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toshiba laptop screen is on but shows nothing

Question: toshiba laptop screen is on but shows nothing

everything is on and screen is on too but shows nothing

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Preferred Solution: toshiba laptop screen is on but shows nothing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: toshiba laptop screen is on but shows nothing

Try following method to get rid of Black screen problem.1) TAKE OUT YOUR LAPTOP BATTERY2) REMOVE YOUR AC ADAPTOR CORD, that's the wall power, remove it.3) NOW HOLD DOWN THE POWER BUTTON FOR 30 SECONDS.

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I just purchased a brand new, customized Satellite P750-BT4G22 from Toshiba Direct, and right out of the box it is doing the following.

* Does not boot up
* Storage Drive led does not light up
*Only the power button is lit up, Keyboard won't light up
*Screen does nothing, just stays black
*Can hear fan running

I've tried it with the battery, without the battery, only plugged in, called tech support and held the power button down for the 10 seconds. I was told to ship it back. Maybe they should test their laptops before they ship them out. Very upset.
This really makes me skeptical about Toshiba's care for quality. Sucks that I spend $1100 for a D.O.A laptop that I have not even used yet. Uuuggggg!!!

Answer:Toshiba P750-BT4G22 laptop turns on but the screen shows nothing / remains off.

Most companies use a statistical model to decide how many of their units need to be tested to be sure to catch, say, 99% of the defective ones. They rarely test each unit. Bad ones do get through from time to time.

Not sure what you want from us. There is really not much you can do without voiding the warranty. It doesn't sound like anything obvious, though you could try the Fn keys (and I think the Fn 6 key at top) to see if you can turn on the screen.

Other than that, it could have been damaged in shipping. It doesn't take much to damage a hard drive. Make sure the RAM modules are firmly in their slots and the hard drive is connected. But don't leave an screw marks!

I bought a Satellite not long ago and their was no ritual or special dance I had to do to get it to start up.

Better send it back. I understand the frustration from waiting.

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I have a Toshiba laptop running windows 7. It has been running like a well oiled machine since the day I got it.

I turned it off to watch TV, then when I turned it back on, the screen shows the Toshiba screen for about 1/4th of a second and then goes black.

If I hit F8, F10, or F12 nothing shows up. I have the biggest project of the semester due Tuesday so I really need some help.

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Answer:Toshiba screen shows up, then BLACK!

How to Run a Startup Repair in Windows 7
Startup Repair
How to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7
System Recovery Options
How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc
System Repair Disc - Create
How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7
Repair Install
How to Recover from an Infinitely Looping Startup Repair
Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

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I had this friggin virus called 'antimalware doctor protection centre'---i managed to remove the hkeys n all that but the internet wuldn't work.

So I ran 'rkill', which I understand very little of...then, I ran combofix, which I shudn't have.

Now the toshiba Tecra 5 in normal mode and safe mode is showing a black screen.

I accessed processes through ' ctrl+alt+del' and saw that the windows explorer is not working- I can access other programs. The internet is not working either.

It has windows xp.

Please help!!!

Answer:After combofix, Toshiba Secra 5 shows black screen

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<==If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then post back here and we will provide you with further instructions.

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Need help, upon turning my laptop on it immediately shows a black screen with a blinking underscore and get stuck there. I've tried removing the battery and plugin it back again (which I've read in the some forums) and it still stays the same.

I experience some other problems before this happened, which i think are related to the blinking underscore.
The system clock goes out of sync even when sync to a time server, its goes from 3:00 to 4:00 then resets to 3:00 again. The laptop in very rare occasions suddenly shuts down. I forgot to unplugged the speakers jack from the laptop(batteries and charger removed).

Laptop is Toshiba Satellite 750.


Answer:Toshiba Laptop wont boot, shows blinking underscore

Sound like you may need to replace the CMOS battery as indicated by clock not syncing with server.

But work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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I have a computer / tablet toshiba satellite click mini l9w-b and suddenly it does not show me any display on the screen. I turn it on and I see only black. Like black screen, but "ON".
what can we do? It is plugged into a charger and I do not think there is a problem with the battery or charging.
Would appreciate help. Thank you!

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Help! when I switch on the Toshiba logo comes up then the screen goes black and I'm left with a cursor flashing in the top left hand corner. Nothing seems to work, keyboard appears locked although CTRL, ALT & DEL does reboot it. Was working perfectly one day then like this the next. Any ideas?

Answer:Portege 7010ct shows Toshiba logo then screen goes black


Can you start the unit in safe mode? Which operating system you use? Are you using it for a while or is this first start after installation.

Please write a little bit more. If you give more info and detailed description it is easier to understood what the problem can be.

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All of a sudden my Toshiba Satellite c650 showed blue screen (blank) after booting....
Thought the screen was dead ..fitted another one ...same thing.changed ram Same thing...
What could be the problem before I throw it away

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hi guys what could ido my laptop is not loading past the toshiba screen.could i wipe the computer completely and reinstall windows xp ?? thanks

Answer:toshiba m200 laptop wont load past toshiba screen.

Will it start in safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.If so maybe a system restore or a last good configuration.

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Hi guys, i have a problem,

when I turn on my laptop appear to me the start screen toshiba but thats all, still shows only start screen from Toshiba.
From the right side in front of a laptop keyboard from inside i still hear a weak repetitive sounds as if there was something jammed or something is not working properly.
I want to ask if you do not know what the problem is.

Thank u for help

Seal (Slovakia)

Answer:Satellite P305-S8996E wont start and shows Toshiba starts screen only

I can just imagine troublemaker is HDD.
If possible try to obtain new HDD and test it with original Vista recovery image that you got, I think, with this US notebook model.

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Is this at all possible? Pretty new at the whole DIY breaking computers open to fix them stuff but i'm learning quick haha.

Here is the toshiba and the screen:

Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-A5231 Laptop
Laptop LCD Screen for Toshiba Satellite C55DT A5231 15 6" WXGA HD | eBay

Here is the replacement screen for the Sony laptop(actually an LG screen):

What would I need to know in order to understand if this would work or not?

Also, here is the laptop w me holding up the screens:

Answer:Replace Toshiba laptop screen w Sony laptop screen? Same size. 15.6"

It's not the size of the display screen, these are all fairly identical. It is the connector socket and the rail screw positions that will bite you.

I suggest finding an exact replacement. If you can't find one on eBay then you certainly will at a store like this one:
LAPTOP SCREEN from $34.99, replacement LCD screens. Repair Tablet, Acer, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Dell, HP Compaq, Toshiba, IBM Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Gateway.

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I've got a problem with my laptop, a 2010 HP G60-635DX. First, a little history. This was my wife's laptop until she dropped it and broke the display screen. We hooked it up to a monitor and she was good to go. Last Christmas I got her a new computer and again she was all set. In the meanwhile I've been using this old Dell laptop from 2006 with WinXP in it. Works, but is slow as all get out. A few months ago I decided to use my wife's old computer for myself. It comes with Windows 7 and works quite well. Last June I made the mistake of trying the Windows 10 upgrade, and what a disaster that turned out to be. So I reverted back to Win7, but I lost all the drivers that came with it, so I was stuck. So recently I bought a new screen for my wife's old computer, and I installed it today. So guess what? The screen works fine, but all I get is a blank white screen Nothing at all! It's as if the computer can't display anything at all. I just don't understand it. The computer fires up, but that's it. No start screen, no nothing. Just a blank white screen.
Anybody have any ideas as to what's wrong, and how I could fix this?

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my laptop is Toshiba satellite m45-s169 i have installed window xp service park 2 but it shows half screen on left and right side and the not shown part looks black, please help i have installed all drivers but it change nothing

Answer:my toshiba satelite shows half screen on left side and half

Have you tried going back to a previous restore point, and then reupdating the service pack?:: mike

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According to my service tag, I should have a Toshiba 512 NVMe SSD drive.  However, it is a Samsung PM961.  Where can I get the drivers as these are non-existent on Samsung's website?

Answer:Laptop shipped with Samsung PM961 512 GB drive, where is the driver? Service tag shows I should have a Toshiba and it isn't on the driver download page.

All of Samsungs SSDs that end with a "1" are OEM units - drivers from the system vendor.  Models that end on "0" are Samsung supported retail drives.
They're listed here as well.

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I've been having this problems for the past few days, where the red in pictures I open in Adobe Photoshop or Windows Picture Gallery appear brown/tan. When the picture is set as a desktop background, or is a thumbnail in its folder, I can see the red as its supposed to appear. And that is true for when I open it in Paint as well. I cycled power through my laptop by shutting it down and starting it up again as was suggested to me, but that didn't fix it. I'm not sure what's the problem, and I've been told to uninstall drivers for my monitor, but I'm not sure what repercussions that would have. Help would be much appreciated, as designing graphics without red gets kind of sucky

Answer:Laptop LCD screen shows no red

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Hello and good evening to you all. I purchased a toshiba laptop from Argos this in December of last year. Here is the link:
In June I sold it to a work colleague, and its been working perfectly for her. last week she said brought it back as a crack seems to have developed on the screen. Theres no point of me taking it to argos as they wont replace it. I've told my friend that i'll find out about getting screen replaced and she can re-imburse me for it. I've got the laptop with me now.....and ive got a special set of screwdrivers, so i'm just looking for good links where to purchase replacement screen from, even if its ebay, and online videos how to replace a laptop screen please. Any help would be much appreciated, ideally I would like to order it tonight. many thank

Answer:Advice and webistes needed on how t replace cracked laptop screen for Toshiba C660 4gb laptop

There is a tutorial here and a screen here just two examples turned up by Google.

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i brought an hp 360x a couple of months ago and for some unknown reason it has been acting up, but now it turns on but all that comes up on the screen is and arrow while the rest of the screen is black. i have no clue what to do please help!

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my system shows blue screen often and also hangs

Answer:my laptop shows blue screen too often

What does the blue screen message say. Provide more details.

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Hi,Please, help!When I open my laptop, it just shows a blank screen with the mouse arrow...I need help please!

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Hi, I'm having trouble with the screen on my Toshiba Satellite L775-S7352 when it reaches the Welcome screen on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. This happens while reaching the Windows Welcome screen & sometimes it will reach the desktop before going fuzzy. It boots fine into Safe Mode.

I've already checked the HDD and the Memory - they are fine... I've done a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit from the manufacturer's recovery disks - the screen and everything else worked fine even through the first round of Windows Update (193 files) the machine rebooted after the updates and I checked for more updates. As soon as the installation of the second round of updates began the screen went buggy.

So I formatted the HDD and tried another reinstall - I successfully reinstalled the system and this time the screen went buggy trying to search for the first update for this reinstall...

Is this an issue with the screen or the GPU? any ideas?



Answer:Toshiba Satellite laptop has Fuzzy screen when reaching Welcome Screen

Hi first hook it up to an external monitor. does the external have the same problem?

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I went to turn on my laptop this morning after it was charged. The screen is complete blank except the curser mouse. I've had this laptop for about 4 months and nothing has ever gone wrong. When I push the airplane mode buttons the pop up box is visible, but nothing else. I'm not very computer savy and have no idea what to do.&lt;br&gt;Help?

Answer:Laptop shows black screen with only mouse

Hi BonkerzMommy13, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read your thread on your HP Notebook and getting a blank or black screen on startup. Try performing a hard reset. When performing a hard reset please note remove any and all USB devices, and remove memory cards from the card reader slot. Disconnect all non-essential devices. If that does not help try to turn on the computer you start to press F11 repeatedly till the menu opens. You can do a system restore. I would be happy to assist if needed as there are many models of HP I would need the model number. How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Please respond with which Operating System you are running:Which Windows Operating System am I running?Please let me know. Thanks.

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I believe this computer overheated and the video card which is integrated is now bad, I plugged it up to a external monitor and I got nothing, it wouldn't even switch to it. Supposedly it was on and it was laying on the bed for a long time. What you guys think?

thanx for help guys

Answer:Laptop shows weird screen on power

Looks like your monitor is dead or the video card is dead. Either way repair will probably cost just as much as a new laptop (unless it is a brand new one, in which case it would be under warranty and would be free to fix).

You can't see it on other monitors because you have to switch the video feed from local (the laptop monitor) to an external monitor. Meaning the video feed would be sent through the 15 pin blue connector on the back instead of through the monitor connected to the laptop.

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i upgraded my HP G60t-500 laptop to Windows 8 last week
everything is running smooth except when i close the lid, it goes to sleep as usual but when i open it, the laptop wakes up and only shows a black screen

anyone know how to fix this?

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When I open my laptop it shows the hp starting screen then after that it goes off then restart the hp starting screen again..I cant open it.It only goes that far

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Was using the net-book, shut it down normal, the next day, didn't have no acer boot screen, and no touch pad. i hooked up an external monitor to test the screen lcd screen and everything was showing up on the external monitor. Nothing showed up on the net-book screen until after the windows xp was loaded and the splash screen show up. then the displays switched from the monitor to to the net-book. I did a system recovery, didn't work, tried to reinstall the drivers nothing different. I upgraded the Bios and that got the touch pad working again but the boot screen still only shows up on the external monitor. any ideas?
Everything still works, start the computer without the external monitor hooked up, wait a minuet with a black screen (not even powered on) and then the screen right before the desktop show up and then the desktop.

Seems like the Bios is using the vga -out as the primary display until windows loads it's drivers.

Net-book only 3 days old, bought on clearance so no return.
Acer aspire one d250-1821.
Please Help

Answer:POST only shows on ext. display not on laptop screen

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Hi I have this strange problem with my laptop, its a pain to start my laptop, it shows complete blank screen, with all the lights on, hard drive light blinks for a while and then stops. After trying the power button again and again, when it finally starts, my laptop runs fine and all the programs also. Please assist i have an updated version of BIOS and have already tried BIOS resetting and Power Management resetting. Also when it starts, it works fine with both battery and AC power.

Configuration: Windows XP Professional SP3
Model: Presario V3000
Processor: AMD Turion 64, 2.21Ghz
Hard disk: 120 GB

Answer:Laptop shows blank screen at power on

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

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I have a curious error occurring on an Advent 7006 laptop loaned to me by a friend.

A few days ago it booted just fine and was running well but tonight I fired it up and got a blank white screen with some fine lines vertically. No bootup splash screen, no HDD check - it's just white from the moment the machine comes on.

The laptop shunts around a bit then all HDD activity stops, the screen goes off and it goes through the same thing all over again. Nothing has been installed, updated, modified or hacked about with - it simply decided not to come back up again.

I plugged my monitor into the laptop to ascertain whether it may be screen failure and I get vertical black and white bars. The laptop had been left without power for some days so the battery may be low.

I have googled some, but have found nothing of significant relevance and wondered whether anyone else has encountered this before?

I fear that deep down it may be hardware failure (and in all honesty, being a bloody Advent it's likely to be). Any ideas before I tell the person who loaned it to me????


Answer:Laptop shows white screen at boot

I came across this link, perhaps it may help:

If it does not help then perhaps it may give you an idea or two..

Laptops really are not my thing!


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i have a laptop from hp when i turn it on the post boot is all green you can read everything but its all green when it gets to windows it looks on but theres still green in it you can open anything up and the same there green hey i said to my self it wants to go green lol but any who what could be the problem here please direct and advice.

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My Laptop shows blue(multicolor pixels) screen and restarts showing notification:
Windows recovered from an unexpected error........
On clicking the Details Tab below detail shows:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: 8B4C1008
BCP2: 9C526A14
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

I tried System Restore... but problem not solved...
TSG SysInfo Log:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3061 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 51743 MB, Free - 20757 MB; F: Total - 108149 MB, Free - 17079 MB; G: Total - 145237 MB, Free - 18761 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1426
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated and Enabled

Plz help............

Answer:my laptop shows blue screen & restarts

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Relevance 54.53%, I recently bought that laptop, at most 2 weeks ago. For some strange reason now, when I start it up, it shows the acer splash screen, goes grey, and I cant do anything else. I have no idea what to do. And Im pretty pissed off considering I just bought the thing.

Answer:Laptop screen shows splash, then goes grey.

I'd return it under warranty immediately.

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when starting up the dell inspiron 14 its showing white screen,  in background its starting up normally and getting windows start up tone as well.  but screen not showing anything.
I tried connecting with hdmi cable and able to see output on other screen.
please advise.

Answer:Dell laptop shows white screen

First thing to check/replace is the wiring harness that runs between the mainboard and display.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the LCD screen.

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Hi there, I have a Toshiba Equium A300D-16C laptop.

It was fine until now...

When I press the power button, my laptop turns on but the screen remains black / off.
HDD indicator doesn't flash or anything ... ( in case this helps )
I've also tried to remove the battery, hold the power button for 30s and plug the power cord back in... Same thing laptop turns on but screen is black.

I tried to connect my laptop to my PC's monitor using HDMI cable but no success... Laptop turned on but my pc's monitor was showing nothing.

I haven't changed anything inside my laptop or unscrewed it.

I quite often kept my laptop on the bed/pillow so it may have something to do with overheating or something.

How did I get to this point:

Yesterday my laptop was fine, there was nothing wrong with it... I switched it off at night but when I tried to switch it back on this morning that's where I faced this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Answer:My laptop turns on but the screen shows nothing / remains off.

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I do not have the Blue screen, but the Black screen that just shows up when I turn on my laptop along with the cursor.
Can anyone likely help please with this? Calling all experts! Trust me I did my due diligence and researched the incident, removed battery and plug, USB, held power button for 30 seconds, restarted the laptop, all to no avail.
Anyone up to help with this and if there's another way to fix the issue? It would be appreciated

Answer:Laptop when turning on Only shows Black screen and Cursor

Can anyone please help? It is Lenovo thinkpad

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Here's the story. I updated my laptop through Window Update a few month ago. After I updated, my laptop always hangs and shows the blue screen w/ something like 'crash dump' * i wasn't managed to read, it's just too fast ><*
So I uninstalled the updates but this problem still bugging me always.
Before I updating, my laptop worked pretty fine * if my memory serves me correctly *.

Btw, the frequencies of appearing the blue screen is just random. Sometimes it hangs for a few seconds (up to minutes sometimes), well sometimes it just shows me the blue screen after it hangs for a while.

When my laptop hangs, it seems like THIS WORLD IS SLOWER DOWN and freezes. If I was watching a video, the sound will be like 'Y...o...u........a..........r..........e..........a........w..........e...........s.......o........m.........e........' ( while the normal one will be 'you're awesome', of course). Sometimes there's no sound when it hangs, even though I was watching the video when it freezes suddenly. Oh yeah btw, the video will be fast forward itself til the part that it should've been.

Another thing is after blue screen it still manage to restart my laptop and I can shut it down just like nothing happened too -_-

I know this is complicated and my english and explanation really sucks but can anyone help me to solve this irritating problem ?
( Its not fun when you watch some drama and it just hangs for few minutes .... :�... Read more

Answer:Laptop shows blue screen and crashes many times per day

Probably WU installed a bad driver

System restore to before the update, or manually update your drivers

Or reinstall Windows

Check Event logs around the time of the issues

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Hello everyone, i'm in need of serious help! I bought this laptop over 2 years ago (October of 2008 to be somewhat exact). It's a Windows Vista Home Premium, with service pack 2.its an HP pavilion dv7 notebook pcprocessor: AMD Turion (tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70  2.00 GHzRam: 4GBsystem type: 64-bit operating systemim assuming the video card information are as follow:name: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphicschip type: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics (0x9612)DAC type: Internal DAC (400MHz)total memory: 1914MBmemory: 3836MB RAMpage file: 2163MB used, 5732MB availablecurrent display is 1440 x 900 (32 bit)(60Hz)directx version: directx 11with that being said... here's my dilemma...Each time i play the video game, "World of warcraft", my laptop's screen goes completely black but it shows as if though it is still on. I can't see the screen but it shows that it is still on by the little lights on the bottom of the screen.I took my laptop to a family friend who knows a lot about computers to see if they can fix it for me. They told me that everything was running fine, everything is okay, the ram, memory, graphic card, everything passed the test, and it was not over heating... there was nothing wrong with my laptop. They THOUGHT it could be the motherboard, so they tried it, but in the end, it wasn't. Unfortunately the problem was not solved.I played World of warcraft on this laptop before. When i first bought it. It ran smoothly and gave me no problem whatsoever. I'm clueless is to th... Read more

Answer:Laptop screen goes completely black but shows that it's stil...

I did not play "World of Warcraft" on my laptop ( mine is Compaq 6535b with the same ATI HD Radeon 3200 chipset and a ZM-80 AMD CPU )..Did you try to connect an external monitor to your laptop to see if the display/image is projected onto this external monitor or not? You may try to press FN+F4 or FN+F5 to switch the image back to your internal LCD panel if you can see the image onto an external display device..You indicated that you were able to play this game before, did you update your game, ATI Display Driver, Window update and etc since the last time you were able to play this game?.Try to press Window Key + R to bring up a Run Window and type in dxdiag to invoke DirectX Diagnostic Tool.. Once the diagnostic is completed, check the "Display" tab to see if all the Features inside the DirectX are Enabled..By the way, what version of the ATI Display Driver was working this World of Warcraft before?

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Hi I'm using a MSI GX630 and I tried turning it on a few times yesterday and it wouldn't even show me the logo or anything at all to be honest. Then I turned it on once and the screen was a strange colour, a picture of it is attached. Picture taken with a camera phone at night, so it may not be very clear.

MSI GX630:
AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 2.0GHz
nVidia 9600m GT 512MB RAM
250 GB HD
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

Any help would be appreciated, please.

Answer:MSI Laptop screen shows strange colours at start up. Help, please?

What does an external monitor show when you connect one? Is it good or does it show the same as the laptop screen?

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Summary: whilst watching a video commercial on a trusted corporate website, the screen went black (though still backlit). On restarting, screen came up normal (graphics perfect) until the first Windows XP page (with the green loading bar) when there were green and black vertical strips 5mm wide, the green strips made up of four lines, a little reminiscent of that code pattern in movie Matrix. After the Windows page the green lines turned to blue, and then the screen went black (though still backlit), and the usual user login didn`t appear. Leaving the computer to run, the hard disk was active from time to time, then before long the windows logging-in jingle played as if we had logged in, the screen still black. After that, no response at all.

After problem: Laptop can be started in Safe Mode (from where I write this), there are still faint green lines superimposed. I completed a system restore but this has not fixed the problem.

The last few weeks: A number of weekends ago I attempted to open my mouse for the purpose of silencing the clicks, but on opening the mouse half way and looking inside it made itself apparent that it was not meant to be opened (without breaking the plastic case [mouse is GlanzHS by Sanwa]) On closing and restoring the mouse, I found that initially the left button didn`t seem to work, and then it did, problem solved. But then strangeness began: next time on restarting the computer, nothing responeded to the pointer or the left click on the first ... Read more

Answer:Laptop screen shows Matrix pattern, then black...

Hi Naval, welcome to TSF, I reckon the mouse related issue could be easily diagnosed. Try another one, not USB - there known to be hassle when the system isnt working properly - and we should easily see if the problem is with the pc or the mouse.

with regards the problem with the graphics, i'll leave that to someone with more experience.

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My model 5 1272wm is not turning on after holding the on button for 15 src. Fan no run. Laptop dont come on w onluly adapter

Answer:Laptop Light shows but fan doesnt run or computer screen

Hi,Try to troubleshoot this issue with this document:

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Hello, My laptop is prone to overheating. I read online that this can be fixed by disassembling and cleaning the laptop. I did so, then carefully reassembled it, and now it makes a beeping sound when I power it on. It beeps 5 times in 3 sets. The beeps are in the pattern of 3 long beeps and 2 short beeps. After it does this 3 times, the sound goes away and leaves only a black screen, a constantly beeping Caps Lock (once every 4-5 seconds) and a constant light on the airplane mode button and the AC adapter LED appears to be normal.  I tried reseating the clock battery, Hard Drive and RAM card many times and also hard resetting. I also could not find any relevant posts related to my issue, and the few that dealt with the same beep code did not provide helpful solutions. I should also note my laptop is very old, but has been working fine (besides the overheating) up until I disassembled it. Please Help and Thanks!

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after installing Nero my laptop shows blue screen with some error message .i tried to reinstall new operating system it shows now power on the hard disk. what is this problem .

Answer:my laptop shows blue screen with some error message

gsmtracker said:

after installing Nero my laptop shows blue screen with some error message .i tried to reinstall new operating system it shows now power on the hard disk. what is this problem .Click to expand...

error message when i press enter to continue.

setup didn't find any hard disk drive installed in ur computer.
make sure any hard disk drive is powered on and properly connected,
and any disk related hardware configurations correct.this may involve
running a manufacturer -supplied diagnostic or setup program.


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I have a laptop is a HP pavilion. It was working fine, all of the sudden I installed a copy of a software that I got, and after I reboot the pc, it wont work anymore it reboots and asked me for the password and when the desktop shows, it appears and disappears after the thir time it jkust give me a blank screen. The only thing I can open is the task manager, from there I had run all the antivirus, the adware and the pc doctor and still not working. I have no original disk and I really need to use my laptop, I have everything for my office. Can someone tell me what to do please???

Thank you

I have windows Xp service pack 2

Answer:Solved: Laptop shows black screen on desktop

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I have this laptop which has been fine but all of a sudden I had issues with it. So I deleted the OS and reinstalled it, I use it for testing purpose. I installed windows fine with no problem but when it starts up and shows the loading screen it shuts off. I tried to run DFT to test the hard drive but the keyboard is not working so I hook up a external keyboard and still nothing, so I took out the hard drive and I was able to get into the bios and the keyboard works. I did buy a new hard drive but the same thing happens shuts off and the keyboar will not work.

Answer:Sony laptop shows the loading screen then shuts off

For any one who is having this problem it is the motherboard

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My sister asked me to update her laptop (Toshiba Satellite Pro C660D-1GR; from Windows 7 pro (64-bit) to Windows 10 pro (64-bit).
So I did.

Then I went to Toshiba's UK website to check if there were any drivers I needed to install for Windows 10. The only one was a BIOS update (to BIOS v1.70). I have no idea what the previous BIOS version number was.

So I run the update application within Windows 8. Phoenix Technologies WinPhlash starts and then halfway through the update, the whole thing freezes.

The trackpad wouldn't move the cursor or anything. I had no option but to unplug the laptop from the wall and remove the battery. The laptop is not under warranty.

Of course, now it won't turn on. It beeps once when I press the power button, but the system doesn't turn on. A couple of minutes later, it sounds one long beep then two short beeps. It then keeps repeating this "one long beep, two short beeps" sequence every couple of minutes.

I have Googled and read website after blog after forum post, but nothing works. The links to the software suggested on these websites/blogs/forums are usually dead, so I cannot try what they suggest.

The most common solution is the Phoenix Crisis Recovery Tool. I have managed to download v1.0.0.4 which is supposed to enable me to make a bootable USB key. The version of this tool that I have downloaded is meant to be for a Lenovo ThinkPad X200. I have the correct BIOS.rom for the Satellite Pro C660 (which I hav... Read more

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Title says it all, well almost.

It happens when I'm surfing net, listening to music, or laptop is Idle. This Blue screen used to come up once a month or so, and now for the past few weeks it's almost everyday event. I updated Video and audio drivers to the latest ones but still, no help. The event ( after blue screen) is recorded as Kernel Power Error ID 41. Whats shall I do ?

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Hello Everyone, I've been having this issue for a long time but only now I have the time to try and fix it. The situation is, my work laptop on a cold boot, shows the Bios screen and the initial Win7 screen loading up.Once I am suposed to see the credentials to unlock, I hear the Win7 opening sound, but I get no image on the laptop screen. Now 2 things can happen. 1 - CONNECTED ON DOCKSTATION (or with the power chord)If I am connected on the dockstation, The external screen shows the credentials screen and I can login and everything shows up except for:- Laptop keyboard does not work;- Laptop screen is not available;- Laptop touchpad also does not work. 2 - ON BATTERYIf I'm only on the battery power, I can press the power button once for the laptop to sleep, and again to wake-up, and now I have the backlight up on a black screen. If I keep trying sleep/wake-up, I can get it to actually show the login screen and go into windows on the laptop screen. and now everything works.- Laptop screen works;- Keyboard/touchpad on the laptop works;- If I connect again to the docking station, I get external monitor on top of the laptop monitor and external mouse;- Basically everything works as normal. So, as some extra info. As the cold boot is happenning, everything works because I can get into Bios and do everything (with touchpad/laptop keyboard/external mouse/external keyboard). Also, If I go to Win boot options with F8, and I pick any of the Safe Mode... Read more

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please help!!!my laptop turns off at startup and shows weird screen. here are pictures any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:please help!!! laptop turns off at startup and shows weird screen...I have pictures

Your monitor connectors are bad. I don't think its the monitor itself. Just a bad connection.

I take this is under warranty?

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I just bought an Acer AL2216W monitor for my Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. Sometimes it works like it should , but after a while the screen turns white. It still gets a signal to turn on and off using the function keys, but it is white. If I remove the software and reinstall, it works for a while, but then turns white again after several hours. I have XP Pro, with Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7200 with ATI mobility Radeon X1400.

Answer:Acer Monitor for my Dell laptop shows a white screen

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I just got this laptop yesterday and it was working fine. The specs are HP Omnibook 6000/P3 800 MHZ/128 RAM/20 GIG/8X DVD. Today the laptop works fine in the morning, but in the afternoon it starts freezing a lot. Then it keeps getting worse and worse. It froze when it was loading windows 2000. The worse is right now when I turn it on but nothing shows up on the screen. I think its the hard drive so I took out the hard drive and turned it on. With and without the hard drive, the laptop still turned on and nothing shows up on the screen so I think that the hard drive died or something. Also, when I took out the hard drive, I hear a loose piece inside when I shake the hard drive. I Don't know what exactly the problem is, so please tell me if its a software or hardware problem. Please tell me what I should do.

Answer:HP Omnibook 6000 Laptop Problem! Turns on... but nothing shows up on screen!

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ive had this compuer for about 5 years now.and all of the sudden i get this fuzzy kind green line horizantaly across the screen(sometimes and reddish pinkish line is with the green line) and under the green line this film comes across my screen and it makes my color disorted recenly i just installed winows 8 and ive also downloaded the andy download and blue stacks could they be the problem if so how do i uninstall it off my pc

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my toshiba a10 laptop screen goes off and back on every few seconds. when in internet mode it's fine otherwise if I click on anything else it goes off and comes back on again.

Answer:toshiba laptop screen goes on and off

It could be a bad inverter transformer. It is the transformer that supplies the correct power for the backlight. When the screen is "off", look very, very closely and see if you can detect a faint, maybe almost invisible, image on the screen. If so, it's the inverter.

A Dell Inverter:

Video on how to replace on a Dell:

You can do a Google search for your particular model number and some key words like replace inverter.

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I am trying to figure out what is going on with my mom's laptop. Two days ago she told me she was using her laptop and everything was fine, but then she left to do some things in the kitchen and came back a bit later to the screen off. Upon waking it up by moving the mouse, all she got was a black screen with a white cursor. I have looked at it and upon manually restarting, it shows the Windows 10 logo, and then it goes to the black screen with the cursor. There is no login screen either but I do also hear the welcome music. One thing I noticed though is the cursor does have the blue loading circle next to it like it is actually still doing something, and it flashes and spins now and then, as well as the computer sounding like its working, but I have left this on for almost 40 minutes now and it is still just a black screen. It sometimes goes to the off screen and have to move the mouse to wake it up again. Some people online suggest task manager and opening up other windows but nothing works, I can just move a cursor.

My first thought is it is doing something with updates so I figured I will let it be for a few hours while in the mean time I will post this question to see if anyone else has any ideas. The laptop had Windows 7 before and we upgraded to 10 months ago.

Answer:Laptop boots up to black screen with cursor, shows signs of activity.


Turns out it wasn't doing updates as pressing the power button makes it go to sleep and space bar can wake it up, still black screen. So I went into the windows recovery tool and startup repair does nothing and system restore failed (which to me screams messed up, though there was only one point I could even choose). So I restarted and it ran a disk check but when I came back it said nothing was wrong, so now I am in the process of returning to the last build. I am not sure what that even means (I assume update) but it has been stuck on "restarting" for the past 20 minutes, but I will let it run for a few hours just in case.

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Just installed Hotspot Shield (latest version 2.74, also tried 2.65) and its install was successful but after it's turned on (green icon shows) then I start a blocked website like YouTube, or on Firefox, my laptop crashes and shows blue screen, shows something like: XX00000789, 0000089998 kind of messages and BAD_POOL_CALLER message on the top left of the blue screen... And the file name ndis.sys always shows on bottom left of the blue screen.

I realized that the messages on the BAD_POOL_CALLER area are random, sometimes it shows DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and sometimes it shows BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER... Anyone know what's happening here?

My laptop's specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit: Service Pack 1. 2nd Gen. i3, 3Gb Ram...

Answer:Laptop crashes (shows blue screen) whenever I start a blocked website

Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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Okay, So I have been busy trying to get my old laptop started up again. 
When I start it up, it does the usual stuff, it shows the logo. But then a blue screen flashes before my eyes. And it restarts again.
Now, I have gone through multiple things to try and fix the problem, but I just can't seem to resolve it. 
I have tried safe mode but the same thing occurs. [blue screen]
Then I tried to start up the laptop with the f8 option called "start up using settings from last succesful startup" (Roughly translated out of Dutch)
but this also failed and the same thing happens. Then I tried to go to the "recover your computer" option, of which I still remember that from there you can set back your laptop or pc to the factory settings, something that I wouldn't mind because I just want the laptop to start. I don't care if I can recover the files that used to be on it. This also fails, but this one is a bit strange, because when I select the "recover your computer" option it goes to a normal windows screen, no text shows up or anything. Just my cursor and a nice shiny loading background screen of windows. It feels like I have tried everything and I've looked at other posts on the site but I just can't seem to fix it, mostly because I cannot set the laptop back to factory settings, because of the shiny blue loading screen without text, which is all I want.
I figured out how read the blue screen that flashes up (not the shiny loading screen) so here it i... Read more

Answer:Laptop shows startup logo then blue screen flashes up and restarts.

What is the make and model of this laptop?
It sounds like you have been able to boot into the Advanced Boot Options.  If you still can move the pointer to Repair your computer, then press Enter.

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Hi. I unwisely clicked on a Facebook link and was taken to a page which I was unable to leave. I finally turned off the computer and when I restarted it the screen just showed black with the cursor. After Googling the problem, I've tried system repair, system restore, restoring in safe mode, changed SATA to IDE, taken out the battery and depressed the start button, and changed the Boot order but none of these have worked. I can't access my antivirus/antimalware packages. It would be a personal disaster for me if I'm forced to return the laptop to its initial state as I've only backed up some of my data. I would be grateful for any help/advice. Thanks.   

Answer:Windows 7 Acer Laptop only shows black screen with cursor think infected.

Hi Are you able to boot the computer into Safe mode / Safe mode with networking / Safe mode with command prompt ?

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My girlfriend's mom's laptop was having this problem with the resolution of her screen. It would boot to the win XP login screen with the normal 1024x768 resolution, but then once you got past the login screen, it would flicker and switch to 800x600. I looked in display settings and saw that there were two display setups. One was Default monitor on Intel integrated graphics, and the other was Plug and Play monitor on Intel integrated graphics. The Default monitor one was the one which was set to 1024x768, the P&P monitor was defaulting to 800x600.

So what I did was (probably stupidly) uninstalled both monitors and both display adapters (intel integrated graphics was listed twice in device manager, once with -0 at the end and the other had -1) and rebooted. The windows XP load up screen displayed (the one with the moving progress bar) and then the screen would go blank. I tried connecting a monitor to the VGA out port and the monitor had the same screen as the LCD screen. I know it's not frozen though because if I hit the up arrow and then enter, it logs in and makes the login noise, and then if I hit the power button it turns itself off with the turn off noise.

When I try to go to safe mode, it gives a blue screen and before I even have a chance to see what it says (all I see is a flash of blue) it reboots itself. I can't disable that setting because I can't get into windows.

What can I do? I thought that by uninstalling all the video drivers,... Read more

Answer:LCD Screen shows nothing, safe mode blue screens, DELL LAPTOP

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I am trying to help someone that has a Toshiba laptop with a screen that has an increasing number of bad pixels. The unit is less than 1 year old (and the problem started months ago). It was purchased from Best Buy. I advised the owner to take it back to Best Buy as I expected it to be still under warranty.

The owner (a very inexperienced computer user) was told by Best Buy that the problem was due to abuse and probably not covered by the warranty. This computer has been sitting on a desk and used only a few hours per week, and the owner has certainly not "abused" it (although that may be hard to prove).

In fact, I am certain that the problem is a manufacturing defect, but a variety of searches (this forum and other search engines) has not identified this or other Toshiba models that have this failure at an unusually high rate.

Can anyone provide one or more references that will support my contention that this type of problem (whether with Toshiba laptops or other brands) is (or can be) a result of a manufacturing defect? And/or whether this particular Toshiba model is known to exhibit this problem in unusual numbers?

The Toshiba model number is PSC0YU-oLN03X. My searches turned up references to Toshiba models if I use the first 6 characters of the model number, but nothing if I use the complete model number, which I find difficult to understand (but then I am not familiar with the Toshiba product line). Are those last 6 model number characters significant?
&nbs... Read more

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen failure

If it still has a warranty i would have them call toshiba personally and see what they say about it. as far as best buys answer i wouldnt let them be the final word on this problem.if the laptop is fairly new it shouldnt be having screen problems already if the computer was properly cared for. so that tells me theres some sort of defect with the computer unless by some chance the computer was dropped then that might change everything as far so called abuse or carelessness.

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Toshiba laptop Satellite 2405-S201 has black screen. On start-up the screen will flash light and go black and windows start to load and monitor will not display desktop. I have tried Fn and F1, pressing them simultaneously and Fn and F5 pressing them simultaneously with no positive or any results. I have tried disconnecting AC power cord and battery and holding the start button for 60 seconds and reconnecting power cord and press the on button, without reinstalling battery and still have black screen problem. Prior to this problem the screen would have shivering or shaking lines and then start. Now the screen has no display. I have tried to load the XP upgrade cd with no results. I can hear window XP load and when I press to off button I can hear windows XP close.

Answer:Toshiba laptop has black screen.

To isolate the problem, try/borrow an separate plug in monitor.

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When lid is closed or system is put in hibernate or shut down, I open the lid, push the power button and the screen glows (sort of) but nothing happens. After numberous attempts of pulling out the battery and holding down the power button for 30 seconds, it finally came back up. Another time this happened, it was fixed by adjusting the lid to a different angle.

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen won't come on Solution

... perhaps change the lid power settings(?)... Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change power-saving settings -> Change plan settings (eg. change currently selected) -> Change advanced power settings.Angel Decoy... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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My son broke my screen for my laptop, Were is a good vendor to purchase the screen. It is a Toshiba M35X-S114.


Answer:Broken Laptop Screen Toshiba

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Any body out there have experience replacing a laptop screen? Don't have any problem replacing the screen but I'm not sure if it's worth doing. The laptop was given to me with the screen broken. When I plug the power cord in and turn on the unit, nothing happens; no beeps, no lights, not even a sigh. I'd hate to buy a used screen, only to find that the rest of the unit is fryed due to the obvious fall that it took. Any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen broken

Well, I sure wouldn't do anything about buying a screen until you're sure that's the only issue. If it doesn't do anything, I'm guessing that more than the screen is gone. Since a most likely better new laptop can be had for as little as $400, do you really want to sink money into this one? Start your shopping here:

Deal News

Tech Bargains

More Stuff 4 Less

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I just had a mishap with my toshiba laptop. I just shoke it and hit it on the wasn't that hard and now 1/3 of the screen the screen is messed up I can't see the screen fully. It has been lless than a year since I bought the computer. It is still under manufacturers warranty. I am wondering if this will be covered? I am really worried. Please can someone let me know if it will be covered or not? Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Screen problem

Physical Damage is not covered by Warranty. However it there is no obvious bumps or scratchs on the unit, you can try "Playing Dumb" with Toshiba Warranty people and see how far that gets you.

Try the line of "I don't know. It was just like that one day."
Like they most likely know that you are BSing them, but provided that there is no reason why it physical Damage, then you might be able to do it.

Apart from that... Good luck.

If Toshiba say that it's not warranty and that you are in Australia, PM me as I have a cheap sourse for Toshiba Spares.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A25-S207 When I turn the laptop on I can see a dim screen. but only if I shine a flashlight at the black screen. I was informed it could be my LCD inverter. I replaced the LCD inverter and the screen is still black. I can remote into the laptop from my desktop and see everything else is working fine. Does anyone have any ideal, what I can do to fix? Do I have to replace the LCD screen?
All advice is appreciated
Thank you
Agressor 1

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I'm trying to help a relative of mine, try and figure out why her laptop keeps blue screening. The laptop's a Toshiba Satellite A300-034 with the model number PSAG0C-03401C. I have tried checking on Toshiba's site but couldn't find much in their support section. It started happening when my uncle got a wireless router and my aunt installed the D-Link software onto her laptop. I hope I managed to uninstall all the programs that came on the disc and all... but it still kept bluescreen when her screen saver came on with her photos going across while she's using her webcam. So I disabled her screen saver and that fixed it for a while. Recently the blue screen surfaced again. After her trial office 2007 expired, I helped her install Open Office, but the laptop was still working fine, and afterwards another aunt of mine got her Office 2007 and after a week or so (which is now) the blue screen started coming up again with the IRQ stuff on it... I checked the device manager and there doesn't seem to be any of the yellow triange with the " ! " symbol or unknown devices in it.

It runs on Vista Home Prem. 64-bit. Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Blue screen help

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Does anyone know where I can source a driver for Windows NT 4.0 SP3 which will allow me to access more than 800x600 in 16 colors?The PCI adaptor in the Pentium powered laptop is:Chips & Technologies 65555 PCI (TOSHIBA)I have a driver for Win95 which allows 1024x768 in High-Colour no problems on my external screen, but now having a dual boot system I want to access the same with the Win NT OS.Any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Laptop screen driver for NT 4.0

Suggest you have a look here and see if they do a NT driver for your laptop click here

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Hi every body, Happy New year!I have a laptop with the following model:Toshiba Tecra M5 PTM51E-0U102NITIt was working fine until last time it is determined to not display anything on its LCD display. I tried Fn + F5 to switch between the LCD and CRT (external) display, but to no avail. I hear the fan rear, the power-on diode lit, and the cd-drive ejects and tries to read a cd. There is nothing on the screen, completely dark.Please, any one help! I don't want to loose it. I would appreciate any support idea that is worth trying.

Answer:No Display on Toshiba laptop screen

Try this:Remove all power (power cable and large battery)Hold the ON button in for 20secs (dispersing internal voltage)Put the powered power cable back in (leaving the battery out)Turn onDid it work?If so, shutdown normally and refit the battery. You're good to go :)

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my computer screen is black, It seems to be coming on but screen will not show even when pulled in to another monitor

Answer:black screen on a Toshiba laptop

solution 1are you using ethernet cable ? if yes try to unplugged it and wait for a couple of seconds or minutes .. if it works good for you if not try the solution 2 solution 2have you tried accessing in safe mode? if not try to access safe mode when you turn on your laptop press f8 then safe mode and then try to go in Start > type troubleshooting > then troubleshoot hardware and network adaptor... and try to restart and check if it works

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Hi all

I have a Toshiba Satelite A80 running Windows XP and it's almost 4 years old. Last night I was working on it and put it aside for about 10 minutes. IE was freezing a bit, but I used the task manager to close some windows and it seemed to be okay.

When I looked up the screen had gone black. I assumed that it was hibernating but when I tried to get the screen to come up again nothing happened. I pressed the on/off switch to boot it up again and the screen remained black, even though I could hear the fan and usual noises it makes when it boots up. However, none of the lights that usually come on work anymore (e.g., wireless button light) with the exception of the power light.

I tried all kinds of things to check if it was the power supply (removing battery and running normal power, holding down on button for 20 seconds and reconnecting power) and nothing changed. I also tried connecting it to an external monitor today and the screen remains black.

There is about 50 hours worth of recent grad school work on the hard drive and I am pretty desperate to access it. As long as I can get the data, I don't care if I use the laptop again. I've had consistent problems with the CD/DVD drive (apparantly common in Toshibas) over the last 18 months so I was considering getting a new one.

Can anyone suggest what might have caused this and what my chances are accessing a couple of files? I have had no error messages or beeps or anything - just a black screen. I also... Read more

Answer:Toshiba laptop with black screen - please help

There is a method I use of getting data from a failed laptop's hard disk; but, if you are in a hurry, you had best take the laptop to a shop that can do it for you because the method requires access to a desktop computer and an adapter that usually isn't sold in local stores.

You use the adapter to connect the laptop's hard disk internally to a desktop computer and then simply copy the data from one disk to another. You could also use an external laptop drive enclosure with USB interface; but, that is more expensive and less reliable.

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Hi all,
a friend as asked me if I could try to cure his Toshiba laptop windows 10, which hangs after logging in with the password,(the screen that shows the email address, is it called the welcome screen?) Help please.

Answer:Toshiba laptop win 10 hangs on welcome screen

Microsoft, in their munificence, have forgotten to add the usual notice to their latest Upload.
So, this time, there is no sign telling you to wait awhile while your PC to Update itself

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I have a toshiba laptop model m45-s169, after much use the screen finally died on it.  I am not much of into repairing an fixing laptops but, I wouldnt mind being able to use this again easily.  I cleaned the end of the connectors an still nothing.  I was told to try an get one from ebay an change out the screen.  I didnt really want to do that unless it really comes down too it.  If nothing else some help changeing the video cable.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement

If you don't want to sink any money into it then how about using an external monitor?truenorth

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The lcd screen backlight work fine, but screen is reddish. When I connect the external monitor to the laptop the video is great. When I installed a another used lcd screen into laptop the is white, and no video. So, I ordered another video cable hoping that this will fix the problem. What could cause the lcd screen to be white? The external monitor work good with the laptop, I am not getting any video to the lcd screen. Could the video on the motherboard be bad?

Answer:toshiba satellite a40 laptop-LCD SCREEN

I don't think you have a bad video card if the image on the external monitor is fine. It sounds like its either the video cable or the backlight inverter. If the original lcd screen is bright enough and clear enough (except for the reddish tint) then I'd suggest trying the new video cable with the old screen. If you still get a reddish tint then I'd recommend replacing the backlight inverter (if you can - not all laptops allow this).

The only reason I can think the new screen isn't working is due to no/out-of-date/incompatible drivers. Still, not sure why the screen would be white. Have you tried the screen with a different laptop?

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this problem started just a couple of hours ago....once i turn on my laptop my whole screen goes black..i can hear the starting sound but i can see anything..any help will be much the way is a toshiba satellite.
thank you for your help

Answer:black screen on toshiba laptop

Hi, and welcome to TSG.

hegama58 said:

once i turn on my laptop my whole screen goes black..pClick to expand...

Does it light up and then go black right away or does it just stay black?

When viewed in a darkened room, do you see a faint glow around the edges of the screen or is it all dark?

If it is all dark, shine a strong light on the screen once it sounds like it has completed the normal boot up. Do you see a faint version of what you normally see?

Does the laptop have an external monitor jack and do you have a monitor you can use for testing

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My sister got a Toshiba laptop and soon after getting it the screen cracked for no reason at all. We think it may of happened when she shut it down and closed it. I know for certain that the damage has been caused by a fault that a lot of Toshiba laptops have involving a Heat Spot in the monitor. I'm not really sure what it all means so i was wondering if anyone could explain it to me so i can sound like i know what i am talking about when i report it. any help will be very much appreciated

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Screen Crack

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My sisters Toshiba Satellite 35DVD display is doing strange things from time to time.
First there is a flickering of fine lines across it like its not refreshing in sync,then occasionally it goes all wishy around the edges and like a blooming effect.
Any ideas folks?
Cheers in anticipation !

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Help. I tried to boot up mylaptop and the screen stays black. The Toshiba logo screen came on. And the Windows screen came on. I have Windows XP home edition. Then the screen went black when it should have gone to my desktop wallpaper. All the sounds came on as if it was booting up. When I push the keys I hear this "blop" sound for lack of another word that is the best way I can describe it. What has happened.?

Answer:Black screen on Toshiba laptop

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my Toshiba Satellite the screen comes on the computer comes on but there's nothing on the screen it lights up but there's nothing there

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen blank

Try/borrow an external monitor to test.

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Hi all,
A friend has asked me to take a look at his mums laptop as the screen keeps going 'funny'.
The laptop works fine for a few minutes then the screen starts getting lines and blocks all over it.
The only thing I can liken it to is in the Matrix film when all the data starts streaming down the screen.
Also the laptop decides to restart itself every now and again too.
I managed to do a virus and malware scan and both came up clean
I've taken 2 photos of the screen and put them on my Flickr account to show how the screen looks, link below.
http:[email protected]/sets/72157632092798006/
Any ideas gratefully received,

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Screen Problem

Sorry, forgot to put laptop details,
Toshiba Satellite L500-1DT
W7 Home Premium.

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When my neighbour switches his laptop on the screen shows a sort of black and white weave pattern which gradually descends down the screen until it's completely black. I have no experience of the innards of a laptop but if a similar thing happened on a desktop machine my first suspicion would be the video card. Does a laptop have anything that resembles this and is capable of being replaced?

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Screen Problem

My grand daughter found a similar problem was a broken screen, but others may suggest diagnostics . If it is a screen it can be replaced, but do double check the specification before ordering one from Toshiba or on e Bay.

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I have a toshiba satellite laptop. During use the screen has started going pure white. The only way to get the display back is to turn it off and back on again. It often flickers. I think it is a connection issue. Is there a way I can check this myself ?
If I plug another monitor into the back when in this state, the other monitor shows the display with no problems, so I don't think it is the video card or motherboard. Any ideas and is it possible to

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen goes white

Toshiba Satellite Laptop Goes White

It just start doing this, How do I fix this?

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Hi all, my friends has a Toshiba SA30-203 laptop with winXP on it.When you boot up, the screen is that dark that you can hardly see any icons.I've managed to change the desktop colour to white so you can see the cons better. In the instruction book it says press the Fn+F7 keys to increase the brightness. I've tried this, it did not work.I've also tried the Fn+F6 key to decrease the brightness....nothing happens.Any ideas on how I can get the screen back to full brightness?Many thanks, Mike

Answer:Toshiba laptop...dark screen help please

It is usally in the power management settings whee you can enable a darker screen when using battery. It can also be a seperate rpogramme in control panel. If this is not the problem here can here

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Hello my toshiba laptop has multicolored lines all over the place an big black spots in random places what do I do?

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen has lines

Connect to an external monitor or TV and see if its the same on that.
If not then either a bad connection cable or bad screen
if the same on the external monitor update the drivers if still the same then possibly a problem with the graphics chip.

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Our Toshiba laptop screen keeps going black, you turn it on, it is very light then it goes black. Any ideas?

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen keeps going black

LCD display's inverter is going bad or the LCD display itself is bad. A major repair. Take it to a good laptop repair person

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I currently have a HP pavilion g7-1070us with a screen that I cracked. I saw a listing for a Toshiba laptop and was wondering what the chances were that I could transplant the screen from it into my laptop? I've done this before with an HP pavillion dv5 i believe and with the screen from a Compaq. I don't have the exact model number of the Toshiba but am hoping to have it soon.

Answer:Can I transplant a Toshiba LCD screen into my HP laptop?

HP and Compaq merged a number of years ago and there is a good chance that computers made under each name may share common components, like the LCD panels.

There is a slight chance that the Toshiba LCD panel might work as a drop in replacement in the HP, but I would say the odds are against it. You could searching web sites that sell replacement LCD panels for both computers and see if the same LCD panel is used in both.

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A friend, on my dining table, has just replaced the screen on his Toshiba laptop. The problem is that although it boots-up OK it only displays on half the screen width. I immediately thought of screen resolution but was unable to get the slider to move. The OS is Vista Home Premium. One of the techies out there will undoubtedly know the answer so please tell me how to fix it.

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When I turn on my Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop I get no screen, I can hear windows start up but continue to get a black screen. When I connect a seperate monitor to the laptop I get my desktop and can operate laptop with no problem, just cannot get a screen the laptop, can anybody help! Thanks!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1EH laptop. My laptop starts but the screen keeps black. The light of my Caps-Lock and Num-Lock doesn't work but normally it works. I think it doesn't work because my laptop has a black screen. I tried the method with unplugging the battery and holding the power button for 30 seconds and the method worked the first 2 time but now the method doesn't work. I also tried an external monitor but that didn't work. Can someone help me please? Here are my laptop specs:
250GB hard drive (the original is 500GB)
Nvidia GeForce GT 740M
Intel Core I7-4700MQ

Sorry for my bad English.

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I have a Toshiba model PSLB which has a cracked screen. The screen number is LTN154AT10 I have a dead laptop with a good screen with the number LTN156AT01. They look to have the identical connectors. Does anyone know if it would be compatible?

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I have a laptop showing a black screen and i switched out the ram and it work for three times that i tested the screen by restarting it three times to see how well the screen was working but on the fourth time i turn it on it was back to not powering the screen yet the computer was on.

I then connect the laptop to a separate screen and held the Fn key with f8 screen switch button and didnt work.

do i need to change the graphics card?

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen not working

Try that Fn F8 several times with the external monitor.

What model Toshiba? It may be one of the makes that suffer from the BGA problem with the graphics chip. If it is, the solution is to get it re-flowed or preferably re-balled.

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When the laptop is turned on the screen comes in a gray color and then goes black and then goes gray, and continues to repeat. What is the problem?

Answer:Toshiba laptop screen problem

What is the make and model of the laptop?

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good day to every one im having problem with my loptop here's what happen i open my loptop yesterday to change its speaker cause its already busted and clean the fan. I remove the ram, hard disk and battery and clean it and after cleaning i put it all back the connection, ram, hard disk,etc.. etc...when i switch it on lights goes on, the fan is working except that my screen is black i wait for a few minute hoping that the screen will lit on but nothing happen can somebody guide me what to do to fix this your help is much appreciated Thanks in advance

Answer:black screen booting Toshiba laptop

sorry guys i put a wrong product its a laptoptoshiba a100-2941 gb ram intel centrino duo processor

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Hello there,the problem is quite straightforward the screen is pink with twice the image on top of it,i do not got a picture to present atm,in external monitor the view is proper.

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