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bitlocker drive encryption recovery

Question: bitlocker drive encryption recovery


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Preferred Solution: bitlocker drive encryption recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: bitlocker drive encryption recovery

If you do not have the password that bitlocker was set up with, then you are out of luck. The whole point of drive encryption is so that you cannot decrypt the data with out the key.

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Notebook Latitude E7450, entra tela azul, depois tela de reparo automático e depois pede chave para desbloquear o drive. 
Ao selecionar para digitar manualmente, o teclado não permite digitar letras, somente números, sendo que a chave contém letras e números.
O que fazer? preciso urgente resolver.

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Havent used this laptop in ages, and am now locked out unles I enter my Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Recovery Key or pin.  For the life of me cant recall either and have moved and cant locate any of my "notes" on this type of thing either :grrrrrr:  suggestions please!
This is for an HP EliteBook 8460p with Windows 7
TIA - Ayla[edited location by Moderator]

Answer:HELP! lost my windows bitlocker drive encryption recovery k...

you could try this 

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My daughters table is locked on the bitlocker recovery key screen and I am at a lost to figure it out. Its and HP and I dont wanna have to take it in so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Lost my windows bitlocker drive encryption recovery key

Hello @Destro78 Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. BitLocker keys (for personal devices) are stored inside or in many case they are back-up to Microsoft cloud with your Microsoft account. Since this is a tablet, I suspect that I suspect your recovery key is available in Microsoft's OneDrive spaceHere are instructions how you can recover the key as well as how to get back to business.>>>>  >> Login to the MS account there and check.Use the key to login to your PC.Eventually, if you prefer you can disable BitLocker and turn off device encryption, or save/print the key offlinePlease, note that it is very important for security reasons that you keep the encryption key (Bitlocker key) in a secure place so that only you know it.  More info - re. Recovery key >>>>>>  Hope this helps Let me know if this works for you !   

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I have an older Laptop that operates on  Windows 7 Ultimate,I have the Bitlocker Drive Encryption on and encrypted for Drive C:   I now started the process of encrypting my external usb hdd Drive E: which has a long way to go for it's large
size. During the encryption I needed to disconnect it so I paused the encryption like it says to do before removing or changing any files on it. I then plugged my drive into a newer laptop I have that operates on Windows 10,. I was prompted for the Bitlocker
Drive Encryption Password screen like normal just like on my Windows 7 laptop so I enter the password and it was correct and it began the encryption process again. When I finished with what I needed to do on the Windows 10 laptop I paused the encryption again
and disconnected the drive. I am now back on my Windows 7 Ultimate OS and plugged the drive in, Bitlocker Encryption Password Screen comes up again and I entered my password but now for some reason it's saying the password is incorrect?  "But It's
not incorrect",is there a reason why this has happen and a way to fix it? My second issue is that I have the recovery key written down on paper but on the fifth line of the eight lines that makes the recovery key I left out a number,did not write it correctly,
there for I cannot just reset my password using the key and get back to normal again. Any way to find the lost number to the key? As I do have the rest of it written correctly please help tha... Read more

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Installing MBAM with SCCM 2007. Normally works fine. On one workstation however...
On SCCM it fails. Without details.
When trying to run C:\Program Files\Microsoft\MDOP MBAM\MBAMClientUI.exe manually the error comes up. "BitLocker drive encryption has a problem and must close. BitLocker will close now. Contact the help desk of your company if you need additional help.
Details: Error fetching the encryption percentage complete."

Any ideas?

Answer:BitLocker drive encryption has a problem and must close. Details: Error fetching the encryption percentage complete.

ERROR: An error occurred (code 0x8004100e):
Invalid namespace

Figured it out...

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 The windows 10 Pro computer has died, and I would like to put the in my new computer with windows 10 home.   I would like to remove the bit locker password,  so I can reinstall windows 10 pro while keeping my files and apps,  
I'm unable to do this while the drive is encrypted.  How do I remove drive encryption from the drive while I have the drive slaved to a windows 10 home computer? 

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Hi All,
After encrypt USB and save recovery file I noticed that bitlocker recovery key identification changes
I mean it's not the same on Recovery File.

Any Ideas?

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bit locker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion
i have 2tb segate hd i have stoped  encryption on 94% and shut-down pc now im getting this message 'bitlocker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion' while unlocking hd what to do? i will get my data?........please
help me

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Hi Mr/Ms
drive encrypted
with BitLocker 
I used
driver for three months my computer is broken I bought a new computer    when i was try my flash disk new computer its give me this  problem 
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
? know my passworrd but I do not know
the BitLocker
recovery key what can i do know pls some one help me 

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BitLocker Drive Encryption
i have it in my Control Panel..
is it an unwanted program or something?
thnks in advance~~

Answer:BitLocker Drive Encryption

Bit Locker is a built-in feature of Windows 7 and is completely safe. It's Microsoft's full-disk-encryption implementation. Read more here.

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While using BitLocker Drive Encryption feature, i selected the settings for using the USB to store the security key. But, once I restarted my PC, BitLocker didn't recognized the USB and went into recovery mode.

Can anyone suggest as to why the USB key was not taken into consideration?

Answer:BitLocker Drive Encryption

Windows Vista didn't provided any means by which a user working on Windows XP could access a shared folder of an BitLocker encrypted drive. But, this feature was provided in Win 7 in the form of BitLocker To Go feature.

So, my question is, isn't it hampers the main motive that was behind BitLocker Drive Encryption feature?

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I have been having some issues when trying to turn Bitlocker on in C:

I have followed the instructions as per this forum to enable a Startup key in gpedit.msc as I dont have TPM which worked.

After following the instructions, Windows Bitlocker asked me to insert a USB to save the startup key to. This appeared to save and then moved onto the next step where I took down the recovery key etc... and finally restarted to make sure my system was compatible before encryption started.

Upon restart, Windows said that it couldnt find a key on the USB drive. After further investigation I found that windows did not save the key to the USB after all even checked as a hidden file. It will save the text file (recovery key) to usb but not the bek file for the startup key.

I have tried this several times but each time it wont save although the system dosent say there has been a problem and moves on to the next stage.

The USB is a 2gb cruzer with the smart drive software removed and re-formatted to NTFS. I have also tried this on other USB drives with no luck and the USB drives work as Iam able to write other things to it?

Any help would be greatly appriciated as I have searched this forum and MS forums with no luck.


Answer:Bitlocker Drive Encryption using USB

Same problem here. Different USB drives or different usb ports didn't change anything.

Any ideas?

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can somebody help i use the bitlocker drive encryption and i freeze it in 80% encryption and now i can't access my USB flash drive i try to format it and it's always say "windows was unable to complete the format" my USB flash drive is protect by bitlocker drive encryption when i unlock my USB flash drive in bitlocker drive encryption it's always say "the device is not ready" Please Help ! i want to format my usb flash drive can someone help me??

Answer:Help me !! bitlocker drive encryption

Hello James,

Please perform the following:

1. Download and Save to desktop from this link:

2. Once saved, run the tool. Click on the Continue button, which will produce the report.

3. Click on the Copy button in the tool (ignore any error messages), and then paste into your next reply.


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hi hw r u i want to know abt the drive encryption option in windw 7 i used Bitlocker drive encryption to lock or save my drive data(confidential data) frm others. ques is that this encryptn method is right i mean it will damage my hard disk or not . kindly tell me and if u tell me more methods for protection i really appreciate u.thanks

Answer:Bitlocker drive encryption

It will not damage the HDD just make sure you save the "Key" in a save place not on the computer (A hard copy on paper and a digital copy on a thumb drive two backups of the key is best) also the Windows OS partition or HDD can not be encrypted using Bitlocker.

Set up your hard disk for BitLocker Drive Encryption - Microsoft Windows Help

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I have tried to unlock my usb stick and this message appears
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected. 
I have tried to download the Bitlocker Drive repair tool and it won't let me saying This update is not applicable to your computer. 
I feel just sick that I cannot open my usb I really need some help. 

Answer:BitLocker Drive Encryption failed

what computer are you now on when trying to unlock drive?

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I like to get my OS to be genuine. But, I only qualify for a Home Upgrade.
Anyone know of a way to still use this feature?

Without having Ultimate?

Answer:BitLocker Drive Encryption Without Ultimate

TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux

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Into another troule.
I wanted to encrypt my Western Digital Portable 500 GB HDD so my data would be safe.
I turned on the Bitlocker for this hard disk and set the password.
After that it started Encrypting..

I knew that it will take a long time so i went to university for lecture.
When i came back the encryption dialouge was stuck at 12.4 %.
[Snap Attached]

I kept waiting for some time but it wasn't working i pulled out the cable and inserted again...

I inserted the key and it unlocked with autorun dialogue and Encrypting Dialogue. [Snap Attached]

Clicking on *Continue without Scanning* brings the my computer windows and it starts searching but doesn't open the harddisk.

All this happens everytime i plug back, i have lost access to my all data thats stored on that harddisk... In my system there iz only 80GB Sata Hard containing OS.

I have tried one thing.
chkdsk /r it worked for a while but on 4th stage it stopped.

Please Can you Guys help me ? i want it to complete the encryption or decrypt whatever it has encrypted or damaged :(

Please Help ME :'(

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Arrr, is this worth usin'. me dont want anyone takin' my Hdd out o' my pc and puttin' it in another pc. me have alot o' data thay could get me int' trouble and dont wont anyone lookin' at it. Aye, me parrot concurs.

Answer:Windows 7 BitLocker Drive Encryption

i have found that there are backdoors to BitLocker called COFEE. it is available from most torrent sites so i wont be using BitLocker

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Hi Guys I did bitlocker drive encryption few months back in my pc but from some days its not showing its unlocking option. Infact bitlocker drive encryption option is not available in control panel. Did any update in windows 10 removed this feature which
I do not know?
Please guide. What should I do? Have a look on pics

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I ran the manage-bde -status command of my encrypted OS Volume Drive and it shows 100% encrypted.
Does this mean that BitLocker encrypted the ENTIRE drive?

During the BitLocker setup, I did select to Encrypt the Entire Drive instead of the Used Space option.
I just want to double check if my entire OS drive is encrypted or not.
I assume that when it shows Percentage Encrypted as 100% then I guess it did encrypt the entire drive.

Now what if I had chosen to encrypt the Used Space only, then would it still show as 100% encrypted ?
Or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance

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I want to using BitLocker Drive Encryption and  if you copy these files to another drive or a different PC, they're automatically decrypted but i want to restrict automatically decrypted so that user can't use data to other laptop. 

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After rebooting one of our test machines, bitlocker wanted the recovery key.
There were no hardware modifications on that machine.
Error message in event log:
Bootmgr failed to obtain the bitlocker volume master key from the TPM because the PCRs did not match
Event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver
 Each time the machine starts, the recovery key is needed.
Any idea how to solve that issue and why it happens?
Second partition was created manually on that machine. So that's clear that bitlocker reacts...
But now: how can I confirm those changes so that the recovery key is not needed each time we boot?

Answer:Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver

I would like to confirm if BitLocker accepts the recovery key?
Please update the BIOS to improve the stability for TPM first.
I also would like to suggest you disable and enable BitLocker again to reset the settings.
For more information, please refer to the following link:
Arthur Li
TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum
If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]
 Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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My Labtop is asking for Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption every time I start it.I do not have the key so cannot use my labtop.Please can some one help ?BjstonzPapua New Guinea

Answer:My Labtop is asking for Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption

If you didn't encrypt the drive, then who did? You can try F11 to reset the PC back to day 1 but all data will be lost.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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Any valued idea on how Bitlocker can be tweaked to decrypt 1TB EXTERNAL HDD faster? It took over 24Hrs to encrypt it 5 months ago. I have decided to decrypt it but seems like it will take it almost the same amount of time it took to encrypt.

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Although I'm an Admin on my Win 10 Pro system (Surface Laptop), I can't access the subject menu. Instead, I receive the SysAdmin notice, as in the screenshot. This seems like a new "feature," as I could access it from my previous Win 10 Surface. I suppose that I could make myself a System account, perhaps with PsTolols, but is there an easier way? I can access the submenus in the screenshot, e.g., Suspend protection. Maybe there's really nothing to access, but what what settings are "managed by the SysAdmin? Thanks.

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Although I'm an Admin on my Win 10 Pro system (Surface Laptop), I can't access the subject menu. Instead, I receive the SysAdmin notice, as in the screenshot. This seems like a new "feature," as I could access it from my previous Win 10 Surface. I suppose that I could make myself a System account, perhaps with PsTolols, but is there an easier way? I can access the submenus in the screenshot, e.g., Suspend protection. Maybe there's really nothing to access, but what what settings are "managed by the SysAdmin? Thanks.

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Hey guys I have a desktop That has Windows 7 Ultimate edition installed. My parents are having start up issues with the OS. When the OS starts up, Bitlocker Drive encryption Recovery comes up with and option to unlock 2 Drives which is a separate hard drive. it comes up with a recovery key of 4889F7FD. I manually type the key and click the M: Drive which is the recovery OS. It says Error Recovering Disk due to no recovery key. I click Back and it comes up with a different recovery key as F9F25CA2. If both drives have the same password would the recovery key be the same. The bitlocker says I have temparary access but doesnt log me in.

When I go to safe mode, It loads half the files and comes up with the same. Start up recovery cant fix it. when I login to safemode, it loads half the files. Does this sound like a system wipe or can I fix this with a WIndows 7 Disc.

Answer:Bitlocker Drive Encryption OS Start up problem

Hello Zhall, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The key number ID it gives you is only to help you reference what BitLocker Recovery Key is the correct one to enter. I sure hope that you saved or wrote down the actual BitLocker Recovery Key for that drive somewhere in case something like this happens. Without it, you're not going to be able recover the HDD very easily.

Check using the tutorial below to see if you may have the actual BitLocker Recovery Key somewhere, and how to recover the OS drive.

BitLocker Drive Encryption - Unlock a Locked OS Drive

Hope this helps,

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hello, i use Bitlocker Drive Encryption to lock one partion from two. Everything goes corectly, but after i change my MotherBoard of mai Dell Inspiron Laptop and i put my password, doesn.t work. Bitlocker said isn.t the right password. Im sure about my is true. My warranty changed just my Motherboard and they don.t change nothing in my Hard Drive. I didn.t reinstall my windows. Why Bitlocker Drive doesn.t recognize my password? Please , i need help

Answer:Bitlocker Drive Encryption doesn.t recognize my password

Your harddrive doesn't only have a bitlocker password but bitlocker is also communicating with TPM chip on mainbord. And the mainboard has been swapped so you hav a new TPM chip with other secret key.

Trusted Platform Module - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Didn't they check to see if it was bitlocker protected?
Do you have a backup? I assume you make backups prior to send your machine away

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First off, Bitlocker has never been used on this computer. All its drives have never been encrypted. The problem is that when I open Bitlocker Drive Encryption in the Control Panel there are absolutely no drives listed at all. The area under the heading "BitLocker Drive Encryption - Hard Disk Drives" is completely blank, as is the area under "BitLocker To Go". However, Windows Explorer detects all hard and removable drives just fine.

I have tried the following:

1. chkdsk /r (no problems found)
2. sfc /scannnow (no problems found)
3. rebuilding the MBR with Comodo Cleaning Essentials (which didn't quite like the one I had) after aswMBR found no problem
4. repairing/resetting file and registry ownership and permissions to defaults using SubInACL scripts for registry and for files. (This did fix a few minor nagging problems I had, by the way)
5. a clean boot
6. anti-malware scans (including several offline rescue CD's like Kaspersky, Comodo, ESET and AVG)
7. creating a new user account with admin privileges and trying from there
8. trying to trace file and registry activity with Sysinternals Process Monitor (but I don't really understand what to look for, or what most the results in the listing mean, good or bad)
9. A repair installation/inplace upgrade after a clean boot (this was a problem)

The repair installation fails and aborts quickly with the following error message:

"Setup was unable to determine if BitLocker Drive E... Read more

Answer:Bitlocker Drive Encryption Management does not detect any drives

Is there anyone here who can help me? Thanks.

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Every where i look, people are saying to open BitLocker in Control Panel, but i cant find it anywhere. I am using an HP Notebook 2000 with windows 8.1. if someone could help that would be awesome!!!

Answer:Cant find BitLocker Drive Encryption in control panel at all! HELP!!!!!!!

Have you ever changed a group policy setting? run "gpedit.msc", this will lauch GP Editor, then locate to User configuration\Administrative Templates\Administrative Templates\Hide specified
Control Panel items,
check whether it is enabled, and check whether you have added Microsoft.BitLockerDriveEncryption
in the list.Or you can just right click the hard drive which you want to set up BitLocker, then see whether there's an option "Turn on BitLocker".
Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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My external hard drive (2TB Toshiba USB 3.0) with BitLocker To Go encryption was accidentally formatted using Windows ?Quick Format? option.  My PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I do have the following details in relation to the BitLocker encryption for this drive;
- BitLocker Recovery Key
- Full Recovery Key Identification
- BitLocker Password

Is there any way to restore the external drive to the ?pre-format? state so that I can recover/access the data?

The drive is in a good health, ? always removed safely by ejecting from notification area and chkdsk has no errors, ? unfortunately data wasn?t backed up as I was in process of migrating to new PC and accidentally deleted the master back-up .

Any help or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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In our organization we have a policy to require Bitlocker flash drive encryption. This is set via Group Policy. I am having an issue on some computers where when they select to encrypt their flash drive for the first time, they get the following error message:
BitLocker Encryption cannot be applied to this drive because of conflicting Group Policy settings.
When write access to drives not protected by BitLocker is denied, the use of a USB startup key cannot be required. Please
have your system administrator resolve these policy conflicts before attempting to enable BitLocker.

Comparing to my laptop which is working, here is what I've gathered:

Same OU/Group PoliciesNo group membershipsSame TPM settings in BIOS and TPM Management ConsoleTried multiple flash drivesDoesn't matter who is logged in. Local admin, Domain Admin, or the user of the machine.
We do not require a USB startup key (obviously) and the policy is set to store the recovery passwords and key packages in AD DS. Another thing is the workstation HD is encrypted and the recovery key is in AD, so that tells me at least at one point it had
a healthy relationship with the DCs.
I am convinced it is not an issue with the policy, as there are currently only 2 users complaining of this issue out of 450. Where do I go on the workstation side of things to see what is happening? For your peace of mind, I have isolated the workstation
in it's own OU with only one policy applied. Here is what the policy ... Read more

Answer:Bitlocker Policy Error on Flash Drive Encryption

So I ended up opening a ticket with Microsoft. The solution was to change the following registry value from 1 to 0:
For some reason I am guessing during Windows installation it didn't detect the TPM correctly and put that in there. Who knows. Working now!

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I'm running Win 10 Pro version 1607 (OS Build 14393.321), and I have a weird problem with my 298 GB WD in 2.5? SATA enclosure external hard drive. I have used it several times in the past to backup Windows 7 & 10, but now I can use it to backup Win 7 only not Win 10! I believe this problem may have started after I performed a quick format on it using a Win 10 machine, and also ran CHKDSK /R in order to mark the bad sectors.
Now when I use it to backup my Win 10 machine, backup fails with error 0x8031004A: "BitLocker Drive Encryption cannot be used because critical BitLocker system files are missing or corrupted. Use Windows Startup Repair to restore these files to your computer." Also if I click on manage space it gives an error ?The backup location is not connected? even though it is connected and accessible (even shown in the backup page itself)!

Another weird issue, if I try to scan the drive from the Tools tab in Properties, scan fails with this error: ?
Windows was unable to scan the drive?, and the event viewer report shows:
"Checking file system on E:
The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation.
A snapshot error occured while scanning this drive. You can try again, but if this problem persists, run an offline scan and fix."
But if I chose Scan and Repair, it runs successfully and reports: ?Windows successfully scanned the drive. No errors were found.?
Windows Startup Repair does... Read more

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I've got 2x1TB partition using raid 0 on C: drive which I recently shrunk a little to make a 10GB partition to put "secure" items into. When I try to enable bitlocker encryption on the partition, it gets part of the way through and then my computer dies horribly. It's not a BSOD, the screen is black and windows tells me it can't find its loader.

I reboot a few times and everything is back to normal. Delete the partition, re-create it, format it and try again, same thing.

Bitlocker works ok on my USB keys.

Can anyone give me a clue? I'm wondering if it's the bios throwing a hissy-fit, rather than windows!

Answer:Bitlocker drive encryption on a raid 0 partition, crashes windows.

Hi Robinson,

Is this a software-based RAID? BITLOCKER is not supported on software-based RAID systems:

BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 7: Frequently Asked Questions

For hardware-based RAID systems, whilst all the Microsoft documentation says that it is supported, many people seem to have no success with it - possibly issues with the controller. Some people report success if adding a 3rd drive apparently:


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Initially I found that BitLocker on the Go supported removable media like flash drives and external drives. Why isn't a CD/DVD supported since it is considered removable media? Will this support be available in future releases?

Answer:Will BitLocker or BitLocker on the Go ever support CD/DVD encryption?

Bitlocker to Go is not supported on CD/DVD. Your suggestion is valuable, I will forward this information to the appropriate department through our internal channel.
Both the Microsoft Product Team and Development Team will take into consideration all suggestions and feedback for future releases.
Currently, you may need third party software to encrypt CD/DVD.
Best Regards,
 Niki Han
TechNet Community Support

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At first, I don't need to recover my data, I just want my drive back to re-use it.
How can a format my usb drive including all boot sectors which sees to be locked/write-protected by bitlocker?

My problem starts with decrypting my drive by deactivting bitlocker on it by entering the valid password/recovery key. At 36% of decryption the process halts without reason. Now, I'm unable to access my drive or resume the process.

I tried... format with windows
   ..remove with diskmgmt
   ... remove with diskpart
   ... repair-bde
   ... manage-bde
   ... ubuntu live cd
   ... mass production tool software, to override the whole stick

nothing worked. The only thing which worked was once the software M3 Bitlocker recovery Free, but just one time to access the locked partition. But, as mentioned I don't need to recover my data. With that tool I'm not able to wipe the drive.

That Bitlocker protects my data till the end is good, but that it breaks my data and my hardware in such a case is not fair.
How can I break the write-protection mode to finally wipe the hard drive?

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Hi All,
I have a drive with Bitlocker,
i delete drive in computer management,
now , how i recovery my files?
can you help me,Please?

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Ok here is the deal. I had a new laptop that dual booted vista and linux. the vista partitioned was encrypted with bitlocker. I decide to give windows 7 a try so I repartition the drive in to one large volume, format and install windows 7. Everything worked perfectly. The problem is after about a week I realize there was some important files on the vista partition before I wiped everything out. I have found several data recovery programs the can recover files after a format, however they only show files that where on the linux partition. My guess is that the bitlocker encryption is preventing these tools from finding any of the vista files.

So the question is, Does anyone know of a application or company that can recover files from a bitlocker'ed drive after it has been formatted.

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I forgot bitlocker PIN on Win10. System gives me recovery key-id but I cannot enter characters like F,B,C etc that are included into the key-id. The input field that says "enter key-id" takes digits only. What am I doing wrong?

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Is there a way I can change the BitLocker recovery key on my encrypted OS drive?
Do I need to first Suspend BitLocker to do so?

Is there a tutorial on this here?


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Windows wants me to unlock my drive with a recovery key even though I know my password. I have tried multiple computers and laptops but they all have the same problem. PLZ HELP!!!

P.S: I don't know my recovery key and I don't know where it is :(

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I just started using BitLocker on a Windows7 Computer and am confused about one specific aspect of recovering data drives. I have read through the tutorials on here but I can't seem to find anywhere that explicitly states if this is possible or not.

From this link: Regain access to a computer locked by BitLocker Drive Encryption

I see the statement that "To unlock the drive and regain access to your files, you will need the BitLocker recovery password. If you also encrypted data drives, you will need to have access to the drive that Windows is installed on as well."

My question is if my OS drive dies, will the data drives be recoverable with the password and/or recovery key?

I am not currently in such a situation but I would like to prepare for all possibilities. Since a TPM is needed to store the encryption keys on for the OS drive (I just ordered one but have not encrypted my OS drive yet), are the encryption keys for the data drives are stored on the OS drive itself and this is the issue?

Most of the things I find on Google when trying to search about this issue discuss recovering a data drive that is failing, not a data drive that is in good health but does not have access to the system drive. Can anyone say definitively if this is possible, or do I need to be prepared to lose all data on data drives if my system drive crashes?

Answer:BitLocker Encrypted Data Drive Recovery Question

Based upon what I have read, your data drives will be UNRECOVERABLE if your OS drive dies. I would consider setting up a RAID 5 array for your OS drive for redundancy, this way if one drive dies, all you have to do is replace it and the missing data pieces will be recreated.

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I had stored the PFX files once I had created the password, now I have formatted my windows. So how can I use PFX file to unlock my drive.

Answer:How to unlock Bitlocker drive using recovery of encrypted files

See if this helps: Bitlocker Data Recovery Agent

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Hi  ashish,
The drive must be unlocked by the recovery password or recovery key. But you lost it and haven?t print the recovery information or save it anywhere. No any other method to help you.
I am sorry for that. I suggest you consult professional data recovery company.
Best regards,
Karen Hu

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I am trying to turn on the bitlocker using manage bde by command prompt but it is showing an error 0x80070057 so how can i proceed or fix this problem?

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How do I encrypt my Extrenal HDD with BitLocker as I don't get any direct options for encrypting the drive?
Also, is there any option to encrypt the drive without formatting because I don't want to lose my data

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Hello all,
I happen to have reinstalled by mistake a new Windows7 OS on a drive (I had two drives one with an OS and another with a bitlocker drive used for back up, both drives were IDE drives and the bitlocker was under slave mode if that can be of any help... ) that hosted VERY important data and was encrypted by Bitlocker.What can I please do to recover this formerly encrypted data? The drive is now recognized as an active healthy partition with an associated drive letter (different from the original one)
I don't have the bitlocker key.

If you need any hardware info please let me know.
Help me please!

Answer:Data recovery from a former bitlocker drive on which a new Win7 installation was made

Hi and welcome to TSF if you do not have a key to unencrypt you would not be able to access the info even if it was discovered and retrieved

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Hello every body
I have a serious problem
i have a external hard that i turned on bitlocker

when i was wanted turning off bitlocker, i removed password then disconnected external hard
and when i connected hard to pc i saw the drive is locked and i try to unlock 

the pc notify me just unlock with recovery key that unfortunately i don't have any recovery key.

pleaseeeeeeeeee help me

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Forgot the password for bitlocker 48-digits recovery key for WD external drive 

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Hello and good afternoon, I have a issue where a manager started the Bitlocker process on the SD card in his Surface Pro 3

with Windows 8.1. The Bitlocker attempt failed at 3.4% completed but the SD card ended up being Bitlocked without providing the Bitlocker Recovery Key (I've never seen this happen before). He doesn't know the password for the SD card and of course
I've been tasked to somehow release the encryption so that he can get the required information off of the SD card. 

Is there anything that can be done to release the encryption on the SD card or has the SD card been made non-accessible moving forward?

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Thought I'd ask before I do something stupid
I'd like to encrypt my fileservers with Bitlocker but I wonder how fast it is these days? The servers run Windows 8.1 and when trying on another system I get about 100MB reads and writes during encryption - is this somewhere in the ballpark for performance? Oh and the cpu supports hardware encryption as well

Thanks in advance

Just finished encrypting a Raid6 array with 8x2TB drives. Time approximately 24 hours and an average speed of about 125-130MB/sec. Cpu is an AMD A4 5300 dual core cpu. Not so bad imho.

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Hey there. I'm having trouble unlocking my external flash drive which was encrypted by me a few months back. It was encrypted using my desktop PC which is not working anymore. I'm trying to unlock it using my laptop.
The problem is, I am entering the correct password but it's marking it as incorrect. I am sure about the password because I had stored it in my phone.

I have a .pfx certificate as well but I really don't know how will it be helpful in unlocking the device. I had saved this .pfx file because while the process of encryption, windows had advised me to save it. Any help will be appreciated. I really need to unlock
this device as the data it contains is irreplaceable.


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Can someone advise the steps to get Bitlocker installed and working on a windows 7 pro laptop. I just got off the phone with a microsoft support agent who said it is possible with computers on a domain. She
couldn't give me any more info and directed me to technet.
Please share any info you may have 

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I am having a hard time trying to figure out what encryption method and cypher strength is used on my Bitlocker to go encrypted portable hard drive.

I understand the settings for Bitlocker are configured in the Group Policy Editor but besides that is there any way to see what level of encryption your portable drive has.

When I encrypted this drive, I left the Group Policy settings default when encrpyting the drive which means the drive was supposedly encrypted using 128-bit with diffuser.

This would come in handy when trying to prove to someone that the device is infact encrypted with either 128-bit or 256-bit.

Answer:Bitlocker To Go Encryption Level

Hello Doc, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If the computer does not have Group Policy included to look at, then you can edit (right click on REG file and click on Edit) the REG file downloads in OPTION TWO of the tutorial below, then check the registry and compare it to the REG file downloads to see how it set. By default, it is set to 128-bit with diffuser in Windows 7.

BitLocker Drive Encryption - Change Encryption Method and Cipher Strength

Hope this helps,

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Novice Question, folks...
If I have already encrypted my data with BitLocker or some other encryption software, will that render ransomware ineffective?  Or, does it mean my already-encrypted data just gets another layer of encryption (i.e., double-encrypted)?  

Answer:Ransomware vs BitLocker (or any other encryption s/w)

Hi there,If your data is already encrypted then a crypto ransomware would just add its own encryption over the data, making it double encrypted as you said.

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i use encryption.

what's the diff between Bitlocker and the encryption in windows XP?

xp encryption seems to work fine for me.

Answer:what's the diff between Bitlocker and the encryption

Win7 has disk imaging software and file backup software in most of the versions, both able to be scheduled. Additionally, there is also an included utility to create a restore CD.

Yes, yes, all of these can be had by excellent third party apps but it is enlightening to see MS finally come around and include more required OS-type utilities with the OS itself.

edit: Woah, my response here was to a completely different post, one questioning the need to upgrade from XP to Win7. Either the mods or the OP significantly changed the original post. Normally I am not that obtuse when replying.

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I have Windows 7 installed and i use a 4GB memory card for private files. The problem is i used Bitlocker encryption, which was working fine until i installed windows updates. Now this mrning i cannot access the memory card at all. It just says drive not accessible although it does recognise that the drive is there. I have tried system restore which also at the moment will not restore to any point. Can anyone help me with this problem please.

Answer:Bitlocker encryption problem

cant think of anything off hand to help with your immediate problem but for future have you tried the yo-safe feature in win locker in win 7 it gives u drive you can hide so no one even knows its there and even someone who knows abt yo-safe cant get into it as when you open the yo-safe it asks for your password you can make your password the same as your master password when windows starts or you can give it a different password.

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Hi all

bare with me on this, it may sound stupid and have a very simple answer.

I've got a laptop which I currently have Symantec Desktop Encryption installed with C:/ encrypted.
Personally not quite sure if the files it self on C:/ are encrypted or not (I'm able to access my laptop which has the drive encrypted, over the network from my desktop without any issues/error messages to say its encrypted etc)

This is where the possible stupidity comes in. Symantec current has the drive encrypted (Enter password before booting to Windows), but I was wondering if the data it self is encrypted and if not, would it be possible to do this within Symantec (Cant seem to find a way) if not, would Bitlocker be a solution to encrypting the data or will this cause confliction?

On the side as well, I know that Windows has an option to show folders/directories in a different color if they are encrypted, this option is enabled, but none of the directories are coloured, any idea how to get this to work?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Using Bitlocker and Symantec Encryption

If it said encrypted, it really is. For example, someone detached the hard drive from your system and then inserted that to another computer to read the contents. Symantec will notify a password entry and if there's no recovery key, you won't be able to access it. It works like BitLocker To Go. BitLocker Drive Encryption doesn't need a password prompt if the drive is connected to the original motherboard and there's no changes to BIOS settings or updates AFAIK.

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I m having problems with bitlocker .... my hard drives are not showing in control panel-->system&security-->Bitlocker Encryption drive .... any help related to this please ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Answer:Bitlocker Encryption drives

Make sure you have ALL of the requirements
Hardware requirements for BitLocker Drive Encryption

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Hi, I have a problem on my laptop. My office laptop is encrypted using Bitlocker as part of our firm's security over our machines and data stored therein. 
One Saturday, I opened my laptop when it got hibernated last friday night after work. At startup, it ask for my password, I entered it but it showed: "Too many PIN attempts". 
I dont know why and how it happened as I did not change my laptops for the last 3 months since it was issued to me. Since its a weekend, I asked some of our IT personnel having their rest days on how to resolve this, they taught to search for the recovery key
in their database using the identifier provided by bitlocker. I found the files recovery keys but no one matched the identifier showed on my laptop's screen (that cant be accessed).
My question is, what if the recovery keys of my laptop cannot be located anymore, are there ways possible where I can still log-in again losing my files? thanks.

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I have stand alone MBAM 2.5SP1 installed within AD and configured to use with GP. I have old Dell laptop (5 yrs old) with windows 10 and with in the MBAM GP and log-in to the domain. I tried to turn on encryption using BitLocker and I was able to encrypt
the entire C drive. I log on to MBAM helpdesk and test drive recovery and I was able to recovery the key successfully and should all the hardware and who logged into the laptop. Both MBAM and the old laptop with windows 10 work great.

Now I have newer Dell laptop (2 years old) configure identical to the old laptop but it only encrypted locally not with AD/GP and MBAM. I try to search the hostname on MBAM but no available. The laptop logging in to domain controller and I able to run gpupdate
/force successfully. I went to services and try to restart MBAM but it was not there.
Can someone help me?

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Hey guys, I am currently trying to encrypt one of my external hard drives and it is stuck at 97.1 percent. It isn't paused, it just isnt progressing
any further. It was stuck at this same exact point for two days, so I paused, decrypted, and encrypted it again and now it is stuck at the same 97.1 percent. What should I do about this? Encryption is kind of an all or nothing deal isn't it?

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I tried several times to encrypt the entire disk after reinstalling Windows 10 but it always took for ever (usually 10 hours) to fully encrypt my internal 320GB drive. I managed to run bitlocker successfully by encrypting only used space. My question is should I run cipher.exe /w to wipe all unused space as this is an old laptop?

I have found manage-bde -w c: to wipe free disk and this is now working ok.

How does Bitlocker work when only encrypting used space - i.e. if I write a file to the disk I assume it automatically encrypts it, but if I then delete that file is the space no longer encrypted and therefore open to hackers?
Look forward to your comments.

Answer:BitLocker - Used Space Encryption on used Laptop?

win10freak said:

How does Bitlocker work when only encrypting used space - i.e. if I write a file to the disk I assume it automatically encrypts it, but if I then delete that file is the space no longer encrypted and therefore open to hackers?

If you take a disk and set bitlocker to encrypt only used space it will encrypt the blocks used by the filesystem. If there was some old deleted stuff on the disk when you started that could in theory be recovered. After turning on bitlocker all new files are encrypted. They are not decrypted when you delete them and these deleted files can't be retrieved.

win10freak said:

I tried several times to encrypt the entire disk after reinstalling Windows 10 but it always took for ever (usually 10 hours) to fully encrypt my internal 320GB drive.

If you have ever encrypted the whole disk you only need to encrypt used space if re-installing. It will not be possible to retrieve anything from the remaining space on the disk as it was previously encrypted.

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New drive 1gb external, running bitlocker for the first time. Left it overnight cos it was taking forever, (which is the norm)

Woke up this morning and it was stuck on something like 47.1% requesting the bitlocker password, put that in and it starts encrypting again.... But every few random mins it falls over with an error message:

An Error Occurred The System cannot find the file specified.

And prompts me to put my bitlocker password back in, for which I do, and the encrpytion starts again.

Its like at 50% now, after it falling over 3 times in the last 30mins....

I'm not exactly what to do.. I cant sit here for the next 10hrs waiting for it to fall over every few mins asking for the password.

I'd be up for scrapping the whole encrpytion and starting all over again.. But not exactly sure on how to permantely un-crypt the drive and reformat it ? Perhaps running a scandisk before doing so... It was a brand new drive.

I can actually still access the data, because autoplay opens after every error allowing me to see and open the files.

Any suggestions ?

Answer:Bitlocker crashing during initial encryption

TheDoc46, my recommendation is a complete format of the drive. Remove the partitions and then re-create them and then format completely.

Best not to use Bitlocker on an external drive as it is worthless to any other computer due to the encryption technique. Also there are private encryption programs that are just as good like Free Encryption Software - Password Protect Files and Lock Folders

I bought their pro version which I really like, no financial connection, just a satisfied user.


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I have recently bought an Asus notebook which was upgradable to standard Windows 8.1 (not Pro or Enterprise).

It does not have Bitlocker, nor does it have the default windows "device encryption feature"

Is it possible to get the default encryption without buying Pro or Enterprise?


Answer:How do I get Bitlocker or Windows 8.1 default encryption

Like you stated, bitlocker is only available on pro or enterprise. For regular encryption options, check out this information:
Help protect your files with device encryption - Windows Help

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Question: Is it possible to use the command "manage-bde -pause D:" to pause BitLocker encrypting the HDD, which would then allow me to shut down the computer, transport it to my new house, and then turn the computer on and resume the encryption process, without any loss of data or corruption?

I have an internal hard disk drive currently being encrypted (~47%) using BitLocker. In 8 hours time I need to transport the whole PC to a new house where I'll be living permanently, meaning it will need to be turned off and disconnected from the power. Considering the time it has already run I don't think it will complete in time I have available.

If it is not possible to do that I can leave the computer at its original location to complete encryption, the only problem is that there is a large travel distance and the inconvenience of not being able to use my primary computer.

Edit: Forgot to mention that this is an internal HDD used to store downloads, documents, photos, music, and videos. My operating system is stored on an SSD that has already been encrypted.

Thanks in advance!

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I have installed and set up BitLocker on a Sony VAIO with a TPM 1.2 chip. The drive has been fully encrypted. With BitLocker on, everytime the system boots I get the following message:

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Information
The system boot information has changed since BitLocker was enabled.
You must supply a BitLocker recovery password to start this system.
Confirm that the boot changes to this system are authorized.
If the changes to the boot system are trusted, then disable and re-enable BitLocker. This will reset BitLocker to use the new boot information.
Otherwise, restore the system boot information.
I have tried disabling and re-enabling Bitlocker (disable; reboot; enable; reboot) and get the same message. I have even tried disabling to the point of decrypting and then re-encrypting the whole drive. Neither apporach has worked. According to the BitLocker FAQ, one of the following should trigger the message I'm getting:

Unauthorized changing of the BIOS, master boot record (MBR), boot sector, boot manager, or other early boot components would cause a failure in the integrity checks and keep the TPM-protected key from being released. This is by design because unauthorized modification of any of those components could and should be perceived as an attack. Of course, the BitLocker feature provides methods for authenticated system administrators to update these components if required.
None of that has happened. Any suggestions?
Tha... Read more

Answer:BitLocker requests encryption key at every boot

When I tested it the setting didn't take effect unless I turned off bitlocker and decrypted the drive then turned it back on with the new setting applied.
I forgot to mention in the last post too, open an administrative commmand prompt. (right click on CMD and click Run As Administrator) and type "gpupdate /force" this reloads the GPO. (it usually take a little while for them to refresh by default.)
An earlier post in this thread states that you just need to apply the new PCR settings and reboot, but from my own testing you really do need to disable, decrypt, enable and encrypt with a new key. The only way I found to speed things up without having to wait for the drive to fully encrypt each time was to skip the test, and right away click on the pause encryption option in the ecryption dialog box. I would then perform my reboot test. I have to do it all again though. A reboot test and a hibernate test. It seems hibernating the workstaion also changes startup information on the computer that bitlocker doesn't like.

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Hi Everyone!
I have intresting situation that started quite some time ago but now it´s time to fix it :) We are using MBAM in our environment and SCCM to publish windows 10 to computers. So far everything is working. I have not found correct or good solution to deploy
BitLocker in TaskSequence. All manuals are a bit different. So what I did is: I have GPO managing BitLocker requirement. I will just install MBAM client (2.5 SP1) to computers and when user will get computer then after couple of hours MBAM client will require
to insert PIN and it will start to encrypt the drive. So everything works as I want! I like that users can insert their own PIN and it´s not preinserted by administrator. 
Problem is now when computer finish the encryption process and you restart computer. After that computer is asking PIN code (which is correct) and after that it starts Windows Repairing. And it´s not possible to use any repair method (Reset, Restore, Startup
repair etc) - so only option is to format computer. I have noticed that if you encrypt drive before Windows patches then it will survive restart (if it´s working then it´s working!) but if computer will get patches and then you will restart the computer, then
no use - format. 
What can cause the issue and how to fix it? Or maybe there is a good manual how to use MBAM/BL in SCCM TS correctly (if I´m doing it wrong!)... 

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I have the 1TB NVMe SSD (Samsung PM951) and can't get hardware Bitlocker encryption working. Can someone confirm whether the PM951 supports eDrive/TCG Opal? If not, will a firmware update enable support in the future?
I have the TPM and UEFI enabled, but when I try to set up Bitlocker, I do not get the hardware encryption option. Seems like the PM951 should support this like Samsung's retail drives. I can't even use the Samsung disk utilities to investigate because those are only for retail drives.

Answer:XPS 15 9550 SSD Hardware Encryption / Bitlocker

I'm also interested in this issue for my XPS twin Precision 5510. Please let me know if you find something out!

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I have encrypted a win 8 desktop pc, c: encrypted succesfully but when encrypting the d: it doesn't look like it has encrypted properly. The drive is showing as locked as the encryption status as 'unknown'. I am unable to unencrypt the drive as just the identifier was generated without a recovery key.
From event log:
A BitLocker key protector was created.
Protector GUID: {e0c8456c-37cf-42d0-b9b5-041c9539b385}
Identification GUID: {3d839f56-ad70-4449-ae7e-bfc91867aada}
The identification field was changed.
Identification GUID: {3d839f56-ad70-4449-ae7e-bfc91867aada}
BitLocker encryption was started for volume D:.
That's the last event for the D:/
Is there a way of unlocking the drive from the protector id?
Many thanks!

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I was trying to encrypt my USB external hard drive (1 TB, mounted to E using BitLocker, and after the encryption got 10.1% finished, I accidentally shut down the computer. After restarting, I tried to resume the encryption, but it gives me an error: "Encryption could not be resumed. The device is not ready." I've tried using >manage-bde -resume E: but it returns the same error with code 0x80070015. I also get the same error if I try to go to the Control Panel and Turn off BitLocker.
Running >chkdsk E: shows several corrupt attribute records, but I haven't tried running that with /F since I'm worried that might make it difficult to properly decrypt BitLocker.
Are there any recommendations on how to either resume the encryption or decrypt the 10.1% it's already done? I've heard there's a BitLocker repair tool, but I don't have an empty 1 TB drive to use for that.

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I was trying to encrypt my USB external hard drive (1 TB, mounted to E using BitLocker, and after the encryption got 10.1% finished, I accidentally shut down the computer. After restarting, I tried to resume the encryption, but it gives me an error: "Encryption could not be resumed. The device is not ready." I've tried using >manage-bde -resume E: but it returns the same error with code 0x80070015. I also get the same error if I try to go to the Control Panel and Turn off BitLocker.
Running >chkdsk E: shows several corrupt attribute records, but I haven't tried running that with /F since I'm worried that might make it difficult to properly decrypt BitLocker.
Are there any recommendations on how to either resume the encryption or decrypt the 10.1% it's already done? I've heard there's a BitLocker repair tool, but I don't have an empty 1 TB drive to use for that.

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Has anyone tried to enable hardware based encryption on the P50s with Bitlocker and the SSD? If so, how did it go? I know that on some systems you need just the right combination of BIOS settings and drivers, so I wanted to check and see if anyone had done it and tips you had.

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Since I have encrypted my computer (2HDDs) with bitlocker I cannot perform a total shutdown including the pysical break from power. After a few seconds I get a black screen and the shutdown process stops. To end the session I must push the button of my laptop for a few seconds. Is there a way around to shutdown the computer without using the hardware?

My system: CPU 3,02GByte
2 HDDs encrypted with bitlocker

Answer:No phsically shutdown since bitlocker encryption?

Quote: Originally Posted by albert1234

Since I have encrypted my computer (2HDDs) with bitlocker I cannot perform a total shutdown including the pysical break from power. After a few seconds I get a black screen and the shutdown process stops. To end the session I must push the button of my laptop for a few seconds. Is there a way around to shutdown the computer without using the hardware?

My system: CPU 3,02GByte
2 HDDs encrypted with bitlocker

I don't now will this help you, but you can try it
BitLocker Drive Encryption Step-by-Step Guide

Limit Windows shutdown options
...This behavior can be controlled in Windows Group Policy. See the ?Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without have to log on? setting in Windows security policy...
System Integrity Team Blog

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I am using a Lenovo Yoga 260 with Windows 8.1. Every time I reboot the Yoga it requires me to enter the bitlocker recovery key. The PC thinks a configuration change was made to the PC. However no changes were made. I have reimaged the PC and I am still
have experiencing the same issue. I have updated the BIOS and all the PC drivers but still no change. I have reset the TMP chip and decrypted the drive. Still the same results. Any ideas what might be causing this issue?

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Hey guys, I am currently trying to encrypt one of my external hard drives and it is stuck at 97.1 percent. It isn't paused, it just isnt progressing
any further. It was stuck at this same exact point for two days, so I paused, decrypted, and encrypted it again and now it is stuck at the same 97.1 percent. What should I do about this? Encryption is kind of an all or nothing deal isn't it?

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My BitLocker password is not working after format my c drive. instead i have my recovery that is also not working.
Please somebody help me to unlock my disk.

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Hello all, my issue first originates with going through the windows 8.1 store app to upgrade windows 8 -> to windows 8.1.
"turn off bitlocker because it isn't supported in the edition of windows you want to install"
I am not sure whether i encrypted the drives after installing windows 8 or in windows 7, nevertheless i do know the encryption passwords to the drives.
The biggest problem is therefore trying to remove/disable the encryption to upgrade.
The Applet in the control panel is missing for some reason and so I ask for help here.
I have seen some guides which rely on this applet which is usually situated between auto play and colour management.
I would like to remove/disable the encryption for the upgrade, or confirm the idea that if i disconnect the two drives that are encrypted i could upgrade the OS to 8.1 and wouldn't need to worry about the encryption.
The concern is that the 8.1 OS would not read the drives hence the upgrading message.
My specs are this , related to Bitlocker:
Windows 8 64bit - standard (non-enterprise, pro)Hard drives:1 X 128GB SSD - C:/ windows installed here ** NOT ENCRYPTED **1 X 2TB HDD - D:/ + E:/ **ENCRYPTED**1 X 3TB HDD - F:/ **ENCRYPTED**

Answer:Win 8.1 Upgrade: Bitlocker Encryption Control App Missing

To turn off bitlocker:

BitLocker Auto-unlock - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Also through an elevated powershell command you could try:
Disable-BitLocker -MountPoint "C:"
Hope that helps!


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New to this forum, and this is my first thread. Please provide me with some help if possible.

So my problem is the following: Kept getting BSODs from some driver inflicting with ntkernel according to whocrashed and bluescreenview. Anyways, disabled my network card as I thought that was faulty, updated all my drivers and checked my ram with memtest just to be sure. Was still getting the BSODs.

Decided to use driver verifier to see which driver that caused this. Bad idea. Turns out that one of the drivers indeed was faulty, but now I'm getting blue screen before I can even log in to windows. Tried to boot into safe mood a thousand times by repeatedly pressing F8 and shift+F8 to no avail. Thought that I then could turn of driver verifier from the command prompt, but No! (Since if I could turn this of the BSOD before system start would then stop since the purpose of windows driver verifier is to force the faulty drivers to create BSOD).

Then downloaded EaseUS Recovery Essentials to see if that could help. Turns out that my ENCRYPTED (bitlocker) which my operating system is on, can't be found because I'm assuming that the change in boot order previously when running memtest disabled it.

Now had to find my win8 installation CD to force it into safe mode alternatively to re-install it, but to no avail. It says that the hard-drive is still locked even though I've got the key in a USB stick attached to the computer and even though I manually put in the recovery key. Was now to... Read more

Answer:Re-installing win8 with bitlocker encryption enabled on old OS.

Just realized I posted in the win 7 forum instead of the win8 forum. My apologies.

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I just installed Win10 Pro and I love it.
When I enabled BitLocker, I selected to encrypt the Entire drive instead of the Used Space because I just feel I am safer with encrypting the entire drive. And my drive is not new. It had Win7 running before.

So I did a clean install of Win10 pro with BitLocker enabled to set to encrypt the ENTIRE drive.
The encryption process took 7 hours to complete on a 300GB internal disk drive

When I had Win7 (and even Win8.1), it did not take that long to encrypt and I have the same exact internal drive.
In Win7, the whole process took 1 hour. And with Win8.1 took a bit more time, but not 7 hours...

Why is entire disk encryption takes this long on Win10?

And also, I do not have a whole lot of programs installed. I have like 6 programs installed and there not that huge in size.

Answer:BitLocker Encryption process VERY Slow on Win10

win10freak said:

Why is entire disk encryption takes this long on Win10?

I don't know why this is, but it is ULTRA SLOW indeed. I recently bought a WD Blue 4 TB drive and Bitlocker is already encrypting it for more than 50 hours and is still at only at 68.3%.

According to the Windows Taskmanager the Bitlocker process is using the drive at 100%, constantly reading off and writing on it at 7-15 MB/s. I don't know about the mechanics of a harddrive, but running at 100% for 75 hours (>3 days!) isn't going to improve its health.

I chose the offered new encryption XTS-AES.

In the past, encrypting a whole drive always took some time, but even with drives as big as 3 TB it never took more than 24 hours.

I guess it is some kind of bug and i hope that Microsoft will fix it.


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Hi guys,

I'm seeking full-disk encryption software. I want to encrypt the volume that my Windows installation is on.

First of all, does Bitlocker come on the home edition of Windows 8.1? I recall on previous versions it was only available in the Pro editions.

However, I would prefer to use an open-source disk encryption solution. I've searched but I have not found any that can encryption the Windows installation volume, the ones I found (such as TrueCrypt) can only set up additional encrypted partitions which is no good for me.

Anyone got any ideas or solutions they would recommend?

Thank you

Answer:Full Disk Encryption - alternative to bitlocker

Hi DiskCrypt, Welcome to EightForums.

Bitlocker doesn't come in the home edition as far as i am aware.

TrueCrypt Can't do full disk encryption in windows 8 (It can on windows 7 - Encrypt and Decrypt - Add to Context Menu - Page 2 - Windows 7 Help Forums)

If i get chance i will see if i can find an alternative for Windows 8 Home edition tomorrow.


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I have Win 10 Pro and I set the Encryption method in Group Policy as being XTS-AES 256 instead of the default XTS-AES 128. Is XTS-AES 256 more secure than XTS-AES 128?

Answer:New BitLocker Encryption Settings in version 1511?

Hello win10freak,

XTS-AES 256 uses 256-bit encryption vs 128-bit encryption with XTS-AES 128. 256 is more secure.

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Hello,I am attempting to use BitLocker on my X61 Tablet ThinkPad but have run across an error message that is preventing me from initializing the BitLocker encryption. The message reads as follows: "Your system is not configured to use BitLocker Drive Encryption. If there is a bootable CD or DVD in your computer, remove it...if the problem persists, contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions." I have run the BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool which has created its own boot drive (S and that program tells me that all is in order.  Additionally, I have verified that I have a fully updated BIOS.There is no bootable CD or DVD in the computer but there is what I assume to be Lenovo's Recovery software on a hidden and unalterable drive that appears in Disk Management. I cannot make changes to this drive; it is labeled only as"Healthy" and "EISA Configuration."Is this recovery drive the culprit that is preventing BitLocker from working? And if so, can it be disabled or BitLocker tricked into functioning while it is still present?Thanks for your help!Jay Fox

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Hi, I have a problem with E460 model 20ET0013LM. I undertand that this model have TPM 2.0.But, when I tried to active bitlocker, I receiver this message: "The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on this computer doesn?t work with the current BIOS. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions."Please, I need a solution.

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Hi All,
I was running bitlocker encryption on an external Hard Drive.
I got a "Blue Screen" error that shutdown my computer when Encryption was 2/3 of the way.

I never had a Password or Key, but now the Drive appears to be locked.
I ran manage-bde -resume (but it says "It's locked").
I ran manage-bde -status:
Size: Unknown GB
BitLocker Ver: Win 7
Conversion Status: Unknown
% Encrypted: Unknown%
Encryption Method: AES 128 with Diffuser
Protection Status: Unknown
Lock Status: Locked
ID Field: Unknown
Automatic Unlock: Disable
Key Protectors:
Numerical Password

All help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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Bitlocker shows as if it is working, but it doesn't require an encryption key on restart. That's a problem I need to have fixed, please. Ever since I downloaded the notification for the Windows 10 upgrade, my computer has NOT been receiving other upgrade
notifications either. I wonder if there was a bug from that installation. I thought it would help you to know my little history in hopes that you could help people like me who have experienced one or more of these issues. Thank you for your attention to this
matter. ~ Burt

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I tried to encrypt my external drive using BitLocker, but during the encryption, the usb was disconnected and
the encryption could not finished to perform. When I reconnected the drive, I could no more access the data. A pop up message saying that the "Encryption has been paused" is now on and can't resume nor access my data: please what to do?

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Bitlocker hardware encryption with edrive won't enable to a myimage.wim image.

It goes directly to software encryption.

It worked once using Macrium reflect, but never again.

I used the MS recommended way to apply it to an image and that reverts to software encryption too!

I am using an Intel Pro 2500 series SSD drive. Hardware encryption works on a fresh DVD install test.

I then do the following:

1. I clear the TPM in BitLocker, in BIOS too, and turn-off BitLocker,

2. Boot using a PE drive and DISKPART the drive with the clean command

3. Use the Intel SSD tools to remove OPAL activation with a -psid_revert

(I have tried reversing steps 2 and 3 too)

4. Do a fresh 8.1 PRO install

5. With no updating or anything I use sysprep to OOBE and generalize with a shutdown

6. Boot to the PE drive and use dism to apply the Capture-Image script

7. Use DISKPART to clean the drive

(have even used a brand new drive too)

8. Use CreatePartitions-UEFI.txt script to create the partitions

9. Use ApplyImage.bat script to apply the .wim image

10. Start the OS

11.Turn BitLocker on and it reverts right to software encryption


Here is how to do it right out of the TechNet article "Encrypted Hardrive"

Disk Duplication: This deployment method involves use of a previously configured Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. image and... Read more

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I am trying to create a Windows 10 image for my organization, and cannot figure out one particular issue with Bitlocker. It seems that after I sysprep, and throw the image on a new computer, it then has BitLocker partially enabled. What I mean is that when going to the About page in System in the settings it shows in red "You need a Microsoft account to finish encrypting this device". The C: drive also shows an opened lock with a warning icon (exclamation point in a triangle).

When going to the Manage Bitlocker page is shows an option to turn on bitlocker. Searching various sites on google has led me to the idea of turning on bitlocker, then turning it off again before sysprep. This does in fact disable BitLocker, however it appears to turn on again after imaging on a new computer.

While it's not a huge pain to disable BitLocker afterwards it does take several minutes to decrypt and multiplied that by many computers does eat up a bit of time in the end. Is there something I'm missing here to make sure BitLocker remains disabled after imaging? These are generally on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 computers that this happens on, it did not do the same thing on an HP laptop I tested.

Answer:Bitlocker Device Encryption enabled after imaging


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Hi, I have a problem with E460 model 20ET0013LM. I undertand that this model have TPM 2.0.But, when I tried to active bitlocker, I receiver this message: "The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on this computer doesn?t work with the current BIOS. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions."Please, I need a solution.

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