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Nokia Lumia 930 not available on nokia india website :(

Question: Nokia Lumia 930 not available on nokia india website :(

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Preferred Solution: Nokia Lumia 930 not available on nokia india website :(

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Nokia Lumia 930 not available on nokia india website :(

When was it available??

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I want to Buy Nokia Lumia 920 which can support 4G. I found that RM-821 model supports that, but I want to know that is this model (Nokia Lumia 920 RM-821) available in India ?

Answer:Is Nokia Lumia 920 RM-821 available in India ?

Nokia Lumia 920 Price in India, Specifications, Reviews | Compare Nokia Mobiles at gadgets.india.comNokia Lumia 920 Price in India 2014 14th October valid in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai,Mumbai and Delhi
looks like it to me

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The Lumia 930 phone, I think, has been removed from Nokia India's official website. The page is not available since a few days. However, the phone's specifications page is active if searched from Google. Also the phone is not listed in the website's Lumia phone list. Why is it so? Isn't Microsoft going to launch it in India? I'm really worried! :-( Could someone find what's wrong!?!? (I'm not able to post the link.)
Flipkart - one of the many leading Indian online retailers along with Infibeam and HomeShop18 - had listed it as 'Coming Soon' 15 days ago but still have given no clue of the phone's availability or price! Something fishy is going on out there, I think so! I'm really obsessed with the Lumia 930!

Answer:No Lumia 930 on Nokia's India page!!

I have no official answer but you can send an email or chat live to Microsoft helpline (but they are there to help with faulty issues so may not give you an answer) annoying as it may be, just keep your fingers crossed. It's more of a delay then a cancellation. Believe me...if it was cancelled you would have heard about it. India is a good place to sell so they wont want to lose out by not selling in India. *smile*

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Hi, I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 in the UK and used a prepaid giffgaff sim card in it. I've now shifted to India and have put in a 2 G BSNL sim card, but can't get it to work. I was assured that the phone was unlocked when I bought it and I'm assuming that this is the case. Any ideas on how to get it to work?

Answer:How can I get my Nokia Lumia 520 to work in India?

Can you give us more information? What happens when you try your phone in India? Does it not show any cell phone connection?

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It's t mobile no contract mobile

Answer:How do I unlock Nokia Lumia 521 to use in India?

Have you tried contacting T-Mobile?

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I have nokia lumia 820. running on windows 8.1 OS VERSION 8.10.12393.890. ITS ON LUMIA CYAN.

Answer:How do I get Cortana on my Nokia Lumia 820 in India?

With this OS you only can get it if you use the US settings. See the link for settings.
As you could have read in a WC article Microsoft announced that Denim will be released in Feb, in India, so it will come soon.

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Can anyone tell me when will this lumia 532 phone be lauched in india.. I also need the reviews and also the expected price of the phone....

Answer:When will the Nokia Lumia 532 be launched in India?

the lumia 532 was launched but not yet released in the we should wait for the release and about pricing will be around 6000/-....we cannot have reviews now as its not yet released but if you want to know more about the device then follow the link- Microsoft Lumia 532 - Smartphones - Nokia

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can u tell me the latest nokia cyan os version & firmware version no. ???????
so that i will check that they will install correct version.

Answer:nokia lumia cyan 8.1 update for lumia 625 in india

can u tell me the nokia cyan os version & firmware version no. ???????
so that i will check that they will install correct version.

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and pls tell release date of windows phone 10 developer preview for Lumia 520 ?
then, Lumia 940 release date in India ?
Thank u...

Answer:Is the Windows 10 phone OS available for the Nokia Lumia 520 in India ?

There is no Windows 10 available yet for any Windows Phone.
Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is available.
The Lumia 940 is just a rumour at this point. We still do not even know if it will exist or not.

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If yes steps to install the windows 10 preview version in lumia 920

Answer:Can i able to get windows 10 os preview for my nokia lumia 920? From india

It's not available yet for the 920. You have to wait till Microsoft includes the 920 in the preview devices.

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Cyan update for Nokia Lumia 920 is available in India

Answer:Is Cyan update for Nokia Lumia 920 available in India?

Lumia Cyan update rolling out for Lumia 920 smartphones in Canada [Update: India, UK and more] | Windows Phone Central

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Answer:Is there a Denim update for the Nokia Lumia 620 in India or not?

Just out for lumia 620 in malaysia , i think it will arrive in india before new year.

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So, the Nokia Lumia 930 is releasing in India next week at 39k approx. I have the Lumia 920, and plan on upgrading to 930. But, since it'd basically been launched as the icon back in Feb, it would be a year old in the next four months. So, is it worth buying it now or waiting for the next flagship?
PS a huge Nokia fan, so considering this is probably the last flagship with Nokia in the name is also a huge factor.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Nokia Lumia 930 in India worth buying now?

Even I am at the same dilemma...So the alternate question is what are my options against Lumia 930? Personally I am a Windows Phone addict, more over a true Nokia fan. So my options limits to 1520 only. Its now under 35K. But there are two problems
1. Huge Screen
2. Design not so good compared to 930.
So L930 wins for me. But the prise of Rs 38900 is the MRP I guess, so the retail price will be less than that. So I would suggest wait till Xmas in order to get it a better prise.
Now if you like other phones that run Android then check which one is on par with L930?
Sony Z2/Z3. I think Z2 is still costlier to L930 but on what basis? Why coz they are waterproof? Well I wont pay extra for this feature. Z3 is priced at 50K and god know for what :)
Then what Galaxy S5? Well same like above. The camera unit of L930 is way above all these and no qstn on build quality...

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Its been over a month, since the nokia mix radio subscription renewal has been unavailable from both the online store as well as the care centres.

Answer:Nokia India, Nokia Mix Radio Renewal out of order.

Did they say what happened or when it will be available again?

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Can somebody pls let me know whether Hindi language font is available in Nokia Lumia 630 which is launched in India ?

Answer:Hindi language font in Nokia Lumia 630 - India

I imagine it will be. First...check to see what region is supported. 99% it will be if they plan to launch there phone there. Secondly... I am sure at some point an app will be available to change the keyboard settings if one isn't already out

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I know that battery is nyebrated into the phone. It is draining out less than 12 hours specially after college n erosion to Windows 10

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Please suggest a good Earphone compatible for Lumia 720.It should have a mic, Volume control and option to answer/end calls. My budget is Rs 1000.
I don't have preferences for more bass. Sound clarity should be good.
I'm looking at Sennheiser CX180. Is this compatible with Lumia 720??
More recommendations are welcome..

Answer:Compatible Earphones for Nokia Lumia 720(Avaiable in India)

I'm not familiar with headphones, but DO NOT purchase headphones marked as for iPhone. Apple has its own way the headphones are wired for the mic and buttons, and will not work.

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I am planning to purchase a lumia 640 RM-1072. It will be purchased online where it is listed as an unlocked device and will be shipped to India. I want to make sure that it is compatible with the 4G networks,like Airtel, Jio etc. in India.
Will this work on Jio in India? If not, which version should I look for?
Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I bought nokia lumia 730 in india, it is not supporting to uk three network sim

Answer:I bought a Nokia Lumia 730 in India, it is not supporting to UK three network sim, why?

Are you using it in the UK right now?

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rate & specification of lumia 1525 what new features are added in phone?

Answer:What is the date of the Nokia Lumia 1525 lauch in India?

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question rate & specification of lumia 1525 what new features are added in phone? MS has not even announced if its bringing such device to market

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My phone Lumia 720(India) isn't restarting... After the two setting acres rotate... The phone restarts right... At this point my phone isn't restarting... It is repeatedly restarting.... And after 15 or so such restarts it showed an exclamation mark(!)... And the above process started again...

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i have lumia 630.when i will get update for my phone.

Answer:When will the Lumia Denim come out for the Nokia Lumia 630 in India?

We do not know only Microsoft knows and we are not Microsoft.
But it will come if Microsoft did all the release tests which are needed.

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Microsoft has not launched its Surface since 1 and a half year..Please tell me some good Windows 8 devices(preferably tablets). I live in India. Please tell me fast..??

Answer:Any Microsoft Surface or Nokia Lumia 2520 alternative for India?

Dell venue 8 pro , acre iconia tablets :)

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Answer:Lumia 520,720 India getting Cyan? Its shown as available on the nokia update page

Kind of old news

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i want to know the current update and list of update of 8.1 preview for devloper. so that i would know that how many update to be update for my lumia 625 in india...? my current os version is 8.10.12397.895 & firmware 3056.40000.1349.2002
pls tell me..????

Answer:nokia lumia 8.1 preview for devlopers user for luma 625 in india :

If u want Lumia Cyan Update just downgrade DP WP 8.1 via Nokia software recovery tool. Check it now: MY 925 CONNECTED TO NSRT SHOWS CYAN FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY VIA NSRT. No Lumia Black version is shown in NSRT. Lumia Cyan is available in India for 625.
DP updates: Current version is 8.10.14157.200 and u will get a single update with all previous OS versions.

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I don't have internet access or access to the store. Have error codes 800704CF and 80072F30 how do I clear it ?

Answer:How do I clear error codes 800704CF from Nokia Lumia 530 and 80072F30 from Nokia Lumia 530

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I don't have internet access or access to the store. Have error codes 800704CF and 80072F30 how do I clear it ? If you're trying using data carrier, check your APN Internet settings, ask your carrier for correct ones.
Elsewhere, use Wifi and do a soft reset

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Hey guys!
I have decided to switch to nokia and i just love lumia 930 . Shall i bye bye it or wait it for a new handset.
Does anyone have any idea of the release of 1530 or 1030??

Answer:Decided to switch to Nokia: Shall I buy Lumia 930 or or wait for a new Nokia Lumia handset?

there's no rumors of any 1030, 1530, or any new top-of-the-line device.
I'd just pull the trigger now and get a 930.

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the model is lumia 520 , network was O2 ireland
how can i get free codes without paying any money
please help me through

Answer:how to obtain free unlock code for nokia lumia 520 phone from ireland o2 network, curently in india

You should be able to contact O2 to get the code. I'm not sure what the conditions are so you should check that.
There is no other way to get a free unlock code.

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After witnessing success with NOKIA Lumia 920, the Finnish mobile giant NOKIA is once again ready with its latest offering-NOKIA Lumia 920 windows mobile.
As the name suggests the phone will be powered by Windows operating system. Plus, it will feature 4.5 inch HD display, 1GB RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity.
Under the hood, the phone will run powerful 1.5 GHZ Dual core processor. The main highlight of the phone will be its radically distinctive charging support, which will be provided via an inductive method – Qi wireless power standard.
Besides this , NOKIA Lumia920 will feature 8 MP Camera at its rear for capturing some high quality videos and images and 1.3 MP camera at its front for enabling video chating.
It is slated to be launched on 5th September, tomorrow!

Answer:Nokia's Latest Offering - Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone with Wireless Charging

The wireless charging feature is pretty exciting. But it looks like a WP 7.5 phone, right?

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Is the bluetooth function on the Nokia Purity Pro by Monster (over-ear) compatible with a Nokia Lumia 520 cellphone?
I mean, can I use the headphones wirelessly?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi,I bought this Nokia Lumia 820 in Jan,2013 from Chennai,India.After 6 months I faced some issues like low battery life and also a line at the center of the screen.So I went to Nokia Care, Taramani, Chennai-India,they told me that they will send it to their head office and may take a week time.I agreed and went back on the desired date .Then they told that Company has decided to give me a new Lumia 820 instead of my old Lumia 820 as they were not able to get the accurate solution.But the warranty will be carry forward.I agreed and came back home.From then onwards, I didn't faced any issues.Now after 2 years,I broke my LCD of same Lumia 820 accidentally in San Francisco,CA-USA.I went to one of the repair center here and the first question he asked me was "Did anybody tried to open it?".I replied no after in Chennai,India and that too was new.To my shock he said "It's a fake copy ...the screws were stripped."They cheated and gave me used phone instead of my new phone.
Is this the way they are cheating customers.
I need an answer for this from Nokia India.

Answer:Fraud:Nokia Care ,Chennai have given me fake copy of Nokia Lumia 820 after I faced some issues. What do I do?

I refurbished phone isn't a fake phone. It's a refurbished phone.
I don't know about international, but in the US, its common to get a refurbished phone as an exchange.

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I've read some similar (but not identical issues) on the forum. Hopefully someone can assist.
My phone battery went dead while using GMAPS which ate up the battery very quickly.
Been trying to charge it for hours, but all I get is a flashing WINDOWS symbol at the bottom of the phone, then the NOKIA logo appears about every 30 seconds, but then nothing else happens.
Tried pressing the POWER OFF and VOLUME BUTTON simultaneously for extended periods, but no joy.
I have too much stuff on the phone to do a hard reset, and I'm on the road, so kind of in need in a quick and easy solution that doesn't affect my data (if one exists).

Answer:Windows 10 Nokia Lumia 930 - NOKIA logo flashes up, but does not boot

Maybe the device is on a reboot loop somehow, when you try to charge it keeps on trying to reboot but fails because the battery is out of enough power to finish the boot.
Leave the device connected to the charger for a while as the device is deeply discharged then try the soft reset combo power off and volume button.
If you need additional help or want to reply to this thread , learn how to join windows central.

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Please can you help? Normally I have no troubles taking heaps of photos & videos with the Nokia Pro Camera App on my Nokia Windows phone, but last night I recorded about 3 minutes of footage and after recording it had completely disappeared. The footage was no where to be found, not in my camera roll, not in any of the folders and not on my onedrive. I thought I must have made a mistake so I took about 10 seconds of footage as a test and it saved fine. I also turned my phone on and off. This morning my friend tried to record about 4 minutes of footage, and again, afterwards- the same thing.. no where to be found :( Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Pro Camera App not recording

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question Please can you help? Normally I have no troubles taking heaps of photos & videos with the Nokia Pro Camera App on my Nokia Windows phone, but last night I recorded about 3 minutes of footage and after recording it had completely disappeared. The footage was no where to be found, not in my camera roll, not in any of the folders and not on my onedrive. I thought I must have made a mistake so I took about 10 seconds of footage as a test and it saved fine. I also turned my phone on and off. This morning my friend tried to record about 4 minutes of footage, and again, afterwards- the same thing.. no where to be found :( Any suggestions? Have you tried plugging the phone into a computer and going to the camera roll folder in Explorer and seeing if it's there? Also make sure the app has been updated to the latest version (now called Nokia Camera), and then go to settings, scroll to the bottom and click 'find photos and videos shot with Nokia Camera'

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Hi guys, greetings from Nairobi. I've had my Nokia Lumia 620 for a little over 6 months now. I was on 8.1 through the developer's preview. So I was just sitting there, hadn't used my phone for around 15 minutes. When I checked the phone, it was stuck on the Nokia screen. I assumed that it was restarting so I left it for a couple more minutes. It's been on the screen for around 5 hours. I have tried the soft and hard reset several times but still nothing works. I'm still stuck on the Nokia screen and the device is not detected when I plug it on the laptop through the USB cable. Seen a couple of videos on using Navifirm but can't do much because the device isn't being detected. Hoping I won't have to take it to the care center. Anything else I can try? Looking forward to your responses. Much thanks.
By hard resetting I followed the following steps:
Turn off the Lumia,
Pressed and held the Power Button, did not release until the phone vibrates.
Pressed and held the Volume Down Button, did not release until the LCD showed the exclamation mark.
Pressed Volume Up Button Key and released
Pressed Volume Down Button Key and released
Pressed Power Button Key and released
Pressed Volume Down Button Key and released.
The soft reset was simply power button and volume down button.
I should also point out that the USB cable I'm using isn't the one that I got the phone with :) lost that one.
Thanks guys.:)

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 620 has been stuck on the Nokia startup screen for 5 hours now.

Try a different cable and use Nokia Care Suite to reset the phone, you will lose everything on the phone but it should reset it to factory settings. You will then probably need to get it updated via Developer preview again...good luck.

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I have bought new lumia 730, now I wanna transfer contacts & messages from Nokia E7 to LUMIA 730.
please reply me ON : <mod edit e-mail address removed>

Answer:How can I transfer contacts & messages from my Nokia E7 to NOKIA LUMIA 730?

Use the transfer my data app that comes pre installed in your new phone.
Follow the steps in the app.

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Hi, good morning everyone.
Our company use the Lotus Notes webmail service, but, unfortunately, I can?t open the webpage on native IE that came with the Nokia Lumia 640 LTE.
I tried with another browsers and I just could open the website with the Opera mini. However, the attachment files are unable to open or save (actually, the browser said that are saved but I can?t find them anywhere).
I was looking for this issue on the net, and I found this page with a user who have similar problems a few years ago with a Lumia 620.
Does anyone know anything about this? We know that is not a mail server problem because we can use the website from another cellphones.
Anyway, thanks in advance and I anxiously wait for your answers.

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The downloading and installation works perfectly but then it immediately says that it's not recognizing my Nokia Lumia Phone! They say elsewhere that there is a special app for the Lumia but this app is limited to music, pictures, videos, podcasts and
ringtones. So contacts, the most important for a Phone, is not even included. There are surely other makes where this is possible and where you can easily see and manage all contacts. On which cellphones this Nokia Suite is really working then?

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When my phone begins to boot up, it crashes a couple seconds after the nokia logo pops up. Also, I don't think that the software is telling the hardware to charge the battery correctly because it has been charging for several hours but when detached from a charger, it immediately dies.
When on the charger, I tried a soft reset by holding the power button and volume down keys for 10-15 seconds which was ineffective I also tried a hard reset by holding the power button until the nokia screen appears, then holding the volume down button for the exclamation mark to appear but it shuts down before this happens.
Other notes: It shows the flashing icon light when on the charger and at times tries to boot up but when at the nokia screen shuts down.

Answer:Why is my nokia lumia 925 crashing at the nokia screen?

Hi, I had a similar problem. First I thought it was the battery, until I eventually figured out that it was the motherboard. Changing it won't be easy, so take it to a shop

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I installed win 10 preview on my nokia lumia 635 recently, but when i tried to do a rollback to windows 8.1 using the recovery tool my phone got stuck on a red screen with nokia logo in white with infinite restarting by itself, and i can't figure out what to do. I wish i hadn't installed that damn windows 10 in the first place.

Answer:nokia lumia 635 red screen with nokia logo.

Be sure to report the feedback to Microsoft

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Hi. Having a problem with Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia CK-100 Car Kit.
Was connecting & running fine while phione was Windows 8.
Immediately after the Windows 8.1 upgrade this changed.
Now every time I start the car the phone "connects" multiple times (used to do so just once).
So it goes "Phone Connected", followed by "Player Connected" about 2/3/4/5 times at the start of every journey.
PS. RThe phone stils works properly on the kit etc... - its just the nusiance of listening to it connect (& disrupting radio/music eytc... while doing so).
Tried un-pairing & re-pairing the devices etc... - no joy.
Any ideas?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 520 with Nokia CK-100 Car Kit - Windows 8.1 problem

I have the same phone/car kit combination with the same issue...
Did you find a solution to this?

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if my microsoft account is involved i dont remember my account name, or the password, i dont know how to save to icloud, or access it back again, when i try to move things from my phone to pc, i can move videos, playlists etc but not my contacts. there is an option on settings to transfer my data from your old phone to yr nokia 920, but i dont know if this will work transferring from one nokia to another nokia

Answer:how do i transfer my contacts from my nokia lumia 920 to my new nokia 425,

Transfer my data app. Or reset your password for your email by clicking forgot password on the login page on a computer.

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Hello, I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 a while back (About two years ago or something i'm not too sure) It was perfectly fine until all of the sudden I couldn't hear anything apart from Ringtones (Couldn't listen to songs, couldn't hear people when calling etc) after messing around with the phone it turned out to be the earbud jack (can't remember the correct word at the moment) anyhow, I fixed it by basically shoving a tooth pick in it. So i'm like okay fine. But recently the phone got stuck in Airplane mode, I tried literally everything apart from going to the store to get it fixed because my warranty ran out and i'm not going to pay for this piece of crap. So, today I tried the "Windows Phone Recovery Tool", I let it do its thing while I take a shower but when I came back it was stuck on the red Nokia title screen. Unplugged the battery, re-connected it with my PC, pressed the Volume down button etc. Nothing works! And when it's plugged into the PC, the Windows Recovery Tool says "Acces is Denied. Verify Credentials"
So yeah. I am furious. I have never, ever had so many problem with a phone before..
Here are some screenshots:
Windows Recovery Tool:
The Red Nokia Title Screen (My Phone):

Answer:Can I get some help with my Nokia Lumia 520 (Red Nokia Title Screen)(8.1)?

1. Calm down ( you gotta have patience while working with gadgets )
2. You shouldn't shove things other than the hp jack into the hp port.
3. Airplane mode ? (tried going to settings and trying to disable it or remove the sim and put it back in / restart ?? )
4. That "Red Nokia Tile Screen" you saw was the firmware download screen.
5. One does not simply don't pull out a phone while its undergoing firmware loading.
6. Try with Windows Phone Recovery Tool again. (This time wait ... and have patience.)
7. The only and last solution is Lumia Software Recovery Tool. Be patient !

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Please let me know ASAP.........

Answer:Can i get "ORIGINAL" Nokia Lumia 730 Shell in India???

Ever heard of snapdeal? 730|Brand:Nokia|

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In both the phones specification is almost same ,but only difference is screen sizes, n camera please suggest me which phone us better for using n having good response?

Answer:Want to buy a Nokia Lumia 535 and Nokia Lumia 435,but I am confused which phone is better?

It depends on ur need really.
Do u need a large screen, FFC and flash?
Or u just want a compact easy to pocket phone?

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My new Nokia Lumia 520 running Windows Phone 8 is viewing some web pages as html code. I've tried both Internet Explorer and UC Browser, in both mobile mode and desktop mode. The same web pages look fine on my laptop running Windows 7. Is there some other setting on the phone that I need to set up to view these web pages correctly? Never had a problem like this on my android phone.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 520 internet browsers showing website as html code

Depends on the web page as some are not coded to work on phone and adapt to screen settings. Try going on CNET and see how that works as I believe that adapts to phone screen. If not then double tap the screen on a web page and it will resize for you

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An Indian site reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phhone purely on its specifications and passed a damning judgment calling it a noPhone.
Unhappy comments in the posts prompted its author to check them out and then publicly expose the IP addresses of the commentors, only to find out that the comments were from (mostly) employess of Microsoft and Nokia. The author was accused of breaking his own site's privacy policy by posting the IP and email addresses of the commenters.
The original posts have since then been removed.
First reported on The Guardian. The episode must have got the website a lot of traffic .... but what a loss of credibility ...

Answer:Indian website back-tracks after calling Nokia Lumia Windows Phone a noPhone

It is shameful for MS and nokia . I didn't thought that MS and Nokia will do something like this . So, is there any official response from these two companies regarding this incident ? And , I think , the author also must gone mad , breaking its own site rule ..

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Is there any difference between the Icon and the Lumia 930? I've did research when it came out and I was certain that they're the exact same phone. The Icon is the name in the U.S.A and the Lumia 930 is the name in the U.K.
But I've heard several people act as if they're different phones. I just wanted to be certain. Am I correct that they're the exact same phone or have I been wrong this whole time?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 930/Nokia Icon

Originally Posted by Zachary Boddy Is there any difference between the Icon and the Lumia 930? I've did research when it came out and I was certain that they're the exact same phone. The Icon is the name in the U.S.A and the Lumia 930 is the name in the U.K.
But I've heard several people act as if they're different phones. I just wanted to be certain. Am I correct that they're the exact same phone or have I been wrong this whole time? From what I can tell, the difference is the OS it came with. Icon (aka 929)=8.0, 930=8.1

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I turned my phone off. (Nokia Lumia 630) Now it keeps flashing the Nokia logo and vibrating. Its like it is caught in a loop. It is unresponsive to soft reset. I took the battery and Sim card out for awhile but once the battery goes back in the loop begins again. I've had the phone for approx 7 months. I like the phone and would like to resolve this. I'm not sure if it is running Cyan or Denim. Thank for any help.

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my nokia lumia 625 is not starting only monogram of NOKIA appears and vanishd and appears

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This is a question that may have been asked previously so I apologize if this is a reoccurring thing. I've finally decided to leave the Apple ecosystem and start looking for a windows phone. Its come down to the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 1520 on AT&T. I've reports and blogs about problems with each, more so with the 925. I have small hands for a guy so the 1520 is somewhat intimidating. The 925 however, I've read has poor reception problems, battery issues, and heating problems. Would anyone be able to inform me if the 925 issues have been resolved through updates or if the problems still continue? Also, if either of the two phones developed problems with 8.1? (beta or if you received the update today since it has been released). Thanks so much

Answer:Nokia lumia 925 vs Nokia lumia 1520

Well I have the 925, was part of the dp and now have cyan as well... When I first received my phone the battery life was horrible, but after switching off some of the background tasks, draining it (a few times) and charging it again the battery life stabilized :) With 8.1 the battery life for most 925-ers improved a bit more. The heating issue did remain tho, however I should note that the 925 was made for casual use and not for intense gaming (anything that requires a lot of ram usage).. Personally i solved this problem by purchasing a terrapin back cover case :D The heating is still there (yes Im a gamer from time to time), but with the cover on you will barely notice it! My reception is pretty good, but I don't live in the US so we have that.. Wifi has been an issue, but apparently that was a general issue (not limited to the 925)...
I can't say anything about cyan yet, because I just updated lol

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Hello. I currently use a Nokia Lumia 1520 and the device is great but the size doesn't work for me as its uncomfortable carrying it in my back pocket doing truck at a large department store so I was wondering which device should I look into getting the Nokia Lumia Icon or the Nokia Lumia 930? I can easily afford the Icon once i return my 1520 but I will need to save up more to get the 930.

Answer:Nokia Lumia Icon or Nokia Lumia 930

Basically the same phone, except the Icon was made for Verizon. Where are you? The 930 won't get LTE in the US.

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please tell me same ideia
how to know unlock code

Answer:How do I unlock my Nokia 1520 phone in India?

Unlock from what carrier? If your phone is from the US, I would say it's not possible to unlock it in India

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How do I renew my Nokia music subscription in India? (online doesn't work any more and no clue about where to get vouchers from.)

Answer:How do I renew my Nokia music subscription in India?

You can get vouchers from Nokia Stores in India. Last time I asked them 6 months ago, it were Rs. 300 for 3 months then.

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I want to buy L730 and would like some suggestions as to where can i get it from asap.

Answer:Who runs the nokia shop in India? Does it deliver in time?

They dont deliever at ur home. They are normal shops

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It should basically have all features like 1GB RAM, secondary cam, auto focus etc. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Suggestions for a good Nokia Windows Phone within 15k in India?

Dude.. The LUMIA 730!!

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Lumia 520 says
ERROR : Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shut dawn
How to fix it?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 520 Error: Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shut dawn on Lumia 520

Reset my Windows Phone 8.1 | Windows Phone How-to (United States)

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I received Lumia Cyan update yesterday for my Nokia Lumia 720. After updating I received another update which was windows 8.1 update.
I updated that too successfully. Now everything seems to work fine except the facebook app. when I started it for the first time, It asked for Id and pwd. I entered correctly and successfully logged in. Then in next window it asked for syncing my facebook account with my windows phone. This page had two buttons "configure" and "not now". I chose configure. Then moments later next page comes up which asks for "using facebook photos on your lock screen".
This page also has two buttons like previous page "configure" and "not now". Problem is none of these two buttons are sensitive. Not able to proceed further from this page as not able to press any of these buttons. When I close the app and open it again the same page comes up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but the problem persists.
Please help

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Lumia Denim update has not come yet in Bangladesh for nokia lumia 630 smartphone.

Answer:When will the Lumia Denim update come for the Nokia Lumia 630 in Asian countries?

Indeed and nobody except Microsoft and carriers know when this is going to happen. So you just need to wait till it is made available.

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It has been 2 weeks now with no sign for the update on my phone except for the settings updates from the store, when will it come out ?
Thx in advance

Answer:Lumia Cyan for Nokia Lumia 520 release date ?

If you're on AT&T, you've got it already, just check for updates. If you've got the developer preview installed, you need to use the Nokia Software Updater for Retail to roll back to 8.0 first, then update to Cyan.

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I have a Nokia Lumia 630 running Lumia Cyan on Cricket Wireless and can you give me a guess on when I should receive the update. Thank You for your feedback.

Answer:When will the Nokia Lumia 630 receive the Lumia Denim update?

No clue.
First, we'd have the see the rollout begin, meaning the 630 probably won't be too far behind. My best guess is 8.1 Update 1 + Denim going out later this year, albeit starting.
Second, given the track record of US carriers in rolling out updates, you're probably looking at a few extra weeks or months.

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My Nokia Lumia 520 has an notification today that an phone update is available which is Lumia denim update(I'm in India).I need to know the exact size of the update as i do not have much internet data left.Please someone help me......

Answer:What's The Size Of Lumia Denim Update For Nokia Lumia 520!

Use wifi

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Recently i have updated Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera for my Nokia 1020. Lumia camera opens very slow and image also appearing as blur. Can some one please help me to recover my Nokia Camera ? I have uninstalled Lumia Camera even i tried in store for Nokia Camera app it isn't available in store.
Please help me to recover Nokia Camera app. :(
Thanks in Advance!!!

Answer:Why isn't my Lumia Camera supported on a Nokia Lumia 1020?

Can you try to find for Lumia camera classic? That version is supposed to be the same with Nokia camera.

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So... I have a Lumia 1020 (ATT), and I was trying to roll it back to Windows 8 so that I could get the Cyan update. I know I should have been patient, but I wasn't. I knew that the mini USB connection on my phone was kinda quirky, and sometimes it would connect to my computer when I plugged it in and sometimes it wouldn't (Windows would tell me that it would connect and disconnect, repeatedly, and sometimes it said it didn't recognize the device.)
So while I was trying to do the recovery, it connected and disconnected, and the Nokia Recovery Tool didn't go anywhere. I was hoping that it would but after a long while, it didn't go anywhere again. (it was stuck at 0%...)
I restarted the Nokia Recovery Tool and my Phone...but the recovery tool won't pick up my phone, and my phone is stuck on the red nokia screen.
Is there anything I can do? :(

Answer:Nokia Lumia 1020 Lumia Recovery Red screen

Oh, and I don't know I wasn't logged in. This is my username.
Please help me. I love my Lumia 1020 :(
This is all it looks like, and I can't make it do anything at all...

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I don't know which one I should choose: lumia 630 ' 720 or galaxy s4 mini.
What I find important:
1. Privacy
2. Speed
3. Screen
4. Battery life
5. Camera
Can you guys please help me?

Answer:Nokia lumia 630, lumia 720 or samsung galaxy s4 mini?

Go for Lumia 720 and you'll have it all. Camera is terrific. And enjoy a lagfree amazing smooth experience as compared to what touch viz has to offer.

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guys i have recently updated my nokia L520 den after it my phone starts up and den shows nokia n den blank n den again nokia dis is repeatin continuosly please help

Answer:guys i have recently updated my nokia L520 den after it my phone starts up and den shows nokia n

I just answered something similar on another thread. You can go through this.
You can try to soft reset first.
Volume down and power button until the phone vibrates. Phone will restart if it works.
Otherwise -
This is from the support site -
The problem you are experiencing may be caused by a software problem on your phone. You will need to perform a factory reset to try and resolve the problem.
Please note: All information on your phone will be deleted and anything that has not been backed up will be lost during this process. If you cannot access your phone's menu, unfortunately you will not be able to back-up any data.
Make sure your phone is powered off.
Press and hold the 'volume down' button.
Press the 'power' button until the phone vibrates, then release the 'power' button.
Keep the 'volume down' button held until you see an '!' on the screen, then release the 'volume down' button.
When the '!' appears, press the following buttons in order:
'volume up'
'volume down'
'volume down'
You should see rotating gears on your screen for around 5 minutes.
Your display will then turn blank for 30 seconds while your phone restarts.
It will take several minutes for your phone to restart. Once your phone has restarted you will need to follow the on-screen instructions and complete the initial set-up process on your phone.

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the phone freezes on my nokia lumnia 1320.if i soft reboot it switches off till i release the power button when it restarts on its own and again freezes on the nokia logo.i tried hard reboot again and again but after the reboot it restarts and freezes on the nokia logo

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Hi there,

i would like to use GPS Navigation with my Nokia 6600 via Bluetooth GPS (Model Royaltek GPS x-Mini).
Prior usage i've to install the software on the MMC-Card of the mobile Phone via Nokia PC Suite (for Nokia 6600).

For BT i'm using the Toshiba SD Card 2 within Portege.

With the Toshiba Bluetooth Manager (3.20.01) i can discover and establish a serial connection via BT without problems.

When starting the Nokia PC Suite (that automatically "see's" the new BT Port ...) the connection failes.

Any idea ? Thanks ...

Answer:Portege R100 + BT SD Card 2 + Nokia 6600 with Nokia PC Suite ? NO CONNECT !


Unfortunately I can not give you a proper answer. The fact is that the Bluetooth works properly and notebook can communicate with the unit. Why the connection fails after starting Nokia PC suite is not easy to say.

In my opinion you should try to contact Nokia support. They have more experience with own software products and it is probably tested by Nokia. If you have a solution please let us know.

Good luck!

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Or is it not?
I have seen other colors on internet as well. Blue, pink... Are they all genuine Nokia products?

Answer:Is the white Nokia CA-189CD data cable a real Nokia product?

It's a genuine Nokia parts number... Remember you're looking at teh interwebz.

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Few days back i connected my lumia with a power bank,after 10 minutes it restarted and wasnt moving past the nokia logo.
After some time battery was drained.
Now when i connect my nokia to a charger It gets stuck on logo and lines appear on the screen,and it isnt saving charge.

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Windows and android started a new beginning in 2011
Windows phone 7x
Android 2.3
So in that beginning time why apps developer went to develop apps for android not for Windows phone?
. . . . . . . .
Because If in the beginning itself developer would have decided to go with windows phone instead of android.
Than today's image of widows would be different.
. . . . . . . .
Than why developer went with android not with windows to develop huge n classy apps .
Is there any term n condition by MS/Nokia for app development which Google didn't forced on apps designers?
Does MS/nokia harmed itself by putting their T&C which Google left n pulled the developers attention to do job freely.??
Hope you'll understand what exactly I wanna ask?

Answer:MS/NOKIA VS ANDROID. Does Ms/Nokia made mistake in the past for which they paid.

What was it about Android that started with 2.3 that marks it as a "new beginning"? Google Play started way back in 2008, they had a full 3 years worth of commerce and sharing the market with Apple before Windows Phone 7 came along.

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Does anyone knows when to expect Win Mobile 8.1 Update for Nokia 1020 and Nokia 1520 in the U.S.?

Answer:Does anyone know when to expect Win Mobile 8.1 Update for Nokia 1020 and Nokia 1520 in the U.S.?

Eventually, we don't know. If anything comes up it'll be written about on the front page.

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So what can we look forward to seeing on Surface Pro/RT with MS grabbing the mobile section of Nokia??
Will any of the apps from Nokia get a re-brand and jump to Surface?
I would be interested in the movie maker from Nokia on RT......any chance?

Answer:Microsoft and Nokia deal....did MS licence any of the Nokia apps?

This is a really interesting question. I'm not sure whether MS bought out Nokia's apps to be honest. I know the main crux of the deal is hardware related but I'm sure its been discussed how Nokia's exclusivity on their apps will most likely be dissolved, which can't be a bad things for the platform, as Nokia's apps really do stand out among the crowd. No matter if it's Nokia that's developing them or if it's MS developing them, as long as they do keep getting updated I think we're in a good position.

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I have NSRT 6.2.55 on Windows 8.1. My Nokia 222 (RM 1136) is connected with the PC via data cable but the tool says "Could not read phone information".
I have the sd card as well so when i connect the cable, phone shows me "charge only" and "mass storage" options, on selection of mass storage, the phone is shown as a drive on my PC and data of sd card is shown so the connection/cable seems OK.
I have tried both "charge only" and "mass storage" options while phone is connected to the PC.

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Hi everyone, I've got T61 and Nokia 6230i. I'm not able to establish connection between T61 and Nokia 6230i via Nokia Pc Suite. When I try to connect those two devices via Nokia Ps Suite. I've got error message that connection can't be established. BT is in both devices enabled.-> IBM T61 - XP PROF ENG SP3 BIOS NEWEST VERSION-> NOKIA 6230i - OS VER. 3.89   The funniest thing is this that I can connect T61 and Nokia 6230i without Nokia Pc Suite. What could be wrong? Why I'm not able to connect via Nokia Pc Suite? How can I solve this problem? This is not a simlar problem as in post; ! ! !  Message Edited by cubus1981 on 12-07-2008 12:04 PMMessage Edited by cubus1981 on 12-07-2008 12:05 PMMessage Edited by cubus1981 on 12-07-2008 12:14 PMMessage Edited by cubus1981 on 12-07-2008 12:15 PM

Tak rób, jakby? mia? wiecznie ?y?, a ?yj tak, jakby? mia? jutro umrze?

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why nokia 215 not support whatsapp and you tube like nokia 206

Answer:Why doesn't my Nokia 215 support Whatsapp and YouTube like the Nokia 206?

Why nokia 215 not support you tube & whats app

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error:
There was a problem signing in. check your phone's date and time settings.

Answer:Why I am unable to download apps from the Nokia store on my NOKIA C7?

Set your date and time right then...

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Hellow, Guys !
I'm trying to flash my Nokia phone Using Nokia Suite, but every time I face a problem that cause restart my System.
I face this problem both on Windows 8 64-bit and Windows 8.1 64-bit.
I"ve all updated drivers and also update my Windows.
But, I cannot solve the problem
Please, check my files and provide me useful support and I"m waiting for Your response.

Answer:BSOD while Flashing Nokia Phone Using Nokia Suite

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions Please use Option 1 as it provides Event Viewer logs. Make sure that you let the app run for at least 15 minutes (or until the app itself says that it's done).

The first step here is to check in Device Manager for the xHCI controller. If you find that it has errors, right click on it and select "Uninstall". If presented with a check box to delete the driver software, please check it. Then click on the "OK" box to remove it.
Reboot and see if the xHCI device still has problems. If not, wait to see if the system BSOD's. Finally, let us know what happens.

Update the drivers for your HSPADataCard USB Modem/Serial Device to the latest, Win8.1 compatible version. Your HSPADataCardusbnmea.sys driver dates from 2011 and is likely not compatible w/Win8.1

Please note the drivers below that date from before the release of Windows 8.1 (17 Oct 2013) - check to see that each and every one is compatible w/Windows 8.1 (at the manufacturer's website). If not, you must either remove the device and it's software - or locate a Windows 8.1 compatible update on the web. Removing some drivers may make the system unstable - so if you're unable to find updates, post back for info on the one's that can/cannot be safely removed.

The drivers that are struckout don't have updates available (AFAIK).

If al... Read more

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Pretty much just the question in the title, I know this is a windows website but most people on here seem to know a lot about Nokia too!

Answer:More of a Nokia question, rather than Windows - Does anybody have any clue when the Nokia N1 tablet

I would love the N1 to be release in the US but we are just waiting to see it.

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Dear Gurus, First, I apologize if there is a mobile phone forum elsewhere
I seem to have got into a chicken and egg situation.

Using Nokia PC suite for file transfer from PC to Nokia 7520 supernova, my problem is the bluetooth works but the USB cable CA-126, doesn't!

Nokia PC suite can communicate with my nokia 7510 supernova using bluetooth which is painfully slow.

Nokia PC suite doesn't seem to find the mobile when I use the CA-126 cable for a USB connection.

Suspecting something wrong with USB I checked the XP USB hardware and got a list of 4;
generic USB CF reader USB device
generic USB MS reader USB device
generic USB SD reader USB device
generic USB SM reader USB device

According to XP the above are all working correctly.

I did note that when PC suite was installing it mentioned USB2. Using freshdevices, it lists
as part of the installed drivers
system32\drivers\usbport.sys description usb 1.1 and 2.0 driver

I tried to run 'driver whiz'. it sticks when it is listing and comes to generic sm usb reader.

Which leaves me where I started.

My only consolation, printer, scanner, mouse, webcam, all with usb connections work perfectly.

Help if possible to get me cable connected 7520 to PC

Bye and thanks


Answer:Nokia PC suite can't find Nokia 7510 USB cable

How old is your machine?

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Question: Nokia lumia 520

Can I add another phone type description to my contacts on lumia 520?

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Question: nokia lumia 620

i have updated my nokia lumia 620 to win 8.1,, but cortana is not there, how i can get cortana,

Answer:nokia lumia 620

Cortana is available for the US, Canada, Australia, UK and China... and if you have the update 1 for WP8.1 you can find India as available.
You need to set the language to any of those countries and the region as well, then reboot. Cortana should be in the apps list.

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Question: nokia lumia 720

If you had forced 3g, and you change highest connection to 2g. You will not get network. Only option is; to make change in field test.

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Question: Nokia Lumia 720

i have been having a problem since last week that my Nokia Lumia 720 response by itself ... i dont do anything but it responses by itself , plzzz help . is it virus problem ????? what could be the problem and its solution .. plzzz help

Answer:Nokia Lumia 720

Try a soft reset and see if that helps to start with

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Question: nokia lumia 520

how to attach web cam to nokia lumia 520 ?..

Answer:nokia lumia 520

You can't. Basically web cam has software built in that gets installed on laptop/pc to work. Microsoft won't allow anything outside its OS to be installed

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Question: Nokia Lumia 630

When I receive a long sms msg it doesn't show in the order it was sent. Is there a fix for that?

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Question: Nokia Lumia 520

Hello, I downloaded an update and now I cannot get facebook messages through my messaging threads. How do I fix this???

Answer:Nokia Lumia 520

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question Hello, I downloaded an update and now I cannot get facebook messages through my messaging threads. How do I fix this??? You now have windows phone 8.1,with lumia cyan. You have to download Facebook messenger now. They removed it from the messaging app.

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Question: nokia lumia 520

want to download file manager for lumia 520.

Answer:nokia lumia 520

Wait for the Cyan update or go ahead an install the Developer's Preview of Windows 8.1.
After you've did any one of the above mentioned, download this: Files | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

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Question: Nokia lumia 520

My camera in Nokia Lumia 520 is not functioning. I tried to open but it return to the main screen again and again I have tried the soft and hard reset still my camera is not working plz help me...... :(

Answer:Nokia lumia 520

My wife's 720 had the same issue. Turned out the camera sensor was broken. Take it to Nokia care

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Why is that my Lumia 630 has only 409 MB of RAM instead of 512 when i checked with the My Phone app?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 630 RAM

I guess it's because the app shows only the RAM available for the user (because the system needs an amount of RAM to run which is not available for the user.)

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Question: nokia lumia 635

Hello Can i download a app that will lock my messages apart from the screen lock on a nokia lumia 635?

Answer:nokia lumia 635

No, I would look into Kid's Corner and Apps Corner though.

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Question: Nokia Lumia 620

i carelesssly dropped my lumia 620 in water. Now my mobile is working fine. Only problem which i am facing is the vibrator gets over heated during mobile usage and even when the mobile is in switch off and during mobile charging. Sometimes it shows the discharge is about 48%. During charging my mobile it shows the charging symbol but actually it donot. Can anyone give me remedy to solve this problem.

Answer:Nokia Lumia 620

Originally Posted by hari038 i carelesssly dropped my lumia 620 in water. Now my mobile is working fine. Only problem which i am facing is the vibrator gets over heated during mobile usage and even when the mobile is in switch off and during mobile charging. Sometimes it shows the discharge is about 48%. During charging my mobile it shows the charging symbol but actually it donot. Can anyone give me remedy to solve this problem. I'd say replace the battery and see how you go - vibrator can be turned off for pretty much everything.

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