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Nokia Lumia 900 not sending or receiving a majority of texts. Battery dies fast and phone is warm.

Question: Nokia Lumia 900 not sending or receiving a majority of texts. Battery dies fast and phone is warm.

My phone does not send all of my text messages, but they show as if sent. I also do not receive texts that have been sent and if I do it is well after they have been sent. My phone has been dying very quickly and has been pretty warm.

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Preferred Solution: Nokia Lumia 900 not sending or receiving a majority of texts. Battery dies fast and phone is warm.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Nokia Lumia 900 not sending or receiving a majority of texts. Battery dies fast and phone is warm.

It sounds like the battery is on its way out. I experienced that issue with a BlackBerry 9000 several years ago and bought a new battery. Unfortunately, the Lumia 900 has a sealed battery, which probably isn't worth replacing at this time, especially with the new 635 available for around $60 without a contract on

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I can send texts and send emails and call from my phone. I can also receive calls and emails, but not receive texts.

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First of all Happy Holidays to everyone. Now, is there any way of making the Lumia 521 with Windows 8.1 Vibrate when receiving a phone call, and make a tone sound when receiving texts? It seems the only way I was able to make the cell phone truly vibrate (by truly I mean that the phone was vibrating constantly and not just two intermittent vibrations every now and then) was by muting the ring tone sounds, turning vibrate on, and getting the vibrate sign on the corner of the screen (vibrate mode I presume); however, this silents the text sounds obviously. I then tried changing the phone and messaging settings to vibrate off/on, notification off/on in the notifications + actions section and nothing. The closest I got to what I wanted to do, was to include a silent ring tone when receiving a call, but since it's not in vibrate mode, I got the annoying two intermittent vibrations only, not the real vibrate mode. Am I doing something wrong, has somebody managed to get these settings right? Is there even a way to do it? Thanks guys.

Answer:Windows Phone 8.1 - Vibrate when receiving a phone call, and tone sound when receiving texts?

Constant Vibration chews through battery. I'm sure that is why it isn't enabled.
If by "real" vibration you mean a constant vibration, I would find that "real" annoying. I don't let my phone vibrate at me! Never have and never will. I understand that different users have different preferences. I read a lot of posts where users want some sort of constant nag function set up on their phones... Vibrate, blinking lights, something that never stops until attended to. The OS is just not designed that way.

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My Nokia Lumia 635 was purchased unlocked and I set it up with straight talk, it worked great for 2 months and I noticed I couldn't send my fiancee text messages but she could send them to me and I could messages everyone service expired and I renewed the service and asked straight talk if they could fix the texting problem, now I can't send or receive text messages from anyone. I did a hard reset and redid all the apn,port,URL settings for straight talk as I did when I first got the phone and still nothing. Someone said to replace the SIM card. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated

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With Vodafone 3g activated in my nokia lumia 820 , I see network fluctuation and it keeps searching the networrk always, sometimes no network and as aresult battery reduces 3% by every minute...
? Any solution ?
Does anyone felt the same?

Answer:VODAFONE 3g in Windows phone: Netwrok fluctuation and battery dies fast

Yes even I have a lot of network fluctuations with Vodafone 3G on my Lumia1320 running WP8.1
What I have noticed that with 2G it was stable but with 3G the fluctuation happens.

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After the latest windows 10 update I have two issues:
It is stuck in downloading 3 apps - all the rest downloaded after several attempts
and second the battery dies in matter of hours while it used to last for 3 days
also the phone is very warm. I have tried the hard reset and no luck. Any fixes. Ps. My brother has the same exact issue .

Answer:Lumia 640 issue: After lates update the battery dies down super fast and stuck in download

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question After the latest windows 10 update I have two issues:
It is stuck in downloading 3 apps - all the rest downloaded after several attempts
and second the battery dies in matter of hours while it used to last for 3 days
also the phone is very warm. I have tried the hard reset and no luck. Any fixes. Ps. My brother has the same exact issue . In Settings -> Storage, modify App destination to Device, then make a soft reset.
Let phones sync under wifi a couple of days (heating + barttery draining = cpu + data massive usage), then check in Settings -> Battery -> Show apps per use which is the drainer and disable it in the Background list.

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It asked me to down the download manager before I can download the app, but when I try to use the download manager it say's I can't install it on my phone

Answer:Why can't I download the Cloud fast connect app on my Nokia Lumia 735 phone?

That's not the correct download link. If you're trying to get an app from anywhere other than the store, then you'll need a computer

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So I updated my nokia Lumia 525 to the latest software update (WP 8.0). Before update the phone was very good condition, it did not heat up ad battery used to last more than a day. After the update phone gets very hot and battery drains within 4 hours. I have only installed few apps Whatsapp, Viber, skype, weather and Shazam. I close all background runnings apps, and it gives me this issue. First I thought it was email because it kept syncing. I stop email syncing and it is having the same issue. I bought this phone brand new 2 weeks ago. Can anyone from microsoft please check this bug?
P.S. I have deactivated bluetooth, NFC everything else. The phone is used by my mother so she uses only phone calls, whatsapp and Viber. Nothing else.
Thank You.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 525 Heat Up and battery drains too fast

Try a hard reset or use nokia software recovery tool.

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i finally got wifi calling to be able to work, but i ran into another problem .. when i make calls and send texts, it works fine, BUT i cannot _receive_ any incoming texts or calls when i choose the wi-fi preferred and wi-fi only options. when i change it back to cellular preferred or turn off wi-fi calling, all the texts and missed calls come flooding in.
i need to get wifi calling to work properly because i will be moving to a place with no TMobile service.
any help would be appreciate, thanks!

Answer:nokia lumia 521 wifi calling ONLY able to SEND/MAKE texts/calls, NOT ABLE to RECEIVE texts/calls

Have you contacted T-Mobile customer support and asked them?

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Answer:Why is my battery draining very fast on my Lumia 535 after updating the phone . please help?

I assume your battery is draining faster after the update?
My advice is to factory reset the phone, back up and reinstall all your apps.

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Today I learned that a friend's Galaxy S5 is not getting my texts, but I get here's. We checked her blocked list, I'm not there. Same with auto-reject list. We even made sure the numbers were still the same in the contact, nothing. She sends a test message, it comes through, but when I sent mine - nothing.
I tried resetting my phone, which didn't work.
I am able to receive texts from another friend who has a Galaxy phone.

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I'm told that in order to replace the battery, the phone would have to be disassembled. Could I send the phone to Nokia and have them replace it, or is there somewhere I could take it to have the battery replaced, and how expensive would it be? Thanks.

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So I'm getting really tired of my phone parsing/splitting up texts into texts of 160 characters each. My friend and I have huge conversations with each other a lot, and it's difficult for him to puzzle together five texts that have gotten split up.
I haven't seen anyone else mention this, and I have no idea what to look at in a new phone to make sure it doesn't do the same thing.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 810 parsing texts

SMS is inherently limited to 160 characters regardless of phone and texts are split up when sent anyway.
Maybe you should try something without that limitation like Facebook or Email, its harder to lose too.

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Having trouble sending texts, although I can receive them.

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I sent a text to a friend, and he got the same message 5 times in a row. Why? Any explanation?

Answer:My new Microsoft Lumia 640 is sending the same texts several times. Why?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I sent a text to a friend, and he got the same message 5 times in a row. Why? Any explanation? This is usually caused by cellular network. Not phone.

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Hello, i'm a windows phone user, my phone is nokia lumia 610, been trying to transfer the text messages from my nokia lumia 610 to my pc. Help me guys.

Answer:Texts messages transfer from nokia lumia 610 to android

Title says Lumia to android while description says phone to PC... make up where you want to transfer to first.

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I go back to a text and cannot find the tread of conversation. Sometimes there is no record of the text. Sometimes there is only the last text of the tread.

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Screen not working and iv no way of seeing my texts and contacts

Answer:Touch screen on nokia windows phone broken , how can i retrieve my contacts, texts etc

In a web browser, log into your email accounts and check Contacts there.
If you have Windows 10 on your PC, open the People App.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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As of writing this my Hp Envy 17t-k000 cto Has been having battery problems.  It isnt to bad but my battery dies after only 40min of use even on light tasks like internet browsing.  It isnt much of a problem for me currently because i always have it plugged in at my desk.  i guess its partially my  fault for getting a 17in laptop and expecting great battery life but if i ever plan to go to college with this it would make it almost impossible.   any help would be appreciated if there is a easy BIOS/UEFI or software Tweak that i can do or if there is a affordable extended battery pack i can purchase.  Thank you! I have had it for over a year now and it has probably only died like 10 times because i always have it plugged in except over night.

View Solution.

Answer:battery dies Way to Fast

Hello @jet224, Welcome back to the HP Forums! I have read your post and understand that the battery doesn't last very long on your HP Envy 17t-k000 Notebook. There are some settings that can be tweaked in an attempt to extend the battery life. HP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 10)HP Notebook PCs - Improving Battery Performance (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista)HP Notebook PCs - Managing Power Options (Windows 10) I look forward to your reply with the results!

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After witnessing success with NOKIA Lumia 920, the Finnish mobile giant NOKIA is once again ready with its latest offering-NOKIA Lumia 920 windows mobile.
As the name suggests the phone will be powered by Windows operating system. Plus, it will feature 4.5 inch HD display, 1GB RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity.
Under the hood, the phone will run powerful 1.5 GHZ Dual core processor. The main highlight of the phone will be its radically distinctive charging support, which will be provided via an inductive method – Qi wireless power standard.
Besides this , NOKIA Lumia920 will feature 8 MP Camera at its rear for capturing some high quality videos and images and 1.3 MP camera at its front for enabling video chating.
It is slated to be launched on 5th September, tomorrow!

Answer:Nokia's Latest Offering - Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone with Wireless Charging

The wireless charging feature is pretty exciting. But it looks like a WP 7.5 phone, right?

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Problem is in motherboard. Who helps me with a part of schematics of IBM ThinkPad A21p 2629 HWU notebook, related to BIOS support circuitry? Lithium coin shaped battery has high discharge current and dies in hours. Until this battery keeps up, the notebook works perfect. Using car accumulator 3 V tap solves the problem. I want to dig in the motherboard and connect RTC battery lead right to BIOS chip, bypassing harmed circuitry. Who helps me? TBL company in Tampa FL neglects my e-mail yells.

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Please can you help? Normally I have no troubles taking heaps of photos & videos with the Nokia Pro Camera App on my Nokia Windows phone, but last night I recorded about 3 minutes of footage and after recording it had completely disappeared. The footage was no where to be found, not in my camera roll, not in any of the folders and not on my onedrive. I thought I must have made a mistake so I took about 10 seconds of footage as a test and it saved fine. I also turned my phone on and off. This morning my friend tried to record about 4 minutes of footage, and again, afterwards- the same thing.. no where to be found :( Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Pro Camera App not recording

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question Please can you help? Normally I have no troubles taking heaps of photos & videos with the Nokia Pro Camera App on my Nokia Windows phone, but last night I recorded about 3 minutes of footage and after recording it had completely disappeared. The footage was no where to be found, not in my camera roll, not in any of the folders and not on my onedrive. I thought I must have made a mistake so I took about 10 seconds of footage as a test and it saved fine. I also turned my phone on and off. This morning my friend tried to record about 4 minutes of footage, and again, afterwards- the same thing.. no where to be found :( Any suggestions? Have you tried plugging the phone into a computer and going to the camera roll folder in Explorer and seeing if it's there? Also make sure the app has been updated to the latest version (now called Nokia Camera), and then go to settings, scroll to the bottom and click 'find photos and videos shot with Nokia Camera'

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In both the phones specification is almost same ,but only difference is screen sizes, n camera please suggest me which phone us better for using n having good response?

Answer:Want to buy a Nokia Lumia 535 and Nokia Lumia 435,but I am confused which phone is better?

It depends on ur need really.
Do u need a large screen, FFC and flash?
Or u just want a compact easy to pocket phone?

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So, when I'm on the phone, I get these three chimes when I receive a message, followed by my normal text tone. Often, it's a long, broken-up message and it gets VERY annoying, VERY quick - especially if my mom or girlfriend is blowing up the message thread. Has anyone else crossed this and/or know how to stop it?
Let me know if I can make the situation more clear - thanks!

Answer:Chimes while receiving a message on the phone - Nokia 925

Which version of Windows Phone OS are you running?

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Receiving calls is not a single problem, but I can't receive texts. does anyone have the same issue? Or has anybody solvee this problem theirselves?

Answer:Why is my Nokia Lumia 625 so slow receiving text messages?

Text lag and failure to receive are carrier issues...
If the problem has been ongoing, ask for a new SIM or ask for a reprovision (which is having your account access to the network refreshed).

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the phone stops working and blanks completely when making or receiving calls. After a few seconds it comes back on but the call is terminated

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Can't swipe up all the calls in nokia lumia 620 under sunlight but it works absolutely fine in dark or in room

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My phone does not rings when a call comes in, how to make my windows Nokia luminia phone ring

Answer:My phone does not rings when a call comes in, how to make my windows Nokia Lumia phone ring?

1.Make sure your Ringer+Notification volume isn' turned off
2. Make sure you have choosen a Ringtone in settings, maybe you have accidentally choosen 'none'.
3. Check if Driving mode is on, and is it blocking your calls.

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Does your phone have that too? Im worried that mine might be the only one because I haven't seen a single complaint about it. It's irritating sometimes. I pick the sides with a piece of thin paper to take the dust out. Am I the only one????

Answer:On the Nokia Lumia 630 there is gap around the phone small enough for dust to lodge in, does anyone else's phone have this problem?

That does sound pretty original as an issue.
Make sure the cover is seated properly. You could also try getting a replacement cover online. Search eBay and Amazon for them. It would be a chance to change color as well.

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I changed the digitizer as it broke and after doing so I had slightly damaged the power/volume camera button strip, so there was a little problem as the on/off button stopped working this was fine initially as it powered up once plugged in, so all fine then about 30 minutes later it was off and very hot at the top/back of the phone and would not power up when plugged in i decided as it was becoming hot to detach the internal battery, on closer inspection I had noticed the on off button strip thing had broke completely so I ordered a new part and replaced etc but the same problem exists
Have i shorted out the ecb or was the digitizer I replaced faulty causing the over heating as where this plugs in is where it becomes hot

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 625 will not turn on, when on charge it heats up very quick at the top of the phone, what's going on with my phone?

How can we know because we where not present during your repair. But a digitizer can not cause overheating so you must have damaged something during your repair.

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Dear all,

I just upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, and since then I have found that I cannot send some files from my Nokia Xpress Music phone to my laptop. I am using a Fujitsu s6520 Laptop.

I have successfully paired the phone and PC together, but whenever I try sending a file from my phone to the laptop, the file transfers for about 3 seconds, then the "sending failed" message appears, and the laptop says the transfer was cancelled. I have tried transferring a 128kb file, and since that fully transferred in under 3 seconds, transfer was successfully completed.

I am able to synch perfectly from PC Suite, but in device manager, my phone is listed as "bluetooth peripheral devices" under "Other devices", with an exclamation mark next to it.

Can someone please help solve this problem?

PS On a side note, I didn't have to click the "receive a file" button for the phone to start sending a file in Vista. Is there any way I can get around this in Win7?

Answer:"sending failed" when sending large files from Nokia phone to laptop

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Since ZUNE is no longer available how can i get my pictures off my phone?

Answer:How can I get my pictures off my phone with Zune on the Nokia Lumia 900 phone?

The Zune software is still available online. at
click "support" tab, then "xbox on other devices", then "windows Phone 7."
You should be able to get Zune from there.

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My Nokia Lumia 830 keeps sending triple messages to people can you tell me how to solve this

Answer:why is my nokia lumia 830 sending triple messages to people help

Welcome to Windows Central.
What version of Windows is your device running?
What messaging app are you using?

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Im running denim, this problem has been going on for months now. It is so inconvenient.

Answer:Google saying my nokia lumia 730 is sending automated queries?

Perhaps your search option in Bing is set to Google and they don't care for Cortana searches. Email them and tell them you are not doing automated searches.
Unless a background app is doing something. Check background apps are what you expect.

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My lumia 630 has stopped receiving text messages, I can send messages to other phones but cant receiving messages. Phone worked fine for about a month

Answer:Why has my phone stopped receiving text messages (Lumia 630)?

It may be an issue with your carrier or your SIM card.
If you can send SMS, there is no fail message and recipients can verify they did in fact get the text, then your phone is configured properly and it is not hardware/software related to your handset.
SMS text lag is a known issue and is usually carrier side. I would consult with them and ask for A) a re-provision or B) a new SIM
Provisioning is when your account accesses are granted carrier side. On CDMA it is one method, on GSM another... A Re-Provision is the resend of those authorizations to where they reside in the system. A do over. LOL. To get a reprovision done usually requires escalating up the ladder in tech support. Most customer service types will have no clue what you are talking about. Request a help ticket and get the escalation process started.

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This Lumia 930 was an AT&T phone. I got it unlocked and now have Give Mobile. The AT&T logo still comes up when it is in this death spiral loop. Is this a software vestige ie.,trying to reconfigure as an AT&T? If I do a hard reset will it revert to being a locked phone?

Answer:My Lumia 930 gets hot and stuck in a loop until the battery dies. Will a hard reset fix the problem?

To answer your last question -it should not. 930 isn't ATTs phone why do you get its logo

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after my preview update to cyan....the phone is getting 44 degree temp..n even listening to songs becomes a reason help me to solve the problem

Answer:Why is my Nokia Lumia 1320 heating up so fast after Cyan update?

Try doing a soft reset. If that doesn't work, turn off your phone for sometime and then turn it on. See if that helps...

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When I am typing messages in Whatsapp I cannot see what I am typing the paperclip icon is on where I type the message and I do not know how to remove it so I can just type normally

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i am currently a iPhone 5 uses and my contract expires on the 23rd september so other than jumping on the iPhone 6 bandwagon i was looking at what's out and the nokia lumia 930 interests me a lot - looks polished - looks fast - does what i need it to do.
I know changing to any phone will be strange due to have the iphone since iphone 4 so i expect changes.
my question is from a users perspective...what's it really like? battery performance? just overall what's your opinion? to get or not to get.
Thanks any input will be helpful!

Answer:Nokia Lumia 930 ? Next phone

To be honest I would go for the 1520. It may be bigger but the 930 doesn't come with glance and most sd card slot which to me is a deal breaker

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Question: Nokia lumia phone

I recently installed a software update on my nokia lumia 625 phone, and now it won't recognise my memory card. Can anyone please help me.

Answer:Nokia lumia phone

Copy any data to a pc in windows explorer or something via memory card reader, format the card via phone then copy it back to the memory card?

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i believe i have set it up already but I'm not able to recieve mms msgs. i can't receive texts with pictures attached

Answer:How do I set up mms on this phone, nokia lumia 928?

What carrier are you using it on? If you're on Verizon, it should work perfectly. If it ISN'T on Verizon (you have it on AT&T or T-Mobile), I believe there is no way to set it up.

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i believe i have set it up already but I'm not able to recieve mms msgs. i can't receive texts with pictures attached

Answer:how do i set up mms on this phone, nokia lumia 928, AT&T?

I have this phone on Tmobile. And also don't have mms working. The only thing I know of you could try is to install Access Point app (1st you need to install Lumia System Updater or SysApp Pusher - inside you'll find Access Point app) Then restart your phone (optional). If it works it will if it doesn't you are out of luck

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Hello all,
I bought my Nokia Lumia 730 phone almost two weeks ago. The performance of the phone is very good in general. However there are some complains regarding some of the features/ hardware:
1) I know that switching the phone on during the charging is a new feature in Windows Phones. But, I really don't like it. I hope Microsoft will put the option of turning off the phone during the charging in future updates.
2) It doesn't have any option for switching off the WiFi automatically during the sleep mode (I mean when the screen turns off).
3) And the most important thing: The battery life. I heard a lot about the pros regarding Lumia 730 battery life. But considering a guy like me who came from phones with more than 3000 mA batteries, I really hate to do charging the phone every day/ two days.
Does any one know some solutions regarding the aforementioned problems? Specially the last one. Is it possible to change the battery with more powerful battery? Is such a battery (3000 mA or more), which is compatible with Lumia 730, available in the market?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Answer:Is it possible to change the battery of Nokia Lumia 730 with more pwerful battery?

No. You can't change to a higher capacity battery.
To go from 2200 to 3000 mAh would require more space. Often such upgrades require an extended battery door and the 730 is a sealed unit. At most you would maybe get a minimal increase with an aftermarket battery using the same space as 730 allows, but would also have to crack open the case. Since it is not a "user serviceable" battery no after market battery makers are going to make an extended battery for this model.
Best solution: get a battery recharge stick.

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(nokia lumia) windows phone went black while on youtube. I took the battery off then put the battery back on turned it on and now its not letting me use all non phone apps. for example it lets me use the internet and settings, but not instagram or weather app. it says to buy them (even though their free) and if that doesn't work to uninstall it and redownload it. they all say the same message. I tried both and non worked the message poped up again. is this a virus? What do I do?

Answer:my phone (nokia lumia) (Windows)

May be it is scanning your SD card.

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is there any antivirus needed for nokia lumia 520 windows phone

Answer:nokia lumia 520 windows phone

No. Windows phones don't get viruses.
Posted via Windows Phone Central App

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i opened a soundcloud song from wechate account..after that the phone got hanged and now it cannot be switch on.

Answer:Phone Nokia Lumia 625 cannot be switch on.

Plug in to power. Hold the Volume Down + Power Buttons until the phone vibrates and reboots(about 10 seconds).

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Out of the three phones in my consideration, I would like to get two of them. All three phones are similarly priced on B&H, so I care more about the daily performance. Both the 1520 and 930 have better specs, but specs don't always translate well in everyday use.
The things I value are screen quality, hardware performance, and camera quality. Does the 20MP Pureview camera make that much of a difference compared to the 10MP variant? Since the 930 does not have removable battery or SD card expansion slot, would that hinder its usability? Does the 930 ever freeze? My Nokia Lumia 635 froze about two times since I got the phone, and I needed to remove the battery to reboot the phone. I don't want that to happen to a phone without a removable battery.
So in summary, which phone is the best value for the price? If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them.

Answer:Which phone is better: Nokia Lumia 1520, 930 or 830?

I love my 1520. It is a great phone and I traded up from a 925 with no regrets.
I assume you are in the US since you are shopping B&H. Note that the International 930 they sell will not get LTE in North America. I don't see anything that recommends 930 above the 1520 except pocketability. Forget the overly dense, overly saturated AMOLED screen. Any HD benefit is lost by not having Glance, IMHO. 1520 beats 930 with battery life, SD slot and larger screen. That last one is subjective, but I really did not have a hard time getting used to the 6" screen. I love it.
The 830 looks to be a good all-around value. I keep debating with myself if I should get this for a backup phone. The only thing slowing it down, so far as I can see, is the Snapdragon 400 cuts out the potential for "Hey Cortana."
If the those 3 were lying on a table (1520, 930, 830) and I was told I could take any two for free - I would absolutely pick the 1520 and the 830.

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i wanted to know how can i save my photos from private lite to my phone not one by one but all of them because i have a lot of photos and it takes to much time to save them to my phone one by one .. I want to reset my phone but i dont know how can i do that without saving this photos to the computer or smartphone.. please help !

Answer:Question about my nokia lumia phone 610

Connect your phone with the USB cable to your PC.
Now you can use explorer to select what to copy.

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I am worried that because it's an internal battery that cannot be removed, this may pose a problem because the phone has been on display and never turned off for however long it's been in the store. I know techies can remove and replace it but I am not techie and it's not how it was meant to be.
As someone who has had to change out batteries on phones before because they didn't last, and charge them separately when my port broke and so on, I rely on having battery control lol. Is it too much risk buying a demo phone? My dad really wants it but I don't want to buy it and have issues early down the road.
Any info appreciated. Thanks!
P.S. I think I am signed up here but I can't seem to get in so I am typing anonymously I guess but not my intention at all. Cant even find another post I wrote a month ago.

Answer:Is it OK to buy a Nokia Lumia 925 Demo Phone?

Personally I wouldn't as screen would have slight scratches and can this screen have screen burn? How many people touched it with e-coli hands EUGH !!! lol but seriously what I would do... Bit cheeky... But buy it... Then return it a week later (say it keeps cutting off every hour... Believe me they won't stand to check) then get a replacement with a brand new one. You didn't hear it here *cough cough*

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hi everyone i'm new here , i am feel very excited to join this forum because i has a lot of question :D
now my question is 1. when window phone have game like android like hay day, candy crush and other funny game i really wait , can u tell me when window phone release this game to nokia lumia
2, i has use lumia 625 the main problem is brightness slide i do not have this function
3, my nokia lumia 625 problem internet explorer i really angry while my phone connect to wifi but it not smooth , when i play video on youtube it said no internet connection but my laptop really can use internet this is problem on my phone wifi or internet explorer and i also try on other browser it the same problem it said that no internet connection
help me please :D

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I ordered this phone online. It looks old and refurbished. How do I know it is not and confirm if I got a valid product? Is there a way to check?

Answer:How do I know I got an original Nokia Lumia 730 phone?

Well, just compare it to video and images of the 730/735. I imagine people would spend their resources creating fakes of much more expensive phones than the 730.
I'd be more worried about receiving an empty box than that.

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i dont know my google accountb to my windows phone, how can i access that information???

Answer:nokia lumia 521 windows 8 phone

The main account needed is your Microsoft account... did you use a gmail address for sign up and forgot that???
Check your PC browser for saved passwords if you ever logged into your Microsoft account on there.

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So this Windows phone doesn't allow users to send photos over the Skype app, and doesn't show the hyperlinks when someone on Skype shares a photo with you? How is it even possible that competitors have better service for a product Microsoft owns?
Just wow....

Answer:Nokia Lumia 920 w/ windows 8.1 Skype doesn't allow picture sending or even recognize sharing?

I am sure Microsoft will allow photo sharing in coming updates with windows phone 8.1 for skype.

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I am at the APPS (a few more apps still need to finish installing. It should just take another moment or two.) Been there for 15 to 20 minutes it has the sim and micro sd out of it right now. Do I need to try to hard reset again or what do i do? I am having problems and need advise asap!!! Thank you!

Answer:How long does it take for nokia lumia 635 wp10 fast to fully load after a hard reset ?

25 mins max

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The original charger of lumia 640 is 750 mAh and for lumia 535 it's 550 mAh. It takes about 4 hour for my lumia 535 to get fully charged using its own charger, Is it normal? I already tried hard reset but nothing changed. I think If I use lumia 535 charger, It will be charged faster. Is it true and safe to use?
anyone has suggestion for a good and faster charger?

Answer:Is it harmful for phone or battery if I use the original charger of lumia 640 4 charging lumia 535?

Using a charger with more mA capabilities will assist your phone in charging faster. There are times that it can also reduce your overall battery life, which shouldn't be a problem if you plan on replacing the phone in 2 years.
There are smart chargers which will detect what your phone can handle and deliver the most optimal charging current for your device. I find for my Lumia 640, I can get a much faster and a safe charge as high as 1200mA. My 520 came with the lower mA as well, but it charged fine with the 750mA charger with no ill effects that I am aware of.

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how much does it cost to repair my nokia lumia 520 touch

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I have a suspicion that one of my children is up to no good

Answer:Is there a program available to spy on my Nokia Lumia Windows phone with the 8.01 OS?

You might use kid corner and only add what you want them to use and then add a password. That way they can't do things they shouldn't be doing. I'm curious if you add the messaging feature to kids corner if it would stop them from being able to delete texts which would be handy. Haven't tried that yet.

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i'm kasun from sri lanka,my uncle sen me a nokia lumia 521 T-mobile phone from US.but i live in Sri Lanka i need to Unlocked my phone,if you can sen me unlocked code for my phone.Your early action highly appreciate.

Answer:How do I unlock my Nokia Lumia 521 white phone?

Talk to your uncle about this, and send your phone back to him if you want to do this legally.
There are unlocking sites around the web, though, so you have some alternate options.
Actually, try the unlocking sites first if you don't want the hassle.

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I have had a problem for the past 2 months, my Nokia Lumia 925 with Win 8.1 keeps shutting down spontaneously. This is my third phone in the last 2 months (warranty program keeps sending me replacements) and it shut down for the first time this morning. All 3 have developed the same problem, the phone will shut down spontaneously and the only way to start it up again is a soft reset (Volume down + Power for 15 seconds). I have had a total of 10-15 shutdowns between the 3 phones and this is a conservative estimate.
I am thinking that this has to be a setting or an app that I use (and few others do) that is causing the shutdown since I have only seen a few other similar issues in the forums. Here are some of the basic facts about my situation and some of the actions I have taken:
- I have wiped the phones repeatedly (3 phones wiped a total of 3 or 4 times not including the initial setup of the replacement phones, which is getting really old--really fast).
- I have tried turning off NFC, but that obviously wasn't the issue because NFC was off this morning when it shut off.
- I have tried trimming the screen protector/screen guard I installed as suggested in one of the other forums even though that seemed ridiculous (I think that was a different model phone too, but I gave it a shot)
-I have not noticed any common occurrence such as
--when a certain app is running
--when it is on/off charger,
-- When the battery is full or low (it was 24% this morning).
-I have 2 chargers, 3... Read more

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My nokia lumia 928 won't update to windows phone 8.1 I don't know why when i see all the other lumias have windows phone 8.1 please help I want cortana and backgrounds on my home screen and action center

Answer:Why won't my nokia lumia 928 update to windows phone 8.1

I have the 928 and the 8.1 dev preview with no problems. If you want more help you will have to be more specific and detail the steps you took in your attempt to obtain the updated.

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Please help for now ... And as I want it I want you people to help because am using it to do some business..

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I just bought the phone ne and want to connect the phone to my Sky network but when I switch it on or off it only connects to BT

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It is the Nokia Lumia 630, <PII removed by moderator>.
On the phone is turned find my phone, but the last location which is located is 30.12.2014.
Mobile phone is left in a caf in Zagreb, Croatia.
Thank you....

Answer:Pls, can you help me to find my phone, Nokia Lumia 630, which I lost?

Did you try the "Find my phone" on
At that page you can
- "Refresh" to get the latest localtion
- Ring/lock/erase the phone

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and pls tell release date of windows phone 10 developer preview for Lumia 520 ?
then, Lumia 940 release date in India ?
Thank u...

Answer:Is the Windows 10 phone OS available for the Nokia Lumia 520 in India ?

There is no Windows 10 available yet for any Windows Phone.
Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is available.
The Lumia 940 is just a rumour at this point. We still do not even know if it will exist or not.

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Answer:Will any other phone type fit the Nokia Lumia 530 for a case?

Not very well.

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Everytime I turn my phone on it gives me a low storage message. I have a micro SD card installed in the phone (8 GB). I'm trying to figure out how to make some space on my phone because I think the card may be full. I don't really want to do a reset on my phone due to some very important stuff. Plz someone help me! Thank you. Angela Barrett

Answer:How do I free up space on my Nokia Lumia 520 phone?

Maybe you'd wanna go into storage sense and see the usage there.. That will give you an idea of what things are taking up the most space. Deleting temporary files there may help.

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I recently got a Nokia Lumia 635 (I think it had Windows 8.1). I had a few questions about my new windows phone.
1. Where can I find out my mobile phone number? I've been told I can find it by clicking on the phone icon and then going into settings, but I don't see it there (I see things like voicemail number).
2. When I click on the magnifying glass to do searching, it says "search web or phone." Is there a way I can change it so that searching is only done within the phone and never on the web?
3. My voicemail number is blank under phone settings. Why is this the case? Shouldn't it be the same as my mobile phone number?
Thank you.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone Questions

1. If you go to settings then go over to applications then chick phone you can find your number.
2. If you are on Wp8.1 and your regional and language settings are set to us with your location on you can use Cortana to search your phone to some degree. On WP8.1 Update 1 you can use Cortana in the UK and some other countries to do the same but they are in beta right now. Your only real alternative is to check the site for an app from Microsoft called Files which acts as a file manager.
3. Not really sure why this is blank, maybe someone else can help you with this one or you can check your providers website to help figure out what the number should be.

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I have recently purchased a new car and paired it via Bluetooth to My Nokia Lumia 530. Can anyone tell me how I send my contacts FROM my phone TO the car?

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Nokia lumia 620 to sony experia

Answer:How i copy my contacts from my nokia lumia 620 to other phone??

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Nokia lumia 620 to sony experia Sony should get already installed an app or function like Move my Data or Transfer Data or something like that. Enable that and follow instructions, it uses bluetooth on both phones after pairing them.
Elsewhere, the longest way is to export your Contact from you web account in a .xml file and import them to your Experia web account, so phone later will sync data by internet, same as Lumias

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I was changed my location and regional to united staes and then restart my mobile. But i didn't get crotana app?

Answer:How can I enable Cortana on my Nokia Lumia 625 phone?

Is your language set to English (USA)?

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i would like to know how to enter the competition for winning the nokia lumia phone

Answer:How do I register my self in the competition to win a Nokia Lumia phone?

We all want to win a Lumia...
I assume you saw a contest posted somewhere? Are there no instructions in the article or post? Do you have a link?

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to use with it, but on close inspection, they all seem to exclude working with Windows 8.1. Is there a way round this or do you know of any that will work with my phone please? Have tried trawling Amazon but all say 'exception, not work with Windows mobile or Windows 8 systems. My phone says software is Windows Phone 8.1 Update. Any ideas please?

Answer:Hi I have a Nokia Lumia 730 phone and wish to buy a portable keyboard

I believe 8.1 Update (1) doesn't support Bluetooth keyboards. I believe support was added in Update 2 but you can't get it. Windows 10 Mobile is also compatible too.

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My phone (new Nokia Lumia 830) is not connecting to a network or doesn't receive a signal even though it detects the mobile networks. What is wrong? The sim card seems ok. It is not giving error messages. It also detects the network provider (Telkomsel in Indonesia). The signal is good with other phones. It is the first time I'm using this new phone. I had the same model before and it was working fine. I bought the phone without simlock, it seems to have vodafone branding, though.
Thanks for your help

Answer:My phone (new Nokia Lumia 830) is not connecting to a network

Is your phone an import?
Possibly the handset does not support the service provider's bands
Since it says Vodafone maybe the phone is locked.

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Answer:How much will it cost to repair my Nokia Lumia 630 phone?

Where are you located? That would help us answer your question.

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Dear guys,
I use Nokia Lumia 720 with windows phone 8.1 DP installed. But I face a same problem of phone crash at approximately same time two days in a row. Phone got restarted two times and after sometimes it went blank as if it was switched off. First time it happened, I soft reset the phone and after sometime again hard reset it. But the problem was still there tomorrow at somewhat same hour of a day (16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs). So, I again had to soft reset it.
After soft reset, phone works just fine. But I worry it will again happen tomorrow. Is there any apps causing that problem? It is my new phone and I don't want to loose it soon. Please suggest me what should I do...

Answer:Nokia Lumia 720 with Windows Phone 8.1 DP crashes once a day

Try not to install anything first after a hard reset.

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As above which button do I press to get a balance

Answer:How do I find my balance on my Nokia Lumia O2 phone?

Call *#10#

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I've had the phone for a month and the only app I've gotten to consistently work is my text messaging so far, and I'm curious to see if it's just me. My most recent issue is getting music onto the phone and I have tried the ridiculous Windows Phone App (the only use after two hours of trying to get it to work has been multiple repeated restarts of my phone and at one point, I think I got to name my phone though the name I gave it is long gone by now), the OneDrive App for the computer as well, which, in addition to not allowing me to upload any files, it won't even let me download the one thing that somehow made it to the storage.
At this point its a fancy flip phone, so I'm glad that it can still make calls (though getting calls to actually start is pretty spotty on occasion) and send and receive texts. Anyone know of anywhere I can go to get help with this awful excuse for a phone and terrible "apps" for my computer beyond a simple google search?

Answer:Why is my Nokia Lumia with Windows such a terrible phone?

Our community here is generally a great resource for advice from real users. Why not join us?
Microsoft themselves have a lot of help pages and how to's at
I, myself, simply plug my phone into USB and transfer media files that way... Without more specific questions it becomes hard to give pointed advice.
In general, as someone who has changed smartphone platforms several times and tried many more as a hobby... I believe a common problem when switching platforms is ingrained habits. Many times users try and make the new device behave as the old one did and they get frustrated when it does not work that way. That may or may not be your issue, I'm just making an observation. Take from it what applies and leave the rest.
Good Luck.

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Is there an app or a way that when you receive a text message on your phone that you will get an email on your computer or a message box appears on your desktop? Basically someone doesn't want to stop working from their computer and go look at their phone for text messages. Thanks!

Answer:Windows Nokia Lumia Phone--possible to get notifications of SMS on PC?

Team viewer might help.

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I lost my phone two days ago and I am trying to erase the data but it keeps saying ''we cannot reach your phone right now". Is there another way for me to delete data?

Answer:Find my phone on Nokia Lumia 925 not working. Why?

I presume you enabled the "Find my phone" setting in your phone.
This only works if your phone is not switched off, has internet connection and has still your ms account.
The only other way is if you used a PIN. In this case a hard reset is needed to get in your phone.

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i want to use and see myanmar font in nokia lumia 520

Answer:How do I add a new font on my Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone?

You can't do that. You can ask for it to be a feature in Windows 10 though.

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Answer:Can I get Pokemon Go on my Nokia Lumia 635? (windows phone) if not, when?

You can not. The developer, Niantic Labs, has not written it for windows 10 or 8.1, and they have locked it down so 3rd party apps don't work. You may never be able too it just depends if the developer decides to put it on Windows.

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Give me my ans. Right now
Can't register this phone number , u can only register the number last use on this device
In nokia lumia 610 by using whatsapp
How to use whatsapp in lumia 610 help me.......

Answer:Can't register this phone ,in nokia lumia 610 for using whatsapp

reinstall the app please. :)

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Botnets are now responsible for sending 87.9 percent of all spam, according to Symantec's Q3 2009 MessageLabs Intelligence Report.

A newer botnet, Maazben, has grown rapidly since May, mainly sending out casino-related spam while Rustock, one of the oldest and largest botnets, has doubled in size since June and now has a predictable spamming pattern.

Read more -
Botnets Sending The Majority Of Spam

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about 90% of my phones storage is used even though I have none of my apps, music , videos, podcasts , photos , documents , downloads or maps stored there .
There are 2.94 GB 's of something in a folder called 'OTHER" and I can't access it to delete or review any of its content
Please help me in deciding if it's okay for me to reset my phone

Answer:trying to free up storage space on my nokia lumia 635 phone

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question about 90% of my phones storage is used even though I have none of my apps, music , videos, podcasts , photos , documents , downloads or maps stored there .
There are 2.94 GB 's of something in a folder called 'OTHER" and I can't access it to delete or review any of its content
Please help me in deciding if it's okay for me to reset my phone check to see if facebook or instaram or whatsapp is using a lot of storage

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Answer:Does anyone have an unlock code for a Nokia Lumia 635 mobile phone.

Hi, you won't get an unlock code from this site.
Try contacting EE, if you are out of the contract period providers usually provide the unlock code for free.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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my nokia Lumia takes brilliant photos(high quality) using Lumia camera but wen I post it on facebook,instagram or make the picture my whatsapp profile pic... it looks different and weird and of low quality.. why?

Answer:Why are my Nokia Lumia pictures on social networks so different from the ones I take on my phone?

Blame FB, Instagram, et al - they're the ones modifying your image. Take FB for example. You upload a 8MP photo, but FB will resize it to their dimensions and change the color profile of your image leaving you with flat colors. It's just the way it is. You can tweak to their specs with some success. Run a search and you'll find a tutorial.

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Hi All,
I had purchased a new Nokia Lumia 1320 2 weeks back. I have issues wrt phone storage. Initially the System Files were 2.99 GB but within 2 weeks this has increased to 3.99 GB. The size of system folder is increasing. I have tried Storage Cleaner, Storage Cleaner Pro etc but for no use. These apps cleans only SD card not phone storage.
I had a word with nokia customer care regarding the same and they adviced to format the phone. Correct me if I am wrong, If we format the phone many times it has effect on hard disk. They adviced me to format the harddisk as and when the phone storage gets filled up. This is not a solution.
Also There is an issue with Nokia Account sign in. I am unable to sign in. Raised a complain with nokia but they said to wait.
Also in facebook unable to see the profile pics or uploaded pics. Only text is visible.
Need help! Can anyone provide me some advice on how to tackle this issue for your previous experience and expertise.

Answer:How to clear Phone Storage in Nokia Lumia 1320?

If we use our phones to many times it has effect on hard disk? Think about it.......

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My wife keeps accidentally hitting the power / lock key during phone calls. Just need a temporary deactivation during phone calls.

Answer:With a nokia lumia 530, is it possible to deactivate the lock key during phone calls

Nope, I really hate having to say it, but I feel she's holding it in a way that does not contribute to proper usage.
(I'm half joking, but anyways, nothing can be done I believe.)

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my phone has ceased to make any noise. No ring tone,no sms noise,no text message noise.How to I fix this problem please

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I cut a sim to try out but now it is stuck. i can't seem to remove it. please can you help me.

Answer:How do I remove a stuck micro sim from my Nokia Lumia phone?

what kind of phone?
some use trays, some just have slots for it...

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