corner and along the top. But, as I progress to the right and down touching the digitizer, the two components no longer line up. The farther right and down I go, the greater the shift. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the HID in Devise Manager, updated the drivers, disabled and re-enabled the HID, preformed the hard reset, reset and recalibrated multiple times, installed Windows updates, and preformed the HP diagnostic UEFI test. The UEFI test was a little odd. When clearing the squares, the screen appeared to be inversed. Meaning that when I touched the top of the screen, the squares on the bottom would be removed, and vice versa. The test to mover the boxes around had the same type of issue. To move a box up, I had to drag it downward. Weird. Updating the BIOS and chipset drivers is my next task. Has anyone else had such an experience or advice? Yes, I ordered the correct part but that does not mean I received the proper part number. Thank you. 

Answer:HP Envy 15t : Replaced digitizer does not calibrate accurate...

I'm going through a very similar thing with a 15-u. I replaced the digitizer, and the touch is all out of whack, barely responsive, unusable. I have to ask, when the screen was cracked, did you notice if the touch still worked or was it already out of whack at that point.  On the 15-u, it was out of whack with the cracked screen, and basically the same with a brand new digitizer. I even replaced the control board next to the screen with no change. Please reply to let us know if the bios updates helped, I would love to try that but the dang customer didn't give the power adapter.

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i dropped my 1520 a week ago and the screen shattered completely , i went to Nokia Care and they said the repairing would cost around 170$.
anyway , will i lose all of the data on the phone or i shouldn't be worried?

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A few months ago i replaced my 1020 with vodafone because it wouldnt charge. New one is even worse... Speakerphone doesnt work, touchscreen messes up occasionally which makes typing difficult and recently the screen turns black, which i used to be able to remedy by giving the phone a slight tap, but now if i turn the phone on the screen fades to darkness. Rebooted about 3 times, left to die and then recharge and still it wont work.. Any similar problems or any advice on how to remedy the situation would be much appreciated!!!

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I use nokia lumia 720, the mobile fell down from my pocket and broke on its top left corner. The screen broke but everything with it is working absoluetly fine. Even I can drag the drag screen from the broken side, but I can only see the screen broken. This happened an hour ago. Which one exactly broke? I must change only the Screen glass or the whole display? Please help me.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 720 screen broke: Replace screen glass or entire display?

Separating the digitizer from the glass is a real chore, or so I hear. I think it can be done if careful, but is very prone to messing up the digitizer. I'd replace the whole display if it were me...

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my nokia lumia 630 screen is showing lines of different color. seems the screen as sustained damage, will the screen go away? i mean will it turn black completely?

Answer:my nokia lumia 630 screen is showing lines of different color. will the screen go away?

Some people with different phones including me have had this happen. Just soft reset if that dont fix it hard reset should do. Beyond that repair center will be your only hope.

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It would appear that there was some type of caulking holding the digitizer down. I've managed to hold it in place with 4 drops of superglue in select places. didn't do a heavy duty job, I just want it to stay in place till I can get my hands on the right stuff. Anyone know what kind of glue it is and where I can get some?

Also, when I replaced my digitizer sometimes the screen is unresponsive. It works about 95% of the time but I would like it to work 100% of the time.

I have the LG quantum C900 if anyone needs to know.

Answer:Replaced my digitizer in my smart phone, need special glue

yRaz said:

It would appear that there was some type of caulking holding the digitizer down. I've managed to hold it in place with 4 drops of superglue in select places.Click to expand...

Do you know what happens to Styrofoam when you put a drop of Super-Glue on it ?

yRaz said:

Anyone know what kind of glue it is and where I can get some?Click to expand...

I don't know what they use on mobile phones however the electrician whom I took my *shower proof* battery powered shaver to, for a replacement battery. Said that stuff was just 'nothing more than hot melt glue' see HMA wiki-link here

If you don't have a *Hot Melt Glue Gun* you don't know what your life is missing :haha:_

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Hi all,
Any body know how to fix this problem?
Lumia 930. Welcome text shows on background alltimes :-(

Answer:Nokia Lumia 930 Screen bug

Sounds like software, have you tried Soft rest

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Lately I have been noticing that when I open apps or even play music, the screen flashes continuously. It has happened while using Internet Explorer, and with apps that use IE. Help?
Last time it only stopped because I set the phone to lock screen. I don't know why it's doing this. I have an SD card in too, as well.

Answer:Why does my Nokia Lumia 521 screen on 8.1 keep flashing?

What lockscteen apps do you have installed?
Register a profile so that you can respond

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My nokia lumia 625's screen has become non responsive. The buttons on the side work but nothing else. I can not turn it off or take the battery out because it is impossible to take out the small screws. Please could someone help?

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My touch is not working properly. sometime it starts typing automatically and sometime touch does not work.

Answer:Is screen calibration there in nokia lumia 520?

There is no Screen Calibration in settings (like where you tap different targets to lock in accuracy for how you touch the screen).
Typing automatically? So the keyboard is too sensitive, yet the screen is not sensitive enough?
Check settings > touch > put sensitivity to "normal" (if it is not) or "high" (whichever is different) and reboot. If that solves your problem, go back to the sensitivity setting you had before and reboot again.
?If your problem does not get sorted; run a backup and do a hard reset.

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I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 930 and its was working perfectly fine, but I dropped it (on carpet) and now the screen has gone black. The 3 flashing keys (the home button, the arrow button and the search icon) light up but nothing else does. I would love some help with this. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Why has my Nokia Lumia 930 screen gone black?

Have you tried a soft reset? Hold the Volume up button and the power/lock button until the phone vibrates, this will restart your phone.

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Screen has frozen can't get into phone can just see screen saver and yesterday's date

Answer:Why has my screen frozen on Nokia lumia 635?

Press volume - and power button till phone vibrates..or simply pull battery out.

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My phone NL920 is having the issue, It is alive (inside) but the screen is completely black. I can feel phone getting lock/unlock. Phone rings & able to recieve call (guessing the touch location).
Tried soft restart (Power+vol down), it doesn't help.
It has same issue, earlier, nokia care fixed it. but refused to explain what has happened.
Now my phone is out of maintenance & expecting it to be the big hole in my pocket for repairing.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 920 screen blackout

did it fall?? maybe the screen connector was taken off and doesn't give any signal...

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My screen on nokia lumia820 smashed I ordered new lcd screen fitted it allwas fine then few week later my screen went as bright as it could then went off not come back on since... phone powers up when charging just no screen??

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I have a Nokia Lumia 925. The screen freezes and the phone acts dead. You can't reset it doing the volume down & power. After this happened again today, I'll be getting my 4th one in about 6 months. After calling for a replacement, the battery finally died on this and I was able to reboot it after I plugged it in to recharge. Oh yeah, it got hot enough to fry an egg when the screen locked up. It does this without warning. My last phone locked up while I was at the airport getting ready to fly home. With no way to contact my family, I would have been sitting in a airport in the middle of the night. I never had a problem with my Nokia Lumia 710. The only reason I quit using that phone is they quit publishing apps for it so I needed to upgrade to windows 8.

Answer:Why is my screen freezing on Nokia Lumia 925?

Then 925 is a good phone, but some of them have some issues :/ Sorry mate.. Hope you get a good one this time around, but I would recommend getting another. Perhaps the 830 or the 930. If you want sth cheaper then 735 or 635

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I have Nokia Lumia 520 windows 8 phone, phone display gets hang whenever the phone is unlock from screen lock

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My phone kept turning itself on and off so I did a hard reset but when it restarted it only showed the screensaver and the notifications bar. Everything else is black. The notifications are also glitchy (they have numbers in brackets instead of actual notifications) and the date changed to the 25th November at 5 am. What's going on? Any help please?

Answer:Why is my nokia lumia 930 screen not working?

Sounds like you may need to use the WDRT.

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screen of my nokia lumia 920 went black and I can't see anything. I've turned it off and switched on again but it didn't work.

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My Nokia lumia 735 comes on ith no problem and even sends me updates but when I try to use the screen it doesn't work I've tried soft reset and it still doesn't work.

Answer:Why isn't my Nokia Lumia 735 screen working?

I think you say you can read text but if you tab on the screen it does not respond.
In this case you have a defect of your touch panel. (Do you maybe see a small crack). I would recommend to backup your data (connect it with your pc) and send it for repair/ replacement.
Using a hard reset or the Lumia software recovery tool may help if it is software (but than the soft reset should have help)

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What is d cost of repairing Nokia Lumia 720 , whose screen has cracked and nothing is visible inside it ??

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I have smashed my screen and cannot use it, but i can use my side buttons so i know the problem is the screen.

Answer:How much does it cost to fix a nokia lumia 520 screen ?

I bought an AT&T L520 Go Phone on Amazon for $39.00. That may be a better option. What carrier are you on?

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hi all, Appologies for the length, but despite my frustrations over aspects of the helix (fan, heat, digitzer not always working etc) I've been happy that I'd bought the device as a "right choice", hence the high level of frustration at things going differently... 3-4 weeks ago my helix started suffering with up to half the screen no longer working (from simply black to an interference style pattern).  At this stage HDMI out worked as did the digitzer, even if I couldn't see what the pen would click on. I phoned up the CH support line (in English) and ended up with a number of nice call center people who said I'd have an engineer out for the next business day.  I then had a period of 3 days without being called, and after chasing on the support was informed a part had been ordered.  Two days later I had a visit from the engineer. The on-site engineer, like the call staff, was very nice (even in the face of having to sit in a restaurant to look at the panel).  He returned the device the next day with a brand new panel.  However I then discovered the digitzer wasn't working. A week later after a series of remote software installations and bios upgrades another on-site engineer came out.  He too was very pleasent, and was also visibily irratated that the digitzer didn't work after yet another panel swap. In all cases I had to chase the support to find out what the current status was.  This I find to be poor custome... Read more

Answer:[Helix] Panel replaced twice digitizer dead and hdmi no longer working

well to answer my own question and make sure others know to stay away from Helix / possibly Lenovo... I had the machine replaced.  The DOA team and the lenovo team were again great, I can't state this clearly enough.  But they are helping on a badly made / designed / engineered product.  It overheats, the pen stops working (usb device not recognized etc), could be the flex in the screen but its definitely a hardware problem. The replacement came, worked for 2 weeks and then died.  Then I had to go through the same remote support - install everything - process as before.   Again, as before, the machine was simply not functioning. The replacement got replaced.  The new one worked for 6 weeks before it started happening again.  As of last week the pen no longer works at all, same as before. Off to start another round of attempting to get a replacement or this time a refund. Again to be clear, there is only one device on the market that has the same functionality as this - the Fujitsu, and I love the functionality and the excellent keyboard, but I can't really rely on the machines quality at all.   More accurately I can only rely on the lack of build quality :<

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I dropped my phone in water dried it off and continued using it that day but when I charged it the screen went black and only the three white lights for the bottom icons light up and the phone vibrates. I tried connecting to Zune to retrieve photos on the phone but Zune wants me to unlock the phone's pin code which of course I am unable to do since the screen is black. Any solutions?

Answer:How can I unlock my Nokia Lumia 900 if the screen is black?

Hard Reset... But you loose your data? So that defeats the purpose.
The water probably did you in there. Maybe try the rice trick. Power down if you can. Submerge the device in uncooked rice for 72 hours or so and hope it comes back on...

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I tried soft reset, the unit vibrate but return again to frozen screen. Pls advise
The display is black with NOKIA logo. Please advise on how to make my lumia 925 working again. thanks

Answer:Why does my lumia 925 frozen with NOKIA display on screen?

Use the windows phone recovery tool

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I'm looking for an alternative for the invisible shields glass. Does anyone have any suggestions? I found some on ebay that ship from Hong Kong but I'd rather not go that route.

Answer:Can I get some Nokia Lumia screen protector suggestions?

Well, what Lumia model are we talking here?
Accessories vary from model to model.
I'd recommend getting a tempered glass protector, but if you're just worried about scratches, I like my Armorsuit protector. Doesn't protect against shattering because of its nature, but otherwise works well and holds my damaged screen together nicely.

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This started about a week ago - when I went to my carrier they simply restarted it and it fixed the problem. But since then, every other time I receive a phone call the screen turns fuzzy with black and white static noise. I have been restarting it every time that happens - but it seems like a short term fix. Is there anything else I can do? Or is it a faulty phone?

Answer:How can I fix my Nokia Lumia 1020 static screen?

Have you tried a hard reset?

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Hi All, I have just switched over from an iPhone 5s to a brand new Nokia Lumia 1520. I'm loving everything about my new phone so far but I have encountered one problem. I keep getting problems when scrolling, IE. The screen detects my scroll as a click and opens up tweets or whatever I am trying to scroll through. Is there anyway to stop or minimize this? Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 1520 - Screen Issue

Read this:

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cant unlock phone with broken screen i cant get passed the code because of the screen being broken would i be able to get my photos on to computer

Answer:How to unlock Nokia Lumia with broken screen?

Probably not, BUT maybe your carrier can retrieve them with a cellebrite machine. Try your carrier, they are probably your only hope and it's a LONG shot. Next time I suggest you place the photo's on OneDrive or Google Photos. :)

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how much does it cost to replace my nokia lumia 530 screen

Answer:How much does it cost to replace my Nokia Lumia 530 screen?

Its better to call the nokia customer care and ask. They will give you a clear picture
If it helps you I replaced my 520's screen (only the touch panel and not the lcd ) for 2900 INR ( ~$47).

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Hi, last night i dropped my phone on my bedroom floor (soft carpet) and the battery fell out, i was quite buys at the time so i didn't have time to turn it back on, i picked it up and put the battery/Back back onto the phone and left it switched off, when i came back to it, i tried turning it on and i felt the vibration that happens when you usually switch it on, but the screen stays black, i've been through every process to try fixing this:
Using factory charger, hardware restart, Moving battery pins, None of it works, anyone care to help?

Answer:Why does my Nokia lumia 620 screen stay black?

So much for a 5 minute response time :/

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The screen of the Nokia Lumia 925 Block does not have the option to "never turn off the screen," this would be it because the screen is AMOLED? If yes, how to fix has an app that does this? For to download additional games within the game is bad because it locks the screen and the download fails!
Sorry for ai few words, I am Brazilian and tou using translator!

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I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 and recently I am not able to take screen shots? The phone keeps saying couldn't take screen shot. What is the problem and how can I fix this?

Answer:Why am I not able to take Screen shots on Nokia Lumia 1020?

I take it you already know that the screenshots are taken with Vol up + power button? :p

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My mobile phone Nokia Lumia 900 does not ring while incoming call. please help me by answering this question. thanks

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 900 does not ring while screen is locked, why ?

Does your screen light up and the phone vibrate, but just doesn't ring, or it makes no indication that a phone call is coming in?

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I'm usually really good to my phones, never having dropped them in water, always careful with them, ect. My brother who lives in Nebraska (I live in Washington) put me on his Cricket plan and got me the Nokia Lumia 630 which I absolutely love.
Anyway, last Thursday I had a ****ty week. I mean I had one of those kill yourself because then it'll get better weeks and to top it off, my boyfriend and I had just had a huge fight. I was upset, wasn't thinking because I was too upset and stupidly had my phone in my back pocket of my jeans which I almost never do.
I went in to use the bathroom and... That's right, my phone fell in the toilet. Actually fell in the toilet. I immediately got it out, dried off what I could and did everything I could think of; putting it in front of a fan, taking out the battery, sim and SD card, using a bit of rubbing alcohol on the back of the phone to counter the water, putting it rice for days, ect, which leads me to my problem now:
My phone does turn on. It actually seems perfectly fine; the sounds, the display, everything except the touch screen. I touch it and there's no vibration, nothing. The touch screen simply does NOT work when I touch it. But I also lost the SIM card by accident, so I was wondering if the touch screen could be dead or if it's not responsive because it doesn't have a SIM card?
I realize this might be an extremely stupid question and I do apologize if it is, but the Nokia Lumia 630 is the only phone I've had that requires a SI... Read more

Answer:Nokia Lumia 630 touch screen fried?

The touch issue is not due to a missing SIM card. And Cricket should be happy to send you a new SIM.
One trick to try is to [GENTLY] press along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Some connectors may have gotten loose. If that does work it may only be temporary. You might want to check a repair shop for an estimate to see if they can do anything.
Good on you for doing the rice thing... Unfortunately, there is a water detection strip inside phones now and it will have shown your phone got submerged. That voids any warranties.

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I just recently reseted my nokia lumia 830 today and after the gears logo had appeared and the usual initial set up, it got stuck to the point where it says "a few more apps still need to finish intalling. It should just take another moment or two" for about an hour already. What should I do? I am extremely panicking right now, because I really am clueless to what's happening to my phone at this moment. Please do help me. Thank you!

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 830 is stuck on the installing screen, how can I get it off of this?

DO NOT PANIC! I repeat... DO NOT PANIC... Now that I have that outta my system...
Give it another hour (just walk away from the phone, but make sure it's on charge)
If your not willing to wait any longer, soft reset the phone (press volume button and power button at the same time and hold until you feel the phone vibrate, then you let go). This will restart the process..
If that fails after an hour as well, report it and we'll go for a hard reset

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My phone since 1AM this morning has been stuck in the sleep screen. It still shows the time correctly, maybe freezing for a minute or two and still bopping around, but nothing I do wakes it up. If I double tap it it does nothing and when I press the button on the side it does nothing. I had an alarm on and it went off but it still didn't wake up so I had to wait for the alarm to turn off itself. Someone called me and it stayed on the sleep screen as it rang. It still vibrates when I get notifications but still stays on the sleep screen. I've had this phone for two years now and I really hope this isn't permanent. Please help!

Answer:My Nokia Lumia is frozen on the sleep screen, what do I do?

Press and hold volume up and power button till your phone shuts down and restarts. It fixes the issue, but why is it happening I simply don't know. Bring your phone to the repair service.

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my phone miss-type the characters ... i tried to tap on M and it appears N... and so on . only happen in qwerty keyboard... I tried to recalibrate the screen but there is no option in menu...any suggestions?

Answer:nokia lumia 520 screen calibration issue

Try a soft reset(Power + Volume Down key for 15 sec) and see if that helps.

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i have a lumia 520 which is updated to lumia cyan,and i had not used any preview builds ,my phone is out of warranty and i am facing screen freeze problem while i make a call, also my double tap feature is not working since i updated touch settings,please provide any solution.

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 520 screen freezes while calling, what do I do?

is this happening just after your Cyan update?do you have denim too?

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My nokia lumia 530 mobile screen is damage so i want to change it please tell me how much cost of it.

Answer:I want to change my nokia lumia 530 mobile screen

Because you do not say where you live how can we say what it will cost.
So please check google or Bing in your location.
But screens are relative expensive so it could be nearly as much as a new phone.

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Hi guys,
Since yesterday I have a problem with my 920. The screen looks like this: (not my photo, I found it on google and looks exactly like my screen).
What can it be? This happened after I wanted to upload a video from my phone to One
Drive. I tried soft, hard reset and nothing. Curious is that I can hear the notifications, or if someone calls me, but the screen still the same.
Can it be fixed?

Answer:White pixelated screen on Nokia Lumia 920

Please see the following thread:

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I did a hard reset using power button and volume buttons, it gone to the gear screen and stuck there, wot cam I do ??

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Please guy's help me my Lumia 525 is not repair after brick when I return from wp10tp to wp8.1 with Windows Phone Recovery Tool and now I tried all solutions from blogs and tweets finally I m go to Nokia Care but they also said it's flashing 40% and then says error message of reboot please guys help me and guide me

Answer:My Lumia on Red Nokia Screen after rollback from WP10TP

This thread could help.
The comment section of this article might help too.Windows 10 for phones preview pulled for Lumia 520, 525 and 526 | Windows Central
Ofcse thats only a glimmer of hope. Most probably u will need a new phone unless MS decides to fix it by doing something as they are investigating the matter.

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I have a Lumia 520 that had a small dink on the upper right hand corner with the tiniest crack on it. I was using it like I do normally, and then 5 minutes after I put it in my pocket, a long crack is diagonally across my screen. Bearing in mind this had a case on, I was wondering what caused that crack to grow so big. It's rendered the bottom half of the crack of touchscreen unusable and I don't have the money to repair or replace it. So what should I do?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 520 unorthodox screen crack?

Well, it was chipped, once you damage glass to the point of cracking/chipping, the glass will crack along the grain very easily, more than likely you flexed it a bit while it was in your pocket and under the stress the crack worked its way down, the only thing you can do is replace the glass or buy a new phone.

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I am having nokia lumia 830 orange. The problem with is that on the 2 day when I bought I charges it not full 100% but till 60 or 70 ,when the lock screen was on stand by mode my lock screen could appear in black and white dotted figure help

Answer:Nokia lumia 830 lock screen problem help

Welcome to Windows Central.
For the "lock screen", could it be that what you're seeing is the Glance Screen with your custom background image?
Nonetheless, if you're having troubles with your phone (the charging issue) just two days after purchase, you could bring it back to the store where you bought it together with the official receipt and have it replaced.

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Why does my Nokia lumia 635 only show a blue screen with a sad face on it?

Answer:Why do i have a blue screen and a sad face on my nokia lumia 635

Looks like it needs the firmware reinstalling.

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I accidentally dropped my Nokia Lumia 520 and i ended up with a broken, non-touch responding screen.
I have precious files on my phone and I want to unlock it so i could connect it to my computer and retrieve those files.
Is there like away to unlock it by my PC?
Please help!!! Ive did my research and could not find a way to fix this problem and many others aswell!!
Repairing my screen is quite expensive so i might as well get a new phone
Cheers!! (:

Answer:How do you unluck a Nokia Lumia 520 with a broken screen?

I might have a Idea for you, but i don't know that it works.
Just Download The Windows Phone 8 Software for your Pc. And plug in your Smartphone to the usb port from the Pc. Try to get on your Datas via the Software

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The half bottom of the screen of my Nokia Lumia Tablet 2520 goes blank. What can I do?

Answer:Why is the screen of my Nokia Lumia Tablet going blank

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question The half bottom of the screen of my Nokia Lumia Tablet 2520 goes blank. What can I do? it happens all the time no matter work you're doing? it most likely is a hardware issue - so repairs are in order
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hey guys, my lumia 1520 screen is out of its rubber thingy, so it is very important to me, to suggest from where i can get replacement screen, the one with the digitizer assembly? please, point me to some links. Thanks in advance!

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I purchased this phone last Nov 11 from a Nokia store. I only noticed them after a week of using my Icon (not sure though if they have always been there or not). There are 3 curve lines parallel to each other that I see on my phone's screen. The lines stretch from that part between the home key and the search key to the left middle part of the screen. I do not call them scratches. They couldn't be. I cannot remember putting my phone in my pocket or inside somewhere it would scratch. And the lines do not seem to be on the glass' surface. They seem to be beneath it. I did'nt bother returning the phone back to the store - it still functions perfectly. And the lines, you will only see them if you turn the phone off or lock it and look closely. It's just strange. Might be a manufacturer defect. Look at your Icon, you may have the same. Anyone knows what these lines are?

Answer:Why do i see 3 curve parallel lines on my Nokia Lumia 930's screen?

Have you checked about dead or stuck pixels? Are they really lines or contonuous dots that form lines? What color?

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my screen crack on my phone when i accidently drop it.

Answer:How much will it cost to repair my Nokia Lumia 630 screen on my phone?

where do you live?
currencies vary, money goes far in one place, not as much in another.
also depends if there's local shops, by nokia care, DIY...

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I have an unbranded Nokia Lumia 1520 running Lumia Cyan with the latest Developer Preview version. My phone worked perfectly until a couple days ago.
Now, when I turn on the screen, the display looks fine for a few seconds but a white veil slowly appears, getting brighter and brighter to the point where the screen almost becomes unreadable. I also noticed a drop in the display quality, which is clearly not a 1080p but resembles more that of a Lumia 520.
Has anyone ever had this problem before? Could you tell me whether it is a hardware or software issue?
Thank you very much for your answer

Answer:Why does my Nokia Lumia 1520 have a white veil on the screen?

it sounds as though the ambient light sensor is defective or being obscured. If you have a case/screen protector, try removing it and see if that fixes the issue.
You can also try going into settings->brightness and turning off "adjust automatically and see if that sorts it out.
If that's not the problem, your screen might have given up the ghost.

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I powered up my Nokia 630 last week which had been inactive for about a year, as I was keeping it as a backup to my 735. All was fine and working but them it offered to install an update, which I accepted and let it roll the wheels on. Now there is a blank grey screen where the tiles page should be. Switching it off and on plus a soft reset doesn't change it. Basically I get my pin number page then empty grey after tapping it in. I can see signal level, battery level etc icons at the top of the screen but nothing else. The phone was working fine prior to the update, I'm assuming this was not a Windows 10 update as the 630 doesn't qualify...?

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I need help on how to fix my Nokia Lumia 920.,I have updated it to 8.1 Dev Preview. It was working fine about a month then the screen intermittently stopped responding. I tried to restore it to factory settings when it would work fine but to no avail, the issue was still persistent. I decided to use the Nokia Software Recovery tool to go back to Lumia Black thinking that it was because of the OS (8.1 Dev Preview) not being compatible yet but to no avail, became worse. My device does not totally respond. It's on the Get Started screen and won't respond (the screen). PLEASE HELP!!!

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Currently have a Lumia 720 and maximum time out is 5 mins which does not help with golf GPS apps such as Free Caddy as it locks soon after each shot rather than be free flowing. May upgrade to 735 if 'never' function is available - as it seems to be in a random selection of Lumias.

Answer:Does the Nokia Lumia 735 have a 'Never' option for the Lock Screen Timeout?

It's not a random selection but a ROM limited feature. Some ROM variants have it, some don't. Same could be said about the static IP option in Wi-Fi settings and field test mode. I don't have a 720 myself so can't really tell you which ROM had it enabled but if you managed to find one you can always flash to that ROM to get the lacking features, a phone change is really not needed.

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I could use lockscreen, i could receive calls, other than that could not use my mobile phone because tiles aren't displaying. its just a black screen showing up.
Swipe down for notifications bar is also not working.

Answer:How to troubleshoot the issue of blank screen in nokia lumia 520?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I could use lockscreen, i could receive calls, other than that could not use my mobile phone because tiles aren't displaying. its just a black screen showing up.
Swipe down for notifications bar is also not working. have you tried pinning tiles?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I just got my phone through the post. I inserted the sim card and battery. Set it all up. Then I turned it off, removed the battery to get the iemi number and when i tried to turn the phone back on, the blue screen and sad face showed up. now my phones keeps turning on and off. Please advise me on how to fix this?

Answer:Why is my Nokia Lumia 735 showing a blue screen and sad face? and how do i fix it?

Try Nokia Software recovery tool . Download on Windows 7 or newer and connect to the phone. It will erase all of your phone data and install clean and new os from nokia.

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cortana and notification are working but stuck in loading loop

Answer:my nokia lumia stuck in loading screen loop

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question cortana and notification are working but stuck in loading loop Soft reset

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Hi All,
Please provide your valuable inputs in the matter related to screen issue that i am facing with my beloved Lumia 1520, my first windows phone.
Few days back, after attending a call, when i put down the phone it was dropped on the table from a distance of 2 inches..and I instantly notices two flashing white dots in form of a star on top side of phone, on both sides.
When I deliberately bang the top end of phone from a distance of 2 inches again, I again saw those flashing white star dots on screen.
The color changes to black when the background is white and it is also visible on glance screen.
Now please advise, if this is an issue related to hardware or software? Does anyone else has faced similar condition? Should I visit Nokia care and have the service people a look at the issue.
The phone behaves normally otherwise, apart from the touch sensitivity issues that is faced globally..!!!
Thank you for your valuable inputs..!!!
Regards- Niraj

Answer:Nokia Lumia 1520 Screen Spots when hit from back

Hmmm it appears that there might be some damage to the screen from what I can tell. I don't think this would be software related. If this is constantly visible I would definitely try visiting Nokia Care to see what they can do for you. If the screen issue is only visible when you hit the top end of the phone with force then I would not worry about this at all.
Hope this was helpful!

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random parts of my touch screen aren't working including my navigation bar. i tried a soft and hard reset to no avail. this happened seemingly out of the blue. i also can't access the touch option in the settings.

Answer:Why don't certain parts of my touch screen work on my Nokia Lumia 530?

I'd take it in for service -- hopefully a warranty replacement or repair.

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I have a nokia lumia 635 and the home screen reduced in size. Even after turning it on and off it is still shrunk. How do I get it back to normal size?

Answer:My home screen of my Nokia Lumia phone has become smaller. How do I fix it?

I assume you mean the live tiles have become smaller. This can happen if you turn off 'Show more tiles' in start+theme and then turn them back on. To change the size of live tiles, hold them for about a second, they will start floating. Then tap on the bottom right corner of the tile to change their size.

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Answer:My Nokia Lumia 525 screen is broken. Can I be able to replace with a new one in Bangladesh?

I don't see why not.

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So I've started having an issue where the display will just black out on me and won't turn back on. I've found that by pressing down on the screen itself, I can get the display back, but if I move it around too much or leave it in my pocket for a while it will "break" again.
The actual touch response is fine, just difficult navigating the phone on a black screen, so I'm hoping somebody here knows of any possible fixes to check? (Note: I'm comfortable opening and have opened electronic devices and re-soldering/ed components that needed it. I'd just prefer to know what I'm looking for in advance if it comes to that. I'd imagine it is probably a banner strip if it is the screen blacking out on me.)
Thank you.

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 520 screen display is disconnecting, how do I stop this?

You might want to replace the digitizer and make sure it is adhering to the frame well.

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I recently dropped my nokia lumia 930 from about 1 meter onto a wood floor. When I turn it on the only thing that illuminates is the 3 directional buttons on the bottom of the phone. The phone screen remains black.

Answer:I've dropped my Nokia Lumia 930 and the screen is just black, is it fixable?

Well what do you expect us to suggest?
Its obviously damaged.
Best case scenario, some connector was knocked loose and will need to be reconnected. (if you like DIY)
But otherwise, it's going to need repair, whether by a shop, officially by Microsoft, etc.

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my 4 month young Lumia 525 phone screen was cracked because unfortunately it was dropped by me,i have Nokia insurance and i want to know Nokia insurance will replace it?
please tell me someone :( :(

Answer:my lumia 525 screen was cracked,nokia insurance will replace it???

If you have a separate insurance policy, and that policy covers incidental damage, then it should, but it may cost your deductible. It depends on your plan and what it covers. You can call or go online following the information in your policy and it should be able to tell you.

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I had recently broken the screen on my phone. The screen does not work at all. Can I retrieve any photos from the phone or am I out of luck??

Answer:How to retrieve photos from Nokia Lumia 928 w/ broken screen

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I had recently broken the screen on my phone. The screen does not work at all. Can I retrieve any photos from the phone or am I out of luck?? did you have auto upload of photos to onedrive enabled?
You could try repairing the screen
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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nothing is operable on the phone right now even not showing charging status

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 925 had suddenly turned into black screen, what do I do now?

Try soft reset, I think its power button plus top volume key down for 10 seconds. If not try contacting Nokia warranty, perhaps they can get you set up under phone warranty.

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lock- screen is with clock and doesn't react on anything, button for unlocking, double-click on screen, when i connect it with charging cable to computer, computer doesn't see it, when i call from other number nothing happend on phone, and other phone shows ringing??? I don't know to open it and check the battery, also looks like normal turned on with locked screen. didn't fall, and didn't happen anything to phone, it was in the pocket.

Answer:My Nokia lumia 925 is just dead, buged lock screen. Could you help me?

Try a Soft Reset. Hold the Volume Down + Power buttons until the phone vibrates and reboots (about 10 seconds). Soft Reset is a great go-to to solve many types of glitch.
If that does not work then you need to try a Hard Reset:
Hold Volume Down > press Power > keep holding Volume Down until you see the exclamation (!) screen, then immediately release the Volume Down
Now tap Volume Up / Volume Down / Power / Volume Down
You should see the spinning gears and your phone will reflash the last OS version held in recovery. You do loose data, but get your phone back. Sign into your Microsoft Account and restore your backup during the set up.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread... Please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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what i need to when my phone broke inside . I'm using nokia lumia 820 . And how much i need to pay when i repair it .

Answer:Can I repair my my Nokia Lumia broke inside screen?

Go to Nokia care centre, they'll fix it for you

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how can I stop the nokia lumia 610 screen orientation changing from portrate to landscape?

Answer:How do I stop the Nokia Lumia 610 screen orientation problem?

Rotation lock is only available from Windows phone 8 GDR 3 so unfortunately ur phone can't stop the screen from rotating :(

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Answer:What is the meaning of the icons at bottom of the screen of my Nokia Lumia 520?

We cannot help you without a description or pictures of the icons.

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