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How to remove pen drive write protection

Question: How to remove pen drive write protection

how can i remove write protect of my pen drive(transcend 8GB)

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Preferred Solution: How to remove pen drive write protection

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to remove pen drive write protection

Firstly look for a very small write protect switchfailing that you might have to download a format tool

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Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone knows how to remove write protection from a usb flash drive that doesn't have a write protection slider. The reason why I'm asking about this is because I have a usb flash drive and the write protection just kicked into place and it doesn't have a write protection slider so I don't know how to remove the write protection. Anyone know how to remove the write protection?

Answer:How do I remove write protection from a usb drive?

Is it Bitlocker-To-Go enabled from another computer? I'm saying another computer since you're on Pro and Pro doesn't have it.

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Somehow in the last few hours my E-drive has become write protected. I don;t know of anything I have done to do this, but of course I have done something.

How do I remove the write protection?

Here is the notification that comes up when trying to save a file to the drive.



Answer:How do I remove the write protection on my E-drive

Quote: Originally Posted by dpnaugle

Somehow in the last few hours my E-drive has become write protected. I don;t know of anything I have done to do this, but of course I have done something.

How do I remove the write protection?

Open "Computer", right click on drive E: and select Properties, choose the Security tab at the top, click on the Edit button, you can change permissions there.

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Hello Everybody,My Iball 4 gb pen drive has become write protected, so i cannot format, add or delete files from it. I confirm that there is no switch to make the protection off.Please let me know if there is any way through which i can remove write protection and use my usb device as i was using before.Thanks & Regards,Yogesh

Answer:Remove write protection on pen drive.

This utility should work: will format your drive, so you will loose the data, but it should remove any kind of write protection. So just backup the files first and then try this.

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I got a USB drive from HP with Windows 10 as a recovery. I'm trying to remove the write-protect on it and tried many ways but I cant. Is there a way to do it?

Answer:How to Remove Write-Protection from an OEM USB Drive?

Hi yahanna
Please try this:
Open a command prompt AS ADMIN
type DISKPART press <enter>
type LIST VOLUME press <enter>
type SELECT VOLUME X, where X is the volume number you want to remove the write protect from.
you will see a prompt that the write protect has been removed
type EXIT press <enter>
That's it and Good luck!

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I am not sure if this is the write place to post this message if not then please tell me where to I have a 2GB EMTEC U3 Smart Drive USB Device (PEN DRIVE). It is write protected, I want to remove write protection. Please tell me how to do it. I have tried to look for it on the internet but nothing seems to be working I tried changing registry but that too didn't work. Can't make any changes to the drive.Can't format it cant copy or paste. Please give me a detailed reply with all the possible solutions for this problem.


Answer:Remove Write Protection (USB Drive)

Have you looked carefully on the sides of your flash for any small levers or a button maybe that can be switched to remove your protection.

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Cant write to HDD on win7 keeps saying "the disk is write protected"  Drive is in a removable IDE caddy, I put the drive in a USB caddy and was able to format the drive, but still get the same error when i try to write to it, I took ownership of the drive and it shows me as the owner. The drive was used in XP previously but i no longer have an XP system since upgrading to Win7. I have removed the partition with Paragon drive copy and re partitioned the drive, renamed the drive but still gives the same error.

Answer:how can i remove write protection from a Hard drive

Hello,This problem may happens if the hard drive is corrupted. Try to run the on this disk:1. Click “Start”, and click “Computer”.2. Right-click the problem disk drive, and then click "Properties".3. Click the "Tools" tab, and then, under "Error-checking", click "Check" Now. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
Note: Check for both file errors and physical errors, by selecting both “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.
4. Click "Start".If on error was found, move to the next steps:1. Click start, type in regedit to open registry edit.2. Navigate to the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control Right click on control and create new key. Name it as StorageDevicePolicies . (Copy and paste it from here if possible) Now click on StorageDevicePolicies and in right side pan right click and select create new dword and name it as WriteProtect. Double click on it and set its value to 0.Thomas77

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How to Remove Write Protection on Flash Drive

I have looked up and tried a few ways to remove "Write Protection" and yet still has no effect
Ways I've tried
1iskpart (Windows) Disable
2:Registry Adjustment (Windows)
Still no luck
Please help?

Answer:-How to Remove Write Protection on Flash Drive

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please help me to remove write protection from my HP v112b USB Flash Drive 

Answer:Remove write protection from HP v112b USB Flash Drive

pranjalm2 wrote:please help me to remove write protection from my HP v112b USB Flash Drive Try this & see if it works, : Go to Download "USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II)", may have to rename the downloaded file to have a .rar extension. Extract "RecoverTool_V2.00.42_M1223 8CE.exe" from the downloaded file and run.  thanks,

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Sometimes, you will come across a USB pen drive or an SD Card that simply does not let you write any new content onto it. Windows will tell you that the storage device is write protected even though you have not done anything to make it so. There is a switch that does make a drive write protected and for those who didn’t know about this, this is what you need to do.
The Switch
The switch as we’ve mentioned locks the drive such that one cannot carry out any write actions on it. You can still read the files on the drive however. This switch when set to locked, will keep the files on the drive safe from deletion and an accidental format. At times, you might be able to hit the delete operation, but the next time you check, the files will still be there. In some cases, the storage device might be actually broken physically or corrupted and in those cases, nothing can be done, however, in any other case, there are ways around the problem.

Regedit.exe is the executable software you will need for this and it runs on any version of Windows XP or later. Just type regedit in the search bar of the start menu and it should appear right at the top as the first option. It looks a lot like the File Explorer and therefore, you can use the left pane and navigate to “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies “. Once there, double click on the WriteProtect value. Now, you can change the... Read more

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How to remove write protection from sandisk pen drive in windows 7Please help!

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I have a simple question to which I cannot get a simple answer.

I went to My Computer (XP), double clicked on my MP3 Player drive icon,
double clicked on the Internet Storage icon and then came to several folders, including the Music folder. I double clicked on Music folder and several sub folders came to the screen including a PLAYLISTS FOLDER. The problem is that the Playlists folder has several files which I did NOT create, labelled Playlist (1), (2) and (3).

I deleted Playlist (1) with no problem, however, when I went to delete Playlist (2) and Playlist (3) a message came up that it:

" cannot be deleted because it is write protected. Remove the write protection".

Another terrific Microsoft message which doesn't tell you what to do, which is why I will shortly install Linux on my computer.

I tried to get help in the "help" file, which is generally useless. It is not even listed in the glossary under "write protection" how to do this.

I went to the "help" file in Microsoft Word. It says to select the tools menu and click the option which says remove write protection. The only problem, is that this seems to only apply to this word processor, because when I click "tools" on the menu above the above folder opened in My Computer, there is no such option.

I clicked on "properties" for the option there either.

Is there someone out there who can instruct me how to perform this simple task, ... Read more

Answer:How do I remove "write protection" from a sub folder on a drive in My Computer?

Well...what you describe is unusual...and Microsoft has nothing to do with the manner in which a manufacturer sets up the native folders on an .mp3 player.

My experience with such folders (any and all) is that they are deleteable, like any other file.

If the folders cannot be deleted in either normal or safe mode...I would simply do firmware update. Should be avaiable at website of player maker.

You could also try a product like Revo Uninstaller.

You could also entertain the idea that...the folders may be viewed that way because of some problem with the drive (such as bad sectors) and try to run the chkdsk /r command on the player from My Computer/Properties.


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I want to remove the write protection on a WD external hard drive. I think the problem started when a particular letter was assigned to the that drive. Another person had a similar problem and he solved it by changing the drive properties to USB enumerator. However, I can't figure out how to do that.

Can someone explain what this is and how to change the drive properties to USB enumerator? Or else how to unassign the drive letter for this hard drive?


Answer:[SOLVED] How to remove write protection on a WD external drive

Take ownership of the files inside the drive. Windows 7 Take Ownership & Grant Permissions to Access Files & Folder
To enumerate the drive, you would have to edit the registry, we do not suggest this.

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I'm running 32 bit Microsoft XP Home, SP3
The Thumb is a 32gb Kingston DataTraveler

An AVI file was somehow corrupted when I moved it to my thumb drive. Whenever I tried to delete it, I just got an alert that it was corrupt and unreadable (I can't remember the exact error) and then my computer would freeze and I would have to hard restart.
The thumb is in FAT32 format so the hard restart is what I think caused further problems. When it reboots, my computer runs a check disk on the thumb drive "for consistency" and reports that the AVI is corrupt. I tried to reformat the thumb which just caused a crash and now when I try to modify its contents or name it says it can't because it's write protected.

Things I've tried:

Found quick tutorial on how to modify registry value to disable write protection. I had to create the folder "StorageDevicePolicies" Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Control>, then clicked on WriteProtect and set the value from 1 to 0. I clicked on a download in the tutorial that installed the folder. This worked but I was still unable to deal with the corrupt files. I tried to reformat again, it crashed, and now it is write protected again and changing the registry value doesn't help.

I included a screen cap of the StorageDevicePolicies folder contents, so if you know what you're doing please take a look at it.

After that I tried setting the value to 1 while the tumb was connected, ejecting the thumb, resta... Read more

Answer:Can't remove write protection or corrupt files from thumb drive

safe mode Unlocker didn't work

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  hey bro help me solve this problem. I m unable to remove usb write protection from my flash drive in win7 using given solution. what should i do please suggest as fast as u can

Answer:unable to remove usb write protection frrom my sandisk flash drive in windows 7

Using given solution? Is url reference missing that you meant to include?As far as this flash drive goes... I would backup the contents of it to a hard drive or another flash drive before making any attempts to make it read/write enabled again.Then once you have backed up the data on it, delete the partition on this drive if allowed. Then create a new partition and format that partition. But with write protection enabled you might not be able to do this. However if the flash drive is simply corrupt you may be able to delete the partition and create new and format fresh.Given the price of flash drives these days I wouldnt spend too much trouble with trying to fix it. Some flash drives when they fail internally no longer accept write requests, and your lucky that they will even read.I am assuming that this USB flash drive doesnt have a slide switch like some USB flash drives have to make them write protected.

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no ways explained in the internet helps

Answer:i can't remove write protection from my usb.

What model drive is this?Some have a write protect switch that allows for you to enable/disable write protection. If this drive was one that you got for free with demo software etc on it or one that came from a computer manufacturer with system recovery software on it, then it may be a 1 time write device.I have seen people get the USB sticks at conventions with no intent to use the info that is on them, they then get home and try to format the flash stick and to their surprise it can not be formatted and files cant be deleted from it.If its a flash stick that all of a sudden write protected itself and its not one with write protection switch feature, then the stick is likely damaged and I would copy the data off of it to hard drive etc since it still may read fine, but unable to write to this device because of a failure.

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So my harddrive crashed, I replaced it with one from however it had no operating system so I bought windows 10 at best buy, it comes on a 16gig usb 3.0 flash drive. I have it all running good it's just that I want to use this flash drive for personal things but I can't remove the write protection from it, I've tried multiple tutorials and how to videos with no luck. Im running windows 10 home edition, and I do have a laptop running linux mint if you know a Linux program that could handle it for me...thanks in advance.

Answer:Remove write protection

I would keep that drive as it is, USB pendrives are cheap enough and you may need that one to reinstall/repair your windows.
On the other hand, most Linux distros come with some kind of partition manager which should be able to erase any USB unless it has hardware lock.

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So my harddrive crashed, I replaced it with one from however it had no operating system so I bought windows 10 at best buy, it comes on a 16gig usb 3.0 flash drive. I have it all running good it's just that I want to use this flash drive for personal things but I can't remove the write protection from it, I've tried multiple tutorials and how to videos with no luck. Im running windows 10 home edition, and I do have a laptop running linux mint if you know a Linux program that could handle it for me...thanks in advance.

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photos in a folder have write-protection on them. All photos taken with same camera same day, some are write protected and some not. I cannot copy to another media. How do remove?

Answer:how do you remove the write-protection on a p

try exploring them by winzip or winrar... just a hit n trial :/

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I need 30,000 songs in one dir. xp say i need to remove write protection it will let me put 12,430 songs in and stops ...I can start a new dir. and it will to it again after 12,430 songs ...I do a entertainment show DJ and Karaoke need this for the program databaseThanks Guys

Answer:please remove the write protection

Memphisdog......  Why is it so important that all 30,000 songs be in the same directory ........ Wouldn't 3 10k directories work ?dl65  

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Can anyone please tell me how to remove the write protection from a CD-RW?

Answer:Remove Write Protection From CD-RW.

try this please

Copy the files off the CD into a temp directory on your hard drive.
Erase the CD-R[W] media. Write the files back onto the CD-R[W] media
but this time do NOT finalize the session so you can add subsequent
sessions to mark files as deleted (the TOC in the new session marks the
old file as deleted but that doesn't physically remove the file but
instead just removes access to it).

If you want the CD-RW (must be writable) to act like a big floppy, you
need to get CD burning software that supports UDF (universal data
format) packet writing, like InCD from Nero or DirectCD from Easy CD
Creator. Click to expand...

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I transferred data from my computer to my external hard drive, and when I tried to open the files on the hard drive they were all there but only contained write protected data instead.

Answer:How do you remove write protection

Then presumably you used their backup software. I am none too familiar with their particular software package but maybe you are not supposed to view files on there - just restore them when necessary.If you had no software on the external and manually copied over instead then that would be a different matter - you would expect to be able to view the files.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Several months ago, I burned 4 ISO images onto DVD's with a program called PowerISO PowerISO - Create, Burn, Mount, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive. Upon my discoveries recently, I realized the sizes of the ISO images were intended to be burned on CD's, not DVD's. I investigated if I could format them, but two problems have showed up in discovery:

1.) When I attempt to format the DVD's, I get a message saying that I can't because they are write-protected.

2.) The DVD's are DVD-R's, a format of DVD that cannot be rewritten.

I have looked online to see if there were any forums on how to remove write-protection on DVD-R's and so far, the only forums I've seen were how to remove it on the specific storage format or OS was that it can be only be possible is if I do it before I burn the files onto the disc.

Even though I used DVD-R's, the write-protection message only appears on the DVD's that I burned the image files onto via PowerISO, regardless of using DVD-R's and not DVD-RW's (a format of DVD that can be rewritten.)

From my knowledge, it appears that I can format DVD-R's that did not have image files burned via PowerISO. Therefore, it has to be related to the image files.

If anybody knows how I can remove the write protection off of the DVD-R's with the files extracted from the image file so I can format them, that would be of great help. Otherwise, I just wasted 18.8 GB of removable storage.

Answer:How do I remove the write protection off of a DVD-R

How Can I Remove the Write-Protection from a DVD-R? | eHow

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Hey I just got my computer yesterday and it was working fine all day but when i turned it on today It wouldn't let me move, edit, save or delete any files in my G:/ drive because it says it is write protected. Is there any way I can remove this write protection?

PS. I have tried a system restore and it didn't help

Answer:remove write protection?

Is your G:\ drive removable?

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In my school the computers have been write protected or whatever it's called. IMO it's pretty stupid because we can't transfer any work from and to our USB sticks. Is there a possible way to somehow copy the file from the USB into the HDD?

Answer:How to Remove Write Protection?

this forum will not help you violate school policies. If feel you have a need, contact the schools it administrators.

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I have an 8Gb USB stick that I have tried every which way I can to re-format, but it refuses to co-operate with a message that it is write protected. Searching the web gives a variety of solutions such as registry editing, CMD (as admin) and disk management all to no avail. There's even a PCA solution, but that made no difference either.
I am not sure if it is relevant, but I used the USB as a bootable ISO to install Windows XP on an old laptop. Could that be preventing formatting? I am running Windows 10 on my main machine, but I doubt that would make any difference to the solution (if any).

Answer:Cannot remove USB write protection

Have you had a really close look - usually a tiny switch on one edge or at one end.

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I got a Lexar 1 GB Micro SD card and i put in in the adapter and all, but when i try to place music files a box pops up saying, "This disk is write-protected, remove write protection or use another disk"

it won't let me put music, images, or anything on the disk. what do i do????

Answer:remove write protection

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I have some DVD+RWs that I would like to format but can't because they're write protected. Is it possible to remove the protection so I can format them, and if so, how? Thank you.

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I am trying to drop & drag a folder using Pinnacle Expression. 1 CD has some data the other is blank. I cannot copy folders on to them as they are write protected. How do I remove this protection.

Answer:How do I remove the write protection from a CD?

copy the folders to the Hard drive firstNow copy them to disc

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I can not send my any files to my pen drive...
When i was sending a file or copying into my pen-drive i always got message "bla..bla..bla..write-protection" and i tried to format that pen drive i still can not do that.
any idea how to remove it?

Answer:How to remove write-protection?

Quote: Originally Posted by newbie87

I can not send my any files to my pen drive...
When i was sending a file or copying into my pen-drive i always got message "bla..bla..bla..write-protection" and i tried to format that pen drive i still can not do that.
any idea how to remove it?

Pen drive? could we get some more info on what kind (mfr) it is.

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I have a CD that had the wrong song info on it so I clicked on the album icon and was able to input the correct information for the tracks on the album, then I burned it so I can convert to MP3 to listen to it on my MP3 player, I was able to copy it once to one of my players, but when I tried to copy it a second time, it gives me a message that I cannot copy it cause it is write protected, so how do I remove it?

Answer:How do I remove write protection from an audio CD

The CD will be write protected and there is nothing you can do
the copy on the HDD you can right click select properties and untick Read only. click OK

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I am not able to access my pendrive. i can't even format it.
it says write protected
i have tried diskpart,regedit, tried formatting in exfat...mostly everything generally avialable in internet.
please help...

Answer:cannot remove write protection from pendrive

it have virus which might have made it "write protected".

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I'm trying to copy a file onto a disc and it keeps coming up with the above. What i am doing wrong?

Answer:remove write protection from the disc

What sort of disk?

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I am looking for software to remove write protection which was somehow installed on blank bluray disks while being formatted. There is no data on the disks. I am using Windows 7. The driver and firmware on the bluray drive are current.

Answer:Remove Write Protection from Bluray

These are BD-RE discs and not BD-R discs?
What program did you use to format?

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Hi guys,

I have an external hardrive, an elements 300GB (NTFS) WD 3200AAK External USB device.

My problem is that when i try to transfer new files to it, this error message comes up: Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

Now i tried to fix this in the drive's settings but could not find anything like it. I've had it up and running and working perfectly good on my other PC wich runs on windows xp professional, but now that I connect it to my new PC (vista 64) i get the mentioned error message. Should also mention that it did work the first one or two times on my new computer, but suddenly now it doesen't. By the way I haven't changed anything regarding write-protection or anything.

What should I do?

Appreciate all help, thanks.

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Using Windows XP Professional when trying to move info to or from a written CD-RW I get a message that the disk is write protected. Remove the protection or use new disk. How do I remove Write Protection?

Answer:Remove Write Protection on Disk

normal write operations on a CD-RW are not an option unless the disk has been formatted in UDF (this usually requires nero INCD or adaptec/roxio DirectCD).

if the data have been written onto the disk using regular burn software you cannot delete selected files or folders. you need to erase the cd-rw with your burning software which will delete ALL data on the disk.

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Dear sir i have 8GB hp v250w usb .it is write protected. I want to remove write protection. I tried much but all in vain .plz help. I also want to format after write protection is removed. What should i do.

Answer:remove write protection usb 8GB v250w

Dear Papoo, IF you are getting the Read Only error, there is a fix that may correct this.Download USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II): may need to have 7-Zip installed to extract the .rar file. It is a free download. "RecoverTool_V2.00.42_M1223 8CE.exe" from the downloaded file and run it.This should fix the problem.

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I have windows 7 and a HDD with 3 partitions. Today while I was trying to move a file I noticed one of my partitions was write protected.
After searching online, I noticed many of the solutions are to use cmd/diskpart, but I am not sure if that is a safe choice considering I do not want to lose any data on my partition. Is there a way to remove write protection without losing data? Or is diskpart safe to use?

Answer:How can I remove write-protection on my HDD without losing any files?

I don't have all the answers except to say that there's a reason that it's write protected and although I have never tried to get into one of those partitions, I have deleted them many times when reusing an old/used hard drive.
I don't know what your reason might be but if I had to try to get in, I'd try it with Linux, which has no respect for Windows rules and regulations, therefore it may give you access to the contents without damaging them.

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I just purchased a microSD card for my phone. When I went in to copy data from my old card to the new card, a message was displayed that read:

The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

I went into the registry to see if I could fix this via a registry key, and that did not work.

So how can I fix this? Any thoughts? It is a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card. It is a 200 GB Class 10 card.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:How to remove write protection from a microSD card

Most of the time there is a tiny little slider on the SD card, which is the write protection activator. See if yours has one, if so slide it in the opposite direction.

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I just replaced my HP printer with an Epson Artisan 835, but now I can't edit my SD card (out of my Kodak camera) while inserted into the printers SD card slot. I can't rename the pictures or do any editing like cropping, brightness, etc. I used to be able to do these edits with this same SD card within the HP printer, so I don't know if it's an Epson printer issue or some type other issue. I get an error message that says that "The disk is write protected. Remove the write protection or use new disk." SO........I checked the switch on the side and made sure it was in the "up" position and not locked. Still got the same write protection error message, though. I used the switch in each position and none made any difference..........

Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Cannot Remove Write Protection on SD Card

The write protection is within the reader itself. The tab on the card makes contact inside the reader. Make sure the tab is not loose. Try it with the tab moved just slightly off the lock position.

Now, I don't know if the reader is at fault, or Epson doesn't allow writes to the card while in the printer. Check all the preferences in the printer software, for anything related to Read/Write.

Can you Print from the card?
Can you copy these files to a folder on your hard drive?

That is the usual way of processing images. You don't want to edit your only copy of an image.(no backup)

Get a second card and try it.


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My Lexar secure 2 flash drive is now write protected and i need it to work bad! Its memory is full and i need to delete a ton of files but it will not allow.As far as i can tell it has no switch. Is there anyway i can remove the write protection?

Answer:How do I remove write protection for Lexar Secure 2

Possibly do a firmware update? See if that can fix the problem.. Otherwise I would think you might need some software that came with the flash drive to turn this protection off.

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Answer:the disk is write-protected remove the write-protection or use another disk.

You'll have to provide more information than that for anyone to be able to help you.

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i'm trying to copy files to an SD card but it is saying it is write protected. it isn't, it's brand new. i'm using windows xp.
i tried to format it with my camera, which worked. I then formatted in om computer and copied files over (to use on a DS lite) but they files weren't can't be read by the ds.
i tried to add further files but computer is again saying that it is write protected.
what can i do to solve this problem?

Answer:Remove write protection from SD Micro adapter or SD card

Some times there is a button on the SD Card and that wirte protects are you sure the button is not casuing this problem?

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My removable disk has been write protected i dont know what to do it says that' this happens with write protection device/media or when when bitlocker group policy settings prohibit writd access to non encrypted removable drives' kindly hepl me

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When I used my 2GB micro sd card to save my personal data it automaticlly became write protected. I can't make any change in it even it is not formatted due to write protected error and I can't change its attributes also. I have tried many ways like command prompt, registry and format it though disk management but can't. Please give me a simple and authentic way to remove its write protection. Please help me..

Answer:Remove read only write protection on micro sd 2GB memory card

Turn the Lock switch to off on the card.

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Hi, I used window at home but my school is mac so I had to format to use it for PC and Mac and I used exFat, I did format quite a few times because I'm not sure which format is good and I am very bad at IT stuffs.
Now I am using it on my window vista and tried to copy things into it, it says write protection. I googled and tried out the diskpart thing but it doesn't work when it says successful. Is there any other method? Please help me out! I'm stucked! I can't delete
or put in anything.
Also I'm using a WD 2 TB hard disk. The things were put in Mac before i formatted and put it back into hard disk after format. I hope my hard disk is not corrupted after so many formats.

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When i used my 2GB micro sd card to save my personal data it automaticlly became write protected. I can't make any change in it even it is not formatted due to write protected error and I can't change its attributes also. I have tried many ways like command prompt, registry and format it though disk management but can't. Please give me a simple and authentic way to remove its write protection. Please help me..

Answer:Remove read only write protection on micro sd 2GB memory card

Hello Talhaayyan,

Usually a micro SD card will have a write protection switch on the side of it like below that you move up or down to turn write protection on or off.

Hope this helps,

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friends, i am facing a problem with my sandisk cruzer swich 16 gb pen drive. when i try to format/manage or delete as well as install some files, it stop working and says " the disk is write protected"[recovering disk space, attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:how to remove write protection mode of ntfs type usb pendrive

If you have tried in multiple computers, the drive is probably faulty. Try procedure here

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I have tried either via the onboard SD card reader or USB card reader to format/delete data from a 8GB micro sd.
Have tried all the standard procedures using a SD formatter program and all the various Dos commands via Attributes and Diskpart etc without success.
My version Win7 Home 64bit.
I have followed this thread ""
I have installed a download for gpedit which my Win7 home had not installed as standard. Followed instructions as ""
Having checked for "Computer Configuration -> Administrative
Templates -> System -> Removable Storage Access", this not being listed.
My 'Microsoft Manage Console' gives no listing of 'Removable Storage' in Remove/Add Snap view. 
So in 'Group Policy Edit' to change the 'Removal Disk' settings to Disabled is not seen.
"Removable Disks: Deny execute access
Removable Disks:  Deny read access
Removable Disks:  Deny write access

Double-click each one and select the 'Disabled'
radio button."
What have I done wrong.


Answer:Unable to remove 'read only' or 'write protection' in micro SD card.

Since other removable devices are working fine, group policy-like setting is not in use. And if you are using a microSD to SD card adapter, make sure the lock switch is not enabled; also make usre the lock switch does not enable automatically when you insert
it to the card reader (loose switches tend to show this behaviour).
If none of these suggestions able to solve the issue, take it to the nearest service center of the microSD card manufacturer and report the issue. The card will be replaced with a new one, since these memory devices carry a lifetime warranty. Refer the manufacturer
support terms and conditions about warranty claims for more information.Balaji Kundalam

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I am seeking help either immediate help or as soon as someone gets a chance... please.

I bought a usb flash drive (my laptop recognizes it as a generic usb mass storage device) from the library... cheap I know... anyways I was using it prepairing to restore my pc... I removed it without clicking on the safely remove button and now it says cant remove files because its write protected... and it wasnt before... did I mess it up if not then how do I remove a write protection if I have no lock/unlock switch deal? I scaned it for viruses/malware etc... I can view all the files but cant delete them and I wanted to clear them off so I can use it for another purpose... can anyone help please...

Answer:How to remove write protection of USB mass storage with no visible lock/unlock

insert the USB device, then

control panel->Admin Tools->Disk Management

Your boot drive will show as C:\ and under
Layout will be Partition
File System will show NTFS

How does your USB show up?

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Dear Friends...
I have found that a lot of my friends have the problem with USB. Write protection.. If they are using Win XP SP2. pls follow the link.
download and execute the file...
Ur problem is solved.

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Was wondering if anybody knew any good USB Write protection programs that you are able to put on a USB drive to prevent unwanted write access. Basically it needs to be totally portable (used on a flash drive), and deny write access but still allow read access.

Tried searching up google a bit at work, and all that I could find was shareware stuff, nothing that was really good freeware that I saw. Am planning on using this on a flash drive at work, so when I work on infected machines, I won't compromise the flash drive when I have to get AV programs off of it to install on the infected machine.

Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

Answer:USB Drive write protection?


I was interested in looking to see if I could find anything, because I never thought much about a USB write-protection program. I would have, the first time that I needed one... Seemed like a good idea to research on so I did some searching and found this link:

Thumbscrew: Software USB Write Blocker

The author of the program doesn not guarantee 100% results, but it appears to be a free program. No mention of cost anyway. Good luck in your search, Carnage.

After some more searching, (and re-reading your dilemma), I realized that:

1) You are looking for a PORTABLE program - sorry, I missed that before.

2) Most stuff I found mentioned USB drives with an actual switch on the drive. Maybe that is an option for you ?

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Hello! I recently tried to format my flash drive and it gave me an error saying "This device is write protected" even though it was working and I had stuff on it a few minutes before trying to format it. Any help?

Answer:Flash drive write protection

My suspicion is that it had just failed.
I'd want more opinions though, not just mine.

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i have a flash drive that is write protected but with no slide switch on the drive to remove protection, what can i do

Answer:flash drive write protection

Are you sure it has no side-switch, they are very tiny and not easy to see. What make/size is your flash-drive.

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Hi there guys,

First off, apologies for posting a topic which, going through the archives, seems to appear every 5 minutes, but I can't seem to find a solution for this method which has been annoying me pretty much constantly for about 3 months now.

I have a Kingston DataTraveler 200 64Gb Flash Drive, operating Windows 7. On this drive, there is no physical write protection, yet every piece of software I try to use to interact with the device tells me that the drive is write protected.

I've tried the regedit method, CHKDSK, booting in safe mode, some program called repair v2.9.1.1 (which even refused to pick up my drive) and trying on numerous different systems.

After I've connected the drive to the system and try to format the drive through Windows, the first attempt at a format throws up the error message "Windows was unable to complete the format", whereas subsequent attempts then say that "The disk is write protected".

From what I can recall, this problem first started when data was being transferred to it, and the stick became dislodged. Ever since, I've been unable to delete the partially transferred files from the stick, nor copy any new ones across. I can read and open the files however, so it appears that data integrity isn't the issue here.

Has anyone got absolutely any ideas on how to solve this before I end up throwing this thing under a train?

Answer:Flash drive write protection

"this problem first started when data was being transferred to it, and the stick became dislodged"...

This mistake probably damaged the RAM chip inside the flash drive. Flash drives are fine for temporary storage but if the files are that important, you should back them up to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs and put the discs away in a safe place

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how to format write protected pen drive in windows xpi tried to format my pen drive in command mode which is diskpart to select drive then formatting and also it does not formatting. in regedit command i change the hkey\local \machine\system\currentcontrolset\storage device the writing option changed to value 0 but again showing write protection message

Answer:am not able to format my write protection pen drive

many of these have a switch on the side(of the flash drive) sometimes this gets bumped.mike

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I have just bought a laptop and it as a hidden drive partition (x: drive)for vista recovery. when i try and format, it says it is write protected. how do i remove the write protection on the drive. can anyone help? please

Answer:hard drive write protection

You can format it by reinstalling your

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I cant find anywhere on Google to help me disable the write protection on my D: drive, can someone here tell me?

Answer:My D: drive says it has write protection enabled

Hi nitros, welcome to TSF !

What's D: ? Is it a HDD, a partition on the same drive as C:, an USB thumb drive, the CD drive ? If it's the CD drive the message you see is normal.

What's the exact error message and when do you get it ? Post a screenshot if needed (press the print screen key, go to start => all programs => accessories => paint, click edit => paste, save as .jpg and attach the file to your next post).

What are your complete system specs ?

What OS do you use ? You wrote Win98 under your profile, do you mean Windows XP Pro ? Go to start => run and type winver to make sure. The support section for Win98 is here

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Hi,I have a Bytsetor 1 GiB usb pen drive. Cannot copy/delete says it is write protected and there is no physical switch. I've tried the other ideas that have been posted but does anyone have anymore ideasthanksJohn

Answer:USB pen drive - write protection problem

there should be somthing on the USB like a botton to press, change it and have a go again tryin to copy or delet somthing and then let me know wat does it says

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Hello all,
does anyone have a solution to problems with getting a write protection message when trying to save new files or delete existing ones on a 128mb flash drive. I have used this device on both XP professional at home & 2000 professional at work. I have only had this device for about 2 mths & now I can not use it as I keep getting this message everytime.

I have read some of the post that date back to November 2004 regarding same problem encountered by other people but I did not see a post showing resolution to the problem. Is this problem fixable? Please help.

Answer:USB flash drive write protection

The 2 ways they can be write protected are physical and software...
Some units have a tiny switch on them that can be inadvertantly moved by putting it in your pocket so look for one of those.
If not install any software that shipped with it and check it thru there.


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Little while ago I brought Samsung USB 2.0 512MB OEM Pack. For few week I have copied data from one computer to another (with different operating system). Last time I used my Memory stick in XP...copy the stuff from memory stick to computer with 2000 and plug the memory stick into win 98... as it didn't have suitable USB driver it doesn't work. So I took out the memory stick from it. Next day when try to copy some stuff on it (Win Nt) system said it write protect, I need to remove write protection. I try to format it but same result . Now it has happen on every computer and every operating system. I can't see any physical switch...
Please help .... Operating System : Microsoft Windows 98,NT 4.0 and 2000
CPU/Processor : AMD

Answer:USB flash drive write protection

Are you absolutely sure there is no switch???

I have had a flash drive go bad on me and lock itself in read-only position. I even opened it up and shorted the locking leads on the chip but it would still refuse to be writable.

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My external hard drive turned on a write protection feature that will not allow me to put things on my hard drive. It says the drive is write protected. So now I cannot backup anything.
Is there a way to turn the write protection off?

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I have recently agreed to fix a friends laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) thinking it would be a simple cleanup job. But as i boot it i get a BSOD. I tried looking for faulty drivers in safe mode expecting a root virus and found none. So i got her permission to reinstall the OS. But as it turns out the HD is write protected so i cant format it. I have tried restoring CMOS but to no avail and there is no setting for it in BIOS. Is there any away around this or does the computer need to be sent back to Dell for repair? She also has misplaced the restore disk.

Thx for any replies

Answer:Hard Disk Drive Write Protection

What's the EXACT error you get when you try to format the HD?

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Good Morning All,
- Yes, I'm new here and I'd like to for your expertise:
- I have two Imation 1GB thumb drives that I loaded important backup files on. One works fine, I can access the files with no problem. The 2nd thumb drive won't allow me to go into it. It says "device write protected", please see this jpeg of my computer monitor:

- I never intentionally created a password on the thumbdrive, can you think of any way to access the files? Incidentally, I may have put too much on the drive; if it is full, could that prevent me from opening it?
- I certainly appreciate any advice you might have.

Answer:Help! Imation thumb drive: write protection

Moving your thread to Hardware forum.

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I have a USB pen drive (Verbatim 2 GB). Now I am not able to write or delete anything from the drive. It says that the disk is write-protected. But the dik does not have any write-protect tab or switch. I even tried formatting, both in windows and trhrough the command prompt but then also the same message pos up. Disk management also failed to solve the problem. Can somebody guide me as to how to solve the problem?

Answer:Removing write protection from USB flash drive.

What are your computer specs and what service pack are you using?

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HI all, I have a U beaute MMC flash based mp3 player.The last unit I had had defective earphone jacks, and so I removed the sandisk card, and sent the player back for replacement.The replacement came back, and when I stuck the card into it,  I tried to overwrite / delete the old tracks, and also to copy new tracks onto it.However, the bloody thing spat back at me "Cannot delete / overwrite / format / etc. because the drive is now write protected.I have searched through about 120 posts on the subject, and tried everything I can think of, etc., and there are lots of sites saying "remove the write protection" but none of them actually say how to do it....There is NO clear "turn write protection off" anywhere in XP and there is as far as I can tell, no DOS commands etc., to force the disk to be overwritten / brought back into service.It seems to be enough of a common problem with thumb drives, cameras and such like to produce many posts, but no clear, concise and working solutions.Any one who actually knows how to crack the "write-protected" function for a flash drive?

Answer:How 2 FORCE Write Protection off Flash Drive

I don't mess with pen drives but...... If the drive is present in MY Computer, right click and select properties. If the read only attribute is checked, uncheck it and "apply". From DOS you should be able to use the attrib command. attrib -r *.* after changing to the drive.

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Anyone recommends a USB 2GB Flash drive that have a write protection ON/OFF switch?

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I have Vista Home Edition with a Dell laptop and TSSTcorp DVD RW. I tried to go to DVD properties does not have any security to change but when I use Microsoft Movie Maker to burn DVD, it automatically adds write protection. Anyone know how to turn this off?

Answer:Write Protection on TSST DVD RW Drive turn off?


Just for clarity, are these DVD files from "Home make videos files" or from a purchased DVD?

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Hi all

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask since this is not necessarily a Windows 7 related question but here it goes.

I have this USB drive I'm using to install Windows/Linux from, for diagnostic (using UBCD and other similar apps) and to install apps and find software/hardware issues from within Windows.

The thing is, getting viruses on it is kinda inevitable.

So I was wondering, is there anywhere I can find hardware protected USB drives? I know there were quite popular years ago (I still have one - 32Mb).
But I need something that is at least 32 Gb large (or 16 and I'll use 2).

I keep looking for something like this but no luck so far.

Any ideas?

Answer:Write protected USB drive (hardware protection)

This may be the answer for you, if you are willing to pay USD 165 USB-writeblocker Rohs: Electronics

or go with a USB SDCard reader + SDCard with WProtection switch (almost all have)

and pay the balance to me for suggesting.

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I have a 750 GB Western Digital external Hard Drive, and it won't let me "cut" data (only copy & paste) from it because it say's I must turn off the "Write Protection" how do I turn off the write protection? Thanks for any help on this!

Answer:Turn off Write Protection on USB external drive

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I recently purchased a Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini external hard drive.  I have not used it yet.  When I plugged it in, it did not automatically run the launch sequence, and upon further inspection it was not showing up in My Computer.  I went to the Seagate/Maxtor site and worked through their troubleshooting section.  In Disk Manager the drive shows up as Unallocated (black line).  I was instructed by the site to reformat the drive and assign it a drive letter.  I cannot do this because you must first initialize the drive, and the problem I am having is that I cannot initialize the drive because it gives me the error "This disk is write-protected."I have spent all day searching the Seagate/Maxtor site and dozens of online help forums but can NOT find a solution that works (or anyone with the exact same problem).  Can someone please help?  I am prepared to send the product back, but Seagate is awesome and makes you pay for your postage and packaging and I would rather avoid unnecessary costs if at all possible.  I am using Windows Vista on an HP computer.  I am also logged in as the administrator. Thanks! 

Answer:External Hard Drive Write Protection Problem - Please help!

Have you tried using the SeaTools software that ships with the drive to prepare it for use ? ?If you didn't get a CD it's available FREE on their site...

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I am unable to copy anything to my USB Stick and/or my new WD External Drive because I get the error message that I must remove the Write Protection on these Devices and I am not sure how to do that. Can anyone help me. Thanks.

Answer:Removing Write Protection on USB Stick and WD External Drive

I googled your question and here is one of the things I found.
Answerer 1
Look very hard for a very small switch on it's side.
They are very very small and hard to see. Some have a small pad-lock image that will tell you which position the switch is in.
You may need to take off the end caps to see it. May old "Attache"
Pen Drive (Thumb Drive) is easy to get the cap on backwards and not see it. IT IS VERY SMALL!!
3 months ago
you can get much information in this website

Answerer 3
Right click the drive in My Computer,select Properties and untick Read only.
'Hope this helps you

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Assalamo Alikum
Hello to All
thanks for registeration in this forum..... my first problem is this that i have a flash drive 4 gb kingston but there is no help in any forum to solve my problem that my drive is write protected and not formate and no viruse scane programme apply on it but it works with its data alreeady in folder mp3 songs but nothing to re inter any file how i remove my write protection and formation of drive in possible mode there is no switch on it ....please as soon as possible help me...

Answer:Removal of Write Protection on Kingston 4GB Flash Drive

have a problem in my flash drive 4 gb kingston in mode of write protected how can i remove it

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Dear Forum,

I have enquired with a few different sources and think this is the best forum.

I am after some information as to how to change the properties of a write protected USB External Hard Disk Drive.

I am some what confused as to the information that I have been provided and do not know how to do it in plain English and if it looks correct to the professionals on here.

This was my question:

What back up would you suggest?
I also have an issue with a USB 2GB Removable Disk that is write protected how do I change that property?
I have tried connecting it to different computers and it still comes up with the same message that the external drive is write protected.
I do not know how to make a drive write protected.
I have noticed that some of the items have .xml and it was used for a back up program for Memeo that came with another USB External hard drive.!285
I also wish to know how you could gain the zip.up file.
If you require any further information, please let me know.
I am only new to computers. I would like to use the disk again, preferably not loosing any data.

This is what I have received:

a. Click start, type in regedit in the search bar and hit enter.

b. Navigate to the following registry location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\StorageDevicePolicies

c. Click on StorageDevicePolicies and on the right-hand side there should be ... Read more

Answer:Write protection on USB External Hard Disk drive - with XML properties

Here's the easy way:
How To Enable Write Protection Of USB Devices Under Windows -

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so I'm doing the GPT conversion on a laptop booted into windows.
I run /convert /allowfullos
it creates the new partition but from there i get the message saying the disk cannot be written to because it is write protected. Please remove the write protection from the volume in the drive \device\harddiskVolume6
this appears to be the new partition that is created during the conversion.

i've tried using disk part to remove the write protection in the partition but this fails, i doubt the main HD is write protected as then i wouldnt be able to write anything to the C drive.

not sure what else to do here, if i continue the conversion fails and revers back (removes partition)
any ideas?

thank you in advance

Answer:MBR2GPT conversion error "please remove the write protection"

Have you tried it from PE?

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Hello all,
I've recently moved my media hard drive to an external for greater portability. I've noticed that whenever I restart my machine or cycle the power on the external all the drives are set to a Write Protection mode.
I've set the security settings to give all users administrative access, but it still sets it to readonly.
I've restorted to using the CMD to remove the protection manually, but I'm looking for something more permanent or simple.  I've little to no experience with Batch files, but my old room mate used them extensively and the idea came to mind of using
one to reset the readonly status of the partitions.  
I use the list of commands in CMD here
Then I repeat this for partitions 4-7.  
If anyone knows a permanent solution or can show me the script/commands to type for a batch file I'd be very thankful.

Answer:Win7 Write Protection removal for external hard drive and batch files



You could run the command to unlock the external hard drivers. The commands are correct. When running the batch file, please right click it and run as administrator.


Regarding the Write Protection issue, please check if there is any jumper which is located next to or near the cable connector port to set write-protect mode. Also,
check the BIOS setting and see if the following method could fix the issue.


In Device Manager, right click external hard drive, Update Driver Software, clicked on the Browse, in the List option, and chose the "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE


More helpful information


Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.


Best Regards,

Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I want to remove my music from my "phone" after I have copied it to my SD Card. Now it is in duplicate on my cell phone.

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Hi, After weeks of trying to get an answer to this problem without any assistance, either online or here (what's the use of a warranty when there's no customer service to speak of?) I tried transferring some files to my flash drive a day ago. The thing that happened now was that the transfer started out fine for the first few seconds (as usual), before crawling to a halt and then stopping completely - I can't remember what the exact message was, but it was something in the vein of "problems with disk". I then found out that I could neither add or delete files to the flash drive as it had been write protected. I searched online for how I could remove this protection (regedit, command prompt), but nothing helped - to my great, great frustration. Therefore, the flash drive is now useless to me, thanks to the laptop. I then experienced that the external hard drive that I tried to transfer the files from had also been write protected! Before pulling out my hair I checked if this was also the case when I plugged it in to another laptop (Asus). It wasn't. But on my Lenovo z50-75 that hard drive is useless for some strange reason. After experiencing this mountain of problems I want to do a full factory reset on my laptop, and then reinstall all my programs. My question is how I go about doing this. And also: when doing the reset, will it boot up with Windows 10, as it did when I purchased the laptop a little over a year ago?   

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I'm trying to save an existing file (that is already on the disc) onto my disc. However, I'm getting a "Cannot copy Cover: The disk is write protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk." How do I remove the write-protection or at least update and save my exisiting file? Thanks.

Answer:"Remove the write-protection"?


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Hi all.
Can anyone help me.. My usb flsh drive is showing write protect and I can not clear it. I have followed helps on the net doing the thing in CDM etc but I can not clear the 'Current write protect' the write protect is cleared but the one above it saying current will not clear. I have also set regedit to zero way of trying to clear this fault. I can not format it in cdm either due to an I/O error. but the flash works ok I can read files no problem. Any help? Please note I am not a computer expert so I would kindly ask for the answer to be written in a clear way for us not techs. thank you

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Hi all,
Please can somebody help me, I've a relatively new SanDisk Cruzer Slice 64GB USB pen drive, which I use for work mainly. It has somehow managed to write protect itself and no matter what I do I simply cannot remove it!

I've scanned with Antivirus, nothing found

I've tried regedit - Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\

StorageDevicePolices didn't exist so I created a 32 bit Dword string, set to 0 this hasn't done anything

I've tried Diskpart as administrator -
DISKPART> list disk
Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
-------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
Disk 0 Online 298 GB 1024 KB
Disk 1 Online 59 GB 0 B
DISKPART> select disk 1
Disk 1 is now the selected disk.
DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly
Disk attributes cleared successfully.
DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be performed because of
an I/O device error.
See the System Event Log for more information.

I've checked the logs and it doesn't seem to list anything for the drive

Answer:USB Drive Write Protected itself, unable to remove

How is the disk formatted? FAT32 (I believe the default, could be wrong) or NTFS?

If it's FAT32, and you are trying to copy a file larger than 4GB, then it's not going to let you write to it due to the limitations of FAT32. You would have to re-format the disk to NTFS.

It also could be possible that the disk became corrupted during a write operation (ie., not using "remove") in the system tray when unplugging the drive from the computer...

Copy whatever files you currently have on the disk to your HD for temporary safekeeping and format the disk again.

Also, what version of Windows are you using? Is it the Professional version or Home version? Are you using, or did use, bitlocker on this machine? Or a TPM? If you did, bitlocker automatically changes some policies to read only for removeable drives, and if you have Windows 8 Pro, we can go in a fix that throught the group policy editor.

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Remove Security Protection (Uninstall Guide)​
What is Security Protection ?

Security Protection is a malicious software that will display virus alerts, also known as ?scareware?, claiming malware has been detected on your computer.
The security alerts are professional looking pop-ups and when you click on them, you?re advised to buy this malicious software in order to remove the detected threats.
In reality, none of the issues are real, and are only used to scare you into buying this malicious software and stealing your personal financial information.To make matters worse, this malicious software actually installs malicious code that puts you at risk of attack from additional threats.

You may find this malicious program under the name of :

Malware Protection
Spyware Protection

<div style="background-color:#FBEDED; border: 2px solid #AC6262; padding: 5px; margin-left: 40px;
margin-right: 40px;margin-bottom: 10px;text-align: center;font-size: 14px">As Security Protection is a malicious software which can severely damage your computer, compromise your credit card security and lead to identity theft,you are strongly advised to follow our Security Protection removal instructions below.</div>
Am I infected with Security Protection ?

This is how the main screen of Security Protection looks:




Security Protection Removal Instructions
(If you experience any problems completing these instruc... Read more

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I went to the link posted and it seemed to be nothing more than advertisements of possiblew places to purchase a memorex flash drive.

Answer:Memorex flash drive write protected. How do I remove it?

6 days of waiting & counting?

As risky and distasteful as it sounds, those flash drives are tied down with an OS, and can be freed by following the "uninstall" link when launched from the OS running on the fllash drive.

U3 Lauchpad was one such company. Uninstalling without the flash drive present would have violated the license agreement & forever would leave the flash drive boogered.

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hi does any1 know how to remove write protect from a flash drive

Answer:Remove protection from Flash drive

Please don't hijack other threads with completely unrelated posts.

Can you explain what you mean here? Is it write protected by software, is it built into the hardware (Like an IronKey UFD) or what?

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Hello experts !I use everyday a SD card to handle the pictures of my Digital Frame, but this morning when I wanted to delete all the pictures I have in that SD card it did appear this message "Error deleting file or folder. Cannot delete pictures. The disk is write-protected. Remove the protection or use another disk".It is the first time I see something like that, I have no protected the file or folder or disk, nothing.What could I do ?Thanks in advance for your help. Best, Antonio.

Answer:"Disk is write-protected: remove write protectio"?

Connect the SD card to your PC via the card reader, & use something like Unlocker click here. G

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Question: Write Protection

I have a 1Gb sd card and when I try to save some files onto it it comes up error saying "The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk"There is a switch on the side of the card itself but i have out it 1 way and another and i still get the error message.Any Ideas Please?

Answer:Write Protection

Start > Run > type ?regedit? (without the speachmarks) > Enter- Single-click on ?My Computer? > File > Export > save it to the Desktop (Always best to have a backup!!)- Go to the following:My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies*There seems to be some spaces here in 'StorageDevicePolicies' in the text above, there shouldn't be, OK*- Double click on the string ?WriteProtect? and change the ?Value Data? box to ?0?- Then: File > Export > save somewhere useful as something like ?StorageDevicePolicies001.reg?- You also need to do this for the strings in any folders called ?ControlSet***? (* = any Digit, i.e. 001, 002) ? for example: Everything is the same, just change ?CurrentControlSet? to ?ControlSet***?My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\StorageDevicePolicies*There seems to be some spaces here in 'StorageDevicePolicies' in the text above, there shouldn't be, OK*- Save these to the same place as before as ?StorageDevicePolicies00*?The saves are in case it reverts at a later date, just double click (saying ?yes? to importing these to the registry) on all of the files and it will all work again!

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Question: Write protection

Hi guys,
I took the hard drive out of a 'Sky satellite box' as I don't subscribe to them anymore. It's want it as a back up drive. However, I cannot format it as it's write protected. Could anyone explain in simple terms how I could overcome this problem. I don't need the files on the HDD.
Many thanks.

Answer:Write protection

Download and install Minitools Partition Wizard. Open the program and you should be able to see the attached drive. Delete the partitions and then create a new partition and format NTFS. Just be careful you are not deleting your system drive partitions.

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Question: Write Protection

I am trying to transfer some music from my hard drive to my wifes small MP3 player amd I keep getting the message The disc is write-protected remove the write-protection or use another disc.Does anyone have the answer.

Answer:Write Protection

Make and model number would help!!

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Question: Write Protection

Hey guys, I have a very odd idea what the hell is causing it.

Here are my specs:

Gigabyte UD3P mobo
x2 250gb HD's in Raid 0 Via purple GSATA ports on mobo
64-bit Vista Home Premieum

I have my HD partitioned like this...

C:\ = 80gb
D:\ = The rest

I have my OS installed on C:\, and all of my programs/stuff I use on D:\.

This issue has randomly started to occur, where my D:\ drive decides to become write-protected and I cannot access it no matter what I do, until I reboot. I reboot, and it's totally fine.

The first time it happened, I was fucking with admin rights, changing things, running chkdsk etc...I finally decided to reboot, and one HD in my Raid 0 Array said Failed at the boot screen. I slap my vista CD in and repair the OS, don't let it finish...cancel, and my raid is back to "normal" at the boot screen and I was able to boot into Windows like nothing ever happened, after check disk ran and found no errors.

This is still happening, I have no idea why my drive likes to become write protected, but I have only found that rebooting resolves this issue. Is it possible that a HD is failing, and Vista is making it write-protected to prevent data loss?

T[H]anks guys!

Answer:Write Protection

Vista is most likely your problem.My hard drive became the same way when I was changing network settings for shared drives and printers.The only way I fixed the problem was to rerun windows.

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I am trying to put music on my mothers MP3 player, which i have done before multipul times, but now everytime i try to move a file from my music file to her MP3 file, it says "Cannot create or replace file: The disk is write protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk." i dont know how to remove the write protection. i tried to move other files to the MP3, but all files give me the same message, even the ones that are already in the MP3 folder... i dont know what to do... please help ~KJ

Answer:Write Protection... Please help!

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