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My mail tile does not work when I click on it in Windows 10 it's been working fine for months, how can I get it working again?

Question: My mail tile does not work when I click on it in Windows 10 it's been working fine for months, how can I get it working again?

when we installed windows 10 everything worked fine for months now the mail tile does nothing when you click on it

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Preferred Solution: My mail tile does not work when I click on it in Windows 10 it's been working fine for months, how can I get it working again?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: My mail tile does not work when I click on it in Windows 10 it's been working fine for months, how can I get it working again?

Can you open it from the All Apps list?

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I have upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1. After doing so and making sure my accounts are all setup, I have found that I can not get the mail tile to act "live". I have verified it is set to live by right-clicking and seeing that link state "turn live tile off". I tried doing that and then turning it back on. I have tried rebooting. But the tile just isn't live. My other live tiles (news, finance, weather, store, etc) all seem to be live. It is only mail that I am having a problem with.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Mail Live Tile not Working after Windows 8.1 Upgrade

OK. Not sure what is going on. My Yahoo Mail account would not allow me to set it up as get messages as they occur. I had to set it up as check every 15 minutes. My Gmail account did not have this issue. But still not getting the live tile to work. I saw 15 apps needed updating now, so did that (mail was one of them), but still no live tile working for mail.

I finally decided to install Yahoo Mail because I needed the live tile for that account. But that live tile was not working either. I had people send me emails, and nothing. They sent to Yahoo and to Hotmail. Then after about 4 hours, all of a sudden I started getting the live tiles updating. I have no idea why.

I removed Yahoo Mail, and still the live tile worked for mail. I waited until the next morning to verify it was all good and it is still working.

So marking as solved. Not sure what solved it, but there you go.

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I apologize in advance for the length:

My computer is about 14 months old. It was working fine and running all games with max settings at 60 fps (which is the highest my monitor will allow) until about a week ago. I purchased a game called Xsyon and after a day or two I noticed some graphics lag. I did not test it on any other game at this time. I noticed my video driver was out of date and installed the newest one. I then tried to play Civilization 5 and noticed a severe slowdown. I had to change all settings to low for it to run at 60 fps. Even on med, it only gets about 30. I thought maybe it was a virus (although CPU usage when idle is always under 4% usually 0% and RAM is about 1.5g out of 8, so I didn't THINK it was a virus, but who knows) Did full scan with AVG and found nothing. Uninstalled AVG and downloaded and installed Avira. Full scan found nothing. Downloaded and installed Malewarebytes and full scan found 4 errors which were resolved and now it finds no errors. The problem persisted. I uninstalled Xsyon and Civ 5. Uninstalled the driver. Went to safe mode, used driversweeper and installed previous driver. Rebooted to normal mode, reinstalled Civ 5 and the problem persisted. Uninstalled previous driver, went to safe mode, used driversweeper and installed new driver again. Uninstalled and reinstalled Civ 5 again. Problem persisted. I have read some on other forums about my PSU not being the best.

800 Watts - XtremeGear Gaming Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready... Read more

Answer:Slow FPS after 14 months of working fine

Updating drivers is not very often a good idea. With graphics in particular, though you may need to install a different driver for new features or compatibility with a particular game, the newer the driver, the less it is going to be backward-compatible with older cards and the more it will be compatible with the newest ones. If you got good speed with the older driver, you most likely should have kept it (and can roll back to it at any time).

When a problem occurs, solutions are made more difficult when things that have not changed, and therefore could not be involved with the problem, are themselves altered. A new problem means there is something new going on, not that the old and tested components have suddenly started to cause trouble.

Sudden slowdowns of almost any type are usually malware-related. Try scanning with a couple different tools.

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Printers are loaded and working, but when I print I get this message. Syasb before I can print I need to select a printer. As you can see, the window in the upper left shows no printers. I will re-boot and it might work once, then it prints out part of an PDF and I am stuck. The part of a PDF I am having problems with is the one were I first got the problem today.

Sounds sketchy I know, but hopeing it makes sens to somebody!

Answer:No printers? Really? Been working fine for months!

Check the website for updated drivers

If that does not work, try uninstalling and then installing it again. After the uninstall, boot the computer.

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I built this computer ~12 months ago. Everything had been working just fine till yesterday. BSOD came up. I've done the following

Ran Kaspersky Virus scan off USB boot key - Clean
Ran Chkdsk on main drive, found a few problems and fixed
Using Windows 7 boot cd, did system restore from a few days ago.

Now the computer boots to the log in screen, then locks up after i enter my password.

Wanted to add, just started running Memtest86+. Need to read more about understanding memory dumps. Not sure yet how to tell if one is pointing to bad memory.

WIndows 7 Ultimate x64
Intel Core i7-920
ASUS P6T SE Motherboard
XFX HD-487A-ZWFC Radeon HD 4870

I've attached the last 6 mini dumps all from last night and this morning.

Thanks for any help

Answer:BSOD, Working Fine for months now this

The only thing listed as probable cause are Windows OS drivers and usually they are too general to be of much use for diagnostic purposes.

The fact that you ran Check Disk and there were a few problems lends me to advise that you use the harddrive diagnostic utility from your harddrive manufacture.

Burn it to a CD, place your DVD drive as First bootable in the BIOS, place CD in drive and reboot. Make sure you especially do the long test.

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Hard to focus under any light condition. Sometimes focuses but then loses it.

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Cannot open the windows 10 mail. Nothing happens when I click on it.

Answer:My Windows 10 Mail program has stopped working, Cannot open the mail when I click on it. Why?

Try to reinstall it. Open powershell as administrator and type "get-appxpackage *communication* | remove-appxpackage" without quotes and then install mail and calendar from store.

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Windows Spotlight isn't working, I've tried like all steps found in the Internet to fix it but I just can't get it to work. It was working great on TH2 but since I clean installed RS1 it hasn't worked not once! Anyone got any solutions I could try?

Another thing that is not working is Weather live tile - it's not updating. It was working good on TH2 but since installation of RS1 it hasn't worked not even once. I've tried many solutions but I can't get it to work. Any solutions I could try?

Please help!

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i upgraded my os from xp to win 7 there some programs on my image files which are not running fine on Win 7 like counter strike condition zero
please help

Answer:Image CD software doesn't work in Windows 7 was working fine in XP

Not all XP programs are 100% Win 7 compatible. Probably the problem with the game. Try running the game in XP compatibility mode and see if that helps.

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I've got a Dell laptop here that isn't functioning properly. I can't get this to work for the life of me! I am currently using this laptop with a different hard drive, it's the install on the SSD that doesn't work. I know that the quick fix would be to simply reload windows, but I don't want the quick fix.

Basically, laptop works with Windows 7 install on a hard drive, no issues. On the SSD, where the ONLY applications loaded are Office 2013 and Firefox (and all the latest updates), the internet does not work (I can ping and get a response, so DNS is fine). The problem persists on IE and Firefox. I have no AV software other than MSE, and the problem persists in Safe Mode w/ networking. The hosts file is clean. The internet worked on the computer just fine when I loaded it, I hadn't used the SSD in a while and when I popped it in, the internet wasn't working. I believe something is getting in the way of port 80, but I can't figure out what. I have disabled all startup applications and all nonwindows services. The computer does not have bonjour. I have cleared history/cookies to no avail. I can't find anything suspicious in the running processes. I can't seem to turn off the windows antimalware process to test that, though.

Any ideas?

Answer:Internet not working, windows update, ping, DNS, etc. working fine

I decided to run hijack this and found two BHO's. It's funny that on my new install that I used a handful of times, I have adware, but on this install that's been going for years, I have nothing. Oh well. So I had "Crossrider" and "Coupon Companion". I removed all traces of both, yet still no go. It looks like this managed to install itself on 12/2... which had to be damn close to the date that I bought the SSD, however, I had internet activity as recent as 12/26. Here's the log of what Coupon Companion did:

1354500268 -
1354500268 - --------------------------- Installer started ---------------------------
1354500268 -
1354500268 - appid: 4493
1354500268 - installername: 4493.exe
1354500268 - installertype: 12417
1354500268 - appname: Coupon Companion
1354500268 - publisher: 215 Apps
1354500268 - publisherid: 390
1354500268 - installerfullversion:
1354500268 - platformversion: 1
1354500268 - installerscriptversion: 24
1354500268 - bhoversion: 151
1354500268 - helperversion: 151
1354500268 - bhoguid: 11111111-1111-1111-1111-110011441193
1354500268 - scrambletoken: 8093c230043101303486692df6c812c4
1354500268 - Installing IE extension
1354500268 - Firefox extension is bundled
1354500268 - Chrome extension is bundled
1354500268 - CmdLine:
1354500268 - Function onInit started.
1354500268 - Read the OS: V7
1354500268 - App registry path: Software\AppDataLow\Software\Coupon Companion
1354500268 - srcid: 100086
1354500268 - subid: default
13545002... Read more

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I recently noticed when using my touchpad I can't click on anything, either by using the tap to click or the left and right buttons underneath.However I can still do everything else with the touchpad, like magnifying and scrolling.I've been using my usb mouse so I have no idea when this problem started. My laptop is less than 2 months old.  I've tried updating the drivers, rolling them back, uninstalling them completely and reinstalling them.I've tried disabling and re-enabling the touchpad.I've even tried rolling it back to factory settings because I thought windows 8.1 was interfering with the drivers. I have no idea what to try next.I don't think it's a hardware issue, since the touchpad is still able to move the cursor, magnify, scroll, do everything else except click. If you have any tips or idea of what I should try next please let me know. 

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The right-click touchpad button on my Lenovo Flex 2/15 is not working: it does nothing.  Left click is okay.  When I plug in a mouse, right-click on the mouse does work.  When I turn on the 2-finger tap, it also does not open a  context menu.  I have Windows 10, but the problem started a week after the installation, so I don't think it is a Windows probllem.  Suggestions?
Mod's Edit: System model added to Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

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Hi folks,

I am hoping that one of you whizz kids can help me. For a few weeks now, IE7 only works around 50% of the time. When it stops working it attempts to connect to internet sites but nothing happens. It acts as if there is no internet connection at all. It is the same for all internet sites. I can try it again 10 minutes later (without re-booting the PC) and it will work fine again for a while.

My internet connection is 100% stable and other browsers such as Opera work fine, even when IE7 stops working.

I tried uninstalling SP3, SP2 and IE7 and reinstalling them all but it made no difference. I am currently running XP SP3. I tried posting in the virus/malware section of this site but the experts can see no evidence of any malware or trojans etc. My system appears clean.

Do any of you have any ideas why this is happening? It happens maybe 10 times per day on average and is very annoying.

Answer:IE7 not working. Other browsers work fine.

By the way, here is a screenshot of IE7 when it is trying to access Google.

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I've been working on my girlfriends pc (windows xp) and the cd-rom stopped working.

I've tried a couple things another site recommended.

1) Put the computer in "Safe Mode" and see if the cd-rom works. Well it did work in Safe Mode.

2) Uninstall cd-rom and let windows reinstall after restart. Tried this a couple of times and it did not fix the problem.

If anyone has any suggestions I can try please let me know. Thanks.

Answer:Cd-rom quit working. Work fine in Safe Mode, help!

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I recently got a new laptop.  I'm not sure if this problem has always existed on it, or if it is new.  However, I am noticing two things:
1.  If I try to go to my bank's web site ( it will not load.  On Chrome it says ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED, on IE it says "The Page cannot be displayed" and on Firefox the tab spins as if it's loading but the page never comes up.  
2.  If I try to go to Staples Easy Rebates site, I get mixed results.  (URL:  On Chrome, I believe it errors out but the URL goes in a loop and tries to connect.  If I look at the URL I believe it is trying to redirect to an error page.  On IE I get the same issue.  On Firefox, the page loads.
On other machines, these pages load fine.  Thinking it could potentially be a router issue (bought a new router at a similar time), I brought this laptop to another location and had the same issues.  I've also run Malwarebytes and Anti-virus, etc.  At the moment, I don't suspect it to be that type of issue (but could be wrong).  
I believe the network/internet settings are the original default settings.  I didn't set any custom proxy servers or anything of the sort.  I tried searching the issue before creating this post, but since my problem is unique (at least to the two sites mentioned above) I couldn't find similar situations.  I'm at... Read more

Answer:Certain Web Pages Not working on laptop (work fine on other machines)

Hello, and Welcome
I am not sure this will work as you said you brought the laptop to another location.
Have you tried using different DNS servers? Use OpenDNS. Make a note of what servers if any are listed. You may have yours set to Auto. After changing the DNS to OpenDNS servers, remember to flush the DNS amd Web browser cache.
I am assuming you are using Windows 7.
What is the make and model of the laptop and what is the OS?

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When I plug my Samsung 906 BW flat screen using the DVI connections, for the first time, I appear to get a good digital connection, meaning sharp letters and the information screen on the monitor shows a match with the resolution/refresh rate shown on control panel. However, if I slide the resolution to a different value, the screen goes fuzzy and the monitor info readout does not match the computer resolution. It seems if I plug into the other digital port it will sometimes work. However, when you reboot, you get fuzzy. I have the latest driver for the 8800 GTX, but I didn't load any monitor drivers. I did that before I had to replace the hard drive, and that didn't make any difference.

Answer:LCD Working fine with analogue mode, but digital w/ DVI does not work.

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After a number of things not working as wanted and my XPS 8700 running slower and slower I went for the 'reset' option in Windows 10 Home. (I had forgotten how much work it is to reinstall all the programs I like to use.) Everything works fine except for Google Desktop. It appears to install OK, however it will not open a browser window to show any results.

This program was working just fine on Windows 10 before the reset so I don't know what that changed to suddenly make it incompatible.

I have several external USB drives attached to my Dell running constantly. Google Desktop never had any problem searching and indexing all drives and reporting results pretty fast. Now I can't access the setting to tell it what to index. The search box comes up but it won't open a browser window or tab to show any results.

I've already tried several supposed fixes including one registry hack which did work to set the indexing preferences, however that had no effect on the program's inability to open the browser window or tab to show search results. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled it trying different settings choices on the install window, about a dozen times by now. Even tried the "Windows 7 compatibility" setting in troubleshooting.

Having a great indexing and search function that doesn't eat all my computer's resources is important. I'd even pay for one if it was as good as Google Desktop was when it was working. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve this is... Read more

Answer:Google Desktop won't work after computer reset. Working fine before.

Adding my own reply/comment, I've noticed that Thunderbird doesn't run right either since the reset. It's taken to hanging up and having to be restarted. I never had trouble with that app in the past. What are the chances that the "reset" didn't do a good job of restoring the computer to it's original state? Should I try to go through it all over again hoping for better results? Any ideas? Thanks.

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After a number of things not working as wanted and my XPS 8700 running slower and slower I went for the 'reset' option in Windows 10 Home. (I had forgotten how much work it is to reinstall all the programs I like to use.) Everything works fine except for Google Desktop. It appears to install OK, however it will not open a browser window to show any results.

This program was working just fine on Windows 10 before the reset so I don't know what that changed to suddenly make it incompatible.

I have several external USB drives attached to my Dell running constantly. Google Desktop never had any problem searching and indexing all drives and reporting results pretty fast. Now I can't access the setting to tell it what to index. The search box comes up but it won't open a browser window or tab to show any results.

I've already tried several supposed fixes including one registry hack which did work to set the indexing preferences, however that had no effect on the program's inability to open the browser window or tab to show search results. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled it trying different settings choices on the install window, about a dozen times by now. Even tried the "Windows 7 compatibility" setting in troubleshooting.

Having a great indexing and search function that doesn't eat all my computer's resources is important. I'd even pay for one if it was as good as Google Desktop was when it was working. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve this is... Read more

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I'm really baffled here as to what's going on with my laptop audio. It was working just a few days ago from what I remember and now tonight when I was playing a game in Steam the audio just wasn't working. Checked audio settings in the game, all was good. Turned the game off and started testing using YouTube, still nothing. The volume is definitely up and I found that headphones work fine. When I open the 'Playback devices' dialogue from right clicking the speaker in the task bar it shows the green equalizer bar moving up and down if something is playing, but there's no audio. I've checked for any conflicting devices in here and ensured everything was enabled as per usual.

So far I've updated the drivers, uninstalled the drivers completely and reinstalled them (automatically after restarting laptop), and have checked for updates on my computer (all up to date). My device manger does have 2 drivers listed which I thought was weird, but maybe it has always been like this? I'm not sure honestly. I uninstalled both and they both came back after restarting. See the image here:

Is there anything else to try? I thought uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them would fix it, but nope.

System details: Windows 10, Acer Aspire laptop (~7 months old? No issues thus far). Let me know if I need to provide any more details! Very frustrated and need to get to bed now because of work in the morning, but I will be sure to check back and try any suggestions and answer any questions.

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When you right-click a file and choose "Mail Recipient" in the SendTo option, the email window does not open / nothing happens.How can I sort this problem I use aol, and it did work some time ago.

Answer:Solved: E mail on right click not working.

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ok so i have a MDG vision book running windows xp. and last week i put a nickelback cd in my cd drive to rip onto the computer and the cd drive was trying to read it but nothing was showing on my computer. so sence then iv tried lots of different kinds of cds like music, dvd, date, and a few program cds. iv bin trying alot of troubleshooting but have had no luck at all. so if some can please give me some help that would be a great thanks

Answer:Solved: My cd drive wont work at all but the computer shows its working fine

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i have tried everything, taking out everything except the graphics card, 1 stick of ram and the cpu but i cant get the mouse and keyboard to work on the welcome screen. my computer has the following specs:

250 GB hard drive
ATI Radeon 9500 series graphic card
1024 MB Ram
packard bell

please can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this as i dopnt want to take it to a professional and pay for it to be fixed!!!

Answer:HELP, mouse and keyboard work fine in bios but stop working at the welcome screen!!

What does your manual for your as yet unidentified motherboard say about enabling USB ports in the Bios?

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Used to be able to right click a picture and select send to e-mail and
Outlook Express would open with picture attached.

Now XP is choosing Hotmail from inside MSN 8, I even have OE as the default set in the
internet options as the default for e-mail.

Only installed MSN 8 for my kids.

I use Internet Explorer all the time and love this handy shortcut.

Thanks Mark

Answer:Right Click with Send to E-Mail not working right anymore

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After the update to build 10512 TP windows 10, the app tiles is still not real time, is this Microsoft bug or the app needs an update

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Since the Creators update the only tile not working is the Store.

Ive tried everything
1-changed timezones

turn live title off and on

please help! Thank you

Answer:Windows 10 Store Tile Not working

Regretfully I cannot really help you
I do not think anyone else will be able to either
A known problem which is awaiting resolution by Microsoft

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Hi there,upgrade to Windows 10 went fine for me & my Y50 except for veriface pro and...the trackpad.Synaptics driver went from 17 to 19 but 2-finger clicks don't bring up the context menu despite the option being ticked in the menus. All other shortcuts work, including 3 or 4-finger clicks (for cortana & other).My registry key for 2 finger click has the right value too (2, not 4).Am I the only one? Driver 17 for windows 8.1 works perfectly fine, but doesn't have the 'new' windows 10 trackpad gestures (cortana & task view).Help please?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y50 - Touchpad - Windows 10 - No context menu on two finger click - 3 or 4 fingers clicks work fine

Solution: regeditcurrent user / sofware / synaptics / SynTP / TouchpadSMB (not ps2)/ set 2FingerTapAction to 2 (not 0)Reboot.**************
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media center working metro tile for photos doed not why notadded several folders but nothing showing in the app

Answer:Windows 10 Metro photo tile app not working

Found the answer, the setting for opening a JPG file, must be set to open with 'Photos' as Default' , all is wellThanks

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I'm personally going to try to make this simple, and yet cover all of my problems in a small thread.

I updated windows 8.1 pro with wmc from store.

I had NO problems, received no error messages, had no dc's, the power didn't shut off, the download didn't stop .. literally nothing went wrong. After update everything worked fine. All the apps are downloaded and were working fine.


After 2/3 months since updated, I suddenly noticed that every live tile / folder / app / game / setting etc. which were working fine, now not working.
When I clicked on any tile, nothing happened. It just went to a blank green screen because my background color is green. It appears on the left upper corner as opened but doesn't run. When I click, I am send back to Start Screen or Desktop. Even Store and Windows Setting stopped working. So, naturally i started checking the web for answers, but couldn't find a solution to the exact problem i was having. I saw countless posts of people saying "Just uninstall / re-install the apps" but at first, I couldn't get my App store app to run. Again, it was just blank after several minutes of waiting. I was able to download it after using the search bar menu on the right side of my computer, and was able to start installing some apps.
So i thought that everything was going to be ok, but then I ran into another problem where some of the apps wouldn't install, and I received an error message with the code/number of 0x80070002... Read more

Answer:Windows 8.1 live tile apps not working..!

Hello Riaz,

You might see if going through the listed troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below may be able to help.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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Hello there.
I recently changed my settings for Windows Update, to let it check for updates, but now it always asks for a restart.
I tried almost every solution, i don't know what to do, i need SP1 for SQL Server 2012 to work, but it's not installing. I even downloaded the update from microsoft's website, but the installer fails.
I tried almost every method i found :
- setting it to never update, then setting it back to automatic
- deleting the registry keys from the Update-er
- deleting the files in SoftwareDistribution
- trying FixIt (normal and aggressive mode)
- trying the FixIt method manually
- renaming the edb.log file in the SoftwareDistribution folder via safe-mode.

I can't give you an error number, since it doesn't show one. It just asks for a restart, but nothing happens. I really need this fixed...

Answer:Windows Update Not Working after months of being off

I would go here and see if Microsoft still loves you.
Windows Updates & Activation - Windows 7 Forums
and do this
Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions

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I accidently ran the command : "Get-appxprovisionedpackage online | where-object {$_.packagename like "*windowscommunicationsapps*"} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage online"
Now my windows 10 mail, calendar and people apps are not working so is the store so I can not re-install them.
Does anyone knows how to undo it?

Answer:Windows 10 Mail, Calendar, People and Store not working!! How can I get it working?

I have tried every fix out there and this is the ONLY one that worked for me
1. go to control panel
2. search "view network connections"
3. go to view network connections
4. choose your network( which you are currently using )
5. right click on it and select properties
6. scroll down to " internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) "
7. hit properties
8. Now choose Use the following DNS Server addresses
9. right down preferred DNS Server - and Alternate DNS Server -
10. These are the addresses of Google's DNS Servers
11. They are free to use.
12. Hit ok
13. close all the tabs
14. Now start the windows store again now it should work if not works for you restart your computer or restart the windows store services

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I recently reset my Lenovo laptop which is running Windows 8.1, using a recovery USB that I created when I initially bought it. After doing a full reset, I noticed that I can no longer rename tile groups on the start menu. I hold ctrl+mwheeldown to zoom out, and can still rearrange the tile groups, but if I right click on one, nothing happens. In the past, doing so would allow me to give the group a name (eg: naming a group of tiles for various IDEs as 'Development'). I know this shouldn't be the end of the world, but it's really bothersome considering I reset the PC to start fresh with a clean slate. I did not have this issue before I did the reset.
Any help getting this feature to work properly again would be greatly appreciated, and if you need anymore info just let me know what you need and how to acquire it for you and I'll do so asap!

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System restore fixed my problems,and now I am back to a almost fully functioning O.S,except the windows store is not able to download anything(just like before I ****ed up the O.S),I will probably not try to fix it on my own,but if anybody has any suggestions I would try the out,oh and the error code was and is the same(0x80070005)

I think the problem is related to the registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
being locked,I cant use regedit to change permissions(with admin too),regdelnull did not find the key so its not with embedded-null characters.

This key is preventing me from installing Skype and fixing Microsoft office,and some windows updates are failing because of it,saying I have no permissions.

This guy is having a similar problem Silverlight fails to install 1063 with root cause of 1402

Well after lots of permission tikering I have managed to gain ownership of the registry and now office is able to install which means it works,sadly windows store is STILL not working... means that it is something else...


I am experiencing very bad issues with windows 10,my first two installs failed,and this one was working,I managed to get all of my old personal files and it was fine and dandy,until I noticed th... Read more

Answer:Windows tile apps not working(deeper problem)

I already see how you invest another set of hours just to see that you cannot fix this blue screen (and remember that even if you could fix it, there is no guarantee that afterwards the store would be working).

I would try a new install - and I would ask myself, why my system is always failing. Arbitrarily running stuff from the command line could be part of the problem... ;-)

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My Dell inspiron 3542 laptop speakers are not working,but 3.5 mm jack is working fine.
Please help me out.

Answer:My Dell inspiron 3542 laptop speakers are not working,but 3.5 mm jack is working fine.

Hello.The problem could be either in the hardware or the software, so you need to test each. Perform the tests below -- it doesn't matter which one you do first.

To test the speakers, perform the Quick Audio Check in the ePSA test. If the speakers fail the test then they have failed or become disconnected. (Click the link for instructions on how to run the test.)

To test the software, switch between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native driver. [This test assumes that your laptop has the Realtek audio driver. If you get to step 2 and do not see "Realtek High Definition Audio" then go to the Dell support page for your model and download the Realtek driver that Dell provides for the version of Windows that the laptop is running.]
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted,... Read more

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im running an 8 month old toshiba with vista and realtek audio with updated drivers. surround sound speakers bought in iraq were used on audio output for about a week... then the speakers started acting funny, like with one speaker and one headphone working when headphones were plugged in. then the internal speakers squealed loudly whenever the computer was powered. had to take the speakers out just to get them to stop, and now audio output does not work at all. computer tests both devices as working properly, and drivers are updated.

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I am not sure exactly at what point it happened but I recently found that the touch screen on my Elite X2 1011 was not working. The pen still functions normally. When checking the pen and touch settings I can only configure the pen settings and only "Pen support" is listed in view pen and touch settings. The touch screen used to work in both the original Windows 8.1 and then also after upgrading to Windows 10. There have been no error messages and the event logs do not seem to indicate any problems; it is as though the machine has just forgotten it is a touch screen. I have tried reinstalling drivers, reinstalling both Windows 10, and going back to Windows 8.1 to no avail. I really loved this little device but ease of use is cut rather drastically without the touch functionality. Has anyone else had a problem like this and have a solution? Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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I am experiencing the exact same issue on the same machine after forceably being upgraded to Windows 10.  Did you get a solution?

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I just want' a clear answer if there is one.
How to make DisplayPort work on (OEM) Win 7 Pro/x64, HP Probook 6470b.

Here is the situation: I don't want 3 displays... heck I just want one to work via Displayport - it did for 5 months...
1. i needed external display (only DVI-D Monitor available) .
2. i got DisplayPort to DVI-D cable: DisplayPort hooked to DVI-D input of SamsungSyncmaster 245B worked great!
(up to 1920x1080: no problem: closed the lid an 1920x1080 on external monitor):
3. I took laptop and hooked it to TV: DisplayPort->HDMI: no problems...
4. One day it "decided" to stop working... and I don't think the DisplayPort is broken: something else is (according to all troubles people go through I would say I was very lucky to get away with this: e.i. getting the pisture from DisplayPort..) - in fact it's not broken: when tested on Ubuntu it works, so HW is ok.
5. I reinstalled intelHD 4000 drivers to new ones (v.dec2014) - even though the things worked with old one (v.jul2013), going to restore points,...
6. Tried...well almost all there is to be found on internet (where else?) - nothing works, though DisplayPort works with no problem on ubuntu (makes you think...doesn't it?)
7. Tried DisplayPort to VGA^ - vga monitor not even detected, nothing... as with dvi monitors, or hdmi (TV)
(^ which works perfectly (i'm "lucky" i guess) on other laptop (yes, hp proobook just year or two older than the one in question: with ... Read more

Answer:Displayport not detected in windows 7 - stopped working after 6 months


Displayport? How to check it... if it's installed ok etc?

Btw: anyone knows any good USB to HDMI/DVI-D adapter (at reasonable price)?


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Webpages are not loading in chrome browser but no such problem in firefox. I have tried changing the settings to default. I have tried unistalling and doing a clean install. Nothing works.
No issue in firefox browser though. Please help

Answer:Internet not working in chrome but working fine in firefox

Check the installed extensions in Chrome's settings and remove any you find.  If you still cannot go online, check the firewall.

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I have sort of an odd problem. I have a desktop computer that is connect to the internet wirelessly. Everything works fine there. I also have an xbox360 connected to the desktop via an Ethernet cable. I use this connection primarily to stream movies from my computer to the xbox. Today in the middle of a movie the movie stopped playing and gave me an error saying xbox isn't connected to the computer any more.
I checked the physical connection and everything was fine. I looked at my desktop (running windows xp) and noticed my LAN connection wasn't properly running. It said I have limited or no connectivity. So I tried repairing it, renewing it, disabling and re-enabling it. Nothing worked. In fact I get this error: "An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out."

I also noticed I have a IP address, if that helps at all:
EDIT: Forgot to mention I also reinstalled the driver for the LAN card.

Answer:Wireless working fine, Wired not working properly.

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i recently boughta new laptop, 1gb ram, microsoft vista, 160 gb ram, core2 duo. i connected a microphone to the external jack. the speakers started making chirping kinda sounds and when i restarted no sounds were there but the headphones are working fine. thanks in advance.

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i'm in setup....don't know what to look at
Operating system not found was original statement
turned off for a few min...then on.....
the error was ctrl alt delete....did that and now in F2
under says bios revision was 10/14...which is when i suspect it went goofy. someone was trying to use it ...didn't know how and was pressing lots of keys....then black.
can you walk me thru this to see if i can restore

Answer:hp pavilion 1503 stopped working...and was working fine

Its either failed to find your hard drive or failed to find the boot files on the drive.
Asuume this is a laptop?
What operating system are you using XP Vista or W7?
While in the BIOS (setup) has the machine found and recognised the hard drive?
Is the boot order set as CD rom first and HDD second?
Can you remove and refit the drive to remake the connections as that may well solve a missing drive problem?

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when ever i start internet explorer this msg appears

" Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address."

i tryed going to other pages and it still doesn't load
and the internet connection is just fine

Answer:internet explorer not working but other browsers are working just fine

Hello and welcome to TSF

What firewall do you have?
Is this on every page or just a few? if it is just a few please name them.

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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ASUS Notebook G60Vx Series

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN
A few days ago my internet suddenly stopped working. I plugged in the ethernet cord and everything worked fine. Checking the properties in the device manager showed the device was working properly, I also tried resetting it to make sure it was enabled but it did not work.

Upon troubleshooting, the "Windows Network Diagnostic" said the problems was that the Wireless adapter was not turned on. Using the switch on the front of the laptop as well as the function keys does nothing. Usually a graphic pops up showing if the WiFi is on or off, changinging transparent to show the WiFi is disabled. Now when I turn the switch on it always appears transparent, effectively going from off to off

So I know the computer reads both the function keys and the switch on the front but both methods never actually turns the adapter on. I just finished a system restore and nothing has changed

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Answer:Wifi not working on ASUS laptop, LAN working fine

Maybe the switch or adapter is defective. Some other ideas ...

Do you have an ASUS utility to also turn the wireless on/off? (I have an HP utility on one of my laptops that will individually control the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if the physical switch is on.)

In Device Manager right click on the adapter - Properties - Advanced tab. Sometimes there is a Property in there that allows turning the adapter on/off.

If the card is easily accessible through a cover on the laptop's bottom remove and carefully and firmly replace the card several times to fix any potential looseness or corrosion problems.

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tiles were working fine at tea time but now have changed from the usual sky blue colour to dark blue and are totally unresponsive and will not open when you click on them so I cant access my emails unless I go via the web, also windows updates have frozen and are not down loading.

Answer:Email and calendar tile has stopped working and Windows updates are not downloading on my pc, why?

Had the same issue. Go to the store and find Outlook app; download again and/or update and it will gain.
worked for me

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So recently I've been experiencing a problem with my Windows Laptop. I run Windows 8, and my internet browsers have stopped working completely. I will type in an address on firefox or internet explorer, and it will load for like a minute and then just stop and keep displaying my homescreen. I am connected to the internet, and my anti-virus program does not block my internet access. My mail and Netflix programs still work on my laptop, so I know I am connected.Any help?

Answer:Browser's not working, other programs working fine.

Have you tried resetting Firefox or Internet Explorer?

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So recently I've been experiencing a problem with my Windows Laptop. I run Windows 8, and my internet browsers have stopped working completely. I will type in an address on firefox or internet explorer, and it will load for like a minute and then just stop and keep displaying my homescreen. I am connected to the internet, and my anti-virus program does not block my internet access. My mail and Netflix programs still work on my laptop, so I know I am connected.Any help?

Answer:Browser's not working, other programs working fine.

Have you tried resetting Firefox or Internet Explorer?

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I am experiencing some performance issues on my PC. First of all, here are the specs:
1. Operating system - Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit.
2. RAM - 6.00 GB (2.00 + 4.00).
3. Graphics card - AMD ATI Radeon HD 5450.
4. Processor - Intel Dual Core (3.00 GHz).

So here's the problem:
Last week I installed the new 4.00 GB RAM to my PC to make it 6.00 GB. The computer was working fine and everything was all right. Yesterday however, I turned my PC on and inserted my pen drive and transferred a .midi file which I played on my Yamaha PSR-S910 to the computer. When I was doing this I noticed that my PC was usually slow.

Next I quickly scanned my computer with the antivirus (I have Trend Micro Titanium) and I downloaded IOBIT advanced system care and did a full fix.

Now, the computer is a very little bit faster but it gives a lot of problems. Please tell me how I can get my old PC speed back...

IOBIT Smart RAM says the CPU usage is 100%! This is very bad (I think).

Answer:Windows 7 - Working fine and slowed down....

Work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7.

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I've been doing some online gaming (world of warcraft), and I kept getting these Error#131 issues. This would cause the game files to become corrupted and then I would have to repair, or reinstall. The WoW tech site says that chronic error #131 messages are either a Hard drive, Ram, or Motherboard issue.

Running the Windows Vista memory diagnostic tool has turned up some odd results, the initial test with a 1gb stick in slot #1 and a 1gb stick in slot #2 came back with errors. I then removed the ram from slot 2 and ran the test on slot 1 with 1 stick of ram.... no errors. I did the same with the other stick in slot errors. this lead me to believe that it was slot#2 giving me the issue so I moved the ram from slot 2 to slot 3, thus having 1gb of ram in slot 1 and 1gb of ram in slot 3. After a little while......error#131 appeared.

So I then tested both sticks in slots 1 and 3 together and came back with ram errors, I then tested both sticks in slot #1, and then again in slot #2 and both tests came back fine. Any ideas on what this issue could be? I know both sticks are the same brand, speed, totally identical.

Answer:Ram Works fine in single sticks, not working fine together :P

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I have an older desktop, Pavilion 410y.  Upgraded to Windows 10 about 6 or so months ago, and it has been running fine ever since. Last week I re-booted, and it came up in auto repair mode, then locked up on a screen that says to select keyboard layout.  USB keyboard and mouse will not respond.  This seems to have been a very common problem when people first downloaded Windows 10, but I've not seen anyone post about it happening after months of successful use. Tried all the fixes on the interwebs. . . Then called Microsoft.  They say that the Pavilion 410y is no longer compatible with Windows 10.  It was when 10 was released, but with the two automatic updates since, it is no longer.   Microsoft claims I can contact HP and find out what hardware is now incompatible to update it.  I can't find out how to get to that point. . .  At this point, I'm willing to do some low cost hardware fixes just to get me back up and running so I can verify and copy all my stuff, then get another computer soon.  Anyone have any solutions/suggestions/magic? Thanks

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I put in my CD's but the CD drive just ignores them! I checked Windows but it said that the drive was working properly. I tried rebooting and all differnt CD's but to no avail. How can i get it working again? or do I need a new CD drive.

Answer:My CD Drive won't recognize my CD's but Windows says it's working fine! HELP!

BE sure it is properly connected ,then remove from device manager and reinstall the cdrom drive.

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Hi guys

I have had the same internet for several years now, and it has always been working fine on both my windows 7 PC and vista laptop. However, I now have a problem connecting on Windows 7, sometimes it says the pass phrase is incorrect (even though its not) and other times it just says there was a problem connecting to the internet.

The only way I am able to connect to my windows 7 PC is if i change my router security to OPEN or WEP. It is currently on WPA2-PSK.

I have done a DNS Flush and took a screen of ipconfig /all.

Any ideas what can be causing this issue?

Answer:Cannot connect on Windows 7, Vista working fine

There is no wireless NIC showing up at all in the ipconfig, I see a bunch of extra tunnel adaptors and an Ethernet connection which isn't plugged in.

You should check the Device Manager under Network Adaptors and see if the wireless NIC shows up there or not.

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I have a mid 2010 iMac 27" 3.2Ghz i3 4GB ram 1TB hard drive space ATI HD4870...

Running windows 7 x64 and OS X 10.6.6

I am using a wireless internet source from nearby, and the connection works great on OS X when I boot into windows the internet is completely un-responisive and when it does work its slower then glass (for those of you who don't know glass is technically a liquid)
I have no idea what the difference is...

Answer:Windows 7 internet not working...OS X works fine though

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I have a HP Pavillion a1640n with Windows 7 Home 32 bit edition installed. I went to use it and it was on, and it had installed updates (even when I specified for it not to, as I had a bad experience before). And it restarted. When it restarted it then was in a Start up recovery loop. When I tried the recovery, it couldn't find anything wrong. I did some research and tried fixing the master boot record which had no effect. I tried the fix for the infinite restarting loop. No effect. I can get to the command prompt when the start up repair fails. I've tried disabling the auto restart after failure and I get the blue screen of death, and it will not start. I can not get it in safe mode either.

So I thought I'll re-install windows. Can't do that because now when I put anything in my CD/DVD drive it restarts the computer over and over and doesn't load anything! I tried getting into command prompt and trying to run it from there, nope it restarts the machine. I am lucky that I can get the cd out of there, and then it starts in the start up repair loop.

Is there a fix for this or is this computer just toast? is there a way in command prompt to disable the CD/DVD drive in case windows updated the driver and it's not compatible?

I've tried a restore point, for it to tell me that there are none and I have not disabled restore points at all in my computer.

I am trying a chkdsk and it's stuck on 19 percent complete so far.

Here are my specs: Pavillion 1640a ... Read more

Answer:Computer working fine until Windows Update

You can chage the Bios boot order. But first disconnect all usb peripherial devices, Printer, Cameras, Ipods. Except keyboard and Mouse. This will allow you to start the computer with the Winodws Cd/DVD. Thus allowing you to run a reapair or completly re-install your Windows OS. Should you want to try to save any information on your Hard Drive. Then attempt to run repair from the windows disk. If not then just Re-install Windows. Please See the following instructins. Now Some other member with more experience may have other suggestion. Please take their advice as well. Still Learning Learning Still.
Change the boot order in the BIOSTurn off the computer: If the computer works, click Start , click Turn Off Computer , and then click Turn Off .
If the computer is not in Windows, press and hold the power button approximately five seconds until the computer turns off.
Disconnect devices that are connected to USB, Firewire, parallel and serial ports, except the keyboard, and the mouse.
Turn on the computer.
When the color screen with the logo appears, press the F1 key on the keyboard until Entering SETUP is displayed. (You only have a few seconds to press the F1 key before the normal startup process continues.) Wait until the BIOS setup program opens.
Press the right arrow key to select Boot .
Press the down arrow key to select Boot Device Priority , and then press Enter on the keyboard.
Change the first boot device to CD-ROM using one of these methods: Press the down arrow key ... Read more

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Right out of the box, Windows 7 worked just fine. Wireless worked, sound worked, even my wireless mouse worked without having to add any additional drivers.

Next I had Microsoft Update install everything that it thought I needed. Then I installed those Toshiba posted drivers that were specifically designated for Windows 7. That includes the Value Added Package that says it is for Windows 7 64 but installed OK on my Windows 7 32 version. I may install the Toshiba drivers listed for Vista in addition; haven't done that yet.

That was last night.

So far, I am pleased with Windows 7 on my netbook. It is at least as peppy as XP Home Edition if not more so.

No crashes, no blue screen of death.

Cons: well, there are some programs that I use on my desktop that I already know won't work on Windows 7 and probably never will because they are old programs and the publisher has stopped supporting the program.

If I discover any major problems with running Windows 7, I will post the information here.

Answer:Windows 7 Installed On NB205-N311/W, Working Just Fine

Some programs have problems in Win7. If Microsoft know about it, it will display a Compatibility Message and advise to update the software.

Otherwise you can run the programs in XP SP2 mode, but you wont be able to use Virtual XP Mode because the N280 CPU doesn't support Virtualization.

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My laptop has stopped running windows, i tried windows 8, 10. It just stucks on booting the windows. But linux is booting fine. What can be the problem? What can i do? 

Answer:My Elitebook 8560p is not loading windows but working fine o...

Test the hard drive in the diagnostics. F2 as you power up. 

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HI All,

I am facing a strange situation my toshiba notebook a40 with windows xp is slowing down but not after working normally for some time when I restart the machine. After the start it works fine for some time say 10 min and after that it starts to show high usage against services(as seen through proces explorer) and the usage keeps on fluctuating between and firefox /iexplorer whatever i am using.

I am attaching the hijackthis report if any one can plaese throw some light over the same I will be really helpful.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:39:59 PM, on 2/24/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\ymsgr_tray.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSvcs.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Ques... Read more

Answer:Windows HIgh CPU usage but only after fine working for some time

Hi All,

still awaiting any answers. Anyways after much waiting I decided to finallly format my LAPTOP and I did it though as i didnt have toshiba recovery cd so i just did the normal formatting using xp professional and downloading the suitable drivers(which is a really tough job i must say). Any ways the point is the problem is still hampering my system which sometimes is smooth and then sometimes becomes very slow with cpu usage going to 100% distributed over task manager/process explorer iexplorer/firefox explorer and services. Although the machine is a bit ok now but still it is way beyond its capability. I have also tried disconnecting my wireless adapter which is cisco aironet but still the situation is same.
Plz anyone help me solve this mess...thanx

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After installing a new Ethernet card, all audio output from my Dell desktop stopped working (front and back). I am using the factory installed Realtek High Definition Audio which is at Location 0 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus). Every diagnostic on the desktop, however, is showing no issues. This includes the volume mixer, the Realtek Audio Manager, Device Manger, the Control Panel's Sound tab and everything else I could find recommended in various online forums. These all show normally functioning audio. This means that when I play something on youtube, or invoke system sounds via Matlab, the mixer shows everything is good, but there is no actual audio output. I have a NVIDIA video card running two monitors, but they are DVI and their sound output is disabled.

Solutions tried:
-Restarting the computer
-Uninstalling driver and reinstalling driver
-Uninstalling driver and reinstalling latest Reaktek driver
-Sound troubleshooter (no issues)
-Fiddling with the Realtek Audio manager advanced settings, connector settings and speaker configuration
-Taking out the new Ethernet card
-Disabling and then re-enabling the reaktek driver
-Disabling and then re-enabling the NVIDIA sound driver
-Plugging into the front jacks
-Plugging into the back jacks
-Plugging into the monitors
-Connecting speakers to the above locations
-Connecting headphones to the above locations

We use this as an experimental machine in a research lab, and really need the audio for subject f... Read more

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I am using windows 7 and error 561 keeps coming up on home computer, wifi is working fine with other devices connected any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:windows 7 error 561 wifi working fine with other devices con

Maybe one of the solutions will work.
Read both pages of the thread and try what seems to be the easiest solution to you.

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I've recently got a d-ling wireless adsl router which I set up last week and has been working like a dream for about 3 days, yesterday the wireless connection dropped and I get "wireless connection unavailavble" with the link light on my PCMCIA card flashing.

Then intermittently I get "One or more wireless networks is available - click here for list of available networks"

When I click I get a window that shows my wirless connection sometimes but not others but it still doesnt connect.

Also my card utility will not start and I get an error message saying "no wireless adapter found" I've rebooted about 300 times and also unistalled and reinstalled the utility and hardware. It took me about 3 weeks and 3 different sets of hardware to get this network running so obviously I'm totally peed off that its not working now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Answer:WLAN working fine - now not working :(

Try altering the router wireless connection channel it could be interference thats causing the problem.
If you go right up to the router do you get a good connection if so try altering the ariels or moving the router?

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Pls help me out with the following
Windows 7 unidentified Network Issue but internet is working fine.
Unable to create hotspot. What to do now ?
IPv4 and IPv6 shows no internet connectivity

C:\Users\HOME>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : HOME-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

PPP adapter netAccess:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : netAccess
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Disabled

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Contro
ller (NDIS 6.20)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-26-22-74-7D-06
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::1e6:8564:8b3:127b%12(Preferred)
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . : 169.254... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 unidentified Network Issue but internet is working fine.

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Please check out this Tutorial.
Turn Your Windows PC Into a Wireless Hotspot

Another one here:

You may also check out on Connectify.

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Ok so my Lenovo Laptop came w Win 8 which I didn't like so I shrunk the Volume and created a small partition for Win 7. All was working fine.

So, on Friday I ran out of space on the Win 7 partition & I got AOEMI partition manager and shrunk the volume on the Win 8 Partition and merged the new un-allocated space to the Win 7 partition (roughly 850 GB or so). This process however required a restart and the AOEMI program was doing things in pre boot. The pre boot took over a day and the shrinking and merging still wasn't complete so I got impatient and turned my laptop off and restarted it.

So then after restarting the laptop I went into the Win 8 OS and did something called "Allocate Free Space" and added another 20GB from the W8 Partition to the W7 partition and restarted. This process completed pre boot as well but it was very quick and completed successfully.

I was able to still boot into the Win 8 partition but not the Win 7 partition as when I went to the Win 7 OS selector it just kept saying "Attempting Automated Repairs" and showed me a black screen.

I tried to start the Windows repair USB to fix Win 7 but the Win repair utility told me "this version of system recovery options is not compatible" and so I couldn't repair.

Then I was playing around with the "Partition Recovery Wizard" on MiniTool USB boot menu and I selected multiple partitions to recover after it searched for an hour. IT recovered t... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 & 8 Dual Boot was working fine till I decided to m

Update : So I deleted the 2 boot partitions and merged the Win 8 with the 1GB un allocated space, and downloaded the Win 8 installation disc with the repair utility but no luck repairing. i tried to repair it 7 times and same error as in the pictures. Any other tips?

Repair on W 8 not successful
Edit : UPDATE X 2 : Current situation :

So now the Windows 8 drive now shows up as raw. But Windows 7 now shows up on the OS selection menu but doesn't go anywhere but the error. Also can't start F8 as it just loops to the OS selection menu and the error. W8 drive shows up as RAW on diskpart.


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installed great with no problems, but today wint come on at all

Answer:I installed Windows 10 yesterday,was working fine last night, today it won't come on. What should I do?

Laptop or desktop or phone? Is there post? (Post is the first few seconds on a takes a few seconds for the computer hardware to recognize there is a processor, memory, hard drive, etc. THEN once it sees the HDD, it looks for the OS) If you see post, hit F8 and it will bring up OS repair options should you need them.

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Since upgrading to windows 10 the build in camera haven't been working.
Failed to initialize is the message that keeps popping up.
I have:
uninstalled and reinstalled the camera using Toshiba website file
checked that camera is enabled in bios
I have enabled the camera for all apps without exceptions (not something I would normally do)
updated drivers - these are the drivers ksthunk.sys and usbvideo.sys
it states that this device is working properly
Under events it states:

Device USB\VID_13D3&PID_5652&MI_00\6&2dbd6e43&0&0000 was started.
Driver Name: usbvideo.inf
Class Guid: {CA3E7AB9-B4C3-4AE6-8251-579EF933890F}
Service: usbvideo
Lower Filters:
Upper Filters:

yet when trying to use the camera in the web camera app it states web camera initialization failed
and when trying to use the camera in the camera app it states we can't find your camera

Any suggestions are welcomed, please


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Hello friends... I am new member here and this is my first post. I am a newbie in pc stuff but I am in bad condition that's why I need your help in any kind. .. it will be well appreciated...
Here it goes
One day my 2tb wd caviar green got corrupted (maybe) and on boot it states that hard disk encountered problem still boots but only black screen.. I got that replaced not and got refurbished HDD but I can't install Windows in that I yelled at WD(now I feel sorry) they got me another HDD and I got same problem.... Now I put HDD in other pc and its working fine and I installed Windows 7 from there.. . Booting fine in that but when I put back in my new rig stuck in reboot loop... Cannot boot into the windows
I tried Windows repair option didn't worked...
I tried advanced options and cmd bootrec command
Rebuild bcd
didn't worked either.. I tried he'll lot of methods for hours after searching forums and websites... .. Still same.
I need urgent help.. . What could be the problem.? In my 6 year old pc hdd working fine I tried in new... m dead
My pc Configuration
Intel i7 4770k processor
2tb caviar green hdd
16gb ddr3 ram
Intel dh87mc motherboard
Gainward Nvidia gtx 660 gpu
Iball marathon 500w peak psu
I am posting this via mobile m missing my pc alot all my works pending
Hope to get a fix soon from all experienced helpful members here

Answer:Windows 7 stuck in reboot loop and hard drive working fine in other pc

Help someone please

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I have a laptop (windows 10) that suddenly stopped accessing a number of different random websites, including this one... saying "server DNS address could not be found". Other websites, such as Facebook and yahoo, it still accesses. It does this on the chrome browser and the IE browser. The tablet I'm typing on right now works fine however, and accesses everything without problem. This morning both were working properly; this is a sudden development.

Answer:Cant access numerous sites on windows 10 laptop; tablet working fine

By the sounds of it your internet service providers main DNS servers are having issues or, network issues. It could be due to your ISP doing network maintenance on their part as well. What can you do? Well instead of using the ISP's DNS you can use a public Google DNS. Inside your router change the DNS to & However, I don't recommend that you permanently change them from your ISP.

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I am a long time user of windows, and a lurker here for a while. I have noticed since the latest update to windows 10 home, I cannot get "right click" menus to come up on my windows mail app. Any ideas how to fix this? I usually use this to mark all my unimportant emails as read. Thanks.


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I have hotmail on the mail tile but I would also like to have windows live mail there too. Does anyone know how to do this ?

Answer:Move windows live mail to the mail tile.

Do you mean a account? I would assume that you could just add it the same way as the account, but I don't have one so do not know for sure.

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Ive got 925 on UKo2, after downloading update 1 my store tile wont go live. Ive turned it on to run in the background in battery saver and switched it on in store settings then off and on again, even turned phone off and on.... But nothing. Can anyone help?

Answer:store tile not working

Try setting download apps over wifi -> Off
That worked for me

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Hi all,

I would really appreciate some advice/help! Last night, while playing a game, the right-click function stopped working on my mouse.

I left the game and returned to my desktop, where the right-click also proved to not work anymore. I restarted, installed updates etc. - nothing.

I have lost all functionality. I have left quick only and even my computer seems to be running poorly (at times). I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, this seems to have just randomly happened, and I can't figure out why. It's quite dehabilitating and I don't seem to be able to find any solution (after searching/googling).

I'm fairly certain it's not the hardware, although I haven't tried a new mouse. This is a brand new HP computer running Windows 7; if someone would provide some feedback that would be great!

Thanks a lot!


Answer:Right click not working Windows 7 x64

Let's try restoring the computer to a date prior to the mouse failure.

**EDIT **

System Restore

Also wouldn't hurt to run virus scan and malware bytes, as you claim other issues.

Try Karlsnooks approach first.

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Hi all. Just a small annoyance really. The Cortana live tile is not working all the time for me. When I open Cortana I can see my specified news cards etc however it won't live update new news etc on the live tile.

Sometimes I will see for instance "BBC -5 minutes ago" on the tile but it won't show the headline just the Cortana circle icon.

Every other live tile seems to work ok.

Any tips please? Many thanks

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Either doesn't work or works intermittently.
Any ideas?

Answer:Store Live Tile Not Working

Same thing here, I found the only way it'll work is to open store and goto settings and then slide the live tiles to off and then back to on.

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Can somebody help me with this? Also please quote me when replying ?
Posted Via Tapatalk for Windows Phone.

Answer:Facebook live tile not working???

If this helps, it shows my cover on fb
Posted Via Tapatalk for Windows Phone.

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I have 3 live weather tiles in my apps. One of them is working fine, but the other 2 are not live. Can you have more than 1 live weather tile apps for different locations?

I have a surface pro 3 with windows 10.
Software is updated.
My other live tiles are working just fine.

Please help me. Thank you.

Answer:More than 1 live weather tile not working

Welcome to the forums lkcohn965 Yes they should work. Are they all the MS weather app, as setup and shown here

Solved Start Menu Duplicate Live Boxes Possible? - Windows 10 Forums

Try a restart and they should start going live

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I can get it to work when I change region to us but when put it back to uk it works for about ten minutes then stops any ideas

Answer:Store live tile not working

Mine doesn't work at all. Double-checked that the live tile was switched on under Store -> Settings, but still no luck. I am in UK also.

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The weather app tile stopped working all of a sudden. I'll tap on the weather tile and it'll sit there and load forever, but never actually loads. Anyone know whats going on?

Answer:Weather tile app thing not working

It actually stopped working for many folks at the end of September. Check the threads below.

Win 8.1 Enterprise MSN Weather metro app stuck at loading.

MSN Weather app won't start - Microsoft server issue - Microsoft Community

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Hello Guys,

I have just installed the Threshold 2 update but still my Weather live tile is not working, it worked for a few days after I upgraded from Windows 8 to 10 but ever since then it's not worked, I was hoping this big update was going to fix this.

Is anyone else still having problems with the live tile, is there a way I can reinstall the weather app?



Answer:Weather App Live Tile Still not working

Hi tonymarcus, I have the same problem. The weather app would open to nothing for a flash and then disappear. What I just tried is to remove the app using powershell and then go to the store and reinstall it. It is called MSN weather. I then pinned it to start. It seems to work right now. I'll report back in about 11 hours when I get up in the morning. For me the weather app has always had problems after it is unused for a while. The RTM build one would open, but be stuck on yesterday until I closed and reopened it. The modern apps are sill a work in progress. From the tutorial forum . Powershell is option 2.

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Ever since updating my computer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 I have had trouble with the MSN Weather live tile, which has been blank (In Win 8.1 it worked fine). I remember that directly after updating to Win10, only the medium weather live tile was working for about half an hour and then just died.
The recent update from the stock Windows 10 build to the November update (10586)hasn't changed anything...
All the other apps' live tiles, except MSN weather's live tile are working. I have also tried installing other weather apps (like Weather Channel, Accuweather, Vieather etc..) and all their live tiles, except Weather Channel's, work fine.
I have tried all the solutions, that can be found on forums, like trying to resync the store licenses, running the app trouble shooter, trying the sfc/scannow, which hasn't detected any problems with the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the weather app, unpinning and pinning again, turning live tile off and on again, changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius, restarting the PC etc etc... nothing worked.
When I open a new user account in my computer, the weather live tile in that account works fine. But not on my original admin account.
Has anyone figured out a solution or some way to discover the root of the problem? Might there be a way to let's say easily find some potential incompatible app, that could be blocking the weather live tile or something?
Thank you all for your help,

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I can't seem to get the Weather app's live tile to update. Basically it doesn't show anything but the app is working properly once I access it.
I tried everything: syncing permissions in Store settings, removing and re adding the app, toggling live tile on/off. Nothing solves the issue.
Any ideas why this happens and how to fix it?
PS It's the only app not working properly. I updated from Windows 8 to 8.1 yesterday via the Store.

Answer:Weather app live tile not working

I have the same problem... It's the only app with non working live tile.
Edit: today it's working! :)

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I've noticed that Skydrive live tile does not work after upgrading to 8.1. Anyone else notice this?

Prior to 8.1, Skydrive was live, that is it would display the contents of your folder, especially photos. Now, after 8.1, it doesn't work.

So is anyone else's skydrive live tile not working under 8.1?


Answer:Skydrive live tile not working under 8.1?

Hello Drew,

In Windows 8.1, SkyDrive is fully integrated now.

You should have a separate SkyDrive app tile on your Start screen for the online SkyDrive, and a SkyDrive folder group in the navigation pane of File Explorer. This folder is located at: "C:\Users\(user-name)\SkyDrive".

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Hi all. Just a small annoyance really. The Cortana live tile is not working all the time for me. When I open Cortana I can see my specified news cards etc however it won't live update new news etc on the live tile.

Sometimes I will see for instance "BBC -5 minutes ago" on the tile but it won't show the headline just the Cortana circle icon.

Every other live tile seems to work ok.

Any tips please? Many thanks

Answer:Cortana Live Tile Not Working

Sorry for the bump but any advice please guys?

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when i right click on my weather tile there is no option to turn on live tile, other tiles work fine, the weather tile used to work too but now its not working.

I tried sfc scan , reinstalling the app with no results. Pls help?

Answer:Weather Live Tile Not Working

Hello Jimbo,

You might sync your app licenses to see if that may help.

App - Sync License in Windows 8

If still not, then try using the "Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter" below to see if it may.

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter - Fix Apps in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I did an install on one machine where it got rid of all my apps (fine by me) and am able to enjoy the Windows store tile along with several other tiles it automatically installed where updates are received automatically.

social media
I then installed another version (Windows 8 Pro instead of Window 8) which kept all my apps. Unfortunately, I have been going crazy for the better part of a day trying to get the Windows store tile to work and connect to the store where I can download the apps I mentioned above.

You just click it (both are on desktops), and absolutely nothing happens.

I've tried everything all the searches online suggested and none work.

I have 4 GB of memory, a display which is much greater thanb 1024x768. I have an ATI Radeon graphics card with the most updated driver. This is the same exact card in tthe other machine...

What I need is a solid answer my it's not working and what I need to do to get it to work.

Any real help would be appreciated.

Answer:Microsoft Store tile not working

btw, I also set the UAC settings to their normal default settings and also didn't work.

This is a lot of "bull" because the pc that is able to get into the Windows Store has its setting turned off. I then did the same for the machine that is causing me the problems.

I just can't believe that their isn't a definitive answer out there what is causing this issue. The issue is all over the web, but with no distinct way of fixing it.

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When windows 10 first downloaded the email tile was working well but just suddenly stopped.

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Hi all,
as of today, my two independent yahoo Email accounts stopped syncing.
I'm receiving error code 80048830, searched the web.
Suggestions were to delete the account and reinstall - no success.
Then to search for specific, potentially corrupy emails that prevent syncing by moving them from inbox to a non-syncing folder. Didn't work.
Since BOTH accounts are affected as of today that doesn't make sense.
Any further suggestions anybody?
Thanks all!
Regards, Lowrider

Answer:Lumia 920 - syncing yahoo mail stopped working, how can I get it working again?

Might simply be server side at Yahoo... I had some sync problems with them yesterday. US-MG5 server.

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I was trying to copy some files and noticed my Win 7 machine will not right-click to copy, paste, etc. I have checked the mouse drivers and they are updated. Even plugged in another mouse it and that didn't help either. Anyone run into this and know how to fix it? Thanks.

Answer:Right-click no longer working in Windows 7

Do I understand correctly that when you right click something, you get no menu?
Does ctrl + C work to copy? Does ctl + V work to paste for text?

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i am not able to use right click on task bar windows.iam not getting rt click on "windows" but able to on remaining task bar and on desktop.not able to maximize,minimize and close using rt click

Answer:right click not working on taskbar windows

this page might help


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When i right click windows 10 icon an then hit check update status it pops up for a second an then dissappears dont know why it just started doing that. any help would be great ty.running windows 7  home premium 64 bit  sp 1.

Answer:right click windows 10 icon not working.

Check over in the Windows 7 forums to see if others there are having similar problems.
I don't have a copy of 7 that I can check.
If there's no answer by tomorrow, I'll check at work (if we have a 7 system there).

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Hi guys I just upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 today. I really love the new interface, but for some reason my "tap to click" is not working on my touchpad anymore. I have to manually press the right click button which can be tedious at times with my laptop. Everyother component of my touchpad works flawlessly (scrolling, zooming).

I went to touchpad settings --> additional settings --> Device settings tab --> settings--> tapping --> and there is a check mark on "enable tapping". I am just frustrated on why this one function is not working. I would really appreciate any help that you guys can give. Thanks!

Laptop: HP Pavilion dv6t-3200 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC

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Skype has stopped working from the Start Page Tile. I am directed to the Shop where a message is displayed that my Developer Licence has expired. What is this, and how do I fix it.
Help Please,
Neil Baker

Answer:Skype not working from Start Page Tile

Some app troubleshooting here might help.

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Starting yesterday, I am no longer receiving FB Notifications on Win10 or on my Phone (8.1) - and the FB Live Tile also stopped working on both?! Others work fine (Twitter, Mail etc). Anyone else having this problem or know what can be causing it? It's driving me nuts!!

Answer:FB Notifications and Live Tile not working, any fixes?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Starting yesterday, I am no longer receiving FB Notifications on Win10 or on my Phone (8.1) - and the FB Live Tile also stopped working on both?! Others work fine (Twitter, Mail etc). Anyone else having this problem or know what can be causing it? It's driving me nuts!! try restarting the devices and see if that works-but it might be a problem from facebook's end
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Yesterday, out of curiosity, I turned off live tile for the People app from the Start screen. When I turned it back on the images are not rotating (it still things it's off). I rebooted my computer a couple times and still does not work. Any way to resolve this? Thanks.

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