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New Win 7 PC will not recognise any DVD discs

Question: New Win 7 PC will not recognise any DVD discs

When I insert a Blank or Recorded DVD disk in my drive it keeps asking to insert a disk? My CD drive appears to be working correctly. It will not read my original Microsoft disk or any other type DVD+R -R, etc. etc.Could I have a faulty drive or have I changed a setting somewhere? The only thing I can remember changing is the Location.I only purchased the computer about three weeks ago and everything else appears to be working correctly.Thasnk you for your time.

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Preferred Solution: New Win 7 PC will not recognise any DVD discs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: New Win 7 PC will not recognise any DVD discs

This does sound like a faulty drive to me (or possible a cable has come loose). As the computer is new I would take it up with the supplier.

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Windows automatic update stalled approx halfway through. Cancelled, rebooted and waited for Windows to complain bitterly and berate my clumsiness (which it didn't).
Since then, the CD-ROM doesn't recognise disks.
ie: - when I load a disk and close the tray, nothing happens (no autorun, no start of DVD software etc)
- when I attempt to explore a disc, the disc is ejected and windows asks me to load a disc.
I've tried the regedit change suggested from another site (deleting upper and lower filters), but this just upset iTunes.
I have tried deleting the device driver, and allowing it to re-install.
I have tried disabling the device and enabling.

I suspect that the device driver has been corrupted by the partial update, but then I know that my lack of expertise with Windows will lead me to making things worse, hence my plea for help !

Answer:CD-ROM/Blu-Ray does not recognise any discs

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I have a Creative 12x10x32x CD-RW which I used for over a year in my old system (Win98SE, Celeron 400) with no troubles. Recently I upgraded to an Athlon 1000 with WinXp Pro and tried to move my CD-RW over to the new box. I installed the CD-RW as secondary master (CD-ROM 52x as secondary slave) with a 40GB HDD alone as primary master. I then installed NTI CD maker 2000.

Both CD drives work fine with CD-ROM's and the BIOS and OS appear to recognise the CD-RW as a CD-RW drive, however, when I insert a CD-R or CD-RW, it does not recognise the disc. NTI ums and aahs over the drive for a while and then comes up with 'unknown' for the drive contents. When I stick a CD-ROM in the drive NTI correctly recognises it as a CD-ROM.

I have tried switching the master/slave around and disconnecting the CD-ROM drive completely (leaving the CD-RW alone on the secondary) with no luck.

Any ideas?



P.S. the new box is my brother's old one which is why it ain't exactly the most impressive upgrade in history!

Answer:Won't recognise CD-R discs in XP

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HiRecently Ive had to do a complete rebuild of my system due to a faulty CPU. From the old old system I managed to salvege all the parts, minus the cpu and motherboard.Since the rebuild Ive been having problems with both my MSI rewriter and my unbranded DVD reader. The unbranded reader fails to read any discs at all, and will likely end up in the bin after Christmas. But the rewriter is "half" working.It seems it will only read "official" discs, anything commercially produced. But any of the discs I had previously written to (CD and DVD) - which contain one hell of a lot of data I backed up- generally cause me greif.When I insert a disc into the drive this light will come on and it will spin up to speed. When I open My Computer to open the disc, the drive will either:a) report the name of the previous disc in the driver orb) not report the name at all.When I try to open the disc the system will then either hang, or I get a message telling me to insert a disc.The drive is currently set to Secondary Master (and is the only drive on the secondary IDE now), there are no bent pins and what-not. I installed the latest firmware on the drive on my previous system, so thats not it either. If its needed, my Motherboard is an MSI K7N2 Delta 2 (nForce2 chipset, latest drivers). I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (~2ghz), and 1 gb of ram.I have also checked the DMA settings for the drive, they were set to "Let Bios Select Transfer Mode", but I have changed this to "Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra33". (oth... Read more

Answer:MSI DR8 A2 will recognise some discs but not other

If you have the discs for them try loading the drivers, or go to the websites and get the latest drivers.

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My new CD/DVD rom drive does not seem to be recognising blank CDs or DVDs. It's fine with pre-recorded or software.It is a couple of months old & I'm sure it was OK to start with.Toshiba/HP drive & Win XP OS.Any ideas?Cheers.


Does the drive recognise a disk that has had data written on it? It's not uncommon for a drive not to recognise some makes of disk, but if it doesn't recognise any then I think it's most likely a faulty drive. CD-R and CD-RW use a different process that is more demanding on the quality of the laser and your new drive might well have a problem there.

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Hi everyone,
My dvd drive won't recognise discs of any kind since about a week ago. Before that it was happening on and off for about a fortnight. It doesn't matter if I put in a blank disc or a dvd movie or a cd...nothing. It's a toshiba laptop and only about 3 months old. The drive is a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-850s ATA device. Oh and I have vista. If you need anymore info I'll try and find it
If anyone has any suggestions as to something I could do before sending it to be repaired I would be very grateful. It's under warranty at radio rentals but last time I sent a laptop in for repairs they had it for 6 weeks.
Thank in advance,

Answer:DVD drive won't recognise discs

I suspect you already know the answer to this..... It certainly sounds like the drive has gone to meet it's maker. If it refuses to read any type of media then you need to return it under warranty for repair. I know you don't want to hear this but I'm afraid it's really the only choice.

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I have two DVD drives on my machine and I recently replaced one with a newer model. However, I find that the drives will tend not to recognise the discs. When I do insert a disc the autoplay feature will not work (even though it's activated) and when I click on one of the cd icons from My Computer (the icons do not say the name of the disk) will usually show either "Please insert a disk into drive x:" or a window will open which shows a blank window even when there should be files on a disc.Occasionally the files on the disc will show every now and again and when I can get a DVD movie to work I have to manually get it to work by clicking on the Video_TS file - it will not automatically start. Has anyone got any ideas because it's becoming a real pain!!!

Answer:CD/DVD Drives don't recognise discs...

click here

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My daughters Dell PC has suddenly decided it won't recognize and CD or DVD media. It came with a SONY CRX310EE CD/DVD RW drive and the drive is recognised when you check MY COMPUTER but no matter what disc you put in, nothing happens.The drive light flickers on for a while but nothing appears on the screen and double clicking on the drive letter just shows up a blank (I did once manage to get a "Please Insert Valid Disc" type message but usually nothing).I've tried uninstalling the drive (twice) but no change. Seems to have no problem recognising the drive but it just won't read anything.Any ideas ?

Answer:CD/DVD Drive Won't Recognise Any Discs !

Faulty / loose IDE cable - check connection at drive and motherboard end / try swaping cable with other IDE Device if available.Drive electronics or lasers dead - at approx £20 for a new DVD RW drive they are not worth repairing easier to renew - 4 screws - two cables job done.

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My pc with xp has an annoying habit. If i have a disc in my cd drive it shows up on my explorer correctly. When i open the drive to remove the cd it to changes to show just the drive, but when i put a new disc in it still shows the old one. f5 a few times sometimes works else its a restart.confused......

Answer:xp failure to recognise discs


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Whenever I put a blank DVD+RW into my DVD RW to try and back up data or create a DVD the DVD RW only ever seems to recognise the disc as a CD disc. Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

Answer:DVD RW does not recognise blank DVD+RW discs

you have to use a third party programme with WindowsI use Nero

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On my second PC I used to use Win 98 SE but recently upgraded to Win2K Pro successfully but for one thing - the DVD/CD drive does not recognise discs. It is shown as working correctly in Device manager but will not play audio CDs or install any programmes. It is a Lite-On LTN 382. I have loookde at the Windows Tested Products site and the manufacturer's website but so far no joy. Any ideas?

Answer:Win2K does not recognise DVD/CD ROM discs

have you tried downloading the updated drivers for the cd/dvd drive?

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I have a LG GSA H55 writer. It has been writing Sony DVD+RW discs using Nero 7(with latest update) without any problems.The last 4 written DVD+RW disc?s are not recognised by the LG drive If I put the disc in second Plextor DVD rom drive information is displayed.I have reinstalled Nero 7.If I put older DVD+RW discs in LG drive information is displayed.

Answer:DVD writer wont recognise discs

You could try and update firmware for this drive here click hereThere are numarous versions so please check which one you require.

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iv'e been having a problem with my new pc lately, it seems that the dvd writer doesnt recognise any disc inserted but powers up just fine. It uses a sata cable.

how do i fix this problem?

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Toshiba Satellite C50-B-15Z
Hi! Pls my newly bought Satellite C50-B-15Z does not recognise discs when inserted. It dosent play any CD or DVD disc,nor does it even recognise it at all. Pls help...What do i do?

Answer:Satellite C50-B-15Z does not recognise discs when inserted

Is original Win8.1 installed on your machine?
Have you tested functionality with different CDs and DVDs (original movies)?

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I am having a problem with an extenal DVD drive which I've had for almost exactly a year now (last years christmas present)

It plays DVD Films perfectly, but I'm having a problem with it recognising some games. A few months back i bought the game "Boiling Point" and my DVD drive refused to even recognise it. It just kept spinning, but nothing much else. MOre recently (today) i purchased "The Movies" which is also a DVD game and i'm having the same problem. It isn't all games, because i have other DVD games which work perfectly.

any help is much appreciated

Answer:USB DVD drive doesn't recognise some discs

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Hi there I wonder if anyone can help?I have recently installed a samsung writemaster dvd re writer. I am using InCD. It works fine when I burn to dvd rw discs but will not recognise dvd r single sided single use discs.ALso when I try to istall nero my pc freezes and goes very odd so I have taken that off and just left InCD.I would appreciate some advice please.Many thanksYvie

Answer:dvd writer wont recognise discs

What model Samsung Writemaster,i have a feeling this will only write to +rw and +R discs.

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Hi there guys,

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ31M with an Optiarc BD-ROM 5500A Blu-ray drive. I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate but have encountered a massive problem, although my drive under 'My Computer' is called BD-ROM drive, it refuses to recognise Blu-Ray discs. It'll play dvd's and cd's fine, but if I put a Blu-Ray disc in there it still says 'please insert disc'. I've emailed Sony and they were absolutely no help at all (suprise suprise) and their website won't allow me to download a driver for it. Microsoft are telling me to ask Sony, and Sony are telling me to ask Microsoft. I have Cyberlink PowerDVD 9 which plays blu-rays but still no luck. I also downloaded the Cyberlink Blu-Ray advisor and it says I'm good to go!

Anyone got a fix for this?

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: Oh yeah, and it's Windows 7 32bit

Answer:Blu-Ray Drive doesn't recognise Blu-Ray discs

Quote: Originally Posted by Enyzam

Hi there guys,

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ31M with an Optiarc BD-ROM 5500A Blu-ray drive. I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate but have encountered a massive problem, although my drive under 'My Computer' is called BD-ROM drive, it refuses to recognise Blu-Ray discs. It'll play dvd's and cd's fine, but if I put a Blu-Ray disc in there it still says 'please insert disc'. I've emailed Sony and they were absolutely no help at all (suprise suprise) and their website won't allow me to download a driver for it. Microsoft are telling me to ask Sony, and Sony are telling me to ask Microsoft. I have Cyberlink PowerDVD 9 which plays blu-rays but still no luck. I also downloaded the Cyberlink Blu-Ray advisor and it says I'm good to go!

Anyone got a fix for this?

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: Oh yeah, and it's Windows 7 32bit

Hi E and welcome

I think its gotta be the driver. type device manager in search>go to the dvd tab>right click>properties. does it say working properly like the pic?
Kenn J++

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I've got a LiteOn IHOS104-32 4x BD-ROM SATA drive and I can't burn discs. I'm using ISO Recorder and have tried one brand of DVD-RW, one brand of DVD+RW, one brand of CD-RW and one brand of CD-R. In all cases, ISO Recorder states that the discs are "Non-Blank Non-Writeable Non-Usable" and gives the status: "Cannot Use This Media". However, it can read the discs.

The drive is new and I haven't tried to burn discs with it before.

I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling the drive from device manager and updating the Windows Drivers through Windows Update. The drive's firmware is up to date.

Please help!

Answer:BD-ROM doesn't recognise writeable discs

It may well be a read only drive.

If you do not have a spec. sheet to check, download, install and check the drive capabilities with VSO Inspector.

VSO Inspector: free CD, DVD and Blu-ray scanning reporting tool for testing your medias and burners

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like the title says, i can't get my laptop to recognize DVD +R discs anymore. I managed to writ one a few months ago but it seems to have gone screwy since then.

I've tried deleting the Disc creator software and re-installing it but to no avail, Please does anyone have any ides how i can resolve this issue????

Answer:My Equium A110-252 won't recognise DVD +R discs

Did you check different medium manufacturers?
I use the TDK CDs and DVDs and I?m satisfied.

I was a long searching and testing for me. I have used several CD from different manufacturers and have had similar problems.

Now I have decided to use only CD?R or DVD-R.

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Hi everyone / anyone,

I'm not particularly computer literate, however my desktop computer won't read discs. Whether it be a DVD, a set-up disc or even music CD's, there's a 1 in 10 chance that it will see it is there. On the odd occasion it opens, it works fine.

Currently an issue as I am trying to install wireless stick software but the disc will not load.

Hope this is understandable..



Answer:D Drive won't recognise any discs inserted

Hi Max

How long has this issue been a problem?
If you go to "My Computer" does it say that you have a disc drive?


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Hi,I have a desktop from Evesham about 18months old.Recently both of the DVD drives stopped being able to recognise any discs.Both drives run when a CD or DVD is put in them (you can hear them spool up) but fail to recognise what they are, whether they are blank or not. I have tried updating drivers, restoring from a date when they worked, even removing the hardware and rebooting but nothing seems to help.

Answer:Please help DVD drives wont recognise discs

click here and use the guided help tool. It`s possibly down to the upper and lower filters in the registry and this tool fixes it. Suggest you make a back up of the registry first though.

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Hi folks,
Over the past few weeks both my CD-RW and CD drives have been increasingly less likely to recognise any discs. (Cleaning the disc and trying again [often repeatedly] was the only solution i could find)

Initially it started happening on the CD-RW drive with CD-R discs that had not been finalised but it has steadily got worse until this morning when i cannot get them to recognise any discs at all.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it simply that the lenses need cleaning and if so what is the best way to do that. Or have the drives slowly died and i need to go shopping?

Thanks for your help,


Answer:CD Drives rarely recognise discs

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I have a LG DVD recorder/player model no. DR6921W. This is a stand alone machine which is connected to a TV and an audio system.
When I insert a RW disc,which has been used many times before, I get a message 'unknown disc--check the disc again'.
I have tried a new unused disc and get the same message.I am running Windows XP Home.
Has anyone encounted this problem before.

Answer:DVD recorder does not recognise valid discs

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Hello I have a Satellite P30, I am unable to read DVD's or CD when I try to open the DVD or CD the explorer session seems to hang for a while then comes up with a blank DVD-RAM Drive screen with the option on the left to write files to CD. I have installed the latest drivers and BIOS for my Laptop.

I'm at a loss, all was working fine till recently the PC does'nt seem to recognise I have a cd drive or normalDVD drive it just see's it as a DVD RAM drive.

when I put a dvd in the light on the side flashes orange and the system just hangs for a while .I sometimes get an I/O error when trying to read from a cd. What ever I put in it thinks i want to write files

Answer:Satellite P30: it doesn't recognise DVD discs correctly

HI Matt,

I suggest you check in Device Manager to see if there is a problem with your drive. In any case it may be worth removing the device from Device Manager and then rebooting so that the drive is recognised again as a new installation.


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For some reason, when I insert a disc onto my E: Drive, it doesn't recognise the disc as being there. The E: Drive is listed where it should be in My Computer, but doesn't recognise a disc when inserted into it. I uninstalled the E: Drive which reinstalled automatically on reboot, but the problem remains. Can anyone recommend what steps I should take to remedy this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:E: Drive doesn't recognise discs inserted

It doesn't recognize a specific cd or any cd?

Let's make sure the driver works. Insert a BOOTABLE disc, make sure the optical drive is the first device in your bios boot order, and reboot. Does the system see the drive at boot?

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When using Nero, my DVD writer would not recognise any blank discs. Was advised to flash it. Went from a phillips drive to a Benq. Now nero works fine while burning. The problem now is all my drives, (cd writer, dvd writer, and daemon virtual drive), none of them recogise any burnt discs. I can't even load them, including iso, bin files etc into daemon. Anyone have any possible solution to this?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Flashed Drive Wont Recognise Discs.

Needed to install aspi471. Everything is back to normal. Thanx.

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My neigbour has a Dell laptop. The CDROM sees files, but will not play audio discs. Anyone with ideas Please!

Answer:WIN 2000M CDROM not recognise audio discs

Do you mean audio files that have been copied onto a disc or original copies of audio discs or any audio disc at all.

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This is irritating, people. I recently took my computer too the shop because it wouldn't turn on, turned out I need a new motherboard, so I got it. It worked fine. When I got my computer back from the shop, they had installed Windows XP trial, without knowing that it was a trial, I installed a few programs like Microsoft word, etc. They installed fine. Then when I did notice that I needed to install Windows XP myself, I did so. Once Windows XP Professional was installed, I didn't need to install anything else at the moment - until a few days later were I noticed that I hadn't installed my printer yet, 'nor my burner drive. So I go and get the CD for my printer, I got it, put it in my DVD-Drive, I waited, I waited, I waited, it didn't recognize that the CD was in. I then got annoyed by this, so I put in other CD's, they didn't work either. Now I realised that the drive doesn't appear to pick up on ANY CDís, and I canít use my other drive (which is the burner drive,) because I canít install that because I canít put discís in, same goes for my printer. I needed to print for school, and it made life very difficult with that, ugh.

So is there anything I can do? It just doesnít recognise, I click it and it says ďPlease insert disc into drive F.Ē I donít have any viruses on here, I checked. I honestly donít know what the hell is going on. Can somebody please try and help.

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: When I say "doesn't reco... Read more

Answer:DVD-Burner Drive doesn't recognise discs...

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I purchased an OEM NEC ND-3520A Dual Layer DVD Burner from However it does not recognise any of the DL discs I have purchased. (DVD re-writables are no problem with this drive). I have contacted NEC and they recommended using Verbatim DL discs, which I did and they did not work. I then contacted Dabs and their 'expert's' answer was 'send the drive back as faulty'(which I do not think it is). NEC will not support an OEM product, referring me back to Dabs (whose response is as previously stated). I am using Nero 6 to burn DVDs. Is this a firmware solution (NEC do not have an upgrade for this model) or could it be a formatting problem. Any advice please?

Answer:Dual Layer DVD Writer Does Not Recognise DL Discs

In nero are you selecting the DVD9 at the bottom left hand corner?

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For a while after a re-boot, my drives pick up CD contents with no problem. But after a day or 2 they stop doing so, although when I use WMP or MyMP3 to rip audio CDs they recognise tracks and can associate them with CDDB etc.ThanksIan

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My computer will accept blank CD-R discs so i can burn data to them but my computer will not accept any blank DVD discs which i want to be able to use to store more data.

In My Computer the D drive reads "DVD-RW" so i assume but am not sure that this means my pc should only be useable with DVD-R and DVD-RW discs but it does not accept/recognise these when i put one in to try burn something onto them.

My computer also does not accept/recognise blank DVD+R discs as i have tried those, just in case they might work.

Help please!

Message was edited by: EDS

Answer:Satellite Pro A60 does not accept/recognise blank DVD discs

Try removing the CD/DVD Filters from the Registry.
When CD/DVD related software is installed (such as iTunes, Nero, virtual CD software), they install filters into the registry, which can cause compatibility problems.

1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)
2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.
4) Reboot.

If your CD/DVD programs stop working, you will need to reinstall them (preferably with an updated version).

This utility can remove the filters for you:

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I begin with the confession that this may be the first time I've ever had to bother you expert chaps with a forum enquiry about this sort of thing. I can normally get my way around the inside and outside of a computer but I find myself oddly stumped here

I am doing a nice clean install of XP on a housemates computer for her, its a Packard Bell although I've no model number (cant see one written on it). It has a Sempron 3000+ and a Gigabyte GA-K8VM800MNF-RH motherboard. That exact motherboard model doesn't seem to be on gigabytes website.

The machine has no floppy drive and there is no USB or LAN boot option available. The only boot choices are CD-ROM and HD.

The computer refuses to recognise any boot CD. The XP CD, Ultimate Boot Disc, DOS with NTFS boot CD or otherwise. It also will not recognise the hard drive as a boot option when the contents of the XP CD or other boot disc are copied to it (via my own machine).

The system simply repeats the "Disc boot failure, insert system disc and press enter" message in perpetuity.

Best theories that I have at the minute are:

(A)That the DVD drive is buggered and isn't actually reading the boot discs at all.
(B)That Packard Bell have got some sort of crap in place designed to prevent this sort of installation (at the low system level) in order to force you to use one of their proprietary recovery system options. (Not an option as the drive has been totally wiped and repartitioned back to one volume a... Read more

Answer:Solved: Computer refuses to recognise boot discs?

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I have a Satellite L300D-14G and have used a 7 upgrade disc since when dvd drive wont recognise music or softwear discs.
There are no drivers on toshiba site to download

anybody help please.

Answer:Satellite L300D-14G: ODD wont recognise music or softwear discs


You don?t need any drivers! The Win 7 uses a Microsoft CD/DVD drive.
There must be another reason why the music or software discs are not recognized.

First of all I would recommend editing the registry.
Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then reboot the unit and then test the disks?

Furthermore you have to check if some 3rd party software likes ITunes or other disk burning software would not affect the CD/DVD drive functionality.

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I've got a 4yr-old Toshiba Satellite laptop (Model: A210-12U) which I recently restored using the recovery CD - it's running Vista SP2. Please bear with me as this may be a long-ish story, but it helps to explain my problem.

Around a year ago, a virus made its way onto my laptop and almost destroyed the OS - I'd consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable software-wise having studied IT at college, and so set about the long process of trying to fix my laptop without resorting to the recovery CD. It was a patch job, but after a month or so I had it working again and it was fine for a further few months or so, before I noticed that my DVD RW Drive would no longer read and/or burn CDs. I spent hours trawling internet forums for help without any luck and was subsequently convinced that it was a hardware problem. As I needed to use a CD burner, my cousin lent me his USB DVD RW drive and this didn't work, meaning that logic suggested it wasn't a physical problem with the drive, rather that it was more likely a problem with the registry/OS. This wasn't surprising seeing as I'd done a basic patch job following the virus infection a few months earlier.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with my laptop in general, I backed up my data onto a portable HD and used the recovery CD which came with my laptop. The laptop booted the CD up when it was outside of the OS (as per the instructions that came with it) and restored the entire computer to its ori... Read more

Answer:Not a straightforward one -DVD RW Drive will recognise DVDs but won't recognise CDs

That is a strange situation you have there, by any chance did you look into the manufacturer site to see if there is a Firmware update for your DVD Drive?

Best of luck and I hope someone can come along and help you with this weird situation.

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Have Windows XP and Nero 6 CD/DVD burner. Tried to burn CD but keep getting message saying I must insert blank CD; have tried perhaps 6 blank Sony CD-rs that have previously worked fine but with no success and same message. Tried playing a music CD but also with no success.
Tried a DVD with music on it and it worked fine. Have not tried to burn DVD yet but had no problem a week or so ago.
Have searched internet for solutions but ended up very confused as am not very technically minded.
Can anybody help, please?

Answer:Nero 6 won't recognise CDs but will recognise DVDs

It sounds as though your CD/DVD drive has failed. These use different lasers for CD and DVD and the one used to read/write CD may no longer be functioning.

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I am the owner of a Lenova IdeaCenter K300 Computer with Windows 7 64Bit OSThe system has been running for just about a year issues, very stable...however after a recent issue with another computer MFG system...I have questions:First the Other MFG system - The computer was purchased in April of 2008 with Windows Vista, the computer was unplugged on November 1, 2008 and stored in a cool Dry place....In October of 2011 My Godson wanted a new computer and I told him I have a computer that was lightly used and would do what he wanted it to do.I plugged in a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and turned on the unit when MUCH to my surprise the HD had I went to a local store, purchased a new HD and installed it on the machine. First let me explain that this computer MFG after several calls to them looking for help.. explained to me the following1: Reinstall Discs were NOT avail2: The System did not support creating Recovery discs since all the information that the system needed was stored on    the Hard Drive that was supplied with the system...and that the OEM Windows VISTA version was available to use for    3 yearsI said Okay, but I have a computer that had a HD failure so how do I go about reinstalling Windows Vista to get the computer up and running again?  They told me that I had to PURCHASE from a store a copy of Windows Vista.   I said that I had from two other computers from another MFG Windows Vista Reinstal... Read more

Answer:Very Confused over Reinstall Discs, Recovery Discs and how do I CREATE THEM!

They should sell you recovery disc without any problems. If you call customer service and you feel that the conversation is going no ware you probably talking to wrong person. Disconnect and tray another time, you will never speak to the same person twice OEM reinstall disc doesn?t need activation, retail windows disc needs but you have serial number on the sticker so just call Microsoft and activate it. Recovery disc is a copy of your computer hard drive with windows, drivers, software includedReinstall disc is the same for all computers with windows only, you have to install drivers and software separatelyReinstall OEM disc is only for Lenovo system but it is the same like retail windows disc with added pre-activation

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My problem is not with this computer... I have also Compaq cq50z-100, Windows Vista Home Premiun SP2... my problem is this... Somehow I got a virus...after being so 'effing careful to boot. Now when I start my laptop, I get a quick flash of the command prompt window followed by a quick blank blue screen ... and then these 2 things repeat themselves and then nothing works except my mouse will move. So I tried what I know, recovery and such. It will not do anything in safe mode at all either. It will not let me change the boot drive order ( I guess that is what it is called), to the disc drive to run the recovery from my discs. So I got a friend to look at it. He says that my operating system is fried. He said I need to call Acer and buy an operating system disc set. Ok my question is this... are these discs different than the set of discs that I made when I first got my computer, the ones I call the recovery discs? Also why would I need to get them from Acer? Wouldn't I get them from HP or Compaq since this is who I bought my computer from? I am holding off spending the money to buy these new discs until I am certain that they are what I need to fix my computer. And if this guy really knows what he is doing. Any help is greatly appreaciated.

Answer:Operating system discs vs recovery discs

Your friend told you to call Acer for help with a Compaq computer? If so, I wouldn't go to that friend for any more technical help.

If you already have recovery/restore/operating system disks (whatever you want to call them), then you don't need to purchase anything else. You need to boot from them. Explain what you mean by "it will not let me change the boot order". Does that mean you don't know how? Your BIOS is password protected? They keyboard doesn't work?

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My hard drive began crashing on start up, so I backed up my computer (took 21 discs and serveral hours to do). I ran the recovery discs and it started working properly.  Then I started the Restore program to put my files back into the computer and then on the second disc after a long period of time I got a screen that stated "Recovery stopped working" and program will be closed...... I tried it again and at about the same spot I got the same screen and closed program.... ALL my files (pictures, music, videos, documents, financial files are on this backup)...... Now what do I do, am I stuck?

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I'm getting very nervous that I haven't made these impt system recovery discs. I bought 10 CDs at the time I bought PC and was assured they were the right type. When I got ready to create the discs, my PC said I would need 18 CDs. I backed out at that point so don't know if the ones I have are the right kind.

I'm going out this week to buy some more, but still have doubts I'm getting the right kind.

My HP guide says I need: CD-R

What I have is: SONY CD-R AUDIO (compact disc digital audio recordable)

Have I got the right kind? Thanks so much. Fox

Answer:Solved: What kind of discs needed to make "System Recovery Discs"?

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I'm using an Asus G50v, and can't wait to try out Windows 7, but I'm a little worried about recovering Vista afterwards. I don't have actual Windows Vista OS discs, to keep costs down on my laptop Asus gave me a set of recovery dvds, which only work MY computer. They restore the computer back to the origional factory settings like using the windows.old file (I think, I've had to wipe the computer once, I pressed f9 during startup and started windows with OEM, although the disc was in the drive, I'm not sure if it was actually used).

I'm worried that If I install Windows 7 some Asus specefic files will be deleted and once August 1 rolls around I won't be able to re-install vista.

I have vista 64 home premium, if that helps.

Answer:Recovery discs instead of vista OS discs, can I still get vista after August 1?

Quote: Originally Posted by The angry Asus User


I'm using an Asus G50v, and can't wait to try out Windows 7, but I'm a little worried about recovering Vista afterwards. I don't have actual Windows Vista OS discs, to keep costs down on my laptop Asus gave me a set of recovery dvds, which only work MY computer. They restore the computer back to the origional factory settings like using the windows.old file (I think, I've had to wipe the computer once, I pressed f9 during startup and started windows with OEM, although the disc was in the drive, I'm not sure if it was actually used).

I'm worried that If I install Windows 7 some Asus specefic files will be deleted and once August 1 rolls around I won't be able to re-install vista.

I have vista 64 home premium, if that helps.

Maybe you should make a backup image of your hdd, at least that way it would be exactly the way it was b4 7

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Do you recognise this process? 42X3he.exe this prog is trying to run but i dont know what it is. Thanks for looking

Answer:Do you recognise this?

Google is stumped by that one ... can you give us some more information? Have you downloaded anything/installed anything/had to kick untrustworthy teenagers off your computer?

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as you can see my pc has 1gig of ram ,made up by 2x512mb sticks .i was upgrading my hard drive and ram to give it a bit more speed the manual for the motherboard says it can take 2gig .so i swapped a 512mb with a 1gig stick so i should have 1.5 gig of ram now !!!! 1gig is all my pc recognises if i put the1gig stick in by itself says 1gig ,,.if i put the 2 512mb sticks in ,it says .1gig but if i replace any one of the 512s i`ve still only got agig of ram please please could you help me solve the mystery of the missing half gig ? cheers anarky141068

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My new B50-70 would not recognise another 4GB ram, I have test both of them individually in different slots, both of them works prefectly fine when they are alone. But when i insert both of them, only 4GB is recognised (it should be 8GB)Thanks for your time.

Answer:B50-70 would not recognise new RAM

To work in "dual channel" mode, the RAM should be identical (matched pair) for best performance. Did you purchase an single stick of memory or a dual stick pack? Also - what are the specifications on both sticks.Please post back with details.Thanks.

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I have recently aquired a Samsung SD-608B dvd-rom which recognises cd's ok but struggles to recognise dvd's. My o/s is Win98 SE. Any suggestions/solutions ??

Answer:dvd - rom won't recognise dvd's

what happens when you load a dvd?

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It will start to spin , but there is no pop-up window to direct me to play it.

I tried the "run" bit, just like what the CD's manufacturer said to do, but it didn't work.

What do I do????????????????????????????????????

I would much much appreciate if someone could help me solve this irritating windows problem. [ SIZE="2"] There is so many things that can go wrong on this machine.!!![/SIZE]

Answer:My pc (XP) won't recognise any CD's!! WHY?

Can you view the files using Windows Explorer? . . If you right click on the drive icon in My Computer, select Properties and look in the AutoPlay tab, what is it set to automatically play?

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my son just bought a new dvd rom game and the drive doesn't recognise it at all. All the other new games he got work fine. The manual says try updating the firmware but for the life of me I can't find how to do this. Any tips or other suggestions on what might be wrong?
Its a Dell Dimension 4600 and the drive is hl-dt-st rw/dvd gcc -4481b

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Hello! I have bought a Lenovo G50-45 laptop which consits of 4 gb RAM. I installed Windows 8.1 (type 64 bit) , but it still writes that i can use 3.46 gb from 4 gb. What can be the problem? Any solution? Thanks to your help!

Answer:I have 4Gb RAM, but it recognise only 3.46

Hello. This is a right thing because the integrate video it's sharing memory from your ram! I have the G50-45 too and it's appear the same. It's normal to see 3.46 because the integrate video. Have a nice day!  

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Have upgraded from 2GB to 4Gb of ram. Bios recognises my memory as does the Crucial memory test BUT XP only @'sees' 2GB.

Answer:XP does not recognise new ram hereclick hereclick here

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Reproduced from Fred Langa's newsletter:A lesson in Posting:How many group posters does it take to change a light bulb?1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about changing light bulbs53 to flame the spell checkers41 to correct spelling/grammar flames 6 to argue over whether it's "lightbulb" or "light bulb" ...another 6 to condemn those 6 as anal-retentive2 industry professionals to inform the group that the proper term is "lamp"15 know-it-alls who claim *they* were in the industry, and that "light bulb" is perfectly correct156 to email the participant's ISPs complaining that they are in violation of their "acceptable use policy"109 to post that this group is not about light bulbs and to please take this discussion to a lightbulb group 203 to demand that cross posting to hardware forum, off-topic forum, and lightbulb group about changing light bulbs be stopped 111 to defend the posting to this group saying that we all use light bulbs and therefore the posts *are* relevant to this group 306 to debate which method of changing light bulbs is superior, where to buy the best light bulbs, what brand of light bulbs work best for this technique and what brands are faulty 27 to post URL's where one can see examples of different light b... Read more

Answer:Recognise yourself[and others]?

Like it :)The beauty of this post is nobody will dare reply to it for fear of being identified a member of one of the above!Oops... what have I done?

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i've only got 2 slots for RAM on my board (pent3) and when I added a 256 dimm to the 128 that was already there XP wouldn't recognise it. I removed the 128 and just tried the 256 on it's own and when i turned it on it just made a few beeping noises i assume mean that it can't find any RAM at all. help!

Answer:won't recognise new RAM help!

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everytime i insert a disc to be burnt in my computer or any disc it says E:\ is not accessible incorrect function
can anyone help?

Answer:My CD won't recognise any cd's

How old is the burner, it could be worn out.

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HP,,XP,,2Ghz,,P4,,60Ghd,,1G DDR Ram.
Work puter, never on web, so very little protection !
Aquired a bug,, so reformatted ! Had Nero 5 installed !
Did'nt uninstall nero before reformat and have been told
that's the problem .
The CD Rom will not recognise a burnt CD, but indicates as
blank !!!
Was told to delete key values in registery on "upper/lower"
filters, but none of my machines have "Upper",,only "Lower"
filters, have deteted key values on these, reboot, same
values come back... Another HP I have indicates different
values,, much simpler,, another mach,, different but simpler !!
The values indicated are as follows,,,,
"drvmcdb sscdbhk5 PxHelp20 AFS2K MXL W2K Pfc" (Lower Filter)
My other HP only reads,,"MxlW2k"
I've deleted values, uninstalled CD Rom, reboot, still the same !!
Anyone ever face this problem before ?
Any assistance or clues would be GREATLY appreciated here !
I've seen some amazing solutions come from here, so I thought
there may be a cure for mine !! Here's Hoping !!
Thank You,,,

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I have IE7, but when I try and register at a website ( I get an error message saying "Service only available for IE6 or higher - please upgrade your software."

If I go to, to check how my browser is appearing, I'm told:

Your browser: Blazer 4.0 | JavaScript: DISABLED - certain site features unavailable

(But I'm still using IE7, and JavaScript is enabled in my preferences.)

Could anyone advise how I can fix this? I suspect I did something to the registry when I was trying to solve a previous problem, whereby websites were appearing as 'low-graphic' versions whether I wanted them to or not - but can't remember what I might have done.

Thanks if you can help!

Square Eye

Answer:My OS won't recognise IE?

P.S. Needless to say I've reinstalled IE7, but that didn't help...

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I have purchased a DVD called Driving Test All Tests for PC that is supposed to be suitable for XP, Vista and Windows 7.
I have two desktop computers, both with XP Pro 32 bit Service Pack 3 installed on them, but neither of them recognised the DVD in the drive.
I returned the DVD and got a replacement but the same thing happened.
I decided to try installing Windows 7 on a spare hard drive but still the DVD was not recognised.
I then tried using my neighbours laptop which instantly recognised the DVD.
So does anyone have any idea what might be causing my desktops not to recognised the DVD.

Answer:My PC does not recognise a DVD

Hi, i guess the first question will have to be do they all recognize other dvd's

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Firstly can i apologise if someone has already covered this subject in another thread,but i have searched and found nothing so far.... Firstly i used a program called sandra lite that scanned my motherboard and told me that it would support 4GB of RAM , as there is only 512MB on my computer when multi tasking it can be a bit on the slow side. So i duly purchased 4GB RAM ,popped it in ,but under my computer in windows it is still saying 511 .I googled the prob and a number of forums suggestMSCONFIG------BOOT------ADVANCED OPTIONS--then change the value shown in the maximum memory box from 512 to 4096. this i can do but when clicking ok or simply closing the box you can see it change back to 512. they also suggest getting a new windows score by right clicking computer and choosing properties. this i did and my score changed from a 2 to a 2.9 though how you would quantify this i don't know. when starting my computer in safe mode it sees just under 3 gig of ram but i can't get it to see it when booting normally. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated otherwise i might be joining the ranks of people with more ram in their desk drawer than in their computer.....

Answer:Cant get computer to recognise new RAM

when you change from 512 to 4096 is there a apply button, before you click ok.

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hi guys,i have just bought a sd card reader which is suppose to connect to my pc through my usb port. my operating system is windows xp which should pick up the hardware and install the driver, but my computer doesnt appear to be picking up on anything, it just starts the pc up and i dont get the message:'new hardware found'whats going on herethanks

Answer:cannot recognise hardware

Put a card in the card reader and open windows explorer - it should be there as a removable disk or something like that. XP does not need the drivers.

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I bought an external USB2 DVD Burner (Samsung) a while back for my old laptop. Now it's not needed so I took the drive out and fitted it to my desktop to replace the current DVD burner (Writemaster).(Samsung) - Burning DVDs is no problem and the drive is faster than the old one. However, it will not recognise blank CDs (Verbatim). The CDs start to turn then make a noise (this process is repeated until I eject the CD).I stuck the old DVD burner (Writemaster) back in and that one recognises the CDs but will only burn to 98% completion and then a noise is made and the burn fails.I thought it might be the CDs so I tried them in my work laptop and that burnt them no problem. So, I got some different CDs from work and the Writemaster burns these OK but the Samsung one does the same thing (spin, noise, spin, noise).Any ideas anyone? I want to stick some photos on a CD to distribute around but I want to make sure that they are going to be able to be read. I would put them on a DVD but some people I am sending them to only have CD drives.

Answer:DVD Burner won't recognise CD

This is not at all clear cut like a failed burner is it.I wonder what program are you using to 'Burn'? the native XP one or a third party one.Try another burn programDownload this free one CDBurnerXP Pro 3Check it and come back

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Well I booted up my comp this morning and Windows XP did not recognise my profile. I cannot remember the exact wording but it said something about it being corrupted. For the time being it says I'm temporarily logged on and and any changes I'll make will not be saved.

My D and G drives are fine, but I cannot access anything in My Documents now. For example when I enter My Music in My Documents it will say: C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP.USER-K8WP28INMX\My Documents\My Music. I know for sure that it hasn't be wiped from my C drive as it is still full. But now XP just logs on directly without warning about not being able to read my profile. And also my desktop has a lot less icons now, a new wallpaper and many things in the C drive are not installed yet.

Can someone please help me?

Help will be very much appreciated as always.

Answer:XP can't recognise my profile

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Just done diagnostics tests on PC and decided to install a new 250gig HDD. Problem is that bios recognise the drive and XP dosen't. On older versions of windows ude to be able to go to dos and fdisk and reset a partiton for recognition. Never done this with XP and would appreciate some advice. Thanks for your help

Answer:Window XP does not recognise new HDD

Have you looked in Admin Tools/ Computer Management/ Disc Management/ if you see it there Format it.

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When I try to send a sit file as an attachment in Live Hotmail I am told that it does not recognise the compression format.sit file are created on Mac's with Stuffit.I have no problem with NT4.Do I need to switch file scanning off.

Answer:How do I get XP to recognise sit files

click here

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I can see the CD drive on the device manager but get an error message that Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged (code19). The device is labeled TSST corp CD/DVDW TS- H653L

Answer:My PC does not recognise my DVD/CD-ROM drive

I had this issue long ago on a Dell Latitude D610. Was going to install software for a cell based wireless card & it wouldn't run, though I did use it the night prior to burn a DVD.

What bailed me out was System Restore (XP Pro), had to go back a couple of restore points to get it going again. I was a newbie to working on computers then, so for almost an entire weekend, was literally about to lose it at the end. Found the solution on another tech forum.

You don't mention what OS you're running, nor any other info about the computer, at the time, that's what I suggest to do.


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ok here goes,this is gonna be tuff to explain without running on and on and on.... i have two systems in this house mine is a asus k8vdeulxe mobo,thermaltake 550 watt psu,amd 64 3000+,512 corsair xms ddr400 ram,9800 pro,200gig WD HD,onboard audio

the other is my sisters/family pc its just a junky HP amd 2200+ bare *** generic ram on board video etc....

anyway my pc after gettin hooked up to broadband crashed/just randomly shut down(the power and pc were still on) anyway i load it up and low and behold it stops loading at mup.sys which ive googled and heard lots everyone seems to have a million fixes for this.
i had to do such a repair before i had my connection were it would stop at mup.sys,i connect my hardrive to the other pc and did a scancheck (with the junky pc) and voila all fixed,i did that the first time around this crash happened AFTER i got my broadband and it did the trick then as well.the second time after having broadband (im just using the boradband as a timeline reference)it just friggin crashed(after installing the latest .net stuff,i dont know if that did anything) and its been crap ever since.
ive reformatted(backing up my files on the other pc),ive fixed the master boot record and boot sector,ive reinstalled windows ive run chkdsk,scandisk . now when i disconnect the junky pc hardrives and just connect mine it loads up fine on this machine but when i do it on the other it friggin locks,i am however unlike previous times able to get into safe mode.....the... Read more

Answer:tryin to get xp to recognise my 200 gig HD

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Having a problem with my CD Burner it will happily play audio CDs and any software CDs but as soon as I put a CDR in the drive it hums away but doesn't recognise there is a disc there. Is there any setting anywhere I can try, am starting to pull my hair out.

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:CD Burner won't recognise CD-R

Do you have any virtual drives and also do you have more than one CD-RW drive?

Also what OS are you on?

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My PC crashed and we have loaded XP but PC does not recognise USB or any other hardware.

Can any one help



Answer:PC does not recognise any hardware

What version of XP are you using? Service Pack 2? If it is an original installation, you will need to install support for USB 2.0, which can generally be found on your Motherboard CD-ROM. You will also need to install drivers for all your other peripherals. The drivers will be on CDs that came with the hardware.

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I have just purscased the PC DVD-rom version of Resident Evil 4 and neither of my two DVD-RW drives seem to recognise it. I have a TSST model and a Pioneer Model drive and they are fairly recent. when I insert the disc they both show G:\is not a Win 32 application or F:\is not a Win 32 application.Has anyone got an explanation for this please. Many thanks, Anticks

Answer:dvd drives will not recognise pc dvd-rom

Can you open my computer. Does sit show the disk in the drive. If not I would guess you have afaulty disk in which case take it back.

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Ive just bought a new laptop with built in wireless and have connected to my friends network at his home via a router and i have not attempted to connect to any other LAN or wireless connections except for his.

My question is, would my own ISP recognise this laptop's MAC/IP/NetBIOS at my home address or will it only recognise this information when i connect to my friends ISP or other ISP's except my own?


Answer:Would my ISP recognise my laptop?

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium. I wish to install and use SKYPE. I have a USB port on the front of my CPU tower which recognises the camera. Next to this is a plug-in port (pink). The microphone attached to the camera is not recognised nor is a free standing mike. The report is just 'device is not plugged in'. My PC has ports for 2 mikes - one on the front panel and one the back. Neither works. Any ideas please?

Answer:PC does not recognise a microphone

Depending on what camera you have, but most have built in microphones. As you are connecting USB, both video and sound are on the USB signal (in most cases).

Is the cam working OK?

Two areas to check, (1) the Device Manager, Sounds section to see if the USB cam's mic is recognized and either working or showing an error code. (2) check the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally "Manage Audio Devices" This will take you to the Sound Panel recording section. You should show the USB mic and the "Stereo Mix" (May be called System MIxer). The Stereo Mix should be enabled and set as default recording device, then whatever is plugged in should work.

However, if its not shown at all or shown with an error code in the Device Manager, please report back with the error code.

The Device Manager can be accessed from Start, RIGHT click on Computer and then LEFT click Properties. Device Manager can be accessed from the list in the upper left of the panel.

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Question: Wont Recognise

My computer wont recognize both the burner or cd player,can any one help?
It used to but has just stopped .I have tried "add new hardware."All "my computer"shows is C,D,E & Floppy A. no F or G.

Answer:Wont Recognise

all fixed thanks

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Toshiaba Sat Pro 4320 - no hdd - does not recognise new hd when go to install win xp - any ideas?

Answer:RepairingToshibaLaptop - does not recognise HD.

Is the bios detecting the hard drive ?? What laptop is it how old ... and how big is the hard drive .....

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G'day guys, I need help with installing a game.
I put Doom 3 CD1 in and started installing, it went alright 'til it asks for CD2
when I put in CD2, it still asks for CD2, and won't continue installing Doom 3.

This is not CD problem ( I think, these are backup copies of my Doom 3 ) my CD rom drive letter is E: I thought this could be the problem, but it shouldnt be the problem :-( Help!!!

Answer:Doom 3 Won't Recognise CD 2 Help!

The problem lies with the protection used (securerom 3.2 I think). Just install from your original disks(If you can find them )

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Hi there

I wonder if anyone could help me with this

my system is vista home premium sp2
I upgraded my laptop with another 1gb ram with 1gb already installed.but when I boot the system its still telling that only 1gb installed. I checked BIOS(phoenix)on 'info' tab but it wont allow me to modify ram, it says I can't modify because I use 'user mode' and says contact system operator but I currently use the administrator mode. any idea how to fix this? thanks

Answer:vista won't recognise new RAM

What does the system say when you first boot it up?
Does it recognize the 2 gB there?

What make and model system do you have?

Have you checked in msconfig to see if the system has limited you to 1gB (Boot tab...Advanced Options button)?

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Last night my firewall announced that was attempting to access the interent and blocked it. Does anyone know what this could be (probably something nasty). It was quite late and I didn't have time to run the usual zappers. A google search has come up blank.Grateful for any help.

Answer:Does anyone recognise

There is this one click here. However in your computer the nearest you have is notepad.exe, which is Microsoft's simple text editor "Notepad".

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Hi, My CD drives have stopped working.

I have 2 of them and neither will recognise when a CD is put in them. One is a CD Rewriter the other is a CD Rom. I've been trying them one at a time.

I have 3 Harddrives, 2 x 80Gb Barracuda's and 1 x 200Gb Barracuda.

The 3 HDDs work fine. the CD-Roms are found in BIOS and in Windows.

I've tried swapping the IDE cables, changing the CD-ROMs from secondary slave to secondary master.

I've tried removing the Hardware profile from the Device Manager and letting windows find it again.

The CDs i'm using are original CDs not rewritable.

So it seems i've elimated a bad cable, bad jumper settings, bad windows driver, bad CD drives (by trying both) and bad CDs(i've tried more than one).

Any other ideas what it could be?


Answer:CD Drive won't recognise CDs

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I have recently installed SP3 onto my xp home edition of windows, since then my external dvd rw has stopped working and has been taken out of the system, however my internal dvd drive now fails to recognise any format other than dvd's this seems to be more than coincidental are there any known issues regarding sp3 in this respect? I would be grateful for any advice.

Answer:Dvd drive does not recognise cd's

I have XP Home (SP3) and two internal DVD/RW drives, both running perfectly. Installation of SP3 some time ago, did not cause any problems at all.

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Wonder if any one can help.

My son made a change to the wallpaper on our computer and when it was restarted we get the message on the monitor a black screen either:

Not supported recommend 1280X1024 60 hz


no signal.

We are running Xp SP2

The problem is while I can start the computer and it obviously boots up OK and by playing with the mouse I ca get into an account Ė I am not able to see to alter the settings.

If anyone can offer advice on what might solve the problem that would be geat.


Answer:XP will not recognise monitor

Yes, your son obviously changed the resolution on that account, and the screen cannot display in that resolution.

I would borrow/find a monitor which supports the resolution he set, and change the settings back.

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Windows 2000 pro.
Strange problem with my computer. I setup my computer to access my ISP by going to My Computer>Control panel>Network & dialup>Make new connection>etc. Put in all the data (telephone number and password). Tried it and it rejects (error 691..incorrect user name or password).

Problem is that both user name and password are correct. I am able (using another isp account) to access Webmail directly at the isp using exactly the same password and user name.

Problem appears to be specific to my computer. I am able to access the account using my laptop (using exactly the same password and User name.. and yes I have got the caps-lock off).

Any suggestions?


Answer:ISP will not recognise password

Take a look at this

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I had an Old Motorola Pentium 2 Host system with 4 sticks of this ram... Sticks are 64 mb in size... Any ideas what type of ram..


Pictures for you..


Answer:Any one recognise this Memory ?

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Hello all

My dvd player is acting strange lately, it just doesnt recognise any dvd's inserted. All normal cd's are being recognised, only dvd aren't. I don't know why it does that, but i hope ill get a reaction soon, because i realy need the dvd player working!!.



Ps: I have a normal Cd/rw Player 52/32/52 and a DVD player of 16X.
I have Windowx Xp Pro edition and all drivers are installed corectly!!
My proc is 2.56Ghz P4!!

Answer:DvD player won't recognise!!

Hi Warcat14, has your DVD player been used with disks of different zones? If so it may be that you have exceeded the number of changes in the zone selection. If so your manual should tell you how to reset it. If not I suggest you check with the manufacturer for this information

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I have a Sony DSLR A330 camera and until a short time ago was able to connect to my PC via a usb cable and download pictures.
Now when I switch the camera on (having connected with the same cable) a message appears "Initialising usb Connection" which is the normal message but then it shuts down after a second or so can not proceed.
I believe this might be due to out of date drivers? How can I rectify this problem please-any ideas?
Thanks for reading.

Answer:PC will not recognise my camera

Have you accidentally change a setting in the camera menu.
Have you tried connecting the camera to another usb socket.
Are you connecting the camera directly to the computer and not via a USB hub.
Have you tried it connected to another computer as the fault could be with the USB cable.
If it has worked in the past and everything else works via the USB I doubt it is the drivers.

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Hi everyone!

Sometimes In the past I read about people who can create a link ( sorry I can't tell you much more because I don't know , I hope you guess / understand what I am talking about ) , make you click on that link and so they get your ip ( and so approximately where are you from , unless you use a vpn).

I don't know if the link directs you to a legit or malicious / fake website . Let's suppose it is legit ( like those one created by Iknowwhatyoudownload)

How can we recognise if they can steal our ip ?

Thank you for reading

Answer:How do you recognise bad links ?


no anti-phishing add-on , plugin or i don't know even that antifishing in AV softwares, are not able to catch all of phishing or bad urls , thats why Zero-Days exist, so you just should not click on any links sent to you by whoever, except those one who you trust them. IMO this is the only way.

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When i put dvd's in my hp laptop, it will not play them, any ideas ?

Answer:laptop will not recognise dvd's

Please be more specific.CAn't see at all as in ask to insert a disk in the drive?Cant read in explorer?Just won't play a movie?

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Hi there,
I tried to get my pics off my camera & my PC won't recognise my Alba SL1230 camera. I haven't got the disc that woz wiv my camera.
Is there any1 out there wiv any suggestions 4 me? I've just joined ebay & obviously want 2 put my pics on there. I've got Win xp Pro. Help me out sum1 coz feel like kicking it.


P.S. Just remember i'm Blonde & over 40 so in plain English pls.

Answer:Pc won't recognise my camera

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I have upgraded my laptop (HP Pavilion DV7) from Win 7 Home to Win 10. It seems to perform reasonably well, though when trying to print a document it just waited and waited. It was somewhat of a lemon. I thought I would have to delete the Printer and re-set the printer again. No.
It would not happen. I cannot delete the printer and I cannot add a printer. So I am stuck now and have no print facility. I tried first with the WiFi setup for the printer, this did nothing, then I connected a USB from printer to laptop and again nothing happened.
It is interesting, in that when I upgraded it went in fine, took a very long time, but it went in. The programmes I have, worked OK, Office, Open Office, Libre Office and Quicken 2004, along with a Lotus calendar, they all fired up and appear to work OK.
What do I have to do to get the Print facility operating? Would I perhaps be better reverting back to Win 7. At least that worked!!
Tony V.

Answer:Win 10 can't recognise printers!!

Uinstall the driver in device manager
reboot the PC then reinstall the driver with the printer unplugged . reboot again and retry the printer.

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I have had this iomega USB 2.0 prestige portable external hardrive for some time and it has been working fine, until recently. For some reason my computer canít find the hard drive now. There is a white light indicating that the hard drive has power running to it. There is no flickering light which usually comes on when the computer is reading it. I have made sure all the cables are in properly but the hard drive can't be found in either my computer or device manager. I tried the hard drive on another computer and it did not.
My labtop is a Dell Inspiron 1545
Model no. 1545-0888
Ram 4G
Window 7
Processor: Intel , Pentium
Thanks whilst l await your response

Answer:Usb 2 0 is not recognise by my computer

If it doesn't work on two computers then it's likely broken. You could try taking the enclosure apart and connecting the hard drive to another enclosure or internally into a computer to see if it works. Hopefully you had a backup of anything on it if it was important.

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I have 2 or more USB Devices (RFID readers) (recognised as keyboards by HID) how do I get to tag each entry into Excel with the reader/keyboard it came from.


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Hi I have just installed some extra ram into my pc but it wont recognise all of it.I bought the pc with 64mb installed. Decided I needed some more and so bought 128mb the spare slot i have inserted this 128mb stick, but my pc tells me i only have 128mb total. but surely i have 192mb total?i have tried swapping the slots i use for the 64 and 128mb but still only 128 doesnt matter which slot i put the 128mb in, the pc recognises it, but weather i have the 64mb in the other slot or not, it makes no there anything i can do to make my pc recognise the extra ram?i am running windows 98 2nd edition and have definately got the right type of memory. could it be my motherboard?any suggestions would be very welcome.

Answer:why does my pc not recognise all my memory?

I think they have to be equal pairs, ie two 64 or two 128

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an older CPU?I currently have an AMD64 3000+ but have broken it. I have not yet gotten around to pricing these up but , from what a friend told me, I am not going to be able to afford one.So can I just get an older AMD chip and stick it in? Or will I need to get an older mobo for that? Would the combined price of these mean I would be just as well getting another AMD64?Or, would my current mobo recognize a pentium chip? Or are mobos only compatible with one of the other?I haven't got a clue, so any help or advice would be gratefully received.Many thanksTas

Answer:Will my motherboard recognise

Different motherboards require different chips. Your motherboard will accept some (but not all) Athlon 64 cpus. It will not accept any Intel cpus.Your best bet will be to search for the cheapest supplier of Athlon 64 cpus. Make sure that you specify the correct pin number (there are 3 different numbers of pins for Athlon 64 cpus).

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My DVD player will not recognise cd music tracks. If I plug in a separate portable DVD player it's the same with that. Either player will recognise data. It will see the track number...but displays 0Kb for each. Any ideas anyone?

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Never needed to use it before, got broadband, but now need to send faxes, and machine refuses to see the modem.Am informed its a winmodem, came with machine, and it fits in slot that is dmaller than PCI slot, would change to a PCI modem, but no available slots in my machine.Any help greatly appreciatedthanksDave

Answer:How do I get XP pro to recognise Winmodem

There is another type of slot called an AMR slot, it was intended specifically for audio and modems, but never really caught on. There is a picture of one here click here. If Windows XP doesn't recognise your modem automatically, then perhaps you need to get drivers for it. Alternatively you can use an external USB here

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