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Nokia Lumia 2520 - is there a maximum USB memory stick size limit?

Question: Nokia Lumia 2520 - is there a maximum USB memory stick size limit?

Can any one tell me if there is a maximum size limit using USB memory sticks with the 2520.
I know the maximum sd card size is 64gb, but I was wondering if Nokia or Microsoft had put a limit on memory size for sticks.
Many thanks,
Norfolk mal

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Preferred Solution: Nokia Lumia 2520 - is there a maximum USB memory stick size limit?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Nokia Lumia 2520 - is there a maximum USB memory stick size limit?

Check this post out. The answer would appear there is no maximum size.

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I have connected my memory stick via micro usb to my phone (Nokia Lumia 1320) but it doesn't recognize that a device has been connected to it and I am not able to access any of the data stored in the memory stick.
Could anyone please let me know how i can access memory stick data via Nokia Lumia 1320?

Answer:How to access/open memory stick from Nokia Lumia 1320?

You simply can't access USB pen drives using a lumia device.

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Question: Nokia Lumia 2520

Hi I have broken the glass of Nokia Lumia 2520,
Where do I get it repaired, I am in india and the device is not launched in India

Answer:Nokia Lumia 2520

I would start with someplace like this:
I cannot view the website - I am forbidden. I assume it is set up to only be viewed in India. Sorry I can't do better, but all I have to go with is a search engine.

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The problem just started suddenly. When it's plugged into power, the device comes up but shuts down immediately it's disconnected from power. Also, the key board does not work, while the touch screen only works if the device is successfully powered on. Please your advice

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I want to connect with wifi of my edu institute .

Answer:Has Nokia lumia 2520 EAP-TTLS PAP certification...?

You likely won't get into eduroam or a similar EAP PAP/PEAP system automatically via RT, but check your University's site help section for a global certificate you can install manually via File Browser on desktop...

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Hey guys,
I have an imported Nokia Lumia 2520 as it's not available locally. It recently crashed whilst doing some system updates and I had to use the recovery partition to re-install Windows RT (hard reset). However, the recovery partition seems to have been faulty as Windows now won't activate - after I contacted Microsoft they confirmed that my system files are corrupted.
Seeing as my recovery partition is corrupted, reinstalling Windows again did not work. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of the recovery partition? Or, would anyone be kind enough to upload a copy? I have literally searched everywhere and even tried using the Surface Recovery Image that Microsoft released, but to no avail.
Would be unbelievably grateful if someone could help me out!

Answer:Nokia Lumia 2520 recovery image

I would interesting me too for the installation media (recovery image)... This is a file about 3.7-4.2 Gbts... If anyone has the Lumia 2520 can follow the instructions here -> Create a USB recovery drive for Microsoft Surface | Free up Surface storage space and then upload this to dropbox...
Could be very helpfull...

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When the power is unplugged battery no.1 shows the percentage of usage but battery no.2 shows "not present", What does it mean?

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Had a notification that a Firmware Update was available, the download failed several times, then just seemed to "quit", but a bunch of other updates succeeded. When I look at my History I see that all the software updates succeeded, but the firmware update shows "failure" with error code 80200056. Searching I can't find any other info, checking for updates does not show the firmware update either. Suggestions on how to proceed, or to tell if I actually do have the latest firmware?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 2520 Firmware Update Failed, how do I download?

Which Surface do you have?

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I have tried all means to reinstall windows 8.1 RT with no avail. the recovery option tells me that i have missing files and the recovery installation media will provide that. There arent any downloads that i can use online. Microsoft wont give the support for Nokia. They would do it only for their surface tablet. a=Any suggestions. Need help please

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which adapter micro HDMI to VGA is suitable for Nokia Lumia 2520

Answer:Which adapter for the micro HDMI to VGA is suitable for the Nokia Lumia 2520?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question which adapter micro HDMI to VGA is suitable for Nokia Lumia 2520
Check this link.
which adapter micro HDMI to VGA is suitable for Nokia Lumia 2520

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Microsoft has not launched its Surface since 1 and a half year..Please tell me some good Windows 8 devices(preferably tablets). I live in India. Please tell me fast..??

Answer:Any Microsoft Surface or Nokia Lumia 2520 alternative for India?

Dell venue 8 pro , acre iconia tablets :)

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I put other carrier's simcard in my lumia 2520 but cannot browse the web.
It works for a few seconds but lost transmission thereafter. I suspect that the tab was sim-locked by verizon but the verizon app said the otherwise.
Is there anyone know the clue?

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This is probably a silly and stupid question, but I just wanna make sure. Can I download an app like Comicbook reader on my PC and transfer it to Nokia Lumia 2520 tab via a USB cable and then install without any problem? Will installation of non-market apps be allowed. Any help regarding this will be much appreciated.

Answer:Can I install apps on Nokia Lumia 2520 tab that were not purchased from a Windows store?

The Nokia 2520 runs Windows RT, so you cannot install apps that aren't in the Windows Store. Legacy desktop Windows x86/x64 apps cannot be used on RT.
Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 via Tapatalk

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Registry Setting for Windows to Open Full Screen Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

I found the above in the sister site Seven Forums but have doubts about it working in windows 10 (although i have not yet tried)

What would be nice is a way to set programs such that even when Maximized they do not fill the entire screen and leave enough of an edge to drag them back in. Or if there were other presets besides normal and maximized. I have had Outlook open new email so large that it fills the entire screen. I know how to change that back if it does but i don't know how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The task-view button helps but it still wont "stagger" all open pages in a working overlay-ed manner such that you can get to the one you need if it is hidden behind others. Similarly is there any other way to access the "show desktop" 'sliver' at the right end of the task-bar?
It would be nice if I were able to click any empty spot on the desktop itself to accomplish the same thing.

Maybe there a good program that offers multiple methods of managing the windows 10 display functions such as these? I would rather pay for it than to try to tweak what is probably hundreds of different registry settings.

Answer:Registry fix to set maximum screen size limit for a program

I have not found the WHOLE solution but was able to use a quick-fix to add "Show Desktop" to a right click anywhere on desktop. That is a start but a normal left click would have been better. If i could find where to set the default for left click on desktop as it does nothing now.. The same script added to the correct reg key would probably do it.

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I have a DC7600 CMT 3.2GHZ processor. What is the maximum size SATA drive that can be installed.  Since there are four SATA ports can I max out all or is there a limit on the total capacity of the system? Also, is there anyway to increase the RAM from 4GHZ?

Answer:What is the Maximum Memory and the Maximum size SATA drive o...

Terry, welcome to the forum. Here is what the specs say about maximum memory: The memory sockets on the system board can be populated with up to four industry-standard DIMMs. These memory sockets are populated with at least one preinstalled DIMM.  To achieve the maximum memory support, you can populate the system board with up to 4GB of memory configured in a high-performing dual channel mode. Here is the Hardware Reference Guide for the computer.  You will find the above information on Page 25. The maximum hard drive size with Win 7 is 2TB. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved. 

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Hello, my T510 works Windows 7 pro 32 bit.i want to upgrade memory 2 gb to 8 gb.Does 32 bit windows 7 use 8 gb ram?Does T510's mainboard support 16 gb?Thanks for your answers...  

Answer:Maximum memory limit

Windows 7 32 bit can only make use of 3-3.5G of RAM.  Depending on video options, you may only be able to use 2.5 -3G for the OS and apps. (I'm unclear on 510 video options - is switchable supported?)  You can install more, but it won't be usable.  You need a 64 bit OS to take advantage of more than that.  According to the tabook, the 510 can take 8G RAM max:  ThinkPad Notebooks Z.

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No answer from Tom's hardware forum.
click here,
Is there anyone tried install over 16GB (the maximum memory) on Lenovo M91p?
or installed 1 stick of 8GB memory on M91p work without any problem?
just try to ask for anyone with such experience.
of course, it needs to take the risk for upgrading memory that do not state in specification.
However, is it too risky for the upgrade?
i tried google about it, most of the memory vendor follow lenovo's spec.
except one
click here,Lenovo,Desktop-1-Works...

Desktop/Workstation RAM & Memory upgrade » ThinkCentre M91p Tower, SFF
Memory: performance and compatibility to Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p Tower, SFF guaranteed
« less
We certified the offered 8GB, 4GB and 2GB memory modules for ThinkCentre M91p Tower, SFF Desktop/Workstation. CompuRAM modules can additionally be integrated next to existing memory for your system. Following the specifications and instructions of Lenovo the memories can be easily used next to each other with different capacities and from a variety of different manufacturers. In exceptional cases, we point out special instructions.
Please note that the values indicated in the item description, for example those concerning the speed rates and timings, are for your information only. These are the minimum technical specifications by Lenovo. For our modules we always use the most current and fastest DRAMs. That means, that we typically provide memory modules that allow an even higher timing than neccessar... Read more

Answer:Over maximum memory limit on Lenovo M91p?

Expensive doorstop if it goes wrong.
Why would you even want more than 16GB ram? and if you did then I would advise buying a motherboard that the manufacturer specifies can use/cope with it.

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I have an Acer Aspire 1830T-3730 laptop with 4GB memory. I am confused about the maximum amount of memory that this unit supports. Is the memory limit 4GB or 8GB for this laptop? OS is Win 7 64 bit. I would like to upgrade to 8 GB if possible. Thanks.

Answer:Acer 1830T-3730 maximum memory limit

Your system has 2 DDR3 slots. I suggest you try two 4GB SODIMMs for $40 with free shipping to see if they're recognized. They likely will. Jack E/NJ

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My Nokia Lumia 520 has an notification today that an phone update is available which is Lumia denim update(I'm in India).I need to know the exact size of the update as i do not have much internet data left.Please someone help me......

Answer:What's The Size Of Lumia Denim Update For Nokia Lumia 520!

Use wifi

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cannot seem to connect selfie stick to my phone it has connected to my Bluetooth but not connected any further.

Answer:Will my Nokia Lumia 720 be compatible with a selfie stick Z07- 5?

Sorry but windows phone does not support this stick.
See the specifications.

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I install 4Gb of memory in my R60 (9456-HTG) with Windows 7 64-bit. Windows writes me - "4Gb installed (2,99Gb available)". Why??? In document (2007-03-07) I can see "Memory up to 3Gb". But in overview of Mobile Intel® 945GM/GME Express Chipset ( I can see "Maximum Memory supported: up to 4 GB at 400, 533 and 667 MHz". Why my Lenovo R60 cannot be used with 4Gb of memory?

Answer:R60 - maximum size of memory

The 4 gig limit also includes physical hardware address, no laptop that uses GM945 chipset can address the full 4 gig of ram, the best i have seen is around 3.5 gigs and there are many things that weren't installed.. basically a barebone laptop... While, the R60, T60, Z61 that uses the GM945 chip all have 3 gigs as set for OS use, and any additional ram are just preallocated by the BIOS firmware. I think this is just to minimise possible hardware problems.... FYI HP, ASUS and many other vendors that use GM945 all have 3 gigs limit set in....  If you need more ram, get a Santa Rosa (8 gig max) or Monetenvia platform laptop (16 gig in the future when 8 gig DDR3 modules are available)... i wouldn't really concern over couple hundreds of megabyte of ram... 3 gig should be enough for 64 bit os... if you need more then go for 8 gig in a GM965 chipset laptop.  

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I want to upgrade my Aspire 1830T-68U118 laptop & need to know which is maximum size of memory I could put in & Which Model of Memory are? Regards.-

Answer:Which is maximum size of memory I could put in my ...

Well, the URL below shows it will certainly take 2 SODIMMs for a total of 8 GB of DDR3. I really don't know if that is the true maximum configuration. Sometimes it is possible to go "beyond the max." Clearly YMMV in that situation. Crucial RAM link ... It's a little hard to find RAM info for TimelineX models. Personally, I typically go for used Samsung or Hynix/SKHynix DIMMs/SODIMMs. Almost always 8 GB will be enough for a laptop. If you have a friend that has a laptop with 8 GB of DDR3 you could try putting those 2 SODIMMs in your laptop for a test. USE ANTI-STATIC PRECAUTIONS! Better safe than sorry.


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I want to upgrade my Aspire 1830T-68U118 laptop & need to know which is maximum size of memory I could put in & Which Model of Memory are? Regards.-

Answer:Which is maximum size of memory I could put in my ...

Well, the URL below shows it will certainly take 2 SODIMMs for a total of 8 GB of DDR3. I really don't know if that is the true maximum configuration. Sometimes it is possible to go "beyond the max." Clearly YMMV in that situation. Crucial RAM link ... It's a little hard to find RAM info for TimelineX models. Personally, I typically go for used Samsung or Hynix/SKHynix DIMMs/SODIMMs. Almost always 8 GB will be enough for a laptop. If you have a friend that has a laptop with 8 GB of DDR3 you could try putting those 2 SODIMMs in your laptop for a test. USE ANTI-STATIC PRECAUTIONS! Better safe than sorry.


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i want to update my nokia lumia 730

Answer:what is the size of os 8.10.14234.375 for nokia lumia 730

You need about 2GB of free space.

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I am trying to find a selfie stick with built-in bluetooth shutter button (not the remote kind) that works with a Nokia Lumia 900. Most of the selfie sticks are marketed for Apple or Android phones.
It is for a gift, so I'm a bit weary of ordering something online and then not working.
Please let me know if you have one that works (including the name and model and where you purchased it) and if you would recommend it!
Thanks! :)

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Hello all. I'm hoping to get some help here, because I'm in doubt how much RAM can I put into my T420i laptop. The model number is 4178-bgg. The lenovo specs show that the maximum RAM size is 8GB. However the i3-2330M processor, which is installed in this laptop is capable of handling up to 16GB ( Also, another thread about similar T420 model shows that it should be possible (  Right now I have 2x2GB installed and I want to switch to 2x8GB, but I don't know if that's possible. I might try it, but in case it doesn't work can I leave only one 8GB dimm in one socket ? I don't want to end up with 2x2GB being too small for me (I use virtual machines a lot) and 2x8GB being not usable... Please advise.  

Answer:T420i maximum RAM memory size

Go to and find your model number. That'll tell you how much memory works with your machine

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what is the maximum size of virtual memory? How is it maintained?

Answer:maximum size of virtual memory

the max size is according to each individual motherboard, depends on how many slots and what memory and size of memory the slots are programed to take........oops sorry misread your posti hate computers!but cant help myself....

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what will be the size of nokia cyan update for lumia 520 in india ? I am asking that Question because in our area network of Internet are not vary good . and I have to purchase a 3g Data pack for this

Answer:About Size Of nokia cyan update for lumia 520

It's certainly less than a GB, although I don't have any hard numbers. Someone else might.

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Hello, I consider buying a new notebook and T420 is a hot candidate for me. I'm not sure yet whether I would go for a Core i5 or i7 processor, however I'm sure I'd like to upgrade the RAM in the future and 16 GB would be very appreciated. I found out in the Intel specifications that (not only) the i5 2540 and i7 2640 that are available in the T420 configurations support up to 16 GB RAM, however in the T420 specifications concerning those processors I found that only 8 GB of RAM are supported. AFAIK the memory controller is integrated in the processor in these cases, so is there another factor that limits the size to 8 GB, or is it only an improper information in the T420 specs? I plan to keep the notebook for several years so the possibility of some reasonable memory upgrade would be a very welcome for me. Thanks in advance for any info on that.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T420 - maximum supported memory size?

Here is an unofficial answer.  I am not speaking on behalf of Lenovo. 
The T420 has 2 memory (DIMM) slots.  Technically the system can accept 16GB of memory (2x 8GB DIMMs).  I know this because the SMBIOS type 16 structure says so.  But I don't think 8GB DIMMs are available to buy yet, and even if they are, they are not available from Lenovo so at this time the max supported configuration today is 8GB.  I think it is safe to assume that, at some point in the future, 16GB will be supported.

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Hi. I done a report on my pc using EVEREST because I wanted to upgrade my RAM. It says:

[ Memory Controller ]

Memory Controller Properties:
Error Detection Method None
Error Correction None
Supported Memory Interleave 1-Way
Current Memory Interleave 4-Way
Supported Memory Speeds 70ns, 60ns
Supported Memory Types DIMM, SDRAM
Supported Memory Voltages 3.3V
Maximum Memory Module Size 256 MB
Memory Slots 2

It says maximum Memory Module Size 256MB. Does this mean I cannot put a 512MB memory module in or does it mean the most ive got in it is 256mb?

Answer:EVEREST - Maximum Memory Module Size

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Hello Everyone! I got the the thinkpad t430 with lenovo 23511A8 motherboard, also i have 4GB ram...what is the maximum supported memory ram size ? thx..


Go to Solution.

Answer:T430 - maximum supported memory size?

You should be able to use 2 sticks of 8GB RAM for a total of 16GB.

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Have just upgraded memory from 128MB to 320MB using two new 128MB modules and an original 64MB unit. The start-up screen, and the Belarc Advisor summary, indicate an installed memory of 192MB.Does this mean that this is the limit for this OS or is there something else I can do?Spark6

Answer:Windows 98se - is there a limit to memory size?

Limit of RAM in Win98SE is 512MbHave you an on-board video card which "shares RAM" i.e. takes what it wants and leaves you with the rest?

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How do I increase / decrease the size of the graphics on my Nokia Lumia?

Answer:How do I increase/decrcrease size of graphics on my Nokia Lumia?

graphics for what? icons in the start menu? certain application? What Lumia? we need a bit more info

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Hi,  I have an HP elitedesk 800 g2 mini PC with an Intel Graphics card 530. Up until now I was in Windows 7 pro and I had configured the BIOS setting of Video memory size as 512MB under the Advanced section. Then I could to go windows and see that this setting was taken into account as my Dedicated  Video Memory - 128MB I've now upgraded to Windows 10 pro and I just noticed that whatever I put in the BIOS setting (from 32MB up to 512MB is not taking into account when I check once my windows 10 is booted up. It always display the Dedicatee Video Memory as 128MB. I've tried updating my video card drivers but it says that I'm on the latest drivers. Do you know what the problem could be? ie, why Windows 10 pro is not reading the setting from my BIOS and just defaulting to 128MB? Anything that I could try from my end? Thank you.

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I am about to acquire a 4 to 5 year old computer which is running XP Home and is fitted with a 38GB hard drive and 512Meg of RAM. I would like to fit a larger hard drive and more memory, but will I have a potential problem with too large a hard drive and is there an optimum amount of memory to use with Windows XP Home?I know the above is a bit vague and that I could just buy a new machine, but I don't want to go over to Vista for a while.Peter.

Answer:Hard Disk Size and Maximum Memory - XP Home

512MB of RAM is adequate for XP, 1GB is preferable - you only /need/ more than that if you do serious CAD/graphics/digital audio/video work. Any hard-drive size will work if you have Service Pack 2.

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Question: Memory stick size

I am going to transfer music from CDs to memory stick. Assuming that the music on one disc lasts fo 60 minutes, how many Cds would I get on one memory stick with 16 Gb memory.
Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Memory stick size

When you rip the tracks from the CD you can work on an average of 4MB per song for reasonable quality.
Therefore you can average 250 songs per GB. 1000 songs per 4GB so 4000 songs on your thumbdrive.

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I have gone to ease of access and changed everything, but when I go to text, the changes are not there.

Answer:how do I change the font style/colors/size on my nokia lumia 520

ease of access will not change color or style of fonts. Also you will see those changes in font size in system apps only.

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A cheap mouse from a discout supplier, included in the package amemory stck- a bonus.
Its was clearly marked on the stick and the pack 2Gb.
here is the strange bit when inserted into my comters both Windows and LLLinux the machinws report 8Gb, an even bigger bonus.
yet when I loaded some doc files and took it to a friends win7 machine, it reported a 2gb device.
How come?

Answer:size differences in a memory stick-what/why??

so what does it say you have now,original memory+new memory,have you got a 64 bit system?

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what are the memory size limitations, (if any) for the supported types ?

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What size USB stick should I buy as a recovery disk for Win 7 Pro?

Answer:What size of USB memory stick should I buy to make a recovery disk?

4GB would suffice but 8 or 16GB is definitely on the safe side. It is anyhow difficult to find sticks smaller than 16GB.

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during usage time the home screen icons come suddenly smaller and can not coming back to its original size. Besides this Blue tooth connectivity is not happening with other same model Nokia mobile

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I have the key board with usb ports on my Nokia 2520. Once my printer (HP deskjet) is plugged in to my tablet, how do I add that device so I can print from my Nokia 2520?

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Ive just been watching a youtube video of a chap connecting his surface 2 to an external monitor and doing multiple things at once (playing a game whilst a HD movie is playing on the surface). Obviously powerful. With the 2520 being a different processor, will it be as good at that at multi tasking? Will it be as snappy in windows too?

Answer:Nokia 2520 as powerful as Surface 2

Originally Posted by immortalmatt Hi,
Ive just been watching a youtube video of a chap connecting his surface 2 to an external monitor and doing multiple things at once (playing a game whilst a HD movie is playing on the surface). Obviously powerful. With the 2520 being a different processor, will it be as good at that at multi tasking? Will it be as snappy in windows too? To be clear, it was a Surface 2 (not Surface Pro 2), right?
I'd expect quick similar performance out of the two devices.Surface 2 is powered by a quad-core 1.7GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor coupled with 2GB of RAMLumia 2520 is powered by a quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2GB of RAM.

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How to restart shutting down process or restart? I could not stop narrator, so I shut down. But shut down process took very long time. I pressed power button or window, then 2520 is freeze while shutting down. And please teach me how to stop narrator.

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Hello everyone
I will buy Nokia Lumia 2520 soon but I was asking
Are Nokia Lumia 2520 will be able to upgrade to windows 10 RT?
Or windows RT is over

Answer:If I buy a Nokia 2520, will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 or RT?

Windows RT will end up getting some sort of update similar to what Microsoft did with Windows Phone 7; they didn't update it fully to Windows Phone 8, but they gave it 7.8 which was an update that gave it a lot of the same features, but not the actual thing

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Is it compatible for gaming?

Answer:Is the Xbox One compatible to Nokia 2520?

You can use the Lumia 2520 for Smartglass to pair with an Xbox One, so there is some degree of compatibility there.
They'll share the same OS soon, so we may also see cross-platform experiences, too.

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Is there some difficulties in this step, to turn on ? I thought I could do it as easily, like on my Nokia Lumia 930

Answer:Why can I not turn on my brandnew Nokia 2520 ?

Did you let it charge for a few hours?

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I don't have internet access or access to the store. Have error codes 800704CF and 80072F30 how do I clear it ?

Answer:How do I clear error codes 800704CF from Nokia Lumia 530 and 80072F30 from Nokia Lumia 530

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I don't have internet access or access to the store. Have error codes 800704CF and 80072F30 how do I clear it ? If you're trying using data carrier, check your APN Internet settings, ask your carrier for correct ones.
Elsewhere, use Wifi and do a soft reset

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hello sir,
i have a lumia 525.,
when i put memory card of 16gb in it then my phone restarts automatically.
I have a ultra high speed card.
Last month i used strontium 16gb ultra speed card with my lumia,that time i was facing this same problem,i was thinking that may be the problem of strontium incompatibility.
But now this time i have a sandisk card and facing the same problem.So what is this?

Answer:nokia lumia restarts when i put memory card

Is the problem only at the time of inserting the SD card or is it like a continuous restart after inserting it ??

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I have had this tablet for over two years and haven't used it for the past year because of this issue. The tablet vibrates for no particular reason. Then it kicks me out of the app I was using... Sometimes puts me back in it... It's like I'm pushing the Home key but I'm nowhere near it.... I'm about to just trash the tablet and phone and go to IPhone and iPad....

Answer:My Nokia 2520 is vibrating and then kicking me out of the app. Trash it?

Have you tried refreshing/resetting the OS (if you're willing to wipe the tablet clean and start over)?

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Looking to get a tablet soon. I got my first windows phone (Lumia 928), and now looking at a tab. Was looking to go with an iPad or Samsung tab. But I'm starting to like the windows os. I'm not truly sure what's the difference between the two. The surface or Nokia 2520?

Answer:Windows surface vs Nokia 2520 from Verizon.

I'd suggest stopping at the Verizon store and the Microsoft store and trying both of them to see which one you like better.

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How many user internal memory left on nokia lumia with 8GB?

Answer:How many user internal memory left on nokia lumia with 8GB?

About 4GB. With the 8.1 update you can install apps to SD card, so it's very usable.

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THere is not enough space on my phone its used by system memory but i want to free some memory but no solutions

Answer:Nokia Lumia 1320 Internal memory Issues

A hard reset will free up memory.

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Hey guys!
I have decided to switch to nokia and i just love lumia 930 . Shall i bye bye it or wait it for a new handset.
Does anyone have any idea of the release of 1530 or 1030??

Answer:Decided to switch to Nokia: Shall I buy Lumia 930 or or wait for a new Nokia Lumia handset?

there's no rumors of any 1030, 1530, or any new top-of-the-line device.
I'd just pull the trigger now and get a 930.

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I have a Nokia 1520 phone and a Nokia 2520 tablet. Is there a way to link them together by Bluetooth or wi-fi to share data, camera output, music, etc?

Answer:How do I link my Nokia 2520 tablet and my 1520 phone?

You could use OneDrive for automatic syncing of the photos, and you could share your 1520s internet connection via Wi-Fi. ? Unfortunately, I can't think of any other way you could do it. ? EDIT: If you use the same Microsoft account, then your calendar and contacts will stay synchronized ?

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I didn't know about the recall until recently and have gone in circles around Microsoft information/websites/web chat ever since. Who can help/

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I currently have an 8GB,Micro SDHC, Class 4, Non-branded Memory Card in my phone, but it's full up. I have bought & tried a Kingston 64GB, Micro SDXC, Class 10; a SanDisk, 64GB, micro SDXC, Class 10; & a Samsung 64GB, micro SDXC, Class 4. None of them is recognized by my phone, although they work fine in my laptop. Do I need to reduce the size down to a 32GB, SDHC, or what can anybody recommend for me to try next. I have read that somebody has installed a 128GB in the same model phone & got it to work, but I don't want to go to the expense for that size. Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer:Memory card for Nokia Lumia 1520 smart phone.

It's not something I've experienced, so maybe someone who's experienced the problem first hand will come along shortly. However, when you say they aren't recognised, I assume it shows the SD Card in Storage Sense as 'not found'? Just out of interest, if you install the 'Files App' (a Microsoft App), does if show the card then?

Another thing to check is whether the cards are formatted to the right file system? Taken from HERE:

What file systems do my Lumia phone support?

Your phone supports FAT32 for SDHC cards, exFAT for SDXC cards, with a single Master Boot Record (MBR) partition table.

- Up to 32-GB SDHC cards using the FAT file system.
- 64-GB SDXC cards using the exFAT file system.

Instructions for formatting the card here:
FAQ - My memory card is not working properly in Lumia phone - Microsoft - UK

If that doesn't work, a quick Google search shows that some people have needed to completely reset the phone before it would recognise their SD card. Obviously, this would be a bit of a sledge hammer solution and not particularly ideal as it would entail backing up your entire phone, completely wiping it and starting again from scratch by going to Settings > About > Reset Your Phone.

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how many times i deletes temporary files it will same memory

Answer:how to delete temporary files in phone memory in Nokia lumia 530

You're only going to free up so much space by deleting those temp files. The system is constantly generating new temp files. You'll be there all day trying to delete them, and never gain any more space. Want to free up some storage space? Uninstall some apps or games that you don't use.

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Is best to buy lumia 2520

Answer:Is it best to buy a Lumia 2520?

That depends on you and the price.
It's a capable device. It's not one I PERSONALLY would get, but plenty of other enjoy it.
Look at reviews, check other comparable devices (I'd get a Surface 2, but that's just my personal preference), see if the price is right, etc. etc.

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Question: LUMIA 2520

Hi, how I can release disk space windos RT 8.1. I have already test Windows disk tools.

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I am having serious problems sourcing a new charger for a lumia 2520 tablet bought Jan 2014.I have tried Microsoft,amazon and ebay without success,found one on ebay with identical charger model ac300 but with 2.5mm jack mine is 3mm.Help please

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I have just bought a lumia 2520. I can not turn it on. I connected it to the charger but I can not see any sign of charging on the tablet.
How can I know that it is charging?
Actually last week I bought this tablet but I couldn't turn it on and finally I thought that it is broken and I send it back. This time I bought it from somewhere else and I have the problem again.
Please help me to find the problem.

Answer:I can not turn my lumia 2520 on!!! why?

See the manual.
You can see a green glow on the charger during charging.

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I'm looking for a new Windows tablet and I've narrowed it down to Lumia 2520 and the Surface 2. I'll be using it as a glorified reader with general internet usage, media player, MS Office stuff and brainstorming. Big part of it's usage will be outdoors.
Here's my comparison.
1. I like the Lumia's profile. It makes it easier to hold in hands, but it has no kickstand, while the Surface 2 has a 2 point kickstand. Of the two features I choose the kickstand as it will suit my use more.
2. Both screens are 1080 with similar quality and both claim excellent outdoor visibility, which is very important. Can somebody make a comparison on this? Is one better outdoor screen than the other?
3. Battery life seems a bit longer on the Lumia, especially with the Power keyboard which is a great feature. But then again, battery life on the Surface 2 is also great.
4. Power keyboard Vs. Type cover. I like the Power keyboard for providing additional battery life, 2 full sized USB ports, a kickstand and an over-all cover. However I don't like the flimsy track pad, the keys aren't backlit, the kickstand is not adjustable, it adds some weight and you can't use it like a normal tablet with the keyboard folded behind it (am I wrong here?). The keyboard on the Surface 2 is backlit, track pad seems much better, it's not as long and does not interfere with the kickstand. But it also doesn't add to the battery life and doesn't act as a cover.
5. Nokia comes with a few cool Nokia apps, however you c... Read more

Answer:Lumia 2520 Vs. Surface 2

Both seems nice, i would buy the 2520 though if i could. It's not even available in my country :/

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I have not gotten the update on my tablet yet

Answer:is the windows 10 update out yet for lumia 2520

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question I have not gotten the update on my tablet yet No update for Lumia 2520 as WinRT =DEAD

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If we don't get a Windows 10 upgrade, what will Microsoft do to appease our unrest

Answer:Is the Lumia 2520 going to get the Windows 10 upgrade?

It's not certain as they just mentioned the Surface RT and 2, and they aren't getting a "true" Windows 10 upgrade from the wording. What will Microsoft do to appease your unrest? Well, the upgrade of "Windows 10 features" to RT devices like the Surface RT and 2 is an appeasement. If it doesn't come to the 2520, then there will be no appeasement as the appeasement was just for Surface models.
Microsoft just wants to (and probably should) just completely put RT behind them because that's clearly not the way they are going. Full Windows tablets are taking their place, and since RT never got a very big user base, it doesn't really make a lot of sense to go with a full on update of it.
This is sort of similar to BlackBerry with the PlayBook and their final decision to not update it to BB10. The only difference is that BlackBerry promised that it would and then broke that. Microsoft isn't making any promises they can't keep here which is smart.

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I saw a used one online that sells for like 160 ... Should i get it ? I know it is not getting The full Windows 10 update ... But The price is tempting for such a beautiful hardware... Or should I just pay a little more and get an iPad air 1 ( it has a waaaay better app collection ) ? Any advices? Anyone has the 2 tablets ? Can u tell wich is better ?

Answer:Lumia 2520 now ? Still a good idea ?

Help ? Anyone out there ?

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i have no phone right now i was a lumia user earlier but then i left for iphone now i wanna buy lumia again ... So please recommend me something... I desire the quality design of Nokia not microsoft's uggly designs

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I already have the charger but only with a US plug. Anyone with a EU plug to spare or know where to get one without have to order the whole charger set? Cheers

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I have a Lumia 2520 with windows RT. I'm living in Iran and we have very hard filtering in country. Besides because we are under sanctions Microsoft doesnt let us to connect the Microsoft Store. SO we cant connect to store or use websites like Facebook,
YouTube and manything else. As i found out there is no any kind of VPN connection like  IKEV2/IPsec or L2tp. Is there any solution
for us ? 
Thanks a lot.

Answer:Lumia 2520 VPN solution on Windows RT

I shall suggest you to post your issue in the following forum:
 Windows RT Forum.S.Sengupta, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP

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Should I go for Dell or wait for the Nokia Lumina tablet?

Answer:Dell Venue pro 8 or Lumia 2520. UK

Its Dell Venue 8 Pro and Nokia Lumia.
Dell Venue 8 Pro comes with Windows 8.1 while the Lumia comes with RT 8.1. Based on what your needs are, you should make the choice.

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I have a problem with my Lumia 2520 bluetooth drivers. Windows RT 8.1 updated all updates after starting to use the tablet. But there is left 3 unknown "probably" bluetooth devices in device manager.
MS-ABTP - Automatic Bluetooth Pairing Protocol
MS-TCC - Tethering Control Channel Protocol
I can't find theese drivers nor by automatic update drivers methode nor by manually to add them.
I can see the hardwere ID in device manager, but nowhere to find any drivers.
Some of the bluetooth components drivers are installed normally, so the tablet cn see other bluetooth devices and it can connect to them, but after connecting theres no file transfer are any communication between the devices , as a lumia 925 phone or Probook G2 455 laptop.
Result is that the bluetooth isn't working properly on the Lumia 2520 Windows RT 8.1 Tablet.
Any suggestion?
Thank You!

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i want to enter setting manually as my nokia lumia 2520 tablet wont connect automatically. but i can seem to find where to enter them on it. anyone with an idea?

Answer:Lumia 2520 how do i manually enter apn settings

It depends. There are 3 versions. Here are the radio specs for all 3.
The Global variant should just work so long as your carrier supports the frequencies and bands listed.
Verizon? You may need to switch network modes but it requires a Vzw SIM insert - even a non active SIM will work The SIM tray is already unlocked: Network Mode Settings - Nokia Lumia 2520 | Verizon Wireless (and see next link below)
AT&T? Should also "just work" if you use any ATT flavor SIM (AT&T or mvno using ATT towers).
See this thread:
I was prompted to input APN when using a non-ATT SIM in the ATT model I have which I unlocked.
Is your tablet unlocked from the carrier if it is an ATT branded model? You can get it unlocked here if ATT is not owed any money on it:
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread... Please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hi guys. I have a really tough choice choosing between Lumia 2520 and surface 2, I love both of its design and hardware. But what I missing and really wants to know is the actual weight of both tablet with type/touch cover 2 and Nokia Power Keyboard on. (I've been searching this for a while and people say very different things about its weight!)
I want to hear what you guys thinking and your experience!

Answer:Surface 2 and Lumia 2520's weight with keyboard on ?

Surface 2: 1.49lbs
T. Cover 2: .55lbsTotal: 2.04lbs
2520: 1.36lbs
Keyboard: 1.29lbsTotal: 2.65lbs
Taken from and

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Battery indicator  shows me that battery is empty in METRO (even when I am charging it). In desktop it says that "no battery was detected". My device is 3 weeks old. (Nokia Lumia 2520, Windows 8.1 RT)

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can i reinstall windows on lumia 2520 myself if i The system does not start ? booting does not help. The whole error mesage says "windows could not complete the instalation. To install windows on this computer, restart the instalation"

Answer:Why is my Lumia 2520 getting the error windows could not complete instalation?

Does the Nokia Recovery Software tool work for it? I'm unsure. Just throwing an idea.

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I put the unit in thd docking station and the unit reconized the unit , but the keys don't respond. I pulled the back off check the taps all is good there, are there any drivers that can be down loaded to fix this issue,. Also, I get a error code 43 and a USB error.
Any suggestioned would be a big help.

Answer:I own a Lumia 2520 my power key board stopped working,

Here is a pretty comprehensive thread:
If you want to join that discussion or add detail here: please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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In both the phones specification is almost same ,but only difference is screen sizes, n camera please suggest me which phone us better for using n having good response?

Answer:Want to buy a Nokia Lumia 535 and Nokia Lumia 435,but I am confused which phone is better?

It depends on ur need really.
Do u need a large screen, FFC and flash?
Or u just want a compact easy to pocket phone?

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I have a 32GB microSD in my lumia 2520 tablet - the C:\ drive has 2.1 GB free of its internal 32GB and the SD has 271kb used. I use this for school, mostly word and powerpoint creation/editing, with a few games for timeburning when I have no assignments to work on. I do use Onedrive with a ~115gb account - ~30GB free space, so I don't sync it all to the tablet, just the lowest level i'm working on, always under 1GB, usually under 500MB. 1. Can I move any or all installed, runnable programs/apps to the sd card, and 2. Can I set any options (anywhere) to have personal files auto-saved to the sd (ie music, pictures, docs, etc)?

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I use outlook for my hotmail email account. I have a distribution list with 42 contacts. I am able to send plain emails and emails with very small attachments to my group. I am trying to send an email with a 1.7mb one drive attachment and i get the above error. Please help

Answer:Header size exceeds fixed maximum size 5.3.4 552 5.3.4

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In my Win 7 X220 and Win 8 Yoga11s, both had Lenovo programs (Power Manager and Lenovo Energy Management respectively) that allowed me to maximize battery health by setting a charging threshold. In the TPY, is there any Lenovo programs that does that too?


Go to Solution.

Answer:TPY: How to set maximum charging limit?

Lenovo removed the program in Windows 8.1. The battery is set to fully charge under all condition.

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In the fields of an open table for Microsoft Access where you actually input the data seems to have a limit on the characters you can put into it, a maximum of 20 text characters. This is too incredibly small, you can't even fit an address in it, which is funny because it's set to Business in the Wizard Design Table. (What I used to get the database started.) Where is the option where I can increase this size? Thanks a bunch.

Under Tools, I selected Options, then I clicked on the Tables/Queries tab. I see the option Default Field Sizes set to 50, but this doesn't affect the data I can enter per field in the table.

Found out what the problem was, hours later... I was using the Wizard to create a business table, and renamed the fields that were available for selection. The problem was that these pre-created selections also had different pre-defined character limits. I made a table from scratch without using a wizard, the field limit increased to 65535 like it should have been to begin with.

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Hi one and all, is it true that a FAT32 HDD is restricted to 4.0GB of space to anyone file?....if so how on earth can i change to that possible or is that a whole new HDD?regards

Answer:FAT32.....Maximum download limit?

Yes its true. What version of Windows?You can convert 2000 and XP but using the convert here

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Hello there,
I have an internet plan with a maximum usage of 80 GB a month which is more than enough to suffice me and my family ( 2 others in the house ) for internet usage for the month. However, our ISP has just informed us the past two months now that we are reaching AND going over the 80 GB limit which is impossible for just the 3 us. We do not use the internet to download or upload massive amounts of data, so I am beginning to become suspicious.
We have one main PC ( which I custom built a long time ago ), which is connected to the modem which has a wireless router built inside. There are two other laptops which connect to the router for internet access in the house. The network has a randomly generated password (something like 15 characters) and it is WPA2 protected. I am not suspicious about someone else using our internet network, I have a feeling that the main desktop PC is infected with some sort of spyware/adware/virus and that it is draining our usage to the max. Is this possible? I did google the topic and found that if I try using the    "   netstat -ano   "  command in command prompt, that I can verify what is connecting to the internet ( at least I think this is what that does ) I also tried to match the PID of some of those connections in task manager - processing tab. Some matched up, but about 5 or so did not. I am not sure how to get rid of these processes for good or what step I am to take next which ... Read more

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I've trying to get to grips with a new scanner (Canon LiDE 210) and understand the limits on DPI and resolution. With moderate & high DPI settings it's very easy to hit a resolution limit, and the scanner software (MP Navigator EX 4.0) throws up the message:

Scan cannot proceed. Image size exceeds 10001 x 10001 pixels.Click to expand...

The scanner is able to scan at 4800dpi native, and something like 19600dpi with software interpolation, so I don't understand why Canon's supplied driver and software would make the image resolution limit.

Is this a limitation of Windows? I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit

Answer:Windows 7 - maximum resolution limit on images?

So it's an image greater than 100 megapixels, and if the scanner saves the image as raw data, using 16 million colors the file would be larger than 300 megabytes. I'm guessing the limiting factor is the memory available to the scanner.

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macine has 64 mc sodram

I fitted a extra 64 mb sodram 3rd party to a tosiba satelite 25 20 all went well but it is not sowing at boot or in windows
do I have to enable in the bios and if so how do I get into the bios
any help please

Answer:toshiba 2520 not showing memory

If the memory is in correctly and works it will show automatically. You don't have to do anything.

So, either it is bad, or is not installed all the way.

Is the original 64 removable? If so, you may want to take it out and put the new chip in its place to test it.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech

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After witnessing success with NOKIA Lumia 920, the Finnish mobile giant NOKIA is once again ready with its latest offering-NOKIA Lumia 920 windows mobile.
As the name suggests the phone will be powered by Windows operating system. Plus, it will feature 4.5 inch HD display, 1GB RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity.
Under the hood, the phone will run powerful 1.5 GHZ Dual core processor. The main highlight of the phone will be its radically distinctive charging support, which will be provided via an inductive method – Qi wireless power standard.
Besides this , NOKIA Lumia920 will feature 8 MP Camera at its rear for capturing some high quality videos and images and 1.3 MP camera at its front for enabling video chating.
It is slated to be launched on 5th September, tomorrow!

Answer:Nokia's Latest Offering - Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone with Wireless Charging

The wireless charging feature is pretty exciting. But it looks like a WP 7.5 phone, right?

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Is the bluetooth function on the Nokia Purity Pro by Monster (over-ear) compatible with a Nokia Lumia 520 cellphone?
I mean, can I use the headphones wirelessly?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi,I bought this Nokia Lumia 820 in Jan,2013 from Chennai,India.After 6 months I faced some issues like low battery life and also a line at the center of the screen.So I went to Nokia Care, Taramani, Chennai-India,they told me that they will send it to their head office and may take a week time.I agreed and went back on the desired date .Then they told that Company has decided to give me a new Lumia 820 instead of my old Lumia 820 as they were not able to get the accurate solution.But the warranty will be carry forward.I agreed and came back home.From then onwards, I didn't faced any issues.Now after 2 years,I broke my LCD of same Lumia 820 accidentally in San Francisco,CA-USA.I went to one of the repair center here and the first question he asked me was "Did anybody tried to open it?".I replied no after in Chennai,India and that too was new.To my shock he said "It's a fake copy ...the screws were stripped."They cheated and gave me used phone instead of my new phone.
Is this the way they are cheating customers.
I need an answer for this from Nokia India.

Answer:Fraud:Nokia Care ,Chennai have given me fake copy of Nokia Lumia 820 after I faced some issues. What do I do?

I refurbished phone isn't a fake phone. It's a refurbished phone.
I don't know about international, but in the US, its common to get a refurbished phone as an exchange.

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Please can you help? Normally I have no troubles taking heaps of photos & videos with the Nokia Pro Camera App on my Nokia Windows phone, but last night I recorded about 3 minutes of footage and after recording it had completely disappeared. The footage was no where to be found, not in my camera roll, not in any of the folders and not on my onedrive. I thought I must have made a mistake so I took about 10 seconds of footage as a test and it saved fine. I also turned my phone on and off. This morning my friend tried to record about 4 minutes of footage, and again, afterwards- the same thing.. no where to be found :( Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Pro Camera App not recording

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question Please can you help? Normally I have no troubles taking heaps of photos & videos with the Nokia Pro Camera App on my Nokia Windows phone, but last night I recorded about 3 minutes of footage and after recording it had completely disappeared. The footage was no where to be found, not in my camera roll, not in any of the folders and not on my onedrive. I thought I must have made a mistake so I took about 10 seconds of footage as a test and it saved fine. I also turned my phone on and off. This morning my friend tried to record about 4 minutes of footage, and again, afterwards- the same thing.. no where to be found :( Any suggestions? Have you tried plugging the phone into a computer and going to the camera roll folder in Explorer and seeing if it's there? Also make sure the app has been updated to the latest version (now called Nokia Camera), and then go to settings, scroll to the bottom and click 'find photos and videos shot with Nokia Camera'

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Hi guys, greetings from Nairobi. I've had my Nokia Lumia 620 for a little over 6 months now. I was on 8.1 through the developer's preview. So I was just sitting there, hadn't used my phone for around 15 minutes. When I checked the phone, it was stuck on the Nokia screen. I assumed that it was restarting so I left it for a couple more minutes. It's been on the screen for around 5 hours. I have tried the soft and hard reset several times but still nothing works. I'm still stuck on the Nokia screen and the device is not detected when I plug it on the laptop through the USB cable. Seen a couple of videos on using Navifirm but can't do much because the device isn't being detected. Hoping I won't have to take it to the care center. Anything else I can try? Looking forward to your responses. Much thanks.
By hard resetting I followed the following steps:
Turn off the Lumia,
Pressed and held the Power Button, did not release until the phone vibrates.
Pressed and held the Volume Down Button, did not release until the LCD showed the exclamation mark.
Pressed Volume Up Button Key and released
Pressed Volume Down Button Key and released
Pressed Power Button Key and released
Pressed Volume Down Button Key and released.
The soft reset was simply power button and volume down button.
I should also point out that the USB cable I'm using isn't the one that I got the phone with :) lost that one.
Thanks guys.:)

Answer:My Nokia Lumia 620 has been stuck on the Nokia startup screen for 5 hours now.

Try a different cable and use Nokia Care Suite to reset the phone, you will lose everything on the phone but it should reset it to factory settings. You will then probably need to get it updated via Developer preview again...good luck.

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I've read some similar (but not identical issues) on the forum. Hopefully someone can assist.
My phone battery went dead while using GMAPS which ate up the battery very quickly.
Been trying to charge it for hours, but all I get is a flashing WINDOWS symbol at the bottom of the phone, then the NOKIA logo appears about every 30 seconds, but then nothing else happens.
Tried pressing the POWER OFF and VOLUME BUTTON simultaneously for extended periods, but no joy.
I have too much stuff on the phone to do a hard reset, and I'm on the road, so kind of in need in a quick and easy solution that doesn't affect my data (if one exists).

Answer:Windows 10 Nokia Lumia 930 - NOKIA logo flashes up, but does not boot

Maybe the device is on a reboot loop somehow, when you try to charge it keeps on trying to reboot but fails because the battery is out of enough power to finish the boot.
Leave the device connected to the charger for a while as the device is deeply discharged then try the soft reset combo power off and volume button.
If you need additional help or want to reply to this thread , learn how to join windows central.

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