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print directly with print screen button in wi

Question: print directly with print screen button in wi

how can i print directly with print screen button. At work i need to use print screen a lot. I got Windows 7 installed at work PC. I find it difficult to print screen using snipping tool as it takes time to copy and paste. edited by moderator: email address removed to protect from spam

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Preferred Solution: print directly with print screen button in wi

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: print directly with print screen button in wi

We know you may be busy but this is a public forum. WE don't provide private help. Posting your email address in the open as you have is an invitation to receive lots of spam mail.

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I'm working at an office where when you hit the Print Screen button, it causes a printout in addition to the normal copy to clipboard. I just want to copy to clipboard without wasting toner and paper. It can't be a program on the computer as it's clean with just Windows 8.1

It actually happens on all the machines (whether Windows 7, 8, or 8.1). Is it a program installed on the server? Is it a setting in Windows? How do I stop this behavior?

Answer:Print Screen button will print to the printer! how to stop

By definition the print screen function only sends the image to the clipboard so if the printer is also involved then something else -- some other software installed on your machine -- is the culprit here.

One way to find out what it is is by unhooking the printer and then watching the screen to see what error messages pop up when trying to use the print screen function.

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I'm trying to figure out if there is an easy/quick way to get the Print Screen button to send the image automatically to the printer...not to the clipboard. I'm using Windows XP Professional.

I've been to Microsoft's site and cannot find an answer. One of my users tried to convince me he had done it earlier this week but he cannot replicate his efforts. Now I'm trying to replicate them.

Any ideas?


Answer:Solved: Print Screen Directly to Printer

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Hi, I just purchased an used computer with Windows 7Home Premium x64, this is an HP Slimline s5610f. The problem that I have is with a Brother HL 2040 series printer. It gave me a really hard time to install the drivers that I downloaded from the Brother website I kept getting a "0x00000057" error and "could not find suitable driver for this printer" error. Finally I decided to take the driver folders for this printer from my wife's computer and copied them to my computer and put them in the drivers repository under System32 and was able to install the printer after that with no problems.

The problem that I have right now is that the printer won't print, even though it told me that the driver installation was successful.

1-the print button is grayed out
2-If I click "printer properties" it tells me that the drivers have not been installed and asks if I want to install them.
3-If I install the drivers at this prompt it tells me that the drivers have been successfully installed.
4-Now it lets me access the printer properties but when I click "print test page" either nothing happens or it tells me that it failed to print and access is denied
5-If i close printer properties and try to access it again it tells me that the printer drivers have not been installed.

I get the same results with the printer connected locally trough USB or on another computer through the network.
All the other computers in the house print to this printer witho... Read more

Answer:Printer problems print button grayed out - test print page fails

Hello and welcome Manuel. Now probably too obvious mate but is the printer showing up ticked as the default device in Printers and Devices? while 7 is up and running?.

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I hv windows XP sp3.

When i try to print, the print window disappears. So cannot print. The zone alarm( Internet security) window comes up tells that dumprep.exe is going to start.

Also the printers in the printers & faxes in control panel disappears.

Then i get the printers back by restarting printspoll service from control panel.

The problem is with all the printers installed including print to PDF file.

waiting for guidance.

Answer:print window disappears when press print button

Go to Start/Run and type services.msc and hit enter. Scroll down in the Services window to Print Spooler. Right click it and choose Properties. Make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic and that the service is started.

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i have a new carbon x1 notebook. it's a nice notebook, the keyboard is quite ok, but, the print screen button position just pisses me off is there a way to rebind it somewhere else? also, i am missing the dialogue button that uses to be on that place where lenovo has a print screen button

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I have two worksheets in my workbook. I want to create a "Print" button on Worksheet 1 (the worksheet that I use to enter data) that will print Worksheet 2.I know how to create a print "button" on my Worksheet 1, but I have no idea how to write the code to print Worksheet 2.I do not want the computer screen to change from Worksheet 1 upon execution of the print command.Also, I would want to know how to enable the macro.If there is someone who can help a guy who has no knowledge of VB programming, I'd appreciate it. Thank you for any help you can be.

Answer:I want to print an Excel spreadsheet using a print button.

you can do something likeThisWorkbook.Worksheets("sheet2").PrintOutchange "sheet2" to whatever the name of the sheet you want to print

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Hello folks,
I am unsure exactly where to post this. But here goes. I am working on behalf of a very good Lady Friend who gets really nervous doing this sort of thing. Her problem is thus:
She claims that the "print screen" button does not work as it should...actually it simply does not work. I myself am familiar with the process of 'taking a snapshot' of the screen and then pasting into paint. It is at this point that the problem arises. Once she opens Paint and clicks the Edit Menu for the drop down, the word paste is grayed out. We tried Ctr-V also to no avail.
When hitting the Print Screen button, we tried doing it alone, with the Shift, Alt, and Control buttons.
The laptop she is using is a HP G60 that is but 2-3 years old I think. She has, as I do, Windows Vista.
I am concerned that the Print Screen button is the only key that does NOT work
Thank you very much for reading this and hope to hear from someone.

God Bless,
Charlie (aka Redfeennix)

Answer:Print Screen button


I have seen several forum posts around the net that tell us for a solution to try pressing the Fn key along with the PrntScrn key to make the screen capture able to Paste into the Paint program.

One other way, and one you most likely are aware of, to Paste into Paint's window is to RIGHT-click in the empty space in Paint, and then click "Paste"- which, if Paste is greyed out that way, of course won't help you.....

Does using Ctrl+C and then, in Paint, using Ctrl+V work? Those are the commands same as Copy / Paste.

Or, a built into Vista tool that does things better!>>> How To Capture a Screen Shot with the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista / Windows 7

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I know I knew how to do this but have completely forgotten how to use the Print Screen button. I am using XP. I know I will feel very silly when I get the answer.

Answer:Using the Print Screen Button

When I use the print screen button, I have to go into Word or another program to paste the image.

FYI, ALT+Print Screen will capture only the active window rather than the entire desktop area.

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I've tried many combinations of the function keys and CANNOT find the print screen button.  I know, sounds dumb, but I just not finding that button.  Can someone please help?  Thanks. 


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Answer:Where is the "print screen" button on the R61's?

Kbruynell wrote: I've tried many combinations of the function keys and CANNOT find the print screen button.  Welcome to the forum! Is it not in the PrtSc/ScrLk/Pause block of keys at the top of the keyboard just above the F10-F12 keys?

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I need to take a picture of my desktop, and I don't know how to do this. I know about 'Print Screen' button, but when I press it nothing happens. I think it's actually normal that nothing happens, but what to do next? I know of some programs that do this, but i am asking for that 'Print Screen' button.
I have actually find the solution in some topic, but I can't remember which one, and I can't find it!

Answer:How To Use 'print Screen' Button?

When you press the Print Screen button, the computer saves a picture of your Desktop to the clipboard.
So, open up MS Paint, select the "Edit" menu, then select "Paste" and a picture of your Desktop will be pasted into the MS Paint program. You can then save that picture.

You can also select the current window by pressing the "Alt" key while pressing Print Screen. Then only the current window will be copied to the clipboard.

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Hi- my print screen button in uppper right corner used to work.   I would simple hit the button and a screen shot would be saved to one drive- pictures- screen shots.    That doesn't happen anymore.    How do I get my prt sc button back working? Thanks

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Hello :wave, it's me again with another problem. Not sure if this is the place for this but since it's about my keyboard, i think that means hardware. So here goes me showing my ignorance again!!! rolleyes

Want to know how to print screen shot but when I read what the Major Geek wrote I didn't find that button (Prt Scr) that he was talking about.

I do have something that is called Prt Scr Sys Rg, is this suppose to be the same thing? :confused

When I click on that I don't see anything happening!! Shouldn't something pop up to ask where I want to save this to if the thing is working?:confused

I'm using a wireless Logitech keyboard...C E 0682, if you need more info then that you will have to tell me what to look for please.

Appreciate any help you can give me on this, thanks.[/font]

Answer:No Print Screen Button!!

I do have something that is called Prt Scr Sys Rg, is this suppose to be the same thing?Click to expand...

Yes, press that key to capture a screen print.

When I click on that I don't see anything happening!!Click to expand...

How do you click on a key on the keyboard? :confused

After you've pressed the Prt Scr key, open Paint and Paste the captured image into Paint. Then, you can edit, save, etc.

Pressing the Prt Scr key alone captures your entire display, i.e. what you see on your monitor. To capture just an open application that may opened in a window smaller than full screen, use Alt/Prt Scr.

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The title says it all when i press the (Print Screen Button) where can i find the picture of the screen????

Answer:Print Screen Button

Paste it into a program like MS Paint.

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There isn't a print screen button on my new L520, does anyone know of any key combinations that do the job? or do you have to use the Win 7 snipping tool? (as suggested in other forums)


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Answer:Print screen button

You need to press the Fn + Insert (Print Screen is PrtSc).

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where is the print screen button of my notebook keyboard, lenovo Y410? Thanks

Answer:print screen button

Dear friends, It's located at 1st row, right top, from left 2nd button of your keyboard,  (PrtSc)It's just below NOVO function key. Message Edited by ckhown on 05-23-2008 01:15 PM

Nicholas K.H.ChaiMalaysiaYM: ckhown

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I have windows XP home edition. For some, unknown reason my print screen button copies nothing to the clip board.
I tried another keyboard the same problem. I uninstalled the keyboard in device manager,then rebooted but that didn't work either. I tried searching the Internet for a solution but had no luck there either.

Yet I used that function many times before. When I copy anything else, with Crl+v that works just fine. does anyone have a solution here?

Answer:Print screen button

Have you tried clicking the Paste icon in Paint if that is what you are trying to paste to?

You could also install a screen capture program and use it instead of Print Screen. I use Screenhunter Free.
It captures the screen without having to paste anything. It does have a learning curve but isn't to difficult to figure out.

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Can anyone tell me how to print what is on the screen please.

Answer:Print Screen Button on Keyboard

Press the Print Screen Button to copy to the clipboard.Open up a drawing program like Paint.Press CTRL + V to paste the image.Print.

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Please refer  HMM for required details
Hope This Helps

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I can't find the Print Screen button. Could someone help please?


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Answer:540p Print Screen button?

Should be right to the right ALT Button

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Is there any way to add a sound event so that when the PRINT SCREEN button is pressed a sound plays? I had this on my XP.

Answer:Add PRINT SCREEN button sound

There is an option for print complete in Vista sounds

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Hi All, I'm running XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32bit. Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4. Ram: 511 Mb.
Having trouble with some Windows files replaced by non recognised ones.
Trialing AVG 2012 may be the cause ? but they want me to print the Windows fault message. The "Print Screen" button on my Microsoft keyboard wont print ! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Roy.

Answer:[SOLVED] Print Screen button

You press the Print Screen button or Alt+Print Screen to select an opened window, then open up Paint. In Paint go to Edit/Paste. Then Save the file to your C: drive. How to Make a Screenshot |

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Dear all,My printscreen button does not work. If I press it the print dialog comes up. i want to take a screen shot of my computer desktop.What am i missing?Alt+prtsc does nothing either.Can anyone help?thanks

Answer:Very print screen button

Are you using Ctrl+Print screen? and then pasting into another programme? If you open Word or similar then go to the screen you are trying to capture and press Ctrl+print screen and then go back to word and paste that should work.

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How do you enable the print screen button in Windows XP home.

Answer:Print Screen Keyboard Button

Hmmm, as long as your keyboard is working properly the key is activated...

In order to take a screenshot hit the key and open an image editor (MS paint which is integrated into XP will work just fine) and then paste.

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Hi all.  How do I do a screen capture with my Y510?  I'm sure it's a simple answer, I just don't seem to be able to figure out what it is. thanks, chris    

Answer:Print Screen Button Y510

Welcome cresposito, All you have to do is to press the 'PrtSc' button on your keyboard and then paste the screen capture in a graphics editing program (e.g. Paint)Message Edited by JohnB on 11-16-2008 03:53 PM

__________________________________________John B @

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Can anybody tell me how to use the Print Screen Button on the Keyboard.I try to print error messages that are displayed on screen but cannot because nothing happens when I press the button.

Answer:Print Screen Button on Keyboard

Press the PrtScrn button. Then open Paint or similar and press CTRL + V to paste the image from the clipboard.

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I have an XPS 13 with Windows 8.1.  If I hit the Print Screen button it does not record the screen.  Function + Print Screen  puts the computer in Airplane mode.  Alt + Print Screen does nothing.  Control + Print Screen does nothing. Windows button + Print Screen does nothing.  I have tried every key combination I can think of but nothing works. 
Normally I use the Snipping Tool as a workaround but I have a specific reason for using the Print Screen.  I am trying to record a browser page showing the contents of a drop down list.  As soon as I change focus to the Snipping Tool the drop down list closes.  Can anyone help?

Answer:XPS 13 Print Screen button does not work

Are you sure it does "nothing"? If you open up MS paint or word, if you press print screen then go to one of those two programs and press crlt+v (or right click and press paste) - does it work?

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I really need to get some screen shots from my laptop in order to get advice rgarding another issue.

For some reason the print screen function just will not work, I have tried pressing the button on its own and also whilst holding down the alt button to no avail.

The information is not been copied to the clipboard.

Any help on resolving this would be appreciated.

Answer:Print Screen button not working.

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HI all.I have just built a new PC for myself. It's all working 100% fine, apart form one irritating problem.When I press "PrtScr" nothing is copied to the clipboard. I know the key works, as this KB is linked to 2 PC's via a KVM switch, and on this PC pressing PrtScr copies the screen to the clipboard, and the resulting screen copy can be pasted in programs like MS Paint.On the new PC it's like the key is "turned off".Any one have an idea as to what's set-up wrong?

Answer:Print Screen Button not copying to Clipboard.

You need to disable F Lock on some keyboards for PrtScn to work.

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Could kind expert please point me to the Print Screen button or key combination on the Lenovo G505S please?
I have gone through the 38 appearances of the word 'screen' in the user guide.  
I have googled this and tried all the combinations suggested that came up  in otherLenovo community posts which the search engine found.  They were all for different Lenovo models but I took the risk and tried them anyway.
e.g. the key between the AltG and Ctrl keys; WIndows key + S; Fn + F6  etc etc
Only one of them worked but partially with half a screen on a printable page (i.e. not something that offered a copy command either) but I don't have sophisticated graphic software to stitch together images on half a page.
I would be so  very grateful if someone familiar with this keyboard could help!
Thank you!
Mod's Edit: Moved model name to front of Subject line for better visibility


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Answer:G505S - Please help me locate the Print Screen button

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I'm not an owner of your model, but in reviewing replacement keyboards shown on the Internet for the G505s they are indicating there is a PrtSc (Print Screen) key in the top row of keys right next to the DEL key.  Is your keyboard lacking that feature?

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I am looking for a way to make a clip from video into a still photograph. I thought I could print screen while video is open full screen and paused. But I cannot find a print screen button on this HP ProBook 6460b laptop.Top buttons are "esc", f1 - f12, scroll, pause, insert, delete. 

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I'm using Samsung Tab Pro S hybrid on window 10 pro. Nonetheless, it works if i hold on to window n volume down button on the devise directly. I've tried Fn + Insert (Prt Sc) n Alt + Insert etc but to no avail. Anyone with the similar issue?

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Hello, I have bought Lenovo ThinkPad E320 and there is print screen button right between right alt and ctrl. Every other computer has "right mouse button" in this place, because it is very useful. Is there any way how to change in in settings of the keyboard? I was searching for it but no result. I have W 7.  Thank you for any hit. Radek

Answer:Right mouse button instead of print screen at E320

Hi Radek, Had the same problem on my new T530.  I used Sharpkeys to remap the key to the context menu (right mouse button) Download and install this, Then start it, map the PrtScreen button to the "Special: Application" and write this to the registry and reboot.  Problem solved.You don't have to run Sharpkeys all the time - it just produces the right registry key for you to do the mappings.

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I have a dell e6400 desktop, running windows 7. Print Screen feature does not work. What else can I do?

Answer:Windows 7 Print Screen button does not work.

The 'Print screen' feature simply copies the screen to the clipboard. You need to open your favorite word processor and paste the clipboard contents there and then print from the processor.Ed.

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Print screen not working. I have tried every iteration FN, windows, alt, cntrl + prtsc....none have worked. Sucks. must be shut off somewhere in windows. I am not familiar with Windows products. Any help much obliged

Answer:print screen not working even with function button

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots To Take a Screenshot in Windows 8 a screen capture (print your screen) edited by Johnw

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Hello, The print screen button is missing in my G560 laptop. Is there an alternate way to capture screenshot?Please help! Thanks,Poornima


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Answer:Lenovo G560 print screen button missing

Hi Poornima,
Welcome to Lenovo forums
As I understand that you are facing issue with laptop physically missing print screen button in your G560 laptop.
As you are looking for an alternative option, I would suggest you use snipping tool for taking screen shots.
This snipping tool is available in windows 7, to access snipping tool  go to search and type snipping tool, then the tool appears.
Hope this helps! 
Best regards,    

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I just fired up a new W510 laptop today and can't seem to find the print screen button. Any help with this?Thanks


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Answer:Can't locate print screen button W510 keyboard

 Hi douga and welcome to the forum. I'm not sure if the keyboard is a lot different between countries, but on my keyboard the print screen is named "PrtSc" and it to the right of the power button and just above the F9 key. Did you find that key? gan

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hi all, i just purchased a thinkcentre a58 and find that the keyboard is different from normal one and i can"t see the "print screen" button on it, would anyone let me know how to do "print screen" on a58? thanks.

Answer:i can't find the print screen button on thinkcentre a58's keyboard

Print Screen key maybe is named as PrtSc. Also, you can post a picture of your keyboard. Best regards.

IPnaSh First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

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How do you change / map the PrtSc button to be utilized like a right-click? Thanks!

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Answer:i dont have print screen button in my HP pavilion laptop's k...

Hi, What is your machine ? All machines should have this key, normally at the right hand side, on the top row. In many cases it is with Insert key and you need to use Fn key with it. Regards.

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Hi: I have done a Print Screen of my desktop and pasted it in Paint. Then saved the file on my hard drive - which I have done in the past. But now I cannot get it printed out on a full page (81/2 x 11 Page). Why? I have done this before but cannot do so tonight. I can print but in smaller size.


Ardath Morrison

Answer:Using Print Screen-Pasting in Paint - and how can I print full page

Once you paste it in Paint, click on Resize. What does it show for Percentage and Pixels?

Also try opening it in Windows Photo Viewer and printing from there.

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Got some machines in our organisation are behaving strangely. When the user presses the 'Print Screen' button to capture an error message or something similar, as well as copying the image to the clipboard, it instantly prints it to the default printer.

I've asked them to close all applications to make sure if wasn't one of the behaviours of a specific program, but this also happens on a fresh reboot with no applications running. The build is the same we've rolled out to many other machines, so we're stumped as to why it's happening within this team.

Has anyone come across this behaviour before?

Answer:The 'Print Screen' button sends image to default printer

Can you identify the OS and patch level please, also any applications which are installed to all the affected machines as standrad, and what is different about the machines that do not show this effect?

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I want to know if such a printer exists.. I'm about to buy an all-in-one, but would also like the "print directly to cd" feature.thx,tleibroc

Answer:all-in-one printer that can print directly to cd?

click here for the Epson Photo 900 that has this feature. There may be an all-in-one device that has this feature, but Epson's two all-in-one's don't seem to do it.

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I want to know if such a printer exists.. I'm about to buy an all-in-one, but would also like the "print directly to cd" feature.thx,tleibroc

Answer:all-in-one printer that can print directly to cd?

What do you mean by - "print directly to cd"??

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Since I change to Windows Vista Home Premium I can no longer get this facility to work.Help!

Answer:Epson Print Directly to CD/DVD

Have you downloaded a Vista driver for the printer from:click here

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Hi, I recently purchased a Canon IP4300 Printer and have been having some problems with the OEM Software that comes with the printer for printing directly on DVD/CDs, the software is very old, cumbersome, and doesn't allow for alot of adjustments of the inner hole size, my printable cd's have a larger surface then most and can be printed almost to the end of the middle hole, can anyone please suggest some better software, Thanks.

Answer:Software to Print Directly on DVD's

Is your printer willing to print from the "wrong" apps? For example, even though you may not yet have a way to position it, could you print from a non-cd related app onto a cd even if it does it incorrectly? If so, you might consider simply doing some measurements and creating your own template/s. If it sees a CD as if it were paper of a particular size, it might even turn out to be pretty easy to do.

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Answer:More printed after print screen,paste, crop and print

What later version have you got to hand? As mmcconaghy implied later versions are backward compatible so you should be OK.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Wow, I typed a message and it disappeared. I will try again. My printer connected to a Dynex modem quit. I plugged the printer into my lap top with a cable from the printer. The lap top can't find the printer plugged into the cable. Can someone help me please.


Answer:Cant Print from lap top directly connected by cable? Please Help.

Did you install the drivers for the printer

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How do I print directly to a printer over the internet - with no PC connected?

I've done lots of research and the only answer seems to be HP 'ePrint' enabled printers

I wanted to know why no other manufacturers had been able to achieve the same?
I think I'm right in saying that HP have had this technology for 2/3 years now

I'm not sure if it's been an over night success... but it's a great thing to have

It's something I'd really need to do - but I'd rather have some choice at least
(My preference is always to use Canon)

ALSO: if anyone has used ePrint before... can someone confirm if you can actually print directly from the internet - say for example if sent from a specific email address (as opposed to having a special software that sits on your sending device) - the bit I'm not sure about is how they stop spammers sending email that gets printed!


Answer:How do I print directly to a printer over the internet - with no PC?

You can do it with any printer that is connected to a LAN (ie: not connected to a PC). However, you will have to allow access to the network to reach the printer. Thus creating hole in your network security.

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Printer Canon MX922.

Answer:How to print photos from phone directly?

Epson WiFi printer. Has some sort of proxy setup that allows it and it works. 8.1 doesn't as Standard I believe

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Using W7, I can print from,say,Word or Excel but I cannot print from the internet. I can,however, copy from the internet, paste into Word and then print the content from there.
Thanks in advance for any comment/ideas/guidance.

Answer:Unable to print directly from the internet

Which browser are you using?

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Hello everyone,I'm trying to print documents from my PDA directly to a printer via infrared. The PDA recognizes the printer but will not print the document. The printer has worked using a psion IR PDA. Can anyone please advise?Many thanksRichard

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hello, I am seeking a program that will allow me to print directly to a .pdf file or similar without physically printing out the file and/or page. I have heard of some, however they have mixed reviews due to malware and add-ons which are included. thank you.

Answer:seeking program to print directly to .pdf or similar w/o printing to paper.

The one I use is PrimoPDF and yes all those free programs will offer things you don't need, it's the way they use to support the free version!
Use custom installation to uncheck the offers you don't need.

Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:
Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars) that the program does not require to fully function
Displays ad banners or other types of advertising material during its runtime (only advertise the company products).

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Whenever I print to the shared printer on my Windows 7 desktop, the print job will just sit in the print queue. If I stop and then start the print spooler, the job will print. It happens from an XP laptop. Print jobs sent from the local Windows 7 computer print just fine.
How can i solve this one ? :(

This issue with some particular laptop running windows Xp and windows 7 Home

Answer:Whenever I print to the shared printer he print job will just sit in the print queue

So, the Windows 7 Desktop has the printer physically attached to it and it's shared?
And the XP laptop is sharing the printer through the network? If I understand you correctly?
If so, on the XP Laptop, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow flags? Or Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? Or any listings for the printer? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall any drivers or software for the printer. Now,go to Printers and Faxes, and if the printer icons is there, Right click the shared printer icon and Delete it. And Restart the computer. Now when the computer comes back up, go to the printer manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in the model# for the printer and download the driver for the printer for XP and install it. Now, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the Windows 7 machine (ex) \\ComputerName and press enter. A window should open up with the shared drives on the 7 computer, with the shared printer. Right click the shared printer and choose Connect. This will add the printer to Printers and Faxes again. Right click this printer/Properties and print a Test Page.

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When taking a screenshot with printscreen it captures the whole screen, including all monitors where as alt+printscreen only captures the current window in focus, is there anyway to remap the keys so its functionality is swapped?

Answer:Swapping Print Screen and Alt+Print Screen functionality

It doesn't say Win 7 but you can try SharpKeys 2.1.1 |
create a system restore point, backup etc before trying just in case

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On most computers I've found that the Print Scrn button copies the screen image to the clipboard, which can then be pasted into a new image file through most image programs (Photoshop, etc). However, my current computer does not do this. When I open a new image file in Photoshop and hit "Ctrl+V" it pastes whatever I copied before hitting Pring Scrn. Is there some sort of keyboard setting that can change the function of this button? I tried looking at the keyboard properties through Device Manager but there were not any options for key settings.

I'm running Windows 2000 and a "Microsoft Internet Keyboard."

Minor issue, but I'd like to fix it if possible.


Answer:"Print Screen" button issue

Try using CTRL with Print Screen key. Then paste it.

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Question: print button

I have a new comp with windows home page has no print button tool
the only way i can print a page is if the material itself has a print link
How do i get the tool bar with the print button and delete buttons for history etc? Yea I know its a dumb question but I don't know!

Answer:print button

Internet Explorer?

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How do I add more buttons to the top of my browser? With IE 7 I had a printer button that I could hit if i wanted to print, as it is now I have to select File>print which works just fine but I like the button.

Answer:Firefox Print Button

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Please have in mind that I am an Excel rookie!I want to place PRINT buttons on an Excel 97 spreadsheet and I believe that this can be done using a macro. I need to be able to print the whole worksheet with one button and a predefined range with a second button.Coherent step by step guide, anyone!!?? ;)Also, I want an aesthetically pleasing method of flagging up a warning when a cell returns data beyond an acceptable range.TIAdb.

Answer:Print Button In Excel

View > Toolbars > Controls, click on the button icon and draw the button on the sheet (just like drawing a rectangle). Right click the button, select View Code and paste inPrivate Sub CommandButton1_Click()'Print used rangeWith Me .PageSetup.PrintArea = .UsedRange.Address .PrintOutEnd WithEnd SubAdd another button and add the codePrivate Sub CommandButton2_Click()'Print defined rangeWith Me .PageSetup.PrintArea = "A1:E25" .PrintOutEnd WithEnd Sub (change A1:E25 to suit)On the sheet on the Controls toolbar click Exit design mode (top left icon). Try clicking the buttons!To flag up data try Conditional Formatting click here

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new hp with window7 preloaded.

where do you find the print button from the desk top screen

Answer:where to find the print button

Usually, there is no "Print" button on the keyboard. That used to be a keyboard function but hasn't been for a long time even on keyboards with a "Print" button. The Print function is accessed from the individual programs. e.g. in Internet Explorer (and most Windows type programs) either from a print icon or from File/Print.

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I want to get a screen print of a message and send it to my friend but as I have never done this have no idea how to do it.Looked on google and it says something about pressing the Prt sc key and something about clipboard.My OS is windows 7 and have been told clipboard is not on windows 7.Not able to copy this message. Thank's

Answer:How to print a screen print

Windows 7 has a clipboard, just not a clipboard viewer.
See here Clipboard
Why not use the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 - Type Snipping into the start search box and hit enter.
There are alternative 3rd party programs that will also do the job for you. The one I use is Ashampoo Snap 7 in this link Ashampoo Downloads

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I'm curious about this option, and I'm not having any luck finding detailed documentation on it. I think what it does is that it tells the clients to print directly to the printer from their own spool, bypassing the server. Which would be exactly what I'm after, but I can't find confirmation on this behavior.

Can anyone give me some details?

Answer:Windows Server - Shared Printers - "Print Directly to Printer"

your google skills must suck

Print directly to the printer

The document does not spool, which decreases printing time. Select this option only for a nonshared printer. This might be useful for other programs that use their own spooling process.Click to expand...

Print directly to the printer - this sends documents directly to the printer. This gives the fastest time-to-output but you lose the ability to use the PC while the print job is in progress.Click to expand...

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I want to have as form on my site that someone could enter their details and print it to post to me in the old fashioned way. How do I configure a button to print the page being viewed please?Thanks

Answer:Button - How to set up to print page being viewed?

<script language="Javascript1.2"><!--function printpage() {window.print(); }document.write("<form><input type=button "+"value=\""+message+"\" onClick=\"printpage()\"></form>");//--></script>

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Since installing a new Printer (Epsom 830 photo) I am unable to print direct from the Print Button.Instead, a drop down menu appears asking me to save the file. I don,t want to save anything....all I want to do is print whats on screen.. Any suggestions.p.s. I am running W98

Answer:Standard Tool bar print button

What program are you trying to print from?

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I have two frames, left and right. is it possible to have a button in the left frame which when clicked, prints the page in the right frame. If so, how can it be done?Thanks

Answer:Print page button in frames

Well, you can use the javascript below, but the user needs to select theframe he or she wants to print....javascript:window.print()Enter this as a hyperlink EXACTLY how I have psoted it here....

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I hit Control P to print and I see all the options but the button is not accessible. and I can not make the print screen smaller.. I tried on a larger screen (my desktop) and it works.

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I have added a button in Frontpage to automatically send an email, but I also need one so that when a person clicks it, it will print out the page or form. Thanks !

Answer:Frontpage print button in webpage

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My laptop Equium M40X has suddenly decided to stop allowing me to print, giving me the message "Operation not completed. print spooler service not running". I get this message even when trying to install the print drivers that were originally installed.

To resolve this issue I have gone into the services.msc to try and start the print spooler but the command is not present there and seems to be missing. I have also tried to start this by clicking the start and then run and typing "net start spooler" but again this does not work. Can anyone help on this matter?

My laptop is an Equium M40X and the operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Answer:Equium M40X: Cannot print - Operation not completed. Print spooler service not running


This error occurs because the Spooler service has not been started or has stopped working.
It seems that this error message is known to the Microsoft and they decided to public an knowledge base article which could helps solving this issue.

As you said the Spooler service must be started again.
To start the Spooler service, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
3. Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic. This sets the Spooler service to start automatically when you restart the computer.
4. If you want to start the spooler service immediately, click the Start button under the Service Status field

If you will be not able to restart the Spooler service, you could try to restore the Windows OS to the early point using the Windows System restore tool.

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I have an HP C5280 printer running wirelessly via a TP Link wireless print server and D Link Di 624 wireless router. I can print successfully from either my desktop (which is connected direct to the D Link router) or either of my laptops (wireless). However, when I select the double-sided print option I get a print error message after re-inserting the odd number pages to print the other side of the paper and then click 'continue'.

Could I resolve this by connecting the printer both direct to the desktop using USB AND leaving it connected via the wireless TP Link print server? This would enable me to print double-sided from my desktop (as I did before when the printer was only connected via the USB desktop port).

Answer:Print error message when trying to print double sided output on wireless printer

Could I resolve this by connecting the printer both direct to the desktop using USB AND leaving it connected via the wireless TP Link print server? Click to expand...

Probably, unless the USB connection is already used with the print server.

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Hello to all!

It has been a while since this problem first occurred. Now it has become unbearable. When I try to print, use print preview or enter page setup, Microsoft Word 2003 freezes. The same thing also happens with other Office 2003 programs like Microsoft Excel 2003.

I am not sure if there is a problem with my printer driver (the printer is an HP L2600n by the way) as I have reinstalled it many times AND I have no problem using it as a network printer and can print the same word documents FINE from laptops or other desktop computers in the house. Thus I know that the documents aren't corrupted. I can also print .pdf documents fine from this computer. I think this problem started when my laser printer driver 'disappeared' and when I tried to reinstall it I got a spool-related error. I reinstalled the spool driver and then when I tried to print a .doc file I was unable to do so. The problem may most likely be linked to Office 2003 itself but I have tried options like deleting the data key and renaming the template, all which have failed to alleviate the problem.

I think that is all the information I can offer to assist anyone trying to help me with this matter, and I hope that the problem can be fixed without me having to reformat or something like that.

Thank you in advance.

P.S Not sure if this will also come in handy but my OS is Windows XP Professional SP2.

Answer:Office 2003 freezes when trying to print, use print preview or enter page setup

In Office, On the Help menu there is a 'detect and repair' option. It wouldn't hurt to run that. This could also be a sign that the hard drive is going bad (loosing stuff here and there)...

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Just migrated our office to a new Server 2012R2 Print server. about a dozen printers installed via GPO to Windows 7/64 workstations. Mostly HP's running Universal PS driver (6.1), plus the odd Kip plotter and Xerox Copier.   For maybe 4 users
out of 30 some, there is a printing problem. When a print job is sent, it appears in the queue and then is immediately deleted.   No other indication that anything is amiss. No events fire, no dimming of the icons or exclamation points,
 no error messages.
 That's the consistent part. There is also some inconsistent (but still bad) behavior I'm finding on the different PCs. For some, deleting and re-running gpupdate will  bring the printers back and printing properly, but only for a short time. Sometimes
only one or two printers will print, sometimes not. Sometimes logging in as a different user will install the printers, sometimes no.
 I've been fiddling with this over the past few days and gotten absolutely no where.  Now I don't know what to look at next. Any idea would be appreciated!


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i enter all my info in to Quattro Pro x5 but now i want to print it-- but i keep getting this error

Quattro Pro x5 page count over 1000 the print block is too large use smaller print

it sure would be nice of Corel WordPerfect Office X5 if there would get a lot more info-

i try a lot of differnt seting some where not let me change now-- but noting seem to help

im new to Quattro Pro x5

any idea please

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Earlier this week, our laptop popped up something suspicious, which sent me here. I was assisted, and as far as I know, the laptop was cleaned out. I ran an MBAM quick-scan, ran ATF or something, and an SAS full-scan, and all came back clean. The original topic is here: installed Avira Antivir, COMODO (firewall only), and Spybot S&D to monitor the registry in the future. For further malware intrusions, this is likely good. However, since installing S&D, Vista has been giving error messages (ie, "Microsoft HTML Executable no longer working," or "Microsoft NET Command stopped functioning" type things). However, the actions I initiate appear to work, despite these errors.In addition, and the real bugger today!, is the printer will print out a document, but the print queue will not clear that item from the spool, and the printer is useless unless we restart the machine. (Stopping the spool, clearing that folder, and starting it again without a restart does not work.) I figure two things, maybe someone here (I was recommended to come here from that forum) can help:1. something with the S&D registry monitor program messed with some needed files? (I have uninstalled S&D now and only need to clear out the ProgramData folder it has to rid my machine of it completely. Supposedly, there's a backup in there from when S&D was first run?)2. the malware/adware problem that I came here for... Read more

Answer:Vista giving error messages, print queue will not clear after print

Is the printer VIA USB?

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This seems very lame. I am registered, but can't get back to site talking about my problem. What setting need to be changed so that I can print right side of on line documents. Ex. poems moved to right and cut off, or even windows document show cut off when go to print preview I have tride shrink to size and did not work, just as this.

Answer:what needs to be changed so i can print right side of on line documents; print preview shows cut off

Some more details would be helpful...
First though: signing into WC. If I read it right, you are a member already?
Now the print matter:
How are you viewing this material? What format is it? Are you trying to print straight from a webpage? Does it have a "printer friendly" version? Have you tried downloading it? Copy/paste?
If you could list a step by step of going there through printing it may help reveal the weak link...
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hello Everyone,
I have tried searching and searching for this problem but nothing seems to come up with this particularly odd problem. I'm actually running 3rd party software hosted on an AS/400 system but from a Windows 7 32-bit computer. If I right-click the title-bar of the window and select print, the print dialog box comes up asking for the printer I want to use. I select one, then click "Print" and the following comes out on the page....
<See Sample.jpg> (Of course, that's not an actual page, it's a representation of what you'd see on the page, but it's accurate despite the fact that it's color. Anyway, the print screens come out light and don't scan in well.)
As you can see, the print dialog box is clearly visible on the page. This seems to randomly crop up only on Windows 7 boxes and once it starts, we seem to have no way to stop it.

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Print spooler error 1053 along with MP Navigator won't let my Canon MG6120 print or scan. Print spooler won't open gives me error code of 1053. was told to un-install MP navigator and reinstall it. It won't let me. Printer has worked fine until about 6 months ago when it won't scan .. 
Any suggestions?

Answer:Print spooler error 1053 along with MP Navigator won't let my Canon MG6120 print

Not sure what you mean about Canon software...what happens when you try to uninstall all Canon software...via Add/Remove Programs?

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I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum, so my apologies in advance if it's in the wrong place.

I have 2 printers connected 2 a win98 Dell PC and have 2 XP Dell laptops that use the printers. I have had an HP laserjet 5MP and an HP color inkjet 1100 connected to it. The spool time to the 5MP has been normal. When I connected the HP 1100 a year ago, the spool time was very slow and it took a long time to get the print dialogue box to open, but I (ignorantly!) assumed it was the printer and since I don't use it often, just didn't deal with it. I just replaced the 5MP with a HP laserjet 2420 and it is slow, slow, slow to spool, to open a print menu, to open print properties, etc. When I turn print sharing off, it both printers print fine. I'm wondering if the win98 machine just doesn't have the processing speed necessary, but before I buy a print server or get an XP desktop to connect the printers to, thought I'd try to get some insight into the problem.

Thanks for any help!

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Nothing has changed on the printer. We have a brand new 2008 R2 x64 server loaded with both x84 and x64 drivers on the same printer queue for a Lexmark X340. All the workstations are Windows XP (x86). Half of the users experience the problem where they print something, but they have to also physically go over to the printer and press the green button to get it to actually for-real print their job. Temporary work-around is to add a local print queue to each workstation using the IP address of the printer (rather than printing to a queue existing on the Windows server).

I will try setting the print processor on the queue to [FF Auto] to see how that makes a difference.. but in the mean time: discussion and solution-seeking. I have Googled this and found that this problem is experienced by many people regardless of what printer they have. The funny thing here is that only half of the workstations here are experiencing this problem.

Answer:Must press green button on printer to print

Have you set any default settings on the server side print queue? Have you verified your workstations are seeing the settings properly?

I haven't ever experienced this, but I tend to stick with HP, Xerox and Lanier ( which are fairly well behaved ).

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Hi, in network neighborhood, the file and print sharing button is missing. How do I get it to show up again?

Answer:Solved: missing print sharing button

right click network neignborhood, >properties, >install, >service, >file and printer sharing.

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I am currently tryong to locate the dll file which is fired when print button is pressed
i want to override the dll and use it in a vb,net code
What I want to do is somewhat as follows---
when any user presses print button instead of the printdialog box I want to fire my softyware
So I desperately need to know the exact .dll file and necessary codes for

I am sure I will get some support from this forum.
please help me out.

Answer:which dll file is fired when print button is pressed

Are you referring to the Print Screen button????

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When I try to print from photoviewer screen headed "How do you want to print your pictures? , the botton part of the screen where the "PRINT" command is located is cut off from the screen. As I cannot click on this, I am unable to print the image. Is there any way that I can ge a full screen so that I can click on the print button?

Answer:Cannot print from "How do you want to print your picture screen?"

Hello Harold, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check to make sure that you have the native screen resolution set for your monitor. Next double check to make sure that you still have the display DPI settings set to the default 96 DPI. The larger the %, the larger everything will appear in Windows 7 that would leave windows cut off like that.

Hope this helps,

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OK, this one is a twist on a very often reported problem on these forums:

Internet Explorer 11 will not print and just shows an empty print preview page. (Edge works/prints fine).

However in this case I know what caused the issue but not how to resolve it. This issue CANNOT be repaired by the commonly offered 3 or 4 step Microsoft tips that are all over this site and elsewhere (disable protected mode, Low folder permissions, etc, etc,)

Here is the complete story: New laptop HP Z Book 17 with factory installed Windows 10 Pro. All worked great when first run. No issues. I installed Office 2010, Quicken, AutoCAD, Chrome ........ etc. All worked fine.
Then I installed a specialist program, 'Helvar Workshop' - which is a lighting control application that I need for my work and originally written for XP.
After installing the Workshop program it worked fine but I was no longer able to print or preview in IE11. This is not a new issue to me as it also broke the same functions with IE10 and 11 running on Windows 7. I only ever 'resolved the problem then by doing a system restore in Windows 7 and ultimately installing an XP VM to run 'Workshop'. In that configuration it did NOT break the print functions in XP's IE 6 or 7.

Having experienced the problem again on the new Z Book I went to System Restore and discovered that HP had supplied the machine without activating System Restore! Yes, I should have verified it was active before installing any apps ........ but seri... Read more

Answer:IE11 print/print preview broken after installing 3rd party app

AVguy said:

Having experienced the problem again on the new Z Book I went to System Restore and discovered that HP had supplied the machine without activating System Restore! Yes, I should have verified it was active before installing any apps ........ but seriously HP - wtf!?!?!

I've seen that on other brands of computers, both Desktops and Notebooks, so I think it's more a Win10 thing. Saw it on my own Custom Win10 Upgraded from Win7 so I made the change.

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I have installed a wireless Belkin G all in one print server on my Dell Inspiron 1300 notebook and connected it via usb to my lexmark 5360 all in one printer. I can send a request to print and it enters the queue but the printer won't print. Any ideas please?

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Hi everyone,

To help manage the department I work for (cleaning for a poultry processing plant) I am currently reviewing Quality inspection results which have been entered into Excel. It is about 30 pages long if I printed the full version out.

I am looking for someone to help with a mini program which will only print out the data rows which I need to review. Eg. If machine 1 (Row 20) was found to have not passed a check but machine 2 (Row 21) passed, then I would like to run a little program to only print Row 20.

As I am almost a novice at this stuff I'm was hoping that this may be a simple program and that someone might want to help me out. If it isn't or I am asking too much please tell me and I won't post anymore messages.

Thankyou for your time if you have read this message.

p.s - I did know enough to add a IF formula which tells me if the row should be printed or blank if it doesn't. I have been using that to review my data on the computer screen.

Answer:Solved: Help with Excel so when I print only revelent data (rows) print out??

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A client is interested in having external networking ports available for printing to internal, XP-attached shared workstation printers.

Basically, they want to print to external IP address and have IIS push that data to a shared printer at someone's workstation. Ideally we would set up six or eight of these, each with a different port on the public IP.

Any suggestions?

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When we install IE11 after installing some systems on a windows 7 32 bit PC; when select File Menu Print action the Print dialog box which should appear doesn't pop up. Not responding at all.

Has somebody come accross this issue.

Answer:IE 11 when select File Print the Print Dialog Box doesn't open

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!

I don't have a printer installed so I decided to test what happens if I try that myself. Same as you, nothing happens. So maybe your printer isn't recognized or installed properly?!

Here's a page that lists 4 scenarios why it might not work: Unable to print or view the print preview of a webpage in Internet Explorer

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I have been operating this color printer for 3 years now in our small business. over the past year, we have erratic problems with fuzzy print..
Typically, the first page may be fuzzy( dots or ink below character) and the resy may be OK ... Or occasionally, a page or two in the middle of a print job may be fuzzy.
WE have had techs spend many hours, replacing parts, cleaing the drum and whle the quality is improved (not as fuzzy, we stll get an occasional page with this problem.
This has been a good printer.. the solid ink is easy to maintain and the overall ink cost seems less than other color printers we have had.

Should I junk this machine?

Answer:Xerox Phaser 8500 print quality - fuzzy print

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Help getting & installing a compatable driver for new Photosmart 7520.

Need to have 'Print Preview' in Printer Preferences. Newer Photosmart Printers have very few options under Preferences.

Have tried drivers for Office Jet 6100 & Deskjet 69800 as suggested in HP forums. Neither has 'Print Preview' in Printing Preferences.

My previous Photosmart C310 died, bought the 7520 as a replacement. If I remember correctly, when I upgraded to Windows 7 with the older Photosmart C310 I had to download an alternate driver. That printer worked fine for over 2 years with all the preferences. I failed to note the driver that worked with the C310.

Hope someone can help, or I'll return this one to Costco along with the $130.00 worth of ink.

Answer:Alternate HP print driver with 'Print Preview' for Photosmart 7520

After a week of frustration, I was able to locate an HP Forum with the information that works.
I used the alternate driver that was from my previous Photosmare C310.
Here is the link. Hope this is helpful for someone in the future.

print preview / afdrukvoorbeeld - HP Support Forum - 3356529

I research genealogy and do a lot of text printing from my own compter files. The 'Print Preview' feature is crucial to how I print. It is next to impossible to find out if a new printer has this feature before buying. Sales people & manufacturer's website are next to usless.

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When I select my pics to print, right click to print, the preview box comes up but nothing shows as a preview.

This started when I wiped my operating system clean. It hasn't worked properly since.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Print Preview not working (select pics/right click to print)

Some information would be helpful:
System Specs
Printer make/model and driver info/version/connection type(usb wireless etc..)

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