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vista and 7 on single dvd

Question: vista and 7 on single dvd

i want write windows vista & windows 7 on single dvd

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Preferred Solution: vista and 7 on single dvd

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: vista and 7 on single dvd

To do what exactly?

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[Tutorial] Merge Vista x86 and Vista x64 editions (DVDs) in a single DVD
It?s simple and straight way to merge Vista x86 and Vista x64 editions (DVDs) in a single DVD Require: WAIK (Windows Automation Installation Kit)
Windows Vista x86 and Windows Vista x64 DVDs.
Dual Layer DVD and compatible DVD Burner and software (like Nero, ImgBurn)
Lets come to the point and start now.
We will merge Vista x64 editions into Vista x86 DVD, because Vista x64 DVD has 64-bit contents that can?t run under Win32 mode but Vista x86 content can run under 64-bit environment easily?and one more thing Vista x64 DVD has only four editions, so we have to execute less commands. How to:
1.Install WAIK in your Windows (doesn?t matter you are running Vista or Windows XP)
2.Make two folders, say Vistax64 and Vista-All and copy both Vista DVDs x64 and x86 versions correspondingly.
3.Run WAIK command prompt (Run As Administrator if UAC enabled) Start >> All Programs >> Windows AIK >> Windows AIK and PE Command Prompt
Each n every Vista edition has an index no. in the install.wim (WIM file), you can check using the following command.
4.Imagex.exe /info E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim
It display the results something like that:
Its means INDEX=1 denotes Vista Business and so on.
5.Execute the following command with appropriate INDEX no. to exports a copy of the specified image to another WIM file. (Vista x64 to Vista x86)
For Vista Business x64 Imagex.exe /export... Read more

Answer:[Tutorial] Merge Vista x86 and Vista x64 editions (DVDs) in a single DVD

Awesome!..This is what we expect from MVPs..Thank You

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can anyone tell me how to format/delete vista all the way from a HD that has vista on there? btw i love vista its on my 2nd HD i need it clean and formatted im selling it, so i need to wipe it clean just like new!

thx for any help if this is possible?

Answer:To Format Vista (how to on single HD were vista is?)

It's worth making sure any drive you don't want to delete is not connected to the pc.

About DBAN | Darik's Boot And Nuke

Hope it helps


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Is the difference between the two that the single pack can only be installed on one computer, while the three pack can be installed on three separate computers?

Answer:Three or Single Pack Vista

A three pack is just three licenses instead of one. So you can use it on three different computers. A single only has one license, which means you can only install it on one computer.
Seems like it would be cheaper to buy 3 single packs right now, since it appears to be on sale.

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I am trying 802.1x authentication ( PEAP with EAP-MSCHAP V2) in our wireless
network. I have installed IAS RADIUS for wireless authentication. All our
clients are windows vista.I have read VISTA supports Single Sign On wireless
profiles to connect to protected networks before domain logon. I have set
ssoMode as preLogon, but my experience is that it works with only cached
profiles or log off from a local account (network connection not required). But with a new user login gives an error ?there are currently no
logon sever available?. Could someone help me?

Answer:vista wireless single sign-on

Hello Raju,
The error message your getting is by design I think. In order to logon via wireless like your wanting you must first log into the domain (via network cable) so the cached account will be created. When you try it with a new user it will not work because that computer knows it has never attempted to log on locally with those new user credentials so it wants to look for the domain to validate the id/password thus creating a cached domain account on that computer. So after that you reboot the computer then attempt to log in via wireless and it works like you said.

There may be a way around this. If so I do not know how. If someone knows I'd like to know too!

Hope this helps.

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How can this be achieved? I am having no luck with Deus Ex Invisible War, but some people say they can only get it working by forcing it to run on a single core.

How do you do this?

Answer:Getting a game to run single core on Vista

Never mind, forgot to google before asking! D'oh!

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ASDA Smart Price Webcam CP-68L driver CIFmy nephew bought this cheap webcam but can't seem to get it working when i plug it into the usb port nothing happens at all (well apart from a green light on the webcam )if anyone can help me locate the driver from vista i would most greatfull i posted a thraed yesturday and thought i had it but never did lol so im bk thanx steve

Answer:CIF Single chip drivers for vista

Did a search with Copernic and found this click here

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I'm in the process of backing up my data now, but I've run into 2 problems.

1: The external doesn't have sufficient space for everything I want to backup (I purchased it when I had my old PC)

2: The data transfer is terribly slow (10 megabytes/sec for USB external HD)

Now, the question I have is for #2! I kinda want to try to take a shortcut.

If I partition my current hard drive (500gb currently, 350gb in use), can I move the rest of my data to the new partition (gonna call it J, reformat and install Windows 7 without it also wiping the data on the J: partition which is also located on the same drive?

I dunno how else to describe what I'm doing besides doing some kindergarten diagram.

Hard drive A (500gb)

C: 350gb J: 150gb (data, not programs)

If I format C and install Windows 7 onto it, will J: still be there?

Answer:Vista -Single Hard Drive backup?

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how to make VISTA & XP dual boot on single PC ..

Answer:how to make VISTA & XP dual boot on single PC

check this out for info should be what you are looking for

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I want to club Windows Vista with Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn).
If this is possible then please let me know how?
And if it is not possible then please tell me why?

Answer:How to club Vista with Server 2008 in a single DVD

Hi, I have not understood what you want to say. "Club" meaning what.

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Interesting question: Can you install one copy of Vista one two seperate hard drives within the same PC, and dual boot them. The question is not so much "Is it possible", thats obvious, its more "Is this legal / allowed?".

I ask because i plan on vlite-ing my vista disk and having a "Gaming" edition one one drive, and a full fat version on the other, then dual booting.

Answer:Install vista on multiple drives within a single PC?

"The software license is permanently assigned to the device with which you acquired the software. That device is the “licensed device.” A hardware partition is considered to be a separate device."

Apparently not, according to the EULA (that's an OEM EULA, anyway).

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Hello [H]ard Gawds:

I really want to know and confirm that if it's possible for me to install my Vista Ultimate 32bit OS on a second computer AFTER I fully uninstalled it from my first computer ??

I know I have to call the activation centre in my country (Canada) which I had a good experience with them before. I remember a thread I've read that as long as you only install the OEM OS in a SINGLE computer at a time, you're technically OK to do re-installation and be able to pass the activation process if you CALL the Microsoft Activation Centre and they'll release another long string of keys for you to type in the boxes.

The total amount of time for me to ask for activation over the phone was no more than 15 mins, although I had a hard time trying to get every letter and numbers from a heavy French accent lady

One thing I can confirm is that as long as your "product key is legitimate and it's not on their black list," you shouldn't face any problems for asking a new released key from the activation centre correct?

I appreciate any help and suggestions


Answer:Q: OEM Vista Ultimate Installation on second SINGLE Computer ?

Since it's OEM, you're technically only allowed to have it installed on the hardware it came with. Sometimes, though, you can install it on another computer and call Microsoft, schmooze them a little, and they'll let you reactivate it.

As far as activation goes, as long as only one computer is using that key, and Microsoft only detects one computer, there'll be no problems. The only issue is that it's OEM and meant for one computer only.

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Vista PC with IE8 can't access site: (site is converted to AT&T 2Wire DSL router is internet connection. Site can be reached from other Vista PCs not on site. IE8, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers have been used. No error displays but each browser attepmts to load page forever. 2Wire router and Vista firewall have been turned off. Attempts made from administrator account. Other https sites (, etc) can be reached. Owner of web site says they have not had any other reported problems. Is there somewhere in Vista registry that could be blocking this ONE site?

Answer:Vista PC blocked from single https site

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When I initially installed Windows Vista Home Premium OEM, I had an Intel Pentium 4 650 (single core 3.4GHz) Processor installed in my system. I have since changed the system processor to a Pentium D 830 (dual core 3.0GHz) processor. However, Windows is acting like it doesn't know my processor has a second core. Task Manager shows the CPU graph for only a single core and I have a Multi-core Windows Gadget that I've downloaded that shows Windows is only using a single core.

I have googled forever to try and find a solution to no avail. I found a recommendation to use a tool called NTFS4DOS and rename the HAL.DLL file to something else and rename HALMACPI.DLL to HAL.DLL. That didn't work. I also tried re-installing Vista on top of itself (upgrading itself) and that had no affect.

I have removed the entries for the Pentium 4 650 CPU in Device Manager and Windows Vista Home Premium now correctly identifies my CPU as a Pentium D 830, but it still only runs on the first core!!!!

My system board is an ASUS P5ND2-SLI. It was also suggested to check in system BIOS to make sure there isn't a setting to disable one of the cores. I'm running the latest system BIOS from ASUS (1.06) and there is no such setting in my BIOS.

I found articles that described systems with AMD processors that seemed to be more plagued with this problem, however, my CPU is definitely Intel and the suggested workarounds don't apply.

I'm really not looking forward to formatting my 400GB H... Read more

Answer:Windows Vista only runs on single core of Pentium D

I can hardly believe it, but I finally found the problem... it was the motherboard BIOS (despite ASUS claim's my CPU was supported since BIOS 0301).

I happened to find out just a few days ago that ASUS quietly released a BIOS update for my motherboard on 6/26/07 - version 0701. Keep in mind, this motherboard is now practically a dinosaur as it first shipped in 2005. ASUS' release notes for the BIOS are practically criminal as they only state the following:


1. Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at:
2. Fix Smart Fan cannot control by PC Probe 2.

1. ???sCPU, ????????q????:
2. *?? PC Probe 2 ?L?k???? Smart Fan ?????D.
*** END

As I am writing this, the URL above for this motherboard does not show any new CPUs that require 0701.

That all being said, I'm glad ASUS had the integrity to release a fix. I just wish they were more open about known issues and announcing when fixes are available. I'm even registered with their website as having this motherboard. An e-mail would've been nice, don't you thinK?

If you find this post, because you were as unlucky as me. Go here to get 0701 BIOS:

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First of all I have been searching for about a week with no luck. and hours and hours of reinstalling configuring etc.

I had 98 & Xp dual boot on a 933mhz 1g ram that was working fine on a single 400gb PATA drive with 2 partitions. That I used to use Ghost restores if needed.
I wanted to put in Vista on it also so I installed it from Xp used the custom installation and installed it to a third partition I created.

Vista would not boot (after the first reboot during the installation process) I could still get into 98 & xp.

To make a long storry as short as possible currently I only have xp & Vista but same thing Vista will not boot after the first reboot of the install process.

I reformated about 10 times already still nothing (even 1 time full department of defense erase 10 hours to complete)

What confuses me is if I do a fresh install of XP from a fresh format XP will not boot it says it is missing NTLDR is missing. If I am correct from reading from the Web it has to do with something when Win98 was in or from cloned restored hard drive. The only way I got XP installed again was I had to put Win98 again then I had to use the upgrade install option because the custom option would do the same thing not boot up. Then I tried a fresh Vista install with a fresh format and it will not boot. I don't remember but I think it is the same error I am getting now with the dual boot system:

"windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might ... Read more

Answer:Vista Xp dual boot or single install big problem please help
Scroll down to see The Changes Vista Dualboot Makes to a Previous Windows OS – and How to Reverse Them.

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I have a very strange problem that hopefully someone can make some sense out of.

My parents have a Vista Business laptop (Dell i1520 laptop) that somehow manages to kill the internet connection on some routers. When the machine is powered on, it will be able to connected both wired and wireless to the router and internet. After a random amount of time, the internet connection will be killed on all machines attached to the router. This occurs both at their house and my house, both using a Netgear G router. They have an additional vista home premium machine and I have 2 vista home premium machines none of which display this problem on the same networks. Both of us have Comcast as well. Now, it starts to get even stranger. When the machine is taken to another location, in this case with a D-Link N router on, the internet connection is stable.

We also tried booting the machine off of Knoppix on the location where it was causing problems and the connection is stable.

Machine had NIS2009, which I tried removing (both via Add/Remove programs and via Norton's "removal tool"). No affect.

Obviously, this has something to do with an interaction between the router and the machine, but the fact that other vista machines are stable seems to eliminate some compatibility with the routers. The fact that knoppix is stable eliminates the network card's interaction with the router, and the fact that it works behind a D-Link router eliminates the general vi... Read more

Answer:single vista machine kills net connection on some routers

Which router model & model #?

Which wifi protocol are you using? z802.11 b, g, draft n? Can you change that in your Netgear router?

Switch, as a test, to no encryption [ WEP, WPA, WPA2 ].

Try booting the problem computer to safe mode with networking.

In normal mode connect the problem computer to the router, using ethernet.

Check with Netgear to verify that your router is compatible with Vista. Not all 0s and 1s are created equally.


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i've searched through the archives and can't find related posts. so please excuse my super noobness!

in my research i think this capability is beyond this switch. this is a "limited l3" switch. i just wanted to verify this with you pros. i'm running this on my home lab.

the topology is this:
Comcast WAN->Sonicwall tz190 (this does *NOT* do VLANs, just a FYI, basic cookie cutter router/firewall)
From the sonicwall it goes to Cisco2960 running ios 15se7.

i do not have any other switches/routers on the network at all.

gateway is the typical

on the Cisco2960 everything on vlan1 (management) can hit internet since it's on the same subnet as the rest of the network.


i want vlan2 through vlan4 to access internet. can network devices on vlan2 through vlan4 hit the internet with inter-vlan routing?

ip routing is already enabled. i'm able to ping vlan2 through vlan4, but have a hard time getting vlan2 through vlan4 to ping vlan1.

again i know this is a super limited l3 switch and not the 3xxx series.

from what i've read this switch is very limited and would require another separate router to pass gw traffic from to the other vlan2 through vlan4. just using this 2960 switch alone it is not possible.

the exact model# is WS-C2960-24TT-L

Answer:Will a single Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switch share a single gw-wan for all its VLANs?

Can devices on VLAN2 or VLAN4 ping the VLAN1 IP address of the SWITCH?

Can the VLAN2 or VLAN4 ping the VLAN1 IP address of the Router?

If I had to guess I'd say the first question is YES and the second question is NO. Because the switch knows where the VLAN2 and VLAN4 subnet is, but the router does not. You'll need to create a static route on the router pointing the VLAN2 and VLAN4 subnets at the VLAN1 IP of the Switch.

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I was reading threads about installing drivers for Raid.

right now I have a single WD SATA 250GB corsair harddrive.
as of right now I don't plan on installing a 2nd hardrive

so going without a raid set up will Vista recognize my sata harddrive and allow me to install Vista on to it?
I have the driver CD that came with the hardrive. but I didn't plan on installing a (A) drive.

I remember with IDE drives XP PRO used the drivers off the Windows install CD.
then once I was finished installing XP Pro I went back and used the cd that came with my
WD80GB hardrive to update the drivers /utilities .

is it only Raid drivers that are not on the Windows install CD or is it that SATA drivers are not on there either?
do I still need to make a sata driver disket and install a (A)drive?

Answer:installing single WD SATA 250GB with Vista Home Premium?

SATA should be supported by Vista natively, so if you have no RAID set up, it should install normally.

Vista will have drivers for most everything else, but you may still need to download a couple, like graphics, from the manufacturer.

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I've got Vista Business set up on two machines. I can get them to connect via my wired LAN that I've setup here without any issues. I'm using a Linksys WRT5GX4 that i just want to use for wired, so I've turned off the wireless for this.

On one of the computers I wish to be able to access the free wireless that is provided by my apartment complex; but I wish to do that via my D-Link DWL-G122 Wireless USB adapter. I can connect to the wireless network no problem as long as I'm not also connected to my wired network.

As soon as I plug my ethernet cable from my machine with the wireless adapter into my wired network I lose my wireless connectivity. I'm sure Windows Vista allows for this type of setup; I just can't figure out how to set it up.

Any ideas, pointers etc? I can obviously configure the wired network in any way I want; but I'm limited as far as the wireless goes as it is public. I currently have the wired setup to private, and as I said I have no problems connecting these two, I just can't also have the one machine connect wirelessly at the same time.


Answer:Solved: Trying to set up a wired network along with a single wireless connection in Vista?

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I have a single excel sheel with one single column containing words with some special characters. I want to search for multiple words from that single column.

Answer:Search multiple words in a single column in a single excel s

A bit of clarification:Does each cell contain multiple words or just one word?After you find your target word/s what do you want done with them?And, in the future, Excel questions are best asked in the Office Software forum.MIKE

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Hey. I have an HP Pavillion DV4 running Windows 7 that has some issues. About 8 months ago it stopped booting. The notebook would power up, with all the relevant LEDs lighting up, but wouldn't make it to the splash screen. It would stop, and the Caps Lock and Num Lock would go into a repeating single blink pattern. I messed around with it for a while, but didn't get anywhere, so I put it aside and forgot about it for a while. About a month ago I powered it back up, and it started no problem. It worked like this for about 2 weeks, then started doing the single blink/no boot thing again. Based on the codes available from HP, the single blink means CPU failure. After checking around online, I've read that a few people have replaced their processor in an effort to resolve this issue, and it didn't work. So, I was wondering if anybody had any ideas before I stripped this thing down and tried switching out the CPU. I've tried booting with only wall power, doing the RAM dance, pulling the CMOS and main battery overnight, but nothing has worked so far.

Answer:HP Pavillion single single blink code, won't boot

Greetings, jools1976.

Looks like you've tried everything I would have. My next steps might include:

1. Attempt to boot into BIOS (I know you've probably tried it, but I have to mention it).

2. Pull the hard drive and start the machine - any change in symptoms?

3. Attempt to boot to an optical disk if you can get the drive open (Windows disk, Linux, a recovery or drive diagnostics disk - any bootable disk just to see if you can get something).

Long shots. The fact that it started and ran for a while before crashing is a strange symptom - makes me think of heat, or even a cold solder joint, bent pin on a connector somewhere, loose cable, etc.

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I am writing about printing on an HP 1410 All-In-One. The problem is this.
I have a Word 2003 .doc. I then insert a jpg from a file. I locate it in the document where I want it and size it accordingly. For example: let's say the picture is 2" x 3" on the printed page. The document appears correctly in the program and in print preview.
However, when the page is printed, the jpg is printed twice, one over top of the other. Note: they are not superimposed. However, there are two images (2" x 1.5") and the perspective is "squashed."
Any suggestions if this is a Word 2003 problem, an OS problem (Windows 2000 Pro), or a printer problem?
Thanks for your help.

Answer:Single JPG Prints Multiple Times in Size for Single

I don't really understand what you mean. Maybe you could scan the print and attach it? The quickest way to tell if it's the printer or print driver would be to print something similar from a different program.

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I tend to use the left pane in Windows explorer a lot. I have multiple drives/partitions in my desktop as well as a "rack" of external drives that I connect via a USB hub. I spend a lot of time creating, editing, and saving/moving multimedia files.
In XP, all I have to do in the left pane of Windows Explorer is to single click a folder and not only do the contents of that folder display in the right pane, if there are sub folders inside that folder I clicked, all those sub folders will expand for that "level" of the directory tree.
In Vista, that doesn't happen. I need to double click, or look for that silly little triangle and accurately "zero-in"" on it before I can see the sub folders. This is an absolute pain - If I were to design a feature that would really annoy users, this would be on the top of the (my) list.
When I have to use a notebook, this need to zero-in on that tiny little triangle using the touchpad makes the user experience for me even less enjoyable.
Does anybody know of a way to make the Windows Explorer in Vista Home Premium behave the same way as it did in XP?

Answer:Single click to expand folder tree in left pane Vista

The triangle you are referring to is a single click item seen in 7 as well as in Vista. The settings in the menu bar>tools>folder options can be set for open by single or double clicking.

Single Click option

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Am I correct in assuming that that means if I buy it and install it on my computer, then put a different motherboard processor and RAM in, I can't continue to use it?

Answer:Microsoft Windows Vista 64-Bit Ultimate for System Builders Single Pack DVD - OEM

If you abide completely by the EULA, that's correct. However, many people have been able to call in and have it re-activated on another long as it's only installed on one computer at any given time.

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I have one user who cannot print to one printer. I logged in as local admin, added the printer and it still would not work. I deleted all the printers and readded them. I stopped and restarted the print spooler and made sure all of the other users could print fine. I still cannot print. The print job just hangs in the que and once in a while I will get an error. Can anybody help?


Answer:Cannot Print/ Single User, Single Printer

Is it a network printer or a local printer?

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I have a situation in which i;m trying to install a single samsung sata on a machine that already has a single ata .
The board is an asus a7n8x e delux ,the prob is it doesn't recognize the sata dr. I've downloaded the latest sata drivers .disconnected the ata,set the scsi as 1st boot ,the sata junper on board are enabled ,done the 3rd party dance w xp . Xp gets to the point of getting ready to install windows but it cant find the dr and says i.m out of here in 15 secs.
Does anyone have a clue what I,ve missed or doing wrong or both .

Answer:installing a single sata dr w a single ata dr

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I am Using Dell Inspiron N5010. Can I Use Only Single Module 8GB RAM in Single Slot (With One Empty Slot)

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Hello, I am using Access 2000 and have created a database with a command button that opens up a report via a macro. I would like to know how to open up single reports instead of pushing a button that brings up every report, I've been able to open up reports that are based off of queries, queries that have paramenters that need to be inputted in order to bring up single unique records, but I would like to be able to just create a button that brings just that particular unique record-report off of that particular unique record on that form. Meaning that for a record that had just been inputted for John Doe on a form, I would like to know how to create a button on that form to pull up John Doe's single report without having to build a query that asks for a parameter. Is there anyway to do this?

Answer:Access-Printing a single report off of a single record from an Access database form

You will have to adapt this to your own form setup; but it's just using the Where line of the OpenReport macro action.

If on the form MyFormName you have two controls called txtFirstNm and txtLastNm, and in the query underlying the report you have two fields called FirstNm and LastNm, you would put into the Where line of the OpenReport action:

[FirstNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtFirstNm] And [LastNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtLastNm]
Hope that helps.

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someone on my computer made firefox a "run as administrator" program now every time it runs it gives me that stupid conformation box, and my back/forward buttons don't work on my mouse anymore (but work fine under IE7)
How do I get rid of this problem, and make firefox a normal program again?

thanks for all replies.

Answer:vista problem: how do i cancel "run as administrator" for a single program?

Is this what your looking for?

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The 'Install Vista from Vista' workaround for clean-installing with an Upgrade product key has been done to death, in numerous threads, but I haven't seen mention of the fact that a Vista Upgrade key and disk can be used to clean install with a single installation only.

I've written up a guide at my Techwrighter site here.

In short, the technique is:
Install a Vista time-limited trial
Disable UAC
Use the command line to alter the product key and activate online.
Enjoy a fully functional, activated Vista installation.


Answer:Single install clean install with Vista Upgrade disk


Ok... gotta ask, was the properly spelled domain already taken?

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Vanilla Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop running Windows Vista. It has never had a login account or password protection, and is only used in single user mode.

Yesterday, start-ups fine, no password. Today, I'm presented with the user logon widow prompting me for a password, and cannot logon to Vista!

No-one has meddled with the laptop. Don't know if SP1 was automatically downloaded
and installed - whatever the factory defaults were from Dell. I've not seen any references to this kind of issue on Vista, but have heard about a similar thing with NT.

Any suggestions how this could have happened?

Yes - I know I can reset passwords using the NT Password Editor (

Answer:Vista logon screen for single user logon

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This may be obvious but I don't want to muck things up
My system started off as Vista 64 bit and then I added Win 7 64 bit as a dual boot with the MBR in the Vista partition
What I would like to do is to add an SSD onto which I would migrate the existing Win 7 partition and make it bootable as a stand alone installation. Once this has been done I would add Win 10 to the SSD as a dual boot (a Win 10 Pro OEM is dirt cheap)

Answer:How to move from Win 7/Vista dual boot to single boot on an SSD

Should have looked at the help suggestions How to convert from dual boot to single boot 2 HDDs - Win 7 & Vista64
Now fixed

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right now i have a single core cpu (check sig), i plan on getting vista home premium upgrade (price?), do you think it will run vista well.

Answer:single core vs dual core w/ vista

eh, a dual core would be a huge benefit. I have a 3500 venice and before I get vista I will get a c2d. But it would be ok, you will definatley notice a performance decrease coming from xp.

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I just purchased a refurbished x200 Tablet (7450-8HU), and I'm loving it. Upgraded RAM, installed a 120GB SSD, and upgraded it to Windows 8.1 - it's an amazing little machine. Windows 8.1 makes it run like a beast! But, I do have a question. I've been doing much research, and I do realize that my screen is not capable of 2-finger touch. Yet, I keep reading that the x200 Tablet supports Pen & 1-finger touch. But, my x200 Tablet refuses to recognize my finger, even though in PC Info it says it supports "Pen and Single Touch", and it even let's me calibrate "Touch" (but it won't recognize my finger). Were there early models of the x200 Tablet that only support Pen, even though the computer says it supports single Touch also? Or is there something wrong with my machine? I've installed all required drivers, and Device Manager says there is nothing missing. Thanks!  


Go to Solution.

Answer:x200 Tablet - Single Touch? Or No Single Touch?

You can try checking the Lenovo Lookup parts:click me You need to use your machine type 7450-8HU and your serial number (don't post it here). You'll see then a the list of components, you can try checking there if you find a hint about the multitouch. I read in the german wiki that multitouch was offered after September 2009, you will find the production date next to your machine type (in the form of YY/MM). That maybe also a hint if you have ir or not. As last resort you could use a program like HW Info o SIW to read the components of your X200T. My 2 cents...

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This is confined to one computer.
It is running XP. Whenever I go Start-Run, and type in \\server to see the shares- it says I either do not have permissions or the resource wasn't found, or always something to that nature.
If I go and browse the Entire Network (Windows Network), I can open all the other computers and see what they are sharing, but for this server.

I've tried logging off and rebooting- neither work.
I have Home Folder mappings as well- and they don't connect.

However, programs that utilize the server are still able to run and communicate.
I can run the entire UNC to a setup file (IE, no browsing required), and it still won't work.

Any ideas?

Answer:Single XP Machine Cannot Browse Single Server Machine

Domain or Workgroup -> ('Windows Network' doesnt indicate either)

Can the other machines do \\Server ?

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OK, I keep reading different things. What is the maximum DVI resolution that a single-link TMDS transmitter can output? Is it 1920x1080 or 1920x1200? I seem to see both crop up. Thanks for any help in this matter. And just to clarify, I know that the analog-out on the DVI-I ports is higher, usually something like 2048x1536, but I am not interested in that, just the DVI output for a flat panel accepting DVI input.

Answer:Single-Link DVI (or Single-Link TMDS) and Max. Resolution


What Lcd or projector do you plan to use?
And what is the native res/mhz?

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Question: Single key

i have a problem , my little cousin has lost a key of his laptop , looked everywhere for it but to no avail , i have tried looking for a replacement online but cant find any which is strange

the make and model is

acer aspire 9424 wsmi , any help to links would be great thanks

Answer:Single key

Are you looking for the Windows key. If the computer still boots you can use Magical Jelly Bean key finder.

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hi i orderd 2x512 ddr2 pc4200 dc kingston ram witch i want to run in duel channel mode will it still run in duel channel mode if i add them the with mysingle channel 1X512 pc4200 and 1X256 pc4200 or will it be better if i just run them all in single mode will the 512 and 256 run in duel channel mode the sped is the same pc 4200 :wave:confused

Answer:can i mix dc ram with single c ram ?

For dual channel the parts have to be absolute clones of each other, so buying a kit was definitely the right things to do. That new 2x 512MB pair will run in dual channel as long as you keep it in a channel by it self. Put them in two slots of the same color, and you're good.

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Hi folks.Just a quick question.I have 200mb of mp3's that I was hoping to fit on a single CD.As the files are already compressed I thought I could do this.Is it possible and would I need a program to do it?Thanks.

Answer:Mp3's on a single CD.

It depends on where you want to play the CD.If you have a CD player that can play MP3 files,or another PC, then simply use something like Nero to burn them as a Data CD. A CD-R disk can hold over 700mb of files.If you want to play them on an ordinary CD player you will need to create an Audio CD, but you will encounter a problem, as it's highly likely that 200mb of MP3 files will equate to around 200 minutes of audio (rough average of 1mb per minute), and a CD will only hold a maximum of 80 minutes of audio...

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Looking to try out .NET / C# at home.
How do I set this up?
Will having IIS running on the PC cause any problems with the regular Internet connection?

Any place where this is explained or where I can find a step by step guide?

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

Answer:.Net/C# dev on single PC-How to set it up?

IIS will NOT disrupt normal net usage.

In order to use the IDE for .NET , you must have the .NET framework installed.

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Question: SLI vs. Single GPU

I am looking at getting a new computer system with an nforce sli motherboard, but I was wondering if getting 2 cards running together would really be any better than just one using one card. Should I:

A: Get 2 Nvidia G8500GT cards running together or,

B: Get one Nvidia G8600GT card and put a 2nd one in about a year or so if the price drops a bit.

Would either A or B have any significant performance boost over the other? (of course B would be somewhat cheaper.)

Any info would be much appreciated.

Answer:SLI vs. Single GPU

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Good very hello!

I am looking for preferably a freeware app where all I have to do is enter an ip address to stop it from connecting to my computer that will maintain a list.

I currently run Vista home premium in DMZ on router and have OS firewall disabled. I have many server apps and p2p programs running on it. I do not want to run a firewall. I have tried PeerBlock,BeeThink IP Blocker and NetLimiter but do not need all the services they install and the complexity of unlimited options and configurations.

Is there a command line string I could use perhaps to terminate and block an ip or a more simple approach? Just looking for a straight forward simple appraoch if possible.

Answer:How to ban single ip?

what you are looking for is called a firewall. blocking unwanted traffic is what firewalls do...
Posted via [H] Mobile Device

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I would like to connect multiple terminals (monitors and input devices) using my gaming PC as the central hub. We're not talking about connecting two PCs. I need to somehow "split" the PC into two instances rather than buying another PC. Is this possible?

Answer:LAN within a single PC

I find that an axe or a hacksaw works best when I want to "split the PC into two".

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i was looking at the specs of my gtx 580 that i got yesterday. and i noticed in GPU-Z that it's only running @ 8x. it is in the 16x slot so shouldn't it be running @ 16x?
is there a way i can set it to run @ 16x?
i have googled for a solution but can only find results relating to SLi which isn't useful since i have only the one card.

Answer:how to get single gtx 580 to run at 16x

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In the continuing effort to draw the line in the sand on my PC build i have come to another bridge i need to cross. I cant seem to decide if i want to go with an SLI configuration or a single HD hi output GPU.

I have read about SLI and feel i have a pretty good idea about it and how it works and when i have talked to different people i have been told that SLI is worthless unless you are running multiple screens, i find this to be wrong from what i understand but is this correct?

This PC will be used for gaming alot so i would like to have a pretty solid graphics setup but input from the pro's out there would help alot

Thanks in advance

Answer:SLI or Single HD GPU?

If cost isn't a problem then go SLI (or Crossfire for that matter I guess). I run GTX280 in SLI . Benefits of dual cards:
Higher minimum and average framerates = smoother gameplay (especially in games that nVidia cards lack performance e.g. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series)- better gameplay experience,No need to OC the cards, can use higher screen resolution and/or better AA/AF settings
Drawbacks : Cost, power consumption, scaling not linear.

I wouldn't bother with SLI unless the cards had better than 512Mb RAM each- the cards will bottleneck because of the memory buffer and you'll only see increases in framerate on games that you can max out with 1 card anyway.
My motivation for going SLI was purely because I hate stuttering framerates while gaming- just kills the mood! With dual cards the gameplay is much, much smoother even with SSAO, HDR and smoke/water effects maxed.
Occasionally the drivers aren't as up to speed as I'd like-but it's just a matter of disabling SLI for that game until the next beta/whql driver fixes it (hopefully).
Make sure you're PSU is up to the task and you have good airflow through the chassis- oh, and if you're not gaming at 1920 x 1080/1200 at least then SLI is a waste.

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Hey everyone,I'm looking to connect my DVI-D single link LED monitor to my lenovo laptop, which uses a VGA. I couldn't find any m/m DVI-D to VGA, so I'm curious if there is another way I can hook up my monitor to my laptop?

Answer:DVI-D Single to VGA?

Thee are adapters available. There are two types.1. Passive connectors make a connection if possible.2. Active adapters amplify and  convert signals to common forms.Some of these can be very expensive Sorry, I can not make a recommendation.Amazon claims to have connectors to do that, but you have to check to see if what they have is really what you want.Can you point out a photo of the connector you need?

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Question: SLI or single PCI?

Hi all,
Need some advice, or opinions.........building new computer.

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8N-SLI deluxe
Antec true control 550w

Been saving for a long time. My question is, should I go with 6800 gt, or 2 x 6600gt............can get them for about the same price....

Opinions appreciated!!!

Answer:SLI or single PCI?

depends... if you can afford to get another 6800GT down the road, just get it
if you cant, id still say get the 6800GT so you can upgrade cheaper later
it depends how and when you want to upgrade

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Okay here the scoop, I have two 80 gig Seagate SATA hard drives. I have had these in a RAID 0 for the last couple years since i got them. I just went through a system crash last week and the ***** I am did not have my files backed up. Anyway I would now like to setup my two SATA drives so that they are not in a RAID 0 or 1, but just to have 2 individual drives that i could write information to as i see fit. ie keep one for all my software and keep one with all my pics, vids and other stuff.

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I just installed XP SP2. When Microsoft releases SP2 for a single computer, will it be different than the one that I just installed?


Answer:When MS releases SP2 for single PC, will it be different?

Yep, the file will be smaller.

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Question: Cif Single Chip

I have just did a fresh installation of Windows XP on my pc, now I notice in Device Manager>Other Devices I have a yellow question mark next to something called "CIF Single Chip" what is this, is it needed and how do I correct it?


Answer:Cif Single Chip

Do you have a webcam? Sometimes that can be a webcam that has no driver installed.

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My old 20GB drive keeps moaning that it is full up so i've decided to upgrade. Would i get a good performance increase by using 2 x 40GB drives striped on my onboard RAID (which is currently doing nothing) instead of 1 x 80GB drive?

Answer:Single IDE or RAID?

click hereYou have to decide whether the price difference is worth it 40gig hard drive £55-60[£110-120]80gig £75-85

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Dear friends,
I have a system with once NIC with IP address as which is used for communicating with Internal Server only. Now I have to link new Ethernet with IP, its a static IP. So i used a USB to Ethernet for that. I don't know how to merge both the IP. Please help

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I have been working with 'River Rat' on the Win 98 Forum in trying to find out why this computer will not connect to a single URL (, an important one for this family. We have tried about everything and he suggested that before going any further, we should be sure the computer is clean.Win 98 SE OS, IE 6 SP1, 192 MB RAM...and a lot of patience.Here is the log:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 9:37:00 AM, on 3/16/06Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KERNEL32.DLLC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSGSRV32.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MPREXE.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ATI2EVAE.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSTASK.EXEC:\PROGRAM FILES\NORTON SYSTEMWORKS\NORTON UTILITIES\NPROTECT.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\mmtask.tskC:\PROGRAM FILES\NORTON SYSTEMWORKS\NORTON CLEANSWEEP\CSINJECT.EXEC:\PROGRAM FILES\COMMON FILES\SYMANTEC SHARED\SYMTRAY.EXEC:\PROGRAM FILES\SYMANTEC\SAV8\RTVSCN95.EXEC:\PROGRAM FILES\SYMANTEC\SAV8\DEFWATCH.EXEC:\PROGRAM FILES\WMPCI54G WLAN MONITOR\WMP54G.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ZONELABS\VSMON.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KB891711\KB891711.EXEC:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXEC:\PROGRAM FILES\SYMANTEC\LIVEUPDATE\NDETECT.EXEC:\WINDOWS\TASKMO... Read more

Answer:Can't Connect To Single Url

I see no "malware" in your hjt log, I will just make one suggestion having had a similiar issue with my bank not long ago.Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab > Edit > Make sure you are not blocking the cookie for the site. I made a fuss at the IT folks and while they were checking, I spotted the cookie was blocked and I swear I did not block it. I suggest you even add the site and click Allow. Reboot and see how it goes. If that does not work, I wish you well at 'River Rat' Since your log is clean, take this information with you. Here is some great information from Tony Klein, Texruss, ChrisRLG and Grinler to help you stay clean and safe online: surfing...PhilThanks...pskelleyBleepingComputer

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Question: XP single clicking

I've read somewhere that you can set XP to allow a single click for opening files, etc in place of the usual double click. But now can't remember where I read this, and can't see anything likely under Mouse in the Control Panel. Can someone direct me to the info, please?

Answer:XP single clicking

control panel/tools/folder options/general and tick the box here.

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Hello, I have been recieving a ton of BSOD's lately. I just bought this computer from a friend and She said all was well! Anyway, I need to figure out what this means. I hope you can tell me how to fix this so that I can save my investment!

Thanks, Brian!

This is the most recent BSOD message that I have recieved. If I get any more, which should be anytime now, I will post those as well!

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: a
BCP1: 008287EC
BCP2: 000000FF
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 8287F846
OS Version: 6_0_6002
Service Pack: 2_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:

Answer:Several BSOD's in a single day!

Hi Brian -

Given that you purchased the computer and are now its new owner, the first thing to do is to re-install the Vista OS using the Vista DVD or the recovery partition (usually F10 during boot-up).

Regards. . .



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I dont know what I have done with my laptop but I do remember there was one text file which i tried to open it up by using openwith funtion and since than I am haviing single icon everywhere, If i need to open any program, I need to select openwith option it do helps me out to open my selected program but changes all other into same,(for example,i need to open MSN messenger so for that i need to select it and when i am doing this my all other icons are changing into Messenger

Answer:I am having single icon on my pc everywhere

If you can't access the Internet with the problem computer use another computer and go to the link below and download the exe file association fix to a CD, thumb drive, etc.then transfer it to the problem computer and run it. Instructions are on the page.

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I was wondering if single channel RAM would work on this motherboard.
Because I have the ram that I could use from my current PC.

Answer:Will single channel RAM run on this?

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Question: CIF Single Chip

I reinstalled my operating system on an hp pavilion a620n. Everything is working great its just when I go to device manager I see 2 things with yellow exclamations. CIF Single Chip and PCI Simple Communications Controller. Here are the details...

CIF Single Chip - USB\VID_093A&PID_2460\5&3984D498&0&1

PCI Simple Communications Controller - PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1040&SUBSYS_10008086&REV_00\3&61AAA01&0&50

I tried to download the driver on the hp site Driver - Modem (‏1) Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem Driver Update
but I get a message saying Please install the driver through device manager. And have 5 steps to follow to do so...
but the first one says click the + (plus) sign next to modems In device manager but I do not see modems anywhere
in device manager.

Answer:CIF Single Chip

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Question: AMD Single or DUAL


i got one big questions.. hehe
i want to buy a processor.. (im upgrading from my 2.8 p4 prescott.)

to AMD..

im going to use it mostly for gaming and graphics designing...

theres two CPUS that catched my eye..

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ DUAL

which one would you recommend me to buy..

Answer:AMD Single or DUAL

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Question: Single Clicking

Using Windows XP, how can I change the setting which will allow me to click on links and icons, using a "single-click", instead of having to "double-click" on them?


Answer:Single Clicking

To change the number of mouse clicks required to open items:

Click Start, and then click Control Panel

open "Folder Options"

On the General tab, under "Click items as follows", click the option you want.

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hi guys,
I have bit of an issue in installing two 64 bit OS in single HDD or a single 64bit and a 32bit OS. after installing the newest one(whatever it is) the old OS crashed out and doesn't boot... and i tried installing 64bit Windows 7 and Vista and Vista crashed, as 7 was installed as the newer one.(My processor i compatible of 64 bit OS)

This problem was there even when i tried with a Linux OS(ubuntu) in as 32bit and 7 as 64bit.....please help....!!!!!!!

Answer:Two 64bit OS in a single HDD

K.I.S.S. Back up your data, wipe the drive clean, and install Windows 7 x64. There's no reason to dual boot that and Vista.

It sounds like you messed up the boot loaders, so just install the one OS you need for now, Windows 7, and give that a shot from the blank drive.

Oh, and if you do want help, give us some details that will help us...system specs, error messages, etc.

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Alright, so I noticed this starting to happen a couple of days ago. I've been playing SimCity 4 and Jade Empire, both are crashing between 15 minutes to an hour of play. I've checked my temps, they seemed high, so I cleaned the heatsink and fan. Brough the temps down, but still CTD. I've scoured the internets, searched through DXdiag and event viewer, nothing. There's nothing pointing to what my problem could be.

Now here's a bit of a kicker. A few weeks ago, I upgraded to Flash 10.2, and Chrome kept crashing, and several other programs started acting... strange. I uninstalled and reinstalled 10.2, but I haven't had an opportunity to test due to not having internet on that rig (using wifi only, currently, and waiting for wifi card for desktop). Anyways, I don't think it's my PSU, there'd be more things going crazy. It's not my memory, I test it once a month because I'm always suspicious of it, and honestly this is Simcity 4 and Jade Empire, not the most graphically/ system intensive games in the world.

Anyone suggest a way to log the ctd, or a fix would be awesome.


P4 3.0ghz running non-overclocked
ATI Radeon HD 3400 Pro
2gb HP DDR2 ram
2 IDE hdd
1 Sata
Windows XP Pro sp3

So, let's hear whatcha got. I'll post anything you might need, it just might take a bit for me to load it onto a memstick so I can get it here

P.S. I apologize deeply if this is in the wrong section.
... Read more

Answer:Every Single game CTD

Sim City etc are not graphically intensive but Sim City 4 will push a P4, games like that are CPU hungry more than graphics. You said your temps are fine, may I ask what software you took the temps with , what the temps were before and after and what method did you use to take temps....
Example, the method I use is....

Note temps on idle
Fire game and play for 5 minutes the note temps again.

Having said that, high temps don't normally cause CTD's, they normally crash OS.

Also does this happen with any other games you try? If so some examples of games would be good.
I'm also assuming your drivers are all upto date?

I would also try un/reinstalling the game.

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I have one URL that gets redirected every time to
No other URL is affected.
I have tried different browsers and different spyware malware removers.
All users on this computer are affected.
No other computers in this office are affected.

I believe this happened by downloading a third party software that was supposed to be a PDF converter (which never worked)

Answer:Single URL Redirect

You may want to expand on what URL is redirecting you to this site, so that we may be better able to help you. thanks

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Hi, all. I've been getting a BSOD on my Windows 7 PC every day for a couple of weeks now and have finally had enough. I can't find a pattern as to when it decides to BSOD, and it will do so when I'm running a browser (Firefox), playing a game, or doing something else. The driver named in the BSOD is nwifi.sys. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it greatly :) Here's my system info in the format presented in the sticky:

? OS - Vista/ Windows 7 -- x86 (32-bit) or x64
Windows 7 x86

? Age of system
2+ years

? Age of OS installation
16 days

Core 2 X6800 @ 2.93GHz

? Video Card

? MotherBoard
Not sure, sorry

? Power Supply - brand & wattage
Also unsure

I have 2 ideas why this might be happening:

1) I have AVG Free Edition. Windows doesn't seem to recognize it as an antivirus, and keeps saying I don't have one. I started to suspect it when I saw that DT Roberts possibly had a crash caused by AVG in the "Debugging Tools for Windows" thread.

2) I also have an extra disabled video device. It's an old ATI multimedia card used to play XBOX on my computer monitor. NOTE: I HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH THIS CARD ON VISTA 32-BIT. The only reason I'm mentioning it here is that it showed up in my Performance Report (which I will attach to this post).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I also connect to the internet via a Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter model#: F5D7050. The driver version I use is 4xxx. Here'... Read more

Answer:BSOD Every Single Day

Give the 5XXX driver a try.

It is newer and will probably work better.
Often times the first drivers for a new Windows version will get corrected quickly
when there is a issueas seems to have happened here.

4XXX version:;
5XXX version:

Since the wifi driver was specifically mentioned it would be the logical first step.

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I have worked with ethernet based KVM's before but you need both the source and the destination. Are there any boxes out there that go directly from the second Ethernet port on a computer directly to an "destination" KVM box?

Quite a few of the newer ITX VIA boards are supporting dual NICs and this could be very useful to setup to "powerful" dumb terminals.

Heck...there isa new board out there with dual CPU's


Answer:Single Box KVM + Audio

No. The KVM simply uses the Cat 5 cable to transmit the various signals (video, keyboard, mouse, etc.). It's not actually using any kind of TCP/IP communication.

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Hey all,

So I have been introducing my 8 year old stepson to the wonderful world of computers. Two Christmases ago, when he was 7 I built him a desktop, and to start him off put Linux Mint on it, as it is a good learning OS that he can't easily break without admin rights.

He became more interested in games that were not on Linux however, so last Christmas we did a stepdad/stepson desktop upgrade project and added Windows 10. He didn't understand everything yet, but at least he got to see how all the components go together and hopefully get a better comfort level with computers.

So, windows gaming has been a minor hit with him. IN the beginning he still preferred his tablet more, but over time he has been drifting more and more to the desktop.

Lately he has been wanting to do screen recordings and upload them to Youtube, like all the Minecraft youtube personalities do. (This gives us a little discomfort since he is only 8, but we screen everything he wants to upload and keep an eye on who is commenting)

The only problem is this. Bandicam - the screen recording tool - requires admin privileges to run. At 8, I don't think he is old enough yet to have local admin rights to his machine. (The combination of Avira and UAC have already saved his butt a few times.)

Does anyone know of a good way to bypass the UAC prompt from a non-admin account and launch the program automatically with admin rights, while leaving UAC intact for everything else?

Apparent... Read more

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is there that much of an improvement with sli technology? i dont think most of us would be able to tell the difference visually... what u guyz think?

Answer:sli vs. single card

Depends on the game dude. Obviously...... The SLI setup can do more work if the game demands it. Otherwise, you wouldn't notice the difference. Whatever card u are going to buy, (6800 gt), buy one now, and buy the other "when you need it".. No point in u paying extra now just to make it collect dust in ur comp. no?

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whats the better option?Atm I have 1 hard drive which my computer boots from but I'd like it faster.So,which is better? Going to 2 mechanical hard drives in raidorgoing to one ssd for boot and programs and another mechanical for data?2ndif I do go from 1 hdd to raid.. Do I have to reformat?

Answer:single hdd to raid or ssd

your chosen options may NOT speed up your PC...It could much depend on other factors, namely how much memory you have, speed of processor that sorta thing..

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I been trying to get my computer fixed for a couple days. The Mobo dosnt make any beep sounds when booting,but if i remember correct I dont ever remember ever hearing any beeps when it did work. Well when I boot the computer it just dosnt get a singal on the monitor. I found out that the psu went bad and someone told me that when the psu frys then it can fry other parts in the computer. The ram,harddrive,video card works. Currently rigth now im using a 450w psu.The one that fryed was 600w. Well I got a new cpu and I put it on with out a heatsink wanted to see if it would boot and I was going to turn it off right away, but I turned it on and it started to smell and it shut off and I still didnt get a signal. So im hoping it is fine still. I just dont no if it is the mobo or needs more power. Also running the cpu for like 3sec with out a heatsink wont fry it will it?

amd 6400 x2
gts8800 320mb sc
ulra psu 600w
2gb ram
asus sli-delux mobo

Answer:No single bad mobo?

Replace the motherboard. If you ever smell the slighest burning smell in a computer... it's already too late to save. Never run a CPU without a heatsink!

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A dude I know is HEAVY into online trading. He wants a PC that will support 4 individual monitors and each monitor MUST be 'active', meaning that it must update and display information even if it isn't currently the 'live' monitor being controlled by the mouse. I'm assuming he'd use a hotkey to switch the mouse to screen 1 or screen 4 or whatever, but each display must update in real time. I'm thinking that 2 video video cards in SLI will work, with each card driving 2 displays. I'm not familiar with using 4 displays simultaneously.... is this possible with SLI? Does the nVidia driver have an option to send different output to each of 4 individual displays?


(Note: he already has an SLI capable system, but doesn't have the video cards yet; he's waiting on buying the cards until we know for sure he can use 4 LCDs actively)

Answer:4 displays - single PC -possible?

If I understand the requirements here, I don't see the need for SLI. He wants 4 independent displays, right? That could be done with two video cards, each of them supporting two monitors. Of course, make sure the video cards have the right outputs (DVI or VGA) to support the monitors he'll be using. DVI-to-VGA adapters can be used if needed.

Also, I don't believe the updating in real time is going to be problem. I'm using dual monitors. Right now, I'm typing this message on one screen. On my other display is another website ( with stock market quotes displayed on the page. That data is being updated even though that screen is not the active window as I type this.

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Question: Single-Core PC's?

Hey guys, I was wondering... if I could use Windows 8 on a single core pc? or do i at least need to acquire a dual-core machine? I read a product preview on here:
It says Windows 8, at least the upgrade version works on low-power pc's.
is it ok if i have a single core mechanism for the time being?

Answer:Single-Core PC's?

What CPU are you inquiring on using.

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HelloPlease can some one advise I started a thread a few weeks ago but still need help I have a new 320gb drive But I want to create a single partition Have a windows media center oem disk What I would like to know is what different setting or options I will have when insert this oem diskTo make a single partition Thank you paul

Answer:single partition help

Not knowing if you have an ordinary OEM disk or if it is branded then it is a case of put it in and see what menu comes up.Personally I would have stuck with your own (back to factory fresh) recovery disk that will have the necessary drivers and then merged the partitions if you really only want one instead of two (C: for OS and D: for Data)previous thread click here for background info

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Question: Not 1 single BSOD

I've viewed so many threads regarding the fabled 'Blue Screen Of Death' and was wondering if I was doing something wrong.....

See, i haven't had 1 single BSOD since I started using Windows 7 build 7000.

Has any1 else had as much good luck as I have or am I 1 of very few?

Answer:Not 1 single BSOD

Only time I had one was when I tried installing SuperAntiSpyware. Other than that same as you..

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I'm having a little bit of a security issue, and I need to deny all access to my USB ports, so that no one can use the USB ports on my computer, but at the same time, I need to allow ONLY my USB key. I've been fooling around in MMC under: Local Computer
Policy/Computer Configuration/AdministrativeTemplates/All Settings: Allow Installation of devices that match any of thse device IDs.
Adding my hardware ID from my USB key to this did not accomplish anything.
Any other ideas?

Answer:Allow one single USB, while denying others.

As far as I know, if you want to disable USB ports, you could enable or disable USB port in BIOS, but the problem is you cannot use those USB ports for any purpose
like connecting USB keyboards or mouse or any devices.
Here, you could set the following policies to check how it works:
First, you should go to “Device Manager” to find out your USB key Hardware ID.

Enter USB key Hardware ID into the Group Policy Setting Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System –>Device Installation –>
Device Installation Restrictions -> “Allow installation of devices that match any of these device IDs”
Within this policy you will want to set it Enable, and then click on the “Show” button to enter your USB key hardware ID.
The other related policy is the Group Policy Setting Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System –>Device Installation –>
Device Installation Restrictions -> “Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings”, set it Enable.
Hope it helps.
Alex ZhaoPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be bene... Read more

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3 SSD's. Boot works fine when it runs in AHCI mode. Windows 10 is on SSD 1.
I then switch from AHCI to RAID, and then I make a RAID0-array of SSD 2+SSD3.

Then it can't boot anymore, allthough there has been no change for SSD 1 with Windows 10. Inaccessible_boot_device. But why? How to get Windows 10 to boot with this setup?

Answer:3 SSD's - wish to run raid0 on 2 SSD, and one single SSD

Found the solution here:

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Hello everyone, i've been having a lot of issues with my pc for awhile now and it feels like its been getting worse =/. Here are some of the info from the dump files.
I have been trying to figure out a solution for so long now, hopefully someone here can fix it for me thanks Crash Dump Analysis
Crash dump directory: C:\Windows\MinidumpCrash dumps are enabled on your computer.On Wed 6/29/2016 5:38:19 AM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\062816-6281-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x14E3A0)
Bugcheck code: 0x1E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF801AD53BF85, 0x0, 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This indicates that a kernel-mode program generated an exception which the error handler did not catch.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time. On Wed 6/29/2016 5:17:16 AM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\062816-4234-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0xB84F2)
Bugcheck code: 0x1000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF8024E8CD4F2, 0xFFFFD00020F8E7D8, 0xF... Read more

Answer:BSODs Often every single day.

Please run this report collecting tool so that we can provide a complete analysis:
When done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location. (By default it'll be a .zip file located on your Desktop)
Simply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.
If it doesn't work for you, then please try this:

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Question: single signon

Single Sign on doesnot work on most computers in my network(Windows7).

I have a dotnet based application on which single signon doesnot work. it keeps on asking for credentials and i can see the error 401: unauthorized: access is denied due to invalid credentials

I have a OU where i have my all my computers.
and the ou has a group which is local admin to it(Restricted GPO) as well as the group has access to some localpolicies

Backup up files and directories
Dubug Programs
Manage auditing and security logs
Restore Files and directories
Take ownership of files or other objects.

When i add my domain user to this group then my single singon works else it doesnot work.

I have reset my browser settings to default add it to trusted(under local intranet).
then tried enabling local policies like
Network Security : configure encryption types allowed for kerberos
Network Security : LAN Manager authentication level.

Still did not work. single singon is not working still please do guide me.

Answer:single signon

Hi I was a bit surprised how many search results on this there was
Did you look at any of them ?
error 401: unauthorized: access is denied due to invalid credentials - Bing
This one from Microsoft,
You receive an "HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials" error message when you try to access a Web site that is part of an IIS 6.0 application pool

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Question: Single wallpaper?

I have dual monitors, and I am trying to use dual monitor wallpapers, but everytime I set them as my wallpaper, it just shows two copies of them instead of a single one. Any way in XP I can set them as one continous wallpaper?



Answer:Single wallpaper?

I don't know...I'm having that same problem.

Are you using two different video cards? It seems if you are using the same card it wouldn't be hard. I'm gonna keep looking but so far it doesn't look good

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I have just built a new gaming system with 2 GTX 280's running in SLI and a single 22" Samsung 2253BW Monitor (which has both a VGA and DVI port).

My problem is that if I plug the monitor into the first of the 4 available DVI ports, everything works during POST but as soon as the Windows drivers kick in, the screen goes blank. The only way I can get it to come back on is to plug in the VGA cable with a DVI adapter, and then Windows seems to re-detect the display and then DVI starts working again.

If I plug into one of the DVI ports on the second video card, I get no signal during POST but once Windows loads, it kicks in and works fine.

Alternatively, if I just use the VGA cable with the DVI adapter, it works every time.
I have disabled the "input source auto-detect" on the monitor so I know it is staying on the DVI source at all times.

I'm pretty sure this is a problem with my display configuration within Windows, but this is the first SLI system I've ever set up and I think that's where I'm going wrong somewhere.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Single DVI Monitor and GTX 280 SLI

Are you using the video card closest to the cpu? I know that once windows boots and SLI is enabled, the 2nd card's dvi ports get disabled.

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Question: Single Sign On

Okay, I've been asked to take two systems and create one single sign on application to authenticate to both. I've got one system with php/mysql and the other with Coldfusion/Microsoft SQL. Currently, both are accessed by typing in ip addresses rather then domain names. I'm not sure that I can set up a domain name for them, given the environment.

Currently, each system has it's own login and authenticates to it's own database. I was originally hoping to be able to get this down to just one database, but others involved are fighting this option. So what I was thinking is this...

I'll have a login page which will create a cookie on the system with an expiration date/time, the username, and a randomly created session code. When a user logs in, the session code will be generated by the primary system, and written to a current login table in the primary database. Then, when a user trys to access a secured page, the system will check for the cookie, grab the user name and session code, and check to see if it exists in the database. If it's valid in the db, they are granted access. If not, they are denied and forced to login again. This is okay, I think, as long as they are authenticating to only 1 ip/domain.

Does anyone have any experience with having to create/implement SSO? Any suggestions for improvement in this area? Web development really isn't my area, but none the less, I've been asked to make this work. So I'm giving it a... Read more

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So, I recently had a thread in the new build section where I got a lot of advice on what to get and what not to get. I ordered everything and got my parts and put the build together.

I got:

1x Mushkin 60GB SSD - for Windows7
2x Seagate 7200RPM 500GB HDD's - for everything else

I'm using a MSI Z77-GD65 motherboard, I have the Mushkin SSD in sata port 1 which is 6GB/S, and I have the two HDD's in sata parts 5 & 6 which are also 6GB/S.

I installed Windows 7 on the SSD and I love the speed, I absolutely love it. So then I went back to set up the raid config for the other two hard drives (which I've never done). I absolutely for the life of me can not figure out how to set up the raid in this BIOS. I went to the SATA Configuration screen and changed SATA Mode from AHCI to RAID, but then it just blue screened on start up.

Another thing that is odd is...when I go to HDD Boot Priority within BIOS it lists both HDD's and the SSD. But when I go to the System Status page it lists my sata port 1 ssd and sata port 3 card reader, and sata port 4 dvd drive, but it does not list the HDD's.

I read the entire owner's manual/guide and I'm absolutely clueless right now so go easy on me, any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Single SSD for OS - and - two HDD's in raid0

IIRC, you need to set it to AHCI, but the two drives that you RAID go on a separate number of SATA ports that take care of the RAID. After POST, there should be a RAID prompt, press F9 or F11, whatever it is to go in it. You don't do it directly from BIOS.

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I know Microsoft offers SQL Server, but if one wanted to learn SQL on a non-networked workstation, and do application development as well, is there a SQL package that could be installed on such a system?

Answer:SQL on a single workstation

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can i have 2 harddisks one of 10GB and the other 40GB on a single PC with Intel Pentium III processor and 64 MB RAM

Answer:2 harddisks on single PC


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Question: Single Click

XP Home SP2   -- Lost option to "Single click to open" in folder options, possibly due to install of tweak ui  or fresh ui.  Rather than "Restore" back until it re-appears, I would rather go to registry  and change there.  Anyone know which key to change to what??

Answer:Single Click

The mouse customisations are in TweakUI...since this is the most recent change chances are it loaded some kinda default values...use it to set your preferences.

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Question: CIF Single Chip another person who has lost the CIF Single Chip for my webcam...i lost it while reinstalling windows xp....i cant find my disk any where.....can anyone help me please?

webcam: Dynex - DX-WC100

thanks for your help

Answer:CIF Single Chip

Hi, I also need the driver named "CIF Single Chip".
Where can I find it?
Webcam: Go Tec - Mini Web Cam 300

Thanks 4 ur help.


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Can I use the same XP CD on different computers as long as I have valid keys for each computer? My Dell E1505 laptop doesn't have a restore disk. I want to use my desktop's XP CD to do a clean install. The laptop has an XP home edition product key on the bottom. The Dell recommendation is to use system restore. I want a clean install so I don't have all the Dell extra BS along with getting rid of all the all the other "stuff" (to be polite) that accumulates after three years of use. Thanks.     

Answer:Can I use a single XP CD on different computers?

Once both computers have XP Home and you have valid keys then yes you can use same CD.

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I'm just making sure although I think it can be
Windows 7

Answer:This card can be used as a single, right?

Your link is not working correctly. It just goes to a newegg page about shellshocker deals.

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Question: single web page

Can anybody help?
I can only open one web page at any one time.
If I try to open two the first is simply overwritten, my daughter may have changed a setting but I don't know where to start? I am using XP Internet Explorer 6.

Answer:single web page

Hi and Welcome to TSF

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Hi - I am looking for a dedicated server, and have found 2 providers - Netcetera and 123-Reg.What do you think is the better for speed/performance etc?1.8Ghz dual core, with 1Gb of RAMor2.8Ghz single processor, with 2Gb of RAMThanks for any suggestions,Mark

Answer:1.8 dual or 2.8 single?

Personal I would go with the2.8Ghz single processor, with 2Gb of RAM

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